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Alpha's Can't Nest

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Alpha Shinso and Omega Denki are pro heroes, they’re mates and have been together since their school days at UA.


Being pro heroes was physically taxing on their bodies, but they didn’t always complain. In fact, it was usually better when they’d get to go on missions together. It meant more time together AND work.


Except for now- Denki’s heat had just passed and they were thrown back into their regularly vigorous Hero work.


They weren’t always a team when it came to heroing, so their most recent mission had them separated for well over three weeks.


Shinso arrived back home on Thursday and Denki wasn’t due to come back until Saturday.


Calling each other was barely enough. They’d only use prepaid flip phones when on missions, because they weren’t traceable, and it didn’t matter if they were broken or lost. Prepaid phones were easier, but meant they couldn’t even video chat. Without facetime or skype, it left the couple to only simple texts or short phone calls at odd hours of the night.


Shinso was miserable alone. He always was. He’d been separated from his mate since Denki’s heat ended and the house didn’t smell like him anymore, only Shinso’s alpha musk came through, completely masking any trace of Denki.


“Three more days home without my mate, I can make it!” Shinso attempted to convince himself, but it was of no use. He missed him too much.


Shinso never really knew how exactly he survived without Denki. The omega not only completed him in all physical and romantic senses, but in domestic ways, too. Shinso swears he would’ve died from lack of sleep, starvation, or something dumb like that by now, if it hadn't been for his mate’s diligent care.


His omega not being home meant he’d be lacking many things. Love, comfort and a decent nest included.


He hated cooking for himself (if he had to cook, he preferred it to be for both he and Denki), so he decided to just order take away for the night.


Sleeping in their bed for the first time in weeks was comforting, but also the most lonely Shinso felt the entire time. They hadn’t changed the sheets before they left, so the smallest scent of his mate lingered. He was happy to curl up in their fluffy blanket, but that just wasn’t enough.


“Think! How does Denki usually nest?” He mutters to himself, ransacking their closets and drawers for the clothing he knows Denki would often wear, knowing they would have the heaviest scent.


Between the blankets and the clean clothes, he guessed there would be enough to fill in the gaps until his mate arrived back home.


Being home alone was torture for the alpha, but the nightly phone calls and promises of his omega’s return made his heart swoon.


Denki told Shinso that he wasn’t due to arrive home until late Saturday night, possibly some time into Sunday morning.


“I’ll have dinner waiting for you, you’ll just have to heat it, depending on when you get home.” Shinso told Denki, Saturday morning. “Make sure to call me when you’re almost home. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again.”


“Okay, you big softie.” Denki smiled on the other line, before the pair exchanged their ‘I love you’s’ and hung up.


Shinso told Denki he would be napping until later, so that he’d be able to be up at night when Denki got home.


Denki lied to Shinso about the time he’d be home, actually arriving in the afternoon, shortly after their phone call.


He picked up some paperwork from their hero agency, along with his house keys, cellphone and some ramen, from the restaurant he knew Shinso loved.


Quiet as humanly possible, he let himself into their home, dropping his bag by the closed door, slipping off his shoes and leaving the food on the table. He made his way to their bedroom, quite shocked at what he saw.


Shinso was wrapped up in Denki’s favorite nesting blanket with some of his most frequently worn t-shirts littering the sides of their bed.


He couldn’t stop himself from taking a picture of the sight, falling even more in love with his mate in this very moment.


Denki gathered some more blankets before making his way over to his sleeping mate. He helped to reinforce the (horrible) nest his alpha made, slipping into the bed, fitting so perfectly beside his mate.


Shinso was a very heavy sleeper, so he didn’t wake up when Denki lifted his arms and nuzzled himself into them. His nose rested in the nape of his alpha’s neck, allowing him to breathe in the scent he’s missed for almost an entire month.


The alpha side of Shinso must have had a positive reaction to his mate being so close after being separated for so long, because the pleased scent and air radiating off of the mind control hero made the omega smile and close his eyes in content.


The shirts and sweaters he’d stolen from Shinso only lasted him so long, but nothing was compared to the real warmth of being with the person he loves. He can’t count the amount of time he’d told Shinso he was curled up in Shinso’s favorite pastel purple hoodie, wishing the warmth was from his man instead.


An hour had passed and Denki was still more than calm and content laying in his lover’s sleeping arms- but Shinso had woken up.


His arms tightened around Denki, a reflex he’d picked up sometime throughout their years together.


“Morning, baby, sleep well?” Denki asked, voice slightly husky from not really being used.


“Denki?!” Shinso’s tired, yet shocked voice was EVERYTHING to Denki. Admittedly, he almost cried on the spot.


The alpha’s arms encased the omega, bringing him impossibly closer to his chest.


Shinso’s face buried into Denki’s hair, taking in the scent of his lover that he missed so much. “I can’t believe you’re finally home.” His voice was muffled, but Denki smiled hard, kissing his alpha’s neck, “I missed you so much, I couldn’t help but hurry back.”


Denki lifted his head so his eyes could comfortably meet Shinso’s. Smiles were wide and eyes were lidded with sleepiness, but that didn’t stop their lips from meeting in their first kiss after so long. They’d been separated for longer time periods before, but that didn’t change the fact that it sucked and they were still happy to be reunited.


“I saw your sad attempt at a nest, baby.” Denki teased. “We’ve been together for years! I still can’t believe you don’t know how to properly make one.”


Shinso sighed, “Even if I knew, mine would still never be even a fraction as comfortable as my omega’s.”


Denki’s heart fluttered in every way at the words. When Shinso called him things such as ‘my mate’ or ‘my omega’, well, that was a surefire way to make his entire heart melt in his alpha’s hands.


“I bought us dinner, it’s on the table. If you leave now to heat it, I’ll build us an actual good nest to last the night.” Denki told Shinso, extremely satisfied at the soft smile and peck on the lips that his words received.


“Anything for you, my love.”


With one final kiss, Shinso was exiting the room to prepare their dinner, while Denki built a proper nest to comfort the couple for the remainder of the night.