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In which the Sky comes to grow in Hyrule (and the Heroic Spirit makes it flourish)

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It was late afternoon in Namimori park and the only sound was the quiet sobbing coming from under a bush. The sound was coming from a young child, six years of age, with brown fluffy hair and big brown eyes. The child’s clothes were torn in places and his skin was starting to develop bruises. His name was Sawada Tsunayoshi though he was known as Tsu-chan to his mom and Dame-Tsuna by everyone else.

Tsuna was a unique person, born with a special power only about 5% of the population possessed. Even then, he was descended from one of the most powerful bloodlines of those with said abilities. A bloodline that is a cornerstone of their very world. He had awoken his power about a year ago, in an accident involving a tree, a ball, and a dog. Unfortunately, his father didn't want to take responsibility and had his boss to seal his child's gift away. Once cut off from that power that came from his very soul the Tsuna was left cold and empty. He was left completely unable to do once simple tasks, and was bullied mercilessly for it. Beyond that, he became detached and out of sync with his world. His life was ruined  as the world turned against him, without him ever understanding why . Even his mother was no help; due to her  drifting mind she was unable to even recognize something was wrong.

Tsuna quieted his desolat sobs from the pain from body, heart, and soul and spoke a heartfelt prayer. “If-f anyone up their *hic* is listening I wish I was s-somewhere else, somewhere where there is s-someone who would listen, someone who would *hic* CARE, somewhere I can be W-WARM again,” Tsuna prayed from the depths of his young soul his smothered flames straining against its bonds. Normally this prayer would go unanswered and with that silence his final sliver of hope would die, along with his fighting spirit. He would give up, and resign himself to being Dame-Tsuna for the rest of his life- at least, until a baby hitman in a fedora would come crashing into his life. But in this world his prayer was heard. It echoed far past the bonds of his world, and into the metaphorical ears of three goddesses that watch over a land called Hyrule.

Confused yet curious they followed it back to its origin. The pain of his chained soul echoing into even the void itself. Din, Nayru, and Farore looked upon the child and wept at the cruelty that had and would be done to him. They were no strangers to cruel fates, but that didn’t make them any easier to accept.

“Is there anything we can do?” Farore, Goddess of Courage, asked her sisters. It was the question on all their minds, but only she dared voice it. The price of trying to help, is risking you fail.

“I don’t know, this isn’t our world.” Grumbled an angry Din, the Goddess of Power trying but failing to control her rage. Rage spurred on by both the unnecessary suffering of a child, and her possible inability to help.

The three goddesses were frozen in place, wanting so desperately to help incapable of doing so. Yet they couldn’t bring themselves to leave. Finally, Nayru noticed something. “Sisters,” she notified the others, “look!” The child’s world may not have been their own, but his connections to it were frayed. Vulnerable. Weak.

“What? How is that possible?” Farore asked, stunned. They had never seen anything like this before. “By the ‘verse, how has this child not fallen into the void by now?”

Nayru hummed contemplatively. “It looks like the only thing stopping it is his connection to a piece of something called a Tri-Set.” Nayru reasoned, her Divine Right of Wisdom shining through.

“You mean like our triforce?” asked Din surprised.

“Similar, but notably different. Instead of anchoring the land it anchors the flow of time.” Nayru tisked.  “It is also far more unstable then our triforce- I would almost call it… broken. Cracked, at the very least. Whether the damage is permanent…” She trailed off. She could not say, not without learning studying it more. Still, Nayru stared at the threads that holding the world together. Her words hung in the void between the goddesses as they contemplated in silence. What kind of fate awaited such a world other than inevitable destruction?

"So what type of connection does this child hold?" Din asked after a while, done with such things. She was ready to get back to the task at hand, as it were. The child.

"He is a potential inherenter for the aspect of Legacy, but one of several. From how that aspect functions, I’d say it’s most akin to yours, Farore." Naryu spoke and Farore's face fell as she was reminded of her aspect’s champion. The most recent incarnation was suffering from memory loss and trauma. The future showed him as only ever being one step away from an intentional death, especially after Hyrule’s last king puts an awful idea in his head. Facing the remnant of Demise’s curse weakened and basically unarmed? There was only one way that story would end. Suddenly, Farore was hit by inspiration.

"Let’s bring the child to Hyrule."

" WHAT! Are you CRAZY! We have yet to prevent your aspect’s champion from throwing himself at the the corrupted champion of Power and getting himself killed. This is WORST time to be in Hyrule." Din and Nayru yelled at Farore thinking she has finally lost it.

Farore just grinned and continued with, "Girls I know my champion. We are not going to pull him off his self-destructive course without major intervention, true, but I also know that his Heroic Spirit would never let him standby while someone else gets hurt. What do you think would happen if, say, a helpless child showed up that only he could care for?"

The others thought on her words. There was truth to them. It was lightly twisted perhaps, but it made sense. It could work . Forcing a hapless child upon him would inevitably prompt Link to go to Kakariko Village. Once there the castle would be out of sight, at least temporarily. That would give him a chance to recover somewhat, perhaps even rethink his suicidal plan, but there was a issue.

"What if the child dies? Your champion would break even more, if not shatter completely." Din questioned.

Farore smirked. "Ah, I have an answer to that! We can all give our blessings and loosen, if not break that accursed seal on his soul. Then he will be able to use his power to protect himself. Besides, this is the not the first time Link has had a companion." Farore explained, before frowning. "Actually, Naryu, what exactly is his power?"

Naryu startled, as she had been deep in thought. "Oh, it's called Dying Will Flames. It is based on your resolve not to die, or allow others to die. It’s rather complicated but essentially there are two largely mirrored types, which are further split into 7. Flames of Sky and Earth, with the child possessing the Sky variant. That flame seems to represent harmony, and based off the abilities of past users…” Her eyes glazed over slightly. “It can be used to burn things, but also to fly, bond with other flame users. His ancestors, specifically, are known for an ability called Hyper Intuition. Essentially minor battle precognition mixed with an awareness of nearby danger, both for themselves and others, as well as… Instinctual knowledge of a person, for lack of better explanation. " Naryu summarized.

Din was starting to see where Farore was going with her idea and added, "So the child is basically the ideal companion with that power."

The three goddesses smirked at each other and set their plan into motion. As they bar the child from this wretched world, he currently exist, they carefully take the frayed strings of his world that he currently resides and begin untying his bonds. As they slice, through these diseased strings tying this child to this the world, they take care to the connection to the Legacy Aspect that could cost him his Hyper Intuition. They took the wronged child to their world, weakening the seal as much as they could along the way. Din's blessing of Power greatly strengthened the child’s flames. Naryu gave them the Blessing of Wisdom which improved Hyper Intuition even further. Even the seal couldn’t block it off entirely afterwards. Farore's blessing of Courage healed the child’s damaged soul, better integrating his flames to his instincts. Thus the six, going on seven, year old child was whisked away. The only sign of who took him was a mark left behind, branded into the earth before being covered by fallen leaves. The Triforce. The mark of the goddesses, three triangles forming a larger one. Such things did not concern Tsuna, of course, who had already been brought to Hyrule. More specifically for Hyrule, her Hero, even though damaged as this child maybe, he burns with flames that can heal them both. 


Link POV

I don’t know what’s going on. I was talking to this old man right outside of this strange room I woke up in when all of sudden there was a loud *Boom-Crack* sound. I feel like I’ve heard something like it before but I can’t place it. With my lack of any memories that isn’t surprising, but it still nags at me. , I sigh, frustrated, before hearing scared sobbing. It sounds like… a child. Curious and more than a little worried I go towards the source of the sound, ignoring the old man trying to call me back.

Travelling back up the path towards the strange room I woke up in I find the sound was coming from behind some bushes in the clearing carved into the mountain side. Looking behind the bushes I find a small sobbing child in an outfit that seems strange to me, not that I have any clue as to why. With a half remembered instinct I carefully pull the child into my lap and gently hug them. Why can I feel this child’s ribs. Slowly the child slows their crying and looks at me with big bloodshot, puffy from crying brown eyes with hints of amber. The child opens their mouth and, “Anatahadare? Koko wa doko?*”

Great just great can you just hear the sarcasm, I can’t understand any of that. Going by the child's expression though I can reasonably guess it is either asking, "Where the child is or my name or both or neither I’m completely clueless here. I’m going with my name first easiest to establish. I slowly rearrange myself so I have one painfully weak arm free so I can point at myself, and I say “Link,” as clear and slow as I can make it.

The child’s face contorts into the face of confusion for about half a second before changing to one of realization. The child (I really need to find out the gender of this kid, calling this kid in front of me the child in my head all the time is starting to get old) points at itselves like I did and say “Tsuna.” So the child is definitely telling me their name.

Before the two of us can do anything else; the old man that I had been speaking too before, had followed me. He pants heavily as Tsuna seemly afraid curls themselves into my body giving me a half second vision of a Blonde haired child doing the same but it quickly fades. Aryll I’m so sorry. As I hold Tsuna in a half hug the old man stops panting enough to start speaking, “Oh I’m not as spry as I used to be. Young man, so as I was just saying before you ran off you should really follow your map on that slate of yours.” As he turns back around to go back down the cliffside I muse over his his words, he has a point and just sitting here isn't getting anything done.

Decision made I stand up and brush off some dirt off my pants, turning towards the young child I hold out my hand and ask, “Are you coming with me?”

The child didn’t understand at first but I notice when the child gets the idea of what I was saying. The child smiles brightly, a sparkle seems to come into existence around them and the child then grabs my hand.