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Mind, Soul, Body

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This might look completely wrong. A woman sitting in her car, this late at night, outside of the house that her doppelganger sleeps in.

Katherine is lucky to even find her doppelganger at such a young age but a little witch owed Katherine a favour.

So here Katherine is, waiting for Grayson Gilbert to get home from work so she can get invited inside.

She won't hurt her doppelganger. Not yet. She needs her alive. They were both born to die anyway so it wouldn't make a difference.

As soon as Katherine saw a car pull into the Gilbert Residence, she jumped out of the car and sped behind a tree.

She waited until he parked before speeding up to him and stopping him from going any further.

Grayson's eyes widened in fear when he saw Katherine. "V-vampire..." Grayson whispered before glaring at Katherine.

Katherine smirked and took a step forward. "I'm impressed. I thought for sure you would pull out some kind of vervain or maybe even yell for your wife," Katherine said wolfishly.

Grayson only stood tall and sent more daggers at her.

Katherine let out a husky laugh just as the front door opened. Katherine let her vampire features show.

"I'm your work colleague and you invited me to dinner," Katherine whispered.

"You can't compel me. I'm on vervain..." Grayson growled. "I know. I can smell it on you. But nothing's stopping me from killing your family..." Katherine smirked.

The look on Grayson's face was priceless for Katherine.

"Honey, who's this?" Miranda asked. Grayson only smiled sweetly at his wife. "This is my colleague," He answered.

Katherine only smirked before turning to Miranda with a soft smile, "I'm Katherine Pierce. It's so lovely to meet you. Grayson won't shut up about his family," Katherine said before giggling.

Miranda blushed before smiling. "Come inside... its cold out here," the woman said with a smile.

Katherine smirked as Grayson and Miranda led her inside. Katherine was then met with the smell of food cooking, the sound of a kids show, and a crying baby.

Katherine cringed at the sound of a crying kid. Katherine hated kids. Hated them.

Miranda sighed before excusing herself.

"What do you want from us?" Grayson asked shooting even more daggers at the vampire in front of him.

Katherine smirked at him, "Don't worry about it. I'll be around for a while, Grayson. I'd like to get to know your family. I'm no threat to you or your children," Katherine assured.

Grayson sent one more glare at her before his facial expression softened.

"You won't hurt them?" He questioned. Katherine smirked and put her hand over her heart, "cross my heart and hope to die..." Katherine said, "as long as you don't bring your town council into the situation," Katherine finished.

Grayson looked down and nodded.

"Daddy!" they both heard. Grayson and Katherine looked towards the door frame and saw a toddler slowly walking towards them.

Katherine frowned at the small human.

"Elena!" Grayson said with a smile as he bent down and picked his daughter up.

Elena looked at Katherine and smiled brightly. Katherine only stared at the kid in front of her.

She reached out her finger only for Grayson to move away slightly.

"I'm no threat..." Katherine said before attempting to touch the girl once more only to get her finger bit by the little girl.

Katherine yelped as anger overtook her. She couldn't help it when her vampire features took over.

Elena looked at Katherine once and broke into tears screaming monster.

Katherine smirked in pride when she provoked fear into the little girl. Grayson grunted before taking Elena upstairs to soothe her.

Katherine shrugged and walked into the living room. There she saw a baby playing with toys.

Katherine looked at the ugly thing before going into the kitchen.

Katherine smiled at Miranda as the woman was plating everything. "I hope Elena didn't drive you crazy," Miranda said with a laugh.

Katherine smiled sweetly and shook her head.


After dinner, they all sat in the living room. Elena stared at Katherine the entire time as Miranda apologized on Elena's behalf for the fourth time.

"Elena, stop staring. It's rude..." Miranda said once more, "She's fine," Katherine said sending a soft smile towards Elena.

Elena furrowed her brows at Katherine before getting up and making her way towards the vampire.

Katherine glared at the young girl still trying to figure out what she was doing. Elena poked Katherine's heels a couple of times before climbing onto the couch beside Katherine.

Elena sat there next to the vampire and stared. "Elena, for the love of God!" Miranda whispered.

"What'd I do?" The young girl asked looking back to her mother. Her mother only glared at her husband who was somewhat doing the same thing.

"I think its time for me to go," Katherine said as she looked at Elena who was still staring at her.

"I don't like you..." Elena said before hopping down and running back to her father who only sat there and let out a laugh.

"Elena Catherine Jane Gilbert!" Miranda called out, "apologize..." she whispered with an angry gaze.

Elena looked down at her feet when she heard her full name. "I'm sorry..." Elena said looking back up at the woman she ran from.

Katherine looked down at the girl and let a smile spread across her face, "do you guys wanna go out for ice cream real quick?" Katherine asked with a smile.

Miranda was about to decline until Elena's eyes lit up slowly. She looked to her mom and then back at Katherine.

"My treat..." Katherine said with a smirk.

Miranda looked to Elena and was unconvinced until she saw the pleading look from Elena.

"One scoop," Miranda mumbled. Elena shot up and ran upstairs to grab her jacket.

Miranda shook her head and followed after her daughter.

Grayson smiled at Miranda before turning back to Katherine, "you're not gonna take my daughter anywhere!" Grayson growled.

"We've been over this, Mr Gilbert. I'm no threat. If I wanted to hurt Elena and your family I would have done it last night..." Katherine said.

Grayson looked at Katherine with wide eyes. "Have you been watching us?" Grayson asked.

Katherine nodded.

"I'm here to protect Elena. In fourteen years a very powerful vampire will come after Elena to sacrifice her. I'm here to make sure it doesn't happen," Katherine explained.

Grayson snickered and stared in disbelief.

"I'm not gonna believe a vampire!" Grayson growled. "And I don't blame you. But it's in my best intentions to save Elena from this," Katherine stated.

Grayson shook his head and scoffed, "What's in it for you?" He asked looking back up at her.

"I kill the bastard and save Mystic Falls. He's been a pain in my ass for the last five-hundred-years," Katherine shrugged.

Grayson glared at her for a moment before his facial expression softened. "Fine. You can have access to the house anytime you need..." Grayson said offering his hand towards the vampire.

Katherine nodded and he shook his head right before Elena and Miranda came downstairs.

"Hi, Katherine..." Elena said awkwardly as she approached the woman. Katherine sent Elena a kind smile.

"We'll be back before eight..." Katherine said with a smile as she took Elena's hand and lead her towards the front door.

Miranda smiled as she finally put Jeremy to bed. "Isn't Katherine a sweet person?" Miranda asked her husband.

"If only you knew..." Grayson whispered as they sat down to watch a movie.

As Katherine got Elena her ice cream cone Elena kept staring. "How would you like it if someone stared at you?" Katherine snapped as she glared at the girl.

"I don't know..." Elena whispered as she kept staring at Katherine. "I wanted to say that I'm sorry for being so wude," Elena said mispronouncing the word rude.

Katherine shrugged and sent the girl another frown. "Hey, Elena!" They heard a voice say.

Elena and Katherine turned around and saw a boy with blond hair and blue eyes come over to Elena.

"Hi, Matty!" Elena said with a bright smile as he sat down next to Elena. The boy had the bluest eyes that Katherine had ever seen.

"Who's the pretty lady?" Matt asked with flushed cheeks. Katherine smirked at the boy and looked back to Elena.

"This is Katherine. My daddy's work friend," Elena explained with a smile. Elena went to whisper something in Matt's ear.

"I wish I'd look just like her when I grow up," Elena whispered and Matt giggled. "If that happens then I'll take you on a date," Matt said as they both giggled.

Katherine couldn't help but smirk at this as Elena and Matt turned back to Katherine.

"Hey, where's your mom?" Katherine asked looking around. Matt only looked down. Elena noticed this and gave him a tight hug.

Katherine resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Katherine asked pretending to be concerned. Elena shook her head and put a finger to her mouth.

Katherine got the hint and nodded slowly.


After taking Matt back to Elena's house to spend the night, Katherine was on her way back to her own apartment.

Katherine poured a glass of wine and sat down whilst waiting until around the time of 2 AM.

Later That Night...

Once Katherine was sure Grayson and Miranda were asleep, she left her apartment and went straight for the Gilbert Residence.

after sneaking through Elena's bedroom window, she approached the sleeping girl as she tried her hardest not to wake the sleeping boy.

Elena finally woke up with a pout and a small whimper about to escape her mouth. As soon as Elena's eyes closed and tears started squeezing through them, Katherine sped Elena out of the house and into the woods.

Elena then started crying as Katherine sat her on the ground.

"Elena, look! It's me! It's Katherine!" Katherine said holding Elena in her arms.

Elena stopped sobbing and looked straight at Katherine as a smile started to form on her face.

Elena wiped her eyes and her smile widened as she was then able to see Katherine clearer.

"Katherine!" Elena squealed before wrapping her arms around Katherine's neck and bringing the woman closer.

Katherine couldn't help but smile as she hugged the girl just as tight.

"Hey there, cupcake. I didn't mean to disturb your sleep. I just wanted to show you something. Something beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you," Katherine purred as she stood and carried Elena on her back to the top of a hill.

She took Elena off her back and sat down with Elena in her lap.

Elena looked upon the whole scene. The green trees, the pond with the reflection of the moon on it, the town lights, and finally the stars.

Elena gaped in wonder as she stared at the scene in front of her. "Its so..." Elena couldn't even find the words to explain it.

Since Elena was 3 years old she didn't have a big vocabulary.

"Its spectacular?" Katherine asked as she wrapped her arms around Elena. "What does spectacular mean?" Elena asked.

Katherine smirked. "Spectacular means amazing, wonderful, beautiful..." Katherine trailed off looking back to the sky.

"Like you?!" Elena asked turning around gazing into Katherine's eyes. Katherine looked down and smiled.

"No. Like you," Katherine smirked as Elena beamed with happiness.

Elena turned back around and sat in Katherine's lap, "you're my best friend. You're almost like a sister," Elena said looking at the scene again before falling into a deep sleep...