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Cupid's Fall

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Ben cringed. His title brought powers but not immunity to...these evils.

The sound made his heart clench.

Flying closer, he saw below him his mark...

Her wound spreading beneath her.

Urgent whimpers caught him from him shock. The daughter...legs kicking, arms pinned above her head...

The man who'd shot her mother was laughing, kissing her neck.  He'd  already torn her dress exposing her bra, settled himself to enjoy his spoils.

Robbing them hadn't  been enough...

Murdering the girl's  mother...

He wanted more...

Ben could see the poor girl was losing the fight. With one hard hit, she was left still.

The man backed up enough to unbuckle. Unzip.

Hiking up her hem, he tore her panties away.

Ben snarled, NO !

The man fell to the ground beside her.

Ben stabbed him through the chest with his sword. Returned it to its sheath. Setting his bow down, he glanced over...the mother was gone...but the girl...battered and bruised was alive. Intact.

He would catch hell.

But he couldn't  stand by and watch her be raped. Humanity held such beauty...but also such hideous cruelty. He would know...

He caressed her face. Adjusted her dress to cover her modesty.

She looked young, she smelled innocent. 

Whatever punishment he wrought, he could handle. 

He took his hands to hers.

Closed his eyes.

A soft glow encircled her body.

He bent down and kissed her cheek, "be safe young one. Be loved." 

With a flutter of his wings he was gone just as the sirens crept closer.