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Yoongi was a bit dumbfounded when he was looking through Hoseok's search history on his iPod. He and Seokjin did this every few weeks, looking through some of the content on their kid's devices, just to make sure they weren't getting into any troublesome content. They didn't read any of their text conversations with friends, mostly just looked through what apps they had installed, and their search history of course. Normally there wasn't anything concerning, and they returned the devices right back to their rightful owners. Tonight though, was an exception.

How could he have accessed a website like that? Korea had many laws surrounding pornography, and it was difficult to find a website where it wouldn't be required to enter your ID number, confirming one was over 18. Yet this website was in English, and wouldn't load when Yoongi tried to click on it. How was Hoseok able to access it then? Sure enough, when Yoongi looked through Hoseok's app folders, he found an app for a VPN, confirming that was likely how he accessed the site. That brought up a whole other question though, was he searching this up deliberately? Maybe Yoongi could have understood if a friend of his had told him to search up something like this, or he was just inherently curious and searched it up one time, but clearly this was unlikely his first time, if he had gone through the process of downloading a VPN to view the site.

Seokjin, who finished going through Namjoon's iPad rather quickly as the boy really mostly just spent a lot of time on Wikipedia and Youtube watching educational videos, glanced over at Yoongi who looked confused and dumbfounded as he stared at the small screen. He looked over, as Yoongi turned on the VPN and attempted to access the site again. Sure enough, it now loaded, graphic images now on the screen. Seokjin made an audible gasp when a nice large pair of breasts appeared on the screen, along with other lewd pop up ads.

“Why are you on that site Yoongi?”

Yoongi scratched his head. “I wish I wasn't. But this is what I found in Hoseok's search history, multiple times over the past week.”

“Are you sure? He's only 12, why would he be watching things like this?” Seokjin looked equally as concerned as Yoongi was in this moment. They both sat on their bed, unsure of what to do. They didn't think that their kids would come upon this stuff yet, not until they were in high school at least.

“Probably because he’s curious,” replied Yoongi with a knowing sense to his voice.

“I just…” Seokjin scrunched his eyebrows pensively. “How did he even find that site? It’s in English.”

“This is the exact link I found. Didn't even load until I turned on a VPN, so it's probably blocked here. I just don't understand, he’s 12. Not 16.”

“God Yoongi,” started Seokjin. “What do we do?”

Yoongi sighed. “The scary thing is I read about this the other day. An article about how kids are finding porn earlier and earlier, but it was about kids in America, where this stuff isn't as restricted. So I thought we'd never really deal with this, but I was wrong clearly.”

The two sat there for a bit, unsure of what to do. They couldn't just not bring it up, as they didn't really want to habit to continue. But they also couldn't discipline Hoseok for this, as he wouldn't feel comfortable bringing up things related to it anymore if he got in trouble for it. Yoongi eventually decided he would just go talk to Hoseok now, to address the issue before it got more out of hand.

“Why is having kids so hard?” Yoongi asked as he left the room, looking towards Seokjin with fatigue on his face. He was tired, wanted to sleep, but this was more pressing at the moment.

“Because they're smarter than us at times.” Seokjin was right on that one.

Seokjin left the room as well, as he was going to put Namjoon's iPad back where he charged it each night. Yoongi went down the hall to Hoseok's room, the device currently off but the webpage still open, able to be seen once the iPod was unlocked. He knocked on the door a few times, going on in even after not hearing a response, probably because Hoseok was sleeping or close to falling asleep.

Yoongi did feel a bit bad waking the boy up, but they really needed to talk about this now. He turned on the light, but dimmed it so neither of their eyes would hurt too much. This woke Hoseok up, who looked over to see his appa closing the door shut. He was very confused, as this was definitely not a normal occurrence. It immediately made him panic, did he forget to delete Snapchat off his iPod? He knew his parents would be pissed if they found out he used the app, which is why he deleted it every time before they did a device check. Though this was not why Yoongi had woken him up at 11 pm.

“Appa, I'm tired,” whined Hoseok. This wasn't inaccurate, as he was just about to fall asleep before he was interrupted. “I wanna sleep.”

“I know sweetheart, I'm tired too. But I'm afraid this can't wait, we need to talk about it now.” Hoseok sat up on the bed, clad in his favorite pajamas, the ones with the purple and blue stripes. Yoongi came to sit beside him, placing his left arm around Hoseok. He opened the device, going back to the page with the search history on it. “Hoseok-ah, can you explain why I found this in your search history?” Yoongi made sure his voice was calm, as he knew if Hoseok got panicked then he probably wouldn't answer honestly. The older pointed to the screen, feeling the boy immediately tense up when he saw the name of the site.

Hoseok didn't know what to answer. He thought he had been on private browsing, or that using a VPN would have not shown his search history. Clearly though, that didn't work, and now he was stuck in this embarrassing predicament, along with probably being in a lot of trouble. This was stuff that he knew wasn't probably for his age, but well…it was awful hard to stop watching once he began. An innocent search at first, but he found ways around the content restrictions, so he could watch just as if he was an adult living in the United States.

“I-I can explain.” Hoseok tried to keep his voice from becoming too shaky, but he did feel on the verge of tears because he felt so embarrassed. Something like this was pretty mortifying for him, likely for others his age as well.

“That would be great. Would you like to tell me how you found this?” Once again, Yoongi did his best not to sound angry, as he wanted to know how Hoseok found this. That way, he and Seokjin could set parental controls so he wouldn't be able to access it again that easily. They hadn't set parental controls on any of the devices their kids owned yet, because they trusted them and didn't think they needed as such. Not that they didn't trust Hoseok now, but they didn't really want him seeing this stuff until he was a bit older, and could truly understand what was going on.

“Umm...I searched some things. But the websites in Korean didn't work, so I… looked up some things in English. But those ones didn't work either, cause they are blocked here. So...I downloaded a VPN...and then they worked,” Hoseok paused, nearly bursting into tears. “I'm sorry appa, I didn't mean to look at it. It just- I couldn't stop. It made me feel good, though it was...I don't really wanna talk about it.”

Yoongi saw how distraught Hoseok looked, and instantly wanted to reassure how he wasn't in trouble. Truly, Hoseok was probably just curious, something not terribly abnormal for his age. He was going through puberty, and all the lovely changes that came with it. Yoongi really couldn't be mad, he had gone through the same thing, though back then it was much more difficult to find pornographic content so easily. Hormones could be a powerful thing for someone of that age.

“Thank you for telling me that Hoseok-ah. That takes a lot of courage to do, most kids would just lie because they were embarrassed. I'm proud of you for being honest.” Hoseok nodded, before rubbing his eyes on his sleeve, sniffling as well. “And you're not in trouble sweetheart. It's ok that you were curious about this. But, you can't keep watching this type of stuff.”

“Why?” asked Hoseok, genuinely wondering why. He knew it was probably only for adults, but he wanted to know the reason.

“Well, these types of videos are only for adults, which is why they are called adult videos. Kids can't watch them because they aren't mature enough to understand how this is just a movie, and isn't how real sex works.” Yoongi tried to gage if Hoseok was understanding this or not. He was trying to put it into language that would make sense to someone who had only recently turned 12.

“But appa,” began Hoseok, still confused. “I can watch other movies still though. I know that you said these are for adults, but why couldn't I watch them when I'm like...16? People do that at that age.” Yoongi wondered how Hoseok knew that last fact, as he and Seokjin definitely didn't say anything about it. Most likely, his friends had given him that knowledge, much to Yoongi's dismay. He had always tried to express the idea that sex was something you should wait until you’re a bit older for, though it wasn’t as if he had done that himself. He lost his virginity his senior year, in a situation that he regretted now looking back at it.

“Yes Hoseok, you're right about that, even though they are a bit young to be doing something that can have serious consequences. But when you watch porn before you learn what real, loving sex is, you don't understand that it's fake.”

Hoseok was still confused, even after all this explaining. “Why is it fake?” Yoongi was at least glad that he seemed less distraught now, and wasn't so embarrassed that he couldn't ask questions. The older was almost glad he was asking them, as it was better for him to learn this information from his parents, and not one of his friends, or from the internet.

“People who are in adult videos are actors, like the ones you see in the movies. So their reactions are fake, and the positions they get into aren't really ones that are comfortable or normal. Plus, the things they do are sometimes illegal, but since it's a movie they can do those things.” Hoseok made an “O” of realization, seeming to understand a bit more now. Though he was definitely still confused, he thought that these videos showed what sex really was. They seemed realistic, the people always looked like they were enjoying it, which supposedly that's what sex was. Enjoyable.

“Why can't they just do it the real way then?” Hoseok's innocence was almost too much for Yoongi to bear, but he trudged on, answering all the questions to the best of his ability.

“Because these people aren’t a couple, they don't love each other. There's a difference between just having sex, and making love. And when people who are younger watch porn, they often confuse the two, because to them, it seems as if the actors are making love, when they're really not.”

Hoseok sat silent for a moment, trying to process all this. It was a lot for him to think about, as this was all new information to him. He was mostly glad he wasn't in trouble though, as that was what he was worried about the most.


“Yes Hoseok?”

Hoseok thought of how he should word this question. “So when people do that in real life, they're making love?”

“Probably Hoseok-ah. Most loving couples have sex, it's a normal thing. You already know that though, remember we talked about that a while back?” Hoseok nodded, looking in the distance, just thinking.

“Like you and Dad?” Yoongi nearly choked a bit when he heard that, not necessarily wanted to discuss this as it was a bit embarrassing to mention something so personal in front of his child.

“Yes sweetheart. Let's not talk about that though. Do you have any other questions?”

It took Hoseok some time to think about if he had anything else to ask, but Yoongi waited patiently. Really, these conversations were not easy to have, but they needed to occur. It was important for them to be able to have healthy discussions about traditionally more taboo topics.

“So if everything they're doing in those videos is fake, then why do I feel good when I watch them?”

“Because they seem so real, that's why. It's completely normal to feel good when watching them, that's why those sites exist in the first place. But when adults watch them, they understand that what these people do isn't real, even if it makes them feel good. Does that make sense?” Hoseok nodded, finally gaining some sense of what this was all about.

“Now Hoseok,” started Yoongi. “I'm going to put some restrictions on here so you can't watch this stuff anymore. I know that you will probably still be able to find it anyways, but I trust that you will make good decisions and stay away from it. I can't stop you though, and I know it can be very tempting to view this kind of stuff, so just do what you know is right. Alright?” Hoseok nodded, understanding everything his appa was saying.

“Most importantly though,” Yoongi wrapped his arm around Hoseok, pulling the boy in for a hug. The younger didn't resist, comfortably resting in his appa's embrace as he was pretty tired. “Don't be afraid of asking me or dad if you have any questions about anything you see online. I know it can be awkward, but we are always here to help you. Remember that, okay?”

“Okay appa.” Hoseok nuzzled into Yoongi's embrace even more, resting his head on his appa's shoulder. “I love you. Sorry I worried you.”

“I love you too Seokie. And don't be sorry, you're just fine. It's time for bed now though, you have school tomorrow.” Yoongi gave Hoseok a kiss on the forehead, before Hoseok went to lay down on his bed. Yoongi left the room as well, taking the iPod with him as he was going to need to set parental controls on it.

Hoseok soon fell asleep, a bit more knowledgeable than he was before. If anything though, at least he still had his Snapchat account.