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Punching Pride

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"Falling, fiery, faded. Like ash falling from the fire, growing cold. Vhenan she called, and here is all that's left."

His blood ran cold. He closed the book in front of him carefully, taking a steadying breath. No. Not possible. She couldn't be gone, he had watched her dreams just last night.

"Cole, is she alive?" His head swam, and his fingers gripped the desk to keep the edge from his words. Too hard. The wood began to protest, and his voice cracked anyways. Cole nodded, hat bobbing. Solas' eyes slid shut in relief, and a shaky breath worked its way free.

"It hurt so much, it pulled me through. I want to help. She hurt, and then it went quiet. The last bit pulled me to you. She says she's ok but doesn't think it. Too quiet."

"Where is she?" She was alive. There was only one other thing that could cause this, but he needed to see, he wouldn't accept until he saw her.

"She thought it was home once. I can't see her now, only with my eyes."

"Can you take me there?" Dread crept up his spine. Ironic, that she could make the Dread Wolf dread.

"Yes. Maybe. Not the way I came. I followed her thread here but it's gone and you can't trace it back. She's near the place that questions combs."

Right. His agents had been tasked with keeping an eye on her, but after his last agent's rather spectacular failure, she had slipped from Skyhold unnoticed and alone. The note she had left for her advisors had spoken of needing some time alone and promising to be safe.

"Questions combs?" His brows knitted together for a moment while Cole nodded. "Oh, yes, Wycombe. I can get us there if you can get us to her." The last place her clan had been. Somewhere that had once been home. One that may or may not welcome her back without her Vallaslin. Another stone on the mountain of his mistakes.

"I can find where the pain was, it's not enough." Solas could nearly taste Cole's sorrow through the words. He swallowed, eager to be rid of the bitterness at the back of his throat.

"It's a start." He smoothed his mask into place, tightening his control in preparation for what they may find.