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Our Hoard

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When Tony stepped aboard the quinjet after the showdown with Loki, the first thing he did was of course remove his helmet. Immediately the usual air filtration through his suit disappeared and he caught scent of…

Surprised and caught off guard, he snorted once and stopped breathing, feeling his blood begin to heat beneath his skin.

There was a sharp inhale in front of him, and his eyes darted up to meet the Captain’s. The blond’s normally blue eyes swirled golden with alertness and curiosity and just a bit of warning – something he was sure was reflected in his own. He felt the vibrations of a low growl coming from the Captain – not threatening, exactly, but searching and evaluating. It was at a register too low for the other humans in the quinjet to notice…but there was an alien on board as well, and his green eyes watched them with amusement.

Tony distantly noted this, keeping eye contact with the Captain in challenge and not backing down one iota. A thin, almost nonexistent trail of steam blew out his nostrils as he began to breathe again now that he’d identified what had alerted him. His own chest rumbled with vibrations, and he curled his lip slightly in warning. As though the weather was helping him out, thunder boomed outside and lightning flashed in warning, lighting up the entire flying vehicle.

Finally, it was the Captain who backed down, and as soon as his eyes began to turn blue again, Tony followed, matching him breath for breath. They kept eye contact for long moments before the Captain looked at Loki and raised a single eyebrow at the fear and trepidation he saw there.

“What’s the matter?” he said, and his voice was normal, no hint that anything had just occurred between him and Tony. “Afraid of a little lightning?”


After the battle, and after shawarma, Tony invited all of them to come live with him. He couldn’t help it – instincts told him that these people were his, and he needed to keep them close. Rogers…well, he was like him, so he didn’t feel that tug so much, but it would’ve been awfully strange to invite everyone to live with him except American Anachronism. And he supposed that the guy wasn’t as bad as he’d expected. They’d actually worked really well in the battle, all previous animosity shoved aside in favor of defending their city and their world. So it really shouldn’t be too much of a hardship to invite the Adonis along with the rest of them.

And when he asked all of them along, Rogers looked at him with a raised eyebrow, as though asking, me too? – and Tony allowed his eyes to briefly flash with gold before going back to a neutral, more human expression. This was all the confirmation the man needed, and he smiled warmly, a little rumble echoing in his chest in appreciation.

It was just a bit too loud, though, because Bruce glanced over at them as though searching for the source of the noise, looking a bit confused, and the blond’s rumbling immediately cut off when he noticed. Tony smirked a bit to himself at that. The rest of the Avengers would find out about the dragons in their midst eventually. It would be fun to keep it a secret as long as he could, though.