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Volume Three

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Keith leaned against the wall in the corridor that led to the sleeping quarters of the Blades. His mouth hurt, and all he wanted to do was curl up in his pack's nest. Hopefully, someone was there to comfort him, but first, he had to make it there. He pushed himself off the wall and almost toppled over but managed to not fall over. Keith wasn't entirely sure he was going to make it to the nest.

Fortunately for Keith, Regris was making his way to the nest with a snack for himself and his siblings. Regris watched as Keith pushed himself off the wall and almost fall over. Regris rushed over, even as Keith regained his balance. Regris wrapped an arm around Keith's waist and was surprised when Keith leaned against him. "What's wrong, Keith?"

"My mouth hurts, and I want to go curl up in the nest. I also want Mom."

"Good for you that I was headed in that direction." Regris scooped up his brother and carried him to the nest.

In the nest were Krolia and Acxa, both of whom whined when they saw Regris carrying Keith. Regris set the youngest kit down next to their mom. Regris sat down next to Acxa and nuzzled her to comfort her. Keith crawled onto his mom's lap, whimpering. "What's wrong, kit?"

"My mouth hurts, Mama," Keith whispered.

Krolia examined his mouth, inwardly pleased at him calling her 'Mama'; however, he only did that if he was in pain. He allowed her to look in his mouth, hoping she could ease the pain. At first, Krolia couldn't see anything, but then she saw his canine teeth were a bit longer than before and realized what was occurring. She withdrew her claws and gently nuzzled his head. "Your fangs are coming in, kit. It's going to cause pain, because you are human in appearance. Why don't you try and get some sleep? It might be less painful if you are asleep."

She leaned over and started grooming his hair, trying to lull him to sleep. Keith closed his eyes and relaxed against his mom, hoping to fall asleep. He was keenly aware of his siblings napping not too far away and tried to not make a sound. He had a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't be getting any rest.


Kolivan, Antok, Thace, and Ulaz stopped by the nest to check on Keith. They had all received the same message from Krolia that their youngest kit's fangs were growing and were causing him pain, which prevented him from napping. Their other two kits remained in the nest to keep Keith company.

When the four Blades entered the nest room, they saw Keith curled up in the nest between Regris and Acxa and on top of Krolia. His eyes were closed, but he wasn't asleep. His mouth was open slightly, and his breaths were coming in little pants. Krolia was grooming his hair, while Acxa nuzzled her brother. Regris had his tail wrapped around Keith's waist and was nuzzling his back.

The Blades entered the nest and crowded around Krolia and their kits, doting on not only Keith but his siblings as well. Acxa leaned back against Ulaz, who had curled around her, with a soft whine. She didn't like seeing her twin in pain. Ulaz answered her with a comforting rumble. Thace reached over and gingerly pushed Keith's upper lip up, exposing his fangs. They seemed to be almost done coming in. He let his kit's lip slide back into place and stroked his bangs out of his face. Antok had his tail wrapped around Regris's waist as he nuzzled the kit, trying to ease his distress. Neither kit liked seeing their brother in pain. Kolivan settled behind Krolia and groomed her headfur, knowing she needed comfort just as much as her kits. It might be a long night, but the pack could take the next quintant off for rest. It was one of the perks of being the highest ranking Blades.