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In The End

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    I groaned rolling over and checking the time. I was currently on break from classes and had fallen asleep beside Tsuki. It was in the middle of the night and Assassin's creed was still on. I shook Tsuki awake and she punched the shit out of me. My nose bled slightly and I glared.

   "Hey, we left the game on," I said groaning in pain. Tsukii blinked and looked at me.

   "That so evil.... Let me sleep," She said rolling back over. She knocked something over and it fell on the playstation and the game went off. "Shit!! Oh my god....!!! NOOOOO" She said frantically getting up.

    "Oh my god! Calm down! I have a spare!" I said. She looked at me with tears in her eyes dramatically waved her hands in the air.

    "But what about the game! It is fried and now we have to buy a new one... I HAD EVERYTHING COMPLETED!!!" She said freaking out. I rolled my eyes and went over to the Playstation 3 to unhook it and then there was a bright flash. It hurt my eyes and I closed them and then grabbed the nearest thing to me which happened to be Tsukii. I blacked out and hit something hard.


    I woke up feeling a massive ache in the back of my skull. I blink and notice how warm it is. I smile at the warmth before sitting up. There are people in weird clothing, most likely Muslim because the women had weird head things. I glance around and notice Tsukii waking up and holding her head.

   "Fuck you!" Tsukii said in pain. "Where are we.... Sooooooo BRIGHT!" She yelled. She threw off her jacket and I flinch. If we were in Syria she could be hurt for this.

    "Uhm... I would watch your surround--" I stopped and noticed guards walking towards us, more specifically Tsukii. "Shit! Run!" I grabbed her and ran further into the alleys. They started running after us.

    "Its a whore!" One of them said. Tsukii stopped dead and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

    She turned and her eyes were angry. I gulped and she basically attacked them. Before she could do any harm I grabbed her and started climbing the buildings quickly. She struggled in my grasp  and desperately tried to escape. She had been a black belt in Kung-fu, Karate, and Taiqwando. "Let me the fuck down!" She yelled angrily.

They quickly climbed after us and I panicked jumping into the nearest alley, practically dragging her. They cornered us and smirked. "Oh? What do we have here?" The biggest on asked wickedly. I snarled in anger, but immediately got pushed to the ground when Tsukii kicked me away.

     She jumped on the guy screaming, "Who in the bloody hell did you just call a FUCKING WHORE!?" She growled. She snapped the guys neck and bared her teeth. I gulped and hid. I noticed someone in white jump down and finish the rest of them off.

    As he sliced one of them in half Tsukii stopped and turned. "What the hell...!" I said. I came out from hiding and stared at the guy. I knew exactly where we are! "Tsukii! I know where we are!" I said. Tsukii looked the guy in the face and paled.

    "Who are you?" The assassin growled.

     Tsukii's eyebrow twitched angrily at his tone and she snapped at him angrily, "I did not ask you for your help!" I shivered at her tone. I walked over to her hesitantly, trying not to get on her bad side. I had been on the receiving end of her attacks that were full of years of training.

       I put a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down, "We should think rationally here...! He did save us, it was a... an act... of," I stopped thinking that we were speaking Arabic. I spoke in English, "Of kindness," I said sarcastically in English. The assassin's eyes narrowed suspiciously when you finished your sentence in a different language. You continued in English so he wouldn't know that the both of you knew who he was. "Like I was saying earlier before,  I know where we are. Pay attention to him closely because that is Altair the most arrogant assassin in the world," I said harshly. I may have loved the games and loved Altair, but in a real life situation I would fucking hate him.

      Tsukii fucking freaked. She gave a happy look and then looked extremely worried, "WAIT A SECOND!" She said in Arabic. I gave her a pointed look and mouthed 'in English' and she rolled her eyes. "Is this my fault? Was it because I spilled the drink on your playstation... OH MY GOD WAIT IS SUPERNATURAL REAL!?" She rambled. I thought about it for a second, if it was the drink then technically it was my fault because I grabbed her because she was the closest thing beside me. I smiled nervously. "Wait.... No this is your fault..! I remember the white light and your grabbing me like your life depended on it! You probably were the one that brought me here!" Tsukii said dramatically.

      "Woah! Hold on a second, technically it wasn't either of our faults, we couldn't help what happened. If it is the work of something supernatural then it was its fault...-" I stopped and realized that we had completely forgotten about Altair.

      Altair gave and annoyed grunt and grabbed Tsukii and me by the arm, "I asked you a question, I expect you to answer," He growled. I snorted and rolled my eyes.

     "And we never answered," Tsukii retorted. "Obviously we are talking about something important, so if you don't mind, shoo," She said. I held in a laugh because I knew that Altair was going to meet his match.

     "Woman! Hold your tongue, were you not taught to respect men!?" He said angrily. My eyes narrowed and so did Tsukii's. I had completely forgotten we were in an era where women were highly disrespected. Imagine if I had never transitioned, I would be just like Tsukii.

     "Fine then, if you won't giver her permission... then she will say so anyway. It's not that she cares about men anyway because where we come from, women were respected," I snarled. I held his glare and felt the adrenaline in my veins. If I could fight him, then it would be amazing just like it was when I was in action back then. I felt a death grip on my wrist and looked at Tsukii. Her glare was enough to stop me from lunging at him, looking for a fight.

     "Azrail, this is a warning to you. Under no circumstances are you to go looking for a fight because I will put you down in a heartbeat. I know I cant suppress the real you, but for god's sake! Behave!" She said. I backed down, and muttered under my breath. "I will answer your questions, but for god's sake! Not here dammit," She said, jumping on the crate I had hid behind earlier and climbed to the roof with determination. I followed after her and smiled. I was afraid of hights but it reminded me of when I had first joined the gang in the future.

    "Fine, follow me," He said. Me and Tsukii knew this place like the back of our hands because we had seen this place in the game all day. We studied it like a religion so we knew the direction he was taking us and ran ahead. He gave a look of shock when we stopped in front of the bureau. Once we got inside Altair grunted and basically threw me and Tsukii. Tsukii protested with a kick in Altair's direction and would've hit her mark if i didn't pull her towards me. "How did you know where this bureau was?" He snarled. He took a step towards us but he was stopped.

      "Altair, why have you brought them here!" A guy said in the back. I immediately knew who it was. Malik came forward with an angry look towards Altair. I noticed his arm and felt immediate sorrow towards one of my favourite game characters. "I swear to god that if you have compromised the brotherhood once again..!" I cut him off with the wave of your hand.

      "Oh shut it mom," I said sarcastically. "He kidnapped us," You retorted. Tsukii slapped my arm and gave me a pointed look. "No, he hasn't compromised the creed," You finished the last part in English. Altair and Malik gave confused looks. You snickered, "We-"

     "Oh my god, shut up Azrail! You will only make this worse... and to think you were the smart one.." She said, shaking her head. "This is not supposed to be a fucking comedy, I will get to the point. We have no idea why we are here and where we are. My friend here, Azrail, touched something and we ended up here in this awfully hot place. To be dull, it's awful," She said. "I am Tsukii Michelle Novak, and this idiot is Azrail Nevaeh Martinez. Please forgive us for the rude intrusion." She said. She gave a respectful bow that she would normally do before a fight in Karate.

     I huffed and crossed my arms childishly before straightening myself into a stance, getting up off of the floor. I gave a hard pointed look towards Altair and Malik, strictly composing myself to not do anything stupid and accidentally let slip that they were from a video game in my world. I shifted and looked at Altair, I wanted to fight him and test out how strong he really was because I had only seen him in action in the games. I gave an excited step forward, filled with adrenaline towards Altair.

     "So where are you from," Altair demanded. It stopped me in my tracks and I stared dumbly at him.

       "Narnia," I said bluntly. Tsukii let out a snort of laughter. "We are secretly fairies and... Tsukii is the demon lord of... Narnia and I am... a troll and..." I stopped and laughed. Me and Tsukii roared in laughter. Altair and Malik got deeply frustrated at our lies and took a step forward. Tsukii and held her stomach and wiped a tear and we both tried to quickly compose ourselves. "No, we are honestly from England. I was born in Italy and migrated to England and she was born in England," I said. All traces of laughter was gone and I was completely serious. My eyes showed no traces of a lie.

    "And why should we believe you? You basically just made fun of us just now!" Malik said. His eyes were blazing with anger. "If you came from Europe are you a crusader working with the Templars?!" I was immediately offended and gagged at the thought of being a Templar. Tsukii was more offended than I and snarled at him.

     "Fuck no! How dare you just assume that? We were just attacked by them! If it hadn't been for Altair I would've ripped their heads off for calling me a whore!" She said. She was bristling by now. "What they stand for is beyond madness! Peace can only be attained by those who truly want peace! You can not force obedience because it would only cause more agony for the other! Fake happiness is chaos, if anyone Azrail knows that more than I," She finished coldly.

     "Well, I shouldn't be offended because I used to be worse than the Templars... but it is no lie. Forced obedience causes rebellion and revolution," I said. I shifted, suddenly ashamed once I realized how I used to be. "I would probably still be bad if Tsukii didn't keep me on a short leash! I desperately want to be free," I complained. Tsukii frowned and hit me with a pebble. To which I put a hand on my chest and faked hurt. "Oh how you wound me, Tsukii," I said with a smile. She rolled her eyes.

       "That doesn't explain how you knew where the bureau was without me having to tell you," Altair said. He was getting fed up with our playing around. "You have barely answered questions, instead you only gave more unanswered questions! I will ask you now, how did you get here?" He said angrily. Me and Tsukii frowned immediately getting serious.

       "We don't know. There was a blinding light, and he grabbed me and the next thing I know we are waking up here in Jerusalem!" Tsukii said angrily. She was frustrated that she didn't know anything going on. "I am just as much in the dark as you are and we are the ones in this situation. God knows how much I hate not knowing. It's the worst feeling in the world to be left in the dark about your own life especially when you are put in this situation. Jesus fucked a rainbow for all I know!" She said sourly. Malik and Altair both coughed awkwardly at the last comment and I tried not to laugh. "Oops, that last one was a little out of context. Azrail! Get your mind out of the gutter!" She said. I grinned, shooting a sly look and I mouthed Altmal. She immediately started grinning.

     "Okay then, so if you don't know how you came here, then how do you know anything about this bureau?" Malik asked. I stuttered and I tried to think of something. Tsukii, sighed but I knew she was having trouble of thinking of something on the spot.

       "How about we... like ignore the part where we... knew where this hide out was..?" I said nervously. I fidgeted and my palms got sweaty, I knew that if I lied I would hate myself later for it. "I... am going to be honest," I said. My face was cold and I was suddenly talking to one of my enemies. "We can't tell you because it is strictly confidential. I give you my word though, that we would never compromise all that you ave achieved here," I said. My face was unwavering and Tsukii sighed.

     Malik nodded and didn't ask another question. Altair scowled and tried to say something but I cut him off with a glare. My heart quivered in my chest and I looked towards Tsukii. "Oh god, not again. You were using again weren't you?" She asked coldly. I gulped. "Great we have a drug addict experiencing withdrawals from not using in a while, when was the last time?" She asked venomously.

     "Six days ago, I have been trying to stop again. It happened when someone drugged me..." I said. I scratched the back of my neck and looked at the ground ashamed. Tsukii groaned but said nothing. I felt extremely guilty now because she was giving me the silent treatment now. I knew this feeling because it happened a while back. She was disappointed in me.

     Malik and Altair walked back in the room and I thought it was weird because I never noticed them leave. "Okay, we have decided that when Altair is done with this mission you will be going to meet with our master. From there the master will decide what happens to you," Malik said. I groaned deeply. I hated Al Mualim, he was bat-shit crazy after he got his hands on the apple. Malik seemed to notice my discomfort and added, "If you prove to not be a threat, I am sure the master will find some way to make you both useful," I smiled at him awkwardly.

    "Well as long as I am not cleaning someone else's mess and cooking I am certainly okay," Tsukii said. I knew she left the fighting part unsaid because her lips twitched and her eyes gleamed, something that is hard to miss with Tsukii. It was hard to miss with Tsukii because she always hid her emotions, today just happened to be one of her days that she had uncontrollable rage and I was making it worse.

     We left the room and let Altair and Malik discuss the assassination I sat down opposite of Tsukii and sighed, this was going to be a looooong day.