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Our souls will meet again

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"Alright, no mistakes. We can do this with ease. The Evergreen train should be around that bend any minute. Comet, Charlie, Delgato take the passenger cars. Wolford, Fangmeyer, Jackson you three hit the cargo and caboose cars. That should be where the majority of the money is. Johnson you and I will hit the guard car near the front."

The masked lion nodded in agreement.

"Lastly Snarlov, you crazy canine, you hit the engine."

The gray wolf wore an eerily creepy grin across his muzzle. " Got it, boss." Came his reply in a rough foreign accent.

The fox paused and quickly added "And don't take too long. Quick and quietly. No need to go overboard like the Wesson bank job."

Snarlov replied in a playfully reluctant manner "Fine...".

"Everyone knows the plan?" The collective eyes of the masked figures before the ginger-furred fox nodded in agreement.

"Alright get ready." The mammals moved in their respected groups to their positions overlooking the train tracks from an old wooden bridge.

"We have to time this just right... Before the train passes through that tunnel way back there" Johnson muttered before pointing toward a tunnel in the side of a mountain about a mile or two behind them.

Seeing the hint of doubt creep on the lions face the fox smoothly replied "It's alright Johnson, Snarlov will stop the train before it reaches New Clawson. I trust that secret entrance into the tunnel Finnick had y'all working on all week will hold up and provide an excellent route for our departure. Now quite down I think I hear our ride."

As if on cue a growing whistle could be heard splitting throughout the quiet afternoon and the peaceful mountainside. The Behemoth steam engine was merrily chugging along at a comfortable pace. It soon reached the old bridge the gang was hiding on. The first to jump was Snarlov. He landed perfectly on the coal car and quietly began creeping towards the engine.

"Let's go." the fox muttered as he jumped over the edge with practiced finesse, along with the lion, both landing smoothly on the roof of the guard car directly behind the coal car.

The fox took a glance back to make sure the others followed suit with no difficulties. Comet, Charlie, and Delgato slipped onto the passenger cars with ease and dropped down between the last two cars couplings to greet the lucky passengers.

With one last sideways glance the fox spied the last of his crew, Wolford, Fangmeyer, and Jackson, land on the first cargo car with a little bit less finesse than the others with Jackson having to grab Wolford's paw and stop him from slipping off the edge as he hit the roof landing on his stomach and began to slide off the side. The fox chuckled to himself at the sight before bringing his bandana up over his muzzle.

He dropped down on the back side of the guard car while Johnson ran across the roof to the front side of the car.

"What the hell was that?" A voice perked up from inside the car.

"How should I know go check Morales." Another voice chimed in.

"Why me?" Came from who the fox could only assume was Morales.

"Cause you're the closest to the door." The 1st voice picked up.

"Fine.." The fox readied himself as he spied the door handle begin to turn.

The deer's eyes lit up as soon as the door opened and the back end of a revolver smashed across his face with a sickening bone-snapping crunch. The buck crumpled immediately.

"I suggest y'all surrender now and y'all won't get hurt." The cool voice from the masked fox barked.

"Like hell!" Came from the raccoon who reached for his gun but was cut down before he could even touch the hilt of his pistol.

"Bad move partner." The fox spit.

The remaining 8 mammals snapped out of their initial shock realizing they had the numbers advantage. One of the sheep chirped in "He's only got 5 shots left and there's 8 of us. Get him!"

As they all reached for their pistols, rifles, and shotguns the other door of the car bust open and the masked lion holding dual pistols unleashed a barrage into the back row of the guards. Shots rang out as they stuck their targets, a possum, directly in the back of the head, smearing bits of brain on his companions. As well as two portly pigs, two shots apiece ripping through their chests, and lastly the heavy set sheep right through his neck. He crashed to the ground gurgling and choking on his own blood.

The fox dispatched the next two mammals directly in front of him with little effort. Another buck, whose eyes rolled back as he crashed to the floor from clean shot to the heart, and a rhino with a precise shot through the skull as he crashed down on top of a not so quick jackrabbit crushing him instantly.

"Ha ha ha damn he pissed himself!" Johnson cackled as he pointed to the last guard shaking uncontrollably as he stood in the middle of all his dead companions.

The shaking dog looked up at the fox memorizing every little detail of his attacker, the sharply dressed bandit had on a dark grey undershirt with a dark red vest covering it finished with a black duster coat and black ranch pants with a barely visible set of pinstripes running down them. The final piece of his intimidating presence was his well worn but still elegant black ranch hand cowboy hat with a thin dark red rope tied around its base.

The fox smirked under his bandana and pointed towards the hound dog. "Come here." He barked.

The Hound reluctantly complied.

"I said come here feller. Before I send you on your way with the rest of your buddies here." The fox barked out obvious irritation forming in his voice.

"Your lucky your a canine. I almost consider a dog like you as somewhat of a predator. So I'll let you live. I'm not an unreasonable mammal. Y'all should have listened to me when I said surrender and I noticed you didn't go for your gun. Smart move dog."

The fox grabbed a pair of old cuffs the guards used for restraining rowdy passengers and cuffed the hound to the guards gun cabinet. As soon as he clicked the cuff on the hound's wrist the train jerked slightly and began slowly losing momentum.

"Ahh, he did it." The fox pointed towards the engine and directed the lion "Go see if he needs any help."

Johnson gave a slight nod and left the car. As the fox turned towards the door he came through the hound called out in a raspy shook voice, "Your Niinnick Wilde aaaaren't you? With the Renard Wilde gang..."

Nick turned his head halfway with one piercing emerald eye locked on the hounds, he grinned under his mask.

"Well ain't you just a smart fella. But it's the Wilde Renard gang." Nick corrected as he casually walked to the side table by the door and picked up a small vase to examine.

After a quick study, Nick turned it over spun a 180 and hurled the vase at the head of the hound with lightning fast speed and extreme accuracy. The vase shattered with a strong enough force to knock the hound dog smooth out.

Proceeding into the passenger cars Nick could hear a small commotion.

"This is a robbery do not move a muscle until I come to you. Put all money and valuables in this bag and we won't have any problems."

The familiar figure and voice came from the rather large dark brown and black wolf-shepherd hybrid.

"Fox, help me subdue them," Charlie said.

After each mammal was relieved of their valuables Nick cut pieces of rope Charlie had brought with him and tied the rich mammal's hands to their seat armrests.

"Only ten in here?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I thought this train would be a little more packed with these rich pricks," Charlie stated.

He continued, "Dog and Lion hit the first two cars where we started and went back to help the cargo team."

Nick glanced back out the front windows at the approaching tunnel. Finnick should have their small mammal made side tunnel lit with torches so they can find it faster and make a clean getaway.

"Alright go help the two at the engine, I'll go make sure the cargo team finishes up quickly," Nick ordered careful not to use his crew's names in front of the prying ears of the bystanders.

A quick head nod was all Charlie needed as a reply as he swiftly threw his bag over his shoulder and scampered out the door.

Nick turned back toward the door and proceeded to head past the last two passenger cars. Noting to himself how the passengers were all smoothly tied down or knocked out. So far so good. Nick let out a sigh of relief and picked up a lantern on the small side table by the back door of the car. As soon as Nick had the lantern flame spring to life the train began to creep into the tunnel and a wave of darkness slowly crawled across the cars swallowing the train in its dark embrace. Although he and most his team had excellent night vision it would be a lot easier to make sure they didn't miss any loot with lanterns illuminating their surroundings. As he passed through the 2 cargo cars Nick noticed the luggage and cargo boxes were opened and pillaged.

"Good work boys." Nick murmured to himself.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Came a yell outside.

Not even five seconds after hearing the yell a deafening explosion sounded off amplified by the tunnel walls. Grabbing his ears out of pain and a little frustration Nick hurried out of the second cargo car and onto the last car before the caboose, a flatbed.

"What the hell is y'alls problem?!" Nick hollered.

Wolford popped his head up over a pile of boxes on the flatbed. "Sorry boss. Fangmeyer and Jackson found a safe in the caboose."

"Why didn't you use the damn guard to open it? I know cabooses always have one." Nick asked Wolford.

"Well, we kinda threw him off after we knocked him out way back down the tracks. But hey I found a stick of dynamite back there so it's all good."

After Wolford's sentence was finished, Jackson and Fangmeyer stepped out of the smoking caboose paws full of cash. Delgato and Comet jumped from behind the box Wolford was behind and hurried over to the two tigers with bags to carry the loot in. The white wolf stood up completely revealing two huge bags of loot.

"Got this from the cargo cars, and Comet and Degato dumped their haul in here too. Pretty good score huh Nick?"

Nick was still irritated with all the noise they had made but couldn't help but admire the rather large score the just landed.

"Good. Didn't expect quite that much. But next time, give me he's up before using dynamite. You know I can pick almost any lock. I'm sure that little caboose box wouldn't have been difficult. Go it?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry boss will do..." Wolford muttered.

Nick lit 2 more lanterns and handed them to Jackson and Fangmeyer.

"Let's go boys." He ordered as they all hopped off the right side of the flatbed as soon as it slowed to a complete stop.

When he landed Nick looked up to see a few lanterns further down the tunnel.

"Good Finnick is on time." Nick lead his men down past down past the cargo and passenger cars stopping in front of the guard car which was parked in front of a decent sized tunnel leading to their sweet get away.

"Alright move all of y'all," Nick ordered.

Wolford, Jackson, Comet, Fangmeyer, and Delgato proceeded through the tunnels with the loot.

"Good job Nicky." Came a surprisingly deep bellowing voice from a short Fennec fox.

Nick only let a very select few mammals call him that. He didnt like it when mammals he wasn't close to said it. And the fennec tod knew it. Unfortunately for the fennec fox nick did see him as close so his little jabs and attempts to get under Nicks skin were almost in vain.

"Likewise Fin. I'm sure you have the carts ready on the other side?"

"Of course ya idiot. I ain't dumb. Remember whos plan this is. Now get the others and let's get the hell out of here." Fin said with a smirk.

Nick nodded and hurried over to the engine as Charlie and Johnson hopped off the side of the coal car.

"Get moving you two." He said cooley as he handed Johnson another lantern.

As they turned towards the tunnel Charlie paused and turned back to Nick, "Hey Nick my bag was only half full." He explained.

Charlie flashed a sly grin "But I did go back into the guard's car and snagged some guns, spare parts, ammo and some cleaning oil."

"Good thinking Charlie that will definitely come in handy. The camp was running low on ammo." Nick shot back.

Happy at the praise from the mammal he admired most the young Wolfdog hurried through the tunnel with a huge stupid grin on his face.

"Snarlov!" Nick hollered.

The gray wolf peeked out the window of the engine compartment. "Yes, boss?"

"Get her rolling. The locals in the next town over can catch and stop her." Nick said cooly in his natural suave tone.

Snarlov smiled and ducked back into the engine cab. A few seconds later the train sprang back to life and began to creep back down the line. Before it could get too far away the wolf hopped off.

"Come now Snarlov. We have a camp of degenerates to attend to." Nick said half laughingly.

"Of course boss. Wouldn't want to keep the rest of the fine mammals of the Wilde-Renard gang waiting now would we?" He said with a eerie grin.

The two outlaws turned towards the side tunnel entrance and began their rocky climb down their rabbit hole to freedom.