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KirbPhilia, The Chart...But Fanfic-ized

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 Welcome to my wonderful story introduction.

Now lets get some important information out of the way, shall we?

What exactly is this whole thing?

This is a fanfic I have started since last month mainly editing and tweaking between flash drives. I mainly started this because of 3 reasons;

  1. I loved this artist and I believe this is his ultimate work in my opinion. I love this image and everything about it it has my favorite franchise and contains something for everyone I want to show my appreciation for this artist, in the only way how since writing has been a hobby of mine I decided to try out a writing project.
  2. Most of the ideas for this came with the help of some denizens of a popular image-board. Mainly I consulted with them and they gave me albeit  harsh criticism and I of course took it and improved. I hopefully can proudly say this will make them very happy. Also the shit-posting potential for this is astronomical.
  3. I have an extreme interest in topic of philia and phobia and anything to do with it. This probably has sprung from when I was little and wanted to understand more on how the human mind attaches to something or fears something even if it something so minuscule or safe like heights[Acrophobia] or cold[Cryophobia] and how the complete opposite can happen, people can get obsessive and sexual attractions to the same thing. It's an interesting subject I have acquainted myself with.


What exactly is a Paraphilia?

I am glad I can explain! I have an intense love for this topic. Now don't get confused this story will be focused on the philia aspect. But to explain philia and phobia. I will give a little lesson on feel free to skip to get to the good stuff, I wouldn't put it past you ^^

Paraphilia:  A condition characterized as obsessive or sexual desire. A paraphilia can be based on an object,ideology, type or person etc. Paraphilias are usually gained from a multitude of things be it a traumatic experience or something as simply a causation of environmental factors like being around a certain type of media or people can cause a bases of philias. However I feel as though 'philia = fetish' can't be as used interchangeably as most people do, since as I said philia is something obsessive not something that can be picked up and dropped like a fetish can. Paraphilia uses words from the Greek as you may have guessed, which means Strange Love. Surprisingly Accurate.

Well that is all I have for now onto the next introduction. Which is basically a list.