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A Miqo'te's Mishaps in Eorzea

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Lost Gil and and angry Au Ra part one


Hi, I’m Zantorian Dracom, and I am a Miqo'te. And this is Eorzea. The only place that you can find bat shit crazy people that would tear you limb, from limb with no remorse. But that’s only Ishgard, thanalan, and alright maybe everywhere. You may be wondering why the hell I’m doing this, but there is a reason. And that reason is that I lost some gil, and now I have an angry Au Ra chasing me and really wanting to castrate me. Also, I totally blame cloudclawer on that deal, which came from Aza Lynel. Okay it might not have, okay I don’t remember, since everything is still fuzzy from that day. Oh, now be quiet, because Foxx Mike is coming this way.

Foxx Mike: “Hey Zant, you needed me for anything?”
Zantorian: “Uh, oh yeah. I need your help to readjust our prices on the market board.”
Foxx Mike: “The hell did you do?”

So, I may be fucked by more than just our FC leader then. But what’s the worst, that can happen when I tell him. Then again, I could be killed by another Miqo'te. Oh, that’s right did I forget to mention that Foxx Mike is a Miqo'te just like me. Except he has gray type hair and wears glasses time to time. All the while for me I have black hair with white stripes, which in all honesty it used to be white, but I decided to go for a change.

Foxx Mike: “Yo, Zantorian. You are zoning out on me man.”
Zantorian: “What? Oh, yeah where was I. That’s right, you have to help me to keep Okinas from finding out when we do this.”
Foxx Mike: “How? He finds out about everything the minute it happens.”
Zantorian: “I know, just don’t remind me, and you may hate me after this. But I lost ten percent of the gil me and Bryce Dracom where supposed to give to the FC, in a deal where I somehow got cloudclawer into my system.”
Foxx Mike: “Da fuck.”

Welp time for me to figure out my escape plan. And hopefully while I’m freezing to death in Choerthas Western Highlands no one would be able to find me. And no time like the present, they say. Besides who ever says that here anyway, this is Eorzea. Now I truly got to go before Foxx kills me.

Foxx Mike: “Hold it Dracom where do you think you’re going?”
Zantorian: “Wait you’re not going to kill me. But didn’t Oki send you?”
Foxx Mike: “First answer is a no. And secondly you asked me to meet up with you. Also, cloudcrawler?”
Zantorian: “Don’t judge me. Besides you’re the only one that I can trust right now that won’t snitch on me.”
Strong Boi: “Oh really.”
Zantorian: “Oh fuck me. How long have you been there?”
Strong: “Thanks for the invite, but not right now. And long enough.”

Long enough meaning he heard everything I said to Foxx. And now I’m going to be royally screwed down into a grave, just like what we did to Zenos (that bastardly asshole). So again, I must get out of here, and what are these two talking about. All I see is mouths moving and no voices, except for my name every so often. Who cares I need to leave, and Foxx will know what do to with the market board. Oh no, why is my common-sense tingling now of all times.

Okinas: “Hey Zant, where are you?”
Zantorian: “Okay there’s my queue to leave now. Come Foxx, our people need us.”
Foxx: “But.”
Zantorian: “No time for questions.”

I should be safe now hiding here under the atheryte plaza of Gridania. Hearing rapid footfalls up the stairs directly above us, could only indicate that Okinas gotten here, or whatever you want to call it.

Okinas: “Sup Strong. You seen any Miqo'te around lately?”
Strong: “Any Miqo'te in particular?”
Okinas: “He goes by the name of Zantorian Dracom.”
Strong: “Not really. But if I was Foxx, I think I would be near the market board. Before you ask, I think he’s readjusting prices.”
Okinas: “Thanks anyway. I guess I’m on my way. Wait did you just say Foxx was readjusting our market board prices?”
Strong: “Did that just slip from my mouth?”
Okinas: “Yes. Now answer mine question.”
Strong Boi: “Your answer is over there, over there, and up there.”
Okinas: “Alright I’m going kill you now.”

Did, did Strong Boi just snitch on Foxx and not me. Wow that’s amazing. I wonder on what I could get away with after this mess. But right now, I must get Foxx out of here…. Where the fuck did, he go.

Zantorian: “Hey wait up man. Why would you leave without me?”
Foxx: “Ah, go the other direction before Oki finds the both of us. Because of you Oki will now want to kill me!”
Zantorian: “Not my fault Strong Boi did what he did. Besides would you rather want to get revenge anyways.”
Foxx: “It may have to be after all this mess is over, you asshole!”
Zantorian: “You know I would thank you for the compliment, but I think now is not the time for that.”

With the both of us running away from the plaza to get out of Gridania, in hopes that Okinas wouldn’t find us. For I could only think of my own self-preservation at the moment. So, I decided to open my menu to send out some party invites, to: Rhaq’ir (damn appearance changes all the time, so I can’t remember which race he is now), Leo Spellweaver, and finally Naoh’a Garand.

Rhaq’ir: “Why the hell, am I being thrown into a party dude. We’re no longer in the same FC.”
Leo & Naoh’a: “Yeah seriously?”
Zantorian: “Hope you guys don’t hate me for this. But we are going into a dungeon, so I can get away from Oki.”
Rhaq'ir: “Wait, did you piss off Oki?”
Zantorian: “More like I lost some gil, and I have to get it back. Let’s see. Oh, that’s a good long dungeon to go through.”
Leo: “Hey, wait which dungeon are we going through?”
Rhaq'ir: “Looks like it’s too late to ask that since the commencement already popped.”

Eh, well coming to Rabanstre rather than any of the crappy old ones worked out better than I thought. And I surely hope the other three don’t try to kill me either, mainly Leo who is for some reason giving me a dirty looking scowl; that for some reason is telling me that he may try to fuck me over like he did to Nidhogg. That story every time he tells it still makes me shudder, despite fighting Nidhogg myself as well. I do feel sorry for Foxx for leaving him like I did, but at the same time us Miqo’te have a strong sense of wanting to survive and wanting to run away from danger.

Bryce Dracom: “Let’s see here. If I was those documents where would I be.”
Okinas: “Looking for these particular documents about a few Raid recruits?”
Bryce: “Yes! Wait how the hell did you get in here I thought I locked the door behind me?”
Okinas: “A magician never reveals their trick. But it did involve a brick.”
Bryce: “No wonder I felt a draft. And no, I know nothing about what my main is doing right now.”
Okinas: “Really now. Can’t you just look up his Search find, since the rest of us can’t, because he somehow found a way to turn it off.”

Just what the hell did my main do to piss off Okinas, for him to come visit me of all people and in our Shirogane office of all places. Damn him and his scheming ways. Did he really go through with the deal with those Lalafell pirates? Then again that is something he would do, even without consulting me. So, what if I ghost the FC the most between the both of us. One would think he would consult me over this sort of matter.

Okinas: “Okay, so this is weird. Both you and Zant both zone out a lot. And where is he Dracom?”
Bryce: “Wow first usage of our surname. And even if I knew where he was why would I tell you?”
Okinas: “I won’t castrate you if you tell me.”
Bryce: “Okay, fair enough. But before I tell you I just need to check on something real quick.”

Barging right through Oki, was the only thing I could think of. And now I have confirmation that Zantorian really did that deal and lost gil in the process. Okay new plan teleport out of here since Oki not letting me have enough time to leave. But first I think I saw Aza Outside coming this way when I last checked through the window. Teleport Now, and hopefully Aza (that psycho) can keep Oki busy for a little bit.

Okinas: “Damn cats and their agility. Now let’s see pull up search and where did you go?”
Aza Lynel: “Hey Zantorian you in here? Hopefully you’re not doing anything this time in the back.”
Okinas: “Who the fuck are you?”
Aza: “A certain someone that two of your FC members owe some favors to. Just don’t ask what they are for.”
Okinas: “Whatever I got a couple Miqo'te to find.”
Aza: “Now that I got the Au Ra out of here. Where does Zant keep his stable keys for that damned chocobo.”

Slowly opening the door (Just who the hell tripped my door alarm) coming face to face, with the one Miqo'te that’s been a thorn in my tail.

Zantorian: “I should have known you be the one to trip my alarm.”
Aza: “Oh yeah what about that Au Ra that was here when I got here.”
Zantorian: “He uses a brick to get in to not trip my alarm. Which my landlord is already pissed at me for having that window fixed over 7 times by now.”
Aza: “Oh, what about your alt then?”
Zantorian: “He knows how to deactivate it to get in. Cause we both have the alarm on our lavender beds and Shirogane offices.”
Aza: “Well then. I guess I should get going then.”
Zantorian: “Oh, no you don’t you little cheat.”

Grabbing hold of Aza's collar was easier said than done when it comes to us Miqo'te. But at the same time, I happened to know of a few tricks. Hunching down and going for the middle of the legs always works, no matter who they are.

Aza: “Ah, damn, dude that seriously hurt, I could have broken my nose.”
Zantorian: “Like you haven’t looked worse in front of Aymeric before.”
Aza: “Hey that’s a low blow man. And care getting off me?”
Zantorian: “Nope, not till you tell me why you were looking for my stable keys. And you know I keep them on me at all times, since that little incident.”
Aza: “Well, I was trying to keep your Chocobo away from rations. Which reminds me. KEEP CHOCO AWAY FROM RATIONS!”
Zantorian: “More like you put rations in there. And wow, do you really have to be so loud. Does Aymeric like you to be loud.”
Aza: “Hey! Don’t bring my love life into this you bastard. Unless you want me to turn you into Miqo'te stew.”
Zantorian: “Honestly that doesn’t sound half bad if it will get me away from Okinas.”
Aza: “Eh, what are you? Are you a masochist now?”
Zantorian: “Just gotta do what I have to, to stay alive you know. Which reminds me, did you see the way Aymeric fought there in The Ghimlyt Dark?”
Aza: “Ugh, don’t remind me I nearly had a heart attack when I saw him there.”

Alright fair point but then again (with this pyscho you never know). Wait where was I going with this. Now I seem like the crazy one here. Oh well, I guess I should get off Aza and let him go. Especially since I know what my alt did in the apartment stables. Which hopefully he won’t find out that, that particular chocobo is my alt’s. And I hope Oki will make it out alive.

Aza: “Ah sweet. I can go now and go to Ishgard.”
Zantorian: “Yeah you do that man. Hopefully you won’t be there when I have to be there in a couple days.”
Aza: “You bet your ass I will be. The both of you guys still owe me some favors. Especially since you confused the hell out me when we first.”

Ha, that’s right. No wonder we have a strange relationship. It was because of that. AAAAAAAA, fucking shit explosions already. Man, that was fast for Aza, wait stable key. Oh, there it is, good he didn’t take…it. THAT BASTARD! Well Choco knows how to take care of himself, and at least my alt’s is stabled at the FC house, I think. I guess it’s time for me to get out of here and check up on a couple clients then.

Foxx: “Damn that Zantorian for doing this to me. And I have seniority to. Next I see him he so is going to get it from me.”
Fox Atkascha: “So who’s going to get it the next time you meet?”
Foxx: “Ah Fox, you got what I ask for?”
Fox: “Maybe, maybe not depends.”
Foxx: “Really, you’re going to do this now of all times, since we have possibly two rogue FC members.”
Fox: “Fine here you go.”
Foxx: “Thanks. (Throws it back at Fox’s head) I asked for materia VI not III you numbskull.”
Fox: “Sorry, got the wrong one. Here you go.”
Foxx: “Finally I can finish this piece and put it on the market board.”
Fox: “Hey, have you heard how Zant got cloudcrawler into his system?”
Foxx: “I don’t care.”
Fox: “That’s our short stop. But I heard how it got into his system.”
Foxx: “Tell me more.”
Fox: “Too late.”

Rhagler’s Reach the place to be at for all the latest gear and fashion (Or so they say). But for today I am on a mission, and an important one at that too. Hopefully Oki (I know he’s here by his search) won’t find me, or I’ll be screwed just like my main. Oh well, it’s his damned fault for getting us into this mess. And shit there he is talking with others from the FC. I’m so fucked.

Strong Boi: “You know someone in the FC apparently knows how Zant’s entire deal went down.”
Howl Among-The Stars: “Do you know who they are?”
Strong: “I said someone does. I didn’t say I knew who they were.”
Howl: “Then why bring it up?”
Strong: “I thought it was interesting cause that’s what I heard.”
Okinas: “Care to tell me who you heard it from?”
Strong: “I heard from Charlotte who then heard it from one of the fox’s.”
Okinas: “Thanks I got one Lalafell and a Miqo’te to find.”
Strong: “You sure you want to do that just to find Zantorian.”
Okinas: “Its Zant's fault for losing that Gil that’s for the FC. And I just found myself a Miqo'te.”

Oh, how you have failed me brain. Why is it that Oki was able to find me. Then now I guess Rhagler’s Reach is not safe for us. Oh well time for me to run away. Oh shit! Too late.

Okinas: “Get back here you shortstack.”
Bryce: “Did you just call me pancakes.”
Okinas: “Does it matter. Now get over here. Oh shit, fuck me.”

Now that was easy. It seems all I had to do was have him run into that rock.

Strong: (at the same time as above sentence) “Did someone say, “Fuck”? and wanted us to join for a fuck.”
Howl: “Just how horny are you.”
Strong: “Oh sweet child. Us Miqo’te can get quite frisky.”
Zantorian: “So what’s going on here?”
Howl & Strong: “Run away!”
Zantorian: “The reason is behind, right?”
Okinas: “Yes, now I’m going to castrate you.”

Well time to run away. And while at that let’s change the scene shall we. And let’s let the scene go to the FC house.

Okinas: “Damn those cats to hell.”
Yukio: “Do what.”
Okinas: “Forgot you haven’t been on in a while.”
Yukio: “What happened?”
Okinas: “Zantorian apparently lost some gil that belongs to the FC.”
Yukio: “I think I can find out for you.”

Man, it surely been a tiring week. And no one has been here all day either. I may close up shop early. Wait did I just hear the door chime or was it my imagination.

Yukio: “So, I heard something interesting.”
Zantorian: “I guess that was my imagination or is someone here.”
Yukio: “No your conscience dumbass.”
Zantorian: “Oh, okay then.”

Suddenly perking up after a few seconds from realizing that there was a truly a second voice. I had no choice but to try and run away or better yet teleport out. Wait, why can’t I teleport.

Yukio: “Before you say anything, I had Cid build an anti-magic teleporter.”
Zantorian: “And trust me when I say this, I had nothing to do with losing that gil.”
Yukio: “What about that deal with the Elezen pirates.”
Zantorian: “They weren’t Elezen, they were Lalafell.”
Yukio: “Thanks for the information.”

Oh shit. I am so seriously going to be fucked now. Trying to chase after Yukio was a lot tougher than I thought. But that didn’t matter, I just knew I had to get Yukio to not tell Okinas what he found out. So, teleporting to where he went, and why did it have to be the FC house. Anyway, here I go for a third time to face Oki.
Slowly making my way over to the house from our Shirogane office, in hopes no one would notice. But one couldn’t be counted lucky could they.

Strong: “Looking for something?”
Zantorian: “What. Oh, not really looking for something.”
Strong: “Okay, whatever dude. And by the way Foxx is at the market board next to the FC house.”
Zantorian: “You just want me to be found by Okinas.”
Strong: “Maybe, maybe not.”

Okay so what’s up with Strong Boi. First, he protects me, and not Foxx. And now it’s the other way around. And that won’t do, but I guess we are running out of time here on these pagos. Because I know I’m running out of room. So, till next time in part 2.