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The Tide of Thy Pride

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As soon as Draco Malfoy caught a glimpse of Michael in the nightclub, he knew he just had to have him. It didn't matter that he'd just got engaged to an old school friend of Draco’s, plump, good natured Lavender; he was looking at Draco in the way that suggested bed rather than breakfast, and he was weak at the knees... But Draco was used to men falling in love with him at a moment's notice - it happened all the time if you were as rich and as stunning as he was.

An invitation to join Lavender and Michael for a cosy weekend on a Muggle canal barge came like a gift from the gods. How could he fail to hook Michael? But the other part of the foursome was whizz-kid business tycoon Harry Potter, a swarthy half-blood with all the tenderness of a Bludger...definitely not Draco's type! And one way and another, he certainly managed to thwart Draco’s plans...