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Call Me Anytime ~ Scream

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Colour me your colour, baby

Colour me your car

Colour me your colour, darling

I know who you are

Come up off your colour chart

I know where you're comin' from


I step out of the white bathtub. The water rolling off my skin, leaving the air to make it cold. I wrap the plush towel around my body, it's so nice to be home alone. Long baths and loud music aren't permitted when parents are home. I walk through the barrier that separates the bathroom to my room, leaving on the light. I go to my dresser and pull out a large shirt and panties. I slide each article on, admiring the soft cotton. I take a moment to breathe in the warm, soap-scented air.

Ring Ring


Call me, on the line

Call me, call me any, anytime

You can call me any day or night

Call me


The phone yelled for me to pick it up. I run to my parents' room. The phone echoing throughout the hallway. I make it to their room and grab the phone off the cradle. A small beep came out of the speaker as I hit 'answer'.

"Hello?" I say a little out of breath, walking back into the hall.

"Why are you so out of breath?" the voice was a little mechanical, but it gave a nice ring to my ears.

"I ran to the phone." I giggle, greeted into my room by the posters on my wall.

"Eager to answer the phone, huh?".

"Well, it may be important. I don't want to miss that.".

"I can assure you, this is important. I have a game, it's like 20 questions.".


Cover me with kisses, baby

Cover me with love

Roll me in designer sheets

I'll never get enough

Emotion's come I don't know why

Cover up love's alibi



"Okay, hit me with them. Sorry, who is this again?" I question, going to turn off my bathroom light. It's already off. I guess I already turned it off. I shrug it off and go to sit on my bed.

"Can't a guy call someone and hope they pick up? Anyways, you must answer honestly." the man replies, his tone growing stern.

"Oh, um sorry. Okay, first question." I feel a queasy feeling in my stomach. There's something off about this.

"What are you wearing now?"

I look down at myself, "My pajamas.".

"'Pajamas' is too vague."

"A shirt."

"I said to answer honestly, or I'll gut you like a fucking fish! You're wearing a pair of lace panties and they're practicality see through, slut." the man's voice raised, the once nice tone now more nasal and mechanical.

"Okay, look this is a stupid prank. I hang-"

"Hang up or I'll slit your wrists in the bathtub as you failed at before," he says. I freeze. How- how did this stranger know this? I get up and run from my room, phone still in hand. My heart racing. I run down the stairs, missing a step I fall. I stumble down the stairs, loud crashes heard throughout the house. I land near the bottom and struggle to get up. With a few cries of pain, I manage to get up. I slightly limp to the front door. Although it's locked, I place the deadbolt in case. I walk across the living area, then the kitchen to the backdoor. Unlocked. I lock the door and put my back against it.

I put the phone against my ear. "You took quite a fall, didn't you?" the man said. "Fuck you," I reply, anger rushing to my head. I look around cautiously, breathing heavily. Tears daring to fall from my eyes.


Call me on the line

Call me, call me anytime

Call me, oh love

When you're ready to share the wine

Call me


The cassette player was still playing. The music coming from my room was slightly muffled, yet it still echoed through the house. My panting and heart beating against my rib cage seemed to block out other sounds. My ears are hot. I'm sweaty and my head hurts.

"So, ready to play my game?"


"Who do you find attractive? Like, you're willing to date? No celebrities."

"Uhm, my friend's boyfriend."

"Really now?"


"Now, you're a fan of horror right?"


"When it's late and you're alone, you think of those slashers?"

"I-" I hesitate, "Sometimes." I can't believe I told a stranger that. My eyes dart around the room, in the hope I'm out of harms path.


He speaks the languages of love

Amore, chimami, chimami

Apelle-moi cherie, apelle-moi

Anytime, any place, anywhere

Anytime, any place, any day



"God, that's hot.".

My eyes tear up once more, my head hurts. I want to hang up, but who knows what will happen. I let out an audible sniffle. "I would love to rip your [F/C] panties off and grab your [H/C] hair." the male says, a groan then erupting from the phone. I get an idea, maybe it'll work. I stand up and walk up the stairs, soon my room.

"Do it then.".



Call me, my love

Call me, any, anytime

Call me for a ride

Call me for some over time


I stand there stern, waiting an answer. After a minute, the bathroom light turns on. My heart stops. My breath quickens, it's shaky. I slowly step towards the bathroom, my hands shaking. I get to the door and flip the switch.

"All right then, slut.".

Two cloaked arms wrap around me. I yelp and drop the phone. One hand cups my breast and the other slithers between my thighs. I gasp, shivering at the light, yet aggressive touch. The male begins to rub through the lace. I arch my back letting a few moans slip past my lips.


Call me, my love

Call me, call m in a sweet design

Call me, call me for your lover's lover's alibi




The front door slams. The figure pulls away and runs to the window. I turn but only see a black figure with a flash of white climb out of my window.


Call me, on the line

Call me, any, anytime

Call me

Oh, call me

Call me, my love

Call me, any, anytime