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John saw a figure riding towards the castle. His blank expression softened as the knight took off his helmet, revealing short brown hair and unusual olive skin.

“Look if it isn’t Sir Catesby!”

William Catesby smiled kindly at the older guard, shaking hands with him, and replied with an accent so perfect it would make every British man proud.

“It’s been a long time, John”

John turned to the other guard next to him, a much younger man, with wide eyes and a crooked nose.

“Robert, this is Sir Catesby, serving under Hastings lately... but I've known him since he was a toddler, taking care of the youngest duke!”

Catesby nodded at that. He glanced up at the tower where his true and only Master, Richard of Gloucester was.

“So, now that he’s Regent, the Duke wants you back?” added John with a sheepish grin.

“Who knows... but I was requested today, I don’t want to make him wait...”

“Sure, Catesby... “John patted his shoulder and let him enter, adding under his breath “welcome home”

“Thank you, John”

As Catesby went inside, he could hear the old man talking to the young guard.

“...and Robert, be sure you do not bother him!”

“Sure, John!”

“It’s SIR for you”

“Yes, sir!”


Catesby was glad to be back to the castle he grew up in... the last ten years spent parted from his Master were the punishment for his failings.

He had always been a humble person, he knew his place and his duty.

He knew his desires and needs had little worth.

But Buckingham... he didn’t know his place, being as proud as only a noble could be, ignored his duties to focus on his desires and needs instead.

It was probably because of this fundamental incompatibility that it was impossible for them to get along, but it was getting worse and worse.

Catesby felt ashamed of the feelings Buckingham could awake in him: envy, jealousy, hatred.

He hated the way Buckingham could look through him, making him doubt himself.

How he was able to find out things he had hidden in his heart for almost all his life, just to use him.

His words could sting like nothing else.

I don’t know where you were born, but here, between men... it is a sin, you know?”

Rich coming from him...

who’s you Master, Catesby?”

How could he ask him that question, Buckingham didn’t even understand the concept of loyalty...

Being able to see Lord Richard should have been enough for him, and it would have, if not for Buckingham.

 That time at the tavern, with Buckingham and Lord Richard, when Elisabeth of York had asked them all about their first love. It would have been easy for him to lie, but after the umpteenth dig at him he just couldn’t.

I’m curious too... So, there was a time when you spent days just thinking about a woman? Well, not necessarily a woman...”

He had fallen into his trap that time.

Under normal circumstances, he would have never spoken so boldly about his feelings.

that’s true, for me there is, and always will be, only one person...”

He wasn’t even drunk enough to justify that slip of the tongue... but Richard had looked sad and incredulous. He had looked at him like he was a stranger for a moment.

All because of Buckingham.

Thankfully, Richard hadn’t understood who that person was.

Of course he couldn’t... He would always belittle himself, thinking no one would love someone with a body like his.

He had seen his self hatred, and he felt bad for never being able to soothe that pain.

He wasn’t always there to stop Richard from hurting himself, seeing his reflection in the mirror.

It was hard to admit that, but Catesby thought that Buckingham, of all people, had helped Richard somehow.

Catesby didn’t understand his intentions... and yet, if it wasn’t for him, would have Catesby be able to stay beside his Master again?

Buckingham was an intelligent, ambitious man, he had a mysterious charm but seemed so untrustworthy... And yet, Richard had chosen him as his... lover? It was hard to imagine them.

It was hard to imagine Richard with anyone else but that man long gone.

He didn’t like Buckingham, and he liked Buckingham with Richard even less.

Not that his opinion in the matter held any value, but with Henry, Richard was happy.

Even if it was impossible for them to be together, even if it had broken them both, the smile on his Master face was... a precious thing.

Even if it wasn’t directed at Catesby.

He knocked at Lord Richard’s door.

“Enter” he heard Buckingham say.

Next time, I’ll show you something interesting”

Catesby thought of that promise Buckingham had made to him the last time he had come to visit.

His hand hesitated for a moment on the knob.

, Of course, he would be here. He sighed and opened the door and turned back immediately to close it.

It was only afternoon but the curtains of the canopy bed were pulled around it to hide the occupants.

Yet the light from the windows made the silhouettes of the two men clear... even if the sounds alone would have been enough to understand what was going on.

“Perfect timing, Catesby... stay on watch while we’re busy. Someone else could come and see us like this!”

Catesby’s response was cut out by a knock on the door.

The two on the bed stilled immediately in alarm.

Catesby inhaled deeply and opened the door just a fraction, to speak with the guard, blocking the view inside the room with his own body.

The younger guard he had just met was breathing unevenly, a letter in his hands.

He had rushed to be able to get here as soon as possible.

“Sir Catesby!”

“Tell me, Robert”

“This- this is a letter from Lady Anne, directed to the Duke! The messenger asked me to deliver it directly to the Regent!”

“The Regent is unavailable right now, but I’ll give it to him as soon as possible”

The guard seemed unsure for a moment but he put it in Catesby’s waiting hand without too much fuss.

“Thank you, Sir Catesby, I’ll entrust it to you”

Catesby nodded, and closed the door, smiling gently to the young man.

Buckingham cackled. “Such a good guard, Sir Catesby! So dependable.. we’ll have to reward such discretion...”

Catesby could hear the smile on the other’s face as he spoke. He closed his eyes and breathed to stay calm. He felt nervous. He put the letter on the table near the window and went back to his place, his back to the door.

“I don’t want anything from you...” he said in a voice too small to be heard by anyone else.

“... and I did promise you something last time..” Buckingham continued, unaware.

Catesby suddenly turn to face him and Richard gasped as Buck parted the curtains and Catesby took everything in at once.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know what they were doing before, but seeing their naked bodies entangled was a different matter.

Buckingham continued, licking his lips and turning Richard’s face towards Catesby so he could see him as clearly as possible.

“We need to be careful who we show that lustful face of yours, you’ll drive people mad, Richard!”

He said as he thrust harder and deeper into Richard, making him gasp in surprise and unable to retort.

Richard hid his face with his arm, but it was too late.

Catesby didn’t want to stay, didn’t want to watch and yet he couldn’t take off his eyes from them.

Richard, the man he had loved since forever, being held by someone else. Richard’s grown-up body, so beautiful, so sensual... and Buckingham’s satisfied expression, his face looking younger and smuggler than usual without his glasses on, his unexpectedly nice body...

“He doesn’t want this, how could this be a reward!?” Richard asked, clearly ashamed.

“Oh, can’t you see how much he likes it? He isn’t a good actor, I can see it” Buckingham replied.

Richard turned, a mix of confusion and shame on his face and his and Catesby’s eyes met for a moment before Catesby glanced away.

This was never supposed to happen... his secret, so well kept, everything ruined because of a foolish man. His voice trembled from anger as he asked Buckingham.

“Why do you do this, Buckingham?! Do you find pleasure in tormenting me like this?!”

Buckingham moaned.

He sank to the hilt inside Richard, thrusting a couple more times before coming. He looked at Catesby with a lascivious smile “..You have... no idea..” he said as he pulled out, a satisfied groan leaving him breathless for a moment.

Catesby was disgusted and confused. He would never understand how Buckingham had managed to grew up that twisted.

“Richard, turn around, let him see you”

Buckingham pulled Richard, blocking his arms so that he couldn’t hide his chest or groin.

“Catesby! You don’t have to watch, go outside!” Richard whispered, but as Catesby seemed entranced by his body and not repulsed he stopped struggling, resting his back on Buckingham's chest instead.


Catesby had seen Richard’s body before, but never like this... he’s nice breasts were huge and inviting, his nipples hard.

And underneath..his small erection, between his wet folds with little hair and no balls.

Buckingham laughed softly. He released Richard’s arms to be able to fondle his breasts.

“Look at this glorious body... I had fun marking him like this...” Buckingham said, his hand wondering over the numerous hitches and bites on Richard’s otherwise pearly skin.

“Does this turn you on?” Buckingham asked both of them.

Catesby bit his lip in silence, casting a dirty glance at Buckingham.

Richard studied both of them, seeing them interacting like this for the first time.

Usually Catesby was too polite to respond to anyone, and Buckingham would be offended by a remark like that one, but this time he only seemed amused.

Richard caressed Buckingham’s face as he thought about his response.

Lately he had started to notice that not everyone was repulsed by his body as he thought for years.

Love was still something impossible for him – he had fooled himself twice before, a long time ago, but not again.

Yet Catesby.. he was different... He had always been there, before Richard really understood why his body was wrong- different. When he was young and not proud enough to handle nightmares by himself. When, in the middle of the night, he looked for the closeness of someone, when his mother denied it to him.

Catesby had always been a couple of steps behind him. On reach, and yet always respectfully away.

But now, in this locked room... there wasn’t anyone that could judge them.

“...It was embarrassing at first, and yet... it’s very arousing...You surprise me, Catesby... never thought I’d seen such desire in your eyes... you seemed so pure”

Richard said, excitement and pride clear in his voice.

“You served me right, Catesby, you’re so loyal... you even killed Hastings, your precious friend...”

Catesby knelt in front of him. Finally managing to speak.

“For you! Everything for you, Lord Richard, my only Master... I would do anything you ask... Forgive me for..all this”

Catesby was unable to admit it... it was wrong for him to even hold such feelings, he would have never dared to bother his Master with them.

“But what about that woman... the only one you would ever love?” Richard asked, frowning in confusion.

Buckingham’s laugh felt like a slap in the face to Catesby. “Oh, you still don’t get it, do you? There’s no woman. The one Catesby spoke about that time in the tavern, it wa-”

“You,” Catesby said, loud and clear. “It’s always been you”.

Richard looked shocked, while Buckingham intrigued. “Ha! Didn’t think you would actually say it, Catesby...”

“Shut up, Buckingham” Richard said and walked off the bed, towards Catesby.

He knelt in front of him so that they were at the same eye level and whispered so that Buckingham wouldn’t be able to hear.

“is it true?”

“Yes” Catesby said, simply.

Richard caressed Catesby’s face looking a bit sad.

“Now, thinking back at it... it makes sense. Sorry I didn’t notice before. I hurt you.”

“No, I should be the one apologising, I shouldn’t feel this way towards my Master”

“I know what it feels like to be in love with someone you shouldn’t... but, I can’t-”

“return your feelings” hanged painfully in the air for a moment.

“-I know” Catesby cut out Richard’s words, something he would have never allowed himself before.

It was because it was painful to be refused so openly, but also because he didn’t want Richard to feel bad about it.

Richard smiled at him, a mix of pity, affection and sadness.

It was totally different from that time he saw him with Henry in the woods.

“But I care for you”

Richard said, standing up, and taking Catesby hands to make him stood as well.

Richard had to look up at him, since he barely reached his shoulders this way.

He caressed his arms, going up to his chest.

“If it something you wish, I can reward you...”

Richard’s dick had grown soft by now, but not less inviting.

Richard couldn’t return his feelings but at least he could have his warmth.

Still, it was more that Catesby had ever thought possible.

More than he deserved.

“Have you finished yet?! I’m waiting and I’m horny!”

Buckingham’ voice startled both of them.

Catesby had managed to forget about him for a nice instant.

Richard took Catesby’s hand and guided him towards the bed.

Buckingham met him on his knees on the end of the bed, getting a bit too close to his face and grabbing his collar.

“Aren’t you hot under all that?” Buckingham seemed so eager to see Catesby naked he actually started to pull his clothes off.

“Don’t rip them!” Catesby slapped Buckingham’s hand away.

“I’ll do it myself”

“Oh, you spent all your life doing it by yourself...” Buckingham said, cupping Catesby’s groin,

“it’s time you accept a hand!”.

“I’ll help you out of those...” Richard interrupted them, half hidden behind Catesby’s back,“You helped me getting dressed for years, I can do it for once”.


He took his time, undressing Catesby. He was shorter than Buckingham but more muscular.


Catesby let him do as he pleased, enjoying his master’s touch on his back... where the oldest scars were, from a time before he had met his Saviour, Richard’s father... when he was a child, lost and helpless.

Catesby thanked Richard in his mind for not asking anything.

He gasped as he felt Richard’s lips on his spine and closed his eyes to not see Buckingham in front of him.


Buckingham yanked his trousers and exposed his half hard dick.


“Richard, come on!”


“You are the only one that came here, wait Buckingham!”


“God! You’re huge! Is it because of you foreign blood? Man...” Buckingham seemed thoughtful.


“Are you envious, Buckingham?” Richard’s asked... personally, he did admire it... who wouldn’t want to be so well endowed after all.


“Nah, I bet I used mine more than he did, so I’m fine...”


“You’re so annoying...”



“Come here” Richard said, spreading his legs and sitting on the edge of the bed.


Catesby did as he was told sitting in front of his Master, between his legs.


“So, I’ll accept one request. What do you want to do?” Richard asked.


Catesby kissed his way from Richard’s ankles to his thighs.

“I’m yours to command” Catesby said, looking up to Richard with feverish eyes.


Richard smiled, he enjoyed Buckingham’s pushy manners but Catesby’s delicate touch was nice as well. It made him hard thinking about the things he could make him do.


“I want your mouth here, Catesby...” He said, spreading his legs even more “Buckingham never licks me here...” he complained jokingly.


“Hey, there are better things I can do instead...” Buckingham said, defensive. He took the chance to rub his cock against Richard’s back, towering over him to have a privileged view to what Catesby was going to do. “As if he could make you come with just that...” he added playfully.


Catesby would have ignored him as usual, but now he didn’t care about being rude “Shut up and watch”




Richard laughed at that exchange, until Catesby made him moan.

It was different from anything else he had felt before... Catesby’s tongue, warm and wet felt perfect on his sensitive skin.

Catesby studied his reactions, getting more and more confident as Richard grew louder.

Richard’s cock was so warm, and he could swallow it all without effort.

“Catesby...ah..ah! More...” Richard leaned on Buckingham, his breath growing unsteady

“Buck-ghingham.. touch my nipples...”

“No no no, this is a competition! I can’t help my enemy!” Buckingham said, even if his hands did cup Richard’s breasts, carefully missing his hardened nipples.


“Does it feel that good, Richard?” Buckingham sounded genuinely impressed.


Richard didn’t have the strength to reply.


Catesby’s fingers went to his front entrance, gently pushing inside and cleaning him from Buckingham’s... he tried not to think about that.

The hole was stretched and welcoming, warm and.

When Richard squeezed him hard he knew he found the right place.


Richard tried to fuck himself on those long fingers at the start, but resisted the urge only because he made Catesby miss the good spots with his tongue.

“I-I want...ah!”

Catesby’s quickened his pace, and Richard came so easily he would have been embarrassed if he wasn’t so overwhelmed.

Catesby licked him again and again dragging out his orgasm.

Richard collapsed on Buckingham, breathing hard.


“Oh, I definitely want to try that” Buckingham said, his cock painfully hard.

He hugged Richard bringing him close.

He bit his ear and Richard hissed.

“So, want to try that with my dick in your mouth?”

Buckingham asked as he kissed his way to Richard’s mouth, the sweetest thing he had made all day.

But before their lips could met, Richard turned away.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to regain some resemblance of composure.

He used Buckingham to regain his balance and spread on the bed, his back to the mattress.


“Sure, let’s get a bit more comfortable”.

Catesby saw what Richard couldn’t: Buckingham’s expression at that refusal.

He looked genuinely hurt for once.

Buckingham grimaced at Catesby look of pity, but didn’t say anything.

Catesby felt... relieved, for a moment.

For the first time, he felt some connection to Buckingham.

They both could never have what they truly wanted, and took what they could.

It was horrible of him, but it was true.

He wasn’t that good of a person after all.

Losing to Buckingham would hurt his pride too much... but he couldn’t resent a ghost.

He knew neither of them stood a chance against him.

But this, with Buckingham... he could handle it.


“I’m here” Richard said, impatient. If he noticed anything, he choose not to comment on it.

“I’m not satisfied yet... Catesby, I want your cock inside me”” he pushed his fingers inside himself.,“...or do I have to finish by myself with two men in front of me?”


Buckingham bit his lip, but his voice didn’t sound anything different from his usual smug tone.

“You sure do love giving orders, don’t you? Did the power go to your head already?”


“Maybe...” Richard said, with a small laugh. He licked his lips suggestively and added,“now shut me up, Buckingham”.


“As you desire, my King” Buckingham replied with an almost mocking tone.

He sat on Richard’s face, his front on Catesby probably just to piss him off.


“Cat got your tongue, Catesby?”


Catesby looked lost of a moment, then he realized.

“Yes, Lord Richard”

Catesby’s reply didn’t sound anything different from usual.


That made Buckingham laugh “God, after all this you still have that stick up your ass..ah!”

Richard started sucking him off and any further comment died on Buckingham’s lips, replaced by a grunt.


The scene in front of him was quite distracting, but Catesby tried focusing on Richard’s lower half.

He placed his hands under Richard’s ass to lift him up a bit, and entered him slowly and carefully, while Buckingham invaded Richard’s mouth roughly.

Catesby kept his eyes closed as he gasped from pleasure, allowing Richard some time to adjust.

When Richard started thrusting up he finally started meeting his movements.

He bit his lip but a low satisfied moan escaped anyway.

When Catesby managed to open his eyes, he caught Buckingham staring.


“That was... a very nice expression, you know?” Buckingham said, only a few inches away from him.

Catesby felt a shiver down his spine.

He had never liked the man, he hated him, and yet, in the heat of the moment... it didn’t feel that bad.

As Richard’s pace quickened, Buckingham was having a harder time trying to stay upright.

Catesby steadied him with his arms.

It was the first time Catesby initiated a touch before Buckingham did.

Buckingham’s face, distorted from both pleasure and heartbreak, was a sight in his own way.

Catesby didn’t even notice how he leaned towards him until their lips met awkwardly.

He felt Buckingham’s hesitation but he licked his lips and he let him enter.

It was a sloppy kiss and yet it felt good, even if he thought of someone else.


When they parted, Buckingham breathed heavily and soon he grabbed Catesby hair to bring him close again.