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i found peace in your violence

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Jimin makes it to the blacksmith’s house just after noon, his basket already full from the errands he’d run earlier in the day. He always left the Jeon house last on his list of visits to make, wanting to end his day on a good note.


The villagers were all kind to him, thankful for all that he did for them, but over the years Jimin had grown a soft spot for the Jeons and they had their youngest son to thank for it. He’d finally admitted to himself that he was positively smitten with Jeon Jungkook but the confession had only made his ardour worse.


Even now, he feels a giddy rush as he nears the forge, eager to see Jungkook. He’d been treating Jeon Sungho for years now, the pain in his joints from a lifetime spent toiling away in his forge only getting worse with time. Jimin’s potions could provide relief but they were a temporary solution, not permanent. Magic, after all, had its limitations.


He had this week’s potion made and ready, tucked away in his basket. As he nears the smithy, he can see inside and spot the fiery forge, smoke whiffing up out of the chimney. Jungkook’s two older brothers, Junghyun and Jungsoo, are both busy at work and perhaps in another lifetime would have held Jimin’s fancy. They’re both tall and broad shouldered, skin bronzed from days spent out in the sun, and handsome just like their father. The village girls would often giggle and gossip about the Jeon boys, their popularity quite widespread.


But Jimin had known the Jeons for as long as he can remember, his grandmother taking him with her into the village when she ran her errands. Jimin was closest in age to Jungkook, born nearly six years after Jungsoo, the Jeons second oldest. They’d grown up together, Jungkook always awed and marvelled by every little bit of magic Jimin showed him, his big eyes sparkling in amazement as he trailed around after Jimin when he came to visit.


No one had given Jimin such rapt attention, not even his own grandmother.


Jimin had no desire for anyone else, had no longing for company that wasn’t Jungkook’s.


He walks past the smithy to the front door of the Jeon house, knocking to wait to be let in, wondering why Jungkook isn’t working at the forge like his brothers. His question is answered when Jungkook opens the front door, his skin pale and dark circles under his eyes.


“Jungkook,” Jimin worries, hand immediately reaching out for him. He feels Jungkook’s temperature, a notch too high for his liking.


“Hi Jimin,” Jungkook murmurs, eyes slipping shut at Jimin’s touch. “It’s just a fever.”


“When did you get sick?” Jimin asks, stepping into the house as Jungkook shuffles aside to give him room. “Why didn’t you have someone send for me?”


Jungkook smiles at that, taking Jimin’s basket from him. “Because it’s a simple fever, Jimin. You’re busy enough as is.”


Jimin nearly snatches the basket back but Jungkook doesn’t give him the opportunity, already walking further into the house. Jimin hurries after him, scowling. “I always have time for you.”


“And I appreciate that but I don’t like worrying you.”


“You don’t get to decide what worries me,” Jimin snaps, digging through the pockets of his red robe for the vial of fever potion he always brought with him to the village. Someone was always getting sick so Jimin liked to be prepared.


“Pa’s out back,” Jungkook tells Jimin, having brought him to the kitchen. Jimin can see Sungho through the kitchen window, an axe in hand as he chops through wood. His wife, Younha, is busy hanging wet clothes on a drying wire. The smell of freshly made bread fills Jimin’s nostrils and he goes over to the loaf sitting on a windowsill to tear a piece off.


“Here,” Jimin instructs, handing Jungkook the piece of bread. He rummages through his basket that Jungkook has set on the kitchen table and pulls out a pint of blueberries, freshly picked according to the village baker.


Jungkook watches him hurry around the kitchen, smiling stupidly to himself and Jimin huffs, eyes narrowing at him. “Eat the bread, Jungkook.”


“Yes Jimin,” he says, taking a bite. He allows Jimin to shove a handful of berries at him, too, and eats those just as obediently. Once he finishes, Jimin hands him the vial and Jungkook swallows it down in one go. Immediately, his skin turns just as purple as the potion, his colouring returning to normal after a few moments.


“Let me check your temperature,” Jimin says, reaching for Jungkook again. This time he mutters a quick spell under his breath to get a deeper assessment of Jungkook’s health, Jimin’s hand glowing golden as he touches Jungkook’s forehead. The touch is short lived, Jungkook wincing as Jimin feels something cold run through him. The hair on the back of his neck stands upright, Jimin’s brows furrowing together.


“Jungkook — ”


“Jimin!” Younha’s voice comes, an empty laundry basket cocked on her hip. Jungkook shifts away from Jimin immediately, a sheen of sweat glistening against his skin. “You should have called me in, sweetheart.”


Jimin’s still too perplexed by his magic’s reaction to Jungkook, allowing Younha to pull him into a hug. His grandmother had never been an affectionate person and Jimin’s mother had never been in his life, so Younha’s hugs were always something Jimin valued.


“It’s always so good to see you,” Younha coos, smoothing Jimin’s hair back and smiling at him. “Sit sit,” she encourages, directing Jimin toward one of the chairs at her kitchen table. “We still have leftovers from lunch. I’ll fix you a plate.”


Jimin allows himself to be herded over, settling down in a chair. “It’s really okay, Younha — ”


“Nonsense!” Younha admonishes, already pouring a still hot stew into a bowl for Jimin. Truth be told, he hasn’t eaten since he’d left his own house that morning but he’s more concerned about Jungkook.


“And you,” Younha says sharply, turning her attention to Jungkook, hands on her hips. “What are you doing out of bed?”


“Sorry ma,” Jungkook mumbles, head ducking. “Jimin was knocking on the door so I — ”


“Jimin would have let himself in,” Younha scolds, grabbing Jungkook by the arm. “Go on, back to bed.”


“I’ll take him!” Jimin exclaims, jumping out of his seat, eager for the opportunity alone with Jungkook. He nudges Jungkook toward the bedrooms, following after him.


“How did you even get sick?” Jimin asks, knows he must sound like he’s nagging but it’s difficult for him to not worry about Jungkook. He didn’t look like himself without the golden glow to his  skin. “Were you playing in the river again with the village kids?”


“You sound like my mother,” Jungkook tells him as he walks into the room he shares with his two brothers. They have two beds, Jungkook heading for the smaller one in the corner. Junghyun must have given it to him as he recovered from his sickness.


Jimin colours a little at Jungkook’s comment, not wanting Jungkook to dislike him for his zeal.


“I’m just worried,” he mumbles, grabbing a stool from the corner where the brothers keep a washing basin. He sets it down next to Jungkook’s bed as Jungkook lies down, drawing the blankets up and over himself.


“I’ll be fine,” Jungkook assures, a soft smile on his handsome features, his eyes having slipped shut. Jimin hesitates for a moment before giving in to his heart and brushing Jungkook’s hair back. He lets his hand stroke Jungkook’s head steadily, biting at his bottom lip from the inside of his mouth. “You even gave me your medicine. Pa couldn’t even lift an axe until you started giving him your potions.”


“It’s the middle of summer, you shouldn’t be sick,” Jimin whines, scooting closer. Mostly he’s worried about the way his magic reacted to Jungkook, mind already racing to determine if he should brew something a little stronger for Jungkook.


Jungkook only hums, the potion Jimin’s given him beginning to make him sleepy. He grabs Jimin’s hand, still stroking his hair, and moves it so that he can pillow his cheek upon the warm palm. He turns over, body angled toward Jimin, thumb rubbing against the soft skin on the inside of Jimin’s wrist. Jimin’s cheeks flush at the forwardness, heart skipping a beat.


“Stay until I fall asleep?” Jungkook murmurs sleepily and Jimin couldn’t say no even if he wanted to.


“Of course,” he whispers, leaning that little bit closer. He lets magic seep into his palm, the warmth sinking into Jungkook’s skin and he smiles, head turning just the slightest bit into Jimin’s palm.


The kiss he presses against Jimin’s skin has his heart skittering to a stop, breath catching in his throat but Jimin doesn’t pull his hand away despite the rush of giddiness that swells inside his chest. He wonders if the potion has reduced Jungkook’s inhibitions, but then, Jungkook has always been more bold.


Jimin isn’t sure how long he sits there, staring at Jungkook’s features, a finger delicately tracing the curve of his nose and the arch of his brow. Younha must have seen them but she doesn’t disturb them and he’s grateful for it.


Eventually, he heads back home, his heart full and heavy with a feeling that is overwhelming in its intensity but comforting in its depth. It’s almost as though he would burst if such a thing were possible, Jungkook’s touch still warm against his skin. Jimin can’t keep the smile off his face.



The woods are quiet as Jimin searches for the familiar green glow of a mushroom he needs for a potion he wants to make Jungkook. He’d come home from the village and hadn’t been able to focus on anything, worrying his own lip raw and sore.


Jungkook had fallen asleep so easily, his temperature still running high. Jimin had only seen him a week before and he’d looked fine. No one in the village was particularly sick right now, either, so Jimin couldn’t understand what had happened to him.


The full moon hangs in the sky above him, obscured by the long, skyward branches of the trees around him. Occasionally, Jimin will stand in a ray of moonlight, staring up at the glow of the moon, content in the eeriness of the night. He does find it a little strange how quiet the woods are tonight, sometimes kept awake for hours by the animals wandering around.


Jimin hums to himself under his breath, still searching for his elusive mushroom. He nearly trips over some overgrown roots, stumbling forward, catching himself on the trunk of the tree. The amulet his grandmother had given to him on his fifteenth summer glows red and Jimin’s heart slams to a stop.


Something’s out there.


Goosebumps raise along his skin, heart hammering in his chest as he glances around. He can feel someone or something’s gaze on him, skin prickling. His instincts tell him to keep quiet, to hide. The amulet feels hot against his skin, warning him of the danger as it grows a brighter red.


The gaze on him shifts but whoever or whatever it is doesn’t make a sound as it moves. Jimin curses under his breath, hiding the amulet under his robes. It’s a dead giveaway to where Jimin is. He shuffles, back pressing against the tree trunk nearest to him. Around him is nothing but darkness.


There’s nothing in the woods that Jimin doesn’t know about. He knows the centaurs live far up north, where the woods are denser and more treacherous. The water nymphs keep to themselves, spending most of their time by the lake down south, rarely travelling up and down the river. The faeries were the only ones that liked to flitter about but even then, they had a dislike for humans and stayed away from them.


Jimin would know if something else had entered his woods.


And yet, he had no idea what was watching him. He needed to get home.


He hastens over to another tree, careful to keep himself as quiet as possible. Like this, Jimin makes his way forward, still fearful. His amulet doesn’t cool down and Jimin knows he’s being followed, can feel it.


As Jimin nears the river he usually takes to lead himself toward home, his heartbeat steadies. He could lose whatever it was in the rush of the river, the water washing his scent away. Jimin readies himself to sprint toward it but a growl like nothing he’s ever heard before freezes him to his spot.


What the fuck was that? Jimin thinks to himself, eyes widening.


Could it be a bear following him? Jimin risks looking over his shoulder as he sneaks a look past the tree trunk he’s leaning against. He doesn’t see anything.


If he let the river carry him down, he’d at least wash up near the village. Steadying himself, Jimin pushes off the tree and bolts forward. He barely makes it past a few more trees before something’s tackling him to the ground.


Jimin grunts as he hits the ground, groaning from the impact as he’s pinned to the forest floor. His head throbs from the impact, the distinct feeling of fur against him shooting adrenaline through him. He attempts to twist around but whatever’s got him pinned down growls threateningly, a snout sniffing at Jimin’s neck before Jimin feels a wet tongue swipe at the back of his neck. A shiver runs down his spine and the animal seems satisfied by the reaction, a rumble vibrating through it all the way into Jimin.


He stills, heartbeat like thunder in his ears.


What Jimin had thought were paws against his back reveal themselves to be more like clawed hands, covered in a fur so black it disappears completely into the night. The animal rests even more of its weight against Jimin, continuing to sniff at his neck and then lower. Jimin tries to steady his breathing.


The animal’s body engulfs his own easily, leaving no room for Jimin to move, let alone somehow break free. He realises quickly that the only way he’d be able to get out from under it would be when it moved off of Jimin itself.


The animal sniffs lower, rumbling every now and then, but it eases away from Jimin’s upper body enough that he can twist around to look back. Jimin’s heart stops in his chest.


It’s a werewolf.


Pointed ears and glowing yellow eyes look back at him, a snarl baring the beast’s teeth. Jimin quickly turns back, laying down as defencelessly as he can. He had no silver on him to ward the thing away, and Jimin’s expertise with magic laid almost entirely in healing and everyday spells. His grasp on offensive spells was poor at best, having never had reason to attack someone or defend himself from an attack


As he begins to lose hope, he realises he could paralyze it, having used the spell on patients before when they wouldn’t sit still. He immediately begins murmuring the spell under his breath but the words die in his throat when the snout of the werewolf digs into Jimin’s ass, the material of Jimin’s cloak giving away easily.


Heat burns into Jimin’s skin in humiliation, shock and horror nearly rendering him immobile. He swallows around the lump forming in his throat, fingers curling into his palms. He needs to do something, the werewolf growling in frustration above him.


Jimin angles himself up carefully, not wanting to catch the werewolf’s attention. As he sneaks a look back, he finds the beast still fixated on his ass, and just as Jimin thinks to cast a fire spell to scare the werewolf off, it tears Jimin’s red robe right in half. Now with even less clothes in the way, the werewolf grunts, making little work of Jimin’s pants as it rips through them and tears them off Jimin's body.


The air leaves Jimin’s lungs as he finds himself half naked in front of the werewolf, a yelp of surprise escaping him when the werewolf’s snout pushes right between his ass cheeks, digging into the flesh as a hot, wet tongue swipes up from Jimin’s balls to his asshole.


Jimin lets out a strangled cry, attempting to pull away by dragging his body forward but the werewolf lets out a terrifying growl, clawed hands snatching at Jimin’s waist and yanking him back. Jimin can feel the beast’s fur against his bare skin, it’s mouth opening up wide as it pushes its tongue back against Jimin’s ass.


Clawed hands yank Jimin up by the thighs, his body shaking as slobber rubs down the cleft of his ass, dripping down the length of his cock where it dangles between his legs. Panic has Jimin gasping for air, tears burning at his eyes as the hysteria sets in.


“No, no, no,” Jimin cries, trying to get away but his strength is nothing compared to the werewolf, its tongue pushing and prodding at Jimin’s entrance until finally it breaches the tight ring of muscle. It delves right in, fucking into Jimin’s hole and he cries through it, horrified and shocked.


“Please,” Jimin pleads, head bowed between his arms, shame flooding through his body. The werewolf holds him in place, tongue fucking into Jimin with a vigour he finds alarming. “Please, s-stop — No! — ”


His sobs fall on deaf ears, entire body trembling and shivering, and then he jolts, back arching upwards, feels pleasure bolt through him, a different kind of cry leaving his mouth. The werewolf stills, and then fucks him against the same spot, a rumble running through it as Jimin cries out again. His cock twitches between his legs and Jimin grits his teeth, tears falling freely from his eyes.


“No, please,” he sobs, barely catching his breath but the werewolf is insistent, tongue rubbing against the spot that has Jimin’s cock hardening quickly. Pleasure builds up inside him, Jimin’s body betraying his mind. “No, no, no!”


He doesn’t want this, he doesn’t want this, but his cock is hard, and he’s squeezing his eyes shut as he gasps, the werewolf’s tongue pressing insistently against this one spot, the pleasure building and building, Jimin teetering on edge. The werewolf shifts forward, pushing Jimin against the dirt, snuffling as it continues to fuck into Jimin’s ass, even more eager, driven by the sounds escaping Jimin.


Panic claws its way up Jimin’s chest, his mind going almost blank as his body continues to enjoy the way the beast fucks into him. He thinks he’s drooling, his face wet with with tears and it just feels so good .


Jimin’s nails dig into the ground, humiliation sitting like a hot coal in his belly. He tries to bite back his cry, but it escapes him, the werewolf never tiring as it slurps and sucks at his hole, teeth scraping against Jimin’s skin. His cock bounces between his legs with each thrust, precum drooling onto the ground.


The werewolf’s tongue fucks into him steadily and Jimin knows, feels the pleasure coil tight in his balls, heat radiating from his cock as his orgasm crashes through him, rendering him mindless. His body tightens around the werewolf’s tongue, pleasure coursing through him in quick pulses until all energy leaves him, cock dribbling cum pathetically.


He collapses onto his belly, chest heaving as he attempts to catch his breath. The werewolf’s pulled away, its paws hitting the ground around his prone body. He sobs as he realises he’s lying in his own cum, disgust welling up inside of him but he hardly has a moment to process what’s happened to him. The werewolf’s climbing over his body, a heavy, hot heat dragging against Jimin’s bare ass.


It’s the werewolf’s cock.


Jimin cries louder, all the fight leaving him, and he lets it, lets it rub itself against Jimin’s ass, grunting and groaning. His ass is still wet from all its slobber, making the glide easier. Its cock is massive, bigger than anything Jimin has ever fathomed. He’s only ever managed to get three fingers into himself before, a silly part of him hoping that this will be enough, that it’ll be satisfied from just rubbing against him.


The werewolf whines as it grinds its hard cock against Jimin’s ass, suddenly grabbing Jimin by the thighs, claws digging into the meat of his thighs as it yanks Jimin up onto his knees. It pushes Jimin’s legs wide apart, leaving him ass up, face down. Jimin can’t think straight, throat tightening up as the werewolf continues to pleasure itself against his body. Its cock drags between Jimin’s ass cheeks, pace picking up, the hold on his thighs tightening. Jimin can feel the pinpricks where the claws have pierced his skin.


He knows it won’t stop here, knows this is just the beginning, whines when it leans down and sniffs at his neck again. Jimin can feel its hot breath, spit landing wetly against his back as it thrusts forward, hips rutting forward furiously.


It doesn’t seem to be satisfied, Jimin’s body jostled forward as it continues to grind down against him. Sometimes, Jimin can even feel the heavy weight of its balls, chest tightening as he realises how big they are.


The werewolf changes angles, shifting back to slip its cock between Jimin’s legs and then Jimin feels it drag against his cum covered balls and cock, poking into his belly on every thrust forward. It seems to like this better, fucking against Jimin faster, panting right by Jimin’s ear.


He squirms, whining, face hidden between his arms, the stimulation against his spent cock too much. “Please,” he pleads, tired and worn, unsure of what mercy he is even asking for. “Please…”


The werewolf snaps its teeth at Jimin’s neck, Jimin’s spine going rigid from fear. It keeps rubbing against him, more of its weight resting against Jimin as it fucks him. It’s too hot, the werewolf’s fur dense and surprisingly soft, and he can feel the thick cords of muscle shift against his back. Its massive, nearly double Jimin’s size, engulfing his body easily.


Jimin hisses, cock beginning to harden between his legs at the constant stimulation, the werewolf’s balls slapping against its own cock as it gets off. The friction is almost painful, skin rubbing against skin, and Jimin just wants it to be over.


He squeezes his eyes shut, sucking in a shuddering breath, and the werewolf’s thrusts have gotten erratic, cock hard and red and hot as it grinds against Jimin’s belly and cock. When the werewolf’s teeth snag at the hood of Jimin’s robes, he feels the cum hit him right in the face, one hot splatter after the other, until Jimin’s covered in it, the werewolf letting out a deafening howl as it comes.


It continues to drag its cock against Jimin, slower now as it rumbles with pleasure. Jimin can taste the cum in his mouth, can feel the sticky, wet seed clinging to his skin. It drips from his clothes down into a puddle, the sheer amount of it horrifying him. Jimin’s thankful he still has his shirt on.


He hopes it’ll leave him now, drop Jimin’s body in the pool of cum it’s made and run off, having taken what it wanted from him. But it doesn’t, its cock still hard against Jimin’s belly. Jimin knew, too, that it would not be so easily satisfied, fresh tears spilling from his eyes as he pants, the werewolf rolling him over easily.


He lands on his back, his robe and the back of his shirt quickly soaking with cum. Jimin grimaces, heart catching in his throat as he sees the beast properly for the first time. Bright, yellow eyes pin him to the spot, the breath leaving his lungs. It leans down, licks at its own cum, before tearing Jimin’s shirt in two.


The werewolf lets out a grunt of satisfaction, licking at Jimin’s bare skin, tongue hot and sturdy as it meets Jimin’s cock. His hips jolt upwards at the sensation, humiliation slamming into Jimin tenfold.


“No, stop!” he shouts, heat radiating from his cheeks. The werewolf looks at him, as if considering what Jimin’s said and then goes back to licking at his cock and moving further up, licking away at the cum still glistening on Jimin’s skin. Jimin shivers, unsure if it’s even disgust that has him reacting in such a way. The werewolf licks all the way up to his mouth, jaws opening so wide that Jimin can see every sharp tooth. His head can fit in the beast’s mouth and when its tongue pushes into Jimin’s mouth, he lets it, whining as it licks into his mouth, wet and eager. It should feel disgusting, but Jimin can't comprehend anything fast enough, its tongue licking against the inside of his mouth, brushing against Jimin's own tongue.


When it seems satisfied, it pulls back, rubbing its snout against Jimin’s neck. There’s spit covering his mouth, Jimin swallowing down the taste of werewolf spit and cum. He can feel the tip of the werewolf’s cock against his belly, feels dwarfed and trapped under the werewolf. His hands curl into the werewolf’s fur, eyes blurry with tears.


The beast’s chest rumbles, face nuzzling into Jimin’s neck, and then it’s pulling back, Jimin’s eyes widening as he takes in the sheer size of the werewolf when it stands on its hind legs, looming over him like a black shadow. Its cock is bright red, hard and arched upward, the length and girth far too much for Jimin to take in. Fear grips him as it begins to line itself up with Jimin’s hole, grunting as it leans down, weight bearing down on all four paws.


He sucks in a sharp breath, a split second of clear thinking reminding him of the lubrication spell he’s been using on himself. Jimin casts the spell quickly, feels the cold wetness inside of him. If he’s going to be raped, he would at least do without the bleeding asshole.


The werewolf blinks, a growl singing in the air around them as the wide, blunt tip of its cock presses at his hole. The full moon hangs in the sky above Jimin and he steels himself for the intrusion.


It pierces its way into his body, Jimin’s body resisting the push before the werewolf forces the fat tip past the tight rim and Jimin’s body gives way for it. He finds himself arching off the ground, a silent scream caught in his mouth and the werewolf only surges forward, pushing its inhuman cock inside of Jimin’s body.


He struggles to breath, the size of the cock so massive that it knocks the breath out of him and still the werewolf pushes in and in and in . By the time it stops, the girth of its cock is so huge that Jimin feels as though he has been split in half, small body torn apart.


Nothing alleviates the pain radiating up his spine, throat clogged up. “Oh — oh, God — ”


He’s in such a state of shock, he can’t even cry, just feels so impossibly full, like he might burst at any moment.


The werewolf doesn’t give him time to adjust, teeth gnashing as it roars out a howl, hips drawing back to snap back inside of Jimin. The speed and harshness of the thrust feels like a punch to the gut, Jimin’s body jostling up. It continues with the sharp thrusts, fucking into Jimin brutally and it hurts , his body not made for such a large cock.


The beast rises back up on its hind legs, drawing Jimin up with it, his back leaving the forest floor. Jimin panics, arms flailing but he just hangs off the werewolf’s cock like a ragdoll, legs dangling in the air as it wraps its large clawed hands around Jimin’s waist. It fucks Jimin in earnest now, short, riled up howls leaving it with every snap of its hips forward.


Jimin can barely keep up, tears dried up on his cheeks as he tries to breathe through the thrusts, horrified by how his belly feels stretched, his skin tight around the werewolf’s cock on every thrust in.


The werewolf squeezes around his waist, as if making him even tighter and Jimin feels it not only inside of himself but through the beast’s grip on him. He feels the werewolf’s cock fuck into him, splitting him open, distending his belly until the bulge of its cock must be visible through his belly.


He whines, the spell he’d cast making it easier for the werewolf to fuck him. His own cock stiffens with every thrust in, pain mixing with pleasure until he’s panting and gurgling around the sounds pulled out of him. The constant pressure inside of him, how he feels so beyond full leaves Jimin nearly delirious.


His orgasm catches him completely off guard, the werewolf snarling as he tightens around its cock and yanking him up. Jimin moans as he comes, cock dribbling cum, his body falling forward to rest against the werewolf’s chest.


It holds Jimin up easily, his weight like nothing as it pistons up into him, fucking Jimin to the steady slur of Jimin’s voice, “Ah — ah — ah — ”


The werewolf squeezes him tighter, worked up and animalistic in its quest for pleasure. Jimin’s cock is hardening again, caught between his own body and the werewolf’s. Every time the werewolf fucks into him, Jimin hears the squelch of its cock thrusting into his fucked out hole, hears the way its balls slap against Jimin’s ass.


The sounds humiliate him but in a way he should find disgusting, his body tingling, skin on fire as the sounds rile him up, filling him with pleasure. He’s so lost to it, the steady build up to his pleasure so quick that when he spills out again, he shouts, cock radiating heat. It feels like he’s burst, mind fuzzy with pleasure.


He’s so caught up in it that he doesn’t feel how the werewolf’s cock is beginning to get even larger until it becomes difficult for the beast to push all the way into Jimin. He gasps, body bowing as the base of the werewolf’s cock expands further, stretching him impossibly wider. It snags against his rim, a spike of pain shooting up his spine. “Wha — ”


The cock grows, like a knot tied at the base, expanding inside of Jimin as the werewolf continues to fuck him, finally pushing it past Jimin’s already abused hole in a particularly brutal thrust. His hands clutch at the werewolf’s fur, heaving as he’s made to take the knot forming inside of him.


“‘S too…too much,” he slurs, breath laboured but the werewolf only growls, fucking up into Jimin’s hole in short, sharp thrusts. The knot only grows bigger, pressing against Jimin’s sweet spot. He comes almost instantly, body tightening up around the werewolf’s immense cock and the werewolf roars, the sound vibrating through Jimin.


Jimin’s cock twitches as his orgasm pulses through his body, more pain than pleasure, head falling forward into the werewolf’s fur. His entire body rests against the beast, fucked stupid and numb. Jimin can’t think, whining and crying as the werewolf keeps thrusting up into him, oversensitive to the drag of its knot and cock inside him.


When it comes, it howls so loud, Jimin’s positive he hears the sound echoed back but his mind’s gone hazy. The werewolf slams into him, painfully hard, claws digging into Jimin’s skin until it breaks skin. The first gush of cum floods him in a hot rush, sloshing inside of him. Jimin whimpers through it, splatters of his own cum matting the beast’s fur where he rests against it.


It keeps coming, wave after wave of seed spilling into Jimin, branding him from the inside. The werewolf’s knot continues to press against that spot, leaving Jimin a drooling mess, his cock hardening yet again.


Cum fills his belly, pushing the limits of his body until he feels his skin stretch even further. He moans, almost endlessly, as the werewolf fills him, feels the cum dribbling out of his hole. His belly stretches further and further as more cum sloshes into him and he’s filled past limit.


Jimin can see the roundness of it, the werewolf’s cock disappearing as his belly grows larger. He can’t breath, thinks he’s come again, pleasure muddling his brain.


He’s nothing better than the werewolf’s cumrag, covered in its cum inside out, belly so bloated it’s rounded like that of a woman expecting. Jimin’s breath sits in his throat, still impaled on the werewolf’s cock, its knot snug inside of him as even more cum gushes inside of him, demanding more of Jimin’s body even still.


Jimin groans, black spots beginning to swim in his vision. The werewolf growls, a sound Jimin doesn’t understand, his mind incapable of making sense of anything anymore. Somehow, it feels good, feels right to be stuffed full of the werewolf's cum and cock.


If he had the energy, he’d laugh, body singing with pleasure as his cock twitches pathetically between his thighs, the werewolf’s knot pressing insistently against that spot inside of Jimin. He’s drooling, eyes rolled to the back oh his head, the werewolf pushing him back onto the ground so it can crouch over him, growling. It leans down to lick cum off of Jimin’s chest, cock jostling inside of Jimin.


He doesn’t know how many times he’s come, just that he should be disgusted by how good he feels. It’s as if his whole body is singing, thrumming on a single note of pleasure. It’s too much, Jimin’s vision blurring, a weaker orgasm passing through him as the werewolf’s knot grinds against his sweet spot as it shifts. He can’t even see his own cock over the roundness of his belly, just feels the last, few pathetic dribbles of cum sputter out of him.


“Ple…” he tries, tongue lolling in his mouth.


The word never leaves him, blackness eating away at him.


Two single points of yellow look back at him and then nothing at all.