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My Kingdom Come.

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Our love hit us like a landslide
We felt an immediate connection deep inside
You were not just along for the ride.

We struck lucky meeting like this
Both longing to be kissed.

A couple of great guy's
Living life for our own special high's.

Riding out-
Hiding out.

Stolen moment's shared alone together
If only this could last forever.

And spill's-
We make our own gushing thrill's.

The dam well and truly burst
Only for each other we thirst.

We were never indescreet no one know's
Oh what a way to go!

It was fate that we met
We will never forget
Sharing a last cigarette?

I was lost until you found me
And loved all you gave me.

Precious time's all too brief
Due to end in grief?

If there is no future for us
Only the present for our love.

Then let's end our story
Going out in a blaze of lover's glory...

All was well... Happy ever after!

The End.