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Can I ever be free?

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Drip Drip Drip 

        That's all Chika could hear from her cell, the dripping of the water coming from a crack in the ceiling. She let out a sigh and went to rub a thumb over a scar on her arm absentmindedly, trying to focus on anything that wasn't the dripping. It should be any minute now before Shigaraki came to get her and take her to the bar area, forcing her to do her 'job' as he called it. Her job was pretty simple, use her dumb quirk to tell them things on heroes they had questions on. Most of those times that hero was all might and those were usually the times that if she didn't corporate that she got punished more severally. It was those times that she wished she never got a quirk, or at the very least had been less talkative as a kid. She just had to go and draw attention to herself, happily telling people about the numbers next to them. If only she had noticed the creepy guy staring at her while she ran off to talk to the other kids, noticed how he had followed her from a distance and didn't take his eyes off of her. If only she had screamed when the guy came up to her and told her to come with him or else. Maybe if she would have done those things she wouldn't be in this stupid cell, waiting to be interrogated again and be punished because she wasn't going to give them what they wanted. She rubbed a little harder as she thought about what they had done to her over the years, everything from beating to just straight up torture.

       Chika freezes up when she hears the noise of the door opening to the room the cell was kept in, light flooding into the darkness of the room. She had to squint some when she looked over to see, since they didnt keep the lights on in the room on for her for the most part. When she was able to see a bit better she could make out Shigaraki standing in the door way, his fathers hand firmly in place over his face and his cold eyes watching her carefully. She could see the small circle her quirk made come up next to his head and knew already what would happen if she made it open. She had his stats memorized, whether if it was when he was just standing and doing nothing or enraged and trying to harm someone, she knew the numbers by heart now.   

Intelligence: 5,

Speed: 5,

Strength: 3

Durability: 4

Stealth: 3

Stamina: 5

Quirk control: 4.

   " Are you ready to cooperate today or are you going to be a brat like usual?" Chika watched as he slowly headed over to the cell and went to pull the keys out from his pocket, jingling them a bit at her." I might just keep you in here until you learn to behave, I don't have time for your childish games."

   She let out a sigh before going to slowly get up from her spot on the ground, nearly falling over from having sat in one position for too long. She looked him in his eyes the best she could before straightening up a bit." Ill tell you what i can.." She had to hold back from the disgust she wanted to show when his eyes lit up with child like glee. She almost wanted to take back what she said but knew what would happen if she did, she learned along time ago when were the best times to give him lip were and this wasn't one of them. Shigaraki unlocked the door to the cell and grabbed her by the arm once he had the door open, barely making sure he didn't touch her with all five fingers which she was slightly grateful for. Chika allowed her self to be pushed in front of him and started walking the way to the bar, in her state of skin in bones there was no way she could out run him and he knew that. 

      Chika shoved the door open to the bar when she got there and went to head over to the laptop that was set up at the bar. It had become routine for her, come into the room, take her seat and start watching. Once she started watching she wasn't allowed to look away or get distracted since they didn't want her to miss a second of the video, any second missed could be a second that something changes in a heroes stats. She let her eyes wonder over to Kurogiri and offered a small wave, which all he offered her in return was a nod before going back to his glass that he was cleaning. She wasn't going to lie, she didn't mind Kurogiri all that much. He typically kept Shigaraki from harming her too much in his fits that he has and at least gave her a cup of water when she came in here to do her 'work'. Just to relax herself before getting into her 'work' she went to look at Kurogiris stats again.

   Intelligence: 4

   Speed: 3

   Durability: 2

   Stealth: 3

   Stamina: 4

   Quirk control: 5

   She went to glance at the open laptop and made a slight face when she noticed that once again it was All Might that she was going to have to analyze again. Don't get her wrong the man was an idol and she wished she could be as great as him, but a person can only take so much of something when they are forced to watch them anytime there is a new video of them and watch for any differences, any weaknesses or any openings. What she was willing to tell them was that All Might's stats were at the highest numbers she could see and that when he was actually fighting they actually surpassed the usual 5 and went up to 6. She had accidentally let it slip during one of his fights with what looked to be a slug villain that towards the end that almost all his numbers but Intelligence went down to 4's. They didn't seem too surprised by this but it almost made her sick with how excited Shigaraki seem to get with the noise. She beat herself up over that for a while, she should have never let something like that slip. How was anyone ever going to stop them if she gave away what they are were good at and what they weren't. Ever since then she tried to screw the results she got to try and throw them off, sometimes it work and sometimes it got her hit. She didn't care though, she would take the beating if it meant she didn't screw over those that did nothing wrong.   

      Chika started the video but her attention was almost immediately taken away when she noticed that for some reason Shigaraki had motioned for Kurogiri to follow him into the hall they had just left from. That was certainly new? They almost never left her alone while she did this or really ever, the only time she was left alone was when she was forced into her cell. She watched as they left behind the door and went to take in the room once more, feeling like something was going to pop out at her but alas there was no one else in there. What could they possible be doing over there? Why leave her completely alone? She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment when she looked at the door that led out of the bar and towards the outdoors. The door didn't appear locked and there didn't seem to be anything around to would indicate a trap. She didn't know how long they were going to be gone but was it worth a shot to try and run? Worse comes to worse she was brought back and punished but they wouldn't kill her, if they could just kill her they would have done that a long time ago.

   She turned to look at the other door and slowly went to get up from her chair, trying not to make any noise. She made sure to keep her steps quite as she went to head for the door, never taking her eyes off the other door.If she could get away then she could make it to someone and get help. She had to be brave right now and take the chance. She held her breath as she reached out and grabbed the handle before slowly going to open the door, if she made even one wrong move here she could ruin it all. She went to look out the now open door and released the breath she had been holding before breaking into a run. She didn't notice in that second the other door crack open behind her, a dull red eye watch her run, the smallest amount of that glee shining through.

     Chika burst though the door of the building once she made it there and quickly looked around, finding it hard to see in the dark and pouring rain. She took only a second to collect herself before quickly taking off down the Alley. She had been done anything but she could already feel a burn in her lungs and legs considering she was fed rarely and didn't get much activity since she was kept in her a cell most of her life. Even with all this she kept running, twisting and turning through alleyways to try and get some distance between them, she kept herself going because she was not going to go back there, she wasn't going to be there puppet anymore.

    She barely noticed that she had tears running down her face, whether they were from the fear that at any moment she was going to be grabbed and dragged back or the hope of being free she couldn't tell. She went to round the corner of one of the alleyways but ended up tripping and following in a puddle. She went to try and push herself up but ended up falling in the puddle again, just not having the energy in her at the moment. What was she going to do? If she didn't get up now they could come and find her, they would drag her back and she didn't want to imagine what would happen to her. She could feel her eyes getting heavy and her vision slowly getting blurry as she felt just how exhausted she really was. She couldn't pass out now, not here. She needed to find someone to help her, anyone that could get here away from here.

   She felt a shiver run through her body as the rain continued to pour down on her, not lightening up in the slightest. Was this all that she could manage? She finely gets a taste of freedom and all she can manage is to fall in a alleyway and not get up? How pathetic could she get?  As she slowly slips into unconsciousness the last thing she sees is a figure drop not to far from her and call something out to her, slowly moving over to her. 

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     Chika let out a groan as she slowly came out, her body aching all over and the light in the room being way to bright for her eyes. It took her a few minutes to be able to open her eyes fully but when she did she realized that a.) she was not in her cell and b.) there was something on her wrist. She glanced down at her wrist to notice a pair of handcuffs keeping her attached to the bed railing, it was after that she noticed that she was in some white room with a bunch of machines around her, beeping and showing things that she didn't understand.

     She went to sit up some now but pauses when she noticed what looked to be a pretty scruffy looking guy sitting in a chair near a window, he had some scarf looking thing wrapped around his shoulders and appeared to be wearing some black jump suit of sorts. He appeared to be looking through some files but from what she could see he had to have been staring at them for too long because his eyes were a bit blood shot but the dark circles under his eyes could mean he hadn't been sleeping much either. He hadn't said anything to her once she sat up so she took this chance to use her quirk to figure at least something about this guy. 

    Intelligence: 4,

    Speed: 4,

    Strength: 3,

    Durability: 3,

     Stealth: 4,

     Stamina: 4,

     Quirk control: 5

     She was honestly surprised with the mans stats, from first glance you would not expect something like that from him. Chika took her attention away from the guy and went to try to tug slightly at the handcuffs, they seemed to be the real deal so there wasn't much she could do about this. She tensed up a bit when she heard a gruff, tired voice speak out to her." You have been asleep for quite a while, I'm guessing that sleep isn't something you get very much."

     She looked over to see that the guy was looking at her now, his expression still look tired but he had an eyebrow raised slightly at her. She quickly looked away from him now and went to pull the blanket that was over her up closer to her chest." Y-yeah I have trouble sleeping.." She glances over at him slightly again when she heard him sigh, she watched as he put down the file and went to get up and head over to her. She tensed up a bit and tried to move further back on the bed, which seemed to grab his attention and caused him to stop half way over to her." Hey kid, I'm not going to hurt you. I just have to ask you a few questions so we can figure out why you were out in the rain and why you look the way you do..." That caused her to shake her head, pushing herself back as far as the handcuffs would allow." I-I can't tell you anything.. They are going to find me and hurt me if I tell anyone anything about them."

     She didn't even know who this guy was or where she was, for all she knew this was a giant trick and they were going to pop out any minute. The man makes a bit of a face at this but going to reach into his pocket, pulling out a wallet." Trust me, no one is going to come and hurt you. They would have to get through me and the security to do that." He went to open the wallet and showed her what looked to be a license, along the top was the words HERO LICENSE and bellow that was his picture with some other information but what really caught her eyes was the name; Shouta Aizawa and the hero name Eraserhead.

     Chika tried to rack her brain to try and remember if she remembered watching any hero named Aizawa but she couldn't bring anything up, it was obvious he wasn't new so why didn't she know the name. She did allow herself to relax slightly after seeing he was a hero and straightened up a bit." I guess that explains the strong stats..." she muttered under her breath. Aizawa raises an eyebrow at that some, having picked up what she had said." My stats?" Chika blushes slightly now, realizing she had said that out loud and looked over at one of the monitors so she didn't have to look at him." S-sorry.. it has to do with my quirk." She glances at him again when she saw him go and put his wallet in his pocket before he crossed his arms over his chest." So kid, ready to tell me why you were in that alleyway and why you look like you haven't eaten in months?"

     Chika hesitates a moment before moving her hands and blanket to her lap now." I was being kept in some bar in the area by some pretty bad guys. They.. They kidnapped me when i was really young, saying they needed my quirk.. They left me alone yesterday so i ran.." The more she thought about it the weirder it sounded because why leave her alone? They said they needed her back then left her in a room that wasn't locked to the outside world. None of it made sense to her. Aizawa raises an eyebrow some at her before going to move so he could sit on the end of the bed."Did these two have names? and what were they using your quirk for?"

   She hesitated a long moment before looking him in the eyes." I'm not saying there names till i'm sure they aren't going to get me.. but they wanted my quirk so they could figure out heroes a bit easier.. like what they were strong in and weak in. They mostly wanted me to watch all might though." She didn't like the way he tensed up at that and gripped the blanket a bit tighter." I-I tried not to let anything slip about him or the others but i let something slip once.. I'm sorry.."  Aizawa shook his head a bit and looked over at the window, seeming to be thinking about something but she couldn't tell what it was." It's not your fault kid, but did they tell you anything about why they wanted you to watch all might?" Chika shook her head some and rubbed at one of the scars on her arm." No they didn't.. I didn't cooperate much so they didn't tell me anything."

     Chika watched as Aizawa stood up and went to pull a phone out from one of his other pockets, glancing over at her some now." Do you got a name, kid?" She hesitates a moment before nodding slowly." My name is Matsuo Chika.. Y-you can call me Chika though.."

     Aizawa nodded some before going to scroll through his phone a bit." I have to make a few phone calls, I'll be just outside the door so if you need anything just call for me."

     She nodded a bit and watched as he went to head to the door and out of the room, already putting the phone up to his head before he made it all the way out. She looked around the room again while he wasn't in there and let out a sigh. What was she going to do now? She didn't remember her parents at all and if they weren't in japan anymore or something then what? Would they just put her in an orphanage? Chika let out a sigh before looking at one of the monitors again, taking the chance to really get a good look at herself. Her dark long hair went all the way down close to her butt, it looked dirty and tangled from not being kept up with. Around her round, dark brown eyes were dark circles that looked almost permanently itched into her skin. She looked really thin as well, definitely to an unhealthy point, it almost made her feel sick looking at herself like that. She looked away from her reflection and went to pull the blanket back up over herself, she was glad she was at least covered with clothes because she knew under all this there was nothing but bruising and scars.

     Chika was taken out of her thoughts when the door opened and in walked Aizawa again, she didn't think it was possible but somehow he looked almost more tired then before hand." Alright Chika, by tomorrow you will be released and for the time being I'll be looking over you till we can figure out something else. Also we will be going by a place that might be able to figure out a solution for your problem." He went to head over to the chair he had been sitting in and sat down, picking up the file he been reading before hand." ill be staying here till visiting hours are over then a security guard will be placed in front of your room till i can pick you up tomorrow."

     Chika pauses some at this, so this is what they had planned for her? Who exactly were they planning on seeing tomorrow anyways?."U-um thank you Eraserhead.." He glances over at her some now and raises an eyebrow at her." Just call me Aizawa, its much less of a mouth full." She hesitates some before nodding a bit." Okay.. I'll try to remember that."

      Aizawa went to turn back to his file before turning a page in it." So, want to explain that quirk of yours and what stats you were talking about?" Chika sits up some at this before rubbing the back of her neck with the hand that wasn't handcuff'd." Well I guess the best way to explain it is like a video game when you can see characters stats.. Though i can choose if they show or not. Their is just a small blue orb by everyone's heads for me and when i open them it shows things like Intelligence, speed, strength, Durability, stealth, stamina, and Quirk control. Sometimes stats can change when people use their quirks too. It scales from 1 to 5 but i have had cases were people have gone up to 6 as well." she looked over at him some and offered a small smile." From what i saw of you, in the order i described the list your numbers are 4, 4, 3, 3, 4, 4, and 5."

     Aizawa raises an eyebrow some at this now before glancing at her a bit, seeming a little intrigued now." Does the information ever become too over whelming for you?" She nods some now and looks down at the blanket some." It can be.. My Brain wants to remember all the numbers and changes but it gets to be a bit too much sometimes and i get upset with myself if i don't remember some at times.."

     Aizawa nods some before going to flip to another page." Tomorrow will stop get something to help with that then." Chika quickly looked up at that before making a slightly confused face, why would he stop and get her things? "You don't have to do that.." Aizawa shrugged some before looking over at her a bit." Too bad, I've already made up my mind."

     Chika tried to comprehend why he would want to do something for her before just settling for a slight smile, maybe it wouldn't be too bad having to be around this guy. She went to say thank you to him but ended up yawning rather loudly, which caused her to blush brightly. Aizawa let out a slight chuckles before shaking his head a bit." Get some sleep chika. You are going to have a long day a head of you."

    Chika wanted to argue but just nodded instead, maybe she shouldn't argue with this guy since he was going to help her out. She went to lay back on the hospital bed before turning so she could get a bit more comfortable, facing the side her wrist was handcuff'd on. She went to close her eyes now and try to fall asleep. If Aizawa was really here to help her then maybe everything would be okay for her, maybe Shigaraki wouldn't find her again. She didn't want to get her hops up but already she felt better then she had in years. Thinking about that and the hope for tomorrow she slowly fell asleep under the watchful eye of Aizawa. 

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     It was the next morning when Chika finally woke up again, having slept on and off through out the night. She found it hard to stay asleep when the nightmares began and all she could see was shigarakis face laughing at her or everything they had done to her. She let out a sigh and rubbed at her face some before going to sit up in her hospital bed, noticing the handcuff had been removed at some point while she was sleeping. She looked around the room some and raises an eyebrow when she noticed what looked to be a pile of clothes sitting some what neatly folded in one of the chairs. Did Aizawa leave that for her?

     Chika went to get up from her bed and had to grab onto the railing of the bed because trying to stand after laying down for two days probably wasn't the best idea. She rubs at one of her eyes once she was able to stand a bit more steadily before heading over to the pile to have a look at the clothes, all though she would have been fine with just wearing the hospital get up since it was almost one hundred times better then what she was forced to wear before while under the care of shigaraki. She shuddered in disgust just thinking about the nasty rags she constantly had to wear. 

     Once she finally shook of the thoughts of those old rags she finally went to pick up the first item which made her have to look it over a couple time to make sure she was seeing it right, the item in her hand was a Black and purple hoodie that appeared to have cats ears on it and the words nyah written on the back. What the heck was a nyah anyways? There was no way that Aizawa brought this for her, the guy didn't seem like the type at all, but if not him then who else? She went to set it to the side before going to look at the next two items, which one was just a plan black t-shirt and black jeans. The last thing was a pair of black and purple converse, which she actually was a bit excited about. She didn't have shoes before so maybe these would help her feet not hurt some much.

     Chika glanced around to make sure no one was around or watching her before going to change into the outfit. She took extra care not to look at herself in anything with her reflection, since she would rather not look at her body and the scars and bruises that covered it. She would question the lack of bra for her but honestly its not liked it mattered much since she didn't really have anything to support. If it wasn't for her long hair and voice she could easily pass off as a boy if she wanted too.

     While the hoodie was a surprise at first she was pretty excited to see that it was really soft and comfy on the inside, all though it was a bit big on her so it went past her hands a bit. She tried to get her hair in a bit of order before going to pull the hood up, only then did she look at herself. She had to suppress a giggle when she saw the little ears on top of the hood, somewhat seeing the appeal of them now that they were on top of her head. 

     Chika tensed up slightly when she heard the door open before quickly turning around, a faint blush coming across her face when she saw Aizawa standing in the door way with a slightly amused look on his face." Glad to see that you like the hoodie, Hizashi tired to tell me a kid your age would hate it."

     Chika tried to rack her brain if she remembered the name Hizashi before a small smile came across her face." Isn't that the hero Present Mic?"

     Aizawa seemed a little surprised that she knew that before nodding a bit." How exactly did you know that?"

     Chika rubbed at the back of her neck some and glanced away a bit." All might wasn't the only hero they had me look at, I had to watch a ton of them and write their stats down in files for the people keeping me. The files always had their actual names and i tried to memorize them so if anything i ever wrote down actually ended up causing them trouble i could apologize in person when i got out..."

     "Well we need to get going but on our way to the car you can tell me those stats, I'm curious as to what your quirk saw him at." He motioned for her to follow before turning to head down one of the halls. She blinks slight since he didn't seem upset that she admit to having to sometimes write down info about the heroes before quickly going to follow after him." I don't think it would be okay for me to just tell peoples information like that after everything else I've done..."

     Aizawa glances back at her some and raises an eyebrow at her before a knowing smirk came across his face, something she made sure not to miss." Kid i don't think he would mind me knowing, lets just say we are close enough that it shouldn't matter."

     Chika gave him a skeptical look before going to stuff her hands in her pockets, looking around the halls as they made their way to their destination." His stats were Intelligence: 5, Speed: 2, Strength: 3, Durability: 2, Stealth: 1, stamina: 4, and Quirk control can be anywhere between a 2 and a 3 at times."

    Aizawa nods some before raising an eyebrow at her." Why do you think the last one isn't consistent?"

    Chika hummed in thought before shrugging a bit." Probably because he cant entirely control where his quirk hits and who it hits at times. I know the thing around his neck helps a bit with this but even then if anyone who is on his side is in the way of a villian he would end up hitting them with his quirk. Also while his equipment does help narrow his quirks range so he can aim it he doesn't help watch his volume so he accidentally uses it sometimes." she looks up at him some now with a shy smile." Honestly its not his fault that his numbers on quirk control seems to waver, it happens to most from what I've noticed depending on a lot of different things." 

    Aizawa raises an eyebrow some now, seeming to think over what she said before going to open the door for her when they finally made it there." You seemed to have thought this over before, were you made to do that as well while being held captive?"

    Chika heads out and stop when she notices the car that was waiting for them, she still didn't know where they were going. She turned to ask Aizawa where exactly he was taking her but ends up nearly falling over when she jumps from a loud voice from behind her yell." SHOUTA~! I GUESS I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE HOODIE!"

   Aizawa sighs some and went to pat Chika's back gently to help her get over her near heartache before giving Yamada, who was in the car and had rolled down the window to yell at them, a look." Hizashi not everyone is used to how loud you are, keep it down. I would rather not explain have to explain to Nezu that you managed to kill the girl before we even got to him." That causes Yamada to pout some before leaning back in his seat." i wasn't trying to scare her, I was just excited that you actually picked out clothes for someone and they didn't hate them."

    Chika recovers from her near death experience and turns around to look over at Yamada." Wait.. Present Mic? Why is he here? and who is Nezu?" The were so many questions she had and for someone reason she felt like she wasn't going to get too many answers at the moment, especially since Aizawa was already getting in the passenger seat. She lets out a sigh and went to climb into the back seat. She got comfortable and looked around the car a bit. She never got to ride in a car before so this was going to be interesting. She didn't expect it to be so comfortable, she could get used to this. 

    Chika jumps slightly when she was dragged out of her thoughts by Yamada talking to her again." So little listener, you into cats as well? I wouldn't think anyone but Shouta here would like a jacket like that."

    Chika smiles some and rubs the back of her neck some now before looking out the window as they started moving." Well I don't know.. I've never had one before so i couldn't really tell you." she heard a huff from Yamada before she looked over at him, noticing that he had a slightly worried look on his face."Well Shouta is going to be watching you so you'll get plenty of chances to see if you like cats then. He owns a ton of them~." Aizawa gave him a slight look, obviously not agree with what he said." I own three cats, don't be spreading lies about me."

    Chika giggles slightly at the two, they must be really good friends to know so much about each other. She felt herself relax a bit and watch out the window as they drove, trying to figure out where they were going. The name Nezu didn't ring any bells with her so she didn't think he was a pro hero but he must be someone good if she was being taken there by two pro's. Maybe a cop or something? But Aizawa has been questioning her so it wouldn't make too much sense to take her there. No matter what she could come up with she couldn't figure out where they were going. All she could hope is that this Nezu person was someone that could help her out in the end. She glanced down at her sleeves and pulls them over her hands some, eventually she would have to have a talk with Aizawa about Shigaraki and Kurogiri but she wasn't ready just yet, it still hurt just to think about them. She gripped her sleeves tightly and took a breath to steady herself, she wasn't going to break down right now. She had to be strong.

   Chika barely noticed when the car stopped but when she did she noticed that both of them were looking at her, Yamada looking a bit worried while Aizawa looked as though he was studying, like he was trying to figure out what was going on in her head. She smiled a bit wobbly at them before looking out the window, her eyes widening when she took in the rather large building they had stopped at." Is this the place?.."

   Aizawa nods before going to get up out of the car along with Yamada. Chika went to follow them out and got a good look of the building. It was huge and covered in windows, to her the shape kind of reminded her of an H in shape. She looked over at Aizawa when she heard him speak." This is U.A. High. The prinicple here is Nezu and after hearing about you he wanted to meet you and find out exactly what it was that you found out about All Might." 

   Chika froze when she heard this. This was U.A.? She had heard about it on some of the videos she had to watch, they usually mentioned that Present Mic and a few other heroes she had to watch worked here. Wait, actually all most all the heroes she watched work here expect for All Might. But then why bring her here to talk to the principle about him? What connection did he had to All Might that would make him want to talk to her." W-Why does this guy want to talk to me?.. Shouldn't it be All Might himself?"

  Aizawa sighs a bit before going to head for the building, Yamada following right beside him." Nezu will explain everything once we get inside, just follow us. It shouldn't take that long to figure out what he needs."

   Chika hesitates a moment before going to follow after them, trying not to get nervous now. What kind of man was the principle of U.A.? It had to be someone scary right? or someone really strong? All she knew is that she was not ready for this, she was just kinda relaxing a bit around these two and now she had to meet someone else! This is too much for her. She went to pull the hood further over her face and chews on her bottom lip some now.

   She ended up letting out a rather embarrassing squeak when Yamada put his hand on her head, obviously trying to help calm her down since just pulling a hood over her head wasn't going to hide the fact that she was freaking out at the moment." Hey kid nothing to worry about! Nezu is super chill and wont bite or anything, I'm sure once he is done with his questions we can leave~. I'm sure you hungry so we can stop and get some food if you want! What do you like to eat?" Chika chewed a bit more on her bottom lip before glancing up at him some now from under her hood."I-I don't know.. I usually just ate bread and water.."

   She shut her mouth when she noticed that seemed to make him upset and quickly looked down again. She chilled out a little when she feels him rub her head slightly through the hood." Well i guess that means Shouta and I will have to treat you to something real good when we leave!"

   Chika felt a slight smile come across her face at that before looking up at him again." O-okay.. i would like that a lot actually." Yamada and her stopped walking when they noticed Aizawa stop before one of the doors, turning around to look at them." You ready, kid?"

   Chika took a long breath before nodding slowly. Guess it was now or never, uh? 

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     Chika readied herself when she saw him go to open the door to the room and glanced around the room, what ever she had been fearing quickly dissipating when she saw it looked pretty normal. The room looked set up like you would imagine an office to be set up but a little bigger and it gave off a welcoming vibe. She released the breath she didn't realize she was holding before going to head in, she noticed half way into the room that the chair at the desk was turned around so the back was facing her, which she found a bit odd.

     She heard Aizawa shut the door behind her before seeing him and Yamada move to stand on either side of her, all though it was Yamada who was the first to speak." Hey Nezu, we brought the kid here for you!"

     Chika grumbles slightly under her breath." My names Chika, you guys can stop calling me kid now..." She glanced at the chair when she saw it turn around and felt her eyes widen some. She had been expecting a lot of things but she didn't expect the principle of U.A. to be so small. Was he like a rat or something? Maybe a over grown mouse?

     She watched as Nezu smiled kindly at them before motioning to the chairs in front of the desk." Thank you both, but please everyone sit. I have some tea prepared fro our talk." She took a minute to look at the chair before slowly sitting down in it, slightly on edge since she didn't know what to expect.

     She watched as Nezu poured everyone some tea before pushing the tray a bit closer to them to pick them up, both Yamada and Aizawa went to take their drinks while Chika looked at hers like it was going to attack her at any moment. She a.) had never had tea before and b.) didn't know if she was going to get poisoned or something if she drank that. She decided to wait till everyone else drank before she tried hers. She did take this moment to check out what exactly Nezu's stats were before they got down to business. 

     Intelligence: 6

     Speed: 2

     Strength: 2

     Durability: 2

     Stealth: 4

     Stamina: 2

     Quirk control: 6

     Chika had to admit she was impressed with his Quirk Control and Intelligence, all though she had a sneaking suspension that the two were related. She watched as the three of them took a drink from their tea before Nezu turned his attention to her." So you must be Matsuo Chika, correct? I've heard a few things about you from Aizawa here. Its a pleasure to meet you."

     She glances over at him before nervously reaching out to grab the cup, holding it close to her once she had it." Y-you can just call me Chika. I guess its nice to meet you too sir.."

     She raised an eyebrow when she heard him chuckle a bit before hesitantly taking a sip of her tea, too her surprise it was pretty good. It definitely beat water. She went to look back at Nezu when she noticed him pour himself some more tea." There is no need to be nervous Chika, you are probably in the safest place in japan. We have pro heroes all around us."

     Chika fidgets in her seat a bit before looking down at her tea. Even hearing that couldn't bring her any comfort, then again it was heard to find comfort in any place when one of your kidnappers could literally warp himself and others places." Sorry.. Ill try to keep that in mind." She noticed that Aizawa was watching her with a look that could be described as concerned. It was a little hard to tell since half his face was covered by his scarf at the moment and his eyes were bloodshot.

     Nezu went to set his drink back down once he took a drink before putting his paws together over the table." Speaking of our school being full of pro heroes, I was informed that the people that held you were using you for your quirk. Something about seeing an individuals stats I believe is how Aizawa put it."

     Chika nods some now and went to have another sip." Yes sir.."z

     "They also wanted you to use this quirk to tell them about pro heroes. Namely All Might, is that correct?"

     Chika chew on her bottom lip before nodding some, she was afraid to say it out loud since she was already well aware that she had messed up with the one time she slipped up.

     She stops chewing on her lip when she feels a hand start to rub at her hand before glancing up and over at Yamada, who was smiling at her." Hey, no one is judging you here. It's all going to be okay."

     Nezu nods and also smiles at her." its only understandable considering the situation you were in. Aizawa told me that you tried not to give them info if you could help it, that was very brave of you. Considering your situation i think i have a plan to keep you safe and away from whoever was trying use you."

     Chika perked up a bit at that before looking over at Nezu, the beginnings of a smile on her face." Really?.. What is it?"

     Nezu went to rub his paws together before smiling widely at her." You will join U.A. as a recommended student of mine!"

     Chika took a couple minutes to see if she heard him right because she could have sworn he said have her join U.A. but there was no way right? Look at her, she was skin and bones basically and didnt even have a quirk well suited for combat!." Sir with all due respect.. I don't think I'm worthy of coming here.." She hated to talk about herself like that but she couldn't help it, she couldn't see how she would be good enough to be here. She had no fighting experience, no real strength she could offer. What could she manage to do?

     Nezu tilts his head at her now." I think you plenty worthy, you were held captive by what we can only guess to be villains and not only did you survive for so long but also fought against them to do what you felt was right. I feel like that makes you plenty worthy to be in our school. I have reviewed the class i would like to put you in and there are a few candidates that i think might not make it far anyways. I will leave it to aizawa though to be the finally judge since it is his class that i would like to place you in."

    Chika looks over at Aizawa now, seeming a little dumbfounded now." You teach here?.."

    Aizawa sighed some and leaned back in his chair, his arms crossed across his chest." I teach the hero course 1-a. I have only seen a few of the kids ill be teaching but from what I've seen a few of them could go if they don't meet my standards. Being in my class would give you the training you would need to protect yourself and eventually if you wanted to become a hero. You don't have to have a flashy quirk to be a hero, you just have to have the heart to do it."

    Chika clenches her fist some now, what he said made sense. But could she do it? Could she really be a hero as well? Was this her chance to redeem herself and prove she wasn't just some tool? She turned toward Nezu before straightening up a bit." Alright.. But if you guys don't deem anyone unworthy of being in there then put me somewhere else. I'm not going to snatch someones place if they deserve it.."

    Nezu had a sip of his tea before nodding." Of course, we can do that. For now though you are going to have to get some meat on those bones and begin training immediately. You will have a lot of catching up to do and will have to learn to hold your own against the others, these kids are here to fight for the right to be heroes. They wont wait up for you."

    " Ill work hard sir.. I wont waste this opportunity that you guys have given me.." she tried for a confident face but she could tell the smile on her face was wavering and that she was shaking a little. She had a long road a head of her and she couldn't imagine what could of people her classmates would be. 

    Nezu nods now and went to pull out a small notebook, opening it up to a clean page before looking at her." Now one last thing, I need to know exactly what you let slip to the villains about All Might."

    And there went all that fake confidence she just had. She took a shaky breath before she looked down at her sleeves." Well.. It was after he had fought some sludge villain and saved those two kids.. Even if its just a video i can still use my quirk to see peoples stats. After that fight i noticed that All Might's stats besides Intelligence went down down to 4, when usually almost all of them are at a 6.. 6 is very impressive to have since usually my quirk caps out at 5 so i was shocked and it slipped. I didn't mean to do it but they seemed to take some sick pleasure in the fact that he seemed weaker." she watched as she wrote all this down, a frown starting to develop on his face.

    Nezu looked over what he had before looking at her." Thank you for letting me know this, Ill be passing this info on to All Might so he will be informed."

    "W-will.. will he hate me for this?" she tried not to sound upset but she couldn't help it, she might have possible caused a lot of issues now and for the number 1 hero at that.

    She felt a bit taken back when she heard not only Nezu but Yamada chuckle at her. Nezu waved a hand at her as if to dismiss the thought." Trust me Chika, All Might would never hate you." She couldn't help feel her doubts about this but decides not to voice them at the moment, instead she just nodded some now before looking back at her hands.

    Nezu went to put his paws together before smiling at them all." Alright everyone, I think that is everything. Class will start in a week so make sure to feed her well so she looks a little more lively and begin her training. I'm leaving her in both of your hands."

   Chika tilted her head slightly at this now because both of their hands? She thought that it was just Aizawa that would be taking care of her, does that mean that she was going to have to go in between their places? Unless they were roommates, that was also an option. She did notice that they both used each others first names and seemed very close. Maybe there was something else she was missing? She noticed that Aizawa and Yamada were getting up to leave so she decided to get up as well. She was a little excited to see Aizawa's place, then she could get to see a cat and see if she actually liked them or not.

    She bowed to Nezu before going to follow after Aizawa and Yamada. Maybe once they got there she could try and figure out why she was put under both their care.


   Chika had to admit, she didn't expect Aizawa's apartment to be so clean and neat when they finally made it there. She had taken the chance to look around while Aizawa and Yamada picked what to have to dinner and from she could tell it almost felt like the prefect mix of the twos personalities. There were shelves in cases filled with records and cd's, seeming to be organized by name but you could see there were two very different types of music from the names and bands that were mixed in. The furniture was simple at first but usually was adorned by something with a wild pattern, if she had to guess that they compromised with that. She was also told she would be using the spare room but she noticed this was only a two room apartment from what she saw, so from what she gathered is that those two share a room. She was beginning to think the two were more then just friends but she wasn't going to pry. If they want her to know they will tell her.

   Since the other two were busy picking something for lunch she was currently petting one of the cats that seemed to take a liking to her. She could say for certain now that she was a fan of cats, how could some not be? They seemed so soft and cuddly, especially the one she had in her lap! She believed they said this ones name was Kuro which made sense since it was a black cat. 

   Apparently today they would take it easy but starting tomorrow they were going to head out to shop for her so she would actually have clothes and things she would need. They were also going to start with some simple training since she wasn't to a point that she could do anything too strenous. 

   She went to lightly pick up Kuro and lightly nuzzles the top of his head, smiling softly with how nice her fur felt. It kind of helped calm down her growing nerves about going to U.A.. 

   She couldn't but feel a bit scared, this was something she had never thought she would have a chance to do and now here she was. She wished she was getting in because she was strong but instead she was getting in because she was kidnapped and held against her will. What did that prove about her exactly? That she was weak? She knew from the car ride here that Aizawa wanted to come up with a fake back story for her so that no one knew about her actual past. They didn't want it to influence how the kids saw her or the info to get out she was there just yet. 

   She went to bury her face into Kuros fur and took a shake breath. She didn't want to drag more people into this but it was too late to go back now, all she can do go along with this and try to get strong.

    She nearly jumped off of the couch when she felt someone sit down and looked over to find Yamada sitting next to her now, what really surprised her was that he seemed to have his hair pulled up into a bun and was in some casual attire." Everything okay there, Chika?"

    Chika hesitates some before going to set Kuro back in her lap, which caused her to meow and stretch out in her lap before curling up into a ball." I guess I'm just a bit nervous.."

    Yamada raises an eyebrow some before leaning over to rubbing the top of her head, she guessed her figured out that calmed her down a bit when she was getting upset." Well spill the tea, kid. I'm all ears."

    She looked over at him for a moment before leaning into his hand a bit." What if I'm not good enough?.. What if i take someones chance and i don't even deserve it? I'm not strong, I'm not fast and i don't know how to fight.. I doubt Ill keep up so ill probably just get in the way." She felt tears starting to prickle her eyes and went to quickly rubbed them away with her sleeve." I don't even deserve to be a hero.. I was just some villains toy I don't deserve to be up there with other kids who worked hard for this."

     Chika let out a squeak when she was suddenly pulled into a tight hug, the pull scaring Kuro out of her lap. She felt Yamada rub her back gently, as if he was trying to help her relax a bit." Listen kid, Sure you might not have the fighting experience as those other kids or the same strength but over time you will and I would bet my money you will be a damn good hero. You deserve this just like them, don't you ever doubt that."

     She hesitated a longer moment before slowly returning the hug, a few more tears escaping even though she was trying her hardest not to cry. She always hated crying, she felt like it made her seem weak." Y-You don't even know me though.. why would you even think that."

    " Because anyone who can stand to be imprisoned by villains for years and come out with some hope is a strong person to me. You have fight in you, you just need a little help fully bringing it out."

    Chika sniffles slightly before burying her face into his chest, fully accepting the comfort now." T-thank you..." she wouldn't admit it out loud but she really appreciated the hug, it helped simmer some of the fear in her and give her something else to focus on

    "Damn it Hizashi, I told you to check on the girl not to make her cry."

     Chika pulled back some from the hug and looked over at Aizawa, seeing him holding a bag of delivery food. It seemed that he had a similar casual look as Hizashi just his clothes were black and his hair was styled a bit differently then Yamada's bun.

     Yamada rubbed the back of his neck some now before going to get up." It wasn't like i was trying to make her cry! it just kind of happened."

       Chika went to get up as well and smiles some at Aizawa." It wasn't his fault, Its just been a busy day is all."

     Aizawa glances between them some before sighing and gesturing behind him with his free hand towards the table." Well lets eat. We can set up your room a bit afterwards and then you can shower. I'm sure its been awhile since you have had one."

     She was sure most people would take offense to being told that it was obvious they hadn't showered but she couldn't really argue with him since it was true. She nodded some before going to head over to the table. She pulled out a chair and sat down, she could smell the food now and it almost made her drool. It smelled so good! She couldn't remember the last time she smelt something like that.

     Yamada went to sit across from her and helped get the food out of the bag once Aizawa came over and sat it on the table. She honestly couldn't believe how many containers there were, there were so many different smells from them she couldn't wait to dig in!

     Aizawa glanced at her now and went to hand them all utensils that came with the food." Try what ever you want. I figured you wouldn't know what you liked so i order things that were different so you could give it all a chance."

     Chika looked over all the food again before letting a genuine wide smile come across her face." thank you so much for the food!" She went to grab one of the containers that had a bit of a kick to the smell and decided to start with that, not noticing the warm smiles she was receiving from the other two since she was actually excited about the food.

     As she went to start eating she couldn't help thinking that maybe she wouldn't mind staying with these two after all.

Chapter Text

     If Chika were to say that she was nervous that would be an understatement, she was internally freaking out at the moment. She was standing outside by what looked like a track or something, like Aizawa had told her to do. He told her before they got to the school that he was going to go in and get the class together so he wanted her to wait out where they would be assessing them so he didn't have to deal with more questions while he was inside. 

     She went to mess with her hair a bit as she looked around. Before they went shopping they had stopped by a salon so she could get her hair cut so the once butt length hair was now an inch above her shoulder, along with some cute bangs. She had tried to convince the other two to do something with their hair but they shot her down quickly. The only issue she had with her new hair due was that it tends to curl up at weird angles now but it was still a big improvement from how it was previously. 

     She couldn't quite place how she felt about the school uniform. She was glad she got to choose to wear leggings with it because she quickly figured out that she wasn't a fan of skirts. If she wasn't wearing the leggings then she would feel really exposed. She was glad that the rest of the uniform covered her up, even the button up shirt kept her arms covered. She knew eventually someone was gonna see the scars but for now she was going to keep them covered as long as she can.

     Chika looked over when she heard what sounded like doors opening before turning to look, trying to appear confident when she saw Aizawa heading out with what looked to be about 20 kids her age. The first thing she noticed was that they were all in matching outfits, which consisted of a blue jacket and blue pants. Maybe gym clothes? She noticed they all looked confused, maybe this wasn't something normal? They all seemed to notice her really quick which made her want to run off and hide but she just put on her best smile and waved to them. She couldn't seem scared if she was going to do this.

    Aizawa came to stand next to her before turning to look back at the class, she couldn't help but think that he looked more tired then when she first met him." Alright so as i said we are going to have a physical assessment. Ill be taking you scores and other factors to see if you all are worthy of actually being in this class. I will be watching all of you closely so keep that in mind. If i see nothing wrong with any of you then depending on how low the last placing score is then they might be leaving instead."

    A boy with green hair and freckles caught her attention after the last part of Aizawa's instructions. At first glances he didn't look like much since he was significantly smaller then most of the other boys. The things that really stuck out to her was his wild green hair and eyes. He seemed to become nervous hearing the last place spot might be getting kicked out of the class. She decided to take it upon herself to look at his stats to see if maybe that could give her a clue as to why he seemed so nervous.

   Intelligence: 4

   Speed: 1

   Strength: 1

   Durability: 2

   Stealth: 2

   Stamina: 3

   Quirk control: 1

   Chika was a bit taken back by those stats, they were so low besides Intelligence! She remembered hearing Aizawa discussing the entrance exam and how it leaned more towards physical quirks so this kid must have some quirk that enhances physical strength or something? From first glances she didn't see anything on the outside that would show off a super strong quirk. Maybe the green hair was a hint for something planet based! It did kind of remind her of the broccoli they had the other night.

   She was brought back to reality when she realized that one of the students apparently had asked a question and nearly jumps when Aizawa went to motion to her. Oh, did it have to do with her then?."This is Matsuo Chika, she will be replacing whoever i don't see fit to continue in this class. She was recommended late and because of certain circumstances, that neither I nor her will discuss with any of you, she was given a chance to join if we could make the room. If not in this class then 1-B, if any of you have a problem with that then too bad."

   Chika silently gulped at this. Well now they know why she was here and from what she could tell from the looks she was getting they were definitely sizing her up. 

   Aizawa went to pull out a ball her had stashed in his pocket and a small device from another one before looking over the class." Bakugo, how far could you throw in your previous school?"

   She turned her attention to who he was talking to and took a minute to look over the boy. Her first impression was that he was definitely a good looking guy. His spiky blonde hair looked soft which made her question how it was sticking up like that, it didn't look like it had any product in it to keep it up. His angular eyes were a pretty shade of red and his skin looked smooth, not a blemish to be seen. Unlike the green haired guy his build looked to be a bit more muscular all though he had a slim waist. He didn't look to interested in anything around them but at the same time seem to give off an air of confidence." 65 meters."

   She couldn't really help herself and decided to check out his stats as well while Aizawa explained whatever it was he was doing. When ever someone peaked her interest she could almost feel her quirk nagging her to have a look.

    Intelligence: 4

    Speed: 4

    Strength: 5

    Durability: 4

    Stealth: 2

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk control: 5

    Now those were stats she was expecting to look at when she was heard she was being put in the higher hero course. She had missed whatever he had been telling Bakugo but she figured it was to throw the ball, right? She didn't expect to hear the loud explosion or the yell of "DIE!" when he finally threw it. She had to physically stop her jaw from dropping because what the hell was that?? This guy could use explosions? and did he really yell die when he threw it??

    She couldn't help but look at his results and nearly fell over when she saw the 705 meters on the screen. She turned to look at Bakugo and raised an eyebrow when she noticed the smirk across his face, it practically screamed confidence. So this was an example of what her class mates were going to be like? She was royally screwed.

   " There will be 6 other activities to test your abilities, ill be keeping track of scores and watching for other things as well." Aizawa smirks slightly at the students before pocketing the device." Lets get started." 


    If Chika didn't have her doubts before she certainly did now. It took almost the whole class period to get through all of the tests and after each one she couldn't tell if she was really impressed or wanted to run. There was no way she could ever amount to the people here. Even the green hair boy, which she found out was Midoriya, surprised her. After Aizawa had some talk with Midoriya he got a second chance with his throw, she had opened his stats back up since she was curious as to what Aizawa said to him, maybe it was advice to help his throw? She hadn't expected him to send his ball about as far as Bakugo's and for his strength to go up to 6 in that moment. She guessed she was right about some strength enhancing quirk.

   There was only one person she hadn't been very impressed with and she believed his name was Mineta? He wasn't completely terrible during the tests but both her and Aizawa noticed he was very inappropriate to the other girls in the class, whether it was trying to grope them or the comments her made he couldn't seem to stop acting like a pervert. She even heard Bakugo try to fly at Midoriya and that didn't even bother her as much as the way Mineta was acting. It was a shame since he seemed to know his way around his weird little quirk but he had nasty intentions.

   Aizawa had gotten everyone to group up again after all the test, having her stand next to him while he pulled up the scores on a large projection. She was a little disappointed to see that Mineta had earned just a few more points then Midoriya so he wasn't in last place but she remembered that Aizawa said he was taking other factors into account for who would be leaving. She had saw the look on his face when Midoriya had thrown the ball as far as he did and she could see the interest he had taken in him at that moment. Even if the boy broke his figures he had chance to get better.

   She glanced over at the green hair boy and almost wanted to comfort him, he looked so heartbroken. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from saying anything before looking at Aizawa as the projection was put up." As i said, last place could be sent home, but i saw a few things that i will not allow to slip in this class." 

   Aizawa looked over at Mineta now and crossed his arms." While i don't particular like the outburst i saw from Bakugo or the score from Midoriya, those are both things i can work on with those two. I don't see how i can work with someone who cant keep his hands to himself or make comments about his fellow students that are wildly inappropriate. Sorry Mineta but you will not continuing in my class room."

   She was a bit shocked at first but in the end she could understand. Working with the opposite sex would be mandatory for a hero and if you cant respect someone enough to keep your hands to yourself then maybe you shouldn't be in the business.

   Mineta seemed taken back by this before throwing both his hands in her direction, his voice sounding like he hadn't blown his nose in years. It made her want to cringe." Oh come on! If your going to replace me at least replace me with a girl that has a nice rack!"

   Chika let out an offended gasp before quickly crossing her arms over her chest, her face burning in embarrassment. She was going to defend herself but was cut off by some guy with pointy red hair, she believed his name was Kirishima?." Hey man, thats not cool! Talking about someone like that isn't manly at all!" She could hear the rest of the class muttering in agreement with Kirishima but she kept her arms over her chest. She couldn't help how she looked for crying out loud.

   She glanced at Aizawa and noticed from the look on his face that he was annoyed with such a comment being made." Everyone head back in and get you things, you dismissed after that. Mineta get your things and go to Nezu's office, he will fill you in at the office about your options."

   She watched as Mineta huffed and went to run off toward the changing room ahead of everyone else. Thank goodness.

   Chika let out a sigh and went to follow after Aizawa but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see who had stopped her and tilted her head when she saw it was Kirishima. She was quickly starting to realize that most of the class was very cute, this guy was no exception to that" Hey you okay? I noticed that Mineta's comment bothered you."

   She had never really talked to someone her age before so she felt a little awkward at the moment." Y-yeah I am.. Thanks for what you said back there." She thought back to the test and remembered that he was the one that could harden his skin. His stats had been something along the lines of 

    Intelligence: 3 

    Speed: 3 

    Strength: 4

    Durability: 4

    Stealth: 2

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk control: 5

   Kirishima smiled widely at her now, she had to hold back her surprise when she saw the sharp teeth he had but even then he had a very nice smile." No need to thank me, it was the manly thing to do."

   Chika raises an eyebrow at this before giggling slightly." You sure do like the word manly, don't you?"

   Kirishima shrugs some and rubs the back of his neck some, looking to the side."Lets just say its a motto a live by, okay?"

   Chika smiles some at that, this guy seemed friendly enough." Well alright then. Your name is Kirishima right?"

   "Yeah! Kirishima Eijiro, and your name is Matsuo Chika right?"

    Chika smiles softly before nodding a bit." You can just call me Chika though."

    Kirishima paused at this and went to say something but was interrupted when a girl with short brown hair popped up between them. She seemed to have round-ish face that was rather cute and a rosiness to her cheeks. She didn't know her name but she recognized  her as the one that sent one of the balls floating to space or something." Hi there! Your the new girl joining us right? I'm Uraraka Ochaco!" 

   Chika had to take a second to collect herself before she went to reply but nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt another bare of hands on her shoulders and another excited voice in her ear." I'm ashido mina and i think your flat chest is cute!"

    She could feel a blush working its way up her face and vaguely made out Kirishima complaining that he was trying to talk to her before feeling something wrap around her. The next thing she knew she was being pulled away and over by a annoyed looking Aizawa." You all will have plenty of time to get to know her later, do as you were told already."

    She heard the three go to complain but were almost instantly silenced when Aizawa activated his quirk, trying to make himself look scarier. She had seen him try that with Yamada at their place and honestly she thought it was a little funny. She waited till they turned to go change before looking up at Aizawa." Thank you.."

    Aizawa let her go and let his hair fall back before letting out a tired sigh." You looked like you were dying, it was the least i could do. Ill be sending an email to the other teachers so you can just continue on with the rest of the class. They already know you were being moved into a class and somewhat about your situation so none of them should bat an eye."

   Chika nods now and went to clutch at her back pack straps." Alright, Thank you again."

   Aizawa smiles slightly before going to reach for his abandoned sleeping bag, which she still couldn't figure out why he had that." No need to thank me Chika, just make sure you don't let any of this slip. Your next class is with Hizashi so hurry up and head that way."

  " Okay, I guess ill see you at home then!" she smiles softly at him before going to head off, she figured she would find his classroom pretty easily since it was Present Mic teaching. How couldn't someone find it.

Chapter Text

    Chika collapsed when she finally made it back to the apartment, her first day of school had been more draining then she had been prepared for. Most of the things that they went over in the other classes weren't too new, since Kurogiri insisted she be educated on basic things if she was going to be keep track of heroes and their stats. What was really draining though were all the people, she was used to maybe dealing with 2 or 3 people at a time but a whole class and school? Yeah she was out of her element there.

    Not to mention that she felt like she was surrounded by the sun all day with people like Ashido, Kirishima and Urakaka talking to her through out the day. Honestly most of the class had tried talking to her at some point but those three just seemed to radiate happiness and sunshine. The only ones that really didn't try talking to her were Bakugo, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Koda and Midoriya but she figured she would get a chance to talk to them at some other point. She was just happy no one tried to push her into telling them her quirk, she wasn't ready to squash their curiosity just yet with her lame quirk.

    She went to reach into her backpack and pull out the sticky notes she had been writing on through out the day, keeping track of the stats she saw from her class mates and drawing little doodles of things they resembled in her eyes if she could think of something. So far it was just Midoriya as a piece of broccoli and Kirishima as a puppy she had seen the other day while running with Aizawa.

    Chika let out a sigh and went to put an arm over her eyes. Her classmates all seemed so cool and awesome, it made her so nervous. What if they ever found out about her past, would they hate her? Would they think they couldn't trust her? She barely knew any of them but the thought alone was enough to scare her. But from the small interactions she had with a few of them she could tell they were good people. She wanted to be their friends.

    She let out a yelp when she felt something drop down on top of her and moved her arm to see Aizawa standing behind the couch with a small smirk on his face, a plastic bag sitting on her stomach now." During my free period i picked up something your going to need, Hizashi and I have another surprise for you as well as a congratulations for surviving your first day of U.A.. So once you look at those things meet us in the kitchen."

    Chika nods a bit and went to sit up some to hold the bag." ill be in there in a minute." She watched as Aizawa went to head for the kitchen before she went to open the bag up. Her eyes widen some when she saw that it was a brand new smartphone, why would they get her one of those? She picked up the box and looked it over, it looked to be one of the new models but she had no idea how to use it. Maybe they would show her how to use it?

    She smiles some and went to set the bag on the coffee table before going to get up and head over to the kitchen. She found Yamada and Aizawa sitting at the table, a folder sitting in front of them and both of them looking like they were trying to hold back from showing what it was already. She raises an eyebrow at them some now before going to sit down across from them, putting the box on the table." So what else is it that you both wanted to show me?"

    Aizawa went to push the folder over to her now and smirks a little." Well tomorrow you will have Battle training, which means hero costumes, and you have had no time to come up with a design. So after watching your taste in clothes at the mall and figuring what you were going to need for fighting Hizashi and I decided to come up with a design for you. If that's okay with you."

   Chika paused at this, those two took the time to come up with a hero costume for her? She went to open the folder now before feeling some tears well up in her eyes. It was amazing!

   The costume consisted of some black jeans and a tank top, the two plainer items of the outfit. To keep her arms covered it had a leather jacket with what looked to be a little pixel character on the back, probably to resemble how her quirk was something from a video game. For her hands it seem she had some gloves that were made for hand to hand combat, and for her feet i seemed she just had some lace up combat boots. It looked as though they had put down a list of weapons but what really caught her attention was a retractable staff and a knife? The knife had a little note next to it stating it was for practical use only. There was also a utility belt for medical supplies and what not for her. The other notes on is said that the color scheme was black and purple, which were he favorite colors and she had mentioned this to Aizawa when they had gone shopping.

  To her it might not be the flashiest costume but it was prefect to her! she went to quickly wipe at her eyes to stop the tears from flowing now." I-It looks prefect, i would love to use it."

   "Good, because we already put it with the support company. It will be there tomorrow in your class so you wont need to worry about that." he glanced over at Hizashi, who had gotten up to walk around and rub at her back gently." Something that we didn't put on the paper but is included with the costume is a pair of contacts the support company came up with. According to them the contacts have a way of linking up with your quirk and keeping track of the info for you. I don't know how it works so don't ask me."

    Chika sniffled slightly now and leaned into Hizashi slightly now. They were doing so much for her but why? What did she do to deserve all this?." This had to have costed you guys so much.. Why would you do all this for me?"

   "Well Shouta wont admit it but you seem to bring out his fatherly instincts~. He just wants to spoil you and make sure your happy."

    Aizawa huffs slightly and crosses his arms."Don't act like you weren't excited to get her all these things as well. You were the one that suggested the phone for her."

   " She is a teenage girl! She needs phone to keep contact with us and her friends!"

   " She didnt need the newest one though but you insisted. Give it up Hizashi, You were caught."

    Yamada grumbles some at this and went to hug Chika's head close to him." Fine, you caught me! But now we cant get rid of her. No take backs!" This causes Chika to giggle a bit and push against his arms a bit to try and get them off her. She would be lying if she said she didn't want to stay here. This would be an amazing place to stay for as long as she could.

    Aizawa rolls his eyes some before smiling fondly at Hizashi." Fine, but no more kids after her. I prefer cats and we got lucky with this one." It sounded like he was joking but there was a hint of something that suggest that maybe he wasn't entirely kidding. The thought of those two taken her in as their kid nearly made her eyes tear up again but she held them down. She didn't even remember her old parents so she would happily stay here with these two.

   Chika smiles a little at this and went to wipe away the last of the tears from her face before glancing down at her new phone." I'm going to need help getting this thing set up.. I've never used a phone."





Chapter Text

    Today was the day, today was the day that she was going to have to do the battle training with the rest of the class. She knew that Aizawa wouldn't be teaching them today but he said the person who would be might make her a little comfortable. Luckily for her Yamada had taken the time to teach her how to use her phone and helped her download an app so she could listen to music as she headed into class. She had no idea what type of music she liked but she knew that anything would be better then being stuck in her thoughts.

    Since she took Mineta's spot she was just assigned his former seat which means she sat in between Midoriya and Yaoyorozu, which meant she shouldn't have too many issues today. She went to pull her phone out to change her song as she sat down and also to see how long she had till this other teacher was going to show up. She had just changed the song when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to find Ashido, Sero, Kaminari and Kirishima all stand around her and waving at her. 

   She gave them a confused look before going to pull out a head phone, which seemed to be the wrong move because almost instantly Ashido was lightly shaking her by the shoulders." Chika~! We were trying to get your attention but you had your music too loud! I thought you didn't have a phone anyways?"

   " O-oh yeah, I didn't yesterday but my um.. Dad got it for me yesterday since i actually got a spot in the Hero department." she rubs at the back of her neck and smiles some at her

    Kaminari tilted her head at that."Why wouldn't you get in? You gotta be super smart or strong right? You got a recommendation like Todoroki and Yaoyorozu~."

    Chika bit her bottom lip and glanced away some. Should she tell them that both of those things are wrong and her quirk was actually pretty lame? It looked like she wasn't going to have to worry about it since Kirishima playfully shoved Kaminari and chuckles a bit." Dude, That's not what we came over here for!"

   "Oh your right! I almost forgot~." she watched as they all went to pull their phones out before shoving them at her." Give us your number so we can talk after school~!"

   Chika had to take a second to realize what was going on before blushing slightly now. They all wanted to talk to her outside of school?." W-why don't i just say it and you all type it in~.."

   It only took her a minute to make sure they all had to before Sero spoke up, a wide smile coming across his face." Alright, next person on the list is Bakugo and our ultimate time will be complete."

   Chika tilted her head at this, an ultimate team? She opened her mouth to question it but was interrupted when the door to the class was swung open and all she heard was." I AM HERE! COMING IN THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!"

   She felt the color leave her face as she slowly looked over to see All Might waltz into the room, heading up to the podium so he could start teaching the class. She could tell almost everyone in the class was excited but it was taking a lot from her not to feel immediate guilty. Here was the hero she could have possible screwed over. She watched as the other went to head for their desks and quickly went to put up her phone.

   She went to look over at him while he explained to the class what they were going to be doing but had to look away quickly when she made eye contact with him. She couldn't look this man in the eyes just yet, not until she apologized and made sure the info she leaked didn't cause him harm. That was the least she could do if she was going to become a hero and be in these classes. She started paying attention again towards the end of his talk and heard that they needed to grab their costumes and go get changed.

   Chika got up and headed over to grab her number case and held onto the handle tightly, trying to center herself before she headed out with the rest of the class. She took a big breath before going to turn and head out with the rest of the class, not noticing the look of concern she was given as she passed by All Might. 

  The minute she walked out of the classroom she felt an arm loop through hers and saw Ashido smiling widely at her." Are you ready for the battle training? I bet its going to be really cool~!"

  " Y-yeah i am, I'm excited to get to get to see my hero costume as well." She would have to thank ashido later for being a welcomed distraction at the moment. She didn't want to get too lost in her head and get super upset.

  " That reminds me, what is your quirk exactly? We never got to see it doing the assessment and i've been sooooo curious~."

   Chika bit the inside of her cheek before trying for a smile." I can see the stats of an individual, so i know How smart they are, how fast they are, how strong they are, how durable they are, how stealthy they are, how much stamina they have  and how good they can control their quirk. it goes on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest."

   Ashido gasps at this and tugs on her arms as they walk." Oh tell me mine~! I want to know what i am~!"

    Chika paused some at this, a bit surprised by her enthusiasm about her quirk before deciding to give her what she wanted.

    Intelligence: 1

    Speed: 4

    Strength: 3

    Durability: 3

    Stealth: 2

    Stamina: 5

    Quirk Control: 4

    "From what I can tell, in the order i told you my quirk reads off, Your numbers are 1,4,3,3,2,5,4.." She hoped she didn't get upset that for Intelligence her quirk didn't show her to be too high.

    "Wow, I bet my stealth is so low because i'm pink~." She giggles a bit and went to drag her into the changing room where everyone else was already getting changed in. She felt her face heat up and quickly looked away from some of the half naked girls, she couldn't place why but she didn't feel comfortable looking at all of them like this." P-probably~.."

    Ashido went to let go of her arm and went to set her case on one of the benches and opens it up." Hurry up and get dressed~! We got butt to kick."

    Chika smiles some at that before going to look around, she saw some stalls not to far away and went to head over to them so she could change without anyone seeing her." Okay.."

    She shut the curtain behind her and took a breathe before going to set the case down so she could undress. Hopefully no one questioned why she was in there because she didn't think she could deal with all that at the moment as well. She bent down to open the case and let out a gasp when she saw all the new things in there. It had a manual which probably explained every piece and the weapons but she would read all that later. Right now she just needed to worry about getting everything figured out.

   She made quick work of getting everything on, not wanting to chance someone opening the curtain and looking at her. She had to open the manual to figure out how to contacts in and it took her a couple minutes to actually get them in but when she did she didnt know how she felt about them. It didn't change her vision but she could kind of tell they were in and it bothered her just a little. besides that the only thing she was concerned about was the retractable staff she had in its place and the knife in its container on her back. She hoped no one thought anything weird about that.

   She blinked her eyes a couple times before stuffing her uniform in the case before heading out, heading over to the lockers so she could put it in there. She glanced over at Ashido and smiles some when she saw her in her outfit, it was actually a really cute outfit and really complimented her figure." Wow Ashido, your costume is really nice~.."

   Ashido turned to look at her, having been looking herself over in one of the mirrors and smiles widely at her. She hopped over to her and looked her over." You can just call me Mina, we are friends now right~? Your outfit is cool too, you got the whole kick ass look going on! Rocking a leather jacket like Jirou too~." 

   Chika tilted her head some before turning to get a look at Jirou's outfit and noticed she was also wearing a leather jacket. Their outfits had some similarities but hers was definitely more of a rocker feel then hers. She also had speakers all over her costume while she had just regular weapons. She could feel that nagging curiosity and decided to teats the contacts with her quirk.

    Intelligence: 3

    Speed: 3

    Strength: 1

    Durability: 3

    Stealth: 4

    Stamina: 3

    Quirk Control: 5

   Chika had to hold back a gasp when she noticed how the contacts filed in the info she saw and it seemed from what she could tell it would also hold info like what a persons quirk was and other things like that, she would need to look in the manual with how to access the info later. She looked back at Ashido and giggles a bit." Guess leather jackets are just really cool~.."

   "Yeah they are, you ready to head out~? We can go together." She held her arm out to her so she could loop arms with her again.

    Chika smiles a bit at this and went to take her arm before going to follow her out of the room, noticing a few of the other girls were heading out as well. She had to admit that all of their outfits were pretty cute all though she didnt know how she felt with Hagakure walking around naked. It worked well for her quirk but wasn't she cold? 

   "So Chika, what do you think of everyone in the class~?"

   She glanced over at Ashido, seeming a little confused with what she meant." Well i think everyone so far seems pretty cool, if anything they all seem pretty powerful as well."

   Ashido smirks some now and nudges her playfully." That's interesting and all but I meant look wise~."

  Chika blushes at this now and looks away from her some." Well um again, Almost everyone is cute in this class~." What should she say? She wasn't used to talk about things like this! Was that weird to say already??

  "Oh~? So you think the boys and girls in the class are cute~?"

   "U-um yes?" Maybe she should run, running seemed like a good idea. 

   "Interesting~." Her smirks only grew and she leaned over to whisper to her." Its okay, I'm the same way~. I just noticed how flustered you got in the changing room and wanted to check if my suspicions were right.

   Chika seemed a little confused with all this before nodding slowly, she didn't entirely under stand why this was a big deal that she didn't assume she found girls and guys cute but she would go with it for now.

   She looked ahead of them and noticed the guys were up ahead of them. There were not many lights in the hall they were going down but from what she could see of some of their costumes they looked pretty cool as well. She could see the light meaning they were getting close to the end. She squeezed Ashido's arm gently since she was starting to get nervous.

   Ashido looked over at her and smiled widely at her." Ready to show off your costume~?"

   "Yeah, yeah i am.." She smiles some at her before they both let each other go as they got to the entrance. 

   As they head out she noticed that it was a large looking city area, all of the buildings looking brand new or like they had never even been used. Were they going to be doing city fighting? She looked forward and noticed that All Might was standing over by some box and had his signature smile on his face. Once again she found that she couldn't really look at him so she just looked at the ground while he spoke.

  " Don't all of you look like outstanding heroes! These costumes look amazing! Now for today's class we will be doing indoor fighting practice." She saw Iida raises his hand to ask a question before zoning out to think over what all they could be doing. So indoor fighting probably meant that they wouldn't be all fighting at once. They helped her relax just a little bit.

  When she tuned back into the conversation All Might was explaining that he was going to split them into pairs and put them against each other, one group would be villains and one would be heroes. This should be interesting then. 

   All Might went to group everyone off and in the end she ended up grouped with Yaoyorozu. She had completely forgot to talk to her so far as well! She went to turn to find her but found that she was already heading over to her. The first thing that she noticed was that she had A LOT of skin showing. She blushed quite a bit and made sure to just keep eye contact with her. She decided to look her stats over to get the info so she didn't forget later.

    Intelligence: 6 

    Speed: 3

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 4

    Stealth: 3

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk Control: 4

  Well if that intelligence wasn't intimidating. Yaoyorozu waved to her before motioning for them to follow after All Might. They were going to watch Midoriya and Uraraka vs Bakugo and Iida so they would have plenty of time to get to know a bit more about each other. Maybe she could relax a bit before their match.


Chapter Text

     Chika had to admit, the indoor testing sure did start off with a bang. They had to use a different building after the Midoriya and Bakugo show off. The whole fight felt off to her, like their was a lot of personal emotions wrapped up in that fight. It wasn't just Bakugo and Midoriya she got the feeling from but All Might as well. He didn't try much to stop the fight, the most her did was tell Bakugo he couldn't use the gauntlets he had for his hero costume. When she managed to get a glance at his face she could see the internal battle on his face, like he knew he shouldn't let it go on but for what ever reason he didn't stop it.

     She also noticed that after the last big move from Bakugo, when Midoriya fell to the ground, there was a moment when she thought she saw his face and it looked distraught. It could be from many things but she would like to think a part of it was regret. After the three that weren't seriously injured came back and discussed how their training went she found that Bakugo wasn't looking at anyone, and as a few more of the test went on he looked more wrecked as each classmate went. She had seen some of his attitude from class and just general towards Midoriya so far and usually she would stay away from people like that but for some reason she couldn't help but feel like this guy could benefit from someone just talking to him.

    That would be what she was doing now but she was currently trying to help move the metal bars that her and Yaoyorozu, or Yaomomo as she told her to call her, put up to keep out Kaminari and Jirou out. It actually worked really well, along with the other things she had created to stop them from trying to get them out from the other side.

    She was so glad their test was the last one because she was ready to head on home. She was in the observation room most of the time and having to spend that much time with All Might had just drained all of her reserves. She probably would have been completely done with the day if it hadn't been for Yaomomo being so nice during their test. She even listened to a few of her idea on how to help them out. 

    Once they moved all the bars they went to head out, they just had to listen to All Might tell them what they did right and wrong during the examine and then they would get to go home.

    "Are you sure your going to make it through these results, you look extremely tired." She glanced over at Yaomomo to find that she was looking at her with a bit of concern. 

    Chika forced a smile before rubbing the back of her neck." I'm fine. I just didn't sleep to well last night and i think it is catching up with me."

    "Does that happen often? I could suggest some remedies for that, or even just some teas if you like tea."

    Chika thought about it for a moment now. She enjoyed the tea she had with Nezu a couple weeks ago, maybe she could ask for those just so she could have them." I'll take the tea options, I really like tea."

    "Do you have a phone? I could make a note in there for you with all the names so you don't forget them." Chika went to open one of her pouches before pulling her phone out and handing it to her. She watched as Yaomomo wrote down quite a few names of tea in the notes before going to open her contacts and putting her number in as well." Text me if you have any questions on where you can get these or If you want those remedies." She held her phone back out to her before smiling some

    Chika takes her phone back and went to put it up before smiling back at her. She is glad she got paired up with Yaomomo after all this, she was really nice and caring. She had been pretty intimated by her when she heard that she was one of the actual recommended students and she must have been pretty strong. Now that she had had a chance to talk to her and just get to hang out with her she is quickly discovering that she is just like the rest of the class, she just had a different up bringing. 

   Once they finally made it to the building that held the observation room and regrouped with the rest of the class she saw Jirou and Kaminari stand next to all might, having been waiting for them to get back. They both made their way over to stand with them before Chika jumped a bit at All Might's loud voice." All right, so class I think its pretty obvious that we know who the MVP here is. Would anyone like to answer?" She watched as Iida raised his hand quickly. All Might pointed to Iida and gave his signature smile." Yes young Iida."." Sir I believe that Yaoyorozu is the MVP considering how she handled securing the room so that no harm would come to the weapon or her and her complacence."

   All Might nods now and motions to Yaomomo." That would be correct. All though I would like to acknowledge that both Yaoyorozu and Matsuo seemed to have great communication. Matsuo even contributed to some of the items made with her suggestions." Chika tried not to flinch at the praises, she didn't feel like she deserved that from him.

   "Alright students, you all did a great job. You all are dismissed now and i will give your results to Aizawa to go into greater detail with you later." She let out a sigh and went to start heading toward the door but paused when a large hand lightly grabs her shoulder." Young Matsuo, would you mind if i had a word with you?"

    Chika took a little shaky breathe before looking back at All Might, trying to keep some eye contact with him." W-what do you need sir?" God why did she have to stutter like that? She needed to work on that.

    All Might waited till everyone left before going to kneel down so he was more at her eye level." Matsuo, Aizawa informed me that you had a fear that I hated you? Why is that? This is my first time meeting you and I doubt that you could eve do anything to deserve something as strong as hate."

    Chika stiffens up at this before quickly looking away from him, the fear she had earlier coming back in full force." I-i betrayed you.. I let something slip and It could cause you trouble.. So you would have plenty of reasons to hate me. I told villains that you were getting weaker after a fight!.."

    All Might shook his head some now before lightly patting her shoulder."I do not hate you Matsuo, you were in a situation that I'm surprised that you didn't tell me. You were very strong in that situation and you tried your hardest to keep people safe. Even if you did let that one thing slip it would have gotten out sooner or later anyways so do not beat yourself up over this."

    Chika seemed a little confused at the last part now." Why do you think it will get out later?.."

    "I'm afraid I can not tell you that at the moment but just know whatever it is that it isn't your fault." he went to give her a gentle hug now, which caused her to stiffen up again. She was not ready for all this at all but ended up letting out a sniffle." Y-you really don't hate me?..."

    "I do not hate you, please don't worry about that." she went to rub at her eyes to stop the oncoming tears before nodding quickly."O-okay.."

     All Might moves back now and stands back up fully before rubbing the top of her head." Maybe now you can actually look at me in class instead of looking like you want to run away!" She could tell he meant that as a joke but she still cringed a little.

    Chika blushes a little at this, was she really that obvious about all this?." I-Ill try my best sir, is that all you needed?"

    "Oh yes, I need to go check up on young Midoriya. You make your way back to class now." She nods now as she watches him take off through the door before going to put both her hands on her face and let out a groan. Could she catch a break?


    Chika let out a groan as she fell back on her bed. After she finally got home from school her and Aizawa did quite a bit of training, apparently they would be doing some training in a new location as a class and she needed practice with her weapons before then. She could feel where she was sore from where she had take a few hits and scrapes from falling but honestly she wouldn't have it any other way. The soreness she feels now is nothing compared to what she felt for years while being with them.

    She went to close her eyes but made a face when she felt her phone vibrate beside her. She went to pick it up and raised an eyebrow when she saw she had a message from Mina


    Ashido Mina: Hey Chika! Are you okay? I saw All Might you back after class and i didn't get a chance to ask you! By the way this is Mina! I completely forgot to give you my number when we got yours earlier! >.<


    Chika giggles a little at this before she went to message her back.


    Chika Matsuo: Hi Mina, I'm okay. All Might just had something he needed to talk to me about is all.

    Ashido Mina: Oh good! I was sooooo worried! 

    Ashido Mina: Oh yeah, Me and the bois have a group chat if you want to join it! Ill give you their numbers with their names so it isnt super confusing!


    Chika didn't know if she should mention that she spelled boys wrong or not but proceeded to put all the names in her phone as she sent them, she nearly dropped her phone on her face when she saw that Bakugo was one of the numbers in the mix. They were friends with Bakugo too? After a minute she was sent another message from a different thing, which she guessed it was the group chat. She giggled a little when she saw the name of it was The Bakusquad.


     The Bakusquad

     Chika Matsuo: Hello everyone

     Ashido Mina: Now the squad is finally all together!

     Sero Hanta: Bakusquad unite!

     Kaminari Denki: Bakusquad unite!

     Kirishima Eijiro: Bakusquad unite!


     Ashido Mina: Hey! Dont lump Chika into extra's she is a just a little bean!

     Bakugo Katsuki: Who the fuck is that? 

     Ashido Mina: She is the girl who Aizawa brought in after kicking that little purple guy out?

     Chika Matsuo: I actually sit two seats behind you in class, right behind midoriya. 

     Bakugo Katsuki: DONT SAY THAT BASTARDS NAME IN HERE! I still don't know who the hell you are so you must be an extra.


     Chika raises an eyebrow some at this. So he really didn't like Midoriya and was a little rude. Oh well, she had seen worse.


     The Bakusquad

     Chika Matsuo: Guess ill just have to wear a giant sign that says IM THE NEW EXTRA!

     Ashido Mina: LOL

     Kaminari Denki: Careful, we don't want blasty to blow up his phone~.

     Bakugo Katsuki: SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH SPARKY! and don't get sassy with me newbie!

     Chika Matsuo: Oh i'm a newbie now? Didn't i start the same day as you all though? Try again pal.

     Sero Hanta: I cant tell whats funnier, Bakugo yelling through text or short stock here sassing the walking bomb!

     Kirishima Eijiro: Lets not continue to poke the bear guys, I barely convinced him to join us in the first place!


     Chika raises an eyebrow now and went to type something else but let out a squeak when Kuro jumped up on the bed next to her and went to curl up next to her face. She felt her phone vibrate after she huffs at kuro and looks to see she accidently sent some non-sense in the chat.


     The Bakusquad

     Chika Matsuo: dhuiwuwcb

     Kirishima Eijiro: Um same?

     Bakugo Katsuki: What the hell was that newbie?

     Chika Matsuo: Sorry! My dad's cat jumped up on my bed and it spooked me.

     Ashido Mina: A cat?! I want to see~! Take a picture!


     Chika hesitates a bit at this. Take a picture of the cat? But he was laying right next to her head so she wouldnt be able to get to good of a photo unless she took one with her in it. She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before going to hold her phone up so it was above the both of them and tried for a smile before taking the picture and sending it. 


     The Bakusquad

     Ashido Mina: Oh look at those two cuties in the picture! That awkward smile is to die for~!

     Sero Hanta: Mina don't scare her away with comments like that

     Kamianri Denki: Gotta agree with Mina ;)

     Bakugo Katsuki: The cats alright i guess.

     Kirishima Eijiro: What is that? Something semi-nice from Bakugo? 

     Bakugo Katsuki: Shut it hair for brains! All I said was the cat was alright, that doesn't mean shit!

     Chika Matsuo: The cats name is Kuro by the way

     Kaminari Denki: A black cat named Kuro, that's kinda lame don't you think?

     Chika Matsuo: Well its my dads cat but my other dad named it i believe

     Sero Hanta: Wait you got two dads? Were you adopted then?

     Chika Matsuo: Yeah i was! Oh man its pretty late! Ill talk to you guys later!


     Chika quickly dropped her phone next to her and rubs at her face some. She wasn't ready for them to question her like this and she wasn't ready to give out to many questions. But now that she thought about it she was really tired. She'll just have to think up some story if they keep questioning her about it. She didn't want to lie to them but she also couldn't tell them the truth just yet. She had to make sure nothing would happen to any of them before she said anything. She let out a yawn before rolling over so she could nuzzle against Kuro some before beginning to drift off to sleep.



Chapter Text

     The next couple days could be summed up in just a couple words, those words being really really hard. Since today they were going to do some Rescue training and Aizawa knew about it he made sure to train her extra hard so she wouldn't look too off from the rest of the kids. She had to admit though the past few weeks of training with him and Yamada had gotten her somewhere. Since she was eating probably now and working out she was filling out a bit while still keeping fit. The only thing that annoyed her was that she was filling out every where but where she wanted to which was her chest. Mina insisted that she looked cute like this and had nothing to worry about but she just didn't believe it.

    She was pretty excited that she was beginning to get a hold of using the staff and fighting hand to hand a bit. She could at least land a hit or two on Aizawa and Yamada but she was still getting her ass kicked. They did tell her that once she got these things down she could probably add a few more accessories and weapons to her arsenal. They also suggested teaching a lot of fighting techniques so she would be ready for as many things as possible.

   Right now though she was standing with her 'squad' as they liked to call themselves and were waiting to get on the bus, all of them in their hero costumes. She honestly loved talking to all of them, even Bakugo. Once you got around his vulgar language and his aggressiveness you could see he was starting to care about them a bit. She tried to send a picture of Kuro trying to sit on her shoulder while she was on the couch but forgot she had a mark on her face from training and he was not happy because he thought she had gotten in a fight with someone or something like that? He offered to kick their ass but she quickly exampled it was just training. One thing that was for certain though was that he was fonder of Kirishima at times then the rest of them.

   She was brought back to reality when she felt Mina and Kaminari loop their arms through hers and start dragging her off towards the bus. She barely held in the surprise squeak before looking at them both." Guys I can walk by myself~!"

   "Not when you are all zoned out like you do~, you didn't even notice Iida blowing his whistle and yelling for us to get on the bus!" Mina giggled at her before going to let her go so they could stand in a line as they got on the bus." We should all try to sit together, Then we can all talk and not be bored~."

   "We are going to be separated a bit since it is a bus, unless we all try to sit in one seat." She saw Kaminari smirk now and decided that she didn't like whatever he had planned.

    "I'm not sharing a seat with any of you fuckers, you already annoy me enough by following me around ever." She turned to find Bakugo behind them, standing next to a laughing Kirishima." Dude you came and stood by all of us first!" She surpressed a giggle when Bakugo just 'tsk'ed' at him and looked away.

     "You wouldn't mind sharing a seat with us if you got to sit in kiri's lap~." She had to bite the inside of her cheek from laughing when she heard Sero's snarky remark, watching as he laughed when Bakugo's face went bright red and his hand started to let out little explosions." WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TAPE FACE! ILL BLAST YOU TO HELL!"

    She couldn't help but smirk knowingly when not only did Bakugo not deny that he would like that but Kirishima was also blushing a bit and trying not to look like he was thinking about it. She ended up giggling in the end before heading onto the bus. 

    She saw some open seats in front of where Mina and Kaminari were sitting and went to head over so she could sit down, Sero deciding to sit with her. Kirishima and Bakugo sat in the seats from across from them, Bakugos face was still a little red but for the most part her seemed to have calm down.

   She looked up at Sero when she felt him nudge her before looking up at him." I've been meaning to ask you, Mina told me about your quirk and I wanted to know what my numbers are if that's alright~?"

   She giggled some now before waving a hand at that." Its fine, i don't mind telling you~." She went to open up the stats so she could look now.

   Intelligence: 3

   Speed: 4

   Strength: 2

   Durability: 2

   Stealth: 2

   Stamina: 3

   Quirk Control: 4

   "So my quirk takes in stats for intelligence, speed, strength, durability, stealth, stamina, and quirk control and in that order your numbers are 3, 4, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4. the lowest ive seen the numbers go are 1 and the highest is 5 unless a quirk can make it go higher then its sometimes 6."

   "So i would need to really work on the Speed, Strength, Durability and stealth? I can do that! Your quirk is actually pretty cool, its like you look at everyone as if they are in a video game right?"

    Chika nods now and tries to focus on his face as her contacts file away all the info she just found out along with the info about his quirk that she knew so far." It can be useful at times but it doesnt do much for me in a fight."

    " Well you would know if they were slow or not strong right?"

     She sighs a bit now before rubbing the back of her neck." True but if i don't know their quirk it doesn't do much for me. They could have a long distance quirk or they could have enhancement quirk and then there wouldnt be too much i could do at the moment."

    Sero shrugged a bit before throwing an arm around her shoulders now." True, but if you can kick ass and evade attacks you could handle it no problem. Right?"

    Chika hesitates some now before smiling a bit." You got a point there, thanks Sero~.."

    "Aye, don't mention it shorty~." He went to ruffle her hair some before looking out the window." Oh hey, I think we are here! they did say it wasn't too far away."

    Chika went to look out the window and smiles a bit now. The place looked huge! They must have a lot of things in there for them to train with! She was getting excited just thinking about it.

    She felt Sero go to get up and went to follow after him, ready to get this training under way. She knew Aizawa would be here to watch them and apparently so was All Might, but she noticed as they got off the bus they there was someone else there who remind her of either a spaceman or a marshmallow! They were kind of adorable.

    She noticed that Aizawa came over to talk t them so she took this chance to look over at their stats.

     Intelligence: 4

    Speed: 2

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 4

    Stealth: 2

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk Control: 4

    She noticed that Uraraka seemed extremely excited that this hero was here so they must be pretty. She looked over when she heard them start talking but she didnt pay too much attention to what they were saying, instead she looked over at Aizawa and noticed that he didn't look to pleased at the moment. Was it because they were a teacher short? It probably would make it hard to watch everyone with only two teachers in such a big building.

   Once the hero, 13 she caught from Uraraka gushing over them, was done with their explanation they went to head inside. She felt her jaw drop as they headed in, the place was amazing! It looked to have several different areas for fighting and training that differed in environment. She hoped they all got a chance to try rescuing in each area.

   She wanted to have some more time to look around but it seemed like fate had another idea. She heard Kirishima next to her question." Um, is this part of the training?"

   Chika looked at him a bit confused before following his gaze. The next thing she knew all she could feel was absolute terror because in front of her eyes was the the purple portal she was all too familiar with. She almost couldn't breathe, she couldn't move. All she could do is watch in terror as villains slowly starts coming from the portal. Among them was Shigaraki. The hand firmly over his face. There was a big purple guy that followed after him, she nearly gagged when she noticed that the guys brain was out in the open,

   She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Aizawa was moving his goggles over his eyes. Before she knew it she was running over to him." Aizawa don't do it!" She heard Midoriya protest as well, something about his quirk not being suited for large groups or whatever. She needed to stop him.

   As he looked back at her she could see almost cogitation come across his face, maybe he could see the terror in her eyes and understand where it was coming from. Maybe now he would know they were the ones. Whether that was for better or for worse she didnt know at this point. She felt a hand grab her and turned to see 13 trying to pull her back." We have to go! its not safe."

   "Go with the rest of the class Chika, its going to be okay! Get to safety!" She turned just in time to see Aizawa go to jump, heading toward the villains. Her eyes widen now, was he crazy!?

   "No! Come back!" She tried to struggle against 13 but was soon grabbed by Midoriya, who helped drag her away." Chika we got to go! Aizawa must know what he is doing if he is going to jump in like that."

   Chika could feel tears start to gather in her eyes but turned so she could run with the others. She had to have faith in Aizawa, she had to have faith that he was going to be okay and not get in his way. They made it half way across the path before the same dreaded purple portal opened up in front of them. 

   She could feel herself start to shake when she heard the ominous voice of Kurogiri speak." I'm sorry children but I can not let you go. We need you all so we can get to our ultimate goal." She felt her body go rigged when those floating yellow eyes seem to make eye contact with hers." Oh if it isn't Shigaraki's pet, Chika was it? He has missed having something to play with. I'm afraid we will have to bring you back." She could feel more eyes on her and if it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't move at the moment she probably would have been sick." We will take you back and complete our goal! To kill All Might, The Symbol of Peace!"

   Chika tried to step back but paused when she saw both Kirishima and Bakugo leap out at Kurogiri, both trying to get a hit him. She heard bakugo yell out." OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!" before both ended up going right through him. They didn't know where his body was! They were too far away! They were going to get hurt

   Her feet seemed to move on their own as she ran over to them, shouting." Get away from him!" she went to reach out to grab at one of them but paused when she heard 13 telling them to move. Then time seemed to slow, She heard something come from Kurogiri before the next thing she knew is all she could see is black and purple. No no no! She didn't want to go! She could feel herself being dragged down and let out a scream. She didn't want to go back! It was all too much, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think. Before the darkness took her she felt some wrap around her wrist and tug before everything went dark.


Chapter Text

     Falling, that's all Chika could tell what was happening at the moment. She felt a tight grip on her wrist the last second before everything went dark. This is it, they got her again didnt they? They have taken her again and the last thing she would get to remember of the others were their terrified faces and Aizawa jumping into a horde of Villains. She didn't even get to say good bye. To tell them the danger they were in.

     She let out a gasp as she was dragged out of the portal and yelped when she landed on something solid. It didn't feel like the ground, it felt too warm and lumpy. It also smelled kinda good? Has she lost it finally? Thinking the ground smelt good and lumpy. She was just getting ready to give up and accept her insanity when she heard the groan under her. The ground doesn't groan right? Only living things do that.

     She quickly sat up and found out that she in fact was not on the ground but instead was laying on top of Bakugo who was rubbing the back of his head. Apparently dragging someone with you into a portal can lead to head injuries. She went to quickly get up now, a little off balance from everything but she had to check on her friend." B-Bakugo, are you okay?"

     Bakugo went to sit up and looked around some, keeping a hand on the back of his head." I'm fucking fine. Where the hell are we?" Apparently they had been warped to some office room? It was a mess and looked like it had been through some things. From what she could see from the window they were still in the Training area they were just teleport'd to one of the zones." It looks like we are still in the U.S.J. we are just in one of the training zones."

     Bakugo went to say something to her but looked over to the door when it open, almost immediately blasting at it. She went to turn and grab for her staff, all though it wasn't much good since there was smoke now all around it. She stopped halfway pulling it out of its pouch when she heard Kirishima's voice." Hey whoa! Its just me dude!" 

    " What the hell were you doing out there hair for brains?!" He went to get up and dust himself off. She went to glance at the back of his head and let out a relieved sigh when she didn't see any blood. At least the fall didn't hurt him.

    " I was checking this floor while you both were out, there is no one on this one but I think i heard footsteps when i checked the door to the stairs. So we might have company soon."He looked them both over now and let out a sigh of relief." I'm just glad to see you are both okay."

     Bakugo let out his signature 'Tsk' at that, something she was quickly realizing something he did when he didn't know how to respond properly to something." Well if shorty here would have been any heavier i probably wouldn't be as fine. Speaking of which.'" He whipped around and glared at her, all though she could tell it wasn't from anger towards her." You have some explaining to do."

     Chika pauses at that now before looking away from him some." I-I know..." this was definitely not how she wanted this to come out. She didn't want to tell her friends about her past like this at all.

     "Hey man we can get to that in a minute. We are gonna have company in a moment." Sometimes she wondered if Kirishima could read minds sometimes or if he was just a genius. She let out a sigh now and went to pull out her staff and get it to full length." I promise after we take care of these guys ill explain everything. B-But i'm giving the quick version till later, We have to get back to Aizawa and help him out..."

     "Fine, but you better tell us everything later or Ill kick your ass along with the villains. Also Hair for brains get the fuck out of the door way, I cant blast shit away if your in the fucking way!"

      "Oh yeah! Sorry Bakubro!" He went to move now before hardening up his arms." Hope you both are ready for this."

      Bakugo smirks widely and lets off a few small explosions in his hand." Ill kill them."

      "A-as ready as i can be." Chika took a breathe to steady herself as she heard footsteps running for them, Guess it was time to put her training into action.


      Chika took in a deep breath, getting her staff back to the size so she could put it up. Their had been a handful of villains that honestly weren't too hard to fight, they obviously weren't experienced in fighting and just try to come in wildly. She glanced over on the other two and saw they were both doing fine, a little out of breath at most but nothing she had to worry about.

      She went to put the staff up before heading for the door. They wasted too much time fighting these guys and she needed to get back to the others and Aizawa. If anything happened to them she would never forgive herself.

      As she was heading for the door she felt a hand grab her shoulder and turn her around. She was now face to face with an annoyed looking Bakugo and she knew she was royally screwed now." Alright the villains are out, time to explain this shit show."

      "Bakugo don't be an ass about it, Let her go at her own pace!"

      "I-Its okay Kirishima, You guys deserve to know." She rubbed the back of her neck some now before looking down at the floor some." Y-you probably heard the guy who warped us here.. How he called me Shigaraki's pet.."

      " Yeah, Don't know who the fuck that is but it pissed me off so i tried to blast him. What else?"

      "W-well when i was about 4 him and the guy with the hand over his face kidnapped me. Their names are Kurogiri and Shigaraki. I was stuck there up until about a week or two before school started, they had me there to give them info on pro heroes and All Might.. I fought against them quite a bit and they never really ended well..." She wrapped her arms around herself some and took a shaky breath as she thought back on it, trying to force the memories down before she got over whelmed again. She froze up a bit when she felt a hand on her back and looked up to see Kirishima standing next to her, a frown on his face." You don't gotta tell us anything else if you don't want to Chika, I think we understand."

      She glanced over at Bakugo a bit and was a bit surprised that she couldn't read his expression at the moment. She let out a sigh before glancing at Kirishima again." I need to finish this now or I might not be able to later.." She took a moment now, because she knew there was no way she could go through everything they did to her right now. She glanced between them before going to remove her jacket. Why explain it with words if she could just show them, she just had to force all her insecurities down at the moment.

     She held her jacket in one hand and looks between them two. The first thing she saw surprise that she was willing showing her arms since she never did that, the second thing was something in between horror and disgust. Both of her arms were littered with scars from cuts, burns and places that Shigaraki managed to Disintegrated a bit. Kurogiri usually didn't allow him to go that far but even he wasn't always ready for Shigarakis fits." I managed to get away and was found by Aizawa.. He took me in and took me to Nezu so i could explain what they made me do and if i knew why they wanted info on All Might so much.. I think i can figure out why now.."

     Chika went to quickly put her jacket back on and crossed her arms over her chest a bit." We need to get to Aizawa and the others now, because those two are what they have to worry about it.. These villains from what i could tell from their fighting and stats either have no experience with their quirks or no experience with fighting at all so they should be fine against them. Both Kurogiri and Shigaraki could definitely do some damage.. And i didn't like the look of the big guy with the his brains exposed.."

     She caught a glance of Bakugo clenching his fist tightly before heading for the door, growling out a response." Lets go then, I'm going to kill them both and send them straight to hell."

     Chika bit the inside of her cheek some and glanced at Kirishima as he lightly patted her shoulder." Ill stop him if he tries anything dumb but we got to go.. okay?"

     She nods a little now before going to follow after Bakugo, taking some deep breathes so try and calm herself down but once again Kirishima seemed to know what to do and wrapped an arm around her shoulders." Don't worry, We will both protect you! Also I saw how you were kicking ass back there, you must be training really hard right?"

     Chika nods a little now before rubbing the back of her neck." Y-yeah, Aizawa has been training with me almost everyday.." She looked ahead of them and saw Bakugo still stalking forward, his shoulders tense like he was ready to blast some to another country." I think i upset Bakugo a lot with that.."

     Kirishima chuckles a bit at this before smirking some, leaning down to 'whisper' to her. All though his whispering wasn't quite at all." No need to worry, This is a side of Bakugo he doesn't show often, which is his soft side~. If he shows it that means he actually cares about you~!"

     Bakugo turned back and glared at Kirishima, even though there was no real heat behind it." Shut your damn mouth. I don't care about any of you fuckers, villains just piss me off."

     Chika couldn't help but giggle a little at this, relaxing just a bit." Of course Bakugo. You have no soft sides, your a tough guy all the time."

     Kirishima chuckles some as well before looking around, at this point they were heading out of their zone and towards the center area. She wasn't ready for kirishima to suddenly start waving and moving around though, which made her move around as well." Hey look, Its Todoroki! Hey Todoroki!"

     She looked over to where he was waving and saw that there was in fact Todoroki, she was a little pleased to see that the stupid as he kept on his left side was gone for the most part. She never understood the point for that. It seemed really impractical.

     Bakugo huffed and went to make his way over to Todoroki, both her and Kirishima following after him. Todoroki had stopped to wait for them but besides that made now move to say hi or check on them.

     "Icy hot, you seen any of the other fuckers? We figured the class got separated but have seen any of the other morons." Todoroki shook his head at Bakugo before glancing toward the center." I have not seen anyone. I'm heading towards where i remember the center being. There is no way that Aizawa could handle all those thugs by himself, even if they didn't seem to know what they were doing."

     Chika took a breath before nodding some." Lets head there together, we will be more helpful in numbers." She was just ready to get over there and check on Aizawa already. The more time they waste the more likely it was that something bad could happen.

     Their little group started to make their way over again, this time everyone taking up a jogging speed to get over there faster. She didn't think any of them were ready for what they saw. Some how All Might had gotten here and was currently in some weird position with the Big guy from before, though the Big Guy was currently split in half by Kurogiri's Portals. He seemed to have a hold on All Might that was actually hurting him as well, she thought she could see blood seeping though his shirt. Deku was running at The big guy and All Might, looking like he wanted to help and not to far away was a cackling Shigaraki. She was slowly piecing together what was happening but what was really bothering her was that She didn't spot Aizawa anywhere. That's when she spotted the crater in the ground and all the blood, so so much blood. 

     She could feel her eyes widen in horror as she realizes that in the blood was the broken remains of Aizawa's goggles. What happened to him? Where was he? She looked around frantically for him but couldn't spot him anywhere. If this was Shigaraki's doing then there wouldn't be blood so most likely either he was injured by the large amount of villains or the other guy. She took the chance to look at his stats and had to stop herself from shaking at what she saw.

     Intelligence: 1

     Speed: 6

     Strength: 6

     Durability: 6

     Stealth: 6

     Stamina: 6

     Quirk control: 6

     What freaked her out was the stats for Quirk Control, Strength, Speed, and Durability were changing rapidly between 5, 6 and 7. It nearly hurt to look at, so she had to turn it off before she feel over. This thing was terrifying and it was fighting all might. Could this thing actually take him on?  

     She barely realized what was going on around her anymore until she hears a loud explosion and turns to see that at some point in her freak out Bakugo had managed to take down Kurogiri and Kirishima was over by him, arms harden and ready for combat. There was also a stream of ice now leading to The big guy and All Might was now standing over by her and todoroki. Apparently Todoroki froze the thing enough to help All Might get free.

    " You kids need to get out of here, I will take care of this." She watched as All Might clutched his side and went to head toward Shigaraki. She opened her quirk on All Might and saw that All his stats but intelligence were at 5 right now, one lower then usual. there was no way he could fight them. She was about to stat this but was interrupted by Midoriya." All Might you cant take this guy on like this! He was made to fight you even at 100%!"

     "Midoriya is right All Might, those stats are insane. You cant take this thing on." She paused when All Might just gave them a thumbs up, not even bothering to turn back to them." Nonsense children, Never say you cant do something. Anything is possible." She felt her body go rigged when the big guy broke through the ice, losing an arm in the process and went to get out of Kurogiri's portal

     "Nomu, get us back our exit." She felt a shudder run her body at the scratchy voice of Shigaraki before feel her body run cold when she realized that to get Kurogiri back that meant they had to get Bakugo away from him since he looked like he was barely holding back from just blasting the guy away from what he had heard earlier. She went to turn to yell at Bakugo to move but by the time she could look the Nomu guy had taken off toward him. 

     "Bakugo!" It was a unison of three concerned voices. Hers, Kirishimas and Midoriyas. She was about to take off over to where he had been but paused when she heard him by her." I-I'm fine idiots..." She looked at him and noticed that he looked just as shocked as everyone else. How did he manage to make it over here with how fast Nomu was? That's when she realized that All Might was missing.

     She looked over to where the dust was clearing to see All Might standing there, looking like he had braced for the hit that was meant for Bakugo. He had made it over in time to save Bakugo? He should have been slower then Nomu with his speed at 5 though.

     Chika turned to check on Bakugo but froze when she heard shigaraki's grating voice." Well well well, You shouldn't be that fast All Might. Your always so impressive. Wouldn't you agree pet?" She slowly turned now to see Shigarakis eyes on her, her throat felt dry as his eyes board into her." Want to share Nomu's stats for the rest of the class, pet~? Why the shocked face? You thought i wouldn't notice you or something? Just because you changed your hair doesn't mean i wouldn't to recognize that pathetic face of yours."

     She clenched her fist some now and looked at the ground now, she had to appear tough. She couldn't let him think she was still as weak as before." S-shut up. I don't care if you recognize me and i'm never telling you anyone's stats every again."

     " Why not tell me Eraserhead's stats at least, he should be as good as dead after what Nomu did to him so he wont be need those anymore~." 

     She almost felt her knee's give out from under her. Aizawa fought the Nomu? What happened to him? His body wasn't here so what happened to it if he really was dead? No he couldn't be dead, he was too strong. He wouldn't die like this!

     She went to turn to tell shigaraki to shut up again but nearly fell over when All Might leap toward Shigaraki to try and get him but was easily stopped by Nomu." Chika do not listen to this villain! You and the others get out of here! I will handle them!"

     "Oh All Might she wont be going any where. Kurogiri help out Nomu if needed." She turned to see shigaraki running toward her now. She knew she should reach for her staff or even her knife but she couldn't get her body to move. She couldn't tell if it was from fear or something else but all she knew was that she couldn't look away or make a move to stop Shigaraki.

     She heard someone yelling something at her, probably telling her to move or to do something but she couldn't. The next thing she knew another gust of power blew threw everyone, much larger then the last and she felt herself get flung back. A pair of arms wrapped around her before she could hit the ground and found that once again Bakugo had stopped her from hitting the ground. She was really going to owe him after all this if they make it out.

    She turned to look and saw that All Might and Nomu were in an intense fist fight. The blows they were exchanging were so fast that she couldn't keep track of them but the gust the blows were creating effectively kept every party down. She felt bad for Bakugo having to hold onto her but if he let go she probably would go flying again.

    She had to squint some but managed to open her quirk to watch his stats. The numbers were shifting like Nomu's had, either at 5 or some how managing to go up to 7. What was this? What was she witnessing. She couldn't hear what All Might was saying but it seemed as though he was actually managing to wear down Nomu. What kind of power was this?

    Chika watched as All Might build back one last time before delivering a blow that shock the entire building. They all watched in awe as Nomu was sent flying through the air and through the rough of the building, a giant hole gaping in the roof now.

    She felt Bakugo let her go before she fell next to him, barely able to register what she just watched. She had to force herself to look down at All Might to see his stats now and felt her jaw drop again. The high numbers she had seen were dropping one by one, going lower by the minute. What was happening? That shouldn't be happening. He had never done that before.

    She felt Bakugo get up beside her and heard Two more people approach. That's when she heard Kirishima's voice." Wow, that All Might is amazing! He took Nomu out!"

    "Well what did you fucking expect from the number one hero?! Of course he could take out a freak like that!"

     "yeah your right man, we should probably head back to the others now. All Might can beat the other just fine."

     She couldn't help but think that Kirishima was wrong at the moment. At the moment All Might's Stats were barely at a 3, blinking into the 2's for a moment before changing back. He looked like he could barely move at the moment. He couldn't take them both on if they charge him.

     " Get up shorty, we got to go." She could hear those three go to head for the stairs, and while she did get up she did not plan to head back with them just yet, If they charged All Might right now there was no doubt in her mind that they could do some serious damage.

     As if fate couldn't be more against her side she saw Shigaraki run towards All might. She saw a streak of blue and assumed that it was Midoriya leaping towards him to stop him but Kurogiri was too fast. Before she knew it she was running over as well, pulling her staff out. They were focused on Midoriya at the moment so this was her chance. She saw the two portals open and watched as Shigaraki went to stick his hand threw one so it would go through right to Midoriya's face so they wouldn't notice her. She managed to get in close and swung, aiming for shigaraki's face. Right before it could make contact his other hand came up and grabbed it, turning his head to look at her.

    She watched as her staff began to start Disintegrated before a loud BANG ran threw the area. She felt blood on her face and could only gape in disgust as she saw that Shigraki's hand had a hole in it now. A few more bangs and Shigaraki was on the ground, his arms now showing four new holes from being shot. She was glad to see that unlike the top part of her staff Midoriya was not Disintegrated.

    Before she could swing at Kurogiri with what remained of her staff she watched as he quickly enveloped Shigaraki and disappear quicker then she could blink. Fuck! they got away! 

    She turned to check on Midoriya and All Might but paused with what she saw through the smoke. She spotted All Might sure but he didn't look right, his whole right side of his body was almost deflated while the left was still somewhat muscular. If what she could tell from the look on his face it was obvious this was something she wasn't supposed to see. Before she could say anything to him a Cement wall was put in between the two of them and she ended up falling back from the sheer surprise of it.

   She heard what sounded like people running towards her but she couldn't bring herself to look over. Did she just discover something she wasn't supposed?

Chapter Text

     The next couple hours was the most exhausting time she had ever had to deal with since being free from her other hell. Each of the students were questioned about what they experienced and what all they heard from the villains, also checked for injuries which there was only Midoriya who was hurt out of all the students and that was his own doing. Both teachers were hurt and Chika couldn't keep her leg still as she though about Aizawa. 

     She had been told she had to wait to be able to go see him because she wasn't family and the longer she had to wait the more nervous she was. She was currently sitting on the curb waiting for them to get the go ahead to leave so she could go see Aizawa eventually. She put her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands, trying to calm down. She couldn't help but feel like this was her fault. She should have told him who the villains were sooner, she should have put up more of a fight to stop him from jumping into the villains. She wasn't being told how bad the injuries were but if all that blood had been just his then she could only imagine the damage.

     Chika took a breathe to try and settle herself, feeling the tears coming even though she didn't want them too. She didn't deserve to cry at the moment. She went to rub at her eyes a little but ending up letting out a scream since someone decided to tackle her to the side! She moved her hands away and looked over to find that it was Yamada, who already had giant crocodile tears in his eyes." OH MY GOD CHIKA YOUR OKAY! I WAS SO WORRIED!"

     She had to take a moment for herself because she could not hear after him yelling right next to her before looking at him some." Y-you were worried about me?.." 

     "OF COURSE I WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU! I SAW WHAT HAPPENED TO SHOUTA AND I COULDN'T FIND YOU AND I WAS WORRIED MY SOON TO BE DAUGHTER WAS DEAD!" he started crying now and hugged her tighter, he probably felt her flinch when he was yelling because this time his talking was a lot quieter." I should up with the rest of the teachers and you weren't with the others! Then i saw you were down at the bottom where the bad guys were and i felt my heart drop because i thought thy hurt you!"

     She was barely able to register everything he was saying but from what she could she felt her tears began to spill over from her eyes as she went to hug him back." I went to find Aizawa and i couldn't find him, all i saw was blood." she could feel herself start to shake as she thought back to a couple hours ago. She was surprised that she had actually ran at Shigaraki, since she had been terrified of him. The minute she knew All Might was in trouble and deku could get hurt she couldn't stop herself. 

     She felt Yamada go to stand up but let out a slight squeak as she was dragged up with him." Lets not cry in front of all the press, lets go to the car. Recovery girl was waiting in the ambulance for Shouta so we can go see him soon."

     Chika nods a little and went to let him go so she could walk with him, rubbing at her eyes to try to stop the crying till they get to the car. She felt him put his arm around her shoulder and started to lead her to the car." I-i'm such a baby for crying so much.. I should be a lot stronger.."

     "Don't say that kid, everyone cries from time to time. I think people are stronger when they show emotions then when they try and hide them to appear strong." He lead her up to the car before opening the passenger door for her." Hop on in and we will head for the school, they moved him there so Recovery girl could keep a close eye on him."

     She nods slowly before hopping up into the car and getting settled in before curling up in the seat. If he was receiving treatment at the school of all places then there was no way he was going to die then right? He would okay for now. She felt some of the weight on her shoulders lift but not much. He was still really hurt and it was her fault.

     Yamada got in the car before looking over at her." Alright kid, We are going to leave until we get all these tears out and all these feels dealt with. We can't be going in there with Shouta being downers right?"

     Chika hesitates some before nodding a bit. Maybe he was right, maybe she should let out all these emotions before they went to go see him.

     Yamada smiles some at her now before reaching over to lightly ruffle her hair." Let it out then."

     Chika pulled her jacket closer to herself and sniffles some now." I-i can't help but feel like this is my fault that Aizawa got hurt.. B-because two of those villains were the ones that hurt me.." She could feel his hand stop ruffling her hair at this and she felt the tears start to pour again." I should have told you all sooner.. I should have tried harder to stop him..."

     "Chika if he would have known that they were the ones that hurt you he would have probably made dumber decisions. He might not show it but when he cares for someone he will do anything for them and trust me he has started to really care for you. This is no way your fault, kid."

     She looked at him some and sniffled a bit." Why would he care about me?.."

     "Because your a good kid, Chika. Nothing will change our minds on this."

      She went to put her face in her knees now and very quietly said." I-i care about you guys too..." Apparently he could hear her though because she found herself in another big hug." See!! Your such a good kid!!"

      Chika couldn't help the slight blush on her face before leaning against him a bit, it being slightly awkward because of the center console." Thank you.." Honestly Yamada was such a help sometimes when she felt so over come with emotions. 

      "Anything else you need to get out before we get there? Because if you say that to Shouta he will try and fight you."

      Chika giggles just a little before burying her face into him." I wont i promise.. and i got nothing else to say so we can go." She wouldnt mention the All Might thing just yet, she would wait till she had talked to All Might himself first.

      Yamada smiles some now and nods before going to start up the car before going to head for the school. Since it wasn't that far of a drive she decided to distract herself with her phone. She found out very quickly that was a terrible idea because her phone was blown up with messages from the bakusquad chat. She was kind of glad she had her phone on silent now

      The Bakusquad





      Kaminari Denki: YOUR YELLING TOO SERO

      Chika Matsuo: guys please its all okay dont worry! Kiri dont worry about it, it would have come out eventually anyways..


      Chika Matsuo: Sorry but im already gone.. you can give me that hug when we get back to school.

      Kaminari Denki: we can do a big group hug at school!

      Bakugo Katsuki: I'd rather die then join in your stupid hugging shit

      Kirishima Eijiro: I think that was bakugo for "I have to seem like a big tough guy but ill join you guys begrudgingly!"


      Sero Hanta: Yeah kiri, he obviously wants something else from you in his mouth ;)


      Kaminari Denki: oh i can translate this one! what he really means is "I would never deny my burning love for Kirishima but ill hide my feelings with mean words!"


      Kirishima Eijiro: so sero and kaminari get to pay for my new phone screen thats awesome


      Chika couldn't help but laugh at this, she wished she could see Bakugo's face right now and Kirishima's. 

      " What are you laughing at kid~?" she noticed that Yamada was looking at her, smiling widely. She giggles a bit and waves her phone around a bit." Its just my friends teasing each other is all~.."

       "Friends~? You should invite them over! They are from 1-A right?" She paused at this because he was okay with her inviting friends to their place? Ones from her class too?.

       "Are you sure about that? They can be a bit hectic.."

       "Yeah! I don't mind and i'm sure Shouta will be fine with it~!"

        Chika smiles softly now and nods a bit before looking down at her phone to let the gang know the news.

        The Bakusquad

        Chika Matsuo: hey guys! one of my dads wants to know if you all want to come over and hang out

        Kaminari Denki: Really?! Party at Chikas!

        Sero Hanta: hell yeah, ill bring snacks and drinks!

        Ashido Mina: Ill bring movies!

        Kirishima Eijiro: ill bring whatever else we need!


        Kirishima Eijiro: wait so your coming to bakugo? hell yeah!


        Ashido Mina: Oh we can have family cuddle time! 

        Chika Matsuo: i think kuro will like you all! i got to go for a bit though so ill talk to you all later and we can figure out when you guys can come over

        Chika went to put her phone up and went to look at the school when they got there. She took a shaky breath before going to put her phone up so she can get out of the car. She didn't think she was fully ready to see Aizawa in a hurt state but she had to do this. She would feel worse if she didn't go and see him at all, so she might as well just accept these feelings and get over it.

       She went to hop out of the car and wait for Yamada to come around before going to head up to the doors with him. She noticed he had grown quieter as they had gotten closer, he must be really worried about him too. She hesitated as they went to head for the nursing office before going to grab his hand, hoping to offer some comfort to him at the moment. That seemed to surprise him but he offered her a sad smile, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

       As they head up to the door she took a breath to try and settle herself. No negative energy, no sadness. Aizawa doesn't need that from them now. They both stopped in front of the door and both stood their for a moment, not sure if they were ready to see him in what ever condition he was in. She felt her hand get one more squeeze before she watched as Yamada went to open the door to the office. She bit the side of her mouth and tried to resist the urge to close her eyes out of fear of what she might see.

      Once the door was fully open she couldn't help the gasp that fell from her mouth at what she saw. Aizawa was laid up in one of the nurses beds, his whole upper body covered in bandages. It looked like he had his arms wrapped thicker then the rest, probably because he had cast on as well. She couldn't see any of his face since it was so wrapped up. She barely realized how hard she was squeezing Yamada's hand until he flexed his fingers.

      She loosened her grip on him before slowly going to follow him into the room, her eyes never leaving Aizawa as if she were afraid he was going to disappear. He didn't seem to realize they were there so she figured he was sleeping. From what she heard about recovery girls quirk she wouldn't be surprised. She probably used up as much of his stamina as she could just so she could heal him this much.

     Yamada went to let go of her hand so he could grab them two chairs before moving over to put one on either side of the bed, then they wouldn't be all crowded around him on one side. She walked over to one of the chairs before sitting down, clenching her fist her lap. She couldn't help but think back to when he brought her to the hospital and how he had stayed with her for as long as he could. She went to cross her arms on the bed and laid her head down. She would do the same for him, she wasnt going to leave until her woke up and she got to check on him. 

Chapter Text

     It was a few days later before everyone was finally allowed to head back to class and Chika felt absolutely dead at the moment. She spent a lot of her time at the hospital with Aizawa and Yamada, not wanting to leave Aizawa's side while just in case something happened. She nearly had an argument with him when he said he would be fine to come back to class but he was just too stubborn about it for her to argue. Now she was getting to sit in class and listen to her classmates worry over Aizawa like she had been for days and telling him he shouldn't be here!

    She glanced down at her notebook she had out and started doodling in it while Aizawa went on about the U.A. sports festival coming up and how they all needed to train really hard before it. Apparently they would only be allowed to wear the gym uniforms and not use any of their weapons they might use in their hero costumes so she was going to have to really practice hand to hand combat. Her biggest concern besides that was also getting better at predicting moves and speed. She would never beat anyone here if she didn't fix those three things.

    She needed to probably train with others besides Aizawa and Yamada too or she would get stuck looking for only their habits. But who would be willing to train with her? This whole thing was a everyone for themselves type deal since only one person could win. She knew the more competitive ones in the class probably wouldn't want too so she might have to try and ask the squad then. Would they even be willing to do that?

   Chika let out a loud squeak when several hands slammed down on her desk, causing her to nearly toss her pencil in the process. She looked up to find Mina, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima all laughing at her now and Bakugo standing behind them, looking 'annoyed' with being around them.

    "Group Hug time~!!" the next thing she knew she had a bunch of arms around her and could hear what sounded like disgruntled cursing from something else being pulled into the fray. Apparently they hadn't been lying about giving her a group hug and dragging Bakugo in as well. She had to admit she actually really liked this but she was also getting very warm and could feel her already messy hair getting worse." G-guys this is getting to hot."

    "Sorry should Kami and I leave the hug~?" She could tell it was Sero that said that and was almost able to hold back her giggles if it hadn't been for Kirishima jumping to his and Bakugo's defense." Hey! We all know that me and Bakugo are the hot ones here!"

    "All you boys are wrong, Me and Chika are the hot ones!" She felt her head get nuzzled by most likely Mina and smiled a bit at this, leaning into the attention some. She didn't think this hug was ever going to end but Bakugo seemed to have other plans as there could be little explosions being heard." Let me fucking go already! You fuckers are so clingy!"

    The hug finally started to disband but Mina kept her arms around her." We actually were all talking about having a group training session after school and wanted to see if you want to join us~?"

    Chika let out a sigh of relief, guess that would fix one of her problems." I would love too, Where are we going to be going?"

    "We got permission to use the training grounds here till 5 so we can just change into our gym clothes and head there~" 

     "Alright, We could get a lot of training in then~." She felt Mina let go of her before she went to stand up to get her stuff together." I know i need to work on fighting techniques, speed, and predicting if i want to stand a chance in this thing."

     "I'm sure with all of us fighting and working together we could figure all that or and everything else for everyone." Sero smiled before throwing his arm over Kaminari." That is if Kami doesn't shock us all~"

     Kaminari but a hand over his heart as if he was offended." I would never shock the squad like that~!"

     Chika giggles some at this before hearing Uraraka yell out in surprise." Whoa! who are all these people?" she went to look over at where she heard the yell come from and paused when she saw the door way was blocked with a sea of students.

     Kaminari whistled as he looked over as well and raises an eyebrow some now." I wonder why they are all out there?"

     "Isn't it obvious, they want to scope out the class that survived a villain attack." She looked over now when she heard Bakugo talk, making his way over to the door."They want to see how we compare to what rumors have said about us and size us up for the tournament." Bakugo stopped in front of the door and glares out at all of them."All you extras need to know that is I'm going to win. Now get out of the way."

     "bakugo! You can not call people extras just because you don't know their names!" She watched as Iida waved his hand at Bakugo in a disapproving manner before her and the rest of the group go to head over to Bakugo

     "Wow, you are right about why most of us are here but who would have thought class 1-A would be this pretentious." She stopped behind Bakugo when she heard a new voice start cutting through the crowd. The first thing she thought was that his voice was really deep but smooth at the same time, it sounded pretty nice. She barely even noticed that he technically insulted all of them and that Bakugo looked ready to fight.

      She watched as the owner of the voice broke though and nearly felt her jaw drop because was it legal for someone to be so good looking? The guy was way taller then her and had purple hair that just seemed to flow upwards, it looked all natural and soft. He had a nice angular face and pretty purple eyes, though they seemed to be permanently marked with dark bags. The dark eye bags didn't make him any less attractive though, if anything she thought it added to the look. He didnt seem as built as some of the boys in her class but that wasn't a bad thing either. Maybe his quirk didn't involve much fighting?

      "I just came here to say that with the up coming festival that they will be watching everyone and might be considering move people up." She watched he looked through all of them but couldn't help the light blush that came across her face when his eyes landed on her for a moment before looking back at bakugo." Or move people out. So just this of this as a declaration of war." He glanced over at her again and for some reason she could have swore she saw a hint of a smirk on his face. Oh god please tell her he hadn't seen the blush and she was just imagining things.

      Chika blinked some at this before watching him go to make his way back through the crowd, all though she wished he wouldn't leave. She wanted to talk to him, or at least get to look at him just a bit more. Was that creepy? Maybe she should stop that line of thought. She came back to reality when she felt Mina wrap her arm around hers before going to drag her after Bakugo, who had stomped off after saying something else that apparently pissed off someone in class 1-B. 

     " Man now everyone hates us!" She watched as Kirishima groaned and rubbed a hand down his face." Why did you have to go and say that stuff to them Bakugo?"

     "Stop complaining Hair for brains, None of them matter. They wanted to see the competition and that's what they got. Not my fault they want to lump you fuckers in with what I said." He shoved his hands in his pockets and went to walk a little faster, probably missing Kirishima nearly in tears about how 'manly' that was.

      Chika couldn't really help but look around a bit to see if she could catch a glance at the purple haired guy again. She wished should could have gotten his name or at least looked at his stats. She was too distracted with his stupid nice looking face though. Who even allowed voices like that too? A voice shouldn't be smooth and deep at the same time!

      She looked over when she felt a tug on her arm before looking over to see Mina smirking at her."Is someone looking for the scary purple guy~?" She felt her cheeks start to heat up before looking away from her. How could she tell?! She hadn't even said anything about him." N-no.. Why would i be doing that?"

     "Because he was pretty attractive even if he is a little scary~."

     "I didnt find him scary, I think he was putting on a show because he has to prove something~.." She had caught what he had said about being moved up or out so she figured he wasn't in the hero program if that was a big deal to him. She wondered what caused him to not be in the hero program? He seemed to want to be there but for some reason he wasn't? 

     "Oh~? Maybe you should talk to him and find out~!" She grabbed her hand now and started to jump a little bit up and down." Your a cutie, I doubt he would talk to you the way he did to blasty~!"

     Chika blushes more and went to cover her face with her free arm. Why did this always have to happen to her." I don't think i could talk to him, I would be way to nervous."

     "What if the squad came with you~? We could be your cheer team!"

     "Yeah and then maybe Bakugo could fight him and he would never talk to me again~.."

      Bakugo whipped around at that and squinted at her." Who am i fighting?"

      Mina smirks and moves behind her to grab her shoulders, shaking her gently." Our little Chika has the hots for the scary purple guy~!" Chika went to put both her hands over her face when she yells this out." Do you have to be so loud?! And i dont have the 'hots' for him!"

      "You mean the guy who declared war on the class~? I swear You and Kirishima need to rethink your types~" She heard Kaminari yelp before she moved her fingers some so she could peak out. It looked like to her that Kirishima had punched his arm. Good for him. She also noticed that Bakugo didn't like that Kirishima's taste in people was being brought up. He probably took it the wrong way.

      "Kami you have no room to talk, You flirt with everyone that is some what attractive~." Sero went to put his arm around his shoulder once again." If those two like the grumpy type then let them be~."

      Chika huffed a bit and went to cross her arms over her chest." You guys just wait till training. Im fighting all three of you."

      "Oh kinky~" Chika turned to jab at Mina's side at that but Mina was a bit to fast for her." Speaking of training, Shall we head down there and get to training~? We only have the area till 5~!"

      Sero chuckles some before nodding a bit." Yeah, lets get going guys before we end up fighting in the hall."

      Chika rolls her eyes and went to head down the hall." Sounds good with me."

      "I say we race there~! Loser has to buy everyone drinks after!" Kirishima went to put his fist together and smirk."No quirks either, we get to see who is faster just using our own physical strength~."

      "I don't need my quirk to leave you all in my dust." Bakugo smirked as well while the others rolled their eyes. Kirishima chuckled some before getting his bag situated." Count down from 3 and then we go?"

       The group nodded before everyone got their bags situated so they didn't fall of them while they ran. Chika couldn't help but get a bit excited, She didn't think she would end up in last but probably would have been something like 3rd or so.

       "Okay guys 3.."

       She watched as everyone got ready to take off before doing the same, smiling a bit now.


       She heard Mina giggle a bit now before giggling a bit as well."

       "1.. and go!"

      Chika went to run as fast as she could, not able to hold back the laughter she felt bubbling up. Honestly she wasn't even paying attention to the race or who was ahead of her, she just knew that she wasn't in last and that's all she could ask for. She could make out Sero and Mina laughing as well and Kirishima trying to talk smack with Bakugo. She heard complaining from Kaminari so she guessed he ended up in last, which for some reason she wasn't surprised with.

     She saw a blur of blonde and red and figured that was Bakugo and Kirishima passing her, which made her want to try and run faster. She just had to keep herself in third place! They busted through the doors of the main building and started running for the training area, it was so close now and she could feel Mina right next to her. She gave one more final push and right at the last second leap forward to touch the door before Mina could, And since Bakugo had touched the door followed by Kirishima that meant she was in 3rd!

     "Woo! I'm not in last!" She pumped her fist in the air some but let out a squeak when she felt kaminari jab her side." Don't rub it in! Now i have to buy everyone drinks! I can feel my wallet slowly getting lighter now."

     Sero laughs some now before giving him a lazy smile." Should have been fast Kami, So no complaining~."

     Mina giggles some and went to open the doors to the training area." Alright guys, enough complaining~! Lets get changed and get this show on the road!"

     Chika giggles some now and went to follow after Mina when she went to head for the Changing rooms. She could hear the boys teasing each other and Bakugo threatening them and knew this was going to be fun. She headed into the changing room and over to her locker before taking a second to calm down a bit from the running. She went to pull the gym uniform out once she caught her breath and went to change without thinking about it. She was so caught up in thinking about how fun the race had been she didn't even realize she was changing in front of another person until she heard the door open and close again.

     She went to finish zipping up her gym jacket before looking at where Mina's locker was. She didn't say anything to her? She didn't feel disgusted looking at her? Chika shook her head now and scolded herself for acting like this, Mina is her friend. SHe wouldn't act like that towards her.

     Chika went to head into the training area, having changed into the gym uniform. She wasn't very comfortable with not being able to have her arms all the way covered but she would just have to deal with it eventually so she might as well do it with people she was comfortable with. As she was heading out she saw that Kirishima was saying something to Mina, Kaminari and Sero with a somewhat serious expression while it looked like Bakugo played on his phone. She watched him glance up at her some as she came around the corner before hearing him cough some and the others quickly look at her.

    She thought that was a little weird but figured he was probably warning them about what they might see on her since she showed them both yesterday. She actually couldn't help but smile some at this before heading over to them." So guys, how are you going to do this?"

    She noticed Mina's eyes flicker down to the exposed part of her arms for a moment before she quickly brought them back up." Well considering everything you said you needed to work on we figured you going up against me, Bakugo or Kirishima would be best to go up against first~"

    With those three options she figured if she was going to do this then she should start with someone who isn't going to wear her down to fast." Okay, Ill go against you first Mina~. Then We could all switch off and ill go against one of the others next."

    "Alright~! So we will do you against me, Sero and Bakugo and Kirishima and Kaminari." Mina turned to look at Kaminari and put her hands on her hips."Keep the sparks down, if you shock all of us then we wont get to train!"

    "I wont try and electrocute everyone but that is my quirk!" he huffed some at her and crossed his arms over his chest

    "You could try and focus on keeping you electricity around yourself instead of expelling it, then you could focus on fighting hand to hand while still using your quirk." She rubbed the back of her neck when she noticed the way he looked over at her. Did she say something dumb? She relaxed a little when he smiled widely and nod now." That would work! Ill try that out~."

    Chika relaxed a bit at this but lets out a yelp when Mina went to drag her off to one of the other sides of the training grounds." I hope you are ready chika~, I got special shoes so i can move around a lot easier with my acid~."

    Chika smirks a little now and moved so she could follow her a bit easier without having to be dragged." I'm always ready, you just better not pull your punches."

    "i would never~! We got to give this are all~." She went to let go of her before walking a bit away from her." Just know i got a mean punch~."

    Chika went to stretch a bit, trying to warm up before they got down to business." I've been learning so we will see how this goes~, Ill try not to hit that pretty face of yours~."

    "Oh someone has some sass, I like it~!" Mina turned to her once she was a good distance away before smirking at her." Ready whenever you are~."

    "Lets get this show on the road~."

     She heard one last giggle from Mina before she saw her start to run at her. Wait no she was running she was sliding, it seemed the bottom of her shoes have a way for her acid to come through without it eating away at her shoes or causing her to slip. She watched her carefully but took off towards her, she could just stand there and wait for her to attack first. She watched the way Mina moved, she seem to hold herself in a agile way so she would probably be ready to dodge at any moment. She could make this quick if she landed her punches right and get her down, or used her own mobility against her to take her down. She watched Mina seem to ball her hand up but it didn't look like a closed fist, she must be planning on throwing acid at her.

    Just as she though when she got close enough Mina threw the acid, aiming low as to not hit her face but to land a hit on her jacket, she had waited a bit too long to throw it though so Chika was close enough to land a hit to her stomach. She heard the gasp from her as she had the breath knocked out of her but had to move away when she started to feel the burning on her tank top. She quickly moved herself a way and tried to make quick work of getting her jacket off but the acid had hit her zipper so it was a little messed up. She could see Mina was already recovering so the only thing she could think to do was the rip through the holes in the front of the jacket to get it off. Not the smartest decision considering the acid was there, but she only felt a slight burn so she would just have to deal.

   "Nice hit, i should have thrown the acid sooner but i wanted to surprise you~!" She went to run at her again, this time throwing the acid at a distance. She made sure to dodge out of the way of them the best she could, narrowly missing being hit each time. She could feel the nagging feeling in the back of her head, telling her that her arms were exposed and any of them could look. She had to show it down, this could happen at the sports festival and she couldn't just break down then about it. She just had to keep going." I saw how you balled your hand a certain way so you could cup it with out fully giving yourself away~. If i didn't know what your quirk was i probably wouldn't have seen it."

    She noticed that Mina was keeping her distance now, probably trying to wear her out with dodging before going in for a hit. She couldn't keep this up forever so she was going to have to take a chance. She waited till Mina threw a glob of acid before going to run toward her. If she dodged she would be fine but she had to get close, if she didn't then she would be screwed. Mina seemed to realize what she was doing because she started throwing out larger globs of acid, making them spray out more. Chika let out a hiss when she felt some sprinkle on her shoulder but didn't stop.

   Chika managed to get in close enough before taking a leap of faith and when to knock into her with her shoulder, effectively knocking her down. She seemed to have taken her by surprise because the acid stopped for a moment. She took the moment of surprise and went to pin Mina down, keeping one leg on her legs, pinning her arm with her other foot and holding her other arm up down with her free hand. She could still feel a slight burn along her shoulders from the acid that had touched her but kept her hold." Got you pinned~."

   Mina giggled a bit now before looking up at her." I hadn't been expecting that~! I cant believe you ran at me and took some acid on your skin, You should be happy i sent the less potent kind out~!"

  "Still hurt quite a bit~." She went to get up and hold a hand out to her to take." Well 1 down, 4 more to go~.." She had a feeling she was screwed even more with the others but she had to do this! She would make everyone proud at the sports festival!

Chapter Text

     To say that the few days before the Sports festival wasn't extremely exhausting would be a lie. Everyone in her class was training as much as they could to be ready for whatever it was they would be doing at the Festival. Chika and the rest if the Bakusquad had been training almost everyday till 5 and she could honestly see the improvement in everyone. She had even heard Bakugo give tips in his Bakugo way, which could have been taken as insults but if you spoke his weird angry boy language you could understand he was trying to help. 

     The main thing Chika had learned from all her training from them was that as long as she wasnt again Kaminari, Bakugo and Kirishima she might be able to do something. She had managed to beat Sero and Mina in most fights but she couldn't stand against Kaminaris electricity, Bakugos Blast and Kirishimas hard skin. With the info she had now she could determine that at least a handful of her classmates she could definitely stand a chance against, some of them would come down to her planning and others she would just have to hope that maybe they just forgot how to fight and she would stand a chance!

    When she really thought about it besides the three she stated before she was also concerned with Todoroki, Tokoyami and Midoriya. The rest she could probably put her training from Aizawa into use with. She also had to not get nervous and choke during the fight, she did that and it would be all over.

    She had a bit more time to think about it since they had just arrived at the arena they would be fighting in. It would give her time to think about every other quirk she was possibly going to be going against with the other first year classes. She really couldn't help but think back to the purple hair boy that showed up the other day, he was definitely a first year so she would be up against him as well. Maybe she could talk to him a bit before they fought? Would that even be allowed? 

    She went to get off the bus with the rest of her class and smiles when she felt Mina come up and take her arm with hers. She had finally started getting used to this and honestly find it comforting when she did take her arm." So Chika~, You ready for this~?"

    "Yeah I am, I've been training at home as well so i think i'm ready for anything~." She went to give Minas arm a gentle squeeze before smiling at her.

    "Oh me too~! I've been trying to get my acid a bit stronger and be able to throw more of it in a single handful!"

    "That should be really useful during this, hopefully the whole squad makes it till the very end."

     She giggled when she saw the way Mina was smirking now, it gave off a knowing vibe." Of course the squad will make it till the end~! We are all super strong! But whoever takes home all the bacon is the strongest in the group."

     Chika smirks a little and lightly nudges her." Who do you think is going to win it all out of the squad?"

     "Oh i think Kaminari or Kirishima could, They both are really strong!"

     "Hmm, I could see them but i honestly have a feeling it will be Bakugo."

      Mina raises an eyebrow some at her now before giggling a bit." Wanna put a bet on it then~?"

     "Alright, Ill be nice and you can even use both Kaminari and Kirishima~. Loser buys the other lunch?" She probably should have mentioned why she had such a strong feeling on why Bakugo would win but she felt like winner so she would keep quiet. She had been watching all of them through this training and if she had to pin point which one of them had adapted more during it all it had to have been Bakugo. He adapted to how each one of them fought and did what he found to be the best for the situation. It was always fast decisions too so she had no doubt he would do the same here.

     "You got yourself a deal~!" Both of them giggled some before heading into the waiting room with the others. They had ten minutes to relax before they had to go out for the opening ceremony and then start the first round in the tournament. She found her and Mina migrating to the table with the rest of their group before sitting down.

     She went to pull out her phone to scroll through it before they would have to put it up but stopped when she heard a gasp from Mina, who had sat with her, before looking up to see what looked like a serious talk between Midoriya and Todoroki. What ever had been said to Midoriya had him looking upset which she didn't like at all. Midoriya was one of the rays of sunshine in the class that had to be protected, that's why she told Bakugo every time he was mean to Midoriya she was going to take some money from his wallet as punishment. Okay she didn't tell him that but he would eventually notice the connection or the fact that she always seemed to disappear to get a lot of snacks after his money disappeared.

     She couldn't hear what was being said since she was probably one of the further ones away from the scene but she could tell that it was getting a little serious when Kirishima (a.k.a the sunshine rowdy puppy) got up and went to try to calm down the situation. She made a face when she saw Todoroki shrug off Kirishima and nearly went to get up till it seemed that Midoriya was going to handle it. It seemed what he said had some effect on Todoroki because he went to head off to one of the free tables. 

     "Man I wonder what that was about.." 

      "I don't know but i don't think its a good idea to start drama right before we go in there~.." She watched Mina puff out her cheeks some." I wonder what had Todoroki all upset anyways."

      Chika shrugs some before going to get up." Well whatever it is they should figure it out, We will be with each other all through high school and have to work with each other as heroes so there is no reason to hold grudges." She glanced at bakugo as she walked up to her locker to put her phone away." Ain't that right Bakugo?"

     "Don't get sassy with me short stack, I don't hold grudges." She hoped that the whole table bursting out with laughter was a sign that no one believed him. But you never knew with Bakugo.

      The heard a bell ring and guessed that meant it was time for them to head out. Time for the show to began.


      The walk to the opening was nerve racking but the walk out and into the open was even more nerve racking. The minute they walked out the door and into the open field she was immediately aware that her forearms were out for display with all her scars. She had to take a breath to settle herself because she couldn't grab onto Mina or the rest of the group right now for comfort. They had to look like they could all handle themselves. She was just going to have to man through it right now.

      Once her class made it to their spots they called out 1-B, which she went to look to see if she could spot the guy from before. Which was a negative. She did spot the guy that got made at Bakugo and had to wonder if those were his eyelashes or some sort of mask. The next group was the general studies class and that's when she spotted him. He had a look like he couldn't have been less interested to be there, she hated to admit that he looked good even in their dumb school gym uniforms. She felt her cheeks heat up when he glanced over at her and quickly turned away to face forward. She knew that meant that she would miss looking at the support classes and Business classes but she couldn't risk him looking at her again.

     She almost regretted looking forward because now she had to see that their year would have Midnight as one of the monitors. She felt her cheeks heat up more as she looked at her outfit before looking at the ground. She was going to die of embarrassment before she even got a chance to fight.

      "Alright students we will have the first place score from the entrance Exams come up and give the opening line. Please welcome Bakugo Katsuki." The minute she heard Bakugos name she knew this would end up badly for the rest of them. She admired how Bakugo said what he thought but during a time like this she wished he had a filter. She glanced up to watch him walk up there and couldn't help but hope it would be relatively tame.

      "All i have to say is that I'm going to win it all." She had to admit it was pretty tame but the out roar around her said other wise. She would at least give him a pat on the back for not saying any curse words.

       Midnight shock her head before motioning to the big screen behind her." Well thanks for that Bakugo, Now lets see what your first event is!" She watched as a bunch of these go across the screen before a race pops up on the screen. A race for the first round? She thought she heard something about them eliminating people each round? So she needed to stay as high up as she can just so she didn't get eliminated.

      Midnight motioned to the opening they would be going out of and all the classes went to head over. She took this time to work through a strategy in her head, she needed to figure out a good way to go about this. She needed to do well right now but maybe not too well. If she drew too much attention to herself then she could give away the fact that her quick didn't do anything for her right now. If she stayed maybe more to the middle she would still seem pretty good but not have too much attention pointed to her yet.

     She hadnt realized that everyone was stopping to wait for the go ahead and ended up running into someone. She let out an oof before quickly backing up." S-sorry!" She went to glance up and paused when she saw purple eyes looking down at her. Did she seriously run into the purple hair guy? Fate was not on her side. 

     She watched as he looked her over for a moment, like he was trying to see if he knew her before turning back around." You might pay attention, its about to get very crowded." She paused when she realized he spoke to her before he went to make his way over to a group of guys not to far away. Damn it! Her first time getting to interact with this guy and she blows it.

     She rubbed her face with her hands a bit before making her way more to the middle of the crowd. Guess she just should forget about ever talking to a guy again, that embarrassment is enough for her.

     She looked at the entrance once she got were she needed to looked the opening over. It was pretty narrow and long, with how many student there were it was going to be a very tight fit. She decided to make her way a little further up and noticed a lot of her classmates had made there way up there. But the one that caught her attention was Todoroki. She realized this could be a great opportunity for him, if he froze the passage way he could eliminate half or more of the competition right then and there. She wouldn't be able to dodge that if she got caught in the crowd so she leaned down and loosened her boots a bit. If needed then she could slip on out of them and try not to slid on the rest as she made her way through.

     Chika took a breath and went to ready herself now, she needed to use her small stature to her advantage and try slipping through people as quickly as she can. She tried to think back to the race they had a couple days ago before taking off when she heard the sirens blare. She was glad about her decision to move forward instead of being right in the middle because the second they hit the tunnel it became very compact. At least at this place there weren't as many people to shove through. She had to hold back the hiss of pain when she felt elbows hitting her everywhere and continue to try to squeeze through the crowd. 

     She could tell she was making progress through the crowd but how much she couldn't tell. She felt a cold breeze and realized that just as she thought Todoroki was getting ready to freeze the passage way. She looked around quickly and noticed that just a person between them she saw Iida. It was a crazy idea but it might save her boots if she pulled this off. She quickly shoved the person out of the way before jumping up and onto Iidas back.

    "What the?!" She saw Iida look back at her in shock, which all she could offer was a small smile." Sorry~.." She felt the breeze again before noticing the ice come down the passage way and effectively trapping anyone who didnt know what was coming. Unfortunately Iida ended being one of them since she distracted him but she had avoided the ice.

    "Sorry Iida! Gotta do what you gotta do!." She leaped down from him and went to make her way through the trapped students, ignoring Iida's protest behind her. She was sure he could get out so it was fine right? She broke through the rest of the crowd and looked around as she ran forward. She noticed that most of their class actually made it through and a lot of 1-B, the biggest surprise was that purple hair guy made it through but for some reason he was being carried by 3 other guys? 

    The rest of the way across the ice she made sure to walk carefully but went as fast as she could before taking off again when she made it on actual dirt. This was a good place to be in, she wasn't in the front but she certainly wouldn't be anywhere close to the back either. She came to a halt though when she spotted what the next obstacle was and all that went through her head was Fuck.

    Ahead of her were three large robots and a whole bunch of little robots. She quickly looked around the area, trying to find a way through with out having to fight the robots. She stopped with her planning when she noticed that apparently Todoroki wasn't done yet with his freezing since he decided to freeze the three giant robots blocking the way! She had to shake herself out of amazement because how was that even fair? She noticed the way they were shifting though and looked to see Kirishima and the guy from class 1-B running forward

    "Guys watch out the robots aren't stable like that!" She noticed kirishima turn back to look at her right as the robots started to fall before he harden up. She couldn't help the fear that ran through her, he should be alright but was his hardening good enough for a huge robot? She went to run over once she was sure it was safe and watched as he popped out through the top with a yell. He was soon followed by the guy from 1-B who looked like he had turned to steal at the last second. How weird?

    "Kirishima you okay?"

     "Yeah i'm fine! Its gonna take a lot more then a robot to crush me!"

     Chika giggles a bit at this and notices that most of the other students had already began fighting the robots and grabbing their attention. She saw that the sides of were actually clear of fighting since all the students and robots were gathering in the middle of the field, so looks like this is the best option. She went to run along the side now, checking to make sure she didn't grab any of their attentions. If she pulled this off she would easily be with in the 20th place. 

     She made it by the fighting and to the track that lead to the next obstacle, she was feeling pretty good about this. If she could keep this up she would easily make it to the next round. She knew that she saw Bakugo, Sero, and Kirishima were a head of her so that was most of the squad guaranteed spots in the next round! She hoped Mina and Kaminari made it up as well so they could all move forward.

     She felt her eyes bug out of her head when she saw the next obstacle because it was a giant fucking hole in the ground with platforms spread out through the middle of it and connected by ropes. She saw that Tsu was already crossing with her frog like abilities, Todoroki with his ice and Bakugo just blasting his way across. This was going to be extremely tiring but oh well, she had to do it.

     Chika made it her way over and nearly squeaked when she saw the depth of the hole and had to summon all her courage to do this. She thought about how proud Aizawa and Yamada would be if she got through this and made it to the other round. She took a big breathe and went to crouch down and get herself down on the rope. She squeezed her eyes shut and went to start squirm her way down the rope, going at a somewhat fast pace but was still pretty slow compared to others.


      Chika took a minute to catch her breath before getting up slowly. It took her a while to get across those ropes but she managed to do it. Now she just had to get past the last obstacle. As she got to her feet she noticed that the purple head guy running past her. When did he get over here? She took one more breath before going to take after him. She didn't know why but she didn't want to get beat by him at the very least.

      He seemed to be fast but with all the training she had been doing she manage to get ahead of him by just a bit. She was going to make it to this next round if it killed her. She thought she felt eyes on her back but shook off the feeling, she couldn't get distracted. Not when she was this close.

      As she came up to the next obstacle she had to stop and take a moment because really? They had a bomb field waiting for them. She could feel the groan come out before she could stop it but took a chance to look the field over. From the lumps they left in the ground it was obvious where they were, so if you paid attention you would be fine but if someone triggered any around you that could be an issue. She noticed that once again everyone kept toward the middle so her best option would be to go along the side again.

     She smirks some and to put her plan into action. Luckily she had such a small build over all so her feet fit nicely in between the spaces of the bombs, she could keep up a semi fast pace and make some decent time. She looked across the field and had to hold back the urge to face palm because she could see Todoroki and Bakugo fighting each other for first place. Honestly they weren't the brightest if they were worry about first in the first round. You just needed to make it past this round. Right as she was about to keep going she nearly jumped when a rather loud explosion went off behind her. She turned to see what looked to be a metal sheet flying through the air. Did someone do that to get a head?

    She let out a huff before going back to trying to get across. She didn't have time to worry about this. She needed to keep going. She glanced over to see the once fighting for first and saw that some how midoriya was up there now, was he the one flying through the air??

   She was so close to finishing off the course but noticed more people reaching the end of it. Bakugo, Todoroki and Several others got passed and if she didn't hurry she could mess this up. She looked between the space that she needed to cross before saying screw it and taking off running. She had a few rows of bombs to pass but she had figured out the pattern they were laid out in so she just had to keep that in mind right? She leaped past the final row of Bombs before taking off running again.

   "Someone is eager to get this over with." She turned back to find that the purple hair guy was not to far behind her, had he been that close this whole time? She fixed him with a scowl before turning back to to where she could see the exit coming up. She didn't have time to get distracted with nice voices and cute faces.

   "What? Got nothing to say to me? I saw you looking at me back at the opening ceremony. Looked like you had something to say then." She bit her lip and kept running, she really wanted to talk to him but knew that if she started talking she would be distracted. Something didn't settle right with her when it came to how those guys had been carrying him too. Whatever it was she couldn't lose now. 

    As they went into the tunnel she felt him start to catch up to her, his voice sounding closer then before." What? Too good to talk to the General Studies kid?" She had to grit her teeth, she didn't want to upset him. She clenched her fist some before pushing herself the last bit that she could, and nearly threw herself through the exit. she ended up on her hands in knees, breathing heavily from all the running and activities. She noticed a lump fall next to her and noticed it was the guy. Apparently from Yamada's loud announcing she had bad it in 22nd place while he finished in 23rd. Not o bad if she said so herself.

   "S-sorry I didn't answer you.. I didn't want to lose focus and slow down." She looked over at him some now and noticed he seemed a little surprised she had spoke to him. She gave a tired smile and held her hand out to him." I'm Matsuo Chika.. You can just call me Chika, and I was looking at you because You were the guy that declared war on my class~.." Good lie, that should work for now. She totally wasn't looking at him because he was handsome 

    The guy raised an eyebrow at her before taking her hand, giving it a small shake. If her cheeks were red it was just from the running, nothing else." Well then.. My name is Shinso Hitoshi. Guess i should let you know my name if i'm going to take a spot in your class." She watched as he went to get up before offering a hand to her, which she took. Once she was up she dusted herself off before looking up at him." Well Shinso, I hope that works out for you. I think you would fit in~.."

    Shinso raises an eyebrow at her now before turning to head off toward the stage." We'll see if you think the same later."

    She watched as he walked off and thought about what he said. What could he mean by that?




Chapter Text

     After they had a few minutes to catch their breathes from the first round before they started the second. The whole break she spent thinking about what Shinsou could have been talking about. Everything she could think of either came down to attitude or quirk, which she was thinking the later because she had already been theorizing what his quirk was. She had noticed that he had a few guys carrying him, which really didn't make sense unless he was using a quirk. If she had to guess it was some sort of brain washing/mind control thing but how would he use it? Maybe if they talk to him? It would explain why he was so persistent to get her to answer him in the end part of the race.

    She was knocked out of her theorizing when she heard over the announcements to head back over to the stage. She got up from her spot on the ground and headed over to stand with the rest of the growing group." Alright students~! Lets see what your next event is~!" She watched as Midnight motioned to the monitor and bit her bottom lip as it spun before landing on the Calvary race? As midnight went to explain how it worked she noticed people already looking for teams to work with up until she mentioned that first place would be worth 10 million points. 

    She looked over at Midoriya who looked like he was going to have a panic attack. So she wouldn't want to be on his team that was for sure. Everyone else would be worth 5 points but it would be multiplied depending on what place you got. So 42 place was 5 points and it got multiplied the higher you placed. The teams had a over all score that they would wear and have to share. So she needed a team with decent points that could either easily steal other points or hold onto their own. 

    The minute Midnight said it was fine to pick teams everyone instantly got to work with picking teams. She noticed everyone was avoiding Midoriya which she felt bad for but she couldn't risk it either. She went to look for her friends and noticed Bakugo was surrounded by the a ton of people including Mina, Sero and Kirishima so she couldn't get in there and get picked. Bakugo would want a strong team and she didn't have that much to offer. She looked around more and saw that Kaminari was taken by Todoroki, Iida and Yaomomo so she was out of luck there.

    She felt a slight panic sink in because who the hell was she going to partner up with? Her friends weren't an option and the rest of her classmates seemed to already have formed groups. She didn't know if she would be brave enough to talk to the other students either so was she going to get stuck being on Midoriya's team? She would just slow him down.

    Before her panic could hit its peak she felt a tap on her shoulder and let out a surprise gasp when she realized it was Shinsou." You seem a little lost there, do you need a team?" She stared at him for a long moment before she felt a relieved smile come across her face." Yes actually~.."

    She couldnt help but notice that he seemed slightly surprised she agreed before rubbing the back of his neck." I have two others so we should be fine now. Mind telling me your quirk?" She hesitated a moment now before clasping her hands behind her back."With my quirk i can see stats for an individual. I can see Intelligence, speed, strength, Durability, stealth, stamina, and quirk control." She took this chance now that she remembered to look at his.

    Intelligence: 4

    Speed: 1

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 2

    Stealth: 4

    Stamina: 2

    Quirk control: 5

    She couldn't help but smirk a bit at his raised eyebrow." It works on a scale of 1 through 5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. In the order of the things i mentioned you numbers are 1, 2, 2, 4, 2,and 5."

    "Interesting, You could use that to tell me which teams arent the brightest or fastest." 

    "I could, Im guessing your wanting to know that so you could use your quirk on them~?..."

    Shinsou seemed to freeze at this, like he hadn't expected her to know that." You know my quirk?" She couldn't help the slight giggle before looking up at him." After a few things I put together after the first round i figured you had a brain washing quirk that revolves around you getting your target to answer you and you can use it on multiple people."

    She had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop from laughing at his face. He seemed so shocked that she had figured that all out and she made to have been right since he was so shocked. He let out a cough before looking away from her some." And your still willing to answer me."

    "Why wouldn't i be willing to answer you? If you wanted to brainwash me you would have done it already."

     She raised an eyebrow when he sighed before he glanced over at two people not to far away. She went to glance over at where he was looking before noticing that Ojiro and Aoyama standing not to far off but they seemed rather stiff and were just staring forward. They looked like how the guys that had been carrying Shinsou looked earlier." Oh.. You did it to those two."

     "Let me guess, you dont want to be on my team now?" He glanced at her now and raised an eyebrow at her. His expression hadn't changed much from his usual stoic face but she could see a hint of something that seemed nervous. She gave him a little half smile before going to head over to the other two." As long as you apologize to these two afterwards and dont let them get hurt I dont mind. Everyone else uses their quirks to their advantage so why cant you?"

    She made it over to Ojiro and Aoyama and looked them over some. So the biggest give away that they were under his control were that their eyes were void of any emotion and they were unnatural rigged. She looked at shinsou, who was just making it over to them before tilting her head a bit."So how do you think the formation should go?"

    "Im thinking you and tails in the back and Sparkles in the front. We need to focus on small teams or teams who arent the brightest so that i can get them to answer me easily."

     "Alright, Ill just have to average the stats of each person in a group. We should probably stay as low key as possible. Eventually everyone is going to give up on Midoriya's group and just go after 2nd, 3rd and 4th place." 

     Shinsou raises an eyebrow some at her now." Midoriya? Is that the name of the guy who has 10 million points?"

      She nods some now before crossing her arms over her chest." Most likely everyone will try for him first. I know for a fact Bakugo, the guy who uses explosions, will be after him along with the guy with white and red hair."

     Shinsou got a slight smirk on his face now." You are willing to sell out what your classmates are going to do?"

     Chika shrugs some now and rubs the back of her neck." Everyone is here to win it and they are all willing to do anything to do that. Why shouldn't i do the same?"

     "I think you and me are going to get along just fine after this. We should probably get this set up now, we are almost out of time."

     Chika smiles now and nods."Alright!" She glances at the other two before tilting her head a bit." So you um.. you might need to get them into positions."

     Shinsou glances at the two under his control before smirking just a bit. She couldn't help but think it looked good on him."Sparkles get in the front and get ready to hold me up, tails behind him on the right and do the same. Like the picture on the screen." She couldn't help but feel amazed when she watch them actually do as he said. She couldn't help but think of all the possibilities for him in the hero industry. Why wasn't he in the hero courses actually?

     She went to move into position to get ready to hold him up and had to hold back on oof when he climbed up. It was a little awkward to hold him considering she was a bit shorter then the others and he was a bit heavy but this was the best way for their team to work.

     "You good down there chika?" She looked up at him and noticed he was looking at the foot she was holding, which she had a slightly shaky grip on it. She rolled her eyes a bit at him before smiling some." Ill be fine, im tough~.."

      "If you say so.." He went to put the headband on for their group when it came around before going to look over the groups as the Horn went off to let them know the round started." Alright Chika, out of your class which group would be the easiest to trick." She went to look around some now and bit her lip, each group had at least one person who would probably not fall for any tricks into talking to him." Most of the groups from my class have one person who probably isnt going to talk to you but The guy with the white and red hair has a tendency to freeze people so if we followed him we could catch some groups off guard.

     "What about the explosion guy? He seems easy enough to get to talk." She giggles slightly at this before shaking her head." The guy with the big elbows probably wont talk to you, he would tell Bakugo afterwards and then he will track us down. Im going to look at the 1-B student groups and see what i can find out."

     "Do what you got to do, Im going to keep my eyes out as well."

     Chika nods before looking at all the students she had seen earlier come out with the 1-B announcement. From what she could tell most of them seemed pretty smart but one group stood out to her. The guy that had gotten mad about what Bakugo said the other day had a group of 4 but he noticed the average of their group intelligence was basically 3. If Shinsou pulled this off right he could get them to answer and they could get their points.

     "Shinsou, the guy with the things around his eyes and sharp teeth. I think we could snag his groups points."

     "That guy was yelling at explosion boy the day I came to your class right?"

     "Yeah he was." 

      "Alright, Sparkles and tail head toward that guy." She nearly let out an oof as they started moving but went along with it. From what she could tell her guess was right so far. Everyone went after Midoriya and Todoroki had froze a lot of groups." After this group we need to head for the frozen ones. We can some of theirs and by the time some of them get out time she be close to up."

      "Those would be some easy points, I like that idea. We just have to have enough points to move on then we lay low. Everyone is so focused on the million they are going to end up with barely anything."

      "Yeah, this should be easy enough." 

      As they came up to the other group she got a bit curious, how would he pull this off? Apparently the answer was to insult them. "Well if it isnt the off brand 1-A Harden student, guess steal isnt as interesting as harden skin." That seemed to do the trick because the guy turned to yell at him."WHA-.." The guy got the same distant look as the rest of her group, which made his group look concerned."Oh my, I think your team leader isnt feeling so well." Almost as if they rehearsed they all went to say something to him, which caused them to fall under the same spell. She was very curious how many people he could hold under his quirk.

     She watched as he reached out and snagged not only their points but the points they had already snagged as well. He went to tie the points around his neck before going to walk off." Ill give them a few minutes to stand there before looking up at the broad." We are in third just with these points. I saw we stay in the background until it looks like our spot is threatened." 

     "that sounds great to me!"


     Turns out they really didn't have to worry to much, everyone else was so busy fighting for the million or insulting each other that they held third place just fine. Most people didnt know how he was anyway so they didnt know who to look for. She went to let him down once it was over, apparently ojiro had been knocked out of the quirk not to long ago but had just went along for it for the rest of the time. He didnt seem to happy about it though. Aoyama was confused but happy he won at the very least.

     Chika rolled her shoulders some, having to carry him for so long had made her shoulders hurt a bit. She went to head for the stage but stopped when she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She looked back to see Shinsou looking at her, all though he seemed a little unsure about what he was about to say." I just wanted to say maybe i was wrong to call all of 1-A pretentious.. You arent too bad."

     She felt her cheeks warm up before quickly putting her hands up and shaking them a bit." T-thank you.. Your um, not so bad yourself." She thought she heard a small chuckle from him, which caused her to blush even more before he went to walk past her toward the stage."Well maybe we will go against each other in the next round. You better not fall for my tricks."

     She watched as he walked off before she went to cover her face with her hands. She was surprised she had gone this long without exploding from talking to him for so long. He was actually pretty nice to how she thought he was before. She nearly let out a squeak when she felt multiple arms hug her at once and Mina yelling in her ear." Oh my god the whole squad made it and you got to fight with your purple crush~!!!"

    "Mina dont yell that out and you guys are squishing me~!" The group that hugged her, Kirishima, Mina and Sero, went to let go of her before Kirishima smiled widely." This is great~! they are figuring out the brackets and should tell us soon."

    Chika smiled before crossing her arms over her chest." I hope the rest of you are ready for a butt kicking then~!" She was so ready for this, she was ready for anything after all that!


Chapter Text

     Before they were given their thirty minute break they were told how the brackets would work, which was almost instantly thrown off by Ojiro giving up his spot. Apparently he didn't feel right with moving on since he was under Shinsous control. In a way she understood how he felt but she couldn't imagine giving up an opportunity like this. Hagakura seemed to agree because she tried to beg him to stay but he was very firm in his decision. After some discussing with other groups they fixed the brackets and the new matches would be.

     Midoriya vs Shinsou

     Todoroki vs Sero

     Kaminari vs Yaoyorozu

     Iida vs Hatsume 

     Chika vs Aoyama 

     Mina vs Tokoyami

     Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu 

     Bakugo vs Uraraka

     After they were released she went to head for the hall to head back to the break room while everyone else tried to relax or calm their nerves. She needed to come up with a plan so that she could beat Aoyama and make it up in the brackets. If she had to guess with every bracket she would bet that Shinsou, Todoroki, Kaminari, Iida, Maybe herself, Tokoyami, Kirishima and Bakugo making it to the next round but she could very well be wrong. Yaomomo's smarts could help save her from Kaminaris electricity, She might not be able to dodge Aoyamas lasers, Maybe steel beats harden skin and maybe Uraraka lands a touch on Bakugo and sends him out of bounds. There were so many things that could go right or wrong in these next coming rounds.

    Chika had been so caught up in her thoughts that she didnt realize someone was standing in front of her until she ran into them, which caused her to let out an oof." Sorry about that.." She paused when she heard a laugh that gave off the tone of justice before a big hand came down on her shoulder." Nothing to worry about young Matsuo! I was actually looking for you if you have a moment to spare."

    She looked up at All Might and all she could see was what she had seen in the U.S.J.. She had tried to keep that out of her head but looks like that wasn't going to happen." U-um alright.. I got a second to spare."

    "All right, I was just wondering if you were okay? After everything in the U.S.J and all." He honestly looked concerned but she could tell there was something else besides concern for her there. He was thinking back to when she had spotted him in that weird half form or whatever it was.

    "All Might, I know your concerned about me.. but if this is also about what I saw I wont say anything." She honestly could have laughed when she saw his face but decided it wasn't the time for that.

     "I thought you would have questions about it and demand answers."

     "Well of course I want answers. Im guessing that because Midoriya decided to help you out when the villains charged at you he must know something else. Everyone else was sure that you could handle them no problem bu your number one fan boy was afraid."

     All Might let out a sigh at this before crossing his arms over his chest." You are very perceptive Matsuo, its almost a little scary at times."

     Chika blushes a bit at this before glancing away from him a bit."Sorry.. It kind of became a habit after everything in the past, you know?" She was a little shocked out how flustered All Might seemed to become from forgetting about why she was the way she was and watched as he quickly shook his hands." Oh no! Please do not apologize! It didn't even cross my mind that it was something you were just used to doing."

     Chika couldn't help but giggle a little at this now, she couldn't help but think it was a little cute that such a big guy was so flustered." Dont worry about it, All Might. How about after the sports festival all three of us sit down and talk about it."

     "Oh yes, we can do that! Just be aware that young Midoriya may or may not be very worried about you having seeing me so if you could speak to him i would appreciate that. He will not listen to me that you will not say anything."

     Chika nods now and went to put her hands in her pockets." I can do that~.. Ill find a way to tell him without it being weird~.." She honestly felt like just coming out and telling Midoriya would be her best option. Trying anything else might give him the impression that she was unsure about the whole thing. She went to say something to him but noticed that he wasn't looking at her face, but down at her exposed forearms. She felt herself freeze up because after the whole thing with Shinsou she had almost forgotten that the scars on her forearms had been showing this whole time.

     "Matsuo, are those scars from the past?" she felt herself flinch before nodding a bit, she could only feel dread when he continued on."Are there more?" She shifted uncomfortably before nodding some. Here it comes, the questions about her past and scars. She really didn't need this when she had plans to come up with, if she shut down now it was all over.

     She couldn't help the squeak that came out when he leaned over and gave her a hug. Wait where were the questions? What was happening?."Young Matsuo, like my issue we can talk about mine after the festival." If she wasn't so determined to keep her cool she would have cried. She took a breath to steady herself before leaning her forehead against his shoulder." Thank you..."

     She felt All Might give her a pat on the back before he backed up some." Im sorry for taking up so much of your time, I just had to get this figured out a bit." She smiled some now before shrugging a bit." Its okay, Ill just spend my time thinking during the other matches."

     All Might nodded to her before motioning to the stairs." I would suggest you head to the area for you all to watch then, I wish you the best of luck during your match."

     She smiles a bit more at this before giving a determined nod." Thank you! Ill try my best." She gave him a quick wave before taking off for the stairs. Honestly she felt a small weight come off her shoulders with that quick talk. She hadn't realized how worried she had been about that till then. Now it was time to cheer on her friends!


     So Chika quickly discovered that her guesses hadn't been to terrible after all but she hadn't expected some of the things that happened during the matches she watched. She honestly had been rooting for Shinsou, literally and figuratively, but was actually disappointed that some how Midoriya broke his fingers to get out of the hold! How did he even manage that? From what she had saw there wasn't much to get anyone out of his Brainwash unless he let them free. She was so questioning that when they talked after the sports festival. 

    She had figured that Todoroki would win between him and Sero but she hadn't thought he would freeze not only him but half of the stadium as well! She felt like it was over kill but for some odd reason, the look on his face almost looked upset. Did he not mean to obliterate Sero like that? She had gotten a little annoyed with the crowd for chanting 'nice try' because it almost felt more of a sting then everyone just remaining quiet.

    Yaoyorozu had managed to get a sheet made before she was hit with kaminaris electricity so she was able to easily get him out after that, it was almost comical watching her shove him out of bounds with a lengthy pole. She couldn't help but notice that Jiro was really pumped that Yaoyorozu won, almost a little too pumped. She would have to remember that for later.

    Iidas match took forever because Hatsume was just using him to show off her gadgets she made. It probably lasted 10 minutes or more before she literally just walked out of bounds and gave him the win since she finished showing off her things. If she was in Iidas place she would have been furious. 

    Now it was her turn to fight Aoyama and as she made her way up and onto the platform she quickly realized that this was way different from the other stages because it felt like all eyes were on her. As she made it up there she noticed that Aoyama was at his side and decided to quickly get a look of his stats one last time before they began.

    Intelligence: 3

    Speed: 3

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 1

    Stealth: 1

    Stamina: 2

    Quirk Control: 2

    She knew that the last one was low because he could only keep his lasers going for a second before his stomach would start to hurt. So her plan was to use the practice she got with the squad and wear him out until his stomach started to hurt, then she will get in close and take him out. His durability was for weak so a good hit could take him out. She had taken her time to stretch and prepare before her match so she would have to do her best here.

    She glanced over when she saw Aoyama flip his hair out of his face before he smirked at her." Sorry dear, but this should be over quickly." She raised an eyebrow at this before giggling some." Well see about that"

    She felt herself tense slightly when Midnight went to speak but quickly calmed herself down, this was her time to shine." On the count of three we will began!"

    "1!..." She glanced at Aoyama and put her plan in action, she glanced to the left of him as if she were planning to head that way. Hopefully he took the bait.

    "2!.." She watched as he smirked as if he knew something and had to hold back a smirk herself. Cant give herself a way just yet.

    "3! Start!" As she was hopping Aoyama thought she was going to move to the left and went to quickly shoot a laser about a inch to her left, which she quickly moved to her right and went to run toward him. She was not nearly running as fast as she could at him because she was trying to wear him down. She watched as he turned toward her and shot again before quickly dodging to the left this time. She was happy that there was a second in between the time he shot and him moving to aim it so she could figure out where to move. That must be the biggest down fall of his quirk besides the time limit. Having to move your whole body to aim was a dead give away.

    From what she could tell from his face was not only was he getting frustrated but he also would have moments were he seemed to feel discomfort after his shots. She was starting to feel a little exhausted from dodging but if she could just get him to use lasers a bit longer she should be golden. Because of her dodging she had slowed her progress toward him but she was still getting close enough that once the discomfort took over she could make her move. She would have to thank the others after this because just her training with Aizawa would not have been enough to prepare her for this. 

    She was realizing as she got closer that it was a little more difficult to dodge the laser and she was having a few more close class. She couldn't imagine how bad it would hurt to get hit with one of these. She narrowly dodged one when she heard Aoyama weakly say."Time for the big one!" She turned her head in time to see him shoot a rather large laser at her. She went to duck out of the way of it bit felt it skimmed her back, probably effectively ruining her jacket and tank top in the back."Fuck!.." It stung quite a bit but she noticed that he now had his arms around his stomach a bit, obviously trying to get back into the state so he could shot another one. 

    She quickly went straighten up before running at him. She saw the panic on his face and heard the frizzle of his laser trying to come out but it was too late. She first went to and threw a punch at the part of his stomach that wasn't covered with the belt as hard as she could. She was happy he had to move his hands behind his head to try to shot so she could get this hit in because she heard as it noticed the breath out of him. She waited for him to bend over slightly before going to land on upper cut on him. 

    She let herself have a second to catch her breath as she watched him fall back, her punches doing their job and knocking him out. She felt the dull pain in her hand and the sting on her back from the air hitting it but she couldn't hold back the smile that crossed her face as she heard Midnight announce her the winner. She looked up at the spectating section for her class when she heard the loud shout of Bakugo."THANK FUCK ONE OF YOU USELESS FUCKS CLAIMED A WIN!" She noticed the rest of the squad smiling and cheering for her while chanting her name and couldn't help but laugh now. She was moving on! She was one step closer to trying and winning. She was going to do not only her friends proud but also Aizawa and Yamada proud too!

    She noticed from the general studies section someone waving at her and looked to find Shinsou. He gave her a small smirk before shouting out to her." Keep it up, Chika! Make us unimpressive quirks proud!" She felt her face getting warm at this and offered him a wobbly smile before going to run off the stage. Time to calm down her face and maybe get her back checked out before the next round.



Chapter Text

     After Recovery Girl healed her back and helped her get a new tank top and jacket she was sent back to go watch the fight that was coming up. Recovery girl had offered to get her a jacket with longer sleeves but she decided against it. She would never get over this fear if she kept hiding. Plus it was just her forearms, it wasn't even the worse of it. She could handle this just fine.

    As she made her way up and to the stands she noticed that it was already Bakugo and Uraraka's turn, although it looked like it hadn't started yet so she made it just in time. Sero and Kaminari were siting just a row behind Midoriya and Iida so she decided to sit by Midoriya so she could talk to him after the match. She did wave to them as she went to sat down and was a little grateful they didn't bombard her with questions just yet, they probably wanted to see how this match would go without distractions. Something that felt off to her at the moment was the fact that everyone was extremely tense, which they hadn't been during the prior matches. 

    She looked down at the two on the stage and decided to look over Urarakas stats to see how exactly she would fair against Bakugo with these.

    Intelligence: 3

    Speed: 2

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 3

    Stealth: 2

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk Control: 5

    Chika mauled this over in her head some because this match honestly would come down to if she could get her hands on Bakugo. Without gravity he would have a very hard time to control where he moves and she could honestly just push him out of bounds. But she had faced Bakugo before in their training and she knew that he would do anything to keep you back and completely defeat you. He wasn't going to just blast into this and try to blow her away, he was going to be very precise about this. 

    As Midnight announced the match to begin Uraraka went to run straight for Bakugo, looking really determined at the moment. Chika raised an eyebrow as she noticed that she was running rather low to the ground. She was curious about what her plan was with that. As she got closer she watched as Bakugo sent an explosion at her, effectively throwing her back and ripping up the ground where he sent it. She glanced over at the rest of the class when she saw them flinch and murmur about how hard it was to watch this happen to Uraraka. She couldn't explain why but for some reason it made her a little irritated.

   Uraraka tried that tactic a few more times before she ran at him in the smoke, this time floating her jacket at him to distract him so she could try and get a sneak attack on him. Sadly Bakugos reflexes were to fast for that and she was sent flying by a explosion again. She felt her fist clenches slightly when she heard Kaminari make a comment about how this seemed like a bit much to use against Uraraka but before she could turn to say something she noticed something floating into the air. She thought it was a Jacket but quickly noticed that it was debris from the ground getting rekted. 

    There was a growing pile of floating rocks and she couldn't help the smirk that came across her face. So that was the purpose of staying low, that was pretty smart but reckless at the same time. She wanted to analyze the plan some more but stopped when she heard the crowd turning on Bakugo, Yelling at him for being to rough on Uraraka. She felt her fist clench again out of irration and leaned back in her chair. She heard Aizawa go onto the speaker to say something but went back to watching the match." Fucking Idiots..."

    She noticed Midoriya look at her with what could have been described as confusion." You okay there Matsuo?" She let out a sigh before looking at him." No, I think this is unfair the treatment both of them are getting for actually trying in this Tournament."

    Midoriya tilted his head at this a bit." What do you mean?"

    "Its irritating listening to everyone acting like Uraraka is made of glass and is going to get broken out there and that Bakugo is some kind of monster for actually trying against her. They both are taking this seriously and to treat them the way everyone is, it kind of seems like an insult to me. Its undermining the plan that uraraka has put into action or the fact that Bakugo actually sees her as a worthy opponent and isn't just flying at her with no care."

     She paused some when she realized she was ranting before looking away from Midoriya some, rubbing the back of her neck some. What she hadnt expected was Midoriya to let out a sigh." Honestly that is true, i agree with what aizawa and you both have to say about this. But what do you mean about a plan?" She glanced back at him to see he was a little confused before she pointed up at the sky where the debris was." Thats what im talking about."

     She watched as Midoriya looked up before pausing a bit as well. She was a little surprised everybody hadn't noticed the floating rocks but oh well. They would feel dumb for doubting Uraraka after that." Oh wow, So thats why she was so low to the ground."

     Chika nods now and looks down to see that Uraraka was a good distance away from bakugo and was saying something to him. She had to admit she was pretty beaten up but honestly considering the circumstances this was probably her best option." Uraraka figured out two plans and put them into one, if she doesn't give this away then she might get the drop on bakugo." Sadly it seemed what ever she was saying was about her plan because as she was releasing them bakugo went to look up at the floating debris. She had to keep herself from cheering out for Uraraka because for a second it looked like her plan was going to work.

     What she hadnt expected was Bakugo to lift his hand and literally blow away all of the falling debris. He didn't even flinch, had he known about it this whole time? Maybe he expected something like that. Sh felt a little bad for Uraraka as he plan literally crumbled infront of her. She went to take a step toward him before falling down. All the adrenaline must have left her body. Midnight called Bakugo the victor but the crowd didn't go as wild as they had before. 

     She sighed a little now and went to lean back before hearing what sounded like muttering come from her left. She turned and saw that Midoriya was scribbling down notes in a notebook and muttering as he did so. She couldnt catch everything but it seemed he was writing down how long uraraka had been able to go even after pushing herself too far. She leaned over a bit to get a glance at it and saw her had a ton of info down. She knew he had a thing about taking notes about people but she didnt realize it was that much. She would have to ask him about it.

    Maybe she could give him her sticky notes and he could add them. At least then they would server a better purpose then just sitting in her backpack. 

    She looked over when she heard someone heading up before spotting Bakugo heading down the stairs to take his spot next to Kaminari again.

    "Nice playing the villain Bakugo, you got the crowd all upset." Sero chuckled at his joke while chika made a face. She didn't find comparing him to a villain to be very funny.

    "You could have gone a little easy on her, she is so cute and fragile!" She went to give Kaminari a look at this before turning to face them both."You know, if Bakugo was really playing the villain he wouldn't have treated her as a equal like he did. Uraraka isn't fragile either." She took pride in the fact that she seemed to take them by surprise before going to get up." Take it from someone who has dealt with villains for years. Bakugo is no where near a villain." She clenched her fist some before going to head off to go get a drink. She needed to calm down some before she started ranting again.

    She didn't know why she felt the need to defend Bakugo and Uraraka but she just didn't see it as fair. She especially didn't think anyone deserved to be called a villain like they had done to Bakugo. That wasn't a joke and it wasn't cool. She knew what villains were like and if he had really wanted to act like a villain toward Uraraka he wouldn't have just hit her with a the biggest blast that he could when she got close and try and hurt her more. He wouldn't have wanted t see her cry and beg and hurt her purposefully over and over again. 

    She stopped down one of the halls and took a breath when she made it to the vending machine. She was feeling a little bad for how she walked off on the guys and she should have handled that better. Once she got her drink she would go back and apologize. she went to reach into her pockets before realizing she didn't have any money on her because she still had another fight to do. She let out a groan and pressed her forehead against the vending machine. This was going great so far.

    "Move out of the way shorty." She nearly jumped out of her skin and turned to see Bakugo standing not to far away from her. A weird kind of look on his face, like he was contemplating something. She went to step back away from the vending machine before rubbing the back of her neck some now." Sorry.."

     Bakugo gave her his signature 'tsk' before he went to move in front of it. He glanced back at her some now as he pulled out his wallet, fixing her with a scowl that said 'dont argue with me or ill blow you up'." What do you want to drink?"

     Chika pauses some now before looking the drinks over some now." Ill take one of the teas.. Any of them are fine." She heard him grunt before shoving some money into the vending machine and getting out two teas. She was guessing one was for him so it made her feel a little less awkward about him getting her one. She let out a squeak as he shoves the drink to her before taking it." T-thanks.."

     Bakugo went to open his drink before looking away from her and muttering under his breath." Thanks for what you said back there..."

     Chika felt like she just walked into a alternative universe, did Bakugo just thank her? What the hell was happening?." U-um its no problem Bakugo.. It was just pissing me off how they were talking about the two of you."

     She heard him sigh before he started walking back so she decided to follow him." Im not a fucking villain. Just because I dont act like the rest of these fuckers doesn't mean im some shitty villain."

     "I know that.. You just are um, very expressive about your feelings then most other people."

      "Well people dont see that and it pisses me off. Besides you and shitty hair everyone else thinks im so god damn lunatic. Ive made mistakes but im not fucking crazy."

      She hesitated a moment before going to lightly bump into him with her shoulder."Well you know what.. Fuck what other people. At least that's what ive been trying to practice. As long as your friends know who you are as a person then who cares what the rest of the world thinks.."

      Bakugo glances at her some now before shaking his head some, a small smirk on his face." That sounds like something I can get behind. Dont go around cursing so much though or people are going to think im rubbing off on you."

      Chika giggles a little before smirking at him." Well fuck them! I can say what i want!" She nearly tripped over her own feet when she thought she heard a chuckle with from him before recovering before he saw. She noticed they were getting closer to the bleachers before glancing at him." Im sure the other guys didn't mean anything by what they said by the way.."

      "I know the idiots didn't, they nearly started crying when you walked off and begged for my forgiveness. I should have told them to fuck off but went to find you instead." She giggled some again before lightly pumping him again." Well I know what to expect when we get there then, I hope we didn't miss Kirishima's tie breaker."

      "Im not worried about shitty hair, he will beat that steal fuckers and then the three better ones in the this stupid group will move on. Then ill beat his ass in the next round."

       Chika bit her lip before glancing at him some now." Im sure you both wont mind that one bit~.." She some him go still at that for a moment before she heard the sparks coming from his free hand. She started to laugh a bit before going to run back to the the bleacher area, Bakugo taking off after her." SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHORTY! ITS NOT LIKE THAT!"


       After having both Sero and Kaminari apologize for being insensitive, she forgave them pretty quickly since she was going to apologize anyways. They watched Kirishima's tie breaker which consisted of him literally breaking the concrete table that had been made for them and actually offering the guy a hand since he had made him fall. She wasn't going to call him out but she saw Bakugo smirk a little when kirishima won and she couldn't help but find it cute.

      When they posted the next round of fights and she wasn't going to lie, she was very nervous for her next match up.

      Midoriya vs Todoroki

     Iida  vs Yaoyorozu

      Chika vs Tokoyami

     Kirishima vs  Bakugo 

     After they announced the matches she will say that Midoriya and Todorokis match was probably the most intense thing she had ever seen. She had to hold onto her seat during the end of it because the force of the attack nearly blew her out of it. The big thing about that fight was that Todoroki actually used his flames which he has never done. Not even at the U.S.J.. She couldn't help but feel very nervous when she saw Midoriya crumbled and broken against the wall of the arena while the worst todoroki had on the outside was that his shirt had been burned on his left side.

    Even if she managed to beat Tokoyami there was no way she could go against that or most of the others that were coming up. She felt doubt when she watched Iida vs Yaomomo and watched how in less then a second Iida had shoved Yaomomo out of the ring before she even had a chance to do anything. She saw Yaomomo look a little disappointed but she held her head high, which she was proud of.

    Now it was her time to shine and she was shaking like a leaf. She basically was doing a 1v2 and she was having a hard time thinking of how she was going to win this. Not only would she have to get around dark shadow but she had to manage to get tokoyami out before dark shadow could get back to her. Maybe if she could knock tokoyami out? Would she be able to get close enough?

    As she headed up onto the stage she looked over and bit the inside of her lip when she spotted Tokoyami. This is it, she can do this. She was going to make it to the next round. As they made their announcements she took this time to look over his stats so she could figure out something.

    Intelligence: 3

    Speed: 3

    Strength: 2

    Durability: 3

    Stealth: 3

    Stamina: 4

    Quirk Control: 4

    Dark Shadow wasn't out at the moment so chika did not have a chance to see if he had an stats. But from what she could see of Tokoyamis it was going to take more then what she had done to Aoyama if she wanted to get him out. She straightened up some when she heard Midnight announce she was going to count them down and took a breath to settle herself. She could do this."On the count of 3 you all will began!"

    "1!.." She needed to think of dark shadow as if she were fighting Kirishima, he was an up close fight so she needed to think the same of Dark shadow.

     "2!..." There had to be a reason he just uses dark shadow. Tokoyami must not fight much. She had to try and use that to her advantage.

     "3! and Begin!" All her thoughts were cut short when suddenly dark shadow was out and charging at her. She went to quickly dodge out of the way and just barely managed to not get hit with his claws. If it wasn't for the fact that he literally turned and went for her again she would have looked at his stats but there was no time for that. She ducked out of the way of his swipe and could feel it swish her hair to the side. If this kept up she would be out of here before she could even get close!

     She went to dive under dark shadow after ducking and tried to get up quickly so she could run toward Tokoyami but let out a huff of breath when she felt him turn and hit her in the stomach with his clawed hands, sending her flying to the side. She hissed in pain as she skidded on the ground, just barely staying in bounds. She opened her eyes just in time to see him coming towards her and quickly scrambled to her feet and tried to take off toward Tokoyami. There was no point in her fighting Dark shadow since it wasnt about her getting him out. If she wasted her energy on him then she would mot have any energy to fight tokoyami. 

      She let out a squeak as she felt the back of her jacket get grabbed and felt herself getting lifted up. Shit! If she didn't get out of this he was going to throw her out of the ring. She took the last second she had and, without even giving it a second thought, unzipped her jacket and fell back down to the ground. She went to look at Tokoyami so she could take off toward him but noticed he was just staring at her. She heard some gasps coming all around her and for just a second was confused as to why everyone was acting this way. Did she do something wrong?

      She looked up at the big monitor and paused when she saw herself. Not only was her upper scared arms out for display but because it was a tank top you could see where the scars traveled along the back of her shoulders and toward her back. She felt herself freeze up and her breathing stop. She heard the crowd start to murmur and their were hundreds of different looks she was receiving now. She knew people probably noticed the scars on her forearms before but they could have been explained with literally anything. The ones going higher were nasty and large. 

      Every face she looked at showed something different. Fear, Sympathy, Disgust, Confusion and everything in between. When she looked at Tokoyami she saw surprise and something but he hadn't moved. She felt her arms come up around her chest to hug herself and took a step back." S-stop looking at me like that.." She needed to get out of here. She needed to go. She couldn't take these looks. She couldn't breathe.

      She felt the tears well up in her eyes and quickly turned to run off the stage and toward her exit. She didn't care if she lost, She didn't care if they were confused, All she knew was she had to get away and fast. 

Chapter Text

     Chika continued to run until she didn't even know where she was anymore. She had taken so many turns she didn't know what hallway she was at or if she was even supposed to be in this area. She didn't entirely care either though, she leaned back against the wall and slid down so she could curl up on herself. She wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her face into her arms, tears streaming down her face at this point. She couldn't handle the looks, the memories dragged back to the surface as she saw the scars displayed on the screen. Honestly if it wasn't for the memories and the pain she remembered she wouldn't give a damn about the scars but that wasn't the case.

     She felt the tears fall into her lap as she cries harder, trying not to think about it. She didn't want to fall into this pit again, she didn't want to get found freaking out and trying to get away from something that wasn't even here. She curled up tighter and tried to take a breath but found it hard to do. She wanted it all to stop, she wanted to be okay but it was so hard. Why did she have to be this way?

      She couldn't stop the feeling of hands grabbing her arms and the old memory of pain as skin was disintegrated off her. The pain as she was cut, hit, burned and shoved. She couldn't stop the memories of every thing that had been held at her, engraved into her brain forever. She wished she could just shed her skin and never have to look at these marks that symbolized that she was owned by a monster. That she was just some pet for him to use and abuse. 

     Chika froze when she heard foot steps coming towards her and tried to quiet down, she didn't want to be found. Not like this. She couldn't be found as this pathetic mess, she already embarrassed herself by running off the stage the way she did. God how did Tokoyami feel from that? How could she do that to him, it wasn't his fault that she didn't have her shit together.

     She bite her lip rather hard and hold back her sobs, she nearly lets out a relieved sob when she hears the steps stop, thinking they had gone somewhere else. She wasn't ready for the deep smooth voice from the end of the hall. God out of everyone why did it have to be him that found her." Chika?.."

     She bit the inside of her cheek and slowly looks up and over to find Shinsou standing, uncertainty clear on his face. She hadn't seen him really show emotion much from the interactions with him so she knew she looked like a mess at the moment. She went to quickly looked down and moved her hands to try and cover up her upper arms, taking in a shaky breath." G-go away..."

     "I think we both know that isn't happening." She heard his footsteps again, this time hearing them move closer to her. She felt a little confused when she heard what sounded like a zipper coming undone but froze when she felt something drape over her shoulders." You left your jacket back on the stage.. Its not the warmest in these halls." 

     She heard him move to sit next to her before she looked up and over at him, confused as to why he hadn't just left her here yet. She felt the tears still running a bit, she hopped she didn't have snot running down her face."W-why?.."

     Shinsou looked at her and raised an eyebrow at her, his face back to its usual stoniness." Well what kind of asshole would i be if i just left a crying girl all alone? Plus I figured after you helping me in the second round I could help you here."

     Chika went to use her tank top to wipe away her tears before sliding her arms into his gym jacket, it was significantly bigger then hers was but she honestly preferred that. She never was a fan of form fitting jackets." Y-you dont have to do this.."

     "Oh I know that, The thing is that i want to do this. Im a big enough asshole to do what i want so your stuck with me till i can get you out of this hallway."

      She wrapped the jacket around herself and couldn't help noticing it smelt a little like coffee? Or something close to it? It wasn't a bad smell at all and she actually found it just a little calming." H-how did you even find me?.."

      "Well I just ran down from my side of the stadium and choose the right hall. You didn't most of the work for me by heading in this direction, though I guess you didn't mean too." He leaned against the wall and glances at her some.

      Chika nods a little now and bit her lip a little." I really threw my match there..."

      "Honestly, you kinda did. But then again I cant judge, I didn't even make it past my first match."

      "Y-you cant blame yourself for that.. Midoriya some how broke his fingers to break your hold, if he hadn't done that you would have had it no problem."

       Shinsou looked at her now and went to lightly nudge her shoulder." Stop trying to comfort me, Im not the one that needs it."

       She couldnt help the little blush and looks down at her lap."Sorry, its kind of habit~.." She pauses a bit when she hears a chuckle from him and glances at him from the side." You dont need to apologize either. Your making me feel like a bigger asshole."

       Chika huffs a little at this and gives him a look, her cheeks puffing up a little." Your not an asshole, stop saying that before i fight you.." Shinsou raises an eyebrow at her before going to poke her forehead." I seriously doubt that, you barely come up to my shoulder. If i hold my hand out and held your forehead you wouldnt even touch me."

       She crosses her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes a little at him."Just you wait, Ill show you someday that i can kick you ass."

       "Oh are you tall enough to use bad words like that?" She gave him a look again as he chuckles before tilting her head when looked up at the ceiling." So, why were you so upset?"

      Chika sighs some now and curls up around herself again. How the hell was she going to explain this to him?" J-just the looks i was getting when everyone saw the scars.. It brought up things im not ready to deal with.." She knew that the way she was answering was pretty wishy washy and wasn't entirely fair but she just couldn't talk about these things just yet. They still hurt too much.

      "Oh that's right, yeah the crowd is full of assholes. You would think Pro Heroes would know not to react that way." She looked up at him and now, pretty surprised he hadn't forced the subject or why she didn't want to talk about it. She sighs some and leans her head back against the wall." I cant really blame them, they are a real eye sore to look at."

      "I think your a bit to cute to have anything on you be called an eye sore." She froze when she heard this before slowly looking over at him. Did he just call her cute? She went to say something but paused when she heard foot steps running that way. Both her and Shinsou turned toward the sound before shinsou got up." I think you might have some friends coming, so i'm going to go."

      Chika looked up at him some now and frowns a bit." W-wait, don't go yet.." Shinsou gave her a small smile, which really was just a twitch from the corner of his mouth, before turning to leave." Sorry but i dont do well with new people, oh you might check the left pocket of that jacket by the way." She looked confused at this before going to reach into the pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. What the heck was this? She went to open it before however was running over could see it. She felt a blush erupted over her face when she saw it was his number with a note that said "i'm not the best at this stuff but if you need someone to talk to take this".

      She heard the foot steps getting closer and went to quickly fold it back up and shove it in the pocket before turning to see Mina, Sero and Kaminari come running around the corner. They all sounded out of breathe so she had to guess that they had ran quiet a distance to come find her. They looked toward her and almost in sync yelled out." CHIKA!!!" Before running toward. She already knew what was coming so she closed her eyes and opened her arms up as she was tackled back by the three of them lunging to hug her.

      She couldn't help but smile some as she felt Mina nuzzle against her." We were so worried about you! We couldn't find you anywhere and they took a small break to figure out what was going on! Aizawa popped off again on the crowd and even Present Mic wasn't happy!" 

      Chika frowns a little now and looks away from them a bit."Sorry for making you all worried.. I shouldn't have run off like that.."

      They all went to get up off her before she felt Sero bop her on the top of her head." Don't apologize! It was probably a lot to deal with and overwhelming!"

      "Yeah, you got caught up in the moment! No one blames you for what happened." Kaminari leans over and hugs her again, this time around her shoulders.

      Chika smiles softly now and rubs at her eyes some now with the sleeves of the jacket." Alright.. Thanks guys.."

      Mina raises an eyebrow some at her now and points to the jacket." That's not yours~." Chika blushes a bit and looks away when the other two look at the jacket and also looked confused." U-um shinsou came and found me, he was talking to me and checking up on me.. he also gave me his jacket to cover up with because its kind of cold in the hallways."

      Chika glances at them and feels her blush spread with the look she got from them." W-what?"

      Kaminari went to nudge her gently." So a boy came and found you, gave you his jacket and wanted to make sure your okay~?" he wiggled his eyebrows at her and she quickly backed away from them some."I-Its not like that! He was just worried~!"

      "Your crush likes you back~!" Mina went to try and hug her again but this time Chika tried to hold her back." N-no he doesnt~!.. Mina stop it~!" Both Kaminari and Sero burst out laughing before Sero quickly stood up." Guys! We got to get back to watch the other two love birds match!"

       Mina let out a gasp before standing up as well, grabbing both her and kaminari and dragging them to their feet with her." Come on~! We have to cheer them on~!"


      They all made it back just in time for Kirishima and Bakugo to head up onto the stage and Chika was so ready to watch. She knew neither one of them was going to hold back against each other but she was so curious as to who would win. Bakugo was really strong but Kirishima could harden his skin, She could feel herself getting excited for it and all her former anxiety and upset feelings disappear for the time being.

      She had sat with Mina and Kaminari on either side of her and Sero right behind her. She couldn't help but feel like they were surrounding her in like some protective kind of way. She didnt mind all that much because she did enjoy having them around her. She looked down at the field and could see that both of them at the bottom were equally as pumped. She watched as Midnight went count them down and the moment she announced that they could start Kirishima took off right at him. She watched as bakugo tried to use the same technique he used against Uraraka but she didn't see anyone get flung back. Just as she thought Kirishimas hardening kept him from flying back and he was on bakgo in a second.

      Through out all of this she has not once seen Bakugo go on the defensive but right now that was exactly what he was doing. She saw kirishima had his fist hardened and he was aiming for Bakugos head, he was obviously trying to end the fight quickly with a knockout blow but she couldn't help but think this wasn't the best way to go about it. He should have went for some body shots in between so he could take Bakugo by surprise instead of going for the same spot. She was impressed that he managed to graze bakugos face with his hand, leaving a cut right across his cheek. 

      She watched as Bakugo went to hit Kirishima with a blast but once again it didn't do anything, but the way Bakugo smirked at whatever kirishima said made her realize that he had a plan now. Before anyone knew it bakugo was hitting Kirishima with blast after blast of explosions, not letting up for a second. This was also something she was afraid of, Kirishima cant hold his hardening forever and eventually it would turn into this.

      She bit her lip when she saw Bakugo land one final blast and watched as Kirishima fell backwards, his clothes tattered and he looked pretty beat up. She heard Kaminari take in a hiss of breathe." That was rough, At least he actually landed a mark on him!"

      Chika nods some and looked at Bakugo, he had a smirk on his face but also something else. She couldn't place what it was but the way he was looking at kirishima had her giggle a bit. So they just had to get through:

      Todoroki vs Iida

      Bakugo vs Tokoyami

      Honestly she could kinda guess who would win out of those match up. While Iida is fast and strong, Todorokis ice ability are off the charts and if he continues to use his fire then he would be even stronger then before. As for Bakugo and Tokoyami, with bakugos brute attacks with his explosions he could probably fight back dark shadow and get to tokoyami now problem. So if those things worked out how she thought they would then It would be Todoroki and Bakugo, which honestly she had no clue who would win there. It was honestly a toss up between the two.

      She let out a yawn as she pulled the jacket closer to her and took in a breathe, smiling at the coffee smell although now that she really thought about it she could kinda smell something else in there, maybe cinnamon? Whatever it was she liked it. She stuck her hands in the pockets and lightly played with the note there.

      Maybe she should try and invite him to their sleep over party they had planned tomorrow for after the sports festival. If he came then he could make friends with her friends, then they could all hang out more! Once they could have their phones again that would be the first thing she did. 

Chapter Text

     As Chika had predicted from the rest of the sports festival both Todoroki and Bakugo made it to the finals, but what she hadn't been expecting was how the fight turned out. She knew Bakugo was a passionate guy when it came to his goals and she could tell that Todoroki not giving his all into the fight had irradiated Bakugo to no end. She could see why he had been upset too, because through out every fight the only fight todoroki used all of his power was against Midoriya. He didn't even use it against Bakugo, which if he had he might have one, or at least given bakugo a run for his money.

     She couldn't judge him to harshly, because she had ran off the stage in a panic, which caused both Aizawa and Yamada to fret over her once they could see her. Apparently Aizawa lectured the crowd again and told them that if they continued to not act like Pro's that maybe they needed to go back to school. She wished she could have heard that but oh well.  

     Almost everyone started making fun of Bakugo when he didn't want to accept the award but to him it wasn't a well deserved win. She couldn't imagine how it felt fighting your way all the way to the end just to have someone give up against you. She was sure Todoroki had a reason for what he did but she still thought it was a little ridiculous. She hopped it didn't cause more tension in the class, it already got pretty awkward in class when Bakugo chewed Midoriya out for just breathing near him.

     That was all yesterday though and now she was trying to get everything set up for the sleepover they had planned! Aizawa had gotten all his bandages off really quickly thanks to Recovery Girls treatment so him and Yamada had head out for a date night. The only rules she was told was the obvious things you shouldn't do as teenagers, dont touch their things, dont go in their room and dont let any of the cats get catnapped. She could manage that, two of the cats literally avoided anyone that isn't the humans they like so it was just Kuro she had to keep from getting catnapped. 

     She was a little nervous since she had never done anything like this before and didn't know what they would do for fun while they were here. She also messaged Shinsou and invited him, sending him the address as well but she didnt get an answer back so she was really hoping he wasn't ignoring her or gave her a wrong number to mess with her. That would actually be so upsetting. 

     Chika took a breath to settle herself, she didn't need to worry herself. They were going to have a good time and she didn't have anything to worry about. She looked over her work in the living room and smiles some. She felt like she had done a decent job getting it cozy in here.

     She had pushed the couch back and moved the table so she could cover the floor in the many blankets Yamada had been buying her and the pillows that Aizawa insisted he knew nothing about. She had snacks on the table that she had taken the time to learn to make and some snacks she just bought. She had heard from (more like questioned out of) Midoriya that Bakugo liked spicy things so she had also got some spicy chocolate she saw at the store. She saw that Kuro was already making himself comfy on her floor set up and couldn't help but giggle a bit." Ill take that as you like it~.."

     She had set the blanket she actually slept with on the couch along with her pillow so she could grab them when they planned on going to sleep. She was pretty excited because this could be a really good bonding experience for all of them! Talking outside of school and school events could make them all closer.

     She jumped when she heard a knock on the door and went to look herself over some. She had on the hoodie Aizawa had given her when they first meet, a comfy tank top and some fluffy sleep pants with cat paws on them. She also had on some fluffy house shoes that were extremely comfy. She was a little embarrassed with it but damn it she was going to be comfy! She went to run over to the door and opened the door, smiling when she saw the whole squad at the door. She moved to the side and motioned for them to come in." H-hi guys~."

     Mina was the first one to enter and immediately sat her stuff out of the way of the door way before going to hug her." Oh my gosh~! Your outfit is soooooo cute~!" Chika giggles a bit at this."Thank you~.. So is yours." Mina's pj's were just a pair of pink sleep shorts and pink zebra print shirt. It looked cute on her and the pattern really fit her personality.

     The rest headed in as well, having a look around the place while Bakugo looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. It looked as all of them just showed up in their pj's so she felt way less self conscious about the whole thing. Seeing them all like this and not in their school uniforms or hero costumes really just brought her more comfort."You guys can set your stuff in the hall or i can take you to my room and you can leave it there~." The rest of them just set their stuff in the hall before Bakugo turned toward her." So where the hell is Aizawa and Present Mic and how the fuck did you convince them to allow a shit show like this?"

     Chika giggles a bit and went to shut the door before shrugging a bit." They trust me so thats probably why it was fine~. I told them if you all break anything or dont listen to the rules I would take care of it however I need too~."

     Kaminari raises an eyebrow when he hears this before giving a fake shiver." After the punch you landed on Aoyama I dont want any part of that~." She couldn't help but giggled more at this and give him a overly sweet smile." Oh you have nothing to worry about~." Kaminari laughs some at the look before bending down to look through his bag." Who knew you could be spooky like that~."

     Sero went to make his way to the living room and smiled his wide smile when he noticed the set up." Wow, this looks nice! You did all this Chika?" She nodded some now and rubs the back of her neck at the praise." You guys get comfy, i got snacks out there for you all~." Sero to grab one of the candies she had sitting out before claiming a spot

     Both Mina and Kirishima pulled out snacks from there bags, most the snacks being different kinds of chips and candies. Kirishima went to head over to the table and smiled at her." We'll add these to then~, we are loaded for the night!" Mina giggles a bit as she follows him." Between you and Kaminari all these snacks will be gone before Midnight!"

     Kaminari pulled out the drinks he brought and went to add them to the growing collection while everyone else got comfy in a spot."I take offense to that Mina~! And we cant have a party without some soda~."

     She giggles a bit now and went to go and join them before pausing when she heard a knock on the door, she looked over and raised an eyebrow some now. She went to go open the door and froze when she saw Shinsou standing in the door way. He was also in what looked to be his pjs, which was a plain white shirt and some plaid sleep pants. She hadnt had a chance to look at his arms when they were in the hallways at the sports festival but it seemed like they had a little definition to them. She felt her cheeks instantly heat up because a.) her crush? was here in the doorway and b.) she was in full cat attire besides her freaking tank top! She watched as Shinsou raised an eyebrow at her some now." Did i show up early or something?"

     Chika went to say something but jumped when she heard Mina gasp in the doorway and braced herself as she knew that Mina was about to grab her by her shoulders, which she did." Oh hello there~! Your the guy that our little Chika teamed up with in the sports festival~." God why did everyone have to call her little! And why did mina have to try and sound like her mom or something?!

     Shinsou glanced at Mina and nodded some." I was.." Chika felt Mina move her out of the way and giggled a bit." Well come in and meet the squad~!" Shinsou gave Mina a confused look before heading in and shutting the door behind him. He went to set his stuff with the others things before heading to the living room when he found it.

     Chika went to go follow but was stopped by Mina, who proceeded to turn her around and lightly shake her by her shoulders."Oh my gosh you didn't tell me you invited your crush too~!!" Chika quickly reached over and put a hand over her mouth now, looking over at the entrance to the living room to make sure Shinsou wasn't standing there." Mina dont be so loud~! And its not like that w-we're just friends~! I was inviting him to be nice~!"

     Mina went to move her hand but held onto it, a wide smile on her face." You cant lie to me Chika~. I saw the blush and its okay, Im going to be your wing man and we will get your purple boy to like you in no time~!"

     Chika groans now and uses her free hand to pull her hood over her face." Your so loud~! He probably already heard you~!" If he actually heard an of this then she would probably die of embarrassment. Maybe inviting him was a bad idea, one of them was going to say something and this was going to get so awkward.

     She let out a squeak as she was dragged to the living room by Mina now." Time to put the plan into action~." She wanted to protest but it was too late, all she could do was bite the inside of her cheek as she was dragged in there. She was a little surprised to see how comfortable everyone looked. All the guys were sitting in a circle on the ground, though there was a spot big enough for the two of them left open. She noticed that Bakugo and Kirishima had sat next to each other, Kirishima going on about something while Bakugo pretended to not listen to him. Kaminari and Sero were talking to Shinsou about his performance in the sports festival while Shinsou was holding and petting Kuro.

     As Mina and her sat down she couldn't help but giggle at how content Kuro looked being pet like that. She glanced over at Mina when she nudged her before blushing slightly when Mina leans in close to her to whisper." Ill get the other guys attention, you talk to your not-so-crush-crush~." Chika when to argue with her but it was too late." Hey Kaminari and Sero, I bet you guys can eat a whole bar of the spicy chocolate~!"

    That seemed to also grab Bakugos attention because He looked over at the table of snacks." Ill eat you all under the table with that!" Kirishima chuckled now before going to get up." Spicy chocolate eating contest~! You whoever can hold it down should win something!"

    Chika smirks a little now." Who ever wins can pick the movie we watch~.." Sero rubbed his hands together now." I got a great movie if thats the case~. 

    The others all went to head over to grab a bar now, she was glad she bough plenty of them. Mina sent her a wink before heading over so she could 'judge' the contest. She wanted to face palm at this but didn't get the chance since Shinsou looked over at her and raised an eyebrow some." So you live with two pro heroes?"

     Chika rubbed the back of her neck before letting out a nervous giggle." Um yeah~.. Its kind of a long story how it came to be though~.."

     "You seem to have a lot of those, dont you?" She chewed on her lip some and glanced over at him some. He didnt look like he was judging her but she still couldnt help but feel nervous." I-is that a bad thing?.."

      "No, I just hope i get to hear them someday is all. Im actually getting curious now~.." He gave her a slight smirk before looking down at Kuro." This cat is pretty chill isnt he?"

      "Yeah, he can be a little shit some times though~." That seemed to catch Shinsous attention since he raised an eyebrow at her." What does he do to get called a little shit~?.."

      Chika went to move over so she was sitting next to him and went to open up her phone so she could pull up the picture she took of Kuro when he nearly jumped on her face." I took this after he nearly jumped on my head while i was texting the group~. He likes to cause issues~."

      Shinsou chuckled slightly at the photo and released Kuro when he moved to lay in her lap now." He seems to like you a lot. Did you bribe him or something?"

      "No i didnt bribe him! He likes me for my love and cuddling of course~.." She set her phone down so she could pet Kuro and went to look up at Shinsou." Obviously im a cat whisper as well~."

      "Or he might just think your another cat~. Your so short after all and wearing a cat hoodie with ears like that he is just confused~."

       "He likes me even without the hoodie so jokes on you~. Im not even that short, Your just super tall is all~!"

       "Im pretty sure being what, 5'0 foot?, makes you short~." He smirks some now and went to put a hand on her head now." If they ever needed someone to infiltrate a kindergarten then you would be perfect for the job~."

       Chika huffed at him now before holding Kuro closer to herself." Thats it, you have lost all cat privileges~!" 

       Shinsou went to rub the top of her head through the hood and raised an eyebrow at her." Does that mean you too?" She blushes some at this and went to duck out from under his hand. She was only used to Aizawa and Yamada doing that to her but when he did it, it felt different. She could feel a tingle from where his hand had been" Y-yes it does~! So get your dirty paws off of me~."

       "Dirty paws~? I think your taking that cat comment too seriously~." She went to give him a look and went to put Kuro down on the ground." You trying to pick a fight~? Cuz Ill fight you~." Not that she would actually fight him, that would be way to embarrassing and she wouldn't want to damage his pretty tired face.

        "You really think you could take me on~?" He sounded amused when he said this, like he had a plan up his sleeve that she didn't know about

        "Oh i know I-..." She felt herself stop talking and had to take a second to realize she couldn't move. She couldn't even talk, She could still see Shinsou and that he was smirking but it all looked like it was coming through some lens. Almost as quickly as it happened she was back to normal, the fuzzy looking lens disappearing. She felt her cheeks heat up when he leaned over close her ear and spoke lowly." I think i just proved my point~."

       She let out a cough to regain her composure before giving him a little smirk before she reached over to give him a jab to the side. That seemed to take him by surprise as he let out an oof before leaning back and putting a hand over the spot." You really want to play these games~?" She just smirked once more and went to jab another spot, getting another oof out of him. 

      Chika paused when she saw a smirk come across her face before letting out a loud giggle/squeak when he goes to jab her back. Uh oh, this might not be good. She went to scoot away some when he raised an eyebrow at the noise." Is someone ticklish?" She went to put her hands up now and gave a wobbly smile." N-no~ i was just surprised is all~." She gulped when he smirked at her before jumping when heard Kaminari leap up and take off towards the fridge."HOT! ITS TOO FUCKING HOT!" She and Shinsou both looked over to see that almost all of them but Mina, who hadnt been eating the chocolate, and Bakugo were dying from the spice of the chocolate. Bakugo was eating his bar as if it was just any old normal chocolate." You're all a bunch of pussies. Its not even that hot."

      Mina giggles some now and motions to Bakugo." Looks like explodey boy wins~! He gets to pick the movie~." Chika felt slightly nervous at the smirk Bakugo got on his face now."Y'all are about to get the shit scared out of you, its horror movie time." 

      Chika honestly didn't know if this was a good or bad thing, she never watched movies really at all. She had seen two the whole time she had been here since she was focusing on becoming stronger so this was going to be interesting. Kirishima and Shinsou seemed to not mind the idea, Sero was too worried about cooling off his mouth and Kaminari and Mina seemed not to up to the idea but they couldn't really argue. They all agreed to the terms so it was too late to go back.

      Kirishima, after getting his mouth to a state that didnt hurt, went to get up." We should all get our blankets and stuff then so we can get comfy while we watch. Bakugo you choose your movie and lets get this show on the road~!"



Chapter Text

     Chika quickly realized that trying to get set up for things with these guys was a lot harder then she could think was possible. She has learned that challenging Bakugos will to do anything will make him drop whatever he is doing and prove that person wrong. She learned that because there were still 3 bars of spicy chocolate left and Sero joked that he probably wasnt able to finish them off. She had never seen someone eat chocolate faster then when Bakugo whipped around and tore the three remaining bars out of their packages.

    Kaminari and Mina together had the attention span of dog, which was cute but also a little impressive. Every time they would try to pick a snack they wanted that either noticed a picture of Aizawa and Yamada and had to make a comment about them or they would argue with each other about why the snacks they were choosing were better then the other. Sero was the one that had to keep them on track but even he couldn't help but get dragged into their shenanigans. 

    Shinsou actually was the only one that got all his stuff handled pretty quickly, the only issue with him is that he got distracted by Kuro a lot or felt the need to flick the ears on her hood. She was very surprised that him and Bakugo actually seemed to somewhat get a long, probably because they both enjoyed making snarky comments here and there and Shinsou didnt insist on touching him every couple of minutes like the others. She did notice that if Kirishima was the one to touch him he never complained. He just gave his usual Tsk and allowed it.

    Once all of them had their blankets, pillows and desired snacks they all got comfy in a spot to get ready for whatever Bakugo had picked. Chika noticed that once again Bakugo and Kirishima were sitting right next to each other, their legs basically touching from how close they were. She almost felt like they didn't even realize they did it sometimes, they just migrate closer to each other just naturally. Mina was sitting in between Sero and Kaminari, the three of them basically already cuddling or having some arm or leg put over another. She wasn't surprised one bit that they did that, they always were very cuddly and affectionate. Shinsou and her were sitting on another one of the sides, not sitting nearly as close as the others were to each other but still close enough to make her hyper aware of it.

     Even though they were all in little groups they were all still close to each other, if anyone slumped over they would easily touch someone else. She had gotten comfortable enough around them that she had her sleeves rolled up a bit and her hood down again. She had caught Shinsou look down at her arms when he first noticed but besides that he didn't make a comment, which she appreciated.

     Kuro was in the middle of making his rounds, trying everyone's laps to see if he found one that he could settle in comfortably. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Bakugo glances around before petting Kuro when it was his turn to get tested for most comfy lap. He had a almost calm face that she had never really seen before, it almost looked like he had a little smile up until Kuro got up to try out the next lap. 

     She looked over when she heard the movie begin and looked over at the screen to see the title of the movie was called Halloween. She glanced at Shinsou when he let out a small chuckle." Nice, A classic." Bakugo crosses his arms and leans back against the couch." Plus I know we got some horror movie newbies and Im not going to scare the shit out of her with the more intense shit. That will be next." Chika bit the inside of her lip when she realized he was talking about her before glancing at the screen again, this should be fine right? Kirishima chuckles some and leans back as well, putting an arm around the couch and techincally around bakugos shoulders, he just wasn't touching him." This movie inst even scary~."

     Mina went to grab onto both Sero and Kaminaris arms before letting out a whine." I hate scary movies~! They are so scary~." Sero chuckles a bit before leaning on her some." Dont worry Mina, me and Kami will protect you! Right, Kami~?" Kaminari quickly shakes his head." Are you kidding me~?! These scare the shit out of me too~!" Sero let out a sigh at this before smiling at them both." Fine then, Kami get on my other side and Ill protect you both from the big bad scary movie~." Kaminari quickly got up and did as he was told, both Mina and Kaminari taking on of Sero's arms." Our hero~."

     She jumped a little when Shinsou leaned closer to her and smirks a little at her." Im going to take it your the newbie?" She blushes a bit at this and crosses her arms a bit." What makes you think that?" 

     "The confused look you have had on your face since Bakugo mentioned Horror movies~.." She let out a groan now and face palmed. Had she been that obvious? She was terrible at this kind of stuff.."Okay I've never seen a scary movie~... Dont make fun of me~."

     "I wont, I will make fun of you if you cant stay up through it though~." He went to grab the chocolates he had claimed earlier before looking at the screen." I might make fun of you if you get scared too~.."

      Chika rolls her eyes some now before going back to look at the screen." Me? Fall asleep? You're funny~." She could definitely stay awake longer then everyone here. Her record for no sleep was 3 and a half days. She had this, no problem.


      Chika raised an eyebrow when the movie ended because was that it? There had to be more right? Where did Michael go?! She hadn't even been scared though out the movie, she actually had got indulged in the film and didn't want to miss a second of it. She had heard Both Kaminari and Mina get scared at some parts toward the began but they went quiet after a while. She hadn't bothered to look what had made them quiet because she didn't want to miss anything. 

      She turned to ask Bakugo more about the movie but paused when she saw he was sleeping, his head on Kirishimas shoulder and he was snoring softly. Actually all of them were asleep, except for Shinsou who was taking photos of them." This will be great blackmail material if i manage to make it to the hero department." She couldn't help but giggle some at this and went to pull her phone out to get some photos too." Im sure you will make it, you did great during the festival."

      Shinsou glanced at her now and raises an eyebrow a bit." Yeah, you have said that before. Im still shocked that you want me up there with you guys." 

      Chika tilted her head at this some." Why do you keep saying no one would want you in the class? You seem nice enough to me."

      Shinsou glanced at the others some to make sure they were asleep before looking at her again." Most people arent to comfortable with my quirk since i can make people do whatever i want."

      Chika felt her face scrunch up at this. Why would people be afraid of his quirk? He wanted to be a hero so they had nothing to worry about." Your goal is to be a hero right? Then your quirk would be amazing for getting villains, especially the more talkative ones~."

      Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck some now."I know that.. It was a while ago when that stuff happened so Im just dredging up the past is all." She didn't like how uncomfortable he looked, it didn't fit him one bit. She hesitated a moment before going to reach over to take his free hand like Mina did to her when she was upset. She gave it a gentle squeeze before smiling at him." Well you know what, fuck those people who doubted you because of your quirk. They were just dumb is all, anyone who knows anything about heroes knows that a quirk like yours will make for an awesome hero!"

     She couldn't help but giggle at his surprised face before blushing a little when he lightly squeezed her hand back."Ill try and remember that."

     Chika smiled a bit wider before glancing at their hands some, she realized that he had just opened up a bit about himself and she was still keeping secrets. She didn't feel right about that, it wasn't really fair to keep doing that to people who were so nice to her and helped her even when they didn't need too. She bit her lip some now before looking at the floor some." Hey Shinsou, remember the other day when you found me in the hallway.. How i had ran off the stage."

     "Yeah, You said it was a long story so I dropped it.."

     "Well I think if you willing to talk to me about things I Should explain some stuff as well.. They knew most of this stuff so Its fine if we talk about it without them."

     Shinsou raises an eyebrow some at her now." Well before we start, how intense is this stuff?" She rubs the back of her neck now, glancing down some now." Um.. P-pretty intense i guess?" She watched as he grabbed his blanket and went to wrap it around their shoulders before hesitating and looking at her." This okay?.. I know this kind of helps when im uncomfortable with something." She smiles some at this now and moves a little closer to him so it wouldn't be so hard to have it around them." I dont mind, we are friends right? If you cant tell becoming friends in this group means either a lot of cuddling or the option is a lot of cuddling."

     That got him to chuckle some before wrapping the blanket around them, adjusting it so it wouldn't completely eat her since she was a lot shorter then him. He glances at her now and gives a hint of a smile." Alright, start whenever you want."

     Chika fidgets some now because she was really going to do this once again. She took a breath the settle herself before looking down some at floor." Well um, Obviously I live here with Aizawa and Yamada.. But it wasn't like they just found me in some foster home and adopted me or something.. Aizawa found me in an alleyway after I-I escaped from some villains that had kept me captive for almost 11 years.." She felt him stiffen up at this and kept her eyes down. She debated on just stopping there but if she did that then she would just have to explain it again later and she really didn't want to do that.

     "You know what my quirk is and thats why they took me.. The villains wanted to use my quirk to keep an eye on All Might, telling them if he was getting weaker or not and they had me watch most of the U.A. staff... i did that almost everyday, If i wasnt doing that i was either sitting in a cell or getting the crap beat out of me by Shigaraki. If you noticed the more deformed scars higher up my arms those are from his quirk.. He would try and disintegrate parts of me when he would get into fits of rage, if the other villain that was with him told him to quit it then he would just find other ways to hurt me.. He got really creative sometimes.." She could feel herself shaking a little but bit her lip, she had to just get through this and she would be done.

     "They left me alone one day and i took the chance to run. I had fallen and didnt have the strength to get up..  Thats how Aizawa found me. One thing lead to another and the next thing I know im in U.A. learning how to be a hero and making friends.. It feels like a dream sometimes, like im going to wake up back in that cell and all this be a dream." She brought her free arm up and quickly rubbed at her eyes when she felt some tears starting to gather. Not here, Not right now.

     She stiffened up when she felt him shift before the next thing she knew she was being engulfed in a hug. She didn't know what to do, she had gotten plenty of hugs at this point but it felt different coming from him. She felt butterflies in her stomach and felt herself shaking for a different reason as she went to hug him in return.

     "Man, how did i manage to become friends with such a strong person. 11 years of being captive and you didn't break? Sounds pretty impressive to me." She felt her face heat up at this so she hid her face in his shirt."N-not really strong, I like to think i am just really stubborn."

     She felt him chuckle at this before he went to pull back. She let him go and looks up at him some but paused when she noticed the look on his face, like he was contemplating something." Chika.. You mind taking your jacket off for me?" She froze at this because where did that come from? Why did he want her to take her jacket off." W-wait why?.." Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck some now." Just trust me, we can keep the blanket up so if the others wake up they wont see... You dont have to if you really dont want too though."

     Chika hesitates a long moment before biting her lip and reaching up to grab her zipper to her jacket and went to pull it down. She could do this, it was just one person. She would be fine, he had seen it once before anyways so there is no reason to freak out. She got it unzipped before slipping the jacket off and keeping her eyes down on the ground. She felt her fist clench in her lap when she didn't hear anything right away and decided it would be best for her to just keep her eyes down.

     She hadn't been ready for him to reach over and to lightly pick up one of her hands so he could lift her arm up. She looked up at this now and pauses with the look he was giving her, it was like the ones she had received at the sports festival. No it was almost like he was studying her arm, looking at each and every scar." So those villains did all this to you?" She bit her lip again and nods slowly, waiting to see where this was going." And even after all that you never gave up?" She looks down some before nodding again." You know, showing off these scars would be the biggest fuck you to those villains."

     That made her look up now, surprised by what he said. Showing the scars would be a big fuck you to the villains?" H-how would that work?.." Shinsou motioned to her arms now before raising an eyebrow at her."  If they saw you showing off how strong you are and not letting what they did to you hold you back then that would definitely be a big fuck you. That takes all the control away from them and puts it back in your hands." She hesitated a moment before looking down at her arms." Take back control..."

     Shinsou nodded before looking to the side some now." I mean if its too much for you, you dont have to do it. You did just get away from them and it would be crazy for you to just instantly get over it." It was barely there but she could hear the uncertainty in his voice. Was he nervous he over stepped his boundaries or something?

     She took a deep breath before looking up at him." I could start working on it now.. I think i could handle having them out if its just one person right now.." She saw that it was his turn to look surprised before she giggled a bit. Oh how the tables have turn. She went to pull the blanket around her some more before going to pull out her phone." I think we should leave off with all this emotional stuff or else i will end up falling asleep early like these nerds~.."

     Shinsou raises an eyebrow at that before smirking a little at her." Im telling Bakugo you called him a nerd~."

     "Do it and Ill tell him you made me cry~. He nearly blew up Sero and Kaminari for just ticking me off once~."

     Shinsou rolls his eyes before pointing to her phone." Whats up with the phone?"

     "Oh well if you want um.. We could watch videos on my phone for a while so we dont wake the others. I can go get my headphones and we could watch like hero conspiracy theories or something like that~..."

     "Yeah, Id be fine with that."

     Chika smiles some at this before going to get up." Alright~.. Ill be back then!" She went to tip toe around the others before heading to her room. She couldn't help but smiling some as she thought about everything that just went down. Shinsou was a real softy some times.    

Chapter Text

     Chika would like to say that she woke up peacefully but sadly that wasnt the case. She had been cuddled up to something warm was all she knew before a fucking explosion woke her up. She let out a groan before opening her eyes to try and figure out what the noise was but all she was met with was white. She was a little confused as to what was happening so she looked up, only to pause because the warm thing she had been cuddled up to was Shinou. She blinked once, twice, three times just because she must be dreaming still right? There was no way she was actually cuddled up to her crush, right??

     It wasn't until she heard a giggle behind her and yet another explosion that she turned back to find mina squatted next to her, her phone out like she had been taking pictures." Good morning sleeping beauty~." Chika felt her cheeks heat up before she quickly moved away from Shinsou, which ended up with her moving back into Mina and causing her to fall over. She watched as Shinsou shifted at her sudden movement before he rolled over onto his side, taking the blanket with him. She had to admit the boy was a very heavy sleeper.

    As she went to sit up Mina went to throw her arms around her shoulders and smiled widely at her." I want all the details~! How did you two end up like that~??" Chika went to push on her face some, her face going completely red." I dont know~! After the movie you all were asleep so we talked for a bit and then watched some videos on my phone.. I guess at some point we both feel asleep but I swear we were not laying like that when I fell asleep~.." She could tell by the look Mina was giving her that she was obviously skeptical but she smiled widely anyways before going to get up." Well i got some cute photos of it~, Ill send them to you later~."

     Chika went to rub at her eyes some now before going to get up off the ground." Alright then.. What was up with those explosions i heard?"

     "Oh~! Kami showed Bakugo the picture he got of him with his head on Kirishima's shoulder and Kirishima resting his head on Bakugos~! It was actually super cute but then Bakugo took his phone, did something and then blew it up~!" She went to motion to Aizawa's door." Bakugo went to blow Kami up too but aizawa just looked out his door and erased bakugos quirk! The look on his face was worse then the one he gives us in class so Bakugo chilled out some. Now they are all in the kitchen Present Mic making breakfast or just watching~."

     Chika giggles a bit at this and went to pick her phone up off the floor, it looked like they paused whatever video they had gotten tired on but it looked like they had been watching video for a while if her phone battery was anything to go by." Well Shinsou and I got photos too so dont tell Bakugo~. I dont want my phone getting blown up too~."

     Mina gasps and grabs her free hand before jumping up and down on her feet some." Send them to me~! Ill send you the picture of you and Shinsou if you want~!"

     Chika blushes a bit before shushing her." You'll wake him up with all that~. Send me those then delete them." That earned a a pout from Mina, which she decided to ignore. She glances over to the kitchen and raises an eyebrow a bit. She heard talking but it all sounded relatively calm in there."You said all of them are in there?"

     "Yeah, Wanna go check out what they are doing~?" Chika nodded and allowed Mina to drag her over since she was still very tired. As they rounded the corner to look into the kitchen she couldnt help but feel surprised. Bakugo was cooking at the stove, seeming to just be ignoring the others while he focused. Whatever he was cooking over there smelt so good now that she noticed it she could almost feel her mouth watering. Kirishima and Sero were sitting on the counter behind him, watching him cook and looking ready to leap on the food the minute it was done. Kaminari was over by the fridge having a conversation with Yamada, who actually had his hair fully down for once. She liked when he wore it down, his hair was actually really pretty with out the gunk in it.

     Talking about people with their hair down, Kirishima's hair was also down. She couldn't help but find it really cute, it brought out the slight roundness he had on his cheeks. She would have to let him know about it later. She let out a squeak when Mina went to take her over to Bakugo to look the food over. Before either one of them could say anything Bakugo turned to give them both a look." Back the fuck up and sit with the others." It was her turn to drag Mina away, since she was about to argue with him. She went so they could stand by Kirishima and Sero now.

     She waved to them both before leaning against the small space next Kirishimas legs while Mina went to lean right on Sero. Before she could strike up a conversation with Kirishima, Yamada decided to end his conversation with Kaminari and spun over to her so he could hug her." Look at my little girl~! Already more popular then her grumpy dad~."

     Chika groaned when she heard the chuckles from the others before going to pull her hood up over her head, only to pause when she realized that she wasn't wearing her jacket. She remembered her talk with Shinsou last night and took a breath to stop her oncoming panic before looking at Yamada." D-dont embarrass me infront of my friends~.." She noticed the slight concern that came over his face before he went to rub her head as he hugged her again." These kids aint going to care, aint that right listeners~?"

     Kirishima was the first one to speak this time." Dont worry about it Chika, Its cool getting to see a teacher not all professional and stuff~." Mina and Sero both nodded before Mina smirked at her." We have our own ways of embarrassing you anyways~." That caused Chika to gulp now before giving Mina a look." You better keep that put away or im going to fight you~."

     Yamada raised an eyebrow at her now." What is she talking about~?"

     "Nothing~! Dont worry about it." She felt her cheek heat up and wished someone dragged the attention away. Unfortunately for her the only someone who came to her rescue was Shinsou, who looked like he had just gotten up." Pink girl.. Your very loud."

     "I told you last night my name is Ashido Mina~, and its not  my fault you were still sleeping when its almost noon."

      "Its not my fault your loud either but here we are." He glanced over at Chika some and raised an eyebrow, probably because Yamada was now looking between the two of them with some goofy look on his face. Before Mina could make a comment to Shinsou, Bakugo turned around and headed for the table with some of the food he made." Alright fuckers, there is plenty here for everyone since i know all of you dont even know how to fucking turn on a stove. Get what you want or get nothing, I dont really care."

      "Ah its refreshing to see Bakugo is as spunky here as he is at school, really warms my heart you dig~?"

      Sero ended up bursting out laughing at this before hopping off the table so he could head for the table."Sure is sir~"

      Chika rolls her eyes a little before going to head over to the table as well, this should play out nicely.


      After everyone had gotten there food and ate where ever they could find a seat it wasn't too long after that Aizawa came out and said it was time for everyone who didnt live there to get out. Just like last night with trying to get set up for a movie it took equally as long for everyone to get their stuff packed up. She had to play some of the distraction on Yamada since he was as chatty as ever and just a big ole distraction no matter what he does.  Once they all had though they said their things together everyone went to head out. Well almost everyone.

      As Shinsou went to leave he was stopped by Aizawa." Hold up kid, I need to have a talk with you." He looked over at Chika, who was getting the living room back to how it was before." You too Chika."

      Chika looked over at him a bit confused before feeling a little worried, this wasn't about how they fell asleep last night right? Oh she would not want any part of this if it was. She watched as he motioned for a equally as confused Shinsou to follow him over to the table before he sat down. Chika gulped before heading over to sit next to shinsou once he had sat down and looked at Aizawa. He looked like he had business to handle here and it made her very very nervous.

     "As you both should remember what was said before the sports festival. That if people did good enough we would consider moving people up or out, correct?" Both of the nod but Chika felt like there roles just switched. While she relaxed from hearing this wasn't about how they had fallen asleep, Shinsou seemed to stiffen up some." Well all of us teachers got together and decided it was a poor decision to keep a power like yours to stay in the General Studies course, Shinsou." Chika felt a smile come across her face as she looked up at Shinsou, Who still looked unsure.

      "After we came to this Decision, Nezu said you can come into Class 1-A and for the first time ever we will allow a class to have 21 students. It may cause complications later but We will figure it all out later, Everyone who is in that class and 1-B the others believe belong there but so do you. So you will be moved into my class and Well be receiving training from me and Present Mic to catch you up to where everyone else is." Aizawa rubs at one of his eyes now before glancing at Chika." That's also where you come in, you will be helping with training him and catching him up with what we have learned in the hero courses this far."

      Chika nods now and smiles widely, excited for her friend that he was going to have his dream come true." I would love to help~.." 

      "Good, neither one of you say anything to the class. Considering some of them decided to not take my advice during the sports festival I would like to scare them a bit with the possibility of getting moved out." He looked at Shinsou, who even though he looked really stoic at the moment you could feel the excitement coming off him." We are announcing internships tomorrow but You will just come here for those and train with us. Chika you are going to actually go to an intern ship but will help him over the phone catch up on studies. That clear? Also even though you are technically using your intern ship with me and Present Mic doesn't mean your staying here. You will show up here early and leave whenever we make some progress for the day."

      Aizawa leaned back some and crossed his arms over his chest." You need to come up with a Hero costume and run it by me and Present Mic so we can help if it needs any updating or what not. Seeing as your quirk doesnt help with your combat skill we will find a weapon that suits you as well. Chika has been learning a few to make up for what she cant do physically or just so she has some options. After her internships you two will both be working with us."        

      Shinsou nods now before bowing his head some." Thank you for the opportunity Eraserhead..." Aizawa just nods some before going to get up." Your good to go kid, Again dont mention this to anyone till tomorrow." Shinsou nodded again before getting up and grabbing his things. He glances at Chika before smirking a little." Guess ill see you in class then.." Chika smirks back and went to get up so she could walk him to the door." Im looking forward to it~!"

      Aizawa went to get up and headed over to the coffee machine so she decided to walk him over to the door and opening it for him." Im so happy for you, Shinsou~! You are finally getting your chance to become a hero." Shinsou went to head out the door before turning to look at her." Im going to do my best and catch up to the rest of you punks.. So be ready for that." 

      Chika smiled at him before going to wave to him." Ill keep that in mind and cant wait to see~." She saw he was hesitating some before he went to give her a half ass wave, turning to leave." Oh yeah.. Just call me Hitoshi.. Seems fair if your going to insist on being called by your first name." She paused some at this and watched him walk off, feeling her cheeks warm up some now. He didnt tell the others they could call him that so was this just for her? The thought of that alone gave her butterflies in her stomach.

      She went to shut the door once he was gone and pressed her forehead against it. This was going to be the end of her, she felt it in her bones.

Chapter Text

     Chika couldn’t help but smirk as she headed into class after their small break from the U.A. Festival. Today was the day Shinsou was going to join their class and another day she got to see Aizawa scare her classmates. Was it wrong for her to enjoy this? Maybe. Did she care? Not one bit.

      As Chika took her seat Midoriya turned around to look at her.” H-hey Matsuo, do you mind meeting me at lunch?” Oh that’s right, she had some explain to give and receive with All Might and Midoriya. That should be interesting.”Oh I don’t mind, where do you want to meet at?”

      “Just meet us outside the teachers lounge..” He gave her a small smile before turning back around. She should really try talking to him more, maybe then he wouldn’t be so shy toward her. Then again she couldn’t talk about not being shy, she was shy sometimes too. 

      Chika watched as the rest of the squad ran in, just barely beating Aizawa. She waved to them before making eye contact with Aizawa and sharing a small smirk. It was time for the main event. 

      Aizawa made his way to the front of the class before getting one of his signature scary faces on. She could feel the tension as everyone got scared and she had to bit her lip to keep from laughing. He hadn’t even said anything and he had everyone fearing for the worst. She wished she had that kind of power against people.

      “Alright class, to began things off i think we need to talk about some of your performances during the sports festival. Mostly those of you that decided to ignore my advice to get better.”

      She could see Midoriya stiffen up at this and knew he was one of the few that had been told by Aizawa during their battle exams he needed to stop breaking himself. Aizawa went to put both hands on his podium before looking the class over.” There were also some of you that got beat by a general studies student. Someone who hasn’t had any formal training to prepare for this.” He looked at the closed door before raising his voice some.” Shinsuo Hitoshi, come in.”

       She bit her lip once more once the door opened and Shinsou walked in, trying to look smug at the moment. Aizawa made eye contact with a few of the students who hadn’t made it to the 3rd round.” This young man did say he would try and take someone’s spot. Honestly I could easily give him one of your spots seeing some of those performances.” He gave all the frightened students one more look before giving them on of his signature smiles.” Instead I’ll just allow all of you to get better with him.”

      The minute she heard the silence she couldn’t help but burst out with giggles. Which earned her a lot of betrayed looks from the squad, well all of them but bakugo. He just looked unimpressed with the whole thing.

      Aizawa pointed to the desk that had been placed over by her row.” Shinsuo sit down now, I have an actual announcement to make.” Shinsou nodded before making his way over. His desk had been place by Yaomomos so he was pretty close to her own desk.

      Chika waved to him once he sat down, which earned her a smirk from him.” Couldn’t keep up the act for long could you?”

       “Sorry, it’s hard to keep a straight face when everyone is so upset~.” She couldn’t help but giggled some when she saw Yaomomo roll her eyes a little.” I figured something like this would happen considering the extra desk.”

     Chika nodded some now before looking back up front when Aizawa continued speaking. Looks like he wasn’t going to give anyone a chance to recover from the near heart attacks.”So next up you all have internships.” He pulled out his little pocket projections to show how many everyone had. 

      She wasn’t too surprised that Todoroki had gotten some of the most request. He had done really well. She went to look for her name and couldn’t help but feel excited to see that she actually had a couple of them. That was more then she would have expect, which was none.

      “You all well get a chance to look through your request and choose which ones you want to go put down. Keep in mind that you should try and choose places that will either help you further your skills or be something your interested in doing in the future.” Aizawa held out a pile of papers now before sigh some.” I’ll be handing out papers with which heroes want you and a paper for you to put down where you want to go.”

       While that happened Chika was trying to think what pro hero would put in a request for her? She didn’t show much of anything during the festival so what could they possible see in her? 

       Once she finally had her papers she looked over the heroes who had asked for her. She didn’t know some of them but one of them definetly stuck out to her and that was GunHead. She knew he was more of a battle hero but maybe that would be good for her? She was surprised to see Snipe on there as well. She would definetly be putting those two done on her list.

       As she went to write down the heroes agencies she wanted she couldn’t help but feel like someone was standing behind her. She turned to look over her shoulder and couldn’t help the blush that erupted over her face when she saw that Shinsuo had moved so stand right behind her, leaning over her shoulder some. She guessed that Aizawa had given them permission to move around but why did he have to sneak up on her like that!

      “Gun head and Snipe~?.. is there a theme I’m seeing here?..” Shinsuo smirked a little at her now before going to put a put a hand over her head a little.” I’m pretty sure you have to be a little taller to use guns, Chika~...”

      Chika spit her tongue out at him.” Shut it or I’ll make sure Aizawa works you to the bone while I’m gone. I choose Gun head because he is more of a battle hero and Snipe because I need to have more long range items on hand.”

      Shinsuo raises an eyebrow at this now.” So you plan on having Snipe teach you how to use a gun?”

      Chika shrugged some before smirking a little at him now.” Maybe? Maybe not. I don’t know yet~. How about instead of worry about me and the possibility that I might have a gone soon you worry about how your going to train with Aizawa and Present Mic.”

      Shinsuo smirked a little at her before leaning down a bit closer. Honestly he was only a couple inches away from her now and she could smell the coffee scent he gave off.” I’ll just tell Aizawa I saw a cat and trick him into answering me~. Present Mic never shuts up so that should be easy as well.”

      “Oh I wouldn’t doubt them so easily. Yamada is like some secret genius while Aizawa is always thinking a head. They are going to force you to fight hand in hand~.” She giggled a little before looking back at her paper.” I’ll have to ask Aizawa a video of that.”

      “You’re just saying that because you probably would love to get to see me in action~..” she felt another blush erupt across her face and went to tell him that was definetly not the case but was interrupted by Mina running over and throwing her arms around her.” Chika~! Where did you get accepted too~?! I want to see!”

      “Mina get off and I’ll tell you~!..” she felt the pressure get off her back before turning so she could push the paper to her.” Here you go.” Mina gave her a wide smile before kneeling down so she was on her knees next to her desk.” Thank you bebe~.”

      Chika went to roll her eyes before turning to look back at Shinsuo, who had been stolen right out from under her by Kaminari and Sero. Those jerks! She let out a sigh and went to turn back to look at Mina but froze when she was met with a knowing grin. Oh this was about to get ugly.” So Chika, saw you two talking pretty close there~. Any reason for that??” Chika gulped slightly before rubbing the back of her neck.” I don’t know, he came over here to me and started talking to me is all~...”

      Mina raises an eyebrow at her some now.” What was with the blush then~?” Chika glances around some to make sure Shinsuo wasn’t near by before leaning down close to her so she could whisper some.” Okay okay.. I Like Shinsuo Okay.. that’s why I was blush with him being so close..”

      Mina went to sit up and put her hands on either one of her shoulders.” Then you need to do something about this! After the internships you should confess~.” Chika mauled the inside of her cheek some before looking up at her.” Do you think he would even like me back?..”

     Mina gave her a look like she was crazy before taking both of her cheeks in her hands.” Chika, sweet heart, darling that boy would have to be insane not to like an adorable bean like you~!” Chika looked down a little now and whispered softly to her.” Even with all of my scars?..” Mina smiled softly at her before moving one of her hands so she could boop her nose.” Trust me Chika, I don’t think he has an issue with your scars~.”

     Chika hesitated before nodding some, giving Mina a small smile. This is why she liked Mina the most sometimes. She really got her.” Alright, I’ll do it then. After the internships.”

     “Awesome~! Now we just have to get pop rocks together and everyone will be happy~!”

      “Pop rocks?” Had she missed something? What the hell was that?

      Mina smirked a little before whispering.” It’s kirishima and bakugo’s ship name we came up with~! They haven’t figured it out yet so we are using it as a code name.” Chika nodded some now before smiling widely.” That seems really fitting for them~.”

     Mina nodded quickly before pouting when the bell rang for the next class.”oh man, I don’t want to learn the boring stuff now~!” Chika giggles a bit before going to grab her papers.” Me either, but we got too~.” She watched as Mina groaned before going to head over to her bag. She went to pack up her things before going to get up. Just a few more hours till her talk with All Might and Midoriya. This should be fun.


       Chika went to head for the teachers lounge after her last class before lunch. She was trying to mentally prepare herself for this talk but she didn’t know if that was working out to well for her, considering she was still really nervous. How would the two of them react to all this? Would they think she was a freak?

       Before she could even answer all of her own questions she spotted Midoriya and All Might outside the teachers lounge, looking like they were talking. Chika took a breathe to settle herself before she went to head up to them.” Hello you two~...”

      Midoriya looked to her now before smiling softly.” Hey Matsuo, we just got here not to long ago.. Are you ready for that talk?”

       “Hello young Chika, it’s a pleasure seeing you again~!” 

        Chika smiles at both of them, trying not to show her nerves at the moment.” Just call me Chika, Midoriya. Also yeah I’m ready to talk.”

       All Might gave a nod before going to turn and open the door for them. She went to follow Midoriya in and had a look around. The room was pretty plain compared to some the classrooms and what not but it probably got the job done. She went to move and sit down on one of the chairs before taking one more breath. Time to get this over with.

       All Might headed over to her while Midoriya sit next to her. She had to hold back her gasp when the big buff man infront of her disappeared into a puff of smoke. Next thing she knew there was a small frail man stand infront of her. Oh this was going to take a while to understand.

      Frail All Might when to take a seat across from her before motioningto her.” We will have you start first and then we’ll go. Hopefully we can come up with some kind of agreement.”

       Chika let out a sigh before nodding some. Time to go through this all again!      

Chapter Text

     Chika chewed on her bottom lip as she mauled over how to go about telling them her past. She knew she had nothing to worry about with judgement, she didn’t think either one of them had a judgemental bone in their bodies but there was still that fear that it could happen. 

     She looked up at them some and saw that both were giving her gentle smiles, obviously trying to make her feel comfortable. Hell she saw something she obviously wasn’t supposed to see the least she could do is tell them this. 

     Chika went to take off her school jacket, which had Midoriya waving his hands around a bit.” H-hey you don’t have to show us your scars! I know it makes you uncomfortable...” she could help but smile a little before shaking her head some.” Look, up until now anything I’ve told anyone has been basically a watered down Verison of what I really went though.. If I saw something that was so important that All Might had to track me down and you both had to pull me to the side then I can give you all the full run down of what I went through.”

     Midoriya was obviously hesitant to agree to these terms but he nodded some anyways.” Okay.. but don’t push yourself too hard.” All Might was next to speak, putting his hands together.” Yes, please don’t feel like you have to tell us anything your not comfortable with.. we don’t want to pressure you into anything...”

     chika couldn’t help but giggle a little before shaking her head some.” Don’t worry, I promise I won’t push myself into saying anything I don’t want too..” With that being said and done she took off her jacket before going to roll her sleeves up as high as she could. She kept Shinsuos words in her head as she did so. 

     Once her sleeves were as high as they could go she looked at them both.” Well to began with I was kidnapped at the age of 4 by a man named Shigaraki, he over heard me telling kids and adults the stats I could see around them and decided I would be useful for him.” She sighed some before putting her hands in her lap.

      “From then on I was basically a toy to him. He used me when he wanted to try and get stats on heroes and beat me when he was mad. I typically ended up pissing him off with my lack of cooperating but I couldn’t bring myself to give him details on All Might or other heroes.. It felt wrong..” she clenched her fist some as she continued.” I slipped up on day, it was during a taping of a sludge villain attacking two middle schoolers.”

      She glances at Midoriya some before giving him a small smile.” I realize now the two being rescued were you and Bakugo.. who would have thought?” He was looking at her with a kind of sad expression at the moment, his hand clenched his lap like he wanted to do something at the moment. She sighed as she looked back down.

      “All Might had just taken the guy out when I realized that he had started coughing and I thought I saw blood on his hand.. Then I realized his stats were slowly getting lower. I couldn’t believe it, it took me be surprise and I accidentally said it out loud.. next thing I knew shigaraki started becoming more aggressive.. he got madder when I rebelled against him.. he tried using his quirk on me or using knives or other weapons to hurt me.. The warp villain Kurogiri is probably the only reason I still have arms..”

     Chika took a breath and tried to calm down but pauses when she felt Midoriya reached over to hug her gentle. Honestly he was probably the last person she expected to get hugged by but she didn’t stop him. If anything she returned it, she was a little surprise to find out that he smelt like mint. That seemed fitting to her.

      All Might looked down at the ground now, his fist clenched a little.” I am so sorry young Chika.. I’m so sorry you went through that..”

      “it’s not your fault All Might, there is nothing any of us can do to change what happened but honestly if none of it happened.. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this chance to meet you amazing people..” she smiled a little at them before rubbing away a tear she could feel building up.” I’m so glad I have gotten this amazing chance and have been able to meet such great people..”

      All Might smiles sadly at her before letting out a chuckle.” I am glad to see such terrible things didn’t break your spirit.. you have all the makings of becoming a great hero one day..” she couldn’t help but smile at this before looking away some.” Thank you sir..”

      Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck some now before looking at All Might.” Well looks like it’s our turn isn’t it...” All Might nodded to him before looking at Chika.” You seem trust worthy enough so I am going to intrust you with a very important secret.. you already seen some of it so it shouldn’t hurt to tell you more..”

      “I promise I won’t tell a soul about whatever it is..”

      All Might nodded before letting out a sigh as he went to begin the tale of One for all and All for one. She made sure to stay quite and take in everything he told her. She didn’t want to miss any of this info. She saw Midoriya was listening intently as well even though he had probably heard this all before. 

      All Might went on to explain why he was here and how he met Midoriya and it started to make me sense to her as he went on. She had always thought that their two quirks were really similar but this just really set it all in stone.

      Once he finished tell her everything she went to ask something but pauses when their was a knock on the door. All Might seemed confused by it as well.” Come in..”

      The door slid open and waiting on the other side was Shinsuo. He glances around the room some before his eyes landed on Chika. He then glanced at All Might before rubbing the back of his neck.” Sir, mind if I take Chika.. lunch is all most over and I know she hasn’t eaten yet.”

      “Oh of course young man..” All Might looked at her before smiling some.” We can talk more about this at a later time.. you really should eat though..” Chika could feel a blush come across her face before she nodded some.” O-okay.. I’ll see you all later..”

      she went to fix her sleeves and throw her jacket back on before grabbing her bag and heading over to Shinsou. He went to turn and head down the hall toward the cafeteria so she decided to walk beside him. She could feel her head racing some from all the new info she had just received. 

      It all explained so much about Midoriya and why he broke his body so much. It explained the weakening stats from All Might and the insane stats that Midoriya showed sometimes. She wanted to beat herself up for not have spotting it before but how could she have? There was no way for her to have known about any of that. It was so insane to think about.

      They had mentioned that Midoriya kept breaking himself because he wasn’t able to use 100% yet. Maybe he just try regulating how much he used. Oh she should have said something, what if that could have been helpful!

      “You are really spacing out today aren’t you?” She jumped slightly now before looking up to see Shinsuo raising an eyebrow at her. She smiled some before rubbing the back of her neck.” Sorry.. I just have a lot on my plate is all.”

       “Do you mind if I add one more thing?”

       Chika seemed a little confused now before tilting her head some at him. What could he be talking about.” Um no I don’t mind.. what is it?” She watched as he stopped before looking down at her.” Mina didn’t notice I had come over to her table to look for you and I over heard her talking about a crush you have on me apparently..”

       Chika pauses at this now, feeling her entire facing heating up by the second. God damn it Mina! Why would you talk about it like that. Shinsuo smirked a little at her blush before turning to face her.” Blasty noticed me and started chewing her out. I made my escape there and had Aizawa tell me where you were..”

       She saw him start to move closer to her and she felt herself moving away. Before she knew it she had her back against the wall and he had a head placed next to her head as he leaned over to be eye level with her.” So tell me Chika, was what she saying true? Do you have a crush on me?”

        Chika felt her throat go dry so all she could manage was a weak nod, keeping her eyes on him. Her breath hitched when moved in a little closer to her, only an inch or two away from her face.” Mind saying it out loud for me~..”

       She didn’t know why but having him say that to her made her feel all kinds of things. She didn’t even know how to describe what she was feeling at the moment.” I-I have a crush on you..”

       Shinsou smiled slightly at her as he reached over to take her chin between his fingers, keeping a close eye on her expression.” Well if it helps.. I might like you too..” If her face wasn’t red before then it had to be as Kirishimas hair at this point. She closed her eyes when she saw him lean in closer, not knowing what to expect. 

       She felt her eyes fly back open when she felt a kiss on her cheek before Shinsuo was back to heading down the hall.” Once your back from your internships I’ll take you on a proper dates if you want to go on one that is.” It took her a second to catch back up with what wasn’t happening before she took off after him, having to resist the urge to put a hand on the cheek that was tingling from the kiss.” I-I would like that!..”

       She heard him chuckle some before glancing over at her.” Alright then.. until then I’ll try to keep my hands to myself~.. let’s get some food for you now.” She nodded some now, trying to fall over from what just happened. She didn’t know if she needed to fight Mina or give her a fruit basket but she guessed this saved her the trouble of confessing later. 

Chapter Text

     Chika was a little disappointed she didn’t get much time to talk to Mina and the rest of the group after shinsou helped her get some food. She hadnt even had time to really sit down to eat since she had to get back to class. Then they were busy in class because of the up and coming internships so she didn’t have time to talk to her then. She had thought she would have time after their last class but Aizawa had been waiting there for her.

      When she had gotten home she hadn’t even had time to send a text because she had to get her bags packed, apparently she had gotten accepted at snipes the minute he had received the paper so she was pretty excited about that. Apparently apply to someone’s agency who works at the school gets you there a bit faster. She was curious as to what he would be willing to teach her, would it just be gun things or would there be more? Aizawa and Yamada were no help because they wouldn’t tell her anything!

     For the last night she was home she made sure not to let it slip that shinsou had planned on taking her on a date, she couldn’t help but feel that would be the worst thing she could do to him. She knew that Aizawa and Yamada held back against her when training with her but she didn’t doubt the would not feel bad not holding back against the guy trying to date her. While they hadn’t made it official it was basically official that they were a family now and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loved both of them as if they were her actual parents. 

     But now she was in the car, heading for snipes agency since it was in the same town as their apartment. Her and Yamada had to leave Aizawa behind because he had to wait for shinsou, and while his good bye to her hadn’t been sad with words she could tell he was upset with her leaving with the hug she received. Yamada hadn’t stopped blubbery since they go in the car, he was definetly having a hard time with this.

     “Y-you got all your stuff right, baby cakes?” Chika smiled softly at him and lightly patted his shoulder.” I have ever thing, no need to worry~...” Yamada gave a loud sniffle and rubbed at his nose some.” You have our numbers if you want to talk.. call us any time and we will answer!” Chika couldn’t help but giggles a little now.” I know~. I’ll cal you both every night, okay?” That ended up setting off Yamada again as he started balling his eyes out.” Stupid internships man! Why can’t  they let you come home at the end of the day!”

      Chika smiles some at him before shaking her head slowly. She paused when she felt her phone start to buzz before reaching down to take it out of her pocket. She nearly chocked in her own spit when she saw it was a text from Shinsou.

       Shinsou Hitoshi: So on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad do you think I’m going to get it in training when I ask your dad for permission to take you out?

       Chika Matsuo: I really don’t think that’s the best plan! Present Mic is already emotional enough since I will be gone and Aizawa gave me a very sad hug ! Please don’t do anything that could possible get you injured before our date

       Shinsou Hitoshi: Glad to see your looking forward to it. I want to be on their good side though so I’m gonna have to tell them

       Chika Matsuo: well go about it in a way that isn’t going to end with you in a hospital

       Shinsou Hitoshi: Deal, Don’t be mad at me if your cat likes me more then you when you get back though

      Chika couldn’t help but giggle at that, which caused Yamada to look at her. He let out a sniffle before glancing at her phone.” Who you talking to, bud?” Chika smirks some at him.” Your future intern~.” That seemed to make Yamada perk up a bit.” The mind control one? Oh I can’t wait to train him~! I’m always down to talk to a fellow voice quirk bud~.”

      Chika couldn’t help but giggle more at this, if only he knew what was going to happen. She frowned a little when they finally got to the agency and could feel her nerves building up a little. Yamada seemed to be able to sense her hesitation because he reached over and patted her head.” Don’t worry, snipes is a big softie. He won’t be to hard on you~.”

      Chika nodded some now before going to open the door.” Don’t get upset if I start carrying a gun around after this~..” Yamada chuckles at this before going to get out as well.” I won’t~, Shouta carries around knives so I won’t be upset.”

      Chika opened the trunk before grabbing her bags.” When I get back we are going to have to spare again~. I hope I learn some new fighting techniques while I am here so I can kick both of your butts~.” 

     Yamada shakes his head some before going to pat her head again.” Alright, kid. You have fun and we will see you later~..” Chika nods some now before going to give him a hug.” I’ll miss you guys...” she felt him hug her back before sniffling some.” Miss you too kid...”


     After Chika had gotten settled in her room she had been told to take it easy since she was going to spend the whole next day training. The room was comfortable but not anything like her room at home. She was already missing Kuro.

     As she sat on the bed she felt her phone go off again and saw it was the squad.

     Ashido Mina: So squad, how the internships going~??


      Kirishima Eijiro: I would like pictures, k thanks 

     Bakugo sent a picture of himself. His face was as mad as usual but his hair had been combed down and he was in skinny jeans. She had to admit, the jeans looked really good on him.

     Kirishima Eijiro: I need a picture of the back of those jeans, k thanks 

     Kaminari Denki: hold on a second 

     Kaminari Denki: Kirishima your gay is showing 

     Sero Hanta: When isn’t his gay showing, hello?

     Bakugo Katsuki: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOTS

     Kirishima Eijiro: Package has been recieved bois

     Chika Matsuo: Oh Mina! Because you spilled the beans Shinsou had a talk with me

     Ashido Mina: First off you guys suck at answering and also OMG IM SO SORRY ABOUT THAT I HOPE HE DIDNT REJECT YOU OR SOMETHING TERRIBLE!!!


     Chika Matsuo: Yeah Mina! Thanks to your talking now I have a date when the internships are over!




      Ashido Mina: I NEED DETAILS BEBE

     Chika Matsuo: oh no, as punishment you don’t get to hear about any of it

      Ashido Mina: WAIT NO DONT DO THIS TO ME!!!

      Chika smirks now before going to mute her phone completely. She would read everything later but for now she was content with letting Mina suffer. She decided to see if she had any messages from anyone else but paused when she saw she had another message from Shinsou.

      From what she could see it was two pictures of himself. He had a some bruising around his eye and a cocky smirk on his face. He also had Kuro around his shoulder. The text below it read.” Told your dads, got my ass kicked pretty good in ‘training’.” The second picture was a picture of his shirt lifted up enough so she could see the multiple bruises forming there too but she could also see the slight signs of a six pack.

     She felt a blush spread across her face as she tossed her phone to the side. She felt bad that he had gotten hurt but she hadn’t expected the second picture. How the heck was she supposed to handle fighting him when she gets back when just looking at bruises on him made her feel bad and seeing extra skin like that made her blush.

     Maybe this internship could help her bold up some?

Chapter Text

     It was the next morning when Chika woke up to a loud knock on her door.” Time to get up, got training to do.” She let out a yawn as she went to get up and rubbed at her eyes. She had only just woken up but she could feel her nerves building up. She was going to be training with Snipe, the hero she watched shoot Shigaraki from the top of the stairs at the U.S.J to the middle of the event center. Could she possible be able to meet any of his standards.

     She grabbed her hero costume out of her bag and went to put it on. She had no idea what to expect here at all. Would she be shooting or patrolling? Fighting or talking? She took a breath to settle herself before heading to the door.

      Chika opened the door and straightened up a bit when she saw snipes waiting for her, leaning against the opposite wall. She had never really had a chance to look at his stats before so she took the opportunity to do it now.

      Intelligence: 4

      Speed: 3

      Strength: 3

      Durability: 3

      Stealth: 3

      Stamina: 2

      Quirk control: 4

” Alright kid, time to get to it.” Chika nodded now before going to follow after him when he went to head off down the hall.

      “Now you’re the kid that’s stayin with Eraserhead and Mic right?” Chika looked up at him when he started speaking to her.” Um, yes sir I am..” Snipe looked down at her, she found it hard to tell what he was thinking since his mask covered his face.” Is it fine if I’m honest with ya?”

      Chika tilted her head a bit at him. What could he have to say to her?.” I don’t mind at all.. I’m all ears~...”

       “Alright well if I’m gonna be honest, ya quirk isn’t all that impressive. If you would have taken the enterance exam like everyone else you would probably be in general studies no doubt.” Chika stiffens up at this some. She was aware that her quirk wasn’t really all that cool or impressive but to hear it out loud really was a hit to the gut.

       “Now your determination and drive, that is impressive. After dealin with those villains for so long you never gave up and kept trying and thats where I think credit is due. I took you in because of that drive and want to give ya some tools to use when fightin.” Chika couldn’t help the small smile that came across her face when she heard that. She had the drive to impress someone, she would take that.

       “What kind of tools are you going to show me?”

        “Well before we start pullin all that out I need to see what I’m workin with.” He went to shove open a door to what she assumed was his office. He really seemed into the western theme, his office was covered in cowboy theme things and was that a cactus on his desk? She wanted to question the design a bit more but her attention was diverted to Snipe heading over to a dart board and grabbing the darts from it.

        “I’m gonna test your accuracy and see what I’m workin with. If I think you could handle a gun we will do that, if not then we will work on ya accuracy and maybe Eraserhand can teach ya to use some other long range weapons.” Snipe headed over to her before holding out the darts.” Try hitting the center of the broad. I’ll give you a couple rounds at it.”

       Chika took the darts before squinting some.” How does this prove I could handle a gun though?.. darts don’t have a kick back or the weight of a gun.”

       “True, think of it as more of me seeing if you can even aim to begin with and if you miss how you correct it. Getting used to hold a gun comes with time but if you try using one with no idea how to aim something then ya gonna be out of luck.”

        Chika hesitates some now before nodding a bit. She could go along with this, darts were nothing. Snipes moves so he could motion to a spot and glances at her.” You can start off here, if you do alright I’ll move you further back.”

        Chika nodded before moving to the spot and going to aim at the broad, she just had to hit the middle right? She went to throw the dart and frowned when it barely hit the board. Okay, so it’s not so easy. She went to take the next dart and thought it over, she obviously needed more power behind it so she threw it harder this time. This time she nearly went over the board.

       She could feel herself getting frustrated, it should be this hard to at least get close to the mark right? She threw the next one and ended up on the side of the broad. She threw the next one and didn’t even make it on the broad this time. She went to throw her last dart but stopped when Snipe put his hand out to her.” Kid, ya got to stop rushing into hitting the dart. Take your time and think it through. There is no need to rush anythin.” 

       Chika pauses some when he says this before lowering the dart. He was right, she was rushing. There was no way she was going to get the hang of this if she was just throwing randomly like she was or thinking she knew what she was doing when she didn’t. She looked at the last dart carefully before looking at the board.

       Her first throw was too soft and the second one was too hard. The past two she was just throwing them to get them out of the way, so that was no good. She knew where to aim so she just needed to throw it with more percision. She took the dart and threw it. She could feel a small smile when she saw she made it a bit closer this time. She wasn’t on the very edge of the board anymore. But still wasn’t at the center.

      “See kid, ya don’t have to rush things to get things done. Ya take your time and think things through ya bond to get better results.” Chika nodded now and looked at the board.” I see what you mean, sir..”

      Snipe motions to the board now.” Grab the darts and we will do it again, practice makes perfect.” Chika nodded again before heading over to grab the darts. Don’t rush and think it though, she can do this.


      Chika flopped back on her bed when she finally got through the day. After a couple hours of practicing on the dart board they had gone out to patrol. She found talking to Snipe to be a real eye opener. She thought back on everything he said and realized that everything he had said could apply to her personal life as well. 

      She went to pick up her phone, she saw she had some missed messages from people but she would read those later. She scrolled through her contacts and stopped when she found Shinsou’s number before she went to call him. They had to be done training now right?

      “Hello?” She bit her lip softly now before taking a breathe.” Hey Hitoshi..”

      “Hey Chika, there a reason your calling and not texting me?”

      “I-I um.. I just got some questions if that’s okay?...

       she heard some silence from his head before a sigh.” Yeah, what do you want to know?..”

       “why did you say you were planning to ask me out?.. I mean we haven’t know each other that long..”

       “well let’s see if I can list of why. You’re cute, you’re pretty smart, you didn’t run away or make fun of me for my power and because I wanted too.”

        Chika bit her lip a little now.” Don’t you think we are rushing into this a bit?..”

        “No I don’t. It’s just a date, if it doesn’t work we stay friend and if it feels right we do it again. Are you concerned because we don’t really know each other?”

       “I guess so.. I just can’t understand why you would want to date me is all.. I mean you know the villain stuff and my scars but I can’t see why that would make you want to ask me out...”

       “Well because you seem incredibly strong that’s why..”

        Chika put an arm over her eyes.” I’m not as strong as you think I am...” she was trying not to sound upset but it was hard with everything she was feeling.” You know I’ve never done anything like this before so I probably won’t do a lot of things..”

        She paused when she heard a chuckle from the other end.” You think I have either? No one has ever wanted to date the guy that could control them into doing something they didn’t want to do.”

        “That’s so dumb though.. your not a bad guy, your quirk isn’t even bad. People are dumb...”

        “Tell me about it, but what can you do?”

         Chika let out a sigh before smiling just a little.” Well I’m not scared of you controlling me.. If you wanted to do that you would have done it a long time ago..”

         “See, and your wondering why I would want to date you..” She couldn’t help the small giggle that came out before letting out another sigh.” Sorry for calling you with all that. You probably had a long day and didn’t want to have to deal with a sad call..”

        She heard a scuff from his end.” Considering I don’t really receive calls ever I think I can handle this one...”

       “Well if you need your phone blowing up I can happily help with that~..”

        “What do you mean by that?”

         Chika smirks some now before pulling her phone back so she could quickly add him to the Bakusquad chat.” You’ll see soon.. I’m going to hit the sack though so I’ll talk to you later~.”

       “Alright, ill ignore the fear and check whatever it is out. I’ll talk to you later.”

       Chika went to put her phone down after they hung up before putting her arms back over her eyes. She really did need a nap now.

Chapter Text

     Chika felt like all she could see were targets after her remaining time with Snipe. She spent all of the morning either with darts in her hands or a gun. After that it was patrolling till it got dark, where she was had to practice talking to his fans and some people who recognized her from the sports festival. It had drained her beyond belief.

     Yamada had came and picked her up earlier that day. She had expected a talking to about Shinsou but didn’t get any of that. He just asked about what she learned and acted like his normal bubbly self. Maybe the hard time Hitoshi said he had recieved was just from training and he was trying to pull one over on her.

     She didn’t realize till after she got home that apparently things wouldn’t be that easy for her. The minute she had walked in with Yamada she was met with Aizawa and Shinsou sitting on the couch together, watching some crime show. 

     Aizawa looked over at her and raises an eyebrow some.” Welcome home. How was your time with the fake cowboy?” Shinsou looked over at her as well and raises a hand to her.” Hey Chika.”

     Chika hesitates a moment before waving at them.” U-um hi there~.. it went good, Snipe thinks with more practice I could easily use a gun.” what the hell had she walked into but she felt like the targets that were imprinted in her brain were now all over her the way those two looked at her.

     Aizawa went to motion to the spot next to him.” We already ordered take out, we are just waiting for it to show up. We are watching criminal minds..” 

    Chika put her bag down before going to sit down next to Aizawa. She was still confused as to what was going on, did they all become buddy buddy or something?.” I never knew you liked shows like this...”

     “ They are alright, usually I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it but Shinsou wanted to make his training interesting today...”

      “All I did was bet I could land three good hits~...” Shinsou glances at chika and raises an eyebrow some.” You don’t mind these kinds of shows right?”

      “I’ve never really watched them so I couldn’t tell you if I do or not~..” she paused when she saw Aizawa get up now before feeling a little blush come across her face. Where was he going? Aizawa glances at her before giving her a little smirk.” I’m going to get things set up with Hizashi. Guess this gives you a chance to see if you like these shows or not.”

      “Um alright.. Let us know when the food arrives~..” she got a nod from Aizawa before he headed off for the kitchen. She took a breath now before looking over at shinsou, who had gone back to watching the show. She hadn’t forgotten her previously concerns while she had been gone so she didn’t know what she should do at the moment.

     “You said you have never seen these before right?..”

     Chika pauses when she heard him speak to her before looking over at him. He had that little smirk he sometimes gets on his face and was raising an eyebrow at her.” Yeah, never seen anything like it before..”

     Shinsou moved closer to her before crossing his arms over his chest.” This episode is about a serial killer.. it just started so we don’t know much yet.”

     Chika tilted her head some now before looking at the tv. What could be so interesting about watching crime? They were going to be fighting it soon enough.” So they have different themes I’m guessing?”

      “Yeah.. this is typically what I watch at night when I can’t sleep.”

      He had trouble sleeping? That would explain the constant dark circle under his eyes. Maybe insomnia?” Do you not sleep much often?..”

     “ Basically every night, if not every other night. I usually spend those nights watching this or conspiracy theories.” 

     Chika couldn’t help but giggle a little. Both those thing definetly fit him very well, she wouldn’t expect anything else really.” I see, Well if you ever find yourself bored enough you can always text me. I usually have issues staying asleep so I’m sure I’d answer eventually.”

      Shinsou glances at her some before raises an eyebrow.” I’ll keep that in mind, maybe you can just send me picture of Kuro. Me and him have a special bond now.”

       “I could tell he liked you after the sleepover, he seemed to like you a lot then~...” Honestly she would have thought Kuro would have cuddled up with Bakugo or one of the others that gave off lots of heat but he seemed to enjoy Shinsou’s company the most. 

       “Apparently he wasn’t the only one that liked me at the sleepover~..”

       Chika blushes brightly now before looking away from him some.” Do we have to talk about that right now?.. Aizawa and Yamada are just in the other room.”

        “Yeah I know, they convinced me instead of taking you somewhere, I should try and get to know you more here.”

        Chika whipped her head back around and felt her eyes widen some now.” Wait, so would this technically be the date?..”

        Shinsou shrugged some now before rubbing the back of his neck.” We could call it that, Yeah. We can also put off the actual first date till later.. I don’t want to rush you into something.”

        Chika sighs some now and went to put her hands in her lap, looking down at her lap as well.” I don’t want to ruin this.. I know it doesn’t entirely matter if we call this a date or not, dating is about getting to know someone better to see if you want something more in the future.. I’m just so broken and afraid at times. I don’t want to make anyone deal with that.”

        She paused when she felt a hand on her shoulder before turning to see Shinsou frowning some.” I don’t mind if you’re broken.. I like you for you. I like you because you saw what I can do and didn’t run for the hills.. We can move as slow as you want..” Was he this nice to others? She had never noticed if he was.

      “But is that what you want?.. You shouldn’t have to give up what you want in a relantionship because I might be scared.” She went to wipe at her eyes some now. She didn’t know if she was getting ready to get misty eyed from the conversation and her self doubt or if she was just tried from all the training recently.

      Shinsou sighed some before offering her a small smile, which caused her to hesitate again.” All I need is to know you want it.. I don’t care how fast or slow it goes.”

      Chika sighs some now before hesitating a moment. Could she do this? She didn’t want to ruin this now or later.” Okay.. we’ll then sorry for our first date being such a downer to start off.”

       Shinsou shrugs some now before glancing back at the show.” Guess we will have to have a second one to try again..”

      Chika blushes some at that before smiling softly, looking back at the show as well.” Guess we will..” she couldn’t help but let out a yawn and rub her eyes some. She really shouldn’t get so emotional after having such a draining week.

      When she actually paid attention to the show it was pretty interesting, but man was she tired. She knew Shinsou was trying to explain something from the show to her but the more she tried to watch the more tired she felt. 

      She didn’t know when but eventually she found herself laying on her side, her head resting against what she guessed was a pillow. She let out another yawn before closing her eyes, she could always find this show later and rewatch it. Right now she just needed to close her eyes for a second.

Chapter Text

     Chika made a face when she felt her shoulder get tapped before she started to wake up. Who was waking her up? She had an alarm for a reason. She went to rub at her eyes some before opening one up. Her vision was still a little blurry from sleep but she was curious as to why it was filled with purple. That’s when she heard the voice.

    “ I was wondering when you were going to stop drooling on my leg.”

     Chika let out a squeak when she realized the purple she was seeing was shinsou and quickly sat up. That wasn’t entirely the best idea since she ended up knocking her head against his in the process.” Shit!..”

     Shinsou rubbed his forehead before raising an eyebrow at her.” I know I made you fall asleep and everything but I don’t think I deserve that..”

     Chika rubbed at her forehead as well before looking away, feeling a blush spread across her face.” Sorry, I forgot we had been sitting together and was just really tired from all the stuff I had done with Snipe...”

    “It’s fine.. I was just going to wake you up when the food showed up but apparently something came up.”

    “Something like what?”

    “Place got held up with some wanna be criminal so they went to handle it.” Shinsou went to lean against the couch before rubbing the back of his neck.” I think Eraserhead just wants to see if he can get his food for free.”

     Chika shakes her head some now before giggling a bit.” That or its just because it’s his favorite place and he doesn’t want it to close for a while.” 

     “That too, he ordered it almost every single day I came here to train.”

     “Don’t tell him or Yamada but I’ve gotten a bit sick of the same take out places so I’ve asked Bakugo to teach me how to cook~.” She rubbed the back of her neck some now.” He sends me videos because he doesn’t think I can handle his actual teaching methods.”

     “Mind if I see one of these videos?”

     Chika went to pull out her phone before moving a bit closer to him so they could watch it better. She had to admit these little videos Bakugo sent were very entertaining if not informative. He made sure to explain exactly how to do things and why you do them while trying not to have every sentence filled with curse words or insults toward something impracticular.

      She went to pull up one he had for Omurice before looking at Shinsou, who had leaned over a bit when she pulled out her phone.” This one is him showing me how to make Omurice. He told me if it was anyone else he probably would have called them an idiot, but he said he would make an expection for me since he was surprised I even knew how to work a microwave after being captive for so long~.”

      “What a sweet heart he is~..” she couldn’t help but giggle at that before she went to start the video. He started it off as he always did, he called her a little shit and got down to business.

     He always made sure his instruction were  thorough, his temperatures right and everything that came out was nothing less then perfect. This video was no expectation. She could tell the recipe wasn’t to terrible hard, especially with the way Bakugo whipped right through it.

    Chika glanced at Shinsou and was a little surprised to see he was actually watching the video too with interest. She knew he thought Bakugo was a bit of an ass but she was glad to see he didn’t mind these.

    “For a cocky asshole, the guy had some finesse. This might be a little funny too.” She couldn’t help but smile and nudge his arm gently.” Just wait, he loves to go on about things you can put on this kind of stuff~.”

    Shinsou raises an eyebrow at her some before glancing at the video.” Most people I know just like to put ketchup on it.” She smirks some now, oh this would be funny then.” According to him people who only think that one condiment can go on things is nothing but a pussy.”

   Shinsou made a face at her now before glancing at the video again.” Every time you curse I feel like a puppy gets kicked somewhere.”

    Chika raises an eyebrow some at this.” Why would you think that?” Shinsou looked her over some now before waving a hand at her a bit.” You just got the whole cute and small thing going on about you. Cursing just doesn’t seem like something you would do.”

    Chika went to roll her eyes a bit now. She did not think any of that was true. Just because she was on the shorter side of things didn’t mean she couldn’t say curse words. She wasn’t a little kid.” If you can say curse words then so can I~.”

    “I think I can say them though, I’m tall enough for that kind of stuff~.” Chika huffs at him now and went to shove him.” I’m not that short~! Keep making fun of my height and I’ll fight you.”

    “I’ll stop making fun of your height if you tell me exactly how tall you are.” Chika looked away from him some now before muttering under her breath.” 5 foot..”

     Shinsou raises an eyebrow at her some before smirking a bit.” Well I’m 5’9 so guess what, your short~..” she went to shove at him again.” I am not short!” She let out a squeak when he grabbed her wrist before going to chuckle slightly.” If shoving me is fighting the. Your going to have to try better then that~..”

     Chika raises an eyebrow at him some before smirking a bit.” If I actually fight you then I might end up hurting you, I don’t think that’s a good way to have a date go~..” 

     “how about we truce for now and instead play a little game.” He went to let go of her wrist. She went to pick her phone up before turning off the next video of Bakugo that had started playing.” What kind of game?”

    “Question game, we keep asking questions back and forth and whoever can’t answer a question first loses.” 

    Chika gave him a look before crossing her arms now.” Your just going to ask something really weird and win.”

    Shinsou chuckles slightly before shaking his head some now.” What kind of fun would that be? I’ll save the weird stuff if it goes on for too long.”

    Chika side eyed him before bringing her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.” Alright, what’s your favorite thing to do?”

     Shinsou got comfortable again before glancing at her.” Bicycling.”

     That took her by surprise. He liked to bicycle? She would have never expected that.”You like bicycling?”

    “You don’t get another question, it’s my turn now. What’s your favorite thing to do?”

     “Original question, I wonder where you got that one from~. I like to draw.” She smirked some at Shinsou before he could get a chance to reply.” Why do you like bicycling?”

     “I like the wind in my hair and a bike isn’t as constricting as a car.” Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck some before looking down a bit.” Think I could see some of those drawings sometime?”

    Chika hesitates for a moment before smiling some. Her drawings had a wide range, either cutesy and fun or deep and serious. It always depended on the day and what had happened that day. She could show him the cutesy ones later.” Sure, but later.”

    “Fair enough, I’m looking forward to it.”

    Chika blushes slightly now before rubbing the back of her neck some.” Favorite animal?”

    Shinsou raises an eyebrow some now, his expression showed that he couldn’t believe she just asked that.” It’s cats.”

    Chika put her hands up some now before giggling some. She was glad to have changed the subject now before it could get into something really deep.” Before you can copy me again, mine is cats too~.”

    “Jokes on you, I wasn’t going to ask that. I was going to ask if you liked anyone in the class before I showed up?”

    Chika pauses some at that before giggling some.” Honestly? No. I’ll be honest though I do find all of them cute in their own ways~. But I’ll be the copier now, did you like anyone in your old class?”

    Shinsou scuffed some now before shaking his head.” Before you I really haven’t ever liked anyone.. then again I thought everyone hated me for my quirk.”

    Chika made a slight face before putting her chin on her knees.” Well those people who believe that are idiots. Your quirk is awesome and is going to be so useful on the field. Villains always talk and talk, you would have a hay day out there.”

    Shinsou raises an eyebrow some at this before smiling some, looking down at  the ground some.” Yeah, that’s what Eraserhead said..”

    She smiles and went to lay her head against his shoulder, she did this with Mina so it should be okay here. She didn’t know why laying her head against people comforted her but it did. It did a lot.”it’s your turn~..”

    Shinsou looked down at her some before looking back at the ceiling.” Who is your favorite hero?..”

    “Eraserhead is, at least once I found out about him.”

     “Another thing we have in common then~...”

     “Your a fan of him too?”

     “I like heroes who I can relate with Let’s just say that.. and I don’t relate well with these flashier heroes.”

     “I guess I can agree with that~...” she went to giggle some before looking over when she heard the door open, both Aizawa and Yamada heading in with bags of food. Yamada smiled at them before holding up the food.” We got extra food~! Come and eat~!”

    Chika giggles some at this before going to get up. She paused when Shinsou took her hand and she glanced back at him. He smirked a little at her before going to get up as well. He leaned over to whisper to her now.” Send me those cooking videos we watched later.”

   She felt the blush come across her face before nodding some. She let out a squeak when slipper came out of nowhere and nailed shinsou on the side of the head. She looked over to see Aizawa with an unimpressed face.” Get your ass over here and eat Shinsou before I increase your training.”

    She giggles a bit now before giving shinsou an apologetic smile.” G-guess we should eat now.” He rubbed the spot that was hit before raising an eyebrow some.” You think?”

Chapter Text


     Chika let out a yawn when she headed into the classroom and rubbed at her eyes some, not wanting to be here at all. After her 'date' with Shinsou she had spent the rest of her weekend with Aizawa trying to figure out a different weapon she could use that wasnt a gun for now. They came up with different throwing weapons that she could practice with but nothing was set in stone yet. That's to all that though she was now going to be dead in class today.

     Once she made it over to her desk she sat down and laid her head on her desk, closing her eyes. She had shown up early with Aizawa so she was hoping to just keep her eyes closed for the remained of time before class started. Even if it was only for a free minutes she felt like it would make a world of difference for her. Apparently fate had a different idea for her though.Not even a few seconds of having her eyes closed she heard the sound of running and the next thing she knew there were hands being slammed down on her desk." Chika!!! I've been dying for almost a week after what you told me!! Give me details now!!"

     Chika slowly lifted her head up before looking at a very excited Mina, who let out a gasp when she saw her face." Oh my god, you look like you after slept in a week!" Chika rubbed at one of her eyes before nodding some." I didn't sleep much at snipes since I didn't really know the place and I trained over the weekend besides me and Shinsou's 'date'." She used her fingers to make air quotes around date since it kinda was but kinda wasn't at the same time.

     She watched as Mina's eyes got rather larger before she felt her shoulders being grabbed and all she could see was pink and black." You guys went on a date~?!?!" Chika leaned her head back a little but let out a small chuckle." We didn't go anywhere, he was already at my house so we just hung out there."

     Mina smirked at her before wiggling her eyebrows at her." What happened on the date~?" Chika tilted her head some, not entirely getting what she was hinting at." I fell asleep on his leg, drooled a bit and got to know each other a bit better." She decided not to mention the Bakugo cooking video part because if she did then the others might bug him for them too. She rather enjoyed the videos and would rather not have them stop coming because he got picked on.

     "You drooled on him?? Chika we have to work on your game!" Mina shook her head before leaning back so she could put her hands on her hips." Drooling on people isn't cute~."

      Chika raises an eyebrow some before smirking a little." Sorry, next time I am held by villains for most my life ill make sure to have them teach me how to flirt with cute people." She hoped her sarcasm came through the sleepy tone she had.

     Mina paused at this before reaching over to pinch her cheeks and pull out them." Chika that was such a dark joke!! Don't say such things!!"

      "Is there a reason your assaulting Chikas face?" Both girls jumped before turning to see Shinsou standing behind them, a coffee cup in hand and a eyebrow raised at them. Mina giggled some before moving so she could wrap her arms around Chika's shoulders and smirk at him." I was just enjoying how adorable she is~, don't mind us."

     Chika felt her cheeks heat up slightly at this and it only got worse when she heard him reply." Cant blame you there." Why did everyone enjoy torturing her like this? She didn't deserve it one bit. She puffed her cheeks up some and leaned back in her chair." Stop calling me cute already you two."

     She paused when she saw Shinsou sit his cup down on her desk before looking up at him. She raised an eyebrow at him before blushing more when he smirked a little at her." You look almost as tired as me, you need it more then I do." She fidgeted some in her chair before reaching over to take it, deciding to ignore the gasp she heard from Mina." T-Thanks, It smells good." She noticed it didn't feel like much had been drank from it to begin with, maybe a sip or two.

     Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck before going to head for his desk." I usually like my coffee black but i tried something new today.. Hope you like it." She watched as he walked back to his desk before looking at the coffee. It really did look good, she thought she smelt cinnamon in it as well. She went to take a sip of it but nearly choked when she heard Mina whisper next to her." An indirect kiss!"

     She went to set the drink down before turning in her seat to look at Mina, her whole face bright red now and her voice a little rough from nearly choking." Mina don't say things like that! I was trying to take a drink! Don't think about things like that!"

     Mina smirked and went to poke at her." Why cant i say that? Have you thought about it~?" Chika went to slap her hand away before covering her face with her hands." N-No! I don't have time to think about that stuff." Which wasn't exactly a lie, she really hadn't thought of anything like that really. She was just trying to get her emotions in order at this point!

     Now that she thought about it she was a little interested in what that would be like. He was so much taller then her, he would have to lean down. Maybe it would happen like when he teased her in the hall awhile back? She went to cross her arms over her desk before burying her face into them. Now she was think about it god damn it! Mina was going to pay for this.

     She stiffened up when she heard Mina giggle next to her before mumbling into her arms." You're evil Mina, Ill get you back for this." Before anything else could be said by Mina she heard Aizawa begin to talk." Sit down everyone, we have something to go over." She waited till she heard Mina walk off before going to sit back up. She went to grab the coffee and took a long drink from it, she might have to get another one later if this was how the day was going to go."

     "Your guys end of semester test are right around the corner. If you all want to go to the summer training camp you have to pass both parts of the exam. I expect all of you to study and train before them. The written part of the exam will be about everything you have learned so far this semester so you better study over all of it." She heard the groans of some of the students and figured it was from some of those who were not doing so well grade wise. She was sitting comfy at 9th but she knew she could do better. She would study hard for this.

     "I wont be telling you how the physical part of the exam will go, so you will need to train for anything. Again if you want to go to the summer camp you have to pass. Thats all I have to say, keep it down and figure out what your going to do." She watched as he climbed into his sleeping bag before going to think it over. She couldn't have Aizawa and Yamada help her, that felt like it would be cheating. How should she go about this?

      She also needed to keep training on something to do for the physical part. God help her if it was robots, she would fail if that was the case. Maybe they would fight each other? She might kind of stand a chance then. Maybe it would be like the quirk assessment they did at the beginning of the year?

     Chika let out a squeak when a hand landed on her shoulder before she looked up to see Shinsou standing next to her again." Sorry, didnt mean to spook you." She let out a sigh before smiling up at him." Its fine, I was just thinking about what im going to do for the written part of the exam and the physical part as well." Shinsou raised an eyebrow some before rubbing the back of his neck." We could study together. We already are going to be training together so maybe Aizawa will give us a clue as to what we will be doing."

     She went to agree with him but was interrupted by Kirishima walking over and throwing his arm around Shinsous shoulder, which was a little awkward considering he was a couple inches shorter then him." Hey you two, I heard yall talking about studying together and was wondering if you two would like to join me and Bakugo?" 

     Shinsou raised an eyebrow at that." Is Bakugo okay with that? Id rather not get blown up just yet."

     Kirishima glanced back at Bakugo, who was packing his stuff up at his desk. He went to pull Shinsou down so he could lean in with the three of them before whispering." Look, I really want to try making a move with Bakugo but I feel like ill chicken out if i try and do it alone. Could you guys do me this one favor??"

     Chika couldn't help the smile that took over her face before nodding quickly." I would love to help! I'm glad one of you is finally doing something about this!" She ended up laughing at the blush that came across kirishimas face." Wait was it that obvious??" 

     She nodded before smirking a little." Its been very obvious~." Kirishima groaned before clenching a fist." That just means i have to give it my all then when we do this! I cant chicken out anymore!"

     Chika smiled widely and nodded." Yeah! You got this Kiri!" Shinsou shook his head and chuckled slightly." Try not to get blown up in the process." She couldn't wait to hang out with all of them. It was kind of like a double date, just that the second pair didnt know it was a date. Hopefully by the end of it they would be though! She thought they would be so cute together!

      She would make sure that she helped these two out so they could stop tip toeing around each other!

Chapter Text

     When the bell rang for lunch Chika found herself walking to the lunch room with the squad and shinsou, happily listening to them chatter. She was glad to see shinsou seemed to get along with the others. He joked around with them fine and even went along with picking on them. It made her happy they could all hang out and everyone got along.

     Right before they could walk into the cafeteria Chika let out a squeak when she felt her wrist get grabbed. She turned to see Bakugo standing behind her, his usual glare replaced with something close to nervousness.” Hey shrimp, mind if I talk to you for a second?”

     Chika blinks some because what could he need to talk to her about? She nodded as she offered him a smile.” Sure Bakugo, what do you need?” He looked around for a second before nodding to the side to one of the new by bathrooms.” Over there first... then I’ll tell you.”

     She hesitated a moment before nodding some and went to follow him as he headed toward the bathroom. Was she even allowed to go into the boys bathroom? What did he need that they had to talk in there. She looked around when he opened the door for her before hesitantly heading in. Bakugo headed in after her before shutting and locking the door.” Alright shrimp, I need your help with something and you can’t tell any of the other idiots. Got it?”

     Chika smiles softly at him. He trusted her enough to ask for her help, she couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The look on his face told her that this was important to him to so she knew it had to be important.” Of course, just tell me what it is and I would be more then happy to help you out.”

     Bakugo crosses his arms before leaning against the door.” Kirishima said you and the mind fucker are coming with us for the study session. I was going to ask if you could help me show the dumb fuck that I.. that I fucking like his stupid face!..” He turned his face away from her but she could see he had a light blush cross his face. So they shared mutual feelings but hadn’t done anything about it yet. 

     Chika hesitated a moment before letting out a sigh, she knew Kirishima probably wouldn’t like if she told Bakugo about his feelings but considering they were mutual it should be fine. It might help out in the end.” Well.. i think I can help out just fine, considering Kirishima likes you too.”

     Bakugo pauses before looking at her, his eyes wide and his mouth doing some weird wobbly thing. Was he trying to smile or something? It was hard to tell.” Kirishima likes me? Why the fuck would he like me?”

     Chika went to put her hands up before smirking a little at him.” I couldn’t tell you, but he told me in class earlier he wanted my help to make a move on you when we all go to study.”

     “What?! If anyone is going to make a move first it’s going to be me!” She couldn’t help but giggle when he blushes more before he turned to open the door.” I’ll text you later so we can figure out the details. I’m going to make that fucker swoon.” 

     She raises an eyebrow at him before going to head out of the bathroom.” Can do, I might suggest dressing up a little then. We can go over the details later.” She went to head for the cafeteria, Bakugo coming up next to her.” By the way, how are things going with the mind fucker? He hasn’t tried to make you do anything has he?”

     What was up with him caring about her so much? She didn’t mind it one bit, she was just curious as to what lead to it. She giggled some before waving a hand at him.” He has been nice. He hasn’t used his quirk on me or anything like that.”

    “Good, If he tries anything I’d fucking kill him.” He let out a huff before putting his hands in his pockets. Chika smirked some before putting a hand on his shoulder and the other over his heart.” Is this you caring about me~? I feel so loved right now.”

     Bakugo tsked at her before shrugging off her hand, a small smirk on his face.” You wish, don’t get ahead of yourself.” She couldn’t help but laugh some at his denial before looking out to see that their group was sitting at a near by table. It looked as though Kirishima and shinsou had grabbed them both trays of food. How sweet of them. They went to sit next to their respective people before Chika let out a yawn.” Thanks for the food, Hitoshi.”

     Shinsou glanced at her before raising an eyebrow some.” It’s no big deal, what were you doing anyways?” She glances over at Bakugo, who was busy now stuffing his face, before going to whisper to him.” I’ll tell you later, okay?”

     Shinsou nodded before going back to eating.” I grabbed you one of the bottled teas, I hope you like that..” Chika smiled softly before looking over at the bottle, it actually happened to be her favorite flavor.” It’s actually my favorite, you didn’t have to do all this.”

     “Well if I’m going to be your boyfriend should I do things like this? It’s not like I mind doing it anyways.” She couldn’t help but giggle at this before going to get started on her food.” How sweet of you~.” She noticed the small blush that came across her face and couldn’t help but smile at it. He looked cute when he blushed. 

     She grabbed her tea to open it up but paused when she heard a Condescending voice speak up behind him.” Well well well, if it isn’t class 1-A and their new buddy. I hope you know that having an extra student doesn’t make you any better then us.”

     Chika turned around to see Monoma from 1-B standing behind them. She had heard about him through the group and how he had talked a lot of Shit when it came to the sports fesitival. He especially liked to pick on Bakugo for some reason.

     Bakugo glared at him as he shoved another fork full of food into his mouth.” Even without an extra member our class will always be better then yours. Especially with trash like you in there.”

    Monoma smirked before motioning to both shinsou and Bakugo.” You say that, but at least my class isn’t filled with villains in training.” She saw how shinsou stiffened up at that and how Bakugo also took a moment to processes that. She made a face before glaring at Monoma as well.” Don’t you have anything better to do besides picking on people?”

     Monoma looked at her before chuckling some.” Oh I barely noticed you there, aren’t you the one with the unimpressive quirk and riddled with scars? How did someone like you make it into a hero course anyhow?” She could tell that the others were getting upset as well. If it had been a couple weeks ago maybe that comment would have upset her too but she had been working on this, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of upsetting her too.

     Chika just smiled as sweetly as she could at him, trying to appear sweet and innocent.” Not by being a dick like you I’ll tell you that~.” She noticed the smirk Bakugo gave towards her before glaring at Monoma like he was ready to attack him if he said one more thing.

      She noticed that took him back for a moment and before he could make another comment good ole Kendou appeared behind him and knocked him out with a precise chop to the back of the neck.” God damn it Monoma! I’m buying a leash for you if you can’t behave!”

     Chika giggled some before waving to kendou as she dragged him off.” Thank you Kendou!” She turned to look at shinsou, who was staring at her in surprise.” Are you Okay? That comment he made about being a villain was so rude!”

     “You’re concerned about me? What he said to you was way harsher.. are you okay?” She was a little surprised to see how concerned he was at the moment. He actually had a frown and looked worried. She felt a little blush on her face before looking away some, her fist clenching a little in her lap.” I-I’m fine! His comments didn’t bother me one bit.”

     “You sure?..” she barely held back a squeak when he reached over and took one of her hands. If her face wasn’t red before it sure was now. She hesitated a moment before lacing her fingers with his.” I’m sure, no need to worry..”

     “You two are way to sweet, I feel like I have a cavity now!” She jumped and looked at Sero, who was laughing now.” S-Shut it Sero!”

      Kaminari put a hand over his heart before leaning against Sero.” Ah young love! How cute!” Sero chuckles before wrapping arm around Kaminaris shoulders.” We’re surrounded by it Dude.”

     Shinsou smirked a little at them before squeezing chika’s hand.” Sorry, I know it must be hard to see when you two are going to end up alone forever~.” Chika couldn’t help but laugh when they both pouted at him.” Dude don’t roast us like that!”

    Chika smiles once everyone got back into joking around before going back to eating, keeping a hold of Shinsou’s hand. It was nice to know that as a group that could help cheer each other up. These guys were the best.

    Mina, who was sitting next to her, went to lay her head against her shoulder.” Don’t go trying to hog all of Chika’s cuteness now. I’ll have to put my foot down if you do.”

    Chika rolled her eyes some before going to lay her head against Minas, swallowing her bite.” Don’t worry Mina, I’ll be willing to share my love with you.” She glanced at shinsou before giggling some.” If that’s alright with you of course~?..”

    Shinsou raised an eyebrow at them before smirking a little.” I’ll share as long as she doesn’t try and steal you away from.”

    Mina let out a gasp before hugging onto Chikas arm.” But we have an undying love for each other! I can’t promise anything!”

    Chika let out a fake sigh as she leans in Mina some.” Sadly it is true, Mina and me have such a strong bond. I don’t know if I can promise you that she won’t steal me away one day.”

     Shinsou chuckled slightly at them before shaking his head a bit.” I guess pink is better then purple, I can’t blame you if you did leave..” he let out a fake sigh before looking at Kaminari and Sero.” I guess I’ll have to join the forever alone club.”

     Mina gasped and let go of Chika to bring her her hands up to her mouth.” Oh no~!”

     Chika took this chance to hug his arm that she was holding hands with her free arm.” Wait no, don’t go to the dark side! It was just a joke.” She couldn’t help but giggle at the blush that took over his face before laying her head against his arm.” You alright there?”

     Kirishima chuckles some as he watched their performance before rubbing the back of his neck.” I think you broke him, Chika.” Chika tilted her head some before looking up at him again. He was still blushing but he had a wobbly sort of smile on his face. 

    She blushes a little now before backing up some now.” Oops, Sorry there.”

    Shinsou coughed into his free hand before looking away some now.” It’s fine, we should finish eating before the bell rings.” She bite the inside of her cheek before nodding a bit, going to look back at the remainder of her food. Maybe she got a little too into her act there with Mina.

    She couldn’t help the little smile on her face  though, squeeze there hands one more time. She could get used to holding hands. It felt nice. She also didn’t mind hugging him or leaning on him. When she thought back to when he had kissed her cheek she hadn’t minded that either. Besides blushing he didn’t say much on it either. Maybe she could do those things more often? She wouldn’t be to clingy if she did would she? 

   Maybe she should try talking to Aizawa and Yamada? They had been together for so long maybe they would have some answers for her. She would have to remember when she got home later to ask them. Maybe talk to Mina about it too. Then she would have lots of advice for not only herself but for Bakugo and Kirishima too! Yeah, that seemed like a great plan.

Chapter Text

     Chika let out a sigh as she flopped onto the couch after changing. The rest of the school day had been pretty uneventful, she just spent her time studying or chatting with Shinsou about what they were going to do about Kirishima and Bakugo. It was becoming apparent that neither one of them were cut out for this though since they couldn’t get into the mind set of a walking bomb.

     She flopped an arm over her eyes as she tried to think it over now as well. As far as she was concerned they both liked each other so it should be as simple as walking up and telling each other. But Kirishima is too much over a romantic and Bakugo was too extra for anything simpler then declaring to the world. At least that’s what he had said on the phone with her while she was changing.

      Maybe she needed to just convince Bakugo to just go for it, if he did that then Kirishima would swoon from his ‘manliness’. He said he was going to look ‘like a god damn master piece’ when he confessed. She was a little confused as to how that would work considering he had a day to get an outfit but oh well. 

      That was something else that stressed her out, she had a day to figure out how to help them but to also be ready herself! Kirishima said it would be like a double date, so it would technically be their second date. 

      She ended up letting out a squeak when the couch moved before looking up to see Aizawa sitting on the arm of the chair, a mug of coffee in hand.” You alright there? You look like you’re having a mid life crisis.”

      Chika hesitated a little and sat up, moving so she was sitting criss cross on her side. Maybe he could help her out here.” Bakugo and Kirishima like each other and they asked me if I could help them confess to each other when we go out to study tomorrow. I don’t know how to really help here.”

      Aizawa raised an eyebrow at her before going to move onto the open spot.” Those two weren’t dating before? That’s a shocker.”

     “I know right! They are always together and Kirishima hangs off of him all the time but neither of them had confessed yet.” She rub at her face some with one of her hands.” I don’t know how to do things like this, all of this is new to me..”

     Aizawa went to take a sip of his coffee before reaching for the remote.” Want to know what the best thing you can do is?” She perked up when he said this before nodding quickly. He glanced at her and smirked a bit.” Don’t do anything.”

     Chika stared at him for a minute, okay maybe a little longer then a minute before laying her head against the back of the couch.” What do you mean by that? How is doing nothing going to help them??”

     “Because those two are very impulsive people. No matter what you do they are going to do what they want in the end. Best thing you can do is just be there for encouragement.”

     Chika thought this over a bit and honestly it all made sense. Bakugo already had been taking control of what he wanted to do and she hadn’t even given him any advice. Maybe she should give that a shot.” Okay, that makes sense... thanks dad.”

     Chika paused when she realized what she said at the end before looking over at Aizawa to see he had stopped what he was doing and was staring back at her. Did she just mess up? Was she not supposed to say that? Why was he staring at her?.” I-I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to..” She ended up jump when she was suddenly engulfed into a hug.

      She hesitated a moment before going to hug him back. He never hugged her like this, he usually didn’t show this much affection with actions.” Don’t be sorry. You can call me dad all you want.”

      She felt a small smile spread across her face before she buried her face into his chest.” Okay.. dad.” Now that she wasn’t about to have a breakdown from saying it, it felt nice to say. She could get used to it.

     Aizawa went to pull back from the hug before going to reach for his pocket.” I need to call Hizashi and rub this in his face.”

     Chika tilted her head some. Were they waiting for her to say that or something? She was confused.” Oh dear...”

      Aizawa put the phone on speaker phone before going to take a sip from his coffee. After a moment the phone answered and a very loud voice spoke.” Hello darling! Love of my life! My grumpy cat man!”

      “Hizashi I will hang up the phone and not tell you what I have to tell you if you don’t stop.” She could see he had a slight tinge of red on his cheeks and couldn’t help but giggle a bit.

      “Shouta don’t be a party pooper! What do you got to tell me?” He sounded excited for whatever it could be, if only he knew what was about to happen to him.

      “Chika called me dad first.” The smirk that came across his face when Yamada gasped nearly had her laughing. These two were ridiculous.

      “I wanted to be dad though! We both can’t be called dad!” She could almost see the pout on his face with the tone he had at the moment.

       “Too bad, pick something else. I’m dad and that’s final.” He ended the call when he heard Yamada go to argue with him before chuckling some.” He will get over it.”

      Chika smiled and nodded a bit, moving so she could lay her head against his arm.” Yeah, he will.” She let out a sigh as she relaxed against him and looked at the tv. Was this the same show Shinsou showed them the other day? She couldn’t help the smirk that spread across her face.” I see you like these shows after all.”

      “They aren’t terrible, it’s better then the shit Hizashi tries to make me watch. He likes those god awful singing shows.”

      “There is nothing wrong with singing shows, you only like his singing is your problem.” She knew she was right by the way he chuckled and ruffles her hair.” Yeah alright kid, don’t get smart with me.”

      Chika rolls her eyes some now before looking back at the screen.” I think I’m going to call Yamada pops... I heard it on this show once and I think it would fit him nicely.” Plus she knew pops was another name for soda pop and he was kinda like a soda. He was sugary and sweet, always full of energy. 

     “Sounds fitting to me. I’m sure he will like it too.” 

      She smiles at this and closed her eyes before letting out a sigh. Maybe now was as good of time as any to ask about the other things she had been thinking about. How was she supposed to do this whole relantionship thing?

     She chewed on her lip some before playing with her hands a bit.” How do you and pops do this whole relantionship thing?...”

     Aizawa looked down at her before raising an eyebrow at her.” What do you mean?”

     “How do you guys know what to do or say?.. I feel all these things all the time but I don’t know if it’s right or wrong..”

     “Chika, there is no guide to relantionships. The way to making them work is to just go with your gut feeling. Be yourself and see if they can handle it.”

     Chika smiles some at this before rubbing at her arm some.” Even with all of my issues you think I should be myself?...” She felt a hand on her head again and leaned against it.” You don’t have any issues Chika.. your fine just the way you are.”

     Chika closes her eyes now before nodding a bit.” Thank you.. for everything...” she heard him hum in response before relaxing against him again. She would take that answer for now. That at least didn’t make her feel like a freak.

Chapter Text

     It was the next day and Chika was a absolute mess at the moment. Both Bakugo and Kirishima had decided today would be the study date and that they would be going to a nice ramen shop for it. Hitoshi had been fine with doing this, so she was happy about that. 

    Her issue she had been having was that she didn’t own anything cute to wear! If this was techincally going to be a double date she wanted to look nice for Hitoshi but everything she owned was either really bland or cat themed. While she knew Hitoshi likes cats that didn’t mean she wanted to wear her cat clothes out on a date.

    She had in listed the help of Mina so she could possibly have a chance of looking cute. But so far she was just more confused then she was before as she watched Mina pull out all the items she brought with her. There were several different bags being pulled out of the back pack she brought, along with a pair of clothes and a few different bottles that she didn’t really know what they were.

    “Mina, what even is all of this stuff? I know I asked for your help but this looks like you are preparing for war!”

     Mina looked back at her before smirking slightly. She pointed at the other bags she had pulled out.” That is all make-up, you won’t need much though since you are already soooo cute.” She pointed over at the clothes next.” I got those from kyoka, I was there before hand helping her get ready for her date with Yaomomo! Since you both are around the same size and pretty flat chested I figured these would be perfect for you.” She motioned over to the bottles now.” And that’s all different perfumes.”

    Chika felt a blush come across her face before crossing her arms over her chest. Why did they always have to make jabs at her chest.” I’m not that flat chested! And Yaomomo and Kyoka are dating?”

    Mina waved her hand a bit at this before going to toss the clothes to her.” Yeah yeah I’ve been waiting for this forever though so it’s nothing new. You go change now though, you have an hour before you have to go and I won’t to make you look dazzling!”

    Chika caught the clothes before rolling her eyes at her.” You’re so dramatic sometimes~.” She went to look over the clothes and had to admit that they were pretty cute. There was a long black and white striped tank top with a black leather jacket to go with it, a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and what looked to be a black choker. She had boots she could wear with this so this could work.” Wow, You and Kyoka did a good job.”

    Mina smiled widely and clasped her hands together infront of her. Chika nearly felt blinded with how brightly she was smiling at her.” I’m glad you like it! Now hurry up and change~! I have to pick out the make up.”

   Chika rolled her eyes a little before standing up and turning so her back was to her. She had gotten comfortable enough with Mina that she didn’t mind changing infront of her, she just turned around so the worse of the scars weren’t showing to well. The one time she didn’t do that Mina had hugged her while she was only in her bra and underwear, let’s just say she nearly died on the spot.

   She went to pull off her shirt and pants but paused when Mina giggled behind her.” You may be flat chested but you have such a cute butt~!” She grabbed a pillow off her bed before going to chunk it at Mina’s head. It’s like she enjoyed trying to kill her with embarrassment. Her face felt as though she just pulled it out of an oven it was so warm.” Mina I swear if you keep this up I’ll fight you.”

   Mina smirked before sending her a wink.” Only wearing that? How scandalous!” Chika rolls her eyes before turning so she could put on the new outfit.” You wish I would fight you like this, too bad for you I’m a taken lady.”

    Chika smiled when she heard Mina giggled before turning to look at herself in the mirror. It had take her forever but she was finally able to look herself over in a mirror and not cry or have a panic attack. She still struggled a little when all of her scars were Exposed but it wasn’t impossible for her anymore. 

    The clothes definetly didn’t look bad on her, they actually looked nice. She knew they probably would fit Kyoka’s style a lot better but she felt like she could pull them off for the night. She turned back toward Mina and stuck her arms out.” How do I look?”

    Mina looked up at her from the make-up she had been looking over before letting out a gasp.” Oh that looks good on you! Kyoka is a genius.” She went to pick up one of the items of make-up off the ground before motioning her over.” Next step! Come here.”

    Chika looked at the item with a bit of caution before slowing making her way over to sit infront of her.” How much are you planning on using on me?”

     “Just some eyeliner and lip stick for you, your skin is pretty flawless plus I don’t think I have your shade of foundation anyways. I might do a little eyeshadow but I’m not going to go to crazy.” She went to lean closer to her and looked her face over.” Close your eyes while I work.”

     Chika went to do as she was told, letting out a squeak when her face was grabbed by one hand and moved to one side and then the other. What could she possibly be doing? She felt the hand leave her face before hearing her rustling around with the make up. She hoped she kept to her word and didn’t do anything to wild with her face.

     She tried not to move around when she felt Mina get to work on her face but she couldn’t help it sometimes, this was all so new and weird to her. She had to admit she didn’t mind some of the little brushes, they felt nice against her skin. Honestly after she adjusted to her face being touched like this she found it very relaxing after a moment.

     She could hear Mina humming as she worked on her face and couldn’t help but smile while she listened to her. Her best friend was very cute sometimes, well she was cute when she wasn’t being an asshole. When she started wiping something across her lips she was a little startled at first but calm down when she realized it must be the lip stick. 

     “Okay! I’m all done! Do not touch any of the work I did here.” Chika went to open her eyes and gasped when she saw Mina was already holding up a hand held mirror to her. From what she could tell she hadn’t really added too much but what she did add was very pretty. The eyeliner made her eyes look more defined and the brown color of her eyes really pop. She had added a little pink to her cheeks and went with a red lipstick, which actually didn’t look too bad on her at all.

     “Wow Mina, you did so good! It’s simple but really stands out. I would have never picked a red color like this for me but it’s very pretty.”

     Mina let out a giggle now before going to hug her.” You look gorgeous! Shinsou is going to die when he sees you!” Chika couldn’t help but return the hug and giggle as well. What would she do without Mina.” Well if that happens it will be because of your handy work.”

      Mina pulled back from the hug before going to look over the perfumes she had brought with her.” I know I brought all these but I don’t think you will need them for tonight, you smell fine just the way you are anyways.”

     Chika nodded now before taking a long breath.” Looks like it’s about time for me to go then.” She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. She hoped Bakugo and Kirishima figured out their feelings today, they would make such a cute couple! 

     She leaned over to hug Mina one last time now.” Again, thank you sooo much for coming over and doing this.” Mina hugged her back and smiled widely at her, being as adorable as ever.” Anytime you need me I’ll be there for you. We’re best friends after all, right?” 

    Chika giggles softly now before going to take Minas hand.” Of course we are. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for.” She heard someone knock on the door before seeing Aizawa opening the door.” Come on Chika, we got to go before your late.”


    Chika hummed softly as she played on her phone outside the ramen place, waiting for the rest of them to show up. She had ended up showing up a few minutes early so she decided to just wait for them outside. She felt like it would be awkward if she went inside there by herself anyways.

    She was just about to open up another app when she heard someone come up next to her.” Well pipsqueak, looks like our two dumbass want to be late.” She looked up now and smiled when she saw Bakugo standing next to her. He was dressed up in some nice black jeans, A nice black jacket and a dark red v-neck t-shirt. He looked really nice Compared to other times she had seen him outside of their school uniform or hero costumes.

    “Or we are just early. You look nice by the way. Decided to leave the skulls at home today?” She couldn’t help but giggle at the eye roll she was given before raising an eyebrow when he leaned a little closer to her. He made a face at whatever he saw before leaning back.” You let raccoon eyes do your eye liner didn’t you?”

    Chika paused some at this before raising an eyebrow at him.” Yeah, how could you tell?”

    “She always gets wobbly at the beginning of an eye. I tried showing her the proper way of doing things but she doesn’t fucking listen worth a shit. Next time you need that shit done just text me.”

     “Wait, you know how to..” She was caught off when she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder before looking up to see Hitoshi on her other side. He had a black and purple sweater that was just a little bit big on him and some black jeans on.” Hey you two.”

     “Hey Hitoshi.” She smiled a bit at him before leaning into his side a little. She definetly enjoyed things like this. She believed Pops told her it was called P.D.A or something like that. She noticed Bakugo scowl some before looking around a bit.” Where the fuck is Kirishima?”

     Hitoshi smirked before jabbing a thumb behind him.” I ran into him when I was heading up this way, apparently he found something that reminded him of you and just had to get it.” She couldn’t help but giggle at the little tinge of red that went across his face before he let out a little tsk.” Why would he waste time like that. Fucking idiot.”

     Jeez how could either of these two have any doubts that they liked each other. It was so obvious! She was glad she was going to get to witness them finally confess to each other.

     She heard running coming up from behind them and saw Kirishima running up to them. He was wearing a pair of normal jeans, a nice red hoodie and a black beanie on, which meant that his hair was down for once. She had only ever seen it down once and that had been at her sleep over. She thought he looked nice as well though.

    She glanced over at Bakugo and noctided that he was staring a little a Kirishima, probably trying to take in the whole look. If there was one way for her to describe the look it was whipped.

    “What the hell is that?” Only after Bakugo had asked did she notice that Kirishima had a bag in his hand. Once he had made it over and caught his breath he held it out to Bakugo.” Sorry I saw this and thought of you, so I had to get it for ya.” 

    Bakugo raised an eyebrow at him before taking the bag from him.” You could have waited till after all this. What’s the point of coming up with a time if your going to be late, dumbass?” Kirishima chuckles some before rubbing the back of his neck.” Sorry, I won’t be late next time.”

    Chika went to clap her hands together before looking at the door.” Should we head inside now or just keep standing around out here?” Bakugo rolled his eyes before going to grab Kirishima by his sleeve and head inside.” Come on shitty hair, don’t need you wondering off or some shit.” Kirishima didn’t seemed to mind being dragged inside, if anything he seemed content with it.” Alright bakubro~.”

    Chika looked up at Hitoshi before smiling at him.” Ready to go in?” He nodded some before moving his arm that he had resting on her shoulders so that he could take her hand.” Yeah, let follow them before they can cause issues.”

    She really hopped this all went well. She didn’t want to imagine what could happen if this ended badly. They seemed to really like each other so it should be okay, right?

Chapter Text

     After they all headed in, found seats and ordered food they ended up talking pretty easily. She had expected some awkwardness but those two fell into their usual routine pretty easily. She noticed there was some tension between them though, most likely because they both wanted to make a move of some sort or make it official but neither knew how to do so. 

    She wanted to just reach over and push them closer, get them to do something. The tension between them was killing her. She wanted to help move things along but at this rate she didn't think anything would help. She also could tell they weren't going to do any studying, no one brought books or notes, and all the conversations had been about random things up until this point. She wondered what it would take to get them to confess their feelings.

     Besides all of that she was noticing that Hitoshi seemed to like holding hands quite a bit, not that she minded. They had been holding hands under the table the whole time they were sitting, probably because it was more comfortable then having their hands sitting up on the table. Maybe if they showed they were holding hands or something then the other two would act. Maybe it would make them a little more comfortable to act on their feelings?

    She looked up at Hitoshi, who was talking about one of his cats to Kirishima before glancing at bakugo, who was trying to act like he wasn't looking at Kirishima. She smirked a little before going to lean over so she could lean against Hitoshi, having to hold back a giggle when he stopped his story for a moment before going to go back to talking about his cat. That was pretty cute.

    She noticed Bakugo look at her, a slight scowl on his face. Maybe appealing to his competitive side might help as well. She got comfortable with her head on Hitoshi before smirking at Bakugo. She couldn't help the giggle that escaped when Bakugo glared at her before looking at Kirishimas hand that was sitting on the table. Come on Bakugo, you got this!

    Bakugo let out a huff before reaching over and rather aggressively taking Kirishimas hand in his, though he looked almost nervous to do so. She heard little crackles and looked down to see little explosions popping off against kirishimas hand. Luckily he had his hardening so it didnt seem to bother him after he hardened his hand, though she could see a blush working its way across his face. How cute.

    Kirishima looked at their hands for a moment before hesitantly looking away." Bakubro, can i talk to ya for a second? Alone?" Bakugo watched his expression before going to get up since he was on the outside of the booth they were sitting at." Fine, I got some shit i need to say to you anyways, shitty hair."

    Chika watched as they both got up and walked off toward the back, still holding hands, before she went to lightly shake Hitoshi's arm." Its happening! Finally after all this tension they are going to confess!"

    "Is that why you suddenly got to affectionate? To rile Bakugo up so he would do something? Im a little hurt." He said that but he had a small smile on his face. She paused in her celebration when she felt a blush come across face before looking away some." Thats not it at all. I mean it kind of is but I like leaning on you and holding hands, its nice." Jeez why did she feel so embarrassed saying something that was normal for people to do. Maybe because she had no experience with this stuff.

    "Well you can hold my hand whenever you want, even if i have to slouch for you a bit~."

     "Im not that short, you asshole! If anything you're just freakishly tall." She went to spit her tongue out at him before going back to leaning against him.

     Hitoshi chuckled at her before leaning back against the seat." You look nice by the way."

     Chika felt her face get a little warm at this before looking at her outfit." Thanks, these are actually Jirou's clothes but she let me borrow them." She decided not to mention that it was probably because she had been panicking about what she would wear before hand. He didn't need to know all of that." You look nice too by the way, I really like that sweater." Just from how it felt on the outside she could tell it was really soft.

     "I'd say I would let you borrow it but it would be pretty big on you." 

     "Thats okay! I could wear it like a dress then~." She tilted her head some when she noticed he had a slight blush come across his face. Was it something she said?." Alright, You can borrow it. But you have to wear it on our next date."

      Chika smiled widely before nodding. That was simple enough, she had a pair of leggings she could wear under it if needed. She hoped it was as soft on the outside as it was on the inside. She was still a little curious about what would cause him to blush from her wanting to wear his sweater.

      She jumped slightly when the food was brought out to them before noticing that Kirishima and Bakugo weren't back yet. She figured they were confessing to each other but should it being taking this long. She looked at her food and nearly drooled from how tasty it smelt." Should we wait for them or just start eating?" She looked up at him only to pause to see he already had his mouth full. She couldn't help but giggle at this, what a dork." Ill take that as we should just start eating."

     Once Hitoshi swallowed his bite he shrugged a bit." They are confessing to each other, it might take a bit. Might as well eat while we can." She hesitated a bit before nodding some. She actually was pretty hungry so she could go ahead and eat without them.

     The two of them entered a comfortable silence while they ate, just enjoying each others company while they ate. She didn't mind this, talking was nice but sometimes just relaxing was just as enjoyable. Plus the food was so good. Those two better hurry up and get back before their food gets cold.

     They managed to get half way through their ramen when she heard a shout come from the back of the store. She looked up from her ramen and felt a little nervous. Wasn't that where Kirishima and Bakugo went to talk? Did something go wrong? She hoped they weren't fighting or something. Hitoshi seemed to have heard it as well since he put down his utensils as well." Think we should go check it out?" 

    Chika nodded and went to let go of his hand to get up but paused when she saw yellow and red streaks go to run out of the shop. Was that them? What the hell were they doing?! She went to pull her wallet out of her pants and went to toss some money onto the table to pay for the meal before going to head for the exit." Come on 'toshi, they just ran out."

     Hitoshi paused for a moment before shaking his head." You go on after them, Ill make sure we dont get in trouble for the food." She hesitated some for a moment, she didnt want to leave him behind but she was really curious what they did to cause someone to shout and make them run off. She let out a sigh before leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek." Ill make sure they dont go too far away."

     She didn't wait for a reaction from him, instead she took off running after the other two. If they ran off together then they weren't upset with each other. Maybe did they go somewhere they weren't supposed too? She hoped they weren't in trouble or something. She was having such a nice time, it was a shame it could possible go wrong right now.

     Luckily for her they were just outside the shop but what surprised her the most was that they were laughing, their arms around each others shoulders. She hesitated a moment before heading over to them," Bakugo? Kirishima? What happened in there?"

     Both of them turned to look at her but Kirishima almost instantly turned a shade of red the same color of his hair. Bakugo on the other hand had such a triumphant smirk on his face she almost feared what ever she was going to hear." I took Kirishima back to the bathroom so I could tell him that I didn't think he was a complete piece of shit and I wanted to date him. After some gushy shit on his end and finally getting a yes, I shoved him against a wall and we made out till some asshole come in and starting shouting."

     Chika stared at them two for a moment. Well that was unexpected. At least they weren't fighting or something like that but did they really have to make out in the bathroom of a ramen shop?." So you two are dating now?..."

     "Y-Yeah we are! Sorry for kinda ditching you two back there. Guess we got a little caught up in the moment." Kirishima chuckled a bit before rubbing the back of his neck some. Jeez even if she wanted to be mad at him she couldn't bring herself to be. Kirishima just reminded her too much of a puppy to be mad at him. She went to put her hands on her hips before letting out a sigh." Its fine, but you both owe me. I paid for the ramen back there since i didn't know what was up."

     "Yeah Yeah Ill pay you back." She noticed the way he said it made it seem like he wasn't just talking about the food. Probably because she gave him the little shove to do something too. She noticed that they were both holding hands and couldn't help but smile some." Try not to make out in anymore bathrooms, okay?"

     " So thats what those two were up too?" She turned around to see Hitoshi heading out of the shop, rubbing the back of his neck some." The waitress said something about two stupid teenagers needing to learn manners or something like that."

     "Well all of them can mind their own damn business! Its not like we were fucking or something!"

      Kirishima blushed once more and went to lightly hit his shoulder." Dude, You cant just say that out here!"

     "Dont dude me! You just had your tongue in my mouth not even 10 minutes ago!"

     "Stop just saying things like that! People are staring now!"

     "Let them stare, I dont give a rats ass!"

      Chika rolled her eyes before going to face palm. Why were her friends such idiots sometimes? People really had stopped and stared at them thank to them yelling and holding hands in the middle of the sidewalk. She looked from between her fingers when Hitoshi put his arm around her shoulders and chuckled some." We might need to get out of here before we actually get in trouble."

     "I think you're right." She allowed him to pull her along so they could start walking down the walk way. So maybe she didn't have anything to worry about. It all seemed to work out in the end after all. The only issue now was that she was still hungry. 

Chapter Text

     It had been a few days since the double date and things were beginning to get hectic. They had just finished the written part of the end of semester test and Chika was more then happy to say that she felt like she passed that part. She would have to thank Hitoshi and her dads for all the help, if they hadn’t helped her she probably wouldn’t have done so well.

    Both Bakugo and Kirishima were receiving a lot of teasing from the rest of the group, but it was all in good fun. The only issue with the constant teasing was that Bakugo wasn’t afraid to show how much he was into Kirishima around them. There had been multiple occasions where either Hitoshi or Mina would cover her eyes, which she couldn’t tell if she was grateful or annoyed by.

    Besides all that now here she is, waiting infront of some testing area with the rest of the class. Mina, Kaminari and Sero were all pumped that it was apparently robots they would be fighting. Bakugo was trying to pump up Kirishima, telling him that he ‘had nothing to fucking worry about, those robots were going to Hell when they were done with them’. He had such a way with words but it did seem to help Kirishima get out of whatever head space he was in.

    Hitoshi was standing next to her, she could tell by the way he was messing with his capture weapon that he was a little nervous at the moment. She noticed that he was just wearing a gym uniform with his two devices to help him fight, she wondered when he would get a actual outfit. She couldn’t blame him, if it was robots he would have a hard time against them. Something told her that wouldn’t be the case though.

    She reached over to take one of his hands and smiled at him when he looked down at him.” Don’t worry ‘Toshi~, I don’t think we are actually going up against robots.”

    Hitoshi raises an eyebrow at her before glancing at the others that were celebrating at the moment.” What gives you that idea?”

    “It’s a test about everything we learned? Why put us up against robots that can be deceived or just blown away? I think it’s going to be something else.”

    “I guess that does make sense. What would they put us up against then?”

    Chika shrugged a bit now and swung their hands a bit.” I have no idea, whatever it is I have no doubt that we will pass.” She heard him chuckle before blushing when she felt him kiss the top of her head.” I don’t think your stubbornness is going to be enough to help us pass, but I appreciate it nevertheless.”

    “I-it’s not being stubborn! It’s being confident!” She ducked her head a bit so he couldn’t see the blush. Jeez, why did he have to pick on her so much. 

    She felt her blush deepen a bit when he leaned down closer to her, the smirk evident in his voice.” You know you don’t have to hide your blush, it’s hard enough to see when I have to look down at you so much.”

    Chika huffed and went to turn so she could push his face away with her free hand.” Stop making fun of me you jerk!” She couldn’t help the squeak when he lightly grabbed her wrist before kissing the palm of her hand.” Yeah Yeah, ill think about it.”

    If her face wasn’t read before then it was most certainly red now. She went to yank that hand back and spit her tongue out at him before looking forward when she heard footsteps heading over to them.

    She couldn’t help the confusion she felt when she saw almost all the teachers were standing around the front. What was going on here? She felt her nerves act up when she saw the smirk Aizawa got on his face. This would not be good for them.” Alright, so I know you all think you are going against robots.” She heard the cheers or Sero, Mina and Kaminari and knew they were about to get their dreams crushed.

   “Well too bad, you all are going to be going against us. We will pair you all up and you will be going against the teachers.” Oh there it was, the disappointed and slightly scared sighs of those three. She felt a little bad for them.

    She had to hold back a giggle when Nezu climbed out from under Aizawas capture weapon before going to hop down.” Yes, robots would not really test your experience and what you have learned. Going against us teachers will really show us what you need help improving on and see what you all have taken in through out the semester!”

    Aizawa rubbed the back of his neck now.” Exactly. Now for who you will be paired with and up against. Mina and Kaminari, you will be up against Nezu. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, you will be up against me. Koda and Jirou, you will be up against Present Mic. Sero and Shinsou, you will be up against Midnight. Tokoyami, Asui and Matsuo, you will be up against ectoplasm. Uraraka and..” she zoned out after hearing who she would be with and up against. She knew about Ectoplasm power and knew this would be hard for her. He could make so many copies of himself, how could she possibly fight off all of them.

   She was shocked out of her thoughts when Hitoshi squeezed her hand and she looked up at him.” Hey, remember what you just said. We got this, so don’t worry.” She couldn’t help the small smile that spread across her face.” Thanks ‘toshi.”

   She looked back over when Aizawa and the rest of the teachers turned to head back to the  building.” Hurry up and get in so we can get this started. We will start with Kirishima and Satou.” She took a small breath before going to follow after, keeping a good grip on Hitoshi’s hand. 

   She could do this, she trained with Aizawa and Yamada almost everyday. She will pass and go to this summer camp, she would not fail this! She hopped Hitoshi would be alright against Midnight, he wouldn’t be able to get close to her if he had to fight hand to hand and from what Aizawa had said he was still have trouble with the capture weapon.

   She didn’t know what that device was around his neck. It kind of reminded her of what Yamada wore with his hero costume. Did it have something to do with his quirk? She hoped she would get to see it in action!

   She went to turn to ask him what his plan was with the thing but noticed he was talking Sero now, they must be trying to come up with a plan. She jumped slightly when she felt a tap on her shoulder before turning to see Tokoyami and Asui standing next to her.

   “Matsuo, we were planning on coming up with a strategy. Would you like to join us?” She gave them both a smile before letting go of Hitoshis hand so she could walk with them.” Yeah, let do that.”