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Subspace Ultimate

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Kirby swirled through dark clouds violently, falling from the sky after having just teleported to safety. Turbulence rocked the warp star as it spiraled, nearly flinging Kirby away and to the depths below. However, Kirby managed to hang on until the star bounced off the ground, breaking apart and leaving Kirby alone in the dust. Looking up, the grey clouds parted and let crepuscular rays of the golden light of dawn shine across the desolation. Kirby could see down a ledge of rock to a sloping forest below, which seemed as good a first destination as any. The pink puff was disoriented only briefly, and then he rolled down the bleak setting towards the nearest beacon of life.

In the distance above the clouds a brilliant, iridescent light wrapped in ethereal wings watched the land below, moving its agents to carry out its malign will, a world of light.

Kirby remained stranded, on his own in the forest. This was not an unfamiliar setting for the hero; the air held an eerie feeling this time around, however. Kirby noted several spots that might be ideal to rest in the sunlight, that he might have been eager to occupy had he not lost his friends. Surely Kirby’s fellow fighters could not be too far away. Kirby began to run, weaving between the trees faster in hopes of finding anyone else, when he ran into a rather unsettling sight. Bits of shimmering light were pooled on the ground in an iridescent, swirling puddle. The glimmers each seemed to connect with one another then, collecting into a central mass that reformed itself into a humanoid shape. Kirby could tell something was trapped in the center, a soul perhaps, or some essence of a creature that had been taken from its own being and forced into the monstrosity that now rose up in front of him. The light pressed tighter into itself until it was solid, forming the outline of a realized man that dimmed into a washed out palette of greys and rust. Kirby recognized the figure, his friend Mario had appeared! But Kirby was not a fool, and he knew whatever loomed over him was not truly Mario. The washed out man suddenly dashed at Kirby, sweeping beneath his feet and kicking him up. The puff was quick to react, revealing a large hammer and slamming it into the imposter from above. The faux Mario splintered into bits of light, staggering before falling flat and completely dispersing into thousands of tiny, floating glimmers of light. Kirby huffed as the light faded and continued on his way, deeper into the forest, especially wary of anything suspicious.

In the deep-forest a statue rested, planted half in the soil and serving as the centerpiece to a triangle shaped clearing. Kirby stumbled into the clearing and spotted it almost immediately. Rushing to investigate, Kirby noticed the statue was of another one of his friends, the hero of Hyrule. Hesitantly curious, Kirby touched the statue and it began to shake in the earth. Kirby stepped back to guard but the statue then stopped, quiet for a moment before bursting with energy and revealing the swordsman trapped within, Link.

Link immediately unsheathed his sword and spun around, slashing through the air aggressively before stopping to look around. He then recognized that he was not in immediate danger and stood down. Kirby ran up and pounced into his arms, exclaiming excitement as Link nearly fell back from catching the orb.


Link smiled and placed Kirby back on the ground, surveying his surroundings. The forest returned to silence. The heroes looked to one another and then set out to search for more of their comrades.


Overheard birds cried, peaking through the rustling leaves to watch the two. Link and Kirby had a fairly uneventful walk, with the exception of a couple other spirits masked in light and disguised as their friends. They both managed to continue unperturbed. Soon enough they reached another clearing in the heart of the forest.

This space was much smaller than the last, and was centered around a large stump. Curled up on top of the stump lay a statue. This time Link carefully approached the statue and touched it, releasing another friend, the glutton of Yoshi’s island. Yoshi woke with a start, scrambling to his feet and scuttling around to Link and Kirby. Link placed a hand gently on Yoshi’s snout to calm him. The dinosaur nuzzled Link in return. Just then the three heard the loud snapping of trees crumbling beneath the force of an immense creature. A blinding light peaked through the trees before solidifying into a hulking beast looking back at the heroes. A greyish monster lugged itself forward with massive arms, dragging a small tail that faded into light and a very powerful body. The beast beat its chest before charging. Link and Kirby stood fast, but Yoshi pushed under them and scooped both onto his back, charging away from the monster. The beast was quick to lug itself after them, pushing down more trees. Yoshi was faster than the beast however, and was only stalled by the disturbances to the flora around him. Link pulled out his bow and took a few shots at their pursuer. One arrow pierced the beast and it faltered, sliding forward on its heavy momentum. Yoshi stopped running just as the trees broke away and the landscape dropped in a sharp slope downward, but the beast did not, and its body slammed into the three pushing Yoshi, Link, and Kirby all over the edge before evaporating into glimmers of fading light.