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but i knew you

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The Winter Soldier doesn’t give his mission report. 

Instead, he simply makes a statement.  The man on the bridge. He  knows the blonde man who had almost fought him into a standstill, but then suddenly just froze up and called him by a name that shouldn’t have any meaning to him whatsoever.

After all, he’s just the Soldier, the Asset, whatever it is his handlers want to call him, right?  He doesn’t have a name.  He doesn’t have a past.  He’s just a weapon.

But they’re clearly afraid of him, because they keep him on a short leash and they wipe him at the drop of a hat and they can’t have him ever question any sort of orders.

They’re afraid of him.


Pierce backhands the Soldier, trying to shock him back into obedience with the familiar introduction of pain.  But instead, the Soldier suddenly stands up and backhands him across the room.

Pierce hits the wall hard.  Maybe he breaks his shoulder.  It’s too much to hope for that he breaks his neck.  It doesn’t matter.  He’s out like a light anyway. 

Everyone panics.  The Soldier hasn’t reacted like this in years.  He’s normally docile once the mission is over.  Ready to be put back in his box like the good obedient creature that he is. 

The man on the bridge.

I know him.


There’s not much time but the Soldier knows his weapons.  Scalpel to the throat of one doctor, arterial blood spraying all over.  Elbow to the nose of the soldier sneaking up on him.  Grab his weapon.  Aim it at the machine they’re going to use to try and shut him down using the mechanical arm.

It’s over in two minutes - a dozen bodies are on the floor and for the first time, the Soldier is not taking orders from anyone.

He’s getting out.

The man on the bridge. 

I know him.

And then, for the first time, a name floats up in his mind.  A thinner face, a smaller body, a familiar voice.  The sensation of burying his nose into soft blonde hair.  It’s still the man on the bridge, somehow.  Still the same man. 

I know him.


- tbc -