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Bitter wind of past

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Uldyssian was angry because he was going to the Worldstone with the one he hated the most...Rathma. The monster who kidnapped his little brother, twisted his mind in something new and disgusting. This reality made him fell sick and worthless. He was not there to help him fight this sinister ancient humanoid monster, who claimed he will help them in their quest for freedom. He watched the pale light what lightened the stone walls. Cold water torrents fell down to the stony walls, it was very cold into the Mount Areat. The air smelled like salt and ice, the darknes never was so frightening and cold before. In the cold the farmer could sense the smell of rotten flesh. Uldyssian did not felt his legs anymore, from the cold. He was walking slowly watching that monster who seemed very restless and stirred.

'Something is not right there.' He whispered to himself.s "That is my father's place. We need to be carefull, this is first and last chance we have to set things as they used to be in my youth." Uldyssian was paralysed. The abomination was reading into his mind it was more than he expected he needed to get away from him, from here. "I am not your enemy Uldyssian ul Diomed.I do not wish to harm you." The tall man whispered in his calm tone and kept on going. In that moment his cloak started to move in the right direction, but there was no wind. As time was passing,

Rathma's steps grew quicker and quicker, he began to breath faster and faster. Uldyssian saw that wierd change in his behaviour but remained silent. He did not care if that monster died in a heart attack. Rathma was there before and this made him nervous, because he could hear the screams and cries of agony, fear and battle. See their shadows crawling down from the celling, trying to catch him. But their hands were passing through him. This place was a monstrous battlefield, no one survived without scars and nightmares. It was so heart crushing for the ancient, to walk again into those damned stone corridors. There he lost many friends and people he cared about. This mountain was his worst nightmare. In the battletime, the stone floors were coverd in blood, in a certain moment, the corridors got burned by the tourches from the walls. That was an apocalyptic scene he wish he could forget. Rathma could hear the sound of swords crushing, the human flesh beeing cut to peices, and the last screams that haunted him even now. The road suddenly became harder and the air was inexistent , Rathma's hands and legs were shaking like when he was drunk. His heart pumped blood more quicly than usual, it's preasure was high like the blood could easely breake one of hus vains and gush out. He had to stop and recover, that was what his mind was saying but, his feelings were twisted and as long as he felt that way the rest was in vain. He realized the treat was gone, his maind was playing tricks to him. Summoning the twisted images of shadows falling down, screaming for mercy and a swift death. The ancient stroke his fists and inhaled the wet, cold salty air. He cleared his mind and courageously opened his grey-blue eyes. There was just him and Uldyssian ul Diomed nothing more and nothing less. "Walk slowly, or I will lose you!" Uldyssian screamed from behind. From his tone he was angry and exhausted. Rathma did not blame him because he felt like that too. Suddenly Rathma observed something behind a stone. It was a bone, a bone from a hand. His panick returned again as he remembered who's bone was that. Uldyssian saw the monster sitting in his knees, he was searching for something behind the stones, maybe the weapon to kill him. The farmer took his dagger and slowly approached. He knew he could never trust this wierd man and now, he had to fight this mad monster from his once beloved Lilya. Then, he was dumbfounded when he saw the hand bone that kept demon's attention. He stayed still trying to figure out what the ancient was doing. He saw some sadness and grief on Rathma's face, he watched how the necromancer took the bone in his palms, remove all material and dirt from it and he was shocked by that. Rathma kissed the bone and hold it tight to his heart then he just coverd it in a piece of black fabric and tued it up to his belt inwrought with finger bones. Uldyssian's brown eyes widened as he saw that wierd scene. The ancient keept for himself a golden ring with a white stone, wich the farmer could not identify. Rathma rised and kept going without watching after his companion. Rathma was restless again and all his long forgotten memories came true while he walk onto the corridors he hears some voices.

"If you wish to break free from this torment we need to...FIGHT 'TILL OUR LAST BREATHS. WE BETTER DIE IN BATTLE, THAN FROM THIS NEW, SHORT LIFE! IF YOU VALUE YOUR EXISTENCE AND POWER, TURN THE TIDE AGAINST OUR REAL ENEMY...THE ALL FATHER AND FITHT WITH OUR REAL PARENTS. THE NEPHALEMS." Rathma was woke up from his memory by Uldyssian who beat up his shoulder. "What is wrong with you!? First you read in my mind and now you stop and stare at the darkness..." Rathma remainded silent and pointed at a light in the front.

"Be carefull this place belongs to my father. And he'll not be happy if he find us here." Uldyssian punched the ancancient in the face.

"Screw you, speak clearly demon! I am tired by your wierd behaviour. " Rathma took Uldyssian by his collar. Now, the farmer saw Rathma's milk white face, his eyes became bluish and his dark black hair was wet from sweat.

"Follow me! There might by monsters and creatures." Rathma relesed Uldyssian and walked into the new chamber. From the celling descended some huge monstrous bats. Rathma drove his dagger cutting through monster's flesh. Some bones rised from the ground impaling one bat into it's torso. Uldyssian tried to summon an ice bolt but he failed. Angry he tried again and again. A bat was nearly to cut his hand of, but Rathma drew out blood from the creature. It's skin broke and the blood burst out of the wounds, levitating in the air to the necromancer. The bat screamed from agony and spins around the room. It was in vain because every movement made it weaker and weaker. The necromancer drew out all blood leaving onley dry skin and pale flesh remainded in that place.

"Uldyssian ul Diomed, think of ice as something from the exterior, not from your inside, something that is in your command, and bounded to your essence. " Screamed Lilith's son. In that moment something pierced his right arm. It was a bat, he cut it's neck with his knife, blood splashed to his hands and face. Quicly he cleared his face and watched around him. He saw only three bats flying around Lilith's son.

The farmer tried again and closed his heavy eyes. He closed his eyes and imagined an ice bolt. When he opened his eyes, a small ice bolt was levitating in front of him. Uldyssian sent it into one bat's head, but it stuck into monster's right wing. With a quick turn, Rathma cut off bat's head with his scythe. He tried it again but, with a fire ball what was sent right at the target. This time, the bat burned and started to fly frenetically in the room, Uldyssian brought it to a pile of corpses. His plan was to hit the bat with bits of his kind, but the ancient had another plans. He took Uldyssian far from the corpse pile, he rised some sharp bone fragments what impaled the burning bat.

"I...I did as you said and worked." The farmed said thankfully to his dark companion who nodded. "This not time to waste. Let's go into Worldstone's chamber." They've made to the Worldstone's chamber. Uldyssian watched the artefact in all it's glory and beauty. It was a huge red crystal what was levitating into the darkness and had it's own blood red like color what radiated in all chamber. The artefact radiated and it's glowing sucked on their magic leaving them numb. The stone bridge was constructed to reach the stone and watch it from close. Uldyssian's legs were numb and he was ready to fell down but Rathma caught his hand. Grumpy Uldyssian rised by himself taking some steps far from the Rathma.

"IS THAT YOU...LINARIAN?" Rathma frowned at his birth name. He turned around just to see his father. His appearance was changed. The blonde shoulder length hair, the sky blue eyes looked like the ocean in a sunny day. That porcelain pale skin was so perfect, no wrinkles, no sun marks. He was shorter than his son and looked like an 18 years old young man.

Inarius looked handsome and easely , he could make every woman, despite her age, fell for him. Unfortunate, behind this beautiful body and appearance, lies an egotistical and maniacal mad man, who is ready to cross everyone, at any time, for chasing his goal. Love and family, were just empty, meaningless words for the handsome prophet. Uldyssian felt the need to knee in front of the angel, to sing him praises and thank him for his existence. The angel looked so perfect that the farmer felt bad by his action. He felt sorry for trying to turn the tide in his favor. He felt horrible for trying to give back the powers to humans. Then, a smell of corpse came in the air. He had no idea from where it came. This foul smell, remembered him by all the agony and suffering his family was enduring during the Great Plague. He heard their crying, felt a cold shiver through his spine that made him fell a heart ache. That heart ache he prayed to never fell again, this was so painfull and destructive. His heart was ready to break his ribs, it's quick pumping made the farmer sweat and feel tired. He was overwhelmed by all this sudden impact with that torrent of suffering and agony. All this pressure made him numb and weak. He remembered his father's lifeless face, his hard breathing and his crying and murmurs about nonsensical things. Even if his father was a strong and powerfull man, he was easely put down by the sickness. Seeing his son's reaction, Inarius started to grin in taunt.

"My astray son, it is a wonder that you left your rock and started to walk the earth, again. Who had thought that the first born will frame his death and hide behind rocks. WHAT ON THE EARTH ARE YOU SEARCHING HERE? IN MY DOMAIN. THIS IS MY WORLD LINARIAN! MY WORLD!" Inarius started to scream and his figure became more taunting. "Forgive me for my reacion, you are unpredictable. If I'll not know you, I'll say you've came to take over my world. Like you did two thousand years ago. Do you remember? Do you remember the slaughter and the death from this place, the smell of blood and the screams? Have you forgotten your fault? " Inarius started to transform back into the angel Rathma knew and feard. From his back started to rise two tentacle like wings made of fire. His hair became silver white and his face started to deform to a bottomless darkness. His body became stronger and more warrior like.

"I will bare the weight of their death on my shoulders until my very end." Rathma responded calm trying to hide his own fear of the past.

"She was right when she said..." Inarius's body twisted and turned into a new one. A more humanoid one, but this time it looked like a woman. Tall and thin, dressed simple, in a long dress and a shirt. She was very beautifull with pink lips and big black eyes. Her pale skin had a bit of pink in her cheeks. Her face was rotund and small, she had long black hair what fell on her small shoulders like a cascade. Her face was lightened by a bitter smile that broke Rathma's calm. Uldyssian was amazed by her beauty and innocent apparence. Seeing her, made him wish to keep her safe and give her all she needed. He was not wishing her as his woman, he wished her more like a life companion. He observed her big hips and thin waist, her long fingers and her long arms. The farmer never saw a woman so breath taking. He thought she was innocent and powerless, then he saw the sword on her back, her figure was quite mystical and misterios even when she looked so average. The power from her eyes made Uldyssian to doubt her innocent nature. She was not a prize she was more like a pair for the male, deceiving-strong and innocent-, Uldyssian had no idea what she'll do. Her body was thin but, the look from her eyes belonged to a brave warrior who was ready to sacrifice everything for his duty.

"Linarian could you, please, stop crossing Inarius. It endangers me and the bo...third of you children." She screamed crying, her voice broke at some point. She coverd her face with her palms and cryed loudly.

"You create me no weakness, just disgust and repugnance." Rathma inhaled some air then fixed his eyes into Helgrotha's ones. "Inarius stop stirring the dead!" Rathma's voice was calm with a touch of exhaustion in it. Inarius twisted again at his formal shape and started to laugh frenetically. Uldyssian was moved by this trick and by angel's sick game. This beautiful woman he saw was just an illusion, her sweet smoothing voice just a trick. The farmer was offended by this sick way of manipulation.

"YOU FEEL GUILTY? YOU ARE GUILTY ! IF YOU REMAINED AT YOUR PLACE EVERYONE WOULD BE ALIVE AND HAPPY ! YOU ARE A BADLUCK BRINGER! THE POOR WOMAN AND HER CHILDREN, FORCED TO STAY WITH A STUBBORN, MINDLESS FATHER." Inarius crossed his arms at his chest, very proud by his argument. Rathma's eyes were full of sorrow and tears, but he did not gave up to the pain.


"Well then. LET ME TEACH YOU A LESSSON TO NEVER CROSS YOUR ALL FATHER. UNGRATEFUL SON, WORTHY OF NOTHING." In the next moment, a stone flew in angel's direction but, it just passed through him and hit Rathma in his stomach. Inarius turned around to face the mortal. The visibility was not possible, the cold was unbearable. The farmer did not felt bad by his action, he was proud he could break free from angel's charm and made him angry. Maybe now, he'll see the deceiving his order is spreading helps with nothing, just bring sorrow and false hopes. Uldyssian felt himself rised from the ground and fleeing into the air. The cold snow entered into his eyes leaving him blind for the moment. He was a bit surprised then, calmed down when he realized Rathma caried him in his back.

"You attack Inarius with illusions and tricks and I ambush him." The nephalem said disturbed. Uldyssian cleared his face and started to conjur a shield what could defend him from the snow storm. A huge bone wall rised from the ground and blocked the storm, from behind the wall Uldyssian projected some fireballs in angel's direction. Inarius started to laugh and created some tornados what twisted the farmer and his son into the room. Dazzed, Rathma teleported him and Uldyssian to a safe spot. The nephalem fell into his knees holding his head into his palms.

"YOU WILL NEVER DEFET ME!" The angel screamed and broke the bridge what connected the Worldstone with the rest of the chamber, the explosion of stone and dust almost left the farmer deaf. Uldyssian watched the dust and stone pieces flying through the chamber, he quickly activated his shield. Through stone pieces and dust the farmer saw a light shining silhouette, it was the angel. He stopped at a meter in front of them and bowled a skull to Rathma.

Dazzed, the ancient tryed to catch the skull. Uldyssian estimated it was very very old, it was brown and still had some hair attached to the back of the head. The ancient put the skull in his cape, he looked like he was trying to protect it.

Then, the farmer felt caged by a magical sphere, he tryed to fight back but he didn't succeed. He was now the lenght of a pea and was suffocated by the lack of air. Rathma realized he has claustrophobia, he tryed to teleport outside the cage but it grew tinny around him, his mind got lost and he fainted. Inarius watched the both of them disappearing into the oblivion, while he walked away from the Worldstone.