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You’re going to need a lot of strength, patience, and bravery to go through this. 


After his first fight with All for One, you were scared witless. None of the doctors would tell you anything. Not until after the surgeries at least. When they informed you how awful his injury was and what it would do to him you were in tears. 


Well, more tears than you already had been. 


The most terrifying thought was the fact that he might not pull through. It seemed impossible. He had defeated so many evils. So how could he die like this? When he pulls through the worst of it the doctor’s say you can take care of him. 


They discharge him into your care and you take him home. He’s a little disoriented and not all there when he first gets back. Partially because of the pain killers he’s on. You try to keep up a bright and sunny facade. Trying to keep a smile on your face as you act like everything’s okay. 


Otherwise you’d start crying and you really didn’t want to make him to worry. He was the one struggling to get better. Not you. When he finally starts coming back to coherency he’s anything but cheerful. He’s in constant pain. 


Half of the time he’s coughing up blood. The doctor’s had already told you that it would be normal. That the blood wouldn’t go away. That killed you. The fact that your hands were stained pink from changing his bandages and trying to help him when he had a coughing fit. 


The color never seemed to go away. 


Despite your calm optimism Toshinori would still get frustrated and even angry at times because he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t stand. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t move very much. He could barely breath on his own. 


When he started losing weight you tried not to panic. The doctor’s had told you countless times what was going to happen. You just couldn’t believe it really. Watching the love of your life starting to waste away while in agony, all the while irritated with himself for not being stronger.


It was definitely taking it’s toll on you. You were strong, yes. But even you needed to take a breath. You needed to go for a walk or even just to the grocery store without worrying. You needed help. 


There was only one person you could really think to call. Naomasa had picked up on the second ring. Upon hearing your quite pleading voice he agreed in an instant. Once Toshinori had fallen asleep you had made the switch. Naomasa gave you a tight hug, reassuring you you could get through this. 


That you needed to relax and he would take care of it all. Naomasa thought he was prepared when he walked i to your and Toshinori’s shared bedroom but he was dead wrong. He was astounded to say the least. Yes, he knew what had happened but the man he saw was not the one he had seen two months ago. 


He had lost quite a bit of weight. He was far more lean, bordering on the edge of gaunt. His blond hair pulled up into a haphazard bun. His cheekbones more pronounced than usual. He didn’t look at all like what he once was. 


No doubt it would only grow worse over the next few weeks. How you lasted for two months taking care of him on your own was astonishing. Naomasa sat in the love seat across from the bed. Most likely where you had placed it to watch over him. Toshinori jolted awake. 


The image of All for One’s hand buried in his side seared into his mind. The nightmare felt far to real. As if he were reliving the moment. His eyes snapped to where you should be. Key word being should. 


He froze for a second, heart skipping a beat when he saw someone else. It took him a second to realize it was Naomasa. However that did little to relieve his anxiety. The darks thoughts started swirling within seconds. 


Where were you? Why was he here? Had something happened to you? He’d only gone to sleep for a few minutes, right? Oh, heaven help him. 


Had someone taken you while he was resting? He’d never forgive himself if they did. 


“Where’s Y/n?” Toshinori rasped, struggling to push himself into an upright position. He didn’t care if he had a possibility of dying. If he needed to save you-

His thoughts were cut off as Naomasa spoke. 


“They went out for a bit. They’ll be back, don’t worry about it,” his friend replied quietly. The next hour was spent in mostly silence except for the occasional small talk. Toshinori couldn’t keep up a conversation for long with only one lung. Naomasa changed his bandage with the precision of a skilled medic. To which Toshinori had to question how he was so skilled. 


“Had a friend once. Another hero, took a rebar through her side defending me. Didn’t have anyone to look after her so i volunteered,” he shrugged. He finished wrapping the white gauze around his less muscular middle. Naomasa knew this injury was going to have repercussion on the man’s physical health. He could literally wrap his arms around Toshinori’s middle. Something he had never been able to do. 


“I’m going to be helping from now on. Y/n can’t keep this up on their own,” Naomasa frowned as he helped Toshinori into a fresh shirt.


“Yes, i know.”


The sound of the front door opening had both men turning. You strode in a second later. Looking worse for wear but unharmed none the less. You were beyond exhausted. Dark smudges under your eyes, slumped shoulders, hair messy. Toshinori felt a little guilty. 


He was the one putting you under such a strain. You shouldn’t have to take care of him. He should be strong enough to help. He felt pathetic. 


“Thank you, Naomasa,” you sighed setting the bags down as you made your way over to the bed. 


“I’ll put the groceries away. You two should talk,” the detective nodded. Leaving you alone with your husband. 



“No, i’m going to talk. You’re going to listen. Once i’m done then you can speak,” you said sternly. Toshinori felt what was left of his gut twisting into a knot. Were you going to leave him? Perhaps that was why Naomasa was here to help. He knew that it was hard to saty. 


He wouldn’t blame you if you left. There wasn’t much of the man you once loved left anyway. He looked as lean as Naomasa. And he knew he would be losing more weight. Not to mention his injury made his diet strange and came with problems. 


“We need to help each other more. We’ve been avoiding talking about things. Stresses, worries, things we could talk about normally before. But now we tip toe around our problems. I miss being able to talk to you,” you started, taking slow breaths to try and keep from crying. Toshinori felt his heart drop. So you were leaving him. 


“So i’m going to tell you straight out what’s weighing on me,” you whispered taking his hand into yours. Though they were thinner than they once were. They were still familiar. 


Large, and warm. Easily engulfing yours. Each tiny barely visible scar a memory. You ran your thumb over a particular one. A faint smile ghosting over your lips. 


When you first got engaged you had both attempted to cook dinner together. You had wound up accidentally stabbing him. You’d often joke about it even now. With that memory in mind you found the words spilling out. The bit of courage you needed to speak your mind. 


“I’m scared every second of every day that i’ll do something wrong and you won’t make it. It’s hard to keep a smile on my face and i know you say i don’t have to but i don’t know what else to do. But if you could do it for do many years why can’t i?” You blurted meeting Toshinori’s surprised gaze. You could feel the tears brimming in your eyes as you continued. 


“And every time you get upset with yourself or cry i can only hold you. I don’t know what to say to comfort you. I can’t even imagine what it feels like or what you’re going through. I feel helpless.”


Toshinori leaned forward carefully pulling you into a hug. You easily avoided his left side. Burying your face into his shoulder. 


“I know, love. I know,” he murmured placing a shaky kiss against the top of your head. 


“If we’re being honest, i guess it’s my turn to speak. You just being here helps. I was afraid you’d leave me. I look awful and i’ll only get worse.”


It actually felt..good to be talking about all the dark thoughts that had crept up on him. To be open like this once more. 


“Every time i wake up from a nightmare i’m scared a villain might have gotten you. I’m scared i won’t be strong enough to protect you. But most of all, i’m scared you’ll still give up on me. That you’ll realize i’m not worth it,” he murmured. You nuzzled closer to him. Voice muffled by his shoulder. 


“I’d never leave you. We’re strong enough to get through this. Besides, you don’t look that bad.”


“I don’t look bad? Maybe you need to get more rest,” he hummed. You tilted your head so you could speak clearly. One hand rubbing soothing circles against his back. 


“Well, you’re hairs a little crazy but i think it’s pretty cute up in a bun.”


“Cute? I’ll have to keep that in mind.”


“And don’t i look wonderful with my raccoon eyes?” You smiled looking up at him. Toshinori tried to laugh but was cut short with a pained groan. 


“Sorry!” You apologized pulling away from him. He shook his head steadying his breathing. 


“I’m alright, and sweetheart. You’re the most beautiful raccoon around.”


“I love you, Toshinori.”


“I love you too, Y/n.”