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The kind man with the red eyes

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Izuku Midoriya and his mother, Inko Midoriya, were walking down the street from the groceries to their apartment. ''Katsudon, katsudon, katsudon'' Izuku sang as he walked with his mother.She gave him a soft smile, laughing along with him.  ''You sure do love katsudon, don't you Izuku?'' She laughed, not noticing the shadow that was following them.

''Yep!'' He stated loudly, giving her a smile that would rival All Might's. A large hand grabbed his mother and dragged her into the alleyway where he had a knife pressed against her neck. ''Mommy!'' Izuku screamed freezing at the sight. '’I-Izuku-'' she was cut off by the man applying more pressure onto her neck. ''Shut the fuck up bitch. Kid, come here and I won't hurt your mommy'' he mocked. ''Don't do it Izuku! Run baby!'' Inko shouted trying to push the man away from her. ''M-mommy..'' Izuku sobbed, his legs wouldn't move, he was frozen in fear.

''Stupid bitch! I said shut the fuck up!'' the thug said, punching her. ''I was gonna spare you and your brat but, I can hear the cops coming so can’t be having any witnesses'' the thug continued before stabbing Inko in the stomach making her fall to the ground in pain. ''Mommy!'' Izuku yelled running up to her with tears pouring down his face. ''I-Izuku sweetheart, I love you and I'm sorry for-'' she coughed cutting herself off. ''Mommy no, please don't go!'' Izuku sobbed. Inko raised a hand up to brush away the tears in her baby's eyes. ''Baby, please listen to me, don't listen to what anyone says, listen to your heart, I love you so much. You're my hero baby. Remember you can do whatever you put your mind to'' she sobbed out with her last breath. ''Mommy! No, please, I love you too! Don't go! Please mommy!'' he sobbed out. Inko gave him one last smile before the light in her eyes was out and she was gone. Leaving Izuku sobbing on the ground, holding her as the villain ran off after seeing a man with red eyes run into the ally.

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I was doing my normal patrol when I heard screaming come from an alleyway that was close by. Running as fast as I could, I skidded to a stop with my quirk activated, ready to fight, only to see a dark man running out the other side of the alley and a child with the woman in his lap crying loudly. My eyes widened and I ran up to him quickly. “Kid! What happened here?!” I asked, quickly kneeling to check the woman's pulse. The kid didn't answer, only crying louder. I quickly checked him over to make sure he wasn't hurt, then informed the authorities about what happened. I pulled him into a hug, letting him sob into my chest. I didn't mind that my shirt was getting wet, I only pressed his face further into my chest to shield him away from the sight of what I guessed was his mother, on the ground, still bleeding out. He went still, no longer crying so, I checked his airway to make sure he was still breathing.

Poor kid, he tired himself out.

Standing up carefully, as to not wake him, I greeted the police.
“What do you think happened here, Eraser?” Tsukauchi asked, looking at the gruesome sight. “mugging gone wrong probably” I answered, looking down at the small boy in my arms. “I think he saw the whole thing.” I said with a sigh.

“Poor kid, he's gonna be scarred for life“ he said softly. I nodded in agreement. “He will have some issues with knives and possibly adults.”Another cop came up to us with a driver's license. ''This her?'' Tsukauchi asked and the other man nodded. Tsukauchi nodded, dismissing the man. “‘Midoriya Inko, 26 years old' damn, so young and with a young kid too” he cursed, looking at the boy in my arms sadly. “Keep me updated. I gotta have the kid looked over by the paramedics.” I told him as he gave me a nod and a pat on my shoulder. I gave the kid to the paramedics, getting a scolding for moving him at all and not giving him to them right away. I nodded along, not really paying attention to what they were saying. I kept my eyes on the kid the entire time. I sighed and walked back over to Tsukauchi. “Keep me updated on the boy's condition. I've gotta continue my patrol.” I told him and then walked away.

Later that night, I walked in the door of my house to see my husband cooking dinner. “Hey Sho!” he yelled, giving me a large smile. I grunted and sat down, laying my head down on the counter. “Long day?” he asked and I nodded with a groan. “Wanna talk about it?” he urged. “A woman got mugged. Stabbed in the stomach.” I told him “That's horrible Sho. Did you get the guy who did it?” he asked. I shook my head “I was too busy with her 6-year-old kid who saw the whole thing.” I told him with a sigh. ''Holy shit, for real?! Damn, poor kid.” 'Zashi said, giving me a kiss on the head. I nodded relaxing into the touch. “Go on and take a bath, it'll help you relax. Dinner will be ready when you get out.” he told me. I did as he said and went to take a bath. The hot water helped ease my tense muscles. It didn't do anything to ease my mind though.

if only id been earlier then she'd be alive. The kid wouldn't have seen his mom die and he wouldn't have to go into the system. Tsukauchi said he couldn't get a hold of the father. God knows what that kid will go through in the system. What did Tsukauchi say his name was again? Oh right, Izuku. Midoriya izuku. 6 years old with no signs of a quirk. He's gonna go through hell in the system I just know it. Maybe- no, no he'll be fine, he'll be okay. Nothing bad will happen to him, he-

“Sho? You ok in there?” Hizashi asked through the door, breaking me out of my thoughts. “Y-Yeah I'm okay,I'll be out in a second.” I said shivering a bit as the water had gone cold. Giving myself a quick rinse, I got dressed and walked into the kitchen, where Hizashi was setting out dinner. “You okay, Sho? I know today must have shaken you up.” he asked rubbing my arm. “'I'm fine Zashi” I said. I'm not fine, I'm worried about the kid. He didn't seem to believe me but, sat down nonetheless. I quickly followed and started slowly eating my food. '’When do you need to go to the station?'' I asked, hoping to get rid of the silence. “Tomorrow at 7, you have classes at 8 right?” He asked and I nodded tiredly. After we ate, I helped him with the dishes and then we climbed into bed. I let out a satisfied groan as I felt my bones finally relax. I could feel Hizashi smiling at me. “What are you smiling for?” I asked. He let out a laugh. “Nothing, just thinking about how much I love you.” he said making my face heat up with a blush. “Love you too.” I grumbled out, quietly rolling over trying to hide my face but, I already knew he saw the blush. His hands snaked their way around my middle, burying his face into my neck. “The kid will be fine, stop worrying.” he told me. I let a soft smile creep on my face, he knew exactly how to read me. I didn't answer him but I didn't need to. I just let myself slip off to sleep.

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'Mommy? Where are you?' I yelled into the dark abyss. 'Where am I? ' I asked aloud.  

'Izuku! '

All of a sudden, the scenery changed. I was back in the alley with mommy in front of me, laying in a pool of red. 'Mommy?' I called out, stepping forward. Mommy looked different, her eyes were all black and she was bleeding. 'Mommy? Is that you?' I asked, reaching out to touch her but she screamed.

'Why didn't you save me?! You were supposed to be a hero! And you couldn't even save your own mother .' she sneered out. ‘Mommy, no that's not-' she was getting further away. 'Mommy!' I yelled out, running after her.

 'Failure, you couldn't even save me, how are you supposed to be a hero if you couldn't even save your own mother?  'it was distorted, the voice wasn't mommy's it was different, darker 'mommy-'.


"Oi brat! Get the fuck up, you need to go to school!'' Tanaka-san yelled, beating on the door making me jolt awake. I have been staying with the Tanaka's for the past month, seeing as they were the only ones who would take me in after my mom died. My mind flashed to kind red eyes. I got up from the small bed and stretched my sore muscles. After giving my bruises a once over, I got dressed in my school uniform and walked quietly out of the room. Akine, one of the other kids in the house, was outside of the door staring at me. I didn't look back at her, that would only get me in trouble. She loves getting me in trouble but, I don't know why. "Ewww! Tanaka-san! The quirkless freak touched me!'' Akine screamed breaking me out of my thoughts.

Oh no! I guess while I was walking, I got too close to her. Nononononono, I was almost out of the house too!

A large hand grabbed the back of my shirt. ''What did I say about infecting the other kids with your quirklessness, brat?'' Tanaka-san growled in my face, his breath stank of alcohol. Crap he's already drunk,

you cant cause someone to become quirkless, idiot.

I didn't answer, that would only get me in more trouble. I learned that quick. A fist collided with my stomach, making me gasp and cough. “You'll get the rest of your punishment when you get home, freak.” he spat, dropping my small frame to the floor. I scrambled to get up and to the door. Quickly throwing on my shoes and my backpack, I ran out the door.

I have to get away, he'll hurt me more if I don't.

I ran until my legs were burning. I stopped to catch my breath when I noticed where I was.

It was here where...

I was in the alley where the mean man killed my mom. Fresh tears made their way down my face. ''Mommy...'' I whimpered, falling to my knees. Letting out a hiccup, I curled up by the wall, letting out a hiss when my knees pressed against the forming bruise on my stomach. Kind red eyes once again made their way into my mind. ''What was his name? Eras...Eraser...Eraserhead!'' I yelled when the name finally made its way into my head. ''He saved me... I need to find him again and thank him...'' I mumbled, laying my head on my knees.

''Why do I always find you here, kid?'' a voice asked from my right, making me jump. I quickly turned my head to meet red eyes. ''It's you..'' I whispered in awe. ''Yeah,  it's me kid. Why are you here in the first place? It's not exactly safe around here.'' he said in a bored tone, walking up to me. '’Doesn't matter” I mumbled. ''It obviously does if it means I get to find out why you are in an alley alone without your caretaker”  he stated. I didn't say anything. If I do, he'll find out and then Tanaka-san will be even madder at me. The back of my eyes burned with tears that wanted to come out, but I wouldn't let them.

don't cry, stupid crybaby. Eraserhead let out a sigh and sat down next to me. I looked over at him curiously. '’Shouldn't you be on patrol?'' I asked

''Shouldn't you be in school?'' he asked back. I let out a little giggle, making him smile softly. ''Come on kid tell me what's going on? A kid your age shouldn't have that many bruises no matter how clumsy you are.” he sounded worried.  Should I tell him? He could help make him stop...

''You’re a hero right?'' I asked hesitantly. ''Yeah I am'' he said '’Can I ask you two questions?'' I asked, looking up, feeling a little scared. '’Yeah kid, go right ahead.” he answered '’My quirk isn't that great, I don't even know what it is, I just know that I have one. Could I become a hero, even though I don't have a good quirk?'' I asked all in one breath. He hummed. ''Well kid I’mma say…’' he trailed off with a sigh, making me feel dejected. ''It won't be easy.” he continued, making me perk up. '’It will be really hard and, you won't have as many fans as you would if you had an obvious quirk. And, you won't be able to rely on it all the time. But, with enough work I’d say...definitely.” he finished, making me smile widely. I hugged him tightly, making him freeze up. ''Thank you so much'' I whispered into his shirt. ''No problem kid. Now, what was that second question you wanted to ask?'' he asked ''Oh yeah. Well, um, since you’re a hero...'' my throat felt like it was being squeezed. I couldn't get the words out. ''Spit it out kid'' he muttered, running his hand through my hair to help me try to calm down. It worked some because my throat didn't feel as tight. '’Since you’re a hero, can you make Tanaka-san stop hurting me?'' I blurted out.  

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''Since you're a hero, could you make Tanaka-san stop hurting me?'' He rushed out. My eyes went wide and I looked at him in shock. He sat deathly still, his eyes squeezed shut tightly. It was that moment I saw the bruises crawling up his shirt and down his arms. ''Kid, I need you to tell me who Tanaka-san is'' I said trying to keep my anger out of my voice, the last thing he needed to think was that I was mad at him. ''He's my foster parent...'' he answered in a small voice. I squeezed my jaw shut to prevent myself from cursing in front of a kid his age. After a few calming breaths, I stood up and offered him my hand. He looked up at me in surprise. ''Come on kid, I’ll make sure he never hurts you or anyone else ever again.'' I promised him, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and grabbed my hand. I picked him up and walked to the closest police station.

(time skip because I don't want to write that out.)

I sat in the waiting room while they checked Izuku's bruises, my knee was bouncing as my mind raced.

I should have done something, I knew that something would go wrong. I knew how bad the system was! Especially with kids who don't have quirks. I should have-

''Shouta, hun you have to calm down'' A soothing voice broke me out of my thoughts. I hadn't noticed that I was about to throw myself into a panic attack. ''Zashi?'' I asked, my voice small. A hand was placed on my knee to stop the shaking. I took several calming breaths as Zashi told me to until the panic was mostly gone. ''Good job Sho, I'm proud of you. Can you tell me what got you so upset that they had to call me down here?'' Zashi asked as there wasn't a trace of judgment in his voice. ''The kid from the mugging a month ago...'' I trailed off trying to find the words to explain it. He didn't push me to speak, he just let me have time to collect my thoughts. ''I found him in the same alley where his mom was killed... he was just crying… It broke my heart Zashi.'' The back of my eyes burned with tears that couldn't be shed, Zashi wasn't fairing much better. After another calming breath to help me collect myself, I continued. ''He asked if he could be a hero despite not having a quirk. I don't think anyone has ever believed in this kid Zashi, he just looked so surprised when I told him he could. Then I remembered that he asked if he could ask two questions and he said-'' Tears were pouring down Zashi's face as I cut myself off with a dry sob even though I couldn't cry. ''What did he say Sho?'' his voice was shaky and I honestly don't blame him. I probably wasn't doing much better. ''I failed him Zashi-  I-I knew that something bad would happen. I-I knew how bad the system is, I failed him Zashi, I-''

''No, no Sho, you didn't baby, you did what you could at the moment. You had no idea what would happen for sure. Now please baby, tell me what he said'' Zashi's voice was filled with so much love, it warmed my heart.

I took another breath and told him what he said. ''’Since you're a hero, can you stop Tanaka-san from hurting me?' is what he said.'' Pure rage took over Zashi's face. ''Zashi, you need to calm down.’' I told him holding his hand. He took a deep breath and laid his head on my shoulder.

''Sho, we aren't letting him go back into the system.'' His tone was so set that I don't think that I could even if I wanted to, good thing I didn't want too.

''You read my mind.''

That was all that would be said as we waited for the officer to get done checking Izuku over.

(You know, I was thinking of cutting it off right here but I won't make you lovely readers suffer like that)

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before Tsukauchi walked up to us.

''What’s up Tsukauchi-san?'' Zashi asked sitting up. '’Well this is detective Akagi'' He pointed to the man beside him ''He was the one who did Midoriya-Kun's examination. He will tell you what he found on Midoriya-kun.’' he told us.

''Hello Eraserhead, Present Mic, what I found on Midoriya-Kun wasn't pretty. He has several bruises along his stomach, legs, and arms as well as some old bruises on his face and neck.'' he said with a frown on his face. The amount of bruising on him made both me and Zashi gasp. I squeezed Zashi's hand to help him calm down. ''C-can we see him?'' I asked and he nodded having us follow him.


Izuku was sitting on the bench swinging his legs back and forth. ''Hey kid'' I said with a small smile, he looked up and his eyes locked on Zashi. A smile broke out onto both Zashi's and Izuku's faces.

''You’re Present Mic! Wow!'' he yelled running over to Zashi.

'’Hey there listener!'' Zashi said with his usual loudness.

''Your quirk is voice, right? Could you change the directory of your voice? Or does it just go wherever? Could you change your voice to mimic other people's voices? Could you-'' Zashi cut him off with a laugh.

''You sure do know your stuff, huh kid?'' he said fondly, ruffling his green curls with a smile. ''I'll answer all your questions after we talk to the nice policeman, ok?''

'’Okay, Mic-san!'' Izuku yelled with a large smile. After sitting back down with Izuku between me and Zashi, Tsukauchi came over and sat in front of us. “Hey there Midoriya-Kun, I'm detective Tsukauchi, it's nice to meet you.'' Tsukauchi said with a kind smile. Izuku hid behind me and Zashi, giving him a shy wave. The act made me show a small smile on my face. Zashi gave me a knowing look with the same smile on his face as well. ''Alright, let's get started shall we?'' Tsukauchi said after being handed some pictures. He looked at them with a small frown, he then put them in a file and grabbed a notepad, then turned back to us with a kind smile. '’Okay Midoriya-Kun, I heard from Eraserhead here that your foster parent Tanaka-san was hurting you, could you tell me how he hurts you?'' Izuku looked up at me unsure. ''Mic and I will be here the whole time and if you can't handle it we can stop at any time, ok?'' I told him lightly squeezing his hand. He nodded and took a deep breath. ''H-he hurts me for being bad'' He said in a small voice.

''What do you mean being bad?''

''B-breaking the rules'' he whispered. Tsukauchi wrote something down in his notepad.

''What are the rules?''

'’U-um d-don't speak, d-don't make e-eye contact, do-don't hang around the other k-kids, a-and don't m-mention he-heroes.'' I felt my anger rising as he listed them. ''Why not mention heroes?'' Tsukauchi asked.

''C-cause I’m quirkless, an-and I wanna be a hero and Tanaka-san doesn't like it, e-even though Eraserhead and K-Kacchan said I could.’' he explained.

That's why he has such little self-confidence? That bastard.

'’Okay Midoriya-kun, this is the last question, what does Tanaka-san do to hurt you?'' Tears welled up in Izuku's eyes and he let out a loud sniffle. ''H-he p-punches me a-and l-locks me in the b-box.” he whimpered out pressing his face into my side. If looks could kill, then the wall would be dead ten times over from me and Zashi's glares. ''I know I said last question but, I need to know about the box Midoriya-Kun'' Tsukauchi said with a reluctant look on his face. ''i-its dark a-and c-cold a-and sm-small a-and got a m-metal door with a small opening i-in it'' he sobbed into my shirt and I just hugged him along with Mic while whispering comforting words to him.

'’Thank you Midoriya-kun, we will make sure that he won't hurt you or anyone else ever again.'' Tsukauchi said with a cold look on his face. He stood up and went to leave before I stopped him. '’Yes Eraserhead?'' he asked stopping. ''Present Mic and I are both foster parents, so please let us take him, he will only get hurt again if not'' I pleaded. Tsukauchi looked surprised. ''Are you sure? You're not normally the type to take in kids, Eraser'' he said. ''Absolutely'' Zashi answered for me. ''Alright then, I will put him into your custody, I'll bring over the paperwork after we bust Tanaka'' he said, making Zashi smile. ''Thank you Tsukauchi-san'' I said relieved. Izuku looked up at us and smiled wide with a large smile on his face. ''So you’re gonna have me stay with you?'' he asked with wide eyes. '’That's right, little listener!'' Zashi said, lifting him up into his lap, making him giggle. ''Take good care of him you two'' Tsukauchi said patting me on the shoulder. I nodded and hugged Izuku as Zashi looked at me with a watery smile.

''We will keep you safe, no matter what'' I whispered into Izuku's hair.

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Tsukauchi-san made quick work of arresting Tanaka and transferring Izuku into our custody. Zashi and I took him right home and Tsukauchi-san dropped off the paperwork and Izuku's things, which wasn't more than a backpack full of clothes, school work, and an All Might plush. It was sad how small the amount of stuff the kid had at that house. He had fallen asleep on the way to the house so, we put him into the guest room that was his room now.

Letting out a sigh, I collapsed onto the couch, Zashi sitting beside me, and rubbing my back. ''Sho, you ok?'' he asked as I let out a groan, leaning my head on his shoulder. '’Tired?'' I nodded. '’You don't have patrol tonight do you?''

''No, you?''

'’Nope'' he answered as I let out a hum. ''We gotta go shopping for him, he barely has any clothes'' he said. ''Yeah, we can go after school tomorrow, you think he'll be up for school tomorrow?'' I asked stretching my arms. ''We'll ask him when he wakes up'' I nodded. ''What do you think he likes to eat? He seems pretty underweight for his age'' I asked, standing back up ''We'll also have to set up a doctors appointment, who knows how long it's been since he's gone'' Zashi suggested, walking into the kitchen. ''How about katsudon?'' I implied, leaning over the counter. '’Sounds good, I’ll make it while you give him a bath'' he said, shooing me off.

I walked into Izuku's room and gently shook him awake. ''H-huh?'' he mumbled, sitting up and rubbing his eye. ''Hey there kid, Hizashi's gonna cook dinner and I'm going to give you a bath, ok?'' I asked giving him what I hoped was a reassuring smile. He nodded and climbed out of bed. He followed me into the bathroom where I turned on the bath. ''Want bubbles?'' I asked him as he gave me a small tired smile and a shy nod. I found them under the sink and poured them in the bath. ''Alright kid, arms up'' I told him and helped him take off his shirt, as a frown made its way onto my face as I saw the bruises on his stomach. After helping him undress the rest of the way, I grabbed the bath salts. '’What are those?'' he asked. '’They’re bath salts, they help with sore muscles.” He nodded and climbed into the bath and I tried not to look at his bruises.

How could someone hurt a boy as small and sweet as him? That monster.

I shook my head and started helping him wash himself. By the end, the bath water was tented a light brown, from all the dirt that was on him. After drying him, his skin was pale and his hair was a light green with a darker undertone. He also had freckles along the bridge of his nose and cheeks and he also had some on his shoulders. I helped Izuku dress himself in a pair of pajamas as I stood up and ruffled his hair. '’Come on kid, Hizashi’s making katsudon'' I told him.     

   He sniffled, rubbing his eyes. '’What's wrong Izuku?'' I asked at his sudden crying. ''I-it's just m-mommy was gonna make k-katsudon when we got h-home'' he hiccuped. I picked him up and hugged him tightly to my body. ''It's ok Izuku, it's ok'' I mumbled into his hair as he cried more. It took around 10 minutes for him to calm back down. ''You ok Izu?'' I asked hoping the nickname would make him feel better. He gave me a soft sniffle in return. ‘'Y-yeah, I'm sorry Eraserhead-san'' he mumbled, wiping his nose and eyes. '’Call me Aizawa or Shouta, Eraserhead is going to get annoying eventually '' I told him, walking into the kitchen with him where Hizashi was setting bowls of katsudon on the table. ''Okay, Shouta-san'' he said happily. ''Sho, foods done!'' Zashi said loudly before turning around and seeing us. '’Oh, you’re already in here'' he said surprised as he put back in his hearing aids so he could hear izuku.

Note to self, we need to teach him sign language.

''What are those?'' Izuku asked pointing to the hearing aids. '’These?'' He nodded. “These are my hearing aids, my quirk gave me and my parents hearing loss so I use these to help me hear'' he explained. ''What do you do when you don't have them in your ears?'' he asked. ''Shouta and I talk in sign language, it's like talking but with your hands''

''Ohhh, can I learn too?'' Izuku asked shyly ''Sure, little listener! but first, let's eat dinner'' Zashi grinned, talking loudly as usual. After dinner, Zashi taught Izuku some basic signs. Then we watched some cheesy All Might anime that he seemed to enjoy a lot. '’Hey Izuku, you feel like going to school tomorrow?'' Hizashi asked from the other room. ''Yeah! Kacchan is probably lonely without me today, he gets mad when he's lonely. His mom says he doesn't know how to handle his emotions'' he giggled. ''Alright I'll wash your school clothes then'' Zashi said.

Ah, that's why he asked.

''Is Kacchan your friend?'' I asked as he nodded with a big smile. “Kacchan is my best friend! He-he protects me from the other kids when they get mean'' I frowned when he said the other kids were mean. ''Why are the other kids mean?''

''Cause my quirk hasn't shown up yet. They think I'm quirkless… An-and the teachers say I'm really smart! So they call me a nerd'' 

Well, the smart part makes sense, he has a very large vocabulary for his age. I let out a hum. Maybe we should have him meet Nezu.

''Well, if the other kids get violent then you have to tell me or Hizashi and we'll take care of it.'' I want to keep him safe from everything.

'’Alright Izuku, time for bed, go brush your teeth then Shouta and I will be there to tuck you in'' Hizashi said shooing him off the couch and to the bathroom. ''Night Izuku'' I said, leaning on the door frame with a slight smile as I watched Hizashi tuck him in. ''Night Shouta-san, night Hizashi-san'' he yawned out. '’See you in the morning, kid'' Zashi said as he kissed him on the forehead and turned off the light.

Izuku let out a little squeak when the room went dark. ''C-can you keep the light o-on?'' he whispered. ''Sure kid, we'll get you a nightlight tomorrow'' I told him, turning back on the light ''Thank you'' I nodded and ruffled his hair. '’Sweet dreams'' I said and walked into mine and Zashi's room. ''So, what did you two talk about?'' Zashi asked, putting on his pj's.

'’We talked about how his friend Kacchan protects him when the kids get mean'' I said with a sigh. '’So he's being bullied then?'' Zashi asked, a worried look clear on his face. '’Yeah, we’ll have to have a talk with the teachers if they aren't doing anything'' I grit my teeth at the thought of it happening right in front of the teachers. ''At least he has a friend, though there’s something else on your mind, isn't there?''

''He's smart, like really smart. Have you heard the way he talks? I was thinking of having him meet Nezu'' I told him. ''Seriously? Nezu? I mean he's smart but-''

'’I think that Nezu could teach him a lot more than us or his teachers ever could.'' I cut him off. ''Yeah, I see your point'' he sighed. ''Also, I want to look into the possibility of him having a mental quirk. I mean, you remember the questions he asked about your quirk, right? Those were really detailed'' I told him, changing into my pj's and crawling into bed. He crawled in behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist and nuzzled my neck. ‘'Night Sho''

''Night Zashi''

Chapter Text

I laid awake after Aizawa and Hizashi left the room.

They are so nice… Can I really trust them? Fanaka-san was nice before too, but their pros so I could… trust them… right?

We are a… family, right?

I want to be...

Could they be my dads?

Do they even want to be?

I-I’ll call them Shouta and Hizashi for now until I'm sure.

With that thought, I fell asleep.


Opening my eyes, I saw I was back in the alley.


''M-mommy? Sh-Shouta? H-Hizashi?'' I called out in a small voice.

Laughter echoed around me. ''Aw the little shit's callin' for his mommy'' HE laughed out. Black smoke wrapped around my body. ''Let me go!'' I yelled, kicking and flailing. ''You'll never get away from me. I'll always get you'' the bad man's voice said as it turned into the voice of Tanaka-san.

'’N-no! Shouta said he wouldn't let you hurt me!'' I yelled, flailing more. '’Oh really? Then, where is he now?'' I whimpered, tears coming to my eyes. ''Please leave me alone'' I whimpered out. ''You will never be a hero. You. Are. Nothing.'' his voice was garbled, it was mixing with the bad man's voice. ''S-Shouta... H-Hizashi… '' whimpers and cries flew out of my mouth. The bad man raised his knife and---

I woke up with a gasp, sitting up tears as filled my eyes and I let out a broken sob. ''S-Shoutaaaa'' I sobbed out. My door burst open and Shouta came in looking panicked. Hizashi came in behind him and sat beside me. ''Hey Izu, what's wrong'' Hizashi asked softly. Shouta pulled me into a hug while I cried. ''Did you have a nightmare?'' Shouta's voice was deep. I nodded, sniffling. Shouta wiped my eyes and kissed the top of my head. ''Do you want to talk about it?'' Hizashi asked. '’I-it was d-dark and th-the bad man who hurt mommy was there an-and then he turned into Tanaka-san and th-they hurt me'' I sobbed more. ''I don't wanna go back! Shouta please don't make me go back!''

''You won't ever go back, Shouta and I won't ever let you go back'' Hizashi promised. ''O-ok 'Zashi'' I whispered. '’C-can I sleep in your bed t-tonight?'' I asked shyly. ''Of course, little listener!'' ‘Zashi chirped, picking me up and swinging me from side to side on his hip making me giggle. ''Onward, my dear listeners!'' he yelled charging into their room. Shouta chuckled softly behind us, making my grin wider. We laid back down in their bed.

My eyes sting but maybe I'll be okay. Shouta and Hizashi will keep me safe.

I fell asleep between their arms, a safe place. With them, I'm safe.


I woke up early with Shouta and Hizashi still asleep beside me. I giggled quietly and wiggled out of their hold. I walked to the living room quietly and turned on the news.

It's been a while since I was able to watch the news. I wish I still had my notebook with me but Kacchan still has it.

I sighed and began paying attention to the news, my eyes began to itch and soon the information made itself known.

name: Todoroki Enji

hero name: Endeavor

quirk: Hellfire

he can produce flames from any part of his body that he wishes and is immune to his own fire but he can be burned if the flames are hot enough.

He is brash and uncaring if he causes damage to property and person. Not a very good attitude for a hero but he is making his way up the ranks.

My eyes shifted to the villain he was fighting

name: Yasei Tokage

villain name: Lizard

mutant type, she can do anything that lizards can

But she also has the same weaknesses so bringing in Endeavor was a smart move since she's weak to fire.

The battle was wrapped up quickly, Shouta walked in the living room and sat next to me. ''What are you two doing up so early?'' ‘Zashi walked in looking very tired, Shouta just grunted so I guess I had to answer. ''I'm ana-anana-analyzing the quirks of the people on the news'' I told him still looking at the TV. ''Analyzing their quirks? How do you do that?'' I shrugged ''I dunno, I kinda just look at them really hard and the information just kinda shows up in my head'' Shouta hummed and turned to me. ''Kid, I have a theory, could you try it on me?'' he asked as I was a little confused but nodded. I focused on him and once more my eyes got itchy and the information came to me.

name: Aizawa Shouta

hero name: Eraserhead

quirk: Erasure

He can cancel people’s quirks by looking at them but it stops when he blinks or loses sight of them, it doesn't work on mutant types.

Once the information stopped Shouta and Hizashi was looking at me surprised. ''What did you find out Izuku?'' Shouta asked ''Your quirk is called Erasure, you can cancel anyone's quirk as long as you are looking at them but it ends when you blink or lose sight of them, it also doesn't work on mutant types.'' I told him, he nodded and ‘Zashi looked very surprised. ''I thought so, how long have you been able to do this?''

''um always I guess''

shouta nodded and zashi was smiling widely, ''Well Izuku, you’re not quirkless like we thought'' he said with a soft smile. ''What do you mean?'' I was confused. I am quirkless, the doctor said so.

''Well little listener, your eyes started glowing when you were analyzing Shouta and you figured out stuff that you wouldn't know unless he had told you, so that's really the only explanation,'' Hizashi told me. Tears came to my eyes, ''I-I have a quirk...'' I smiled widely, Hizashi hugged me and Shouta looked very happy for me too.

I have a quirk!

''All right little listener, we gotta get you ready for school and Shouta and I ready for work'' he said, talking me to the bathroom where my school clothes were. After brushing my teeth, I managed to get the comb stuck in my hair. ''Awe man'' I pouted. I ran into the kitchen where Shouta and Hizashi were in their hero costumes, cooking breakfast. ''Hizashi, I need help''. He looked at me and held a back a laugh. ''Not funny'' I pouted. ''Right, right sorry Izu! Come on let's get this comb out of your hair'' he said as he took me back to the bathroom and after several hair tugs, the comb was free and breakfast was ready. Shouta put miso soup, rice, and salmon down on the table ''Eat up'' Shouta said as we sat down.


After eating, we were out the door and in the car. ''You got everything that you need?'' ‘Zashi asked while Shouta drove.


''And you remember what to do if someone is mean to you?''

''Tell the teacher''

''Good job little listener!'' ‘Zashi said, ruffling my hair. ''Can Kacchan come over after school?'' I asked. Tanaka-san didn't like Kacchan so he wasn't allowed to come over after Kacchan called him a bad word.

''Well if his parents say yes then I don't see why not, he will have to come over after we go shopping though.'' Shouta said pulling into the school '’Yay! Thank you, Shouta!'' I yelled excitedly. Shouta chuckled and got me out of my car seat. ''Ready to go?'' Hizashi asked holding my hand and Shouta holding the other one. ''Yep!'' we walked in and the lady behind the counter greeted us. ''Hello miss, my husband and I are little Izuku's new guardians, how do we make sure that we can pick him up and drop him off?'' ‘Zashi asked.

''Right! Here you go!'' she handed them a paper. ''Please fill those out and I will take Izuku-kun to his class'' she smiled, it was different though, it looked forced. '’Right, thank you'' Hizashi said happily, and the lady and I walked to my class, she had a tight grip on my hand.

It hurt.

''M-miss? You’re h-hurting my hand'' I told her but, she didn't seem to hear me.

''I can't believe that they gave you to a couple of faggots '' she mumbled.

Faggot? What's that? Maybe Kacchan would know.

We got to my class fast and I rubbed my wrist as she left.

''Zuku!'' a voice yelled from behind me. ''Kacchan!'' I yelled running up and hugging him. ''Where were you yesterday? You weren't in school'' he yelled, he sounded angry but I knew he was pouting. ''Sorry Kacchan, Tanaka-san and I got in a fight again''

''He didn't hurt you again did he? I'll kick his ass if he did'' he said letting small pops out of his hands after we parted. ''Don't worry Kacchan, he only hurt me a little and now he's gone and I'm staying with Shouta and Hizashi'' I said happily

''What are they? Your new dads?'' he scoffed ''I-I dunno'' a blush found its way onto my face. ''Lame'' he said, rolling his eyes. ''T-they're not lame, they’re heroes!'' I told him ''Really? Which ones?'' he was suddenly interested. ''Present Mic and Eraserhead'' I told him proudly.

''Eraserhead? The guy who you told me who saved you from the guy who killed auntie?''

''Yeah! Also, I found out I have a quirk so I can be a hero now!''

'’Stupid Izuku, you could have been a hero even without a quirk, I thought I told you this already'' he said, flicking me on the forehead. ''Right, sorry Kacchan''

''Anyway, what is it?''

''I can tell what someone’s quirk is by looking at them! Although it makes my eyes glow so, that'll give me away'' Kacchan nodded.

''You'll have to be my eyes in the sky, think you can do that?''

'’Yeah! I'll be like Eraserhead!'' I grinned

''What are you two losers whispering about?'' a voice said from behind us. My whole body completely stilled. I had forgotten about them. Tesuba, Hara, and Shiki. They are the three main people who bully me and Kacchan. ''Back off Tesuba, I'll beat your ass if you mess with 'Zuku again'' Kacchan said, using his quirk to try and scare them off. ''Ohhh so scary, you really are a villain arent you Katsuki?'' Hara laughed ''Calm down Katsuki we just wanna talk to Izuku'' Tesuba sneered. I felt the familiar itch of my quirk activating

name: Tesuba Yagishura

quirk: Plant

He can control or create plants with touch.

''What's the quirkless wonder doing?'' Shiki sneered

''I'm not quirkless, I have a quirk''

'’Oh yeah? Prove it, quirkless'' Tesuba pushed me down, making my head hit the cubby behind me. ''Ouch!''

'’The fuck Tesuba!?'' Kacchan's quirk went off. ''What? If he wants to be a hero so bad, he can take it'' Shiki and Hara held Kacchan's arms as I stood back up. '’Come on izuku show us your quirk''

“C-can't, it's not p-physical'' I slurred out. My ears were ringing and I could hear Kacchan yelling. ''You know, my mommy told me a word. Deku; it means useless! That's what he is! A useless Deku!'' Hara laughed. ''Yeah! And Katsuki is a villain! I mean come on, a hero? With his quirk? It does nothing but hurt people!'' Shiki laughed along with Hara. I stood back up and punched Tesuba in the nose. ''Yeah! Get him Izuku!'' Kacchan yelled, punching Shiki and Hara in the nose as well. ''Hey! Hey! Break it up!'' Hana-san yelled, pulling Kacchan and I off of them. ''Katsuki, take Izuku to the nurses and then go to the principal's office'' she said, pushing us along. Kacchan glared at her but went anyway. We went to the nurses and she took care of Kacchan’s bleeding nose and knuckles and my bleeding head.  I was suddenly really tired. We got to the principal's office and sat in silence as he called our parents. ''Shouta's gonna be mad'' I whispered.

''Yeah the old hags gonna be pissed''

'’You shouldn't call auntie that'' I scolded him quietly.

''Midoriya-Kun are you still living with Tanaka-san?'' the principal asked. ''No I'm not''. He sighed, ''alright, names?''

''Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi'' I told him. He nodded and began to make the call.

The bandages on my head is itchy and I am really sleepy.

''Alright, what did my brat do?'' auntie asked as she came in, '’I didn't do nothin', old hag!'' Kacchan yelled, making me wince. Auntie looked over and ran over, taking my head in her hands. ''The hell happened to you, Izu?'' she asked, wiping some of the dried blood on my forehead. ''Suba pushed me down'' I said sleepily. ''The hell is wrong with you?! He's bleeding from a head wound and all you did was wrap it?! Why didn't you call an ambulance!?'' auntie yelled, slamming her hands on the desk ''M-ma'am, p-please calm down'' he stammered out. '’Who's bleeding from a head wound?'' Shouta asked walking in. ''Shouta!'' I said happily.  ''The hell? Izuku? The fuck happened to your head?'' Shouta asked, looking at my head like auntie did. ''Tesuba pushed me down'' I told him.

''I thought you got in a fight''

''I did, he pushed me down and I punched him in the nose then Hana-san told Kacchan and I to go to the nurses than to the office'' I explained. ''So you’re telling me that you got hurt and all I was told was that you got in a fight?'' Shouta's hair started rising and his eyes turned red. “Izuku, we are going to leave and you are never coming back to this school ever again, miss, you and your son are welcome to come over in the afternoon after my husband and I take him shopping, also principal-san expect a call and to be sued'' Shouta said. ''Katsuki you aren't coming back to this school ever again either, and sir I would love to bring Katsuki over so the boys can play together'' auntie said. ''Come on boys, let's go get your stuff'' Shouta said, picking me up and we went to get our stuff. ''Oh right Zuku, I forgot to give you this'' Kacchan said, handing me my hero notebook. ''Thank you, Kacchan!'' I smiled, hugging it to my chest. ''Alright Izuku, we are going to the school where I work so we can get your head looked at by someone who I actually trust.'' Shouta said, picking me up. ''Ok Shouta. Bye Kacchan, bye auntie''. They waved bye.


''Shouta, you work at UA right?'' I asked while he was buckling me into my car seat. ''Yes''

''Do you think I could meet some heroes?''

I love heroes a lot.

''Yes, there are a lot of heroes that work at UA, the nurse that I'm taking you too is Recovery Girl'' he told me. '’Wow! Really? That's so cool!'' he chuckled. ''Yes it is, isn't it? We will be there in a few minutes. I'm sure Hizashi will parade you around and show you off to everyone'' I smiled '' I get to meet heroes'' I whispered in awe.

That's awesome! I get to meet heroes! I wonder if they would sign my book?

''I’m sure they would if you asked'' Shouta said

''oops I said that out loud didn't I?'' he nodded  ''Yes. We are here Izuku'' he parked the car and I unbuckled myself.

I need to get my notebook so they can sign it.

I grabbed it and we went inside. My confidence was shrinking with each step and by the time we got to the door, I was shaking. ''Shouta can you hold me?'' I asked shyly. '’Sure kid'' he picked me up and carried me to a room. ''Is Recovery Girl in there?''

he nodded and opened the door. An older lady was bandaging a boy's arms. ''Aizawa-san?'' the boy asked, making the older lady turn around.

''Ah Aizawa-kun, what brings you here?'' she asked.

I gasped ''You’re Recovery Girl!'' I said excitedly. ''Yes I am young man, what happened to your head?'' she asked, coming over to where Shouta had set me down on one of the beds. ''He got pushed down at school and hit his head. I don't trust anyone from that school'' he gripped the side of the bed hard. ''I see, Aoba-kun, go on back to class'' she told the boy who nodded and ran out of the room. She unwrapped my head and looked at the place where I hit it and then looked at my hands. ''What's your name young man?'' she asked, giving me a kiss and cleaning off any blood that was still on me. ''M-midoriya Izuku'' I told her, feeling tired. ''Well Izuku-kun, it's nice to meet you'' she said kindly. ''Recovery Girl, do you think that you can sign his notebook for him?'' Shouta asked, flipping to the page that I wrote about her. ''Of course'' she signed it and stopped to read what I wrote about her. '’This is all accurate'' she said, clearly surprised. ''It’s his quirk, he's also very smart''

I yawned feeling very sleepy.

''You must be very proud''

''I am''

Then I fell asleep.


Chapter Text

I was pissed. No, I was livid. How dare they let my boy get hurt and try and punish him for defending himself?! I should have ripped that principles head off his shoulders.

Izuku had fallen asleep not long after recovery girl healed him. '’Poor thing, Aizawa-kun you give that school hell you hear me?'' Recovery Girl said, looking almost as mad as I was. '’Of course'' I said as I picked Izuku up and walked out the door.

I had ‘Zashi stay behind and watch what was left of my class while I went to see what happened at the school, I should have let him come with me. I opened up the classroom door. ''Yamada'' I called.

''Be good listeners and do your work'' he told them as he came outside with me. ''So, what happened?'' he asked looking worried. ''Izuku and Katsuki AKA Kacchan got into a fight with some of their classmates'' he looked annoyed. ''Are they alright?'' he took Izuku from my arms and checked him over. ''Katsuki had a bloody nose and bruised knuckles and Izu...'' I grit my teeth in anger. ''What happened to Izuku?'' his worry was growing by the minute. ''The other boy had pushed him down so hard that his head started bleeding'' I growled out. ''And the teachers didn't do anything to stop them?!'' he whisper-yelled, trying to not wake Izuku. ''No, and they didn't even do a good job fixing his head at the nurses, they just wrapped his head and sent him to the principles'' my anger rising as I said it. ''They what?!'' he yelled, ''’Zashi! Calm down, Izuku's sleeping'' Izuku had stirred some in his sleep but didn't wake up thankfully

“Shit, sorry Sho, he's not going back to that school''

his tone was dead set. ''I know. I'm going to talk to Nezu and let him tear that school apart'' I grinned. ''Good. You go talk to Nezu, I'll take Izuku somewhere he can sleep without being woken'' he said, adjusting Izuku in his arms ''Got it, also we are having Katsuki and his mother over after we take Izuku shopping'' he nodded and I went to go see Nezu.

Time to go tear apart a school .

I knocked on Nezu's office door and after I heard a muffled voice, I went in. ''Ah! Aizawa-kun, what do I owe the pleasure? Would you like some tea?'' Nezu asked with a smile. ''If you don't mind'' I said, sitting down as he placed a cup of tea in front of me and I leaned forward with my fingers intertwined. ''So Aizawa-kun, what seems to be the problem?'' he calmly drank his tea.

''I have a proposition for you'' I said, taking a drink of my own tea.

''A proposition you say? And what would this proposition be?'' he asked, seemingly interested. ''How would you like to tear apart a school?'' his grin rivaled mine. ''Tell me everything'' and so I did. I told him everything, from how I met Izuku until today. ''Neglect, allowing a student to physically harm another, only stopping them when the attacked student fought back, and no apparent punishment for the students who attacked young Izuku and young Katsuki, am I correct?'' I nodded at him. ''Yes sir''

''I see, I will get on this right away, you said he had an analysis quirk correct?'' I nodded, a little confused. ''I would like to take young Izuku on as a student, of sorts. I believe that I could help him learn to use his quirk beyond what he can do now'' he said as he had a friendly smile but his eyes held something more, they held malicious intent. ''Of course Nezu-san''

''Good, good now go on back to your husband and son, I have some things to do now'' he said, shooing me off. I nodded and walked back to the teacher's lounge where Hizashi was showing off Izuku to the other teachers. ''What are you doing with my son?'' I asked, talking a half-asleep Izuku from Nemuri. ''Oh come on Shouta! How could you keep this adorable green bean to yourselves?!'' she squealed

''We've only had him for a day calm down'' I said in a dull tone, holding my son to myself. ''S-Shouta'' Izuku mumbled sleepily. Nemuri squealed again. I rolled my eyes and glared at her. I ruffled Izuku's hair with a sigh. ''Hey kid, have a nice nap?'' he nodded and yawned. I handed Hizashi his notebook so they could all sign it, while I took Izuku to my desk. ''Are we still having Kacchan over later?'' he asked quietly. '’Yes, there are still a few more classes that Hizashi needs to teach and I have around 4 students left so it won't be that hard to watch you and teach them, after that, we can go. Are you hungry?'' his stomach rumbled, answering for him. ''Well there's our answer for us then'' I laughed softly. I heard a gasp from the other side of the room ''Shouta laughed?'' Nemuri gasped. I ignored her and grabbed the back of ‘Zashi's shirt. ''Come on, it's lunchtime'' I said dragging him to the cafeteria.

'’What do you want for lunch, kid? Lunch rush can make you anything you want'' he hummed before his face brightened up. ''Katsudon!'' he yelled, spreading his arms out wide ''Katsudon it is, little listener!'' ‘Zashi said with a smile. ''Go get it ‘Zashi, you know what I want'' I told him, sitting down with Izuku. ''So Shouta, what am I gonna do for school now?'' Izuku asked quietly. ''Nezu, the principal, wants to take you on as a student, although if you want to you can go to school as well, that's entirely up to you'' I told him. ''That's right little listener!'' ‘Zashi said, setting down the food. Katsudon for Izuku, soba for me, and udon for himself. Izuku nodded and started eating after chirping out a small ' thank you'. I smiled into my capture weapon. It felt very domestic. I'm not sure if it was a good or bad thing. I’m sure it was a good thing. As usual, ‘Zashi kept up with the conversation ''So who's your favorite hero, Izu?'' he asked with his mouth full. I glared at him. '’Please don't talk with your mouth full, it's disgusting'' I said, glaring at him. ''Sorry'' he smiled sheepishly. ''My favorite hero?'' Izu repeated, making ‘Zashi nod. ''It used to be All Might'' he said before taking another bite of katsudon. ''Oh? And who is it now?'' ‘Zashi asked. ''Eraserhead!'' he cheered. I looked at him surprised. ''Me? Why?''

''Because you always save me.” 

Chapter Text

It didn't take long for Shouta and Hizashi's classes to end and soon we were going shopping. I still don't know why they want to take me shopping when I have all I need back at home.

''Shouta, I really don't need anything'' I tried to protest. ''Yes you do kid, don't lie. You have like two pairs of clothes and one toy. You need more stuff than that'' he said, letting Hizashi lead us into a clothes store. ''He's right Izu you need more stuff so, go and pick out some clothes then we'll go to the toy store'' he said with a small squeal at the end. I pouted but went looking at the shirts.

I let out a gasp and ran over to an All Might display. ''Wow'' I breathed as I grabbed an All Might onesie. It was based on his silver age costume and had two things sticking off of the hood that looked like his hair. ''Do you want that kiddo?'' Hizashi asked, coming up behind me. I gasped and put it back quickly. ''N-no''

Don't be greedy, I do kinda want it though.

'' You can have it if you want it kiddo'' Hizashi said, handing one that was a little smaller then the first one to me. ''R-really?'' I was kinda afraid it was a trick. ''Of course, you can kiddo!'' he said with a bright smile. ''Thank you pa-'Zashi!'' I had almost slipped up, I had on a bright smile though. He ruffled my hair as I went to look at more clothes. I saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye, turning, I let out a gasp. ''They have Present Mic stuff!'' I ran over to it, they had t-shirts, pants, shoes, and even hats. I picked up a shirt that said 'voice hero' on it. ''Look 'Zashi! Can I have this one too?'' I turned and showed it to him. His face was red ''Y-yeah! Sure''

The rest of the shopping trip was like that and soon 'Zashi was washing the new stuff I got and I was waiting for Kacchan to come over.
''Are they here yet Shouta?'' I was bouncing on the couch looking out the window. ''No, they aren't kid, don't bounce on the couch. They'll be here soon'' Shouta said, picking me up and setting me down on the floor. ''Sorry''

''It's fine kid, I know you're excited to see your friend'' he replied, ruffling my hair as I smiled widely.
A knock on the door made me jump. ''They're here!'' I yelled, running over to the door. ''Izuku, wait up'' Shouta came over and opened the door for me. ''Kacchan!'' I hugged him tightly. '''Zuku!'' he yelled, hugging me back. ''The way they act, you'd never know that they saw each other this morning'' Auntie said behind Kacchan. ''Hello again, Mrs. Bakugou'' da-Shouta said, welcoming Auntie inside. ''Come on Kacchan, let's go play'' I pulled Kacchan into the living room where I had action figures and crayons laid out. ''Come on 'Zuku, let's draw heroes!'' Kacchan pulled me over to the table where the crayons were. ''Yeah! I'll draw Eraserhead!'' I yelled, getting out the colors. ''I'll draw All Might!'' Kacchan yelled, getting out his colors too.


We drew while the grownups talked. ''Thank you for taking him in, I tried to take him but they wouldn't let me.'' I heard Auntie say while Kacchan and I colored. ''It's no problem, Shouta talked about taking him in for a while but, we couldn't find him'' Pa-'Zashi said.
Wait they did? So they wanted me from the beginning?

''It's so good to see the squirt happy for the first time since Inko died'' Auntie sounded really sad. ''I'm sure she was a very great woman and I only hope that Hizashi and I can take care of him as good as she would'' da-Shouta said.
So they really do care...

''Hey Kacchan, what do you think of Shouta and Hizashi?'' I whispered to him while I finished up on my Eraserhead drawing. ''Your dads? They're old but, they're pretty cool I guess, I mean they are heroes'' he whispered back with a shrug. My face went red. ''They're not my dads!'' I whisper yelled. ''Could've fooled me. Don't you want them to be your dads 'Zuku?''

''I mean yeah but, I'm not sure if they wanna be my dads'' I mumbled.
''Stupid, all you gotta do is ask'' Kacchan flicked my forehead.

''I-it's not that simple!''

''Yeah it is. Just make them a card or somethin', it ain't that hard''
''Really? You think that'll work?'' maybe I should do that.

''Yeah, I'll even help''

I smiled wide and hugged him. ''Thank you Kacchan!'' he blushed and nodded ''Its nothin' 'Zuku''
So, we got to work. We drew both of them and Kacchan wrote 'Will you be my dads on the front.
Sadly, Kacchan had to go soon after we got finished. ''I'll tell you what happens soon Kacchan'' I said hugging him. ''You better 'Zuku''
Auntie hugged me and then they left.

Chewing on my lip, I held the card out to Shouta and 'Zashi. ''What's this, listener?'' 'Zashi asked, taking it. He read it and teared up. ''Oh kiddo'' he gave the card to Shouta and hugged me. ''We'd love to be your dads, Izu!'' he yelled. Shouta joined the hug, ''I'm not good with words but I'd love to be your dad, Izuku'' he said, running his hand through my hair. Tears fell from my eyes ''R-really?'' I asked hesitantly. ''Of course, Izuku!''
''C-can I call you Daddy and P-Papa then?'' I asked shyly.

'Zashi squealed and hugged me tighter. ''Nothing would make us happier!'' Papa said as Daddy nodded. I smiled widely. ''Thank you'' I whispered, crying more.
Thank you, for keeping me safe after what happened to Mommy.

Chapter Text

I had been staying with daddy and papa for a few months now and daddy said that Nezu, the principal of UA wanted to meet me and see how high my IQ is, or at least, that's what he said. Kacchan would be able to meet him too since we had a sleepover last night.

''So, who did you say was coming over again?'' Kacchan said, placing another piece of the puzzle we were working on. ''Nezu, he’s the principal of UA, remember?'' I told him, putting down another piece.  '’Oh yeah'' he hummed, placing the last piece of the puzzle. ''Hey ‘Zuku, do you have any more puzzles or have we done them all?'' he asked, leaning back against the couch. ''I dunno, let me ask papa'' I got up and ran into papa's room where Papa was getting ready to go to the radio station.

'’Hey there listener! Whatcha need?'' he asked, putting the directional speaker around his neck. ''Do we have any more puzzles?''

''You two already finish the three I gave you?'' I nodded and he had a proud look on his face. I'm not sure why he's proud.

He ruffled my hair. ''My boy's so smart!'' he laughed. I smiled shyly, I could feel my face heating up at the praise.

''There should be more in the closet, I'll buy you two more while I’m in town.'' I nodded and ran over to the closet. I pulled out 4 puzzles and ran back into the living room almost running into daddy on the way. '’Sorry!'' I called and sat next to Kacchan again. ''When is this Nezu dude getting here? I’m getting bored'' he asked, grabbing the 3D puzzle out my arms.

'’I'm already here'' a voice behind us said, making us jump. ''Who the hell are you?!'' Kacchan yelled, letting off a few pops from his hands.

His quirk activated out of fear.

I activated my quirk.

Name: Nezu

Hero name: Nezu

Quirk: high specs.

He’s super smart, he's one of the rare cases of an animal having a quirk. He was experimented on by humans which caused his distrust in them as well as his want to toy with them.


''Ah, so that's your quirk, correct?" Nezu asked, sipping a cup of tea.

When did he get that?

''Hey ‘Zuku, who's this clown?'' Kacchan whispered to me. ''He's Nezu'' I whispered back.

''That's correct! Am I a mouse? Am I a bear? Am I a dog? Who knows! I’m the principal of UA high, Nezu!'' He has a kind calm smile on his face. '’It’s nice to meet you, Nezu-san'' I smiled back at him.

Papa always did say to be polite to people.

'’It’s nice to meet you as well, Izuku-kun and you too Katsuki-kun'' Nezu smiled. ''How the hell do you know my name?!''

''Kacchan! You're not supposed to say that word'' I scolded him. Nezu laughed and took another sip of his tea. ''You are very lively Katsuki-kun, glad your reputation precedes you''

'’Reputation? What do you know about me?'' Kacchan's question was ignored by Nezu ''Anyway! Izuku-kun, as you may know, you have peaked my interest. I would like to have you as my student''

''Why though? I’m not that smart or anything'' Why would he want me as a student?

''Stupid Izuku! You’re the smartest person I know, don’t talk bad 'bout yourself'' he flicked my forehead.

''Katsuki-kun is quite right Izuku-kun, you are a very smart boy'' Nezu-san said, taking out a few packets. ''I would like to see just how smart you are'' he handed me the papers. '’So, you want me to do these?'' he smiled. ''Precisely!'' I nodded and ran to my room. I grabbed a pencil and a notebook.  ''Whatcha doin listener?'' papa asked behind me. ''Nezu-san wanted me to take a test'' I said, looking up at him. ''Ah ok, well I have to go to the station, I'll be back tonight'' he kisses the top of my head. ''Ok papa, I love you''

''Love you too Izu''

I ran back into the living room and sat down at the coffee table '’Are you ready?'' Nezu asked, I nodded and sat my stuff out. ''What am I supposed to do while he takes your stupid test?'' Kacchan asked pouting. ''Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you Katsuki-kun. You are remarkably smart as well, although I haven't talked to your parents, I'd like to take you on as a student as well'' Nezu-san pulled out more tests from who knows where. Kacchan's chest puffed out with pride. ''Alright Nezu, I'll take your stupid test too'' Kacchan sat next to me. ''Great!'' he said and sat the tests in front of us. Daddy walked in the room and sat on the other side of the coffee table with his sleeping bag. ''I'll be hanging out in here'' he said and fell asleep. I giggled and Nezu-san sat a timer on the table. ''When I start the timer you are going to start the test.'' Nezu-san said and started the timer, we were starting the tests.

It took us around 30 minutes to finish all the tests.

''Alright! I will be leaving and I will call you with the results!'' Nezu-san said leaving. ''Well that was eventful'' Daddy said sitting up. ''Can we watch All Might daddy?'' I asked him, sitting on the couch. He nodded and handed me the remote.

Kacchan and I watched All Might until auntie came and picked Kacchan up. 

Chapter Text

'Pets can help with many mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and so on'

I let out a hum while looking at the website. I had been thinking of getting Izu an emotional support animal for a while now. He has a lot of anxiety and is still getting over the trauma of losing his mother as well as the trauma from that assholes house. My hands gripped the sides of the seat and I let out a sigh.

Now all I have to do is talk it over with Sho, it shouldn't be that hard right?

I put on a grin and walked into the living room where Shouta and Izuku were doing a puzzle

Izuku sure does love his puzzles.

I gestured over to Sho and he came over. ''What is it ‘Zashi?'' he asked crossing his arms. ''Shouta, the man of my dreams, love of my life-''

''What do you want and how expensive is it?'' he cut me off. I pouted with a humph. ''Well for your information, I was wanting to get something for our son'' I crossed my arms and turned my head to the side. He crooked a brow. ''Ok and what are you wanting to get our son?'' his tired eyes bore into me. I squealed quietly and pulled out my phone to show him the site I was on a few minutes ago. He scanned the article and sighed. ''You want to give our 6-year-old son a pet'' I had known Shouta for a long time and I have learned to read him fairly well so I could tell under the bored expression he was intrigued. ''Not just a pet, an emotional support animal to help with his anxiety and nightmares'' I grinned. he hummed and nodded. ''Seems logical. We can go get him one tomorrow before my patrol'' I squealed again and kissed him quickly ''I love you so much!'' I squealed out before running into the living room. ''Ohhh Izuku!'' I yelled, running in. He flinched and turned to face me quickly. I saw fear flash in his eyes before he realized it was me. ''O-oh! hi, papa'' he smiled. My heart hurt from how forced it looked.

My poor baby.

'’So I and your dad were thinking. We are going to get you a pet tomorrow!'' I grinned. Relief flooded me when his smile became less forced and more genuine. ''Really!? Thank you so much, papa!'' he hugged me tightly and pressed his face into my stomach. ''You’re welcome kiddo! And while it was my idea I think you need to go thank your dad as well'' he nodded and ran into the kitchen.

I made the right call with this.


The next morning there were two very warm bodies snuggled up to me. One that was considerably smaller than the other.

He must have had another nightmare last night.

I cracked my eyes open and saw that Izuku was pressed into my stomach and Shouta was pressed up against my back. I smiled softly, petting Izuku's hair. Which was a birds nest as always.

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 8 am.

Plenty of time to go get an animal.

I slowly and carefully got out of bed and walked to the kitchen

I'll make french toast and bacon for breakfast.

I grinned widely, got the stuff out and began to cook.

It didn't take long for Izuku to walk into the kitchen and sit at the table.

''Morning papa'' he mumbled sleepily. ''Morning Izu! I'm making breakfast, wanna help?'' I chirped. He nodded and grabbed his stool and sat it beside me. ''what can I help with papa?''

''You can dip the bread into the eggs if you want!'' I smiled down at him. ''Why dip them in the egg?'' he squinted at me. I chuckled and ran my hand through his hair. ''Because that's how you make french toast!''. He hummed nodding and began soaking the bread in the eggs. A pair of arms snaked around my waist making me jump. I spun around quickly and let out a sigh when I saw it was just Shouta. ''You scared me Sho!'' I whined, turning back to the stove. He chuckled softly in my ear, I could feel the rumbles from his bare chest onto my back. ''Sorry ‘Zashi'' he laid his head on my shoulder and watched me cook. I gave him a peck on the nose and put the cooked food on plates. ''Off you big lug and go set the table'' I pushed his chest lightly and he went to go set the table. ''Thank you for helping me Izu!'' I smiled and kissed the top of his head '’You're welcome papa! Can we eat now?'' I nodded and brought the food over to the table. We ate quickly, there was a comfortable silence over the room.

After we ate Shouta helped Izuku get ready and we were out the door.

I smiled when I saw Izuku bouncing in his seat through the rearview mirror. ''You excited kiddo?'' he nodded fast with a large smile on his face. ''That's great! What type of animal are you wanting to get?'' I asked. His look of excitement turned thoughtful and he hummed. ''I wanna get...a cat!'' he said the wide smile never leaving his face. ''Well then I guess it's a good thing daddy loves cats!'' he gasps and his smile gets wider. '’Really?!'' Shouta nods. ''Yep''. Izuku whispers a soft 'yay' under his breath and Shouta pulls into the parking lot of the pet adoption center. ''Come on Izu'' I unbuckled him and we went in.

''Hello there, how may I help you today?'' the person behind the desk asked smiling. '’Hi! We are wanting to get our son a service cat if you have one'' I said, leaning on the desk. ''Well you’re in luck, we have a few left!'' they smiled and lead us into a room with 5 or 6 cats in it. ''They are all well trained and work very well with children'' I nodded and Izuku ran in petting each cat that came up to him. ''Thank you very much, I'll tell you when he finds one he wants'' they nodded ''alright I'll be out front until your ready!''

Shouta and I sat on the ground and pet a few cats, watching Izu carefully. ''Papa, daddy I want this one!'' Izu yelled running up to us with a cat that was smaller than the rest. It was solid grey and had yellow/orange eyes. ''You want him?'' I asked, petting the cat's head. ''Yep! He's really soft and he didn't want to leave me'' he said. Shouta nodded scratching the cat's head behind his ears. ''Alright, come on, let's go tell the person out there'' he smiled widely and nodded. We walked back into the other room and the person smiled. ''Ah I see you chose Stark! I'm kinda surprised, he doesn't really like anyone. He must really like your son to be letting him hold him'' they said typing something into the computer. ''I'll go get his vest, feel free to get whatever you may need for him over there. Since he's fully grown he won't be needing any of the kitten stuff so don't worry about that'' I nodded and we went over to the section with the cat food and litter boxes. ''We'll be needing this stuff since we don't have any at the house yet. Izu, can you pick out a collar and food and water bowls for him please?'' Shouta said. Izu nodded as Shouta and I picked out cat food and the litter box stuff. ''He seems really happy'' I said quietly. Sho nodded and gave me a rare small smile. ''It was a good idea to get him a cat'' he said and I couldn't help but agree.

He did seem much happier now, and Stark will help a lot with his anxiety and nightmares.

This definitely was a good idea.

Chapter Text

It was dark and small. Where am I? Where are daddy and papa?

Oh no...not here again.

I don't wanna be in the box again.

“Let me out! Let me out! I'll be good, I promise!” My voice echoed throughout the basement.

I knew it was a dream, or more so, a memory.

Cackles echoed from outside the box.

“You'll be good huh? Isn't that what you said the last time? And look what happened. You weren't good. You were bad, you remember what happens to bad boys right?” Tanaka-San laughed. “I'm sorry! I didn't mean too! Please please let me out...” I sobbed. A harsh kick tipped the box over onto its side. “STOP CRYING YOU QUIRKLESS FREAK!” He yelled. Then it all stopped. It was felt like-


I woke up with a jerk, a small sob escaped me. Oh god, nononononono I-I can't go back please please please I can't- I'll be good I'll be good I'll--


Something small and fuzzy climbed onto my chest. ''S-Stark'' I whispered running my fingers through his fur. He purred and rubbed his head on my cheek. A small smile slipped onto my face as I buried my face into his stomach. ‘Thank you''


''Be careful, stay with Katsuki and don't talk to strangers. If anything happens come straight home, don't do near villain fights and--''

''I know papa I know!'' I cut him off, he smiled softly and daddy stood next to him with his usual deadpan face on.  ''Sorry Izu I just don't want you to get hurt.'' he ruffled my hair and smiled at me. '’Don't worry I'll keep 'Zuku safe'' Kacchan said beside me. ''My brave boys'' papa chuckled. ''come on 'Zashi, let the boys go, the park is only a block away they'll be ok'' daddy crossed his arms ''Right, right sorry boys, go on but be safe and come home before dark'' papa stood up and waved us off. ''Right, love you!''

''See ya''

I grabbed Stark's leash from daddy and Kacchan and I were on our way to the park. ''So why do you need to keep the cat with you anyway?'' Kacchan asked with his arms behind his head. ''Cuz he needs to get out of the house, and daddy said he'd keep me safe if I have an an-anxiety attack'' I fumbled with the word but Kacchan frowned. ''I can keep you safe though'' he grumbled. ''I know you can but Stark can calm me down, remember last week?'' he nodded still frowning. ''Don't worry about it Kacchan! There's the park let's go!'' I picked up Stark and walked faster. ''Hey!'' he yelled and ran after me.

We played for nearly an hour before we heard laughter behind us.

''Well look who it is, deku and the villain!'' Tesuba sneered. Stark hissed at him and stood in front of us. ''Go the fuck away Tesuba'' Kacchan growled. '’Eh? You got a kitty? I wanna play with it!'' he bent down and reached out to pet Stark. ''I wouldn't-''

''Ouch! stupid cat!'' Stark scratched Tesuba and Tesuba kicked Stark.

''Leave him alone!'' I pushed him down. Kacchan let out pops from his hands. '’Damn deku!'' Tesuba stood back up and tackled me. Kacchan grabbed him and threw him off of me. ''You good ‘Zuku?'' Kacchan asked, helping me stand up. ''Y-yeah'' I stumbled a little. ''You freaking villain!'' Tesuba yelled tackling Kacchan.

''Hey what's going on here?'' a voice asked behind me. A tall man with yellow hair was walking up to us. '’Oh crap'' Tesuba said and ran off. ''Fuckin coward!'' Kacchan yelled, standing up. ''Language young man, aren't you a little young to be saying those kinds of words?'' the tall man asked, making me giggle. ''I'm almost 7. I'm plenty old enough'' Kacchan glared at the man.

''Ah, I see, my apologies. But you still have a long way to go until you're old enough to be using those kinds of words'' he smiled. ''Are you ok, young man?'' he asked kneeling down to check me and Kacchan over. ''I'm fine!'' I said, putting on my best All Might smile. ''We're fine old man'' Kacchan rolled his eyes. ''Meow'' Stark rubbed against the back of my legs. ''Stark! He didn't hurt you did he?'' I kneeled down and held him to my chest. ''Meow'' Stark licked my cheek. I let out a sigh. ''Thank you for scaring him off, mister'' I smiled at the man. ''No problem young man! Is he always mean to you two?'' he asked. ''Yeah but it's no big deal, our parents took us out of school so we don't deal with him much anymore'' Kacchan gave Stark a pat on the head.

''Well that's a good thing.''

''Yeah! Now we get taught by Nezu-sensei!'' I said happily. The man coughed and looked at us in surprise. ''N-Nezu as in the principal of UA?''  he asked. '’Yeah, who else?'' Kacchan was pretty proud of that fact that we were both being taught by one of the smartest people on earth.  

''Well you boys must be very smart to have a man such as Nezu teaching you!'' the man seemed nervous for some reason. ''Yep''

''you seem, nervous sir, are you ok?'' I cocked my head to the side.

He chuckled '’Yes, uh well you see I know Nezu-san and to be honest he somewhat scares me''

Kacchan laughed ''Kacchan, don't laugh it's not nice'' I scolded him.

''Oh! Yes, I nearly forgot! I'm Yagi Toshinori, it's nice to meet you boys'' Yagi-san said with a bright smile.

He reminds me of someone but who?...

''I'm Izuku Midoriya and this is Katsuki Bakugou!'' I smiled

''Hey! I can introduce myself 'Zuku!'' Kacchan pouted. ''it's very nice to meet you, young Midoriya and young Bakugou''

I smiled and looked up at the sky, it was almost sunset. '’Crap! Kacchan we gotta go home, daddy and papa said to be home before dark'' I sat Stark down and Kacchan nodded. ''Bye Yagi-san, we gotta get home'' I smiled at him ''Goodbye young Midoriya and young Bakugou, be safe on your way home'' Yagi-san smiled. ''See ya old fart'' Kacchan waved. ''Kacchan!'' I gasped. Yagi-san laughed ''Go on home you two. Be safe''


Kacchan and I ran home. ''I like Yagi-san he reminds me of All Might'' I giggled. ''All Might isn't skinny though, he's all buff and 'I am here!' and stuff''

He did have a point.

I opened the door "Daddy, we met someone at the park! He's cool and reminds me of All Might!'' 



Chapter Text

''Okay boys, you ready to go?'' papa asked, grabbing a bag. ''We can go by ourselves you know'’ Kacchan scoffed, crossing his arms.

''Last time we did that, you got into a fight and talked to a stranger'' daddy said, resting his hand on my head.

''Yeah but that wasn't our fault and Yagi-san is nice!'' I pouted.

''It wasn't your fault butttttt, we're still going'' Kacchan sighed. ''Alright kids let's gooooooo!'' papa laughed, gently pushing us out the door.  

I wonder when we will see Yagi-san again.


'’Come on 'Zuku, let's play heroes!'' Kacchan yelled, running to the playground. ''Kacchan, wait up!'' I yelled, running after him.

A flash of red caught my attention.  

A boy with spiky red hair and burn scars along his face and arms.

Is he asleep?

He was leaning against a tree.

''’Zuku, come on, why did you stop?'' Kacchan came up behind me. ''Kacchan look'' I said, pointing at the older boy.

''Why the hell is he sleeping on the ground?''

I gasped ''Kacchan you can't say that word, it's bad!'' he rolled his eyes ''So?''

I let out a sigh and crouched beside the boy. ''So what should we do about him?'' Kacchan asked.

''Maybe get daddy? He should know what to do''

''I'll go get him. you keep watch over him'' Kacchan said and ran off to the park entrance where my parents were.

I let out a sigh.

I wonder if he will get mad if I use my quirk on him. Well, quirk usage in public is illegal so better not.

I lightly shook him, hoping that it didn't aggravate his injuries ''H-hey are you ok?'' he jumped, forcing his body against the tree more and his hands flew to protect his face.

That's what I used to do. He was expecting to be hit.

''I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you'' I backed up hoping that it would help him relax.

''S-sorry'' he mumbled lowering his hands.

''Izu what's wrong? Katsu said you needed us'' Papa said checking me over. ''I'm fine papa, he was sleeping on the ground'' I told him pointing at the boy. daddy hummed and looked at the boy. ''Those are some nasty burns kiddo, where are your parents?'' papa asked. The boy looked even more panicked. ''No!'' he screamed, pressing his back up against the tree more.

''Ok, ok no parents got it'' Papa said raising his hands up in defense. The boy relaxed some.

Why was he so scared? Were his parents like Tanaka-san? I hope not.

''A-are your parents like Tanaka-san?'' I spoke before I could think. Papa jumped and looked at me ''Izu-''

''Tanaka-san?'' the boy whispered.

''Tanaka-san...was not a very nice person. He was very mean to me and hated me a lot''

The boy looked surprised. ''Where is Tanaka-san now?'' he asked.

''Daddy and papa put him in jail!'' I smiled widely.

he looked down, ''My...father is like Tanaka-san'' he said quietly.

I looked at him sadly and hugged him. He went completely still, not moving at all. ''It'll be ok! Daddy and Papa are pro heroes! They'll make your father go away'' I told him, holding him tighter.

His body shook as he cried and thanked us over and over.


Afterward, we took the boy to our house. Kacchan complained about having to leave early but I could see he was worried about the red-haired boy. Of course, he would never say anything about it.


When we got home Tsukauchi-san was waiting for us and daddy sent me and Kacchan to my room.

''man I wanted to be in the interrogation too'' Kacchan grumbled grabbing an All Might action figure. ''It's not an interrogation Kacchan, they are gonna help stop his dad from being mean to him'' he scoffed, ''Whatever, let's play heroes since we didn't get to at the park''

I smiled brightly ''Ok Kacchan''


So we played heroes, Kacchan was All Might and I was Eraserhead.


“Look out Eraser, the evil villain has a mutation quirk! Your quirk won't work on him!'' Kaccha-I mean All Might called out. ''Right, I’ll take down the other guys. I'll let you have this guy'' I said, letting my makeshift capture weapon gather some of the villains and throw them to a wall. ''Detroit smash!'' Kacchan/All Might yelled out, punching the villain. I quickly wrapped up the villains with my capture weapon and let my 'quirk' shut off. ''Have no fear citizens for I am here!'' Kacchan/All Might laughed out. I smiled softly and patted him on the shoulder. ''Good work today, All Might.''

''Of course, I did good! I'm the number one hero!'' he called.

Ah, there is the Kacchan showing through.

I laughed softly. ''Of course, of course''


''Boys dinner time!'' papa called out from the kitchen. I threw off the makeshift capture weapon and ran into the kitchen. ''What are we having papa?'' I asked sitting down at the table.

'’Soba kiddo'' he said setting a bowl in front of me. ''Thank you for the food,'' I said and dug in. A sniffle next to me made me look over.

The red-haired boy was crying. ''What's wrong?'' I asked.

''M-my brother. shoto, soba is his favorite food. I-I can't believe I just left him and the others with him'' he sobbed. I hugged him tightly. ''I'm such a bad brother'' he hugged me back. '’No you're not'' I ran my hand through his hair. ''You're gonna help them get away from him''

He sniffled and wiped his eyes. ''M-my name is Touya'' he said sniffling a bit.

''Nice to meet you Touya! I'm Izuku and this is Katsuki'' I said pointing to Kacchan. ''Nice to meet you'' he nodded and went back to eating. It was silent for a bit.

''Thank you both''

Chapter Text

I ran inside the house, All Might streamers hung across the walls, All Might themed balloons were tied to chairs. A bright grin spread across my face as I ran up to the boy.

''Happy birthday Kacchan!'' I yelled and hugged him tightly, almost knocking him down.

A bright grin spread across his face, matching my own. '’’Zuku! I thought you weren't going to make it!'' he pouted making me giggle. ''Silly Kacchan, i wouldn't miss your birthday for the world!'' he nodded, crossing his arms over his chest. ''You better not''. I just smiled wider and let him go. ''Auntie made you an All Might cake, didn't she? Can I see it?''

''Yeah, come on!'' we ran in the kitchen and I looked in awe at the All Might cake. It looked just like him!

''You did a good job, Auntie!'' I called over at her. She looked over at me and grinned. ''Thanks squirt!'' She ruffled my hair. '’Now get out of my kitchen and go play or something''

Kacchan and I raced outside, dodging daddy's legs on our way.

''I call being Eraserhead!'' I called after him. ''I'm All Might! Because I am here!'' he put his fists on his hips and smiled brightly.

''We will capture the villains!''

We played until Auntie called us back in for lunch and cake.


''Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Katsuki~ Happy birthday to you!'' we all sang, clapping along as he blew out his candles.

''So what did you wish for?''

''If I told it wouldn't come true stupid''

''Shouta, he called me stupid''

''Well you are stupid''

''Ah! your words hurt me, my love''

'’Shut up''

I laughed and smiled brightly. ''Come on Kacchan open the present I got you!''

He rolled his eyes and tore open the poorly wrapped box.

''Holy crap 'Zuku, it's the new limited edition All Might action figure! Didn't you want this though?'' he looked at me with wide eyes. '’Kacchan deserves the best! And besides, I can play with it whenever I'm over here so it doesn't matter'' I grinned and hugged him tightly. A blush ran across his cheeks as he hugged me back. ''Thanks I guess''

It was so Kacchan, and it just made me smile even brighter. ''You're so cute Kacchan'' I teased

''S-shut up nerd!''

Happy birthday, Katsuki Bakugou!!



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Chapter Text

I let out a sigh as I closed the door softly. Katsuki, Izuku, and Touya were all cuddled up to each other, sleeping peacefully.

Todoroki Touya huh? Well, time to make a call.


''Ah, Tsukauchi-san, remember my suspicion on Endeavor? Well, I have some information on the matter.''

The next morning it was all over the news.

'Endeavor, number two hero and child abuser?'

'Corrupt hero?'

'is it a scandal?'


'Zashi planted a kiss on my temple as I scrolled through the news on my phone. ''So you're really going to take down Endeavor?'' he asked, running his hand through my hair. I hummed quietly and looked at him with tired eyes. ''If I don't, then who will?''

He stayed silent and looked at me worried. ''Just be careful please Sho, he's a powerful man.''

''I know.''


That afternoon while 'Zashi watched the kids, Tsukauchi-san and I went to talk to the Todorokis.

''Y-yes how may I help you?'' a woman with tired eyes and white hair responded, opening the door carefully. ''Todoroki Rei-san?'' Tsukauchi asked, flashing his badge as I did the same with my hero license. ''Y-yes that's me,'' she answered softly. ''I am detective Tsukauchi Naomasa and this is Eraserhead, we are here to talk about your husband Todoroki Enji.'' Her eyes widened and she nodded, letting us in. We went into the kitchen and she started making tea.

The place looked clean, it didn't have much personality, no nicknacks or even very many pictures on the walls. Tsukauchi nodded to me, he must have noticed the same thing. Todoroki-san sat the tea in front of us and sat down. ''Todoroki-san before we start I would like to tell you that I found your son, Touya, and he is currently safe at my home with my husband who is also a pro-hero.'' She let out a sigh of relief and smiled at me softly. ''Thank you so much Eraserhead-san, I was so worried about Touya, I’m so glad he's safe,'' she said sighing, it looked like a huge weight was lifted off of her shoulders. I nodded and Tsukauchi took out his note pad. ''Let's get this started shall we?'' he said with a smile on his face as she nodded. ''Todoroki-san has your husband ever hit you?'' She seemed somewhat shocked at the question, as she stayed quiet for a few seconds. ''Yes he has,'' she answered softly. ''Has he ever hit your children?'' She nodded and looked like she was going to cry. I let out a soft sigh. ''Could you please tell us which of the children he has hurt?'' I asked softly. ''All of them, b-but mostly Touya and Shoto. Ever since they got their quirks, he 'trained' them, as he called it. The others, Fuyumi, and Natsuo, he just ignored them mostly. He didn't like their quirks, they weren't strong enough.'' She started crying quietly. ''When did the abuse start?''

''After Touya got his quirk''

I felt a presence by the door and I turned to face it quickly. Standing there was a boy, his hair was half red and half white, split down the middle perfectly. He looked to be around Izuku's age.

''M-mommy?'' he said quietly, he looked like he had been crying. ''Shoto, what's wrong sweetie?'' Todoroki-san stood up and rushed over to him, picking him up and holding him close to her. ''N-nightmare,'' Shoto mumbled into her shoulder.

It reminded me of Izuku after he has a nightmare.

I looked at them and smiled softly.

She sat back down and rocked Shoto slightly.  ''Who are you?'' Shoto asked quietly. '' I'm Eraserhead, I'm a pro-hero. This is Tsukauchi-san he's a detective,'' I answered him softly. He nodded and hid his face in Todoroki-san's shoulder again. She laughed softly and kissed the top of his head. ''He’s shy.''

''He reminds me of my son,'' I told her. ''You have kids Eraserhead-san?'' she asked me. I nodded and showed her a picture of Izuku that I had in my wallet. ''His name's Izuku, my husband and I adopted him a few months back.'' She nodded and smiled softly. Shoto looked at the picture curiously. ''How did you meet him?'' she asked. ''His mother was in a mugging a month before we took him home, she didn't make it, and I found him crying in the same ally where she died. He was actually being abused by his foster parent, so Hizashi and I took him in straight away.'' She looked horrified and Shoto looked sad. ''Well it’s a good thing he has you and your husband.'' I nodded.

I looked her in the eyes ''He won't get away with what he did to you and your family''

After that, she cried in relief. And soon, Endeavor, or Todoroki Enji, was taken into police custody for 5 cases of domestic abuse. 

Chapter Text

Life has been pretty good for a while now. After Daddy and Papa took Endeavor-Todoroki Enji-to court and took away his hero license, as well as his right to his kids, life was great for everyone! So, we decided to go to the beach with Kacchan's family.


"'Zuku, come on!" Kacchan yelled, running across the sand to the water.

"Brat, get back here!" Auntie yelled as she ran after him. I let out a small laugh and pulled Daddy along to the place where Papa had gone along to set up our stuff.

"Izuku hun, go on and play with Katsuki. Your father and I will take it from here," Papa said, taking the bag I was holding from me. "Ok, Papa!" I yelled and ran along in the water to where Kacchan was with Auntie. "There you are 'Zuku, I thought I'd have to go and rescue you!" Kacchan said with his hands on his hips. I smiled bashfully at him, "Sorry Kacchan, I had to help Daddy carry the stuff." He huffed and pulled me along to the water.

Cold! Jesus, why is the water so cold?

I let out a small squeal at the feeling of the cold water hitting my knees. Kacchan laughed at me and kicked the water, splashing both me and his mom. I giggled quietly while his mom yelled at him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some purple fluff, making me turn around and see a boy around my age with purple hair that stood up in the air.

What's he doing over there all by himself?

He was in regular clothes, not swim clothes and he wasn't even wearing shorts!

I hummed quietly to myself and turned back to Kacchan. He was looking over in the direction of the purple headed boy.  "You saw him too Kacchan?" I whispered to him.

"Yeah, you think he's ok?"

"I don't know but, I'm gonna go check on him," I told him and started walking over towards the boy. "Hey 'Zuku wait for me!" Kacchan yelled, running after me.  We approached the boy and I smiled at him brightly. ''Hi! I'm Izuku and this is my friend Katsuki! What's your name?'' He looked at us surprised but didn't say anything. I frowned slightly at the bruises on his jaw and how tired his eyes looked.

''Can you not speak?'' I asked him after a few beats of silence.  He looked up at me and then shrugged slightly. I smiled at him to hopefully help calm his nerves. ''You can draw in the sand to write your name if you want!'' His eyes nervously shifted to Kacchan and he shakily started to write in the sand.

''Hitoshi?'' Kacchan read out loud. The boy nodded and looked away.  

''Nice to meet you Hitoshi! Whatcha doin' out here all by yourself?'' I asked him, sitting down on the sand next to him. He shrugged, not looking at me. ''Where're your parents?'' I asked him and he looked at me with a panicked expression.

Reminds me of the look Touya had on his face when we first found him.

I looked back at Kacchan and he seemed to have noticed it too. I made sure to keep the look on my face friendly and calming. ''Hey Hitoshi, do you wanna go build a sand castle with Kacchan and me?'' I asked, hoping to help him warm up to us. He looked skeptical at first, then he nodded and stood up. I smiled brightly. ''Yay! Come on, we can go closer to where Papa and Daddy are so they don't worry, but they won't bother us. Well, maybe Papa if he wants to join in. He's a little silly sometimes'' I rambled on while we walked back to where Papa and Daddy were. Once there, we sat down and began to make a sand castle. ''Whatcha doin' kiddos?'' Papa asked, walking up to us. Hitoshi suddenly looked a little frightened. ''Hi Papa! We're gonna make a sandcastle!''

''Yeah! We're gonna make the best sandcastle ever'' Kacchan declared, smirking. ''Sounds like fun. So who's your new friend?'' he asked, frowning slightly when he saw the bruises along his jaw. ''This is Hitoshi, he doesn't talk'' I explained.  Papa nodded and hummed slightly. '' Hello there Hitoshi, I'm one of Izuku's dads, I'm over there with my husband if you need us'' Papa told him as he then went back over to Daddy.

Hitoshi seemed to relax a little after Papa left.

''Alright, let's get this started!'' Kacchan said and handed me a bucket. ''Fill this with sand 'Zuku, Hitoshi, go get some shells and stuff to decorate it with.'' Kacchan was a natural leader, but it seemed when I wasn't around, he was a lot meaner. ''Aye-aye Kacchan!'' I saluted him and started filling the bucket with sand.

Hitoshi nodded and wandered around for a bit, picking up shells here and there.

''So is he going to be another one of your rescue missions like Touya?'' Kacchan asked me quietly. I hummed and shrugged. ''I'm not sure yet. It's obvious that something's happening to him and I just want to help'' I whispered back.

He sighed and got back to digging out the moat. ''Just be careful ok?''

I smiled slightly at him. ''Don't worry Kacchan, I'll be as careful as I can'' I replied and giggled softly.

He grunted, not liking my answer but before he could say anything, Hitoshi came back with an armful of shells. ''Wow Hitoshi! Those are really pretty!'' I stared at them in awe. He blushed slightly as a small smile made its way onto his face, which only made me smile more.

Point one, Izuku.

We made the best sandcastle that we ever had, we found a new friend who has some secrets, and all in all, I think today was a good day.

Chapter Text

my entire body hurts...
what is happening?...
''d-da-'' I cut myself off with a harsh cough. my throat hurt so bad I couldn't talk. I let out a whimper and curled up in a ball, gripping my stomach. my door opened and kacchan came in. ''hey 'zuku! we goin' to the park today?'' he asked, walking over to my bed. I let out a whine and turned over to peak at him over the blanket. ''k-kacchan'' my voice was raspy. he looked at me, a worried look in his eyes. ''what's wrong?'' he put his hand to my forehead. it was cold and felt good against my warm forehead. ''h-hurts'' I whispered. ''shit! you're burning up! im gonna go get your dad'' he ran out of the room. I started shivering lightly, it felt cold but at the same time, it was too hot. kacchan came back in a few minutes later dragging daddy by his arm. ''katsuki why are you dragging me?''
''shut up old man I told you that 'zuku is sick''
he let out a sigh and walked over to me, placing his hand on my forehead like kacchan did. he looked concerned ''you're burning up izu'' he ran his hand through my hair reassuringly. my eyes closed and I started to drift off some. ''come on buddy lets get some medicine in you and then you can go back to sleep'' I heard daddy say but it was muffled a little. I nodded and tried to stay awake as he got some cough medicine on a spoon, I made a face but took the medicine anyway. ''gross'' I rasped out. daddy had a small smile on his face ''yeah I know but it'll help you're fever go down'' I nodded and laid back down ''w-were's papa?'' I asked as daddy covered me back up with the blanket. ''he's out on patrol right now but if you want I'll call him and have him come home'' I shook my head ''n-no I don't wanna keep him from helping people, besides I have you'' I smiled at him and turned over on my side. ''alright kid, ill be in the other room, just call if you need me'' he stood up, I reached out and grabbed his wrist. ''s-stay with me please'' I said quietly, holding onto his sleeve tightly. he looked a little shocked but nodded and sat back down.
he stayed until I fell asleep and when I woke back up he was still there, grading papers. I smiled lightly and dozed back off. the entire day I spent in and out of consciousness but every time I woke up he was still there. we stayed like that until papa came home.
''honey im home!'' papa shouted causing me to wake up. ''Hizashi! izuku is sleeping!'' daddy shouted leaving my room. ''oh shit sorry I forgot'' I heard from the hallway. I got out of bed and wrapped my all might blanket around my shoulders and walked out into the hall. ''hey buddy how are you feeling?'' papa asked ruffling my hair. ''im feeling a little better'' I said, still talking quietly since my throat still hurt.
I pressed my face into his stomach and wrapped my arms around his thigh. ''I know buddy you're not feeling too good are you? '' he picked me up carefully and hugged me close to his body. I shook my head and hid my face in his shoulder. ''alright buddy go on to your dad I gotta get changed'' Papa handed me off to daddy and went to his and daddy's room. ''come on kid lets get you some food'' he said and took me to the kitchen where he put me on the counter. ''alright what do you feel like eating?" he asked looking through the cabinets. ''m-miso soup please'' he nodded and got out the ingredients to start cooking.
''oooh what are you cookin' baby~'' papa came in and wrapped his arms around daddy. ''get out, you're not allowed in the kitchen after you almost burnt down the house trying to cook breakfast'' daddy pushed papa out of the kitchen. I giggled softly as papa pouted and walked over behind me to the stools. ''my love why are you so cruel to me?'' papa 'cried' into his arm, I giggled harder. ''papa your so dramatic'' I patted his head in sympathy. ''not my own son too!'' he cried out flailing his arms around. ''shut up 'zashi'' daddy called out from the kitchen. I laughed until my stomach hurt.
I'm so glad that I am here with them, I wonder what kind of adventure we'll have next?

Chapter Text

time had passed and on kacchan and I were now 8 years old.
we were walking back to my house after being with Nezu for lessons when I saw a familiar face.
I let out a gasp and ran up to the boy who had purple hair that defied gravity. ''Hitoshi-kun!'' I yelled running up to him. he flinched back and looked slightly scared. ''o-oh hey midoriya'' he said quietly.
''how have you been? its been a while since we last saw you'' he looked away and shrugged. I frowned slightly, and kacchan scowled. '' look eye bags, if you gotta problem you better fuckin' tell us, got it?'' kacchan said, his words didn't have much bite to them. ''yeah I got it blasty'' Hitoshi-kun smiled lightly and kacchan scowled even more. ''don't fuckin call me that got it eyebags?!'' he growled letting out small pops of his quirk. I smacked the back of his head. ''kacchan you know better! don't use your quirk in public!'' he glared at me but didn't say anything and just crossed his arms and growled. Hitoshi snickered lightly, now that I think about it his smile looks kinda like dad's 'your gonna hurt' smile.

I looked Hitoshi over. his shirt was big and has a few tears in the hem, his pants were ripped at the knees and had a hole at his thigh, he had bruises on his arms and had marks on his jaw and over his nose.
I wonder... I really hope not...

''hey Hitoshi-kun wanna come over for dinner at my house? you can meet my dads!'' I smiled brightly at him. he looked a little surprised. ''y-you sure? I mean im not really the best company'' he looked unsure. ''don't be silly, your great to have around!'' he sighed ''w-well if you really want me over I guess it couldn't hurt'' I smiled brightly ''yay! come on kacchan, Hitoshi-kun'' I started dragging them, I held Hitoshi's hand softer then kacchan's though, so I wouldn't hurt him.

we got home fairly quickly, when we got there dad was asleep on the couch and papa wasn't home. ''hey Hitoshi-kun do you have to call your parents and tell them that you're here?'' I asked grabbing the house phone for him to use if needed. ''um yeah it probably wouldn't hurt to tell them im here'' he said quietly taking the phone from me. I nodded and let him have his space.

while he was talking on the phone though I could hear yelling from the other line. I couldn't tell what was being said but im sure it wasn't anything nice. once he hung up the phone I tried to act normal. ''so what did they say?'' I asked him. ''they um said it was fine that I stayed over for a bit but not for too long'' he kept talking really quiet. I wonder why.

''did you adopt another one izu?'' dad asked from behind Hitoshi, he jumped and turned around quickly. he looked a little scared. ''Nah not yet, this is Hitoshi, Hitoshi this is my dad'' I introduced them. ''nice to meet you, make sure you don't cause any trouble.'' dad said in his deadpan voice, his eyes where looking him over and I saw a flash of concern go through them. ''be nice dad'' I scolded him but he just waved me off and went over to the coffee machine. ''you know coffee won't help you much old man, your already too used to it'' kacchan said to him handing him a mug anyway. ''yeah whatever, brat''
'' sorry if he scared you, he tends to sneak around a bit'' I gave Hitoshi a smile. ''n-no he just surprised me'' his voice was still pretty soft. ''you'll get used to it eventually'' I told him and pat him on his back. '' my papa is the exact opposite of dad though, he's really loud and energetic'' I laughed a bit. he didn't say anything which made me frown a bit. ''you ok?'' I asked looking up at him. ''huh? oh yeah im fine just thinking.'' he said with a small smile. ''ok but still tell me if anything is wrong ok?'' I smiled at him reassuringly and laid my hand on his shoulder. he nodded and tried to flash a smile back.

''come on we can go play videogames in my room, be careful though, kacchan rages a lot'' I giggled and Hitoshi laughed quietly.
''I heard that you damn nerd!'' kacchan yelled coming up behind us. ''crap come on let's go before he catches us!'' I yelled laughing, I took Hitoshi's hand and pulled him up the stairs to my room, laughing the whole way. kacchan did catch up to us but he didn't really look all that mad, which was a good thing of course. ''now kacchan you can't really be all that mad at me, you know it's true'' I smirked at him. he scowled ''yeah yeah whatever, come on I wanna play smash bro's'' he pushed past us and went into my room.

a small blush made it's way onto my face when Hitoshi went into my room, the walls where covered in hero posters and some old drawings of mine. ''um don't mind the mess'' I said quietly sitting on the bed and letting stark climb up in my room. ''why hello there, where you a good boy today?'' I cooed to him, scratching his chin and he just purred.
Hitoshi looked at him with poorly hidden excitement. ''do you wanna pet him?'' I said holding stark out towards him. ''ah um c-can I?'' he asked shakily. ''yeah go ahead!'' I told him and put stark in his arms.

the rest of the night was spent playing videogames and playing with stark. after we ate dinner Hitoshi had to go home. I invited him over again anytime he wanted to, and soon after he left I opened my phone and texted him.

Freckleface: Hey Hitoshi, tell me when you get home so ill know that you got there safe

I let out a sigh and laid back on my bed. I just hope I can save him before its too late.

Chapter Text

Walking home from midoriya's house I made sure that my steps were quick. I had to get home before 8 pm or else I'll get a worse punishment then I’m going to already get. Letting out a sigh I stepped onto the train and sat down pulling out my beat up phone from my pocket.


New message from



Freckleface: Hey Hitoshi tell me when you get home so I'll know that you got there safe

I'll-sleep-when-im-dead: I'm on the train right now so I'll be home soon.

I'll-sleep-when-im-dead: You worry too much

Freckleface: Sorry, I just want you to be safe

I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead: I'll be fine, don't worry your little green head over it


A smile made its way onto my lips. What did I do to deserve him in my life?  I exited the train and made my way to the shit hole that I live in.  It wasn't a far walk from the station but I still needed to be careful since it was on the wrong side of town.


''Hey! brainwash freak!'' A voice called from behind me. I ducked my head down and walked faster, ''Hey! where ya' goin'?'' I bit the side of my cheek and kept walking. I do not need to be talking with them, especially since im late already.

I opened the front door quietly and went in, trying to walk as quietly as I could. ''Hey! you fuckin' worthless piece of shit! we told you to be home half an hour ago!'' The voice of my foster mother rang in my ears.

I grit my teeth and didn't say anything, I had learned that it’s best just to not talk at all around them. My heart hammered in my chest as she walked closer, a half-empty beer bottle clutched in her right hand . Great that means she's already drunk.

She trailed her claw-like fingernail over my cheek and I held in a whimper. No noises, noises just make her madder. ''Fuckin' useless'' She mumbled and took another swig of her beer.  She slapped me, making my head snap to the side with a yelp and I could feel the blood drip down my face from where her nails broke the skin. She had a sadistic smile on her face and she gripped my hair, dragging me to the kitchen. ''Bad little boys need to be punished ya' know'' she said in a sing-song voice. Fear gripped my heart and I could hear it pounding in my ears. ''N-no please'' I pleaded quietly. She looked at me with pure anger in her eyes. ''You know that you're not allowed to talk in this house!'' she yelled and her skin turned darker as she turned her skin to metal before she punched me in the nose. I let out a loud yell and I could hear my nose crack under the pressure of the punch and her quirk combined. Her smirk grew as I fell to the ground, blood pouring out of my nose. ''Stand up'' She commanded and I shakily stood up. She grabbed a knife from the drawer and I bit back a sob because I knew what she was going to do. The tears poured down my face as I took off my shirt. ''Let's begin''


It felt like hours before she was done, my body was beaten and bruised, and my back was bleeding heavily from where she had cut it. ''Clean yourself up'' She sneered and she walked away, leaving me laying on my side on the floor.

Slowly I stood up and went to my room. Getting my first-aid kit from under my bed I wrapped my back and cleaned the blood from my nose and cheek. I can't take any more of this, I have to leave. But where could I go?  My phone pinged from in my pocket and I fished it out.


Message from,



Freckleface: hey, did you get home ok?


oh yeah, that's right I forgot to text him back.


I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead: yeah I got home ok

Freckleface: that's good!


I let out a sigh, I'm not sure if I'll regret this or not but I do need some help .


I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead: Hey, do you mind if I come over and spend the night? if your dads are cool with it and all.

Freckleface: Yeah of course! is everything ok?

I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead: I'll explain when I get there.

Freckleface: Ok see you soon


I let out another sigh and stood up slowly. I grabbed my clothes and other things that I will need as well as my school bag and made my way to the front door. My foster parents were both passed out on the couch and made my way out the door.


The trek back over to Izuku's house was not easy since the trains had stopped running because of how late it was but I still made it.

I stood in front of the door and tried to build up the courage to knock. But it seemed that fate had other plans for me because Izuku's dad opened the door right as I was going to knock.


His eyes widened when he looked at me. ''Holy shit kid what happened to you?''  he asked, worry clear in his voice. I bit my cheek and shrugged, hissing a little when the movement aggravated the cuts on my back. ''come on in kids'' he said opening the door wider for me and I walked in, keeping my eyes on the ground. ''Hitoshi! what happened to you?'' Izuku ran up to me and gently took my face into his hands, looking my face over. 'M fine'' I told him quietly. ''Bullshit Toshi, you're nose is broken, I can see that from here'' he said dragging me to the living room. ''Damn kid! what the hell happened to you?'' Izuku's other dad said as Izuku dragged me to the couch.


I bit my cheek and looked down, not wanting to say. ''Toshi, what happened? who did this to you?'' Izuku pulled my face back up to make me look at him. ''I-I um I was late home'' I mumbled out. Izuku's dad's sat on the other couch but didn't say anything. ''who hurt you?'' Izuku asked softly. Tears gathered in my eyes. ''M-my foster mother'' I looked away from him. ''is that all that she did to you?'' Izuku's dad asked me. I shook my head.


This was going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

It was going to be a long night.

''who hurt you?'' Izuku asked softly. Tears gathered in my eyes. ''M-my foster mother'' I looked away from him. ''Is that all that she did to you?'' Izuku's dad asked me. I shook my head. The movement made me more aware of the injuries on my back, I bit back a hiss.

''what else did she do to you?'' He asked. I looked down at the floor. Izuku laid his hand on my shoulder. ''Toshi we need to know so we can help you'' he said softly. I grit my teeth together and tried to look at anything but them. '' back'' I told them quietly.
I don't really like talking to adults, it's never ended good for me, but these are Izuku's dads. I can trust them.

''what did she do to your back, kid'' he asked. I gripped my pants with my fists lightly. ''...She um cut it'' I mumbled but they seemed to have heard it. the dark haired one, Shouta I believe is his name, cursed softly and the blond one, Hizashi, looked like he was going to cry. I didn't even want to look at Izuku, I might cry if I do. ''im fine though! I already wrapped it'' I waved my hands around trying to calm them down. Shouta stood up making me flinch. ''come on kid, let's get your back looked at'' I looked at him shocked. ''But I already-'' he cut me off with a wave of his hand. ''I just want to make sure that its taken care of properly'' I nodded and followed him to the bathroom.

He made me sit on the toilet while he got out the first aid kit. ''Take off your shirt or just raise it up, whichever your more comfortable with'' I went ahead and took off my shirt since there are some cuts on my shoulder blades that will be hard to get to if I don't take off my shirt. He sucked in a breath when he saw the fading bruises on my stomach and chest that were from a week ago. ''How old are those?'' he asked pointing to them. ''About a week'' I mumbled. He cursed under his breath, as he began to unwrap my back. ''You're never going back to that house'' he had a definite tone in his voice. ''I know'' I let out a hiss as he cleaned the cuts. ''Sorry I'm trying to be careful''
''It's fine'' I told him. He wrapped my back in fresh bandages and put some creme on my bruises. '' your nose is broken, I'm going to have to set it'' I grimaced ''do you have to?'' I asked ''yes unless you want it to be crooked for the rest of your life'' I let out a groan at the thought. ''permission to swear when you do?'' He let out a short laugh ''yeah, I'd be surprised if you didn't'' I braced myself against the sink and waited for him to do it. ''Breathe kid'' I let out a shaky breath and right as I did that he twisted my nose with a sickening crack. ''Son of a bitch! Fuck! Ow shit!'' I yelled holding my nose.

Izuku came running into the room from hearing me shout. ''Are you ok?!'' he yelled running in. ''I'm fine'' I told him holding one hand over my nose. He let out a breath of relief and smiled at me. ''Ok that's good'' I nodded and slipped back on my shirt while we walked back to the kitchen, '' are you hungry listeners?'' Hizashi asked '''Zashi no! you're not allowed to cook!'' Shouta yelled running in there. I let out a small laugh.
This feels very homey, I like it.
''They are very funny aren't they?'' Izuku said from beside me. '' yeah they are''

The rest of the night was pretty easy, besides the fact that they are going to make me talk to the police tomorrow and get my injuries treated by recovery girl as well. But all in all, it was still pretty easy.
I let out a small sigh, sitting back on the futon in Izuku's room. ''Are you sure you don't want to sleep in the bed?'' He asked me for the millionth time. ''Yes, I'm fine with the futon'' I told him for the millionth time. '' Ok if you say so'' He mumbled. I nodded and laid down on my stomach carefully. I knew that sleep would not come easily but one could only hope. ''Hey Toshi?'' Izuku asked from his bed. ''Yeah?'' I answered quietly. ''We'll make sure she gets what she deserves, and then your gonna stay here. Ok?'' Tears flooded my vision. ''Yeah, ok''

Chapter Text

Its been a few weeks since Hitoshi came to live with us, at first it had been hard for him to adjust, it was kinda like when I first came to live with dad and papa when I was younger. He was jumpy and he flinched at most sounds, he had a few panic attacks and dad convinced him to see a therapist. I'm glad that he isn't in that horrible house anymore, He's still pretty jumpy and still not very trusting of dad and papa, but he's better then he was, and im happy for that.

''Wait, what?'' Toshi looked at dad in disbelief. ''I said that it's about time that you all start training, you all want to be heroes right?'' Dad said crossing his arms.

''Hell yeah we do old man! We're gonna be the best fuckin' heroes ever!'' Kacchan yelled grinning widely. ''language katsuki'' Papa scolded him from behind me. '' Sho' don't you think they're a bit young to start hero training?'' Papa said running his hand through my hair softly. '' Nezu wants to start Izuku's quirk training so it makes sense to have them all get a better grip on their quirks. We won't do anything too intense until they're older, but it's still better to get them as prepared as possible since Izuku and Hitoshi don't have physical quirks. They're gonna be at a big disadvantage'' Dad explained to him.

''That makes sense, Kacchan needs to get more control over his quirk, I need to see what all I can actually do with my quirk and Toshi needs to actually be able to use his quirk and the fact that Toshi and me are at a huge disadvantage compared to kacchan and others with physical quirks means that we will have to work twice as hard as them and-''

''Your mumbling again Izu'' Dad cut me off. I blushed and rubbed the back of my neck. Kacchan laughed at me making me pout. ''Don't laugh kacchan!'' I whined. ''Alright boys, we need to go. Nezu is waiting for us'' Papa said ushering us out the door.

Soon we were at UA and on the training field, where Nezu and recovery girl was waiting for us. ''Nezu-san!'' I yelled running up to him, giving him a hug. ''why hello Izuku-kun! Are you ready to start your quirk training?'' I nodded wildly ''Yeah! And we brought Kacchan and Toshi too!'' He smiled and nodded. ''Well let's get started then!'' He said with his usual cheery smile. Dad came up behind me with Kacchan and Toshi. ''I'll take Katsuki and Hitoshi, I know you wanted to do some stuff with Izu so feel free, just don't let him get hurt'' Dad told him in his monotone voice. ''Right, right. Don't worry Aizawa-kun I will take good care of your son'' Nezu-san said holding his hand (paw?) up. Dad nodded and Nezu-san took me off to one side of the field.

''Ok Nezu-san so what are we doing today?'' I asked him. ''Today I want you to try and analyze as many things as you can and see what you can and can't analyze'' I nodded and waited for instructions. ''First, I want you to analyze me and see what you can find out'' I nodded and felt the familiar itch of my quirk starting.

Name: Nezu
Species: Rat? Dog? Bear? perhaps a mix of all
Quirk: high spec, grants him super intelligence that surpasses even humans, He is the rare case of an animal having a quirk.
Power: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Technique: 5/5
Intelligence: 6/5
Cooperativeness: 3/5

My eyes started to burn a little so I shut off my quirk. ''Are you alright Izuku-kun?'' Nezu-san asked resting his paw on my shoulder. ''Yeah, my eyes started to hurt a little'' I smiled at him. ''Alright, we'll have to work on that, but now tell me what you found out'' I told him everything I gathered from using my quirks. He smiled brightly and clapped ''Very good Izuku-kun! Now have you ever used your quirk on a building?'' He asked holding his paws together. I shook my head ''No, I've never thought about doing that before. I'm not sure if my quirk will work on buildings'' I told him. He nodded ''I expected as much. If you would please use your quirk on the building that is near your dad'' I nodded and tried to use my quirk on it but nothing would come up. ''It won't work'' I told him with a sigh. He patted me on the back ''Don't be discouraged Izuku-kun, we will just have to sharpen your analytical skills outside of your quirk''

''Right'' After that, we tested how fast I can pull together a certain amount of information and how many people I can analyze at once, which is about 5 or so without putting to much strain on my quirk, as well as how long I can keep my quirk active before my eyes start hurting.

''Alright! I think this is enough data for me to be able to train your quirk to be better then it is now'' Nezu-san said with a frighting smile on his face.
oh god he's going to either kill me or make me smart enough to run the country
''Y-yeah right, I'm gonna go see what Kacchan and Toshi are up to'' he nodded with a smile and sent me off in that direction. I let out a sigh of relief
Nezu-san can be a little sadistic at times, I was actually worried about my safety there for a second.
''Hey kid, Nezu didn't work you too hard did he?'' Dad asked as I walked up. ''No, my eyes hurt a little but other then that im fine'' I answered with a smile ''That's good.'' He ruffled my hair. ''So how did you torture them?'' I asked with a small smirk. His 'your going to hurt' smile appeared on his face. '' Nothing too bad, although im sure they're both going to have bruises. All I did was have Hitoshi use his quirk on Katsuki and see what all he could do, then I tested Katsuki and now they are resting for a bit'' He explained. ''Are you going to make a training regiment for us all?'' I asked looking up at him. ''yeah, we need you all in shape after all.'' I nodded in understanding ''Nezu-san said that he was going to train me with my quirk and make me sharpen my analytical skills'' After I said that dad had a grimace on his face making me laugh. ''Yeah I felt the same way''

Dad let them rest for a little bit longer before he packed up our stuff and we went home.
All I have to say is, training with both Nezu-san and dad is going to be absolute hell.

Chapter Text

A week ago Shouta and Hizashi found out that my birthday was on Monday. I didn't really want them to know, I mean I've never really celebrated my birthday since my quirk developed, so I never saw the need to say anything.

I let out a sigh, Well now its Monday and no matter how much I say I don't need a party It's still going to happen. I walked downstairs and almost teared up at the sight of the decorations, everything was cat themed. This was the most anyone has ever done for me ever since my quirk developed. ''Hey kiddo! I hope you like everything!'' Hizashi came over and gave me a hug. ''Happy birthday kid'' Shouta said from the table. I smiled softly and relaxed slightly into Hizashi's hug. ''Thanks for this, you really didn't have to do this for me'' I told them quietly. ''Believe me Hitoshi, we wanted to do this for you ok? just enjoy yourself ok?'' Hizashi ruffled my hair, I nodded and went to sit on the couch were stark was curled up on the cushion.

''hey there'' I ran my hand through his fur and let it ground me from the impending doom of having to interact with other people. I let him curl up in my lap as I waited for everyone to get here.

''So who all is coming?'' I asked Shouta when he joined me on the couch. ''Us, Katsuki, Nemuri, Tensei, it's just going to be a small party, you don't have to worry.'' I nodded but it didn't help to ease my nerves much. I had only met Nemuri and Tensei once before and they seemed nice but I wasn't sure about them just yet.

It was oddly quiet in the house. Hizashi was making his usual noise but otherwise, it was much quieter than normal
''Where is Izuku?'' I asked when I noticed that he was missing. ''Him and Katsuki are with Katsuki's parents getting your present from them. They'll be back soon'' I nodded and continued to pet stark. ''I never did thank you''
He looked at me in confusion ''for what?'' I sighed and I would have curled in on myself some if I didn't have stark in my lap. ''For...helping me as much as you guys have. No one's done this much for me in I don't know how long. It really means a lot to me, so thank you'' I didn't look at his face while I spoke, I only kept my eyes on stark. ''Kid you don't have to thank me, truth be told I have been worried about you since you first became friends with Izuku and Katsuki. Izuku would always be so worried about you and I was too. I had a feeling something was happening but I didn't have any proof until what happened so I couldn't do anything sadly if anyone should be apologizing it should be me I'm sorry that I couldn't help you sooner'' I was surprised, I didn't expect this. ''You don't have to be sorry for anything! you helped me a lot and you guys saved me from that woman. So there is nothing for you to be sorry about''

He pat me on the head and he had a very small smile on his face before he went to the kitchen. I let out a small chuckle and curled up with stark on my chest. ''Toshi! Happy birthday!'' Izuku yelled running up and hugging me making me jump. ''T-thank you'' I stammered out. ''Happy birthday eyebags'' Katsuki mumbled from beside Izuku. I smiled at him and nodded. ''thanks Katsuki''

The party started as soon as Nemuri and Tensei got to the house. We ate a hot pot that Shouta made and then we had cake. it was really great and then it was time to open presents.

I opened Izuku and Katsuki's present first. Ironically it was wrapped in all might wrapping paper. With a small smile, I carefully ripped it open and gasped when I saw what was inside. It was a purple cat onesie ''Oh my god I love it'' I hugged it to my chest and ran my fingers over the soft fabric. It was perfect. Izuku and katsuki grinned at me and I hugged them both.

Nemuri and Tensei got me Present mic and Eraserhead themed posters and a few hero figurines, I thanked them and set them aside. Hizashi gave me a kinda heavy wrapped present. I opened it up and looked at him curiously, it was a bag of cat food. ''Just open the next one'' Shouta handed me another wrapped present. It was a cat toy ''Um why?'' I asked holding it up ''one last present, be careful not to drop it ok? And don't shake it'' Hizashi handed me a large box with holes in it. I let out a gasp and looked at them with wide eyes ''is this what I think it is?'' They just smiled, I opened the box carefully and tears flooded my eyes when I saw the orange striped cat that was inside. ''Oh my god I love him'' I whispered picking him up. He was so soft and he purred and squirmed in my arms. ''so what are ya gonna name him kiddo?'' Hizashi asked petting him ''Cheeto'' He laughed ''oh god you're just as bad at naming as Sho''' I pouted and crossed my arms '' its a great name kid'' Shouta said patting my head. I hid my face in Cheeto's fur to hide my smile.
I love them so much, I'm so glad I'm here. This was a great day.

Chapter Text

I'm running.
Why am I running? Who am I running from?
I could hear heavy footsteps from behind me which only made me run faster. Who is chasing me? Why does this seem so familiar?
I kept running until I slipped in something and fell. I could hear distorted laughter coming up behind me. My shoulder ached as I sat up, Looking around wildly I couldn't find where the laughter was coming from.

Suddenly everything was dark red. I felt bile rise up in my throat when I saw where it was coming from. ''N-no oh god please no'' I whispered as I turned over one of the bodies. ''D-dad? Dad please no'' I sobbed. He was bleeding from his head and stomach. I rushed to find out the identities of the other bodies. ''No please! Please don't let this be real'' I sobbed looking at the bodies of my family.

Dad, Papa, Kacchan, Toshi, Auntie, Uncle... They where all dead

''This is all you're fault'' The voice was back again. ''N-no'' I gasped, Suddenly I couldn't breathe. ''You want to be a hero but how can you be a hero if you can't even protect your family!'' It laughed. I could feel its breath on the back of my neck. ''You are useless. First, you couldn't save your own mother and now? They will end up dying because you can't save anyone! Some hero you are'' The voice spit out. Pictures made they're way into my head.
A villain made of sludge smothering Kacchan...
A large bird-like creature on top of Dad, slamming his head into the concrete...
A scared man dragging Kacchan and Toshi through a portal...

It was horrible. I kept crying and screaming 'No' over and over until eventually, it all faded


I woke up gasping, tears flowing down my face.
It felt so real, all that blood...
And what was up with those visions?
A shiver went down my spine. Sniffing I wiped the tears off my face and got out of bed. ''Toshi should be awake still, maybe I could talk to him or something'' I whispered to myself, I picked Stark up from where he was sleeping and walked next door to his room. I knocked softly on his door ''Toshi? you still awake?''

He opened the door and let me inside. ''Thanks Toshi'' I whispered while I climbed on his bed. ''Whats got you lookin' so freaked?'' He asked sitting next to me. ''Nightmare'' I sighed and leaned on his shoulder. He hummed and ran his hand through my hair. ''Wanna talk about it?'' I nodded and scooted closer to him. Stark laid himself in my lap and purred loudly to help me calm down, Cheeto laid in Toshi's lap and licked my hand making me smile softly.

''At first, I was running from someone, I'm not sure who but it felt very familiar, then I tripped and there was so much blood'' Tears started flowing down my face again. Toshi stayed silent, just petting my hair until I was finished. ''When I looked up everyone...Everyone was dead. You, dad, papa, kacchan, auntie, uncle... Everyone. There was just so much blood A-and then I heard his voice, the man who killed my mom, I could hear it but it was weird. Like it was him and not him at the same time. And his face was blurry, I guess it's because I don't remember what he looks like anymore. B-but I could tell it was him ya know? I was scared Toshi, I was so scared. It just all felt so real'' I sobbed into his shoulder. He held me tight, whispering comforting words in my ear. ''I don't wanna be alone again Toshi, I'm so scared of being alone again''

Stark rubbed his head against my cheek lovingly. ''Izuku listen to me, you aren't ever going to be alone again. you're stuck with us, there is no way you are getting rid of us ever'' Toshi wiped my tears away with his thumbs. I nodded and gave him a weak smile. ''Yeah, I know thanks Toshi I needed that'' He nodded and gave me a gentle smile. ''Does Shouta and Hizashi know that you're having nightmares again?'' I sighed ''No I don't wanna worry them, they're heroes, they have enough to worry about. Besides, I don't have them all that often anymore, It's fine. I'm fine'' He gave me a look ''If you were fine you wouldn't be crying in my room twice a week''

I pouted and crossed my arms ''It's not that often...Is it?'' He nodded '' yes it is, you need to tell them. They can have you see a therapist like I am. It doesn't seem like it'd help but it actually does.'' I sighed softly and nodded. ''Fine, ill tell them'' He smiled at me softly. ''But um I wanna know your opinion on something''

''What is it?'' He asked. ''Right before I woke up, I saw something in my nightmare... I think it might have been some kind of vision'' He looked at me curiously ''Explain'' I nodded and started to explain ''well I started seeing bad things that happened or will happen? To Kacchan and dad and then Kacchan and you'' He nodded ''Well you should definitely tell Shouta and Nezu this in the morning, maybe your quirk is evolving? who knows but I guess we will see'' I nodded and Yawned ''Yeah thanks Toshi. I think we should get to bed though.'' He nodded and yawned himself.

We laid down on his bed, since I was too afraid to go back to my own, and fell asleep quickly.

Chapter Text

After I told dad about my nightmare he and Papa had me start going to a therapist, her name is Sazuki-san. Shes really non-judgemental and a good listener. She helps me with my anxieties and things like that.

We also told Nezu about the visions that I had. He thinks it might be my quirk trying to evolve. I think he might be right. But since we don't know what triggered it or if I can only have them when I sleep, we can't really train it or find out more stuff about it but im sure that won't stop Nezu from trying.

Dad had me and Kacchan sparring against each other and lets just sat I wasn't doing too good.
Kacchan had pinned me to the ground for the umpteenth time, I sat up with a groan and turned to him as he hands me a water bottle ''Hey Kacchan, I've had a hypothesis for a while now. You think you can help me out with it while dad trains Toshi?'' He looked at me curiously. ''Watcha been thinkin'?'' He asked helping me off the ground, I gave him a small grin. ''Well you know how my Quirk makes my eyes glow? Well, what if I could manipulate the color they glow?'' A slight grin stretched across his face ''So you wanna make your eyes glow a different color huh? what color ya' thinkin'?'' I gave him a wide smile ''I was thinking red like dad's, what do you think?'' He looked over towards dad and gave a nod of approvement. ''Sounds fuckin' awesome, but we need to be quick about it. Your Pa's making you a birthday party remember? And he'd be fuckin' pissed if we're late'' I nodded with a little shudder.

I remember the horrors when dad was late for date night. Papa was really, really mad. Almost as mad as when dad had forgotten their anniversary, let's just say that he always had a reminder set on his phone after that

''R-right so let's make this quick'' He nodded in agreement with a little hum. ''So what were you thinking to make it work?'' We sat down somewhat away from dad but not too far or he'd get worried if he couldn't see us. Although im sure he's not gonna be happy if he sees us not working.
''Well after I got the idea I started testing if I could use my quirk without making my eyes glow. I can but it makes them a lot itchier and I can't use it for nearly as long.'' I used my quirk to demonstrate what I had said by using the glow and then turning off the glow. I stopped after a few seconds with a hiss. '' Dang that hurts'' I hissed out rubbing my eyes with the palms of my hands.

Kacchan handed me some eye drops with a small blush on his face. ''Thanks kacchan, when did you start carrying these around?'' I gave him a smile and used them. His blush got darker '' A-after your damn dad started to complain about his fuckin' eyes hurting all the time'' He stuttered at the beginning but covered it up with a cough. I nodded and didn't say anything about it. ''Anyway! Let's get this shit started so I can keep kicking your ass'' I laughed and nodded.

'' Right sorry Kacchan, so my theory is that if I focus hard enough I could make my eyes change color while I have my quirk activated, then once I can achieve that then I can start working on doing it for longer periods of time, of course I will e having Nezu help me once I know it will work since he is technically our teacher and--'' Kacchan cut me off by slapping the back of my head. I cried out in pain, clutching my head with my hands. ''What did you do that for Kacchan?!'' I cried. He shrugged with a small smirk on his face. ''You were mumbling'' I pouted and rubbed the back of my head. ''Stop your whining I didn't hit you that hard, now get on with it'' With a sigh, I nodded and fired up my quirk.

We worked on it for about 30 minutes until it was almost time to head home for the party. Tears flooded my eyes ''I failed'' I hiccuped out. '''Zuku you didn't fail, shithead. Just try a little more got it? and remember, focus on the thought of you're eyes being red'' I giggled and nodded, wiping my tears. I focused really hard, picturing myself with glowing red eyes, when I opened my eyes they felt less itchy than normal, and Kacchan let out a small gasp. '' Fuck yeah! You did it Zuku!'' He yelled ruffling my hair. I gasped myself and grinned wide. ''I did it!''

Soon after that dad took us back home and we had my birthday party. I was officially 9 years old, and it felt great. A soft smile came to my face as I looked around at my families smiling faces. I had more family now then I ever would have if dad hadn't found me. I loved it and I loved them. I hope that the warm feeling inside me never faded.

Chapter Text

''Alright! Remember to be careful! I'm going to the station before school, Izuku be good for your dad and Shouta don't hurt our kids'' Papa gave us both kisses and then left.

I looked over to Dad and grinned. '' So are we really gonna go?!'' He nodded and I jumped up and down in excitement. Last week dad promised me that once the school year started again he would let me, Toshi and Kacchan watch him teach his class, and Touya would be in dads class this year! I'm so excited to see him again. It's been so long, the last time we saw him and his mother, was at the store but that was at least 5 months ago.

''Alright kids, let's go get Katsuki before we are going to be late.'' I nodded and grabbed my bag.
It doesn't take us long to pick up Kacchan and then get to UA. Me and Kacchan were both very excited although he didn't show it much. Toshi was mildly excited, I think that he was nervous to be around a lot of older kids.

When Dads class got in the classroom we were waiting for them at the front of the room behind the podem while dad was in the teacher's lounge getting coffee. The class looked very confused, some looked smug and some laughed. I smirked and turned back to Kacchan and Toshi. ''The smug ones are in for a rude awaking'' I signed to him with a soft laugh, they grinned back and nodded. ''Yeah those dumbasses don't know what hell they are in for'' Kacchan signed back making me laugh. ''yea, it almost makes you feel sorry for them''

One of the students walked up to us. ''Um excuse me are you three lost?'' She asked. I gave her the most deadpan look I could muster. ''Does it look like we're lost?'' I said in a monotone voice. Kacchan and Toshi started cackling from beside me. The girl blushed ''W-well I mean-'' She was cut off by the door opening.

"Alright everyone in your seats. Ignore the children they are none of your concern'' Dad said coming up behind us. Everyone ran to their seats and dad looked down at us. ''Go sit over there until I'm finished talking.'' He pointed to the corner of the room.

Kacchan looked like he wanted to say something but I grabbed his hand and dragged him over before he could. ''Damnit Izuku why'd ya go and do that?!'' he whisperer yelled. ''I didn't want you making a fool of yourself'' I shrugged, He glared at me while Toshi snickered quietly. I shook my head and looked around the classroom for Touya. Once I saw him I waved, he gave us a large smile and waved back before going back to what dad was saying.

Dad told the students that they were going to have a quirk assessment and to meet him out on the field with gym uniforms on before taking us out there with him. ''So you gonna expel anyone today?'' I asked him while we were walking out onto the field. ''If they don't show potential then their gone. Simple as that'' he said matter-of-factly. I nodded in understanding.

'' Alright here's what's going to happen. you all are going to proform a series of tests so I can gauge your capabilities. Also, one last thing, whoever is in last place, or I deem you as having no potential then you will be expelled. '' A series of complaints or shocked yelling came from the crowd. Dad smiled his 'you're going to hurt' smile. ''Alright! let's get started then shall we?''

By the time they reached the 3rd test dad was somewhat disappointed. Besides Touya, there were only 7 other students who actually had potential. It was immensely sad and very disappointing for me as well. I let out a sigh ''I wanted to study all of them a bit more before they had to leave, too bad. Oh well ill just have to toy with the rest of them'' I smiled somewhat evilly. ''Izuku your starting to act like Nezu. stop it it's fucking creepy'' Kacchan said rolling his eyes. I smiled and laughed. ''sorry kacchan'' Toshi looked over at me with his deadpan face, ''No your not. Don't lie to us''

By the end of the tests, dad had expelled at least a third of the class, and the ones who weren't expelled went to lunch.

''Dad, me, Toshi and Kacchan are going to lunch. Don't forget to eat something that isn't jelly pouches'' He glared at me and we went to the cafeteria. It was weird to be in a cafeteria that had so many kids in it again. ''It's loud in here.'' I sighed and got a tray of katsudon from lunchrush. '' Well yeah there's at least 200 kids in here'' Toshi said sarcastically. I scanned the room for Touya until I saw him closer to the back. ''Found him. come on let's go'' I smiled at them and went to sit down with him.

''Hey its broccoli boy and pineapple head!'' Touya laughed after seeing us. ''Hi! Mind if we sit here?'' I smiled at him. ''Fuck off you burnt chicken nugget'' Kacchan scoffed. Touya just smiled and nodded.

''So hows life kids? Anything new? besides getting a new brother I mean. nice to meet you by the way kid, I'm Todoroki Touya'' Touya smiled at him with his hand out. ''Shinsou Hitoshi'' Toshi said awkwardly shaking his hand.

After that, the rest of the day went smoothly. The beginning of a new school year had started And things were going good.

Chapter Text

The rest of the day was a lot of fun. We hung out with Touya until they had to go to heroics class and Kacchan and I had class with Nezu-san, Toshi stayed with dad for his lessons.

''Hey Kacchan what do you think Nezu-san is gonna make us do today?'' I asked him while we were walking to his office. Kacchan shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets ''I don't fuckin' know. I think I remember him saying something about having a friend come and teach us some stuff'' I grinned and got excited ''you think they could be a hero?! I hope so! Maybe Number 13 for rescue stuff or sir nighteye! or-'' Kacchan cut me off by flicking my forehead. ''you're mumbling nerd''

I gave him a shy smile and chuckled. ''sorry kacchan'' he shook his head and ruffled my hair ''it's fine im used to your nerdy ways by now'' he teased.
I stuck my tongue out and knocked on Nezu-sans door. After hearing a muffled come in we went inside.
I let out a gasp and a grin broke out on my face ''I knew it'' I whispered. They're sitting in front of Nezu-san was Sir Nighteye drinking tea.

"Ah! Hello boys! Come in, Come in, would you like some tea?'' Nezu-san asked with a kind smile on his face. I nodded and went to sit over by Nezu-san. ''yes please''
Kacchan grunted and sat beside me. I looked at Sir Nighteye in awe.

after I found out what my quirk was I started looking up to heroes who had mental quirks like mine and aside from dad, SIr NIghteye was a main inspiration for me.

I smiled and thanked Nezu-san when he handed me my tea. I took a small sip and winced as it burnt my tongue. Setting the cup down quietly I turned to Nezu-san for an explanation as to why Sir Nighteye was there.

Nezu-san sat his cup down with a quiet clink and smiled kindly. ''Now I'm sure you are both wondering why Sir Nighteye is here, correct?''
I nodded and Kacchan grunted.

''I am here to help young Midoriya with the newest aspect of his quirk, I hope to be able to help him learn more about it and grow with it'' Sir explained. I hummed and nodded along with what he was saying.

''I look forward to working with you Sir'' I bowed a little in my seat and he nodded doing the same. ''As do I''

''So what am I supposed to do while Izuku works with him?'' Kacchan asked crossing his arms and huffing a little. I smiled slightly, Kacchan got jealous very easily, it was kinda cute.

''Ah, don't worry Katsuki-kun you will be working on quirk theory and analysis with me'' Nezu-san said cheerfully. Kacchan nodded looking a little less jealous '' Alrighty let's get started shall we?''

Nezu-san took Kacchan out to ground beta to practice analysis while Sir and I stayed in the classroom Nezu-san teaches us in.

''Alright Misoriya-kun would you please tell me about your visions?'' Sir asked.
I nodded and tried to remember. ''Well I was asleep, pretty sure I was having a nightmare'' I rubbed my chin thinking.
''Do you remember what the nightmare was about?'' He asked, a sympathetic look on his face.

I squeezed my eyes shut as it came back to me 'the laughter rung around me. everything was a dark red. they were all dead. all you're fault all you're alllfaultallyou'refaultallyou'refault-'
I took a shaky breath in 1...2...3...4 hold 1...2...3...4 out 1...2...3...4

He smiled softly at me and let me go at my own pace.
''U-um I don't really wanna talk about it B-but I do remember the visions'' I clasped my hands together and looked up at him nervously.

He nodded and gave me an understanding smile. ''Alright, could you tell me about them?'' I nodded and took a breath.

''Well the first one was in the future? well they are all in the future if they weren't we wouldn't be here but anyway I saw Kacchan- Um Bakugou- I saw an older him. maybe 14 or 15? he was captured- um taken hostage? By an um villain, his body was made of sludge a-and he was suffocating Kacchan and no one was doing anything. they were just standing there'' Tears welled up in my eyes but I willed them back.

He nodded and wrote something down on a note pad. I sucked in a breath and continued.

''The second one was in a place that I've never seen before. There was a portal looking thing with a bunch of what I think is villains. Um it kinda fast-forwards and there is this creature, it was big like all might big A-and it had a metal beak and its brain was exposed. A-and it um it was'' A tear fell, sniffling I harshly rubbed it away.
''it was on top of dad. smashing his head into the concrete. it snapped his arm like a twig. there was a bunch of blood and I could hear his screaming'' I whispered. While I was talking Sir had sat next to me and rubbed my back. He still didn't say anything he just listened. I kinda made me feel better.

Clearing my throat I started again ''The next one was in a forest, like a really big forest. Dad, Kacchan, and Toshi were there. As were some other heroes. The wild wild pussy cats I think. Um, the forest was filled with smoke. Maybe some kind of gas? A-and it was on fire. T-then I saw someone dragging Kacchan and Toshi through a portal. The Portal was the same one from the vision before'' I clenched my eyes together trying to remember the rest. '' I-i can't remember anything after that, I woke up after that last bit''

He nodded and hummed ''Thank you for telling me all of this Midoroya-kun. I know reliving nightmares can be tough.'' I nodded and smiled a little at him. '' now we can get started on finding more things out about your quirk'' I nodded excitedly.

'' Have you had any other visions outside of your sleep?''
''No just that once. It was only while I was sleeping''
''Hmm, so it's safe to assume that you can only have visions while you sleep'' He rubbed his chin, '' I want you to do something tonight. right before you are sleeping or while you are sleeping I want you to try and see something. It doesn't matter how small or insignificant, just as long as it's in the future. once you have done that we will get back together and speak more about the matter''
I nodded ''Ok ill try tonight.''
''Good, I will see you tomorrow''

Chapter Text

After I got done talking to sir nighteye it was only a little bit before school let out so I went and joined Toshi and dad. He was teaching Toshi simple multiplication. I got to help him with it a bit since me and kacchan had already learned multiplication a while ago with nezu-san. After kacchan got done with Nezu-san it was training time with dad.

''Dad! Wanna spar with me? I learned something new with my quirk and I wanna show you'' I told him. After Kacchan had helped me figure out how to change my eye color I forgot to show dad so now's a good time as ever I guess. ''Sure bud. Hitoshi, Katsuki Spar together. I'll be over here with Izuku'' He told them and came over here with me. ''Alright kid, show me what you've got'' he got in a fighting stance.
I fired up my quirk, making my eyes glow. I concentrated and made them glow red. Dad stumbled a bit and looked at me surprised. ''Holy shit Izuku. How long have you been able to do that?'' He had a soft smile on his face.
I shut if off after feeling my eyes starting to get irritated. ''Not long. a week maybe. I had kacchan help me with it. Although changing the color irritates my eyes more. I think I might be getting more information? There could be a correlation between the eye color and the amount of information I get with my quirk. Oh! I wonder if I could change it to other colors and get different types of information. It could also be correlated to the visions. I'll have to talk to Nezu-san about it and see what we can figure out'' Dad waited patiently as I got lost in a mumble spree as I do very often. Dad put his hands on my shoulders and gave me a rare smile, then he pulled me into a hug. He didn't say anything we just stood there hugging. After that, we spared until Papa came and picked us up.

I laid in bed after dad and papa tucked me and Toshi in. I wanted o try what Sir told me to but I wasn't sure how to start. ''Do I meditate? what do I even want to see?'' I let out a sigh and rolled over onto my side. How can I help people with a quirk that I don't know how to use?
''I just want to help someone''
Then I fell asleep.

I was in a room, the walls were pink and had glow in the dark stars on the walls and ceilings. There was a small bed in the corner in the room with a small blanket on it.
''Its a kids room'' I realized. ''what am I doing here?''
Looking around I noticed that I didn't see any toys...weird
Then I saw a girl, she was around my age or maybe a little bit younger. She had blond hair and her eyes were like a cat, They where cool.

She ran into the room quickly and tried to close the door but wasn't quick enough. A man grabbed the door and yanked it back open. ''Himiko what did we tell you?!'' A woman behind the man yelled. the woman kind of looked like the girl, what little I could see of her.
I couldn't see their faces but I could see the girl perfectly, She looked scared. ''I-i'm sorry mother! I didn't mean to!'' She was shaking in fear. ''Get out! Get out you monster!'' her mother screamed in anger.
The scene changed and we were in an alleyway, she was crying. I feel bad that I can't help her or make her feel better. Her hair was matted and she was really skinny, or well skinnier than in the first vision. The vision shifted to a street sign.
I know where she is.

I woke up with a gasp and shot out of my bed, running to dad and papa's room. They were both asleep. I jumped up onto the bed and onto dad. ''Dad. Dad.Dad!'' I shook him he woke up with a groan. ''What the hell? Izu? What's wrong?'' he sat up with me in his lap. ''we gotta go somewhere'' I told him standing up. ''What the hell? Izu its 2 in the morning''
''I know but we gotta go, I don't know how long she'll be there'' I walked out of the room with him following me. ''Who? Izuku what's going on?''
I sighed and got my jacket on over my sleep shirt. ''I had another vision and there's a girl in trouble and we need to help her''
''In trouble? like what kind of trouble?''
''Im not sure but I think her parents kicked her out and now shes homeless''
I sat down and got my shoes on.''Izuku waits'' He grabbed my arm and held me in place. ''Let me leave a note for Hizashi and then we can go'' I nodded and smiled at him waiting for him by the door. He came back with his capture weapon around his neck and he nodded.
''where did you put the note?''
''On his forehead''
I let out a giggle and followed him to the car.
I described what it looked like and told him the rode name.

we got there fairly quickly, thankfully it wasn't too far away. Once dad got to the road sign he parked and I got out. I pulled him along to the nearest Alleyway. ''Slow down Izuku your gonna fall'' Dad whisper yelled stopping me. ''I gotta find her! I saw it for a reason. I gotta save her dad!'' I yelled with tears in my eyes. He sighed and nodded. ''Fine but don't leave my side and please be careful.'' I nodded and held his hand as we searched a few more before we heard a crash. I gasped and ran off toward it with dad calling out behind me.
I knew it could have been something else-something dangerous-but it also could have been her.
I got there and there where a bunch of boxes and wooden crates that were knocked down and then I saw her. She was huddled in a corner, she was dirty and her clothes where torn. I would have missed her if I weren't looking for her specifically. ''H-Himiko?'' I asked quietly, she flinched and curled in on herself more. My heart ached for her, she was mistreated by her own parents and called a monster for something she couldn't control.

I walked over slowly and crouched around a foot away from her. ''that's your name, right? Himiko?'' she curled in on herself more, trying to hide from me. I heard dad's rapidly approaching footsteps, I held my hand out to stop him from approaching. He nodded and stayed out by the opening of the alley.
Why did they call her a monster? Why where they abusing her?
I hope dad will forgive me for using my quirk in public. I fired up my quirk and went red for good measure.

Name: Toga Himiko
Quirk: Transform
she can shape-shift anyone's appearance by consuming their blood. It gives her the full ability to copy another person's appearance to a perfect image, including tiny details and replicate the voice of the person copied.

Tears pricked my eyes. she was hurt for something she couldn't control, just like me and Toshi.

I let out a few sniffled and saw that she lifted her head a little. ''y-you were called a monster. hurt for something you couldn't control, weren't you?'' I wiped my eyes. this is not the time for me to be crying, this is about her not me.
She nodded her head a little. ''I understand how you feel'' She looked at me in disbelief. ''R-really?'' her voice was quiet, hoarse from unuse ''yeah I was hurt too because they thought I was quirkless. they hurt my brother too because he has a brainwashing quirk'' I told her, moving closer to her slowly until I was next to her. ''H-how did you escape?'' she asked. I smiled and looked at the opening of the alleyway and found dad still looking at us.
''I found my dad and my papa. They helped me and they want to help you to.'' I held her hands carefully but firmly. ''Himiko it's okay.'' I put on my biggest all might smile that I could muster. ''I am here''