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Jungkook tries not to allow the jealousy to consume him as he watches Taehyung and Jimin cuddle up against one another on the loveseat. Jimin is curled up against Taehyung's side, an arm resting on his shoulders, nosing at Taehyung's neck as they both revel in their scents.

Jungkook tries not to let his emotions seep in, seeking attention from the older members of his group. Hoseok enters the room, eyes brightening up at the couple, sitting next to Taehyung as he shifts to get comfortable, sighing in content as the Alpha begins to run his fingers through his hair.

He tries not to feel worthless as he shifts uncomfortably on the large couch, glancing at the empty spaces on either side of him as he wraps his arms around his waist for a sense of comfort, inevitably making himself appear more smaller and vulnerable.

Jungkook really does try.

He hops up from the couch and rushes out of the room, visibly deflating when nobody notices him leaving. He shakes his head at his feelings. You can't feel this way, you can't be an Omega.

Jungkook let's his feet take him somewhere, and he soon arrives in the kitchen, slowing down once he sees Seokjin and Namjoon kissing against the counter. They jump apart once they realize the maknae has entered the room, blushing brightly even though Jungkook has walked in on the both of them more than one occasion.

Jungkook grabs a banana before sitting down at the dining table, sulking in his seat as stares outside the window with a distant look his chocolate orbs.

Namjoon clears his throat as he rummages in the refrigerator, "Goodmorning, Kookie."

"'Morning, Namjoon-hyung." Jungkook responds flatly but respectfully.

"It's a shock that I didn't have to wake you." Seokjin jokes, but Jungkook doesn't respond with a cheeky remark as he refuses to make eye contact. Jungkook munched on his breakfast, before his expression changed to one of shock, along with a hint of fear.

I haven't taken my suppressants.

The youngest quickly ate before tossing the banana peel into the trash, ignoring Seokjin's look of concern as he scurried out of the room. In his hurry, he bumped into a groggy Yoongi and mumbled an apology, rushing to his bedroom for his daily dose of medicine.

Jungkook heard the others talk amongst themselves about leaving to the rehearsal studio later as he silently shut the door behind him, rummaging through a Nike shoebox that lay on his closet floor, containing many discreet Omega products. He grasped the bottle of suppressants, unscrewing the lid before dumping two pills into his hand. He grimaced as they went down his throat. Not only did they have a disgusting taste, it had an unpleasant scent that'd cause anyone to gag. Jungkook knew not to expect any less; he did purchase them illegally.

He panicked when he heard footsteps, jerking out of his kneeled position and closing the closet doors roughly, his doe-like orbs staring at his bedroom door as it opened. He let out a breath of relief once he saw only Taehyung, the least observant of the group who wouldn't question his alarmed state.

"I was just, um, I was-" Jungkook stammered, unable to come up with an excuse.

Taehyung gave him a weird look before smirking as he raised his eyebrows, "Sorry to burst you bubble, baby boy, but we have to rehearse. You can deal with.. that later."

Jungkook became flustered, hands shooting to cover his flushed face, "Oh my god, Taehyung. I wasn't doing that."

Taehyung shrugged, "Why else would you look so panicked?"

Jungkook didn't respond as he attempted to walk past Taehyung, but stopped once the taller male grabbed his hips, wrapping his arms loosely around Jungkook's tiny waist as he pulled the smaller male against his chest.

“I miss my partner in crime. You've been distant, Kookie.” Taehyung mumbled against Jungkook's head.

“I- I haven't been feeling well lately.” Jungkook didn't lie, he had been feeling off; not physically, but emotionally. Taehyung leaned back to stare at Jungkook's expression, pressing a hand against the younger's cheek.

“Are you sick? Do I need to tell Seokjin-hyung?” Taehyung worried. Jungkook never told them when he felt ill unless he was basically on his death bed, refusing to show vulnerability even though they practically raised him.

“No, that's unnecessary. It's only a cold.” Jungkook waved off his worries as he parted from the hug, immediately missing the warmth of the Alpha.

Taehyung led the petite male to the living room, grinning as everyone chattered and laughed loudly in the large area. Yoongi glanced up at Jungkook from the recliner, nose flaring as he inhaled sharply. Soon enough, everyone was staring at him with unreadable expressions.

“What's wrong- do I have something on my face?” Jungkook worried, his hands beginning to rub at his face in attempt to get the nonexistent dirt off his face.

“You smell.. sweet,” Jimin responded slowly, rising from his seat to sniff at Jungkook's scent glands. The older boy sighed in satisfaction, intoxicated by the smell coming from the petite figure. “Like an Omega.”

Jungkook froze, sweat beginning to form on the back of his neck as he shifted nervously.

Management will punish you if your secret is discovered. Play it cool.

He shrugged as he sat down on the couch between Hoseok and Namjoon. “Maybe it's from a fan that came too close.”

Nobody thought anything of it, even though they all knew the youngest had a shower last night before he went to bed.

That's all Jungkook was allowed to do. Lie.
And if his lies weren't believable,
Lie some more.