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Magical Feelings

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“I want to go to Hogwarts too!” Natsu exclaimed.

Forming a tender pout with her small lips, she chose to cross her arms and remain still in the middle of the street, showing that she was really infatuated with the words recently expressed, while her older brother laughed when he saw the pout on her face and crouched down.

“And you will. But there's still a bit left for that," Hinata inquired, ruffling the hair of the small girl in front of him, whose orange tone was also characteristic of him, making both stand out no matter what crowd they were in, and evidencing that it was easy to guess that they were siblings, or at least that they were from the same family. “Why don’t you help me choose what to buy meanwhile?” he asked, hoping that his question would be enough to make her forget the fact that there were still two years left before she could attend classes at Hogwarts like him.

After taking into consideration the words she heard, the nine-year-old girl nodded and took her brother's hand to stop interrupting the path of all the students and their respective families who were passing from one place to another in Diagon Alley without following a specific path. The return to classes was around the corner and everyone had to buy the necessary artifacts so that the course and the stay in the castle were satisfactory. And while many carried piles of objects at the same time they were looking for their next acquisition, others preferred to let their parents be those in charge of the lists of materials. Natsu watched in astonishment around her, because even if that wasn’t the first time she accompanied her brother, each time she had less patience to finally be able to buy her respective items as well, although with her nine years, she already knew that she would probably inherit the majority of the items from his older brother, with whose left side of his body she collided because he suddenly remained completely still. The little girl with orange hair raised her brown eyes identical to his, only to see her brother totally fascinated with the store in front of them.

Which, she wasn't surprised to see that was Quality Quidditch Supplies.

His brother's favorite activity.

His first hobby.

His main fun.

His most important fascination.

The reason why their mother always scolded him.

The little girl only chose to snort, knowing that if her tender gaze didn't work on that occasion, her brother would make her stay in front of that store for the rest of the afternoon, or even worse, accompany him inside of it, which space was full of students at that time, since his brother wasn’t the only one obsessed with that sport of the magical world.

Natsu tugged the hand of his older brother, who for the first time in five minutes, turned his gaze from the window that showed the latest models of brooms, to rest on the small one next to him.

“Will you play this year?” she asked.

Although Natsu could choose to use his puppy face to ask him to leave, because every year half an hour was at least the time Hinata remained in that store, the reality was that he hadn't yet bought her the candy he promised, so she preferred to talk to distract him, although that didn't seem to work because little stars appeared around his brother's head.

“Of course I will!” his brother exclaimed in response, amazed.

Totally excited, he nodded quickly.

"I'll be the fastest chaser of all!" Hinata added releasing the hand of his younger sister to begin to wave his arms quickly and move as if he was really riding on his broomstick over the field, causing some people around him to turn to find the source of the excited shouts.
Natsu looked at her brother surprised, since from what she could remember, every time she had asked that question, Hinata had shaken his head and responded that they didn't accept players on the team unless they were from the last years, so it struck her that his brother nodded, until she realized that although his brother didn't look like it, he was in his last years of school.

The older of both continued moving, completely enthusiastic with the idea that that year he would finally do the try outs to try to be part of the team of his house that he wanted so much to belong, and for which he had been training during all summer, until his excitement was suddenly interrupted when he collided with the figure who had just left the store along with an obvious new broom tied to his back to let his hands carry bags with other objects. The orange-haired one fell to the floor and rubbed his ass to keep that part of his body from continuing to hurt him, but it was Natsu that interrupted the sudden change of atmosphere when she didn't hesitate to kick the leg of the one who collided with his brother accidentally, causing the new figure to drop the bags and scrub that area of his body while complaining.


After getting up, Hinata took her hand so that her younger sister wouldn't continue to evidence that kicking people was easier when part of her legs were freed for wearing a dress, but that didn't stop the girl from sticking out her tongue to the one who she kicked before, although she didn’t hesitate to hide behind his older brother when the unknown one fixed his piercing blue eyes on her after he stopped complaining. And both his height and his serious look were enough for Natsu to remain silent behind his brother.

“Ghaaaw! Did you just buy a broom? So cool! I bet it's a Nimbus 2020," the older of the two siblings suddenly asked, ending the small passive aggressive confrontation between the little girl behind her and the boy in front of him, who did nothing but pick the bags he had left fall after receiving a kick without warning.

"It's none of your business." he said.

Before the orange-haired one could complain about the reluctant phrase of the one in front of him, a voice interrupted him.


The boy in front of him removed his eyes from him when he heard his name, but his attention returned to focus on him when Hinata let out a gasp of surprise after realizing that he recognized the one his sister kicked, not only because they belonged to the same house and were in the same year, but because he remembered that he was Kageyama Tobio, a player who although known for his natural talent, wasn't accepted on the quidditch team because of his terrible attitude and excessive way of saying things.

"I know who you are!" Hinata shouted, pointing at him. "You are the one the team didn't allow to play!"

At the mention of those words, Kageyama secured the grip of his hands to the bags and frowned, although he was grateful that the orange-haired boy didn't call him by the nickname that those who had previously composed the team had put him, but the mere fact of imagining him saying it was enough to make him angrier.

"I will play this year." Kageyama announced, extremely confident.

“I'll try it too!” Hinata said with a smile, which disappeared as soon as he heard a sarcastic laugh.

“You?” the black-haired boy asked him in a bad way. He looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow. It wasn't possible that someone who had fallen to the ground by only colliding with him was able to withstand the force with which other quidditch players counted, not to mention that his height didn't favor him, given that no matter what position he wanted to play, to have long arms represented an advantage, one he clearly hadn’t. "Impossible," he articulated out loud.

That moment it was Hinata's turn to frown.

"I'll show you," he assured him.

"Try it," was all Kageyama said.

Continuing to carry the broom on his back and the bags in his hands, the black-haired boy looked at him contemptuously one last time before passing close to him to leave him alone, and Hinata stopped feeling tense once his sister took his hand, making him rest his eyes on her instead of the back of the one who had just underestimated him.

"You want me to give him another kick?" Natsu asked.

And she smiled when she heard her brother laugh, and then saw him shake his head.

"Don't worry, Natsu," he said along with a smile "I will face him in the right place."

The quidditch pitch.

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Daichi hit the heads of the three people who were known for being extremely loud and capable of getting the attention of anyone around them no matter where they were thanks to their exaggerated reactions, loud voices, and inability to remain silent for more than five minutes in a row. And Yaku giggled unavoidably before continuing to walk along with Daichi, not only because Nishinoya, Yamamoto, and Tanaka rubbed their heads after receiving a hit from the seventh year, but also because those seemed to forget the scolding after returning to being themselves, since the three didn't doubt to hug each other enthusiastically and exclaim how much they loved each other, not caring about being in the middle of the platform, interrupting the passage of all the others present, and also causing some first year students to wonder if they made the right choice on deciding to attend Hogwarts.

"You can't imagine how much I missed you!" Yamamoto exclaimed allowing true tears of emotion to run down his cheeks.

"An eternity has passed for our friendship!" Tanaka added, wiping away a tear after scrubbing his shirt against his face.

"Time doesn't matter, we will always be best friends!" Nishinoya found himself in the middle of the hug, which explained why his voice sounded covered, although that didn't prevent him from being heard anyway.

"Didn't all of us saw each other about two days ago?" Kinoshita asked, watching them from not so far away, but not too close to be able to stay away in case they tried to added him to the hug, wondering why the three friends greeted each other as if they hadn't seen each other during the holidays when in reality only two days passed since the last time they had gathered.

"You know how they are," Narita said by his side, not surprised at all.

The three friends only stopped tearing and commenting on how much they missed each other during the two days they passed one away from the other, when they heard a delicate melody that for them was what Kiyoko's voice represented, and although the sixth year trio continued to embrace each other, their attention was reposed on the girl whose face and personality they had fallen in love with since the first day they had seen her. They considered her to be perfect from head to toe, and although at that moment Kiyoko did nothing but walk past them, chatting with those who seemed to be girls of her own house and ignoring the presence of anyone else around her as well as the fixed gazes of those who also held volatile hearts around them, the three friends smiled awkwardly.

"As perfect as ever," Yamamoto said, resting his chin on Nishinoya's head because he felt he forgot how to stand.

"I think I'm in love again," the shortest of the three said with hearts in his eyes.

"We have been blessed," Tanaka added.

Suddenly the three heard giggles, and turned their eyes towards Kinoshita and Narita only to realize the two of them were laughing at the expression of indignation on Ennoshita’s face, who appeared and also raised an eyebrow before resting his gaze on the trio's embrace, which was finally broken because Nishinoya approached him.

“Chikara! How have your holidays been?”

“You mean these last two days because we had already seen each other?”

Nishinoya raised both thumbs showing approval anyway, and although Tanaka was the second to approach him to greet him, he only received a blank look from Ennoshita before he left after having spotted Sakusa walking while glancing around him with panic.

Tanaka didn't hesitate to try to follow him anyway, but a voice interrupted him.

"All students on board!" it was heard all over the platform.

And after those words, it turned impossible to try to approach him.

Nishinoya took him by the arm so that they would go towards the train like the others while some began to say goodbye to their relatives. Again they met with Daichi when they got on the train, making him grateful to see them because last time they almost left without them, and following the tide of students who wanted to look for a comfortable seat during the trip, they went to one of the many compartments while Yaku laughed because of the look of relief on Daichi’s face, even though he also remained alert like him because they knew that it was possible for the trio to be forgotten even if they were already on the train; while in another compartment not so far from theirs, Ennoshita took place next to Sakusa, who removed his mask from his mouth once they finally separated from the rest of the crowd composed of students and relatives, already beginning to feel better after not being surrounded by people anymore, which turned out to be his worst nightmare.

But the tranquility achieved by the both of them was interrupted when they heard a scream coming from the hallway.


And although they recognized the two-colored-haired student after he screamed in front of their door, they didn't doubt anyone else in the compartments did the same, since it was easy to distinguish his energetic tone. And said student didn't hesitate to stretch his arm in front of the one whose name he mentioned, rather shouted, to prevent him from entering the compartment to manage to cross a few words with him, who although expected to begin the return to classes in a calm manner, realized that that would only be a dream after resting his blue eyes on the one who observed him with a big smile of enthusiasm, which showed that he was grateful to have found him.

"Bokuto-san," Akaashi said greeting.

The older of the two extended his other hand to him.

"What is that?" the black-haired boy asked as he spotted what appeared to be something small badly wrapped in bluish paper on the palm of his hand.

"A gift for you. A reminder of my vacation," Bokuto said extremely anxious, since he hadn't been able to stop asking himself how he would react since he decided to give him a gift.

“Thank you.”

Akaashi took the gift and his eyes remained on what turned out to be a small whitish owl teddy with gray details, which suspiciously looked like the boy in front of him, who was watching him with his large and intriguing amber eyes.

"You like it? It remembered me of you because it's an owl like the one of your house," Bokuto said completely excited, although he frowned when he heard a hyena-like laugh coming from behind him, but Kuroo covered his mouth before deciding to dedicate an innocent smile to him that said to ignore his laughter.

“Bokuto-san, I like the gift, but the Ravenclaw animal is not an owl, but an eagle.”

At the mention of those words, the aforementioned let his knees touch the floor in an exaggerated manner before he took his head with both hands and tugged at his two-colored locks after realizing the huge mistake he made.

“I'm such a mess!” he exclaimed in a dramatic tone “Akaashi, you didn’t even smile!”

Despite frowning slightly at the mention of the last words, Akaashi assured him that even if the animal wasn't the one of his house, he still liked the gift that he bought for him, and although Kuroo couldn't stop laughing after seeing his best friend make a fool of himself because after seven years he didn’t seemed to have learned the animals that represented the different houses of Hogwarts, he stopped feeling his stomach clench because he couldn't breathe while laughing, when he felt that he himself cringed when he saw who had been behind Akaashi all that time.

Kenma, who kept looking at the ground despite he having his eyes on him.

"Kuroo, why didn't you tell me that the Ravenclaw animal is an eagle!?"

Bokuto was suddenly the one who appeared in his field of vision after getting up looking very offended, only to realize that even though he was in front of him, his best friend was not paying attention to him, and that his expression also seemed to have seen a ghost.

Although for Kuroo, what he saw, or rather who he saw, represented something worse.

Kenma was the one who ignored him during the three months of vacations and who didn't asked him how his trip went once he returned even though he didn't wished him luck before he left either. He was the one who instead of going to his house all the time as they were used to do during the last summers or since they had memory, and who instead of letting Kuroo appear in his house to force him to play quidditch with him, did only the opposite.

He didn't spoke to him or sought a conversation with him, nor presented himself at the meals that both families prepared together since their parents had been friends for a long time as well as neighbors, or bothered to ask him how he was doing or whether he wanted to do something, taking advantage of not having to study. Kenma ignored his entire existence during the summer, making Kuroo feel that it was his fault that his vacation had been completely different than he was used to.

But at that moment, Kenma made it clear that even if he wasn't making eye contact, he was still aware that the older one was watching him because he moved uncomfortably in his place. He felt totally uncomfortable and wished he could escape through one of the windows of the train even though it was already in motion, because although he knew that sooner or later it would happen, he didn’t expect to cross paths with Kuroo so soon. He felt himself locked and without escape, and although the affliction was evident in his face, he tugged gently the bottom of Akaashi's shirt, even though the black-haired one already understood that he didn’t want to be there.

Even being inside the compartment, Ennoshita was able to sense the tension.

“Thank you for the gift, Bokuto-san. I won’t lose it" was the only thing that Akaashi pronounced before resting his hands delicately on Kenma's shoulders to direct him towards the compartment to which he later entered to then close the door behind them, leaving the mentioned in the hall with a wide smile and what appeared to be stars in his pupils that already shone.

“Did you heard him, Kuroo? Akaashi said he won’t lose my gift," he said proudly.

But he didn’t get any response from the boy at his side.

“Kuroo?” he added, looking at him.

The one whose face was partially hidden behind black strands, remained looking at the floor with no expression on his face even though he previously didn’t mind laughing.

"Rejected," he said “Again.”

Bokuto put his hand on his shoulder, but they were suddenly surprised when a boy who didn’t hesitate to pounce on them and wrap his arms around their shoulders, exposed the piercing on his tongue by sticking it out and dedicating a big smile to both friends, who exchanged glances with each other and seemed to forget what happened after starting to rummage the hair of the newly added.

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After director Takeda enunciated one of his poetic and sometimes exaggerated, speeches on the return to classes that was followed by the draw of the new freshmen that now knew which of the four houses they belonged to, and later by a great and delicious welcome banquet, the students retired to their respective common rooms guided by the prefects to spend the first night at Hogwarts that year. Fortunately they were at the beginning of the weekend, so they wouldn’t have to carry books and attend classes until Monday morning, and although several took advantage of it by remained chatting with those they didn’t see during the holidays, to wonder where they traveled or what they did if they stayed at home; in the Ravenclaw’s Tower, in one of the many rooms occupied by young people belonging to that house, a black-haired boy accommodated his pillow for the umpteenth time after continuing trying and failing to find a comfortable position that would allow him to sleep, but he only managed to remain lay down when while turning to the other side, he glimpsed the owl teddy that he had left on the bedside table next to his bed.

The only window in the room was to the left of his bed just like the previous year, so he was used to sleeping facing the other side so that in the morning the sun wouldn’t be his natural alarm, but after not being able to sleep, he found no other choice but to look to that side, and in doing so, his eyes met the present that the two-colored-haired one specified to bring from his vacation, evidencing that he thought of him at least during that moment in the recess.

Akaashi put his hand between his eyes and the teddy to try to prevent his thoughts continue tormenting him, while in the bed in front of him, Kenma continued using the electronic device that illuminated his face and prevented the room to be completely dark, without realizing that in that way he managed to make it even more difficult for Akaashi to reconcile sleep, he being the first to ask him about that curious device with which he appeared on the platform, and therefore the first one to which he gave a short explanation about it even though the black-haired one could only understand that the rectangular black device was an item that his father had given him from a Muggle store on electronics, and that he only had to press a few buttons to distract himself with various games. Kenma seemed to have found in it a world in which to take refuge, and while Akaashi said he didn't understand how his eyes didn't hurt after being with that device lighting up his sight since they took place in the train compartment, not even releasing it while the first years were sorted in the different houses, Ennoshita didn't seem to be interested in the object nor give importance to it, since he seemed to consider himself the most fortunate after seeming to be sleeping.

Finally, Akaashi gave up and sat up in his bed.

He didn't know what time it was and didn't want to know either. He only knew that a long time had passed since they left the Great Hall, and that although the next day they didn't have to get up at any specific time or perform certain activities, he would start to get stressed anyway because he didn't want to know how many valuable minutes, if those had not turned into hours, he wasted so far after not being able to sleep.

“You can't sleep?” he listened.

He was surprised to hear the voice of the dyed blonde who continued to concentrate on the device in his hands, since he never really talk much, and hadn't almost released a word since he turned that article into an extension of him.


After a few seconds, the room of the three sixth-year boys was only illuminated by the light of the moon that pierced throught the crystals of the only window, since Kenma finally turned off the electronic device that seemed to have monopolized all his attention and interest for the whole day. However, he was used to observe a fixed point, so it wasn't a big difference that now he had an object in which to fix his golden irises.

"Me neither," he said.

In order to not awake Ennoshita with his talk, Akaashi opted to uncover and leave his bed to sit on the edge of his roommate's.

"Why can't you sleep?" he asked the one that despite having stopped using his console, kept the device lying on his chest.

“You should have deciphered it for this moment already.”

Akaashi had asked for simple courtesy, but as his roommate just mentioned, he was aware that both he and Kenma already knew that the second of them couldn't fall asleep for the same reason he seemed out of his mind, and even more silent than usual since the day had begun, not to mention that he also seemed very interested in not taking his eyes off the electronic device.

“It's him. Isn’t he?” It was enough that Kenma seemed to shrink even more so that Akaashi could confirm that the answer to his question was an affirmation "You knew you would meet with him sooner or later. Being able to avoid him while we have classes is not as easy as getting away from him during the holidays," he continued.

"Without counting the quidditch matches,"

Both friends suddenly turned their eyes to the one who suddenly joined the conversation, and who in less than a few seconds was sitting on the other side of Kenma's bed, showing that although he also tried to fall asleep, and perhaps managed to do it for a few minutes, he was also not passing his best sleep routine.

"And the Great Hall. And any part of the castle," Ennoshita went on.

"Minus our common room," Akaashi added, trying to be positive.

Ennoshita smiled sideways after hearing him.

"I'll never leave the room if necessary," Kenma said, his gaze fixed on the ceiling of the room.

Those sitting around him exchanged glances with each other. Ennoshita let out an exaggerated sigh before collapsing next to Kenma, and Akaashi took advantage of the one with dyed hair to find his legs extended to use them as a pillow and to lie down too.

"First night and none of the three manages to sleep. Could it be that the room is haunted? Or is it that our minds have already started to conspire again because being Ravenclaws means that our brains are functioning all the time? Even when we want to put out our thoughts for a few hours and try to unwind?" Ennoshita asked, looking at the ceiling, as did the other two along with him.

"Why can't you sleep?" Akaashi asked.

"I don't know," he lied "I just can't. I don't know, I feel annoyed," he added to try to be a little more honest with his roommates.

"Annoyed?" Kenma articulated without understanding his words.

And a little grateful that the conversation was no longer focused on him, because although he liked to chat with his friends spontaneously and inside he was glad he wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep, he didn't want to continue thinking about the meeting on the train.

"Yeah, just ... annoyed. Why can't you sleep Akaashi?"

No one seemed to want to think much that night.

"If I ask you a question, would you answer me?"

"Yes, Akaashi, I'm prettier than you. It was time you accepted it," Ennoshita said raising his head to raise both eyebrows repeatedly and give a smile full of pride to the one who didn't hesitate to throw thim the pillow Kenma gave him to be more comfortable.

"Do you think I'm expressionless?" he asked.

Ennoshita stopped laughing, while for the first time since the black-haired one had sat on his bed, Kenma stopped keeping his gaze on the ceiling, to observe him. Since he knew exactly why he asked that question.

He wasn't the only one affected by the encounter on the train.

Bokuto was a person characterized by not caring how many people were around him. His tone of voice was loud enough so that anyone near or far away from him could hear him without any problem, and Kenma had been close to him to know that the Hufflepuff's captain, made a comment about the personality of his roommate that apparently it hadn't been overlooked although it hadn't been more than a couple of words expressed with innocence.

"I'm not who to say if someone is expressionless," Kenma said "And you shouldn't give it importance," he added mumbling, though Akaashi was able to hear him.

"You don't always have to be demonstrating what you feel or saying what you think. Sometimes, it's even better not to let your face go before you," Ennoshita linked his hands behind his head “And given the case you were expressionless, I would envy you."

"Why you say that?" the dyed blonde asked lying next to him, since Akaashi seemed to have lost his voice.

Although in reality, he had once again entered into his thoughts.

Should he worry about being expressionless? He was aware that he smiled little and that the features of his face had never been the friendliest or the most sympathetic, nor those that invited someone strange to have a casual conversation or give him a smile in return. But he didn’t consider that the fact of not showing his feelings or thoughts with expressions on his face didn’t mean that he had a brain and a heart just like everyone else.

Ennoshita's voice brought him back to reality.

“Nobody knows what goes through your mind.”

Was that a good thing?

Kenma opted to leave his electronic device aside, and like his two roommates, he remained silent, allowing the three of them to be distracted by their own thoughts that that night seemed to have agreed not to let them fall asleep in an easy way.

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Even though Yamaguchi was both anxious and nervous about the new year of classes that would increase his knowledge and skills in various areas, and even if a smile appeared on his face after glimpsing the Hufflepuff shield on his gray hoodie, he wasn't surprised when a yawn left his lips while heading towards the Great Hall, since he preferred for the holidays to continue since he just wanted to be able to sleep more hours instead of getting up early.

Besides, his day started thanks to his roommate waking him up to tell him that they should start the day with emotion as he had indicated every year when they started another year again, but Lev had fallen back asleep on his pillow seconds after uttering those words, while Yamaguchi laughed and got ready, deciding to let the other one sleep because there was still time for breakfast.

Contrary to what he had thought, he hardly spent the weekend with his best friend Tsukishima, with whom he shared several days of his holidays, not only because Lev and Koganegawa kept him busy while they told him about their holidays, but because he also helped the first years who had been sorted in his house to feel more comfortable, so when he entered the Great Hall and sighted the blond having breakfast without any company at the Ravenclaw's table, he moved his feet to approach him, until a hubbub that began to grow in a matter of seconds, caught him immediately after coming from the table next to that of his best friend, since Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were those houses whose tables were stuck in the center of the Great Hall. And he looked at it to see that it seemed to be a celebration, since some people hugged one person in particular and applauded with joy despite being early.

And despite continuing a little asleep, Yamaguchi opened his eyes completely when he realized that the person who continued to be embraced was Yachi, and after spotting half a cake in front of her, he understood that the reason for the celebration was her birthday, so he didn't doubt to hit himself in the forehead because the same thing always happened to him every year. During the last days of vacation he remembered that the blonde's birthday was approaching, and then he realized that he had completely forgotten when the day had already arrived and was in front of him.

He didn't have a gift but decided to congratulate her anyway, not only because they had become friends since both had been drawn in the same house and because letters were sent between them during the summer, but also because he believed that celebrating a birthday was nice for anyone, so, a little nervous, he took advantage that some dispersed to approach her and touch her shoulder with concern, and then smile sideways once she rested her eyes on him.

"Happy Birthday!" Yamaguchi exclaimed with a slight blush.

Yachi smiled broadly when she heard him.

"Yamaguchi-kun, thank you very much!" She exclaimed more than cheerful.

She quickly cut a piece of chocolate cake for him, but Yamaguchi was left confused when his two hands were occupied with plastic plates with cake on them.

"For Tsukishima-kun," Yachi added with a smile.

And he turned his gaze to where she did, only to realize that his best friend was watching them, although he pretended to find himself focused on the table when they both observed him.

"Thanks Yachi," Yamaguchi thanked her with a sincere smile, and only had to draw a few steps to sit in front of his best friend, who looked seriously at the plate that he slid in front of him "Yachi sends it, it's her birthday."

Tsukishima again looked at the portion of cake, and rested his elbow on the table as well as his cheek in the palm of his hand to become distracted and look away.

"I'm not hungry," was all he said.

Yamaguchi realized that perhaps his best friend's bad mood was due to the return to school and the end of the holidays, but he started a conversation with him anyway, since they hardly saw each other over the weekend and he wanted to know how he had had been in Ravenclaw, though he only received a few words in return.



Hinata let out a complaint.

He hadn't stopped wailing throughout the weekend since he discovered that the quidditch practices began the second week of classes and that therefore he wasn't allowed to enter the field,  much less even without being part of the team in an official way, his desire to ride on his broom only managing to grew quickly.

Inuoka, who was his roommate since first year, that being the reason why they became close as well as belonging to the same house, and who therefore was also the one in hearing all the complaints from the orange-haired one, chuckled again when he heard him wailing as they walked down the hall.

"Shouyou, we'll be able to play soon," he assured him when he saw him getting impatient.

Even though he couldn't blame Hinata, because although he himself turned to be a dedicated fan of the same sport, Hinata was the most desperate to play Quidditch even if they spent a few days playing it during the holidays. He also wanted to join his house team, so he couldn’t really blame the orange-haired one for wanting to play.

"I was so excited!" Hinata exclaimed, his shoulders drooping.

Inuoka patted him on the shoulder before they finally found the classroom in which they would have Charms, but he basically tripped over the one who had previously been complaining.

"Shouyou, don't stop so suddenly," he said "Shouyou?" He added when he realized that the orange-haired boy standing in front of him not only remained still, but also extremely quiet when he hadn't stopped talking all morning and the weekend.

"You!" Hinata exclaimed.

He didn't refer to Inuoka, but to another one who also knew his younger sister, although for a completely different reason.

Like several present in the class, Kageyama raised his head, and his frown as well as his serious blue eyes assured Hinata that he also remembered him and the few but certain words they said to each other in the Diagon Alley after Natsu hit him in the leg.

"You," Kageyama said.

Hinata collided with Inuoka when he pulled back, feeling that with his blue eyes, the black-haired one could destroy him without even standing up. He was able to intimidate whoever was without even putting a lot of effort into the action.

"You'll see that I will join the team!" Hinata exclaimed anyway.

The one with black hair arched an eyebrow when he listened to him while Inuoka remained confused.

"I will achieve it more easily, and before you," Kageyama assured him.

"You could never win against me!"

"Of course I could!"

Inuoka failed to contain Hinata even though he didn't understand what they were talking about, because although he could also remember Kageyama after having shared some classes with him, he didn't remember that he and the orange-haired one had spoken before, but no matter what he tried to calm him down, Hinata didn't hesitate to approach Kageyama, getting the attention of the others present in the class to be put on them, since it was ridiculous for them that two people from the same house challenged each other.

"To try to defeat me, you must first make sure you join the team," Kageyama stated, eyeing him with a frown.

Hinata knew the exact meaning of those words.

The anger was evident in his face, and he didn't notice that the teacher of the subject that they would have, arrived. Hinata could accept being judged by his way of playing, but he would never accept being talked about in a derogatory way when the one in front of him never saw him riding on his broom.

"Of course I'll join the team!" Hinata shouted.

The only adult in the classroom fixed his attention on him after his tone of voice was highlighted.

"Shouyou, you will make us be scolded," Inuoka murmured approaching him.

"I'll join the team! And I will achieve it much more easily than you!"

The words of both of them were a ping pong of phrases that made the other lose even more patience after perceiving the determination that surrounded them and the confrontation that they were willing to continue despite being from the same house. And Hinata was more than willing to open his mouth to answer again no matter that Inuoka had rested a hand on his shoulder, but the voice of the only adult in the classroom interrupted him.

"Gryffindor, twenty points less for the fuss," he determined.

Both declared enemies forgot that their way of developing inside the class would affect the rest of the people who were in their house after the race for the Cup of the Houses had already started, and Inuoka and the others who carried the red color in their uniforms as well as gold, let out a sigh.

However, Hinata and Kageyama didn't break eye contact, the competition between the two hardly considered begun.




Hinata didn't take his eyes off the plate loaded with food in front of him. He had the chance to choose any food that made water in his mouth and he even chose to serve several servings of his favorite foods, but strangely, that night he seemed to have lost his appetite no matter how used to being one of the people who ate the most he was. He could feel that several of those present at his table were watching him because the clocks of the houses that kept track of the points were already arranged again so that all the students could observe them, and it wasn’t usual for a teacher to remove points the first day of class, being that the reason why Gryffindor was already at a disadvantage compared to the other three houses. Inuoka was also looking at him, although unlike the others, because he was worried, since he didn’t think that such an enthusiastic personality and vivid energy like he had, could get transformed in an angry attitude as easily as he had, so he decided to start a conversation with him, since in addition, since the episode developed in class, he didn’t open his mouth many times more.

“Why do you know him?” Inuoka asked, still confused.

“Natsu kicked him for colliding with me in Diagon Alley,” Hinata said, and Inuoka made a huge effort to not laugh after hearing those words “He said it's impossible for me to get into the team," he added, and immediately Inuoka understood why he seemed to be affected, since even he had been present when on multiple occasions members of the official teams made fun of him because of his height and the complexion of his body when they noticed him with his broom in hand.

The brown-haired one momentarily diverted his attention from Hinata to rest his eyes on the other one involved in the matter, who at that moment was sitting in one of the corners on the other side of the table, dining without talking to anyone. His serious face and severe look showed that he wasn't a person who liked to be surrounded by many people, reason that also explained, why despite having shared several classes with him, and being from the same year and same house, they only knew him for being the one who had been rejected the previous year by the official Gryffindor team.

“Hello, sorry to bother you,”

Inuoka regained his concentration when he heard a voice close to him, and opened his eyes like two large plates when he sighted the one who had approached Hinata and also addressed him, while his roommate did nothing more than observe the black-haired boy who invoked a great presence with just his appearance, and who like them, wore the uniform with the same colors because he also belonged to Gryffindor.

“Don't worry about the points, they are easy to recover, and even more us being Gryffindors. Soon everyone will forget and I'm sure others will be responsible for losing more points for our house," he said rolling his eyes, seeming to be thinking of certain people he knew “But others will also recover them.”

Hinata was surprised to hear him, since knowing he was the prefect for that year, he expected a scolding for what he had done as three adults from the faculty already did. Meanwhile, Inuoka interspersed his gaze between them, not understanding how it was possible that his roommate wasn’t jumping with emotion throughout the Great Hall.

"Thank you," was the only thing the orange-haired boy managed to say.

The seventh year one only smiled sideways before returning to sit in his place.

“Shouyou!” Inuoka exclaimed as soon as he left. Hinata looked at him confused as he did not understand why he shouted his name if they were sitting side by side “Don’t you know who he is?” his best friend asked.

Inuoka still didn’t understand how it was possible that Hinata didn’t recognized the boy who approached to speak to him, because although he was aware that the orange-haired boy had a hard time focusing his attention on anything, Quidditch was something in which he was always thinking of, so he wondered how it was that he didn’t known who was the one that came to them seconds ago.

“The prefect?” Hinata asked hesitantly.

Even if that was true, Inuoka took him by the shoulders anyway.

"Sawamura Daichi, the new captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team!" he said.

And with those simple words, the orange-haired boy hugged his belly and felt like going to the bathroom.



While Hinata spent the night wondering how he didn’t manage to recognize the captain of the Quidditch team of his house, which he wished to be able to enter after presenting himself in the try outs and then play in the matches against the other houses in order to be able to take the Quidditch Cup with his own hands once they came out as champions, said captain didn’t think he would fulfill his role as leader both inside the field and outside of it so soon.

Yamamoto and Tanaka were walking down the aisle without worrying about knowing they were arriving late to classes, since they considered that exchanging words about how beautiful Kiyoko was, continued to sound more important to them than having perfect attendance, till they were suddenly forced to stop and again focus their heads on the present instead of allowing their thoughts to continue among the clouds, since two people who were characterized for not being nice, although for being equally friends like the two of them, turned out to be walking on the opposite side of the corridor, so the four of them remained quiet when they met, realizing that if they continued advancing, eventually they would cross. And both Tanaka and Yamamoto didn’t hesitate to start doing the typical weird faces that characterized them when they wanted to scare or even intimidate people they didn’t like, and which probably would have served to do so to a lost freshman, but not to those in front of them, because after all, it wasn’t the first time that they faced each other both inside and outside of the field of quidditch.

Futakuchi Kenji and Yahaba Shigeru.

Students of the same year as them, belonging to the house of Slytherin and the quidditch team of the same, which made them their eternal and sworn rivals.

"Lizards," Yamamoto articulated to annoy them.

"Puppies," Yahaba countered.

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes and Futakuchi arched an eyebrow before smirking amused.

Both students who wore a green shield with a silver serpent drawn on their uniforms, were similar to each other not only because they had the same colors on their clothing, or because both had brown eyes and light brown hair, although of different tones and different fringes, but because the two were characterized by smiling with intentions that were always considered dishonest, by squandering egomania in their words, by acting through sarcasm, by their contemptuous looks, and by their arrogant and competitive personalities.

And just like Yamamoto and Tanaka, it was rare to see them separated.

The four remained silent mutilating each other with their eyes, until they heard voices near them that interrupted their visual fight.

“Why is it that the two of you always try to pick a fight?” Kuroo articulated.

The seriousness in the sixth year duo of Slytherin only increased when they heard him, and they didn’t observe in a good way the Gryffindor member who was at his side, and who although knew that the two of them would do nothing but continue to watch him without a trace of any sympathy in the features of their faces, however, approached the duo of those who belonged to his own house to rest his hands on their shoulders and force them to make a small bow.

"I'm sorry, they never know when to shut up," Daichi said in the name of the duo.

The sixth-year duo of Slytherin remained crossed arms.

"You also apologize," Kuroo said, staring at them.

Resembling five-year-old grouchy children instead of sixteen-year-olds, both Yahaba and Futakuchi continued with a frown and refused to open their mouths to make an apology, and although they planned to continue with their heads held high and therefore with their ego intact, as well as with their arms crossed, both protested when their shoulders were surrounded by arms.

"Come on," said the one who suddenly joined the conversation, though he was the only one to smile animatedly as he interposed his gaze between those two at his sides “Say sorry.”

The sixth-years duo were aware that it was convenient for them to listened to him, so they murmured their apologies, and the one who embraced them who was characterized for having gray hair but most of all by the mole under his left eye, gave a funny giggle after seing the stunned faces of the duo that belonged to his same house.

Chapter Text

Sugawara Koushi.

Seventh-year student, belonging to the Slytherin house, and a prefect as sweet as chaotic. He was always seen with a smile on his face no matter what situation he was in or who he was chatting with. He had become close to Kuroo not only because they were both from the same year and house, or because they shared a room since their first year, but also because they were both Quidditch fans, both of them belonging to the Slytherin team although with different roles, which had allowed the gray-haired one to watch the players polish their individual skills, and therefore, know them and have conversations with them, which explained why at that time Yahaba and Futakuchi didn’t get mad at him even though he made them apologize and leave their egos aside, because although he was preceded by a reputation that made it clear that although his face seemed to have been sculpted by angels, his personality could match that of a demon if he wasn’t heard or his words weren’t followed with attention.

"I'm sorry, it's easy to lose sight of them," Suga inquired once he stopped hugging the pair of sixth-year friends.

Yamamoto and Tanaka turned their eyes to the one who had also made them apologize, and who had suddenly seemed to lose his tough character after remaining stupefied.. Kuroo simply avoided laughing when he covered his mouth with his hand, since he knew that although Daichi had never crossed words with Suga before, he was totally in love with him.

Being on the same year, Daichi shared some classes with Suga, and although he had had several opportunities to get close to him, since they also had friends in common, like Kuroo, he never had the courage to start a conversation between them, because as sure of himself as he seemed, the one belonging to Gryffindor could also become shy, and besides, whenever he decided that day was the right one to talk to him, the one with gray hair was busy talking with someone else. He always watched him carry an animated smile on his face, and it was easy for him to recognize when both were in the same place.

That moment was the first time the Slytherin member spoke to him and was close enough so that Daichi could appreciate his hazel eyes, and he wasn’t prepared for Suga to be the one to finally start a conversation with him, so even though he opened his mouth several times, he couldn’t answer anything.

"Well, you know what they say, Gryffindor and Slytherin, eternal rivals," Kuroo interrupted after seeing the state of his friend as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders and managed to remove him from the state of stupefaction in which he submerged himself.

Suga laughed when he heard him.

"Nobody has to be anyone's rival, Kuroo," he said.

Both Yamamoto and Tanaka laughed at the still present stupor in the face of that of their own house, and Futakuchi and Yahaba didn’t hesitate to think that they were mocking them, but Suga pushed them gently to the other side so they wouldn’t try to attack them again.

“See you later, I'll take these troublemakers to their classes” the gray-haired one said taking the pair of friends with him.

Tanaka and Yamamoto burst out laughing when Daichi hit his face with both hands when he realized that he missed another opportunity to continue the conversation with the one who had already made his presence invisible, and Kuroo laughed too.

“You also go to your classes.”

The sixth-year duo felt chills go through their bodies when the dark brown eyes of the same one in their house focused on them, and theystarted to run because they were aware that making him angry wasn't something pleasant for anyone.

"I'm a mess," Daichi added when he found himself alone with the Slytherin of his seam year.

“I consider a miracle you didn't faint,”

Kuroo raised his hands innocently and smiled amused when Daichi glared at him.




Yamamoto and Tanaka turned their escape from Daichi into a race to see who could arrive to the classroom first -although that didn’t mean the class already had started more than half an hour ago- but suddenly Tanaka stopped when he spotted a black hair head and a Ravenclaw uniform at one of the corridor intersections. Yamamoto also stopped when he noticed that his friend stayed behind, but he resumed his way to the classroom when Tanaka mentioned that he could take the race, and simply disappeared down the other corridor.

“Ennoshita!” Tanaka shouted so that the other wouldn't continue walking down the hall.

The one who carried three books in his arms turned around when he heard that he was called, and was surprised to recognize the voice and to see the Gryffindor who was approaching him in a hurry, and who seemed to have been running after breathing through his mouth several times in a row.

“Why were you running?” He asked him with an arched eyebrow.

Tanaka formed a disguised pout whit his lips when he wasn’t receive with a big smile or some sort of nice greeting.

“I was doing a race with Yamamoto. And of course I was winning,” he said, changing his face for a big smile of pride, at which Ennoshita only raised an eyebrow.

"You should be on time for classes," he expressed “And I have to go to one now, and I don’t plan on running because I'm late, so see you later.”

Ennoshita didn’t allow Tanaka to add anything else, since he didn’t hesitate to turn around after expressing those words and turning his back on him to continue on his way.

The Gryffindor let out a weary sigh, wondering why the one who happened to be from his same year but from a different house, didn’t took his time to greet him or even ask about his vacation, even if only two days had passed from when they saw each other on Yamamoto’s house and then in King Cross’ Station. But since the time in the platform, Ennoshita acted reluctant to him, and he didn’t understand the reason because he didn’t remember doing something that could annoy him in any way.

Tanaka thought to follow him anyway, but the voice of his best friend stopped him.

“Ryuu!” Nishinoya called him “Professor says he will lower points to Gryffindor if you don’t come, and neither of us wants Daichi to get mad," he added, taking him by the arm to drag him along with him.

Although he stopped when he saw his best friend’s face.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Tanaka took a few seconds to answer, and preferred to shake his head and give him a smile to indicate that he was okay, although he knew he wasn’t.



“You got a weird face,” Suna said when he saw the boy who was wearing his same colors.

Ennoshita looked up when he heard the one with whom he had agreed to come together to attend their next class.

"I guess I'm not excited about class," he mentioned.

The one who also held books with his hands only chose to observe him out of the corner of his eye instead of adding another word when they started walking side by side. It turned out that they were heading towards to one of the subjects that had always been Ennoshita's favorite, so his housemate wondered what it was that had him so distracted that he didn’t took his time to invent a better lie.



Ennoshita approached Akaashi once the class ended, having made it clear to Suna that his strange expression was due to something else and not to his no emotion for the subject, since when sitting with him, he was able to saw him enjoying the class, and even got twenty points for both answering questions.

Suna gave him a look, and left the classroom anyway.

"Akaashi, I forgot to ask you about something," Ennoshita inquired as the others continued to leave the class.

"Yes, I'll lend you my book so you can study," said the other one.

"I know that," he said as they both approached the door “I wanted to know why you asked that question when none of the three could sleep at night. Remember, about if we consider you expressionless?”

Akaashi watched him.

Neither of them remembered having continued chatting after Ennoshita was the last to speak, because even though at first the three of them were lying in the same bed for not being able to sleep, ironically, they ended up falling asleep before any of the three would like to continue chatting.

"It's not common for you to worry about what others think, that's why I was surprised to hear you," Ennoshita added after feeling that he should explain why he was still thinking about that talk.

Both stopped walking before leaving the classroom.

"I don’t know," Akaashi replied, not knowing what else to say.

Ennoshita glimpsed a certain change of expression on his face, so he chose to smile sideways.

"Whatever it is that is making you think about that kind of problem, don’t give it more importance," he expressed, making his housemate watch him surprised “The people you really care about will want you in their life no matter if you are expressionless or not. I don’t need you to be smiling all the time or telling me that you want me twenty-four hours to know that you love me more than Kenma and that you would prefer me over him no matter what time I asked.”

A tiny smile appeared on Akaashi's face.

However, the curvature of his mouth disappeared as soon as they left the classroom, as they ran into a boy with two-colored hair that as it used to be, was accompanied by his best friend whose uniform showed the colors of Slytherin.

“Bokuto-san, shouldn’t you be in your class?” Akaashi asked.

“Akaashi! You know I don’t like to stay in the classroom when I get bored!” Bokuto shouted, leaving his words as an evidence of his actions since he had remained outside the class of the sixth year for more than ten minutes to wait for him to leave.

Kuroo's classes started in half an hour and he took the opportunity to see his best friend walking quietly in the corridor to ask where he was going and why he wasn’t in the indicated classroom having classes like the rest, and he took the chance upon hearing that he was on his way to Akaashi's class, which also turned out to be one that Kenma attended. However, the one belonging to Slytherin only had to be satisfied to see from afar the tinted hair of the blond of whom he had sought, since he quickly left when he saw him at the door of his classroom. Kenma made it clear that he didn’t want to meet him again or be near him.

Ennoshita and Kuroo started to talk to each other while Akaashi continued to observe in disbelief the one who left his class only because it was boring.

“I wanted to know if you liked the gift,” Bokuto said.

“The owl teddy?”

Bokuto complained loudly and shook his head repeatedly.

“I still can’t believe I got confused!” He exclaimed, angry at himself after having confused the animal of the one belonging to Ravenclaw.

Akaashi held his books against his chest.

"Even if it's not an eagle, I still like it," he said, making the two-colored-haired one stop being annoyed to replace the anger with a big animated smile.

“Really??” He asked enthusiastically.

Akaashi nodded, but remained totally tense when Bokuto suddenly hugged him after hearing that he really liked the teddy he had given him. Both Ennoshita and Kuroo directed their eyes towards them, the first because he knew how reluctant his partner could react to physical contact, and the second because he had mentioned more than ten times to his best friend that he should control himself when being near Akaashi.

“I'm glad you liked it, Akaashi!” He exclaimed.

The sixth-year one was forced to press the books even more against his chest.

It wasn’t the first time that Bokuto wrapped his arms around him, and he even started doing it less often since last year when Kuroo mentioned to his best friend that sometimes a hug wasn't pleasant for everyone, although Akaashi didn’t knew that. So he was surprised when the two-colored-haired one hugged him, since he didn’t wait for him to do it. And he continued to feel strange when Kuroo approached them with a confused smile on his face, and gently separated his best friend from him. Bokuto continued to smile broadly, while Ennoshita didn’t take his eyes off his best friend, who was still silent and still.

"Well, we're leaving," the only Slytherin present said, resting his hands on the shoulders of the only Hufflepuff to drag him along with him, but not before letting Bokuto greet at them when he waved his hand energetically.

Ennoshita was still watching him.


Could the books against his chest dull the quick beating of his heart?

His entire body tensed as he was surrounded by the formidable arms that characterized Bokuto, but no trait of his face changed. And yet, he could feel the beating of his heart at full speed, and a wave of nerves running through his body as if it was a race. He became unaccustomed to Bokuto's embraces, but not to what they provoked in him.




"Next time I'll drag you around the castle if you need to understand." Iwaizumi continued tugging at Oikawa's shirt, who could barely follow in his footsteps, and continued to scold him after saying the password to enter the common room of the house they both belonged to “They told you to rest, not to try harder. What part of practices starting next week haven’t you understood? You aren't the only one who wants to play Quidditch, but apparently you're the only fool enough who doesn’t understand that rest time is important.”

Iwaizumi knew his best friend too well, so when he didn’t find him eating lunch in the Great Hall like everyone else, he didn’t have to take a full tour of the Hogwarts territory as he only had to go to the parks to check that Oikawa didn’t plan to stop training or wait until the beginning of the practices to get back in shape. And Iwaizumi also knew the reasons why he tried harder, so he didn’t hesitate to interrupt the training of his best friend, whom he discovered running, to take the front of his shirt and let him know that the next time he wouldn’t doubt to block his road no matter what took him to do it.

Oikawa finally crossed his arms when Iwaizumi released him once they stopped in the corridor of the rooms.

"I have to make an effort," he declared.

"And I know why you think you should, it but it's not like that," Iwaizumi reiterated.

Iwaizumi didn’t really believe that the new position of his best friend in the team had to do with his obsession with training, since Oikawa was like that since he could remember, and even though he knew he would never stop to try to reach his own limits in a bad way, he was determined to prevent Oikawa from forcing himself further.

Oikawa simply decided to sigh.

"I love that you care about me, Iwa-chan," he teased.

The other detected a slight instinct of sarcasm in those words, but also another one of seriousness.

Instead of saying something, Iwaizumi simply pointed to the room. Oikawa rolled his eyes, realizing that he wouldn't escape from his best friend to return to training. A few more laps around the stadium was never a bad idea.

However, exercise ceased to be his main concern, because although he opened the door of the room slowly because he was focused on watching Iwaizumi so that at least his serious gaze tried to intimidate him, he didn’t prevent the seconds from being enough for him to both he and his best friend, to remained stupefied after seeing how Matsukawa and Hanamaki separate suddenly after not anticipating being interrupted in the middle of their session of heated kisses.

Oikawa shook his jaw.

The two of them were laying down in the bed of the first of them, and Hanamaki covered his more than evident blush as Matsukawa smiled more than amused by the sudden change of environment, and by the drastic turn of the situation.

“Makki! Mattsun!” Oikawa shouted, totally euphoric.

Suddenly he began to applaud without stopping and didn’t hesitate to run at full speed towards his two friends to pounce on them without shame, while Iwaizumi rolled his eyes at the glimpse of his best friend's exaggerated behavior, and closed the door of their room.

“Don't be annoying, Stupidkawa. Not that it's news that we just saw," he said, throwing himself into his own bed.

Oikawa replaced his animated smile with a face of confusion and a serious look of accusation directed towards his best friend.

“Did you already know Iwa-chan?!”

"I discovered them in the same situation a month ago when I went to Makki's house," he replied nonchalantly.

The mentioned one hid his face in both hands when he remembered how he had been surprised together with Matsukawa by an innocent Iwaizumi who decided to visit him by surprise, only to end up being the one who took an even bigger surprise.

“Why did nobody tell me?!” Oikawa exasperated and crossed his arms, still lying on the bodies of his friends.

Matsukawa gave a funny laugh and put an arm around Hanamaki's shoulders to draw him towards him.

"Because we knew you would act this way once you discovered it," he said with a smile on his face.

“Mattsun!” Oikawa reproached “Makki!” He shouted even louder, seeing the boy next to the first one.

For the first time since Oikawa and Iwaizumi came to the room, Hanamaki stopped hiding his flushed face behind his hands.

"I wanted to tell you, but Mattsun said it was better if you discovered it for yourself because he wanted to see your reaction," he confessed.

Those words were enough for Oikawa to steal a pillow and start hitting with it the two of them for not telling him about the apparent relationship between them. Iwaizumi didn’t hesitate to throw one at him from where he was, only to receive another pillow in return.

"Now I want to know all the details," Oikawa inquired, resting his elbows on the space he managed to create between the pair that left in evidence to be more than friends, to support his chin on his knuckles and observe them totally delighted with the carefree smile of Matsukawa and the slight blush of Hanamaki.

“Are you sure you want to know all the details?”

“How can you be with a dirty like him, Makki?” Oikawa asked when he heard Matsukawa speak, who did nothing more than bring closer the boy whose lips he already knew well enough to kiss him on the forehead and make him blush again “Will I have to sleep in another room from now on?”

"Don’t you dare leave me alone with them, Oikawa." Iwaizumi said threateningly.

“You have no opinion here, Iwa-chan! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” He shouted turning around to see the one who was watching the ceiling of the room.

“They asked me.”

“Mean, you're all mean!"

Oikawa suppressed his cries of exasperation after hiding his face in the bed.

Hanamaki laughed at his words, while Iwaizumi continued to see the ceiling with a frown, knowing that Matsukawa's gaze was resting on him. He crossed his arms even while lying down, and pressed his lips in a sign of disgust because he knew the true meaning of that look.

Chapter Text

Kuroo blinked several times, realizing that for the umpteenth time, he let his thoughts drag him somewhere else except where he should be: focused on the book in front of him. He thought that deciding to study in the library would help his attention to focus on the paragraphs to be learned, but the silence and atmosphere of tranquility around him only gave him a little push to still be distracted.

His head only projected a single image: Kenma.

He couldn’t stop thinking about him and he wasn’t trying to stop either.

The urgency he felt to cross words with him grew more and more, and so far he didn’t achieve anything that could help him calm down, since every time he crossed paths with the one with blond hair and black roots, he ran away from him as fast as he could, and Kenma wasn’t a person known for being active even if he was in the Ravenclaw’s quidditch team, so that only meant that he really didn’t want to see him. Whether by accident as on the train, or purposely as in the classroom door, Kenma avoided him at all costs, leaving him with words in his mouth and guilt on his shoulders.

“I knew you would be here.”

Kuroo stopped seeming to be lost after Daichi took place in front of him.

The Slytherin smiled sideways when he saw that it was him.

“Were you looking for me?” He asked with a playful smirk.

“Today you were distracted in class, and that usually doesn’t happen to you, so I wanted to know if you were fine," he said.

"Daichi, did I just hear you worried about me?" Kuroo smiled haughtily, and Daichi giggled when he heard him. However, the one belonging to Slytherin remembered that Kenma wasn’t the only image in his head that was preventing him to focus on his study “In fact, can I ask you a question?" The one with brown eyes nodded “How did you manage to get Tanaka and Yamamoto, and Nishinoya, to listen to you?" He asked. Daichi looked at him in surprise, waiting for him to ask about something else “You make them listen to you. Tanaka and Yamamoto seem to control their temper when you tell them. It's possible to say that the same thing doesn’t happen when I try it with Yahaba and Futakuchi." Kuroo added.

The Gryffindor realized that his friend was thinking about the small exchange of words and contemptuous looks that the sixth years of their houses had shared, and that while Yamamoto and Tanaka listened attentively and even fled from him when he remained serious, it wasn’t the same situation with Futakuchi and Yahaba, who seemed reluctant to listen to who was sitting in front of him at that moment.

"I suppose my seriousness helps me," Daichi inquired, not knowing what else to say “Although, since I've been named captain of the team, they seem more susceptible to listening to me than before. But I guess it’s because I’m prefect too.”

The captain of the previous year left him the position of leader of the team of quidditch, reason why Daichi became the new captain and that year would be his first and last fulfilling that roll. He didn’t doubt that those who composed the team last year would continue to do so that year, so he believed that Yamamoto and Tanaka, who had been part of the team since last year, and Nishinoya since he was in fourth year, had begun to respect him much more since they learned that he would coordinate them both on and off the field.

Kuroo simply stared at the book in front of him for a few seconds.

He thought to say something, but chose to smile and rest his eyes on the boy in front of him.

"You know, you've started coming to the library more often since I told you that sometimes Suga accompanies me to study," he decided to say, changing the topic.

Daichi was paralyzed to hear the name of the other belonging to Slytherin, and then hit his own face with one hand.

"I still think I'm a fool," he said.

"And the brave man becomes a coward," Kuroo smiled arrogantly when he played with a quality of the house to which his friend belonged.

It had been easy for him to discover that Daichi was interested in his roommate, not only because he was watching him all the time whenever the gray-haired one was present, but also because Daichi started asking him questions about Suga; what he did after classes, what his personality was like, and if he thought it was a good idea to approach him. Daichi was sweetly obsessed with him, and Kuroo loved being able to bother him about it.

"I’m going to be able talk to him without ruining it, you'll see," the determined Gryffindor announced.

Kuroo had already forgotten all the times he had heard him say that phrase.

And while Daichi continued to assure him that soon would arrive the day he could have a conversation with Suga, Kuroo couldn’t help but lose himself in his thoughts again. Because although he liked the fascination that Daichi felt for Suga, he couldn’t help but think how much he envied him despite Daichi not being able to speak to the gray-haired one, because at least he didn’t know if Suga would reject him or not; while it was clear to him that Kenma was looking to elude him in all possible ways.

He couldn’t stop thinking about how much he missed him, and how different his situation would be if he hadn’t let himself be carried away by his heart, and commit what it turned out to be the worst mistake of his life, even if he didn’t consider it one.

“And what did Daichi tell you?” Daishou asked before throwing the quaffle back.

After have been doing the same for the last five minutes, Kuroo easily caught the ball.

"That being the new captain helps him," he replied, throwing the quaffle at him.

Both belonged to the Slytherin quidditch team, so they believed that a free afternoon could be used to make short-range passes between the two, since the practices would begin in a few days.

“Ironic,” Diashou chuckled. He returned the ball, and Kuroo held it in his hands for long seconds “The fact that Futakuchi and Yahaba didn’t listen to you in a simple discussion has affected you more than you wanted, hasn’t it? You are deeply in your thoughts," he added when he saw him looking at the quaffle with a conflictuos expression.

Daishou knew him from head to toe not only because they were roommates, but because they belonged to the same house and quidditch team, and also because as weird as everyone seemed to think, they were close friends, even though they would never admitted out loud, so he knew the boy that was with him was distracted, thinking of situations that already had happened.

"It only bothers me," Kuroo said, throwing the quaffle back at him.

“Don't think about them anymore. They don’t listen to anyone anyway. Why do you think last year we didn’t win the House Cup? They subtracted more points than they have added by behaving the way they did. It's not something specific against you,” Daishou assured him.

“I know, but I am-

"It doesn’t matter who you are," he interrupted, knowing what he was going to say “If they listen to you, they listen to you. If they don’t, they don’t. It's as simple as it sounds. And if problems start, you know what you can do.”

Kuroo rolled his eyes, managing to receive the quaffle with more intensity in exchange for that gesture.

“Don’t roll your eyes. You must get used to that now I will bother you even more than before.”

Daishou managed to make his friend smile sideways, and was forced to receive the ball with the same power with which he had thrown it.

"I hope you two are not straining," they listened.

Suga gave them a nice smile when they rested their eyes on him, and after throwing the ball up sometimes, Daishou threw it at him, who caught it perfectly and didn’t hesitate to join the small activity after dropping his backpack on the grass and throw it to Kuroo, who momentarily let himself be distracted with his two roommates.

Nishinoya ran at full speed through one of the many corridors that made up the castle, quickly moving away from the place where he heard that laugh that caused chills and emotion at the same time. He looked back for a few seconds and continued walking swiftly, not caring that some people were observing him strangely. He wanted to find Tanaka and Yamamoto since it was always more fun when one of them was present, but the desire to find one of his friends disappeared when he spotted a tall boy with the Hufflepuff uniform that was in the middle of the hall reviewing one of his books. His eyes sparkled and he stuck out his tongue as if he was totally amused before running towards him.

“Asahi-san!” he screamed enthusiastically.

The aforementioned was totally confused when he suddenly spotted Nishinoya hiding under his tunic. The one of smaller height always found some opportunity to take advantage of the great stature of him to his favor.

“Protect me, Asahi-san!”


The one who always wore his brown hair tied in a ponytail from behind, and had a bit of beard on his chin, was the opposite of what he seemed to be by his exterior, because unlike his appearance and his tall stature that managed to give a chaotic appearance, he was kind and gentle. Very rarely did he get angry, and anyone who knew him could claim that he was a good person.

And the person who had just used his tunic as a hiding place, turned out to be the complete opposite of him. Nishinoya was easily known for his energetic character and compulsive personality, as well as for his lack of ability to sit still or quiet for a long time in one place. He always got into trouble, and making jokes with his closest friends was one of his favorite pastimes. So it wasn’t a surprise that Asahi began hyperventilating when he realized that the one who had his dark brown hair up and a lighter frontal lock that fell down his forehead, had probably committed some buffoonery and was now hiding so as not to face whoever he bothered.

And he turned out to be right, because after a few seconds, all the students around him ran out in different directions when they recognized that annoying and noisy laughter that could only belong to what most frightened any young person: Peeves.

The naughty poltergeist watched Nishinoya, who was now hiding behind the back of Asahi, who in turn was about to suffer a heart attack because he too could be considered a personal victim of Peeves, since the poltergeist loved the speed with which the seventh-year student was scared. So at that moment he didn’t hesitate, and instead of saving the water balloons to throw them at Nishinoya, he threw them towards him. And in less than a few seconds, the Hufflepuff member found himself completely drenched from head to toe, and although Nishinoya remained hidden behind him for fear that Peeves would throw water balloons at him too, the poltergeist went back where he had appeared after deciding to bother other students, so Nishinoya began to laugh out loud when he saw himself out of danger and observe the one who was two years old, completely wet.

Asahi became a statue because panic was still running through his entire body, and heard how Nishinoya laughed unable to stop and didn’t care at all that he became his shield of protection. Finally, the older one of both began to laugh too, until he realized that his book was also soaked.

 Ennoshita chased Kenma with his eyes once he met him in the common room, wondering why he was totally drenched from head to toe and holding the electronic device that he didn’t seem to want to let go even if it could get wet, although he held it away from his body so it wouldn’t get ruined. “Peeves.” Was the only word the boy with dyed hair said while he was thinking of going to the outside of the castle because he thought the wind would be the only thing that could dry him.

Ennoshita giggled when he heard him and continued to go to his room. He wasn’t surprised to find Akaashi lying on his bed with a book in his hands, which came down to check that it was him and not Kenma, who had appeared only a few seconds ago to leave his belongings and go away again.

"It's weird to see you smiling," he mentioned.

Ennoshita was surprised to hear Akaashi, who put the book back in front of his eyes.

"I saw Kenma all wet," he explained.

“He was here seconds ago. It isn’t a surprise that he didn’t realize Peeves was throwing him a water balloon,” He said at the thought that, at the moment in which the poltergeist chose him as his next victim, since throughout the day he had heard and seen that Peeves had been enthusiastic about the same joke, Kenma was probably focused enough on the electronic device in his hands to realize that soon he would be all drenched and would only manage to save his precious object by reflexes.

The newcomer left his backpack and then sat next to Akaashi.

“Have I not been smiling these days?” he asked him after rethinking his words.

Since he mentioned that it was weird to see him with a smile, it amazed him.

"Not during the last few days at least," Akaashi mentioned.

"You don’t either," he said without knowing why.

“I never smile.”

Upon hearing him, Ennoshita finally let a smile appear on his face.

“Maybe… I don’t know. I'm still upset,” he chose to say.

“Is it the same as the other night?”

The black-haired boy let a few seconds pass before answering.

"I think so," Ennoshita answered a little bit doubtful.

He couldn’t define exactly how he was. He felt annoyed with himself and was sure that a great weight was on his shoulders, clinging to his body to not leave him alone even when trying to fall asleep.

Ennoshita let out a sigh, and he glanced at his friend who continued with his eyes focused on his book. He was aware that Akaashi never smiled, but that didn’t mean his roommate didn't care about him, so he finally tried to start getting rid of that annoyance that he felt the only way he knew how to do it: talking.

“Akaashi, can I ask you a question?” He only saw him nod “Do you like Bokuto?” 

Maybe talking was not his forte and sometimes he felt that chatting with his roommate only made him hate him because he couldn’t measure his words and was very direct, but he knew that Akaashi didn’t like to talk about himself either, so sooner or later the conversation would lead to him and his own problems, so he would have to talk. And that was what Ennoshita wanted, to talk about himself.

Akaashi stared at the book. But he wasn’t reading.

He rested completely tense, and continued in silence for a few long minutes, making the other one spoke again.

“Why don’t you answer?" Ennoshita insisted.

He didn’t know why he asked that question. Or maybe he did. Maybe he knew what was happening to his friend and also what was happening to himself. Maybe he wanted to know if the same thing happened to Akaashi as he did and therefore he could let off steam without any problem.

“Because when in class they ask something which answer I don’t know, I don’t raise my hand, and I remain silent.” Akaashi finally said.

He decided to close his book and sat up, letting his back rest against the wall and the pillow on his bed. Ennoshita felt his gaze on him, so he continued with his eyes fixed on his hands. He wanted to understand why he felt so nervous, why he wanted so badly for his roommate to talk to him. Or in that case, for Akaashi to listen to him as he had done so many times before.

“Could you define what it is to like?” He listened.

“I don’t know. I guess that liking someone implies thinking about that person all the time, even when you don’t want to," he answered.

“Do you think of Tanaka all the time?”

Ennoshita swallowed when he heard his name.

He achieved it.

He managed to get Akaashi to divert the conversation to him as he had expected. 

The moment Akaashi expressed out aloud what has been bothering him. 

What was it that kept him from smiling as usual?

He was grateful that Akaashi was in his same house for being as smart as he was, for being identical to him when it came to being meticulous and unnoticed when required, as well as paying attention and not letting anything go by. And for the same reason, and although he didn’t show it at all, it took Ennoshita less than a few seconds to realize that the embrace that Bokuto had spontaneously given him, for Akaashi meant more than a simple hug between two people.

“Yes.” Ennoshita confessed. Akaashi moved to sit next to him, and also began to play with his fingers "I hate you knowing me so well," he added.

"I can say the same about you," Akaashi said looking at him, getting Ennoshita to do the same.

“Do you think about Bokuto all the time?” He asked.


The two friends remained silent for a few minutes.

Ennoshita always knew that what he considered annoyance, had always had its name and surname.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke.

Chapter Text

“When will you tell Oikawa that you like him?" Hanamaki asked him.

"Yeah, we made a bet and I don’t want to lose," Matsukawa added.

Iwaizumi didn’t doubt to take advantage of the fact that his two best friends were lying side by side to throw them all the pillows available in the room, to which they responded laughing while uselessly trying to protect themselves with their arms.

“It's not funny. If he finds out because of you, I will kill you." Iwaizumi determined.

For him it wasn’t funny at all that because of the big mouths of his roommates, there was the possibility that Oikawa would hear that he didn’t see the relationship between them in the same way he did. He didn’t know from what moment he begun to feel that way, but he did know that he cursed that day, because since he understood that his heart was not satisfied with the relationship he was currently holding with Oikawa, he felt that everything around him was confusing, that his feelings were betraying him, and that he didn’t need the two who were supposed to be his best friends, to laugh at him to make him feel worse with this hopeless situation.

"I’ll never do it." he added decisively.

Both Hanamaki and Matsukawa stopped laughing when they noticed him more serious than usual.

Fear was what he felt. The fear that his relationship with whom he had always considered his best friend, suddenly cease to exist simply for not being able to contain the feelings that every day and night felt that only increased within him.

“I can never let him know.”

"I think you're exaggerating," Matsukawa inquired.

"Losing him because of what I feel is not an exaggeration," Iwaizumi stated.

Iwaizumi never planned for his best friends to know about his feelings towards Oikawa, but he hadn’t been able to contain what he felt, so the reason he learned about the relationship between them before the one who was absent at that moment, it was because he went to Hanamaki's house during the holidays, determined to express aloud and chat with him about what was happening to him, only to be surprised after finding them in the same situation Oikawa did a couple of days ago. But in the end, the fact that Matsukawa also heard him helped him to download both, and he was grateful that neither of them betrayed him by talking about it with Oikawa, since he could let everyone know what his emotions dictated, except him. He didn’t want their relationship to be ruined because it wasn't possible to silence the feeling of frustration that flooded him every time he met Oikawa.

“You plan to keep the secret for the rest of your life? No matter how badly it does to you?" Matsukawa asked.

“I rather save our relationship before my own self,” Iwaizumi answered without a doubt.

Hanamaki formed a pout with his lips when he heard him.

He didn’ think that hiding his feelings was the best thing for him, but he didn’t feel he had the right to tell him to be honest with Oikawa and confess what he felt, because if it hadn’t been for Matsukawa and his bravery, he would never have told him that he also saw him differently and preferred to maintain another kind of relationship beyond friendship with him. And besides, he understood that not all feelings were always reciprocated, so although he didn’t like to see his best friend suffer for what he felt for his other best friend, he preferred that Iwaizumi continue to pretend in front of Oikawa.

Matsukawa let out a sigh, since he believed the opposite.

That Iwaizumi and Oikawa were destined to be together as well as Hanamaki and him, and that in a not so distant future the four of them would be laughing for all the time they decided to ignore their respective feelings instead of being sincere with each other, to finally be content to have dared to be honest and let their hearts win over the fear of being rejected.

"I'll go to leave them alone," Iwaizumi inquired suddenly, approaching the door of the room.

There was still some time for dinner, and he preferred to spend his time in the common room so he wouldn’t feel he was a third wheel, even if them never made feel him like that.

"You can stay," Hanamaki told him, and Matsukawa agreed with him.

“It's still too early for you to invite me to have a threesome, you bastards,” was the last thing he said before giving them a smile and then closing the door.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa laughed when they heard him, but then they look at each other in silence, knowing that if they wanted to make their best friend stop being sad,  then they had to intervene and act on their own.

Iwaizumi had been sitting in one of the dark green sofas that were in the common room of the house to which he belonged, finding nothing more interesting to do than looking at the ceiling while he considered himself a good friend for having left Hanamaki and Matsukawa alone, at the same time that some other students were around him talking to each other or doing some other activities, when he suddenly felt a weight on his lap and lowered his eyes to realize that Oikawa appeared to lean back on the couch and use his legs as a pillow while holding a book in his hands, which seemed to have caught his attention since he only wore glasses when the reading really interested him, and therefore, his eyesight got tired quickly.

That was one of the many things that he discovered about Oikawa.

“Why do you seem so bored, Iwa-chan?” the brunet asked.

"I don’t know if you've heard, but now our roommates are dating," he said sarcastically “So I decided to be a good friend and leave them alone for a while.”

Oikawa giggled when he heard him.

A few minutes passed in silence, Oikawa reading the book in his hands and Iwaizumi interspersed his gaze between the brown-haired head and the rest of the common room.

“What do you think about Mattsun and Makki?” Oikawa asked suddenly.

That he envied them?

That he wished he could be as honest as Matsukawa?

As happy as Hanamaki seemed to be?

That he was happy for them because finding reciprocated feelings was difficult?

That he wished to find himself in the same situation with the boy that asked the question that in that moment unleashed a string of thoughts that drew his mood towards an abyss?

"That opposites attract," he answered shutting his own self.

He cursed the day when he started feeling more than a simple friendship towards him.

“We are opposites, Iwa-chan.”

And he cursed that his words affected him in ways they didn’t before.

"Because you're a fool and I'm smart, Trashykawa," he said.

The only thing that remained the same was how pleased it was to annoy him.

Oikawa closed his book to try to hit him with it, but only managed to get Iwaizumi to take it off and hit him with the same instead. He let out a small laugh as Oikawa rubbed that part of his head and glared at him through his square glasses. Iwaizumi poked his cheek to make him stop looking at him, and then rested his elbow on the armrest of the sofa and rested his chin on his hand to direct his gaze to any other place but the eyes of the one who caused so much trouble inside of him.

Why couldn’t he feel calm as he always had?

Because he wasn’t the same anymore.

His feelings weren't the same.

Why couldn’t he shut up the voice that ate away at his thoughts?

Because he couldn’t stop thinking about all the possible consequences if one day he gathered enough courage to tell him the truth.

Why had he fallen in love with him?

Why not someone else?


Out of everyone, why he?

His chain of questions was suddenly interrupted when a pink spot interrupted his field of vision, and he took some inches back and then roll his eyes after realizing that the doormat that appeared in front of him, was nothing more and nothing less than the pink micropuff that was given to Oikawa on his thirteenth birthday, and which, despite being nothing more than a small floppy pink plush creature, seemed to have the same personality as its owner, since just as Oikawa was usually found with him, the micropuff followed him everywhere, and therefore, Iwaizumi not only had to learn to endure an inconvenience, but two.

He saw the micropuff floating around him until the same decided to rest on his head, making anyone who entered the common room of Slytherin, remain astonished after seeing a boy with serious expression and severe look, with a nice pink micropuff sitting on his strands.

"Oikawa, take your thing away from me," Iwaizumi manifested, returning his gaze to him.

"His name is Aoba, not ‘thing’," the boy with brown hair indicated with his eyes on the book.

“Remove it.”

Oikawa let out a sigh when he heard him, and although he closed his book and looked up to look at him seriously, slowly an animated smile began to trace its way in his face as well as an expression of amusement.

"You laugh and I'll make sure you sleep in the corridor,” Iwaizumi assured him, looking at him.

“Stop threatening me Iwa-chan.”

The aforementioned remained completely still when Oikawa left his book on his lap to sit and stretch his arms towards his head, and Iwaizumi only turned it once he sighted the micropuff in Oikawa's hands, seeming to look at him with a sad expression until his eyes were removed from him when the boy with brown hair took a candy out of his pocket and unwrapped it and then put it on his hand, making the micropuff completely distracted after showing its little tongue a color barely pinker than his coat to taste said sweet. Oikawa looked at the creature with a sideways smile while Iwaizumi looked at him, or at his lips to be more specific, until the brown-haired one looked at him and Iwaizumi looked away.

He had no idea how he would manage not to blush each time he was with Oikawa.

Chapter Text

There were still a few days until the try outs to get into the teams were finally made, and instead of continuing to complain, Hinata managed to convince Inuoka to practice with him, since although they couldn’t do it in the quidditch field and the first of them wanted to be a chaser while the second a seeker, that didn’t mean there weren’t other spaces in Hogwarts that could be used to make passes among them, which explained why they were mounted on their brooms in one of the large portions of gardens with which the castle counted. They were used to playing with each other as well as pointing out any mistakes they saw, and although it would have been more convenient for Inuoka to chase a snitch, he knew that some passes with his best friend were useful as them would keep him prepared for when he and Hinata showed up to do the try outs.

While passing the quaffle between them, they heard that someone exclaimed their names, and although they weren’t surprised to see Yamaguchi and Yachi greeting them with their hands, whom they had known during their first year not only because they shared classes, but because the two belonging to Hufflepuff were of the most friendly and nicer people they ever knew, they were amazed when they spotted Tsukishima with them, because although they were accustomed to seeing him because where Yamaguchi was, usually he too, they didn’t expect him to accept being with them knowing that they would also be present, since although they didn’t maintain a bad relationship with him, the one belonging to Ravenclaw was the opposite to the Hufflepuff's duo.

Sarcastic. Ironic.

But they knew that he also wanted to play quidditch, and it was enough for them to make the effort.

They descended from their brooms to greet them and Tsukishima didn’t hesitate to show his personality as soon as he had the opportunity.

“You already consider yourself a bad sekeer that now you want to be a chaser?” he expressed after seeing the quaffle under Inuoka’s arm, who only chose to look at him seriously, being more than accustomed to his words.

“Tsukki, we didn’t bring bludgers, so technically the same could be said about you and me.”

“Shut up, Yamaguchi.”

“Sorry, Tsukki.”

“You didn’t bring the bludgers?! Then we can’t play two against two!” Hinata exclaimed indignantly.

"Sorry, they were already taken," the Hufflepuff inquired with an innocent smile.

They were accustomed to playing two against two, because although Inuoka wanted to be a seeker, they took advantage of Hinata wanting to occupy the position of chaser while Tsukishima and Yamaguchi of beaters to pair with each other and make a small match between them, which usually always ended with one of the two Gryffindors complaining because the blond sent the bludgers to both equally, regardless of whether one was on his team while the other wasn’t.

And Yachi, who didn’t doubt to shake her head and totally reject the idea of belonging to the Hufflepuff Quidditch team when the one of her own house and the two Gryffindors proposed it to her, anyway she had no problem watching them fly over their brooms, not only because she learned to point out certain mistakes that she began to notice from all the times she saw them playing, as well as learning about the sport itself and by listening to them talk about it all day and night, but also because she liked to draw, and usually the movements she could see were enough inspiration for her to feel satisfied with her drawings.

Sometimes Lev also accompanied them, but one way or another, he always ended up being immersed in detention for different reasons, which explained why it was usually only the five of them, although he seemed to have behaved well during that day, because from one second to another, he was spotted approaching them at full speed with his broom in hand while shouting their names.

"Don’t  ... start ..." He breathed deeply to get back the air he had lost in the race he played against himself “without me!” He was able to finished saying.

“With or without you we won’t play, we don’t have bludgers,” Tsukishima said looking at him.

Lev let out a complaint before taking the same words to throw himself face up in the grass after hearing that he hurried for nothing because they couldn’t play due to the lack of some balls essential to hold a small game between them, but he suddenly seemed to recover all his energies after raising half of his body, smiling enthusiastically.

“Anyway, we still have the quaffle!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

“Do I look like I want to touch the quaffle?”

“You don’t know what you're missing, Tsukishima!” Hinata exclaimed at his words.

For him, there was no better feeling than to receive a good pass or make a successful one.

Even if he never found himself inside the quidditch field, even if he had never been part of a team made up of people who were fans of that sport just like him, he was aware of the excitement that ran through his entire body when the quaffle was under his possession no matter if it was seconds or minutes.

"The only thing I'm missing is my time, that for the record, I could be using to study," the blond said.

"Now that I think about it, I'm also behind on my homework," Yamaguchi added with a grimace.

“I'm not behind. I just want to advance,”

“Tsukki, you're so smart!”

“Shut up, Yamaguchi.”

“Sorry, Tsukki.”

"I wanted to draw," Yachi began, sitting down next to Lev “But if you won’t fly, I guess I can draw some trees,” she said, her eyes beginning to drift toward the treetops that weren't so far away from them.

“We'll fly Yachi! You'll have your drawings!” Hinata assured her along with a big smile “Who wants to play?!”

“Pass,” Tsukishima was the first to sit next to the blonde.

"I think I'll just be an obstacle, I'm more used to bludgers," Yamaguchi said.

“Me! I want to play!” Inuoka said raising his hand that at that moment held the quaffle.

But suddenly everyone saw how it disappeared, and although the first instinct of the Gryffindor was to raise his hands innocently after checking that the ball didn’t fall near him, everyone rested their eyes on Lev, since he kept his wand pointed towards Inuoka and a grimace on his face that evidenced that he did something he was already sorry for.

“Did you just make the quaffle disappear?” Yamaguchi asked blinking without knowing what to think.

“THE QUAFFLE!” Hinata shouted horrified.

“I wanted to attract it to me not to make it disappear!” Lev screamed looking at his wand in horror.

“THE QUAFFLE!” the orange-haired boy repeated in the same dramatic tone.

"Now I don’t regret having come," Tsukishima said before laughing amused, though he stopped doing it as soon as Yamaguchi laid his eyes on him.

“Now ... how ... how we will play?” Inuoka asked still looking at his empty hand.

They all remained silent for a few seconds, Lev watching his wand with terror as Hinata looked at him with horror after having committed what for him was the worst crime in history, at the same time that Yachi had already begun to sketch trees in her book and Yamaguchi watched her while Tsukishima watched him, and Inuoka kept moving his hand as if the quaffle would be able to appear again thanks to him.

But the calm only lasted a few seconds.

“The one that catches that bird first, wins!”

From one moment to the next Lev threw his wand onto the lawn to stand up, climbed on his broom and quickly left after searching for the winged animal he had sighted not far from them, and a second later Hinata flew after him, while the Hufflepuff's duo and the only one belonging to Ravenclaw rested their eyes on the Gryffindor that remained with them.

“With a quaffle I was willing. With a bird, there’s no way,” Inuoka said before resting his broom on the lawn and sitting down to join in watching Yachi draw.

Oblivious to the four who had remained seated, Hinata and Lev were already in the air. Both observing the blue bird with black wings that had increased the speed of its flight after realizing that two students were behind him, the one with orange hair and the one belonging to Hufflepuff quickly found themselves mounted on their brooms, away from the castle grounds to feel the wind shaking their hair and cool their faces, as well as the adrenaline going through their arms while keeping their hands tied to the front part of the broom to balance their bodies so in that way they wouldn't fall from where they were, because although none noticed, they were too far from the ground covered by grass. Their friends became little figures, and they were closer to the towers of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor than of the Slytherin dungeons or the Hufflepuff basement.

“As always, it will be easy with you, my arms are much longer!” Lev shouted.

And instead of feeling offended, Hinata only smiled enthusiastically at his words.

He considered that Inuoka was a great friend for agreeing to practice with him even if he wanted to be a seeker, but the personal competitions he had started to have with the Hufflepuff member since they both declared themselves to want to be chasers of their respective teams, were the ones that most amused Hinata, not only because Lev's words were said without malice and because he was sincere in that way, but because the gray-haired one was one of the few, who, despite expressing those comments, didn’t underestimate him because of the difference in height between them both, and he took him seriously every time they faced each other.

“I may not be tall, but I can fly!” Hinata exclaimed as he could while flying at full speed.

He was only a few inches behind Lev, although the bird continued to be at a great distance away from them, showing that no matter how much they loved adrenaline or sudden competition, a flying animal wasn’t the same as a quaffle, or a snitch, since it seemed that the confrontation they had predisposed for that moment seemed to have been done more for Inuoka than for the two of them, but anyway they continued to chase the bird, without hesitating to avoid the obstacles that began to appear before them, without realizing that what they were avoiding weren't mere treetops, but parts of one of the highest areas of the castle.

But suddenly their attention was diverted from both when they stopped being the only ones mounted on their brooms chasing the bird. The two felt that a gust of wind shook their bodies, and although they thought the weather couldn’t change from one moment to the next, they soon realized that the breeze was caused by someone flying at full speed next to them, someone who was riding on his broom and managed to surpass them in a matter of seconds no matter how far away they had been, and it was a matter of seconds before Hinata replaced his joy with anger after distinguishing the back of the last model of the Nimbus that he had sighted in the store that day in Diagon Alley, and only had to keep looking to verify that the one who was riding on his broom, was the only person who he was aware had a broom like that.


Hinata frowned and narrowed his eyes after realizing that he couldn’t keep them completely open not only because he didn’t have protectors for them because he never thought he would be flying that high when he only arranged with the rest of the group to dome some passes and maybe play a little but calm match, but also because he increased his speed so as not to be behind the one that unlike Lev, didn’t hesitate to underestimate him just by looking at him. He couldn’t lose to him. He didn’t want to lose to him.

He focused so much on him that he didn’t heard or sighted Lev behind him assuring him that he would hit a part of the Gryffindor’s Tower if he continued to fly at that speed, but Hinata only veered off the path to avoid colliding against the set of bricks and continue with the arranged rhythm. He was no longer chasing the bird, the animal itself having disappeared from his field of vision several seconds ago.

He just wanted to reach him.

Maybe their brooms weren't of the same quality and maybe they didn’t have the same experience, but they did share the same desire to play Quidditch, the same desire to be mounted on their brooms, to be considered the fastest, those that wanted to remain inside the Quidditch field for longer, although at that time they weren’t in the field, and yes close to the lower structure of the castle when Hinata began to descend after seeing Kageyama do it, who despite not having any protectors for his eyes either,  didn’t slow down and didn’t avoid turning his head every so often to check that he was still the one leading.

Hinata clutched his hands more firmly to the broomstick and slowly began to be able to distinguish him better, to be able to visualize the details of the new broom that he carried with elegance but also with determination, until he realized that he could repair in the differences between their brooms because he was only a few millimeters away from him, and when he was finally about to stand beside him, everything stopped.

Suddenly, unexpectedly.

Both braked in their places not understanding how it was that they didn’t lost the balance when their brooms stop moving suddenly and without them wanted to, until they stopped focusing on each other to realize that they were closer to the ground unlike they had thought, that Professor Ukai, who had been their flight teacher in their first year, and who also coordinated the matches and arranged all the details with reference to the Quidditch Tournament between the houses, was pointing to them with his wand while his whole class composed of first-year students looked at them with their eyes open, some with emotion, others with fear. Beside them, Hinata spotted his group of friends as well as Lev too, who seemed to have descended from his broom a long time ago as he kept his feet on the grass as well as his broom in hand instead of between his legs.


The word manifested by the only adult present made their brooms continue without paying attention to them, since as soon as the spell was pronounced, those dragged them towards all those who watched them without taking their eyes from them, and from one moment to the next, their feet touched the lawn as well as the teacher and those of their same year approached them.

“You can’t fly so high, it’s dangerous!” Ukai said observing them while he kept his wand.

It was clear that he did perform more than one spell, and that the both of them flew high enough to be considered dangerous for the professor to be forced to stop his own class to stop them, although the expressions of concern in the group of their same year were enough to show that what had started being a fun competition between Lev and Hinata, ended up being an uncontrolled confrontation between the last of them and Kageyama.

“I was about to reach you!” The orange-haired one didn’t hesitate to express.

He ignored the professor’s words and the faces of the others to focus on the only present that after hearing those words he observed with a frown.

“Of course not!” Kageyama exclaimed.

“Yes, I was!”

“You are dumb when you're on the broom, and you planned to beat me?"

“Hey, you two!” Professor Ukai shouted.

“You only managed to take the lead because of the broom you have!”

Kageyama's eyes glared at him as soon as he dared to express that.

“Of course not, it's because I'm faster than you!”

“You are not!”

“If you wouldn’t keep your back in a vertical position, then you could acquire more speed, you dumbass!”

“Both of you dare to say something else and none of you will be allow to do the try outs for the team!”

Ukai finally got the reaction he had been looking for after expressing those words without hesitation, since he didn’t doubted that those two flew over at least half of the castle because they wanted to appear in the team's try outs, but there were still a few days left, so they decided to spend their energies that way. Both Hinata and Kageyama stopped screaming at each other as soon as they heard him, and finally broke eye contact between them to focus their attention on the adult.

"Stay here," he demanded “All of you," he added, looking at all the students around him before he strode off, probably going to find another teacher.

“If I win detention because of you, my wand will take care of you.” Tsukishima stated.

The first year students looked at each other while the Hufflepuff's duo was the first to approach both, because although they never crossed words with the black-haired one, that didn’t mean he didn’t worry them just as Hinata did.

“Are you okay?” Yamaguchi asked with a worried expression.

Yachi's face only indicated a mixture of horror and panic.

“Yes,” was the only thing Kageyama said.

“I'm sorry Yachi, you couldn’t draw us.”

The words spoken with a tone of voice off by part of the orange-haired one made the blonde stop concentrating on the vertigo that had given her to see them flying at that distance from where she was with the others, and replaced her expression of fear with a gentle smile that made Hinata smile.

“When you join the team, I’ll have many opportunities to draw you.”

The smile on the orange-haired boy's face only increased.

"And you too, if you let me draw you," Yachi added, watching Kageyama.

"S-sure," he said before looking away on purpose.

“That was amazing!” Lev's scream suddenly broke the whole atmosphere.

Inuoka, who remained at his side, turned his head to look at him without being impressed.

“You cowered,”

“I was going to crash!” The gray-haired one waved his hands in the air.

Suddenly all the first-year students stopped to remain silent or to slash between them to laugh out loud at the exchange of words and glances between those who happened to be the tallest, who, next to eleven-year-olds, seemed even taller of what they already were, not to mention that some of them also left Tsukishima's space for the same reason, making Yamaguchi choke a giggle, although he himself wasn’t so out of being considered a giant either.

And although everyone kept laughing, Hinata's attention was again focused on Kageyama.

The black-haired one didn’t hesitate to leave and get away from them even though Professor Ukai told them to do the opposite, and having been so focused on destroying each other while they were on their brooms, neither of them realized that the adult, the freshmen, and the rest of the same year as them, weren’t the only ones who saw them fly around the castle.

Chapter Text

Easily considered the most popular sport in school and the magical world, Quidditch managed to get the students to gather in the stands to watch every match between the houses take place, as well to get people organized themselves to attend games where their favorite teams participated. It was the favorite activity of the great majority, and a great fascination for some. In Hogwarts the houses received points for the performances of the students during the games, and there was even a choir that sang in some special occasions. The castle's quidditch field was on the grounds of the castle, was used by the teams to practice and play games between the houses not only to compete in the Quidditch Tournament, but also to score points to take the lead in the Cup of the Houses. It consisted of a wooden structure and bleachers decorated with drawings of the participating houses as well as flags of the same, three rings were at each end, the newly cut grass worked as the base of the stadium, and the areas in which space were contained the hoops had recently been painted. It was a space where good relationships were developed as well as enmity and long confrontations, where links of different types were given as well as crossed words.

And although it wasn’t the first time he was inside the Quidditch pitch, it was the first time that his feet were on the grassy ground instead of in the stands in the Hufflepuff section, so Yamaguchi instinctively grabbed his hand to his broom as well as he smiled awkwardly and a little nervous when he found himself inside the place where that sport was developing. He remembered being a Quidditch fan since before entering Hogwarts in his first year, so although he could feel his nerves go through his body, he was excited to be in that space. And after breathing deeply, he shyly approached the group of students, and although he knew Bokuto and Terushima because those two also belonged to Hufflepuff, he still crossed his broom in front of him when those two approached, since even if he was used to seeing them as well as listening to them, having them close was something different.

He didn’t doubt that any first-year student would be intimidated by the presence of that pair of friends, since between the strength and the size of the arms of the bicolor-haired one, as well as the tongue piercing and the dyed hair shaved to the sides of the other one, gave them an image that made anyone think that they wouldn’t hesitate to crush them as soon as they crossed the corridor, and although during his first years Yamaguchi had thought the same, with time he understood that that pair of friends wasn’t characterized by terrorizing people, but by laughing all the time, talking loudly and continually, and having personalities that made anyone feel comfortable and relaxed around them.

“Damn, we have so many aspirants this year!” Bokuto exclaimed along with a big smile.

The only fact that stop Yamaguchi from collapsing was that his friends were with him.

Lev, Koganegawa, and Shibayama decided to take the try outs to join the team along with him, and around them were several students from minor courses, which made Yamaguchi wonder if it was due to the warmth with which they were handled, the entertaining though noisy personality of Bokuto, or because the previous year Hufflepuff had emerged champion and thus won the Quidditch Tournament, which showed that it wasn’t a surprise that they were obviously looking for a second victory.

“We’ll definitely win again!” Terushima inquired.

His tone of voice sounded as excited as that of the one who had spoken before, with whom at that moment he high-fived.

“With so much emotion they’ll want to run away,” A boy with ocher hair, of thin build and average height, separated the two friends to impose his presence on the candidates who had shown up that afternoon, making Yamaguchi remember seeing him several times "Konoha Akinori, a pleasure," said the senior student before them “I apologize in advance for the behavior of these two," he added, pointing to both Bokuto and Terushima, who exchanged glances with each other as they didn’t know what kind of behavior he was referring to.

"You forgot to mention that you're the vice-captain of the team," Komi said with a laugh.

He was also a senior, of short stature, and like Terushima, his hair was shaved to the sides to leave a speck of hair in the center of his head that turned out to be the same brown as the hue of his eyes. Yamaguchi recognized him because once they had both met in the kitchens after the two of them were looking for ice cream.

Konoha smiled proudly when he heard him.

“And I'm the captain!” Bokuto shouted cheerfully.

He didn’t hesitate to push the blond to avoid that he began to prattle on himself, and didn’t doubt to place his hands at the sides of his waist and raise his head with pride, making some of the youngest who decided to stand for the try-outs, observe each other wondering if they really were ready to belong to a team composed of that range of different personalities. Yamaguchi took advantage of the fact that Bokuto began to talk about himself in order to divert his gaze to the stands, where Yachi warmly waved at him after having promised him that she would be present when he did the try-outs to encourage him, which served because he felt his nerves being diminished, until he saw an expression of fear on his housemate’s face that was due to the fact that she saw a tall boy, with his hair styled as a bun behind his head, and a little bit of beard on his chin, approaching them, and Yamaguchi stifled a laugh because he recognized him.

"He's Asahi, he won’t hurt you," Konoha said pointing to the one who waved at them timidly.

“All right! We shouldn’t keep losing time! Let's see what you’re made of, newbies!” Bokuto exclaimed, returning to being the center of attention “I warn you that no one can take my place as the star of the team! These weapons are not easy to replace," he added, flexing his arms so that his already noticeable and demonstrable muscles were even easier to visualize.

Yamaguchi could swear that he saw stars appear in Lev's and Koganegawa's eyes.

"Who let him be the captain?" Komi asked “Did we really agree with this?”

“Bokuto, Asahi scores as many points as you,” Konoha said.

The one with the hair tied in a ponytail remained totally immobile and without breathing when the captain of the team rested his fulminating amber eyes on him.

“Not this year!”

Bokuto didn’t add another word before mounting on his broom to rise to a great height, quickly followed by Terushima.

“I don’t score as many points as he,” Asahi stated approaching Konoha.

"I know, I just wanted to annoy him," he laughed “Come on Asahi, you're still a fundamental part of the team!” Konoha patted his back as a moral support before they both copied the same actions as the others.

Previously they had explained that since there were several who had come to do the try-outs, they would be divided into groups so that they could observe them in the roles they wanted to occupy and see how they acted together with those who already made up the team, so once Komi made a sign, the four seventh-years rose in the air like him and the rest.

Watari, a sixth-year boy who one way or another everyone knew because he was possibly the most friendly and nicest person in Hufflepuff, positioned himself in front of one of the trios of hoops, since he manifested that he was the current guardian of the house. And Shibayama, who said he wanted to occupy the same position, braked in front of the other three, seeming to be a bundle of nerves even if the environment was warm.

And unlike him, Lev felt extremely relaxed and excited.

Yamaguchi knew that the gray-haired one was close to Bokuto and Terushima, not only because they belonged to the same house, as well as all of them, but because since they had entered Hogwarts, somehow or other Lev always ended up getting into trouble when he was with the two of them and other students of the older years from other houses, which explained why most of the time he didn’t appear when they played with each other because he was always fulfilling some punishment.

So he wasn’t surprised when they only asked Koganegawa and him what positions they wanted to occupy, since the Hufflepuff captain already knew that Lev wanted to play in his same position. They both wanted to be beaters, so Konoha was the one who gave them the bats since he was already one of the team's official beaters.

“The more bludgers to Bokuto, the more the chances you have to join the team,” he said.

“Hey!” exclaimed the mentioned one offended.

Konoha giggled and placed the back of the bat over his shoulder.

Yamaguchi smiled sideways although he held his bat with a slight tremor when everyone finally positioned themselves to prepare to play a small game between them so they could demonstrate their skills and way of flying. He was nervous, but he also had confidence. He was used to playing with Lev and Koganegawa, he had been practicing together with Tsukishima during the summer and didn’t want the opportunity to face him officially to slip out of his hands, and although he could be very noisy and too energetic, Bokuto only inspired anyone to want to play in a certain way even if it was a practice match between them. Not to mention, that in addition, everyone in the Hufflepuff team had been kind to them since they entered the Quidditch field.

Yamaguchi knew that he wasn’t the best beater, but he smiled anyway.

He was ready to show that he wanted to be part of the Hufflepuff team. 

For the first and only time in his life, Kageyama wished he was a Hufflepuff.

While he was walking down the corridor to go to the detention he earned for having flown over a great height mounted on his broom, he was aware that that afternoon the try-outs to join the team of that house were held, so he wished to be a Hufflepuff only to imagine himself inside the Quidditch field doing the try-outs instead of going to one of the laboratories he would have to organize, until his thoughts stopped tormenting him because he was returned to reality when he heard voices he recognized immediately, which tightened his body immediately.

"And I thought I was having a good day," Kindaichi said, looking at him.

Kunimi simply looked at the boy next to him when he heard him speak.

Kageyama remained more serious than he was used to.

“I heard that you flew recently, who did you challenge this time?” The Slytherin added.

The Gryffindor opened his mouth to answer but a third voice resounded.

“Hey!” Suddenly and orange head followed by a small body peeked through the door that was between them “You're late!” Hinata added watching Kageyama, not being aware of the atmosphere of tension that with his sudden appearance he managed to cut immediately.

“I'm not late, I'm here!” The black-haired boy exclaimed, completely forgetting about the present duo, because even though those always managed to get him on his nerves, he discovered that the boy in his own house managed to raise the temperature in his head more efficiently and quickly.

“Then come!” Hinata said before diving back into the lab.

Kageyama snorted and entered the place, although he was able to hear with utmost perfection the words Kindaichi uttered.

“See you later, King.”

The black-haired boy looked at the floor of the lab with a frown and with his hands clenched into fists feeling his blood begin to boil from the anger he felt.

“Do you know them?” He suddenly heard.

He raised his head to see Hinata carrying a stack of books from one of the desks to the locker to be stored there. There was much to do, materials to sort and store, jars of different colors and substances to deal with carefully while they were resting on shelves, place chairs in an orderly manner, and not hesitate to sweep the floor as well as probably clean the windows. Kageyama felt Hinata's gaze on him as he went to the jars with the intention of resting them on the shelves since the orange-haired one couldn’t do it because of his height, but he remained still.

Of course he knew them.

Kindaichi and Kunimi had been part of the team to which he had also belonged when they formed a team with other kids from their neighborhood to play Quidditch while they didn’t have classes at Hogwarts, just to show Kageyama that maybe that hadn’t been a good idea because he only won bad memories and terrible moments of the experience that until now continued to haunt him when his security was being trampled.

“You really don’t like to talk, don’t you?”

Kageyama took a small leap when he heard that excited and vivid voice closer than he thought, and turned his head to his side to spot Hinata ordering the jars according to the color of the substance within them. The black-haired boy looked at him confused, since he couldn’t understand why he spoke to him when they were in the same place because they fought and developed a confrontation in the air that led them to not realize how high they did it.

“Yes, we were in the same team,” he answered.

"I shared some classes with them," Hinata said, just because.

Kageyama didn’t say a word, and began to accept the bottles that Hinata began to give him to leave them on the shelves next to them, as well as continued to look at him out of the corner of his eye because although he wouldn’t say it out loud, he was grateful that he appeared to interrupt the moment with Kindaichi and Kunimi, with whom he always avoided crossing paths whenever he could.

Chapter Text

Akaashi took place next to Ennoshita.

The second one having been in the Great Hall a long time ago, taking advantage of the fact there weren't many people since being Saturday morning, some preferred to continue sleeping or took a few hours to study in the library, while he chose to have breakfast in silence and with no one around him.

Until his roommate arrived.

“Not hungry?” Akaashi asked him when he noticed that his plate was still full.

Ennoshita looked reluctantly at the mountain of food in front of him. "Not really," he answered.

Akaashi looked at him askance.

"We couldn’t continue the conversation the other day," he said.

Before they could continue talking about what was happening to them, Kenma returned determined to leave his electronic device so that there was no option that Peeves would bother him again and therefore managed to break his most precious object. And it wasn’t that Ennoshita distrusted Kenma or wanted him to be away from him and not tell him anything, but it was already costing him enough with Akaashi, so he couldn’t chat with two people at once.

Ennoshita let out a sigh when he heard him.

"I think I tried to confess something and ended up failing miserably," he voiced.

"You don’t have to say it out loud to let me know," Akaashi said “I know you, Ennoshita.”

The aforementioned observed him upon hearing his words.

What if his roommate knew what was happening to him even better than himself?

“Can you help me? I'm confused," he asked him.

Akaashi didn’t hesitate to nod. And although he was about to speak, both friends stopped looking at each other when they recognized the boy who appeared and was standing in front of them, but who even if he was in their same house, never crossed words with them.

"Good morning," he said, bowing “The prefect sent me with you. He said you belong to the Quidditch team," he added.

Akaashi rolled his eyes as soon as he heard him, not because his presence bothered him, but because he knew what the one sitting next to him would do before he really did. Ennoshita seemed to forget about what kept him without appetite, and rested his forearm on the shoulder of the one sitting next to him and then smiled proudly.

“You must consider yourself lucky then! You're talking with nothing more and nothing less than the team captain," he stated as the one in front of them look at him, though he averted his gaze to Akaashi once Ennoshita pointed to him clearly “And the vice-captain, of course," he added, referring to himself.

"I'm Kunimi Akira, and I'd like to join the team," he said, bowing again when he heard who he was in front of.

"To join, we must first see how you play," Ennoshita articulated.

Akaashi removed the boy's arm from beside him.

"What he means is that you're welcome to come to the try-outs today," he said.

For a few seconds, Kunimi remained doubtful as he watched them both, wondering if the one who had just spoken was the captain or the one sitting next to him had only played a joke on him, since his personality seemed to be more direct. However, he only nodded before leaving them alone again.

"No one will want to join the team with you in it," Akaashi mentioned.

“Akaashi, you break my poor heart in two!”

Ennoshita spoke dramatically and brought both hands to the center of his chest as if his friend had really hurt him with his words.

“Stop strutting and go wake up Kenma. I know he likes to sleep but we can’t let him miss the first practice," Akaashi stated.

“At your orders, captain!”

The head of the Ravenclaw quidditch team let out a sigh when he saw his friend hold his hand straight up against his forehead as if he agreed to limit an order from the army itself.

And half an hour later, a sleeping and newly raised Kenma, appeared in the Great Hall being slightly pushed by Ennoshita, who smiled broadly after having enjoyed waking him even though the one with dyed hair had struck him with his eyes since he preferred to sleep instead of having to get up because the Ravenclaw practice would take place that day.

“Why don’t we bother him?” Yahaba inquired.

Both he and Futakuchi were also in the Great Hall, sitting at the table of their respective house and interjecting their eyes among those who thought it would be fun to disturb to start the day and the weekend with joy.

“Why not him?”

Yahaba stopped concentrating on Kenma when Futakuchi pointed to another belonging to Ravenclaw who was reading while having breakfast.

"Don’t bother him," Kindaichi determined after listening them.

He was aware that the pair of friends that remained with him were known for annoying people from other houses that weren't from Slytherin, who were a year older than him, and that, moreover, no one used to try to stop them unless they were of the last year because they always managed to get away with it. However, not for being younger than them and belonging to the same house, Kindaichi would let them to bother Kunimi.

And since he believed that his words wouldn’t stop them, he didn’t hesitate to get up to go to his best friend and sit in front of him, making Kunimi stop concentrating on his book and talk about the practice of his house that would take place later.


“Who does he think he is?” Yahaba inquired.

“He thinks he is superior because Iwaizumi would jump in his defense,”

Both rolled their eyes, annoyed. And then Yahaba nudged him.

“Do we stick to the main plan?” He said nodding at Kenma.

Futakuchi gave him a pious smile in response.

They both got up, but remained still when Daishou and Kuroo sat in front of them.

“And why don’t you better let others have breakfast in peace?” the first of them expressed.

The two youngers sat down again when they heard him.

The seventh-year continued to observe them to make sure they wouldn’t do anything.

Both Futakuchi and Yahaba became offended and chose to continue looking angry after resting their elbows on the table and their cheeks on the palms of their hands to ignore them and start talking among themselves. Without realizing that Kuroo glanced at Daishou to give him a grateful smile, since he knew that if he had spoken, he had tripled the desire of the two minors to bother Kenma, whom he didn’t hesitate to look for a few seconds when he turned around. 


Hinata and Kageyama remained silent watching each other seriously once they arrived at the Quidditch pitch at the same time. They were within inches of finally fulfilling their desire to enter the school stadium. However, both left those anxieties aside and replaced them with confusion when they crossed paths.

“What are you doing here?” The orange-haired boy asked him, like it wasn’t something obvious.

“What are you doing here?”

Both weren't surprised to see themselves with brooms in their hands and ready to go from one side to another mounted on them, but because there was still an hour and a half to start the practice.

“I want to be the first to enter,” Hinata confessed.

Kageyama narrowed his eyes.

He wanted the same.

"I also want to be the first to enter," he said.

And with those words, he made a new battle begin between them.

The two began to fight saying that they would be the first of their year to enter the field of quidditch they were so eager to meet, even though Kageyama had done the try-outs the previous year, and they only stopped pushing each other clumsily and giving each other words of denial when they heard someone laughing near them.

They recognized both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi.

“And now why are you two fighting?” The blond asked them.

The two belonging to Gryffindor seemed to forget their enmity to focus their hatred on him.

“Tsukki, I think they were fighting to see who entered first,” Yamaguchi covered his mouth with his hand to avoid laughing.

The only one belonging to the house of Ravenclaw laughed again.

“What are you laughing at? Of course we will be the first ones to enter!” Hinata said “I'll be the first fifht-year to enter," he corrected himself.

Yamaguchi couldn’t help but laughed as much as Tsukishima.

He really enjoyed being with Hinata, but it really surprised him how distracted he could be.

"You are so focused fighting each other that you ignore everything around you," the blond began to say, earning the attention of the two Gryffindors “Yamaguchi had Hufflepuff's practice on Wednesday, so he was the first to enter. And besides, I don’t know what you're doing here if Ravenclaw has booked the field for today's practice, not Gryffindor. Not to mention, that then, I will enter before you.”

Both Hinata and Kageyama remained stunned.

The black-haired one face palmed after realizing he was right while Hinata couldn’t believe everyone was being able to be on the quidditch field except for him.

And an hour later after the fifth-year duo of Gryffindor fell into the reality that they wouldn’t be the first of their year to enter the stadium, the Quidditch field was again occupied, although on that occasion, like Tsukishima told them, by those belonging to the house of Ravenclaw.

Yamaguchi remained in the stands as well as Kindaichi, and Kinoshita and Narita as well, since each one decided to see the Ravenclaw practice to be able to see a particular member of that house. The younger ones wanted to see their best friends, while the two elders who belonged to Gryffindor always liked to see how Ennoshita played, and also because they were great friends of him after sharing most of their classes and get along.

Two seventh-year students also decided to observe the practice.

Bokuto and Kuroo were present. And although the first begged the second to accompany him because he wanted to see Akaashi, it wasn’t necessary for the two-colored-haired one to insist too much for the Slytherin member to agree to be with him, since it was a training for Ravenclaw and he was in the strands, so Kenma wouldn’t run from him or disappear from his sight as he always did whenever he was around.

Akaashi and Ennoshita were the ones to welcome the youngers who wanted to join the Quidditch team of their house, not only because they were the captain and vice-captain of the team, but because it seemed that the rest of the players that were already in the team weren’t the most talkative people. 

Although Tsukishima and Kunimi either.

“You. We know who he is, but we don’t know who you are," Ennoshita expressed, pointing to Tsukishima and referring to Kunimi, who previously appeared before them in the Great Hall.

“Tsukishima Kei,” the fifth-year said with no emotion and along with a small bow.

Something was activated in Kenma's brain.

“Are you Tsukishima Akiteru’s brother?" He asked him.

The blond fifth-year seemed more serious than normal after hearing the name of his brother, but he nodded and Kenma just watched the others present. And while Akaashi didn’t consider that information important, he decided to do a little research after, because if Kenma decided to talk about it, then it was probably a detail he didn’t want to miss. But being focus on the present, he introduced himself as he introduced the rest of the players, and continued talking, until he was interrupted.

“That's right, Akaashi! With more enthusiasm, don’t forget that you are the captain now!”

All those who were in the field as well as in the stands, directed their eyes towards Bokuto, whose words had echoed all over the place. Kuroo stuck himself in the forehead, but then swallowed when he noticed that only one person was watching him instead of the one by his side.


But the sixth-year returned to fix his eyes on the lawn when Kuroo crossed glances with him.

Akaashi only remained silent while Bokuto raised both thumbs indicating that everything was fine, and returned to focus on the people close to him."As I was about to say, I'm the captain," he stated “Ennoshita is the vice-captain,” The black-haired boy besides him smiled enthusiastically at the sound of his name and position “Fortunately we have very good players, so we hope you give the best of you if you want to be part of the team,”

Both Ennoshita and Kenma, as well as Suna, Sakusa and Fukunaga, remained stupefied when they heard the words that the new captain of their team mentioned. Akaashi wasn’t known to give compliments to all the people he knew, so that simple prayer was the necessary impulse for the five to feel that they should show him that he would never have the opportunity to say otherwise, and that he would be proud to be called the new captain of the Ravenclaw team.

Ennoshita punched Akaashi's arm when the others complied with the orders he gave, and the team captain rubbed that area of his body.

“What was that for?”

"For nothing, Captain, I just think you're the best captain we could ever have, Captain," Ennoshita answered, winking at him in an exaggerated way.

"Stop calling me captain," Akaashi said without understanding.

Kunimi expressed that he wanted to be a guardian, so he placed himself in front of the three hoops on the left side, while Tsukishima, who wanted to be a beater, took one of the bats that Akaashi handed him before he rose on his broom and the sixth-year remained with his feet on the lawn, unlike the others, who were already on their brooms at a great height.

Ennoshita stopped keeping his concentration on the hoops by which he would pass the quaffle, when he spotted a familiar face on the strands. He felt that everything in his body stopped working when Tanaka's eyes fixed on him, but Ennoshita raised an eyebrow and turned around to realize that Kiyoko was behind him, sitting in the stands of the other side. He clutched his hands even more to the broom after concluding that Tanaka wasn’t looking at him, but at her, and because he was deep in thought, he didn’t concentrate on the practice game that just started, so Sakusa was the first to take the quaffle.

Quickly, Akaashi climbed on his broom and caught up with them after letting the balls mark their own paths. The captain took advantage of the fact that the action started on the other side of the field to ask Suna for his bat, and he returned it to him after preventing a bludger from hitting Ennoshita’s face, who finally reacted once he saw the bat and the arm of his friend very close to his face.

Akaashi didn’t scold him for being deconcentrated. He just looked at him after having looked around first.

“I know what it is that bothers you. And it's not the fact that you like Tanaka," he stated.

Ennoshita looked at him surprised, because he thought he would tell him that he wasn't fulfilling his role as vice-captain and player of the team, not that he began to talk about the subject that they always seemed to have to postpone because someone appeared to interrupt them.

He felt the weight on his shoulders grow even more when he heard Akaashi say what he truly felt. He had found out right. He didn’t need to say it out loud so that Akaashi knew why he acted the way he did.

“What is it then?”

His roommate previously claimed that he would help him get rid of the confusion, but instead of answering, Akaashi pointed his head towards Kiyoko.

The seventh-year girl witnessed the practices and games that Ravenclaw held since her fourth year, and after those who were a year older than her graduated, and the team remained without seventh-year people who were seriously interested in getting their house won the Quidditch Cup, she decided to subtract close to the team to ensure that the sixth-years wouldn’t surrender or leave Ravenclaw adrift, so it could be said that Kiyoko played the same role as Suga in Slytherin. Neither of them was on brooms like everyone else, but they knew what their strengths and weaknesses were.

In addition, Kiyoko was popular not only for having a great intelligence and being one of the top in her class, but for her enviable beauty too. So since she begun to devote her time to the Quidditch team, and while most students found it entertaining to watch the games of that sport, many more began to attend matches even if she didn’t play. And her name wasn't something that remained alien to Gryffindor and the other houses, since it was well known and not a secret that several were behind her all the time, even Yamamoto, Nishinoya and Tanaka having further strengthened the friendship between them after realizing that they could be considered the main fans of her.

And Akaashi was right.

Ennoshita hated that Tanaka talked about her all the time, that the only person whose characteristics he professed when he met Yamamoto and Nishinoya were hers. He hated that he didn’t seem to find another topic of conversation other than her, and that he didn’t hesitate to express what he felt whenever she was around. Always her. Everything revolved around her.


She represented the reality he had to face.

Tanaka didn’t correspond to his feelings, and probably never would.

Ennoshita felt the annoyance spread throughout his body, and jealousy made disappear that pleasant smile that he held at the beginning of the practice. He frowned, and his gaze was as severe as determined. Akaashi glimpsed the firmness in those dark brown eyes, and before he could realize, Ennoshita stopped being at his side to quickly approach Sakusa, who he wouldn't let continue to consider himself the best player of the team they formed for that practice, whose members managed to keep going without the presence of the captain and vice-captain.

However, not everyone thought that was a good thing.

“Akaashi, you can’t get distracted during practice!” Bokuto shouted.

After receiving a pass from Sakusa, Ennoshita managed to get his first point regardless of whether Kunimi was defending the hoops, and he looked at the Hufflepuff that had spoken, and then observed the captain of his team.

“You have to be a good captain, they all count on you!” Bokuto added.

Ennoshita continued with his eyes on Akaashi, who despite having always managed to realize what he felt even if he didn’t show it, at that moment was impossible to decipher because of the seriousness of his face.

Kuroo didn’t hesitate to hit his friend on the head, as he didn’t think his prayers were adequate to attract the attention of the Ravenclaw captain in a good way. Bokuto rubbed his head as he complained because he didn’t understand what the blow was due to, and the one belonging to Slytherin glared at him before returning his eyes to Kenma, whom he found hard to find after he was flying just as fast that the snitch he was trying to catch.

Chapter Text

The Gryffindor try-outs finally arrived.

Daichi and Yaku exchanged glances with each other.

Hinata and Inuoka smiled widely as they looked around wondering, trying to suppress the excitement that took their bodies from head to toe because finally the day they had waited so long to come, arrived; and like some of their same year, they would be able to say that they were in the quidditch field. They had barely been able to sleep and didn’t pay any attention in class, gaining scolding from the teachers though fortunately not serious enough to have points taken away. And beside them, Kageyama remained quiet and serious, not being the first time he was in that situation.

The whole team was already assembled as well as the others who wanted to try on.

Nishinoya, Yamamoto and Tanaka were already mounted on their brooms, because although they were already part of the team, they were still fans of being in the air instead of with their feet on the ground, so they didn’t hesitate to climb their brooms and barely touched the grass of the Quidditch pitch. They watched the rest from above because Daichi didn’t manage to prevent them from doing so after already giving up with the sixth-year trio. And unlike them, Kinoshita and Narita stayed close to Daichi while he introduced himself as the captain, making Yaku smile animated at being mentioned as the vice-captain of the same team. They were the only seventh-years present, and they planned to keep the practices in order even if they were aware of the sixth-year trio that was flying over them, and of the others present around them.

Especially two of them.

Although at that moment they remained silent because Daichi spoke, since they had entered the stadium, Hinata and Kageyama didn’t stop fighting for anything insignificant and meaningless, from who stepped on the grass first, who showed up first, or who would be accepted more quickly, and probably would have been the fastest to be mounted on their brooms if the trio of sixth-year hadn’t won them in doing so.

Yaku looked at Daichi not only because he was waiting for him to give some indication of what they would do, but because the fifth-year with orange hair that until now didn’t stop interspersing his gaze between the environment around him and the people next to him, decided to rest his eyes on him once he saw him. And once Daichi stated that everyone assumed the positions that had already been said so that the new ones could demonstrate what they were made of while they would check their performance, Yaku remained quiet when Hinata took the opportunity to approach him.

“How tall are you?” Hinata asked without hesitation.

Immediately a silence reigned in the quidditch field.

All those who were part of the official team fixed their eyes on the vice-captain of the same, who although was known because he didn’t have a great stature, was also known for the reactions he held when someone mocked him with the same subject, and for the same reason everyone was surprised when Yaku did nothing but let out a funny giggle when he heard him, because even if he hadn’t hesitated to kick him in any part of his body in case it had been someone else, the one in front of him didn’t seem to have mentioned those words with malicious intent, not to mention, that in addition, he turned out to be shorter than him.

“1, 65 cm,” he answered smiling “He's 1.59 cm,” Yaku didn’t doubt to add pointing to Nishinoya.

Hinata's bright eyes went to the one who was measuring less than him by four centimeters, proving to be the first person he knew who was shorter than him, and although the one with black hair and a blond lock narrowed his after noticing the huge smile on his face, Hinata didn’t seem to notice that gesture while Yamamoto and Tanaka began to laugh until they were hit in the head with the bat that Daichi was holding.

However, the orange-haired one quickly returned his attention to his broom.

Yaku stopped being by his side after braking in front of one of the trio of hoops that he had to protect while Nishinoya was defending the others, and after taking a look at Inuoka who was talking with Kinoshita and Narita, Hinata remained motionless when he noticed those at his side after having gain height with his broom like the others.

The seventh-year Gryffindor's guardian smiled when Daichi rested his eyes on him.

"You'll play together," Daichi determined once he turned his attention back to the players on their brooms in front of him.

Kageyama and Hinata turned their heads to see each other and watched in horror. Since they had crossed words for the first time, they promised to defeat each other no matter they belonged to the same house, they sworn that they would beat  the other and that in the end, only one of them would be the fastest. They planned to face each other to prove that they shouldn’t be underestimated, so when the captain of the team they wanted to belong to, said that they would play side by side instead of facing each other, they remained totally stupefied.

Meanwhile Daichi, and Yaku from where he was, smiled the same way.

They saw the two fifth-year students hold that race that led them to fly over near the tower where they all slept after belonging to the same house, and although they knew Kageyama and what he was capable of because they saw him perform the try-outs the year before to join the team, they hadn’t put their attention on Hinata until that moment, until they saw him fly at that speed without appearing worried about the great height he was at and with only one goal in mind: be quick and be able to reach the one in front of him.

Which, was the tasks that chasers had to perform during games.

So the captain and the vice-captain didn’t hesitate to place them on the same team.

“Tanaka, you'll be with them,” was the last thing Daichi added.

The aforementioned approached the two who seemed to observe him as if he was the salvation, and as soon as the captain blew his whistle and then put it under his shirt, everyone started moving. To be matched, Yamamoto was also placed as a beater on their team while Daichi was on the other side with Narita and two fourth-years who would face each other as chasers against the fifth-year duo and Tanaka, while Nishinoya and Yaku would watch the hoops, another fourth-year duo would be the other two beaters of the practice match, and Kinoshita would observe them to evaluate errors and advantages at the same time that the others continued exercising and Inuoka was already behind the snitch to check his speed.

Kindaichi and Kunimi, who were in the strands, exchanged glances.

Narita took advantage of the surprise that still invaded the faces of the fifth-year duo to be the first to take the quaffle and only be followed by Tanaka, until both Kageyama and Hinata understood that they wouldn’t be able to join the team if they continued to focus on each other and in the fact that they should not face each other but play together, and they quickly left after the search for the other chaser to start the game.

Which, turned out to be a disaster.

The fifth-year duo in the stands decided to attend the first practices of Gryffindor because they wanted to be present if the results turned out to be the same as last year, given that they didn’t hesitate to join the nickname it had been given to Kageyama, after also having the opportunity to play with him and therefore have the experience of flying at his side, so they could assure that "King" was the right nickname for him.

Kageyama loved Quidditch, but he didn’t realize that sometimes that fascination led him astray, although the previous year he understood that this was the case when, despite being considered a good player and having developed a good effort, he wasn’t been accepted in the official team of his house because he did nothing but express orders or say things badly during the practice match they had, achieving that instead of being accepted as the only fourth-year student, a nickname soon spread through the halls of the castle.

And although Daichi and Yaku hoped that one year would be enough time for a person to change, they regretted the decision they had made when instead of a nice game of practice between them and those who wanted to apply to enter the team, the practice ended up being a game in which Tanaka and Hinata were barely able to touch the quaffle, in which the fourth-year duo preferred to make sure that they wouldn’t be pulled from their brooms instead of trying to take the ball from Kageyama, in which Narita didn’t stop grimacing, and in which Nishinoya was able to listen very carefully to most of the screams that Kageyama had let escape because near his hoops was where most of the passes he had started to do, ended up in the quaffle itself falling down because Hinata or Tanaka weren't fast enough to reach it, or rather, he patient enough to ask them if they needed him to be slower.

And his comments finally began to spread to more people.

Yamamoto was the first to receive one of those when he was placed close to him to prevent a bludger hit him, which instead of a thank you, concluded with Kageyama telling him that he could prevent those balls from hitting him without interrupting his way. And the second one was Inuoka, who chasing the snitch, crossed in the middle of his direction only to momentarily stop chasing the small golden ball because Kageyama started yelling at him, until he realized that he would waste time listening to him and that he didn’t seek to follow the fight after answering him, so he resumed his pursuit.

And finally the captain and the vice-captain decided to interrupt when they realized that for the moment, the idea they had had wouldn't give the results they had expected.

The quaffle sent by Kageyama only brushed Hinata's fingers instead of catching it with his entire hand, and when Narita caught it before it touched the grass, Daichi told him not to throw it up again and to keep the same after deciding to cut the game that in the end wasn't helping anyone. Yaku barely participated, the fourth-year quartet seemed deeply envious of their companions who had exercised with Kinoshita, Nishinoya's attempts to protect the loops were frustrated, Tanaka and Hinata barely touched the quaffle, and only Narita, Yamamoto and the captain moved as they should, which didn’t matter because they were already part of the team and what they needed was to see the performance of those who didn’t.

“You're slow, I told you!” Kageyama expressed irritated “If you'd moved more stooped, you could have caught that pass!”

Nobody understood how it was that Hinata still hadn’t answered him, because although the black-haired one had been screaming at him since the match started, he didn’t return the word on any occasion, but before he decided to do so, Daichi blew the whistle attracting everyone's attention.

On the strands, the fifth-year duo had observed the whole situation.

"Still a King," Kindaichi whispered, and Kunimi rested his gaze on him when he heard him.

Tanaka let out a snort at Hinata's emotionless expression, since he had felt in the same way throughout the match after not being able to catch most of Kageyama's passes, and even before the practice began, Daichi asked him, Nishinoya and Yamamoto, not to say a word about last year's try-outs in which they had also been present to appreciate Kageyama's attitude and his way of dealing with people, but after knowing perfectly the frustration with which Hinata was carrying on his shoulders, he didn’t hesitate to speak for him.

"This is training," he began to say, making the others who had been part of the practice match watch him because several had many things to say but didn't because of the request made by Daichi “Not a real match, can you relax a little?” He added being as respectful as he could only because of the consideration and admiration he felt for who was the captain of his team.


Kageyama didn’t like losing in any way.

And neither to be told that he should relax when all he wanted was to win.

He didn’t want to relax, he didn’t want to play without wanting to win. He wanted others to play like him.

"We're supposed to train and then win games, not lose them because the moves are slow," Kageyama said without understanding his words at all.

His irritation didn’t allow him to realize that the others around him were looking for the same thing as him, to enjoy quidditch and to find themselves mounted on their brooms, being able to feel the adrenaline in their bodies and the wind in their faces. His way of stating his words didn’t show that he wanted others to improve so that they could win, since that was what he really wanted, but he sought to insult anyone who didn’t meet his expectations.

“Win games? Who told you that you have joined the team?”

Kageyama swallowed deeply at those words.

He didn’t even want to think about being rejected a second time.

Suddenly memories of the previous year hit him.

The olders of the team telling him that his attitude was similar to that of a tyrant and that they didn’t want anyone to act like a king in the team they belonged to, nobody from the minor courses defending him and others watching him, all that happening again. Yamamoto and Nishinoya watched him in the same way that Tanaka did, and although Daichi opened his mouth, Kageyama didn’t give him the opportunity to tell him that he didn’t managed to join the team because he didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his great speed to descend and quickly get off his broom to leave the Quidditch field although he heard that they mentioned his name.

Hinata remained stunned.

And he was so focused on the one who had just left, that he didn’t even ask himself if he had joined the team, because after all, nobody was able to stand out in the practice match.

Chapter Text

Iwaizumi remained with an arched eyebrow and crossed arms behind Oikawa.

"Don’t look at me like that, Iwa-chan," the second one said.

Oikawa didn’t need to concentrate on his best friend to know that he was looking at him with his severe green eyes, although he didn’t realize that the same look had descended to his knee.

“I told you not to overdo the training.”

After hearing those words, Oikawa rolled his eyes and turned around, making Iwaizumi rest his eyes on him again to watch him indignantly because the boy with brown hair kept most of his face covered with what appeared to be a green paste.

“It doesn’t hurt, Iwa-chan, can you go to sleep now?” He asked, waving his hands to indicate that he could leave him alone “You're making me nervous.”

“You should be nervous. I'm mad at you and I want you to know it.”

“You are always mad at me, Iwa-chan. It's not a surprise.”

Iwaizumi didn’t hesitate to approach him to give him a blow on the head, and smiled sideways when he heard a scream escape Oikawa's lips who quickly turned to look in the mirror and check that no lock of his hair had been stained with what he considered to be a facial mask that some nights he used to continue to make his skin soft and free of any imperfection.

But the smile on Iwaizumi's face disappeared immediately.

He was really upset to learn that Oikawa continued training without paying attention to him and unable to wait for the Slytherin practices to begin, resulting in his knee paying the consequences after not allowing his body to rest enough. And he wasn’t worried about him just because he liked him, because they were best friends or were on the same team, but because Iwaizumi knew him perfectly, and knew that an injury to his knee wouldn’t stop him from continuing to give his all in workouts that didn’t have to be done to the maximum.

“Oikawa, I swear to you that if this is because you are now-

"That's not why, Iwa-chan," he assured him, interrupting him.

Iwaizumi glared at him and decided to leave because the brown-haired boy seemed more interested in taking care of his skin than in listening to his own words, but Oikawa only spent a few minutes alone in the bathroom while continuing to adjust the green mask on his face, because after a few seconds, he heard a laugh that made him roll his eyes because he knew exactly who it belonged to.

“Are you going to laugh every time you see me like this?” Oikawa asked.

"Of course," Kuroo replied, appearing at his side with his typical grin.

“I don’t laugh at you even if you look ridiculous when you do it,”

“Me? Ridiculous? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”

"Every day, every hour," Oikawa answered, finally leaving his face in peace.

He turned to rest part of his butt on the sink counter as Kuroo did, and like they both usually did when they decided to wear the same mask and therefore chatted or teased each other while waiting for it to dry for then look in the mirror and see that they continued to be the envy of many as well as the most wanted of Slytherin.

"You only do the mask without me when you're stressed," Kuroo began to say totally serious after a few seconds had passed in silence “I don’t like that," he added, nodding towards the other one's knee that was wrapped in thick white gauze, making Oikawa momentarily look down at it.

"Don’t be like Iwa-chan," he said.

"You and I know I could never be like him," Kuroo whispered in his ear along with a daring smile showing that he was capable of being a serious person as well as a playful one in a matter of seconds, and Oikawa just looked at him with an indecipherable smile before rolling his eyes.

“Nervous for tomorrow?” He asked him.

Kuroo remained serious again and crossed his arms after hearing him.

“Are you?”

“I asked first.”


“Maybe me too.”

The two friends smiled when they listened to each other, and although they didn’t show it to each other, they appreciated that the one in front of him continued acting in the same way to which they were accustomed without letting any decision get in the way of the great and entertaining friendship they had developed between them.


"Maybe we need someone like you in our team, Suga," Yaku said.

“Like me?” The gray-haired one asked confused when he heard his words.

It turned out that Daichi's shyness about his beloved Slytherin was worse than he could admit, because just as they both knew Kuroo, Yaku was another person with whom they both had a great friendship. Gryffindor's guardian knew Suga as well as Daichi, they were equally close, shared a great friendship, and shared most of their classes as well as possessing similar personalities, which only made Daichi's situation even worse because with more than one friend in common with Suga, he should be able to talk to him like any other could do and not stay blank as he used to. Multiple times he had tried to join the conversations between Yaku and Suga, only to end up turning around before thinking he would be ridiculed.

The courage was evident in Daichi, except when it came to Suga.

“Someone who knows us all well, and knows how to handle situations that others don’t,” Yaku specified.

He already told his classmate how badly it had turned out to be the first quidditch training for his team, since since Kageyama left the field, it had taken a long time to get Yamamoto, Tanaka and Nishinoya back to the same level of always, and to make Hinata stop looking worried and paying attention, while the others tried to erase the tension that Kageyama's attitude had generated. Later Daichi looked for Kageyama to speak with him, but in spite of belonging to the same house, he wasn’t able to find him, and Yaku didn't think it was a coincidence.

"You're talking about yourself, Yaku," Suga assured him with a smile, making the boy seated in front of him on the table that belonged to the colors scarlet and gold, curved his mouth too.

It wasn’t strange that the two of them spent time together outside of class as well.

“I couldn’t avoid anything during the try-outs,”

“Don't think you are the only team with problems. It's always difficult to accept new personalities and continue with the same atmosphere as always," the gray-haired one stated “Besides, I can assure you that Slytherin's problems will probably outweigh Gryffindor's today," he added, seeming to have a lost look.

“What do you mean?” Yaku asked confused.

"While your problem is to get your original team yo accept new teammates, mine is to get my own team to get along with each other,"

Yaku looked at him disoriented, wondering what he meant by those words because he didn’t remember ever having sighted any fight involving two students belonging to the Slytherin Quidditch team, but Suga's expressionless look and face of concern were enough for him to wondered if it was possible that there had been some fight or discussion of which he wasn’t aware after belonging to another house, exactly, to which Slytherin considered its rival.

Last year it became clear that the seventh-year ones decided to take control not only of the Gryffindor quidditch team, but also the Slytherin’s one, which was the only reason why Kindaichi didn’t shown up to do the try-outs, because although both Oikawa and Iwaizumi told him he was a great player, they also assured him that he would be rejected if he did the try-outs not because he wasn't enough as a player, but because the older ones became obsessed with the idea that only people of the last courses could belong to the team.

But time went on, and people graduated, and therefore, Kindaichi avoided holding a big smile on his face while he felt more than ready to get on the broom he was holding with his hand, after waiting to receive some kind of instruction at the same time he could feel the excitement go through his body, because he finally was able to show up to do the try-outs to introduce himself to the quidditch team of his house. Which not only meant that he would be part of the official Slytherin team if he entered, but he would also play with those two people with whom he had already played after being part of the same team, whom he admired as both players and great people, knowing that they were probably the reason why the Sorting Hat had placed him in Slytherin when his turn to be sorted arrived.

From the strands, Kunimi looked at him amused although his face didn’t express it.

He had also spent the last three years playing along with the one who he was still watching at that moment, with Kageyama, and with the two who were two years older than them, and who despite stopped playing with them because after being olders they had been moved to another category in the team they had formed for three years outside the castle, at Hogwarts they continued to show that they were there for them in case they wanted to chat, practice quidditch, or need help with studies. The five had belonged to the same team, and unlike Kageyama, he and Kindaichi continued to get along well and maintain good relationships with Iwaizumi and Oikawa, so it wasn’t surprising that the black-haired one of his same year seemed to want to go to the bathroom after trying not to move too much in his place because the emotion was surpassing him.

However, the two remained serious when they realized that one of the people they admired, wasn’t present while the other approached Kindaichi and the others at that moment. Kindaichi's eyes shone at the thought that Iwaizumi turned out to be the leader of the team after he started talking and gathering them together, but his happiness disappeared as soon as he started talking with Daishou and Suga at his sides.

“The captain and the vice-captain are in the infirmary to check that he has nothing. They'll come back before we can imagine, so don't think we'll rest until they return." It was all he said, and the mood changed from one second to the next.

Daishou seemed tense since they had met in the field while Suga seemed determined to look at the grass with his hazel eyes.

With his words, Iwaizumi made it clear that he wasn’t one of the team leaders that year, and that therefore, Kuroo and Oikawa were in charge of the team, although he didn’t specify what role each one played, which was what everyone wanted to know, since unlike the other houses, whose names of the new captains and vice-captains had been known from the first moment they had been appointed by the captain of the previous team, the matter of the captaincy was a subject dealt with differently in Slytherin. The sixth-years that made up the team didn’t even have the slightest clue about who would be the new team leader, although everyone expected, and assumed, it would be the one whose image they already had in their minds. As well as Kindaichi too, so Iwaizumi and Daishou exchanged glances of surprise after the others present nodded and quickly mounted their brooms to start the practice instead of doing questions about the matter.

Kindaichi's nerves disappeared as soon as he climbed on his broom.

Unlike those of his same year who already showed up to do the try-outs for the teams of their respective houses, he didn’t feel that he should be worried if he couldn’t be part of the team, because although nobody assured him a place and he would do his best to stand out during the exercises, he already knew each of the people who composed the team, not only because they were from the same house, but because at one time or another he had practiced with them during the previous years, although he could assure that he had in favor the fact of having previously been in the same team as Oikawa and Iwaizumi for three years in a row, so he was used to playing with them and couldn’t wait to do it again, although he also wanted to be able to join the team because Kunimi had already been accepted in his team, and in case he was also accepted, even though they would no longer play side by side as they were accustomed, they would have the opportunity to face each other since he was a chaser and Kunimi a guardian, so he really wanted to be able to earn a place in the team, not to mention that in addition, another part of him wanted to face Kageyama too.

They passed the beginning of the practice doing different exercises, throwing the quaffle towards the hoops while those who wanted to be beaters had to try to hit the bludgers that at the same time others had to avoid, while the other trio of hoops was defended by those who sought to be guardians so that those who wanted to be chasers were against them. Iwaizumi was responsible for maintaining order while Suga organized the different activities, until they noticed that some of the applicants began to stop paying attention because they had sighted two figures walking into the field, and although Iwaizumi frowned when he saw the elastic knee brace on Oikawa's left knee once he also laid his eyes on him, he was glad that at least the consequences of his overexertion weren’t serious enough for him to spend time without playing quidditch. The two who arrived continued chatting with each other instead of taking their brooms immediately and joining others, who despite having managed to keep up appearances, were desperate to know who would be the new team leader, so while Kindaichi was one of the first to descend from his broom to approach them, he wasn’t the only one.

But the fifth-year didn’t come down because he wanted to know who the new team leader was, since he was sure that his intuition never failed and therefore whoever he thought was the new team leader would indeed be, so he didn’t hesitate to open his mouth to express the word that escaped from his lips.

“Captain!” He exclaimed more than happy.

He had spent three years of his life playing with two people who possessed great skills and were considered good players, so for him there was no doubt that the one who had previously been his teammate, occupied the role of leader.

Futakuchi and Yahaba collided with each other while the Miya twins laughed at them.

Daishou didn’t blink for several seconds.

Matsukawa and Hanamaki exchanged glances with each other.

Suga felt the tension invade his body.

Iwaizumi hit his forehead with his hand.

And Kindaichi remained totally stupefied when the one in turning around when he heard that someone called him since he occupied that position on the team, was Kuroo, and not Oikawa.

Chapter Text

Kuroo banged his head against the locker.

He thought that hitting that part of his body would help him to stay calm, but he only made his forehead touch the locker in a violent way for a second time after not feeling the calm return to his body or his mind.

“Angry for something special, Tetsu-chan?” His whole body tensed when he heard that voice and that nickname with which only one person called him that way. All he wanted was for no one to keep him company, but he knew he wasn’t alone “Why do you seem to be puzzled? I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Kindaichi thought I was the new team captain, was I? I thought your ego would take longer to crack.”

“Don't bother me, Oikawa.”

Although Kuroo's voice was stern, the one who decided to keep him company once the first practice of the year for Slytherin ended, simply smiled sideways, completely carefree to see the other one with his forehead resting in the locker along with a clear grimace of annoyance and tiredness in his face.

“Or maybe you seem to be in another world because a certain dyed blond doesn’t leave your thoughts in peace?” Oikawa sang dangerously while approaching him. Kuroo took off his brow from the locker to rest his eyes on him “I know you more than you want, Tetsu-chan. After seven years I assumed that you learned that I observe and drew my conclusions very quickly.”

"Don’t forget why we get along so well," Kuroo determined, looking at him seriously.

Oikawa approached him until he reached his hands slowly to his shoulders in case the black-haired one reacted with speed against him, and although Kuroo' full body tensed when Oikawa's hands rested on his shoulders, he then felt that an extreme calm took hold of him as the brown-haired one slid his hands down his arms.

"I'm glad to hear you accept that we get along," Oikawa said quietly, though there was no one besides them in the locker room.

"Don’t let it go to your head," Kuroo said, turning his head slightly.

The one with brown hair gave him a small smile behind which he was wondering if his housemate had certainly got angry with him for the roles they currently held in the team they both belonged to, since the situation unlinked by Kindaichi made the quidditch practice to be uncomfortable for everyone since he uttered that word and his expression proved that it was he who he thought would turn instead of Kuroo, on whose shoulders his hands rested again.

And behind Kuroo's tense muscles, all the worries surfaced.

Not only he wasn’t able to concentrate during the training because he knew that his new role in the team wasn’t what everyone expected, or because he didn’t know if his imagination played against him along with his nerves or he really felt that some members of the team acted reluctant to him, only making him want the first training to finish instead of not wanting it to end after wanting to continue coordinating. But also because as Oikawa managed to read, the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about Kenma also conditioned him to not act as he knew he could do, since after knowing that he was a captain, he expected the Ravenclaw to be the first one to congratulate him, not the first one to run away to get away from him as he continued to do. He was at a disadvantage no matter how he wanted to see the situation. It was obvious that there were people who didn’t want him to be captain, and Kenma's image didn’t leave his mind. He had been worried since he was told the roles that he and Oikawa would occupy as the new team leaders, because even if he felt proud when he understood that he was the new captain, he couldn’t help but think that no matter how close they all were, one of them still was the preferred one, and he knew it wasn’t him.

The two postponed the decision to express what role each one played in the team unlike the others in the other houses, because from the beginning they knew that although their companions could be the sweetest people, even if no one from the other houses believe it, they could end up holding the worst attitudes ever seen in case the decision of the captaincy didn’t please them. And from the faces they sighted throughout the training, they knew that they couldn’t allow the other one to collapse, that they should rest on each other and not allow the comments of others to separate them. Oikawa and Kuroo knew that once they stopped having each other, trusting blindly and betting without hesitation, then everything would fall apart in seconds.

"As the vice-captain, it's my job to be the bridge between you and the team," the one with brown hair began to say once he moved a few inches away from him to allow him to turn around and stay facinf each other “I have to worry about you and the team, so for the moment, leave the problems to me and take the time I give you so you can continue thinking about your beloved boy more calmly.”

The two remained silent, observing each other.

As soon as an uncertainty interrupted their eye contact, as soon as a doubt escaped or an error was committed by one of them, everything around them would be destroyed and their personalities so equal but yet so different would end up colliding with each other. So as the new captain and vice-captain of the team, they only had the option of thinking that dishonesty and lies could never come between them.

"Everyone kept talking about the training," Iwaizumi said.

Having become accustomed to leaving his own room to allow Matsukawa and Hanamaki, in whose actions he didn’t want to think, he was again in the Slytherin common room where he could perceive a certain atmosphere that wasn’t to his liking.

The seventh-years had been the only ones to know about the decision of the captaincy from the beginning, so Iwaizumi was angry with Oikawa for thinking that his overexertion and double training time were due to his frustration at not having managed to get the role of captain of the Quidditch team. He didn’t like to guess that his best friend wasn’t satisfied with his new role as vice-captain, and that his words were accompanied by lethal poison every time he said he was satisfied with the position he had acquired.

"I bet Kindaichi never thought he would achieve such an uprising just by saying a simple word," Oikawa said, who was sitting next to him on the couch while his legs were in his lap, letting Iwaizumi to continue being angry with him after he spotted the bandage on his knee, although during training he didn’t see him move in a strange way to try to hide any pain he might have.

After practice Iwaizumi ended up being the one to reassure the fifth-year one that he shouldn’t worry about having left a bad impression only because he thought that Oikawa would be the new captain instead of the one who actually turned around because he was the captain of the team.

“I'm not surprised that everyone continued talking about it, but that you are the one who avoids to do it,” Iwaizumi expressed, since since the practice was over, his best friend didn’t talk about the training yet, and both were aware that it was a subject of which several were already speaking, because although Iwaizumi became accustomed to feeling watched all the time because for him it wasn’t news that Oikawa was one of the most sought for both his appearance and personality, at that time he didn’t doubt that some around them were talking about the new leaders of the Slytherin's quidditch team “I even thought you would play dumb and that you would make Kindaichi believe you were the captain," he added, watching him.

“I rather spend my time on other activities instead of bothering Kindaichi or taking the focus away from Tetsu-chan. I prefer to bother you, Iwa-chan.”

“You already do that.”

Oikawa giggled when he heard him.

The one with brown hair watched him for a few seconds, because although he liked that Iwaizumi cared for him by manifesting it in his own way, he wasn’t frustrated because he didn’t manage to be the new captain of the team, although he was concerned about the consequences that decision would carry, because although he believed that Kuroo was the best option to lead the team to which they belonged, he was aware that many people believed the opposite, and that most probably had projected him on the highest pedestal. But he couldn’t afford to imagine what would have happened if the roles had been reversed, because he had to focus on keeping together the team that already had begun to collapse, and also to prevent Kuroo from destroying himself in the process.

“I do believe it’s weird that you aren’t the captain.”

Oikawa looked at him impressed.

Iwaizumi didn’t disagree with the fact that the black-haired one was the new leader and his best friend the vice-captain, since he also believed that with the leadership of the two together they had great possibilities of arriving far away, but anyway it continued to seem strange to him that Oikawa wasn’t the leader with more responsibility, because although he didn’t express it out loud as Kindaichi, he also thought that the brown-haired one would inherit the role in the team.

Oikawa bit his lower lip in a hidden way. "Are you saying that I should have been chosen as captain, Iwa-chan?” He hid his sudden enthusiasm behind a cheery smile “You flatter me,”

Iwaizumi watched him seriously after catching a glimpse of the proud smile on his face.

“I’m saying that it was obvious that you didn’t get along with the former captain, and that maybe your bad relationship with him led to him not choosing you as the new leader of the team,” he said.

"It doesn’t matter," Oikawa stated immediately when he heard those words. It was true that he didn’t maintain a good relationship with the previous captain, but that didn’t matter anymore because it was about the past, and his duty was to focus on the team of which he was part of the present “Tetsu-chan is the captain and I the vice-captain. Knowing that you still trust me despite not being elected as captain is enough for me." He determined exposing his thoughts aloud.

Knowing that everyone believed in him to be the new captain and that they continued to do so even though he wasn’t chosen as such, showed him that his housemates trusted him to guide them on the quidditch course, and that was all he needed to be able to continue and feel satisfied with his new role in the team.

“I'm not going to let you believe you're the best, Stupidkawa.”

Oikawa formed an expression of offense. “Iwa-chan don’t cut the insult!”

“Stupid Oikawa.”

“Don't separate it either!”

Kuroo glimpsed the way in which Iwaizumi held a small smile on his face at the same time Oikawa seemed to be offended until they began to fight each other, after the black-haired one didn’t hesitate to throw a cushion from the chair at the other one who decided to do the same, and he finally left the common room he shared with them as well as with the rest of the Slytherin students.

He didn’t think he didn’t have friends who were present to lift his spirits since both Suga and Daishou had spoken to him both before and after the practices as all seventh-year students did afterwards, to assure him that they agreed with him and the decision on the captaincy and to congratulate him honestly without any bad intentions behind their words, but he envied that Oikawa had someone with whom to spend his time talking about what he felt, whether it was about quidditch or any other topic.

His mind began to sink in all the memories that appeared in his head until the sudden presence of a person in front of him prevented him from continuing to enter his own thoughts, feeling more and more in misery.

“Why you didn’t tell me you're the Slytherin captain?!”

Bokuto's tone of voice that echoed through the hallway and made the characters of several paintings around them, cover their ears or make faces with annoyance at the sudden excited shout, was enough for Kuroo to laugh sincerely.

"Because you have a big mouth and you wouldn’t have kept it a secret," he answered.

His best friend, who had run around the castle looking for him because he wanted to find him even if it was already night and had to be in his respective common room instead of near the Slytherin dungeons with his light blue pajamas on that had drawings of owls of various types in his pants as well as the image of a big one in his chest, opened his mouth to reproach him for those words, but after thinking about it for a few more seconds, he realized that his best friend was probably right and it was more likely that he wouldn’t have managed to remain silent if he had known that they had the same role in their respective teams, so he decided to smile enthusiastically and place his hands on the sides of his waist because he was proud that the both of them were the leaders of their teams, but his expression slowly turned into a grimace of confusion when he noticed all the words Kuroo had mentioned.

“Why you wanted to keep it a secret?” He asked.

"Because everyone loves you, Bo," he said, and the boy in front of him would have held a big smile and a certain special glow in his pupils in case he didn’t mentioned those words with a grimace that didn’t show happiness “I know that the team preferred, and still prefers, someone else to be the captain.”

Bokuto raised an eyebrow.

“I think you're the best captain of all captains. Sure, after me, because if I accepted that you are a better captain than me then I think my team would be angry with me, but I don’t want to put myself in a superior position because I know you are awesome. Maybe also after Akaashi? I don’t know, I think I should have to think about it. Maybe you are tied in the same place or are even better than me? Or the three of us are in the same level? Also what about Daichi? I like him but you should have priority for being my best friend. But Akaashi is prettier, so, I don’t know," Bokuto seemed to be deeply focused on his own words.

Kuroo laughed as he watched his best friend remain confused by the phrases that had left his own mouth, and he was thankful that he was spontaneous enough to make him laugh when he was totally absorbed in his thoughts. He always managed to make him feel that all the stress disappeared with his words that never carried bad intentions and with him honest attitude.

“Thanks, I think,” he expressed “But as much as I appreciate it, you're not in Slytherin. It’s important for the team to accept me.”

“If they don’t accept you, I’ll chase them all!” Bokuto exclaimed more than sure.

"I'm glad you're my best friend," Kuroo said sincerely.

The one belonging to Hufflepuff held one of his best smiles when he heard him, but tilted his head in confusion after verifying that Kuroo wasn’t smiling like him. “And why aren’t you smiling?” He asked.

Despite not being a complete observer like his housemates who turned out to be highly perceptive, Kuroo smiled sideways when he realized that Bokuto didn’t need to be an expert or try to read him all the time to get to know him enough, and therefore realized that the lack of a smile on his face was due to several reasons. Kuroo leaned his back against the wall and let out a sigh.


Bokuto copied his position and watched him while forming a pout with his lips after remembering that his best friend would never be totally well nor form a sincere smile unless the sixth-year boy who belonged to Ravenclaw, would stop avoiding him and accept to talk to him for at least five minutes.

"I wish I could talk about this with him," he added.

“Do you want a bros hug?” Bokuto asked.

That kind of hugs were what they gave each other when one of the two didn’t had the best day and really needed someone to put their arms around them to assure them that although at the moment things didn’t seem right, soon everything would cease to be a problem and they would find a way to find the positive side of the situations that were currently making them feel like they were drowning.

And that was what Kuroo just needed.

He accepted his best friend to surround him with his big arms that quickly gave him a feeling of confidence as well as security. But although he also wrapped his arms around him, and was grateful that both Bokuto and the rest of his friends were there to support him and give him encouragement at times when he wasn’t fully sure of his abilities, he wouldn’t be totally calm until the dyed blond that continued to be the main character in his train of thoughts, agreed to at least stay close to him without fleeing as fast as his legs would allow him. He was tired of always watching Kenma get away from him, but he also understood why he was doing it.

Was he really sorry for what he did?

Chapter Text

Ennoshita finished stretching the different parts of his body and felt that all his muscles thanked him in return.

“Now that you know who your opponents are, how do you feel?” He asked.

Akaashi finished fixing his bluish tie with diagonal silver lines before answering. "Ennoshita, they aren’t my opponents," He corrected.

The one with black hair who was still in his pajamas because he spent his time stretching every part of his body after having slept a few hours, giggled.

“Of course they are. You are the only sixth-year captain, Akaashi. You are extremely important.”

"And you're the only sixth-year vice-captain," He reminded him, and Akaashi immediately regretted mentioning those words, because the ego of his roommate seemed to shoot up when he didn’t hesitate to stand on his bed and place his hands at the sides of his waist while smiling broadly and proudly. "If you fall, I won’t let you play," He added, looking at him.

Ennoshita came down in a matter of seconds. “Did you know that Kuroo was captain before everyone knew it?” He asked.

The news that the seventh-year was the new leader of the Slytherin quidditch team with Oikawa by his side as the vice-captain, had quickly dissipated through the halls and corners of Hogwarts over the weekend, quickly getting all the students to start talking about it since everyone was aware of Oikawa's great abilities.

Akaashi shook his head.

"He managed to keep it well secret," He expressed, realizing that the Slytherin student probably didn’t told Bokuto either, who the previous day didn’t hesitate to interrupt his quiet lunch to tell him about his best friend's captaincy, about which he didn’t doubt Bokuto would have told him before if he would have known in advance.

“Why do you think he did it?”

“I don’t think it was to maintain the mystery. It’s obvious that the majority thought that Oikawa would be the captain and it is remarkable that the others that make up the team get along better, or are closer, to him than Kuroo. Personally, I think that both are good players and able to occupy said role, so I’m not surprised that Oikawa is the vice-captain, although it’s clear that if they kept it secret it’s because those of the team don’t think like me."

Ennoshita watched him without blinking for a few seconds, since he didn’t expect his roommate to give such a long and complex answer with only a few details. He didn’t even noticed the difference in the relationships and closeness between the students of the Slytherin house, and he raised an eyebrow at the realization that perhaps it was his turn to start looking at the other teams as the vice-captain of his, because in the end, it was just as important to think about his own team as it was about the other three.

“And you think that Kuroo will do it well?”

Akaashi opened his mouth to answer but remained silent when Kenma entered the room, so he decided to pretend to be focused on getting his tie ready while Ennoshita suddenly seemed interested in changing his pajamas for his uniform, as they knew that mentioning the new Slytherin captain in front of him wasn’t a good idea, and for the same reason they were surprised when he spoke.

“You don’t have to stay quiet," Kenma said.

The two with black hair exchanged glances with each other.

"I think he'll do it well," Akaashi decided to answer to his housemate’s earlier question “Being the captain of a team is a burden of responsibility, and I think there is no one more prepared to lead them than he is.”

“Oikawa is the new captain then?”

Akaashi and Ennoshita once again exchanged glances with each other as they listened to the words of the third present and then rested their stares of amazement on him.

“What?” Kenma articulated when he noticed he was being observed.

“Oikawa isn’t the captain.”

"Kuroo is," Ennoshita added.

Kenma's expressionless face changed for a few seconds, giving them the opportunity to understand that he previously mentioned they could keep talking because he didn’t suspect they were talking about Kuroo.

“Is he?” He asked in amazement.

Neither of them was surprised to hear him. They didn’t doubt his electronic device kept him busy enough to not notice or hear what everyone had talked about in the past few days, no matter what time it was.

Kenma frowned faintly at the sight of Akaashi nodding.

He wondered why Kuroo didn’t tell him personally.

And then he returned to hold his typical lost look as he remembered why.

Kenma had never been a fan of big crowds. Not even the small ones.

His strength wasn’t being social or making friends, nor starting conversations or exchange exhausting words with people he didn’t know and who approached him spontaneously. It took him a long time to enter into trust with someone, and even more to feel comfortable in the presence of other people.

He stretched the sleeves of his tunic when he saw the people around him in the Great Hall.

He managed to gather enough courage to decide to congratulate Kuroo on his new position in the team, but the students who were around him congratulating him and patting him on the back, managed to get the Ravenclaw member to let his nerves eat him down.


The one with black roots and hair dyed of blond noticed the one occupying the other part of his sight after said one was seated in front of him, and therefore, giving his back to those present in the Slytherin table.

"I don’t like telling you this since you know what I think about him," Akaashi continued while having his eyes fixed in the book in front of him “But I’m sure that if you approach him, he will leave everyone aside to approach you as well.”

Kenma was surprised to hear him, because as he mentioned, Akaashi wasn’t in favor of the Slytherin student that always tried to find him, which also explained why Akaashi always chose to go with him when Kuroo was present instead of stay talking with Bokuto. He supposed that his own nerves managed to be remarkable enough that even his roommate decided to accept him talking to the other one before he continued to transfer his nervousness to him.

He had been fleeing from Kuroo since the holidays started, so he didn’t have a conversation with him or been close to him for several months. And although he hated himself because he thought he shouldn't feel like congratulating him on his new role, he wanted to do it anyway. His brain was screaming for him to stay still and let the event pass, since he didn’t have to give him a few words of encouragement, while his heart made him feel nervous and push him into the abyss of intrigue and anxiety.

He barely managed to fall asleep as soon as the idea of congratulating him appeared in his head.

He should be able to mention four simple words.

'Congratulations for being captain.'

Not one more word or one word less.

It was as simple as it sounded.

Kenma stood up after giving himself enough courage, but again found himself sitting in a matter of seconds, and Akaashi looked up from his book to watch him.

"You don’t have to do it," He reminded him.

“But I want to,”

“Then do it,”

“I'm not sure.”

The two contradicted each other with their own words.

“Do you want me to call him?” Akaashi asked, been aware of how much his friend hated big groups of people.

Kenma took a few seconds before shaking his head.

Half of his nervousness would disappear given the case Akaashi called Kuroo, but he wanted to be able to do it himself.

"I promise that if you do it, I'll give you a new videogame," He heard the black-haired boy say.

While Kenma was the son of a muggle father and a witch mother, Akaashi could be considered pureblood after having two parents who owned wands, so the first one felt that he regained his courage after listening him, not only because he really wanted a new videogame, but also because of what Akaashi had said, who hardly knew and understood what was the device that he always had with him, although at that moment he decided to leave it in his room to not let the object take his attention from the one belonging to Slytherin.

The smallest of smiles appeared on Akaashi's face when Kenma got up.

Feeling that every step from his table to the Slytherin table was the same as trying to climb the worst and highest of the mountains, he managed to advance some distance to remain standing near the table where the green and silver colors stood out. He didn’t dare to get closer, not only because most of the students from that house didn’t give him a sense of confidence, but also because he didn’t dare, and yet his nervousness worsened and he felt the heat build up in his cheeks when Akaashi turned out to be right, because just as Kuroo noticed that a shy golden gaze rested on him, he stopped concentrating on the people who wore his same uniform when he saw Kenma watching him, although the latter fixed his eyes on the ground once he did. The seventh-year remained confused for a few seconds, wondering if for real the one with black roots and blond hair was standing not so far from him, that being the way he expressed that he wanted to talk, because very regretfully, he became accustomed to him don’t wanting to stay close to him and flee from his person every time he was near, so it took him a few more seconds before he realized that that could also be an opportunity for him.

Futakuchi and Yahaba fixed their eyes on who happened to be their new captain when said one stopped being the center of attention in their table after getting up and going towards the Ravenclaw boy that was waiting for him, fiddling with the sleeves of his tunic and using the ground as fixed point, and as the respective captain of Ravenclaw guessed right, Kenma had taken the first steps, while Kuroo didn’t hesitate to leave all others aside to get close to him.

The meeting between the two was a collision of nerves. Kuroo was still stunned to realize that Kenma was really in front of him, still and not desperate to run away from him. He didn’t understand the sudden change of attitude towards his person, but he wasn’t bothered by the unexcpected turn of behavior, quite the opposite. While for his part, Kenma was already beginning to regret having left his electronic device in the room and left the table of his house, since his heart kept threatening to pierce his chest and his blush was evident even if he wanted to avoid it. He wasn’t ready to talk to him, and he hated himself even more not only because he had decided to talk to him even though he had all the arguments for not doing so, but also because he didn’t want to understand why his body was acting contrary to what he wanted.

He hated himself, and he hated Kuroo.

But his words proved otherwise.

“Congratulations,” He managed to articulate without knowing how.

And he walked away hurriedly before Kuroo could even say a word, not allowing him to express all the sentences he had already begun to formulate in his head.

At least he was able to say one of the four words.

Chapter Text

Tanaka and Nishinoya looked at each other again.

They nodded totally determined, and all they knew, was that after adding a few drops of green liquid which origin they didn’t know, to the cauldron that laid on the table in front of them, a small explosion occurred, that being the motive why their faces ended up covered of charcoal, and even Tanaka could see a tiny flame in the blond lock of his best friend.

"Gryffindor, thirty points less," The professor established, who didn’t do more that glance at them from the corner of her eye after being used to things like these happening when the Gryffindor duo took her class.

Both Tanaka and Nishinoya began to laugh out loud despite the fact that they succeeded on having their house discounted thirty more points for preferring to poke around with the potion and not following the indicated steps, and even though Daichi was likely to hit them later. The high-fived each other and Nishinoya began to move his fingers wondering which ingredient to use next, while Tanaka remained watching a particular boy who was also present. And fortunately for the teacher and the rest of the students, the class ended before Nishinoya called everyone's attention with a surprising mix in his cauldron.

Tanaka approached who he surprisingly heard laughing at the explosion. “You found it funny?” He asked smiling.

Ennoshita couldn’t help but smile when he saw him.

Tanaka smiled enthusiastically, since it was the first time since they returned to have classes, that the one in front of him smiled in his presence instead of observing him with a serious look or leaving instantly with some excuse.

"When you won’t win the Cup of the Houses, no one will be able to protect you from your own housemates," the Ravenclaw said.

Tanaka laughed when he heard him, and waved his hand dismissing his words.

"It doesn’t matter, it's funny anyway," He inquired unconcerned.

“It won’t be fun when everyone will run after seeing you with a face like that in the hallway.”

Tanaka opened his eyes like two big plates when he realized that surely the consequences of the explosion lay on his face, and approached the tunic of his uniform to cleanse himself, but two hands on his cheeks stopped him, and he remained watching Ennoshita, who avoided his gaze while keeping his eyes resting on his face after trying to remove the charcoal.

"Don’t mess up your uniform," The Ravenclaw said. Ennoshita's fingers caressed Tanaka's skin, and then he rubbed his own hands to remove the charcoal that he took away from his face. "Finished." The one belonging to Ravenclaw said, but then frowned slightly when he realized that the one in front of him was staring at him and not moving at all. “What?”

After realizing that he had emained speechless, Tanaka shook his head.

"Nothing, I was just thinking that I really like Ravenclaws," He mentioned along with a smile.

And as he curled his mouth, Ennoshita was again as serious as ever.

And he only gave him a totally false smile before leaving the classroom, and therefore him too, and as soon as he left the class, he leaned his back against the wall and let out a weary sigh. He had followed the words given by Akaashi and therefore focus on trying to relax and not let everything influence him, but he knew he let himself go. Instinctively he approached Tanaka, only for him to remind him that it wasn't he who the Gryffindor thought of, but someone else who also belonged to Ravenclaw.

That it was a year older.

And a girl.

Ennoshita rubbed the palms of his hands over his uniform to uselessly get rid of that tingling sensation that his hands on the skin of the Gryffindor made him feel, and recovered to start walking quickly down the corridor.


Hinata took a step. And then step back for the umpteenth time.

To get closer or not?

It was a dangerous decision that could put his life in serious danger.

He had been watching Kageyama practicing for more than fifteen minutes, and exactly for that amount of time, he didn’t decide whether to approach him because he also wanted to train even if it wasn’t in the quidditch field, or stay away because Kageyama's face didn’t show any desire for company. But before he could continue to decide what to do, his body had already betrayed him after moving holding his broom. He had wanted to practice on his own but doing so was only boring as well as useless, and when he was told that another Gryffindor had asked for the box of materials, he realized that it wasn’t Inuoka because he was doing homework that he himself was supposed to be doing too, but he went through the castle until he saw that Kageyama was the one that had the box as he tried to pass the quaffle through improvised hoops that consisted of holes emerged between the different branches of the trees.

The desire to move overcame his fear of the consequences that Kageyama's attitude towards him could generate, so he finally decided to approach him, although he remained a statue and hid behind his broom when Kageyama heard that he was no longer by himself, and turned to glare at him with his blue eyes.

“I can see you.”

Hinata was surprised to hear that Kageyama's words to him were not about some insult. The orange-haired one looked confused, until he realized that his reflexes made him hide uselessly behind his broom, so he stopped holding the stick in front of him. They hadn't seen each other or speak again since Kageyama left the Quidditch field in the middle of the try-outs to join the team.

“What are you doing here?” Kageyama asked.

"I saw you practicing," Hinata replied fearfully.


“I also want to practice.”

Kageyama managed to get Hinata back to hold his broom in front of him when he suddenly rested his gaze on him, but not because he wanted to scare him with his eyes, but because he was surprised to hear that he had as much energy as he to train at times that didn’t corresponded, and because he also didn’t understand why he was talking with him when they weren't even friends and had only known each other for having the same goal.

The black-haired one was frustrated at the thought of the Gryffindor team, but he spoke anyway.

“You want to try to stop my shots? It’s useless to do them without anyone defending," He asked.

Hinata again stopped protecting himself with the broom and didn’t hesitate to nod quickly, because although he preferred to throw the quaffle instead of retaining it, he didn’t care as long as he could ride on his broom and be with someone who shared his passion for quidditch, so he held a big smile on his face after being in the air again, although it disappeared as soon as he realized what he had really accepted, and remained totally tense when Kageyama approached flying to him quickly on his broom and then throw the ball towards him, making a point because the orange-haired didn’t even moved by an inch. Some strands of his hair turned out to be the only ones to perform a minimum movement due to the speed caused by the ball.

"It's useless if you don’t move," Kageyama said, eyeing him with a frown.

While he went to look for the quaffle, Hinata stopped being a statue and clutched his hands to his broom when Kageyama again prepared to approach him, because although he wasn’t used to being in that position, he still thought that everything was a competition, so he remained focused and ready to defend. He didn’t take his eyes off the one who started to fly towards him for the second time, and although he managed to receive the intense thrust with both hands, he lost his balance and ended up falling off his broom with the quaffle still in his posesion. 

His broom fell beside him.

And rather than laughing, Kageyama got off his broom and watched him. "It doesn’t work if you leave the hoops without defense," he said, looking at him.

Instead of complaining because he felt from a slightly considerable height, or knowing that he would probably have a big bruise on the back of his head for the next few weeks, Hinata grinned widely and stretched his arms with the quaffle in his possession.

“I caught it!” He exclaimed totally happy.

“I already realized that.”

“Now I want to throw it!”

“Of course not, I won’t be a guardian!” Kageyama flatly refused.

Hinata got up in a flash and pointed him out. “I accepted to defend so now it's your turn!”

“But I don’t want to!”

“You are weird!” The orange-haired one exclaimed.

“Of course I’m not!” Kageyama denied.

The black-haired one finally agreed to defend after Hinata looked at him for a few long seconds and seemed totally determined to remain in that position until he accepted, but before heading towards the tree, he spoke again.

He needed to ask him because he really wanted to know if he had lost.


Hinata looked at him.

"You ... you've ..." He looked at all the possible places wasting time, but finally formulated aloud the question that had appeared in his head as soon as he saw him “Have you managed to join the team?” He asked him.

Hinata shrugged as he listened and repeatedly throwed the quaffle up.

"I don’t know. After you left, they said they would do the try-outs again because at the end nobody could stand out, and practice ended a few minutes after you left," he said, telling him what had happened after he decided to leave the field.

Kageyama looked surprised at him, since he expected to hear him mention that everyone continued talking about him after he decided to leave the field in the middle of the practice instead of concluding it due to his absence.

"You know, you're a fast player," Hinata added “But your way of talking sucks.”

The black-haired one didn’t hesitate to focus on his last words instead of on the first ones.

“What do you mean?!” He screamed without really being angry.

"That's what I mean," Hinata answered, looking at him with the quaffle under his arm “You can’t shout every time something doesn’t go your way. I mean, I also shout, like, all the time, but I don’t treat others badly for the same reason.”

Nobody understood why he didn’t returned the comments to Kageyama during the practice match, but what no one noticed, was that the black-haired one acted the way he did because his moves were frustrated by minus errors, and that he didn’t answered at him because at least all the words he had said to him, although they were expressed in a high tone of voice and with a serious look, turned out to be nothing more and nothing less than tips so he could increase his skills, such as not keeping his back straight to gain speed, not rest his hands on the full front of the broom, or cross his feet so he didn’t lose his balance easily. He didn’t doubt his words were said with good intentions, but the way he expressed them was only harmful to himself because he couldn’t manifest them in the way he did and pretend for anyone to be happy with it.

“It doesn’t matter, I doubt they let me belong to the team anyway,” Kageyama looked at the grass along with a frown.

“Daichi-san and Yaku-san never said they wouldn’t let you in.”

The black-haired boy looked up.

"The try-outs will surely be repeated, so you can’t do the same if you want to join the team," Hinata told him.

"I do want to join the team," Kageyama determined.

“And me too.”

Kageyama snorted, and rolled his eyes before allowing a few minutes to pass in silence.

"Do you want ..." He began to say, or at least tried to “You prefer ... We could make passes.” He managed to say.

“You say that because you don’t want to be guardian!” Hinata pointed out.

“Of course not!”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

"Fine, then I’ll stop you even though I’m not a guardian!"

“No! Wait! I rather make passes!”

“Then don’t complain!”

“You're weird!”

“I'm not!”

Kageyama strode awkwardly before getting on his broom and staying away from the lawn by only a few centimeters instead of facing the circle formed by the branches of the trees, so Hinata reacted by copying him while he smiled because he had finally found another person with whom to play quidditch.

From a distance, Daichi and Yaku had contemplated the whole situation.

Chapter Text

“Can you please change your face?”

Ennoshita continued with a frown although he heard Akaashi’s petition. "No." He said curtly.

“Would you like someone to have a similar face to yours on your birthday?”

“First, my birthday is a day after Christmas so no one is able to have a bad face, and second, I don’t care if it's Tsukishima's birthday. He’s not even here. We don’t even know him.”

The two of them, along with Kenma and the rest of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, were in the Great Hall waiting for the fifth-year that was mentioned, since it was his birthday and Akaashi decided to have a small party among them to be able to celebrate it. While for his part, Ennoshita didn’t understand why he had to change his serious expression since the most important birthday person, the birthday boy, wasn’t there yet, and also because he thought that accepting him in the team didn’t mean they had to become best friends.

“Now he’s one of the team. You have to make him feel welcome," Akaashi determined.

They had accepted the two fifth-year students who appeared in the try-outs, not only because the team had few players after not having seventh-years, but also because although both didn’t seem to give their best during the first practice, they convinced the captain to let them join the team since he believed that their skills could improve. So that explained the reason of why Kunimi was also present, and with Kindaichi, since it had been easier to convince the Slytherin to come forward since his best friend was always with him and therefore would be more convenient to get Kunimi to attend; than to persuade Kenma who refused to attend repeatedly, although he was sitting next to his roommates completely focused on his electronic device. Both his roommates knew that he didn’t feel like doing anything after his mood seemed to have declined even more after trying to talk to Kuroo, but they thought it was worse to leave him alone in the room than to force him to attend a small birthday party.

"And just for the record, not everyone celebrates Christmas," Akaashi didn't doubt to add.

“Fine. I'll change my face once he gets here," Ennoshita agreed.

He also seemed to have become obsessed with getting angry easily since his crossing with Tanaka in class, so Akaashi had to deal with his two roommates, each one inserted into his own thoughts, although he didn’t complain as Tsukishima continued to be absent, letting him begin to think that he would let the others taste something of the food they had, hiding the fact that he was also hungry and could swear that the onigiris near him were calling him.

And while they were still waiting, the one whose birthday was that day, was down the stairs to go to the place where he knew that his housemates and now also teammates were waiting for him.

He never had considered himself a fan of celebrating his birthday, and the owl letting several letters fall in front of him during breakfast, only managed to remind him that he preferred to act as if it was just any other day, but Akaashi seemed determined to convince him that at least he should celebrate with him and the others of his new quidditch team, and although the idea didn’t please him at all, he wanted to feel part of the team and not start with his left foot, so he was forced to accept that they had a party for him.

Although that wasn’t the reason why he was in a bad mood.

However, a familiar voice called him before he could continue his path.


Yamaguchi finally managed to reach him after running down the stairs.

It was the first time they saw each other all day, since despite being Wednesday, they didn’t share classes and were busy the whole afternoon.


Yamaguchi felt a blow to his chest when his best friend reacted in that way, but he decided to smile broadly anyway.

"It's your birthday!" He said more enthusiastically than the birthday boy.


The little emotion of Tsukishima was evident.

“Don’t you want to celebrate? It’s not over yet.”

The blond glanced sideways at the Great Hall. “The team is waiting for me. They’re throwing me a party," He explained unconcerned.

Yamaguchi smiled even more.

“Can I go?” He asked.

"If you want," He said, shrugging.

With that gesture and those words, Yamaguchi again found himself without smiling.

He understood that his best friend had never been a fan of celebrating his own birthday, but he didn’t understand why he acted that way with him, since it wasn’t the first day he did it.

Since the classes begun, the Ravenclaw had been treating him in a distant way although he continued to join him, and at that time, Yamaguchi only wanted to spend some time with him after thinking it was a very important day, and that a birthday was always fun to celebrate. Besides, they didn’t saw each other all day, so he didn’t expect Tsukishima to act so reluctantly towards him.

He was supposed to be the exception.

“You don’t want me to go?” He asked, hurt.

“Don’t you have anything more important to do?”

Yamaguchi's confusion won over his frustration on that occasion.

“It's your birthday. What could possibly be more important?”

Tsukishima frowned when he heard him. “I….” Yamaguchi observed him confused. “I…”


“I saw you talking witch Yachi this afternoon.”

The Hufflepuff remained completely puzzled when the one in front of him uttered those words, but that didn’t prevent his cheeks to suddenly turned pink, to which the blond reacted by crossing his arms after seeing the change of color in Yamaguchi's face.

“Did you hear what we were talking about?” He asked.

“No. I only know that you preferred to spend my birthday with her.”

The anger was finally evident in his tone of voice.

Tsukishima was sure that his bad mood was because he had saw his best friend preferring to spend the afternoon with his housemate instead of with him. So he lost any desire to celebrate his birthday, although he was aware that he was in a bad mood since the classes begun, but not because it bothered him to study, but because what bothered him was to notice the way in which Yamaguchi acted when he was with Yachi.

“You can go with Yachi. I will go with the ones of my house.”

Tsukishima turned his back to go to the Great Hall, but he felt that something stopped him and then he glanced at Yamaguchi, who looked down and whose cheeks were even pinker, holding his robe with his hand.

"I spent the afternoon with her because I needed to talk," He mentioned.

“And you couldn’t talk with me?”

“Not really,”

“Why not?”

Yamaguchi released him after noticing that his best friend wouldn’t leave.

He could feel the heat piled on his cheeks, and he didn’t want to look up for anything in the world.

"Because we were talking about you," He confessed.

Tsukishima frowned when he heard him.

“Why were you talking about me?”

Yamaguchi didn’t want the situation to happen that way.

He wasn’t prepared, and he felt that his nerves were about to take control of his body.

However, he had grown tired of feeling that his best friend was distancing himself from him as the days progressed, so he decided to shake off the weight of his shoulders that he begun to feel a long time ago, without thinking twice about the consequences that his words could bring. He only knew that the perfect situation he had always imagined, was never going to happen, so at least he was going to choose when to turn his thoughts into a reality.

“I like you.”

Chapter Text

Tsukishima opened his eyes like two large plates.

“I asked Yachi if she could help me because I didn’t know what to do,”

The Ravenclaw remained stupefied. He could listen with perfect attention to the boy who timidly continued to watch the ground because he didn’t dare to look him into his eyes, so he knew he wasn't imagining what he was hearing.

“That's why you saw me talking to her. I didn’t know what to do with what I feel.” Yamaguchi's heart was beating fast. He couldn’t believe that he was finally telling the truth to the one for whom he begun to feel more than a long friendship after he realized that wasn’t all he wanted. “I still don’t know what to do. But I wanted to tell you," He added.

Tsukishima didn’t take his eyes off him.

He felt that the atmosphere around him took an unexpected turn.

“I'm sorry, I'll let you celebrate with your housemates,”

Still not knowing if he regretted his words, Yamaguchi moved away from him, but he couldn’t establish a great distance as Tsukishima took him by the arm before he could get away from him, and the Hufflepuff formed a line with his lips. He was too embarrassed to turn his head and watch him. He wasn't ashamed to finally have allowed himself to be honest with his ownself as well as with the boy in front of him, but because he knew that his emotions could betray him after in those rested the chance that the friendship they had held during all those years, was thrown into the trash only because he wasn't able to see the blond as only his best friend.

"Look at me," He heard Tsukishima say.

He shook his head frantically. “I don’t want to look at you.”

“Then don’t.”

Yamaguchi remained confused at his words, and didn’t have time to react before Tsukishima pulled him and surprised him by astonishingly joining his lips with his. Yamaguchi felt his heart stopped beating because of the sudden closeness that Tsukishima established between them, and decided to continue with his eyes closed to enjoy the new sensation of warmth that ran through his mouth. It was the first kiss of both, and as Tsukishima was the one to start it, he was also the one to finish it.

Stopping listening to his brain for the first time in his life, he observed the boy next to him, who instantly started to look down.

“Why did you do that?” Yamaguchi asked.

The blush on his cheeks was enhanced.

“Because it's what I feel.”

“You don’t have to lie to me.”

Yamaguchi was denied to believe that his words could result in something good for him. He spent countless days thinking about how badly the results of his words could be, and therefore, how betrayed his true feelings would be.

“Why do you think I was in a bad mood?”

Yamaguchi closed his eyes again when Tsukishima approached his hand to his cheek, and left it there.

“I didn’t like seeing you so close with Yachi.”

Having avoided looking at him directly during all that time, Yamaguchi finally looked up when he heard him mention those words. Tsukishima remained serious, watching him without any hint that could indicate that he was being sarcastic or taking the situation as a joke. 

“But I don’t like her.”

“I didn’t know,”

“I said that you are the one I like.”

“And can’t I feel the same?”

Yamaguchi swallowed. He expected to be covered in his bed in a fetal position after fleeing after confessing to Tsukishima what he felt, not for him to be held by him.

“I don’t know,” He didn’t know what else to say.

“Well, I feel the same.”

“And why didn’t you say something before?” Yamaguchi asked him without knowing why he was sad.

“I was afraid.”

“Of ruining our friendship?”

Tsukishima nodded.

Both had felt the same fear.

They had never left it in evidence because they had been careful in the way they had addressed each other, as well as strategic when looking at each other or suppressing their jealousy when a situation they didn't like occurred. Yamaguchi had been sure that Tsukishima would never correspond to his feelings because he would never see him in the same way, just as Tsukishima had chosen to remain serious and channel his jealousy in long readings in order not to allow his annoyance to be evident every time he watched Yamaguchi talking animatedly with Yachi. Both had suppressed their feelings for fear that the relationship between them would be finalized, since both had preferred to put up with their emotions and pretend on the outside instead of letting the opportunity exist for their friendship to come to an end. Both had prioritized the other over their own emotions because they had preferred to suffer in silence instead of imagining what life would be like without the other at their side. They both thought that a friendship between them was enjoyable, but it wasn't enough anymore.

"I always knew that of the two, you were the bravest," Tsukishima didn't doubt to say.

Most of the time people didn't realize it, but he knew Yamaguchi well enough to know that although he was shy and sometimes reserved, he was also brave and didn't hesitate to face the challenges that lay ahead when necessary.

Yamaguchi stopped feeling that his nerves would play against him when he heard him. He no longer thought that his anguish could overcome him completely, and he observed the blond that surpass him by several centimeters. "And you the smartest," He expressed along with a sincere smile.

"Well, I like you, so, I agree on that."

The Hufflepuff only increased the size of his smile, and allowed himself to let out a strenuous sigh when he realized that he wouldn't run into his room with tears sliding down his cheeks. Mentally he had prepared himself so that those were the consequences of his confession that he had imagined so many times, so he had no clue of how to act now that the contrary to what he had thought, had happened. “And now?” He asked, because when he didn't know the answer, Tsukishima always had the solution.

“Do you want to celebrate my birthday with me?”

Yamaguchi didn’t hesitate to nod. He started to head towards the Great Hall, and instead of being totally impressed when Tsukishima again took him by the arm and pulled him, he simply preferred to enjoy the warm embrace that he gave him.

“By the way, happy birthday,”

“Oh, shut up,” Tsukishima said as always but with a flush on his face.

“Not sorry,” Yamaguchi let out a giggle.

Perhaps some things would start to change between the both of them, but that didn't mean they would stop being best friends and knowing each other in great detail.


Ennoshita spit out his orange juice, Kenma didn’t take off his head from Fukunaga's shoulder, Tsukishima had a very bad feeling, the others present in the Great Hall, who weren't many since the lunch schedule had just begun and most of them were still in class, rested their eyes on the one whose voice had echoed all over the place, and Akaashi remained as the only one who stayed calm when he heard the scream of the seventh-year student who belonged to Hufflepuff, and who suddenly rushed through the doors of the place. He was used to hearing him call him in a strong tone of voice, so unlike the others, he was the only one to stay still before the new presence didn’t hesitate to rest his hands on the table to observe him with a big and excited smile on his face.

“Yes, Bokuto-san?” He asked appeased.

“Tomorrow is Konoha's birthday! And now that our houses are related, all of you must come!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

The only fifth-year present at the table, cocked his head before hiding his face behind the book that suddenly seemed very interesting to read at a short distance. He assumed that he would be the topic of the conversation even before the Hufflepuff started talking.

“Related? Why are our houses related?” Ennoshita asked.

“He!” Bokuto pointed to Tsukishima “He’s going out with one of mine!”

They stopped resting their eyes on the seventh-year to pose them in the blond, who began to shake his head. He wasn’t surprised that Bokuto found out about him and Yamaguchi, who casually appeared smiling nervously.

“Sorry, Tsukki. He forced me to tell him why I returned so late the other day," He said rubbing the back of his neck.

They interspersed their eyes between the two fifth-year ones, making even Kenma stop dozing on Fukunaga's shoulder after hearing both the words of Bokuto and Yamaguchi. Suddenly his body tensed, but again relaxed after checking that for that occasion, the Slytherin that usually accompanied Bokuto everywhere, wasn’t close.

A blush filled Yamaguchi's cheeks when the same boy who belonged to his house hugged him on his side and smiled excitedly, while Tsukishima chose to watch them both without knowing what to do or what to say. He still couldn’t decide if it bothered him that everyone knew that he was interested in Yamaguchi as well as his best friend in him.

“You will come, won’t you?” Bokuto inquired.

Akaashi looked at Tsukishima before looking at the one with bicolor hair. “Sure,” was the only thing he answered.

Bokuto began to jump of the emotion as soon as he heard him, and didn’t hesitate to run away without first taking Yamaguchi by the hand and taking him with him. And as soon they left, they all rested their eyes on Akaashi.

“If I said no, he would stay here longer. Nobody wanted that, right?” He said without needing someone to say something before.

The others realized that he was right, so they decided to continue having lunch. Tsukishima watched the one sitting next to him, and silently thanked him for making the situation as comfortable as possible, since he could barely decipher his feelings, and he didn’t want everyone in the castle to talk about him.

As they promised, the next day those characterized for being quieter instead of talkers, were present at the party that the Hufflepuff members decided to carry out for Konoha's birthday. The Great Hall gleamed small yellow flags for the house to which most belonged, and while some were sitting talking, others remained standing.

Sakusa was sitting next to Kenma watching the electronic device he held in his hands to try to understand what was so interesting. Neither of them was a fan of social gatherings, not even small ones, so they always ended up sitting side by side, while sitting in front of them, Ennoshita was totally focused on tearing the wood off the table with his intense dark-brown gaze. He wasn’t in the mood for another birthday, but he didn’t want to leave one of his roommates without company, although it seemed that his role was occupied by someone else, even though he should have expected the captain of Hufflepuff not to leave the captain of his house alone.

And while Terushima seemed to be willing to find some spell that would multiply the size of the cake they prepared and Asahi looked at him with a look of horror on his face while asking him to keep his wand, Yamaguchi kept a broad smile while standing next to Tsukishima, listening as he chatted with Yachi, who the blond seemed to have stopped rejecting after Yamaguchi assured him that he was the one he was interested in. It only took Bokuto five minutes to finally tell him why he arrived late to the common room on the night of Tsukishima's birthday. And just as in that situation Bokuto's determination had played in his favor, at that time the captain of Hufflepuff didn’t stop chasing Akaashi since he had appeared at the little party. He even seemed to have forgotten that the two were there as well as the others present to celebrate Konoha's birthday, who didn’t mind his best friend not paying attention to him since he knew it was impossible for Bokuto to focus on someone else when Akaashi was present in the same place as him.

“Bokuto-san, I already said that I don’t want another piece of cake.”

The two-color-haired one didn’t seem to give up with the idea that he accepted a second portion.

“But Akaashi! You’re the captain now! You have to be strong and healthy!”

“Cake is not healthy.”

Bokuto seemed to transform into a statue after realizing that the Ravenclaw was right, and Akaashi took advantage of the fact that the one in front of him seemed to be worrying about the amount of sugar he had consumed, to rest from his palaver when he sat next to Sakusa. However, Bokuto stopped being totally still and felt his ears reddened with anger when he glimpsed that Akaashi preferred to sit facing who was considered one of the three best players of his age instead of continuing to spend time with him. And despite being the birthday boy, Konoha passed his arm over the shoulders of his friend after perceiving that he would let jealousy consume him.

Sakusa started talking to Akaashi at the same time that Kenma felt that someone stood behind him. Someone tall enough to cast shadow over his electronic device, and he barely tilted his head back to meet green eyes that watched him along with a large but timid smile. However, that smile disappeared as soon as Kenma refocused on his electronic device, and the one who continued to possess a great height despite sitting down, looked at the dyed-blond sitting next to him.

“I'm Haiba Lev!” The one belonging to Hufflepuff introduced himself.

Kenma took a while to respond without taking his eyes off the screen. “Kenma.”

“I'm a chaser, just like you!”

Again the one belonging to Ravenclaw was slow to give him an answer. “I’m my team’s seeker, not a chaser,” He stated.

The one of Russian descendance remained shook while Komi face-palmed because he said to him that Sakusa was the one he had to talk to, not Kenma.

"We should practice together anyway!” Lev said without caring what position he played.

Komi stood confused and then decided to approach Konoha so that no one would relate him to Lev.

"Don’t wanna,” was the first time Kenma answered quickly.

An expression of frustration appeared on Lev's face. “Why not?”

“I don’t like to move more than necessary.”

The gray-haired boy cocked his head, confused to hear him pronounce those words.

Who didn’t want to move even more than in the practices?

Apparently, the boy sitting next to him at that moment.

It was not news that Kenma didn’t train more than the practices with the entire team when Ravenclaw reserved the Quidditch course, since being part of the team didn't take away the fact that he preferred to lie down, or that he felt more comfortable in closed spaces than in open spaces.

However, Lev was new, so he continued to look at him disoriented.

While not far from them, Yamaguchi observed Tsukishima once Yachi left them alone.

“Does it bother you that Bokuto said it? Or that I have told him? Both?” Yamaguchi inquired, somewhat worried about the serious face of the blond at his side.

"None," He answered, surprising him “It’s just that…” Yamaguchi observed him with curiosity and a slight smile on his face. He already deciphered that when Tsukishima wanted to say something important, it always took him a while to let go. He knew it was a matter of waiting for him to say the string of words. “He took your hand. I wanted to be the one to do it first," He said.

The Hufflepuff remained disoriented a few seconds after not realizing what he was referring to, until he recalled that during the noon of the previous day, Bokuto took his hand to take him as both had to join the others to plan the party they were at that moment. And when he chuckled, Tsukishima rested his eyes on him.

“You are jealous, Tsukki,” He said looking at him with a big smile.

“Shut up,”


The blond chose to cross his arms and close his eyes after becoming offended and turn his head, but he opened them again when he felt fingers interlace with his and a head resting on his shoulder. He turned his head to realize that Yamaguchi decided to attach himself to his position and join his hand with his even though he was crossing his arms. Tsukishima hoped that the heat he felt in his cheeks wasn’t evident, since he wasn't yet used to his best friend acting as something more than that, much less to do it in front of other people.

And while the fifth-year ones turned out to have a quiet time between them, one sixth-year continued to get annoyed after continuing to hear how Terushima followed Kiyoko all over around. Ennoshita wondered why she had to be present everywhere, but he didn’t doubt that the one with a pierced tongue used the apparent proximity between the two houses to invite her and be able to pursue her. When she was close, Ennoshita's bad mood only got worse, and he didn’t want to sit and listen as another one of his same year was fascinated with her, so he got up and decided to leave the Great Hall without any explanations. He leaned his back against the wall as soon as he left, and it was a matter of minutes before another Ravenclaw left the party.

Ennoshita watched Kunimi when he stood in front of him.

“You don’t like parties either? I understand why we ended up in the same house," He expressed.

However, the fifth-year remained silent. Inside his mind, he wondered if he really wanted to open his mouth, and finished deciding after a few minutes in which Ennoshita observed him just as quietly. "You shouldn’t worry," He mentioned, and the sixth-year raised an eyebrow when he heard him. “The players are those who monopolize the attention during games, not the stands,” He added.

And with those words that another person might not have understood, Ennoshita glimpsed that although he didn’t spend himself hiding his mood, Kunimi turned out to be sufficiently observant and intelligent to realize the reason for his prolonged anger and serious face. So instead of getting angry at his words, he smiled sideways after hearing him and the words he expressed to try to remind him that he was equally important even if he wasn’t followed by more than half of the male population of Hogwarts, or rather the entire student population.

“I’m happy that you’re on the team, Kunimi.”

The mentioned one smiled slightly while Ennoshita stopped keeping his back leaning against the wall.

“You didn’t seem to be having more fun than me. Wanna go for a walk?” He added.

The one who remained sat down since talking wasn’t of his complete pleasure, and who without Kindaichi by his side got bored faster than usual, only took a few seconds before agreeing and accepting the offer, so they both walked away from the Great Hall, without realizing that a particular student had remained close enough to listen to them, and therefore, let his anger turn red on his cheeks that perfectly matched with the red and gold color of his tie.

And just as the Ravenclaw duo didn’t see him, Tanaka didn’t notice that a black-haired boy whose eyesight was partially limited by the falling fringe on the right side of his face, and whose uniformly was the same as the others with the only difference that his tie carried the green and silver lines, sat on the stairs closest to the Great Hall watching the only person in which his golden eyes had rested from the beginning. Bokuto invited him days ago, but he decided that although he would give anything to be in the same place as Kenma, he also understood that the same one didn’t want to be near him, so he didn’t want to ruin his night by showing up.

Although on the other hand, Kuroo continued to wonder what the sudden approach of the other day had meant.

Chapter Text

After being the first one to break free from classes, Yaku was the only one being on the quidditch field while waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, hoping that they could hold a real practice that afternoon, that no one would get angry with anyone, that he wouldn’t have to use his terrible attitude that appeared when everything started to get out of control and Daichi's serious face was not enough to calm the chaos, and that he wouldn’t have to appeal to his role as vice-captain to be heard.

He and Daichi didn’t lose hope. Regardless of what others thought or what happened both the previous year and the practices of the other day, they firmly believed that Kageyama and Hinata could be the new additions of that year, but they both had to show the others that they deserved a place in the team, and unless Kageyama improved his attitude and Hinata could stand out, then they couldn’t accept them in the team, regardless of whether they were sure that both were great players, and that they were mutually reinforcing each other even though they didn’t even know it.

A sudden shadow was projected on him, and after being accustomed to the members of his team to announce themselves after arriving talking loudly or laughing out loud, he didn’t hesitate to use the broom he held to strike a blow to the forehead of the one who appeared without introducing himself and decided to stand behind him to scare him in that way. The gray-haired boy who turned out to be much taller than him, replaced the big smile he had held with a grimace of pain before bringing his hands to the area where Yaku had hit him with the broomstick, and complained as the older one turned to face him with a frown.

“Don't scare me like that!” The Gryffindor exclaimed irritably.

“I didn’t mean to do it!” Lev assured him rubbing his forehead with his hands.

While the gray-haired one looked up hoping that the blow on his forehead didn’t leave a mark although a pink stripe had already begun to contrast with the pallor of his skin, Yaku took one look at the Hufflepuff’s shield that lay in one of the corners of the uniform he was wearing. He knew who he was but they had never spoke before.

“What are you doing here? Gryffindor’s practice is about to begin," Yaku said.

“I wanted to introduce myself!” Lev exclaimed along with a smile that seemed to have forgotten the blow he received a few seconds ago.

Yaku raised an eyebrow as he lowered his broom. “Why?”

“I'm Haiba Lev!”

The fifth-year ignored his question while the other one continued to watch him.

Introduce himself he said?

He knew who he was. The fifth-year Hufflepuff who usually spent his time with Bokuto, Kuroo, and Terushima, from whom Yaku learned that while he maintained good relations with the three of them, he had to stay away when the three of them got together since Intelligence seemed to be put aside and be replaced with jokes and laughter that only attracted trouble. In addition, Lev's sister had been in Gryffindor during her last year while they were in second, so he recognized Lev's grayish hair and greenish look when he passed in front of everyone for the Sorting Hat to be rested on his head. Slowly he started seeing him beginning to get along with those from his own house as well to realize that that good communication eventually extended to the Slytherin student who accepted him without any problem.

And he also knew that he had become one of the new incorporations on the Hufflepuff’s team.

The Gryffindor team’s guardian continued to watch him for a few more seconds.

"Yaku ... Morisuke Yaku," He introduced himself. Lev never stopped holding a big smile. “Why are you here?” Yaku asked him for the second time.

“You’re Gryffindor’s guardian, and I am now a Hufflepuff’s chaser!”

Yaku rested his broom on the lawn to cross his arms.

"I'm not the only guardian of Gryffindor, just like you aren’t the only Hufflepuff chaser.”

“But we are the best!”

The seventh-year allowed a giggle to escape from his lips.

“Are you saying that you are better than Bokuto and Asahi?” He asked him, intrigued.

He watched him wondering if the gray-haired one made statements without thinking about them before, or if that was his way of threatening him by assuring him that if he considered himself better than the other two chasers on the Hufflepuff team, then he should stay alert and train for when his houses would face each other.

“Why are you looking at me so much?” Lev ignored his question “Is it because of my height?” He added, making Yaku's curious look to be replaced by a serious one because he knew the words he would say before he said them himself “It’s normal for someone as short as you to feel intimidated by my height.”

A vein seemed to appear on the seventh-year’s forehead, who uncrossed his arms and instead of giving him a second blow with his broomstick, preferred to use his own leg to kick him in the side of his body because there were few people who still dared to make fun of his few centimeters, and Lev complained while Yaku looked back at him with a frown until they both heard a great laugh.

"Never mention anything about his height," Yamamoto said laughing.

Yaku did nothing but flick his tongue before giving another look to the gray-haired one that rubbed that part of his body, and took his broom before riding on it to separate himself from the lawn and approach one of the trios of hoops, because just like Yamamoto, the rest of the team had arrived as well.


Daichi could assure that it was an interesting second practice.

Strange, but interesting after all.

Both he and Yaku were glad that Kageyama reappeared even though last time he decided to leave in the middle of training and despite the peculiar manner in which he treated the others, and as soon as Daichi mentioned to him that day they would repeat the try-outs to join the team because the first ones didn’t achieve the results they had expected, Kageyama's face stopped being so serious. Again he was paired with Hinata, who gave him a pleasant smile instead of looking at him with horror like the last time, and Tanaka, who at that time thanks to his serious expression and the lack of words that weren’t characteristic of him, stated that he didn’t seem to be willing to rile up the others in a funny way like he always did.

And the match turned out to be more entertaining as well as dynamic for everyone.

Daichi didn’t know if it was because life was rewarding him for all the effort he had made and the patience he had gained through the years, but between Tanaka's decision to remain serene instead of complaining when a point wasn’t committed or screaming with excitement when he passed the quaffle between some of the hoops, Kageyama's terrible attitude that was replaced with snorts that were provoked because Hinata watched him as soon as he saw that he was about to complain loudly or to attack some of the others present, and the energy of the orange-haired one that was evident even though he could only receive half of Kageyama's passes, made the game a fun thing to play.

And although Daichi wasn’t entirely satisfied as well as Yaku either because they believed that the potential of the fifth-year duo could improve much more from what they had seen when they flew around the castle and won a detention for the same, they smiled convinced when all descended from their brooms. Inuoka had already been said that he had joined the team so he smiled broadly hoping that his roommate would achieve the same.

Hinata remained expectant while Kageyama looked serious.

He wasn’t satisfied with himself as well as with the passes he made because he firmly believed that he could have developed better, but the reality was that there was nothing he wanted more than to join the Gryffindor’s quidditch team, so every time he was prepared to let go and allow furious words to leave his mouth because he also believed that the players around him had the potential to be better, he watched Hinata reminding him to be respectful when talking or to remain silent.

There was a lack of communication and an increase in the spirit of companionship.

"Well, welcome to the team," Daichi said, watching them with a smile.

But that didn’t mean they would lose the opportunity that was presented to them.

Yaku nodded to demonstrate his consent as vice-captain.

Hinata started jumping out of emotion and was soon embraced by Inuoka so that both of them would continue jumping after celebrating that they finally managed to join the team and that now, in addition to being considered roommates and best friends, they were also teammates. Kageyama held up a small smile that was replaced by a frown when he noticed that the orange-haired one was watching him while holding his thumbs up, until his expression softened and both the captain and the vice-captain laughed because they were definitely facing a challenge.

“Has practice finished?” Tanaka asked suddenly.

Daichi's attention to the fifth-year trio was diverted to him when he heard him. And after nodding, Tanaka left.

Usually he was one of the players who most enjoyed training and allowed his ownself to express his emotions through gestures and noisy words accompanied by equally loud laughter, so Yaku approached Nishinoya while he kept his things as the others begun to do the same because practice was over.

“What is it with Tanaka?” He asked him.

"I don’t know, he's in a bad mood," The other Gryffindor’s guardian replied.

He was called by Yamamoto so Yaku couldn’t continue asking questions, although he took advantage of the sixth-year deciding to leave early to follow Daichi and tell him about his encounter with the Hufflepuff chaser while Inuoka and Hinata were the last to be keeping his things after being distracted from jumping from one side to the other, although a voice stopped the orange-haired one before he could left the field of quidditch.

“Want to practice?”

Kageyama's tone of voice was low but Hinata managed to hear it.

Inuoka waved at him before the orange-haired boy approached Kageyama smiling after having returned to hold his broom in hand. Both seemed to continue to count with energy even though they played all afternoon, showing that both were happy enough to keep moving on their brooms, and also because, having been accepted into the official Gryffindor quidditch team, they now had the opportunity to continue practicing on the quidditch’s field.

However, they were interrupted before they could begin.

"I think Kindaichi lied to us when he said you can’t play with others," Futakuchi said.

"Or maybe he told us the truth and he's just pretending so he doesn’t have to train alone,” Yahaba added.

Kageyama scowled at them both when he heard the name of one of his former teammates as well as the rest of their words, and the Slytherin sixth-year duo who were on the side of the field smiled satisfied after seeing his reaction, although soon their faces changed when the one they didn’t pay attention to, spoke.

"The field is still Gryffindor’s for today," Hinata stated.

He had recognized them not only because of their green ties of silvery lines they were wearing, but also because although he only had two practices, he managed to hear both Yamamoto and Tanaka complaining about the Slytherin duo that at that moment rested their eyes on the one who usually would hide behind someone taller when someone seemed to look for a fight, although that didn’t prevent him from raising his fists and expressing a few words, but it wasn’t to his liking for people to talk about Kageyama as if they knew him and could only judge him because of the circumstances of the previous year, because despite the serious look he had and his terrible way of talking to others, Hinata believed that he was a great player and that under all that anger, there were good intentions.

Yahaba opened his mouth, but he and the others heard a whistle.

They all turned their eyes to the same area of the stands where the noise had come from, and where they glimpsed Suga waving at them calmly with a smile on his face behind which the Slytherin duo understood that they should leave the field of quidditch before he decided to go down to take them even if he had to drag them. Yahaba and Futakuchi glared at the fifth-year duo before they stopped being there, while Hinata and Kageyama returned in a clumsy and unconscious manner the greeting with their hands to the one who seemed to laugh at their reactions before doing the same as those of his own house and also leave the stands so they could resume their activities.

"We will win them right here," Hinata stated when they were alone.

The mere fact of imagining those of the house that considered theirself a rival to his own, and realizing that he could think of that because he was now officially part of the Gryffindor quidditch team, managed to make a tremor of emotion run through his body from feet to head. Kageyama watched him out of the corner of his eye, and although he remained serious about the words that the Slytherin duo had addressed to him, he felt that enthusiasm invaded him.


"I'll kill them with my own hands," Iwaizumi declared raising the sleeve of his uniform.

Daishou cleared his throat at the same time that Matsukawa and Hanamaki exchanged glances with each other while Oikawa stopped his best friend, although he didn't hesitate to take the opportunity to take a look at the muscles he hold to prevent Iwaizumi turning his words into something real. Kindaichi seemed uncomfortable with an expression of frustration on his face, and Suga continued sitting on the lawn with a face similar to that of the fifth-year.

Kuroo's body tension and serious face only increased when he realized that the absence of the sixth-year duo on the quidditch course wasn’t due to the fact that they had detention or because they were arriving late, but because they really decided not to show up at that day's training, and he didn’t need someone to say it out loud to know that they weren’t there because they didn’t agree about the decision that was made regarding the captaincy and the leadership of the team, which also achieved to his desire to coordinate a second training to be replaced by a feeling of rejection of himself. Kuroo understood that he wasn’t as close to them as he was to the rest of his classmates of his same year, but he thought that although Yahaba always spent his time with Oikawa because the two had a great friendship, he would appear because he turned out to be a beater just like him, and that Futakuchi would be with him.

He didn’t understand what he did to be rejected in that way because he didn’t even show how he could coordinate the team, and Suga watched him out of the corner of his eye because he was sure that the sixth duo would show up as he thought that spotting them the other day before looking for a fight with the fifth-year duo who were officially part of the Gryffindor’s quidditch team, would be enough motivation for them to show up for training, but he realized that he misunderstood the situation and they only sought to bother the other ones because it was clear that they wouldn’t show up in the training.

Meanwhile, Kindaichi remained frustrated because he hoped that after being accepted into the quidditch team of his house, he would enjoy participating in training because even though Oikawa wasn’t choice as captain, he still was the vice-captain, and although he didn’t knew Kuroo that well, if Oikawa and Iwaizumi trusted him to guide them, then so would he. But it was his first practice as one of the official players of the team, and instead of being mounted on his broom playing with those who had once been his teammates, and who again were, he was observing how worried everyone around him seemed to be.

“Practice’s canceled.”

Everyone stopped focusing on their own thoughts and rested their eyes on Kuroo when he expressed those words.

“We won’t train if the whole team isn’t there.” He added.

The last thing he wanted was to cancel the time they could spend on the Quidditch’s field, but he didn’t want to lead an incomplete team as well as players who would concentrate on thinking that two of their teammates were absent for obvious reasons instead of focusing on the practice.

"Of course we’ll train," Oikawa contradicted him“I won’t stop playing quidditch just because some decided not to show up and don’t do their part.” It was the only thing he added before going to the box of materials.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa exchanged glances with each other to smile in the same amused way and didn’t hesitate to mount on their brooms to gain height at the same time that Daishou took the opportunity to copy them and go to one of the trios of hoops that he was used to defend. Kindaichi imitated them when he saw Iwaizumi nodding, who approached Suga and extended his arms to him.

Kuroo spotted the gray-haired boy giving him a sidelong glance as well as giving him a sideways smile before returning his gaze to Iwaizumi and continuing to smile as he accepted his hands to get up, and they both climbed on their brooms to join the others in the air. Oikawa appeared with one arm extended towards him while holding the quaffle under the other, and Kuroo watched him.

"I don’t beg," said the boy with brownish hair.

Kuroo smiled when he heard him, and decided to accept his hand to get up.

Oikawa looked at him giving him a true smile that assured him that no matter what some of the other members of the team they both coordinated do, they continued to be the leaders, and as long as there were other players willing to accept that decision as well as to play quidditch with them, then they had to show that they were really ready to guide them despite the circumstances around them.

Chapter Text

Bokuto held a broad smile that was imitated by Daichi while Akaashi continued to tear leaves from the lawn with no expression on his face, and Kuroo observed his best friend totally confused.

"Bokuto, when I said I needed help, I’m sure I didn’t mean this," He said.

The only Slytherin present sitting in the round didn’t expect that after mentioning to the Hufflepuff what had happened the previous day during the quidditch practice, the same one would decide to recruit the other two captains of the other teams who decided to make themselves present, making Kuroo wondered if it was because they really wanted to be there or because they agreed to do so before Bokuto continued to beg them.

“We are all captains! It's our duty as captains to support each other!” Bokuto exclaimed extending his arms.

"I'm not sure that's true," The Ravenclaw pointed out.

“Akaashi! You must back me up every now and then!”

The two black-haired ones who shared totally different bonds with Kenma, stared at each other. Kuroo thought he knew why Akaashi observed him that way, though he didn’t realize that another thought was stuck in the Ravenclaw's brain.

"I think it's a good idea," Daichi expressed suddenly, drawing the attention of the other three after also realizing the sudden tension that was created between two of the captains “It’s true that we are the four captains, so talking to each other if someone has a problem is not a bad idea.”

“Will we make braids witch each other too?”

After speaking with evident sarcasm, Kuroo hugged his knees before resting his chin on them.

"I wouldn’t be worried if I were you," Akaashi alleged “Those who didn’t show up in your training have never been characterized as the most reliable anyway," He added, because thanks to Bokuto, both he and Daichi were already aware of what had happened in the quidditch field during the previous afternoon.

Kuroo looked at him with a slight frown, because although they were sitting in a round because the Slytherin duo of the same year as the Ravenclaw captain missed the practices and therefore made his confidence decrease, he didn’t believe Akaashi could give himself the luxury of mentioning those words after not knowing them.

“Why don’t you talk to them?” Daichi asked, don’t understanding the tension that appeared and disappeared among the captains of the houses of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and who also realized why during the first days of classes, Kuroo had asked him how he managed to be heard by the rest of his team.

“Because they wouldn’t listen to him,” Bokuto answered with a smile.

Even though he stopped keeping his mouth curved when Daichi rested his gaze on him.

"I just don’t understand," Kuroo said, his golden and disappointed gaze focused on the lawn “I don't understand what I did for them to not want me as their captain.”

The three who decided to join him, observed the one who finally decided to speak on the subject.

Why was he the only one whose team didn’t seem willing to accept him as a leader?

Was it such a pity that even the other three captains seemed to be afflicted by him?

He was thankful that those of his own year decided to carry on the practice even though they hadn’t all been present, and had even laughed while they played as well as told several anecdotes about his years at Hogwarts, some of which possibly left some traumas in the head of Kindaichi that at no time felt out of place just for being the only fifth-year surrounded by seventh-year students who knew each other more than well. But that didn’t take away the fact that two players missed training to clarify that they didn’t agree with his new position on the team. 

Daichi looked at him with a grimace while Akaashi intercepted his gaze between Kuroo and Bokuto, the latter showing that he was certainly worried about his best friend since his face was characterized by a pout. Maybe his intention to get the other captains had been good because he really wanted to raise the mood of his best friend, but if Kuroo couldn't switch his way of thinking, there would be nothing he could do even if he had managed to get the other two captains to be present.


After Daichi said goodbye to them, Bokuto and Akaashi continued walking side by side in silence. The first one seemed to be with his head in another place while the second looked at him closely, not needing to wonder why instead of talking nonstop and along with a smile as he always did, Bokuto was silent for that time. And once they arrived at the doors of the Ravenclaw common room, Akaashi decided to exchange roles after being the first one to speak.

"I'm sorry," He expressed looking at him, managing to catch the other's attention with just saying those words. "I know you want Kuroo-san to be fine, but there is nothing Daichi-san and I can do if he continues to be guided by the actions of the ones of my same year. And besides, I don't think that my presence contributes much. It's not that I'm not attracted to the idea of forming a certain special bond just because we are captains, but Kenma is my best friend just like Kuroo-san is yours. So excuse me, but don't expect me to pat Kuroo-san's back to lift his spirits when I can't even see him."

Akaashi didn't hesitate to be honest. He wasn't one of the people who used to pretend when they met with people who wasn't of his liking, nor was he the kind of person who held a smile on his face even if the situation made him want to do the opposite, so he didn't doubt to be honest with Bokuto, since although he preferred to be honest, he wanted him tounderstood why he had been the one of the four to have spoken less.

"I know," Bokuto gave him a small smile before scratching the back of his neck. "Kuroo has also been feeling down because of his relationship with Kenma," He said, unaware that for a small second, Akaashi narrowed his eyes after wondering why the Slytherin apparently felt the same as his Kenma when it came to them. "It's just that, just as you want to see Kenma well, I want to see Kuroo well." He added "Thanks for coming anyway."

"You asked me, so,"

"Yeah," Bokuto held a calm smile on his face.

"I would like to say that I will talk to Futakuchi and Yahaba to ask them why they decided to quit the practice of quidditch, but I don't talk to them either," The sixth-year opted to say, knowing that maybe that possibility had surfaced in the heads of those who were a year older than him.

"Akaashi, you don't like Slytherins!"

"I prefer Ravenclaws," He said, realizing that he simply didn't have many people around him who wore the green and silver colors because he didn't talk to them, and not because he had any solid opinion about them. "And Hufflepuffs," He added after a few seconds.

"I think I have no preference," Bokuto began to say, thinking about those with whom he used to spend his time instead of realizing the intensity in the blue eyes of the one who was present with him. "I mean, I get along with the vast majority, and all those who say that Hufflepuffs and Slytherins can't be friends, are wrong because Kuroo and I are the proof," He placed his hands on the sides of his waist before smiling proudly "I also get along well with Daichi and the others, but I think I have a special spot for Ravenclaws."

"But I've never seen you talking to my housemates."

"Then I guess I have a special spot for you," Bokuto looked at him with an animated smile that was imitated in Akaashi's face, though for less time and in a less visible way. "Anyway, I've already bothered you a lot for today. Thanks for coming, and I appreciate it more knowing you've done it even if you don't get along with Kuroo as much as I do."

"You don't bother me," Akaashi assured him, joining his own hands behind his back.

Bokuto smiled excitedly after hearing him, and then he waved his hand as he started to walk backwards. Akaashi greeted him in the same way, and once the Hufflepuff turned around, he entered the common room of his house after answering easily the riddle that the eagle present in the entrance asked him. 

“Where were you?” Kenma asked him once he entered the room they shared.

The one with dyed blond hair remained lying on his bed as well as concentrated on the electronic device in his hands while Ennoshita was in his own bed face down reading a book. Akaashi sat on the edge of his own bed.

"With the other team captains of the teams," He answered.

His two roommates stopped concentrating on their respective hobbies to rest their intrigued looks on him, because although he and the seventh-year trio occupied the same role in their teams, they maintained various types of relationships with each other.


“Futakuchi and Yahaba decided not to attend the Slytherin practice yesterday afternoon.”

Ennoshita laid down his book as well as Kenma turned off the screen of the electronic object as soon as they heard him, because although Bokuto didn’t hesitate to gather the leaders of the other teams, he didn’t run around the halls of the castle shouting about the absence of the sixth-year duo in the Quidditch field, which explained why the two of them just learned about what happened.

"I'll guess," Said the one who had been reading until a few seconds ago “Captaincy problems,“ A smile that no one else could spot appeared on Ennoshita's face when Akaashi nodded.

“What did Kuroo say?” Kenma asked.

"Not much," Akaashi replied.

He also didn’t formulated many words, since mostly Bokuto and Daichi were those in trying to reassure Kuroo that everything would be fine and that he didn’t need to worry, and that he should focus on the fact that the rest of the team showed up and decided to train instead of focusing on those two didn’t. But the fact that he didn’t express words of support because he didn’t consider himself a fake person, didn’t mean that he remained aloof from the situation. He never believed that the Slytherin he knew for being arrogant and holding a daring smile on his face most of the time, could also allow frustration and sorrows to take over his expression and his manner of functioning.

"He's sad," He added.

Akaashi didn’t need to be close to him, nor did he need to know him perfectly to note that the Slytherin captain was distressed by the situation, although Bokuto had also left it in evidence after he also remained worried.

Kenma looked at the room’s ceiling.

And while he hated himself for knowing that the pressure in his chest was due to the worry he begun to experience for someone who he didn’t want to feel anything, Akaashi glanced at the owl's stuffed toy that remained on his bedside table, and Ennoshita raised an eyebrow before hiding the trace of a smile behind the book he held again in front of his face.

“Why didn’t you go?”

“Because I didn’t want to?” Yahaba asked as if it was something obvious.

Watari looked at him seriously and the Slytherin rolled his eyes.

"You love playing Quidditch," The Hufflepuff said “Why didn’t you go to practice?”

Yahaba observed him, not being surprised of Watari knowing that he skipped training since it was enough for some of his housemates and students of the other three houses to look at him letting him know they knew he had been absent during practice, although he didn’t care if others knew. But it wasn’t for him to explain why he and Futakuchi decided to skip practice, so he shrugged.

“It’s because Oikawa isn’t the captain?” Watari asked him.

He couldn’t understand why his best friend decided to skip the training that his teammates had when he knew that Yahaba loved to play and never before proved himself reluctant to practice with those, with whom he also knew that he maintained very good relationships, which made him think that it was even stranger to him to decide to skip it.

“I listen to who I want no matter captain or not,” Yahaba answered.

Watari snorted, but then looked at him seriously.

“It’s not… It's not because ... it's not because of him, right?” He managed to ask, seeming to be certainly afraid to pronounce those words.

“What do you mean?”

Yahaba stared at him trying to understand why it seemed that his best friend feared asking that question, until the Hufflepuff managed to make him realize who he was talking about, and therefore he didn’t hesitate to shake his head as well as feel that his throat was suddenly dry and half the air disappeared.

"No, of course not." He assured him without hesitation.

Watari seemed relieved to hear him. "Whatever it is making you miss practice, just stop." He insisted.

The Hufflepuff seemed to want to add more words when he realized that Yahaba wouldn’t listen to him even though he asked him to act maturely and responsibly, but he was interrupted when Terushima exclaimed his name, that being the first time that the one with the piercing in his tongue only waved to Yahaba instead of joining their conversation, because he knew that if he came to talk, then he would change his homework night with his housemate for a night of words accompanied by the two of them and probably also Futakuchi.

Yahaba greeted him with his hand with enthusiasm after that being his way of thanking him for interrupting Watari so that he wouldn’t continue to reprimand him even though he didn’t do it on purpose. The Hufflepuff in front of him stared at him before saying goodbye to him and going with his housemate who didn’t hesitate to hug him sideways, and Yahaba took the opportunity to return to his room with his hands in his pockets and a serious expression. He entered his common room and rolled his eyes before the two people he spotted standing up as soon as he entered, approached him to remain crossed arms side by side.

"Young man, we have to talk," Hanamaki stated looking at him.

"We won’t tolerate this kind of behavior," Matsukawa added.

"For the umpteenth time, you are not my parents," Was the only thing Yahaba expressed before taking advantage of the space they left between them to pass and hear an expression of offense on the part of the pink-haired one followed by a statement by Matsukawa that assured him that he was their son.

He managed to advance other steps until he was stopped again.

"You won’t get rid of me that easy," Oikawa assured him with a smile too natural to be considered honest.

Yahaba looked at him with a tired expression and continued serious when Hanamaki and Matsukawa passed while sticking their tongues out at him and mocking him because he was stopped anyway, so he chose to cross his arms and form a slight pout with his lips to which Oikawa giggled.

“Are you okay?”

 Yahaba replaced the pout with a grimace of confusion when he heard the question.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know, I ask because it’s difficult for me to understand why you decided to skip practice.”

Yahaba allowed an obvious complaint to leave his lips.

He was tired of everyone trying to talk to him about his absence during training in the quidditch field since it wasn’t the first time a student missed one, but he was also aware that everyone around him knew that he wasn’t absent because he had to study for an exam, because he got detention, because he couldn’t get out of bed since being sick, or because he got an injury.

“Do you want to talk about it?’” Oikawa asked him.

"Not really,"

He appreciated that the one in front of him cared for him, but he didn’t consider it a moment for them to hold one of their talks that began with advices to keep their skins healthy and neat, and that always ended with both talking about the greatest mysteries of the world.

“You know that eventually I'll bother you until you tell me something.”

“I know.”

Oikawa sighed when he realized that for the moment he wouldn’t get anything assuring him that he would torment him until he told him the reason why he decided to miss training, so he pointed to the stairs with his head and Yahaba rolled his eyes before going there to later go to his room where his roommate already was.

“I’m so tired of everyone,” Was the only thing Yahaba mentioned before laying face down on the body of the one who let out a giggle when his best friend fell on top of him with a grimace of displeasure, but then Futakuchi remained serious when he didn’t hesitate to think that he had expressed those words because probably a lot of people tried to talk to him about the reason why both decided to be absent in the quidditch field.

"I'm sorry," Futakuchi said looking at the boy lying on his lap.

Yahaba raised his head before settling down and sitting next to him. "Don’t be," He gave him a small smile. Futakuchi smiled sideways after hearing him and seeing the gesture on his face, but anyway he hated that Yahaba didn’t doubt to stand by his side only because they were best friends, when Futakuchi deep down knew he was doing the wrong thing. “Want to hear something stupidly ridiculous?” Yahaba asked before he could begin to wonder into his own thoughts “Watari thought I did it for him.”

“Why would you skip practice for Watari?”

"Not him," He sighed "He.” Yahaba added in a serious tone of voice.

Futakuchi only took a few seconds to realize who he was talking about, so he understood the grimace of annoyance his best friend held as well as why he returned to settle on his lap.

“Can I sleep with you today?” Yahaba asked him.

“Of course,” Futakuchi didn’t hesitate to answer.

Allowing him to sleep by his side was the least he could do after lying to him.

The two of them began to prepare to go to sleep as there was little time left for curfew and they knew that Suga always went through their corridor more than once because he was aware that they sometimes liked to be out of their beds, and they also knew that they couldn’t dare to test the patience of the gray-haired one, so while they decided not to leave their room to bother the Miya brothers, in the common room Oikawa decided to take place next to Iwaizumi in one of the armchairs. They knew that soon they should be in their room, but they became so used to leaving it so that Hanamaki and Matsukawa could find themselves alone, that being in the common room was the same as being in the room.

Iwaizumi observed the brown hair of the boy who seemed to have become accustomed to rest his head on his lap or on one of his shoulders, having chosen the second option at that moment, wondering what he thought about the whole situation in reference with the team to which both belonged, since although Oikawa had been the one to indicate that practice shouldn’t be canceled only because two decided to skip, he also knew that he cared deeply for Yahaba as he had showed after intercepting his path a few minutes ago, as well as for Futakuchi. He believed that he was already fulfilling his role as vice-captain by not allowing Kuroo to end the practice and having everyone distract themselves by talking about all the moments they shared since they had met, as well as wanting to know why the sixth-year duo decided to miss.

“I can feel you looking at me, Iwa-chan. You want to know what I think, don’t you?”

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes because Oikawa didn’t even have to look at him to know what was going through his mind, and although he tried to move away from him to look at him with a frown, he only managed to get Oikawa's head to rest on his chest when he chose to stop lending him his shoulder as a pillow after resting his elbow on the back of the sofa as well as his chin on the palm of his hand. He heard the boy with brown hair give a little laugh. 

"I don’t care," Iwaizumi lied.

Oikawa smiled after knowing he was lying.

"I think Shigeru-chan and Kenji-chan are acting the way they do for something that is not necessarily related to who is captain and who isn’t," He inquired anyway, making Iwaizumi look down at him “There's no point in being absent just because Tetsu-chan is the captain. They never listen to anyone, so occupying a certain role shouldn’t be an impediment to not show up, since they don’t care that Tetsu-chan is the captain and I the vice-captain. You could be the captain and Makki the vice-captain and they wouldn’t care either. They didn’t even listen to the captain last year and he was demanding. So I don’t think our designated roles are what are bothering them. Because, besides, I don’t doubt that Shigeru-chan would have told me that he doesn’t think that Tetsu-chan should be captain if he really thought that," He said “Although it’s clear that Tetsu-chan doesn’t think in the same way as I do and believes that the two are skipping for being against him, about which I can’t blame him either because I don’t doubt that his insecurities are eating him down. I only know that if Shigeru-chan and Kenji-chan continue to behave as if they are five years old instead of sixteen, it’ll be a matter of time before they start to feel the anger of many people over them.”

“That includes us, right?”

“Of course.”

Iwaizumi didn’t analyze the situation as much as Oikawa, and he didn’t care if the sixth-year duo missed because it bothered them that Kuroo was the new captain instead of Oikawa, or because they had another reason for not showing up. He only knew that he didn’t like to feel that nobody was enjoying the training because no matter what position each one occupied, everyone on the team was affected when they weren’t in full equilibrium, as well as that little by little an atmosphere of tension was beginning to decorate the common room all of them shared.

“Iwa-chan, I'm cold,” He heard Oikawa said.

It was a couple of days until a month had passed since classes started, so the cold October was beginning to show as the Hogwarts gardens begun to lose their greenish color to be replaced by fallen leaves of trees lifeless. In addition, they were in the dungeons and near the Black Lake, so it would be a matter of time for them to add blankets to their beds and use scarfs around their necks.

“And I’m tired.”


“And what do you want me to do?"

Oikawa crossed his arms and Iwaizumi saw him inflate his cheeks as well as frown to show he was protesting.

“Futakuchi and Yahaba aren’t the only ones looking like five years old," He added.

Oikawa snorted after hearing his words, but soon a smile settled on his lips when the arm that Iwaizumi had been leaving on the back of the sofa, suddenly crossed over his shoulders to be able to surround him and make him close even more. The brown-haired one uncrossed his arms and continued smiling after feeling very comfortable under the warm protection provided by the body and arm of his best friend, who was grateful that Oikawa couldn’t see his face even though he remained as serious as ever. He didn’t believe the one with brown hair would distrust him after hugging him like that since he expressed he was cold and for the moment he seemed to be happy with the arm that he had wrapped him, but he didn’t want to start thinking too much even though he knew that he didn’t have any problem in case Oikawa always wanted to be like that with him, although he realized that he seemed to have stopped thinking when he realized he begun to caress Oikawa's shoulder with his thumb after his hand remained in that part of his body, and he didn’t hesitate to stop doing so as soon as he realized.

"Go on," He heard Oikawa say “I don’t mind.”

Although at first he hesitated and remained a few seconds looking at him, Iwaizumi resumed the caresses on his shoulder while a look of frustration appeared on his face. He didn’t think it was fair that Oikawa could remain completely calm when he was embraced by him while he was barely able to make his face not to leave him in evidence, hoping that the boy with brown hair wouldn’t be able to heart the beat of his heart just because his head was resting near it.

"Shittykawa," He murmured.

“And now what did I do?!”

Chapter Text

After letting out a sigh, Kuroo stood up for the fifth time.


A single word.

A thousands of guesses.

“I just don’t get it. Congratulations? Congratulations for what?”

He began to move from one side to the other in front of the Hufflepuff table, where his best friend was sitting silent, both because it was morning and the breakfast hours, so he still hand’t eat enough food to be as energetic as ever, and because the one in front of him preferred to have a conversation with himself while he pursued him with his eyes at the same time he let out a yawn. Bokuto was one of the most energetic people in Hogwarts, but even sometimes he needed to spend a few seconds concentrating solely on breakfast.

“Was it sarcasm? Did he say congratulations in the sense of, congratulations for ruining our friendship? Congratulations for making me want to be away from you and never see you again?”

The Slytherin kept his frown the same as when he was having a difficult time in some exam. He kept his eyes fixed on the ground and seemed to analyze the situation from every possible point of view, since giving space to Kenma didn’t mean that he managed to remove him from his mind. And even less since he suddenly decided to approach him to only express a word in his presence.

A word that had unchained his confusion.


“Congratulations for making him and I take different ways? Congratulations for what? And what if he didn’t say it in a sarcastic way?”

Kuroo took his head with both hands after deciding to sit down in front of his friend after getting tired and realize that walking from one side to the other didn’t help him to clear his mind. And Bokuto, who besides not yet being extremely awaken, remained silent and calm when Kuroo started talking about Kenma, being those the few moments when he wasn’t jumping or talking loudly, observed him still somewhat asleep while continuing to hold a cup of hot chocolate in his hands.

“Haven’t you thought that maybe he simply congratulated you for obtaining the captaincy?” He asked once the boy in front of him finally withdrew in silence instead of continuing to argue with his ownself.

Kuroo raised his upper lip as a sign of disgust, and didn’t hesitate to hit Bokuto's head after hearing him, seeming to wake him up completely after Bokuto opened his amber eyes and observe him with a frown.

“And why didn’t you say it before!?”

“For not telling me you're captain!”

Bokuto stuck out his tongue while Kuroo moved his arms with his fists closed to indicate that he would start a fight with him even though he was asleep and barely an hour had passed since he got up, although he understood that his best friend would reproach him not to have told him when they always revealed any insignificant detail of their lives to each other, but still continued to move his arms when Bokuto opted to leave his cup to imitate him.

“Next time don’t let me break my head thinking!”

“Next time tell me you occupy the same role as me in your team!”



“How’s the hot chocolate today?!”

“Really sweet! Do you want some?!”

Sitting far enough away from them as to not be able to hear the conversation between them, but close enough to see the pair of friends threating their arms to then return to normal and pass a cup between them, Konoha watched them completely confused without being impressed at all with the changing behavior of the duo even if it wasn’t nine o'clock in the morning.

“You know, I didn’t thank you the other day, but, thanks for trying to cheer me up. It didn’t work much, but, I thank you anyway." Kuroo expressed with the hot chocolate cup in his hands at the same time that his best friend smiled after listening to him.

“It’s nothing!” Bokuto exclaimed smiling animatedly, breakfast already having an effect on his vivid personality. Although after a few seconds, he looked at his best friend seriously when he remained watching the content inside the cup seeming to be with his thoughts elsewhere. “You know you can ask me for a bros hug whenever you want, right?” He added, since if talking to the other captains wasn’t of great help, then he only had the option of giving him that affectionate gesture.

Kuroo raised his head, and smiled sideways. Quidditch was bringing him more problems than joys, he couldn’t talk about it with Kenma because he continued to avoid him, but at least his best friend was still the same as always. 

Yachi and Yamaguchi walked towards the Hufflepuff common room once the class of Herbology was over since they had essays to write as well as homework to complete and spells to be practiced. The blonde gave a sidelong glance to the boy next to her, since during the whole class, and during all the previous ones as well, he had kept silent and the usual thing was that the opposite happened, since Herbology was one of his favorite subjects.

“Are you okay?” She decided to ask him. ”You have been quiet all day. You didn’t even answer in Herbology and it's one of your favorite subjects," Yachi added, since she was used to him being the first to raise his hand to answer the teacher's questions in class, not to that he seemed to be with his mind elsewhere.

"I just have a lot in my head," Yamaguchi replied, giving her a short sideways smile that didn’t convince her.

“Everything is alright?” She asked again. “I thought you would be extremely happy after Tsukishima told you he feels the same for you," She added, since the Yamaguchi who had happily told her that the Ravenclaw's blond had confessed that he also wanted more than a friendship, seemed to have been replaced by someone whose emotions had been betrayed.

“And what if he doesn’t?”

“And what if he doesn’t?” Yachi repeated lost, and suddenly the fear was reflected in her eyes when she understood the meaning of those words. “He doesn’t!? I thought he said yes! Oh, this is my fault!” She added quickly, panic evident in the quick manner in which she uttered all the string of words that left her mouth in a reckless manner. “I shouldn’t have given you courage to tell him how you feel! Now you don’t want to be my friend and you'll think I'm a bad friend, and what-“


“-if you don’t want to talk to me again? I mean, I don’t regret telling you to talk to him because it's better to say things instead of repressing our emotions and-“


“-I know that sometimes life is unfair and that we can’t expect everything to go the way we want them to, but if he doesn’t correspond to your feelings then I can assure you that he is the one who truly loses because you are a great person!”

Yamaguchi opened his mouth again to pronounce her name to get her attention because she was again allowing fear to take over her and her way of thinking, but an inevitable giggle left his lips.

“Thank you,” He decided to say after Yachi seemed to have stop letting panic be part of her. “He truly said he feels the same for me. But I'm not sure I like the reasons why he said it.”

“What do you mean?”

“What if he only felt sorry for me?”

“But I've seen you both on Konoha-san's birthday. That didn’t seem like pity for me. Have you talked to him about this? With feelings or not, he’s still your best friend and I’m sure he wouldn’t like to know that you have been feeling down, much less if it has to do with him. You were able to confess how you feel even if you didn’t plan to. Talking with him about this should be easy.”

Yamaguchi let out a sigh. “I guess.”

“You know we can’t live with a pile of ‘what if?’.”

“I know, but...” Yamaguchi didn’t find any excuse to contradict her.

Yachi was right. If he had been able to confess to Tsukishima how he felt without fainting in the process, then he should be able to tell him how he felt at that moment. So instead of continuing to complain or allowing his housemate to worry about him, he gave her a smile before letting her know that he would look for the blond to talk to him, and after Yachi greeted him with a wave of her hand, he went to the library because he knew that the Ravenclaw would be there.

He was no longer worried that Tsukishima didn’t correspond to his emotions, but that he was faking them.

He was aware that each person showed their feelings as they could and wanted, and that each person was a different world and expressed themselves in the way they were used to, but inevitably doubts had begun to settle in his head at the time in which he had allowed questions to whip him.

Most of the time he had imagined confessing to Tsukishima how he felt, in all the results he had seen himself running to his room to remain depressed because there was no way the blond could feel the same for him. He had always imagined Yachi expressing encouraging words, Lev patting him on the back, and Koganegawa bringing ice cream pots to lift his spirits, so he had remained somewhat disoriented since Tsukishima had actually told him that he felt the same way. Because while he believed that he should be happy that reality had resulted to be the opposite of his thoughts, after getting accustomed to the ideas and scenes that his head had projected, his mind was beginning to go from one side to the other, the reality mixing with his imagination. Doubts had accumulated in his head, and thus, he had begun to wonder if Tsukishima had assured him that he felt the same for him because he really did, or because he hadn’t wanted the friendship between them to turn into something strange, resulting in him to choosing to mention that he felt the same even if it wasn’t so just so that the atmosphere between them didn’t change or become uncomfortable.

He spotted the blond sitting at one of the tables in the library without any company, which didn’t surprised him because he always stated that he couldn’t concentrate when other people were around him, although he had always allowed him to read his books or complete his essays at his side. Yamaguchi smiled at that, and held the same smile as he approached him and then sat down next to him.

Tsukishima turned his head to see that it was him and not some other student who he wouldn’t hesitate to look with a serious face, hoping that it would be enough to get them away, but he watched him for a few more seconds when he realized that the Hufflepuff remained staring at the table with extreme concentration, his previous smile already lost. “Herbology was difficult?” He asked him.

"Not really," Yamaguchi answered, and raised his head again to rest his books on the table as well as his elbow and then put one of his cheeks in the palm of his hand and placed himself on his side to watch him. “Can we talk? It can be later if you are studying," He said, and inwardly smiled when he remembered that Yachi had certainly been right, since after suffering too much nerves after confessing, talking to him wasn’t making him nervous. Although it didn’t surprise him, since at the end of the day, he was used to talking to him, and the fact that his feelings had increased, didn’t change the fact that it had always been easy for him to communicate with the blond at his side, who at that moment closed the book in front of him.

“We can talk.” He assured him.

Yamaguchi smiled when he realized again that he was an exception to all the rules.

"I don’t really know how to ask this or how to express it, but," He looked around trying to find the right words, but then he returned his focus to the blond who frowned slightly as soon as he heard him begin to speak. “I know you're not the kind of person who would do it, but you didn’t say you felt the same for me just because you don’t want our friendship to be something uncomfortable, right? Because, I don’t know how to explain it, but I find it strange that you like me," He blurted, feeling mildly satisfied with himself for expressing his problems aloud. “It's not that I'm not happy. The opposite actually. I just want to be sure that you like me because you do and not because you feel sorry for me, or because you don’t know how to reject me without hurting me.”

Yamaguchi watched him, certainly worried about the way Tsukishima might react to his words, while the blond remained silent processing the words that had been spoken.

"I'll just say you were right when you said I'm the smartest," Tsukishima finally said, and Yamaguchi formed a line with his lips, the tension of which spread to the rest of his body when the blond stared at him. “This is new territory for me, for us," He pointed between them. “I can read for a long time, get good grades, and be among the best in class. But because there are books for that, explanations and guides that help me, teachers that guide me. In this, I’m new. I don’t know what changes I should expect or if I shouldn’t expect any change at all. All I know is that I didn’t lie to you, and that I would never play with you when I told you I like you.”

Yamaguchi nodded, understanding that the new situation was not only confusing for him, since neither of them had ever been in a relationship before, and if having feelings was confusing in itself, the disorientation only increased when dealing with them. Tsukishima had never thought that he would have said his confession as a joke or to have fun on the night of his birthday, so he shouldn’t think that the blond would be able to have fun at the expense of emotions that he had hardly managed to express out loud.

"This time I don’t have all the answers," Tsukishima continued as he still stare at him. “But if there’s something I do have, it’s the certainty that I like you.”

Yamaguchi just smiled. “I also have the certainty that I like you,” He said.

"Then there's nothing you should worry about, just like there's nothing I should worry about,"

Yamaguchi continued smiling, and after remaining certain that reality was in his favor, he decided to open his books to study at Tsukishima's side, who continued to show him that he was still the only exception when instead of kicking him out because he preferred to study without company, he simply refocused on his own book before glancing at him.

With his arms folded, Daichi looked at the three who were a year younger than him.

“And? I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what happened.”

As Nishinoya inflated his cheeks, Tanaka began to whistle innocently and Yamamoto played with his fingers, and Yaku managed to avoid laughing by covering his mouth with his hand while he continued to watch the disaster around him.

Pieces of chocolate cake were scattered on the floor as well as on the table of the house to which they all belonged to, there was cream on the walls as well as on the faces of the three sixth-year students, one of whom opened his mouth to explain the reason why the Great Hall seemed to have become a kitchen moments after causing a catastrophe.

“It's my birthday, Daichi-san!” Nishinoya exclaimed.

“I already know that. I still don’t hear why a party ended in this.”

“Ryuu seemed to be upset, and on my birthday I want everyone to be happy, so with Tora we throw a cake to his face to have fun. Minutes later, there were many cakes everywhere," He added sputtering.

Daichi opened his mouth to scold them because he didn’t believe those words were sufficient reason to justify the disaster committed in one of the spaces of the school, but the face of innocence of the birthday boy was replaced by a big smile, and he ran out before the captain of the team they all belonged to, could tell him something.


Nishinoya started jumping around the Hufflepuff that appeared accompanied by the rest of his housemates, since the birthday boy invited his friends from other houses to celebrate that day. Asahi tried to follow Nishinoya's gaze but he turned dizzy after failing to follow the path of the one who laughed out loud when he saw him holding his head with both hands to try to compose himself. Suddenly Nishinoya embraced the seventh-year, and closed his eyes as he held a big smile when he pressed his face to his torso.

“Today is my birthday!”

Asahi patted him on the head.

“I know, that's why we came,” He said smiling.

Nishinoya took his face off his body to let the seventh-year glimpse the sparkle that characterized the hazel eyes of the birthday boy, whose smile only continued to widen, while Yamamoto took advantage of Daichi stopped focusing on them once the Hufflepuffs appeared, to nudge the one remaining at his side.

“What makes you so upset that even being Noya's birthday you don’t smile?”

Even if together with Nishinoya they made Tanaka return to be the same funny and energetic person he always was while they threw and dodged chocolate and cream cakes all around the place, Tanaka returned to hold a serious expression on his face.

"Nothing," He replied along with a smile that only lasted a few seconds.

He lied, but Yamamoto was right. He couldn’t let his bad mood interfere with his attitude on the birthday of one of his best friends, so he shook his head before smiling, and although Yamamoto didn’t trust his answer and looked at him with narrowed eyes, he preferred to say nothing while the other approached the newcomers. He knew his friend too well to realize that something was bothering him, although he wasn’t sure what it was. Or perhaps, who.

The two remained silent, while the peace of mind of a player of their own team, was completely interrupted when silence was the least he had.


The vice-captain of the Gryffindor team took a defensive stance as soon as he heard his name being expressed in that enthusiasm and high tone of voice, and suddenly someone invaded his personal space after finding himself too close to him. He didn’t hesitate to squint and look suspiciously at the fifth-year who stood in front of him cheerfully, and who didn’t doubt to approach him when he arrived even though they only had spoke once and the conversation ended between them because the seventh-year's patience had reached its limit.

“What do you want from me now?”

Yaku wondered why Lev formed a little pout with his lips when he heard that he wasn’t as excited to see him as he seemed to be, since they didn’t have any kind of relationship and he didn’t think he said or did something so that the gray-haired one thought that they were suddenly friends only because they had friends in common and because they both played quidditch.

“I want to spend time with you!” Lev exclaimed excitedly despite hearing him.

The seventh-year arched an eyebrow.

“Why would I do that?”

The vice-captain still remembered that he had interrupted him to make a comment about the difference in height between the two, so at that moment he was completely surprised when the boy in front of him united his hands behind his own back and moved the sole of his shoe while he kept his green eyes on the same one instead of laughing out loud after he also remembered how they met and the words exchanged that time.

"I didn’t mean to say something bad," He said.

“Well, you did it anyway.”

“And if I apologize?” Lev changed his expression from one second to the next. “If I apologize can we spend time together?” He added along with a hopeful smile.

Yaku watched him silently.

Why did that boy seem to be obsessed with him when there were many more boys at Hogwarts to chase and annoy? Why did he focus on him when they didn’t belong to the same house or the same team, and they even were two years apart? He didn’t find any sense in the situation as well as no answer that would have a minimum degree of logic.

And he didn’t understand why he opened his mouth to express the word he said.


“Sorry!” Lev exclaimed as soon as he heard him, and didn’t hesitate to approach him to stand by his side while not avoiding smiling happily.

Yaku watched him even more bewildered.

The two of them stayed silent too, while not far from them, Kageyama had a completely opposite expression to the one with gray hair since he was completely serious at the same time that his blue eyes were perched on the only one with orange hair present in the Great Hall, who was chatting happily with Inuoka seeming to be completely thrilled to be in the same place as the one who could claim to be the outstanding player of the Hufflepuff team. He didn’t doubt that Nishinoya had only invited him because he invited the rest of the team and it would have been bad if he didn’t invite him, and the only person he could say that was fairly close to him, was Hinata, but he was chatting with his best friend and he didn’t want to interrupt them, since it wasn’t that he and the orange-haired one were friends. He managed to join the team but that didn’t mean that he immediately begun to relate to the others as anyone would have done in his place, so he remained seated since not even socializing was one of his favorite pastimes because he didn’t know how to do it either. He was used to people not wanting to approach him, so he was surprised when he heard a voice near him.

"You are not trying to pick a fight with Hinata, right?”

Kageyama noticed what he was doing when he heard Tanaka. He didn’t realize that he had kept his eyes fixed on him since they had arrived, and he was grateful that the sixth-year sat down beside him to distract him, although he didn’t understand why he approached him when he could easily consider himself the most boring person in the Great Hall.

“You aren’t enjoying the party, are you?”

Kageyama heard his words, and only replied shortly after finding it odd that the one who expressed not agreeing him to join the team, was addressing him and not to insult or reproach him for how bad he had behaved during the first practice, although during the second chance they didn’t crossed many words, neither looked at each other in a fixed way or either of them slapped insults at each other.

“Parties aren’t my thing,” He answered being sincere.

“I'll go for a walk. If you also want to clear your head, I won’t reject you." Tanaka commented.

Tanaka got up to go to the doors of the Great Hall after speaking, and although the fifth-year remained a few seconds wondering if he was making a joke in honor of Nishinoya's birthday, when he realized that the sixth-year had really left that place, he didn’t hesitate to join him. So the two withdrew from the party, the last of them without realizing that the only with orange hair present at the party, observed him seconds before he left.

Chapter Text

Daichi felt that things finally began to be in place.

They were almost at the end of the training, when suddenly shouts of emotion caused him to stop talking to Yamamoto about how he should hold the bat in case a bludger approached him from the side that he wasn’t used to hit, and when both turned around, they stood stunned when they spotted Nishinoya with his arms raised as he laughed excitedly, Tanaka open-mouthed seeming to have seen a miracle in front of his own eyes, and Kageyama watching Hinata with his eyes wide open while the orange-haired one held a proud smile proud in his face.

“That was…" Inuoka, who had been in a break with Yaku, tried to speak.

"Amazing," The guardian at his side concluded for him.

The fifth-year began to applaud and jump animatedly after having seen his best friend fly in that way in the air, and both Daichi and Yamamoto approached them after not understanding why everyone seemed to be as excited as perplexed.

“What happened?” The captain asked.

Instead of answering, Yaku gave him a smile before returning to rest his eyes on those who were on their brooms, and whistle to get the attention of those. “Do that again!” He exclaimed.

Nishinoya raised his thumbs indicating that they would follow his instructions, and he placed himself in front of the highest hoop of the three looking like he was gathering concentration after stucking out the tip of his tongue while the trio of chasers moved away from him to take some distance before they began to fly in parallel, with Tanaka being the one to hold the quaffle in his hand, although in the middle of the road he threw it to Kageyama who seconds before the three were near the area where Nishinoya was ready to receive them, seemed to return the quaffle to the one who had given it to him to then quickly throw it to Hinata and being him the one throwing the ball to one of the hoops with enough speed so that Nishinoya couldn’t realize that he already threw it when trying to approach the ring by where the ball had been passed.

The keeper began to cheer excitedly although in an official game that would have meant that they managed to cheat on him and therefore not prevented the opposing team from winning ten points, while Tanaka smiled impressed and Hinata returned to hold the same smile and Hinata observed his hand at the same time that Inuoka again applauded just as fun as Nishinoya.

Yaku and Daichi looked at each other thinking the same thing.

Eventually what they had imagined was happening, and even better than they had planned, not only because they never doubted that the time Kageyama would synchronize with Hinata's speed would arrive, but also because Tanaka turned out to be the unexpected ingredient that the tactics needed to work.

And although by the end of the practice they tried again and failed in several attempts as well as managed to do the same thing over and over again, Daichi realized that once they all met in a round as they did every time the training was over, everyone was talking or listening to each other while chatting about the practice of that day. He didn’t know if it was due to the fact that Coach Ukai had given him the permission to mention to his teammates the date of the first game of the season that year as well as the name of the house they would face, but since he expressed at the beginning of the practice that they would play against Slytherin in less than a month, they all seemed to have duplicated their efforts throughout the practice as well as made a greater attempt to understand each other, since Daichi sighted Tanaka and Kageyama chatting with each other instead of the first making strange faces and the second shouting words accompanied by a not subtle tone of voice, Nishinoya and Hinata laughing every time the second one failed in a shot, or celebrating when he managed to score what were considered points, and Inuoka developing a relationship with the vice-captain of the team while both took their respective breaks. In addition, it seemed that both Yamamoto and Nishinoya chose to forget first bad impressions and therefore accept the fifth-year black-haired one as one more of the team, not to mention that also Kinoshita and Narita didn’t hesitate to laugh when a bludger or a quaffle ended near the faces of the trio of friends of their same year, which made the duo of fifth-year chasers feel even more comfortable in the air.

“We'll win. If they don’t accept Kuroo-san as their captain, it will be a piece of cake," Yamamoto bragged when they all stopped talking to each other.

The two leaders exchanged disapproving looks, because even if only Daichi was the one to meet with the rest of the captains to discuss the situation of the Slytherin team, Yaku was also aware of it after also having a friendship with Kuroo.

“Don't underestimate them. After all, Kuroo isn’t the captain for nothing," Yaku stated.

Nishinoya received a withering glare from Yamamoto after beginning to laugh at the comment the vice-captain made regarding the previous words he mentioned.

“Yaku is right. The ones we face are teams and not people. Kuroo doesn’t play alone, and unlike us, the Slytherin team is mostly made up of seventh-year players who have experience playing and are used to playing with each other, so next time we will analyze the starting team and the tactics we will use for them to not be extremely prepared for when we face. For today, we can end practice, it was a good one.”

Everyone began to disperse after listening carefully to the captain.

“Want to practice?”

Hinata wasn’t surprised to hear that question he had been accustomed to hearing every time the official training was over. He didn’t know why instead of nodding quickly as he used to do each time to respond, he didn’t answer immediately and it took him a few seconds to speak only so that the one who had asked that question remained confused when he heard his words.

“Can Inuoka stay too?”

Perhaps the fact of having become accustomed to receiving a quick affirmation or having thought that after having been a good practice Hinata would want to continue trying to carry out the type of play they had been practicing, but Kageyama felt a certain disgust in his palate when the orange-haired one expressed that question instead of getting on his broom quickly so that both could continue in the air.

"Sure," He answered anyway.

He was aware that although the aforementioned was a seeker and not a chaser like the two of them, he was used to making passes with Hinata when the two of them practiced together, so he simply followed the orange-haired one as he approached the one whose name he previously pronounced.

“Do you want to practice with Kageyama and me?” He asked.

His roommate seemed to be flattered by the invitation, but he smiled quietly before scratching the back of his neck.

"I would, but I don’t think it's a good idea," Inuoka answered.

“Why not?”

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you seem to be the only person he likes to practice with. He has never asked anyone else to stay to continue practicing and anyway I have homework to do, but if later you still want to play, we can take a little time to practice," He explained.

Hinata chased him with his eyes while his best friend said goodbye to him as well as the rest of the team at the same time Kageyama approached the box of materials that Daichi decided to leave because he knew he would only get the fifth-year duo to look for it on their own if he didn’t give them the permission to continue practicing, although he didn’t deny that after a few hours he would go around the quidditch field to make sure that they weren’t getting too enthusiastic with the time they spent on their brooms.

Hinata remained with both eyebrows raised.

He was the only one? The only person Kageyama asked to practice?

Hinata glanced at the one who held the quaffle again, and held a cheerful smile on his face before coming back to him.

“Inuoka didn’t stay?” The black-haired boy asked him when he saw him alone.

 The seriousness in his expression seemed to diminish.

“Tanaka-san didn’t stay either?”

Kageyama watched him surprised to hear him answer with a question. “Tanaka-san?” He asked confused.

"I thought you would have told him," Hinata traced imaginary lines on his broomstick. “Today the three of us played very well together, and I also saw you leaving the party together on Noya-san's birthday. I thought you would ask him to stay.”

Kageyama remained stupefied. He didn’t think Hinata saw him leave the party.

“I just wasn’t having a good time. And he didn’t either," He explained.

“Why not?”

“Parties are not my thing.”

“That's because you're boring.”

“I'm not boring!” Kageyama exclaimed putting himself on the defensive immediately.

Hinata giggled at the sight of him frowning and then held up a smile.

“Well, we better practice so that you don’t get bored once we have a party because we will beat Slytherin.”

Kageyama changed his expression to a softer one when he heard him, and promptly the two met again on their brooms. 

Tsukishima wasn’t used to asking questions which answers he couldn’t find, because if questions which answers his brain couldn’t formulate appeared in his head, then it was enough to raise his hand in class for the teacher to clarify his doubt, or to go to the library until he found the right book that would give him the answer he needed. One way or another he always managed to close the doubts that his neurons created, so when he understood that the answers to the questions he had begun to have, weren’t written in any book or in any of his notes taken in class because it weren’t topics that he saw in the subjects either, he felt cornered.

The blond was aware that sarcasm was his best defense, that he didn’t have the biggest round of friends, and that he didn’t easily allow people to approach him, so it was easy to notice when people joined him because they simply wanted to, or because maybe they wanted to ask for the solved exercises of some subject. He had learned that he enjoyed being with Kunimi because although they were roommates and from that year on they were also teammates, they didn’t force each other to tell each other what happened to them, nor did they fill all the moments between them with unimportant conversations. He had also felt at ease with those who composed the Ravenclaw team because they didn’t seem to be the people who wanted to embitter his days with unnecessary words or motivational phrases, and lately he had begun to enjoy his time with Yachi because although he thought that she was easily frightened and panicked very quickly, her notes were extremely neat and on some occasions she had helped him understand some exercise. But above all, at no time had he forgotten that Yamaguchi was his best friend, the same person who had been by his side because he had accepted him despite his reluctant nature and extreme vocabulary full of sarcasm.

Yamaguchi was the person with whom he liked to spend his time because he was as calm as easy to be scared, because he always intended to improve and not rest until he did, because he laughed at his jokes, and because although he seemed to be a very shy person, he added comments when he bothered someone. Yamaguchi was the one who, little by little, had managed to tear down his walls to know him in all his aspects and accept him in all his forms. It was with him whom he was accustomed to spend his time because unlike the others, it didn’t bother him to be by his side for a long time, since Yamaguchi respected his silence but also spoke in situations that he thought the blond needed some comments for not going over a limit or to put him in his place. And although he had thought that a friendship with him was what he needed to not think that he would never connect properly with people, he found himself wrong when he realized that he didn’t need to seek answers to know that the doubts in his head were answered with a simple sentence: He no longer wanted Yamaguchi to be only his best friend.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that he was used to being with him, that his presence didn’t bother him, and that hearing him laugh when he made some sarcastic comment made him feel good about himself for having once again revealed that he was an expert on talking in an ironic way. He didn’t know it with certainty, but what he did know was that inside him something had emerged each time they had started another school year, and Yamaguchi was no longer at his side to catch up with his housemates, especially Yachi. It wasn’t that he was jealous of her in itself, but that Yamaguchi seemed to relate to her in the same way he did with him. And believing that he had always been the only one, Tsukishima had only had a bit of reasoning to realize that his anger at thinking that Yamaguchi had other best friends besides him, was jealousy. Jealous to think that Yamaguchi could replace him with someone more cheerful, with someone who wasn’t as closed as him. Jealous to think that from one day to the next, Yamaguchi would stop wanting to spend his time with him after realizing that there were people much more interesting than him.

So when the Hufflepuff approached him on the night of his birthday to suddenly confess that he liked him and didn’t know how to express it, not only he remained stupefied, but also surprised, because after having sighted him talking to Yachi not only that afternoon but also many other times before, he had thought that he had ceased to be of his interest instead of being his main interest. He didn’t understand how it was that Yamaguchi liked him when there were people who might be able to entertain him more, but he supposed he had in his favor the fact that both trusted each other as well as that they understood each other after they had known each other for so long. And he had relegated his thoughts as well as removed his doubts after holding that idea, so when the Hufflepuff appeared at his side in the library to ask him if he really liked him, he remained as stupefied as he had been when he had had to listen to his confession.

He believed that at no time had he left room for doubts to be accentuated in Yamaguchi's brain, since although he knew that he sometimes let himself be driven by fear, he had never thought that panic would appear in their friendship. And unlike all the other times in which a question had been going around in his head, for that occasion he didn’t have any book or guide that could give him the answers he needed, and as soon as he thought about consulting someone, it only appeared a name in his head.

The reality was that Yamaguchi was the person he trusted the most, but on that occasion he couldn’t talk about it with him, and while he could assure that he was friends with Kunimi, he didn’t think they were close enough to feel comfortable asking him about certain topics about which he also had trouble talking because he had never had to do it before, so when he sighted the person he thought would understand him in a certain way because he felt they were somehow similar, and because he also believed that he could trust him both inside and outside the Quidditch field, although he had recently been incorporated into the Ravenclaw team, he approached him.


Akaashi suddenly looked up to take his eyes off the subject book which class he had just finished, which was also why several more of the quidditch team were with him since Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff had just shared class, albeit fortunately for Tsukishima, Kenma had continued walking with Fukunaga and Sakusa by his side while Ennoshita had started talking to Suna, leaving Akaashi alone with his book until he heard his name being mentioned.

“Can I talk with you?”

Akaashi nodded at the same time he closed his book, preventing the intrigue to be noticed in his facial features, because although he hadn’t bothered to be interrupted, he wondered the reasons why the blond had decided to approach him, since although now both belonged to the same team and had always been from the same house, and also, they had recently made him a birthday party, he was aware that Tsukishima didn’t have total trust with him, much less when he wasn’t inserted in his role as captain in the Quidditch field. Even though he might have been thinking too much anyway and the blond had simply approached him to ask him a question about some subject that he would like to prepare in the future, to ask for help with some essay, or to ask him a question or comment on any matter about the sport they both practiced.

Akaashi looked at him expectantly, realizing that perhaps he had been right to remain surprised after the blond had approached him, since given case he had approached him for any of the reasons he had already thought, Tsukishima would have asked the question or said the comment without going around instead of staying as he did at that moment. Looking around, seeming to find the right words to continue the conversation between them, allowing him to understand why he had approached to talk with him.

“I think I have a problem and I believe that you are the only one who can help me,” Tsukishima decided to express after believing that it was impossible to find the right words for both of them to start talking, making Akaashi certainly remain confused because at that moment he couldn’t think of something in what only he was useful for the blond.

“Is it about quidditch?" The sixth-year asked, because after noticing that it was difficult for the blond to be able to cope easily, then maybe he could guide him to find the right words. Tsukishima shook his head, and Akaashi's disorientation only increased further. What could be something that only he could help him with? “Did I say or do something that could have bothered you and you want to talk about it?” He asked not being so sure, since that was the only thing his mind had managed to think in a matter of seconds, although again the blond shook his head for the second time. "Are you okay?” He decided to ask him, not because the one in front of him was acting strange, but because if Tsukishima had approached him, then he supposed that it was because he had somehow managed to trust him to perhaps tell him something that he felt he couldn’t tell nobody else.

"It's just that, I have a question, but I'm not sure how to formulate it," Tsukishima said.

"Try telling it as you can," Akaashi advised him calmly. ”There’s no hurry.”

Tsukishima knew that he had done the right thing in approaching the black-haired one, since some comfort settled in his thoughts when instead of pressing him to speak fast and not to waste his time, Akaashi simply concentrated on him to assure him that he could take his time in finding the right words, or perhaps in just trying to expose his thoughts out loud.

“Do you remember that thanks to Bokuto-san, now everyone knows that...” Tsukishima wrinkled his nose not knowing very well how to finish that question, while Akaashi internally sighed as soon as he heard the name of that seventh-year, having understood why the blond had approached him, because if there was someone who could explain him in Bokuto's name or apologize for his actions, it was him. Although he promptly eliminated those thoughts as soon as he realized that he thought he was the one who knew the seventh-year best. “Now that Yamaguchi and I...” Akaashi noticed that the blond's problem was due to not being able to express what kind of relationship was the one he had with that of his same year.

“Dating?” He tried to ask him to help him, and pretended not to see the way the tips of the blond's ears in front of him reddened at the same time he nodded. “Yes, I remember it. Why?”

Tsukishima opened his mouth to answer but closed it again as soon as he realized that that would probably be the first time he shared some of his personal life with someone else who wasn’t Yamaguchi. But he started to talk, because if he had approached Akaashi, it was because he trusted him to listen to him and to be able to talk to him about something besides classes or quidditch.

“Yamaguchi approached me to tell me that he thought I was joking with him or that I felt sorry for him when I told him that I felt the same way he feels for me,” He decided to tell him, and he felt confident to continue talking when that in front of him nodded with his head indicating that he could continue. “And I don’t. I correspond to his feelings because I do, not because I wanted to make a joke in bad taste or because I feel sorry for him. And I think the fact that he has thought about those possibilities has bothered me.”

Tsukishima opted to brake for a few seconds to wait for Akaashi to interrupt him if he realized that he was giving him his time for nothing since it cost him too much to express himself even if he only was sharing small details of his private life, while Akaashi simply observed him before he nodded again, because although he didn’t understand what he had to do so far, he had begun to feel satisfied with the fact that Tsukishima had approached him to speak, since although there had only been a few times in which they had previously crossed words, the blond anyway seemed to have found reasons to trust him.

“And I wanted to ask you, how can I get him to not misunderstand my feelings or reasons?” He decided to ask him finally, that being the reason why he had approached him. “Because I may not speak a lot nor be a person of many words, but that doesn’t mean that I play with others feelings or that I want others to play with mine.”

The two observed each other.

Tsukishima fearing having crossed the line.

Akaashi being positively surprised.

The blond had decided to approach the captain of his team because although the majority in the quidditch team were characterized by being certainly silent and prefer the absence of words instead of the presence of those, Akaashi was who he believed that although he was of few words, he was of many emotions. Because if he had become captain of the team and the others trusted him to be, then it was because he thought with extreme, which meant that he had enough emotions to be discarded or accepted as appropriate on each occasion. It had been difficult to ask him why he didn’t want the black-haired one to take his words as an offense, while in reality, Akaashi remained surprised not only because he understood that Tsukishima hadn’t needed much time to realize that he was a person of few words and many emotions, but also because apparently both had the same attitude, and while he was glad that the blond had chosen to approach him, at the same time he understood that if even Tsukishima had come to talk with him for that reason, then his outer facet was collapsing.

Akaashi didn’t think he had a single answer, so he decided to show the reason why the fifth-year had come especially to him and not someone else from the same house as them.

"I don’t think you should change your way of being if that's what you were thinking," Akaashi began to say being listened to by the one remaining in front of him. “If Yamaguchi confessed to you what he feels for you, it’s because your personality attracts him, and I don’t think he wants you to change something about you just because now the relationship between the two of you you has changed,” He continued, hoping that the words he expressed wouldn’t confuse him yet even more to Tsukishima, although he supposed it didn’t because the blond nodded as he spoke. “As you said, not saying aloud what you feel doesn’t mean you don’t feel," He said, and decided to expose himself out loud, because if the blond had trusted him to speak to him, then he could trust Tsukishima to understood him. “You can’t stop Yamaguchi from having his doubts, but I think that as long as you show him what you feel for him, you have nothing to worry about. You know what you feel, and if Yamaguchi knows you and trusts you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to remain as you are.”

Tsukishima thought about his words, and thanked himself for looking for Akaashi.

He had just mentioned that he should trust that Yamaguchi would trust him as well as that he would understand him because he knew him well enough to know that in his case, actions were more important than words, which weren’t his forte. He had told him with words that he liked him and that he felt the same, but with actions was the way he had assured him. Being jealous of Yachi, being jealous of Bokuto because he had taken his hand first, allowing him to hold on to his arm on Konoha's birthday, or inviting him to his birthday or allowing him to study by his side. He always showed him that he was the only exception with small demonstrations in actions of his emotions.

Yamaguchi should trust his gestures as Tsukishima continue to accept his doubts, because he knew that although the Hufflepuff was brave when he proposed it, sometimes he also allowed doubts to take over him, but as long as he showed him that he liked him, then there would be no problems in the new type of relationship they were looking for.

"Thank you Akaashi-san," Tsukishima said with a little bow with his head. “I hope I didn’t offend you.”

"Actually, you helped me." Akaashi told him.

The blond certainly observed him confused, while Akaashi realized that if Tsukishima had been able to read him, then he continued to be an expert in demonstrating with actions instead of words, and he continued to focus on that once the fifth-year was grateful again before leaving.

Few words. Many emotions. Many thoughts.

Akaashi believed that he could definitely define himself that way.


Although the majority of the students were accustomed to listening that tone of voice that could only belong to a person who never hesitated to enunciate in that way the name of the one with whom they shared classes with, anyway they didn’t stop giving a little jump for the surprise after the quiet environment suddenly being interrupted in that way. Ennoshita had already lost count of all the drinks he had spilled or the books he had dropped because of the fright caused by that exclamation, and on that occasion he had to bend over to pick up the book he started reading after Suna left, to then raise his head to stop Bokuto approaching quickly the one who turned around, and who ironically, was the only one who wasn’t startled to hear his name echo throughout the hall.

“What is it, Bokuto-san?”

Akaashi stepped forward to remain near the one who placed his hands at the sides of his waist before smiling as entertaining as proudly pretending that running with extreme speed didn’t tire him at all even though his chest dropped and rose with a certain rhythm.

“I want to warn you that I will not have mercy just because our houses face each other!”

Bokuto arched an eyebrow more than impatient for the corresponding date to arrive, since as well as Gryffindor and Slytherin would be rivals during the first round, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw would face two weekends after them, and since he had found out, Bokuto found himself even more restless than usual and didn’t doubt to look for the other leader who his house he would face to assure him that the match between them would be one worth playing.

"Neither do we," Akaashi assured him.

“We must make our teams work hard! You better be a good captain, Akaashi! I want our confrontation to be epic!” Bokuto spoke as if the match between was the most important pitched battle of all time.

Words. Sometimes they were few. Sometimes they were many.


“Akaashi, you are the captain! Could you sound a little more fired up? You must put more emotion when I promise to face you!”

The sixth-year observed him without saying anything for a few seconds.

There were times when only a few words were enough for a turbulence of emotions to unravel within him, while on other occasions, there were many words that could achieve the same result, and not necessarily a good one.

Akaashi had thought that if even Tsukishima had been able to decipher him, then for the boy in front of him it should have been extremely easy to achieve the same. But apparently he had found himself wrong.

"Sure." He repeated.

Bokuto remained perplexed when suddenly Ennoshita interrupted the conversation between them and gave him a false but genuine smile before taking Akaashi by the shoulders and turning him around.

“Take for granted that we will give our best. Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll go practice to defeat you when the time comes.” It was the only thing he said before turning around too.

And while Bokuto cocked his head as he chased them with his eyes, Akaashi looked at the one who had dragged him with him knowing that they didn’t have to rush to get to any practice since they didn’t had any training that afternoon.

Tsukishima could read him, Ennoshita too. Why Bokuto couldn't?

Chapter Text

After rubbing his eyes after feeling his mattress sunk, he found Ennoshita smiling extremely animated and Akaashi waving calmly at him, both of them looking very wide awake even if they had only woken up a few minutes ago. "Guess what day it is," The first of them said, seeming to be the most excited. 

Kenma decided to lie on his side and hide under his blanket. The weather changes of October had already begun to show, and although he always thought about being able to stay in his bed sleeping because he preferred to stay under the sheets instead of wearing several layers of clothes to protect himself from the cold, he had more than one reason of why to want to remain hidden under those warm fabrics that he had used many times as a shield.

"I don’t know," He lied.

Ennoshita didn’t hesitate to uncover him and get closer to him.

“It's your birthday! I won’t let you stay in bed all day!”

"He can’t anyway, we have classes." Akaashi said.

The one who preferred to spend his birthday hiding under his sheets, let a serious expression to appear on his face after realizing that his roommate was right and he was obligated to leave the Ravenclaw Tower, so he decided to sit up and watched his two friends with a face that indicated a passive threat.

"No surprise party." He stated.

“Promised,” Akaashi assured him.

Ennoshita frowned at him.

He crossed his arms pretending to be offended because everyone knew how much he liked to celebrate birthdays, and a small smile appeared on Kenma's face when he saw him faking to be angry. And yet, the black-haired one only lasted a few seconds pretending not to want to talk to him since then he opened his arms to embrace him and exclaim that he wished him a great birthday, while Akaashi expressed the same and gave him a pat on the back, because being suffocated by Ennoshita was already too much for Kenma to start his day in a different way.


Kenma was grateful that it was only the Ravenclaws and some more those who greeted him for his birthday, since he hated being the center of attention and having people with whom he didn’t have a lot of trust to approached him, although fortunately no professor had greeted him and therefore no class had been uncomfortable either. Besides, Ennoshita agreed to wait until nightfall to sing his birthday in the common room of Ravenclaw and not in the Great Hall at noon. Kenma didn’t like to be watched or to capture the interest of others, so he preferred to spend that day in the most normal way possible.

However, how did he want it to be like any other birthday when the person with whom he used to spend them didn’t want him to be close to him?

Could he say that he wanted it to be like any other day since avoiding Kuroo had become part of his routine? To ignore him that day would be like to spend that day like any other, since getting away from him had become a habit.

But deep down he knew he wanted to see him.

Even if it was only to get away from him again.

He could still feel the beating of his heart increase when he remembered that he had approached him and failed to congratulate him on getting the captaincy of his team, although he had been barely able to mention a single word. He was angry with himself for not being able to control the reaction that his body exerted when he thought about him, and even more when he was close to him, although he avoided doing it because he preferred to get away from him as quickly as possible.

But he knew that he couldn’t help thinking that it generated him emotion that Kuroo was always looking for him whenever the opportunity presented itself, and that sometimes he realized that he kept his eyes on him. He didn’t need to raise his head or to stop being conecentrated in the electronic device in his hands to know that there were times when the eyes of the Slytherin were resting on him.

And he hated himself for that.

He despised anyone paying attention to him, except him.

His body made it clear that it wouldn’t follow the orders of his brain no matter how many times he repeated the same thing over and over again.

Kenma constantly debated with himself, and at that moment he wasn’t doing the opposite.

Looking through the doors of the Great Hall, he wanted to glimpse if Kuroo was looking for him with his eyes. He didn’t like to celebrate his birthday nor to be close to many people, but he wished that a single person in particular approached him to assure him that he was still looking for him even though he probably would en up getting away from him in that occasion too. A person who didn’t seem to be in that place of the castle.

Why did he feel frustrated?

Why did he look for him when he always ran away from the same?

His thoughts didn’t leave him alone.

He had waited expectantly since he left the common room of his house to attend the different classes of the day. And at the end of each, a strange sensation consumed him after waiting for Kuroo to suddenly appear and therefore he having to leave faster than usual so he wouldn't have to cross words with him. His escape from him had become something he wanted to be able to carry out in order to feel that Kuroo would keep looking for him and try to approach him no matter how many times he left or rejected him. He was aware that he shouldn’t have that kind of thinking when all he had to concentrate on was really wanting to be as far away as possible from him.

His head didn’t cease to confuse him with that kind of thoughts since he had moved away from him, but that day was his birthday, and remembering all the previous times that he had celebrated that day with Kuroo, only made him feel even more confused. And tired of debating among the reasoning that his mind gave him, he preferred to go to the common room of his house to at least feel a little more protected but frustrated, so he turned around to leave only to get bumped with someone.

It was enough for Kenma to see the Slytherin shield in the black sweater and the silver-green tie to pull back from looking up and then ducking his head after suddenly feeling his stomach clench and his throat remain dry. His brain worked without stopping only for his body to do what it wanted.

Because it was him.

Of course it was him.

No other belonging to Slytherin made him feel as uncomfortable as he did.

“Sorry,” Kuroo uttered. Kenma opened his eyes like two plates. "I didn’t mean us to collide." The Slytherin added.

Kenma returned to hold his usual expression. It had been pathetic of him to hope that he was suddenly apologizing for what he had said and not because they crashed by mistake, so he chose to continue in silence.

He hadn’t been so close to him since he tried to congratulate him on his captaincy, and while he kept his eyes fixed on the ground as well as his lips forming a divisible line, Kuroo watched him with a faint smile given that without Kenma's having noticed, it was the first time for a long time that he chose to stay close to him instead of walking away and disappearing before he could say anything.

“I didn’t forgot it's your birthday,”

With those simple words, Kenma freed himself from the frustration that had accompanied him since he had woken up.

“I wanted to find you so I could give you this. Happy Birthday.”

The floor of the corridor was replaced by something rectangular and almost flat wrapped in blue paper and Kenma remained watching the gift.

What should he do?

Accept it?

If he agreed to receive a gift from him, would that gesture result in something else?

What if he didn’t accept it and decided to reject it?

Would Kuroo stop looking for him?

He heard a sigh from the part of the Slytherin.

"Take it please," He added, knowing that although the boy in front of him remained silent, inside his head many voices debated with each other, interrupting one another and not agreeing.

Kenma's body seemed to understand those words as an instruction to be fulfilled, as he stretched out his arms and their fingertips brushed in the exchange. Kuroo watched him as Kenma glued the gift to his chest while trying to make the sensation that begun to suffer in his limbs, stop before it ran through his entire body. Only a short and small touch was enough for him to feel that his emotions were taking over all the muscles of his body, as well as his emotional thoughts having the power over the rationals one.

The one belonging to Slytherin opened his mouth after wanting to take advantage of the fact that for the first time the one in front of him didn’t seem to be totally focused on getting away, but he had to remain with the desire to continue talking as Kenma wasn’t able to continue to be close to him while a wave of emotions unleashed within him, and he passed by his side before leaving, being careful that there was no chance of their shoulders being brushed. Kuroo turned to see him walking away again, beginning to get used to seeing his back instead of his face. And he let out a sigh, allowing his back to touch the wall behind him.

Kenma quickly went to the Ravenclaw Tower, and after crossing the common room with the package still attached to his chest as if letting it fall implied that the ground would tremble and the castle would turn into a pile of rubble in a matter of seconds, he didn’t hesitate to lie on his bed on his stomach when he arrived at his room, and he let his face hit the pillow.

Until he remembered that Kuroo slept that way.

Why did everything reminded him of him?

He sat down and looked at the gift that he had finally stopped fastening to his body after it being on his bed.

What was it?

What could it be about?

He swallowed when he realized that Kuroo approached him to give him a gift no matter how much he ignored him or how many times he fled from him, so with his hands accompanied by a slight tremor, he decided to open the gift, only to have an immediate feeling of emptiness invade him after seeing the framed photo Kuroo had given him for his birthday.

It was a picture of the two from when they were little in which Kuroo smiled excitedly for the camera while he smiled sideways watching him. Both believed it was one of the few times they were both portrayed smiling, and in which they had agreed to think it was a good photo and had constantly fought for wanting to have the same since it had been printed. And instead of doing a copy of it, Kuroo managed to keep it after winning in stone, paper and scissors, so the fact that he decided to give it to him knowing how much they had fought to have it, it meant that Kuroo didn’t care that he always had to see him walking away from him.

And again, both his own and Kuroo's actions made him feel worse.

Why couldn't he decide? Why couldn't he allow the voices within him to be suppressed so that only one would speak to whisper to him what were the decisions he should make? All day he had been waiting for Kuroo to appear to check that he was still thinking about him, or that given the case, that he had already grow tired of watching him stay away. He had been frustrated until he had collided with him, only for the situation to add more frustration to his shoulders because for the first time he was too confused to be able to think clearly and patiently as he usually did. He couldn't solve his problems as he used to do when some exercise of some subject didn't come out. He couldn't just shut up his thoughts and let his mind go blank. Kuroo confused him. He confused his ownself. He didn't  know what decisions to make, what actions to carry out, what words to express aloud, or how many minutes of silence allow to happen. He was disoriented, and he knew that all that was because he didn't even know if he was making the effort to live without the person he was used to spend his time with, or if with each passing day, he allowed the feelings of the present to eliminate those of the past.

Ennoshita smiled enthusiastically and was just as happy when someone specifically asked for his class notes, when a teacher congratulated him for answering the questions well or for having made an interesting essay to read, when Sakusa indicated through a look that he made a good movement during the training because that was his way of showing him that they could use that tactic during a game, when he held endless talks with Akaashi, when Kenma chose to show him how he managed to pass a level in one of his games or allow him to keep the electronic device because he trusted him enough to give it to him, or when he managed to make Fukunaga laugh at some of his dumb jokes, when he saw his first opportunity in front of his eyes, but again held a serious expression before pretending to be surprised when he meet Futakuchi and Yahaba in the hallway.

“I'm surprised to see you. I thought you left Hogwarts," He expressed sarcastically as he put a hand to his chest to add more drama to his words.

The duo of his same year watched him with narrowed eyes, since unlike the others, they knew that the one wearing a blue tie with bronze colored lines wasn’t a victim of their bad attitudes no matter how many times they had tried to achieve it during the previous years.

"Shouldn’t you be crawling like the snakes you are? If you can still be consider like ones.”

Ennoshita wasn’t like any other student who preferred to take another path and walk another long corridor instead of crossing them as soon as he saw them appear. He even loved to annoy them just as they liked to annoy him because it was an endless war of comments full of sarcasm and poison until someone interrupted them, and he tried to find any situation to have fun, so in that moment he was extremely entertained after having found them.

“Doing your eagle job when watching us?” Yahaba asked with disgust in his tone of voice. 

“You don’t seem to have noticed, but you are the ones near the tower of my house. Is it so much the hatred against you that you are roaming around here? I'll save you time by letting you know that I don’t think it'll possible for you to find much moral support around here. And I also doubt that you are capable of answering the riddle to be able to join the common room.”

“Who do you think you are, Ennoshita?” Futakuchi said approaching him.

"A Ravenclaw." He replied proudly.

The Slytherin slowed down to look at him, unable to believe that he really answered in that way.

"No one hates us." Yahaba said after noticing his words.

“Are you sure? I would be angry if I were in the same team as you," Ennoshita stated. “Missing a practice? Pathetic. And the reason is because the captain is not who you want? Even more pathetic. Before you can even realize, instead of facing me in the air when our houses play, you will be watching me play from the stands.”

"Control your words, Ennoshita." Futakuchi determined with a frown.

The Ravenclaw shrugged without taking his words seriously, nor did the severe expression on his face.

“Or what? Will you retaliate with me in the game? I don’t understand how you plan to do it if you don’t even attend practices.”

Yahaba grabbed his housemate's arm before he again approached Ennoshita, who smiled triumphantly at the glimpse of the boy's reaction in front of him. He loved it when he managed to turn the chaser into the prey, the keeper into the unprotected one, the beater into the whipped one, and the seeker into the persecuted one.

"Leave it, Futakuchi," Yahaba articulated.

Ennoshita waved at them as the Slytherin duo glared at him before deciding to be the first to leave, and a sudden presence appeared by his side.

“Were they bothering you?” Tanaka asked.

“Of course not, I was the one bothering them.”

Ennoshita smiled, sticking his tongue up and in front of his top row of teeth, as he did every time something went as he wanted and planned, and then he turned his head to observe Tanaka who was staring at him seeming to be completely lost. However, the Ravenclaw cocked his head and raised an eyebrow as he stopped smiling when he realized who was at his side.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

Tanaka shook his head when he heard him. "I was looking for you," He replied.

“Me?” Ennoshita changed his attitude from one second to the next. “Why?”

He leaned his back against the wall as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his tunic and watched him seriously after thinking that he was lying to him, since he didn’t doubt that he was near the Ravenclaw Tower because Kiyoko belonged to his own house. Ennoshita couldn’t help but get irritated when Tanaka was with him, since his presence reminded him how unlucky he was on the subject of reciprocal feelings.

“I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Do it,”

While Ennoshita was upset, Tanaka was frustrated by the change of attitude the boy in front of him held everytime they were together.  

“What do you think of the fifth-years?”

The one belonging to Ravenclaw remained totally stupefied, not expecting him to ask about those who were a year younger than them.

“The ones from the quidditch team.” Tanaka specified after glimpsing the confusion on his face.

“Why? Daichi-san sent you to spy?” Ennoshita inquired with a fake giggle. “You should worry about Slytherin, not us. You will see if we have made any changes in our team when it's our time to face each other.”

“No, I really want to know.”

Ennoshita watched him intrigued after hearing him sound serious.

“What do I think of them?” He remained silent for a few seconds, trying to find a genuine response. “I can’t really say, I haven’t talked much with them. You know as well as I do that the fact that someone joins the team doesn’t mean they are instantly another teammate.” Tanaka looked at him with both eyebrows raised, since he didn’t think he had chosen those words randomly. "You don’t believe that the Slytherin problems are the only ones that roam the corridors, do you?” Ennoshita smiled sideways. “Your first practice has also been relevant. Kageyama Tobio believes he is the best in the field and doesn’t stop giving orders? How difficult he must be to manage.”

Ennoshita held a smile that included a hint of pride as well as another of amusement, until it was erased from his face when he heard Tanaka laugh.

"With everything you seem to know, I'm amazed you don’t know there's no such problem anymore," The Gryffindor said.

The falseness in the Ravenclaw’s smile was more than remarkable.

“I'm glad.”

As well as in his words.

“And why the sudden interest on what I think of the fifth-years?” He added.

Tanaka didn’t intend to reveal that he wanted to know if he had any kind of relationship with Kunimi, one of the fifth-years who recently joined the Ravenclaw team and with whom he saw and heard him talking a few nights ago.

"Maybe Daichi-san wants us to spy after all," He replied, not knowing what else to say.

Ennoshita smiled being entertained.

“Nah. He is not that kind of captain.”

“You could never know for sure,” Tanaka was the one who smiled amused.

"Sooner or later I'll find out why you wanted to know that information. But for the moment I'll go to my room so I don’t let you accidentally get me to tell you something I should not," Ennoshita said looking at him with a smile on his face as he started to walk backwards.

Tanaka smiled helplessly and waved at him.

And as soon as he turned around, Ennoshita remained totally serious and narrowed his eyes.

The team’s fifth-years.

It could only be Tsukishima and Kunimi.

With the first he had barely crossed words.


At what moment had he done something with Kunimi that might be of interest to Tanaka?



He was aware that Daichi wasn’t the kind of captain who used members of his team to find out important facts about the other teams. And besides, it was against Slytherin with whom they would play the first game so there was no point in trying to find out about the strategies planned by Ravenclaw.



They weren’t in the same year.

Great Hall.

He arched an eyebrow at not ruling out that place immediately.

At what time?

He didn’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary with the fifth-year.

Suddenly he realized it wasn’t about a time where students from all four houses were present, but a special occasion when few were there.

Tsukishima's birthday.

Kunimi and he had talked outside the Great Hall and then decided to go for a walk that night.

"Too soon." He whispered to himself.

It wasn't hard for him to make his brain work fast enough when he needed to tie the ends that had to be tied up again.

However, the real question was: why the sudden interest?

Chapter Text

After listening to him, Akaashi simply looked at him. “And where did you walk?” He asked.

“Some corridors? I don’t remember well. The ground floor, I guess.”

Ennoshita believed that two brains worked better than one, so he didn’t doubt to tell his roommate about the exchange of words he had held with Tanaka two days ago, since although he managed to decipher most of the puzzle seconds later the encounter, he still lacked some pieces that he wasn’t able to find.

“And you didn’t see him at any time?”

“I would remember if I did,”

"Then it's pretty obvious to me," Akaashi started, crouching down to open the box that contained enough materials to carry out the practice, “He's not an Animagus because, don’t get offended, but he doesn’t seem to be patient enough or have the right brain to go through the process to do it so it's not possible that the followed you while being an animal, and in case of having an invisible layer I doubt that he would managed to keep it a secret, because he wouldn’t hesitate to tell Nishinoya and Yamamoto and therefore we would all know by now. So there's only the possibility that he saw, heard, or followed when the two of you left Tsukishima's birthday, which doesn’t make sense because only the Ravenclaws were invited and I'm sure anyone would even prefer to be in the library instead of a party only composed by us. I don’t remember any passage that may have led him to the same place as you, and also, at no time did you tell him about the birthday and he doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who follows people to guess their weaknesses and probably later use them in a quidditch match or in another situation that may be in his favor. And maybe Yamaguchi was with us but I don’t think he has something to do, because if he and Tanaka were friends I don’t doubt I would have already heard Bokuto-san saying something like one of his betrayed him after befriended a Gryffindor, so Yamaguchi isn’t a possibility either.”

Ennoshita looked at him perplexedly, realizing why he was the vice-captain of the team while the boy who had just uttered all those words occupied the role of the captain. He just held some thoughts while Akaashi had created hypotheses and discarded them as he took into account all the circumstances and possibilities. He remained silent for a few seconds after processing all the information, and grimaced in confusion because he didn’t understand what Tanaka was winning on following him.

“Why he would do it?”

“If you don’t know…”

The vice-captain of the Ravenclaw team seemed to seek the answer to his own question after looking around trying to find some explanation. His roommate was the only one to be with him since there were still a few minutes left for the practice to begin, and while he chose to sit on the lawn in case changing the position would help him to find the answer to his question, Akaashi gave him a sideways glance before returning his gaze to the quidditch balls to control that no one had flown away.

“Have you ever wondered how he feels?” Akaashi suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You know that I personally think you shouldn’t be angry with him just because he doesn’t feel the same as you, but when did he make it clear that he doesn’t feel the same as you? Have he ever said it to you for you to get irritated whenever he appears? Because you ask me for an explanation for the words you exchanged with him, and the only logical explanation I find to the question he has asked you is that despite what you believe, his feelings are different because you could say that it was jealousy what drove him to talk to you about Kunimi.”

The one who was in the center of the situation thought of each of the mentioned words. The situation made a total sense in case Akaashi's words were true since having seen or heard him speak with Kunimi could have made Tanaka feel enough envy of the fifth-year to look for him to ask about his relationship with him, since walking being only the two of them while the others remained in the Great Hall could easily be interpreted as something more.

But he decided to let out a slight chuckle as he considered the possibility.

"You don’t want to give me hope, Akaashi." He said.

It was simply impossible for jealousy to be what finished the puzzle.

“I only say what my brain deduces.”

“But it’s not possible.”

Akaashi chose to sit in front of him while they waited for the others to arrive. “Why not?” He asked.

Ennoshita hugged his knees with one of his arms while with his free hand he drew imaginary circles on the lawn.


He didn’t need to add anything else for Akaashi to know that he was talking about Kiyoko, who had notified them that that afternoon she wouldn’t be present after having to study for her own exams.

“You do know that bisexual people exist, right?” Akaashi was glared by Ennoshita, and the captain of the team simply raised his hands because Tanaka liking two people of different sexes wasn’t a craziest idea. “I don’t think I'm the one to talk about it, but I'm sure one thing is to like someone and another is to consider a person cute or feel a certain type of attraction.” He continued, since even if given the possibility of Tanaka being bisexual, the Gryffindor could still feel different kind of feelings for them.

“You aren’t helping me, Akaashi.” Ennoshita let out a sigh.

“I warned you that I wasn’t the indicated to talk about it.”

His roommate chose to rest his chin on his knees.

“And which of the two would I be for Tanaka?”

“For the question he has asked you about Kunimi, I would say the first one.”

“I guess I get along with you because you don’t let me stay with both feet on the ground.”

“I thought it was because of the obligation of sharing a room.”

Ennoshita smiled when he heard him and extended his arm to move Akaashi's knees and make him unbalanced, since he liked to annoy him when Akaashi used the same sarcasm as him as well as to see the funny little smiles he held like the one he gave him at that moment before deciding to lie down on the lawn, and Ennoshita didn’t take long to copy him and then rest his eyes on the slightly cloudy sky wondering if his roommate could be right.

And while Ennoshita kept asking himself many questions at the same time, Kenma was heading towards the place where he knew that his two roommates were, letting his head only wonder why he was holding his broom between his arm and his body and was dressed in sports clothes when Sundays were supposed to be for rest, although that didn’t prevent him from holding his electronic device in his hands, and thanks to getting used to walking with that object from one side to the other without lending attention to his surroundings, he wasn’t surprised when he hit someone.

For a second he looked up to find a boy with orange hair and brown eyes who was only shorter than him by a few inches, and when he smiled widely, Kenma didn’t stop walking at the same time he turned his eyes again on the screen because he didn’t want to hear how they told him again that he should notice where he was going or that he should be careful when he walked.

However, he suddenly stopped when he heard a voice without bad intentions.

“Wow! A PSP at Hogwarts!” Exclaimed the one with whom he had collided who didn’t hesitate to approach him again, with his eyes on the electronic device in Kenma’s hands as if he was observing some kind of miracle. Kenma supposed that he had two Muggle parents or at least one because those were those who stopped him in the hall to ask him what game he was playing while those of families only composed of wizards usually observed the device with cero confidence and strangeness because the unknown it caused them rejection, although he had run into some people considered to be pureblood who had chosen to be curious instead of disgusted, Akaashi being few of them. “What were you playing?”

"Spider-Man Web of Shadows" He replied.

It was the game that Akaashi had given him for his promise to approach Kuroo to congratulate him on the captaincy instead of having him call him. His roomate was the son of wizard parents and he only knew the information about the electronic device that he had told him, but he wasn’t surprised when he saw that the game he had given him turned out to be one of the entertaining ones instead of one of the basics he already had, since he knew that Akaashi always invested all his efforts in what he did, regardless of whether he was giving away something he didn’t  know much about or taking the most advanced material test, so he didn’t doubt that for that moment it was possible for Akaashi to know more about the PSP than he no matter how fanatical of it he was.

Kenma was startled to hear a small cry of excitement from the person in front of him who started making strange poses as soon as he heard his answer.

“Gyaah! I love Spider-Man!” He folded the fingers of his hands to pretend that cobwebs came out of his wrists, “I know! I should find a spell that really allows me to throw cobwebs!” His face seemed to light up at that thought, “I could even use it in quidditch matches! Catch the quaffle in the air with the help of cobwebs!” He exclaimed excitedly before he held up a grimace of confusion, “Although I think that would be considered cheating,” Kenma thought the one in front of him was thinking seriously about the matter when suddenly his eyes went to the other object that he had had with him all the time but had been given a second place by the electronic device, “Do you play quidditch?! Is that your broom?” He added, pointing to the object under his arm.

The one with dyed hair glimpsed that he also carried a broom with him.

“Ah, yeah,” Was the only thing he replied.

"I'm also in the Quidditch team." He seemed extremely proud to be able to say those words along with a lively smile and a pose that probably in his mind seemed to make him look like some kind of super hero. “My name is Hinata Shouyou, I'm from Gryffindor!" The orange-haired one pointed to himself with pride.


“Kozume? Is that your name?”

Maybe it was because of the energy of his personality, because of his easy-going attitude, his way of expressing himself, the innocence in his gestures or the lack of bad intentions behind his words, but Kenma, who was known for not talking to many people as well as for being uncomfortable when he knew someone, chose to introduce himself as well.

“Kozume... Kenma. I'm from Ravenclaw.”

“So Kenma, what year are you in? I am fifth-year.”


“Damn it! You are my senpai! I'm sorry." An expression of regret settled on Hinata's face.

"Don’t worry," He expressed. “I don’t like those status relationships.”

He never believed that age was something for which they should classify or allow them to treat each other in a certain way, since he didn’t think that being older implied to deserve respect as well as being younger didn’t mean to be treated in a bad way. That being one of the reasons why despite not liking to move, he enjoyed being part of his house’s team, since there were no older ones who though they could role and make the team a monarchy being them on the top just because they turned out to be born a year earlier.

“And you like Quidditch?” Hinata asked him, being happy for knowing another player.

“Not particularly. I do it because I do it. It's not that I hate it, but I don’t like to get tired," Kenma replied thinking about what he would be doing for the next few hours, although he was glad to realize that thanks to the interruption of the orange-haired one, he would arrived later, meaning that he wouldn’t have to run. “But my friends play it, and without me they would probably have problems.”

“I think it’ll be more fun if you start to like it,” Hinata expressed cheerfully.

For him there was no possibility that quidditch wasn’t interesting.

“It's okay like it is. Anyway, it's something I'll do until I graduate.”

“What position do you play?”

"Seeker," He answered.

Kenma was startled again when on that occasion Hinata didn’t hesitate to open his eyes and let a kind of brightness characterize his pupils as well as he smiled widely.

“My best friend is also a seeker and he is in the team! Surely you’ll face each other! I’m a chaser!" He declared holding a bigger smile.

The one belonging to Ravenclaw studied him for a few seconds, and held a small smile.


Although only one of them was called, the two turned their eyes to the one who had exclaimed his name. Ennoshita beckoned him to hurry since the other members had already arrived and he was the only one missing so that practice could finally be given as started.

"Well, I guess we'll see each other, Shouyou," Was all he said before greeting him with an almost undetectable motion of his hand and then turning to his friend.

Hinata greeted him in the same way although enthusiastically, until he stopped doing it after realizing that if Kenma owned a broom and just headed for the quidditch field along with another boy, then he had again become confused on the training day, that being the reason why he came back running to the castle. 



Yaku's path to the quidditch field was interrupted when he suddenly found himself lying on the lawn because the boy who shouted his name had run to him to tug him, managing to make them both fall, the newcomer remaining on top of him watching him along with a big smile after again not having hesitated to invade his personal space every time in a worse way.

“Lev!” Yaku exclaimed his name irritated after having gone from standing and being calm to lying surprised on the lawn, his broom having been cast away from him. And despite hearing his tone of voice clearly angry, the fifth-year boy continued to smile widely. “Don’t do that, you idiot! You could hurt us!”

"I'm sorry." The gray-haired one giggled.

And Yaku remained totally serious, not because he was angry with him, but because of the small distance that Lev created between them by throwing him on the grass despite the fact that the one with russian’s origins incorporated to not stay on top of him. Those green eyes met his, and Yaku didn’t doubt to hit his head because no one seemed to have taught him that he should respect other’s personal spaces.

“OW!” Lev rubbed that part of his head with his hands.

"Damn crazier, don’t do that," Yaku complained.

"I'm sorry, it's ... today is my birthday, and I wanted you to know!" Lev said smiling broadly.

Yaku raised both eyebrows, and then sighed.

“Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks, Yaku-san!”

Regardless of having both of them fall back onto the turf although they had barely incorporated, the Hufflepuff hugged him and Yaku remained totally stiff, given that although during Nishinoya's birthday they exchanged a few more words until Lev began to imitate the follies that Bokuto begun to do with Nishinoya, anyway they continued to not know each other, although that didn’t seemed to matter to the fifth-year who continued hugging him after telling him it was his birthday, to which he reacted by deciding to pat him on the back.

“Why is it that you are so weird?” He murmured.

“I'm sorry Yaku-san! I’m crushing you with my body right?” Lev asked, being only a few inches away from him. “You look smaller even closer.”

Yaku made them both finally move away from each other when he bent his knee to stuff it into his stomach after listening to him, managing to get the gray-haired one to embrace that part of his body with his arms while he took the opportunity to get up and shake his hands.

"It’s your birthday and you are still a fool," Yaku expressed.

And looked at him with a grimace of confusion when instead of being offended by his words, Lev laughed before getting up too, again establishing a great height difference between them.

“Were you going to practice? Can I go see you?” He asked smiling.

“No.” Yaku answered without hesitation.

“But it's my birthday!”

“What a bad luck.”


The mentioned one crossed his arms. “Don’t you have anything better to do? Celebrate with other people?”

“It's my birthday so I decide what I do. Can I see you play?”

“What makes me sure you're not trying to spy on our team?”

"Yaku-san, I don’t need to spy on you to know that my team and I will win." Lev laughed.

But soon he stopped doing it when he felt a blow in one of his arms.

Yaku watched him with a raised eyebrow and let out a sigh.

He knew that it was likely that he wouldn’t stop insisting until he told him he could accompany him, so his mouth curved into a smile when he decided that Daichi would be the one to say whether to let him stay or not while they trained.


“Seriously??” Lev asked holding a big smile.

Yaku returned to find himself totally serious as he approached him, and pulled down his yellow tie with black lines so that their faces were again only a few centimeters from each other.

“You have beautiful eyes Yaku-san.”

“Interrupt the training once, and you will regret it.”

The older of the two released him after mentioning those words that only made Lev nod quickly before heading to the quidditch field without waiting for him, to which Yaku decided to roll his eyes and bend over to take his broom, only to stay with his hand inches from it because suddenly his mind projected the excited greenish look in front of which he had been face to face just seconds ago, but quickly shook his head before taking his broom and finally go to the field of quidditch.

Even though Lev ended up considering that day one of his best birthdays not only because his morning started with a cake being thrown in his face followed by laughter from his housemates, including Yamaguchi, followed by the Gryffindor training he had been able to spot because Daichi allowed him to stay even if instead of focusing on all the players, he had just kept focused on one of the keepers of the team that had seen him from the corner of his eye to make sure that he wasn’t doing anything strange, and even if it finally ended when he decided to join his friends from his same year to continue celebrating, the next day he didn’t plan to waste the opportunity of all the students being present in the Great Hall after being the Halloween party, to consider that a second birthday party as well as remind to his friends the day before it had been his birthday.

The Great Hall was adorned with floating pumpkins containing a candle inside it as well as the corridors and common rooms were also decorated with other ornaments among which could be distinguished living bats, which Nishinoya, Yamamoto, and Tanaka didn’t hesitate approach to then be the three of them the ones running far away from the animals.

And although the dinner schedule was over, the tables were occupied by various sweets, cakes of all flavors, pancakes, and other snacks characterized by the colors and themes of Halloween, since the students had been allowed to continue wandering for the castle a little longer than usual for that special occasion, most opting to stay in the Great Hall while others decided to go to their common rooms and then return with costume accessories.

Ennoshita and Akaashi were returning to the Great Hall not because they decided to wear an accessory with them, but because Kenma decided to go back to their room regardless of whether the others stayed awake. He didn’t released his electronic device during the day and Peeves was known to take advantage of Halloween to perform jokes that exceeded his own levels, so the Ravenclaw duo preferred to accompany the dyed-haired one since the poltergeist used to direct his jokes towards other people when they were more than one.

And strangely, Ennoshita held a smile on his face.

“Why the smile?” Akaashi asked him after noticing the gesture.

Not because he wasn’t the type of person not to smile with continuity, even him being one of the people he knew who smiled the most, but because he hadn’t been doing it lately after being conflicted with his thoughts and feelings, which at the time were the motive of the animated gesture on his face.

"I decided to raise the white flag," Ennoshita replied, managing to confuse him. “I thought about all the possible outcomes, and your assumption about what Tanaka feels for me doesn’t sound so outlandish, so tonight I’ll be the same as always and I won’t let anger take hold of me.”

Akaashi just watched him silently.

However, when they barely found themselves in the Great Hall again, Ennoshita's smile disappeared. Not because he spotted Kiyoko wearing a headband with rabbit ears on her head, but because he glimpsed Tanaka and Yamamoto using the same ones, and he didn’t hesitate to raise his upper lip in disgust.

Neutrality was over.

“Akaashi, change of plans. I reject your theory," He muttered.


“I don’t care about the different kinds of love that exist. If I'm not the only one, it's none of my interest.”

“It’s your jealousy the one talking.”

Ennoshita frowned at his friend, hating that he was saying no more than the truth, but then he rested his eyes on the one belonging to Gryffindor, who although Ennoshita didn’t notice after his blindness was dominated by irritation, didn’t seem very comfortable with that accessory on his head.

“It's my need. After all, eagles hunt small mammals, don’t they? I guess tonight I will refrain from following my natural instincts.”

Akaashi watched his companion make large, determined steps until he approached the table of the house to which they belonged to, to sit there with his arms folded and frowning, and before he could follow him to copy his actions, the one who had previously remained by his side and called himself an eagle, was replaced by a boy with two-colored hair who could easily manifest being disguised as an owl after his hair being identical to that type of animal.

Not so far away from them at the Gryffindor's table, Daichi was looking around carefully, as not finding Nishinoya was worrying him because he sensed that he would soon be trying to fix a disaster committed by those of his own house, although being able to visualize Tanaka and Yamamoto together gave him a respite of relief, so he took the opportunity to approach the pot of chocolate wands, only to have his fingers touched someone else's and stop concentrating on watching those who composed his team to realize who was the person whose hand his had touched by mistake.

A gray-haired boy who had a mole under his left eye and wore the Slytherin uniform as well as a headband with an aureole on his head, outlined the friendly smile that characterized him, making Daichi think that he really was in front of such an angel as in front of the doors of paradise.

"Sorry," Suga inquired, still smiling.

As it used to happen every time he was around, Daichi felt that his brain stopped working. He didn’t expect the Slytherin to completely distract him with his presence, let alone the hand with which he had met. He was totally enthralled with the appearance of the boy who was the only one to make his characterizing attitude collapse and all words disappear from his vocabulary.

Suga giggled when he saw him being a statue.

“You wanted?” He asked, pointing to the pot.

Daichi looked at the object that contained the chocolate wands, and then rested his eyes on him again. He continued equally puzzled, enough not to realize that also, not far from them Kuroo and Yaku were together trying unsuccessfully to contain their laughter as they watched him, the first of them wearing a headband with red horns. Somehow he managed to shake his head, although he had certainly wanted to take some of that appetizer.

Once Suga turned around after taking some chocolate wands, Daichi knew that was his chance. He couldn’t pass more opportunities in front of him even though he was totally nervous and didn’t know what to say to start the conversation between them. It was the right moment to get him to speak to him, and he knew that if he remained silent because his nerves had betrayed him on each previous occasion, he would begin to get angry at himself for belonging to the house where bravery was the most important thing and he wasn’t capable to prove it.

“I'm Sawamura Daichi!” He exclaimed.

The one belonging to Slytherin suddenly turned around when he heard him. He looked around seeming to be confused, and then his hazel eyes rested on the one who had apparently addressed him as well as pointing to his ownself before speaking. “Are you talking to me?” He asked completely confused.

Daichi wanted to disappear as soon as he heard him, since he didn’t expected to hear those words.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

The gray-haired one smiled when he heard him and approached the table again.

“Well...“ He ducked his head to avoid the seated in front of him being able to glimpse the slight blush that decorated his cheeks at that moment, although Daichi remained stupefied when he noticed the change of tonality of his face. “I've seen you walk away several times when I’m with Kuroo or Yaku. I always thought that I’m not for your liking because every time I am with the people we know, you decide to go instead of approaching.”

The Gryffindor shook his jaw as the boy in front of him felt embarrassed for expressing aloud that even though Daichi had never approached him, he had seen him take one step forward and another back when he was present. And the one with black hair and eyes of the same color remained bewildered when he realized that not being encouraged enough to approach thanks to the nerves that he caused him and not because he didn’t want to be in the same place as him, had given the boy in front of him a completely wrong meaning to his actions.

Daichi started to deny and move his hands quickly.

“I don’t dislike you, of course I like you. I mean, I don’t understand how you could displease someone,” The words that came out of his mouth by themselves and that at that moment made him carry a blush on their cheeks, also managed to get the one in front of him to look up again and watched him with a smile on his face. “I guess I'm a bit shy.”

The gray-haired boy chose to sit in front of him before letting out an entertaining giggle.

“A shy Gryffindor? That's new," He expressed, smiling broadly.

Daichi smiled awkwardly.

"I’m Sugawara Koushi," He decided to present himself. “But you can call me Suga.”

They both knew who the other was, but finally managed to present themselves personally. The two smiled at each other, and Yaku and Kuroo clenched their fists together in a way to celebrate the new victory.

Chapter Text

When he got up at that hour, he was surprised to notice that a bed in the room lay empty.


Iwaizumi used to be the first to get up because he preferred to run in the morning to clear his head before breakfast, and always spotted his three roommates sleeping peacefully while he changed and chose to jog around the castle, so waking and seeing one of the empty beds made him raise an eyebrow, since his best friend never got up early and much less leave the room in case he did, but he anyway chose to change and leave the room so as not to waste the morning. He went down the stairs that led to the common room, and soon he found out the answer to the question that had lashed him since he had opened his eyes a few minutes ago.

He caught a glimpse of Oikawa and Kuroo talking by the window. They were the only ones present as it was still too early for another Slytherin student to come out of their rooms to go down to the common room. The two wore their pajamas and were sitting quite close, both with expressions that indicated that they had been there several minutes ago, and while Kuroo watched through the window with his chin resting on the palm of his hand, Oikawa seemed to be the one to talk the most.

Iwaizumi wanted to pretend that he didn’t feel the discomfort that suddenly appeared in his chest as soon as he saw them, but he knew that it was jealousy that he couldn’t control no matter how hard he tried. So he preferred to stop hiding because running would help him get distracted, maybe he would even make a loop around the Black Lake that happened to be the view of the window next to which they were, but both Oikawa and Kuroo stopped talking and rested their eyes on him when he crossed the room as they didn’t expect anyone else to be awake.

"Good morning, Iwa-chan," He heard Oikawa say.

However, the only thing he did before leaving the common room was to make a simple gesture with his hand, and instead of wondering if something happened to his best friend, Oikawa smiled broadly while Kuroo looked at him with an amused smile. 

Kageyama thought he would break his own broom if he kept holding the stick of it with such force. He was totally serious and his body was extremely tense, and although the practice had gone by well and the exercises in a normal manner, he was rigid from head to toe and anyone who saw him wouldn't hesitate to get away from him instead of approaching, although that used to happen despite he was tense or not.

He had been chose as one of the starting players.

And Tanaka and Hinata too, so they would make up the trio of chasers.

They were accustomed to practicing together, and the strategies they devised together with the other components of the team were designed so that each of them stood out in their own way, and so that they could rest on each other in case the confidence of someone began to crack for some reason. He was satisfied with the time they had spent practicing since his synchronization was also improving with the two that would be by his side, with Tanaka because he started getting along with him both inside and outside the quidditch pitch, and with Hinata because practicing more hours after the official practices had helped them to begin to feel that they were close to achieving a great balance between the two.

So the problem wasn’t that he had been chosen as a starting, nor who would be by his side.

The problem was with those they would face each other as a trio.

Kageyama thought that the memories of the past wouldn’t attack him again and would remain locked in the space of his mind where he decided to keep them, but being few days left before the Quidditch Tournament was inaugurated with them facing Slytherin, he managed to get those moments back to appear in his head to repeat without pause.

Being rejected.

Nobody being there to receive his passes.

He didn’t want it to happen again, he didn’t want to be left out again.

“Nervous about the game?”

His thoughts stopped momentarily from tormenting him when he heard Daichi’s voice after he decided to approach him, since he had understood that the aura around the fifth-year didn’t indicate that he wanted to be left alone, but quite the opposite, that he needed to express why he went throughout practice silent as well as with an indecipherable expression on his face.

"A little," He answered.

A little fell short of the nerves he felt.

“You heard who are the titular players of them, am I right?”

Daichi didn’t hesitate to ask him knowing that that was what kept him so upset.

Kageyama nodded, given that while he would stand on his broom along with Tanaka and Hinata, on the other side, Iwaizumi, Oikawa and Kindaichi would stand ready to demonstrate the synchronization between them as the triad of Slytherin chasers. He hadn’t been surprised to hear that as well as him, Kindaichi had also been chosen to play as a starting player, because although Slytherin had a full reserve of players and among them there were skilled students, he didn’t doubt that they decided to take advantage of Kindaichi's accustomed to play with the seventh-year Slytherin duo so that the synchronization between them was demonstrated in front of everyone within the quidditch field.

They would face each other when up to last year they had played together, or at least made the attempt. And next to him would be nothing more and nothing less than Iwaizumi and Oikawa, whose way of playing influenced by the good communication between them and the lack of need to talk to each other to know what the other thought, had been put before the eye of the rest of the students during the previous year, not to mention that each one also stood out for their own abilities, Oikawa being the most outstanding.

It was his first official match as part of his house team and he would face three of the people with whom he had previously shared a team.

"Everything I learned," Kageyama began, “I learned it from him.”

The four together with Kunimi had been on the same team, but if there was someone Kageyama admired as much as he feared, it was Oikawa. The one whose abilities he considered surprising as well as dangerous because he had the opportunity to spot them with his own eyes, not only within the Hogwarts quidditch field, but also outside of it.

“Then he is the Great King!”

Suddenly Kageyama stopped keeping his gaze on the lawn as Daichi his in him when a scream unwrapped them from the atmosphere in which they had sunk. And they weren’t the only ones watching Hinata, since the rest of the players also stopped talking to each other after hearing his exclamation.

“If you’re the King, then he is the Great King!” He exclaimed again.

“Don't call me that way!” Kageyama growled.

But he controlled himself as soon as Daichi gave him a quiet smile as he rested a hand on his shoulder while Yamamoto and Tanaka started to laugh after hearing the deduction that the orange-haired one made, but promptly the two approached to hold various types of smiles as well as different poses that showed confidence and security.

"I'll be with you, so you don’t have to worry," Tanaka assured him.

"Don’t doubt I'll do everything I can to protect you," Yamamoto added.

"You are a great player," Daichi said looking at him. “And don’t forget what I said. Its teams what we face, not people.”

The fifth-year placed his eyes on the seventh-year, since even if it hadn’t been more than two sentences, those words on his part meant a lot both for being the captain of the team and also for being from his own house. Daichi gave him a smile and patted him on the back before heading to where Yaku and Nishinoya had just descended from their brooms.

Kageyama watched the grass for a few seconds before returning to rest his gaze on the sixth-year duo who had begun to fight each other to see who did the pose that more confidence radiated while Hinata seemed to be the judge. After seeing them, everyone wouldn’t doubt that they were an easy team to beat and pass over, but Kageyama learned that each member of the Gryffindor team had their own ability not matter they were starters or substitutes. After so much wishing it, he finally managed to join his house team and even was chosen as to play as a starter, so he couldn’t begin to get nervous just for knowing who his opponents were. He only had to stop focusing his attention on them to focus on the players that would be by his side, one of whom at that moment made everyone rest their eyes on him when he held a nervous smile as well as an indecipherable expression.

“Is it a bad time to say that I have never played in a game before?” Hinata asked.

Chapter Text

Going back to the times when the enmity between Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin was the best known, the rivalry between the houses that carried their surnames became a fundamental part of both their relationship and their own history. The bitterness between Gryffindor and Slytherin was the most wanted and acclaimed only by the bases on which it was settled, and by the characters who had promised to face no matter what instance it was. And although at present, both houses had made much of that hostility disappear after deciding that the past couldn’t condemn them, they always received a confrontation between them with joy, enthusiasm and emotion. It was the most wanted fight and the students who belonged to both houses could feel the adrenaline rush through their bodies and the exaltation of their thoughts. With the students encouraging their respective teams from the stands, exclaiming their names and the names of their houses, they made it clear that the rivalry between the houses that would inaugurate the Quidditch Tournament, were those two whose rivalry turned out to be the most glorified.

Courage versus determination.

Snakes versus lions.

Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

Tanaka and Yamamoto flattered each other after seeing themselves again in the quidditch uniforms, since like the others, they had the colors scarlet and gold and wore the appropriate protections because Quidditch wasn’t characterized as a calm and free sport of danger, while Kageyama observed himself with what seemed to be stars of enthusiasm and pride, at the same time that Inuoka looked at the tent he was in after often dreaming of being part of the players that waited in it before leaving instead of being part of the crowd of students whose screams he was listening to, achieving to instead of feeling nervous about being chosen as the starter seeker, his excitement and desire to play only continue to grow.

“You look like a degraded carrot, Shouyou!” Nishinoya exclaimed before laughing.

With his orange hair, and the shield of the house to which they all belonged in one of the upper corners of the red tunic that they wore over the diver with red and yellow horizontal stripes, plus the white pants that were covered underneath the knees for the brown boots, the kepeer of Gryffindor that for that occasion would be substitute after the vice-captain would play in that position, wasn’t totally incorrect to have expressed those words.

But Nishinoya remained confused when Hinata didn’t say anything about his comment.

Hinata kept his hand clinging to his broom while the pallor began to take over his face as well as an expression of nervousness accompanied by a grimace of uneasiness. As he had stated during the last training, he had never played in a match before even though he had always been a great quidditch fan, since in his neighborhood he never met children of magicians who wanted to play, and although with Inuoka they had practiced, a game of two wasn’t possible, so he was extremely nervous after that being the first time he would be flying over his broom to be part of an official match.

He always played with his friends from his same year and during training they formed various teams to face each other and practice, but they were minutes away from facing one of the other teams, and anxiety had finally tamed him.

"My belly hurts," He managed to say, wrapping his free arm around his stomach.

“It’s normal!” Tanaka exclaimed approaching him to pat him on the back.

Which only sparked the chaos inside the Gryffindor tent.

Hinata threw up on Tanaka by the gesture on his back and Yamamoto and Nishinoya began to laugh out loud, while Kageyama hit himself with one hand and Daichi and Yaku remained concerned at the same time that Kinoshita and Narita rushed to get the necessary materials so that the tent remained as clean as they also had to get new pants for Tanaka. Everyone's screams were heard everywhere as Daichi tried to maintain control and Yaku kept Yamamoto and Nishinoya at bay so that those wouldn’t continue to laugh once Tanaka came back in new pants while Inuoka patted Hinata on the back to assure him that everything would be fine.

However, everyone remained silent when Kageyama spoke.

"Don’t be nervous, Tanaka-san will be with us," He expressed, looking at the one with orange hair that rested his eyes on him as well as the others present. “And as long as I’m here, you are invincible, so don’t panic.”

Hinata felt that suddenly his nerves were replaced by adrenaline.

And the atmosphere of seriousness that had reigned for a minute, was terminated when Tanaka let out a laugh before approaching the black-haired one to slap him on the back, although he didn’t hesitate to remain moderately far away in case he too felt like vomiting.

“That's right!” He exclaimed confidently and with a cheerful smile. “We're here for you," He added watching Hinata.

The one with orange hair smiled, but he returned to remain serious when like the others, he heard the whistle that indicated that both teams should prepare to enter the Quidditch field. Daichi gave him a quiet smile and positioned himself in front of everyone because he was the captain of the team and therefore the one to lead the triangle of players they would form once they got on their brooms and left the tent.

He didn’t think it was a bad decision to have made the three fifth-years starting players, since the three had their respective skills and had been chosen to play because they believed in their abilities, and because in addition, Tanaka, Yamamoto and he would be there to help them as Yaku would observe them from his position. And besides, if he didn’t have faith in his own decisions, then nobody else would.

Another whistle was heard followed by a wave of enthusiastic cries from the students in the stands before the tent opened, and they climbed on their brooms to finally their feet stop touching the ground and begin to feel the wind that moved their hair when they flew around the Quidditch field with the excitement running through their bodies and the enthusiasm to awaken them more than they already were.

The students of the four houses were in the stands while the faculty was already in their respective place within the quidditch field, leaving Coach Ukai as the only teacher to be with his feet on the grass. They turned around to get used to the feeling of being away from the flat ground, and soon their eyes rested on the opposite team that had performed the same actions as them. Kuroo was leading the triangle of players characterized by wearing green and gray horizontal stripes as well as green tunics with the Slytherin shield standing out in one of the top corners of the same, and like them, they wore white pants and brown boots.

Daichi wasn’t carried away by the fact that more screams seemed to be heard when the team in front of them greeted the students present in the stands, since he knew that Oikawa and Kuroo had always been the most wanted people in the house to which they belonged to, and that the fact that both were Quidditch players as well as the captain and the vice-captain of their team only increased the screaming on the part of the female population present in the stands. And he chuckled when Iwaizumi hit Oikawa in the head after he started to greet those around him as he blew kisses and winked.

Soon Daichi and Kuroo approached the center of the stadium and clasped their hands tightly together with enthusiastic smiles on their faces that indicated that although they were close friends and were for each other, and were proud to see each other occupying their same position in their own teams because they thought they deserved it, they wouldn’t hesitate to try to defeat each other.

"May the best win," Daichi said, trying to contain his laughter.

"Don’t be bothered if it's us," Kuroo smiled amused.

However, their expressions changed completely as soon as they turned around.

Daichi sensed that his equal in the other team didn’t fully believe in his words even though they had been accompanied by a smile that probably would have deceived everyone in the stands, but he also knew that he couldn’t trust the fact that Kuroo had had problems with his captaincy from the beginning, because that didn’t mean his team wasn’t composed of skilled players, some of whom Daichi was surprised to see as substitutes, since like most of those present, he wondered why the Slytherin captain decided that both Yahaba and Futakuchi were starting players when they were among the people who didn’t show the most commitment, being them the ones to top the list of the ones who missed practice the most.

Soon both captains went to the other members of their teams after each one was in a round with them. That was the moment where they would say the first words they would manifest to them as the leaders of their respective teams, and they knew that they should intone them with confidence to increase the excitement of the players under their leadership.

“Gryffindor, let’s win!” Daichi exclaimed.

He knew that he could affirm that the members of his team were already considered enthusiastic and easy to convince them to do their best, so he decided to pronounce that expression, after which they all joined their hands in the center and raised their arms to then break the round and prepare.

While the Slytherin round was still intact.

Daichi had taken it right, because although Kuroo expressed those words to him in a certain way and along with a smile that hid all his emotions, that didn’t mean that his emotions stopped tormenting him. He was nervous because it was the beginning of the Quidditch season as well as the first game they played as the new team of the house they belong to, so he had to show that the previous captain made the right decision by inheriting his position to him in the team, which he knew was already being questioned even if they hadn’t even played officially yet. He had doubts and didn’t feel as confident as he would have liked to feel, but if he showed himself that way in front the players around him who expected him to say something, then his confidence would only continue to decreased.

He wasn’t completely sure of what words to say, because if in that round there were players who weren’t willing to listen to him and just as willing to make it clear that they didn’t do it even if they had been chosen as starters to play in that match, then he didn’t understand what words could he say to gain the trust of those around him. He only knew that he felt the nerves having replaced the blood in his veins as well as the restlessness supplanted the air in his respiratory system.

He raised his eyebrows slightly when an idea appeared in his mind.

“We are like the blood in our veins, we must flow without sto-“

"Not all of us studied Ancient Studies," Futakuchi interrupted him, looking at him.

“What does that have to do with Ancient Studies?” Daishou immediately asked the sixth-year.

"It's basic human anatomy," Iwaizumi stated eyeing the seeker with a frown.

Oikawa turned his gaze to the one next to him who remained silent watching the front of his broom because his speech attempt to give them team spirit had failed, but he didn’t hesitate to rest his hand on Kuroo's back and dedicate him a smile while that those in the same round promptly began to discuss the various contents of the subjects dictated at Hogwarts.

"We trust you.” The brunet declared.

Everyone remained silent when Kuroo looked at him and Oikawa looked at them.

Nobody said anything else before dispersing like the other players of the opposing team, and after returning to cross glances with each other, Oikawa and Kuroo finally were the last to join the central round between the two teams formed in the center of the quidditch field, getting everyone to look at each other for different reasons as well with different emotions. Yaku was chosen to defend the trio of the Gryffindor hoops as well as Daishou on the other side of the field, so Nishinoya, like Hanamaki, Matsukawa, Atsumu, Osamu, and Suga, would watch the match from their respective places as well like Kinoshita and Narita. While in both teams all of the fifth-years were chosen to play as starters.

The only fifth-year wearing the green uniform observed who had previously belonged to his team while the other one didn’t hesitate to look away after feeling Kindaichi’s eyes on him at the same time that Kunimi, who was in the stands because the four people with whom he had met on the same team would play against each other as well as because he had wanted to be the moral support for his best friend even if they were from different houses, glimpsed both gestures. While at his side, the sixth-year trio of his same house was also present. Akaashi didn’t take his eyes off those in the Quidditch field, Ennoshita watched everyone except a particular member of Gryffindor who seconds earlier had glimpsed him on the rostrum as well as noticing that he didn’t seem willing to pay attention or greet him with his hand indicating that he wished him good luck, and Kenma, at whose side Bokuto didn’t doubt to show that he was in favor of the house characterized by the green and silver colors, for once wasn’t holding his PSP because he couldn’t take his eyes off the captain of that house. And like him and the Hufflepuff by his side, the Gryffindor captain, Akaashi, Suga, and Oikawa, knew that although Kuroo's face showed nothing but determination and concentration, was about to be devoured by his nerves.

"Make it a fair game." Coach Ukai mentioned holding the quaffle.

Oikawa rested his eyes on Kageyama but soon his attention was focused on the orange-haired boy who he was arguing with to tie the laces of his boots, and Hinata stopped focusing on his housemate when he felt his whole body tense after being looked at by the one he considered the Great King.

But finally the whistle was blown, and the quaffle was under Iwaizumi's possession.

Although he could only carry the ball for a few seconds because one of the liberated bludgers interrupted his path and Tanaka took the opportunity to steal the quaffle from him and soon find himself accompanied by the other two chasers in his same house as they went at full speed to the hoops in front of which Daishou was. The chase they had unleashed turned to their advantage when Daichi also threw the other bludger at Oikawa, although the sixth-year chaser passed it to Kageyama so that Iwaizumi couldn’t recover the ball he had lost, and after Kindaichi was following Hinata, they demonstrated one of the many tactics they had practiced during training, since Kageyama approached his torso to his broomstick to increase his speed as he approached the lower ring of the three to attract the attention of Daishou, to which they managed to score the first points of the match because Kageyama threw the quaffle up instead of to the hoop and Tanaka went to take it and throw it towards the center one.

“And the first points of the first match of this season are for Gryffindor!” It was listened.

The students holding red flags with golden details jumped from the excitement and applauded happily at the same time that the players representing the rival house held various types of reactions that had in common annoyance while Tanaka approached Kageyama with his arms raised, only causing him to look at him confused.

“He wants to high-five!” Hinata exclaimed watching them.

Kageyama observed the boy in front of him with a distorted grimace before realizing that they achieved the first ten points of the game in favor of their house because they had worked together to get it, and he allowed his hands to be hit with his, making Tanaka let out a laugh as well as the triad of Slytherin chasers staying stupefied just like Kunimi on the rostrum. But quickly Iwaizumi shook his head to stop being surprised because he saw Kageyama high-fived with another person and took advantage that the trio of Gryffindor chasers remained distracted so he could ask the quaffle to Daishou and soon find himself flying to the other side of the field.

Kuroo deflected a bludger so that Oikawa could mark the same rhythm as his best friend and Kindaichi didn’t doubt to join them in order to get the attention to focus on the side of the quidditch field where Yaku awaited them, being able to see Hinata failing to try to interrupt the pass between the seventh-year duo of Slytherin in the air, which allowed them to approach him until suddenly his visual field as well as theirs was interrupted by Futakuchi who flew by means of the play earning Oikawa to follow him with his eyes and Tanaka taking advantage of his distraction to steal the quaffle from his own hand.

Yaku again found himself without any company so he allowed himself to look away from the players in front of him who regrouped from the other side of the court to realize that the Slytherin seeker had ruined the play of his housemates not because he was chasing the snitch, but because he really wanted to thwart the movement, because as soon as he saw Inuoka flying at full speed near the area where Ravenclaw students were, he also glimpsed the small golden ball he was chasing.

On the other side of the field, Kuroo managed to get the quaffle to find itself in favor of their house after having thrown a bludger towards Tanaka that managed to get Iwaizumi to steal it from him, but his eyes rested on the other beater of  his team whose task he wasn’t doing because it would have been easier for Yahaba to throw the bludger since the ball had passed close to him instead of Kuroo moving to interrupt his path and diverting it towards the Gryffindor chaser whose play was frustrated by him. Kuroo continued to watch him for a few seconds before approaching the triad of chasers from his own house who again broke into Yaku's field of vision.

Yamamoto directed a bludger towards Kindaichi that he was able to evade and make it end up going against Hinata because he had flown that way on purpose, so he could conclude with the pass that Iwaizumi had made to Oikawa so that he would throw it to him and in that way throw it towards one of the hoops after having also been released from Kageyama because Kuroo diverted the other of the bludgers towards him.

The fifth-year raised his fists in the air at the same time that Oikawa patted him on the back and Iwaizumi ruffled his hair while the three were watched by Kageyama.

“I want to touch the quaffle too!”

That scream at his side quickly made his attention rest in that orange-haired one of his same year whose expression indicated that he wanted to stop being the only chaser in still not having touched the ball they passed each other to score points.

“I already know that!” Kageyama exclaimed in the same tone.

Tanaka received the quaffle sent by Yaku at the same time that Yamamoto evaded a bludger from his path, but soon his attention was rested on the players who started chasing him, as the others of the Slytherin team did the same, not because it was strange to see a chaser chasing another, but because it was highly irregular that they were a beater and the seeker those who were following him.

Yahaba and Futakuchi stood side by side chasing him after having achieved that the true triad of chasers of their same team crossed gazes with each other because their positions had been stolen, giving the three of them the chance to see the way in which Kuroo couldn’t divert a bludger to stop Tanaka because he had to hit the same ball to prevent it from snatching against Yahaba, who after following the chaser of his same year had left him in charge of being the only one to defend all his team from the two bludgers present at the match.

The sixth-year Gryffindor chaser took advantage of the fact that his path continued without being interrupted to travel much of the field with the ball under his possession until he managed to find himself a few centimeters from the Slytherin hoops, which defense was totally mocked after Daishou tried to understand why Yahaba and Futakuchi were also approaching him and resting their eyes on Kageyama at the same time when Tanaka gave the quaffle to him, only for the Gryffindor to get another ten points in his favor when from one second to the next the quaffle was touched by Hinata to end up being basked in the hoop of one of the sides.

And the confusion in the face of the Slytherin keeper was remarkable because not only didn’t he understand when the fifth-year duo of chasers had made a pass fast enough so that he couldn’t notice it, but also because he being able to spot Yahaba and Futakuchi indicated that neither of them was fulfilling their respective roles in the team after the two had acted as chasers by having followed Tanaka instead of the first of them evading bludgers and the second chasing the snitch, and he continued disoriented although he passed the quaffle to Oikawa that through a denial with his head told him not to notice the sixth-year duo of of their team.

The brunet moved on his broom until he suddenly stopped because a bludger had been a few inches from hitting the front of his broom and therefore caused him to lose his balance, which it would had done in case he didn’t had reacted with anticipation, and when he looked up he saw Kuroo gesturing that he was sorry for not having arrived to divert the bludger so that it wouldn’t interrupt his path, but Oikawa couldn’t blame him. Yahaba wasn’t playing in his position as a beater so the captain of his team was trying to repel all of their bludgers on his own and without the help of anyone else, which explained why he wasn’t able to get the bludgers all the time because the game was designed so that two beaters would prevent the other players from being hit, not just one.

Hinata took advantage of the fact that the one with brown hair had stopped to steal the quaffle from him and observe it as if it was the greatest treasure was under his possession until he turned his head to realize that just as it had happened with Tanaka, the sixth-year duo of Slytherin was behind him, the only difference being that on that occasion, just as they were chasing Hinata, Iwaizumi and Kindaichi were after them.

Oikawa and Kuroo exchanged glances until the latter's eyes fell on one of the other team's beaters when he was sure that Daichi hit one of the bludgers with his bat to prevent it from hitting Kindaichi instead of making it the same to go against any of them.

And finally his nervousness was replaced with anger.

“You aren’t chasers, be on your respective positions!” He exclaimed.

The sixth-year Slytherin duo seemed to ignore his words completely as they kept approaching Hinata until a few inches from both of them to lock him in between, the orange-haired one duff dropping the quaffle down because they had told him what he should do in case he didn’t see another way out, and Kageyama was the one to catch it very quickly before approaching at full speed to the hoops and getting his house to continue with an increasingly bigger advantage.

The students of Gryffindor celebrated as well as Tanaka achieved the tremor in Hinata's body for being cornered to be replaced by a shy smile after being congratulated while he also congratulated Kageyama for having scored in favor of the house they all belonged to. But the three of them were the only ones to remain oblivious to the atmosphere that the opposing team suddenly radiated.

Yahaba and Futakuchi looked at each other before the first frowned and the second crossed his arms, demonstrating their displeasure after not managing to maneuver the fifth-year chaser of Gryffindor. Daishou watched them with a frown as well as Iwaizumi who in turn was watched by Kindaichi along with a grimace of worry and confusion, and Oikawa and Kuroo looked at each other.

The Slytherin sixth-year duo just made it clear that they didn’t want to hear.

The first official rejection was revealed as well as the first disobedience was manifested.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa surreptitiously moved a few inches when they saw Suga crossing his arms as well as holding a serious expression on his face.

And Kuroo sighed knowing the match was, and would only be, nothing more than a disaster for Slytherin.

Chapter Text

Daichi watched through the window of the Gryffindor common room in silence while everyone around him was shouting with joy, as well as jumping and exclaiming the name of the house to which they all belonged with pride and emotion while also praising the players that showed themselves in the game, and who proved to be the right choices to be starters. Nishinoya, Yamamoto and Tanaka embraced each other letting tears to run down their cheeks because many girls were formed around them to appreciate them even though the first one didn’t played while Hinata and Inuoka couldn’t sit still and Kageyama watched everyone who approached him with an expression of horror because he didn’t like people who didn’t know anything about Quidditch to told him how well he had played. A real party was taking place in the Gryffindor common room since students belonging to that house believed they had the right to celebrate after the team beat Slytherin during the opening of the Quidditch season, since only a few minutes of the game elapsed before Inuoka appeared in front of everyone with the snitch in his possession, making Gryffindor to be consecrated as the winner of the first game of the season against those considered their rivals.

But while everyone celebrated the victory, the captain of the team responsible for getting it, remained by the window without celebrating or smiling like everyone else did even if they had achieved victory under his leadership.

"Aren’t you smiling a lot, Daichi?” He heard, and a smiling Yaku took place in front of him.

The team captain giggled when he heard him.

"You don’t look very happy either," He replied.

The one who led the team with him smiled although he was right.

“I can’t celebrate a victory if I know that we didn’t achieve it in a good way,” Yaku expressed.

“I’m happy. I mean, we won and the fifth-years we incorporated were able to adapt without problems to us and our way of playing. Yamamoto and Tanaka had a good run and Kageyama scored more points than anyone. Inuoka has taken off the pressure of not being faster than an older and more experienced player, and Hinata followed all of our tips.”


“I can’t consider that it was a victory.”

“Not when the opposite team wasn’t really the one we expected to face.” Yaku finished since both thought the same.

Like the other team members, they were aware that unlike them, the Slytherin team was going through several problems, the first of them being the fact that some players didn’t respect their captain or the decisions made by the team, preferring to follow their own tactics although those decisions did cost them the victory of a game. Which explained why despite being happy for the points in their favor and the good start of the tournament, the leaders of the Gryffindor team weren’t willing to celebrate if they knew that the opposing team played with disadvantages created by themselves.

"I suppose you must also be concerned about Suga," Yaku inquired. And he smiled broadly as he felt Daichi's intrigued look on him. "I should congratulate you for having managed to speak to him," He added with a laugh.

The Gryffindor captain bit his lower lip and shook his head, but then let out a sigh before smiling.

“I am. I'm worried because I know he cares about the team of his house," He said seriously, “But I guess I should be glad that there is now the possibility that he shares that concern with me," He added.

He smiled sideways when he realized that he could say he was able to establish a conversation with the gray-haired one who didn’t doubt that was downhearted by the defeat of his house in the first quidditch match of the tournament, since he had finally cheered talk to him only to realize that exchanging words between them was the easiest thing in the world.

But Daichi opted to take the sudden change of conversation in his favor as well as to observe his friend totally amused.

“You aren’t free to say anything. You know who our next rival is,” He expressed.

“Hufflepuff,” Yaku didn’t understand the reason of his words.

“When are you going to accept that you like him?”

The vice-captain gave a genuine and immediate laugh as soon as he heard him, since he knew whose particular player of that house he was referring to. The one who during his birthday had asked him to watch him train, the one who always interrupted him when he was calm, and the one that had applauded in the stands when the game was over and Gryffindor was proclaimed the winner of the game.

“He is obsessed with me. That's all." Yaku stated.

“You know I saw you before our training. I saw how you looked at him and how he looked at you," Daichi inquired as he raised his eyebrows repeatedly, causing Yaku to roll his eyes before smiling sideways. “He's obsessed with you because you let him become obsessed with you." He added.

“Nonsense. Don’t try to play with me psychologically.”

"I only say what I see," The captain raised his hands innocently. “You don’t reject him when he approaches you.”

“Because if I do he keeps insisting to stay close, it's easier to accept him.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Yaku crossed his arms when he realized that there was no point in trying to be against the one who seemed determined to bother him only because he had begun to maintain a certain kind of relationship with Lev that was based only on accepting that he was by his side. Daichi held up an amused smile and winked at him before getting up to be soon wrapped up in a hug for his team's sixth-year triad that probably wouldn’t sleep all night, and Yaku let out a sigh.

Daichi was in the uncertain.

He didn’t like Lev.

His dislike for him had only diminished.

And while he had only begun to tolerate him and perhaps started to get used to him chasing him everywhere, if there was something he would never get used to, was the sixth-year triad of his own house and team that at that moment made him stop being the only one without celebrating after the three took the chair in which he was sitting from the legs of the same to lift him in the air while he continued sitting and get him to cling to the armrest of it to stay alive so in that way it would be impossible for him to kill the trio a year younger than him who already begun to regret what they did after seeing his serious face, while not so far from them, Daichi approached Hinata after congratulating Inuoka for having given them the victory.

“And? Did you like to play your first game?” He asked him.

Daichi knew his answer as soon as a glow settled in Hinata's eyes.

The orange-haired one didn’t stop running from one side to the other since the game was over and they turned out to be the winners, because although that turned out to be a short game because Inuoka caught the snitch in a short time, he still was able to enjoy his first official match all the time. He felt the adrenaline accompanying him all the time as well as the desire to score point after point, to see the quaffle going through one of the three rings of the opposing team, as he also was fortunate to be able to try his first win together with his best friend and the rest of the players, and he couldn’t doubt that a smile appeared on his face when he realized that Kageyama beat the other team player that always seemed to bother him, as well as thinking that instead of shouting at each other, the two of them made good passes that had thrown down the Slytherin defense, so he was happy and full of energy.

“Yes!” He replied, summing up all his emotions in that expression.

“Good, because I don’t regret having allowed you to join the team.”

The emotion in Hinata's body only continued to grow, making Daichi not regret having chosen him as one of the starting chasers, but he avoid mentioning it because he already had enough people who probably wouldn’t sleep that night to add another one.

“Thank you!” Hinata exclaimed before starting to jump in his place.

Daichi hit his forehead with his own hand and tried to get help from his vice-captain who he glimpsed aiming his wand at the sixth-year trio that ran from one side to the other to prevent Yaku from casting a spell on them, so he returned to sticking himself in the head realizing that his players were as skilled as clumsy.

Or at least most of them.

He took advantage of Inuoka appearing to jump along with Hinata to approach the other that made up the trio of fifth year he had chosen to play during the game that day, and who unlike the others, remained with his back leaning against the wall while looking around with a serious face although the atmosphere was festive.

“You know, I think we have a great reason to celebrate,” Daichi said.

Kageyama observed him thinking that he was no longer as invisible as he thought, because at every party someone from the team had approached to talk to him.

"I'm celebrating," The fifth-year inquired.

“Being in a corner without any company?” Daichi raised an eyebrow, “You know we're not last year's team, right?” He asked, realizing that perhaps the black-haired boy in front of him continued to behave that way for fear of being rejected. “This is our team now, and you are part of it. Today you helped us get the victory as we help you score points. That's what makes a team, we help each other.”

Kageyama listened him attentively.

In no moment of the match he felt abandoned as well as out of place not only because Hinata and Tanaka had made plays with him as the trio of team chasers they were, but also because both Daichi and Yamamoto prevented bludgers from blocking him, and because the rest of the team players approach him once the game was over to congratulate him.

Victory belonged to everyone because together they had achieved it.

Maybe he really was part of a team.


Hinata's shout made them both stop looking at each other after resting their attention on him after listening him.

“I told you that you wouldn’t get bored at this party!” He added.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Kageyama lost his seriousness as soon as he heard him.

“I just don’t want you to get bored!”

“Your presence bores me!”

“And your presence bores me too!”

“What did you say dumbass!?”

Daichi sighed, thinking that Kinoshita and Narita were his only salvation. 

Gryffindor won its first victory of the tournament not only because the fifth-years showed why they were chosen to play as well as put their skills into practice, because the sixth-years always had their spirits high, or because the seventh-years always found themselves thinking when to use the strategies they had planned. But also because the Slytherin team was a complete disaster and there was no one who could say otherwise, because even though Iwaizumi and Oikawa had once again proved to be a coordinated duo of chasers who also now had Kindaichi to increase their chances of approaching the hoops, the three had only been able to demonstrate their skills as the trio of Slytherin chasers when Kuroo managed to get the bludgers removed from the middle and therefore they weren’t hurt by them, since just as Futakuchi allowed the match to be a short one after Inuoka was able to catch the snitch in a faster way after not having to compete with him, and Yahaba, who was supposed to occupy the same position of beater as Kuroo, didn’t deflect a single bludger and therefore made the seventh-year take care of all by themselves, which also caused the trio of chasers to move slower not only because it was likely that a bludger intercepted their way, but also because in addition to the trio of chasers of the opposing team, they also had to dodge the duo of sixth-year of their team.

But the question was, did the captain regret the decisions he made?

He could have had Hanamaki, Matsukawa, or Osamu play instead of Yahaba and have another person from the reserve group change with Futakuchi so that the team that had faced Gryffindor would have been one worthy and not one that was extremely incomplete and lacking in communication as they had been. The duo of sixth year didn’t hesitate to make it clear in front of all the students that they didn’t plan to listen to him just because he was the captain of the team they belonged to, and that they weren’t interested in having lost a game while they could disobey him and follow their own thoughts.

And Kuroo was wondering what he did to make the sixth-year duo of his team prefer the defeat before him exercising the position of captain, since he never had problems with them before and didn't remember saying or doing something so that they were upset with him. He hated not understanding why he was rejected in that way when all he wanted was for his house to win the quidditch tournament being they the responsible for winning it, but a lost game was the only thing he had achieved besides allowing anxiety to appear no matter if he decided to find himself in that part of the common room of his house to try to calm down and fail in the attempt.

A strange atmosphere enveloped the Slytherin common room since they had lost the game and was stated that all the players who were part of the team didn't play with the same commitment, and although Kuroo continued to be distressed, he believed that he made a good decision at the time to want to stay alone in front of that part of the common room where, fortunately, the tension didn’t managed to arrive yet. The dungeons were close to the Black Lake, but unlike the other students who believed that they only had sight of it, those belonging to Slytherin knew it was a direct encounter with the lake what they really had.

They only had to go down some steps to finally be in front of a glass wall that allowed them to see part of the Black Lake as well as the creatures that inhabited it, some students having considered themselves fortunate to have even sighted some part of the giant squid that considered those dark waters its home. It was a mysterious sight that provided a sense of tranquility due to the lack of noise as well as anxiety because it wasn’t possible to see much beyond the dark colored water and some fishes that swam through the water in droves. The glass wall had been enchanted so that it couldn’t be broken under any circumstances no matter what was attempted to knock it down on one side or the other. It was a nice place to be when one wished to be left alone by the others belonging to Slytherin, which was what Kuroo wanted, that explaining why he was there sitting on the ground while watching the waters in front of him and having already seen some blue fish with celestial heads, waiting for the anguished sensation in his chest to leave as well as the expression of disappointment that he had sighted on his own face after having seen his reflection in the glass wall, through which he also saw a boy with grayish hair appearing at that moment.

Suga took place at his side after giving him a sidelong glance.

And Kuroo was grateful that he remained silent instead of talking to him because although he didn’t mind that one of his roommates approached him, the only thing he had heard since the game was over was that he would do better and that he had played in a good way and made the best possible effort, making his false smile from the beginning to have been disappearing as the day had gone by because he didn’t want people to dedicate words to him that they weren’t not sure of. He didn’t want to remain in the center of the common room so as not to feel that he was watched by everyone around him, wondering what he had done so that two of his same team rejected him in that way, beginning to invent rumors about the bad way he coordinated his players and the awful way in which he carried out the trainings.

He never hesitated to show himself because he loved being the center of attention as well as holding a smirk that he knew made others around him melt with his personality, but there were times when he needed to rest and allow his fake smile to disappear to become an expression without any kind of intentions behind. He liked being under the spotlight when he wanted to, not when others made the lights focus on him without his consent.

And what bothered him the most was that the person who knew when his smile was false as well as true as well as what kind of words to dedicate to improve his mood, didn’t even want to know about his existence. People had always seen his friendship with Kenma as the one in which the younger one completely rested in him being the one of the two to support both, but reality was that they had always rested in each other, and that although Kenma was the one who showed his emotions, he wasn’t exempt from the anxiety that sometimes decided to invade him.

One of the reasons why he agreed to be captain was also because he imagined Kenma being forced by him to tell him good luck before each match as well as to listen to the good and bad moments of the training, and all the bludgers he managed to hit in the games as well as the movements he made that although he explained them in the easiest way and together with gestures, Kenma wouldn’t understand because he was a seeker and not a beater like him.

But that only was a product of his imagination.

Because reality was the opposite.

The team he led didn’t accept him and the person he cared about the most didn’t allow him to continue caring for him, so he had no argument in favor to reject the oppression in his chest and the anxiety in his body.

"It doesn’t surprise me that everyone questions my decisions when I do too," Kuroo said suddenly after realizing that all the problems around him were because he decided to think too little or too much.

But despite his words, Suga allowed a smile to be outlined on his face.

“I don’t question your decisions,” He assured him seeing two grindylows swimming.

Kuroo looked at him before he realized the pathetic image he was radiating as if he decided to stay hidden from everyone because he didn’t want to be seen nor listen to the comments that he didn’t doubt had already begun to be scattered in the halls of the castle, not to mention that if in addition the gray-haired one was at his side then it was because he hadn’t been able to hide how frustrated he was.

“I know that you allowed Futakuchi and Yahaba to play despite not having attended most of the practices because you don’t want them to be angry with you, and you thought that not making them play would only give them another reason to increase their attitudes. As a captain it’s normal that you look for the approval of all the members that make up the team because acceptance is always what we are all looking for," Suga rested his eyes on him. “And I also believe that we all make certain decisions based on certain thoughts and that I don’t have the right to tell you if what you chose is wrong or not. Yes, we lost. Yes, you may regret some decisions. Can you change it? No. Can you concentrate on the next game so that something similar to today won’t happen again and therefore you won’t feel like this again? Yes.”

Kuroo observed the one who had just made it clear that he didn’t need to have exchanged words before to know what was going through his mind as well as the reason why he stayed away from everyone while he was in that part of the common room. But then he rested his gaze on the ground as well as hugged his knees with his arms because no matter how many words of encouragement he received, reality was only one. They lost.

“It doesn’t matter, now everyone knows I am a failure as a captain.”

“You're not the first captain whose debut ended up in defeat.”

“But I'm the first one whose players challenged in the match itself.”

Suga watched him without understanding how it was that a defeat managed to thrown his trusting character down so low, the same one that it even sometimes bothered him and ended up in both shouting as a joke while they were in a pillow fight to which Daishou usually ended up joining too. The boy next to him didn’t realize that he was elected as captain because the previous captain had named him as such but also because they had accepted him to guide them, and that he wasn’t a bad leader only because some in the team decided to act selfishly.

"Even your expression says worry, Suga," Kuroo added.

The black-haired boy looked up when Suga rested his hand on his knee.

"I'm worried about you," He said, looking at him. “My worry will disappear once you realize that a lost battle is not the end of a war, that a bad start doesn’t imply a terrible end, and that as long as I am on the team and be your friend, I won’t allow you to think that you are a bad captain or a bad person.”

Suga believed that the one with black hair was the right one to direct them and that it would be a matter of time for him to believe it too, because he knew that behind all that frustration at having lost the first match and not getting all the members to listen to him, soon it would be replaced by the determination and confidence that characterized him, so he gave him a sincere smile and decided to stay by his side while his eyes rested again on the waters behind the glass wall that he also used sometimes as an escape place. 

Oikawa thought that two days would be time enough to maintain patience hoping that the team's sixth-year duo whose actions could be recognized as the cause for which they had lost the opening match of the Quidditch tournament, would approach any of them to express that day they had risen with the left foot but that they were sorry for what they had done and that they would use the defeat that now constituted the base of the team, to promise to make an effort as well as to recover the lost time that they wasted after not showing up for the practices and still give themselves the luxury of accepting being chosen as titular players.

But Oikawa had been wrong and no apology had been uttered, making him realize that unless someone had cast a spell of silence on the sixth-year duo, then they didn’t plan to apologize or explain the behavior they had sustained during the game, so his patience reached its limit and his role as vice-captain decided to enter in scene, because just as he still had to talk with Kuroo, he also planned to talk to those two who unleashed more problems than they probably believed.

And he took his chance when he was fast enough to manage to corner Yahaba with his head in between his arms when he sighted him trying to leave the Slytherin common room, an action that he didn’t hesitate to interrupt without caring that students continued to enter and coming, nor that they looked at them out of the corner of their eyes before deciding to continue with their ways because the expression on Oikawa's face indicated that they shouldn’t put his tolerance to the test. And he raised an eyebrow when after being certainly impressed by the way he was stopped, Yahaba stopped looking at him surprised and chose to rest his eyes on the floor as well as cross his arms.

“My dear kouhai, I will only say this once so listen to me carefully.”

Yahaba remained tense as soon as he glimpsed his serious but menacing tone of voice.

“If you happen to be re-elected as one of the two starting beaters and you decide to act the way you did in the game, choosing to concentrate on whatever you have on with Kenji-chan that both decided to try to play in my same position instead of the two of you focusing on yours, to which there was the possibility that anyone in the team had been hit by a bludger because although Tetsu-chan is a great beater, he can’t do the work of two people on his own, achieving in that way that we had to move with caution instead of how we are used to, I won’t hesitate to unleash my anger with you. And you know why? Because if your way of playing causes Iwa-chan, Kindaichi, me, or anyone on the team to be hurt because you didn’t want to do your job as a beater, I'll never, ever forgive you.”

Oikawa stared at him and Yahaba didn’t hesitate to look up to see him in the same way. Both had had a great relationship since they had met because the older reflected himself in him and the younger one admired him, the two making communication between them never missing when someone had a problem or simply looking to talk about when they needed or wanted to, which only made the brown-haired boy continue to seriously observe the one who processed his words because he didn’t understand why he had allowed his actions to have cost them the victory. They had always communicated, resulting in that being the first time that Yahaba preferred to keep his words away instead of commenting on why he suddenly seemed not to want to be part of the team, making Oikawa realize that he had been right in thinking that his problem was not Kuroo's captaincy but something else, since they had affected the entire team with their actions although the black-haired one turned out to be the most affected only by the position he occupied.

"Promise me you're not doing this for him." He added.

They always talked about their problems and showed what they felt when something brought them to their heads, so Oikawa thought that maybe Yahaba decided to act that way because playing Quidditch again after last year’s tournament maybe brought him back memories he wanted to keep outside of his mind, but the expression of anger that appeared in Yahaba's face at that moment assured him that not only he was wrong, but that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned those words, since the sixth-year didn’t doubt to make one of his arms to move to be free of him.

"Not everything in my world revolves around him." He stated glaring at him.

Yahaba closed the doors of the common room so that everyone present turned to see why the slamming of the door had echoed all over the place, and although Oikawa could continue to try to find out why he acted that way, he also knew he shouldn’t follow him in case he wanted to earn his full wrath, which he knew could be as terrifying as his own.

And he only knew that he felt lucky when he didn’t run into him when he decided to leave the common room, to find himself in the Great Hall where he could breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t spot Yahaba at the table of the house they both belonged to although he had been searching for him minutes before, because even though he might regret the last words he said, he didn’t regret the first words he stated, since although he was annoyed at not being able to play as usual after having to be more careful with bludgers, his annoyance would really appear in case someone was hurt because of selfish decisions that lacked meaning.

And on that occasion, he hoped not to add mistaken words with the one in front of who he decided to sit because Yahaba wasn’t the only person he had to speak with. Because as he had mentioned to Kuroo, who at that moment observed him seriously when he realized that he had sat in front of him on purpose, his role as vice-captain of the team was to keep the team and the captain together, so he decided to give him a few days so he could think, hoping that the time given made him realize that he wasn’t the problem but other people on the team, but when he saw his serious face and his gaze certainly turned off, he knew Kuroo had failed to stop thinking about the game and therefore blame himself, so Oikawa stretched his hand over the table and observe Kuroo to take it, who despite looking at it with a grimace of confusion, finally decided to join his hand to his.

"We're used to thinking that it's all about us because we both love to draw the attention of others as well as attract the interest of anyone around us," Oikawa said, staring at him, “But that doesn’t mean that everything is really about us," He continued, deciding to keep talking when Kuroo observed him without understanding why he was saying those words. “If you were the problem, Kenji-chan would have crossed your path and Shigeru-chan diverted bludgers against you, but that is not what happened. Their actions affected us all, and the fact that they don’t pay attention to you doesn’t mean you are a bad captain, but that they don’t want to listen or allow you to advise them. And in case you think they have a problem with you, then I inform you that this problem is with everyone because we are a team and you are our captain, and the others do listen to you as well as we respect you, both for the position you occupy, as because you are our friend.”

Suga continued reading pretending to smile because the book was interesting instead of because he managed to hear those words after also having decided to have a snack at that time. And Kuroo observed his hand joined to the one with whom he had hoped sooner or later to cross words because without having expressed it in words, they had promised to trust each other blindly as well as to be for each other if necessary, and Oikawa had just shown him that he didn’t intend to be the one to break the pact they had formed, so he looked up at him, and for the first time since they had played the game, he allow a smile to appear on his face that was soon imitated in the face of the one sitting in front of him.

A pair of smiles that turned out to be the opposite of the expression that remained on Iwaizumi’s face who was in the hallway in front of the Great Hall, observing the way in which the two leaders of his team watched each other and smiled as well as held their hands together, knowing that it wasn’t right to frown or get upset because of his jealousy because he knew the only reason that Oikawa had talked with the black-haired one as well as being with him at that moment was because the two were coordinating the team and the communication between them had to be fundamental.

He was also aware that they needed Kuroo to stop being affected by the defeat so that he could coordinate them in the way he had been doing, since they wouldn’t have hesitated to continue playing under his instructions in case the sixth-year duo gave them the opportunity to play after having to watch that no bludger hit them. So if Oikawa's words and gestures were what he needed, then they should allow them to stay close.

But in any case he couldn’t avoid a trace of jealousy mingling with the anger he still felt for having lost to the house they considered rival.

“Iwaizumi-san, shall we go?” He listened.

Kindaichi looked at him while holding two brooms because they decided to use that afternoon to practice because a bad result wouldn’t stop them in their search for the consecration of Slytherin as champions of the quidditch tournament.


Iwaizumi stopped keeping his eyes fixed on those two between whom a conversation began to surface, and moved to approach the fifth-year boy who waited expectantly.

Chapter Text

Yamaguchi continued to watch the boy sitting in front of him with a slight but honest smile. Both kept their knees bent, so that part of their bodies touched as did their arms, because while Yamaguchi rested his elbows on his knees and kept his hands together so that they were the support for his face, Tsukishima kept his arms embraced at his knees. The one with green hair didn’t take his eyes off of him although the taller of the two couldn’t realize it since he remained with his eyes closed. The two were aware that they were totally alone because the rest of the students were in the Great Hall or in their own common rooms, and it wasn't usual for someone to be in the castle gardens either because it was night or because of the winter weather that was rapidly approaching them. They were sitting on the grass, completely close and facing each other, totally alone and out of the possibility of someone interrupting or bothering them. Tsukishima had asked Yamaguchi to keep him company, and the second didn’t hesitate to follow him, because although it had become clear that both preferred another kind of relationship that meant more than a great friendship, it wasn’t normal for the blond to ask him for that type of favors. No one had spoken since they had left the interior of the castle, and they didn’t care as long as they could continue to be that way; Yamaguchi watching him, and Tsukishima enjoying his company.

The one belonging to Hufflepuff was happy that his relationship with the one sitting in front of him didn’t changed at all, since his main fear in expressing what he felt, was that their great friendship ended in a tragic distance due to unrequited feelings. And yet, in addition to the new and pleasant physical contact between them, nothing had changed between them, so Yamaguchi considered that ultimately it had been a sudden and good idea to confess to the blond what he felt. He couldn’t help wondering when Tsukishima had begun to feel the same way he did, or if his words had made the blond also dare to realize that a friendship wasn’t the only thing he felt. Yamaguchi had many questions, whose answers he still didn’t know not only because he didn’t formulated them out loud, but because he knew that Tsukishima wasn’t the kind of person to say with total ease what he felt.

Yamaguchi didn’t mind that the one he liked wasn’t the most sentimental person, since by not always expressing with words or actions what he felt, he took advantage of every occasion he did. Like that moment. His smile widened when the blond stretched out his index finger so he could intertwine it with his. Yamaguchi was happy with any minimal physical contact between the two, so he intertwine his finger with his. He learned that he didn't need the blond to tell him all the time how he felt when with different actions he made it clear how he felt.

“Are you cold?”

For the first time one of the two spoke after many minutes.

Although the grass under them didn’t have a greenish color, and the trees weren’t full of leaves or colorful flowers, and that any place in the castle was more pleasant to be found to avoid gusts of wind, Yamaguchi preferred to be there if he could be alone with him.

“Nop,” He answered.

“You want to go back?”

As Tsukishima continued with his eyes closed, he couldn’t see the small smile that appeared on the face of his companion, who let his expression declare that it was entertaining for him  to know that the other one worried about what he thought.

“I'm fine like this.”

They both met again in silence.

Yamaguchi knew it.

He could remain observing him forever without getting bored or tired of doing so.

He approached his free hand to the blond’s cheek, but he restrained himself to establish more contact between them because he knew the one sitting in front of him wasn’t one of those who always preferred to stay as close as possible, so he rested his elbow on his knee and his chin on the palm of his hand. “What are you thinking about?” He decided to ask him instead. Tsukishima had remained with closed eyes since both had taken place in that part of the castle gardens, so he assumed that the blond was concentrating on some particular thought.

“In you.”

Yamaguchi smiled even more, surprised.


“I'm glad you wanted to spend your birthday with me.”

After mentioning those words, Tsukishima finally chose to show his golden brown eyes and spot that in front of him holding a wide smile on his face.

“Who else would I want to spend it with? The last years I have always celebrated it with you.”

After they met when they were still in elementary school, it had meant that many celebrations happened with the presence and company of the other. That day the Hufflepuff didn’t doubt to stay close to the fifth-year throughout the day to remind him although he already knew, that it was his birthday, so he didn’t doubt to accompany Tsukishima out once he asked him, as he was barely able to be with him due to the constant presence of those who wore the same shield as him in their uniforms.

"Yes, but this time it's different," The blond said.

He turned his eyes to their intertwined fingers, and made their hands come together completely.

After that gesture, Yamaguchi encouraged himself to get even closer to him by not keeping his legs bent and therefore approaching after stretching them to the sides of the knees of that in front of him. He hugged Tsukishima's knees with his left hand still attached to his, and smiled once the blond didn’t seem upset by his change of position.

“Different good or different bad?” He asked.

Tsukishima took advantage of the approach between the two to join their foreheads.


And it was a matter of seconds for them to decide to join their mouths as they had become accustomed to do it since they mutually confessed what they felt. Yamaguchi felt his hand cease to be attached to the blond's but he became unconcerned when he felt those hands on his cheeks. Yamaguchi wanted to do the same but felt that Tsukishima would reject his touch, so he settled for letting his lips mate with his own after any distance between them was eliminated.

The blond contoured Yamaguchi's lips with his thumb, who smiled widely at that moment.

"Now I like it much more to celebrate my birthday," Yamaguchi didn’t doubt to say.

A small smile appeared on Tsukishima's face. "I'm glad to hear that," He said.

And both continued looking at each other while smiling.

Knowing that soon they would have to face each other on the quidditch field.


Ennoshita smiled widely when he saw his second chance.

He approached unconcerned as he sat enthusiastically in front of the Slytherin that glared at him as well as doubt his intentions as soon as he saw the gleaming smile on the face of the black-haired boy who every time that appeared, only managed to put him in a bad mood or give him sarcastic answers that he later decided to use against someone in his same house when he was bothered.

“What the hell do you want now?” Yahaba asked him.

“I didn’t know that you admired me so much as to try my same position in a game.”

Yahaba pressed the book hard in his hands. He was aware that most of the time, if not always, he was bothering other people along with Futakuchi, especially the Ravenclaw people because he hated that they turned out to be just as quick as them when it came to use sarcasm, and he also knew that those people who they annoyed were generally carried away by the strong character they both had as well as the reputations they had both created for themselves through their years at Hogwarts. And yet, Yahaba had understood that Ennoshita was different because he never run away from them as soon as he saw them in the same corridor or even in the same classroom, nor did he remain silent and he even chose to return his comments with the same grace and intensity. They detested each other to death but couldn’t deny that they were completely the same. They loved to bother each other.

"I'm not in the mood to stand you," The Slytherin said turning his eyes back to the book in his hands.

He had managed to stay distracted after sitting and reading under one of the trees in the interior gardens of the castle because he took advantage of the silence resulting from the fact that most students preferred to stay in the library or another place in the castle because the cold became present, until that one of his same year decided to interrupt him with his company to show him that not exactly everyone preferred to shelter from the cold weather. In addition, Yahaba's patience to know that everyone was watching him regardless of whether they were from his own house or not, had been exhausted, leading him to think that also staying in one of the interior gardens was a good idea because no one would bother to bundle up or to stay cold only to stay close to him and look at him in a fixed way to let him know that his actions during the first game of the Quidditch season were discussed in all the nooks and crannies of the castle.

“You’re never in the mood to put up with me,” Ennoshita allowed his robe to be the only thing that kept his back from being cold after having decided to lie down on the barely vivid lawn as he clasped his hands behind his head to show the boy by his side that he didn’t plan to leave only because he acted reluctantly since he had also been immune to his comments from the beginning.

Yahaba gave him a sidelong glance before deciding to continue reading without caring that the Ravenclaw stared at him in silence until he decided to speak again.

“Where’s Futakuchi? It's weird not seeing you two together," He added.

The one whose brownish hair was beginning to hold certain grayish locks because his color hair always changed when the season did, rolled his eyes annoyed after understanding that not everyone who belonged to the Ravenclaw house was characterized by preferring silence instead of talking.

“I don’t know.” Was the only thing he said with his eyes on the book even if he had stopped reading.

"Don’t you fear that he may be apologizing to Kuroo for his attitude?”

Ennoshita held a broad smile after getting the one sitting next to him to choose to close his book in a bad way to observe him with a frown along with an expression of irritation.

"Futakuchi would never do that." He answered confidently.

“And you? Would you do it?”

Yahaba's face became more and more serious.

“No.” He assured him.

Ennoshita only smiled for sure. “So you’re admitting that you should say sorry to him,” The Slytherin seemed to have killed him in his mind. “I should express my most sincere apologies. I made sure that the time we faced each other you would see me from the rostrum, but apparently your captain doesn’t seem willing to surrender with you even though you clearly surrendered with him before he was even called captain.” He continued.

“Don’t you know someone else you can bother, Ennoshita?”

“Futakuchi doesn’t seem to be close, so no, I don’t.”

"I hate you so much," Yahaba said staring at him.

“The feeling is mutual, although I'm still a good person to be willing to teach you how to be a chaser since you seem interested in changing position.”

“I rather stop playing Quidditch before accepting you teaching me something.”

“Well, if you think about it, it's not long before that happens. Between your disobedience and your effort to stop being a beater, it won’t be long before Kuroo finally gets tired of you and replaces you as well as Futakuchi. Although if I have to be honest, I wouldn’t like that to happen before our game against each other because I would like to see you failing before my very eyes. So at least try to be part of the team so you don’t have to see me from below instead of face to face on the field.”

He watched Yahaba's irritation grow with each word he chose carefully to express only to see the expression of anger that the Slytherin-member's face took, as well as the tension that invaded his body because he saw his hands clenching into fists on the cover of the book that he had been reading until before he decided to beautify his day with his presence, although he believed that Yahaba probably saw his company as the opposite. But he raised an eyebrow when he realized that his words surely weren’t the only thing he was thinking about because although Yahaba's gaze fell on him, he seemed to be immersed in another world of himself, until he saw him slow down his breathing until his hands were extended again as well as his focused gaze. And the one belonging to Ravenclaw kept looking at him while Yahaba put the book in his backpack as well as shook the remaining leaves off his tunic before standing and resting his eyes on him.

“I'll wait to see you fall from your broom when I direct a bludger towards you.” He declared.

The one belonging to Slytherin didn’t add another word before leaving while Ennoshita sat up to hold his palms on the cold lawn to balance himself by tilting his back slightly and continuing with his legs stretched out while he moved his feet amused. He achieved the opposite of what he had sought to do, but it still amused him to make the Slytherin member angry, which fortunately allowed his anger to appear when they were together, until suddenly his entertainment was interrupted when he felt that someone gave him a light kick on his lower back, and he threw his head back to find Tanaka watching him with a moderately serious expression as well as with his hands tucked in the pockets of his uniform, and decided to look back to the front so he wouldn’t have to see him at the same time his smile disappeared.

“Spying on me again?” He asked anyway.

And he remained motionless for a few seconds after realizing that the boy behind him didn’t know he had deduced that he had seen or heard him when he had been together with Kunimi near the doors of the Great Hall on the night of Tsukishima's birthday, and he was grateful that the one who decided to position himself before him was characterized as having a living spirit instead of an analytical mind.

"I don’t spy on you," Tanaka answered simply, “I only see how you make a fool of yourself," He added at the same time that Ennoshita lowered his gaze to the lawn.

He didn’t want to see him or be near him, much less he didn’t want to talk to him nor did he want to hold any kind of conversation. He never knew how to feel about him and he hated not being able to decide how to react when they were together. Sometimes he would glide to the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall or watch the door when his laughter intermingled with those of Nishinoya and Yamamoto were heard from the hall indicating that they would soon arrive. But many times he wanted to be away from him and pretend that his anger, or rather frustration because he knew that his feelings weren’t reciprocal, were greater than the feelings he had for him. And although during the game of Gryffindor versus Slytherin he had glimpsed that Tanaka had several times rested his eyes on him and even seemed to look at him deliberately after every time he scored points for his house after making sure that the quaffle went through between any of the three hoops, at that time he didn’t feel like talking to him because he didn’t doubt that those looks would have meant that he was looking for Kiyoko since the two belonged to Ravenclaw and therefore she would be close after having also witnessed the match.

“Why do you bother him?” Tanaka asked.

It only took him close enough to realize that Ennoshita had approached one of those who, strangely enough, during the game had tried to chase him like any other person in a chaser's position would have done, instead of trying to direct bludgers at him as he was supposed to do after being one of the beaters and having held a bat in his hand during the whole game even if he didn’t used it, to see that with just his presence he managed to annoy Yahaba with great ease.

"I was bored," Ennoshita simply lied simply observing the color of his shoes until he looked away as the Gryffindor sat next to him with his torso toward him and his legs crossed as well as an animated smile on his face.

"That's because I'm sure you have no homework to do because you've already done all of it," He said between laughs.

“Which shouldn’t you be doing it now?” The Ravenclaw asked, smiling amused.

Tanaka made a gesture with his hand to downplay his words. "I prefer to take off your boredom," He stated.

“Really? And how would you achieve that?” Ennoshita used his sarcastic tone of voice but without malice.

"I can give you tips on how to win games," Tanaka said before adjusting his scarlet gold tie after pretending to be ready to give him an informative talk on the subject he mentioned.

The one belonging to Gryffindor smiled expectantly and Ennoshita shook his head.

"That would only increase my boredom," He said, and laughed when Tanaka complained.

“You know I'll be cheering for Ravenclaw when you play.”

Ennoshita smiled when he heard him until it became a fake gesture because it was enough to think in his words to realize that he had only manifested the same because Kiyoko was also part of his own house, so he decided to rest his eyes on his shoes making Tanaka wonder how he changed his attitude so often towards him. 

Although the previous day Ennoshita had fun being the one who sought to generate problems after having decided to approach Yahaba, although he achieved the opposite of what he had planned but couldn’t deny that he managed to irritate the Slytherin, there was no foreseen that that day the problems would be those in looking for him and finding him.

“How the hell did this happen?” He asked completely confused and feeling he was starting to mimic Yahaba’s vocabulary.

He looked at the disastrous and senseless situation he had encountered as he walked down the aisle at the same time that Iwaizumi stretched his arms to protect Oikawa, who was behind him letting out cries of horror as well as ordering his best friend not to ceased to be his human shield under any circumstance because Kageyama seemed determined to go over the black-haired one in order to establish some kind of contact with Oikawa, while next to them Bokuto was totally immobile in place and held the larger smile that Ennoshita had ever visualized in his face, even more enthusiastic than the one he had visualized when the previous year Hufflepuff had won the Quidditch tournament, as well as a special glow in his eyes, although the Ravenclaw understood from immediately why he seemed so happy when he saw that the reason for his joy and ability to stay still instead of jumping or moving as he usually used to do, was because Akaashi was hugging him without seeming to want to detach himself from him.

Ennoshita received his letter to attend classes at Hogwarts, was sorted in Ravenclaw as well as chosen to belong to the Quidditch team, understood that Kenma was also part of it, and remembered the first time he saw Akaashi smile. But he never resulted to be as surprised as in that moment after seeing that scene.

"Long story short," Iwaizumi kept his brow furrowed as he waited for his eardrums not to be broken by the screams that Oikawa let out of his mouth because he wasn’t willing to let Kageyama approach him, “Amortentia.”

Chapter Text

“Bokuto, I warn you.”

The aforementioned boy's hair seemed to deflate as well as his disappointed sight rested on the ground after hearing his best friend’s words.

“Why not?” He asked along with a grieved pout.

“If you were under the Amortentia’s effects and you liked Akas-"

"I don’t need Amortentia to like Akaashi," Bokuto interrupted him.

Kuroo hit himself on the forehead before letting out a sigh trying not to lose completely the patience with which he wasn’t carrying lately. "Anyway, if the situation was different, you wouldn’t like Akaashi to take advantage of you, would you?”

"I think... I think I wouldn’t mind," Bokuto replied with a shrug, “I mean, I doubt... I doubt anyone would be bothered by... that.”

The Slytherin rubbed his forehead when he realized that he wouldn’t find any way out with his best friend unless he was totally direct with him, because as he knew that he could be the most attentive person when he wanted to, as Bokuto had shown after talking to him after the game against Gryffindor happened, he also knew that other times he allowed his clumsiness to go beyond his limits.

“Bokuto, don’t do anything that implies that Akaashi won’t want to see you later.” He determined being completely serious, because just as he didn’t doubt to laugh when the two were in the mood to make jokes, he didn’t hesitate to hold a hard expression when he thought that his best friend was about to make a mistake or needed someone to slow him down. “It doesn’t matter if he wants to hug you now, be with you, whatever. Don’t take advantage of the effects of the potion, and just treat him as usual. Okay? Otherwise I will personally make sure that you never see him again.”

Bokuto frowned when he heard him.

“You could never stop me from seeing him!” He exclaimed grumbling.

“Then don't make me want to do it.”

“Then what do I do?”

His best friend preferred to think about the answer before speaking because he had to be careful on choosing words if he didn’t want his best friend to later regret something even though he didn’t believe Bokuto could harm Akaashi in any way.

“Act like if you were Akaashi,” He answered. The amber-eyed boy tilted his head completely confused. "Try to stay serious," Kuroo added, “And don’t do anything.”

Bokuto remained focused on his own thoughts before letting a cheerful smile appear on his face and then decide to raise both thumbs indicating that he had understood his words, but anyway Kuroo again hit himself on the forehead with his own hand because he knew that the boy in front of him had probably misinterpreted his words and would do something instead of behaving.

“Tomorrow I’ll look for you in the first hour to hope that you haven’t done anything.”

The one with bicolor hair greeted him enthusiastically with a big smile on his face before Kuroo closed one of the doors that kept the Slytherin common room separate from the hallway, and once his best friend disappeared, Bokuto turned around.

Akaashi was waiting for him sitting with his back against the wall and his knees bent as he held his arms to them and drummed his fingers on them, and looked at the ground in complete silence as he contemplated his absolute existence. He had his blue pajamas on and he had waited in that position and without saying anything while the seventh-year had warned him that first they had to make a stop in the Slytherin common room so he could talk with his best friend.

Bokuto smiled broadly at the sight of him.

He considered himself totally lucky to have been at the right moment when the sixth-year was affected by the pink potion since he had attended the fifth-year's class potions to help them after being one of the best students with notes in that matter, but who after having been in charge of Kageyama and Hinata while the teacher corrected the others present in the class, the first of them mixed more ingredients than necessary in the cauldron, so when it exploded, the two that had blue eyes and black hair were those in suffering the effects of the potion after being the closest to it. Bokuto had been in the hall chatting with Oikawa about what happened in the game in which the second had played when suddenly the sixth and fifth-year opened the door of the classroom after waiting to find the air they had lost with the pinkish smoke of the potion, only to suddenly begin to feel an unexpectedly obsession as well as an obvious liking for the first person they saw in front of them.

Bokuto knew that he would always keep in his mind the moment when after blinking several times and seem to be a little disoriented, Akaashi rested his gaze on him before approaching to surround him with his arms, and although Ennoshita had made them both separate after appearing, he had had enough time to allow himself to smile widely because of the fact that the sixth-year had embraced him.

He didn’t saw Akaashi after Ennoshita took him along with Kageyama and to Iwaizumi's fortune who still had to continue to endure Oikawa's cries anyway, but then he found him once the dinner ended in the Great Hall and his happiness continued to increase as he realized that the sixth-year was still under the consequences of the potion although they had given him the antidote because the effect took a few hours to disappear completely, and therefore, he remained obsessed with him. And in case he had any doubt, that disappeared when instead of refusing, Akaashi agreed to spend the night with him once Bokuto proposed such a plan after realizing that the sixth-year wouldn’t move in front of him, although he chose to talk to his friend beforehand because it was never a bad idea to talk with Kuroo.

And by thetime he had already done what he promised, so he approached Akaashi and held out his arms to let his hands join in helping him up, opting innocently to keep one of his hands joined to his as they walked through the corridors to go towards the Hufflepuff common room.

They remained silent until the older of the two removed his wand from the trousers of his blue pajamas with drawings of little owls, since unlike Slytherin and Gryffindor, whose common rooms were accessed by means of the pronunciation of a password, and unlike the Ravenclaw students, who had to answer a riddle so that the entrance was allowed, all students of Hufflepuff had to strike with the wand the indicated barrel in front of them on the wall so that the passage to the room would appear. Bokuto had been confused enough times to touch another barrel with his wand and therefore been severely bathed in vinegar to have learned that the barrel which lid his wand had just touched was the right one. Since, in addition, the cover of same one opened to reveal the passage by which he always walked, although unlike all the previous times, at that moment he was accompanied by a student who didn’t belong to the same house that him.

Akaashi looked around as soon as he found himself in the Hufflepuff common room.

The large basement had ocher-colored walls, yellow armchairs of different sizes and wooden tables where the students could sit down to study or pass the time, although being at night only the two of them were there. Most of the floor was under yellow carpets with gold patterns, and the sixth-year could swear he saw move to any of the green plants that were scattered in the place, but couldn’t check or look at more details because Bokuto pulled him gently and reached for a wooden door that led to the bedrooms.

The seventh-year wanted to take advantage of the absence of people in the living room to chat with Akaashi without anyone interrupting, but he couldn’t not only because the black-haired one certainly belonged to another house and crossing a prefect wouldn’t result in a situation with good outcome, but also because it was late and the next day they had to get up early, because even though he didn’t care, he knew that Akaashi was a responsible person and therefore would like to arrive on time to all of his classes, so contrary to what he wanted, and allowing Kuroo's words to enter his mind, he went to his room with Akaashi still holding his hand.

And although he didn’t want to do anything but scream about the joy that ran through his body and that mostly came from his hand, he took his index finger of his free hand to his mouth to tell Akaashi to be quiet as the rest of his roommates were asleep, although it was more likely that he would let out a scream of emotion or a complaint for hitting a piece of furniture because he couldn’t see anything in the darkness, than to hear the black-haired one say something. He left the door of the room half open so that the light from the corridor entered the room and he could point out to Akaashi the only free bed of the four it had, and finally his hands parted when the sixth-year went there before Bokuto closed the door.

Asahi, Konoha, and Komi, continued to sleep peacefully.

Bokuto managed to stop himself from letting out a scream of pain when his foot hit his own bed and sat down while Akaashi sat on the edge of it thanking that everything was dark so that the older one didn’t see the little smile that he managed to get out of him because of his clumsiness, but he was serious again knowing that he couldn’t afford to take a wrong step because he was aware of what it was that had led him to be there, and that he could also take advantage of the situation In which he was and the state that guided him, so he chose to stop sitting to lie down and put his two hands under his cheek and his head as if they were his pillow even if he had one because Bokuto didn’t hesitate to run his some centimeters so that the one with black hair could rest his head, and the Hufflepuff smiled before he also lie down after Akaashi did, managing to remain comfortable without problem even though his body was bigger.

None of the parts of their bodies were touching because although Bokuto wanted to do the opposite and prevent any space from keeping them connected, he made sure that Akaashi didn’t feel uncomfortable after doing his best to stay as close to the edge of his bed as possible so that the other didn’t feel overwhelmed, without realizing that in reality the space that separated them was minimal not only because they weren’t in a very large bed, but also because the black-haired one wasn’t completely stuck to the edge of his side. They could feel their respective breaths and Bokuto decided to stand on his back with his hands clasped on his stomach to try to get the words of his best friend to remain in his mind.

"Akaashi," He whispered.

Neither of them had spoken since they had entered the room and then remain in the dark, so he didn’t know if the one lying next to him was already asleep or was still awake like him, but hear him mutter told him that the two were still without sleeping.

“In contrast to your bedroom that is in a tower, Hufflepuff is underground so here it doesn’t matter if it rains hard, or there is a lot of sun because we can’t realize it except for the small windows that there are, so you can come to sleep whenever you want if you don’t like the sound of thunder or the lightnings, I know you don’t like storms," He said softly, turning his head so he didn’t feel like he was having a conversation with the ceiling of his room. “Or you can come to study to take advantage of the silence, I don’t study and I don’t doubt you can study although there is noise around you because you’re really smart, but you can come anyway if you want.”

The voice of the sixth-year was heard after a few seconds of silence.

“Thanks.” He whispered.

Bokuto made a pout with his lips when he realized that the fact that Akaashi was still under the effects of the potion didn’t necessarily imply that he wanted to talk, but he stopped making a mock with his face when he felt movement near him and suddenly an arm wrapped around his stomach as something heavy rested on his chest, though he remained tense because he didn’t expect for Akaashi to choose to establish physical contact between them as well as to erase any boundary that they would silently have designated over the space in the bed, but he outlined a great smile as well as relaxed and felt more than awake than ever when he left one of his hands resting on the arm of the sixth-year as he passed an arm over his shoulders and behind his neck in case he thought of separating from him.

But he soon found himself tense for the second time after remembering that his best friend had warned him not to do anything just because Akaashi acted differently after being under the effects of the potion, until he also remembered that Kuroo mentioned to act like the black-haired one that at the time had acted affectionately with him, so Bokuto deduced that then he could too, choosing to draw imaginary lines on Akaashi's back while allowing strands of his hair to tickle his chin.

"It's also said that my house common room is the most comfortable of all, so if you don’t want to be in yours you can come to mine too," He added whispering.

Staying even closer to him was Akaashi’s way of answering instead of talking.

Bokuto knew that probably his face would hurt from so much smile but that didn’t prevent a smile increasingly wide to settle on his face. His happiness was at the top but he couldn’t do anything because the others were in the room and wouldn’t hesitate to hit him in case he started to exclaim how happy he was and how much he wanted to move to release all the energy that had monopolized his body, as they did every time he couldn’t sleep and began to bother them, so hs only option turned out to keep smiling. Although ironically and as happy as he was, he didn’t want to change his position or stop lying on his bed while Akaashi was by his side hugging him and with his head resting on his chest. He thought it was obvious since he showed it all the time and didn’t doubt to mention it on every occasion he had, but he was really happy to finally be able to hold him and that the other didn’t remain totally tense and rigid when he did, considering that being embraced in the same way was much better than just being the one to hug.


Unlike the previous times, he didn’t receive any kind of response, so he assumed that the sixth-year next to him had already fallen asleep on his chest and embraced to him.

"I'm glad you're here," He muttered, even if the other boy wasn’t listening.

He took the opportunity to stick closer to him and preferred to stay awake a few more minutes to enjoy his company no mattering if it  was due to the effects of a potion.


The next day Bokuto was walking towards the Great Hall as he stretched his arms and continued to be confused, because when he got up he didn’t saw the boy with black hair and blue eyes who had hugged him and slept by his side the night before, and unconsciously he brought one of his hands to his chest as he remembered the warm feeling that Akaashi's head on that part of his body had produced, making him form a morning awkward smile, although the same one soon became a pout after remembering not having noticed or heard when Akaashi had stopped lying down next to him and therefore left the room in the morning, since he hoped that he didn’t returned to his room during the night in case the effects of the potion disappeared while the moon had been found in the sky.

He let out a yawn and thought about heading towards the Slytherin table as soon as he entered the Great Hall, but a fifth-year Gryffindor student who crossed his path that seemed to have caught his yawn interrupted his own step.

“Kageyama!” Bokuto allowed a smile to appear on his face at the same time that the younger one observed him still asleep, “Oikawa isn’t here," He added when he realized the boy with brown hair wasn’t at the table where his best friend was present.

The one with black hair raised both eyebrows. "I know," Kageyama replied, “The effects of the potion disappeared yesterday,“ He added in order to explain why he wasn’t obsessed with Oikawa’s presence anymore.

Bokuto tilted his head looking at him confused, thinking it would have been more reasonable than the Gryffindor had at least stayed until the night along with Oikawa after the potion affect everyone in the same way

"That's weird," The Hufflepuff said, bringing his fingers to his chin, “Why would the antidote work faster on you than on Akaashi?”

Kageyama raised an eyebrow at the sound of it.

"The effects disappeared as soon as they gave us the antidote," He explained him. 

“Are you sure?”

“Usually I don’t remember anything of what I see and hear in class, but considering that it was a traumatic experience that I went through, yes, I’m sure.“ Kageyama stated with his eyes showing that he really believed in his words and that he had never felt before as fortunate as when he had been told that the antidote to the potion that had mistakenly blinded him from obsession acted immediately.

The one with black hair was called by some people who were sitting at the table of the house to which he belonged, and deciding not to continue trampling himself with the fact that temporarily he had found himself obsessed with the person who caused him the most terror, he threw a glance at Bokuto before heading to his table, only to notice that his amber eyes had opened completely.

Antidote with immediate effect.

Yesterday afternoon.


Last night.

He remained completely open-mouthed and more than astonished as he also let the surprise run through his body, and a huge smile appeared on his face as he realized what those words expressed by the one who had also felt the effects of the potion for, apparently, only a couple of hours, had said. Bokuto brought his hands to his own cheeks and realized that the one who had spent the night sleeping on his chest and beside him hadn't done so because he was blinded by a potion or because of a sudden obsession caused by external factors, but because he had really wanted to.


Even Kageyama, who finally took place at his table, turned his head after hearing that cry of emotion that came from the person with whom he had crossed words until a few minutes ago, but everyone returned to focus on their respective plates of food after seeing that the one belonging to Hufflepuff, who was known for always attracting the attention of others, was the one who had shouted before quickly running to the Slytherin table only to get Kuroo immediately awakened as well as having his coffee overturned when he began to be shaken by the shoulders.

Meanwhile at the Gryffindor table, Kageyama heard Yaku speak to him.

“Kageyama, how are you feeling?” He asked him.

"I'm fine Yaku-san, thank you," He answered when he saw the seventh-year of his house.

The vice-captain of the team gave him a smile before talking to Daichi again.

Although Ennoshita had been in charge of separating Akaashi from Bokuto and Kageyama, on stopping him trying to embrace Oikawa and therefore took them both inside the class so that the teacher could give them the corresponding antidote, the two seventh-years that were part of his same team learned what had happened as the others because the brown-haired Slytherin didn’t hesitate to make the fact a scandal, so they had paid him more attention than usual after waiting for the potion effects to not appear again.

Kageyama raised an eyebrow after hearing Hinata's laugh. The orange-haired one was sitting in front of him.

“What the heck are you laughing at?” He asked totally seriously.

Hinata smiled broadly. "I'm glad to see you're as always," He replied simply.

Kageyama narrowed his eyes while the orange-haired one continued to smile as he chose to start serving his breakfast while strangely Kageyama didn’t feel hungry knowing that it was due to the fact of being aware that he had made a fool of himself thanks to the effects of the potion, though Ennoshita would have saved him from continuing to act in a way totally alien to him, but he stopped being focused on the matter when Hinata left a plate full of food in front of him before beginning to serve food on another for himself, and Kageyama interposed his gaze between him and the dish he had made before he decided to have breakfast after all.

Chapter Text

“You sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” Suga asked.

Kuroo thanked him for the gesture with a smile before shaking his head.

The gray-haired one also smiled although he got a denial in response, but remained totally serious once he found himself on the stairs that connected the common room with the bedrooms, because he didn’t think it was a good idea to stay when his presence wasn’t required, as well as to leave Kuroo alone with his thoughts.

The one who remained in the common room, observed the remains of food as well as the decorations that remained in front of him on the table. His friends had insisted on wishing him a good birthday as well as preparing a surprise party that had ended a few minutes ago and had been coordinated and organized by Oikawa and Sugawara, because if he had left the command only to the first of them, everyone at Hogwarts would have known that that day was Kuroo’s birthday. They had a good time and even managed to get the birthday boy distracted, but that didn’t mean he had a good birthday.

And Suga hadn’t wanted to leave him alone because he was aware of that.

Kuroo raised his legs to the sofa to hug his knees.

His housemates and teammates weren’t the only ones who had spent the day with him since Bokuto, Terushima, and Lev, and especially the first one, chased him throughout the day to make sure to stun him with their voices and surround him with their arms as well as Daichi and Yaku congratulated him. His friends spent the day with him, made it clear that he wasn’t alone and that he had people to talk to, so he let out a sigh when he knew that despite having all those people in his life, he couldn’t assure that he wasn’t alone, because he didn’t consider he could agree to say he was happy when he still waited for a particular person to appear that day, even though it were only a few hours left before it ended because the party was held after dinner.

Because although he could tolerate that Kenma had completely changed the course of the relationship between them, that he fled from him every time he saw him and barely spoke to him, he couldn’t bear he didn’t appear when he had always been the one to pass all his previous birthdays with him.

Again he sighed, and as he did every time he began to feel confined by his own thoughts and not even the view of the Black Lake would help him, he chose to leave the common room to take a walk by himself, although the curfew time was close because he knew that Suga wouldn’t mind allowing him to arrive a few minutes late, but that idea left his head as soon as he glimpsed the scene in front of him.

Kenma was cornered against the wall while Futakuchi kept one of his arms stretched upwards seeming to hold something the Ravenclaw really seemed to want to recover by the way his eyes were fixed on said object, while Yahaba stayed with them with crossed arms.

“Why should I return it to you?” Futakuchi asked, “They shouldn’t even allow you to have it at Hogwarts.”

"Because it's mine," Said the shortest of the three.

Kenma wasn’t a fan of socializing, much less liked to hold confrontations with people around him, but he didn’t run when someone decided to mess with him. In addition, he had always been accompanied by a person who had always been willing to do whatever was necessary to defend him no matter what situation they were in, and although his relationship with that person was no longer the same as always, it was clear to him that such thing didn’t changed.

The sadness was replaced with annoyance as Kuroo approached them with a totally serious face and an expression of few friends that he usually maintained when his patience had really run out and someone had managed to make him angry, which at that moment caused Yahaba to uncrossed his arms, and Futakuchi frowned when he felt someone take the object from his hand.

“You should be in your room. It's already late." Kuroo stated.

Futakuchi crossed his arms.

“Why would we listen to you?”

"Because my best friend is a prefect, and unless you want me to call him, you'll go back to the common room." He answered without changing his serious expression.

He knew the duo of his same house didn’t listen to him, but he also knew they feared Suga and the severe expression he had when someone dare to mess up with his position of prefect, so he wasn’t surprise when Yahaba took his best friend by the arm to drag him along with him to the Slytherin common room, although he wouldn’t have seemed willing to listen to him without caring about the threat with the presence of Suga, so soon the captain of their team stayed alone with the one who fixed his gaze on the ground.

Kuroo looked with curiosity at the rectangular black box that had several buttons, having no idea what it was before he reached it out to Kenma. “I think this is yours,” He said.

Kenma only raised his gaze to pose it on his electronic device, and swallowed heavily before he could speak because he was still recovering from the fact that his path had been intercepted, and that he was suddenly alone with him although he had mentally prepared for the second fact.

“Thank you.”

A sudden chill ran through his body when, like in his birthday, his fingers brushed with those of the Slytherin, not knowing if he had done it on purpose or not taking advantage of the fact that he hadn’t avoided that little intimate contact between the two of them. And he was angry with himself when he realized that he was looking forward to those moments when a minimum touch returned to unite them even for a few seconds, while Kuroo watched him carefully after realizing that he seemed to be debating a struggle with himself, since although Kenma's face hardly changed and he always developed in the same way, over the years Kuroo had learned to study his emotions as well as read his body language, and for the same reason he knew that Kenma was always totally tense when he was with him, making him detest the fact of knowing that his presence put him that way.

“Why are you here? It's already late," He asked.

He really couldn’t care less if it was too late, he just wanted to have something to talk about with him to take advantage of every opportunity when Kenma didn’t run away from so he could sustain even two words with him. He really missed spending the whole day talking to him about anything while he listened to him, so he took the chance in his hands when the Ravenclaw didn’t seem obsessed with getting away from him as fast as his legs would allow him.

"I... I..." Kenma tried to articulate while his gaze still remained fixed on the electronic device that was in his hands. He couldn’t bring himself to run like all the previous times. He didn’t left his bed to fail miserably in what he had proposed moments ago. Kuroo didn’t stop observing him, not because he expected a quick response, but because he also took advantage of those moments to look at him carefully. “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”

The Slytherin's expression changed completely as soon as he heard him.

“You didn’t forget it?” He asked surprised.

He had come to think that the Ravenclaw, who knew him since they were little, had forgotten that little detail after not crossing him all day after also erase their friendship completely and therefore occupy his head with more interesting details that the day of his birthday.

“How could I?”

Kuroo smiled at the words spoken as well as because he glimpsed that Kenma had regretted mentioning them after frowning and forming a small pout of disgust with his lips, indicating that he hadn’t planned to allow those three words to leave his mouth.

“I... I wanted to return this to you.”

Kuroo's smile was replaced by a grimace of confusion when Kenma put the electronic device in one of the pockets of his tunic to take out his wand and make the photo he had given him appear in his hands after making a slight movement with his wand. The one belonging to Slytherin crossed his arms to indicate that he wouldn’t accept the gift as soon as Kenma stretched out his arms to give it to him.

“I don’t want it. I gave it to you, I won’t accept it back." He stated.

“But we both want the photo. And you won it fairly.”

“And I decided to give it to you. Keep it. I won’t accept it.”

After letting a few seconds pass and therefore realizing that Kuroo wouldn’t change his mind, Kenma again made the photo disappear.

“But then I don’t have a gift.”

“You have already given me one.”

Kuroo smiled amused when Kenma understood his not so indirect words and allowed a slight but noticeable blush to be on his cheeks after he realized that his presence was equal to a gift for the older of the two.

“I... I... I have to go.”

Kenma quickly started walking down the aisle without letting the conversation between the two to continue. He hid his face in his hands, hating not being able to control the way his body reacted when he was with Kuroo, which explained why he always wanted to stay away from him. While the one belonging to Slytherin didn’t stop him at that time after being happy enough to know that Kenma hadn’t forgotten him, and because although his actions were obvious, his feelings clearly contradicted every time he walked away from him. 

Ennoshita left his bed so quickly that he didn’t allow Akaashi to stop lying on his bed as soon as he saw that he had intended to move to get up. He was always slow to get up because he believed that stretching all the parts of his body was important and even sometimes Kenma changed faster than him, so Akaashi remained completely confused when suddenly Ennoshita left his own bed to sit on his lap leaving his knees at the sides of his waist, and imprison his wrists with his hands.

"I honestly have no idea what is happening," Akaashi said.

Ennoshita simply smiled proudly.

"I know you were about to get up to go with him."

Akaashi didn’t allow the nervousness he had begun to feel to be noticeable on his face.

“What are you talking about?” He asked although they both already knew the answer.

Ennoshita smiled even more.

"It's the fourth night you won’t sleep here," He replied.

They both watched each other in silence for a few seconds. Akaashi didn’t contradict his friend because he was right, since from the afternoon when he had accidentally been close to the Amortentia posioon, and later spent the night in the Hufflepuff dormitories, he had continued with the second action instead of sleeping in his own bed with his two roommates.

"I'm surprised," Ennoshita added.


“Bokuto doesn’t realize that you aren’t under the effects of the potion.”

For Ennoshita it wasn’t only obvious that his best friend wasn’t under the effects of the Amortentia potion, not because Akaashi didn’t glimpse the consequences of the incorporation of the potion, but because he himself had been present when the professor had given him the antidote both him and Kageyama. He ignored the fact that his best friend didn’t spend the first night in his room after thinking that perhaps the effects could continue to affect him even though he had drunk the antidote, but he had stopped believing in that when for a second and third time, Akaashi didn’t sleep in their room. And he took advantage of that fourth occasion to make it clear that he knew what he was up to.

Kenma wasn’t there because he had told them that he needed to go around the castle before falling asleep, and since some conversations happened to be held between them each time Kenma wasn’t present, he had used that moment to imprison Akaashi before for the fourth time his absence would become visible at night.

Akaashi held his gaze when he heard him.

“You like him, don’t you?”

For the first time since his roommate had placed himself on top of him, Akaashi broke the intense exchange of glances between them to divert his gaze to the window and then to the stuffed owl that remained on his bedside table.

“You are using Amortentia as an excuse, am I right?” Ennoshita added when he didn’t hear an answer to his previous question.

Akaashi knew that his best friend was only telling the truth.

It had turned in his favor that Bokuto had been the victim of the effects of the Amortentia on him as well as that the two-color-haired one wasn’t meticulous or intelligent enough to realize that he had actually taken the antidote, and that therefore, he spent his nights with him not because a potion blinded him to do so, but because he really liked to sleep at his side, with his head on his chest and his big arms hugging nobody but him.

He bit the inside of his lower lip, and rested his eyes on Ennoshita.

"Yes, I like him." He said, confessing how he felt. He remained surprised after hearing those words being spoken aloud while his friend smiled when he heard the answer to his first question. “Why are you so happy?” Akaashi asked, noticing his smile.

Ennoshita stopped imprisoning his wrists, and held his arms to the sides of his own body before looking down for a few seconds and holding a small smile.

"Because I'm glad that at least one of us has reciprocal feelings," He answered.

Akaashi raised the upper part of his body to rest the weight of it on his elbows sunk into the mattress. While he had just confessed his feelings to his best friend, Ennoshita had already done a long ago. 

“Are you still thinking about Tanaka?” He asked him.

“Of course,” Ennoshita didn’t even try to deny it.

Akaashi watched him for a few seconds in silence before speaking.

“Do you want me to stay?”

Ennoshita smiled when he realized that his best friend was ready to stay with him instead of spending the night with the boy he liked so, as to make sure he didn't abandon him so he could be alone with his thoughts, but he shook his head without hesitation because he didn’t want to drag Akaashi to his own problems, so he moved to stop being on top of him and got up. His roommate was finally able to leave his bed and approached the door, but turned his head before resting his hand on the doorknob.

Ennoshita had said that at least for one of them, his feelings were reciprocated, but Akaashi didn't believe the same.

"At least you don’t have to hide under a potion to know what you feel." Akaashi said before finally opening the door and leaving.

Ennoshita rested his gaze where his best friend had been until a few seconds ago, and let out a sigh before heading to his own bed and letting himself fall on his stomach, although he took his head off the mattress when he heard the door of the room being opened after a few minutes. He watched Kenma enter and throw himself in the same way in his bed, seeming to be totally exhausted.

Ennoshita let out a laugh that drowned in his mattress.

His roommates were so complicated.

And so was he.

Chapter Text

A glow of enthusiasm decorated Bokuto's amber eyes. His eyes illuminated by the clear sky of that day and the huge sun in the center of it, highlighted the golden color of his eyes even more. He couldn’t help but feel more than energetic as it was his first game as captain of his house team, and as more emotion was added to the matter, Ravenclaw was the opponent, so he would compete head-to-head with Akaashi, who turned out to be the leader of the opposing house team.

But the Hufflepuff team captain wasn’t the only one excited.

Again, and for the second time, the Quidditch field had become the epicenter of the presence of all the students and teachers of Hogwarts to witness the second game of the Quidditch season, on that occasion starring Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, whose players were already flying and dispersing while the other students in the stands watched them with attention and emotion. Hufflepuff was characterized as the champion consecrated last year after managing to keep the championship cup, and Ravenclaw was considered a new beginning after not having any seventh-year student among its players. The two teams were completely different, and just as the encounters between Gryffindor and Slytherin were expected, the competition between the houses characterized by yellow and blue was hailed and eagerly awaited.

And while the captain of Hufflepuff kept holding a huge smile on his face, the captain of Ravenclaw kept a serious expression that managed to confuse more than one on the rostrum. No emotion. No nervousness. It was impossible to decipher what was going on inside the head of the one who had been chosen that year to command his own team. It was impossible to tell if he was nervous because he was the only team captain to be a sixth-year, if he was uneasy because his first match was against the house that had previously won the tournament cup, or if he was excited to lead his team and to put in evidence the strategies that they had carried out and practiced during the trainings since the second week of classes.

The vice captains of the team were also completely different. Since while Konoha could be considered a leader with the same task as the captain after himself being the team's balance, Ennoshita chose to respect Akaashi's decisions, although he would never hesitate to speak to him in case his words didn’t turn out to be strategic enough. It was easy for them to agree, not only because they were both sixth-years, but also because they were best friends both inside and outside the Quidditch stadium, as well as Bokuto and Konoha too. Both vice captains constituted the bridge between the captain and the rest of the team, reason why they could be considered like the balance necessary so that the group didn't disintegrate nor had misunderstandings.

Both vice captains approached their respective captains.

“Sleeping with the enemy. Not a bad strategy, I must confess.”

Akaashi watched Ennoshita as soon as he heard his words.

“Who would think that you would be that kind of captain? Waiting for the rival to fall asleep and therefore be in his weakest moment, to manage to study all his instabilities and thus achieve victory after being able to defeat him through his own fault." He added, appearing to be the worst villain in history.

"Sometimes I wonder why I'm your friend," Was all Akaashi said.

The fact that their houses met that morning in the Quidditch stadium didn’t prevent the captain of Ravenclaw from spending the night with the captain of Hufflepuff, having dealt with the worst kind of betrayal in case their houses were confronting sides in a war. After having seen Ennoshita deny his head and therefore make it clear that he didn’t need him to stay with him, Akaashi again slept in the same bed with Bokuto since he had accepted that he liked to sleep with him, although the vice-captain and the seeker of his team were his roommates.

“Akaashi!” Ennoshita exclaimed, looking at his best friend seeming to be completely offended. “Because you couldn’t live without me," He added immediately smiling proudly.

While the two black-haired ones looked at each other, one smiling and the other just watching him while many thoughts flooded his head, Konoha rested his eyes on the leader of his team after having taken a look at the two leaders of the opposite house.

“You understand that although you love Akaashi a lot, we must make his team lose, right?” He asked.

Bokuto raised both eyebrows.

“How do you know I love Akaashi?”

The vice-captain made the tip of his broom sink into the stomach of the two-color-haired one by hearing him be concentrated only on the first part of his sentence, and Bokuto pout his lip before stroking the area where Konoha hit him.

“I understand,” The Hufflepuff captain assured him, to then turned his eyes to the other captain. "I'm excited," He added along with a smile on his face.

"I hope that emotion will make us win," Konoha said.

Although Bokuto's amber gaze was only rested on Akaashi, the same couldn’t be said of the other players in both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. From the rostrum, Tanaka kept his calm gaze on the one next to the captain of Ravenclaw, since he couldn’t and didn’t want to stop looking at him, although he was forced to look at Kunimi from time to time, because he didn’t like him and because he didn’t like that he was on the same team as Ennoshita, nor in his own house. The one who would be the guardian of the house characterized by the blue color was also observed by his best friend, who couldn’t stop smiling or feeling excited about the game that didn’t involve his house.

On that occasion, those belonging to Slytherin seemed to be extremely focused on those who were from Ravenclaw, since while Kindaichi didn’t stop watching Kunimi wander around the three hoops to get used to his position as guardian of the team, Kuroo had fixed his eyes in Kenma since he had mounted his broom, and Osamu didn’t take off the sight of Suna, who at that moment maintained a conversation with Tsukishima, both with a bat in hand. And unlike his brother, Atsumu didn’t take off his sight of Kita, who although wouldn’t participate in the match since he had hurt his hand during one of the practices, didn’t prevent that anyway one of the twins fixed his attention on him. And just as those belonging to Slytherin watched the Ravenclaws with great attention, the two Gryffindor guardians didn’t take their eyes off the Hufflepuffs. Although the game hadn’t yet begun, Nishinoya was already jumping with joy while exclaiming with great fond the name of Asahi, who smiled awkwardly and with great shame because the cries of the sixth-year could be heard even from where he was. And unlike Nishinoya, who wasn’t silent and was beginning to be looked by a serious Daichi, Yaku didn’t say anything while chasing one of the two new additions to the Hufflepuf team. Lev's excited attitude caught his interest easily, and he didn’t hesitate to look away when the gray-haired one who had been chosen to be an official player of his house, rested his green eyes on him after knowing that he was watching. He greeted him with a fully animated hand, and Yaku decided to move his hand albeit more calmly while Daichi seemed to stop focus on Nishinoya to dedicate an amused smile to him, that was returned only with a roll of eyes.

For their part, others belonging to Slytherin expected Hufflepuff to win the game and continue their good run last year. Futakuchi seemed to want to be anywhere but watching the game that would soon begin, and Yahaba seemed more interested in casting a glance at his best friend instead of watching the game itself.

And all of them rested their eyes on the captains who approached each other.

"Your uniform matches with your eyes," Bokuto said, although they only had to shake hands.

Certainly it was true that the blue and gray stripes that was under a bluish tunic, with the Ravenclaw shield in one of the upper corners that in turn covered part of the black pants that were also hidden behind brown boots dark, combined with the bluish hue of Akaashi's analyzers eyes.

“I guess I can say the same.”

Bokuto's amber-aroused look matched the dark yellow tunic beneath which a diver similar to Akaashi's but with yellow and black stripes appeared, as well as the white pants and brown boots he wore.

Tsukishima had been the first to stifle a laugh after considering that they held an intimidating and badass image while the Hufflepuff team could be considered a swarm of bees.

“I like your eyes,” Bokuto smiled animated and stretched his hand towards his.

Akaashi swallowed heavily and stretched out his hand as well, and neither of them withdrew his hand when it could be considered that they had been shaken.

"I like yours too," Akaashi said, looking at their joined hands, and therefore, losing the obvious smile the Hufflepuff in front of him held.

Coach Ukai blew the whistle to indicate that they should only shake hands and not turn the whole game in a conversation between the two of them, and the two captains took one last look at each other before the two teams joined in their respective rounds, both leaders being seen with curiosity by the rest of their players.

Nerves were evident. The emotion was clear. The competition between both houses was obvious.

Everyone in the Ravenclaw round turned their eyes towards the opposing team's round when they heard cries of excitement and saw the players high-five each other and the captain and the team's seeker shake their arms with great emotion, but Akaashi turned again to observe the tip of his broom. It was his first game as captain. He was the leader of the team, and therefore the one in charge of enunciating words inspired enough so that the other players of his team who were in that round, felt capable of being able to give their all and not afraid or nervous only because Hufflepuff was the champion since last year.

“Akaashi, remember captain's words are important!”

Instead of turning around when he heard Bokuto's voice, he decided to take a deep breath and close his eyes for a moment. He was right. The captain's words before and after a game were extremely important, because it could improve the team's spirit and even encourage the players to carry out a good game, demonstrating what they knew what to do and why they had been chosen to represent Ravenclaw inside the quidditch stadium.

What words could he say?

He could give a long speech but didn't want to, and he knew the team players wouldn’t listen to him either and would even wonder why he added more and more prayers. He had to say something short and concise, something that motivated them and that gave them the confidence that maybe he couldn’t give them with his presence only. He had to find the words that summed up the team's strategy and that represented each one equally. He had to mention what united them and what could consecrate them victory.

His concentrated blue gaze caught the attention of those around him once he opened his eyes again. He had decided, and wondered why he had taken so long looking for the right words when the answer had always been with him.

He would intone what he had been doing up to that moment and what he would continue to do even if the match ended, no matter what the outcome would be. He would say the reason why the house they belonged to was known for possessing certain characteristics. He would express why they were the way they were and why everyone in that round had been sorted in Ravenclaw.

"Thinking is not a waste of time." He stated.

Those belonging to Hufflepuff stopped feeling completely proud of their previous victory in the championship of the previous year when those belonging to the opposing team broke the round between them and joined the biggest round of the two houses. All being completely serious and highly concentrated in the game that would begin. All, except Ennoshita, who smiled sideways because he was totally proud that his best friend had been elected captain of their team. Not only because he was his best friend and roommate, but also because he had proved himself to be the only one capable of concentrating what they thought in just one sentence that had been the correct one to intone before the game.

Coach Ukai once again blew the whistle, and the screams of the students in the stands were heard even more as the players inside the stadium quickly moved once the balls were released, just as Terushima and Kenma were the first to disappear of the field of view of all when they didn't hesitate to go after the snitch as soon as it was released.

And unlike what the majority expected, Ravenclaw was the first to get control of the game after being Ennoshita that in taking the quaffle and take the first second of confusion to quickly approach the hoops where they had to score points, passing by the side of a terrified Yamaguchi who, despite having a bat in his hands to prevent bludgers from hitting the players of his team, used it to fail to hide behind it because the aura of competence of the Ravenclaw chaser frightened him enough to feel that he himself was a bludger. And the first ten points were consecrated for Ravenclaw once Sakusa threw the ball to the middle hoop after Watari failed to reach it and Ennoshita had passed it to him. They high-fived and the first one who had touched the ball formed a totally charming smile and winked at the captain of his team, who shook his head while avoiding to smile.


The fifth-year felt that his soul left his body when he heard the voice of his captain.

“You better not have told our game strategies to your boyfriend! I don’t want to kick you out of the team for treason!”

Bokuto didn’t hesitate to exclaim those words after glimpsing that Tsukishima had also begun to approach the other fifth-year even if they were from different teams. However, both the blond and the green-haired one seemed to transform into statues upon hearing his words. Yamaguchi cocked his head after thinking that he would release a string of prayers against him for not doing anything to stop Ennoshita, so confusion replaced his nerves. And from his place, Konoha smiled because Bokuto managed to make the players of his team stop being totally nervous even if he wasn’t even aware of what he achieved with just being himself.

"He is not my boyfriend," Yamaguchi said.


The vice-captain of Hufflepuff only approached to hit with his bat the head of the captain of his own team so he would returned to concentrate on the game like the other two fifth-years, no one but Akaashi glimpsing Tsukishima seeming to be annoyed with the words of Bokuto, who had been distracted when Asahi managed to have the quaffle in his hands when a bludger threatened to hit Sakusa's broom, but was forced to pass it to Lev when the other bludger came towards him thanks to Suna.

The fifth-year accelerated his pace and managed to equalize the points between both teams after getting the first ten points for Hufflepuff for throwing the quaffle towards the lower hoop, which Kunimi failed to reach. Not because he wasn't given the time to react, but because he thought it wouldn't  come and therefore remained in the middle hoop.

The captain and vice-captain of Ravenclaw exchanged glances.

“Akaashi, as captain you must make all your players be motivated!”

While the aforementioned didn’t react to the voice of the other captain, Ennoshita tightened his grip on his broomstick. He went after the quaffle without hesitation and quickly threw it to his captain before being intercepted by Konoha, and for the first time since the game had begun, Akaashi held the ball between his hands and it was enough for there to be a quick exchange of glances between he and Sakusa so that they both went side by side towards the Hufflepuff hoops. Akaashi bent down to avoid a bludger and barely stretched his arm to pass the ball to Sakusa, who did the same and therefore returned it after being forced to do so because both Asahi and Lev went after him. Watari managed to touch the quaffle that Akaashi threw, but in any case the ball only touched the tips of his fingers, and therefore, Ravenclaw again had the advantage.

And Sakusa was the one who took the quaffle while Akaashi approached Ennoshita.

“Hey,” He said.

The vice-captain watched him, and his jaw dropped as Akaashi winked at him imitating him. The Ravenclaw captain refocused on the game while Ennoshita still stupefied, as did Bokuto, whose eyes sparkled because he loved to look at Akaashi even though they were in the middle of a game where their houses were facing each other, even though his eyes stopped holding that brightness that only appeared when he looked at Akaashi, as Sakusa passing quickly by his side caught his full attention. Because it could be said that if he loved to look at Akaashi, it could also be said that he detested the one who at that moment threw the quaffle to Ennoshita for being intercepted by Lev.

Sakusa, whose personality was abstracted and totally closed, had managed to become a fundamental part of the team and even one of the three best quidditch players. Not because he twisted his brain planning strategies like Akaashi, or because he was highly competitive like Ennoshita, or even an endless thinker and meticulous observer like Kenma; but because he hated being surrounded by people and being the center of attention thanks to all those present in the gallery chasing him with their eyes when the ball was in his hands, so he moved fast enough to feel that uncomfortable pressure offered for others the least amount of time possible. Many might wonder why, then, he had joined the team if that involved working in group and facing the players of the other houses. And they would never find an answer that would satisfy their doubts. But everyone on the team knew that Sakusa and his distaste for the big crowds had turned out to be a great weapon.

“Akaashi, I don’t like one of your players!” Bokuto exclaimed when Sakusa got another ten points for his house.

Instead of hitting him with his bat, Konoha opted to hit him with his own hand, because although he knew that his best friend was one of the best players in the team and a great captain, those qualities didn’t stand out when he was totally focused on the captain of the opposing team instead of focusing on the game like the rest of the players.

Asahi held the ball in his hands when Tsukishima wasn’t able to block a quaffle that went towards Ennoshita, but Hufflepuff continued to be at a disadvantage even if he managed to get ten points after throwing the ball into one of the hoops. And yet, soon the game started to go in a different direction when the quaffle thrown into the hoops of Ravenclaw was well received and uninterred because Kunimi didn’t seem to be giving his best or being fast enough, not because he couldn’t, but because his own thoughts warned him that he wouldn’t arrive. In addition, Suna had basically become the only beater on his team because Tsukishima seemed to be with his head anywhere but in the match, although for his part, Konoha had begun to feel the same because nerves had betrayed Yamaguchi, who was trembling and could barely block the bludgers who were addressing himself.

The words that Bokuto had spoken before the match began, finally begun to be received by Akaashi instead of being ignored, since each time he held the quaffle, it was impossible for him to sustain the concentration he wanted because the voice of the other captain interrupted the strategies that his brain wanted to think about for each occasion. He couldn’t think clearly or quickly, but he was quickly saved by Sakusa, or Ennoshita, who also begun to notice what Bokuto's words were causing in his best friend, since he knew that he could play much better and develop in a better way in case of not being distracted all the time. And therefore, he started to leave the typical competition that accompanied him so that it would be replaced by the annoyance that Bokuto's words provoked in Akaashi.

Asahi and Lev seemed to have made a good team because both seemed confident that if one had to make a pass, the other would be there to receive it, and between the two managed to make the necessary points for the result of the game to be turned around so Hufflepuff was the one to take the advantage. In addition, Watari did seem willing to stop the ball no matter how many times he was pressed by the presence of the chasers near the hoops of his team, so he had been able to block more times than the Ravenclaw guardian.

For his part, the only one who knew what was happening with the two seekers of both teams was Kuroo, since he hadn’t taken his eyes off Kenma regardless of whether that disappeared from time to time or was too fast like Terushima. Both had found themselves close to catching the snitch but so far none had succeeded, and even though Kenma had to stay focused on catching that golden ball, Kuroo knew that he also begun to notice the mistakes his team was making.

It was clear that both teams begun to have their respective problems, and although Suna was considered a good beater because he had one of the best scores in blocking the bludgers that were directed towards his team as well as a great ability to make them go towards the players of the opposing team, he couldn’t block the balls and score points at the same time, so it didn’t matter that at that moment he managed to direct one of the bludgers towards Lev, since he threw the quaffle at Bokuto before he had to move, and therefore, didn’t prevent Hufflepuff from getting another ten points.

A big smile appeared on his face.

“Akaashi, you should make a point equal to mine so everyone can say we are both good captains!” He exclaimed, barely glimpsing the one with black hair holding the quaffle in his hands.

However, he didn’t expect a sudden shout to interrupt him.

“Shut up!”

Finally, someone reached his limit.

"Shut up." Ennoshita repeated.

Bokuto remained stupefied looking at him with his eyes wide open, and Konoha approached them as soon as he heard him.

Everyone remained surprised, and even Akaashi threw the ball to Sakusa when he heard his best friend.

The interruption caused by Ennoshita meant a change not because his developed personality was a surprise, but because despite being loose with his way of being, he always ended up keeping everything to himself. So his raised tone of voice caught the attention of anyone who knew him enough to know that he hated confrontations that weren't sought by himself, so in that case, he was doing the opposite. Even Yahaba rested his attention on him just as Kenma had slowed down to observe the situation, knowing that Terushima wouldn’t catch the snitch before him because it had disappeared from their sight, so the Hufflepuff seeker was also stunned in his place.

From the strands, Tanaka looked worried.

Ennoshita continued with his gaze on Bokuto.

“You are not in Ravenclaw, but in Hufflepuff. That is the reason for this game, we belong to different houses. You are from Hufflepuff, I am from Ravenclaw. Akaashi is from Ravenclaw. He is the captain of Ravenclaw. Worry about leading your own team instead of saying what ours should be like. If for you Akaashi is a good captain or not, it doesn’t matter. We decide it, his team, and himself. Not you. So once and for all, stop criticizing him as if you had the right to judge his captaincy, and focus on your own team. That is the goal of this game.”

His words were clear and concise. He left no room for doubt and his voice was just as serious as his face as he expressed them. Yes, the result of the match had started to annoy him because some of his teammates weren't giving their best and they were losing the first game, but that wasn’t what had made him lose his patience, but the words that Bokuto had been exclaiming to his best friend throughout the game. That he had to put his attention on other players, that he had to be faster or carried out a particular play, that he had to say or do such a thing because he was the captain, that he had to act in such a way because he was the leader of the team, or that he had to demonstrate more emotion and congratulate his players in a certain way when one of them managed to add points for his house. And although Akaashi had chosen to try to concentrate even though he had to listen all of that throughout the game, Ennoshita noticed that it was impossible for him no matter how much he tried to isolate the Hufflepuff captain's voice in order to think clearly. And he grew tired, not only because of the words expressed during the game, but because of all the words he had mentioned since the classes had begun.

The fact that Sakusa won ten points for Ravenclaw, distracted everyone.

With Konoha concentrating on the discussion, and Yamaguchi being the other and only Hufflepuff beater, it was easy for the Ravenclaw cheaser to move strategically so that the bludgers would further annoy the other two Hufflepuff chasers instead of him, since although he was known as one of the best players because of his speed, that didn’t mean he continued to be as thoughtful as the others. In addition Suna had found himself concentrating on also diverting bludgers towards Asahi, Lev and Yamaguchi. The two sixth-years Ravenclaws worked well as a duo, and had shown it with the newly earned points for the house they both belonged to.

Konoha approached Bokuto as well as Akaashi to Ennoshita, as some teachers, several students and even coach Ukai, began to focus on them wondering what topic was important enough for them to chat and stop concentrating on the game. Kenma and Terushima exchanged glances with each other, and without saying anything that said they cared about the other players in their own teams, they moved again behind the snitch that appeared in front of them.

Ennoshita looked down as soon as he found himself with his best friend.

"I'm sorry," He said, thinking that maybe he went too far.

However, he looked up when Akaashi searched for his eyes.


The one who had lashed out at the Hufflepuff captain for justified reasons, grinned reluctantly at that word, knowing that although it wasn’t the right time to let Bokuto know what place to take, his best friend was grateful to him because he had needed someone to speak for him. And while the two best friends moved again like the rest of the players so that Sakusa wasn’t the only Ravenclaw chaser on scoring points, Bokuto remained completely stupefied. Since although Konoha had separated him with him, he had been able to listen to Akaashi thanking Ennoshita, which meant that he had spoken only with the truth.

“He's right,” He finally focused on Konoha when he heard him. The Hufflepuff's vice-captain didn’t seem to want to sing those words or be sure he wanted to because he knew how his own best friend would react, but he continued to talk anyway. “I hate to admit it, but Ennoshita is right. I know you love Akaashi and you only want the best for him. But you're not doing it, Bo.”

“But I…”

Bokuto was confused enough to not know what words to say.

“We'll solve it after the game. Now we must stay focused," Konoha mentioned after glimpsing Lev stretching his arms and smiling widely because he had scored ten points for their team. “You’re the captain and I the vice-captain of Hufflepuff. We can’t fail the others.”

Having said that, Konoha stopped staying by his side to focus on the match, since he hadn't been totally focused either, having paid attention to all the words that Bokuto had dedicated to Akaashi so far. And he had also kept an eye on Ennoshita, since he knew that he would probably explode before the Ravenclaw captain because he was very clear about the reactions that Bokuto's actions and words could have on people. And he had found out right.

The flow of the game changed again when Bokuto seemed to join.

The change of expression on his face was evident, as well as that of Ennoshita.

Ravenclaw began to reach Hufflepuff with the points that the vice-captain and the captain of the team began to score because neither of the two was distracted by the Hufflepuff captain's voice because it wasn’t heard again. They were able to recompose the lost points due to the laziness of Kunimi and the mistakes of Tsukishima, and adding that Suna and Sakusa had never stopped demonstrating their skills, Ravenclaw managed to reduce the difference of points between both houses.

However, Hufflepuff had had the advantage of the game most of the time, and Terushima being the one to catch the snitch was what made the house characterized by the colors yellow and black, to be consecrated the winner of the game.

And all the players of that house celebrated, except for the captain.

Chapter Text

Although they were used to silence to dominate over conversations in the room, because although they adored to chat among themselves or to hold conversations when one couldn’t sleep, it was more normal for the three of them to remain silent in order to study the three in the same place, or that no one would say a word because they simply didn’t feel like doing it. They became accustomed to having silence dominate in the friendship that the three of them held, so the absence of words between them wasn’t something that bothered them. However, at that moment the silence that predominated wasn’t one that led in a good way the atmosphere that was created in the room.

Although Kenma kept his fingers glued to the sides of his electronic device and his face was illuminated by the light that came from the screen, he had paused the game more than fifteen minutes ago. He kept lying face down and with the left side of his face on the mattress of his bed, while Ennoshita was laid on top of him face down horizontally, keeping a pillow under his flexed arms, and his stomach on Kenma's lower back. Akaashi kept the palms of his hands together to use them as a pillow, even though he also had a pillow that he had put while his two roommates were one lying on top of the other, having decided to use both Kenma's hip and the back thighs of Ennoshita to place the pillow there and lie down with his knees bent to the left. The three of them were lying in Kenma's bed a long time ago, and so far no one had uttered a word.

Although the physical contact between the three was excessive and they also were in the same room, each was immersed in their own thoughts. Even though Kenma kept his eyes fixed on the screen of the electronic device, it was evident that his eyes indicated that he was totally lost. The image of Terushima managing to catch the snitch before him kept repeating itself in his mind, and he couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if it had been faster. More strategic. More skillful.

The victory. Ravenclaw would have won.

That would have happened.

He buried his full face on the mattress and dropped the electronic device on it.

While being on top of him, Ennoshita kept his eyes closed as he kept thinking about what had failed so that his house didn’t win the game. The actions of all the Ravenclaw players went through his mind, and he tried to divide the game by moments so that he could concentrate on every moment in which the team he belonged to had failed. They didn’t played badly, since they considered that having lost against last year's champion house only for a few points more than those awarded by the snitch, wasn’t a failure. He had enjoyed playing Quidditch again and finding himself on his broom with his friends, but he kept concentrating on every mistake they had made, on every flaw they had shaped, and on every inaccuracy that had cost them the victory.

He took his head off the pillow to turn slightly to the left and take a look at Akaashi, who was still in the same position and staring at the mattress, so Ennoshita again dropped his head on the pillow.

Akaashi was probably the most submerged in his thoughts.

He spoke with the rest of the players after the match because being the captain of the team implied that he was the one who had to lift the spirits of the others, and with the help of Ennoshita they managed to keep the others from falling completely, although that didn’t mean that they didn't later. And there they were, both of them together with Kenma, totally decayed. Without speaking, and tired. Not only physically, but also emotionally.

Unlike Ennoshita, instead of wondering why they didn’t won, Akaashi kept repeating why they didn’t achieve victory. Most of their strategies practiced in training had gone well and been followed to the letter, but not enough to win. Sakusa and Suna proved to be good players because their abilities as a chaser and beater were exceptional, but it wasn’t enough. Kenma didn’t stop chasing the snitch and Ennoshita flew from one place to the other throughout the match, but it wasn’t enough. Kunimi found himself in front of the hoops and Tsukishima was chose as an official player, but it wasn’t enough. He himself had been in the game, analyzing it, understanding it, thinking as he moved on his broom. Planning new strategies as that progressed, as each house made new points, and as they each time saw more pressure. He didn’t stop thinking at any time, but it still, wasn’t enough.

Because besides, as much as he thought, he also was extremely distracted.

In addition, the words that Bokuto had repeated throughout the match didn’t stop reproducing in his head. His words continued to condition him and as a result of that he kept wondering if he made the right choice on accepting being the captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He liked that others trusted him to be guided, to listen to him, and not to be afraid to tell him something if he was in a different position. But he was no longer sure of himself or the role he played. If they lost the first game with him in charge of the team, then how good a captain could he be considered if he wasn’t even able to concentrate no matter how hard he tried?

"Don’t do it." He heard suddenly.

Unable to know how long they had been silent, Ennoshita was the first to break it. He raised his head when he stopped lying on Kenma and chose to sit up and cross his legs, allowing Akaashi to use them as a pillow even if he had one under his head. Kenma moved when Ennoshita stopped being on him, and he turned around so he could lie down, with his head close to Akaashi's.

Ennoshita gently pulled a lock of the other dark-haired boy's head when he didn’t hear an answer from him.

“Did you hear me? Don’t do it." He repeated.

Akaashi let out a big sigh.

"I don’t know what you're talking about," He inquired, still staring at the mattress, since he didn’t want his eyes to meet the golden gaze of his roommate.

“Don't doubt yourself or your position in the team.” Ennoshita said.

The three were silent again.

It were moments like those in which Akaashi detested that his roommate knew him so well, although he had expected Ennoshita to read his thoughts, and that Kenma would also do it even though he hadn’t said anything, since they were best friends and belonged to the same house, and as the two of them could read their thoughts, Akaashi also sensed what his two friends had been concentrating on for the last few minutes. Or last hour.

“I'm the vice-captain, so I'm expected to know what's good for the team. And you being the captain is what the team needs, Akaashi. Don’t think otherwise.”

"Ennoshita is right." Finally Kenma also let out a word.

And Akaashi decided to raise his eyes to look at him.

The one with black roots and blond hair was staring at him. There was no trace of doubt in his eyes, so he had spoken not only to speak, but because he really believed the same as Ennoshita.

"We didn’t win," Akaashi stated.

“We'll train more. We’ll think more. Do you remember what you said before the game?”

"Thinking is not a waste of time." Kenma repeated for him.

Akaashi didn’t doubt that his roommates were right.

They lost not because he was distracted, but because he thought too much.

It wasn’t a waste of time, but it wasn’t convenient that all his thoughts were mixed and fought among themselves when he had to concentrate on the game he had played at the time. They lost because his own thoughts had distracted him.

Not thinking was dangerous. And thinking too much too.

Not thinking was as critical as thinking too much.

Akaashi let out another sigh before resting his hands on the mattress so he could sit up, and Kenma watched him from his position as well as Ennoshita did.

"I need air," Was all he said.

The eyes of his best friends remained on him until he left the room.

What he needed wasn’t air, but to stop thinking.

He wasn’t surprised when he saw the common room completely empty, not only because it was already late and probably most were already sleeping, but also because the lost game involved the whole house after all, so there was no reason for someone to stay very awake. He left the Ravenclaw tower and walked down the hall. It was the weekend so no teacher could reprimand him for being out of his bedroom.

He didn’t know how to define his mood. He could assure that many emotions were fighting inside him to be able to be victorious, so he preferred that they continue developing a pitched battle with each other instead of beginning to think how he really felt. He didn’t want to think as he always did, nor to give his brain more work than for that time it was only asking him to go back to his room and throw himself into his bed to finally sleep, and therefore rest.

That is what he needed. Shut down for a while.

He needed to sleep, so he went back the way he had walked, not even surprised at having changed his mind so quickly about wanting to leave his room.

“Akaashi,” Suddenly a voice stopped him.

He remained still in his place when, for the first time, he heard that voice express his name dully. He always heard his tone of voice extremely excited, entertaining and fun. He knew who was with him even if he had pronounced his name in a completely different way, because even his tiredness being replaced by nervousness was evidence of the same.

"I was looking for you," Bokuto said. He sounded identical to a child whose parents had just scolded him, “You won’t come to sleep with me todight?” He asked him.

Again his voice managed to paralyze him. That question stopped him completely.

He didn’t talk with him since the start of the game. Bokuto had spoken to him throughout the match but he had never answered, so he didn’t consider that they had held a conversation while their houses had clashed.

Akaashi swallowed heavily. Fatigue overcame him and he didn’t want to remain the center of the problems that he created. He didn’t know if he wanted to go with him or not. But he didn’t want to think about the answer either. He didn’t want to think more about that night, so he resumed his step.

"I know you were pretending." Bokuto's voice stopped him for the third time.

The bicolor-haired one didn’t want to get used to sleeping on his own no matter that meant to tell Akaashi what he knew. And Akaashi had found himself so focused on the game that during the same he had forgotten to pretend that Amortentia was still part of his system.

“I talked with Kageyama. I know that the effects of the potion disappear as soon as you take the antidote. I know it since after the first night you slept with me. I know you've been pretending all this time, Akaashi," He repeated, “Well, you haven’t really been pretending. You've been being yourself actually, so I'm not angry. Quite the opposite.”

He had thought so much, that even Bokuto, who was known to distract himself with great ease and forget the greatest details with the same speed, had realized that in reality Akaashi had never acted under the effects of the potion, but under the consequences of his own decisions.

The one belonging to Ravenclaw finally turned to see him.

It was one of the few times that Bokuto was calm. Without being noisy and without intentions to capture the attention of everyone else around him, since he was only interested in catching the boy's interest in front of him, although that was always that way. His hair was somewhat deflated and a distressed expression dominated his face. It wasn’t the Bokuto that everyone crossed every day, but the one that few people knew, being Akaashi one of them.

“Sorry for being a fool during the game. I won’t bother you anymore, I promise. I don’t want you to sleep apart from me. I don’t want to miss you, although I always miss you even if you are by my side. I understand if you don’t want to come because our houses faced each other on the field but I assure you that I won’t let anyone bother you. I would never let someone bother you, no matter what house they are in. Nothing will happen to you being with me. I know I can be annoying, but don’t stop sleeping with me for that reason. Asleep I'm quiet, right? So I won’t bother you. Just keep sleeping with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

The walls that Akaashi had unconsciously created around him as the game progressed, fell apart in matter of seconds. Bokuto managed to demolish the wall he had built by just mentioning those words, and Akaashi pressed his lips to avoid forming a small smile. The boy in front of him was so obvious and so easy to read, he was so sincere when he spoke, and he wasn’t afraid to express what he really felt. He was clumsy putting sentences together, but those were honest enough so that Akaashi wouldn’t run. He was aware that Bokuto shared a room with Konoha, Komi and Asahi, since even he himself seemed to have become another roommate after spending the last four nights with them, so he also knew what kind of loneliness he was referring to when he mentioned not wanting to be alone.

He didn’t know if he was upset about what happened in the game or knew what would have happened if his best friend hadn’t intervened on his behalf, but he did know that Ennoshita would be angry with him if he didn’t return to his room in at least five minutes because he hadn't defended him and raised his voice in the middle of the game so that he would end up following the same path he had been going through the last few nights.


Bokuto approached him as well as extended his hand after articulating that desperate plead that left in evidence the lack of sleep he would have in case of returning without company to his bedroom, no matter that all his friends were celebrating the won game. The only person he wanted to be with was the boy in front of him, who didn’t know what to do or what to say.

He didn’t want to think about the situation. He didn’t want to think what would happen if he left with Bokuto, nor what would happen if he didn’t and return to the Ravenclaw Tower. He was tired of causes and consequences, of decisions and results.

But how could he refuse to leave with that boy whose amber eyes only shone for him? How could he prefer to sleep alone in his bed when he knew the boy for whom he had pretended to be under the effects of the potion, was asking him to once again be at his side? How could he refuse when the potion had made clear what his true feelings were?

Akaashi shut the voice inside him before turning the situation around.

Doubting, he approached him after deciding to join his hand with his, and the affliction in Bokuto's face was replaced by a great smile of tranquility as well as his hair seemed to be the same as always, like his personality. With complete softness, he pulled the dark-haired one to follow him to the other side of the corridor, and for that night, and for the fifth time in a row, a bed remained empty.

Although it wasn’t the only empty in all Hogwarts. 


Yaku let out a yawn as he continued to watch the moon above him.

He had become accustomed to staying out of his room when he was allowed after being a weekend night, and since he had been in the same Astronomy’s class as Oikawa, he had become accustomed to having the habit of observing the sky when it was night and the moon could be observed without hindrance by the absence of clouds. Few stars decorated the sky, but the moon shone its definite crescent figure.

He was tired, but not enough to go back to his room and sleep.

He had been watching through the window of his room for a long time, until he decided it wasn’t enough and he didn’t want Daichi to think he was an obsessed boy who preferred to use his sleep hours looking out the window instead of sleeping in his bed, so he chose to leave his bedroom and sit in one of the castle's internal gardens. There were too many to count, and Yaku always chose to observe the moon by randomly choosing the garden. The one he was in wasn’t that far from his common room, so he would soon be in his bedroom if he wanted to return.

But he was calm. And alone. Without anyone bothering him or interrupting his moment of peace.

Or at least he thought that, until he heard footsteps near him.

Steps too fast for him to realize that in fact someone was approaching him at high speed until suddenly a long figure appeared at his side and fell on top of him without hesitation and with complete confidence, to which Yaku would had released a shout and even frightened if he hadn’t guessed that it was Lev, who since he had known him, seemed to have a mania to appear in that unique way. Throwing himself on top of him without caring about the great height difference between them or the need to keep each one his personal space.

“Lev!” He exclaimed indignantly when he finally knelt by his side.

His grayish hair seemed even lighter in the moonlight, and his greenish gaze stood out even more and he seemed more alive than ever, but his great excited smile was what captured Yaku's true attention. The fifth-year smiled extremely happy, and although he was kneeling, he seemed desperate to run around the castle as well as keep moving because of all the emotion that his body felt.

“Stop doing that when you see me. You really scare me. It's late too," He added, shaking his head before giving him a look, and then let out a sigh.

His moment of tranquility was completely interrupted. His time alone with the moon was cut by the one who had just appeared even if it was late, and suddenly Yaku realized what time it was, and especially the night it was.

“What are you doing here? It's late but, shouldn’t you be with the others in your house celebrating you won?” He asked.

"Yes, they’re still celebrating," Lev answered, smiling even more, in a dazed and innocent way.


“I wanted to see you,” He replied.

“Me? Why?”

“Because our houses have been those to win,” He answered totally excited.

Yaku raised both eyebrows, smiling amused.

“Oh yeah? And what will you do once our houses face each other?” He asked.

“Well, Hufflepuff will win,” He said as if it was something obvious.

The seventh-year didn’t hesitate to hit him in the head as soon as he heard him, and Lev rubbed that part of his body with his hand, realizing that at least he seemed to be smart enough to have wrapped himself up before abandoning the quality of his common room, since it was cold and more being night, although he himself didn’t doubted to leave his room or escape from the common room of Gryffindor to be able to observe the night without any wall in the middle.

“Don't be so sure, idiot. Do you forget that I am the guardian of Gryffindor? And if I'm not there, Nishinoya is also a great keeper?”

Lev raised an eyebrow, and since he appeared, it was the first time he didn’t hold a smile.

“Nishinoya? Won’t you play when our houses face each other?”

“Most likely not. I played against Slytherin, so it’s fair for Nishinoya to take my place against you. It has always been that way because fortunately we are both good guardians," He explained without any hint of arrogance in his words.

The gray-haired one frowned as soon as he heard him.

“What’s wrong with you now?” Yaku asked when he saw him.

“I want you to be in the stadium too. I want you to be the one who can’t prevent me from scoring points.”

Lev again won a blow from the eldest. Precisely in the ribs on that occasion.

“Well, it's most likely Nishinoya who will deal with your shots, so get used to it.” Yaku said hugging his knees.

Lev rested the palms of his hands on the lawn behind him once he stopped kneeling so he could sit down like Yaku and bend his knees. He directed his gaze to the sky when he saw the one next to him doing that, although he observed the moon still with a frown. However, his expression was replaced by a big smile when he felt Yaku's head resting on his arm. And while the seventh-year continued with his eyes on the moon that continued to shine for him, Lev fixed his eyes on the head with light brown hair that was resting on his arm. 

Kindaichi looked closely at the place where he was because he never before had the opportunity to be there, not only because he shouldn’t, but also because he never believed he would know that space, until a very familiar voice caught his interest.

"Sorry to bother you so late," Kunimi inquired.

Kindaichi smiled sideways.

“It’s not a bother,”

The one belonging to Slytherin continued to be amazed at all the differences between the common room of his house and that of Ravenclaw. He was used to being near the dungeons and not in one of the castle's many towers.

Most of the lights were off and most of the light provided came from the fire in the fireplace that Kunimi had lit a few minutes ago so they weren’t cold. The two of them were lying face down on the carpet of the floor, and while Kindaichi kept his arms on the ground and moved his feet as he kept his legs bent, he wondered how the one next to him could find himself doing homework at that time of the night being a weekend, since he had an exercise bookin front of him and wrote on a separate sheet.

After dinner, they had both been sitting in one of the corridors next to the Slytherin common room, until the Ravenclaw suggested they go to the common room to stop feeling the cold the night provided, and the curiosity to know the room of that house had been enough for Kindaichi to agree to accompany him, later finding himself impressed from the moment in which instead of saying a password, his best friend had to answer a riddle to be able to enter to which he still continued to try to find the meaning of the answer.

They had stayed in the common room so as not to disturb Tsukishima, who was the roommate of the fifth-year Ravenclaw, and Kunimi mentioned that surely no one would be in the common room that night as the result of the match had fact that all the souls of that house seemed to have transformed into ghosts, although they were never characterized as being of the most festive people.

Kindaichi let out a sigh before turning around and lying on his back with his legs flexed. He stopped wondering at the details in that common room, and turned his gaze to the one next to him, who continued to grope his eyes between the book and the sheet on which he wrote. He knew that his best friend was extremely intelligent and was always up to date with his tasks, so the reason for finding himself writing that night and at that time, was the same reason why Kindaichi hadn’t leave him and had even agreed to be with him in his common room. Because he knew that although they had talked about many things since they had finished dinner, they hadn’t touched the topic of the game that had taken place in the afternoon. And Kunimi wanted to keep his head distracted, and both Kindaichi with his presence and the book on the floor, were necessary for him to achieve it.

For a second, Kunimi looked at Kindaichi out of the corner of his eye, and the Slytherin peer stared at one of the common room libraries, only to realize that he was actually looking at a pile of stacked books, and that the library wasn’t the only one.

“What the- Do you really have so many books here?” He asked.

“Feel free to grab the one you want.”

Kunimi smiled sideways when he felt the narrowed gaze of his best friend because he had detected the obvious irony in his words, but stopped smiling as he released his quill and chose to cross his arms under his head to be able to support that on them. He let out a sigh and looked at his best friend, who seemed to be watching the ceiling.

"I know you want me to talk about the game," He said.

Kindaichi observed him as soon as he heard him.

“Only if you want to.”

Both remained silent for a few minutes, until Kunimi decided to speak.

"I know I could have done more." Kindaichi rested his eyes on him as he began to speak, while the Ravenclaw looked at the blue carpet on which they were both on top, “I know I could have moved more and could have avoided some Hufflepuff points. But I don’t know. Something... in my head prevented me from doing it. There was something that told me that I wouldn’t touch the quaffle no matter if I moved as fast as my body allowed. I don’t even know how to explain it."

“Nerves? Fear?” Kindaichi asked, knowing the obvious answer.

“No, something else. But I don’t know what.”

Since the game was over, Kunimi had avoided being together with the other Ravenclaw players because if he himself didn’t understand why the obstacles to catching the quaffle had come from within himself, then he couldn’t chat with the others either. And he didn’t want to face them either because he knew that for the same reason he had contributed to Hufflepuff taking the victory after having managed to stop only some shots.

As he had just mentioned to his best friend, he couldn’t even find the explanation as to why he had let the players of the opposing team throw into the hoops as if he wasn’t there, and at that moment, Kindaichi proposed an option to him that he didn’t had considered.

“Kunimi... What if someone did something to you?” He mentioned.

“What do you mean?”

The one belonging to Ravenclaw raised his head when he heard him.

Kindaichi didn't need to read any of the many books that were stacked on the shelves of the Ravenclaw common room libraries to think that perhaps, although the fetters had come from his best friend, there was the possibility that someone else had created them.

He looked at his best friend as Kunimi looked at him, and hoped he was wrong.

“What if someone hexed you?”

Chapter Text

Akaashi rubbed his eyes before opening them slowly and allowing his lashes to separate, feeling that all the stress of the previous day had left his body as well as the discomfort and the disturbing need to stop thinking. No muscles ached because with Ennoshita they had always said that stretching after playing was important, although the last one stretched every possible part of his body each time he got up every morning. He was able to fall asleep without any obstacle and fortunately he didn’t have any dream nightmare that could have interrupted his sleep routine. He just managed to rest, just as he had wanted to.

He remembered that he wasn’t in his room as soon as he looked around. He didn’t see Ennoshita sleeping in his bed, nor did he see Kenma with his electronic device next to him or on his chest, nor did the window of his room serve as his natural alarm. He couldn’t tell if it was dawn or if morning had already passed because only a small rectangular window allowed some clarity to enter the room he was in, but his body felt rested, so he supposed it should be midmorning after having managed to fall asleep for several hours. He formed a slight fist with his hand when he realized that so far, his palm, like his head, had been resting on a chest that rose and fell very slowly. The soft caresses he felt in his hair only made him want to close him eyes again to keep sleeping even though he wasn’t tired, but he looked up to realize that a cheerful and awakened amber gaze was resting on him.

Immediately he ducked his head and heard a chuckle from Bokuto. It was the first morning in which the older of the two had been the first to get up, and therefore the first time he woke up and the sixth-year continued lying next to him instead of having left in evidence his absence because he had already left. A slight blush appeared on Akaashi's cheeks because he was used to leaving the bedroom and the Hufflepuff common room before the older one woke up, so he wasn’t used to being watched while he slept or barely got up.

“It’s Sunday. You have no excuse to leave,” He heard Bokuto say.

A part of Akaashi was glad to hear him. He didn’t have to arrive early to class or rush to change his sleepwear for his uniform, so he really had no excuse to express to be able to leave as he did every morning since he had begun to sleep in one of the Hufflepuff’s bedrooms, although he didn’t want to do it either. And when he realized that he didn’t want to leave, he kept blushing, making the boy next to him not hesitate to embrace him when he saw him completely embarrassed. The sixth-year would have separated himself in case that what caught him weren’t the big biceps and the warm body to which he had already become accustomed, but after a few minutes he was forced to speak.

"Bokuto-san, I can’t breathe," He managed to say as the bicolor-haired one didn’t measure how much his embrace could suffocate him.

“Sorry, Akaashi!” He shouted, making Akaashi close one of his eyes and wrinkle his nose after hearing him scream at that time of the morning, although he knew that sooner or later that would happen considering that the one next to him was Bokuto.

The black-haired one didn’t say anything when they returned to find themselves in the same position as before.

"I like to wake up and see you by my side," Bokuto added, looking at him.

Akaashi bit his lower lip as soon as he heard him.

And he chose to place his head near the older boy's neck and still rest it on his chest as well as his hand, making the smile of the one next to him only increase and bring his head close to his, allowing some black strands tickled his face, and he slid his hand into the boy's back to start caressing him with his fingers.

However, Akaashi's calmness disappeared as soon as he noticed an important detail.

"Bokuto-san..." He began to say, taking off his head from his chest, “And your roommates?” He asked.

The older boy's eyes opened when he realized, as did the boy next to them, that they were totally alone since none of Bokuto’s three roommates were sleeping in their beds and therefore they remained empty. They both turned their eyes to the clock on the bedside table and saw that they were alone for some reason that didn’t involve time, since it was barely ten o'clock in the morning.

Bokuto giggled, making Akaashi watch him curiously.

"Surely they are sleeping in the common room," He replied, extremely carefree.

The sixth-year didn’t seek explanation to his words and returned to lay his head on his chest, because during the previous night, he himself had witnessed the great celebration carried out by the students of that house while Bokuto had guided him to his room, since unlike the common room of his house, Hufflepuff became a real party after the quidditch’s team won the match.

Bokuto prevented Akaashi's body from tightening as his hand formed a fist when he entwined his fingers with his own, both remembering the previous day's game, which was the reason why the younger of both had wanted to continue sleeping for no reason. He felt his brain going back to work at full speed.

“Akaashi... I'm... I'm really sorry.” Bokuto said.

The aforementioned swallowed heavily after knowing what he meant by that sentence.

The boy lying next to him was the same one who during the previous day's game had managed to distract him and therefore not allowed him to concentrate as he would have liked to devise better strategies as the game had advanced, and who had also filled his best friend’s patience. Akaashi opened his eyes after realizing that his roommate would probably be angry with him, and he broke away from Bokuto suddenly.

“I have to go.” He mentioned quickly.

Not because he really wanted to, but because he had to.

His plan was to go back to his room and sit on the edge of Ennoshita's bed until he woke up, if he wasn’t already up, and hope that he wanted to talk instead of throwing to his head all the books he had.

Bokuto formed a small pout with his lips.


Akaashi opened his mouth several times, but gave no response.

Answering that he had to speak with his best friend would only get the conversation to be guided towards what happened in the game, and what Akaashi least wanted was to start the morning talking about that, since counting with the defeat of his team on his shoulders was more than enough.

"I'll take that as an excuse to do this," The older one added when silence was the answer.

He wrapped the sixth-year's waist with his arm to draw him to him and make him lie down next to him, and Akaashi pressed his lips to the thought that perhaps a few more hours with him wouldn’t bother anyone since he had already passed the night there and he could say he had gotten up later than he thought, so he buried his face in Bokuto's neck and put his arm around him.

After a fifth night at his side, he no longer hesitated to show the older one that he liked being at his side, and that his appreciation for sleeping with him instead of in his own room was totally true and honest, and not because he was under the influence of a potion that forced him to become obsessed with him. Bokuto looked at Akaashi when he felt that he tensed again, but on that occasion he didn’t know it was because the younger remembered that the one next to him already knew the truth about the potion and the immediacy of its antidote. 

Ennoshita didn’t hesitate to drop his book deliberately, not caring that Akaashi gave a little jump both to his sudden presence and the noise caused by the object against the table, because he had just expected that he would realize that he no longer was alone. “Good Morning.” He mentioned, and then he proceeded to sit next to his best friend after expressing that morning greeting.

"Good morning," Akaashi copied him.

Neither of them added anything else.

The newcomer glanced at his best friend while he did nothing but watch the empty plate in front of him, which had previously been full of scrambled eggs and small pieces of bacon. He had hardly touched his food the day before and it could be said that he hadn’t even dined, so he didn’t hesitate to replenish all the energy he had lost. For in addition, Bokuto had been right and Akaashi had had to pawn a great skill not to step on any Hufflepuff student who had fallen asleep in the common room no matter it was on the floor, or in some uncomfortable position in the common room, making a bitter sensation grow inside him as he imagined them celebrating the victory of the game played, and finally retired with crossed arms.

Ennoshita proceeded to open the book he had brought with him but not before raising an eyebrow after noticing that Akaashi was wearing his blue pajama pants and a gray sweater that was too big to be his. He supposed that he didn’t yet passed through their room to change his clothes, because he also didn’t remember hearing him enter or leaving, and because he didn’t need Akaashi to tell him where the spent the night or who the sweater belonged to to know it had to do with Hufflepuff and Bokuto.

And Akaashi was also aware of that, so he didn’t hesitate to speak.

“Are you mad at me?”

Although Ennoshita had expected his best friend to speak first, he didn’t think that the conversation between them would begin with that question.

“I don’t know. Should I?” He asked.

"I don’t know, that's why I'm asking you," Akaashi murmured.

“I don’t know, Akaashi. Why should I be angry exactly?”

His tone of voice turned out to be harder than he wanted.

“Because I didn’t sleep in our room last night.”

“Are you angry about that?”

Akaashi allowed a few seconds to pass before answering, needing to take his time to answer the truth with that question.

“No.” He replied.

"Then neither do I," Ennoshita inquired.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Then why you ask me if you already know the answer?”

“I don’t want you to be angry with me.”

"I don’t know if I'm angry Akaashi, it's just that..." Ennoshita closed his book and rested his elbow on the book's cap, then his chin on the palm of his hand and let out a very exhausted sigh. “I only want the best for you, you know that. And after how he treated you yesterday during the game... that pissed me off.”

"He didn’t mean it," He said.

Akaashi didn’t even know why he was defending Bokuto, since he himself felt that it was partly the fault of the Hufflepuff captain that both he and his best friend couldn’t concentrate during the game as they always did.

“I know. And that pisses me off even more.”

Both friends were angry for different reasons, but what they shared in common was that both wanted the other to not be annoyed by the other's attitudes.

Instead of saying a word, Akaashi rested his head on Ennoshita’s shoulder, who despite spending countless nights sleeping next to him, hugging him suddenly and never being rejected, and being part of the human pile they formed when they were also with Kenma, he knew that his best friend wasn’t the kind of person who longed to establish physical contact, so the surprise caused by that unexpected gesture, managed to make him open his eyes like two large plates and remain totally still because of the sudden closeness and turned his glance towards the hair disheveled of that one.

"I'm angry with myself," Akaashi said, “You defended me and I anyway decided to go with him. I don’t know why you don’t hate me," He added.

Finally, the Ravenclaw captain realized that he was annoyed with himself. Not only because he continued with his ease in yesterday's game, but also because he had been selfish when he left with Bokuto and didn’t return with those who weren’t only his best friends and roommates, but also Quidditch teammates, who probably felt and continued to feel, in the same way because of the outcome of the match. He abandoned them only because he had wanted to spend another night with nothing more nor less than the captain of the team that had beat them.

“Because you're my best friend. That's why." Ennoshita assured him.

“Then I'm a bad best friend.”

“I’m the one deciding that, thank you very much.”

Akaashi tried to pull his head away from his best friend's shoulder, but he was unable to do so when Ennoshita put an arm around his shoulders so that he could tug at him and therefore have him subtract his head back over his shoulder.

“Don't think I'll let this moment pass. This day I have been blessed because you have chosen my shoulder as a pillow for your head. Let me enjoy being the chosen one. I'm also waiting for Kenma to show up to make him jealous.”

Ennoshita heard that Akaashi gave a small giggle at his words, and smiled sideways to himself because that also didn’t happen often, so he supposed that maybe after all, it was good for his best friend to spend his time with Bokuto.

"I know that we always hold interesting discussions, and that I accept when you are right as you accept when I am right. But this time, you were wrong, "Akaashi said, and Ennoshita once again rested his gaze on his head when he heard him, all trace of laughter having disappeared from his tone of voice.

"What do you mean?" He asked him.

Akaashi simply played with his fingers before answering.

"You said my feelings were reciprocal while yours weren't," He explained, and Ennoshita raised an eyebrow, wondering why the reason of those sudden words. Perhaps he had gone ahead thinking that it was good to his best friend to spend time with Bokuto? "Bokuto-san knew that I was with him not because of the effects of the potion, but because I really wanted to," He went on, since it had become clear to him that just as he had pretended to sleep in the Hufflepuff room for the potion, Bokuto had pretended that he also thought it was because of the effects of it. But the previous night he had assured him otherwise. "And yet, he did nothing."

Akaashi pursed his lips, since the fact that Bokuto had told him that he had known that he was pretending that he was under the effects of the potion, then meant that he also knew that the sixth-year had begun to sleep by his side because he wanted to and not for another reason. Which apparently didn't matter because anyway Bokuto hadn't tried anything or said anything that would give Akaashi the idea that Ennoshita was right in thinking that his feelings were reciprocal.


"It's okay," He said, his muted tone of voice demonstrating the opposite of his words, and he held a fake smile barely visible when he knew that his best friend would probably tell him that the Hufflepuff captain did correspond to his feelings. "It's better this way," He insisted before releasing a small sigh.

Although Akaashi continued with his eyes on his hands, Ennoshita still observed him, being sure that at least one of them was lucky in love. However, both looked up when Kunimi appeared in front of them. They had hardly spoken to him after the match, and although at that moment he was the one to approach, the pair of best friends had decided that they would talk to him as much as Tsukishima as soon as they had the opportunity to know how they were doing. It had only been a Quidditch match, but in the end it had been a defeat. And nobody liked to lose.

They exchanged glances with each other as they realized that the fifth-year one seemed somewhat uncomfortable.

"I have to tell you something, and I think it's important." He stated.

Chapter Text

Bokuto hadn’t been the only one in his house to skip the celebration carried out for the rest of the students of Hufflepuff, since Yamaguchi hadn’t been present at the small party that his housemates did to celebrate the victory of the game, because he preferred to sleep in the bed of who was more than his best friend by his side. Since just as Akaashi was getting used to spending his nights in one of the Hufflepuff dormitories, Yamaguchi had got used to spend his nights between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as well as Tsukishima too. At that moment, the one who had spent the night in a bed that wasn’t his, was lying on his stomach with his arms flexed and his hands under his chin, watching the pillow under him with a frown and a small pout. While at his side, Tsukishima was lying on his back, with his gaze fixed on the ceiling of his room. Neither had spoken since they had woken up, and the previous night they hadn't exchanged many words between them either. 

The blond turned his head to look at the one with whom he had become accustomed to spend his nights. Sometimes it was he who slept in one of Hufflepuff's rooms, and sometimes he slept alone because he needed his own space, but most of the time it was Yamaguchi who was in one of the Ravenclaw's bedrooms, since, in addition, Kunimi had also become accustomed to feeling like he had two roommates instead of one. Tsukishima glanced sideways at the bed that was still empty. He hadn’t seen his roommate return at night, so he supposed he came back late and woke up early, or not back at all.

And again he rested his eyes on the one next to him.

“Why are you angry?” He decided to ask him.

Yamaguchi's frown softened when he heard his voice.

"Because even though my house won, I didn’t contribute to the victory." He answered.

He was disappointed with himself because he didn’t think he did his best during the game no matter Hufflepuff won. He had barely been able to block some bludgers, and he was aware that Konoha had done most of the work as well as that he had been intimidated by the other team's players. He knew he could do better, and he didn’t want to disappoint his teammates, nor give them reasons to regret having let him be part of the team as well as to choose him as one of the official players. He was grateful that they had elected him as a starting player, and for that very reason he was annoyed, because he had had his chance to prove that he deserved to be part of the quidditch team of his house and be one of those involved in the game, and he had completely squandered it after letting fear and nerves invade every part of his body.

“Why are you angry?” He asked the blond.

Yamaguchi was aware that the one next to him didn’t carry his best smile because his house had lost against his, but he also knew him enough to know that something else was bothering him. Although apparently not enough to realize that he was the center of what made Tsukishima be even quieter than usual. And the one belonging to Hufflepuff was right to think that the defeat irritated him, as well as that the reason for the seriousness of his face was due to something else, since the blond gave him a look before returning to rest his eyes in the roof.

"Because you said I wasn’t your boyfriend," He murmured after a few seconds.

“What?” Yamaguchi raised his head when he didn’t hear him.

Tsukishima bit the inside of his lower lip. "Because you said I wasn’t your boyfriend," He repeated so that the other could hear him, making him look at him confused. “You told Bokuto-san that I wasn’t your boyfriend, and, I don’t know, it bothered me.”

A huge smile appeared on Yamaguchi's face.

That one by his side was part of the team that had lost the game, and yet he was more annoyed by the fact that he had expressed aloud that they hadn’t yet reached that part of the relationship.

“Why are you smilling?” Tsukishima asked him when he noticed the change in his expression.

And he was surprised when instead of answering, Yamaguchi chose to continue smiling while he didn’t hesitate to embrace him completely happy. Humming as a complaint didn’t prevent him from embracing him too, since he wasn’t used to the Hufflepuff showing him his love in that way, so he took advantage of that occasion while Yamaguchi continued to maintain a big smile on his face although he raised his head to look at him.

"Then let's change that so it doesn’t bother you," He expressed, his smile as innocent as animated.

Tsukishima opened his mouth several times, but couldn’t say anything.

And although suddenly the nerves attacked him because he knew the true meaning hidden behind those words, he felt a wave of tranquility embrace him when he stared at the one who continued to dedicate his most pleasant and entertaining smile. It had really annoyed him that Yamaguchi said he wasn’t his boyfriend, even though it was the truth. Most of the game he had been distracted for that reason, and didn’t want the same thing to happen in the next game even if he didn’t play against the one who was more than his best friend, so he gave him a light touch on the cheek that Yamaguchi seemed to enjoy after a smile of comfort appeared on his face. He had already allowed him to confess what he felt first, so on that occasion, he wanted to be the one to take the next step.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Tsukkshima asked him. 

Yamaguchi nodded completely happy.

"Yes, I do." He answered.

A kiss that began as a quick meeting between their lips after those words were exchanged, soon became a deeper and more intense caress that added their hands brushing their hair or their necks, until the mutual affection and the atmosphere that had begun to grow up between them was soon interrupted when they both heard that the door of the room was opened. It wasn’t the first time that Kunimi broke with the intimate moment of the two who were now an official couple, so none of the three felt embarrassed when the newcomer observed them a few seconds before heading to his bed, although that didn’t prevent Tsukishima from forming a disgusted pout, and he exchanged glances with Yamaguchi when Kunimi sat on his bed, watching his hands and looking more decayed than usual.

“Everything’s okay, Kunimi?” The Hufflepuff asked, sitting up as the one next to him.

The one who had previously met the captain and vice-captain of the Quidditch team to which he and the blond present belonged to, remained silent but looked up as he didn’t know what would happen if he decided to start talking. 

"You really did sleep with the enemy, Akaashi." Ennoshita voiced.

He walked from one place to the other, not caring that the people who passed by the corridor observed him in a surprise way because his footsteps were strong as his serious face made it clear that he wasn’t at all happy. Meanwhile the boy whose name he had mentioned, was standing with his back against the wall and his arms crossed.

They had decided to leave the Great Hall to talk quietly among them about what Kunimi had told them, although the calm hadn’t appeared to replace the concern they had begun to feel just because they had moved.

They had hoped that the fifth-year would like to chat with them to promise to train more or apologize because he didn’t give his best performance during the game, and they had already thought to respond that it was understandable that he was nervous during his first game and that the next one would be best. They hadn’t figured out what to answer to him after he assured them that he didn’t give his best not because he didn’t want to, but because something, or rather someone, had prevented him to do so. The two team leaders barely knew him, and probably wouldn’t know of his existence even if they belonged to the same house, if it wasn’t for the fact that the three of them played Quidditch, but they didn't hesitate to believe him since Kunimi seemed to be the type of person who accepted his mistakes and not the kind that made excuses to back up his failures.

“You said you accept when I'm right and that I accept when you are right too. Well, this time I still believe I'm right, and that you are the one who is wrong," Ennoshita expressed suddenly as he stopped walking from one side to the other to stay still in front of him.

“You were the one who jump in my defense.”

Akaashi certainly looked at him confused though his face remained as serious as ever, because although Ennoshita had just suggested that he had truly slept with the real enemy after understanding Kunimi's words, he had just insisted that he was still finding himself on the wrong side of the situation after thinking that Bokuto didn’t correspond to his feelings. He didn’t understand why Ennoshita had mentioned it at the time, nor why he had chosen to express those words when it was remarkable that at the moment he was having all the excuses in his favor to refer to Bokuto in a bad way. The Hufflepuff had addressed hurtful words to him during the match and Ennoshita was in fact the one that had jumped in his defense. He had gone to sleep with him although it would have been more reasonable to stay in his room, and Hufflepuff had beaten them.

"And that's precisely why you should believe me." Ennoshita mentioned while Akaashi continued to stare at him. “I want the best for you, and despite what Bokuto said, no matter if it was on the Express, before the game, during the game, or even after the game. Okay, he does know that you were never under the effects of the potion when you slept with him, and yet, he didn’t reject your company. He didn’t make you to stay in your room. He didn’t tell you that he knew you were pretending to be under the Amortentia's effects.”

The vice-captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team only wanted his best friend to see the situation of which he was the protagonist, from a more positive side.

“He's just a good person,” Akaashi gave a simple shrug. “Maybe he didn’t want me to feel embarrassed for lying. I still think he doesn’t like me.” He didn’t hesitate to reiterate, since he didn’t doubt that Ennoshita was mentioning all those words to change his way of thinking.

“And I still think you are not seeing the whole picture.”

“Then I guess I could say the same about you.” Akaashi chose to say, since just as Ennoshita believed that Bokuto corresponded his feelings, he believed the same about him and Tanaka.

"You know well, I know well, that my feelings are not reciprocated for sure." Ennoshita expressed seriously as soon as he knew what implications his words had entailed. “And you want to know why? Because Kiyoko-san actually exists. And whatever you are thinking, does not. There's a real person preventing my feelings to be mutual. In your case, it's just your mind.”

“That the person exists doesn’t mean that your feelings are not reciprocal,” Akaashi didn’t doubt to comment, since for him, Kiyoko remained totally oblivious to the feelings of Ennoshita for Tanaka as well as those of the Gryffindor for his best friend. “I still think your feelings are mutual and not mine.”

“And I think you are the lucky one and not me.”

Both looked at each other and then sighed.

“It seems evident that it doesn’t bother us to analyze situations unless we are the protagonists of them. Don’t you think?” Akaashi asked, beginning to play with his fingers, since just as for him it was obvious that his best friend had a person who felt the same for him, Ennoshita thought the same about him.

"We are so stubborn," Ennoshita agreed.

Akaashi just lifted the curves of his mouth momentarily to then return to remain serious and with his eyes on his fingers. He wouldn’t deny that he was stubborn as his best friend had mentioned, but he really didn’t find another way to look at his own situation when everything was more than obvious to him.

Bokuto had mentioned that he liked to wake up and see him by his side, just as in the same way he hadn’t hesitated to hold him back when he suggested he should leave. He had even spent the night with him even though his housemates had celebrated, and at that moment he was wearing one of his sweaters. But none of that meant that Bokuto corresponded to his feelings, but simply that he didn’t like to sleep alone. Maybe he even felt sorry for having won the game and had thought that inviting him to sleep and he accepting, established a kind of neutrality between both houses, because if they, the captains, were well together, then the rest of the players too. And besides, although Bokuto had said he was sorry, he didn’t mentioned exactly why. So for Akaashi, everything just stayed the same.

With the only difference that apparently, having remained distracted during the game was not the only thing that had led them to lose.

"And if it wasn’t someone from Hufflepuff?" Akaashi asked, returning to the topic of conversation for which they had left the Great Hall.

Kunimi had appeared to convey his thoughts with them, but at no time had he suggested who could be to blame for the reasons he  appeared to talk with them, which had only opened a range of possibilities that basically included all Hogwarts students, or at least the vast majority.

"Are you saying that because you don’t want me to get mad at you for sleeping with Bokuto?”

As soon as he talked, Ennoshita understood that he shouldn’t continue using sarcasm when a threatening look from his best friend was what he received, who also observed him in that way when he wanted to warn him not to try to continue tearing the limit of his patience. Ennoshita didn’t doubt that Akaashi's feelings were reciprocated, but that didn’t mean that at that moment he was willing to doubt anyone, since just as Kunimi's words had opened a range of possibilities, they had also managed to make him to rethink the game in his head, only returning to find himself in a bad mood, since he continued to dislike having lost. And more if the defeat apparently had to do with actions beyond those involved in the unfolding of Quidditch.

“And if it wasn’t someone from Hufflepuff, then who was it? They were against whom we played.” He added.

“What is was what I said before the game? Thinking is not a waste of time.”

Ennoshita also understood that he had to calm down and make a pause to think instead of making deliberate conclusions, leading by the anger that had been established within him because he didn’t consider it fair that someone bewitched the keeper of the team to which they belonged to. Someone stole them the victory, and he would make every effort to stop and think clearly instead of going around the castle pointing his wand to every student who belonged to Hufflepuff.

"I discard anyone from our own house," Akaashi expressed.


“Fukunaga and Kiyoko-san are smart enough to make Kunimi not realize that they bewitched him in case it was them. We don’t have another guardian on the team, and having the team keeper be distracted is partly what caused Hufflepuff to win, and whoever did it in case of being a Ravenclaw, wouldn’t be willing to be rejected by everyone of its same house only to go against Kunimi and therefore against the entire team. Besides, he speaks little, so I doubt he's in a fight with anyone. And then we're the rest of the team players, so messing with him would be messing with us too. And we don’t know any person in our house who wants that.”

"We also discard Kindaichi." Ennoshita said.


“He was the one who gave him the idea that someone could have hexed him.”

“Maybe to pretend to be innocent.”

“I don’t think so. They are best friends no matter if they are from different houses. And I don’t think Kindaichi would be willing to lose his friendship with him. You saw how he was standing at the doors of the Great Hall, looking at Kununi while he talked to us. It shows that he is worried.”

“But we don’t rule out that it could have been someone from Slytherin.”

“Of course not.”

“What about the Hufflepuff players?”

“We can’t have the wands with us during the game.”

“Which doesn’t prevent someone from doing it anyway.”

“And who would you distrust then?” Ennoshita asked, “I propose that we discard Bokuto.”

Akaashi looked at him. "You don’t have to rule him out just because I spend time with him," He said.

“I know. I discard him because during the game he was too obsessed with you to worry about bewitching Kunimi. I doubt he's capable of being mounted on a broom and concentrating on bewitching him when he's in the middle of a game. I'm even surprised that he thought of you during the game, he never concentrates on anything else when it comes to quidditch.”

Akaashi bit his lower lip when he heard that according to his best friend, it was a surprise that the seventh-year had focused on him during the game of quidditch, but shook his head to stop rejoicing in that detail and thus concentrate on the clear problem that they had to solve.

"I propose that we discard the rest of the players as well," Akaashi inquired, “I know that Watari wouldn’t do it, nor would Asahi-san. I'm sure the two freshmen, Yamaguchi and Lev, don’t know how to charm someone, and Kenma would have noticed if Terushima had tried something. Koganegawa wasn’t playing but I have the feeling that he doesn’t even know where he is standing, and Komi-san, Shibayama, and Kai-san have always been decent people as well as Konoha-san. I don’t want to start believing otherwise.”

“Someone else from Hufflepuff could have been. It would be reasonable considering that we played against them.”

Ennoshita observed his best friend after not listening to him hold another comment, and he knew Akaashi was letting his brain work as fast as he could after he recognized that flash of concentration that appeared in his blue eyes when he sought to find an answer quickly.

"Gryffindor won the game and I know I'm not considered a threat as a captain, so if Ravenclaw lost or won, it wouldn’t be a threat to them. Slytherin lost and the situation continues to look unfavorable to them, and between Bokuto's strategies and mine as a captain, mine can be taken as more conflicting when it comes to analyzing and planning tactics in a game. The fact that someone from Slytherin did it could be a possibility, considering that our next match is also against them, and a bad morale in our team for having lost could be convenient considering that they also lost. I think the fact that Kindaichi gave Kunimi the idea was just a coincidence," He explained.

The quidditch tournament involved the four houses, and Akaashi thought that focusing on the present wasn’t enough to solve the dilemma they suddenly had in their hands. He didn’t rule out that someone from Gryffindor or Hufflepuff could had done it, but considering the competitive environment that enveloped the teams once the championship began, he didn’t rule out the possibility that anyone would have done so in order to get their house consecrated as the tournament champion.

"So you're saying that it's likely that someone from Slytherin has done it.”

“What is it with my house?” They both heard suddenly.

And the two couldn’t help but be in a certain way of defense when they spotted Kuroo. 

"It never crossed my mind to think you could have done it, but I dismiss you anyway because your silence makes it clear that it wasn’t you." Akaashi said.

"Oh, thank you darling, I feel fortunate that your analytical mind has ruled me out of being the culprit." Kuroo mentioned, giving him a false smile to which the Ravenclaw didn’t react.

While he was standing, Kuroo had taken place in one of the benches of one of the castle's many inner gardens although the Ravenclaw captain hadn’t liked the fact the Slytherin had appeared to interrupt his conversation with Ennoshita, since it meant that he could have listened to them from the beginning or that any other person had also been close enough to hear them, so he considered changing places a good idea. The winter weather frightened most of the students, so only the two of them were in that garden, since in addition, Akaashi knew that Ennoshita wouldn’t be able to contain his typical comments as Kuroo wouldn’t doubt to use his provocative personality as well as his sarcasm against him just like he did with him, so he didn’t hesitate to kick his best friend out so that he could deal and chat with the Slytherin alone.

He didn’t considered it a bad idea to tell Kuroo what happened, not only because he wanted to study his reactions as he told him what happened, but also to dismiss him as a possible person causing the problem, and after he told him the problem at which Kuroo reacted being sarcastic and smiling to him even though Akaashi's serious face didn’t changed, the Slytherin finally lowered his eyes on the little grass that remained, and let out a sigh.

"And to think I was looking for you so we could talk," He mentioned.

Akaashi raised an eyebrow at the sound of it, and sat beside him, somewhat apart.

“Talk about what?”

“The owl that I have for best friend may be a fool sometimes and most of his ideas doesn’t make sense, but I must admit that I wasn’t at all displeased when he joined the four of us so that you could help me with the topic of the captaincy,” He started to say, referring to the time when Bokuto had called the boy with him and Daichi so they could give him advice on how to lead his own team. “And since we're both team captains, and we both lost our first game, I figured it would be good to chat. But with what you have told me, now it’s clear that I lost because I don’t know how to be a captain, whereas you lost because someone else wanted you to do it.”

Akaashi looked at him askance, thinking that as he had mentioned to Ennoshita before, most of the time he knew how to analyze the situations that were presented to him.

“I would like to give you the reason. And it would be so convenient for me to take advantage of this moment to lower your mood considering that in the next match we will be rivals." Kuroo was surprised to hear him speak with such honesty, although at the same time no because he knew the boy sitting next to him was one of those who preferred to watch you seriously while they judged you with their eyes, instead of holding a fake smile. “But I'm not that kind of person, and the fact that the keeper of my team has been enchanted to become a disadvantage, doesn’t change that we lost anyway. I didn’t give my best effort either. I even questioned whether I should remain as captain.”

The one belonging to Slytherin smiled sideways when he heard him.

"I know that this is due to a certain totally noisy person we both know." He said, making the sixth-year look at him even if he chose to remain silent. “I don’t think you should question your position in the team just because you lost a game," He added.

“Then why do you do the same with you?”

Kuroo remained stunned. Akaashi hadn’t mentioned the last words of his previous sentences because he wanted to share with him what was going through his head, but because he really didn’t consider himself a bad person, and didn’t see the sense in competing against a team whose leader didn’t believe in himself. And also because he wanted to get the victory by playing clean and not resting obtaining the cup in manipulations and deceptions.

"It's easier said than done." The older of the two said.

“I don’t deny it.”

Both remained silent.

Kuroo was still totally concerned about the idea of playing another quidditch game that seemed to be closer with each passing day. The fact that everyone had turned their attention to Hufflepuff's recent match against Ravenclaw didn’t take away the fact that the sixth-year players of his own team were still not showing up for practice, and that they had players to replace them, even though he didn’t want to because he knew that those of a year younger than him had real skills to get the team to win and break the losing streak that had accompanied them since the championship had begun. He didn’t want to lose another game, and he knew that the boy next to him either, so the pressure on his shoulders only increased. He was aware that Akaashi had a brilliant mind and a great ability to devise strategies that he couldn’t even imagine, so he considered it normal to be nervous to know that trying to defeat his next opponent was more difficult than what it looked like, since unlike those who underestimated Akaashi as captain, he didn’t.

“Why haven’t you said anything to Coach Ukai?” He decided to ask him.

“And be the person who made the Quidditch tournament be paused? Or even cancelled?”

Akaashi shook his head, and Kuroo understood.

Any student who had more than two neurons wouldn’t hesitate to point to the Ravenclaw as the guilty that made the tournament come to an end after only having started in case he decided to speak with one of the adults.

“I understand that the people of my house seem the best to accuse, but tell your vice-captain not to go around looking for a fight with my players or with my housemates.“ Kuroo inquired after having felt the look of rejection Ennoshita gave him before he left. “Anyone could have been. People who are not from my house. I will help you try to solve the problem as long as you don’t seek to confront Slytherin outside the stadium.”

They both stared at each other. For each one there was no doubt as to why the other had been elected captain.

“Fine, I will try that few people find out. And I hope you do the same." Akaashi said.

Kuroo nodded.

The two who promptly ceased to be gathered in one of the inner gardens of the castle, were satisfied with the exchange of words between them. Akaashi didn’t regret having told him about Kunimi, and although there wasn’t necessarily a friendship between the two, he was glad that the Slytherin had approached him with the intention of chatting about both occupying the same position in their respective teams. While for his part, Kuroo hadn’t hesitated to approach him not only because he had been able to see what happened with Bokuto during the match, but because he had also wanted to speak honestly with Akaashi about the two being captains of the teams that lost in the first round of games. Only to finish learning, also, that someone could be influencing the results of the matches, deciding to start by nagging Ravenclaw first.

He stopped when he thought he recognized the blond who was sitting near the fountain in the courtyard of the Clock Tower, since he remembered him after having seen him play in the game, because he was playing in the same position as him, as well as also because he didn’t seem to have wanted to be one of the starting players, or at least that was what he had implied with his performance in the match.

He didn’t know why, but he soon found himself in front of him.

The blond looked up to see who had interrupted his moment alone.

"I talked with your captain," Kuroo told him, not knowing why, since he didn’t even talk with Akaashi about their respective players.

Tsukishima raised an eyebrow at him, wondering when the captain of his team had conversations with the captain of the Slytherin team.


Had Akaashi sent him to talk to him?

"We play in the same position," Kuroo chose to say.

The blond had believed that Akaashi had sent him just for that reason.

"Yes, I already knew."

Because as Kuroo had observed him, Tsukishima had observed him in the first match of the tournament, although there was no person in Hogwarts who didn’t know the name or knew about the abilities of the Slytherin captain, as well the problems he was currently facing with the people from his own team.

"Another observant Ravenclaw, I'm not surprised," The seventh-year said.

He wasn’t surprised that he had told him that he knew they both occupied the same position, not because he had attended the first game, but because he believed that everyone in the house led by an eagle was extremely attentive.

“Other annoying Slytherin, I'm not surprised.”

“Auch,” Kuroo put both hands on his chest, “My poor heart." He winced.

“You don’t have a heart.”

“How could you know if you don’t either?”

While Tsukishima formed a grimace of disgust because finally someone responded with the same sarcasm and irony with which he usually developed, Kuroo smiled in an entertaining way because he knew that the blond didn’t expected him to be equally ingenious when speaking.

"Are you going player by player to make sure we don’t think you were the one to charm Kunimi?” The blond asked.

The one belonging to Slytherin raised an eyebrow as his smirk disappeared from his face.

“How do you know about Kunimi?” He asked him.

“Apparently I can ask you the same question.”

Their eyes met for a second.

"Your captain." Kuroo answered at his own question.


Both were surprised to hear each other.

After Kunimi decided to tell them why he seemed to be more serious than usual, both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi felt that it was a good idea for the second of them to return to his common room instead of continuing to stay in a bedroom in their house because although Kunimi didn’t accuse him with his eyes or with his words, a growing tension had begun to decorate the environment around them, so Yamaguchi ceased to be the third to be present in that room, and Tsukishima opted for spending some time alone after lunch. Although his moment to be only with his thoughts was interrupted by the one who at that moment placed his hands at the sides of his own waist and watched him.

“Don't go over there talking about it. Akaashi has asked me the same." He stated.

The blond remained silent at the request, but was forced to continue talking with him when he noticed that he wasn’t left alone.

“Anything else?” He asked.

“You indeed are stiff.”


Kuroo smiled amused.

“I could help you, if you want. Give you advice for the next game.”

“You do realize that our houses will face each other in the next match, right?”

“I know I suck at being captain. But I still consider myself a very good beater.”

The fifth-year watched him carefully. He didn’t inspire him confidence and he didn’t understand why he wanted to help him when their houses would be rivals the next time they played a game. Tsukishima thought that those belonging to the Slytherin house weren’t to his liking, although he usually didn’t trust anyone, sometimes not even his own self. But he also had to accept that the one in front of him was considered a great beater and he could take advantage of the fact that he seemed willing to share with him his knowledge of the position they shared.

“Tsukishima,” He murmured.


He snorted, annoyed. "My name is Tsukishima, Tsukishima Kei." He introduced himself.

“Kuroo Tetsurou,” The other one said along with his typical smirk.

And once again, the Ravenclaw already knew that too.

Chapter Text

Although the weekend was over and the students were again engulfed in classes and homework to be done and finished, the subject that still surrounded the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses hadn’t been taken away with the two days off. Nothing had prevented more people from continuing to learn about what had happened, and by the start of the week, all players from both teams of the houses whose match had been played over the weekend, were aware of what happened during the same. Both Bokuto and Konoha had approached Akaashi and Ennoshita to talk to them and reassure them that no member of their team had been involved, although the two from Ravenclaw mentioned that they had already dismissed them as possible causes of the problem. Kuroo was still the only Slytherin, apart from Kindaichi, to know about it, because although Kuroo trusted and knew that he could rest his confidence in Oikawa, he would tell Iwaizumi, and therefore, everyone would end up knowing before he could foresee it, so he had chosen to keep quiet and make sure that his best friend didn’t say anything, since he was aware that it was more likely that all Hogwarts students would find out about what happened because Bokuto couldn’t keep his mouth shut instead of other reason, though fortunately, Akaashi had also chosen to hold a serious conversation with the Hufflepuff captain because he was equally aware of his tendency to shout everything and speak without hindrance.

No one from Gryffindor knew about what happened, and those from other houses who did know, planned that to continue in the same way since they didn’t need more students to continue to get involved in the matter, much less that the problem reach the ears of teachers.

Ennoshita knew who was aware of the problem and who was not, and for that very reason, several minutes ago he was observing Yahaba. The one belonging to Slytherin was sitting at one of the tables in the library totally immersed in the books that were left in front of him, so he hadn’t noticed that the black-haired boy was watching him for fifteen minutes, wondering if approaching him was the best option or not. The one belonging to Ravenclaw had spent too much time talking about it with his roommates, and although they had determined that they wouldn’t blame anyone until they could get some clue to guide them to the culprit, Ennoshita couldn’t stop thinking and feeling that those belonging to Slytherin were related to the matter, not only because they were their next rivals and generally generated distrust, but because he knew that the one seated in the library, like the other sixth-year students who belonged to the Quidditch team, continued to be absent in the practices and anyway being chosen like titular players, reason why if they didn’t worry about their own house, then there was no obstacle that prevented them from interfering with the other houses.

Ennoshita knew that his brain wouldn’t betray him and he would remain calm, but as he decided to approach the Slytherin member to sit in front of him, he also took into account that the one who was now in front of him was also able to cope with cunning.

Yahaba took a deep breath when he saw him.

"In case you didn’t know, some of us try to do well in the subjects," He said, closing the book in front of him, knowing that the one who had just appeared wouldn’t hesitate to distract him from his study time. “What do you come for, to speak loser to loser? It seems that now the only thing we have in common besides detesting each other is that we lost the first game.”

However, instead of responding sarcastically or superiorly as always, Ennoshita remained silent for a few seconds staring at him as he had been doing for several seconds, which made Yahaba raise an eyebrow at not hearing his voice expressing some wordiness that would get him irritated.

“I'll be direct. And I hope you don’t lie to me.” Ennoshita finally spoke.

He hoped not to make a mistake because he knew that Akaashi would be angry with him if he did so while the Slytherin continued to be increasingly intrigued by whatever it was that was making the one in front of him stay serious instead of holding up his typical annoying smile.

“Someone hexed Kunimi so he couldn’t do his duty as keeper during the game.”

He really hoped not to make the worst mistake by mentioning those words aloud.

“It was you?” He asked.

Everyone who knew about the matter had agreed not to talk to other people or continue increasing the number of students who did know about the problem, and the confidence of all his team and even more those of his best friends, and specifically, his captain, remained on his shoulders, so he hoped not to have been confused by adding one more person. He had been thinking about it during the weekend, and even though one of his favorite pastimes was bothering him, the one who at that moment stared at him without reacting in any specific way, had turned out to be a potential cause of the problem.

But Ennoshita arched an eyebrow as he remained confused when he watched Yahaba store his book in his backpack and get up.

“Of course Slytherins will always be the ones to blame.” It was all he said before he left.

Although his face was severe, his annoyed tone of voice made it clear that the question, and therefore the accusation made by the Ravenclaw, who remained alone at the library table, wasn’t of his liking at all, since Yahaba didn’t hesitate to make his absence something visible, making Ennoshita wonder if he should consider his words as a justified reaction, or as a way to avoid him, and if he had made a fatal mistake, or made a possible discovery. Although he didn’t have time to think about it since he was again accompanied.

“Again bothering Yahaba?” Tanaka asked, standing in front of him, for he had seen the Slytherin leave the library with a face too serious even to be him, and guessed the reason as soon as he saw Ennoshita. “Now what happened?”

The one belonging to Ravenclaw seemed to stop being immersed in his thoughts after a few seconds.

“Nothing.” Was the only thing he answered.

Tanaka knew that something was happening, but he didn’t push it anyway.

"I wanted to talk to you," He mentioned instead.

“Why?” Ennoshita asked confused.

The one belonging to Ravenclaw was so focused on the matter regarding one of the players of his own team, that his body didn’t react in the same way as all the previous times when he was together with the one belonging to Gryffindor. He wasn’t nervous, and he realized that he hadn’t exchanged words with him since the other time he had appeared after he had been bothering Yahaba himself, just as on that occasion. And he remembered that he had treated him in a moderately disinterested manner, so he was surprised when Tanaka answered his question.

“I wanted to know how you are. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask you after the game.”

An involuntary smile appeared on Ennoshita's face, but he didn’t hesitate to be serious again as soon as he realized that. The absence of nerves lasted little, and his body seemed to be delighted with the idea of reminding him that his feelings for the boy next to him hadn’t disappeared either, nor the discomfort he felt because his feelings were unrequited. His conversation with Akaashi beginning to cloud his thoughts.

"You practically disappeared after the game," Tanaka added, giving him a soft kick on his leg.

“I had it justified, don’t you think?”

“A lost match is not the end of the championship.”

“I know, but it still sucks to have lost.”

“It happens to you for not having accepted my advice,” The Gyrffindor expressed smiling sideways. Ennoshita only reacted by rolling his eyes although a small smile made its way into his face. “Do you want us to walk for a while? It could clear your head," Tanaka suggested, “And so I could give you my advice," He added on purpose, still smiling.

Ennoshita didn’t forget that he was angry at him because he didn’t reciprocate his feelings and that even those same ones were directed towards a girl from his own house, just as he didn’t forget that he had probably made a mistake by being sincere with Yahaba when he asked him if he had anything to do with what happened with Kunimi. Not to mention that he could already imagine Akaashi scolding him for increasing the number of people who knew about the issue when they had agreed that they would try to make sure nobody else found out, and therefore making him sleep out of the room or running more laps during training as well as loading all the brooms of those who belonged to the team that the two coordinated. He considered that he had already made enough mistakes for that day, so nothing would happen if he added one more.

"Sure," He agreed. 


Just as those belonging to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had agreed among themselves not to talk about it with anyone who was not aware of the matter, Kuroo had had a similar conversation with Kindaichi, although it had cost him to approach the fifth-year because even though they were in the same team, they weren’t close and Kindaichi was still the one who had chosen to call Oikawa as captain instead of him even if it hadn’t been on purpose, so the nerves of the fifth-year to be alone with Kuroo and therefore, thinking that he would retaliate with him for what happened in the first practice, hadn’t helped the seventh-year to talk quietly with him, until the younger of the two understood that he wanted to talk to him about what happened to his best friend. And although that moment served to bring both of them closer, and Kindaichi understood that Kuroo was looking for answers as well as Kuroo felt that Kindaichi did want him as captain even though he had a closer relationship with Oikawa, they couldn’t think who could have thought who that person might have been in annoying Kunimi, and therefore the rest of those belonging to Ravenclaw.

Kuroo looked away from the book in front of him as from the corner of his eye, he glimpsed that someone had sat next to him at the table in his house in the Great Hall. Since the game versus Gryffindor, and therefore, the first defeat of Slytherin in the championship, some people from his own house didn’t hesitate to give him glances that expressed nothing but resentment because they didn’t doubt to blame him for the lost match. He had expected Oikawa to be the one to approach because he had somehow learned about what happened with Kunimi, since he had spoken with Kindaichi and hadn’t taken away the possibility that those two spoke considering how close they were; that Kindaichi himself had opted for approaching him to speak again, that Bokuto had appeared although he usually did so in a more reckless and noisy way, or that even, Yahaba or Futakuchi had finally chosen to approach him to explain what was happening.

In his head had been the possibility that several people had chosen to approach him, but under no circumstances had he expected that the one who at that time left his book of Advanced Potions on the table, was nothing less than Akaashi, who only gave him a sideways glance before opening the book.

"I thought we had some kind of agreed-upon deal," Kuroo said once the surprise at his sudden companionship provoked him, and he rested his eyes on the essay he was preparing.

“What are you talking about?” Akaashi asked not sounding curious, and also seemed not interested after turning the pages of the book in front of him until he reached the indicated section.

“The Ravenclaw table is yours and Kiyoko's. Slytherin is mine and Oikawa’s," The older one explained, resting his flume on the ink jar. “I thought we had some silent agreement in which no one would try to draw attention to another table, because as you should know, several people are after us.”

Kuroo held a big, amused smirk on his face when Akaashi gave him a serious look, making him understand that he had figured out that he had referred to the fact that they had graceful facial features that many wanted to admire up close. Lips that several people wished to kiss with theirs, eyes that many imagined to cross with theirs, and skin that the majority longed to caress with their fingers.

"I won’t say anything good about you if that's what you're looking for," The Ravenclaw said before returning to rest his eyes on the book.

"Well, I think you're pretty smart," Kuroo inquired anyway, and took advantage of his words to cast a sidelong glance at the section where Akaashi had opened his book to verify that he intended to read about Eternal Elixirs. “I didn’t know you were good at Potions, I thought you were advanced in Charms."

“Delighted that you run out of competition?” Akaashi didn’t hesitate to express after having sighted that he was doing an essay on Charms. “Try don’t to, I'm also advanced in Charms," He rested his eyes on him, and Kuroo held a fake smile when he noticed that the curves of Akaashi's mouth rose in sign of being entertained with his own words. “But I'm having problems with Potions.”

“Huh? Then you passively approached me for me to give you my help. Didn’t you?” Again Kuroo was the one to smirk in a satisfied way when with his words, he managed to make Ravenclaw cast a serious look at him.

“Why would I if you are only advanced in Spells?”

“Because you being in Ravenclaw and I in Slytherin doesn’t take away that I still have a great intelligence,” Kuroo replied without a trace of arrogance in his words, and Akaashi barely turned to the side when the Slytherin stretched his neck to read the pages he had pretended to read. “You have problems because you trust the theory too much," He said, and although Akaashi raised an eyebrow at the sound of him, he was certainly intrigued when Kuroo opted to take his flume to cross out one of the instructions of the elixirs with it. “Don’t worry, I'm not ruining your book. You can erase it later if you want," He added, although he had begun to write over the line he had crossed out, knowing that Akaashi was interposing his eyes between him and his book, but not observing him reproachfully for having written on one of the pages. “You must also have experience and practice to get the best results.”

When he broke away holding a true smile on his face instead of a vain smirk, Akaashi glanced at him before resting his eyes on his book, reading what he had written on it.

“But there it says two acacia branches. Why did you write three orchid petals?”

"Because you must make mistakes to learn." Kuroo tapped Akaashi’s forehead with his flume, which in reality only resulted in a rose after that being soft, and he put it back on the jar. “I was only in some classes, but I remember that it was frustrating not being able to make the potion work for us, until we started to experiment to have fun, and we discovered that the orchid petals work better.”

Akaashi raised an eyebrow, that being his way of showing that the data had been interesting, and again rested his eyes on the book as if at that precise moment he was learning the new information for future classes. “Thank you.” He expressed, certainly demonstrating that he appreciated the gesture.

“Did you want to sit with me because your vice-captain is not present, and because you want to make it clear that you don’t think against Slytherin when you think about what happened with Kunimi?” Kuroo asked him, because although he wasn’t surprised anymore, he continued thinking of the reason of the presence of Akaashi by his side, since although they knew each other since the Ravenclaw was in first year and therefore himself in second year, that time probably was the first one that Akaashi approached him by his own motive and not because Bokuto had dragged one of the two.

“And to think I was looking for you so we could talk,” Was the only thing Akaashi mentioned before releasing an exaggerated sigh, which only made Kuroo hold an intrigued smile on his face because the same gesture added a tint of curiosity to the words he had copied him, since he had mentioned exactly the same when he had approached to speak with him.

“Talk about what?” He asked, choosing to imitate the answer the Ravenclaw had given him that time.

"Maybe... it's not..." Akaashi looked around them, seeming to want to speak but at the same time refusing to say the words out loud. “Maybe it's not a bad idea for us to talk because our teams were the ones to lose the first games." He decided to expressed, and rolled his eyes as soon as he rested his gaze on Kuroo only to see him extremely entertaining because he had just agreed with him as well as saying that his ideas, at least one of them, was good, okay at most.

“How are you feeling?”

Akaashi once again rested his eyes on the Slytherin, although this time to continue observing him when instead of a smirk of annoyance, he only saw honest concern and interest in both his tone of voice as in his facial expression.

“The feeling of annoyance just doesn’t go away. Does it?”

Kuroo simply held a small smile at the same time he hummed shortly, and chose to turn his body to stay watching the side of the one sitting near him, as well as he chose to rest his elbow on the table and one side of his face against the palm of his hand as he watched Akaashi, who continued to observe him.

"Not a week went by, give yourself time." He said.

“But more than a week has passed and you're still upset.”

“I think our cases are different.”

“I think you feel it would be good if what happened with Kunimi only turns out to be a joke, because you still believe that I lost because someone hexed him, while you because you think you don’t know how to be a captain. But we both lost, beyond everything.”

"I'm afraid of our confrontation, Akaashi, and I think you too." Kuroo expressed.

“Then if you know that like you, I fear our next confrontation within the field of quidditch, also, in some corner of your head mixed with a dubious amount of bedhair," Kuroo arched an eyebrow when momentarily Akaashi's eyes slid to his tangled black hair, "You must think that in the end you are a good captain, because otherwise I wouldn’t be afraid of you nor your team. And if you are afraid of me, it’s because of my way of getting around, and by the players that make up my team, and not because you are not able to face me as a captain.”

"For being my next rival and someone who usually despises me, you want to inflate my ego too much," Kuroo told him, because through his words, the Ravenclaw only made it clear that he feared his way of thinking as much as he feared his.

“I don’t inflate your ego, you inflate it yourself.”

The Slytherin gave a false laugh. "You didn’t deny despising me," He pointed out. 

“I don’t see the point in lying.”

Kuroo interposed his gaze between his lips and his eyes and then narrowed his eyes slightly as he formed an amused smile with his lips when he saw that a corner of Akaashi's mouth lifted, indicating that this was his way of annoying him.

"I just hope that when we beat you, you won’t be too hard with yourself because one of my beaters will use your own advices against you." Akaashi added before resting his eyes on his book, smiling inwardly because Kuroo immediately gave a faint surprise gasp when he heard him.

“Annoyed that I spend time with your players?” He asked him, since apparently Tsukishima had already informed his captain about the fact that he had suggested that they both practice together because they were both beaters, and that that was more important than the fact of belonging to different houses.

“While you don’t do it as a kind of reward or apology after feeling guilty for being the one who bewitched Kunimi, then you're free to spend time with my players.” Akaashi commented, and Kuroo rolled his eyes, but then looked back at him with a sideways smile in his face, finding himself amused after learning that the Ravenclaw could speak the same language of sarcasm and irony, although he had always suspected that maybe they weren't so different.

“You know I didn’t do it.”

"I know," Akaashi assured him.

“You only approached me to let me know that you know I spend time with one of your beaters, and in that way make it clear that you know everything that happens around you even if you are not present?”

“I didn’t realize that someone hexed the keeper of my own team in a game in which I was present. As much as I would like to thank the praise hidden in your words, I can’t accept it." Akaashi stated totally serious, as well as his tone of voice.

“Hey, don’t be hard on yourself.” Kuroo didn’t hesitate to say as soon as he understood that the Ravenclaw was blaming himself for not realizing that someone had messed with his team in front of his own eyes.

“That's something I don’t know how to do,” Akaashi expressed holding a smile a bit false but also honest.

“You know, instead of bothering me because as you think, you will win us and therefore an apprentice of mine will have won me, I will enjoy my time bothering you when they give you an excellent qualification for approving Advanced Potions after the help I have given you,” Kuroo told him to try to cheer him up, and grinned as the Ravenclaw watched him. “Maybe I'll even make you accept out loud that I'm smarter than you.”

"I'll just accept that you're smarter than me in case you find out who was the one who bewitched Kunimi before me," Akaashi assured him, and despite the problems involved, Kuroo smiled sideways.

“Are you implying a competition between us besides Quidditch, Ravenclaw?”

"No, Slytherin. I'm just making it clear that we, Ravenclaws, are not proud and therefore know when and how to accept when we need help and when we do not, just like when we think it's better to unite brains, than to stay apart.”

“Then you're implying that I'm smart.”

"No more than me," Akaashi chose to say in order not to accept his words and therefore not raise the size of his ego, nor give them for denials because although perhaps he hadn’t said it so directly, he believed that the boy next to him was extremely intelligent.

“I'll take that as a compliment.”

Akaashi just let out a silent sigh before again turning his eyes to his book, and Kuroo smiled sideways before opting to roll up his scroll and then get up, getting the Ravenclaw to rest his eyes on him again.

"Concentrate on your studies instead of what happened during the game, and I'll do the opposite," He expressed looking at him. “After all, two brains are better than one, aren’t they?” He kept a smile on his face as soon as Akaashi rolled his eyes when he heard him, and Kuroo didn’t doubt to wink at him and then retire from the Great Hall.

He wasn’t sure what to think accurately about what happened with Kunimi, but he did believe that discovering who was the culprit meant to use a lot of his time concentrating and not letting himself be carried away by the stereotypes that surrounded the houses, because as well as many didn’t hesitate to point at him with their finger after accusing him of being the reason why they had lost against Gryffindor, he knew that in the same way, many thought of Slytherin as the people who created the most number of troubles, but he was satisfied that at least the captain of Ravenclaw wasn’t one of those people.

Until without looking for, he remained as disappointed as surprised when he realized that the new competition that he had begun with Akaashi to see who discovered the culprit first, had ended as fast as it had started, because although he thought he could consecrate victory for himself, he couldn’t give all the credit to himself.

"I just lied to Ennoshita," He heard when he found himself near the common room of his house.

He immediately recognized Yahaba's voice and was thankful that he hadn’t been walking fast enough to be able to stay behind the corner where both corridors were joined so his presence wouldn’t be exposed.

"I don’t care," He also recognized Futakuchi's voice.

Nothing disturbing had been mentioned, but as soon as he heard those words, Kuroo knew that a new problem was in his hands, and he shook his head as he rolled his eyes for the same reason.

“Futakuchi, if they find out I-“

"They won’t," The other cut him. “Besides, why do you seem so worried about Ennoshita? Since when do you care about what he thinks?”

“Shut the hell up.”

The Slytherin Quidditch team captain knew that the conversation between the two ended when he heard footsteps going to the other side of the corridor, and he avoided hitting the wall on which his back was rested only to not attract the attention of those two who he had listened talking.

He had expected the sixth-year duo to have nothing to do with it.

He had hoped that no one in his house would have been involved.

He had hoped that all the unspoken allegations against Slytherin of the others wouldn't be true.

And yet, all his thoughts focused on a single detail that captured his attention after repeating the conversation he had just heard in his head. He had listened the name of the vice-captain of the Ravenclaw team, as well as the reason why he hadn’t seen him in the Great Hall with Akaashi, who apparently, would have to accept that he was the smartest one.

Chapter Text

Ennoshita was angry with himself for not being able to talk to Akaashi about the walk he had taken along with Tanaka the previous day, since talking about it involved mentioning that the Gryffindor had approached him in the library only because he had first approached to Yahaba to mention the problem with Kunimi, and even dare to ask him if he had been the one to enchant him. But he didn’t regret having done it. Of agreeing to spend his time with Tanaka, as well as having asked the question to the Slytherin.

However, he felt that it wasn’t fair on his part to have another person learn about what had happened in the game when he had promised not to open his mouth, so he decided to repair that fault by doing something that would be convenient for his best friend, good enough so that Akaashi wouldn’t get completely mad at him when he found out that he had opened his mouth with Yahaba. Which explained why he was getting closer to the Hufflepuff’s quidditch team captain who was currently throwing up the quaffle up and down in one of the castle's inner gardens, while other students around him continued with their own routines, although Bokuto stopped throwing the ball and hold it up on his chest as soon as he saw him.

"I swear I haven’t told anyone." He expressed before the Ravenclaw could even say anything.

Ennoshita would have giggled because it was funny that Bokuto thought he had only approached him to make sure he hadn’t opened his mouth, when in fact he had done it himself, so he simply smiled out of politeness.

“I wanted to talk to you about something else. More like someone.”

“Someone?” The seventh-year tilted his head, “Do you already know who did it?”

He wished he could answer that question with an affirmation.

“No, but I wanted to talk to you about Akaashi.”

“Akaashi betrayed his own team?!”

After uttering those words, Bokuto wondered if Akaashi had really been the one to betray his own team after having enchanted the guardian of his own team, and if for the same reason he had spotted him talking with Kuroo in the Great Hall, wondering if he had sat by his side to assure him that the subject had therefore come to an end. Although, then, that meant that Akaashi would also soon approach him too, and that he had first approached the Slytherin captain instead of him.

Ennoshita covered Bokuto's mouth as soon as he released that shout that attracted the attention of some around them, and then let out a big sigh before removing his hands from his mouth. “No, I wanted to talk about what happened in the game. Not about Kunimi," He said, lowering his voice at the end of the sentence, while Bokuto watched him having understand that Akaashi had then approached Kuroo for another reason. “Me screaming at you for Akaashi. Sorry by the way, I shouldn’t have raised my voice at you the way I did.”

“It's fine, I guess.”

Bokuto seemed to lower ten levels of energy as soon as he heard him.

"I just think you should start measuring your words," Ennoshita opted to say.

Although Ennoshita was clear with his words, and his stern look contributed so that the seventh-year could witness the seriousness the boy before him scattered, Bokuto tilted his head to observe him with a slight frown and an expression of confusion.

“Do you have a rule?” He asked.


“I don’t have one and you said I have to measure my words.”

Ennoshita wouldn’t have hesitated to hit him in the head in the case of being someone else, more as he knew that Bokuto was special in his own way, so he just sighed before trying another strategy, because he didn’t want to give up on the idea of compensating his error, and in the process, making Akaashi see that he was the wrong one.

“What I mean is that you should watch what you say with caution.”

“I didn’t know words could be seen. You can make that kind of spell?”

The one belonging to Ravenclaw hit his own face with both hands. Wanting to help his best friend could be more difficult than he had thought. However, he was sure of something, and that was that the guy in front of him liked Akaashi.

“Bokuto, you don’t want someone to hurt Akaashi, right?” He asked him.

“I would kill anyone who dared to hurt him!” He exclaimed, frowning.

The sixth-year smiled after finally making himself understood. “And why?”

“Because I don’t like to see him sad.”

“You don’t like to see Kuroo sad either.”

“I don’t like to see anyone sad. But Akaashi much less. I don’t like to know that someone did him wrong or hurt him. He doesn’t deserve it.” He said, his mind returning to the fact that he had seen them both talking in the Great Hall after Ennoshita had mentioned the name of the Slytherin captain.

"And you would do anything to make him be okay, wouldn’t you?" Bokuto nodded rampantly. “And how do you know when Akaashi is sad or happy? It’s not easy to realize that he could be suffering and not prove anything, or that he could also be more than happy and not smile, no matter how happy he is.”

“Because he’s Akaashi. He doesn’t need to do all of that. I know what he feels even if he doesn’t show it.”

“What if I told you that recently someone has been hurting him by telling him that his inexpression is obvious?” He asked.

“I would look for them and tell them not to do it anymore!”

“Well, you won’t have to look for them, because that someone is you.”

Bokuto remained totally disoriented when he heard him mention those words, which turned out to be totally true. Because although Akaashi wasn’t the most obvious person, Ennoshita had managed to understand how his friend felt after observing him in the years of friendship they had. Sometimes silence was more effective than an expression or a couple of words together.

“Akaashi hasn’t stopped thinking about all the words you've said to him since we started classes. You tell him to express himself more and you never know what goes on in his head because he doesn’t smile when he is happy, because he doesn’t frown when he is annoyed, and because he doesn’t pout his lips or let his eyes water when he is sad. But I know him, Bokuto, and your words affect him so much that I can’t understand. He never lets others thoughts and words affect him, but when it comes to you, it happens. You are the only one who has an impact on him, and you are wasting it by hurting him. Haven’t you thought how he might feel after you told him he never shows his feelings?”

Sometimes Bokuto could take a long time to understand what they were talking about or the point people wanted to reach when they had a conversation with him, but at that moment Ennoshita had been efficient and clear enough to make the bicolor-haired boy remained totally serious after hearing the worst words he could ever have heard. Not that the Quidditch tournament had been cancelled, that they had kicked him out of the team or that they would replace him in the next game, that the teachers had decided to double the number of exams, or that someone had broken his broom. But that he had hurt Akaashi, and imagining Akaashi having a bad moment that only happened to be thanks to him, was enough for him to lose any trace of a smile. He wanted to make Akaashi happy, not hurt him. He wanted to be the one to take care of the harmful words of others, not to be the one that enunciate them.

He formed a line with his lips when he wondered if Akaashi had actually approached Kuroo to complain about him.

“I... Did I.." Ennoshita watched him intently, realizing the change in his tone of voice, "Did I hurt Akaashi?” Bokuto asked him, his voice betraying him, his face completely serious and his eyes without having its characteristic brightness.

Sometimes he had been at the right time to listen to some people comment among them that they didn't understood how despite being a good player, he had been chosen to be the captain of the team when he didn't possesed a great intelligence. And while he had never allowed those sort of words to infiltrate his thoughts, he himself would begin to think he was a fool if he had been hurting Akaashi when his intention had never been that.

Ennoshita didn't want the older one's face to continue without its typical animated smile, nor did his personality seem to be replaced by another, but he wouldn't find another way to make Akaashi understand that his feelings were reciprocal, unless he was totally clear and Bokuto understood what he had done. 

"Yes." He answered with determination. “And I know you're the person who would least like to do it, so next time you cross paths with him, tell him all the reasons why you like him. I know you didn't want your words to hurt him and that you only want what's best for him, but if you like Akaashi, then there's nothing he needs to change. Right?”

Bokuto nodded quickly. For him, Akaashi didn't need to change anything at all about him. He liked to see him be completely serious because he was thinking, reading a book, or simply because that was his typical expression; or see him holding a small smile on his face or hiding his lips behind his hand to prevent his soft laughter to be heard or his smile observed. For him, Akaashi was perfect from head to toe, and he didn't have to change anything about him for Bokuto to think that he was the most beautiful and most interesting boy he had ever laid his eyes and his attention on.

“How do you know I like Akaashi?” He asked Ennoshita.

The Ravenclaw simply smiled. It wasn’t because he was an observant person or because Bokuto's personality was based on demonstrating his emotions without hindrance, or because someone else had told him or a rumor had begun to revolve in his class. Ennoshita knew that Bokuto liked his best friend because there was no person who loved Akaashi as much as he did. He even accepted that Bokuto possibly care for Akaashi even more than he did.

“Because if you're not the one who likes him, then who else could it be?”

“I don’t want anyone else to like Akaashi!” He exclaimed, alarmed at the thought of someone being very close to the mentioned one.

"Then make sure you treat him well." Ennoshita crossed his arms and puffed his chest out. “Or you'll have to start competing with me for Akaashi." He added deliberately, achieving the result he wanted as Bokuto puffed up his cheeks and pointed him out clearly.

"I will never hand you over to Akaashi, Ennoshita, not you or anyone! I am the only one who will be with him! I am the only person who will treat him well and never hurt him again!” He shouted more than decided.

And Ennoshita could only smile enthusiastically before Bokuto ran to the opposite side.

"My work is done," He said rubbing his hands as if he had been doing and intense exercise during the last time, or was getting ride of the dirty of his palms. “Everyone should call me Ennoshita Cupid Chikara.”

After having hoped to get the fate of his closest friend began to change from that day thanks to the conversation he had had with the boy who was obsessed with him, he undoubtedly began to think about his own problems. He wanted to believe himself the possessor of arrows with points of heart only because he had helped change the course of Akaashi's fortune, when reality was that he could barely handle himself when it came to controlling his own thoughts.

He couldn’t deny that he had had a great time walking around with Tanaka, but his smile was replaced by a small tightening of lips as soon as he remembered his feelings weren’t reciprocal.

Well, Cupid was never shown with a partner.

“Cupid with everyone. Less with myself," He added along with a sad smile on his face.

Like many first-year ones, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi followed Bokuto with their eyes as he continued running at great speed down the corridor until he disappeared on the other.

“Why was your captain running and exclaiming mine’s name without stopping?” The taller of the two inquired, since the Hufflepuff hadn’t stopped repeating the name of the one who commanded the Ravenclaw quidditch team as he had moved down the aisle in a hurry.

"I don’t know, he always does it," Yamaguchi answered, being used to hearing Bokuto express Akaashi's name in that way, just like probably the rest of the students at Hogwarts.

They both exchanged glances and shrugged at the same time.

“Anyway, what was it you were saying?” Asked the one who belonged to the same house as the crazy one with two-colored hair.

“I have an idea that maybe could kill two birds with one stone.”

The two who since Sunday could already be considered an official couple, were chatting in one of the corridors taking advantage of the fact that both had to attend the same classes that day, and that therefore they could use the time they had between the subjects to talk, having Tsukishima approached him to mention that he had to talk with him about something that had occurred to him.

“What do you mean?” Yamaguchi asked.

“With all that happened, Kunimi is barely talking. And it's not that I want him to talk to me, but it's annoying to feel the tension that he radiates when we are in our room. And I'm worried about you because I know you're still worried about your performance during the game, and well, I love you." Tsukishima pursed his lips and opened his eyes like two big plates when he realized what he had said, while the one by his side started to smile completely excited because both knew that the taller wasn't used to say what was going through this head with regard to the relationship they had and what they felt for each other. "So..." He decided to continue speaking before beginning to feel his cheeks redden and see Yamaguchi's big smile, although he wouldn’t say that out loud. “It occurred to me that even if I don’t stand certain people, I could talk with the others of our year who are on the teams so that we can do some kind of training between us. A practice, maybe. Or something.”

Although the one belonging to Ravenclaw preferred to spend his time doing homework or being alone with the Hufflepuff, the attitude of his roommate and the concern for Yamaguchi had been enough for him to consider joining the others fifth-years to get together and perhaps perform some kind of practice among them. It could be taken as a time of distraction, so that Kunimi could also be close to Kindaichi, so that Yamaguchi could work out more safely because he knew that he would do it if only the fifth years were found and not the older ones, and because he himself wanted to test the tips he had finally agreed to receive from Kuroo.

"Yes, I would like it," Yamaguchi agreed, since practicing with those who were his friends of his same year, made him feel both comfortable and animated, and considering that Tsukishima had also thought about him when proposing the plan. “Although... I don’t know... I don’t know if Kunimi will accept.”


“I know he hasn’t said anything against me and that it doesn’t bother him that I keep appearing in your room, but I don’t think he wants to practice with other people than isn’t you or someone else from the Ravenclaw team. His distrust has increased, so I don’t know if he will be willing to accept us.”

Tsukishima realized that he didn’t notice that detail.

"Maybe I could talk to Kindaichi to convince him," He proposed. 

Yamaguchi nodded considering it was a good idea, and then he looked at him holding a smile that soon began to increase in size.



The one belonging to Hufflepuff embraced him. “Thanks.” He said.

Tsukishima opened his mouth several times, but chose to embrace him as well.

“You are welcome.”

“And Tsukki,”


“I love you too.” 

Daichi walked down the hall with his typical smile as he returned the greeting to those who moved their hands to greet him after knowing him or simply recognize him as the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team or one of the prefects of said house, until his attention was focused on a grayish-haired one that stood out in the Great Hall. And unlike the previous times in the past, he was able to break the barrier that had prevented him from being able to function as he would with everyone else, even if for Daichi the Slytherin he sighted wasn’t just like any other person.

“That seems difficult," He mentioned, sitting next to Suga, who, like other students, took advantage of the space at the tables to do an assignment during the afternoon. He had an open book in front of him and several scrolls that seemed to be discarded essays.

The grayish-haired one smiled as soon as he saw who decided to make him company.

Several times they had had conversations between them since Daichi finally had the chance and the courage to speak at the Halloween party without feeling that he would die on the nerves of his body. They shared several classes for what they had begun to be more closely, and even share the bank in one of those.

Suga let out a sigh while still smiling. “It doesn’t seem, it is.” He assured him before closing the book to rest his elbow on it and his cheek in the palm of his hand to look towards Daichi's side. “So I deserve to have a distraction.”

“So now I'm a distraction?”

The Gryffindor raised his eyebrows while the other one let out a laugh.

“Would there be any problem if I say yes?”

“None,” Daichi innocently raised his hands.

They both laughed at the same time.

“How are you doing as a team captain?” Suga asked him.

“I can’t complain. The practices are fun, and fortunately everyone gets along. Besides, the morale of the team has increased after winning the first game.”

Suga smiled honestly, but in any case Daichi grimaced.

“Sorry!” He exclaimed as soon as he realized what he said. “It wasn’t my intention, I... is that... yes, I’m a mess.”

Although he had overcome his main obstacle, that didn’t mean that most of the time he would continue to lock himself in his own words when talking to the boy in front of him, who, as always did when Daichi seemed to forget how to formulate sentences with sense and logic, giggled entertained, which only managed to make the Gryffindor rejoice more and more for having managed to eliminate the fear that had prevented him from approaching him for too long.

“You don’t have to apologize, Daichi. It’s normal that you are happy for winning. I trust Kuroo even if the team didn’t win the first game." Suga assured him, not being annoyed at all because with his words, Daichi had reminded him that Slytherin had lost to Gryffindor during the first game of the Quidditch Tournament.

Daichi smiled sideways, but anyway he wanted to change the subject because he didn’t want the gray-haired one to talk to him while thinking about the defeat his team had suffered against his, so he didn’t hesitate to change the topic of conversation to make the disguised sad expression on Suga's face disappear. He still looked cute even if he didn’t smile, but he preferred to see him with an expression of happiness.

"Anyway, I still don’t know what's more difficult, if being captain or prefect," He expressed with a laugh.

Both positions represented authority status which implied that he should lead the people around him calmly so that he wouldn’t become a tyrant but also firmly so that not everything was a lack of control. And although he still didn’t know if it was more difficult to get his quidditch team to run one more lap instead of quickly getting on their brooms, or that they were all in their respective rooms when the time of the curfew was about to begin, and there were many times when he lost patience and preferred someone else to take care of it for him, at the end of the day he always felt proud to have been chosen to occupy both positions that were related to his house.

Daichi remained confused when Suga observed him as if he had told him the best kept secret of the magical world.

“You are... Are you a prefect?” He asked him.

“Yes... Kuroo, Yaku or Asahi didn’t tell you?”

“Did they tell you that I am too?”

It was Daichi's turn to hold the same expression that seconds before had dominated the face of the gray-haired one, who at that moment giggled after realizing that all that time they had occupied the same position in their respective houses without knowing it.

“No, they didn’t tell me!” Daichi exclaimed, feeling really offended and betrayed.

“What do you think? Do I look like a prefect?” Suga asked, straightening up.

The Gryffindor let out a chuckle that soon ceased and turned into a nod of assurance as the gray-haired one watched him seriously when he had begun to laugh at him. Yes, he was definitely a prefect like him.

“Do you like being a prefect?” He asked him.

“Well, it can definitely be tiring at times, but I'm not complaining,” Suga replied laughing, thinking about some of the times where he had to keep his arms crossed as well as his face serious when internally he was only laughing at the antics done by whoever he was scolding. As one of the times in which he had scolded Osamu for leaving his brother's hair in three different colors, because a joke by Matsukawa and Hanamaki against Oikawa had ended up going backwards and therefore they had been the ones to end up in the nursing after having nausea because the spell had bounced and therefore they were the ones who couldn't stop turning on themselves, or when both Futakuchi and Yahaba had managed to get the Miya twins to called each other by their opposite names because they had targeted their tongues with their wands, or because even though they belonged to Slytherin, both he and Kuroo, and Daishou had to run out of the room they shared after the last of them made a snake appear after trying to make Kuroo's hair become one. “But it's worth it. Have you seen the prefect’s bathroom? I don’t think I've used the Slytherin baths since I went to that bathroom.”

Daichi understood immediately because he also remembered prefering to feel relaxed without anyone bothering him while the bubbles made the stress of his body disappear or the fatigue that some training had left him. But just as it was quiet, sometimes it could also become boring, so before he could realize it, the words had already left his lips.

“We should fix our schedules to bathe together, it's kind of boring when I go alone.”

Suga raised both eyebrows as his lips tightened to prevent a funny smile that appeared in his face anyway when he heard the words of the one who at that moment seemed to realize what he had said because suddenly his cheeks turned the same color of the shield of his house that he had in his robe as well as began to shake his head.

“That sounded so bad! It’s not what I wanted to say, I referred to the fact that, yes, eh, to be together, but not in that way, that is, it’s boring to be alone, but ah! Of course not in that way, I sounded so disrespectful and I can assure you that I have good values! I mean, I'm prefect after all and that's why I told you about the bathroom and, I...”

He didn’t hesitate to hit himself in the forehead after realizing that his words had sounded totally ridiculous as well as out of context, and that they had made his cheeks redden because he didn’t doubt that they held that color because he felt his full face was on fire from the sudden heat that he had begun to feel, but he stopped wishing he was expelled from Hogwarts when Suga started to laugh without stopping after listening to him as well as seeing his own reaction, and Daichi allowed a quiet smile to appear on his face when he understood that the gray-haired one had realized that he wasn’t provocative, but only a person who, despite having been chosen for two positions that required him to speak, still couldn’t formulate two sentences with the logic he wanted.

"Yes, I know that being alone is boring," The Slytherin managed to say once he was able to stop laughing, although a large, entertaining smile was still on his face. “And yes, I think it would be fun to arrange to go at the same time to have someone to chat with." He added dedicating Daichi another kind of smile, to which the Gryffindor reacted by only increasing the blush on his face.

But he didn’t want other people to later ask him why his cheeks were completely heated, so he opened his mouth to change the subject again because apparently he was an expert in ruining any topic of conversation, but he was interrupted when some screaming came from the table of his house, calling not only his attention as well as the one who was next to him, but also that of all those who were in the Great Hall performing different activities. And while he hit his face with his own hand and shook his head, Suga laughed completely amused when they both saw the duo that had taken everyone's interest.

“Of course not!”

“Of course it's like that, dumbass!”

The two fifth-year students who belonged to Gryffindor stopped arguing loudly and shouting at each other when, like everyone present, they heard someone shouting at them to shut up, and they pretended to be distracted once they glimpsed that that person was nothing more and nothing less than the captain of the team they both belonged to, as well as the prefect of their own house, and Hinata didn’t hesitate to nudge Kageyama.

"Daichi-san scolded us because of you," He murmured.

Kageyama glowered at him with his blue eyes.

“Of course not. It was your fault, dumbass.”

“Don’t you know any other insult?”

“Dumbass.” He articulated anyway.

Without knowing how, they had gone from swearing an eternal rivalry to get along inside the Quidditch stadium after being part of the same team and pass the individual practices together, as well as outside that, as they had begun to tolerate themselves even though they weren’t mounted on their brooms and although their encounters were usually based on shouting and insulting each other for meaningless situations. As in that moment, since they had begun to argue about whether the gardens surrounding the castle had lost their characterizing greenish color because someone had cast a very general spell, or because the season chose to take the colors of the landscape.

“I'm getting bored. Want to go play Quidditch?” Hinata asked.

"You can tell you're obsessed with losing," Kageyama replied.

“That's a lie!”

“Of course not!”

The two fell silent again when they felt a great black aura coming from the same side of which they had heard a shout before, and then they exchanged glances between them to nod at the same time after agreeing to retire so they could soon get on their brooms as well as to escape Daichi's wrath, but they were interrupted when someone appeared in front of them.

“Do you come looking for a fight?”

While Hinata didn’t hesitate to hide behind Kageyama, taking advantage of the fact that he was taller, he didn’t also doubt to move his arms to indicate that he was ready for a confrontation.

“Only so that it enters your small head, Hufflepuff is the next house against which you play, not mine.” Tsukishima stated.

“Who do you say has a small head?!”

Hinata regretted his tone of voice and continued hiding even more behind Kageyama as soon as he felt Daichi's intense gaze on him while the blond who had appeared didn’t hesitate to laugh, but instantly felt that he shouldn’t have done it when he felt that something he didn’t dare to challenge, perched on the back of his neck.

“Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I've talked to the others fifth-years who belongs to the quidditch teams to do some practice among us. You can come if you want, although I think it would be better if you didn’t.”

“Kageyama, we must go!” Hinata completely ignored the last part.

“Of course we will go, idiot! We will show them our amazing movements.”

Tsukishima only managed to endure a few seconds to the duo of Gryffindor who began to fight each other for who would stand out more in the practice to which they had been invited, although the blond had never mentioned that it was going to be a competition, and much less among people of the same house, so he rolled his eyes and chose to leave before continuing to breathe the same air as them.

Chapter Text

“You know, considering that I'm spending my time teaching you, my enemy for belonging to another house and the team that my team will face in the next match, you should have told me why your name sounded familiar to me from the very first moment.” Kuroo said before releasing a tired sigh as well as the bat he had held so he could lie on the hard dry grass that it had already lost its typical greenish color as well as its softness at the touch.

"You're the one who offered your help," Tsukishima sat next to him.

He had heard all the older's words, and for the same reason he decided to focus on the first part of his sentences, but Kuroo held a sideways smile.

“Don't forget it doesn’t work on me,” He mentioned.


“Pretending to be a fool. You heard everything I said.”

Although it was the first time they had practiced together since they had met since the blond decided not to reject the presence of the other, and on the contrary, accept his advice so that his development in the matches could increase and he himself be better so that the team could improve, and although they barely knew each other, if they even could say they did, they both knew what it was like to be the other, because no matter how different they were, both were equally ironic and sarcastic and liked to annoy people, and in addition, they had discovered that practicing together was not something they disliked completely. Tsukishima listened to him for what made Kuroo forget those who didn’t attend Slytherin's official practices, and even though Suna never hesitated to ask him if he wanted to train with him, an extra practice didn’t hurt the fifth-year, and much more considering that Kuroo was a seventh-year and was known for being a skilled beater just like the one from his own team.

Neither of them could feel the cold provided by the wind and the weather on them, since the warmth given after having been moving on their brooms for most of the afternoon, was enough for them to continue enjoying the outdoors.

“I don’t like people projecting my brother in me. So that's why I never mention him." Tsukishima decided to say, not because he wanted to tell the one lying at his side something he hadn’t even spoke with Yamaguchi, but because he knew that although he pretended, sooner or later Kuroo would bother him until he knew about his brother, who had already graduated from Hogwarts five years ago.

The one belonging to Slytherin looked at him after taking a sip of water.

"I only know that he was on the Hufflepuff's Quidditch team for one of the team's photos in the stained glass windows on the second floor." 

“And that's all you need to know.”

“Then why did you talk to me about him anyway?” Kuroo asked, and Tsukishima rolled his eyes while he smirked. “Whatever it is, each player is a player. The least I will do is think of your brother when I beat you in a battle of beaters," He added, making the blond look at him with an arched eyebrow

"You won’t win against me," He assured him.

“Of course I will,” The other contradicted.

“Of course not.”

“If you are so sure then we will stop practicing because there is nothing that I can teach you anymore.”

“You are annoying.”

“You too.”

They both looked at each other intensely for a few seconds.

“Shall we continue practicing?” The one belonging to Slytherin inquired along with a defiant smirk.

"Sure," The younger of both agreed. 

Maybe they didn't know each other at all, and they belonged to different houses and years, but that didn't mean they wouldn't take advantage of occupying the same positions in their respective teams, and therefore, allowing Quidditch to make them learn more abouth each other.


Daichi couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh caused by the exaggeration of the one who at that moment didn’t hesitate to throw his own pillow to his face, although that didn’t stop the captain of the team to cotinue laughing. He couldn’t control his laughter for several seconds until he was forced to squeeze his lips so that his roommate stopped tearing him apart with his intense brownish gaze.

“It's not funny, Daichi!” Yaku shouted.

“Of course it is. You're all over the top," He contradicted, along with a cheerful smile.

“It’s not funny!” He repeated, and stopped being in his bed to approach his roommate. “On his arm! My head was on his arm!” He exclaimed sounding indignant, pointing to his own body, “I was careless, and I let myself go. And I rested my head on his arm. I don’t understand how I could be such a fool." Yaku added, falling face down on the other one's bed.

Daichi continued to think that he was extremely exaggerated after he had told him what happened not so many nights ago with the one that belonged to Hufflepuff and was characterized by his great height.

“Careless?” The team captain raised an eyebrow as he smiled, “Then you accept that you did want to rest your head on his shoulder.”

Instead of throwing a cushion again, Yaku rolled his eyes before changing position by turning himself and staying with his back on the mattress to observe the ceiling with a capricious pout on his face. “I really hate myself.”

The other rolled his eyes when he heard him.

“You haven’t done anything wrong. Liking Lev isn’t a bad thing.”

“I don’t like Lev!” He exclaimed, sitting down immediately as soon as he heard him.

Daichi sighed. He was tired of his roommate complaining to him about the Hufflepuff's appearances when he really didn’t do anything to stop them, because instead of rejecting the fifth-year, Yaku allowed him to stay at his side.

“That boy dies for you. I don’t know why you complain," He stated.

"He doesn’t like me, he only bothers me all the time," Yaku contradicted him, thinking of all the times that Lev had appeared to interrupt his harmonious day with his acclaimed tone of voice and immature personality.

“Being Lev, that's the same as liking you.”

"You won’t make me change my mind, Daichi.”

The aforementioned crossed his arms, as he didn’t doubt that even if it was Lev who appeared suddenly, that being his way of showing that he liked Yaku, somehow his roommate was beginning to feel the same way. But all he did was denying it completely.

"I really don’t understand why you are like that," Daichi said, “What are you so afraid of?”

After not understanding why his roommate didn’t seem willing to follow what his heart felt or accept that at least he didn’t entirely dislike spending his time with the grayish-haired one, he thought that he would respond that he feared that the characterizing Hufflepuff competitiveness could get in the middle, that for some people it wasn’t easy to accept that a boy liked another boy, or that his quiet personality didn’t turn out to be the perfect combination with the more cheerful and energetic personality of the other one. He never expected Yaku to rest his eyes on the mattress, being totally serious and not at all funny, let alone answer his question with the words that came out of his mouth.

"Future." He answered.

Daichi stopped smiling as soon as he heard him.


Yaku let out a sigh before continuing.

“This is our last year here, Daichi. I don’t want to start any relationship knowing that next year I won’t be here," He explained.

“Then you're saying that if Lev wasn’t a fifth-year, you would agree to be with him?”

"I didn’t say that." Yaku stated, looking up at him.

When he realized that although for a few minutes he had managed to hold a serious talk with his roommate, the same would continue to deny the possible emotions he felt towards the Hufflepuff, so Daichi let out a sigh. “If you will continue acting like that, then I’m going to sleep.”

After turning off the light, he went under his sheets no matter that his best friend was sitting at the end of his bed, although it took a few seconds to feel that the other moved to lay on his side.

"You're evil," He heard Yaku tell him.

“I'm not, I just don’t see the meaning of continuing with the conversation if you will continue without accepting how you feel.”

“Then let's talk about you and Suga.”

Daichi felt an intense heat in his cheeks as soon as he heard the name mentioned, and although his best friend couldn’t see him because they had been left in the dark, he still glared at him when he heard he laughed thanks to his lack of words. Or perhaps he was glaring at the air itself, since he couldn’t see Yaku either.

“We were talking about you and Lev.”

“And now of you and Suga. How is everything going between you after you told him you should bathe together? I can’t believe that it took you so long to talk to him just to show what you really want after saying that you should be in the bathroom at the same time," Yaku said with a laugh.

“It's not funny!”

Previously Daichi didn’t hesitate to tell his best friend the conversations he had failed to have with the gray-haired one because he had only managed to make a fool of himself after mentioning the idea of being in the bathroom at the same time, although he also didn’t doubt to reproach him that he hadn’t told him that Suga was also a prefect like him, so Yaku was already aware of his situation.

“You know, I'm proud of you for having managed to speak to him. I'm glad to see you don’t run every time you see him. He also seems happy for the same," The one by his side added.

Daichi smiled when he heard his last sentence.

“Do you know why I don’t understand you?” Daichi started, “Because Lev seeks you all the time and expresses the worst and least credible excuses to spend time with you, while Suga doesn’t do the same. Maybe I annoy him and I don’t even realize,” He added when he realized that his relationship with Suga was totally different from the one Yaku had with Lev, if they could say they had some kind of relationship.

"They are completely different people, Daichi," Yaku said, “Besides, I can assure you that Suga is always in the stands when we train not because he is our friend, but because a certain person who is now next to me is the captain of the team. Auch!” He complained when he his stomach was elbowed. “It's true. And what's more, if he didn’t want to talk to you, he wouldn’t talk with you and would leave when you approach him. To be the one who says I'm an exaggerated, you are too.”

“Maybe we both should stop being exaggerated.”


They both continued in silence until the one with light brown hair spoke again.

“Can I sleep here? I don’t feel like crashing with everything going back to my bed.”

“I can turn on the light.”

“I don’t want to get up. And besides, you have my pillow.”

“You're right.”

Daichi stopped having two pillows under his head when he passed his to his best friend while he settled himself under the covers as he did.

“You know Daichi, maybe we're good at playing quidditch, but we suck as Gryffindors.”

“I can’t contradict you.”

The taller of the two let out a complaint when he received a hit on his shoulder.

“You are the one who must give inspiring speeches! Not accept my words!”

“Can’t I have moments of depression too!?”

“Not when I’m the one having them!”

The two best friends passed on their sentimental problems to reality, since they started a real fight of pillows and to pull the sheets so that the other was cold even if there was another bed without undoing a few centimeters away from them, but at least Daichi was happy, because without realizing it, Yaku had expressed that for some reason he didn’t consider himself quite brave either. 


What many people didn’t know about Kenma, was that even if he kept his fingers glued to the electronic device and his gaze fixed on the screen, he was still able to perceive every movement that was happening around him, to hear every word that the students around him exchanged with each other, and even to guess the thoughts and intentions of each of them without having to know them or have ever crossed words. He could predict their true pretensions just by giving them a quick glance, as well as figuring out what they really wanted when they socialized with others. Kenma was a very observant person and attentive to the environment that surrounded him. And many people underestimated him for all the times he had collided with others after keeping his eyes on his device as well as for all the times that Peeves had made a joke on him. Many even questioned why he had been placed in Ravenclaw since getting good grades wasn’t enough for the Sorting Hat to place him in that house.

But the people who really knew him, and Kenma himself, knew he belonged to the house characterized by the color blue because although he was totally reserved and rarely socialized beyond the people he knew, his concern for what others thought of him was extremely alarming, so he noticed details, and most of the time, weaknesses, that others didn’t distinguish, when noticing everything that happened around him. He was a fully observant person and any abnormality caught his attention. He had learned to read people without having to relate to them, and that characteristic had become his best quality both inside and outside the quidditch stadium.

He was the team's seeker not only because that position prevented him from facing the other players except with the opposing team's seeker, but because he analyzed the game from his position and sighted the snitch faster than anyone else. And he belonged to the Ravenclaw's house not only because he was intelligent and his grades showed it, but because he was also completely patient and careful when drawing conclusions that he could only reach after long moments of concentration. He was attentive, observant, and agile when it came to reading people, situations, and moments.

And for that very reason, and because it didn’t matter how long they were separated from each other, since the years had passed enough for Kenma to know him from head to toe and vice versa, he knew that the one who was in front of him was hiding a detail that he wasn’t willing to let him read. Kenma was aware that Kuroo always fixed his eyes on him every time he decided to remain in front of his presence instead of running away like he did most of the time, and on that occasion, the black-haired one smiled in a somewhat fake way and played with his foot while looking down and scratching the back of his neck. He acted differently because he always laid his eyes on him, and because he used to hold a cheerful smile or a vain smirk on his face instead of a moderately serious expression.

The Ravenclaw hadn’t heard anything of what he had started to tell him since they had met in the corridor, since the change in his attitude captured his full attention. He usually was the one looking at the ground while Kuroo watched him when they were together, but at that moment it seemed to have been reversed.

“What are you hiding from me?” He decided to ask him.

For the first time since the moment they met, Kuroo stopped letting loose a string of words to remain stupefied and completely silent. The Ravenclaw's golden eyes crossed with the gold of his own, and Kenma glimpsed his mouth forming a new smile.

"Always reading others," The Slytherin captain said.

A barely noticeable smile appeared on Kenma's face.

"Nothing you should worry about," Kuroo added.

Then he was right in thinking he was hiding something from him.

His roommates had told him what happened with Kunimi as Akaashi had also told him that Kuroo also knew after listening to them talking in the hall and Akaashi deciding to tell him about the matter because he hadn’t doubted that he had nothing to do with the made spell, so he didn’t doubt that the detail he was keeping hidden from him, had to do with what happened with the keeper of his team, since he knew that intelligence was a feature that continued to characterize Kuroo no matter that he wasn’t in Ravenclaw, so he wouldn’t be surprised if he had already discovered by himself who was or who were involved.

"I'll find out sooner or later," Kenma reminded him.

Because just as Kuroo was smart, so was he.

The one belonging to Slytherin gave a small, honest laugh.

"I know." He said with great sincerity.

Kuroo wasn’t the only person Kenma could read easily, since being his sixth year with his roommates, and whom he could refer to as more than that because he considered them his true friends, he had learned to interpret the different attitudes of both Akaashi and Ennoshita.

And after having separated from Kuroo only to end up running into Ennoshita, he knew why he was observing Futakuchi for a long time ago, who was sitting in the hall with his back leaning against the wall while using his legs as support for the book he was reading. Kenma had already lost count of the times he had seen his roommate bother him and the other who could be considered the second member of the bothersome and fearsome sixth-year duo of Slytherin, who hadn't repeatedly hesitated to make him their favorite victim. And he knew that behind the inconvenience caused by the vice-captain of the team to which he belonged to, there was only one reason. So he didn’t doubt to move towards Ennoshita when he sensed the same would approach Futakuchi.

"Stop doing it." He expressed.

He managed to get his roommate to stand still in front of him.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you annoy them because in them you see the opportunity to take advantage of their antipathy for Kuroo. So I ask you to stop doing it.”

Kenma hated himself for expressing those words aloud. He hated himself for preventing his teammate from taking advantage of being able to destroy the morale of one of the rival teams in his own way, since what was convenient for Ennoshita ended up being convenient for him considering that both belonged to the same team and they wanted Ravenclaw to win the Quidditch tournament. Kenma hated to face his own housemate when it could hardly be said that he had a relationship with the one he was defending. He hated himself for knowing that the times he fled from Kuroo had diminished while those in which he stayed with him when they were in different parts of the castle continued to increase. He hated knowing that he was getting carried away by certain feelings while he chose to silence others that wanted to persist and insist that he shouldn’t give up and continue to ignore the Slytherin captain as much as possible. That he shouldn’t forget what he had done to him, the mess he had made with his feelings, and the whirlwind of emotions he had caused on him. But while a part of him implored him not to stop remembering the past, another begged him to concentrate on the present and the future. And that part of him was the one who led him to speak with Ennoshita.

"Always one step ahead of the others," Ennoshita said, looking at him with a small smile that indicated he wasn’t surprised his roommate had discovered the true intentions of his interventions in the times of the Slytherin's sixth-year duo. “Fine.”

Ennoshita didn’t add another word, and gave him a brief glance before going to the other side of the corridor, making it clear that he wouldn’t bother Futakuchi just because he had asked for it and because in the end he had never rested all his strategies in annoying the Slytherin duo, allowing Kenma to realize that he wouldn’t take the cons and respect his request even if they both knew it would be beneficial for Ravenclaw to take the fact that the Slytherin team wasn’t having a good moment.

Kenma was an expert observer. But what did he think when he looked at himself?

Chapter Text

Oikawa threw himself on the other side of the sofa in which he had sighted Kuroo sitting, while the black-haired one raised an eyebrow as soon as he glimpsed the typical smirk on the face of the one who had decided to keep him company, since after he also usually hold that kind of gesture, he knew that it didn’t indicate anything good.

“What are you planning?” He didn’t hesitate to ask him.

He knew Oikawa well enough to know that he always concealed ulterior motives behind that smile, and when Oikawa smiled even more, he knew that he was right, and that therefore, the one with brown hair hadn’t decided to keep him company just for the sake of it.

"Your mood has improved a bit lately," Oikawa commented.

“Maybe because I'm not spending so much time with you.”

The victim of his sentence frowned when he heard him. “Mean!”

Kuroo simply smirked, but Oikawa stopped resting his head on one of the armrests of the sofa to approach him and basically cut with all the distance that had separated them so far. He rested his forearm on the back of the sofa and raised an eyebrow while Kuroo looked at him with a frown because he didn’t like that the other had got closer to him so suddenly, even if they were used to staying close to each other as well as hugging.

"I wonder if it's because you've started spending time with glasses-chan," Oikawa decided to say. 

And he achieved his task. Capturing the attention of the one next to him.

“Now you spy me?”

"No, I occasionally saw you," He corrected him, adjusting his own glasses since he had been reading recently.

He wasn’t lying to him, for he had certainly found himself walking near the gardens where he had seen the captain of his team practicing Quidditch along with Tsukishima. And instead of being upset, Oikawa was happy that Kuroo had found someone to practice with and really enjoy playing quidditch when he knew that his team's sixth-years were making him go through a rough patch of days, since he liked that his best friend didn't lost the charm for the game that united them although he would have liked to see Kuroo in the same way with Yahaba since the latter was also a beater, and with who Oikawa remembered he still hadn't crossed words since he made the mistake he did when talking with him the last time.

"I'm glad," Oikawa added, but he remained surprised as soon as Kuroo spoke.

“I'm surprised,” 

“What? Why?”

“That you are extremely smart, and yet, you don’t realize that my mood has improved because of someone else." Kuroo explained.

Instantly the black-haired one regretted his own words because he had forgotten that Oikawa was probably the most dramatic person he knew, so he supposed that running was a good idea when he saw the great and funny smile that appeared on his face.

“Have you fixed your situation with pudding-chan?!” Oikawa exclaimed with bright in his eyes.

Kuroo covered his mouth for a few seconds because some people around them turned to look at them and not necessarily because their appearances were the cause of it like it generally happened. And he let out a sigh but then gave him a bad look because Oikawa had licked the palm of his hand.

He was far from having the relationship he wanted with Kenma, but he preferred to see the positive side of the situation and concentrate on realizing that the Ravenclaw wasn’t always fleeing from him as he had started doing since the beginning of classes. He had begun to choose to speak to him and remain in the same place as him when they met, and Kenma had even held his gaze the last time as well as a small, almost invisible smile.

“No. But it isn’t as terrible as before," He finally replied.

"I really don’t understand," Oikawa inquired, leaving his lively attitude aside to speak seriously, “He is the only person for whom I have seen you interested. He is the only one that you think so much to the point of allowing him to define your mood. I just don’t understand what has happened between the two of you so that he moves away from you. Last year you were completely united, just as the previous ones.”

Kuroo looked down.

He did understand what had happened between him and Kenma so that they would no longer be as close as they had been the year before, or since they had basically been born. He had made a mistake, and so far he was still dealing with the consequences of his own actions.

Oikawa looked at him while he remained silent, and suddenly smiled. Because just as from one second to the next he didn't doubt to leave the jokes aside to become serious, with the same rapidity he was able to lose his seriousness. He started to get even closer to him, and forced Kuroo to look up when he rested his forefinger on his chin so that he would stop staying somewhat away from him and using the sofa as fixing point, but the black-haired one immediately moved away from him when he recognized his intentions as well as he grabbed the armrest of the sofa as if his life depended on it while the other simply laughed amused.

“Were you trying to kiss me, you stupid idiot!?”

Oikawa didn’t care that some people heard the one who had certainly been right, and made a gesture with his hand to downplay his exaggerated reaction, while Kuroo, who had moved too far away from him even though they were in the same sofa, watched him with surprise and confusion.

“Don't worry, I don’t like you. I just think you should be prepared because I don’t think it will be long before pudding-chan falls into your arms again," He explained completely carefree, making it seem that he had only approached him to ask him something in a low voice, or to tell him a secret, instead of trying to join his lips to his.

But if there was something they got along for, it was because they were equally capable of replacing their serious side with an entertaining one and vice versa, so Kuroo decided to act in the same way after approaching him as Oikawa had previously done, but instead of doing the same move as the brown-haired one, he brushed his ear with his lips before Oikawa thought that their mouths would be those to join.

"We both know well who you like," He whispered so that only he could hear.

Oikawa's whole body tensed after hearing those few words while Kuroo again parted with a smile of satisfaction on his face when he glimpsed Oikawa's expression as well as the slight pout he had formed with his lips, which suddenly was replaced with a grimace of offense.

“What a fortune Tetsu-chan, because although you are hot I would never be with you.” Oikawa also chose to cross his arms.

“I really don’t know whether to take your words as an insult or flattery.”

“As a compliment, of course!”

Kuroo rolled his eyes before returning to his previous position, and again rested his eyes on Oikawa thinking how much he wanted to take advantage of that confidence with which they developed, to be able to tell him about the matter about Kunimi as well as the words he had heard that Futakuchi and Yahaba had crossed with each other, a fact he had also hidden from Kenma even though the Ravenclaw had certainly realized that he was hiding something from him. But he had promised that he wouldn’t say a single word, and he also couldn't nor want to, since he didn't wished the team he and Oikawa still lead, to continue to desintegrate. 

He didn't doubt that both Kenma and Oikawa had high capacities to read others, but the first of them had in his favor all the years of friendship they shared, so while Kenma was able to know that he was hiding something, Oikawa wasn't, no matter how much they knew each other and how closed they were.

“You should always take his words as an insult.”

Suddenly both his attention and Oikawa's was rested on the boy with crossed arms that remained standing not so far from them, with an obvious serious expression that made Kuroo suppressed a smile.

“Don't be a liar, Iwa-chan!”

“I got tired of your screams,” Kuroo opted to say to take that opportunity to leave, “I'm leaving," He added, getting up and leaving them alone, but not before winking at Oikawa on purpose, to which the brown-haired one reacted by rolling his eyes because he knew what that gesture was about.

Iwaizumi seemed to think about choosing to do the same because he went to the stairs that connected the common room with the bedrooms, but suddenly a pair of arms caught him from behind before crossing over his chest.

“Iwa-chan, don't you leave me alone!” Oikawa exclaimed hanging from him.

“It seems that you were perfect with Kuroo, so I don’t see the point in which you enjoy my company,” Iwaizumi stated taking off his arms from him, without being able to glimpse the wide smile that appeared on the other one's face.

“Did you see how I tried to kiss him?” He asked him.

"Yes, everyone could see you." The other replied, turning around.

"It doesn’t mean anything," Oikawa murmured.


"It doesn’t mean anything," He repeated. “A kiss." Oikawa looked directly at him. "It doesn’t mean anything.” Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but raised an eyebrow when Oikawa raised both repeatedly before beginning to throw kisses and jump around him as if he was five years old and had drunk more than five energy drinks one after the other. “It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean anything!” He repeated in a childish way.

A vein began to be visible on Iwaizumi's forehead, who although was accustomed to the true immature attitude of his best friend, that didn’t mean he was able to endure with it no matter that they knew each other since they had memory, so he saw no other remedy more than acting the way he did. Hating himself because he knew he didn’t do it just to make his best friend stop being a total nuisance.

He allowed his hands to stop forming fists at the sides of his body to rest the palms of his hands over Oikawa's cheeks, making him finally stay totally still instead of continuing to jump, as well as serious but expectant, and quiet but without knowing how long he would last without speaking, and from one moment to the other, Iwaizumi joined his lips to his.

It was only a second.

A fleeting encounter.

A quick sensation.

A soft friction.

But that minimal contact was enough for Oikawa to finally remain completely freeze.

“You're right. It doesn’t mean anything.” It was the only thing Iwaizumi said after separating from him and finally climbing the stairs as he had planned at first.

Oikawa followed him with his eyes completely attentive and his hands formed in soft fists as if he had tried to stop him but not reacted in time to do so, while Iwaizumi tightened his lips knowing that he had lied to him, because for him, it had meant everything.

Although at first silence had been the dominant as well as discomfort, not only because they belonged to different houses and despite being in the same year, they attended different classes and held different types of relationships between them; the common practice that Tsukishima organized, didn’t seemed to have any future or be a great plan although everyone had decided to participate, until they seemed to forget their differences when they mounted their brooms and began to play the sport that united them all equally: Quidditch. They trained together no matter what house they were from, those who occupied the same position gave each other advice or exchanged the tactics they used to use in a game, played as couples and in quartets, and even held a small game between them. They took the opportunity of having the afternoon of Friday free to be able to pass it on their brooms while Yachi was the one in refereeing the matches as well as finishing one of his notebooks after having run out of sheets for all the sketches she managed to draw after having so many players flying above her.

Kunimi had convinced Kindaichi to agree to play and vice versa, and the Slytherin himself focused on trying to make it a good practice so that his best friend seemed to stop panicking to get on his broom and stand in front of the hoops, but it had also helped the fact that Shibayama, who was a substitute keeper on the Hufflepuff team, had asked him for advice after occupying his position after he being the titular keeper of Ravenclaw. Furthermore, although at first the tension had been obvious to everyone when Kageyama found himself in the same place as Kindaichi and Kunimi, that was soon eliminated when the Gryffindor spent his time fighting with Hinata, who didn’t doubt to argue about all the possible topics with him as long as he could keep him distracted and avoid being tensed by the past relationships Kageyama had with those with whom he had shared a team.

The fifth-years spent the afternoon being distracted, mocking each other and giving encouragement to each other, knowing each other better, and getting closer no matter how different their personalities were. They played Quidditch throughout the afternoon getting their housemates not only to wonder where they had been during the afternoon, but also to stay impressed because when the time of the dinner arrived, they fifth-years chose to sit at the Hufflepuff table, except for Tsukishima, who believed that he had been patient enough to give himself a moment of peace after having had to share his afternoon with people he preferred not to cross with.

And unlike him, at the Hufflepuff table, Kindaichi and Kunimi were sitting side by side, the first of them not bothering that their elbows brushed, because although the Ravenclaw by his side could claim that he had been distracted during the afternoon, and also had no resentment even if he had been spellbound during the game he had played against the house in which table they were at the time, his distrust only seemed to diminished when he was with his best friend, who apparently surrounded him with his safety. Next to them, Yachi and Yamaguchi were sitting, while on the other side of the table, Lev and Hinata were competing to see who could eat more potato balls faster, and next to the redhead, Kageyama seemed happy to have played quidditch all afternoon, and for having a plate of food in front of him.

“Who of us do you think the Sorting Hat placed faster in one of the houses?” Koganegawa asked, making everyone rest their attention on him after saying those words. He was next to Lev as well as Shibayama by his side.

“I think we all took a little.” Yachi replied, remembering the night everyone had known Hogwarts, and therefore, sorted among the four houses.

"Kindaichi, you've been the slowest," Lev pointed out after swallowing the last ball of potato.

“I was sure of my decision. I always wanted to be in Slytherin since I knew that Iwaizumi-san and Oikawa-san are there," He said, making Kageyama watch him out of the corner of his eye. “I guess the Sorting Hat took its time to check if I had any doubts."

"I thought you would come to Hufflepuff, Kageyama," Lev talked again.

“Why?” The mentioned one asked looking at him, since they could see each other considering that Hinata was the one seated between them, and who at that moment was interspersing his eyes in them.

“You don’t rest until you consider that something that was bad before, becomes perfect. We Hufflepuffs are hard workers who don’t give up.”

Yachi, Koganegawa and Shibayama smiled when they heard their housemate expressing the characteristics that determined them, and although Yamaguchi was also from Hufflepuff, he seemed distracted enough not to realize that they were speaking well of the house to which he belonged too.

"I think you're fine in Gryffindor," Hinata mentioned after he massaged his belly for feeling satisfied after everything he had eaten, making Kageyama look at him and stop thinking what would have happened if he had been sorted in another house. “It’s true that you don’t stop until you feel satisfied with yourself, but in any case you're the only one who has the courage to try something new in the matches. Without having practiced before, and without knowing how the results will be. You're brave when it comes to trying and you're not afraid to improve, and I think that's why the Sorting Hat placed you in Gryffindor.”

Although everyone remained silent because they didn’t thought the redhead could express more than two sentences in a row with sense, Kageyama was the most shocked by Hinata’s words, because although the short one hadn’t planned his speech, he had only spoken truthfully. And usually he and Kageyama fought or insulted each other, so he wasn’t used to hearing words of that style on his part. But he didn’t want to blush in front of everyone, so he chose to grasp Hinata's head with his hand only to make the others laugh and the redhead begin to complain, and thus, to start a new fight between them.

Kindaichi and Kunimi crossed an accomplice glance, saying without needing to speak, that they agreed in the fact that Kageyama had changed since the times in which the three belonged to the same team, and then Kindaichi look at the Gryffindor in front of him.

His relationship with Kageyama wasn’t based on the fact that they had to consider themselves rivals for the simple fact that they belonged to houses ruled as enemies, but because the past between them had shown that they weren’t able to find themselves on the same team without insulting each other or Kageyama shouting at him when he didn’t arrive in time to continue with his passes. They had belonged to the same team but never felt that they had really been teammates. And Kunimi knew that because he had also been part of the story, so he was glad that Kindaichi had preferred to momentarily put aside his problems with Kageyama to concentrate on him and in that way have made sure that he didn’t distrust everyone around him, because both knew that he wouldn’t had participated in the common practice in case the Slytherin hadn’t insisted.

Kindaichi's eyes and attention once again rested on the one by his side when he felt Kunimi gave him a gentle nudge. “I think Tsukishima will stay with Yamaguchi. Do you want to stay in my room?” Kunimi asked.

"Sure," Kindaichi replied, smiling because his time with him still wouldn’t end.

The two began to talk as Hinata and Kageyama continued to fight while Lev watched them completely amused, since usually he was the one who behaved that way at the table, and Yachi took the advantage of everyone being distracted to rest her eyes on the one sitting next to her.

Since dinner had begun, Yamaguchi had barely spoken as well as held the same position. With his elbows resting on the table as well as his chin on the palms of his hands, allowing his gaze to remain on the people sitting at the Ravenclaw table; especially one of them. Reason why he hadn’t paid attention to the words crossed between those sitting around him, and for which at that moment he allowed a sigh to leave his lips and then tilted his head, not realizing that the blonde was watching him.

“He is so pretty.”

Although he had expressed those words in a barely audible tone of voice, Yachi was attentive enough to hear him and therefore follow the direction of his eyes, as well as smile when he sighted who he had spoken about.

“Tsukishima must care a lot for you if he chose to join us all so that everyone could train, and you take the opportunity to play quidditch,” The blonde commented, because although she knew Yamaguchi much better than Tsukishima, it was clear to her that if the Ravenclaw had decided to talk even with Hinata and Kageyama so that both would attend the shared training, then it was because he was willing to do whatever it was so that Yamaguchi felt good with himself and gain some of the confidence he had lost during the Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw game because he believed he hadn't contributed even if they had won.

“Mhm?” Yamaguchi seemed to leave his thought bubble when he heard Yachi's voice. “I wasn’t talking about Tsukki," He said without even thinking, and when Yachi cocked his head after not understanding him, Yamaguchi again rested his gaze on the Ravenclaw table. “I mean, of course Tsukki is pretty," He added without hesitation, along with a smile that quickly appeared on Yachi's face. “But I was talking about him.”

The blonde returned to follow the direction of his gaze to realize that during all that time, his housemate hadn’t been with his eyes on Tsukishima, but on the one who was sitting next to the blond and with who he had been talking while they had looked at them. And although at that moment Akaashi focused his eyes on the book in front of him after Tsukishima had begun to chat with Ennoshita, the two Hufflepuffs continued to admire his facial features that were easily appealing to anyone.

However, Yachi rested his eyes on his housemate when he understood the true reasons behind the words he had previously uttered.

"You don’t have to worry," She expressed, and Yamaguchi looked at her as soon as he heard her while she held a calm smile on her face. “Tsukishima only sees you," She assured the boy sitting next to him, who allowed a small smile to appear on his face when he understood that his best friend had realized that he had asked himself how it was possible that with someone like Akaashi Keiji so close to him, Tsukishima was interested in him. “He gathered us all just for you, and partly for Kunimi as well. And besides, I think if Akaashi-san observed Tsukishima that way, there would be a little more noise in our table, don’t you think?”

Yamaguchi giggled when he heard her, knowing exactly what she meant.

They both looked at one of their housemates, who, unlike them, was eating enthusiastically while cheering happily because dinner time was always one of his favorite times. Bokuto was focused on the food on his plate, or at least what remained of it, and Yamaguchi and Yachi kept looking at him knowing given the case Akaashi looked at someone the way Yamaguchi looked at Tsukishima, they didn’t doubt that a radar would appeared in Bokuto's brain so that he could glare with his golden gaze at the person who received the special attention of Akaashi.

But as Akaashi only had eyes for the phrases in his textbooks as well as for the one who continued to have dinner in an enthusiastic but calm way, Yamaguchi again smiled animatedly after thinking that Yachi was right.

“What about you, Yachi?” He asked suddenly.

“Me?” The blonde asked confused when she heard her name.

“We always talk about me, but is there anyone you look at?”

Suddenly Yachi's cheeks were decorated with a blush at the same time she glanced sideways in the direction of the Ravenclaw table, before resting her gaze on the table of her own house to also scratch a part of her cheek with his finger.

“Well... If we talk about being pretty..." She began to say, “I don’t contradict that Akaashi-san is pretty, but..." Yamaguchi looked at her and then followed her gaze with his own eyes to see the person in whom her housemate had rested her attention. “I think she's the prettiest."

Kiyoko held a small smile on her face when one of the girls next to her made a joke about one of the situations that had occurred in one of the classes that day, and just as Yachi had recognized the emotions behind Yamaguchi's eyes when he watched Tsukishima, Yamaguchi noticed in Yachi's eyes the warmth that those craved.

"She is," He agreed.

Because even though he only had eyes for one Ravenclaw in particular, it was impossible to deny that both Akaashi and Kiyoko were the most attractive people of that house, and of all Hogwarts students as well. Both had black hair as well as eyes as blue as gray, personalities as mysterious as quiet, ways of thinking as striking as envied and appreciated, and appearances that attracted the attention of anyone who crossed paths with them or who saw them from afar somewhere, just like the two of them in the Great Hall.

"You, Bokuto-san, me," Yachi began, “Had the Ravenclaws cast a spell on themselves?”

"Well, they're smart enough to do so," Yamaguchi smiled sideways, “But I don’t think they need to.”

They both looked at each other again with smiles on their faces, not noticing that although they only radiated warmth with their eyes, many other glances implied anything but tranquility.

Chapter Text

A full week had passed since Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff met on the quidditch pitch, and although Kunimi overcame the fact of being on his broom for fear that someone would want to hex him again even if he wasn’t going to play in an official match until the game against Slytherin arrived, the concern for who had been the one to bewitch him remained on Kuroo's mind, who even though didn’t belong to either of the two houses involved in the match, was related to those whom he had heard talking about the matter. The small fragment of conversation he had heard between Yahaba and Futakuchi was still spinning in his head, as well as why he had listened the first of them naming Ennoshita.

No one had yet made a discovery that could indicate who had conjured the spell, and Kuroo wasn’t sure that sharing what he had heard was a good idea or not. He didn’t want the sixth-years of his own house to continue to annoy him or the team, so he didn’t want to give them more reasons to increase their reluctant attitudes, and he also didn’t want the tension between his house and Ravenclaw to increase when they would have to face each other the next time a game was held on the quidditch field. He didn’t want to generate more problems than he already had, and yet he was aware that not talking about it implied other problems.

He didn’t know if staying silent or if saying what he knew was the right thing to do.

He was the captain of his team so he thought it was normal that he didn’t want to put the sixth-years in trouble, and although he still believed it was wrong to remain silent when his words could solve the problem, he was also aware that all pointed to those in his house when a problem occurred, and he didn’t want to do the same when he had only heard a small, though important, exchange of words between the sixth-year duo.

But once Kuroo found himself facing Akaashi and Ennoshita, he knew he had made a decision. Even though instead of telling them what he knew while the two Ravenclaws were staring at him, he decided to express a single sentence.

Softly, Kuroo poked Akaashi's chest with his index finger. "I am smarter than you."

Akaashi momentarily lowered his head to watch the sunken in his sweater and then observed Kuroo, who watched him seriously while Ennoshita interspersed his gaze between them, confused. And once he understood the true meaning of Kuroo’s words, Akaashi's serious gaze was slightly invaded by surprise.

“But that would mean that...”

Kuroo simply gave him a short smile when he saw that the Ravenclaw had comprehended the significancy of his words, but instead of confirming his thoughts, he observed the other present.

“What did you talk with Yahaba?” He asked Ennoshita.

And Kuroo guessed that although those in front of him were the captain and vice-captain of the Ravenclaw team, that didn’t mean they told everything to each other just as like Oikawa and he did, since he remained surprised when Akaashi seemed not to know what he meant after raising an eyebrow before observing his housemate, who remained totally serious after knowing that Kuroo's words had been directed towards him.

"It's nothing personal against your house," Ennoshita replied, not appearing to be concerned about the fact that the Slytherin had discovered his actions, “I just had a feeling.”

Kuroo didn’t know whether to believe him or not, since he knew that while Akaashi thought more clearly and didn’t point to anyone as guilty without having proof first, like others, Ennoshita preferred to think that the house characterized by the green color surely had been related to the matter.

And for that very reason, he hated to agree with him.

"Well, you were right." He said. The two belonging to Ravenclaw observed him impressed, that time being the first occasion in which Kuroo glimpsed a surprised expression on Akaashi's face as he sighted Ennoshita ceasing to be characterized by his somnolent look. “I heard Yahaba mention that he lied to you. I don’t know what he was referring to specifically, but I guess you do. He was talking to Futakuchi, so I figured that between what you know and what I know, we will know who did it. Although I have no doubt that we have already solved it." 

The expression on Ennoshita's face changed as soon as he heard the first sentence.

He had been thinking about how to apologize to Yahaba because he thought he had accused him without proof and without having thought it through, and while he himself felt guilty for pointing his finger at him and being direct with him, apparently Yahaba had done nothing but deceive him and make him feel guilty. And although Ennoshita had decided not to do it anymore because Kenma had asked him to stop doing it, he continued to think that bothering Yahaba was still one of his favorite pastimes, but unlike all the previous times he had approached him to make a comment, at that time he didn’t intended to do the same.

The two captains of their respective teams exchanged glances with each other before leaving after Ennoshita had left them to go in search of the one who had apparently lied to him in his own face when he had specified him to be direct and not lie to him. He was angry, and more than annoyed. He had never considered that Yahaba was the kind of person who did that kind of thing for his team to have the advantage only for belonging to Slytherin, much less considering that he himself had also had the possibility of belonging to that house.

He could still remember how the Sorting Hat deliberated on which of the two houses to place him since he possessed both the ambition of a Slytherin and the intelligence of a Ravenclaw, as well as he could remember himself hoping that he would be sorted in the house characterized by the blue color, since he thought that in that way he would be surrounded by the right people. Because although the black-haired, blue-eyed boy with whom he had crashed in Diagon Alley hadn't yet been called to see what house he would be sorted in, he had told him that Ravenclaw was his favorite house. Ennoshita wished that both would sorted in it, since the boy had been polite and kind to him, and he had only had to wait a few more names for both to be and see each other at the same table, as well as subsequently became roommates, as well as best friends. There was no time when he and Akaashi didnt't laugh when they remembered how they had known each other, nor when they remembered understanding that they shared the same room, only to cross the door of it and see Kenma already sleeping.

Ennoshita knew that he was intelligent and possessed skills that other students his age didn’t have, but what he was truly aware of, was the competitiveness that had always accompanied him. From that feeling that always accelerated his pulse and made the adrenaline rush through his whole body, the emotion he felt when the need to be the best came to him, making all his efforts concentrate on getting the best results for his own person. He loved being challenged and longed to dare people to savor the extent to which others could go side by side with his intriguing and competitive personality. He was extremely competitive, and unlike what others thought, he didn’t think it was a bad thing.

Because contrary to what the rest believed, his dedication didn’t imply trying to lower those around him, but to overcome himself and thus to increase the possibilities of his abilities and the greatness of his own potentiality. He prided himself on improving day by day and never believing that he had reached his limit, on thinking that he could always learn something new, and that knowledge never ended, as well as that the competitiveness that characterized him wasn’t a bad attribute, but the best one he possessed.

Annoying Yahaba was one of his favorites activities because the Slytherin was one of the few who faced his ironic comments and who also answered him in the same way, both seeking to annoy each other because the competition between them was healthy. Or at least that was what Ennoshita had thought. Until he had listened to Kuroo. He was angry, but he was also disappointed by the fact that Yahaba had played dirty and therefore sought out the easy way out. And the frustration finally hit him when he saw the duo of his same year walking quietly down the hall.

His scowl frowned on its own, and it was the first time that both Yahaba and Futakuchi remained completely surprised when Ennoshita approached them, cornering the first of them against the wall after placing his hands on the sides of his arms with a strong grip.

“I asked you not to lie to me.” He expressed looking at him fixedly.

Yahaba didn’t hesitate to observe him in the same way while Futakuchi spotted Akaashi arriving along with Kuroo.

"And I haven’t." He assured him.

The Ravenclaw raised an eyebrow and began to ask himself what he had done wrong or what detail he had not see, until Yahaba swallowed with heaviness when he visualized the seriousness of his face after Ennoshita realized his failure.

‘Slytherins will always be the culprits.’

Yahaba had mentioned that phrase to him when he had asked him if he had been the one to enchant Kunimi.

He was right. He hadn’t lied to him. He had answered truthfully to his question, and he even didn’t notice.


Futakuchi spoke when he glimpsed that Ennoshita had understood the meaning of the words of the one who he still kept cornered and with whom he seemed to be extremely angry. And he not only managed to attract his attention and Yahaba’s, who observed him completely intrigued, but also that of the two captains who were present.

"Yahaba didn’t do it," He said.

He who had so far done nothing but admire the scene before him, finally decided to take the place that belonged to him, because although he considered himself a bad person, he didn’t consider himself a bad friend.

“I did.” 


Kuroo could be the most compressive person, or the least pleasant person to bother.

And the sixth-year duo understood that finally they had managed to fill the patience of him when they were dragged by the same to the common room they shared after belonging to the same house, because although he had allowed them to act in the way they wanted, to missed practices and disappoint the team in doing so, followed their own rules instead of his advice during the games, and even abandoned their respective positions to end up costing them the victory, he wouldn’t allow them to take him for a fool; since one thing was to bother him and another completely different was to stain the name of the house to which they belonged to.

And at that moment and for the first time, Kuroo didn’t care in the least that the two in front of him observed him in a bad way.

“Speak. Now." He determined.

And also, for the first time, the two sixth-years understood that it wasn’t the time to make fun of him, so Futakuchi was the one to release a word, since besides, the one by his side continued without being completely involved in the situation.

"I was the one who bewitched Kunimi," He confessed without a hint of doubt. Kuroo glanced sideways at Yahaba, and believed the spoken words when he glimpsed the seriousness in his face while Futakuchi kept his head up. “Yahaba didn’t know it until Ennoshita accused him. And he came to tell me because he didn’t doubt that I was the one who annoyed the Ravenclaws during the game.”

“If you want Slytherin to win the tournament that much, why don't you show up for practice instead of getting involved with another house?” Kuroo asked, remaining totally serious as well as with his arms crossed.

"I don’t care about the stupid tournament," Futakuchi lied.

Yahaba's face changed completely after observing him with wide eyes.

“And then why did you do it?” The seventh-year demanded.

Futakuchi remained silent, and couldn’t be chased by Kuroo when he ran to the stairs that connected the common room with the bedrooms because he hadn’t expected him to suddenly disappear. The seventh-year was stupefied to follow him with his eyes but raised an eyebrow when he realized that Yahaba, who had also rested his eyes on the back of his best friend, turned to glare at him.

"And you really wonder why we don’t want you as our captain?” He asked him as if he already knew the answer.

Kuroo remained motionless when he finally knew what he had always suspected and his teammates hadn’t wanted to see, when he heard what he had always thought while the others had assured him that it wasn’t so. Despite the words of encouragement he had received, he had never stopped thinking that the sixth-year duo didn’t want to cooperate with the team not because they didn’t want to be part of it, but because they had never wanted him to be the one to lead it. His assumptions had always been the same, but hearing and knowing that he was truly rejected as the head of the team that apparently he wasn’t leading in a good way, hurt him.

"Yes, I really wonder why you don’t want me as a captain." He decided to say.

The fact of knowing that he was rejected as a leader didn’t explain the reason for the same.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Yahaba asked with a frown.

"No, you're kidding with me," Kuroo began, not only taking advantage of the fact that at least one of them had remained to finally heard him, but also to be able to expose all his thoughts aloud. “What have I done to you so that you don’t want me as captain? What did I tell you to not even give me an opportunity so I can show you that the team is everything to me?”

“You haven’t done anything to me but you know well that I am Futakuchi's best friend.”

“And that has to do with? Did he prefer another person to be captain and not me, and only because you are his best friend should you say the same thing as him, preferring to be against me for no reason? Or maybe you're lying to me because it would be more reasonable for you to be the one who prefers Oikawa to be the captain and since he is not, then you convinced Futakuchi to stand on your side?”

Yahaba's fists closed when he heard the name of the vice-captain of the team, showing Kuroo that it hadn't been a good occasion to name him because apparently something had happened between them that he didn’t know, but at the same time the confusion seemed to dominate Yahaba's face as the seconds passed, as his frown began to soften to be replaced by a grimace of bewilderment that in turn was replaced by an expression of accomplishment.

But Kuroo didn’t understand. Why didn’t they just give him a chance?

They hadn’t given him the opportunity to show them what he was like in his new position.

Unless the problem wasn’t what he was doing, but what he wasn’t doing.

He had always thought that Yahaba would be right to be disgusted with his new role in case he would have preferred Oikawa to be the captain because everyone was aware of the close relationship between them, and that the fact that he had only finished as vice-captain and he as the true leader had bothered him; until he glimpsed the way in which Yahaba reacted when the name of the brown-haired one was said.

So the problem maybe wasn’t him. But another person.

“Yahaba, if I somehow made you angry because I didn’t talk to Kyo-"

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!” Kuroo remained stupefied as well as his eyes wide open when suddenly the boy in front of him stopped maintaining his composure as well as a serious image when that one was replaced by one of complete irritation that along with the expression of anger on his face and the tone of voice he had used, made clear that his chest had begun to rise and fall rapidly because there was only anger inside him. “I'm tired of you and everyone thinking I'm an idiot!”

“I never thought or said you were a-"

“I'm tired of you and Oikawa looking at me like I'm an asshole!” He interrupted, not even caring on adding the honorifics.

“Then change my opinion!” Kuroo didn’t hesitate to also raise his voice so that there was no possibility of being interrupted again since he wasn’t there just to listen. He was also carrying too much frustration inside him. “I don’t look at you that way, but I can’t look at you with a stupid smile and glitter in my eyes when you don’t even explain to me why you don’t give me the opportunity to prove to you that I deserve to be captain! I chose you as a starter even though you didn’t appear in half of the practices, and you failed me anyway! So don’t expect me to see you with an expression of happiness!”

"So you're saying that you chose me as a starter to be okay with yourself and not because you really believe in me as a beater," Yahaba said, his tone still raised. “Now I understand!” He added, forming a false smile, “Is that why you spend your time practicing with beaters from other houses? Because I’m not the one you want me to be and to repair Futakuchi's mistake?”

Kuroo remained serious not because Yahaba knew about his training with Tsukishima, but because of the way he was reacting to it.

"I wouldn’t have time to do it if you, my starting beater, would like to practice with me instead of missing most of the workouts and leaving me in the middle of the game.”

“It’s clear that there are more beaters than me in the team. Matsukawa-san, Hanamaki-san, Osamu. But you clearly thought that by not practicing with them I would love you as a captain, right? Choosing me as a starter, not because I deserve it, but because you wanted to get my approval.”

“And you think you deserve to be chosen as starter? Do you really believe that after the game?”

Yahaba watched him silently knowing that he couldn’t answer those questions without thinking that he really didn’t deserve it and that his performance and Futakuchi’s had probably led them to their defeat.

"Don’t make me regret having chosen you again," Kuroo added, looking at him.

“Or what? Will you take advantage of your position in the team to put me as substitute?”

“You know we have the players to do it.” He determined.

Perhaps making him realize that there was a real possibility that he wouldn’t be chosen again as the other starting beater no matter how good his game was, was Kuroo's way to finally get to Yahaba, or at least that’s what he thought, until the boy in front of him laughed falsely.

“If you knew me you would know that threatening me to be replaced is not the way to achieve my motivation.”

“If I don’t know you it's because you won’t let me do it.”

Yahaba rolled his eyes. “You sure would have liked to be sorted in Ravenclaw, don't you? Everyone would listen to you there. Clearly you get along well with one of their beaters, you seem to have a very close relationship with their captain, and you don’t need to tell me anything for me to think that obviously you just decided to solve Kunimi's problem only because another important person to you is in Ravenclaw.”

"Don’t bring Kenma to this." Kuroo gritted his teeth, and glared at him.

“You hate us, don’t you?” Yahaba asked him, “You say seek our approval and you go down, making yourself frustrated when reality is that you and I know that Futakuchi and I are rejected in the same way that we reject you. You'd even like us to quit the team so that all your problems disappear, don’t you?”

Kuroo felt that his turn to get out of control finally arrived.

Because he wouldn’t tolerate that Kenma was introduced to the issue or that someone outside his own emotions told him how he felt when reality was that from the first day he had announced to be the captain, an annoyance hadn’t stopped resting on his chest after realizing that he wasn’t fully accepted as such.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Yahaba took a step back when Kuroo moved at the same time he expressed that phrase by shouting with a clear background anger that was also showing on his face. “My anxiety is eating me alive because you! Why the hell would I reject you if all I want from you is to be accepted! You and he are being the idiots that are causing the team to collapse when we don’t even started climbing just because I'm the captain!”

Kuroo was tired of feeling that way, of not understanding why he was rejected when he hadn’t done anything to be treated that way when what he most wanted was for Slytherin to raise the cup after winning because they were a team in which confidence was something reciprocal as well as good communication the key. And the fact of being accused of not being interested in the team and therefore his emotions of frustration and disappointment were nothing more than an appearance while underneath he was glad because Slytherin had had a bad start, had finally filled with his patience.

He had grown tired, and wouldn’t allow himself to continue to be disappointed when he hadn’t done or said anything that could make someone against him being the leader of the team. He was extremely proud of being chosen to occupy the position, and if putting players as starters who didn’t deserve it, as well as threatening not to let them play, weren’t strategies that worked to achieve the acceptance of people who clearly didn’t have a reason to reject him while he did have motives to reject them, then there was only one way out for the team to stop failing under his mandate.

“I am the captain. I am the leader. And if you don’t like my way of leading, my way of carrying out trainings, the game strategies I plan, and don’t even like me myself, and you will only make the team continue to fall as well as not fulfilling your role as beater then you are welcome to leave the team.”

The situation changed completely when those words were expressed.

The anger on Kuroo's shoulders was undone only to have its place filled with a new kind of tension that appeared as soon as Yahaba's angry face was supplanted by a completely serious one free of all existing emotion. And it only took a second for Kuroo to regret the words he had enunciated after allowing the frustration to influence him, because being a captain who threw the players out of his team only because not everyone agreed with him in every possible way, wasn’t the kind of leader he wanted to be.

But Yahaba didn’t give him the time to regret.

“I would say thank you for everything, but I don’t have anything to be thankful for.”

Yahaba raised his eyebrows for a second, and then shrug and finally begin to mark the path that his best friend had drawn several minutes ago, and his resignation from the team only continued to worsen when Kuroo followed him to try to stop him, because although he never thought what kind of leader he wanted to be, he knew he didn’t want to be one who could be considered a tyrant who got rid of the opposite opinion. But he only got Yahaba to react badly to the hand on his shoulder, and to take the situation far away of what they thought, when Yahaba stumbled after reacting in an exaggerated and unexpected way, and the glass table in between the chairs crashed when he fell on top of it. And the previous discussion didn't seem to make any sense when from one moment to the next, everythinig got worse when one of the fragments of glass ripped the inside part of one of Yahaba's forearms, although what less mattered was the table, or the scattered pieces that were left of it, when blood was that in joining the scene.

“Stay away from me.”

Yahaba didn’t scream or exclaimed as he didn’t let his emotions continue to leave him when he saw Kuroo trying to approach him from the corner of his eye, while his eyes remained on the part of his arm where a red line had formed, and from where blood started to trace different patterns.

Laughter that promptly ceased was heard in the background.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa stopped mocking Oikawa and he stopped pretending to be offended when the tree of them rested their eyes on the scene in front of them, in which they didn’t hesitate to intervene in a matter of seconds. Oikawa looked at Kuroo, who had turned pale, to stand in front of him and away from the one at whose sides Hanamaki and Matsukawa crouched carefully not to step on any glass, the first of them pointing his wand at Yahaba's arm to promptly make the bleeding to stop.

“Are you okay?” Matsukawa asked looking at Yahaba, who only nodded without taking his eyes off his arm.

His serious face and his downcast eyes showed no pain. Only frustration and fatigue.

"We must take him to the infirmary, Issei," Hanamaki expressed with concern in his voice.

The aforementioned nodded and the three got up to go to the doors of the common room.


Kuroo was interrupted when Oikawa stared at him.

"Not now." Was all he said before returning his gaze to the trio of boys who promptly left.

“Oikawa I swear I didn’t d-"

"I know." Oikawa didn’t even allow him to think that he had thought that he had something to do with Yahaba's injured arm and with the fact that the glass table had been crashed in several fragments. “I'm sorry," He said, and finally managed to get Kuroo's full attention when he mentioned those words as he watched him. “I contributed for this to happen," He went on without needing to know what had happened or was said with exactitude to express what he felt. "I talked to him before talking to you that time in the Great Hall, and I made him angry," He explained, “I'm sorry, I failed you as vice-captain. I'm sorry, we both made him angry when our responsability is to take care of them.”

Chapter Text

Ennoshita had realized that when he was the center of the problem, he preferred to accept the consequences instead of waiting for them to happen, because if there was something that was making him more and more nervous, feeling the anxiety grow inside of him as well as the alert of all his senses, was the fact that instead of having spoken with him about his talk with Yahaba, as soon as Kuroo had left with Yahaba and Futakuchi, Akaashi had let the night pass without saying a word about the matter. And when the next day Ennoshita got up, or rather just left his bed because he hadn’t managed to fall asleep since he waited that in the middle of the night Akaashi would make his sleep on the corridor, use his wand against him, or even wish him a good trip while he throw him out the window, he didn’t even dare to speak to Akaashi because somehow his expression had changed even though he had no proof since his face was still as serious as ever, and he decided to wait until Akaashi was the first to speak out on the matter.

Which turned out to be on the way to the Great Hall for breakfast.

“Did you notice the same thing I did?” He expressed walking at his side.

Ennoshita took a little jump away from him because he hadn’t expected him to speak suddenly, and even Kenma, who was walking in front of them a bit far, turned to see him with a raised eyebrow before refocusing his eyes on the device in his hands. While Akaashi continued to see him in the same way he always did, which made Ennoshita understand that he wouldn’t use his wand against him at any time, or at least until they arrived at the Great Hall.

"Yahaba had nothing to do with it." Ennoshita decided to answer, knowing what he had meant.

He didn’t know how to feel anymore. He had been angry about accusing Yahaba without apparent evidence and then feeling annoyed after thinking that he had lied to him, and finally had felt guilty again when he heard that Yahaba wasn’t the one who had cast a spell on Kunimi. But he promptly stopped wondering how he should feel when any feeling was replaced by the pain he felt when Akaashi took advantage of his distraction to stomp on his foot.

“Akaashi!" He exclaimed jumping on one leg until he felt he had two feet again, although he was grateful that his housemate had decided to step on it and not do some kind of spell to turn his hair of some exotic color or his face into some kind of exhibition in a museum.

“That was for not telling me that you talked with Yahaba.”

Akaashi continued with his same serious expression of always, and Ennoshita couldn’t reproach his words to him because he knew that all had promised not to open their mouths on the subject and he only finished doing the opposite, although in the end, it had served him and the rest to do so, but he preferred to stay with that thought because he didn’t want to give Akaashi any more reason to step on him again or even do something worse.

"I'm sorry," Ennoshita said, knowing that what he did had been wrong.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. At least now we know who it was.”

“Then why did you step on me!?”

“You deserved it.”

Ennoshita formed a grimace of disgust, but then glanced sideways at Akaashi.

“I know that we don’t have to let ourselves be led by the criteria that characterize us, but for something we are separated in four houses,” He began to say, making Akaashi observe him. Maybe he wouldn’t ask him for explanations, but anyway he felt he had to express why he had chosen to accuse Yahaba instead of someone else. “And if there's something for which the Slytherins are characterized, it’s because they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. That's why I accused Yahaba, because I thought he was even willing to bewitch someone from another team in order to rise the Quidditch Cup.”

Akaashi only hummed in response, since although he wasn’t one of the people who thought of accusing someone only for the house they were in, he understood the thought of his best friend. "Even though it turned out to be Futakuchi and not Yahaba, I don’t think that what he did was related to the Quidditch cup," He commented, since to him it didn’t matter which house they were sorted in.

“What do you mean?”

“If he wants victory that much, he would first start showing up at his team's trainings. Yes, bewitching someone is easier than trying, but I don’t think his actions were related to the Quidditch tournament.”

“But then why would he?”

“Something else.”

Ennoshita arched an eyebrow. “Like?” He asked.

Could it be that again, Akaashi's mind took into account details he didn’t even think about?

“I don’t know,” Akaashi answered sincerely, but the slight arching of his eyebrow showed that he was considering options in which to focus for probably being able to answer that question in a future not so distant. “I just know it has nothing to do with the Quidditch tournament.”

"And with Kuroo being captain?”

“Maybe yes, maybe not. I only know that it’s something that we probably don’t understand or need to know, but if our team is again in the middle of their fights, then I will not wait for Kuroo-san to solve things like this time. I wasn't chosen as captain to jump in defense of my players only on the Quidditch field.”

At that moment, Ennoshita could visualize the way in which Akaashi's facial features darkened, at the same time that Kenma again turned to rest his eyes on the captain of his team, since it was enough for him to hear him sounding more serious than normal for him to understand that what had happened with Kunimi hadn’t pleased him at all, although nobody on the team had found it funny that one of them was spellbound in the middle of a game without anyone noticing.

But Kenma again resumed his game at the same time Akaashi stopped being totally rigid, when Ennoshita replaced his expression with a smile before pouncing on him to surround him with his arms as they continued walking, making Akaashi rest his eyes on him.

"I have a gift for you that you can also consider as a compensation for having me opened my mouth with Yahaba," He opted to say, deciding to distract him, since in addition, he believed that behind his words, there was also a part of Akaashi that blamed himself for not being able to discover on his own, or avoid from the first moment, that someone messed with one of his players.

“What are you talking about?” Akaashi asked.

Ennoshita opened his mouth to respond, but was suddenly interrupted when someone spoke, rather shouted, before him.


The two turned around when they recognized that exaggerated and more than strong tone of voice that somehow managed to sound even stronger than all the previous times, and the person who always expressed the name of the Ravenclaw captain in that way unless he was depressed because the same person whose name he always shouted didn’t treat him in the same way, soon found himself next to them, breathing quickly after seeming to have looked for them all over the castle, or rather looked for one of them.

Bokuto finally straightened up when he caught his breath and placed his hands on the sides of his waist before smiling excitedly and looking at Akaashi intently while Ennoshita held a similar smile. He had repeatedly wanted to say a string of words since Ennoshita had told him that from that moment on, he should start telling Akaashi everything he liked about him, but something or someone had always interrupted him. But finally he had decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer, and that he didn’t want to let more time pass in which Akaashi still didn’t realize what he thought and felt about him.


Although Kenma had stayed away after waiting for them since he didn't want to cross the doors of the Great Hall alone, anyway he couldn’t help but giggle. Akaashi remained completely stupefied, and Ennoshita rested his elbow on his best friend’s shoulder as he watched him along with a more than entertaining smile.

"That's what I was talking about." He said. 

Yahaba watched the way the nurse next to him changed the bandages on his arm. “Have you been able to sleep well?” She asked, since she had been the one to attend him when the previous afternoon he had appeared in the same place with Matsukawa and Hanamaki so that she could treat the cut on his arm.

He simply nodded and formed a barely divisible smile on his face, not caring that the adult probably didn’t believe him because despite the movement of his head, the dark circles under his eyes indicated the opposite of his affirmation. He had barely been able to fall asleep, but not necessarily because of his injured arm.

The adult surrounded his left forearm with the white bandage and then point it with her wand to make it seem to stick in the corners so it wouldn’t come out later, and finally examined his arm with her eyes once more before placing them on him.

“Fortunately it wasn’t the arm that you normally use, and you don’t seem to have had problems during the night, but anyway come here before going to sleep so I change it again. And no exercise, at least for a week.” She stated, “I know the Quidditch season is important, but your arm too. Okay?”

Yahaba again nodded without saying a word, and the nurse smiled sideways.

“I'll go with director Takeda to tell him, you can leave if you want, or stay.”

Yahaba guessed that the nurse had taken that his silence was due to the fact that he couldn’t exercise for a week when in fact he realized that it didn’t matter since the previous day he had left the Quidditch team of his house, and so he didn’t have any training to attend, although he hadn’t been part of them either being on the team in an official way.

After the nurse crossed the doors and therefore left him alone in the infirmary, and although she had said to him that he could go if he wanted to, Yahaba still crossed his legs on the bed where he had been sitting, and lowered his eyes to his arm to examine the same with his downcast look. A white gauze covered it from his wrist until a little before his elbow, and he turned it slowly only to see that it was on both sides of his arm. The red lines had disappeared from view, and although at that moment he bit his lower lip, it wasn’t because it hurt or caused him any kind of discomfort.

He swallowed with difficulty, and then, almost as if he was afraid to do so, he rested his eyes on the entrance of the infirmary room.

Waiting. Still hoping for. Knowing he shouldn’t.

He didn’t expect Futakuchi to appear because he didn’t doubt that the same had realized that he himself had understood that he had been lying to him, since the events of the previous day had made it clear that Futakuchi had been lying to him basically since the classes had started; and besides, the night before he had slept in his own bed instead of taking refuge in him as he usually did every time he felt bad, as well as not talking about the fact that the captain of the team had begun the conversation with the two being present.

Nor did he expect that Kuroo and Oikawa were those to appear, since the second knew him well enough to know that he wanted his time away from them, and that therefore, neither of them would accomplish anything by approaching at that moment; since although it had been Kuroo with whom he had discussed the previous day, his previous conversations with Oikawa had led him to lose control more quickly at the previous day's crossword, so he didn’t really want to see neither of them.

He only hoped that he would appear.

And he knew he shouldn’t wait for him, that he shouldn’t have hope.

He formed a line with his lips to avoid biting the lower one at the same time he took his wrist from the injured arm with his hand as he had already become accustomed to do when he felt that he had nothing to cling to, and he swallowed again with difficulty when he felt that his stomach cringed and his chest began to annoy him.

He only asked for that. That he appeared. No one else but he.

That he cared for him, that he would cross those doors to make it clear that he had learned about what had happened and wanted to know how he was to show him that he continued thinking about him, that he hadn’t completely forgotten him; just as he hadn’t done it, since he knew that otherwise, he would have removed his eyes from the door instead of observing it attentively and intensively, beginning to feel nervous because although he only wanted him to appear, he knew that his wish wasn’t the corresponding one. He shouldn’t have hope, he shouldn’t think about him, he shouldn’t wait him.

To have argued with Kuroo, to have hurt his arm, not to have slept with Futakuchi even if he had wanted to do it even though he had lied to him because with him he had become used to feeling better, to have gotten upset as well as tired and discouraged. None of that was what caused him to be waiting at that moment, his nerves rising, his breathing deepening.

He just had to choose between two simple actions, keep looking or lower his eyes

But the first implied that he would continue to wait and that he would gather the necessary patience, that he was willing to forgive as well as start over again, while the second meant that he would again give up, that he should begin to try to forget.

It was a simple action that only involved the direction of his eyes.

And when he finally lowered his eyes to his arm, he let out a silent sigh as his vision became cloudy, until suddenly his entire body tensed when he heard a noise, but as soon as he turned his eyes back to the doors to see Atsumu's head peeking out, he lowered his gaze again, blinking several times.

He kept looking down when the mattress sank because Atsumu sat down in front of him, one of his knees almost brushing with his, and he swallowed hard again because he knew Atsumu didn’t need him to stare at him to know that he was avoiding his look for obvious reasons. And while he ignored his eyes, the blond certainly scanned him with his, since he hadn’t needed to be in the Great Hall to know that Yahaba would be in the infirmary room instead of there for breakfast; and not just because in the morning he had to change his gauzes.

“Are you okay?”

Slowly, Yahaba lifted his head to allow their eyes to meet, and Atsumu only took his eyes from him when the silver-haired one stretched his injured arm towards him, showing him the new gauze that the nurse had placed on it, but again observed him.

"You know I wasn’t talking about your arm." Atsumu added.

Yahaba removed his sight from him and used as a fixed point any space in the infirmary room, knowing that he had known that Atsumu hadn’t asked about his arm. He formed a line with his lips to keep them from shaking, and he knew there was no point in blinking repeatedly when the crystalline layer that covered his eyes was evident. He opened his mouth, but only after a few seconds was he able to speak.

"I..." He pursed his lips as soon as he heard the split voice he spoke with, and his lips began to tremble as he unconsciously shrank back on himself because he brought his arms to his chest. “I… I am in pain,” He managed to say, his cloudy eyes resting on Atsumu, but then again he lowered his head to shake it at the same time that he couldn’t prevent a first tear from leaving his eyes.

“Do you want a hug?” Atsumu asked him, and when the silver-haired one nodded as soon as he heard him, he didn’t hesitate to approach him, being careful not to hurt his arm although Yahaba remained with his arms completely close to him, and he surrounded him on his side to then pass an arm in front of him as well as to rest his head on his and to caress him on the back with his other hand, feeling as Yahaba trembled under him as well as listening to him cry.

"I'm so stupid." Yahaba mumbled between sobs.

"You're not." Atsumu only squeezed him a little more. “You are not.”

He focused on making him feel as protected as possible, while Yahaba kept his clouded sight in his hands, both feeling as if they had gone back in time after being in that kind of situation. Yahaba crying and Atsumu comforting him, hugging him while the other continued to think the worst of himself.

And Yahaba continued crying after realizing that time meant nothing when his heart was the one that wasn’t willing to heal as well as his thoughts to leave him alone because it kept him plagued with memories of all the last months. He hid his face in Atsumu's chest, making the blond surround his neck with both arms to keep him close to himself.

Neither of them said anything. Atsumu caressed both his back and neck gently, knowing that Yahaba only needed someone to rest on, though wondering why Futakuchi wasn't with him, because although he knew that the discussion had been with Kuroo, he didn’t know all of the details of why the silver-haired one had his arm hurt. And Yahaba kept crying, having felt tense since he had arrived at the infirmary the day before.

The peeks of Matsukawa and Hanamaki, the attempts of jokes that they had made to try to raise his humor because he didn’t doubt that his seriousness had been part of his expression from the beginning. The sideways glances he had received from his housemates when he had returned to the common room, not wanting to see the broken table or appear in the Great Hall for dinner, since he wasn’t hungry. The emptiness he had felt after not sleeping with Futakuchi as he liked to do when he felt that his chest was again closing, and therefore spent the vast majority of the night awake, feeling his chest tense and his hands trembling as well as his throat closed. The way he had basically dragged himself to the infirmary when he got up that morning, preferring to stay there because he still didn’t want to appear in the Great Hall or be in the common room of his house, since he didn’t want to cross paths with anybody nor hold conversations, or be the objective of the eyes of others.

Feeling protected was the only thing he had wanted and not obtained, so he hadn’t been able to avoid collapsing as soon as Atsumu had appeared to let him know that he was worried, that he continued to be there for him if he needed him to act as a pillar so that he wouldn’t keep falling apart. He managed to calm him with his presence as well as with his caresses, since during all that time he had only needed someone.

Maybe it wasn’t Atsumu who he had expected to show up, but knowing that the blond was still caring about him after seeing his worst phase, had assured him that he was more than just a housemate.

"Come on, don’t be so sad," Suddenly he heard Atsumu say at the same time that he continued to sob, still with his eyes fogged but his cheeks only moist instead of being the path for an endless trail of tears. “If you want I’ll do everything I can so that it won’t be Osamu who replaces you.”

Yahaba gave a slight giggle when he heard him, and Atsumu smiled.

They separated by a few inches, but both again became serious once the blond noticed that Yahaba’s smile had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, while Yahaba realized that it didn’t matter who took his place, since in fact he had already lost the role of official beater anyway.

“I left the team.” He expressed.

Perhaps it had been several hours since he had argued with Kuroo, and although he had discovered that Futakuchi had lied to him, it didn’t change that Kuroo had invited him to leave the team anyway, as he had agreed to do so, so reality continued being the same no matter that other day had started.


Atsumu watched him stunned.

He only knew that Kuroo and the one in front of him had argued and that Futakuchi had also been part of the same because although he had not uttered a word, his serious expression and his black aura during the night of the previous day, had been enough evidence. He didn’t know why they had argued, although the idea that it was because of the team had certainly appeared in his head, but he didn’t expect Yahaba to utter that phrase.

Although after a few seconds in which the surprise finally seemed to leave his expression, he shrugged.

“Do you want me to leave it too?”

Yahaba giggled a second time when he heard him, not surprised that Atsumu reacted in that way instead of starting a series of questions about why he had said his previous sentence.

"You are a fool," He laughed softly, and rubbed his eye with the arm he could move without any problem, to then watch the hurt one for a few seconds, and finally hide the gauze that protected it after stretching the sleeve of his sweater.

“When you can play, we can start practicing for next year if you want.”

Although Yahaba knew that Atsumu had an easy-going personality as well as a carefree attitude, he had learned to differentiate the times in which he spoke only just because, of the times in which he spoke in a serious way although without appearing to do so. And he knew that his sentence had been an occasion of the second option.

“Why you neither have been going to the practices?” He asked him, since although he knew why Futakuchi and he had been doing it, they had both been surprised to learn that the Miya brothers had also started missing most of the team's workouts.

Atsumu looked at him, and then smiled sideways.

“Osamu rather not move, and I take the opportunity to do... things,” He expressed changing his smile for a narcissist one, to which Yahaba rolled his eyes but smiled amused because he knew that with that word, he meant activities in which he didn’t necessarily need to have clothes on, and not because that one was taking a shower. “It's not because we're substitutes if that's what you think," He continued, and then wrinkled his nose, “But while my brother and I fight all the time, if there's one thing we agree on, it’s that this team is not ours.”

Having left aside his cloudy vision, Yahaba frowned.

“What do you mean?"

Apparently while Futakuchi and he had never had a real reason to miss training, there had been people who did.

“I admire Oikawa's skills. He is a player who can make each player the best version of themselves, and despite our defeat against Gryffindor, we all know that with whom he better connects is with Iwaizumi, and Kindaichi. Strategies, skills, technique. They matter. But the connection between players is something that you can’t always get." Atsumu began to say looking at him while Yahaba listened intently. “You trust him and he trusts you. My brother and I understand why we are not chosen in games, and believe me, it doesn’t make us angry. Osamu doesn’t doubt to take advantage to be lazy, and I don’t need to be chosen to know that I am a good player," He expressed without intending to be arrogant, and Yahaba didn’t doubt the honesty of his words, since although that year he had hardly been in trainings, last year he had many more to see the dynamic and determined way in which Atsumu moved when he was on his broom, and if he thought there was someone who could approach Oikawa in relation to talent, was him. “Don’t get me wrong, we want Slytherin to win, but we are both sure that next year will be better.”

"When the seventh-years are gone." Yahaba thought aloud.

“Smart,” Atsumu gave him a simple smile, “Both Kuroo and Oikawa decided to focus on both you and Futakuchi, while my brother and I weren’t even asked why we were missing because they didn’t hesitate to assume that Osamu is because he prefers to do other things instead of being on his broom, and that I prefer to deal with my ego myself. We are not a team, regardless of whether the focus is on you or Futakuchi. We are not. We have skilled players among whom some have a connection with each other, but what is a team if not everyone feels the same way?”

Yahaba watched him, realizing that Futakuchi and he had never really been the team's only problem, since it was enough to think about the way Bokuto and Daichi cared about their players, and the way Akaashi related to each of the people who made up his team, to realize that Kuroo and Oikawa handled the team in a completely different way. He didn’t know if a good or bad one.

Just different.

“Do you think Bokuto, Daichi, or Akaashi would have let that happen?”

He understood that Atsumu thought the same as he did when he pointed his arm with his head, and Yahaba rested a hand on his injured arm.

He knew that Kuroo hadn’t intended for anything to happen and probably didn’t even have the guilt because he had been the one to overreact, but he also knew that the other three captains of the teams under no circumstances would have allowed the fragmentation of the team and the players that composed it, to reach such a level as they had achieved.

"Aren’t we Slytherins supposed to be loyal?” Yahaba asked.

Atsumu smiled sideways when he heard him. “Don't forget about our self-preservation.”

Futakuchi had lied.

Kuroo had chosen them as players even though they didn’t participate in the training sessions or showed interest in the team, only after thinking that they would get angry with him should he leave them with the other substitutes.

Oikawa had accepted his role as vice-captain.

Both Atsumu and Osamu were already thinking about next year.

And being in the infirmary, he himself showed that he still didn’t want to face anyone.

The blond next to him was right.

There were many characteristics that determined them.

And even though he had never thought that he would have to see himself as part of the rumor that professed that Slytherins always shared a tendency for a non-corresponded love, as well as he never believed that he would be part of the list of people whose feelings only fought among them; he knew he didn’t want to stop being loyal.

But loyal to whom? Or to what?

A fragmented team? To his own self? To the idea of a future?

"The Sorting Hat said that in Slytherin I would find my true friends." Yahaba began to say, being watched attentively by Atsumu. “But I don’t know what to think anymore.”

The blond simply smiled as he repeatedly moved his hand in front of him to get his attention, getting Yahaba to look at him.

“Don’t exaggerate. Futakuchi is still your best friend, and you have me and Osamu. Oikawa, perhaps, has apparently done some of his with you, but even if he doesn’t say it, surely you are his favorite kouhai. Even on the same level as Kindaichi and that is saying a lot. We are your friends, you have us. You know you have us. You know that better than anyone else.“ Atsumu assured him, and Yahaba let out a sigh, remembering all the previous times where some of his housemates had been there for him, to keep him company and not allow him to think the worst of himself. “We are housemates. We are friends. You don’t need a team to confirm that.”

“There is no team.”

“I know I told you that Osamu and I don’t believe that this team is for us, but if you and Kuroo have discussed, it’s because both of you need a team.”

“Teammates before team.”

“Teammates before team.” Atsumu repeated.

Yahaba did a small caress on his own injured arm.

To form a team, they must first show that they were teammates. First they had to construct the bases on which a possible team could be formed. The necessary thing was for everyone to understand each other, to talk, and for communication not to be a problem. But he no longer belonged to the team, and as much as it bothered him that Futakuchi had lied to him, he wouldn’t tell his secrets to everyone else; so the first thing he had to do before considering joining the team again, was asking himself how willing he was to consider that his housemates were also his friends. 

'Akaashi there’s no one prettier than you!'

'Akaashi you are the smartest person I know!'

'Akaashi there’s no one like you!'

'Akaashi you're the reason I'm always smiling!'

Akaashi had no idea what Ennoshita had done to make Bokuto go from yelling at him about everything he had to do to be the captain of his team during the game they had played, to exclaiming all that repertoire of phrases every time he saw him. When he went in and out of classes, before and after being in the Great Hall, when he was walking down the hall, and when he was studying or at least making the attempt because he was interrupted. Wherever he was, Bokuto always appeared to break his day with some of the phrases he had begun to tell him from that first time he had spoken when he had been with Ennoshita. More than a week had passed since he had exclaimed the first sentence in front of him, and since that time, he hadn’t spent a single day without hearing Bokuto's voice assuring him that he was his favorite person, being in the Ravenclaw Tower the only times he managed to concentrate without interruptions.

He had never reacted more than holding his same expression of always, since in addition, Bokuto always left running in some direction after releasing some of his phrases in an exalted and cheerful way. But that day the situation seemed to have changed, because instead of disappearing after speaking to him in a hurry, the seventh-year remained with Akaashi without waiting for him to say something, maybe because that day turned out to be Akaashi's birthday.

Bokuto's favorite day.

Unlike Kenma, Akaashi did like to celebrate his birthday if it was something small, but calm was what he was least getting because since he had got up and left the common room of his house, Bokuto had accompanied his congratulations with the highest tone of voice he had ever used, making everyone in the Great Hall to know that it was his birthday, along with a big morning hug that made Ennoshita laugh and Kenma felt sorry for his roommate.

He had managed to have some moments of calm when he was present in the classes that day.

'Akaashi, today is the best day because it's your birthday!'

But he lost them again as soon as he was in the corridor.

'Akaashi, the world is beautiful since you exist!'

Ennoshita continued laughing every time he was present when Bokuto appeared to talk to his best friend, who knew that was beginning to lose his patience even if his expression didn’t change and continued as usual. He had freed a beast eager to make his roommate happy, and he was more than proud to have been the one to liberate the seventh-year's side he knew Bokuto had always carried inside.

'Akaashi, your eyes are the only thing I want to see for the rest of my life!'

The one mentioned in all the sentences had barely managed to concentrate on the classes he had attended that day and decided that he couldn’t continue to be in the library unless he wanted to be thrown out for life, when Bokuto continued to adore him with words no matter what he had to do or be silent because he was in that place of the castle, and he didn’t doubt that Ennoshita had left him alone on purpose so that Bokuto could walk by his side without stopping talking at any time. But although he had become accustomed to hearing the seventh-year because he had interrupted his serenity for more than a week to let him know that he had no problem in showing him how much he loved him with words, that day Akaashi's reservation of patience was really reaching its point limit.

He wanted to concentrate and couldn’t.

He wanted to study and couldn’t.

He wanted to do the corresponding homework and couldn’t.

And all because a boy with bicolor hair had become obsessed with expressing out loud everything that he liked about him. And although anyone who saw them from afar would think that he had stopped listening to the one next to him after he had mentioned the repertoire of phrases of the day, Akaashi had never failed to pay attention to the boy who at that moment continued to walk by his side while he let lose all the talk about how much he liked the dark color of his hair and the way it matched the bluish tint of his eyes.

The Ravenclaw felt that soon his whole body would be covered in a blush unless Bokuto opted to shut up, which he didn’t see as possible since he had been doing it for a week. Every exclamation in his favor was established in his head to build a pile with all the words that the seventh-year had said about him, totally safe and without any doubt. And since he had never stopped listening to him, Akaashi noticed the small change in the tone of voice that accompanied the following phrases that left Bokuto's mouth as they continued walking down the hall.

“Happy birthday, Akaashi.”

It wasn’t the first time he had said it in the day and it was probably the phrase he had heard the most since he got up, but it was the first time Bokuto expressed it without shouting and without waving his arms in the air totally enthusiastic.

“You are the best captain a team could have.”

Athough his first instinct had been to turn his head towards him, Akaashi glanced at him.

After having listened to him during a whole game say how he should lead his team and how he should act after being the main guide of his players, he was surprised to hear him formulate that phrase, which also had a special meaning considering that Bokuto was also a team captain, as well as Kuroo, who was his closest best friend, so he was really congratulating Akaashi by saying it out loud.

“You are the most perfect person I know.”

Finally a reddish hue appeared on Akaashi's cheeks.

For the first time in several days, Bokuto walked very quietly by his side. Without opening his mouth to express in a hurry what he felt nor with a high tone of voice so that everyone could hear him, because the only one who he wanted to hear him, was right at his side.

“You are the perfect person for me.”

Akaashi's heart began to throb quickly, and continuing to walk didn’t prevent his hands from shaking or feeling his cheeks get hotter and hotter.

“I don’t even have to think why I like you.”

Although until now they had been slowing their pace, both stopped. Akaashi watched Bokuto knowing that his cheeks were probably pink and that his arm that kept a couple of books next to his chest, was the only thing that prevented him from being a tremor in its place.

And Bokuto sighed.

There was only one more sentence to say that so far he hadn’t expressed out loud. And he knew that he should say it not only because he wanted to, but also because finally he had to make clear to Akaashi everything that he caused to him.

He looked up to see the Ravenclaw staring at him, and he couldn’t prevent a clumsy but calm smile to appear on his face when the mere fact of seeing Akaashi caused him to have those reactions.

“I like you.” He finally confessed.

And Akaashi couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

He felt as if all of Bokuto's words hadn’t only filled every nook and cranny of his head, managing to displace all the moments in which he had uttered a phrase he hadn’t liked; but also as if each word had been drawn in the different parts of his body that he had appreciated with his prayers. He felt as if each of Bokuto's words had been written on his skin, and even though he didn’t know if he agreed with everything Bokuto had said about him, he did believe that he was the perfect person to shut him up.

And he did.

After having spent a full week listening to all those phrases that had been accumulating both in his head and in his heart, he finally managed to get silence when he stopped being on his place and achieved to get the other one to be quiet after he tugged at Bokuto's tie to join his lips to his. Suddenly the beating of his heart was the only thing he could hear, which he only felt that continued to accelerate when Bokuto didn’t move away and honored all his words by sliding a hand under his gray sweater to rest his hand on his waist, skin that although was still under a white shirt, anyway reacted looking for that contact of warmth that had quickly spread throughout his body. He felt that his back was rested against something flat and that his other hand was released when he learned that Bokuto had thrown to the ground the books he had been holding, giving him the opportunity to place his now free hand on the neck of the one who kept his lips busy in something more than pronouncing words, kissing him, making him want the satisfaction that his body felt as well as the nervousness of their movements and the rapid beating of his heart not to disappear. He didn’t want Bokuto to stop keeping his lips trapped with his own nor the encounter of their tongues that Akaashi couldn’t even remember at what point it had started. He didn’t want to separate from him, let alone stop kissing him, and he didn’t knew how to feel when he felt one of Bokuto's legs between his own, but his body gave him the answer when his throat made a sound rip, that at the end was moderately breathed out loud and  without any obstacle since Bokuto stopped keeping their mouths together only to gently bite his bottom lip before sliding his head to begin kissing his neck without the same calmness.

And although Akaashi knew that what they were doing was wrong because they were in the middle of the hall in where although there was no one, they couldn’t rule out that someone suddenly appeared, however he bit his lower lip when he felt a surge of exaltation come from his neck when Bokuto stimulated that part of his body with his mouth, although he promptly returned to formulate a string of words.

"You're the one I like to spend my time with," Bokuto whispered over his skin, making it bristle, before again joining their mouths for a short but exasperating kiss, his voice having stopped being toned in an entertaining way or followed by a laugh, nor sounding calm as sometimes happened. But in a different way to all the previous ones, more serious, as well as more pleasant to hear, “You're the one I like to sleep with," He murmured over his lips before resting his lips on his again, making the grip on his tie less and less strong as well as for Akaashi to crave that closeness to which he wasn't opposing, even if he was the one who had initiated and didn’t regret it at all, “You are the one I like to surround with my arms," He added before returning to join their mouths to avoid wasting time.

A long silence settled between them as they continued kissing as if they had waited a long time to do so and finally they were given the opportunity, their lips getting familiar without wasting a second although they weren’t in a hurry and their tongues attracted with nature. They were the two of them and no one else, they were the plea of two people who had understood in different ways that they were needed and that they had decided to listen to the prayers of their emotions in the same way. They were the meeting of previously repressed emotions that had finally chosen to emerge and be united showing that they were the same.

Bokuto ran his thumb along the lower lip that was already swollen and a darker color from being merged with his, while Akaashi remained silent, his chest rising and falling to recover the air he had forgotten to inhale after being busy, and Bokuto finally took his eyes from those lips he had long waited to savor with his own, to concentrate on the beseeching blue gaze that only fixed on his, and opened his mouth only to be interrupted.

“Hey! You two!”

The intense atmosphere between the two was quickly replaced by one of uneasiness when both heard that voice to which the two didn’t hesitate to separate, being Akaashi the quickest to react, because whether he was kissing him or not, Bokuto didn’t concentrate on anything or no one else when he was with him, which explained why the younger remained ahead of him, being the only one ashamed while Bokuto stayed almost behind him, taking the opportunity to place his hand, the one he had previously been resting against the wall above Akaashi's head, surreptitiously under the younger's sweater to left it in the lower part of his back, which only made the blush on Akaashi's cheeks that was due to both what they had been doing and forgetting they were in a corridor, to continue to grow.

In front of them, Coach Ukai stared at them.

"I don’t want to give you detention, but I have to, so I'll tell you what to do next," He expressed, making the two teenagers in front of him, especially Akaashi, feel grateful that he was the one who had interrupted them instead of another teacher who wouldn’t have hesitated to give them more than one detention for having found them kissing in that way, or a student through whom everyone in the castle would end up learning about what they had seen after walking in that hallway at the right time. “Now I understand why you took so long when you only had to shake your hands before the match," The adult mumbled to himself before turning and leaving, “Teens.”

Akaashi remained motionless, debating whether he was more embarrassed by the fact that he knew he could never see that adult in the eye again, because he had been found kissing another student in the middle of one of the corridors, or because he had allowed himself to forget everything and everyone around him so he could stay focused on all the sensations that Bokuto's lips and body next to his had made him feel. Emotions that returned to his body when a hand slid from his shoulder down his arm to reach his hand so that then the three books he had previously held were again in his possession.

"And you're definitely the one I like to kiss." He heard.

Those words made him swallow with heaviness and feel his cheeks continue to heat as well as his skin bristle, but if they would start playing outside the Quidditch pitch, then it would be a fair game, and he didn’t plan to lose as he had had during the match, so he stopped turning his back on him to make their lips remain a millimeter away from meeting, and being his books the only thing to prevent their bodies to be fully attached to each other. And although he wanted nothing more to join his mouth with his because he knew that Bokuto licked his lips purposely after having glimpsed that his eyes were on them, he didn’t allow himself to be tempted, but to be the tempter.

"Throw my books one more time, and you are dead man," He breathed on his lips before looking up to rest his bluish gaze on amber eyes that turned out to be as lustful as amazed and amused. Akaashi gave him a slow kiss at the corner of his mouth before giving him a fleeting touch on his cheek that slipped to his neck before deciding to separate from him to pass by his side and finally walk to the other side of the corridor, knowing that on his back was that look that continued to shine only for him regardless of his actions. It was his birthday, and besides considering that he had received the best gift, his wish had also been fulfilled.

Akaashi covered his face with the three books to close his eyes and hold a clumsy smile while he kept feeling his cheeks heating up, and only laughed when he knew that he would have to admit that Ennoshita had been right, and that therefore, his feelings were reciprocated.

Chapter Text

Yaku mentally threw Daichi off his broom.

It was his fault that at that moment he was sitting in one of the benches in the hall, with a book in his hands which he had stopped paying attention to several minutes ago, since he couldn’t stop thinking about the words he had crossed with his roommate.

"So you're saying that if Lev wasn’t a fifth-year, you would agree to be with him?'

A grimace appeared on his face as soon as he realized that he mentally didn’t answer that question with a denial free of doubt, because although he didn’t want to talk with Daichi about the matter because he still wasn’t sure how he felt, that didn’t prevent him to hold a conversations with his own self, which explained why the book in his hands seemed to have been forgotten, as he kept thinking that as much as he didn’t want to accept Daichi was right after having said that Lev was obsessed with him because he allowed him to be, since instead of kicking him out he allowed him to stay by his side, he spoiled him by letting him be with him and surprising him the way he did whenever he appeared expressing that for some reason or other he had sought him out.

But although Daichi had spoken truthfully, so did him.

That was his last year at Hogwarts, and he didn’t want to concentrate on anything that had nothing to do with the exams he had to pass, and the results he expected to decide what to do with his future once the walls of the castle and the different places of it ceased being his permanent refuge, so he didn’t have time to get distracted by sudden emotions that would only make him stay unfocus on the tasks he had to perform and on the essays he had to write.

Just like at that time.

He shook his head to stop looking like he was lost and blinked several times before holding the book more securely and reverting his eyes to it, although he could only get a quick glance at the pages because his eyes were quickly rested on the green look of the one who had sat next to him no matter if there were other benches available, other corridors with the same benches, or many other places in the castle to take a seat. And he raised an eyebrow when he saw a huge smile on his face.

“Why are you smiling so much?” He asked.

Lev continued in silence at the same time that his smile widened after coming even closer to him, being impossible for Yaku to get away from him because he was already on the edge of the bench and would only managed to fall on the floor in case of taking distance.

“What are you doing?” He asked when he saw him reduce the space between them.

"I’m lending you my arm, Yaku-san," Lev answered innocently.

The seventh-year remained totally serious after realizing that Lev didn’t seem to plan to let him forget that a few nights ago he had rested his head on his arm after being totally distracted by the moment and to let go in a moment of weakness. It had only been a minimum contact established between the two, but just as he had told Daichi, he thought that having allowed himself to rest his head on Lev’s arm had been a mistake.

"It's funny that your head doesn’t reach my shoulder even if we're sitting," Lev added.

And with those words, the smile on Lev's face was replaced by a grimace of pain when Yaku chose to give him a blow to the arm with the book he had been reading, or at least made the attempt. And the youngest of them rubbed that part of his body while the other one rested the book between them to establish a certain kind of distance.

“What are you doing here, Lev?” He asked.

“I saw you, and I have nothing better to keep you company,"

Yaku remained unsurprised knowing that there were no ulterior motives in the words of the fifth-year boy, who was totally sincere without even realizing it, which also explained why he always won a blow on his part, and that was completely honest regardless of what situation he was in, being those some of the reasons of why Yaku didn’t look at him like he look at the rest.

Suddenly he shook his head as he realized what he was thinking.

"I have to study, Lev," He said, resting the open book on his lap.

“I'll be quiet.”

“We both know that is not possible.”

The gray-haired one tightened his lips before joining the tips of his thumb and forefinger and forming a line with those above his lips, indicating that he wouldn’t release any words so that the one next to him could concentrate. But as much as he was silent, Yaku knew that that wasn’t the problem of his distraction.

Lev smiled broadly to show that he could remain without saying a word.


The aforementioned raised his hands innocently, indicating that he really wouldn’t leave and would remain without saying a word.

The seventh-year knew that the problem wasn’t that his presence bothered him, but quite the opposite, so he gave up when Lev continued with his green eyes on him, and decided to sit closer to him to do what he knew that would later make him regret and again complain to his roommate. He rested his forehead on the arm of the one sitting next to him, and pretended to be focusing on the pages of the book, knowing that he was only concentrating on hating himself for feeling extremely secure though intrigued when he was with Lev. 

Yahaba crossed out all the drawings of the same number he had done with enough force to look like he wanted to break the scroll instead of just erasing those numbers, suddenly letting it stop and suppressing a grimace of annoyance when he felt his hurt arm scold him for having been keeping his hand in a fist and therefore tensioning his body.

“What are you doing?” Futakuchi asked, who was sitting in front of him.

"Nothing." He lied.

He returned to rest his head in the palm of his other hand while he visualized all the studs he had produced on his parchment after having wanted to eliminate those numbers from the date of that day that beyond his grief, he continued to consider extremely important. But he didn’t hesitate to finish ruining the parchment after raising it with a touch of his wand so that it began to burn in small flames while it was in the air, making his best friend interspersed his boring gaze between the carbonized paper and him.

Since he had gotten up he had felt a great discomfort in his stomach just as a headache had been bothering him since he had taken his head off his pillow. He felt completely discouraged and knew that he could only blame a person to whom he couldn’t scream how exasperated he felt because he was totally absent. He was extremely tired and at the same time he wanted to scream. He wanted to release the frustration of his body and the anger that had taken over his expression. He didn’t like to think about what he felt or realize that the emotions he hated to feel were still part of him no matter how many times he tried to get rid of those feelings. His state of mind had been in free fall since he had woken up, and he knew that none of his problems were side effects of the multiple small injuries in his arms as well as the larger cut that was still covered by a gauze wrapped around his forearm.

Although he could consider that the boy in front of him certainly had to do with the gauze on his arm, who continued to give him a simple look. Yahaba knew that the two still had a pending talk about what had led him to have his arm hurt, and he didn’t want to continue allowing time to pass without saying anything when he felt betrayed.

“Why do you lie to me?” He asked him.

Futakuchi watched him in silence for a few seconds before lowering his eyes back to his own parchment. "I don’t know what you're talking about." He murmured in response.

The date of that day wasn’t the only thing that brought Yahaba to be in a bad mood. Maybe he could cross out all the numbers seven he had drawn in different ways on the patch, but he couldn’t cross out everything his discussion with Kuroo had allowed him to understand.

“Why did you never tell me that Kuroo doesn’t know that you like him?”

Futakuchi glared at him as soon as he heard him.

“Why do you imply it?”

"Because I was stupid because of you." He answered.

Since Ennoshita had appeared to surprise him in the library, Yahaba had understood that his best friend had apparently been hiding several things from him as well as lying in his own face for quite some time. Not only because he had learned through the Ravenclaw vice-captain that Futakuchi had been the one to charm Kunimi, but because he had also discovered that the reason why Futakuchi had told him that he wouldn’t accept Kuroo as captain might turn out not to be so true as he had thought. Because contrary to what everyone thought, at no time did he and Futakuchi believe that Oikawa was more apt for the role of the captain than who currently occupied that position, and even believed that it was more convenient for the team than Kuroo was since they both believed that he was a great quidditch player and that he could be a great leader with respect to the other players. So the reluctant attitude of them towards Kuroo being the chosen captain wasn’t due to a preference of seventh year people, but to another reason that Futakuchi had apparently invented for Yahaba to be on his side when he demonstrated being against having Kuroo as captain.

Futakuchi hadn’t hesitated to tell him that he was attracted to the seventh-year before the start of the academic year, and apparently to lie to him after telling him that he had confessed to Kuroo what he felt for him, only to be rejected by a string of words that had reduced him and changed part of his opinion about him. Futakuchi had lied to him when he told him that he had confessed to Kuroo what he felt, and to have assured him that the seventh-year had treated him badly after learning about his feelings, not caring what kind of feelings he had and without considering how much could cost a person to be honest about their emotions. Futakuchi had lied to him no matter how he saw the situation. And therefore, Yahaba thought that he had been left as a complete fool after having realized that he had been treating the captain of his team in a bad way for a lie in which his best friend had caught him, since being the person closest to him, Yahaba hadn’t hesitated to act in a distant way with Kuroo after learning that he had acted in the same way towards his best friend, or in bothering Kuroo for having hurt Futakuchi, just as Futakuchi hadn’t doubted to continue lying to him until he realized the thruth by himself.

Yahaba understood that his best had lied to him after Kuroo remained completely confused once Futakuchi left when the seventh-year asked him why he had bewitched Kunimi, and it hadn’t been until that moment in the Great Hall, sitting in front of him, that he understood the real reason why Futakuchi had done what he had done.

“I'm not the only one who has noticed the way Kuroo looks at Kenma, right?”

Futakuchi looked at him again.

“You wanted to bewitch Kenma because you're jealous of him, but it would have been too obvious, so you opted to get angry with another person on his team who would also have consequences after all being in the same house, resulting in Kunimi being your choice because he is the easiest one to aim during a match." Yahaba expressed.

The fact that his best friend tightened his lips while continuing in silence showed him that he was only telling the truth.

“I simply don’t understand why you lie to me.”

Futakuchi continued without saying a word, and both stared at each other for a long time. Yahaba had understood that he had lied to him as well as that he had been the person to enchant Kunimi, and all because he liked Kuroo and he didn’t like him, but there was still something that he still didn’t understand.

“I'm your best friend. You can come to me no matter what time it is and no matter how you feel. I will always try to help you," Yahaba began to say, “But it really bothered me that you lie to me. I am your best friend and I showed it to you by turning my back on the rest of the team, treating Kuroo in the worst way when in reality I never had any reason to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it again in case he really hurt you because you are important to me and I would make life impossible for anyone who bothers you or treats you badly. But you lied to me, and more than once, so I'm pissed off. And I don’t understand why you didn’t simply tell me the truth.”

Futakuchi simply gave him a totally false smile before lowering his gaze to his patch, pretending that it was suddenly completely entertained to watch.

Yahaba looked at him seriously, because after all and somehow, he had also left the team for him, but from his own experience he knew how much it could hurt and bother the fact that a person didn’t correspond to his feelings, since his tears had even made it clear when he had cried in the infirmary with Atsumu by his side. So instead of continuing to ask him why he simply hadn’t told him the truth, he stood up and crossed over the table, to then stand next to his best friend and wrapped his arms around him, feeling the tension with which Futakuchi's body counted.

“I just want you to know that I’m here for you." Yahaba said, resting his chin on his head while his arms remained crossed in front of his chest.

Futakuchi remained totally tense even though his best friend had embraced him, and he removed his eyes from the patch to observe the part of the gauze on Yahaba’s arm that peeked out from under his sweater, but then rested his hand on his best friend’s as well as also one of his cheeks on his arm.

“I just want some time alone, okay?”

Yahaba formed a small pout with his lips, since he didn’t want to leave his best friend knowing that he would probably only continue to fight with himself after only being accompanied by his thoughts, but anyway he murmured an affirmation before he stopped hugging him. His hand separated from his, and although he just wanted to sit next to him, he reached out to hang his backpack over his shoulder.

Yahaba simply gave him a look before leaving the Great Hall, and sighed as soon as he crossed the doors. He wasn’t having a good day already and he didn’t want Futakuchi to remain alone but he didn’t want lies to be the only thing that kept leaving his mouth, so he forced himself to walk so as not to retrace his steps, since he also knew that being alone sometimes helped too.

It only had been clear to him that all the actions Futakuchi had carried out, had been because his feelings weren’t reciprocated, just as no matter how much time had passed, he himself was still not able to let go of the fact that what he felt wasn’t received by who he wanted either. But he didn’t want to again start to immerse himself in his bubble of thoughts that he knew would only managed to lead him to feel bad, so it only took him a few seconds to decide to approach the boy he saw sitting on the railing that connected the columns that surrounded one of the interior gardens of the castle.

He pulled one of the books out of his backpack, and he stretched out his arms with the book in his hands so as not to hesitate to drop it on that part of the Ravenclaw’s body, making him afraid of the interruption as he rubbed his head when he received a sudden hard blow. He first looked at the book that fell beside him, then looked up to see Yahaba staring at him, and his eyes finally stopped at the small red lines on one of his arms as well as at the gauze that covered the other one.

"That is the book I could have studied in case you hadn’t interrupted me to accuse me of something I didn’t do." The Slytherin stated as soon as he saw that the other had opened his mouth to speak, and Ennoshita didn’t doubt to forget the injuries he had seen in his body to pretend to ignore him after turning his eyes over in his own book that he kept resting in his lap.

Yahaba slipped one leg over the railing and then the other to finally sit next to him and pick up the book that he himself had dropped on the other's head before, and knew he wouldn’t get rid of the question for a second chance when once again, Ennoshita had taken his eyes off his book to look at his arms.

“What happened to you?” He asked.

“My body hurt itself because it sensed that today I would spend time with you.”

“Do you think about me since you wake up?” Ennoshita rested his hands crossways near his heart as well as pretended to hold an expression of a person in love, “I hope you don’t think of me when you do other actions with your body," He added, replacing the previous expression to wink at him, to which Yahaba raised an eyebrow as he smiled sideways, “But seriously though, what happened to you?” He finally asked, abandoning any expression formulated with falsehood so that his look was serious as well as his face.

“Worried about me?” Yahaba asked, but rolled his eyes as soon as Ennoshita assured him that he wouldn’t listen to his sarcasm so as not to be distracted. “What have you heard?” He decided to say.

“Well, two girls in the Great Hall said you defended someone from Peeves, a Gryffindor in my class said that you hit every person who crossed your path, and in the hallway I heard two of your house whisper that they heard screams,“ Ennoshita enumerated the rumors that he had heard about the reason for the injuries in Yahaba’s arms, because even though each house was represented by certain characteristics, if there was something that united all the students besides attending classes in the castle, was the fanaticism for inventing rumors as well as dispersing them, sometimes allowing the original version to be extended, and other times making the truth extort to a complete turn.

“See?” Yahaba held a small smile, “In the end we Slytherins are the most honest.”

“So you did shout.”

“Yeah,” The one whose hair each time had more grayish strands instead of browns, suddenly rested his gaze in any part of the inner garden. ”I left the team.”

“What? Why?” Ennoshita asked immediately.

He didn’t expect to hear those words.

"Kuroo practically invited me to do it," Yahaba replied lowering his eyes for a few seconds and then looking at the boy in front of him only to realize that he was holding a sudden expression of regret on his face. “And what is it with you now?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You fought for what I said?”

“What do you think?”

The expression on Ennoshita's face deepened and he formed a line with his lips after hearing that his way of dealing with the problem with Kunimi had led to Yahaba leaving the Slytherin quidditch team.

"Sorry, I never thought you'd leave the team," He expressed, “Go back! I want to defeat you!” He added, replacing his guilty expression with one of a capricious child.

"You're not making the situation any better," Yahaba looked at him as he thought about how it was possible for the boy next to him to go through so many emotions in such a short time, but he didn’t hesitate to continue speaking when he visualized that his capricious attitude was again being replaced by guilt, and he gave a slight kick to his ankle with his foot. “I didn’t fight with Kuroo just because of your words. It was a conjunction of things, don’t feel guilty.”

Ennoshita gave him a small smile before resting his eyes on the ground while Yahaba watched him wondering why the boy in front of him seemed to feel as guilty as at the time he had worried what he thought of him, since both had declared themselves enemies and shouldn’t worry about each other, not to mention that besides, knowing that Futakuchi had been the one to charm Kunimi, their houses basically had the reasons to develop a war with each other.

"Although you can consider yourself guilty because you interrupt my study and corner me against a wall," Yahaba added so that Ravenclaw would stop holding that expression, since he preferred to listen to his annoying voice, just as sarcastic to his before he continued in silence since there couldn’t be a fight if it was only him with a monologue. “You know I could report you to the student union, right?

“Do we have that?” Immediately, Ennoshita raised his eyes to allow Yahaba to catch a glimpse of a confused expression on his face that also allowed him to observe that the Ravenclaw couldn’t believe how that detail had escaped him.

"No." Yahaba held a satisfied smile when Ennoshita looked at him with narrowed eyes, “But I would make one only to be able to denounce you." His smile continued to grow when Ennoshita stopped looking at him to frown and cross his arms to pretend to be offended. “How come you're in Ravenclaw if you're not as smart as I thought you were?” He asked, shifting his gaze to the blue and gray stripes of the scarf he wore.

"I'm flattered that you think I'm smart." Ennoshita murmured.

He managed to gain a second blow provided with a book in his head, and although he continued with a frown while rubbing that part of his body, his expression softened after learning that Yahaba, who had appeared to interrupt his reading time, was right, so he closed his book to observe him.

"I can’t believe you thought I was the one who bewitched Kunimi." Yahaba said.

"I'm sorry," Ennoshita expressed honestly.

He was aware of how much he had been wrong and of all the mistakes he had made. He wasn’t proud of the words he had said or of the way he had faced the one who was sitting next to him at the time, and he thought that he had the right to be angry with him, since he had really failed not trying to accuse him only by simple assumptions and even confirming that the injuries in his arms were partly due to the words he had mentioned, so he was surprised when he heard him speak again.

“Why you don’t bother me anymore?” Yahaba asked.

Ennoshita didn’t wait for Yahaba to realize that he had stopped being obsessed with the idea of bothering him and ruin his quiet moments every time he saw him reading in the hall, in a bench or in the library. He hadn’t realized all the time he spent teasing him until Kenma had asked him to stop doing it and because Yahaba had just confirmed that there had been several moments when he had interrupted him with his presence and sarcastic comments.

“Awww, I knew that deep down you loved me, Shigeru.”

The Ravenclaw held both of his hands to his chest and pretended to be extremely excited while the one next to him rolled his eyes.

"Don’t call me by my name." He expressed, sitting on his side so he could lean his back against the column behind him and flex one leg to raise it and rest his foot on the railing.

"Fine, I'll reserve to do it by the time we're married because you're apparently obsessed with me." Ennoshita winked at him with a conquering smile.

Yahaba only raised an eyebrow before speaking. “It can be that you don’t bother me anymore because you have realized that it’s not useful to do it in order to continue to make the Slytherin team disintegrate?” He asked, and smiled triumphantly when Ennoshita looked at him with his eyes wide open, “We Slytherins don’t need to be in the same common room as you or wear blue to be as smart as you, Ravenclaw.” He stated, still smiling with satisfaction, “Although I'm not upset, I'm even surprised.”


"You should have sought to generate faults elsewhere to bring down the team from within, instead of where there already was a large crack without chances to fix,” He explained, letting Ennoshita know that it wouldn’t have been good to try to play with him psychologically as well as with Futakuchi just because they had both been against Kuroo since the beginning. “Seriously, how come you're in Ravenclaw?” He asked, realizing that all the times Ennoshita had interrupted him while he had been reading in one of the inner gardens had made him want to throw all the bludgers at him, and not the opposite that it was what he had sought to do.

Ennoshita stuck out his tongue when he heard him. “Can I ask you a question?” He asked, looking serious.

"You must refer to two because you have already made one." Yahaba replied.

“You really manage for me to wish it was your mouth the hurt one.”

“For what? So you don’t feel tempted to kiss me?”

"You wish," Ennoshita replied smiling, but then he returned to hold an expression free of emotion. “How can you be friends with someone like that?” He asked, making Yahaba also hold an expression similar to his because he knew who he was talking to even though he didn’t mention it. “It’s not right what he did.”

The Slytherin wouldn’t tell him that the reason why Futakuchi had decided to cast a spell on Kunimi wasn’t because he had something personal against him, but because Kenma was the person he was really jealous of because Kuroo was resting his attention on him instead of he, and both Kenma and Kunimi turned out to be from the same house and therefore team, so it had basically been a side effect spell influenced by non-reciprocal feelings.

"It's not right either that you had approached me to try to manipulate me so that I separated from my team and created more problems," Yahaba said, looking at him, “Just as many of the things that I have done aren’t right either. None of us are free from guilt.”

“But I would never hex someone.”

“And neither do I, but not all of us think or are equal.”

Ennoshita didn’t need to look at him to know that it was obvious that there was something that Yahaba didn’t want to tell unless Futakuchi had decided to charm Kunimi because he was bored or the game hadn’t been interesting and he hadn’t found to do anything but enchant one of the players. But reality was that at least they had already discovered that it was him and not the boy next to him who had done it, which made him feel calm because he could again see Yahaba as a person to bother, until he realized that one detail had changed.

"Go back to the team," He asked him, as if both belonged to the same one.

"You're obsessed with me," Yahaba saw him with a small smile, but stopped holding it as soon as Ennoshita observed him asking him with his eyes that he really considered being part of the Quidditch team in his house again. “I don’t know if I can go back.”

“You want to go back?”

The Slytherin didn’t plan to deny that he evidently wanted to be part of his team again, not only because the idea of facing Ennoshita within the Quidditch field as well as throwing all the bludgers at him was the best image his mind could have to offer him, but also because quidditch was his favorite sport, and although he hadn’t shown it since the tournament had started, he liked to play alongside those who were part of the team because he believed that they were all skilled players, possessing great abilities that it made it possible for Slytherin to win the championship no matter they had lost the first game, which he was one of the reasons why they had done it. In addition, his actions during the game had been influenced by the lies that Futakuchi had submerged him in, and although he still didn’t get along in the best way with everyone who made up the team, and even at that time he wasn’t in a good situation with the two leaders of the team, anyway he wanted to have a new opportunity to show that he was a good beater and that he could be a clever player when he was motivated.

“Yes.” He answered.

"Then that's enough for you to go back," Ennoshita assured him, “Besides, if you aren’t on the team, why would I continue to talk to you if I can no longer search for Ravenclaw to become the champion after trying to manipulate you in my favor and therefore make you end up being my source of information within your own team?” He added moving his shoulders in a funny way as well as rubbing his hands in an exaggerated and strange way while laughing in an evil way.

"You're just giving me reasons to stay out of the team."

Ennoshita gave a real laugh after not doubting that he had given a rare image of himself, and the Yahaba smiled sideways with no intention other than to smile because the boy next to him entertained him.

"Start bothering me," The Ravenclaw said, looking at him with a calm smile on his face, “It's fun to have someone to fight with," He added before opening the book he had left so far to refocus his attention on it.

Yahaba watched him, and chose to heed him when he tried to push him by resting his foot on his arm, holding a big, entertaining smile when Ennoshita looked at him in a bad way and shook his tunic so that there was no impression of his footprint.  He knew that he wanted to go back to the team but that he still didn’t know how he would approach Oikawa and Kuroo if they didn’t do it first, but the fact that Ravenclaw asked him to go back so they could hold a personal battle on the quidditch field too, excited him too much to think in refusing to remain without being part of the team.

Chapter Text

The two Slytherins continued to stare at each other.

“Why did you decide not to tell any professor?” Kindaichi asked.

Having learned that Futakuchi had been the one to charm Kunimi, although he hadn’t received any explanation as to why he had done so, Kuroo had considered all the options he had before him. He could talk to Coach Ukai to tell him what happened and therefore get everyone to know about the matter, he could throw Futakuchi out of the team because he had the reasons to do it but he didn’t want a second person to leave the team, he could remain silent, or decide to carry out the fourth option he had considered.

Since Akaashi was the captain of the team that had been affected by the actions of Futakuchi and one of his players had been the one to be the target, he chose to chat with him so that both could arrive at a decision all together, so he didn’t object when the Ravenclaw captain said that the best was to leave the matter in the past so that no one else would find out about what happened if Kunimi also agreed. Kuroo accepted the terms, and decided that it was also a good idea for him to talk with the only fifth-year of his team, since Kindaichi was Kunimi's best friend and would want an answer about what had happened.

Kuroo explained to him why they had agreed not to talk anything to the adults, and that what happened would be forgotten unless Kunimi wanted the opposite.

“I know you're angry. And I would be too if someone bothered my best friend.”

“Not bothered him. He bewitched him." Kindaichi corrected him.

It was evident that he wasn’t satisfied with how the situation had been fixed, since he remained serious as well as with his arms crossed even if he had his broom with him.

“I get it. Nobody considers that what he did is right, and I know you much less," Kuroo expressed, not doubting that the fifth-year wasn’t happy with his words, “Akaashi will talk to Kunimi, but you can also do it if you want. I only ask you not to look for a fight with Futakuchi.”

Kindaichi rolled his eyes as soon as he heard him. “Why? So the team doesn’t go down even more?” He asked, “Why Yahaba-san left the team? Why is he hurt and you and Oikawa-san don’t talk to him? Why is he and Futakuchi-san against the team? Why, if they aren’t interested in the team, then Futakuchi-san made Ravenclaw lose?” Kindaichi continued speaking as he had more and more questions whose answers no one seemed willing to give to him.

"They aren’t against the team, they are against me." Kuroo corrected him.

Because in spite of everything, reality was that.

Kindaichi raised an eyebrow as he watched the seventh-year observe the floor.

"It doesn’t matter." He expressed, making Kuroo rest his golden eyes on him, “You are our captain, so if they are against you it means that they are also against us, and apparently against other people from other teams as well." He added, making Kuroo remain surprised because although Kindaichi had never demonstrated himself against him beyond thinking that Oikawa had been chosen as captain, he had become so accustomed to the idea of being rejected as a leader that whenever someone accepted him as such, he remained stupefied.

Why Kindaichi, who was the person on the team who least knew him, accepted him without a doubt while other people didn’t? Kuroo didn’t want to ask questions whose answers he didn’t know. He didn’t want to know if Yahaba had really left the team or only pronounced not to belong to it because he had allowed the anger of the moment to dominate his words, just as irritation had influenced him when he had invited him to leave the team. He didn’t want to know if Futakuchi would also leave the team on his own because his best friend had already left it. He didn’t want to know if his friends from his same year would finally stop avoiding questions and begin to ask him why Yahaba had left the team as well as why they had found the two arguing besides a broken table. He didn’t want to know if the whole team would turn against him in case they knew he had got Yahaba to leave the team.

"I won’t." Suddenly his attention was focused on the fifth-year in front of him. “I won’t look for a fight with Futakuchi-san just because you're not the only one who wants the team to be a real team." The younger stated, demonstrating that although the two barely knew each other, they both wanted the quidditch team to be at its peak. “But don’t expect me to be smiling at him or being kind to him.”

“Have you ever done it?” Kuroo asked along with a small smile.

Kindaichi rolled his eyes again, but the same gesture was noticed on his face too.

It was true that he probably would have never crossed words with Kuroo in case both didn’t belong to the Slytherin quidditch team, but although they barely knew each other, Kindaichi only wanted the best for the older, since Kuroo being in good shape meant that the team would also recomposed itself.

He had joined the Quidditch team because once again he had wanted to share games with Oikawa and Iwaizumi, whom he respected both as his elders, and as players because each one stood out in their own way but helped him in the same. But so far nothing of what he had thought, had become true. He had joined the team thinking that together, they would make Slytherin reign over the other teams, while reality was that they were in the lowest level, and apparently, they just kept digging their own pit.

He wanted to win, he wanted to have fun, he wanted to play.

But he had only gotten problems, misunderstandings, discussions, and moments of tension.

He was upset because he knew he wouldn’t have another year to play along with Oikawa and Iwaizumi, and his irritation increased further when he thought that none of them were those causing Slytherin not to be considered an imposing team. So after Kuroo and he went their own way, he frowned when from the other side of the hall he spotted the person he least wanted to cross. He had been carrying his broom because he had arranged to play quidditch with Lev, but instead of continuing to hold it next to his body, and no matter what he had talked with Kuroo until a few minutes ago, he made Futakuchi stumble when he came across him after turning his broom so that the tip of that met the other’s feet, and the sixth-year didn’t hesitate to glare at him when he suddenly found himself on the floor.

“I said I wouldn’t fight with you even if you did what you did. But that doesn’t take away that I'm still completely mad at you, and that if I were a beater instead of a chaser, I wouldn’t doubt to send all the bludgers to you during the two remaining games, and which, I hope, you don’t ruin by pretending to be one of us instead of the seeker." Kindaichi stated.

Maybe he was younger than Futakuchi, but he was in the group of few people who didn’t feel intimidated by him or Yahaba, and considering that Futakuchi had also attacked his best friend, he hadn’t hesitated to express those words seriously. And he didn’t add anything else before continuing walking. Just as Futakuchi didn’t stop him either.

And while the sixth-year remained in complete silence, the two Gryffindors who had sighted the scene after having been throwing the quaffle between them in the inner garden since to them it didn’t matter if they had to move with scarfs around their necks in order to enjoy playing, stopped passing the ball to each other. Kageyama stood with the quaffle in his hands and followed Kindaichi with his gaze, while Hinata interspersed his eyes between them before observing the way Futakuchi got up to go across the aisle.

They hadn’t heard about what they had talked about, but it was clear that they had argued, and that Kindaichi was angry.

“Do you want to go talk with him?” Hinata asked after noticing the way Kageyama had chased Kindaichi with his eyes, although at that moment the black-haired one focused again on him after placing his eyes on him.

"I’m sure I would only make him angrier, and probably hit me in the head with his broom," Kageyama replied before throwing the ball.

Hinata caught the quaffle and left it under his arm instead of throwing it in return. "You've been weird since all of us trained together. Why?” He decided to ask him.

"Nothing," Kageyama answered immediately, and stretched out his arms to make him understand that he wanted the ball back, but Hinata shook his head, making the other roll his eyes. “It didn’t bother me that we all trained together.”


Kageyama watched him for a few seconds, and then rolled his eyes again for a second time.

“What you said about me belonging to Gryffindor, do you really believe it?” He asked him.

"I can’t believe you remember anything I said," Hinata expressed with a laugh, but then let out a scream at the same time that he stopped standing in his place to hide behind the tree that was there when Kageyama didn’t hesitate to run after him when he heard him, and both moved a few inches around the tree until Hinata poked his head to see that Kageyama was on the other side. “Of course. Why?”

"I never thought about it," Kageyama replied before moving towards him, but again they were once again on either side of the tree.

"And why do you think you were sorted in Gryffindor?"

“Because Sawamura-san scolds me a lot?” Hinata held an inevitable laugh, but again he stopped when Kageyama tried to reach him, until he succeeded after taking him by the back of his tunic and making him go back so that he could look at him. “Because I’m imprudent.” He added removing the quaffle of Hinata’s hands to be able to leave it under his own arm.

“But being imprudent sometimes makes you achieve good things. Doesn’t it?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, to remain more time in the quidditch field to practice? Yes, we break the rules. But that doesn’t always lead to bad consequences." Kageyama rested his back against the tree, holding the quaffle back in his hands to observe it, while Hinata chose to look at him. “It's because of them, isn’t it?” He asked, and smiled sideways when Kageyama only increased his frown. He didn’t doubt that he had acted strange since all of them had practiced together because Kindaichi had mentioned that he had chosen Slytherin for Iwaizumi and Oikawa, although throughout the training, he had also heard him commenting to Kunimi about the trainings of his house. “Now Gryffindor is your team.”

“What if I screw it up again?”

“More than you did in the first try-outs?” Hinata covered his mouth to not laugh, but anyway he ducked when Kageyama reached out to probably grab his hair, and straightened up again. “You could have been sorted in Hufflepuff, you could have been in Slytherin, and I don’t say Ravenclaw because you don’t have the brain," He bent down again to avoid Kageyama from hitting him, “But you are in Gryffindor, and now you are in the team, so don’t think about anything else, although it’s clear that you don’t.” On that occasion Hinata wasn’t quick enough to get away from what his comments were causing in Kageyama, and he complained when he hit him on the head with the quaffle. “We'll win and raise the cup so don’t get distracted!” Hinata exclaimed before removing the quaffle to run away from him.

“Give me back the quaffle, dumbass!” Kageyama didn’t doubt to go after him, starting a new round of chasing when at that moment Hinata used one of the columns to hide from him as well as move while they turned around that part of the architecture of the castle.

Hinata laughed, stretching his hands with the quaffle between them only to remove it when Kageyama was about to take it, glad to again assure him that it didn’t matter in which house those with whom he had shared a team before were, as long as he only focused on the fact that he belonged to Gryffindor, and therefore had a new team as well as new teammates who were willing to have patience while he learned how to relate to others both on and off the field. 

Yaku paced back and forth in the room without being able to stop, while his roommate watched him appear to be debating with his own self because his eyes didn’t leave the ground and he gesticulated with his hands unconsciously, until Daichi assumed that he finally arrived at an agreement with himself because suddenly he sat in front of him in his bed and watched him.

"I'm eighteen and he's sixteen," Yaku expressed, and Daichi didn’t smile only because of the seriousness in the other’s face. Neither of them needed the other to say a name to know who they were talking about. “When I graduate, he will stay here for two more years." His roommate continued to watch him, “I don’t want to do something that I can regret because two separate years is a long time.”

Yaku had finally accepted it.

He liked Lev.

"I'm screwed." He articulated loudly.

Daichi finally laughed because he didn’t doubt that at last his roommate had realized that there were reasons why he didn’t push Lev away when he approached to keep him company, but then chose to give him a quiet smile after hearing him speak. "You will never know what might happen if you don’t give him a chance," He decided to express.

“I don’t know if I'm willing to start something knowing that later it will end badly.”

Daichi sighed. The fact that Yaku accepted that he liked Lev was a big step, but a big setback was carried out thinking that he shouldn’t do anything with his feelings because their ages were different and therefore the time they left Hogwarts also, but he held a smile when he remembered the both had the chance to chat in their room because they belonged to the same house.

“Do you know what characterizes our house above everything else?” He asked.


Daichi achieved the effect he wanted after checking the stupefaction in Yaku’s face, and simply gave him a smile before leaving him alone before getting up to leave the room as he had to carry out the round of the day to check that all were in their rooms or that no lack of control was occurring in the common room, while Yaku allowed his body to lie on a bed that wasn’t his.

He couldn’t deny that from the first moment he had looked at him, Lev had caught his interest. And his desire to rest his eyes on that fifth-year boy who for some reason attracted his full attention, had only increased since he had approached him without understanding why. Although his desire to give him a punch for every word against his person that he said without malicious intent, were immense, his desire to focus on him otherwise exceeded him by a wide difference. He had accepted that he liked Lev, but having understood what his feelings were for him didn’t imply that he would follow them.

Not even something had happened with Lev, and he was already thinking about the consequences of the actions that only occurred in his head. When he cared for something or someone, he was only able to think of the possible bad outcomes, so he hadn’t let his emotions distract him after knowing that two years apart was a serious issue for him.


Was it a courageous decision to accept to follow his feelings despite the consequences they could bring in the future? Or, wasn’t it braver to decide to go against his own emotions and beat them by just listening to his brain?

When the heart and the brain argued, which of the two represented more courage to follow?

Yaku considered his own self brave, because he believed that otherwise the Sorting Hat wouldn’t have placed him in Gryffindor, and looking at the ceiling of his room, he asked himself what he had to do in order to affirm his courage. 


Just as previously Akaashi had approached Kuroo after sitting at his table to keep him company, on that occasion it was Kuroo who sat in front of the Ravenclaw after taking place at the table that belonged to the bronze and blue colors. He believed that he had many problems to solve considering that not only had he practically thrown out one of his team members, that the same had hurt himself, that another of his players was reluctant to listen to him for reasons that he still didn’t know, and that although he had managed to get Kindaichi to hear him, he wasn’t sure how long that peace would last.

But he also believed there were other problems that he couldn’t solve in the Slytherin common room.

“Will you finally accept that I am the smarter of the two?” Kuroo expressed.

Akaashi, who until that moment had simply observed him while holding a cup in his hands considering that it was breakfast time, which explained why neither Ennoshita nor Kenma were with him, since the first always preferred to spend a few minutes of his routine to stretch all his muscles, and the second to sleep a few more minutes because he considered that breakfast wasn’t important; raised an eyebrow.

“If it weren’t for my vice-captain, you wouldn’t have discovered anything. Do I really have to accept something that is not?” Kuroo smirked when he heard him, since he didn’t expect the Ravenclaw to accept that he was the smarter of the two, although he also believed that he had certainly been lucky to find himself at the right time to hear his housemates speak. And certainly, if it hadn’t been for Ennoshita, they might never have known who had bewitched Kunimi. “You haven’t approached me just to try to get me to say what you want me to say, am I right?” Akaashi added.

“How do you do to read everyone?”

Kuroo wasn’t totally surprised. He knew who was in front of him.

But in any case, there were times when the Ravenclaw continued to impress him with his quick way of thinking and studying situations.

"Years of practice," Akaashi answered simply, “Being sorted in a house where most people choose to hold an internal monologue instead of paraphrasing with words has helped me. And not to mention that coordinating a team where you don’t know if someone is in a bad mood because he didn’t eat well, because he doesn’t feel like playing, because he’s tired, because he doesn’t get an exercise, or because he simply prefers to be asleep." He added, “As I said, years, and situations, of practice.”

“Say, that's why you got interested in Bokuto? Because he’s the opposite?”

Kuroo held a daring smirk on his face when Akaashi watched him through narrowed eyes for a few seconds, understanding that the one in front of him probably already knew about the sudden closeness he and the Hufflepuff captain had recently held; which didn’t surprise him completely, since he was aware that just as he had a close relationship with Ennoshita and Kenma, Kuroo and Bokuto were confidents.

"If you want to go into the subject that much, I think you've skipped a detail," Akaashi opted to say to prevent his mind from focusing on the way his lips had attached to Bokuto's, considering that what he least needed was for Kuroo to laugh at him for blushing without even being nine in the morning.

“What do you mean?” Kuroo asked, raising an eyebrow.

“When we spoke the other time, you said that you and Oikawa-san reign in Slytherin while Kiyoko-san and I in Ravenclaw.”


“I don’t know if I completely agree with that position.”


“Well, let's say that Sugawara-san can also be placed on the same level as you,” He replied, keeping the cup a few centimeters from his lips to blow the content inside, “And incredibly, you've forgotten about Kenma in Ravenclaw." Akaashi added before drinking his coffee to allow the caffeine to run down his throat and then wake up his body at the same time he stared at Kuroo, who observed him in the same way.

“I give you the Suga thing. I thought I didn’t have to clarify about Kenma with you.”

Akaashi rested the cup on the table while holding a short, simple as well as completely false, sideways smile.

“I approached you because I don’t want there to be confusion. I apologize on behalf of Futakuchi. I don’t want there to be tensions between our teams." Kuroo added immediately, as he had approached Akaashi to make it clear that he didn’t want any problems between their teams, since what he least needed was that there was a bad relationship with the house they would later face in the Quidditch field.

"It wasn’t your fault, and I'm not the one to apologize to." Akaashi observed him, since in the end, Kunimi was the main victim of what Futakuchi had done, because while the entire team had suffered the consequences, he had been the person to be bewitched in the middle of the game. “But I find it convenient that as a captain you approach me considering that I am also the captain of the other team involved. So as not to leave misunderstandings between us, I'll be clear," He stopped holding the cup between his hands to rest his arms on the table and interlace his own fingers to observe him. “If any of your players again try to go against any of mine, there will be problems, and the enmity you are supposed to have with Gryffindor, won’t be anything compared to the one you can win against Ravenclaw.”

"Threatening me, Akaashi?” Kuroo asked as curious as interested, leaning forward to cross his arms over the table.

“I don’t need to threaten to make clear my intentions.”

“And your intentions are to express that you will go against my house.”

“Your players.” Akaashi corrected him.

“Who are under my mandate.”

“That's why I make my intentions clear. So that if the situation happens, you can decide whether to be an obstacle to me, or to step aside.”

Both captains of their respective teams stared at each other, both knowing that the youngest was speaking seriously and realistically, because just as Akaashi had mentioned to Ennoshita and Kenma before, in case another situation occurs where one of his players was attacked in any possible way, he wouldn’t remain calm like the last time.

"I would never leave my players alone." Kuroo assured him.

Maybe he had argued with Yahaba and still had to talk with him as well as with Futakuchi, but that didn’t mean he would choose to step aside to see how another person outside Slytherin used all his possibilities under his power to lash out at them.

"Then unless you want us to fight, take care of your players, as apparently I have to do with mine as well.” Akaashi determined.

The two again stared at each other, until both of them turned their heads when they heard Ennoshita's laughter coming from the doors of the Great Hall, who seemed to be amused by gently pushing Kenma forward while keeping his hands on his shoulders, and the other making clear that without Ennoshita he wouldn’t have arrived to that part of the castle, since he continued with his eyes almost closed while he allowed a yawn to escape his lips. Akaashi looked at them smiling sideways, until he rested his eyes on Kuroo and he did the same.

"Tell me how you're doing with the exam I advised you on," The older one told him before standing up.

"You'll be the first to know my results." Akaashi assured him.

Kuroo gave him a fake smile before settling his eyes again on Kenma, who frowned as well as wrinkled his nose when Ennoshita repeatedly hit him lightly on the head to try to get him to wake up, and the Slytherin smiled sideways, without hidden intentions or adjacent motives. He just held a true smile.

"I know the two of us would protect each of our players from others," He expressed, being closely watched by Akaashi, “And while there’s nothing I can assure you of, the only thing I can tell you is that one of your players will always have the possibility of being protected by you and me." He added, looking at Kenma to then rest his eyes on the Ravenclaw in front of him.

“That's his decision, not mine.”

For the first time Kuroo didn’t contradict him, and simply watched him for a few seconds before he rest his eyes on Kenma, and finally leave Akaashi alone, who followed him with his eyes to then rest them again on his two best friends. The blue of his eyes darkened as his facial features tensed.

He hadn’t liked anything at all that someone had messed up with his team. And he felt disappointed, with nobody but himself.

He had made it clear to Kuroo that he wouldn't hesitate to protect the players of his team when in fact one had already been attacked. He allowed the others to call him captain when he wasn’t sure what to think, because although what happened with Kunimi had captured everyone's attention, doubts still continued to revolve around his head.

They had lost the first game.

They had practiced, they had trained. He had made all the players in his team show up for all the trainings so that there was no possibility of anyone being confused during the game, he had devised strategies with Ennoshita that in the end hadn’t worked, and he had thought only for another team to take the victory.

He had the luxury of speaking seriously to Kuroo, of promising to protect his team at all costs, of determining that he wasn’t happy with the way in which one of his players had been forced to play after being bewitched, but reality was that he had more frustrations than assurances, more doubts than certainties, and more questions than answers.

He knew that it would be convenient for him to think that they had only lost because Kunimi had been bewitched and therefore not able to do his corresponding defensive work as the keeper of the team, but he couldn’t. Because he knew they hadn't lost only for that.

His decisions hadn’t been enough, the passes hadn’t been long or short enough, his movements hadn’t been the adequate ones. His way of leading the team hadn’t worked.

“Hey,” He had begun to submerge so much in his thoughts, that his body was momentarily characterized by a slight tremor when suddenly Ennoshita's hand was rested on his shoulder and then he placed at his side to watch him. “I saw Kuroo talking to you. Is everything okay?” He asked him.

Akaashi realized that he had asked that question after taking advantage of the fact that, to Kenma's disgrace, he had been interrupted by Hinata, who seemed to be waking him up with his huge smile and morning words. He fixed his eyes on Ennoshita again, who continued to stare at him.

“I kissed Bokuto-san.” Akaashi expressed.

Ennoshita hadn’t asked him about the aforementioned, and from the stupefaction in his face he hadn’t expected Akaashi to utter those words, which he took in his favor since his idea had been to leave him surprised to be able to stand, while Ennoshita observed him with both eyebrows raised and eyes wide open, any trace of sleep gone from his expression. He had said those words because he had wanted to tell him, and because he took that moment of surprise from Ennoshita to leave the Great Hall.

He had many questions whose answers he could only find in one place, but before he could go there, suddenly two hands rested on his hips to keep him from moving away from the Great Hall.

"Wow, hello there," Bokuto greeted him with a warm smile.

Akaashi rested the palms of his hands on his chest when he realized that he had been the person to stop him instead of someone else, and allowed the darkness of his gaze to intersect with the brightness of his for a few seconds before deciding to speak.


Bokuto increased the size of his smile when he heard him, but he stared at him, not needing Akaashi to add another word or change a feature of his expression to know that something was happening to him.

“What's going on?” He asked him.

Akaashi opened his mouth to answer, thinking he wanted to talk to him as well as stay with him while Bokuto continued with his hands on his hips, but previously he had made the mistake of allowing his thoughts and feelings for him to take away the victory from his hands, so he only raised his hands to make a light caress on the cheeks of the one who smiled happily at the touch.

“Can we talk later?”

Bokuto continued looking at him, and although his smile didn’t vanish from his face, it didn’t seem to match his words. “Is everything okay between us?”

Akaashi formed a soft line with his lips, realizing that his rush to resolve other issues, was only managing to add another problem to his list, one where Bokuto thought that he believed that the kiss between the two had been a mistake and that's why he wanted to leave quickly at the moment. But he simply nodded, and Bokuto chose to let him go after he stopped resting his hands on his waist.

He wanted to stay with him, but decided to turn around to mark the path he had previously made to go to the Great Hall, the same one he did every morning, and once he finally climbed the spiral staircase that indicated the way to the Ravenclaw’s common room, he remained standing at the door of it. He raised his head, and watched the bronze eagle that without fail, every day made him some riddle to solve, which at that moment moved its head to observe him.

“Would you lend me some of your time?” Akaashi asked.

“A student with a question?” The eagle inquired.

“A riddle.”

The eagle's head made a small downward movement and then upward after having seemed to scan he with its gaze, while Akaashi remained with his hands clasped behind his lower back. “The roles are reversed when a student appears before me with a riddle that instead of formulating, I have to answer. A Ravenclaw is characterized by accepting new challenges, and by its curiosity. Therefore, my attention is yours.”

Akaashi felt calmer when he heard it, since he had thought that the eagle was the only one capable of perhaps giving meaning to all his questions.

“I'm the lead of the Ravenclaw quidditch team. My players handed me their confidence, but I don’t find the fundaments to trust myself. What do I need to do, in order to prevail and not fail?”

Chapter Text

“Many are the doubts, and many are the answers. Many are the possibilities, and many are the uncertainties.”

Many were the doubts.

Which team was the best, and which one the worst? What strategies were useful, and what were better to ignore? What was needed to win the tournament, and what were the characteristics that were left apart?

Many were the answers.

Each player was a world full of mistakes and successes, each team had its own dynamics as well as its own way of presenting itself to the rest of the teams in the quidditch field, and each tournament was different from the previous year.

Many were the possibilities.

A winning team at the beginning of the tournament could turn out to be the loser at the end, just as a team without a base could be placed on the highest podium at the close of the tournament. Some would be those in raising the cup, while others would settle for just seeing it.

Many were the uncertainties.

A bludger that marked its own path without the help of a bat, a player who was hurt by a coalition or by an unexpected play, a change in the rhythm of the game that had been produced by pressures, thoughts, or feelings.

“Successes of the past can be transformed into errors of the present, and these in turn can be changes in the future. Evolution is inevitable, for better or for worse, everything and everyone is in constant movement. Feelings, thoughts, emotions. To prevail and not fail, there is not a single answer of what you should expect. You must fail to listen, listen to learn, learn to improve, and improve to prevail.”

“For I have already failed,” Akaashi expressed, “How should I learn if I don’t find any escape?”

“What is it that allows a Ravenclaw to be curious, to want to learn and be informed, and seek to improve as a person as well as expand their knowledge?”

“Be open-minded.”

“And what do you need to do in order to have an open mind?”


“You learn because your horizons are unlimited, and you are open-minded because you learn. The reciprocity between the expansion of your knowledge and your reasons not to remain with a single perspective, is what allows you to improve your abilities.”

“But I've already had an open mind about the possibilities of why I failed. I have extended my limits, asking myself what I have done wrong.”

“An individual perspective is not enough. A tournament is not composed of a single team in the same way that a team is not composed of a single player, and a player is not formed by a single thought, nor by a single emotion.”

Suddenly Akaashi stopped playing with his fingers at the same time he remained completely motionless, with his impressive eyes set on those made of bronze. All that time he had wondered what he had done wrong, what he had failed to do, and where he should look for the error. He had focused on just wondering what it was that hadn’t been enough in training, in the way they thought and developed in the field. He had only chosen to blame himself, and he understood why he had felt he had no escape when he heard the words of the eagle.

Four were the teams that made up the tournament.

Hufflepuff had shown them that regardless of whether Kunimi had been spellbound or not, many were the opportunities for them to approach the hoops, because they had the experience and knew how to manage, because on their shoulders remained the confidence of last year after winning the cup, and because the motivation to win another year in a row allowed them to continue looking for the advantage. They were a team composed of people who were dedicated to improve to obtain better results, who knew how to use force in their favor, and who only planned to keep improving, becoming a more vigorous challenge.

Slytherin was dangerously dynamic and strikingly frightening, and in case all the players who composed the team decided to be in the same line, they would become a group composed of skilled people who knew each other, who knew how to communicate with words and through gestures, and that together would seek to win in their own way. They wouldn’t hesitate to seize the cunning that characterized them to get the first place, and they would determine to find the power they needed to hold the cup.

Gryffindor had solid foundations as well as a new beginning. It represented the mixture of players who rested their confidence in the new additions but without neglecting the old base. It was the union of motivation, the quest to win, and new paths to travel without fearing what kind of obstacles could be encountered. They would be passionate when playing, and would trust the moral values that united them to live each game in a special way.

Ravenclaw was curiosity, they were potential. They were different because horizontality characterized them, and because in the eyes of others, they were seen as the unknown. They were a passive threat that was guided by thoughts, strategies, and reasons to seek to conquer the field through new ways. They were the conjunction of personalities as different as equal, and they were able to take the mistakes to allow them to be transformed into lessons later. They were a team that allowed themselves to reflect on what happened to be able to intuit the future, who wanted to use creativity to stand out as unique, as well as demonstrate that they represented an innovation.

They were new opportunities of learning.

“Thank you.” Akaashi expressed before making a slight bow with his head, showing that the words he had heard finally allowed him to find a way out of all his problems.

"Thank you." The eagle said.


“For looking to learn.”

Akaashi held a small sideways smile, and turned around to then inhale deeply and release the air, as if through that gesture he was allowing all his previous questionings to leave both his body and his head so that they would be replaced with more defined words and a clearer meaning.

He had found the answer he had wanted, and now he only had to put the newly learned theory to the test. 


Yahaba glanced at the glass table that had replaced the previous one that was in front of him, after him being cross-legged sitting in one of the sofas in the common room with an open book in his lap, since even if he preferred to study or read in his room, or the library, in the first place he didn’t want to be with Futakuchi because the same had told him that he needed sometime alone, and in the second he didn’t doubt he would find a Ravenclaw with whom he would end up talking instead on doing his homework, so he had opted to advance the reading in the common room of his house although it wasn’t the best place to do it due to the lack of silence.

It didn’t bother him to feel that several of his housemates were watching him not only because of the injuries in his arms, because even if one had the largest and was still under a gauze, in the end more crystals had cut his skin although with less seriousness, so small lines were still in his two arms, capturing the attention of others as well as making them wonder why he possessed them. It annoyed him they didn’t keep quiet so he could read, although his own concentration was failing because even though he had managed to advance half of the pages, he continued to cast sporadic glances at the new table in front of him that turned out to be identical to that on which he had fallen and produced marks on his skin.

He let out a sigh and realized how pathetic he was if the person he had most exchanged words with over the past few days turned out to be Ennoshita, not only because he didn't want to accept that spending his time with the Ravenclaw had stopped being a waste of time, but also because if Ennoshita was the one he talked to the most, was because he wasn’t chatting with his housemates.

He exchanged a few words with Futakuchi but that didn’t mean his best friend had captured him in his lies and allowed him to be guided by them to make him look like a fool, and although Matsukawa, Hanamaki and Suga didn’t hesitate to approach him every time they saw him to ask him how he was doing, Yahaba thanking the three of them for thinking that in some way he was their son instead of just a younger student, although he would never say it out loud; He still didn’t talk to Oikawa or Kuroo. He hadn’t talked to either of them since he had discussed with each one, and he didn’t know what to do, what to think or what to say, because although it was a reality that he wanted to return to the team, that implied that he had to talk to the leaders, and he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to. But he realized that apparently he hadn’t been the only one to be thinking what words to say or how to proceed.

Suddenly a fluffy pink ball rested in the center of his book watching him, and he let out a sigh at the same time he felt that his sides on the sofa sank because the micropuff that had appeared in front of him could only belong to one person. He tensed immediately when he found himself in between two people who still gave him his space anyway, and he didn’t take his eyes off his book, the micropuff continuing to be his main sight.

"Hello," Said the one sitting on his right in a voice he had never heard from him.

A tone of voice of regret.

“Seriously? 'Hello', Oikawa?”

He recognized that Kuroo was the one sitting on his left.

“Tetsu-chan, don’t criticize my word!”

The trace of regret was quickly replaced by that tone of voice that was usually followed by a sigh that the one sitting on his left Yahaba heard released, allowing him to confirm that those who had imprisoned him in between were the vice-captain and the captain of the team of Slytherin quidditch. Oikawa and Kuroo stopped looking at each other with narrowed eyes above the sixth-year's head to refocus their attention on the one who approached his index finger to the micropuff, that touched the same with the tip of its tongue, an action being a bit strange but not entirely repulsive.

"We wanted to talk to you," Oikawa said.

"Yes, both of us," Kuroo added.

Kuroo continued to stare at Yahaba while the other interspersed his gaze between his micropuff and the boy who proved he didn’t care that his pet touched the tip of his finger with its tongue, but then the two seventh-years looked at each other when the boy between them continued in silence, until Kuroo gave him a small smile assuring him that he was the first to speak, so he let out a sigh and again rested his eyes on Yahaba.

“It wasn’t my intention for us to discuss or that you end up hurting yourself just because both of us took advantage of the moment to release our frustrations against each other,” He began to say looking at the injuries in Yahaba’s arms, as he continued to be distressed by the fact that he had hurt himself after they had fought, “I said many things that I regret and many things that I don’t, and I need you to know that inviting you to leave the team is one of the things I do regret having said," He continued with his gaze resting on Yahaba although he felt the surprised look Oikawa threw at him, “You have to understand me. I want Slytherin to win, I want the team to be a team that everyone is envious of because of how good we are, the good atmosphere in the trainings as well as when we play no matter how the match ends. I don’t want to be the captain of a team that is incomplete, since there are players that I know are as determined to win as me," He expressed, referring to the one who continued with his eyes fixed on the micropuff even if he was listening intently, “I apologize for offending you, for screaming at you and for causing our lack of control to be evident in your arms. I'll understand if you don’t want to, but I want you to come back to the team because I know you're sorry that you agreed to quit as well as I did to insinuate you do it.”

Kuroo felt better about himself after letting him know that it had been their fault that they had retaliated against each other when it had been clear that they both carried frustrations that weren’t due to their respective presences. Both had lost control because they had finally had the opportunity to express themselves, and therefore said as many true words as formulated prayers they regretted. He believed that for the way Yahaba had seen Futakuchi when he had said that the tournament didn’t matter to him, he did care that Slytherin did well as well as the rest of the team, so he wanted him to agree to return because although his past dictated a thing and they also had a lost game to prove it, he didn’t believe that Yahaba would behave that way again.

But he also didn’t expect that the relationship between the two was accompanied by flowers of all colors as well as groups of rainbows only because he had apologized to him, so he raised his eyes to tell Oikawa that if he wanted to talk, that was the moment considering that Yahaba was still silent; and unlike him, his right hand on the team held a sideways smile when he began to speak.

“We care about you, and we know that the way we expressed ourselves with you wasn’t right because we both managed to finally get you angry and end up hurting you because Tetsu-chan pressured you and I only annoyed you,” Oikawa expressed, “I also want you to come back to the team but only if you're willing to change your attitude." He raised his palm to stop Kuroo from saying something when he saw that he stared at him because he didn’t believe his words were the correct ones, while his gaze remained on Yahaba, “I don’t know why you and Tetsu-chan fought and I don’t want to know either because it’s not something that concerns me and should be between the two of you, and although I know that my way of approaching you wasn’t good either, you must understand both of us. We want you to be part of the team as long as you show that you really want to, because as I said, we care about you, but we can’t allow you to do whatever you want again in a game making victory difficult for us to reach, not because we only want to win, but also because we really want to be a team, and if you aren’t willing to help us as we are willing to help you, both within the field of quidditch as your captain and vice-captain, as well as also outside the field being your friends and housemates, then it’s not worthwhile to come back if all you are looking for and achieve is making us worry about you to the point of screaming at you and even making you hurt. Nobody comes out winning in such a situation.” Oikawa said, and the three fell into silence as soon as he stopped talking.

Yahaba had listened attentively to both of them and the fact that the micropuff had chosen to make its fluffy fur what was rubbing with his finger instead of its tongue was proof of the same, since it sought to comfort the wave of feelings that had appeared in his body after hearing the way in which the two at his sides felt and thought about him. He had also done and said things and words that he regretted, being probably the most regretful of the three because the two seventh-years at his sides only regretted the words they had spoken, while he also wanted to erase the actions that he had done since the beginning of the academic year. And after the lies he had heard and under which he had allowed himself to be guided, he knew that if there was one thing that was true at the time, was the fact that the three of them were looking for the best for the Slytherin team, a team that he had been invited to join again.

They had given him a new opportunity, one he couldn’t afford to miss.

"I'll come back to the team," He accepted, those being the first words he had released since the seventh-year duo had placed themselves beside him, who at that moment exchanged glances with each other as well as small smiles after listening to him. “And I promise that I won’t behave the way I have. I will compensate for my mistakes when we face Ravenclaw and won’t miss any training," He decided, knowing that he should work hard for the team to trust him again and be chosen again as one of the official beaters, since he also wished the new opportunity to be able to make a reality the confrontation he had promised to perform with Ennoshita. “But I can’t answer the questions I know you have for me," He added without thinking, making the seventh-year duo watch him closely, "I can’t explain why I acted the way I did as well as why Futakuchi did the same. I know it's a lot to ask, but I need you to trust me, and for the moment, don’t talk to him because you will only bother him.”

Not only Yahaba, but also Kuroo was relieved when he finished speaking, because if he had mentioned that the reason why the discussion between them had started or the reason why Futakuchi was in a bad mood, was because he had bewitched Kunimi, then the two would have had to answer many questions from Oikawa because he still had no idea about what had happened, so he felt lucky when Yahaba finished speaking without mentioning what happened with the Ravenclaw team, without knowing if he had chosen not to mention that detail on purpose or not. But anyway he smiled sideways, and although he was afraid at first because he continued to feel guilty every time he saw Yahaba's arms, he finally rested a hand on his shoulder and his smile widened when the younger turned his head towards him instead of reacting violently as previously had happened.

"We'll trust you as long as you trust us." He said.

A second chance had appeared not only for Yahaba to show that he was sorry and that he was committed to the team from that moment on, but so that Kuroo and Oikawa could show him that they would try to guide him both within the quidditch field and outside of it, being his leaders but also his housemates. A second opportunity for them to prove that the three of them wanted the same thing and that they would make an effort to maintain good communication between them, and that they wouldn’t allow the anger to be what spoke for them.

Yahaba was pulled away from Kuroo when Oikawa crossed his arms over his chest to approximate him and basically smother him in a hug at the same time the micropuff finally stopped being on the sixth-year's book to float around them seeming to be happy.

“Shigeru-chan I'm sorry for making you angry and of course I trust you!” Oikawa exclaimed, rather shouted, getting Kuroo to hit himself in the forehead and Yahaba to give him a pat on his hand that also indicated that he should release him in case he didn’t want to suffocate him, so he again was in the middle of the two who watched him smiling.

"Stop looking at me like that, I feel you’ll do something bad to me," Yahaba expressed.

“What a bad-mannered brat!” Oikawa stated crossing his arms and pretending to be offended, when seconds before he had almost taken the air by hugging him, but the only thing he managed to happen was the indignation glance the other two crossed with each other before resting their eyes on him, since with his micropuff who had settled on his shoulder, he looked like anything but an angry person.

"Well," Kuroo clasped his hands together, “You want to practice? Do you want us to have a beater training?” He asked along with a totally mischievous, but also honest smile.

"I was reading," Yahaba replied, pointing to the book that had fallen to the floor after Oikawa had drawn him to him, “I’m hurt,” He rested his gaze in his own arms, “And there's a horrible weather, too." He glanced momentarily at one of the windows to see that a strong wind was shaking the tops of the trees just as the sun had been replaced by a totally gray sky, indicating that it would start raining at any moment, and again his eyes rested on the one who, although understood, lowered his eyes anyway, “But sure, why not," He agreed, and Kuroo looked like a cat whose ears went up after hearing that his owner came to his house, since he straightened and the emotion was evident in his face before getting up.

“I'll go find Matsukawa and Hanamaki and I’ll force Osamu to come!” It was all he exclaimed before running to the stairs.

Yahaba smiled after seeing him so excited just to be able to practice with him, and he wondered if it had been that way from the beginning in case he hadn’t acted under the influence exerted by the lies of his best friend. He closed his book, and before he could think of going to his room to leave it, he was taken by the shoulders to be dragged out of the common room with Hanamaki and Matsukawa smiling at him in a non-innocent way, with Kuroo leading the group as he moved his arms in the air expressing how excited he was, and with Osamu by his side watching him as if it was his fault that he had suddenly stopped being comfortable in his bed.

“Sure! May the great Oikawa-san remain alone for being a chaser! That's discrimination!”

The brunet seemed to be angry with the air itself, since those around him had left the common room regardless of leaving him alone or allowing him to look like a madman after talking alone because his only company remained the micropuff that had separated from him after he heard him scream but soon came back to approach him to brush its cheek with its fur.

“There are candies in the room,” Oikawa indicated as if he was talking to a child instead of a micropuff that alone couldn’t find a bag of candy, since he didn’t feel like moving after being abandoned by several of his teammates, until he remembered that he had seen Iwaizumi in the room before he approached with Kuroo to talk to Yahaba, who had happened to take Matsukawa and Hanamaki with them, so he smiled at his micropuff. “Let's go.”

There was something he had to do and his pet had given him the perfect excuse.

He had just been abandoned by several of his friends in the middle of the common room, but that didn’t change the fact that there was no person at Hogwarts who didn’t know who Oikawa Tooru was, and he believed that this was due to his excellent ability to be extremely ingenious. He was the kind of person who got everything he wanted by just smiling honestly or feigning his best smirk, who managed to captivate everyone around him without striving to achieve it, and the kind of person that could attract anyone he wanted. Oikawa knew how to cope with any situation and how to use his own personality in his favor. He had his own charm, and no one could deny that it was no surprise that many in the castle considered themselves his true fans. He developed gracefully, he managed to win people's trust, and he knew that he was capable of being a very influential person in the opinion of others. He was aware that he could seduce whoever he wanted by just smiling, and he believed that his ingenuity in using that quality was his best ability. He was ingenious when it came to managing. People adored him, and only he himself could claim the merit of that. He belonged to the house of Slytherin because his wit was his best weapon, and because his personality was the right one to have been sorted in that house.

Severe days ago that Oikawa had been silent, holding the kind of attitude that only flourished in him when he remained focused and completely immersed in his thoughts, without allowing anyone to approach him to try to guess what was going through his mind. His characteristic charm disappeared when his smile was supplanted by a pact of silence, and he decided to communicate with himself through thoughts that only he could understand. That facet of him used to appear when he was in the midst of a stressful quidditch match, so finding himself in that state when the next game was far from the date, meant that something else besides sport was the owner of all his reasoning. He kept smiling when someone greeted him in the hallway or when a teacher congratulated him on his good grades in class, but he stopped pretending when he was alone. He had talked to Yahaba and Kuroo, but his attitude hadn’t changed.

Because for the first time in his life, his wit had been blocked.

He was neither angry nor saddened. Simply, blank.

It wasn’t normal for his abilities to be charming to be removed from its place, nor his capacity to attract people to be avoided. He wasn’t used to being rejected or accepting that he had been denied. To be a person who always got what he wanted without the help of external factors, his whole interior was crumbling at the thought of not being able to get what he wanted. Or rather, who.

"Stay here." He told his micropuff, who left its place on his shoulder as soon as he heard him, to stay floating in the air as Oikawa entered his room and finally found himself with the one who seemed to be immune to his charms.

Oikawa approached him without saying a word although his presence was clear, and he stood before him, staring at him silently. It had been possible that someone didn’t fall before his pleasant smile or his unworried attitude or his adorable personality. There was someone who wasn’t fooled by Oikawa's ingenuity, and that person turned out to be nobody else but Iwaizumi Hajime.

“And why are you so serious now?” Iwaizumi asked when he saw him, being sitted on the edge of his bed.

"I have something to give you back." Oikawa replied.

Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at the sound of it. “What?”

Instead of answering, Oikawa chose to rest his hands on Iwaizumi's cheeks as well as his lips on his after bending to join their mouths for just a second. And the one with black hair remained stupefied while Oikawa got up again to watch him seriously after establishing that fleeting closeness.

“I return your 'it doesn’t mean anything'.”

Iwaizumi watched him completely astonished while Oikawa turned around to leave the room, but not before removing a bag of candy from his bedside table, because although there were many things the brunet hated, if there was something he really despised, was to be told that he wasn’t important, and much more when it came from the person he considered the most important one.

Chapter Text

Yahaba knew the answer to his question before he said it out loud.

“You won’t come with me this year, will you?” He asked anyway.

He was against the door frame of the room they shared because during the last few nights he had always seen him go and at that moment he didn’t want to be left alone, not because he didn’t want to stop being his best friend nor talk to him, but because Futakuchi first had to hold a conversation with himself as well as stop being annoyed with his own attitudes so that the friendship between them would return as always, so Yahaba wasn’t surprised when he heard the answer to his question.

"We both know that we will only talk once I can do it honestly," Futakuchi replied as he lay on his bed after realizing that he couldn’t escape from his own room, “No lies in between, and I'm still afraid to be honest with myself, so if I go with you like every year, I'm not sure how much I'll manage to behave.”

Although Yahaba had supposed that answer, in any case he formed a barely visible pout with his lips, since it would be the first time he would spend the festivities without his best friend by his side, who always spent those parties in his house so that he wouldn’t feel lonely. But no matter how much he wanted Futakuchi to accompany him like all the previous years, Yahaba understood that his best friend needed time alone to be able to think and concentrate on himself, so he didn’t stay upset with him.

"I hope a break does you good," He expressed. Futakuchi simply let out a snort while Yahaba giggled at the sight of his reaction, though he was serious again before continuing to speak, “I went back to the team." He said without giving any further explanations, “And I got you time so that nobody bothers you while you induce yourself in the search for your own self," He laughed when his best friend observed him wondering how it was that they could be considered as such.

"Thank you." Futakuchi said anyway, being honest, because if he wasn’t ready to chat with his best friend, much less was to have conversations with the other people on the team that he didn’t doubt were more than eager to recharge him with questions whose answers he would never be sure he wanted to answer with the truth.

Yahaba gave him a smile before leaving him alone after deciding to be the one who escaped at that moment, and again he held a serious expression on his face as he descended the stairs and observed through the window the way the rain increased the size of the lake, before leaving the common room of his house.

Reality was that he had always invited his best friend to spend the holidays with him because his family was still at the top of work after his parents hold important positions in a company linked to magic and security. And he had no siblings, so Futakuchi's presence had always prevented him from being alone during the festivities. He only remembered having shared the time of the holidays with his best friend, so he wondered what he would do now that he had mentioned that he would spend that period on his part. He only had the weekend to decide what to do because on Monday he would be at the express returning to his home with the others, and he remained quiet for a few seconds when a possible solution appeared before his eyes. The idea didn’t displease him completely and he thought it would be an interesting and even entertaining time, so before thinking twice, he approached the one he sighted and gave him a gentle kick in the leg to make him realized that he was no longer alone. 

Something that united the three sixth-year roommates who belonged to Ravenclaw besides good grades and their obsession with thinking, was the disgust they felt by the nights when the rain didn’t stop falling and the thunder interrupted their long-awaited silence, as well as the lightning flashes the calm provided by the darkness. None liked the idea of not being able to sleep because the storm interrupted their hours of rest, and the three knew that they wouldn’t sleep as soon as they finished dinner and they saw that it was still raining, or that at least that they wouldn’t rest their heads on their pillows and closed their eyes if they were in the bedroom they shared in the Tower of Ravenclaw, where the thunder was louder, the drops of rain rattled against the window with greater intensity, and the lightning flashed with more energy.

Which explained why their room was completely empty.

Bokuto had held a huge smile when he had sighted that the one who was with him at that moment, had remembered the words he had mentioned the first night they had slept together. The Hufflepuff's common room and dormitories were in the basement and therefore underground, so unlike the Ravenclaw Tower, there it didn’t matter if it was raining or the sunniest day was brithing up everyone's mood, because there was no way to tell or check, so he would always be received when he didn’t want to stay in his own room because of the weather.

But the smile to understand that Akaashi had wanted to be with him after dinner, had disappeared after he gave him a sideway glance. He knew Akaashi wasn’t a fan of rain and that he probably was with him for that reason, but he also knew that there was something else that was making Akaashi remain more quiet and serious than usual, and although he might have left it pass another time so as not to ruin the fact that the Ravenclaw had decided to cheer him up with his presence, there were other feelings involved, stronger and more important, those he felt for Akaashi, who at that moment ended up putting on a gray hoodie he had borrowed from him while he continued being seated on the edge of his bed.

He knew that Asahi would spend the night in Gryffindor, and that Konoha and Komi were still with Yaku, so he took advantage of the space that his roommates had given him to be able to sit next to Akaashi, although the other way around as he remained with his knees attached to his chest as well as surrounding them with one of his arms. He knew that the Ravenclaw kept his back to the window so he wouldn't even have the possibility of visualizing the storm in that way, while it was the same for him to find himself towards it.

“Hey,” Akaashi watched him as soon as he heard his warm tone of voice, “What's going on?” He asked him.

“What are you talking about?”

Bokuto sighted the way Akaashi started playing with the hoodie's sleeves, and the gesture was enough to assure him that something was wrong.

He was still wondering why the Ravenclaw seemed to have been in a hurry when they had crossed over at breakfast time and not even nine o'clock in the morning, knowing that therefore it wasn’t about wanting to get to the library. The younger had been somewhat distant, and although he didn’t want to be anguished with what were just his thoughts, he couldn’t help but wonder if Akaashi was actually avoiding him for something specific, but he didn’t want to continue with the doubt either.

“Akaashi, do you regret that we kissed?”

He hadn’t wanted to ask the question because he didn’t want to hear the answer in case it was an affirmation, but neither did he want to feel that Akaashi was distancing himself or forced to be with him so as not to have to tell him the truth, or what he truly felt. However, he found himself calmer as soon as he saw that Akaashi frowned when he heard his question, and continued to feel calmer when he accompanied his expression with words.

“No, of course not. No.” Although he remained surprised with his question, Akaashi couldn’t blame him for continuing to think of that moment, since he was used to showing what he felt and what he thought through gestures and actions instead of words, and he had acted in a certain distant way when in fact he would have wanted to stay with Bokuto instead of talking to the eagle, although in the end it had helped him to do so and therefore he wasn’t completely sorry for having wasted the opportunity to have breakfast with the Hufflepuff. “I’m sorry for the other day, I just needed to solve something," He added, to assure him that he had left quickly for other reasons, and not because he wanted to avoid him.

“Then what’s going on?” Bokuto asked, because although he had silenced his fears, he still behaved in an unusual way. “You're being weird.”

“I'm always weird.”

“But like, weirdly weird.”

“That makes no sense.”

As soon as he finished saying those words, Akaashi turned his head towards the single rectangular window of the room when a lightning illuminated the same through it. He was aware that he was in Hufflepuff, and that for the same reason he couldn't hear the sound of the rain as well as the sound of thunders, but that didn't prevent the storm to remind him that it still existed. Only the light from the bedside table next to Bokuto's bed accompained them, which made the shining effect of the lightning even more noticeable.

He had never liked the rain. It made him feel nervous even though he knew that it was only a climatic phenomenon, but his body tensed anyway and his eyes remained stuck in the window, until he felt something soft on his chin, and his look as serious as attentive, crossed with a golden one.

"Please," Bokuto asked at the same time that he hugged his own knees with his other arm, after having touched Akaashi's chin to get him to stop focusing on the climate that surrounded them, and therefore made his attention to be only on him.

Akaashi intercalated his gaze between him and his hands on his lap, his mind momentarily forgetting the storm because his thoughts had stopped focusing on it. He didn't know if he wanted to talk, but just as Bokuto was weak for him, he couldn't resist the supplicating manner in which those golden eyes watched him, only asking him to be sincere because with him he could be completely honest as well as talk about what it was that was making him behave differently. He had learned that just as he was the only one who could get Bokuto to stop being in a bad mood or down when something he didn't like happened, Bokuto was the only person who got him to talk when he didn't feel like it.

"It's just... I've been thinking a lot recently," He decided to say before releasing a short breath and resting his eyes on his hands, which remained on his lap and partially hidden since he was wearing a hoodie that wasn’t his.

“You are always thinking.”

“I know, but now, it's just... a lot.”

“And why do you think a lot?” Bokuto asked, because although he was aware of everything Akaashi studied, he didn’t think classes were the matter.

“Because...” Akaashi wanted to continue the sentence, but simply didn’t find the sense in doing it. “It doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t understand," He added, frustrated, and only took his eyes from his hands when he momentarily rested them on Bokuto when the same gave him a slight push with his shoulder.

“Try me.”

Talking to the eagle had solved many of his doubts, but the same had made that those were replaced with others, and no easier to answer. He wanted to be honest with Bokuto but to be so he had to organize his own thoughts first, and he was aware that he would probably never achieve it, so he only managed to frustrate himself, because although he had already solved several problems, others had appeared in his head after having spoken with the representative animal of his house.

“No, you wouldn’t understand because... ugh!” He leaned back to allow his back to remain on the mattress, and let out a sigh before straightening up again to look at Bokuto, who hadn’t taken his eyes off him in all that time. “You are a great captain, okay?”


“Your team won and you are amazing.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment, but what does that have to do with it?” Bokuto asked, confusion evident on his face.

Akaashi knew that there were many things that he couldn’t explain, while there were others that he didn’t even have to express because they were obvious.

“It was a lost battle. Nobody thought we could win, okay?” He began to say, his seriousness finally being set aside because the frustration was evident in his tone of voice. “No one took us seriously, and that's why nobody asked questions about Kunimi. In case it had been Watari, everyone would have been confused.”

Bokuto simply let out a sigh as soon as he heard him. “You're still thinking about the game.”

“Of course. You don’t because you won, celebrated, and whatever. But not me. Not us. And I can’t stop thinking about that.”

Maybe he seemed repetitive, and keep thinking about something he couldn’t change didn’t make sense, but he just couldn’t stop repeating the game in his mind.

“I spoke seriously when I said that I think you are the best captain.”

"I know, and I appreciate it, but... I can’t find the reasons to think that," Akaashi lowered his gaze. He couldn’t change his whole way of thinking, because as he had had a talk that had opened other doors, others hadn’t still closed. “Answer me this," He added, raising his eyes again, “Were you nervous when you found out we would be your first opponent?”

“Of course!” Bokuto exclaimed along with a big smile.

He remembered the way a great emotion had flowed through his body when he had understood that year he would start the tournament against Akaashi.

"Not because of me," The Ravenclaw said when he saw him. “Because of my team.”

Suddenly Bokuto's smile faced away with the same quickness it had appeared. "," He changed his answer, wanting to be honest, since he had been so focused on the fact that he would face Akaashi, that he would have given no idea what team or house it was. “But not because I don’t take your team seriously. I'm not even nervous about facing Gryffindor, nor Slytherin in the future. I'm just excited," He added so that Akaashi wouldn’t misunderstand his words.

"That's why I said you would never understand me," Akaashi murmured, lowering his eyes again.

He didn’t doubt that Bokuto's intentions were good, but even talking to Kuroo sounded better at that time, since despite all the drama involved between their two houses, the two continued to be the captains of the two teams that had lost the first round of matches of the tournament.

“I don’t want you to think bad of yourself,” Bokuto expressed resting a hand on his shoulder, which was observed by Akaashi.

“It's like asking you not to smile.”

“If I don’t smile, will you stop thinking?”

Akaashi watched him as soon as he heard him. “Don’t stop smiling. That's what I least need.” He said, and Bokuto listened to him after holding a calm smile, “It's just that, I'm the only sixth-year captain and I think it's being more pressure than I thought.”

The Hufflepuff chose to stop keeping his knees glued to his chest to cross his legs.

"That's because you're only thinking about winning."

“Don’t you want to win?”

"Of course I do, but I also want to have fun," Bokuto replied, “Are you having fun?”

Akaashi took a few seconds to answer. “No.”

"Because your head is playing against you," He expressed, and momentarily Akaashi closed his eyes when Bokuto gently tapped his fingers against his forehead. “Have you ever thought about something else besides the outcome of the game? Like for example, you played with Kenma and Ennoshita. They are your two best friends," He said, being listened attentively by Akaashi, “Hufflepuff won last year, and although I would like to show off, I and the rest of my house know that it was possible partly because Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin were mostly made up of people who fortunately have already graduated, but unfortunately made last year’s tournament something not pleasant as always. You have the opportunity to change that in your team house, to play with your closest friends, with your housemates. That's what the tournament is about, having fun with them, and with others from other houses as well. Of course we all want to hold the cup, and my wish is to give Hufflepuff a double championship, but if I just think about winning, it will turn ugly.”

Akaashi formed a line with his lips, realizing that Bokuto was right.

Together with Ennoshita they had created a team in which not only Kenma, but all the rest and even themselves, could feel comfortable. A team where nobody mattered more than anyone, and where the horizontality between them was fundamental as well as listening and knowing how to communicate. They had made any base from the previous year disappear because for them, it was preferable not to have experience instead of the team being composed of people who preferred to take the reins of the team without caring for the ones that composed it. And they had played their first match, side by side. But instead of having fun, and enjoying the fact that they formed and represented a new Ravenclaw, they had only focused on the goal they hadn’t achieved, since they had retreated from the field with the defeat.

“Akaashi, it's easier than you think,” The mentioned one again observed Bokuto when he continued talking, “Would you let Quidditch come between us?”

"No, never." Akaashi responded immediately.

It was true that so far the tournament had brought him more problems than joys, but he would never allow himself to feel some kind of grudge or hatred towards Bokuto just because he was the captain of the team against which they had lost the game.

“Then don’t let it stand in front of you. You prioritize yourself first.”

Akaashi chose to copy his position to cross his legs, and both end up sitting facing each other. Between the words he had heard of the eagle, and those that Bokuto had just mentioned to him, he must be able to prevail. Maybe he wouldn’t avoid failing, and after all, just as Kuroo had mentioned, he could learn from mistakes too.

He didn’t want to take the tournament as a simple pastime but he didn’t want to turn it into the worst seriousness either, since he wanted to be able to have fun with his housemates, as well as represent a pride for Ravenclaw along with those at his side. He just had to learn to balance his competitive side and his funny side, and he couldn’t help but giggle when the image of Ennoshita appeared in his head, as he knew his best friend too much to know that he could make the competition an entertaining thing, and then held a smile when he realized that for that reason the same was his vice captain.

“That’s a smile I like to see.”

Akaashi again focused on Bokuto when he heard him speak, and after a few seconds, he stretched his hands between them, which the Hufflepuff didn’t doubt to unite with his own.

“How did you know what to tell me?”

“Well, I'm a captain too, ain’t I?”

Akaashi rolled his eyes but smiled when Bokuto held a proud smile on his face, and then both lowered their eyes to their hands.

The Hufflepuff was happy that his words seemed to have achieved some kind of effect on him, since he hadn’t liked to see him seriously, nor did he know why he had certainly been distant, since doubts had also begun to appear in his head, as if Akaashi was sorry that he had kissed him, if he didn’t want to establish that kind of contact again, and if from then on he would only start to flee from him. But the Ravenclaw had made it clear to him that what he least wanted was to get away from him, since they also were together at that moment.

“Are you better now?” Bokuto asked him.

"I think so," Akaashi replied before releasing a short sigh, “I was just tense.”

“You have to let loose a little bit.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“Well, how lucky you are for knowing me!” Bokuto exclaimed in total excitement, and moved until his knees brushed Akaashi’s. “You have to relax. Come on, breathe with me,” He said, beginning to breathe slowly.

"Bokuto-san, I won’t do breathing exercises." Akaashi's words interrupted his plan.

“But Akaashi!” Bokuto's shoulders seemed to decay after hearing his denial, “This will help you! Come on, copy me," He added, causing one of his hands to stop being together after resting the palm of his hand on his own chest, and nodded, indicating that he should imitate him. Akaashi watched him without any expression for a few seconds, but then chose to rest his palm on his own chest as well. “Now breathe." Bokuto inhaled air, inflating his chest, “And let go," He said, releasing a great breath.

The Ravenclaw inhaled air, but he didn’t feel any change when he exhaled air through his nose as he was used to do. “It doesn't work.”

"That's because you're not doing it how it’s supposed to." Bokuto scolded him, and Akaashi watched him seriously, until his eyes slid to his hands when Bokuto took his with his to rest it on his chest.

Bokuto breathed deeply, and immediately Akaashi felt the difference between the way they had both done it, since after feeling the way Bokuto inhaled allowing his chest to inflate after filling his lungs with air, he also noticed how he allowed the air to leave his body through his lips, as well as he was able to feel the tranquility that accompanied Bokuto’s figure after having done the exercise, and the steady beats of his heart, right where their hands were. The sensation was the same one he used to have when he fell asleep with his head on his chest. He felt protected, free of all problems. The impression that nothing mattered as long as he could continue to witness the calm rhythm of his body.

Bokuto watched him smiling warmly when Akaashi continued with his eyes on their hands, since apparently his idea had finally let him continue to relax him even if he had done otherwise at firts, and he then copied the Ravenclaw after also placing his eyes on the hands that were still resting on his chest, although their other hands remained united between them two. "My hands are smaller than yours," He said, laughing softly, and then smiling quietly because he liked his eyesight to be the palm of Akaashi's hand on his chest and his on his, their slight difference in skin tone being evident.

"I think my fingers are longer than yours," Akaashi commented, smiling sideways.

And he smiled even more when he realized the irony of the situation, since anyone who knew them, never hesitated to express how different they were.

But just as he was the one who always remained calm while Bokuto cheered the others with his energetic personality, at that moment the Hufflepuff had been the one to reassure him with both his words and gestures, while he remained with all his senses awakened after allowing tension to accompany him as well as the extensive need to think about absolutely everything. Bokuto had managed to relax him because sometimes they needed their roles to be exchanged. He had completely forgotten about the rain, and he felt completely protected as well as comfortable.

He was observed by Bokuto when he stopped holding his palm on his chest as well as his other hand joined to his, but the Hufflepuff smiled again when his hands slid down to his neck to pull him towards him and get their lips back together again, demonstrating further that he had never considered that the kiss between them had been a mistake. Bokuto flexed his legs at the same time that he clasped his hands behind Akaashi's lower back, taking advantage of having made that movement to draw him towards him and in that way shorten the distance between them much more, and then crossed his legs again so that Akaashi was imprisoned in him and with his legs at the sides of his waist. His chests were those in meeting for that occasion, and the closeness between the two continued to diminish when Bokuto hugged him with more force at the same time that Akaashi continued with his hands on his neck, he assuring him that he considered it a success to kiss him instead of a mistake, and Bokuto making him understand that for him it was the most correct closeness.

Bokuto felt that his breathing remained calm as well as that his heart began to beat with speed, since Akaashi managed to provoke all those sensations just by being next to him, with his hands on his neck and his lips on his. He made him feel calm because his company gave him that tranquility, but also aroused all his senses because there was nothing that made him feel more alive than when he was with him and more like that, not even when he was on his broom around the quidditch field.

And both took the opportunity to continue knowing each other, because while the kiss between them, had been shared so that they understood that their feelings were reciprocal and that there was nothing to fear since there was no possibility of the existence of a one-sided love, on that occasion they took the moment to show each other that they were no longer in a hurry, that they no longer needed the minutes to pass by because the basis on which their emotions and decisions were, had already been established. It was a slow kiss, an understanding of affection and a calm demonstration of feelings that allowed them to see that the only thing that would change between them, would be the addition of more physical contact and the quickness of their hearts, because although Bokuto was accustomed to hug him suddenly and no one had any doubt that he was in good shape, at that time only Akaashi was the one that had the chance to lower his hands to his shoulders and then through his arms, choosing to allow his fingers to surround the muscles that defined Bokuto’s body. It was the opportunity for them to also begin to become familiar with other parts of their bodies besides their lips, which continued to taste each other's softness with patience and emotion. Bokuto took advantage of the fact that his hoodie was big enough for Akaashi to slide his hands underneath him and be able to trace vertical paths on his back over his shirt, because although they had just established that his hands were smaller or that Akaashi's fingers were longer, that didn’t take away that his hands continued to make the younger look to be caressed, to keep getting closer to him. Bokuto knew he should consider himself lucky because the prettiest boy at Hogwarts seemed to feel the same way he felt for him, although he not only considered Akaashi to be the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on for his presence, but because his personality was the necessarily mysterious but sure so that he was like a clumsy crawling behind him on his own. He adored him in all his senses, and he smiled in the middle of the kiss when he felt Akaashi's hands rest in his arms, wanting to feel the strength of that part of his body in where he remained imprisoned and didn’t seek to free himself, understanding that he wasn’t the only one of the both to consider himself lucky.

They had taken the rain as an excuse as well as the words exchanged to allow the intensity of the moment to grow thanks to what they both felt for each other and the sensations they managed to awaken each other both in their hearts and in their bodies, and Bokuto continued smiling when he separated from Akaashi only by a few millimeters to allow his breaths to try to stabilize, and he moved his hands from Akaashi's back to rest one on his waist and lift the other to run his lower lip with his thumb, his eyes fixed on them because he just wanted to keep kissing him, but suddenly he stopped keeping the gold of his pupils in those when they heard that someone knocked on the door, and Akaashi lowered his hands to his abdomen to gently pull on his shirt as well as he ran his face on the side of his, as if he wanted to use him as a shield in case the door of the room was opened, and Bokuto just kept smiling when he heard one of his housemates.

“Bo, are you there?” He heard Konoha say from the other side of the door.

“Yeah.” He answered without even knowing how, since the only thing he could think about was the boy next to him.

“We'll come in a little bit.”

Akaashi's hands on his abdomen, the tips of his fingers just a layer of clothes away from brushing the skin of his stomach, his lips already tasted just a few millimeters of his, his breathing trying to calm down by tickling his mouth, some of his little black curls caressing his forehead, his legs at the sides of his body, and his body imprisoned with his. He only remembered that he had to answer because Akaashi tugged gently on his shirt.

“Okay!” He replied, and they both heard Konoha’s steps going away, who had only warned them that they would arrive in a while so that they wouldn’t be found in a compromising situation. Bokuto then saw Akaashi with an amused smile. “Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?” He asked him, unable to avoid speaking with an entertained voice as he placed one of his hands on his neck to caress him.

"No..." Akaashi opted to rest his head between his shoulder and his neck as well as to raise his palms back to his chest. “I just don’t like being seen.”

“You don’t like public affection?” Bokuto asked, and the younger just made a slow movement with his head to respond with a denial. “Then we'll have to spend a lot of time here because I'm sure all I want to do is kiss you.”

Akaashi straightened as soon as he heard him, and Bokuto watched him as he looked at his lips again. "Hogwarts is a big castle, Bokuto-san." He expressed.

The aforementioned arched an eyebrow, being amused.

“Are you proposing something, Akaashi?”

The Ravenclaw seemed to want to straighten Bokuto's shirt when he ran his fingers through his chest. "I'm just saying facts," Akaashi began to say with his best innocence, “It is known that Hogwarts has several corners,” Bokuto started to smile completely animated when he heard him while he raised his hand to one of his cheeks to make a caress, pleased with the way his fingers could feel his soft, warm and delicate skin. “Some of which turn out to be somewhat… private." Akaashi licked his own lips, “But if I haven’t heard wrong, Konoha-san mentioned that they will come in a little bit, right?” He asked, and finally looked up to watch Bokuto nod. “Many things can happen in a little bit, don’t you think Bokuto-san?”

Bokuto took advantage of having a hand resting on his waist to finish get him completely closer to him until his hips met and both their abdomens and chests were only separated by Akaashi’s hands, in whose neck he kept his other hand while the younger swallow with heaviness. “Yes, I think so," He agreed, and they both looked at each other before joining their lips again. 

Kenma was aware that according to all his housemantes, the Ravenclaw Tower was a comfortable place to sleep considering that the sound of the wind whistling around the windows was relaxing; but when it was a strong wind, what he least wanted was to be in his common room or room, because he felt everything but relaxed. Although at that time he also didn’t feel completely calm, and not necessarily due to weather conditions.

He felt that his head had begun to beat and that his trembling hands on the electronic device in which game he couldn’t concentrate, were the only part of his body that continued to respond to him through a weak signal while the rest of his body was about break into several pieces if he continued to be extremely rigid and completely tense.

Although not for the rain as well as the roof over him that expressed it, but for what that had accustomed him to do, because since he had memory, the rain had always scared him, and therefore, also from he could remember, he had always passed the stormy nights in Kuroo's room. He had grown accustomed to arriving at his house completely wet after not having cared to cross the street with the drops falling on him while he could spend the night with the one who had always made him feel safe as well as managed to forget what kind of weather was happening outside his room. The older one had always taken care of distracting him when the sun was falling and the bad weather didn’t seem to end. Kenma had grown accustomed to Kuroo drying his hair with a towel while scolding him for getting wet and for the idea of getting sick just for not remembering to use an umbrella even if only a few meters were the ones that separated the houses of both, although later he always made sure that he felt comfortable by his side while it continued to rain outside.

And Kenma was aware of how difficult it was to get rid of old habits. Since without having to say a word, after dinner he had approached Kuroo, who had been sitting at the table of his house in the Great Hall while the others Slytherins like the rest, left the place to take advantage of being a Friday night even if it was raining. He took place at his side having left only an inch between them so that there was no chance of their bodies brushing, and therefore, to prevent Kenma felt intense heat on his cheeks, which anyway he hadn’t been able to prevent feeling even if his elbow didn’t touch Kuroo's. He kept his hands on the electronic device and his eyes fixed on the screen, having managed to completely forget the rain, since the presence of the one next to him caused the whirlwind of emotions enough to distract him from anything.

But Kenma's eyes only stopped being on the screen of his electronic device when he glimpsed the tip of Kuroo's wand moving within his field of vision, without even noticing when he had removed it from his uniform, and continued to see how from the tip, a short row of smoke came out to tarnish a small part of the table as if it were a window, and watched Kuroo move his wand until the face of a cat was drawn on it, as if he had done the same with his fingers.

Kenma pursed his lips, but anyway he couldn't prevent a small sideways smile from appearing on his face, and for the same reason Kuroo held an equal gesture on his face. Kuroo’s presence by his side has distracted him enough not to have glimpsed that the Slytherin had remained seated and never stood on purpose, because he knew that the one next to him wasn’t a fanatic of the nights when the rain was the only thing that could be heard, since no matter how much emotional or physical distance was between them, they continued to know each other perfectly.

And while two of the Ravenclaws continued to consider themselves true rivals of the stormy nights even if they had their respective ways of dealing with it, Ennoshita had become friends with the weather once he sat hugging his knees, behind the railing that kept him from being wet by the stream of drops that came from the sky. He was alone since no other student chose to stay near the indoor gardens when it rained, both because of the bad weather and because of the cold that the same implied. But he was well wrapped up and the stormy nights stopped displeasing him once he was no longer in the Ravenclaw Tower. Finding himself far from the gray clouds made his fear of that kind of climate disappear, and that he even enjoyed it for the tranquility it offered him, even though the thunder offered everything but a moment of peace. He thought that changing his perspective point meant changing what he thought about the abundant excess of water around him, and he didn’t think anyone would reflect like him, until he felt a slight kick near his ankle.

“What do you want now?” He asked immediately when he stopped looking at the sky.

Neither angry nor annoyed because someone had cut with his moment of relaxation he finally had gotten after thinking that night would be one of the many in which he wouldn’t manage sleep because of the climate around him, but entertained because even the presence of the one who appeared by his side made him forget even more of the storm.

“Now you know how it feels when someone interrupts you all the time with his annoying presence,” Yahaba said referring to all the times the Ravenclaw had annoyed him since the classes had begun, which could already be traced several months ago.

And although Ennoshita rolled his eyes, he didn’t bother when Yahaba imitated him sitting in the same way in front of him, managing to observe how he was able to capture the same sensation that invaded his own body when he saw falling drops of clouds that could no longer been see through the darkness of the sky. The two remained silent for a few minutes, delighting in the image of a viewpoint of the storm that few used to have, since not everyone chose to sit near the interior gardens and raise their eyes to the sky when it rained. They felt their bodies relax as they heard the drops fall on the fountains that already had more water, if they weren't frozen, at the same time they saw the same tracing different paths by sliding differently on the columns.

"You know, when I beat you, you can only blame yourself," Yahaba suddenly said, along with a sideways smile that quickly made Ennoshita observe him confused, “Because I'm on the team again and I'm going to win over you." He explained, increasing the size of his smile.

Yahaba had decided to reward the mistakes he had made and the actions he had taken because he really wanted to earn the trust of his teammates, who in any case hadn’t hesitated to show him that he had certainly never been considered outside the team because the attempt of training he had had among the team's beaters, had shown him that they were willing to trust him while he did the same, because although they had only managed to stand on their brooms for a few minutes before it started to rain and so they should take refuge in the castle, he anyway had spent the afternoon with the other beaters of the team to which he hadn’t doubt to return as soon as he was given the opportunity to do so, team to which he had decided to join again to defeat the boy that in that moment smiled honestly although his words had been provocative.

"I'm happy," Ennoshita expressed sincerely.

The two looked at each other for a second before resting their eyes on the dark sky again, but it was a matter of minutes before the silence between them was interrupted.

“What will you do in the break?” Yahaba asked, resuming the conversation.

The Ravenclaw certainly remained intrigued by the reason for that question.

“Nothing interesting. Be bored, I guess,"

“You will be with your family?”

Ennoshita shook his head. “My parents always go on a trip so for a full week I stay at the house of my oldest stepbrother and his family. Their children are of an age similar to ours, but they are very childish for my taste," He answered.

Yahaba saw the opportunity in front of him, that being the reason why he had approached him as soon as he saw him.

“And if I propose something funnier?”

Ennoshita cocked his head at the same time that he smiled extremely entertaining.

“I am so easy to miss that you are inviting me to spend the winter break with you? I didn’t know you could have feelings for someone, much less for me. You impress me, Yahaba.”

The Slytherin observed him dumbfounded while Ennoshita continued smiling amused. Since he had promised Kenma that he wouldn’t approach the Slytherins to bother them, he took every opportunity to annoy them when they were the ones approaching him. And reality was that he missed continuing to bother them, so he realized that if he accepted the invitation that Yahaba hadn’t yet proposed with the indicated words, he would have a full week to reward all the comments that he reserved after respecting Kenma’s request.

"Futakuchi won’t come with me," Yahaba said, “And I don’t like to be alone in my house, so if you want you can come.”

Instead of asking him why he mentioned the lonely holidays, Ennoshita concentrated on his first words and brought both hands to his chest.

“Auch. I’m the second option.”

He laughed as soon as he glimpsed Yahaba's unimpressed expression.

Seven full days to annoy him. He would consider himself a fool if he wasted that wonderful opportunity.

"All right, I'll go." He accepted.

“I’m so easy to miss that you accepted that fast?”

Ennoshita narrowed his eyes when Yahaba copied his previous words, and the Slytherin became the one to be entertained by the conversation.

Chapter Text

All the compartments of the Hogwarts Express were occupied by the students who had decided to return to their homes during the winter break, to spend the holidays with their respective families while others had chosen to remain in the castle. The vast majority was on the train, so it was no surprise that there were students walking from one side to the other while others preferred to sit in their own compartments.

Daichi had chosen to speak with Suga at the end of the aisle after having surrendered with the three sixth-year students who belonged to his house, who had done nothing more than be as noisy as ever since they had got up the train without being able to remain sitting, so he hadn’t hesitated to remain chatting with the Slytherin that managed to replace his impatience with a sense of cool tranquility, and not only because the two were prefects. And yet, there was no need for the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team to stop having an entertaining moment with Suga so that one of those who made up the problematic trio of sixth year, stopped making antics with his friends after recognizing a person with black hair who was about to enter his compartment.

“Are you going back to your house?” Tanaka asked Ennoshita.

He knew the Ravenclaw didn’t like the idea of the winter break, since he used to spend it with his older stepbrother with whom, although he had a good relationship, it didn’t indicate that it was a good plan, so the idea of inviting him some days to his own house didn’t sound bad in his head.

Ennoshita remained one step away from entering his compartment, and chose to lean his back on the other side of the aisle, near the window which glass was completely frozen due to the weather that didn’t seem to improve. "Actually, for some strange reason I'll be spending the holidays with Yahaba," He replied before letting out a little confused laugh.

Tanaka remained totally perplexed.

“Yahaba?” Ennoshita nodded, "I thought you didn’t get along." The Gryffindor added.

"We don’t," Ennoshita laughed again, managing to confuse Tanaka even more. “Well, we do, but... whatever, I'll spend the holidays with him," He said after not knowing how to explain the kind of strange relationship he had with Yahaba.

Tanaka smiled forcefully, although the Ravenclaw didn’t notice since his attention was rested on the person he glimpsed walking towards the compartment they had previously shared, and he only gave Tanaka a quick farewell smile before approaching Akaashi and holding his hand, and both of them suddenly found themselves in the compartment, with the difference that at that time Akaashi with his back on the ground and he on top of him instead of the two seated as they had been before with Kenma, who had left to remain talking with Hinata near the candy cart.

"I'm starting to think you have an obsession with being on me while I'm lying down," Akaashi expressed when suddenly the ground was what his back found.

“Well, considering that Tanaka doesn’t see me the way I want, somehow I have to release my frustrations.” Ennnoshita held a smile as honest as false.

“Auch. I’m the second option.”

"Never. You're the first one in my heart, I'll assure you that." Ennoshita winked at him as he held a winning smile, without not being able not to giggle, since only a few days ago he had expressed the same words to Yahaba.

“Weren’t you talking with him just now?” Akaashi barely raised his head to look down the hall, for while he had remained with his thoughts centered on Bokuto, with whom he had just been and explained why his hair was disheveled and why he had a hickey near his clavicle that fortunately for him, only he could see; he had sighted his best friend talking with the Gryffindor.

“Don’t change the topic of conversation. I know what you're trying to do.” Akaashi again rested his attention on Ennoshita when he heard him, although he had no other choice considering that he was holding onto him with the palms of his hands at the sides of his head as well as with his knees at the sides of his legs. “Because you did the same before and that's why I'm talking to you now. Why did you tell me about Bokuto that way?” He finally asked.

Akaashi had left him completely stupefied when he mentioned that he had kissed Bokuto, but he had been more impressed by the fact that after mentioning that, he disappeared from the Great Hall to leave him with the intrigue.

“I have a question first.”

“You don’t even bother pretending that you want to change the topic of conversation.”

"You're the vice-captain." Although he had been about to interrupt him, Ennoshita remained silent since he didn’t expect Akaashi to utter those words, and raised an eyebrow for the same reason. “I am the captain. Why do you think we didn’t win?” He heard, and let out a sigh.

“Akaashi, it no longer makes sense to focus on a lost match.”

"Answer me.” His best friend asked him.

"I don’t know," Ennoshita seemed to seek the answer around them, for although they had barely lost, he would have been able to mention a response completely quickly, he had thought that they had already left the defeat against Hufflepuff in the past to concentrate on the game against Slytherin they had ahead of them; but Akaashi's blue eyes fixed on him, kept him talking. “We weren’t strong? Fast?” He could begin to question all the bases of the team if Akaashi wanted it that way.

“Yes, we were strong. Yes, we were fast." Akaashi determined, making him remain impressed as he had hoped that his best friend would once again explain all the reasons why they had lost the first game. “We faced last year's champion."

“Then why did we lose?”

“We weren’t in our best shape. I was distracted and so were you. And why?”

“Bokuto didn’t stop screaming at you, you were distacted and I annoyed for the same.”

“Exactly. If I hadn’t focused on Bokuto-san, we could have had more chances.”

Ennoshita arched an eyebrow again.

"Akaashi, don’t start doubting yourself," He said, because although maybe his best friend had changed the way he saw the team, maybe he still thought the same about himself, that he didn’t deserve to be captain.

"I just want you to listen to me," Akaashi asked, and continued speaking when Ennoshita let out a sigh of surrender. “We were dynamic, but our strategies were demolished with pure force. You and I know that we didn’t lose because Kunimi was bewitched, but because all our plays were passed over by Hufflepuff. We don’t have their strength, the intimidation Slytherin represents, nor are we unpredictable as Gryffindor either. We are not an aggressive team. And if we can’t be aggressive in the quidditch field, then we can be aggressive outside of it.”

Ennoshita replaced his serious expression with a completely entertaining smile as soon as he heard him. “Akaashi Keiji, my captain, my best friend, my housemate, and I could keep going, are you asking me to look for fights? With wands or like the old fashioned way?” He raised both eyebrows repeatedly, but slowly the smile of his face returned to become a neutral expression when he was only observed in a serious way by his best friend. “We have to work harder.”

“No, you see, that's the problem. I am the one who always tells you that we shouldn’t judge other houses by their characteristics, but sometimes it’s a good thing to mark the differences. Hufflepuff works harder. Gryffindor faster, and Slytherin more determined. We have to work smarter.”

“And what do you suggest?”

“Keep a broad perspective.”

They both chose to allow the silence to be accentuated in them when Akaashi waited for Ennoshita to understand the true meaning of his words, while the other watched him, certainly wondering what he had meant.

Maintaining a broad perspective meant not focusing only on one idea, and considering that they were talking about the quidditch tournament, Ennoshita guessed that he was referring to the fact that there were four teams that composed it after competing with each other for the cup. But it wasn’t possible that he had figured out Akaashi's intentions so quickly, since he was aware that his best friend's thoughts were more complex.

"I guess I understand you," He said after glimpsing that Akaashi had certainly changed his thoughts about the way they should move in the tournament. “Who did you talk to, huh?” He asked, leaving his seriousness aside again, “Does being with Bokuto have given you all these ideas?”

Akaashi avoided smiling as soon as he knew he could answer the question with a statement, since all the words the Hufflepuff had told him were still hanging around his head, as well as the way in which their bodies had again held each other closer. “In fact, with another Ravenclaw." He decided to reply, and Ennoshita smiled sideways as he narrowed his eyes when he heard his proud tone of voice.

“One that is not me? And you had the nerve to complain just when you said you were a second option?” Ennoshita stopped keeping him completely imprisoned when he chose to straighten up and cross his arms, “I'm offended." He closed his eyes as well as raised his chin.

“I'm talking to you now, ain’t I?”

Ennoshita opened one of his eyes to watch Akaashi resting on his elbows, watching him with a stunned expression. "Okay, I'm not offended anymore," He snorted before allowing his arms to fall to the sides of his body. "No, wait! Of course I'm offended!” He exclaimed suddenly as he rested his hands on his own waist. “Is that why you told me about Bokuto, so you could leave?” He asked, since it hadn’t taken him long to know that Akaashi had mentioned those words only to be able to leave without him following him after being stupefied, and the fact that his best friend smiled at that moment, assured him that he had thought the right thing. “You are incredible. So you did kiss him.”

“Thanks to you and whatever you said to him.”

“Give yourself a little credit, it's your lips what he kisses apparently.”

Ennoshita looked at him smiling satisfied while Akaashi again held a stunned expression. He was happy that finally his words had worked and therefore Bokuto's, too, as he had never doubted the feelings of his best friend were reciprocated, which at that moment led him to realize that Akaashi should accept that he he was the one who was right, but before he could accompany his expression of fulfillment with words, he turned his head as Akaashi turned his gaze to the door of the compartment when they both heard that it was opened, and Kenma interspersed his gaze between them.

“Should I pretend that I didn’t see anything?” He asked, since he had hoped not to find anyone, or the two of them chatting, although he wasn’t totally surprised with the scene in front of him anyway.

“Akaashi kissed Bokuto.”

Anyone would have continued to be confused, but those words were enough for Kenma to choose to close the door of the compartment behind him to to join the scene with which he was received after deciding to sit on the hips and part of Akaashi's stomach after taking place in front of Ennoshita, who smiled satisfied before crossing his arms over the chest of the newcomer.

“Kenma, don’t ally with him please,” Akaashi said before releasing a sigh to rest again his head on the ground, giving up with the idea of being able to break free because now there were two people sitting on him, although at least he could cross his arms.

The one mentioned simply stuck out his tongue, letting him know that he was on Ennoshita's side for not telling them immediately that he had kissed Bokuto, but while he continued with the tip of his tongue out and Akaashi gave him a serious look, Ennoshita suddenly tilted his head.

“Wait, I just realized something, why do you call him Kenma and you call me by my last name?”

"In our second year he threatened me with his wand." Akaashi replied as if it were the most normal thing in the world, while he remembered why he had started calling one of his best friends by name, and he didn’t doubt to keep throwing a serious look at Kenma when in his head appeared the image of him pointing at him with his wand when they were only twelve years old, but he stopped observing him when he saw movement by Ennoshita. “Don’t even try it.” He determined after intuiting that he was trying to remove his wand, and Ennoshita snorted before returning to keep his wand, as he was aware that although he was under them, Akaashi was still able to win in that situation.

"I feel relegated to a lower place." Ennoshita crossed his arms as well as frowned.

“Considering that you are on top of me, that Kenma is on your side, and that I am the one with his back on the floor, you shouldn’t complain.”

Ennoshita replaced his offended expression with a funny smile. “I'm just rewarding the time we will spend separated during these days.”

“Oh yes, I wonder how we will sleep separately.”

"I won’t miss you." Kenma interrupted.


He allowed a small giggle to leave his lips when he heard his two best friends exclaim his name in that way, which didn’t allow him to glimpse the complicity look Ennoshita and Akaashi shared, and therefore, he was completely surprised when suddenly Ennoshita crossed his arms in front of his chest, although on that occasion, to lie on the floor with him on top of him to allow Akaashi to be the one to be on top of them after lying on top of Kenma at the same time he poke Kenma’s stomach with his finger, and the three of them started to laugh when the tickle against Kenma turned into a war of all against all.

The three of them continued laughing, and the one Kenma had been with before, instead of wondering why he had seen three people on the floor and not sitting like everyone else, entered the compartment so he could throw all the candy he had bought on the seat. Hinata threw a packet of chocolate wands at Kageyama, who glared at him after receiving the candy on his face, although he stopped focusing on him when he caught a glimpse of his favorite candy, and the redhead looked at him smiling as he enjoyed the chocolate balls.

“And Kageyama? What are you going to do for Christmas?” He asked him.

"Don’t talk with your mouth full, dumbass," The mentioned one replied, who contradicted himself after talking while enjoying the chocolate wands, “I don’t know, the same as always I guess," He added with a slight shrug, “I never do anything funny.”

“Really? I always have fun with my younger sister.”

“I don’t have siblings, and my parents aren’t very interested in parties.”

“Do you want to come and spend Christmas with me then?”

Kageyama almost choked on the chocolate wand he had begun to enjoy after hearing the question Hinata decided to drop without any detour. It wasn’t a strange question or a string of words that impressed easily, so he knew that his surprise was because he didn’t expect to feel suddenly excited when Hinata mentioned those words, and who at that time laughed totally amused at the view of him, making Kageyama serious again and even look at him badly for having laughed at him.

"I bet Natsu will like to meet you." Hinata added after remembering that Kageyama and her younger sister already knew each other because she had kicked him when they had crossed paths with him in Diagon Alley.

Kageyama glared at him knowing that he was thinking about that occasion, but then interspersed his gaze between the chocolate wands that remained in the package and the orange-haired one that remained sitting in front of him while watching him with a smile on his face while enjoying his own sweets.

"Sure, why not," He said, agreeing to spend the festivities with him.

Hinata gave him a smile, and suddenly they both looked behind him when they heard someone or something crashing into the wall they shared with the back compartment, but they only shrugged before continuing to pounce on all the candy one of them had bought.

"They'll find us out if you're so clumsy," Hanamaki moved away by just a millimeter from the one that had caused them to make a noise that had surely caught the attention of those in the compartment next to theirs.

The two had locked the door and lowered the blind to prevent the curious people bothering them, but from what they had glimpsed before committing to their own, the only two people willing to meet at the end of the corridor of the express were the captain of the Gryffindor's Quidditch team and Suga, and they knew that Daichi wasn’t a person to whom others approached while chatting with others, so the presence of those two would only give them more privacy, and even cover their voices when speaking.

"And then they’ll find out that I’m the only one who kisses the cutest boy," Matsukawa mentioned, looking at the lips of the one who was lying under him, and gave him a small caress on the cheek.

Although Hanamaki rolled his eyes, he didn’t prevent a blush from appearing on his face.

Matsukawa one was half lying on him, since the two had taken place in the same seat, and while Hanamaki kept his back against the wall although each time he seemed to fall more and more, Matsukawa had sat down beside him only to at that moment almost be on top of him because they didn’t tolerate space being between them.

They again joined their mouths and let their tongues meet at the same time the pink-haired one finally ended completely under the other, feeling satisfied with the emotions that Matsukawa caused in his body just by being totally close. He was already used to feeling that kind of adrenaline rush through his body when he was with him, and yet he always liked to realize that that pleasant feeling never failed to appear no matter how many times they had found themselves in that position.

“Did you also notice that Oikawa and Iwaizumi are something... I don’t know... weird?” Hanamaki asked when his mouth was free once Matsukawa started using his lips to kiss his neck.

“Why do you think we left them alone? The tension was about to break the window of the compartment," The other replied as he continued kissing his neck, smiling after hearing that his companion enjoyed the meeting of his lips on the skin of that part of his body.

The two had decided to change of compartment after realizing that although the four were in the same, Oikawa and Iwaizumi seemed to be each within their own thoughts, the first reading a book while the second looked out the window, because although they never let an opportunity pass to bother them, they also understood when it was better not to get involved, or in that situation, to leave.

"I hope nothing bad is happening between them," Hanamaki mentioned.

Matsukawa was just as aware that he knew what Iwaizumi felt about Oikawa, and in the end he was just as worried about the mood of the one who still didn’t seem to have confessed what he felt, so he stopped giving pleasure to his companion to cross glances with him while he contoured the edge of his lips with his thumb.

“Iwaizumi hadn’t told us he confessed, so I don’t think that's the problem," He said.

“Then what could it be?” Matsukawa shrugged, having no idea what to answer. "I hope they’re fine by the time we get back to Hogwarts," Hanamaki added as he ran his fingers through the black hair of the one on top of him.

“Wanna bet?”

The pink-haired one smiled totally entertained when he heard the words that had become the most used by both since they had begun to think about the kind of relationship their two best friends could had.

"I bet they'll be fine by the time we get back," He opted to say.

Matsukawa frowned. “I wanted to bet that,” He complaint.

Hanamaki kissed him before laughing at him and his expression.

“Then don’t bet. I just hope they kiss.”

"They should definitely kiss each other." Matsukawa agreed.

“We should kiss.”

At those words and Hanamaki’s captivating smile, Matsukawa considered himself capable of fulfilling his request, and joined his lips to his in the middle of a smile.

The two continued to enjoy their privacy provided by the fact that two of the prefects were talking near their compartment, who at that moment momentarily stopped their conversation to wave at Yaku, who had left the compartment he had been sharing with Inuoka and Kai only to suddenly end up inside another compartment which door Lev closed before standing against it with a smile on his face, while Yaku raised an eyebrow because what he least needed was to be alone with him, since having accepted his feelings didn’t mean that he had decided to act on them.

He felt that it was complicated to know that he was attracted to Lev, and although he had concluded that he wouldn’t kick him out whenever he approached because he had already tired of doing it and only received a denial in response, he wouldn’t try anything to change the relationship they had, which was based on the fifth-year interrupting him with some silly excuse of why he appeared before him. He preferred to reserve his feelings and concentrate on himself.

“Yaku-san!” Lev exclaimed totally happy.

He sat down next to the seventh-year that surreptitiously moved away from him, and the younger continued to smile widely without noticing that small detail although the seat wasn’t that long either.

“Why have you locked me here, Lev?” He asked.

"You don’t need me to be quiet today, right?”

Yaku couldn’t help but giggle honestly when he heard him.

Somehow he had managed to make the fifth-year began to learn to remain silent since he always decided to interrupt when he was studying, so the deal had been that he would stay without speaking if he wanted to be at his side, but at that time they could be considered momentarily on vacations, so Yaku didn’t need Lev to remain with his mouth closed so he could concentrate on some book.

"I'm afraid to answer no." Yaku replied.

“Will you be with your family?”

“Yeah, what about you? Will you go to Russia?”

"Not really, my sister is coming to visit so I'll stay," He said smiling.

Yaku gave him a simple smile before looking away.

He didn’t understand why Lev had locked them in that compartment, nor why he felt the same was beginning to shrink as the seconds passed and he felt that the space was eliminated even if the place continued with the same measure and Lev was still at the same distance from him.

“Yaku-san,” The mentioned one rested his eyes on him when he heard him, “Can I kiss you?”

Although he hadn’t been moving for the last few minutes, Yaku remained motionless when he heard him. He hadn’t expected him to mention that question, much less that he was so direct, but he pretended to be extremely calm because he didn’t want Lev to discover what was the real reason why he allowed him to keep him company even if that meant continuing to fall behind with his homework. He smiled sideways, pretending not to be totally nervous.

“Lev, are you aware of what you have asked?”

Fortunately his tone of voice was the same as always.

"Yes, I am," He answered.

But the nervousness inside him continued to grow. Maybe Lev had chosen to play a joke on him and had decided that those words were the best to mock him, although Yaku believed that with all the times he had hit him, the fifth-year had learned that to joke with him and make him angry, he had to mention his height. Or maybe Daichi had decided to plunge into the situation to make him stop rejecting what he felt, but he didn’t think that was possible either because he had sighted him chatting with Suga, and that meant that he wouldn't be interested in something or someone else.

"You can’t ask that question, someone could get angry with you." He expressed.

“But I only asked you the question.”

Yaku felt that his heart was about to pierce his chest and bounce inside the three walls and a door between which they were at that moment. For him, being aware of what he felt wasn’t the same as being happy with that. He didn’t like having accepted that he saw Lev in a way he didn’t do with anyone else. With his greenish gaze and his funny and immature personality, he had managed to capture his attention. He had managed to capture his interest, and that was the reason why he was allowed to distract him.

But it was impossible for Lev to feel the same for him.

“Yaku-san,” The seventh-year boy smiled falsely when he heard him, "You didn’t say no to my question."

Yaku swallowed nervously when he heard him and felt a chill go all over his body when he felt Lev's fingers take his chin to make him stop trying to avoid him after looking at any object in the compartment, and remained motionless when that next to him eliminated any distance between them as he placed his lips on his in a soft and warm way that he let happened.

The seventh-year couldn’t appreciate the greenish color of his eyes because Lev looked down once he separated from him, that being the first time he saw him without smiling and without dedicating his typical smile to him that he adored and annoyed at the same time.

"I like you, Yaku-san," He heard him say, and opened his eyes like two large plates when he visualized a fringe of blush on the younger’s cheeks. "I don’t know what excuses to say to be next to you anymore," He added.

A smile appeared on Yaku's face after realizing that Lev was aware of the poor excuses he had always expressed when he appeared to hang out with him, whether they were quiet or not. He always interrupted him suddenly, and sometimes he didn’t even explain why he stayed by his side instead of doing something else. Even the last few times he had stopped making excuses and being honest about why he was sitting next to him.

Yaku opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

The voice of his best friend suddenly appeared in his head, telling him to leave everything aside and really think what he felt for the fifth-year. He was aware that he was also just thinking about excuses instead of acting the way he really wanted to. For a long time he had accepted what happened to him whenever Lev appeared to distract him. He considered him adorably annoyed, and he was surprised at the way his clumsy mouth shut up so that he could concentrate, although he had failed to do it anyway because it wasn’t enough for him to remain speechless in order to focus on his studies. Even not being with him, Yaku was distracted thinking about him.


That was the only word that appeared in Yaku's mind.

The seventh-year believed that he had been placed in Gryffindor not because he was brave all the time, but at times when it was necessary for him to be so. Yaku saw himself as capable to overcome a situation no matter how many obstacles appeared before him, and as the kind of person who managed to face the fears that he himself sometimes caused by fear of failing. Many times he had felt on the verge of considering himself a coward, a person who couldn’t see beyond the difficulties he imposed on himself. But he believed, and he was proud to be able to say that one of his virtues was the great courage with which he carried. He had lost the fear and had forgotten what it was like to think he couldn’t face a situation, until Lev had appeared in his life.

The fifth-year challenged the courage that characterized him because he represented all the obstacles that Yaku was afraid to confront. Their personalities were extremely different and he believed that the distance was imposed in the two years that separated them both. Lev distinguished himself by always holding a smile on his face, being direct no matter how much his words could affect the other, and acting in an appetizing way. While he had ceased to be the brave person he had managed to be, only because he found someone who finally turned out to have the same kind of courage as him. Yaku was afraid because his willpower was eliminated when it came to Lev.

But at that moment he understood that the fifth-year couldn’t be the only one of the two to be considered brave after expressing aloud what he felt, after always appearing although he had never given a sign that his presence made him extremely happy even if he couldn’t study because of him. Yaku couldn’t allow Lev to be the only one of the two who could manifest himself no matter what the consequences of his words and his actions were, and for the first time, being br