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a routine

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“Why can’t you do a simple routine right?” You hear him again and this time you raise your head and look at him. He’s leaning sideways on one of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors with his arms crossed in front of his chest. His sleeveless white shirt and black shorts accentuating the strength and form of his arms and legs. Even with the black cap he’s wearing, the furrowed eyebrows and the frown on his face could be seen perfectly. Jung Hoseok doesn’t look happy. “I’ve been doing the run exactly how you want me to do it, Hoseok. What do you want from me?” You ask him, your legs finally giving in and you plop unceremoniously on the wooden floor. “I want you to let go of yourself and just dance. You look like you’re thinking too much and very distracted.” Hoseok observes, looking at you. You scoff at this. ‘If only you weren’t annoying and beautiful at the same time, I wouldn’t be miserable like this.’ You thought to yourself.

“You’re still annoyed, huh?” He asks with a small smile playing on his lips. You give him the stink eye. “Don’t even.” You reply. “I did that to help you. I thought we were over this?” He answers. “Well, it looks like I’m not over it.” You snap back. Hoseok releases a small laugh and shakes his head. He cocks his head and looks at you intently.

‘Please don’t look at me like that. I’m a weak individual with needs. Please no.’ You say to yourself, trying to keep a straight face as you look at him as well. A realization flashes on his face and he smiles even brighter. He then takes out his phone and fiddles with it for a bit. You lose interest and proceed to close your eyes to rest for a bit. Moments later, you hear music.

You open your eyes and immediately look at him. He was off the mirror and is now walking towards you with a playful smile on his lips, each of his steps in sync with every beat of the fiery latin musical ensemble. He stops near you and holds out his hand. You eye his hand and then him suspiciously. “Come on. To let you loose.” He says with a wink. You eye him unsure but he urges you even more. Without any other option, you oblige and take his hand. He helps you up and you stand face to face with him. Thoughts of touching him, kissing him, being near him flooding your mind as the proximity suddenly consumes you, slowly intoxicating you into a whirlwind of uncharted emotions.

Then the drumbeats start.

And like that both of you swing into action. Like clockwork, both of you fit into the routine, hitting each and every step in perfect precision. You feel the fire in you let loose, loosing yourself in the melody of the song.

Then as soon as it started, the song ends.

Panting, you feel the burn in your body from the exertion and taste it’s ecstacy. Letting loose always had that effect on you. It was what made you keep dancing all this years. As the heat of the routine ebb away, you then notice something: Hoseok’s arm is wrapped around your waist and secured you close to his body. The emotions from not long ago come rushing back, heating you up even more. “This isn’t part of the routine.” You say breathlessly. He just looks at you from the mirror, heaving in huge breaths. You try to nudge away but he holds you still. You try to look at him but he only shakes his head. “Please, don’t move. I don’t know how much self-control I have to stop myself.” He says in a low whisper. “What?” You ask. “J-Just… let me calm down before you do anything. Please.” He says in a soft plea.

Without thinking, you raise your hand to his arm and slowly trace the creases of his forearm, touching every muscle. You feel him shiver. “What are you doing?” He hisses. “Telling you I want it too.” You say and turn to face him. He eyes you warily and waits out the next thing you’ll do. You look at him and slowly close the distance between your lips and his neck. Before they touch, you stop.

“Don’t.” He says through gritted teeth.

You don’t listen and plant a soft kiss on the side of his neck. You feel his hand ball the back part of your shirt into a fist. It wasn’t enough. You reel your head back and you lock eyes for a second. His self control was wavering. You can feel it. You then plunge in to plant another and another and another, breaking his resolve little by little. By the end, you have him panting but there is still so much fight in him. “That all you got?” He says in a shaky breath. You bite your lip and decide resort to desperate means.

With your free hand, you place it on his chest and slowly glide them down towards his toned stomach. You feel him stiffen, anticipating your next action. His look of pained triumph switches to unrestrained hunger when slowly you travel your hand down more and more until it reached the correct spot. He was hard.

In a sudden blur of events, you find yourself against the wall with your hands held firmly high above your head and Hoseok’s body pressed onto yours, beating scorching heat. He looks at you menacingly, daring you to do something. This was his last straw. You close the distance between your lips. You open your mouth and softly bite on his lower lip and slowly tug. With his free hand, he cups the nape of your neck and goes in for a deep kiss. You crave to touch him but he keeps your hands in place. He breaks away for a second and looks at you. “That’s punishment.” He says, tightening his hold on your hands a bit for emphasis. The dominace that he exudes calls out to your inner want. It was sexy and dangerous. You press yourself more against him, to feel his heat, his body. A low growl escapes his body he goes in for another kiss and then plants hungry kisses on your neck with his hand exploring every part of your body. You shudder at this onslaught of ecstacy. ‘He’s good.’ You think to yourself.

Lost in your thoughts, you barely miss the feeling of leather wrapping around your wrists. You open your eyes and look at your hands only to find out they’ve been bound together by his belt. You look at him but he only winks. He places your hands at the back of his neck as he slowly slips the shorts you’ve been wearing. You feel his long fingers cup you. “Excited to have me eh?” He says in a cocky whisper. You then feel his fingers slowly slip inside of your panties and then inside you. Before you can let out a gasp, he traps your mouth with his, making you whimper in delight instead. His expert fingers raking your body with unsupressed shivers of pleasure. He then pulls away from you and kneels. Panting, you look down at him as he kisses your center. Unrestrained, moans of ecstacy escape your mouth as he does his magic with his. You hold onto his head as he continues, making your knees weak.

He stands after some time and turns your around to face the mirror. You lock eyes with him as he takes his shirt offf and unzip his shorts. You feel it softly hitting your skin as he releases it. Still locking eyes with you, he spreads your legs with his foot and holds you by the stomach to hold you in place. His free hand skates down towards your center and holds it open. You feel him-his length coming from the back and entering the front. He shivers as you finally become one and a gasp escaps from your mouth. With rapid ad fluid movements, he hits your core in the most pleasurable way. A cacophony of moans are the only thing heard as the both of you progress, blinding pleasure making you not give a damn to whoever could be listening.
Then you feel the climax coming, beggin for it’s release. “Hoseok, I-“ You say breathlessly, looking at him straight in the mirror. He nods. “Together.” He says and together the both of you explode in deep pleasure.

He pulls out of you and you turn and lean on the mirror, panting. He comes closer and leans hus forehead on yours.
“You’re so annoying.” He says, catching his breath. “You love it.” You reply and the both of you smile.