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Black haze traveled in packs invading the clear blue day sky in winter. 


blue flames had been extinguished as soon as the rep of the class alarmed and evacuated the 1-A height alliance. 


Reporters and media jumped at UA’s door like wildfire in a forest. Sirens were the only music to someone’s ears.


Todoroki just came back from a ‘hang out’ as his brother Natsuo called it at the shore. Being informed that his dorm room was invaded by one of the members of the league of villains and burnt his balcony as a distraction.


gasping. He ran ignoring every pro hero’s attempt in stopping him from penetrating the already evacuated building.


Here in front of what he used to call his room. a complete utter mess of smoke and ash.


His fine wooden furniture had ashes covered on it but none of them seemed purposefully burned. His bureau was a mess with his clothes littered everywhere in an attempt the villain made in hunting for the targeted item.


He ran his left hand on the once olive green tatami floor. The ashes were warm but not hot. An implication that the villain left a long time ago before the arrival of the emergency.


He pressed his hand hard on the floor and it snapped open. A safe hide place for his most valued and important things. containing nothing more than just papers of some specific student documents and pictures taken as evidence, a laptop, and a hard disk filled with suspects voice records.


Closing the safe back. He stood up and leisurely walked towards the door of his room finding no importance in looking at the burned to ash balcony door of his.


"Where do you think you're going?" A husky voice stopped the boy in his tracks as a black-haired man stood in front of the door. Knowing he’s the reason why no one came after him to drag him out.


"Leaving." As if the man wasn’t able to state the obvious himself. todoroki knows he shouldn’t play his games with this man.


Aizawa welcomed himself in and closed the door behind him. crinkling his nose from the smoke that's trapped in the room which didn’t bother todoroki in the slightest.


"Your not," Aizawa demanded while looking at the room he used to come to after curfew.  


Aizawa made his way around the room as if it was a park rather than a crime scene. It is stupid to think a class b villain would jump in at a hero in training’s room with no reason. 


If there is a reason.


It’s rather clenching and tugging at Aizawa's chest from not knowing it and guessing.


"Do you know who is the villain?" The uncertainty in asking the question was overwhelmed by the burning feeling in his chest.


"I'm guessing the league of villains." As if that wasn’t obvious too.


Still standing at the closed door. Todoroki kept eyeing his professor walking in what used to be his room unbothered.


"Do you know who exactly?" The longer the teen took to answer his doubt the hotter it burned inside of him. 


"Dabi. Probably with someone else accompanying him." The immature is noticing the flames behind the former one’s eyes. But doesn’t bother to address it.


It’s rare to see him contain ferocity or distress in most situations. But this isn’t any of these two. It’s different, rare to see him feel it.


It’s possessiveness.


"Is something bothering you, Aizawa-sensei?" a sadistic feeling blossomed within him that his face was able to conceal it but his deep voice unable to.


aizawa is starting to get irritated from the toxic air around him and the suffocating feeling building up in his throat.


Knowing its useless to conceal his feelings any longer no matter how childish it was. Aizawa pinned the teen on the door with both of his hands on either side of the teen’s head.


The younger’s heart rate accelerated.


"What did they want from you?" The scruffy and tiered tone gave up into a gruff and rage-full tone.


"I don’t know." There was no genuine ambiguity in his question but rather still and eagerness.


Todoroki is savoring the torture in Aizawa's eyes that’s going through more than one emotional rollercoaster.


Envy, fury, suspense, possessiveness.


"You don’t?" The doubt was understandable since there's no way a villain, let alone the league of villains, crashing at his place and going through his things without him having something they want.


If they wanted him then they should have known he wasn’t in his room.


That leaves one thing.


They want something that todoroki has and he knows it.


The kid was always indecipherable. Less emotional display, always calm and collected.


No wonder how he caught Aizawa's attention.


The sounds of sirens grew. But one thing Aizawa was able to hear clearly even with the loud noises outside and the fact he’s on the fifth floor. Was the familiar sound of flames flickering.


endeavor is here. 


Though a small voice, like a whisper, brought his attention back to the shorter body in front of him.


"shouta…" Aizawa's breath hitched.


the look on the teen’s gorgeous face was a light in the darkness. The innocent look he wore made everything around him disappear. Making Aizawa focus on him and only him.


Aizawa was breathless to be able to reply to the boy between his arms. Which caused the silence to expand.


soon the innocent pouty lips turned into a devilish and sadistic smirk on the mismatched eyes holder and Spoke up in a deep and velvety voice. "Why does it bother you so much?"


Without having a second thought. The older captured the Younger’s lips with his.


Aizawa’s hands shifted from the door and wrapped itself around the other teen’s waist and held him close harassing him with his own body. Causing the teen to dump his arms around the man’s nape and one hand to graze on the deep scar underneath his right eye and intensifying the kiss.


Soon the innocent kiss turned into tongue sucking with Aizawa dominating todoroki.


After what felt like minutes they broke apart with only a string of saliva connecting them.


Aizawa took a moment to look at the panting, swollen lips on someone he fully knows people will kill to get their hands on. 


Couldn’t hold himself back. Aizawa leaned in and licked todoroki’s bottom parted lips and bite it. Which awarded him with a breathy moan from his prized student.


'you cheeky.'


the younger whined when the older let go of his bitten lips. "more!" todoroki grumbled.


"not until you tell me what they wanted from you. I know you know why they attacked your room." the wickedness in his voice hit like waves to todoroki.


he has known not to play his games with this man. aizawa was bound to know about him working on the UA's traitor case. he was bound to know that todoroki was busy with not just the school, or the remedial course, or training to learn the flashfire with endeavor, but also working on finding out who's the traitor.


if Aizawa knows about the suspected students. if Aizawa knows about the multiple voice records. if Aizawa knows he has the student personal information documents from the UA facility. he'll be more than busy with the already things he has.


he has know not to underestimate Aizawa.


he has known not to play his games with this man.