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The kind man with the red eyes

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Izuku Midoriya and his mother, Inko Midoriya, were walking down the street from the groceries to their apartment. ''Katsudon, katsudon, katsudon'' Izuku sang as he walked with his mother.She gave him a soft smile, laughing along with him.  ''You sure do love katsudon, don't you Izuku?'' She laughed, not noticing the shadow that was following them.

''Yep!'' He stated loudly, giving her a smile that would rival All Might's. A large hand grabbed his mother and dragged her into the alleyway where he had a knife pressed against her neck. ''Mommy!'' Izuku screamed freezing at the sight. '’I-Izuku-'' she was cut off by the man applying more pressure onto her neck. ''Shut the fuck up bitch. Kid, come here and I won't hurt your mommy'' he mocked. ''Don't do it Izuku! Run baby!'' Inko shouted trying to push the man away from her. ''M-mommy..'' Izuku sobbed, his legs wouldn't move, he was frozen in fear.

''Stupid bitch! I said shut the fuck up!'' the thug said, punching her. ''I was gonna spare you and your brat but, I can hear the cops coming so can’t be having any witnesses'' the thug continued before stabbing Inko in the stomach making her fall to the ground in pain. ''Mommy!'' Izuku yelled running up to her with tears pouring down his face. ''I-Izuku sweetheart, I love you and I'm sorry for-'' she coughed cutting herself off. ''Mommy no, please don't go!'' Izuku sobbed. Inko raised a hand up to brush away the tears in her baby's eyes. ''Baby, please listen to me, don't listen to what anyone says, listen to your heart, I love you so much. You're my hero baby. Remember you can do whatever you put your mind to'' she sobbed out with her last breath. ''Mommy! No, please, I love you too! Don't go! Please mommy!'' he sobbed out. Inko gave him one last smile before the light in her eyes was out and she was gone. Leaving Izuku sobbing on the ground, holding her as the villain ran off after seeing a man with red eyes run into the ally.