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Old Sponge

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“I’ve created a monster.”

Connor frowned. “What?”

Hank gave him a horrified look. “You’ve been binge-watching Spongebob Squarepants for thirty-six hours! Have you even slept?”

Connor cocked his head. “Androids don’t require sleep, Hank. I power-down on occasion to conserve energy, but it’s not necessary the way sleep is to a human.”

Hank rolled his eyes, coming to lean against the back of the couch. “Aren’t you even done yet?”

“The episodes and movies total to over 150 hours,” Connor remarked calmly, turning back to the TV and watching as Patrick tried to help Spongebob out of a laundry-wringer. “I’m only about halfway through, give or take.”

Hank made a face. “You’re watching the post-movie episodes? Christ, Connor.”

Connor turned, and proceeded to give Hank the shadiest look an android had ever given a human. “So you admit you watch it.”

Watched it. The good ones.”

“Alright, Hank. Whatever you say.”