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Class 1 A undercover

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Summary: For a forgien assignment, class 1 a has to travel to America to catch an unknown villain. To do that, they go undercover, taking up part time jobs in various places. But what happens when Midoriya gets a place at his dad’s job as an assistant quirk analyzer?What about his super suspicious boss?


 Chapter 1: The assignment  

 “Alright Class,” Mr. Aizawa, class 1a’s homeroom teacher, said in an ever bored tone. “We have a special assignment that you will need your parents permission for.”

 “Mr.Aizawa! May I ask why?”  Iida Tenya, a very school enthusiastic boy asked.

 “Are we going on another field trip?” Ashido Mina, a pink skinned girl with horns asked.

  “No, me finish.” He responded to the both of them. “For your assignment we, as a class, are going to America to help the heroes over there catch a shifty villain .”

   Wait, we’re going to a different country, to help heroes catch villains, Midoriya Izuku, the fluffy, green haired, protagonist of this story, thought. That’s just like what pros do

  Aizawa continued explaining, “You each are going to be at a job based on your skills and grades. Now here’s the tricky part, you cannot let anybody know that your undercover. At all. Not only that, you can’t let your guard down and you must keep an eye on everyone you meet.”

    That sounds kind of difficult…everybody thought in unison.

    “Uh, Mr. Aizawa,why are they having us of all people do this?” Kaminari Denki,a yellow-haired boy asked.

   “ Good question,” He answered. “I honestly have no clue.”

   “Probably because we’re just teens and nobody’s gonna expect teens to be looking for anybody.” Toru Hagakure, an invisible girl, answered.

  “That, and the fact that you all have your provincial licenses.” Came a pleasant voice from the doorway. Everyone turned to face the source of the voice. What stood at the doorway was a small rat-bear-mouse thing who was their super genius of a principal.

   “I have set you up with various jobs in different places within the same state.” Principal Nedzu explained while walking up to the podium where Mr. Aizawa was (originally) standing. “Well, not all of you are going to be at a job.”

  “What d’ya mean by ‘not all of us are are going to be at a job’” Katsuki Bakugou, a loud, foul mouthed ash- blonde snapped.

“What I mean is, some of you will be in places such as schools,” He looked at Kaminari and Ashido. “This pairing is based on all of your skills and grades.”

            The principal pointed to something that was projected onto the board. It was some type of graph. “Now, even though this whole assignment is based on your skills and grades, some of you, even if you do have good grades, will be put in a school.”

The graph now showed the students who would be going to school. The names on the board were listed as follows:

Kaminari Denki (Of course)

Ashido Mina (Of course)

          And apparently, Bakugou Katsuki. Which was odd.


          “Because Bakugou, I’ll need you to keep an eye on them. And,I just want to see how you’ll act.”

            Now, of course Bakugou was very mad at this statement. But he shut up and sat down when a glare from Mr. Aizawa was sent his way.

             “Now for the rest of you, almost all of you are going to have a job. You job forms are being given to you now.”

Everybody looked at the form they got. Some were not satisfied, while others were pleased, and others were straight up confused. One person who was a mixed of pleased and confused was Midoriya. He was happy that he was going to be working with his dad at his job, but it was a matter of why he was at his dad’s job.




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After class let out, Midoriya met up with Uraraka and Iida.

“Hey Deku! What d’ya think about this assignment?” Uraraka asked.

“It sounds really cool! But, it’ll be hard for me to get permission to go.” He answered, a little bit dejected. Maybe mom will let me go if I tell her that I’m at dad’s job!

“I think this assignment will definetly train us to become top notch heroes! So we should take this seriously!” Iida cut in with his weird hand motions.

“ Yeah, I’m mostly just worried about asking to go,” Midoriya said. “ I’ll be able to ask my mom this weekend and give her time to think! After all, the permission slip isn’t due for four more weeks right? Plenty of time!”

“We’ll be having jobs right?” Todoroki said from out of nowhere, making everyone jump.

“AH! Jeez Todoroki where did you come from?!” Uraraka asked exasperatedly.

“The Classroom. Where else?” he answered blankly.

Then he turned to Midoriya. “ I saw you frown at your job workplace. Why? Was something wrong?”

“Ah! No, no! Nothing was wrong! I was just a little confused! That’s all!” He answered quickly

“Where are you stationed Midoriya?” Iida asked.

“O-Oh! I’m stationed at my dad’s job as an assistant quirk analyst!”

“ Wait, All Might has a place in America Where he conducts quirk analysis?”

“Todoroki no! We’ve been through this! All Might isn’t my dad!”

“If you say so…”

Midoriya sighed. He was going to have a tough time explaining this wasn’t he.

“Guys, let me explain. My dad works abroad in America but he also has the same job for the same company here in Japan.”

“Oooo, That sounds cool!” Uraraka said amazed and generally interested.

“ I already know some of his co-workers but not the ones in America. So I’m kind of nervous.” He explained. This was going to be a doozy.

“Everyone! We are going to be late for class! We must hurry!” Iida yelled as he ushered them all there.

Midoriya figured he would ask about everyone else’s job later.

“Hey Bakubro calm down! It’s not all that bad!” Kirishima said in a futile attempt to calm his fuming friend down. “You’ll be with Kaminari!’


“What about Ashido!”


“Hey bro it’s fine! If you ever need to talk, stop by the Wendy’s near your school. I’ll be there! Along with Shinsou!”

Bakugou actually stopped. Eyebags was going to be there to? Why didn’t Aizawa tell them?


“Bakubro stop yelling! You can yell at me about this later. We have a class to get to!”

Class ended, it was the end of the day. The day ended and the weekend was upon him. Midoriya hoped with all his might (Heh, heh. Sorry not sorry) that this would go well. He would ask to go, then comfort his mom that he was at his dad’s job and that he would be okay. Easy enough!

He said bye to his classmates with Uraraka and Iida wishing him luck. This would be easy enough. He hoped.

“I’m home!” he declared.

“Hi Izuku! How was your week?”His mom, Inko Midoriya asked.

“It was good.” Midoriya took out the permission slip that he had folded neatly in his pocket. “ Um, our class has an assignment where we’re going overseas for a bit to catch a tricky villain,”
He could already see his mom faltering. Oh boy.

“And we’re each taking up jobs around the same area in the same state,’’

He hesitated. Now or never, Izuku!

“And I was wondering, i-if I c-could go. But don’t worry! I’m at dad’s job! I’ll be fine! I’ll call as much as you want me too!”

His mom stayed silent. Oh boy.

“Please? It will teach me how to do an undercover mission and that’s important! Whether your an underground hero or not!”

His mom was still silent.

“So please let me go.”

He sat down tensely, waiting for an answer.

After a few, long minutes of waiting for his mom to say something, she finally spoke up.

“Oh, Izuku,” She began.”You know how much I worry about you, right?”

He nodded.

“And you know how much I don’t want you to get hurt. All the way over in America, where I won’t be able to reach you.”

He nodded again.

“And I know I can’t stop you.”

He waited. What was she getting at?

“And I want you to become the best hero you can be.”

Izuku didn’t get his hopes up, yet
“You can go.”

He let out a sigh of relief and a big grin crossed his face. No words could describe how happy he felt in this moment.

“But please, please call me every night.”

“I will, mom, I will” Izuku said, grinning happily.

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Four weeks passed, everyone’s permission slip got turned in. Everyone was going. There were a few things everyone worried about. How were they supposed to keep
such a big secret? Would there actions or words give everything away? How were they supposed to get information out of people without being obvious? But they didn’t have to worry about that. Why? Because Mr. Aizawa had their backs of course.

Noon rolled around and it was time for hero training. “Today, we’re having special training.” Mr. Aizawa announced.

“What kind of special training, Ribbit?” Tsuyu asked.

“Are we going off campus again?” Momo asked right after her.

“Yes, but actually no,” He said. “We are going to be having stealth training.”

‘Stealth training?’ Everyone thought.

“Let me explain. You will be practicing silence as well as being unrecognizable to a degree.”

“What do you mean by to a degree?” Jirou inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“You will not look like complete strangers. You will look like yourself, except it wouldn’t be obvious that you are there on an undercover mission.”

“Um, what about getting information? And observing?” That question came from Midoriya.

“You will observe from a distance, taking mental or literal notes at anything out of the ordinary you see. If the subject comes up in casual conversation, ask abou it like you would ask about anything else.”

Everybody still had a bag full of questions left, but Aizawa wasn’t having it. Dismissing them all by saying, “Meet me at Ground Beta. Everything will make sense once we get there.”


Soon they were all at Ground Beta. There, they saw Mr. Aizawa with some clothing. Once they got closer, they could see that they were uniforms. Not school uniforms, but work uniforms.

“Uh, Mr. Aizawa? What’s with the uniforms?” Sero asked.

“These are for most of you.” he answered, like it was obvious.

“Most of us? Will some of us not be getting work uniforms?”Ashido Asked as she snooped around the neatly folded piles of clothing.

“All of you will be getting uniforms, except for those of you going to school.’’ he answered.

Ashido and Kaminari’s faces immediately darkened in disappointment. Bakugou just seemed angrier than before.

It was at that moment that everybody noticed Shinsou. When did he get here?

Mr. Aizawa motioned them over. He started handing the folded bundles to each of them. Kirishima and Shinsou the Wendy’s uniforms, Midoriya and Momo the analyst uniforms, Uraraka the construction-like uniform, and Iida and Todoroki suits. Everyone else got their uniform.

“Now, I want you to go back to the changing rooms and try them on.” Mr. Aizawa said, leaving no room for questions as he ushered them off.

“Yo Bakubro! How do I look in my Wendy’s uniform?” Kirishima asked.

“Incredibly stupid.”

“Wow! Thanks!” Kirishima smiled.

The rest of Class 1 a were coming out, fidgeting with collars and other articles of clothing.

“Y’Know Deku? I didn’t think you’d look so good in a scientist outfit!” Uraraka said happily.

Of course, in true Deku fashion, he flushed a bright red. “U-uH, thanks Uraraka!”

Uraraka, noticing that she said that out loud, also flushed a bright red.

“Uh, uh, no problem.”

Mr. Aizawa came up to them and looked around. “Good, you all changed quickly,” He said. “Now, get comfortable, get familiar, these will be your uniforms.”

Shinsou raised his hand. “Um, since we have our uniforms now, are we going to do an actual excercise where we have to actually make ourselves unseen?”

“Yes. Go back and change into your hero costumes. The undercover excersice will start soon.”

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They all soon went all the way back to the changing rooms, got their hero costumes on, and went all the way back to Ground Beta.

“The reason why I’m having you do all this is because you might have to do this during the actual mission.” Aizawa stated once they got back.

“For the actual stealth part though,” Aizawa turned and looked at Ground Beta. “This is where you’re going to sneak around.”
“There are sensors all over the place. Try your best not to set many of them off and find the ‘villian’.”

“Wait, who’s the villain?” Kaminari asked.

Aizawa sighed. “You’ll see.”


Awhile earlier…

“Hizashi, I need you to be a villain for the stealth training.” Aizawa said as he walked up to his friend.   

“Sure Shota!” Present mic smiled, he was way too happy  to help him out.

“But, I’ll need you to be kind of quiet.”

“And like, sneak around?”

“Kind of.”

“Shota, then why won’t you be the villain.”

“Because I’ll be the one guiding them.”

Present Mic didn’t say anything, so Aizawa took that as a yes. Nice!

Then, he gave him a quick explanation of what he was going to do.

“So, basically, just give them hints to where you’re going to be. And don’t blow their ears off.”



Aizawa could only hope he would do what he said.


Meanwhile, everyone else was busy trying to make a plan.

“We need to not set a lot of those sensors off right?” Midoriya asked.

“Yeah. How will we be able to do that?There can’t only be sensors, there has to be cameras.” Ojiro stated.

“Oh! Hagakure, can you go in there? That way the cameras can’t see you. And unless those sensors are heat AND sound sensors…” Midoriya trailed off, almost mumbling.  

“Well, Midoriya? What about the sensors and cameras.?” Iida, with his weird hand motions, asked. Just a little bit worried.

“Oh. Those have to be heat sensors as well. “

Hagakure sulked.

“Unless, I’m over estimating this. This is just training after all.” Midoriya mumbled.

Hagakure brightened.

“But, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Hagakure sulked again.


“Bakubro chill! I think Mr. Aizawa wants us to treat this like an actual mission.” Kirishima whispered.

“Plus, you’re probably gonna set the sensors off.” Sero pointed out.

“Shouldn’t that villain whoever they are be getting impatient?”

“Ashido!” Uraraka whisper-yelled. “Don’t talk like that!”

Then, Aizawa came over the speaker. “I forgot to tell you, there’s a time limit.”

“Let’s just have Hagakure go in.”


Before she went in though, Momo made her a headset. It wasn’t noticeable.

Hagakure went in slowly. Quietly, she moved around. She didn’t see much. Well, she saw enough. It looked like an office building. With desks and chairs and air conditioning. She saw cameras, those were obvious enough, but no sensors. She continued in. If she heard and alarm, then she would know that there were heat sensors. Or maybe even sound sensors.  She forgot about the sound sensors. She needed to be quieter.

She went up another flight of stairs. Maybe, if she could just find out who is playing the villain, then she could go back and tell everyone. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.  She went with that. As she climbed up more stairs she heard humming.

‘That sounds like Present Mic.’ she thought . But she wasn’t sure. So, she continued.

After she finished climbing the steps, she found a door. And that door is where the humming came from. She peeked in through the door’s window. It was Present Mic after all. He was getting impatient, so she’d have to hurry.

She quickly turned a briskly left the way she came. Hagakure was almost to the exit when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Man, they sure are taking a while.” She’d heard Present Mic say. “I’ll just go outside.”

‘Oh no, he couldn’t have seen me. Could he?’ She thought. ‘Wait, that can’t be right, unless I triggered a sensor. Oh shoot! He’s coming this way. I gotta go!’

She made her way out of the building and to the rest of her classmates.

“Well, what’d you find?” Jirou asked.

“Present Mic’s the villain, and he’s coming outside!” Hagakure said urgently.

“We need to spread out you guys, and take several hiding places!” Midoriya said.

“Where?” Todoroki asked.

“Come on, I have a plan.”


Present Mic was getting impatient. Surely they sent someone.

“Man, they sure are taking a while.” he said, just to see if anyone was there. “I’ll just go outside.” So, he went.

He heard scurrying once he said that. Someone was there. He picked up his pace. Once he got near the exit, he heard speaking.

‘They’re making a plan. Better go and crash it.’

When he stepped outside, they dissapeared.

‘To end the excercise and win, what did they need to do to me again? Oh right. Tie me up with something. I’ll just force them out of hiding.’


He heard rustling. Then, a net came out. He dodged it. They were around here somewhere.

He turned his head to where the rustling once was. “YOOWWWW!!!”

Nobody was there.

‘This is going to be trickier than I thought.’


Midoriya was waiting for his que. They’d gotten Present Mic confused which was good. He just needed the right moment. He saw Shinsou move his hand. Present Mic must’ve seen it too. Shinsou crawled behind the bush and went behind the building the back way.

That’s where Jirou is.’ He mentally reminded himself.  

To do this quickly,what they wanted to do was distract him and then tie him up. The way Shinsou moved behind the bush prompted Present Mic to follow him. That meant, it was time for him to move as well. He also went behind the building and got the capture tape ready. He just needed to wait for everyone else.

Jirou, given the signal by Shoji, made the ground crack a little bit beneath him by using small soundwaves. She gave the signal to Sero, who the crept out from his position with Midoriya.

‘Good, he gave the signal to Midoriya too.’

With and explosion from Bakugou. They both pounced on him. Sero tied him up, and an Midoriya put the capture tape on him.



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Hey guys! My life’s been busy lately, so I haven’t had time to write. Official chapter 5 will come out. Also, the point of this is to ask, what do you want to see? I some of your ideas will maybe be implemented in this fic. 

Also, Thanks for your support. 

Also, also, how influential should the oc’s be because I have a plan but I’m not super sure how much of a part of a story they should be. At least one will be a nice part of the story though. 

Thanks again for your support! 




Chapter Text

“Hey! Hisashi! We just got more information about that kid who was supposed to be coming here!” An enthusiastic scientist yelled. “And apparently it’s-” Hisashi blocked the mouth of his coworker and sighed. He got the information as well, an their boss said that only them and a few other people were supposed to know this, and Hisashi didn’t need his friend shouting it to  the whole of California.

“Juro, what is the knew information?” Hisashi led him over to his work space that could hardly be called an office, speaking in a lower, ideal tone.

“Oh! I just got the name of him! And it’s someone I haven’t seen in four whole years! ” Juro was practically squealing.

“Who is it?” He had an idea of who it was because, after all, he’d just called them about three months before, before all of the chaos happened. After that his boss just seemed bent on keeping him busy so he couldn’t make his once or twice a month call routine. His boss even stomped his plans of going back to Japan to visit after everything happened. Sometimes he thought his boss wanted him cut off from his family.

“It’s Izuku! I wonder how much he’s grown! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him!”

“Since you’ve seen him.” Hisashi corrected. He felt a stupid grin split his face. Although he knew why Izuku was coming, he still felt overjoyed to be able to talk to him in person again.

“But ‘sashi,” Juro said, no longer feeling hyped. “What if the boss keeps you from talking to him.”

He paused for a second. “He probably won’t.”

“Oh, and changing the subject but not actually changing the subject, our supervisor told Rosetta as well. Except., she doesn’t know who he is.”


“I was thinking of telling her to look him up.”

“Look him up?!”

“Uh, yeah? It’s worth a try.”


“Look that kid up?” Rosetta, another one of Hisashi’s co-workers asked with a scrunched nose. “What makes you think that he’ll appear?”

Both men exchanged looks.

“Just try it.” Juro encouraged.

She rolled her eyes. “Alright. What’d you say his name was? Izuki?”



She typed the name into the browser and his name did pop up.

“A fandom page hmm?” she clicked on it.

What appeared was a green haired boy in a U.A. uniform. She clicked civilian clothes he was in a t shirt and sweatpants looking quite nervous. Then finally, she clicked hero costume. He looked more confident.

She then read about him. There wasn’t as much info on him as there were other heroes, but there was enough.  She read about all the trouble that was attracted to him. All kinds of villains and vigilantes. Did that mean they were going to get into trouble? Were they thinking? Was this a good idea?

She closed her laptop. “No offense to you, Hisashi but are they sure they should send this trouble magnet over here?”

“Trouble magnet?” Juro cocked his head to one side. “Like what you mean is the fact that he’s trying to mind his own business and that these things just happen?”


Hisashi sighed. Rosetta has always been really judgemental. It seemed like it was in her blood. She had red hair and yellow eyes. She was never friendly to him at all. They got along, but they weren’t friends like him and Juro.

“Look, it’s not his fault okay? Chill.” Juro was still talking. “And besides, he’s really good at analyzing things.”

“Look, whatever I’ll find that out for myself when he gets here.”

“He’s coming in about two weeks.”

“Really?! Just a two week notice.” Rosetta was running a hand through her hair.

“Do your research.”

They walked out.


“I’m offended.” Hisashi blurted once they were back in his work space. “Really, I am.”

“I know you are.” Juro said in a hushed voice. “But to get your mind off of it we have to prepare for those two weeks!”

“And at least Angie will be around someone that’s around her age. And that’s good.”

“Rosetta will have to agree with that.” Hisashi agreed.

They went and told everyone that someone new would be joining them in two weeks, but they didn’t tell who or why. The why part was classified information and the who part they wanted to keep a secret.

They could only hope that nothing bad would happen during Izuku’s time there.

Chapter Text

“Alright class, you did well. It was a good strategy to send hagakure in and it was also wise of you to take  heat sensors and motion sensors into consideration when there were only sound sensors.”

Everyone smiled .

“But, did you have a plan B?” Aizawa asked sharply. “What if the plan didn’t work?”

Momo spoke up. “I made a small earpiece so she could get into contact with us is she needed to. We all have one.” She pointed to her ear.

“And if she contacted you?”

“She’d tell us the situation and she would either contact us as fast as possible, like she did, or we would devise a plan from there. It would depend on the situation.”

“And you all agreed to that?”

Everyone nodded.

“Good job. But it’s always important to have a solid plan B. Sometimes, that plan B won’t always work, but you can  still build off of that basic plan idea,” He explained. “What if hagakure wasn’t here? How would you work that out?”

“I guess we’d have one of us sneak in quietly.” Midoriya said thoughtfully “And basically do the same thing.”

Aizawa seemed somewhat satisfied by that answer. He was about to dismiss them all back to their dorms when Uraraka asked a question.

“Uraraka, do you have a question?”

“Uh, yes. What about going undercover? Like the one where you have to dress up and all that?”

Aizawa smirked. “Don’t worry about that just yet.”

“Mr. Aizawa! When is this trip going to take place? And how long will we be staying?” Iida asked, almost yelling.

“I can’t say for sure how long you will be there , but the trip is in two weeks. Class dismissed.”


Once everyone got back to the dorms, some of them expressed their concerns.

“How are we supposed to be able to get all of this training and preparation done in two weeks?!” Hagakure grumbled as she plopped down on the common room couch next to Ojiro.

“You’d be surprised at how much one can get done in two weeks.” Ojiro said.

“I don’t understand how we’re supposed to collect information without being suspicious.” Tsuyu pointed out.

That realization, of course, brought on even more worries and concerns from the class.

“Guys! I’m sure Mr. Aizawa or somebody is going to help us with going undercover!” Midoriya started trying to reassure them. “He wouldn’t just leave us to fail on such an important mission like this!”

“But in two weeks! How are we going to master that in two weeks!” Sero stressed.

“We’ll find out tomorrow guys. Let’s just go to bed.” Todoroki’s quiet voice said, cutting through the noise. “It’s close to curfew anyway.”

Everyone agreed and put their worries to rest for the night.


Back in his dorm room, the realization that the trip was in two weeks finally sank int Midoriya, as he realised that he was going to work with his dad. Not that he had a problem working with his dad, it was just the fact that he was going to be working with his dad’s coworkers. He shivered and suddenly found himself getting very jittery and nervous. He’d met a few of them when he was stationed in Japan. They were nice, but kind of eccentric. The only one he really felt like he got along with was Juro, a black haired friend of his dad that wore glasses. Midoriya found himself actually looking forward to seeing him again.

Then, he checked the time and noticed that it was getting late. He figured that he would just worry more in the morning.


It was one of those times that Hisashi wasn’t busy with work or so tired that he couldn’t do anything. Rare . He thought.

So, it was at this time that he decided that he would finally call Inko. He’d been wanting to call her for months but just didn’t have the time. It was currently 10:30 am where he was, which means that she may or may not be awake. But, if he waited two hours his boss would find  a way to keep him busy. So he decided to chance it and call then.

‘Hello?’ a voice on the other side of the line said. ‘Hisashi is that you?’

“Yeah, how’re you doing? Sorry if I woke you up. This was just the perfect time to call you.” He responded.

‘Ah no! I was already awake! I understand that you’re busy. How is work?’

“It’s fine. My boss is using every trick in the book to keep me from having free time and the others are just being them.”

Inko laughed. ‘Really? Has anything interesting happened?’

Yes, interesting things happened. The most interesting thing happened yesterday! I heard that Izuku was coming here for a school trip. But I’m pretty sure you know that. By the way, how is Izuku doing? After everything that happened I really want to know if he’s okay, is what Hisashi would have said if it weren't for that mental censor telling him ‘hey buddy,! There’s other people that probably will be listening in on you!’

So instead, he said, “Yeah tons of interesting thing happened.”

‘Since I know you’re wondering, Izuku’s doing fine. They moved him into dorms at UA, so he’ll be protected just fine.’

Hisashi smiled. That was good. Soon, they both were talking about what they’ve been up to and exchanged entertaining stories.

Hisashi would catch up with his son when he got there.

Chapter Text

Two weeks and two weeks worth of training passed by and the time came to go to the airport and Midoriya realized that he wasn’t all that ready.

“Deku? What’s wrong? You’re shaking.” Ochako said as she came up next to him.

“Oh, really? I’m okay.”

“No, your not.”

“I’m just a little nervous about, you know. Meeting my dad’s coworkers and everything”

“It’s okay, Deku, you’ll be fine!”


‘Flight 563 is now boarding. All passengers please report to the loading area.’


The plane ride to California was, annoying to say the least. At least to Katsuki. While people like Deku and Icyhot could sleep soundly on this plane, he was kept up by every little noise on the thing. A little child started crying. That was the last thing he needed right now. And he didn’t even have anything to do. Everyone else had at least some little device to keep them busy. Well, not everyone. Raccoon eyes was talking to Pikachu about, whatever while he was next to Shark Teeth who was blabbering about whatever. Something about Wendy’s and working with Eyebags. Whatever it was, he didn’t care.

“Exactly how many hours left of this flight?” Earjacks asked Eyebags, who was next to her.

“About two more hours, you can make it.” He replied looking at his phone.

Katsuki sighed. This was going to be a long two hours.


Uraraka was sitting next to Midoriya, utterly bored. Well, to be more specific in between her to friends Midoriya and Iida. But still, she was bored. Iida was intently focused on a crossword puzzle while Midoriya was asleep. She’d wanted to talk to him more about his job while on this flight but he fell asleep five minutes in.

She was grateful that she wasn’t as bad as Bakugou, who looked about ready to explode. So, she sighed and loaded up the movies that she bought specifically for this.

About ten minutes later Midoriya stirred and she was hopeful that she would actually get to talk to him. But no, that didn’t happen. And would proceed to not happen for the next two hours. Or more. It would depend on how quick they settled in. They probably wouldn’t be able to talk until someone created a group chat.


‘Attention all passengers we will be landing in a few short minutes. Please make sure all your seatbacks and tray tables are in the upright position. Thank you all for flying flight 563.’

That announcement was enough to wake Midoriya up, to Uraraka looking at him expectantly. Which made him jump. He stretched and sighed. They were actually there, in California, ready to catch a villian. He was nervous. And the look that Uraraka was still giving him wasn’t helping at all.

A few minutes later and they were on the ground, at the pick up area. Airport security had been a bit finicky today, but Midoriya suspected that was because All Might was there with them. That was reasonable.

After everyone’s goodbyes and hugs or whatever, they went their separate ways. Some left right away, while some, like himself were going to have to wait a little bit. That was fine. It would give him some time to mentally prepare himself.


Midoriya was not prepared. Well, he was, but he was worried about making a first impression. He knew he looked a mess because they didn’t have time to stop by a mirror orr anything, but he wasn’t sure if that would affect their thoughts of him.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the car finally pulled up. He took a deep breath. ‘Please be my dad, please be my dad please be my dad-’

“”Izuku!” He was caught into a bone crushing hug.


“Hi how are you?”  He looked up. He wished and he thought. It was Juro. Who he hadn’t seen in-

“Two years! It’s been two years since I’ve seen you!” Juro answered his question. He’d thought it’d been longer. “You’ve grown so much!” He sounded like a doting parent. They didn’t even look remotely alike, even though he liked to call himself his uncle.

“Hi!It’s uh-” Midoriya honestly wasn’t sure how to start.

Juro brought him to the car. “I just rushed out before anyone could do anything.’

It was at that point that Midoriya realised how much this man reminded him of Present Mic and his mother mixed into one. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that at all.

Once they got into the car he was greeted by his dad and a few other people. One of them was looking at him like he was planning to murder them all.

“Hi dad!” He said hugging him. They hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to each other since before the training camp and it felt good to talk to him in the flesh.


“This kid looks a mess.” Was the first thing Rosetta said when they pulled up to the pick up area. “He also looks a lot like like you, Hisashi. ‘Cept sharper.”

Hisashi snorted.

“Well, he just got off the plane.” Juro supplied. “Would you expect someone to look perfect just getting off a plane?”

“No. He looks tired.” Rosetta squinted even more.

“It’s called jet lag!” Juro rested his head on the steering wheel. “Y’all suck at this plane stuff.”

“I haven’t even said anything!” Hisashi piped up.

“Now you have.”

They pulled up in line and Juro turned his head so he could get a good look at Izuku. Before anyone could say anything, he bolted out of the door.

“Oi! Get back here! You’re our driver!”

The rest of them in the car could only watch as Juro was hugging him like he was his father.

“Hisashi, isn’t that your job?” Rosetta asked, turning toward him.

“I was about to get out of the car.”

In the background, they saw a red and white haired boy smirk.

“Who’s that smirking at my son?”

“I don’t know? Look him up!”

“That’s not how that works!”

They witnessed as Juro finally brought him to the car, still talking. Once they got into the car, Hisashi was more than overjoyed to see his son.

“Hi dad!”He heard him say.

“Hey! How’s school been treating you? YOu’ve grown since I’ve seen you, you know.” He said into his hair.

“Actually, pretty good.” Izuku pulled away from him.

“There’s someone, no two people, I’d like you to meet.” He moved out of the way to show rosetta staring at him like he was the biggest threat on the planet. And there was a blue haired girl with glasses behind her whose hair looked like a pastel swirl. She waved shyly and he waved back.

“And we’re here guys! Rosetta stop glaring at him.”

In front of them, was a giant building, which was a research lab. Hisashi caught  Izuku looking in awe at the size of it.

“C’mon, you’re gonna go meet the boss!”


In front of Bakugou , Kaminari, and Ashido was a limousine. Similar to the one that Yaoyorozu would pull up in before they moved into dorms. A window rolled down. On the other side of that window was a kid who looked strangely like Monoma looking at them. Smirking.

That struck a nerve with bakugou, but he kept it to himself.

“Woah, are we going to stay with, like, a rich kid or something?” Ashido asked.

“That’s what it seems like.” Kaminari replied.

“He looks like Monoma.” Bakugou pointed out, surprisingly calmly.

“Oh yeah, he kinda does.”

All around them, the security guards standing outside stiffened up as the chauffeur got out and opened the door. It left them wondering if they were staying with someone very important.

A man in a dark suit stepped out of the car. He looked like someone who worked with heroes. Everyone stiffened up. Even Bakugou was sweating as the man came closer to them. Once he got up close, he whispered in their ears:
“I know who you are, heroes in training of UA High School, and why your here. And I’d suggest that you tell the rest of your friends and teachers to stay out of our way. I’d hate for you to steal our thunder. We’ve got this under control. Do you understand? Did I make myself clear?”

“Y-yes sir.”

“Good. I’d better not here of any of you, ever.”

They got into the car solemnly and silently. They needed to tell everyone else quickly. Kaminari would make that group chat after all.


Midoriya found himself walking through the large hallways of his dad’s workplace. He understood that it was a science lab,  but everything was white, and it reminded him of Recovery Girl’s infirmary.

Soon, he got to two large doors. Must be the boss’s room, He thought. Kind of overkill.

With his dad behind him, and suitcase(s) in hand, he walked in. The room was huge, and he didn't know what he was expecting when he went in. Behind the desk was a man that gave him the shivers. A man with grey hair sitting at his desk, looking like a villain.

“Welcome,” The (old) man said warmly. “I take it that you are Izuku Midoriya, yes?”

“Yes, sir!”

The man smiled, before saying, “Midoriya, may you step out for a moment?”

“U-Uh, sure” He left reluctantly.

“Just to make this clear, I know why you’re here. I also know what school you go to.” He started. “I know you've already figured that. There are few people here who actually know why you’re here. There’s Juro, Rosetta, and your dad.”

Midoriya nodded.

“Please mind Rosetta. She’s a little judgmental.”

“Ah, okay. What about that girl named angie I met? Does she know?”

“No, so please be careful with information.”
The man smiled warmly again. “You can call me Mr. Harry.”

“Ok, Mr. Harry, sir.”

With that over, he exited the room to find his dad waiting for him. And, he had a feeling that he was going to like it here.


In the limousine, Kaminari was working to make that group chat to notify everyone what was going on. It wasn’t like he didn’t trust this guy, he kind of did because he seemed like he helped out a lot in the hero community, It was just that he seemed to not like them. At all. Also, the guy’s (probable) son was a little creepy.

Mr. Anqunity started talking to them again. Everyone, minus that kid straightened up.
“You will be seeing your class at school you are staying at.”

Kaminari checked the time, wan’t it like, one o’ clock? But he kept that thought to himself and just nodded.


They pulled up to a school labled Young Heights High. And yeah, it was big, but not as big as UA.

“This is where my son goes,” Mr.Anquity cleared up some confusion.

‘Really?’ Bakugou thought. ‘Thought he’d go to some elite school like Four Eyes and Ponytail.’

“Get out the car, my assistant will lead you to the office.”

An assistant that the trio didn’t even notice opened the door fo them. As soon as they got out he drove away.

“Wow, not even a goodbye?” Ashido murmured. ‘Rude.”


It turns out the class they were sticking with was (in the beginning) a class of 33. Now it was 36. Kaminari wasn’t sure how to feel about that. The bigger the class was, meant that there were  groups, at least in his experience. Then they’d have to introduce themselves in front of the whole class and- wait. Didn’t they call each other by first names in America? Yeah, that part was fine. But the names. Teachers and names. Some didn’t even try. He had a friend in middle school who got picked for the foreign exchange program and he said the teachers didn’t even try, so he had a right to be somewhat frightened. It looked like he was also going to be relying a lot on Bakugou as well. Aizawa had wanted them to test themselves, but he wasn’t ready. He thought maybe if he had a family member there or a friend, like Midoriya, he wouldn’t have as hard of a time. He sucked it up though, he’d have to go through this at some point anyway.

As the group of three (since Jerod was sent on his way a while ago. They’d learned his name a little bit before he ran off) he caught the eyes of some students who weren’t paying attention. He realized that they’d probably have to follow Jerod around. It wasn’t that Kaminari hated him, he just just got on his nerves. Also, following him around would probably ruin his chance at making friends. Hanging out with Bakugou would ruin his chance at making friends, but not on as drastic of a level. Jerod just seemed like too much of a Monoma.

When the trio got down the classroom, the class just happened to be in the middle of English class. They walked into the classroom. The principal, who was leading them, clapped to get their attention. The class looked up, clearly confused as to why the principal was there.

“Hello everyone. I bet you’re wondering why I’m here.” She stated. The class nodded.

“You all are not in trouble.” The whole class sighed. “You’re getting new exchange students!”

They heard murmurs of “Wow! Really!” and “That’s so cool!” and “Where are they from?”

Those were soon hushed by one voice that raised above them all.

“I bet they’re complete losers like the previous ones. They weren’t cool at all.”

Kaminari knew that voice and it belonged to Jerod. It made him kind of angry. The entire time he’s known him, he’s been giving them dirty looks. He’d have to tell everyone to be careful of Bakugou’s temper.

“Jerod. Stop.” The principal said.

“Anyway, they’re going to be here from japan for a little while. Please leave a good impression on them.” After she said that she left.

“You guys should introduce yourselves.Names aren't a thing I’m good at.” The english teacher said. Kaminari was grateful for that.

The trio introduced themselves with a short sentence about each of them.

“Alright class, any questions?” Everyone’s hands shot up.

‘Woah there, that’s a lot. More than I was expecting.’ Kaminari thought.

“I don’t think i’m ready for all these questions.” Ashido whispered.

“Why?” Kaminari whispered back.

“Because most of these questions might be about my skin color and why its pink.”


Before they knew it, they were answering all kinds of questions.

“Why is your skin pink? Were you born with the horns? I think it’s cool.” On girl asked.

Ashido, expecting this question answered, “It’s because of my quirk and yes, I actually was born with the horns.”

“Hey, why are you so angry?” A boy asked.

“That’s not an appropriate question,” The teacher scolded.

Since it was obvious this question was directed at bakugou, He answered it in the most Bakugou way possible.(It probably isn’t the most balugou way possible, because most of us would maybe respond this way if were asked this question and weren’t actually mad. Bakugou is asked this question frequently)

“I’m not angry. But i will be if people keep asking me.”

One kid asked a good question that neither Bakugou nor Ashido knew the answer to.

“Is the lightning bolt on your hair natural?”

“Yeah actually”

“Really? I never knew that!”

He turned and looked at her. “You didn't? I thought everyone did,”

“You can’t jump to conclusions Pikachu.”

Soon, the teacher had to end their little questioning session, as they were running out of time. The rest of their day went pretty smoothly, and Kaminari even got the chance to make that group chat.


After the whole meeting with the boss, Midoriya began to feel very excited, even though he was worried about messing up everything. Once he got out the office he was met with Angie waiting for him outside.

“Um, hey!” She called. “Our supervisor called,uh, your dad away to do something for him. We wanted you to meet him next.”

“Um, okay.”

They made their way down another large hall. People in different rooms stopping to look at them as they passed. (Izuku realized that they probably weren't looking at them but at him only. Some were maybe looking at both of them but all the attention made him flustered.)

Things were getting awkward, neither of them spoke. Izuku wanted to say something, anything, to break the silence but didn’t know what.  

“Hey, um, I’m pretty sure we already know each other’s names but we’ve never introduced ourselves properly.”

Oh. He’d forgotten about that.

She continued on, introducing herself with a proper introduction. “So, My name is Angie Jocito and I’m pretty sure we’ll be working together.”

Izuku smiled.”My name is Izuku Midoriya. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Please don’t mind our supervisor, he’s a little,” She paused, Thinking of a word. “Strange, I guess.”

He cocked his head to one side, obviously confused. They’d come to a stop in front of yet another giant door. Except for the fact that this one looked ridiculously modern.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll find out once we get inside.”

Suddenly, the huge doors opened. Inside, there were more scientists talking to people with extraordinary quirks. Most of them were hooked up to wires, wearing quirk-canceling cuffs, imobile, etc. Izuku figured that was to keep them from damaging themselves or anyone else.

He took a minute to look around the area. It was huge,there was a large amount of small side rooms, and there were wires and machines everywhere. And in the middle of it all, stood their supervisor.

“Do you see him? He’s over there.” Angie said.

“The man in the dark suit in the middle?”

“Yes,” She tugged on his sleeve. “Let’s go meet him!”


“I still don’t get why we had to have that problem child here.” Rosetta huffed. “Who know what could happen! You heard what I heard! How could you be so calm around him.”

Juro sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. He could tell she wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. “Look, would you stop judging the kid already? You’ve just met him.I’m sure it can't be that bad.”

“You’d be surprised.” The redhead turned back to her computer.

“Look, we’ll see what happens in the next few days. It looks like he and Angie will get along pretty well.” Juro thought he had a great idea that would get her to change her mind. “Hisashi also needed to see his son, it’s been awhile and you know how pele like to keep him busy.”

“But that still doesn’t change the fact that-”

“And in the case of an emergency Izuku will be able to help protect us all.”

Rosetta stayed silent for a little while and seemed to ponder the statement.

“Besides, the kid’s smart. The only thing really creepy about him that I know is the fact that he has those weird little mumble storms. I wonder if he’s got that under control yet.”

After a moment of silence she finally came to a conclusion. “All right then fine! I-I’ll give the kid a chance. He has an interesting quirk that not even officials can really name. He calls it Full Cowl and I want to learn more about it! Do we have a deal?”

“Um, what exactly is the deal?”

She sighed. “The fact that I will give the kid a chance to prove that he’s not a trouble maker and warm up to him.”

“We have a deal!”

Juro came across an issue that nobody had addressed yet.

“How are our bosses going to distinguish the two Midoriyas?”

“By using their names, duh!”

He facepalmed. “Rosetta you know how they like to call us by our last names. Like professionals.”

“Oh crap, you’re right.”

They heard Hisashi’s footsteps coming down the hall quickly.

“You now what? How about we sort this out later. If he catches us talking about this it’s going to get awkward.” He said quietly in one breath.

“Um, alright.”

Chapter Text

“You were right,” Midoriya said rubbing the back of his head. “I really have no words about him, other than, kind of cold.”

Angie sighed. “That’s what literally everyone says about him. But, along with everyone else, I’ve noticed that he seems bent on keeping certain members away from their families.”


The blue haired girl seemed to realise something. “Oh! I wanted to ask you something!”

“What is it?”

“I know you aren’t in uniform yet, but I want you to talk to a client we have. He doesn’t talk to anyone and you seem like a person he would open up to.”

Midoriya blushed a little. ‘Do I really make that impression on people?’

He let himself be led to a little room, which reminded him of a jail cell. But once the two walked inside it reminded him of a bedroom. On the bed was a boy, probably not much older than himself wearing quirk canceling cuffs. He sat up, eyes narrowed, looking Midoriya straight in his eyes.

The boy had sharp silver eyes and the same silver hair. He then glared at Angie.

“Maybe he’ll open up to you alone.” Angie whispered. Then she backed out.

The silver haired boy motioned for him to come to him.

“I knew this place would be getting a new member temporarily, but I didn’t know it would be you of all people.” He said. “Then maybe I wouldn’t have so much pressure.”

Midoriya smiled . “You don’t need to feel any pressure at all. I’m not here to interrogate you. I just want to know what’s going on.”

The boy laughed. “What’s going on? The reason why I’ve been so closed off to people?”

Midoriya nodded.

“Ya see these?” He held up his hands, which were the same silver color as his hair and eyes. “These are the reason. My quirk is just considered too ‘dangerous’ and ‘unknown’ to be fully looked into.”

“Why is that?” The greenette pressed on.

“Oh, that…” The silver headed boy looked at his hands. “C’mere a sec.”

Midoriya moved closer.

“I-I’m not exactly sure, but I seem to cause all the spite and hate to come out of a person with just one look. They call me Cold.”

“Cold? Like it’s your name?”


“My quirk has nothing to do with my hands, it’s my eyes.”


The two boys heard angie calling. ‘Are you okay in there?’

“Uh, Yeah. I’ll be out there soon.” Midoriya called back, then turned back to “Cold”.

“Before you go back, I’ll tell you two, no, three things.”

“Cold” sighed and looked away. When he met Midoriya’s eyes again, he looked sand and scared.

“The first thing, they’re coming for you. The second thing, my name when I was still at that place was officially “Cold: Specimen Number one.” and my quirk was a result of forced quirk manifestation. The third thing, m name is Silvio. You can call me Silvio.”

As he finished speaking, he realised something. “Ah, I guess i told you four things about me.”

Meanwhile, Midoriya could only stare in shock as he processed the information he just received.

“You might need a moment, but, you cannot tell anyone else. Because they’ll only worry and wonder and question and… I’m just not ready for that.”

Midoriya opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Silvio.

“And not only that, you’ll be questioned and pressed for answers. I don’t want that to happen to you either.”

“H-hey, look. Your  secret’s safe with me, alright?” Midoriya said smiling.

And, apparently, his smile was contagious, because Silvio started smiling as well.

“I have to go, but I won’t let you down.”

“Thank you.”


When Izuku came out of the room, Angie immediately pounded him for answers.

“So,so? Did he open up to you or not?”

“Uhm, well… he opened up a little.” Midoriya answered, not exactly prepared for onslaught of the questions he just received. Which in reality wasn’t a lot, it was just that he was still recovering and processing from what happened.

‘Looks like I’ll have to keep my muttering to minimum.’ He thought and sighed.

“But we don’t have time for that! We have to get you back to your dad!” And just like that, he was dragged off. Things had gone well, and hoped things would continue to go smoothly. But that isn’t always the case.


“Order number thirty-nine? Can number thirty-nine please come pick up their food please?” Kirishima called. He worked the cash register at Wendy’s. Food business was hard with its fair share of unruly customers. He wondered how Aoyama was doing at retail, because he knew that was even worse. The redhead sighed. He secretly wished that he and Shinsou could both work at the register together but Shinsou was at the drive through. But most of all, he was grateful that no one had questioned why he wasn’t at school, yet.

“Hello young man, why aren’t you at school at this hour?” One old lady asked.

He just had too jinx it, didn’t he?

“Well, I got out early, what would you like to order ma’am?”

But that answer didn’t seem to satisfy her.

“Could you possibly have dropped out? It’s sad, really, that there’s so many highschool dropouts.”

‘I didn’t drop out of highschool though! Can’t you mind your own business.?!”

He decided to answer as kindly as he could, “I’m sorry ma’am, but there’s other people in line waiting for their food. Would you please order?”

“Oh, right I’m sorry for wasting your time. I still do have questions though. “

Kirishima was really grateful when she went on to order and the rest of the day went on without trouble. Little did he know, though, that Midoriya was also having the same problems as him.


Midoriya had just changed into his uniform and walked back into the building from his dad’s apartment. At first he was confused that his dad was even staying in an apartment complex, but then he realised that he had to stay somewhere.

Apparently, the current employees didn’t know that he’d be working there too, and were genuinely surprised when he showed up in uniform. A few of the older employees, which were referred to as veterans, were actually angry.


“Jeez, these workers are getting younger and younger by the year. First we have Angie, and now, this kid.” A veteran complained to another one of his coworkers.

“And apparently this kid is Hisashi’s son.” An older lady replied.

“I remember when people actually had to go too college to be able to work in places such as these.”

Another one jumped into their conversation. “Now, now you two,” She said. “He wouldn’t be here without a solid reason.”

Both of the elderly people realized she was right, and that they just had to find out what that reason was.


Kaminari sighed, he really did forget what an uneventful school day was, and after this, he wasn’t sure that he actually wanted to go back to uneventful school days. At that moment, he made a promise to himself that he would never wish for a boring day again, no matter how bad things got.

What made that day worse, yes something made that day worse, was that the AC was broken and it had the nerve to be hot that day. But, he couldn’t worry about that, he had a job to do, and he was going to listen in class. He wouldn’t want to tell Mr. Aizawa that he wasn’t paying attention. And he had to make a groupchat, which might not be a good idea, but it was practical.

Suddenly an announcement from the principal came over the PA system.

‘Attention teachers, we have received a notice of a villain loitering around this area, please close all windows and doors, you may resume teaching after that, but please proceed with caution.’

Chapter Text

Aizawa wanted to slam his head on the table he was sitting at. The villains were at two locations, and he couldn’t be  in two places at once. He had to think rationally. While it was true that more lives were at stake where Bakugou, Ashido, and Kaminari were, he did know that a bunch of rowdy teanagers were more likely to fight than a bunch of adults in lab coats. Besides, there were other heroes that could make their way to the school, and they could easily get some of those kids to fight. Aizawa thought that a few of those children had to have taken self defense classes. 

He finally sighed, after a few minutes of indecision, he would go where Midoriya and Yaoyorozu were. Scientists with precious information don’t tend to fight. He alerted the other heroes of his decision. Half of the group would go to the school, and the other half (Including Aizawa himself) would go to the lab. 

This would be fun….


Izuku was faced with a very unusual person, a villain, who was around his age, and was desperately trying to figure out his quirk and get him yo use it while he held everyone else captive around him. Also said villain was currently begging him to use it. He stood his ground, if he didn’t use it, the villain would eventually force it out of him. He seemed like that type of person. 

“Pleeaase? I just want to see it. Your quirk must be something cool!” He begged, like a two year old. 

“Hey, why are you so cautious around me? Do you have some type of secret you need to hide? “ 

‘If I had a secret to hide, why would I tell you?’ Izuku thought. 

He looked at the villain child. Well, he looked down at him,as the child was shorter than him. 

He still hadn’t gotten a name, or alias yet. Which wasn’t a good thing. He had to get one of the two soon. 

“Hey!! I’ll leave you alone if you show your quirk to me!” The villain said as he got closer, invading Izuku’s personal space more than he already was. 

“I have an idea! I”ll tell you my ‘name’ and then you’ll show me your quirk!” He said cheerfully. “My name’s Edalair!” 

Izuku was stunned into silence for a few more seconds than he’d planned to be. 

Finally, Izuku spoke. 

“Why do you have to be so close?” He asked. 

“I don’t know,” Edalair replied, his voice suddenly cold. “Maybe I’ll back up when you tell me your secret, Deku.” 


Chapter Text

When Aizawa walked into the building, the situation wasn't anything like he imagined. He looked around to see every capable adult in the vicinity held captive, this included the security guards as well. The whole facility was too quiet. 

“What happened here?” He mumbled under his breath. 

As he walked farther and farther into the scene, which looked like something that could come straight out of the Twilight Zone, he heard an audible gust of wind and a crackle, then saw a flash of green. 

He raced toward the sound, only to see Midoriya, who was struggling, against someone who was around his age. 

“C’mon,” The ginger child chuckled. “Can you please make this easy? I’ll let everyone go is you do. Then everything will be back to normal.” 

Midoriya tensed. 

“Please, that beautiful green lighting around you is captivating. Do you realize how good that is for my plan?” 

Even though the boy’s voice sounded youthful and playful, Aizawa could hear snarl behind it, as if his patience was fading. 

“In order for anyone not to get hurt,” The villain glanced at Aizawa. “I’m going to need you to come with me. Or else i will forcefully remove you.” 

No! I won’t go with you.” Midoriya said sharply. 

“But please Deku, you’ve cooperated with me so far.” Aizawa saw the villain boy prepare his quirk. “Oh well, I can’t be here much longer. We’ll be able to talk much more later.” 

A pink dust, similar to Midnight’s powder, formed in his hand. 

“But for now, well, you’ll be out of it for a few hours.” 

Before either of the two could do anything, Aizawa jumped in, and erased the kid’s quirk. 


The villain boy found himself wrapped in his capture weapon.


As soon as Kaminari heard the announcement, he was on guard. Villains? Attacking the school? Although it wasn’t confirmed, it was a very likely possibility. In the midst of his own internal panic, he heard the other students external panic. But one student’s question stood out from the rest. 

“Are we going to die?” 

Then he realized, the possibility of someone’s death was more likely now more than ever. At first he wondered why, but then he came to a second realization, one that felt like a slap to the face: He wasn’t in class filled with 30 or so heroes in training, nor was in a school with top notch security or filled with pro heroes. 

‘But…’ He thought, ‘At least one of these kids has to be in some sort of self defense class, right? Right?’

The electric made eye contact with both Ashido and Bakugou, and it looked like they both also had the same realization. 


Edalair found himself struggling on the ground, with a ridiculously strong scarf wrapped around him, and unable to use his quirk. 

‘Did he call for backup? Who even is this? Some sort of pro?’

He felt gloves slip on his hands and cuffs around his wrists.

Finally, he was on his feet, by being yanked up by the guy with the scarf. It looked like he was going to get caught. But, it didn’t really matter to him. It wasn’t over, and there were other villains around. Besides, he would escape in due time anyway. He let an evil grin split his face and a laugh escape his throat.

Chapter Text

The trio couldn’t afford to mess up now, they had the lives of almost two thousand students in their hands. They’d lose their cover early, or at least earlier than planned, but that’s a win compared to students losing their lives.    

Kaminari felt like he’d jinxed it. He felt like he jinxed everything. He wondered what would have happened if he didn’t wish for the day to be more eventful. Now they were on lockdown, with very dangerous villains free roaming the school. He wasn’t sure what to do next. He couldn’t go out, because that would:

Number 1: Be Stupid. He wouldn’t have anywhere to go after he did that, therefore getting himself royally stuck. 


Number 2: Put others in a lot more danger than they were already in. If he tried to escape back to the classroom, they would probably follow him, and proceed to harm everyone in the room, possibly killing them.  

Now, he knew that the villains would come to that5 class eventually, but the school was big, and they probably wouldn’t get there all that fas, like come on. Unless they knew exactly which class-No. he cut himself off right there. He’d be jinxing himself if he even finished that thought. ‘Although,’ He supposed. ‘I think I might've half jinxed myself..’  

But, he had to think. What would Midoriya do? Literally throw himself straight into danger? Well, that was one. But he’d do that later, when someone was about to get hit with an attack. He’d have a plan first. A very intricate plan, with almost every loophole he could think of at the time covered. That is, until the villain found one that he hadn’t thought of. Then, he would be able to revise and revamp it, without it taking too long. They were easy to catch on to, but not for the enemy because they didn’t have context. That was why he was one of the people the class turned to for plans. He’d think of them on his feet. 

But, everyone and their grandma knew that Kaminari didn’t have the brain capacity to think like that all at once without getting a headache. Or, he’d think of something like that over the course of a month if he was really thinking about it. But even then, it’d be overly simple and predictable to literally everyone. Sometimes, he hated that he was an idiot. 

He didn’t have time to think like that. He’d put his phone and all his media on silent, right. He checked, then promptly did so, nothing was making any kind of sound or vibration. He also turned the brightness all the way down. Quietly and slowly, he took out his phone and added all his classmates to one group chat. He’d been meaning to make this for ages, but never got around to it. He hoped that everyone wasn’t too busy with work or anything to answer. 

Before he could send anything to anyone, he caught the attention of Ashido and Bakugou, and managed to (somehow) do enough jesters, to get them to do the same thing as him with their phones. Then he was able to send a message. 

Kaminari Denki has added 19 others to UA’s 1 A

Kaminari Denki: Hey guys! Is our situation on the news?

Kirishima Eijiro: Yeah bro! You guys Okay? Midoriya and Yaomomo’s place was just attacked by the villain we were supposed to catch.

Kaminari Denki: WHAT?! Wait, r they okay?

Yaoyorozu Momo: I’m fine, but I’m not entirely sure about Midoriya. 

Uraraka Ochako: What happened? 

Yaoyorozu Momo: I’m not quite sure, because I’m in a different building. But I did hear loud noises.

Iida Tenya: Are you guys ok? What happened? 

Kaminari Denki: We’re getting attacked by villains right now…


Kaminari Denki: But I made this because we need help, a lot of it? Could you or Todoroki notify the pros? Or more pros?

Iida Tenya: Alright then. I will do that. 

Todoroki Shouto: I’ll help, there’s already a lot on te way to you and some on the way to Midoriya. But we’ll get more. How are Bakugou and Ashido? 

Kaminari Denki: With me. We’re all fine right now, but they’re probably coming, so i have to go. 

Ochako Uraraka: Good luck guys! 

Kirishima Eijiro: I hope your bro!

Yaoyorozu Momo: I’ll see you soon.

Kaminari Denki and 5 others left the chat


As soon as Kaminari put his phone away, he heard footsteps, fast and hard ones. They got louder, which meant that the person was getting closer. The trio got ready to fight. Soon, the footsteps stopped and that put everyone in the room on edge. 

  There was a knock on the door. 


What kind of villain knocks on the door? Unless, it was a hero? But heroes usually would knock on the door announcing their presence. Then again, a villain knocking on the door wasn’t unheard of. 

  No one answered. The door opened slightly. Oh, that was a villain. There was no way that wasn’t a villain. She locked eyes with him, her pink eyes sending chills down his spine. With a sinister grin on her face, she walked in.

The lady looked proper. Well dressed, clean, she walked straight up, and when she spoke to them, she spoke calmly. She had pink eyes and pink hair tied up in a neat bun and her eyes and eyebrows were the same color. She looked somewhat like a lawyer, with a nice blouse and a pencil skirt. She didn’t look like she would be fighting. And she couldn’t have been much older than them, but she was probably over eighteen. 

“Hello everyone. My name is Whins, but you children can call me Ms. Whins. Today is a special lesson!” She giggled. She sounded young, so she couldn’t be that much older than them, right?

“I hope that you’ve paying attention in PE, because this is going to be a great fight!”