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not to forget

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July 10th, year 1993 since the birth of the Sage of Six Paths

I did it! I got my hitaiate today! Dad’s going to be so proud when he returns from the mission, I can’t wait to tell him! I wonder who’s gonna be my teammates? Maybe Yoshino-san? She’s really nice and laid back. Or Tanbō-kun…

Oh, great-grandpa Uben and mom are home! Gotta tell them!

Well, mom isn’t happy about me becoming genin but she at least hides it well. Great-grandma Enen wasn't that nice when she saw my new headband. She can grumble all she wants, I don’t really care. What’s wrong with me being a shinobi? I want to protect the village too just like dad does! He promised to teach me something cool when I’m a ninja. I really hope he returns soon.