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“It’s so weird to be back here...- I barely remember this place-”

She said to her mom as they parked across the street of her sisters’ new school, one she had attended when she was 5 years old, she and her mom were going to a meeting about the girls’ yearly schedule, which sounded as no big deal- Until getting there; For starters, they had walked for what seemed like forever to find the goddamned auditorium, and when they did, it was so packed, the only two available places were on the first row, and of course, traffic made them late, so everybody watched as they walked down the left corridor at the same time the school principal greeted and spoke to them.

She did not see him there- Until she did.

She turned to her right and tried to pay attention to the school staff, but his profile was on her way and he constantly moved his thighs trying to sit somewhat different, causing little sparks to shot down there. He was handsome, a prominent jawline, he smelled of leather and something fresh, but not mint; more like cold rain during fall- That's all she could think of. He had this full beard on his face, well trimmed, his blue eyes diverted to her when she accidentally elbowed him as attempting to relax on the hard seat, only managing to whisper a weak "sorry". He smiled in such a kind way, tiny wrinkles appearing at the outer corners of his eyes; she had been won over.

The orientation itself was not even processed by her brain properly, being so focused on his swallowing, how he rubbed his palms on his knees, and the way he squeezed his phone to fit in his pocket, only to get trapped halfway into it - her eyes going back to those thighs -. She assumed they were talking about the book titles the school had asked them to buy, because he raised his toned arm and spoke in this strong and confident voice, but not loud, just very certain and secure, causing her attention to shift between him and the person speaking near them.

"I did not find this one, and I’ve been lookin’-" she smiled. Obviously he hadn't find the one title no one else seemed to be finding, and that she had found it just past week, and what other perfect way for her mother to bug in, saying that her daughter could give him the website she’d bought from, making her blush up to the forehead.

"He's handsome-" her mom whispered to her daughter’s ear, the young woman tried her best not to look at him one more time "Go and help him, darling".

After some little exchange between him and her mother, the orientation followed by smoothly, she forcefully gathered all her focus to pay attention and take some mental notes on important things, connecting every teacher’s face to their names and trying to not to get lost in the scent coming to her with the AC breeze.Two tiring hours later, she listened to the final speech while lifting her seat back up and turning around, her mom long gone to talk to other parents, promptly giving the first step to do the same, when a warm hand with big fingers stopped her on her track, swiftly twisting her around and making eye contact.

"So,hm-Would you mind giving me the website?-" he was too close, she could feel his breathing on the tip of her nose.

"My mom was not very clear, thing is-I work at a bookstore and I can order the book for the store...if you'd like I can have your number- And call you when it arrives-" she was fidgeting as he pondered, she slid her dress down her thighs, regret washing over her, for choosing such a tight outfit for a school meeting; The man on the other hand, seemed to enjoy getting on her pores, because he smirked while taking his wallet off his back pocket, and handing a business card to her slowly, watching as her hand shook reach for it.

"Sure, here's my number- Call me or text me, both are okay-"



She nodded at him and turned the card around, checking his additional info such as his phone numbers and e-mail, his phone rang, but he did not leave before winking at her; she loved to watch him go, his defined body silhouetted by his professional attire, observing the way he spoke and moved his hands until disappearing through the doors.She thanked her mom for taking her out of her trance and asking if they could already leave, otherwise she would have sat where he had been, only to smell him again. 

Of course they could go, she thought, damage had already been done.


Later that night, she couldn't find enough relaxation to set her asleep, a strange omnipresence hovering over her body, waking her up from innumerous naps, her muscles sore and her core pulsing so hard and tight she felt forced to shove one trembling hand down her panties, the bare whisper of a touch on her clit caused her entire body to shudder and stretch, an orgasm coming from absolutely nowhere, so strong her dry throat swallowed a scream, her eyes rolled back to her skull and her back arched upwards, needing the friction she was not being capable of providing, that one hand shuddering with the rest of her body, fingers pressing her pussy in attempt to control the waves and rather causing them to intensify.

Her body undulated with the waves that continuously hit her, no more strength in her to pursue all that pleasure willingly, her eyes hooded and for the first time during that long night, she felt tired- Clearly, that orgasm was to be held accountable for such sudden sleepiness, which she still felt her body riding, muscles tensing and relaxing, her eyes unable to remain opened. Unconsciously, as her hand started to move upwards, her fingers gathered up her juices and traveled to her mouth, her tongue darted out and swept it all up, her overwhelmed brain blurred in the image of one person only, while she swallowed the glistening fluid, not caring to savour it.

After her muscles finally gave into relaxing and stopped tightening, still not quite through the numbing sensations, she sunk into sleep and did not acknowledge the name that rolled out of her lips in a whisper, her legs a bit spread so nothing could touch her over-sensitive clit, one touch away from causing her body to collapse again. She’d already hit the deepest stage of sleep when the person that was so far, nothing more than a stranger to her popped up inside her mind, his voice and the smell of him so strong it had her blacked out body shivering, her lips letting gasps go with the wind.

His image just like a ghost, felt everywhere- But nowhere to be found, haunting her in her dreams.