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Magical Feelings

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“I want to go to Hogwarts too!” Natsu exclaimed.

Forming a tender pout with her small lips, she chose to cross her arms and remain still in the middle of the street, showing that she was really infatuated with the words recently expressed, while her older brother laughed when he saw the pout on her face and crouched down.

“And you will. But there's still a bit left for that," Hinata inquired, ruffling the hair of the small girl in front of him, whose orange tone was also characteristic of him, making both stand out no matter what crowd they were in, and evidencing that it was easy to guess that they were siblings, or at least that they were from the same family. “Why don’t you help me choose what to buy meanwhile?” He asked, hoping that his question would be enough to make her forget the fact that there were still two years left before she could attend classes at Hogwarts like him.

After taking into consideration the words she heard, the nine-year-old girl nodded and took her brother's hand to stop interrupting the path of all the students and their respective families, who were passing from one place to another in Diagon Alley without following a specific path. The return to classes was around the corner and everyone had to buy the necessary artifacts so that the course and the stay in the castle could be satisfactory. And while many carried piles of objects at the same time they looked for their next acquisition, others preferred to let their parents be those in charge of the lists of materials. Natsu watched in astonishment around her, because even if that wasn’t the first time she accompanied her brother, each time she had less patience to finally be able to buy her respective items as well, although with her nine years, she already knew that she would probably inherit the majority of the items from his older brother, with whose left side of his body she collided because he suddenly remained completely still. The little girl with orange hair raised her brown eyes identical to his, only to see her brother totally fascinated with the store in front of them.

Which, she wasn't surprised to see that was Quality Quidditch Supplies.

His brother's favorite activity.

His first hobby.

His main fun.

His most important fascination.

The reason why their mother always scolded him.

Natsu only chose to snort, knowing that if her tender gaze didn't work on that occasion, her brother would make her stay in front of that store for the rest of the afternoon, or even worse, accompany him inside of it, which space was full of students at that time, since his brother wasn’t the only one obsessed with that sport of the magical world.

She tugged the hand of his older brother, who for the first time in five minutes, turned his gaze from the window that showed the latest models of brooms, to rest it on his sister.

“Will you play this year?” She asked.

Although Natsu could choose to use his puppy face to ask him to leave, because every year half an hour was at least the time Hinata remained in that store, reality was that he hadn't yet bought her the candy he promised, so she preferred to talk to distract him, even if that didn't seem to work because little stars seemed to appear around his brother's head.

“Of course I will!” His brother exclaimed in response, amazed.

Totally excited, he nodded quickly.

"I'll be the fastest chaser of them all!" Hinata added releasing the hand of his younger sister to begin to wave his arms quickly and move as if he was really riding on his broomstick over the field, causing some people around him to turn to find the source of the excited shouts.
Natsu looked at her brother surprised, since from what she could remember, every time she had asked that question, Hinata had shaken his head and responded that they didn't accept players on the team unless they were from the last years, so it struck her that his brother nodded, until she realized that although his brother didn't look like it, he was in his last years of school already.

The older of both continued moving, completely enthusiastic with the idea that that year he would finally do the try outs to try to be part of the team of his house that he wanted so much to belong, and for which he had been training during all summer, until his excitement was suddenly interrupted when he collided with the figure who had just left the store along with an obvious new broom tied to his back to let his hands carry bags with other objects. The orange-haired one fell to the floor and rubbed his ass to keep that part of his body from continuing to hurt him, but it was Natsu that interrupted the sudden change of atmosphere when she didn't hesitate to kick the leg of the one who collided with his brother accidentally, causing the new figure to drop the bags and scrub that area of his body while complaining.


After getting up, Hinata took her hand so that her younger sister wouldn't continue to evidence that kicking people was easier when part of her legs were freed for wearing a dress, but that didn't stop the girl from sticking out her tongue to the one she kicked before, although she didn’t hesitate to hide behind his older brother when the unknown one fixed his piercing blue eyes on her after he stopped complaining. And both his height and his serious look were enough for Natsu to remain silent behind his brother.

“Ghaaaw! Did you just buy a broom? So cool! I bet it's a Nimbus 2020," The older of the two siblings suddenly asked, ending the small passive aggressive confrontation between the little girl behind her and the boy in front of him, who did nothing but pick the bags he had left fall after receiving a kick without warning.

"It's none of your business." He said.

Before the orange-haired one could complain about the reluctant phrase of the one in front of him, a voice interrupted him.


The boy in front of him removed his eyes from him when he heard his name, but his attention returned to focus on him when Hinata let out a gasp of surprise after realizing that he recognized the one his sister had kicked, not only because they belonged to the same house and were in the same year, but also because he remembered that he was Kageyama Tobio, a player who although was known for his natural talent, wasn't accepted on the quidditch team because of his terrible attitude and excessive way of saying things.

"I know who you are!" Hinata shouted, pointing at him. "You are the one the team didn't allow to play!"

At the mention of those words, Kageyama secured the grip of his hands to the bags and frowned, although he was grateful that the orange-haired boy didn't call him by the nickname that those who had previously composed the team had put him, but the mere fact of imagining him saying it was enough to make him angrier.

"I will play this year." Kageyama announced, extremely confident.

“I'll try it too!” Hinata said with a smile, which disappeared as soon as he heard a sarcastic laugh.

“You?” The black-haired boy asked him in a bad way. He looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow. It wasn't possible that someone who had fallen to the ground by only colliding with him was able to withstand the force with which other quidditch players counted. "Impossible," He articulated out loud.

That moment it was Hinata's turn to frown.

"I'll show you." He assured him.

"Try it." Was all Kageyama said.

Continuing to carry the broom on his back and the bags in his hands, the black-haired boy looked at him contemptuously one last time before passing close to him to leave him alone, and Hinata stopped feeling tense once his sister took his hand, making him rest his eyes on her instead of the back of the one who had just underestimated him.

"You want me to give him another kick?" Natsu asked.

And she smiled when she heard her brother laugh, and then saw him shake his head.

"Don't worry, Natsu," Hinata said along with a confident smile, "I will face him in the right place."

The Quidditch pitch.