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Title: The CFO and the Technologist
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Criminal Minds
Category: M/M
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Jackson Grimes (OC)
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jackson Grimes (OC), Victor Marks (OC), Thomas Wilkes (OC), Jake Durham (OC)
Tags: Alternate Universe, Past Child Abuse,
Summary: Aaron Hotchner met Spencer Reid once when he was a near teenager. He never thought about him again until years later when he saw him at a work function. Spencer had turned into a very beautiful and kind man. Aaron just couldn't get him out of his head.

April 1, 1986

Aaron Hotchner looked around the bar that he was in. While it wasn't one of the best bars in the area, the bartender was very lax at checking IDs especially when it was packed like it was in there. Aaron was under a year away from being the legal drinking age, so he wasn't that worried about the beer that he was drinking. It wasn't like he couldn't get someone to get him some to take back to his apartment just off campus.

Looking at the cheering people, Aaron tried to understand exactly what was going on. It seemed like a birthday party, but that was a little strange, even for a bar that mostly catered to Stanford students. This place was a little too pricey for someone to be buying drinks for large masses and not cheap enough to get a lot of students who would stay a long time for drinks at that price.

A new glass of beer was set down in front of Aaron, and the single waitress that was working to run food and drinks, not to the party going on gave him a wink and nodded her head to the corner. Aaron looked over and saw three ladies and a man. Aaron wasn't sure that man was the right term. Young man, maybe even a teenager. He was pretty as hell, and that was something that every day got a little less freaky to Aaron. Aaron had always thought that he was straight but after the death of his father nearly six years before he had learned that he was just too scared to actually be anything other than straight. Still, Aaron had been with Haley at that point, and Aaron had never looked at anyone but her. She didn't like it when Aaron even glanced at a woman much less give an appreciation of their form. Aaron didn't exactly miss her, but he missed being around someone. Haley had stayed home in Virginia while Aaron had planned on going to law school there, he had got accepted to Stanford as well, which he had not thought was possible and it was just too good of an offer to pass up. Haley had stayed and thought that her demanding that he stay or they were over would actually make him stop and not go. Aaron had loved her at that point, but after getting distance, thinking that he would go home over the summer after the first year and try and make-up, Aaron had seen her for what she was. She was a gold digger who wanted the Hotchner name to help her get the things that she wanted, as well as Aaron's money, and she didn't want anything else.

Aaron raised up the glass and toasted the ladies because while it wasn't exactly the most uptight area, Aaron really didn't think the young man had ordered the drink for him. Aaron found that it was the one beer left on tap that he had not tried yet. Aaron really liked it. He liked it best of all. Aaron got distracted by his food and dug into the chicken fingers and fries. While Aaron liked the beer at the bar, as well as a few of the other things that he had tried as far as drinks went, he wasn't precisely as trusting on the kitchen and figured that deep fried was the best way to go. The chicken tenders and fries were great. While the chicken was frozen, the breading was nice and spicy, and the fries were at least fresh and hand cut.

Someone sat down across from him. Aaron looked up at the person to see that it was the young man.

"You know I would have sworn that I meet everyone who comes here but I've tried to wrack my brain and I just can't place you."

"I don't come here often at all. I've only been at Stanford for two years."

"Same here. Though given that very nice accent, you came from a lot longer distance than I did. Virginia?"

"Yes. You are good, but you are from around there as well."

"Arlington." The man leaned across the table. "Jackson Grimes."

"Aaron Hotchner." Aaron held out his hand and shook Jackson's. "So what is going on here?"

"It's my birthday, and I wanted to throw a party to make some people happy. I don't really celebrate my birthday and haven't since I turned thirteen. Still, I have an image to maintain, so I do it to have fun."

"Eighteen huh? And still, you can buy a beer?" Aaron raised up his glass to Jackson.

"I don't drink, and he thinks you are old enough. The bartender is more than willing to help me land a lover for the night."

"A lover for the night and you pick me?" Aaron asked. He looked at the beer and then at Jackson. He downed the beer and set the glass down. "So why did you pick me?"

"Because I think besides myself you are the best-looking male in here."

"And you like males?" Aaron asked. He looked at everyone else in the bar. No one was looking at them at all. No one was paying attention to them at all. Aaron swallowed as he waited for Jackson to answer.

"I do. I saw you checking me out more than the ladies I was with but if this is...I do well with men who are in the closet."

"It's not that. I don't think that I want to be in the closet. I just...have never done anything like this before. Up until coming to college here, I had a girlfriend because it was what I was supposed to do, but I am not sure if I am bisexual, gay, straight or something else. You are pretty, and I know that you know it and I'm interested."

"You know if it weren't for the fact that I'm insanely turned on by you, I would probably turn you down. So let's go back to your place because I live in a dorm where I am watched by the RA closely because in his eyes I am a fragile genius who needs a babysitter. I ducked him to come out tonight, or this wouldn't be happening."


"Never been tested, don't want to be tested. I know I am smart and that is all that matters. You do have a place, yes?" Jackson asked as he stood up.

"Yes, I have a place. I have a place all to myself. The apartment that I rent. I refuse to stay in dorms when I am working on my law degree."

"Not pre-law?" Jackson asked.

Aaron smirked and shook his head. He dropped a little money on the table for a tip to the waitress and then looked back up at Jackson. "No. I've already finished that back home. I'm here for my criminal law degree so I can become a prosecutor."

"Really? I'm working on a law degree as well. I did my pre-law while getting my masters of business administration and a bachelor of information technology."

Aaron looked at Jackson, trying to figure out if the man was lying, but he did not seem to be.

"My apartment is walking distance," Aaron said with a smile on his face. Jackson smiled back.

There was idle chit chat on the way to Aaron's apartment. Aaron tried not to think about what was going to happen when they got to his place but he couldn't. The night was warm, almost too warm for Aaron's liking. He still wasn't used to the whole not a lot of change in seasons as far as weather went, but he enjoyed not having to bundle up a great deal. Especially when we went on his runs before class in the mornings.

Aaron unlocked his door and toed off his shoes as soon as he got inside. He lined them up on the mat that was just inside the door. Jackson was taking his off without Aaron even having to say a word.

"Not much here but a single bedroom and it shared a bathroom with the rest of the place. I liked that so if I had friends over they don't have to go through my bedroom to get to the bathroom. It's actually the main reason that I bought the place to rent."

"So you have money." Jackson was looking around the apartment with a careful eye.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you have a nice place filled with nice things and while I didn't recognize you I know the name of Hotchner. I remember when your father died a few years back. I can't remember your mother's name, but then I didn't rub elbows with that side of society that much after my mother died."

Aaron looked at Jackson, and for a few seconds, Aaron was worried that this was some big thing to get his trust taken from him by his mother, but even if she tried it, there was nothing she could do to touch his money. It would go to his child if he ever had one or Sean's first born if Aaron did not have any kids by the time that he died. Aaron's grandfather had made sure that Aaron's trust was ironclad and that no one could touch it. There wasn't a moral clause to the trust, but a case could be made on it. Aaron looked at Jackson though, and he saw someone who was honest, sometimes too honest probably. Aaron didn't trust easily at all. He had spent too many years being abused, and trust was a very rare and limited commodity.

"I don't think I remember the name Grimes."

"You wouldn't but the sacrifice that my father made, dying in combat as a Seal elevated mother and me up in Virginian society. We usually only had to do things around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July. There was one huge cookout that your father held a few years before he died. I was at that cookout, but you were elsewhere they said. Your father never said where."

Aaron remembered that well. He had spent the summer getting over the broken arm his father had given him. He had talked back, and his father was too drunk to hit him, so Aaron had left. He hadn't heard his father coming up behind him and shoving him down the stairs. Aaron had been stuck in his bedroom for the two days leading up to the cookout in the backyard and another two after for a total of five days. The extra days had been cleaning before and after as well as setting up and tearing down. Aaron hadn't been allowed out of the house until the bruises were gone as there was one on his face that couldn't be mistaken for anything except what it was, where his father had slapped him in the face.

"Hey," Jackson said as he stepped up to him. Jackson's hand settled on Aaron's cheek, and Aaron didn't want to talk. He didn't want to reveal anything about where he was then, or ever really. Aaron looked behind Jackson, and he smiled to himself as there was nothing behind him except for the empty stretch of the wall that wasn't separating Aaron's apartment from anything. Aaron used that patch of wall to bounce a tennis ball off of it when he thinking on papers and such for his classes. Since there was nothing but open air on the other side, Aaron could do it without bothering anyone. The floors in the apartment were actually thick enough that walking and other things didn't carry that way. Aaron had paid good money to get his apartment, and he was pleased with it.

Aaron reached out and laid his hand over the upper area of Jackson's ribs. He pushed, directing Jackson back into the wall. Jackson reached up and grabbed the back of Aaron's neck before pulling him close enough to kiss. Jackson rubbed his lips over Aaron's before he pulled back and they just stayed like that breathing on each other.

"Until you tell me to stop, or to slow down at all, Aaron, I'm not going to. I've looked at you all night as you watched my party going on, as you watched everyone and found them lacking in some way but when you looked at me, you didn't. So, Aaron Hotchner how about you show me your bedroom?"

"Yes," Aaron said. He used the hand on Jackson's chest to pull him by the neck into the bedroom. Aaron smiled as he thought about the fact that he had actually cleaned in his bedroom last night. Not that it was actually dirty or anything like that but his laundry had been washed and put up, and his bedclothes changed. Aaron had even emptied the trash. Aaron didn't stop walking until he felt the bed at his knees and then he just sat down. Jackson was grinning at him from where he was still standing. Jackson reached up and threaded both hands through Aaron's short hair, scratching a little as he did. Aaron moaned at that sensation.

"Are you like a cat?" Jackson asked. He tightened one of his hands in what little of Aaron's hair there was and tipped it his head back to where he could give Aaron a full and proper kiss. Aaron didn't pay attention to anything but that mouth on his. Aaron felt no need to try and control the kiss. He felt no need to try and do anything but take what was given to him. The clink of a belt said that Jackson was taking his pants off, but that thought did not scare Aaron at all.

Jackson tore his mouth away from Aaron and grabbed the hem of Aaron's shirt to pull it up over his head. Jackson still had his shirt on, but his pants were gone. They were opposites.

"I've been imaging this since I saw you walk into the bar," Jackson said.

"Yeah?" Aaron asked. He scooted back on the bed just a little. He reached out and grabbed Jackson's hips and pulled him into where he was straddling Aaron's lap. Aaron sought out Jackson's mouth again, taking a little control of the kiss at first before letting Jackson take it over again. Jackson was damned good at kissing.

A while later, Jackson broke the kiss again, Aaron had no clue how much time had passed it felt like a lifetime as well as just a few seconds. Jackson pushed on Aaron's chest until he laid down. Jackson scooted down to work on getting Aaron out of his jeans. He curled his fingers in Aaron's underwear as well as his jeans and gave a wicked chuckle when Aaron's cock bobbed free, standing erect and very okay with what was happening. Jackson licked at the slit before placing a kiss on the head. That made Aaron thrust up a little. Jackson didn't pay any more attention to Aaron's cock though. Instead, he just slid down the bed before getting off of it entirely. Aaron braced himself up on his arms to watch as Jackson picked up the clothes that were thrown at the bottom of the bed and dropped them onto the chair across the room before he took off his shirt and dropped it there as well. They were both naked now. Aaron could see Jackson's cock, it was long and lean, just like Jackson. Aaron watched as Jackson walked back to the bed but not to the end but to the side where Aaron's night table was. He opened the drawer and found lube and condoms. Aaron had them on hand in case Haley had made a visit but had just never got rid of them after he basically got her letter telling him they were over.

Jackson tossed the lube down beside Aaron and looked at the condoms before putting them back. Aaron opened his mouth but shut it when Jackson looked at him. "As much fun as penetration would be tonight, I think I want to save that for another time. To give me a reason to come back, to give you a reason to want me to come back." Jackson crawled back onto the bed and over top of Aaron, straddling his waist and looking down at him. Jackson slowly leaned down to kiss him again. Aaron realized in that instant that Jackson was probably kissing him more than was normal because he was using it to allow Aaron to get used to things.

Aaron gripped Jackson's waist and used that to rub their cocks together. It felt damned good, almost too good as he felt himself getting so very close to orgasm. Just as Aaron was about to tip over, Jackson stopped letting Aaron move them. He sat up, breaking the kiss, and looked at Aaron rather smug.

"Yeah, you are a cat. You just want to be rubbed and scratched and cuddled. I think, Aaron Hotchner, that I am going to keep you." Jackson trailed his hand up Aaron's body, scratching lightly in a few places before grabbing Aaron's chin and holding him in place as he kissed him. Their cocks were not touching, and no matter what Aaron did, how he moved, he couldn't get them to touch.

"Jackson," Aaron breathed.

"Okay, I see you are desperate. I'll have to save the long and drawn out for later." Jackson grabbed the lube and slicked up his hand before he spread that on Aaron's cock. He repeated the motion with his own and then wiped his hand on the bed sheet beside them. "You have more right?"

"Yes, whole closet full."

"Those are not words that you want to tell me. I'll make it a goal to get them all dirty." Jackson was leering as he spoke.

"You like challenges huh?" Aaron asked.

"Yes." Jackson reached down to grab Aaron's hands. Aaron frowned a little, but when Jackson just raised them up to link their fingers before leaning back over, Aaron gasped. Jackson was holding him down, pressing his hands into the bed. When he was all the way down, Aaron could feel their cocks lined up again.

Aaron let his body adjust to the feelings, to the movement of Jackson before he started to get into a matching rhythm with him. Aaron remembered fumbling in in the car with Haley while he was home from Hargrave Military Academy during the summer. Raising his head, Aaron tried to catch Jackson's lips. Jackson changed positions a little bit so that they could kiss without one of them getting a crick in their neck and Aaron's world whited out a little bit. He barely stopped himself from orgasm but fuck the feel of Jackson's cock pressing on his and sliding like that was the best fucking thing in the world.

"You like that do you?" Jackson asked, his voice a little raspy sounding. He didn't allow Aaron to answer but instead just leaned down and pressed his lips in again to Aaron's, his tongue working its way inside next. Aaron's whole body felt alive, and it was a wonderful feeling. The feel of the sheets on his skin, the feel of the hair on Jackson's thighs against the outside of Aaron's. Everything just felt alive in a way that Aaron had never felt before. If this was sex with Jackson and they weren't doing more than fumbling teenagers did in cars, Aaron wasn't sure that he was going to survive anything more than this.

Aaron couldn't help it when he came, his whole body went rigid, and he threw his head back and barely bit back the scream. He felt his release coat his groin and then just seconds later more. Aaron forced his head down to look at Jackson, his face contorted in bliss as he came right after Aaron. Aaron let go of where he had a hold of Jackson and pulled him down to where he was laying down on him. A squelching noise was heard, and Aaron could feel their combined release spreading, but he didn't care. He would have to change the sheets anyway. He was just glad that he had been only sleeping with a sheet and not putting anything more substantial on the bed or he would have to change that instead.

"I'm staying the night," Jackson said.


"Possibly longer, possibly forever," Jackson said, and he yawned his jaw cracking as he did. He shoved up off the bed and walked to the bathroom. Aaron just watched him through the door as he cleaned himself up before throwing a wet rag at Aaron. Aaron grabbed it out of the air and wiped himself off as he walked into the bathroom.

"Who said you get to stay?"

"You did the moment you invited me back. You are too much a gentleman to kick anyone out." Jackson looked at Aaron in the mirror after he splashed his face with water. He grinned at Aaron before shutting off the water and turning around. "Am I wrong?"

"I don't want a relationship. I'm still too messed up from Haley not coming with me out here to Stanford and marrying me like I wanted."

"I spend too much time on my computer and way too much time in a lab at Stanford for me to even think that I would be good for a relationship like that. I'm okay with sex whenever we are up for it. I'll spend a lot of time teaching you everything that is wonderful and filthy about male sex."

Aaron looked at Jackson trying to understand this man who was just eighteen that day but seemed to have grown up very different than Aaron. Aaron had figured that he was too serious for his age, given the shenanigans that his fellow students got up to.

"What do you say?" Jackson asked as he sat down on the bathroom counter and pulled Aaron close. Aaron stepped between Jackson's spread legs and allowed himself to be moved how Jackson wanted. Aaron figured that if he said yes he was going to spend a lot of time doing things how Jackson wanted, but Jackson didn't seem like an asshole. Well, not an asshole just to be one. Aaron hadn't felt drawn to anyone like he was Jackson, not even Haley and that said something because Aaron thought he was in love with Haley from the moment that he saw her rehearsing a play for a local theater when Aaron had been going around getting donations for one of his mother's charities.

"What sort of benefits are we looking at here? I mean you said you already spend too much time somewhere that wouldn't be where I am." Aaron knew that he was going to say yes. He also knew that Jackson was liking this. There was mirth in Jackson's eyes, and it was kind of beautiful. Aaron knew his type in women, but it seemed in men it was pretty and smart. Which fit Jackson to a T.

"Sex whenever I am around. I mean we are both young and fit. We could conceivably fuck several times a day. SO think about that."

Aaron looked at Jackson, making him wait for his answer but the grin on Jackson's face told Aaron that Jackson knew that he was going to say yes.


"Good. Now I'm tired." Jackson yawned his jaw popping again. He looked at the watch on his wrist. "I've not slept in over forty-eight hours."

"What?" Aaron demanded. He stepped back and pulled Jackson out of the bathroom. He made Jackson wait while he changed the bedding, but then he pushed Jackson down onto the bed. Aaron had never slept in a small bed. After he had gone from a crib, he had been put into his real room which had a king sized bed inside of it, for appearances. So Aaron had bought one when he moved into his apartment. Given that both him and Jackson were not exactly small, Aaron was glad of it. Aaron got in on the other side of the bed after turning off the overhead light. Aaron scooted to the center but backed away because he wasn't sure what Jackson wanted. Jackson seemed already half asleep. He grabbed Aaron though and tugged on him. Aaron went willingly until Jackson could throw a leg over his and then cuddle into his side with his head on Aaron's chest. Aaron pulled the sheet up after finally getting a hold of it.

Jackson was fully asleep in seconds. If it wasn't for the fact that Aaron knew after a few days of studying hard, he did the same thing he would be offended. Though that was going to be the beauty of having someone like Jackson as a lover. They would never have the issue of having to be something they were not. Aaron had a long few years of getting to make a name for himself in the world of law.

Aaron thought about Jackson and why he was getting the degrees that he was. The only thing that Aaron could think of was he was going to go into business for himself. He seemed smart as fuck and Aaron could see him trying to run the whole damned business himself. Aaron had gone into the world thinking that he wanted to show up his father by being a better lawyer than him, even if his father was dead. Aaron thought about maybe changing that. He would talk to Jackson the next day and think. It wouldn't take long for Aaron to make up his mind. Being around Jackson more wasn't going to be a hardship, and if it was money, more than it seemed Jackson had, Aaron had a good bit that he could put into it. The money he had been given by his father's will had just been shoved into a bank to sit. It wasn't doing any good there, and at least if he did give to Jackson, it could end up making him a lot of money one day.


Aaron rolled over in bed and found that Jackson was not in it anymore. He listened to the sounds of the apartment but found that there was nothing. Aaron looked at the end of his bed and found that there were clothes laid out. Clothes that looked like it involved leaving the apartment. Aaron frowned at that. He had hoped to talk Jackson into staying in bed for a little while. Aaron didn't have a class until the afternoon. Aaron looked at the clock at the bedside and found that it wasn't even seven in the morning yet. Aaron grabbed the clothes as he rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. He found that Jackson had showered and had taken care of his things.

The shower that Aaron took was quick. He dressed in the clothes that Jackson had picked out for him and exited the bedroom. He found Jackson sitting on the only counter space in the small kitchen which was basically an island. There was a small stretch of counter on either side of the sink, but Aaron used that for clean and dirty dishes. Aaron didn't get too close to Jackson. The young man was writing on one of Aaron's yellow legal paper pads. It looked like he had written a good bit already. Aaron counted at least three pieces of paper flipped over. There was a cup of coffee sitting beside him, and he was intent on his writing. Aaron walked around to get himself a cup of coffee. It was the last, so Aaron started another pot. He checked Jackson's mug to find it empty, so he picked it up. He tipped it up to get a drop into his mouth and found that it had a little bit of sugar and a little bit of cream.

Aaron made Jackson the first cup of the new batch before setting it down beside him. Jackson didn't act like he knew that Aaron was there, but once the smell of coffee got through the whole room, he reached for the cup. He took a sip and jerked a little. It wasn't enough to splash the coffee, but he did look up at Aaron.

"My last cup was rather cold when I drank it, so I was braced for cold coffee."

"Well, I made you more. How long have you been up?" Aaron asked as he took the pad from Jackson. The man didn't fight him. Aaron didn't understand a single word on it. It must be some form of computer language or code.

Jackson looked down at his wrist and frowned. "Three hours. I woke up with a thought about a new program I've been working on, and I needed to get it down. So I grabbed a few of your notepads." Jackson pointed with the pen at the stack that Aaron kept on the edge of his desk and Aaron saw that in the middle of the desk was one that was full of the same kind of code that Jackson had written in the one with. "It's not as elegant at typing it up on my computer, but it will have to do until I can get mine set up again."

"Set up again? Where is it?" Aaron asked.

"Oh, no. It's at my dorm, but I mean here. I like it here. I like your bed, I like how quiet it is here. I like that it's not the dorms. I like that your one neighbor flirted with me. She's sixty if a day, and it's kind of adorable. She let me borrow some cream because you are out."

Aaron looked at Jackson because he was just in a pair of Aaron's boxer briefs. If he went out like that, it was no wonder that Eileen had flirted with him. She had done the same to him one day after he had moved in and he had gone down in his boxers to get his mail.

"And really it's not like there isn't space. This place might be a one bedroom, but it was made for a couple. I have a bigger desk than yours but it will fit both of our things and we can both work at it. I don't make messes, I don't like nosy neighbors, and I like sex. Sex is going to happen more if I live here. I can pay rent. I just really want out of the dorms. To be mobile, I have to write code like this, but if my computer is here, that means other than classes I don't have to go anywhere."

"You mean it." Aaron wasn't sure what to think. He knew that he was all for it, but he wasn't exactly sure that it was a sane thing to do. "How long is it going to take to move you in?"

"Oh, I already have a few other kids moving most of my stuff here right now. Pay in beer or at least money for beer and they will do anything. I will have to go and pack up my computer and move it here. I don't trust them to do it. I thought that we could do over and do that when you woke up. I don't have any classes today, so I can get things settled. I understand the flow of things you have, but tonight you can tell me what I fucked up on and help me change it the way you like. If I hate it, we will work on a compromise."

Aaron wasn't sure that was how one was really supposed to move, but as long as he didn't have to do a lot of it, he didn't care.

"What about your dorm room?"

"The college can really only keep me there until I turned eighteen. I told them I would be moving out. My mom and dad's family lawyer wanted a little control over me and in all intents and purposes made the college my guardians, which means my adviser would talk to me and we would decide on things. Caltech and now Stanford didn't want anything happening to their genius so they made sure they could at least keep me where they could watch me until I was eighteen."

"Caltech is where you went before? Why not stay there?"

"They didn't have a good law program, and I want to run my business. I don't want someone else trying to take advantage of me because of what law I do and don't know. So I'm gonna at least get some kind of law degree to navigate the business world. So here I am."

"I see." Aaron kept his words about the thoughts had he had the night before to himself. He really needed to go through the pros and cons as well as what kind of make-up work he would have to do to switch from a criminal law degree to something for the business world. Aaron had the time though.

Jackson was a hard taskmaster to the other college kids who helped them get Jackson's stuff from his dorm. Though they were quick, Jackson's RA still found him and showed displeasure at Jackson moving out. Though Aaron had to leave before Jackson had got his computer unboxed much less set up. Aaron spent the afternoon in classes and stopped at the library to pick up the things that he needed for his papers he needed to work on the next day. He had one morning class, and that was it. He usually spent all day working on anything that needed to be done. Though nothing was on an ASAP thing so he might talk Jackson into doing something.

Aaron heard soft music playing over a radio that he knew that he didn't have. While is records were all safe, his record player had been smashed by Haley when she had been upset at him for accepting a position at Stanford Law School. All of his things like that were in a climate controlled storage facility in DC. The family lawyer checked on it at least monthly when he dropped off the check to pay for it. Aaron unlocked the door, a set of keys for Jackson were in his pocket to give to him. Aaron had given Jackson his spare.

"Your landlord stopped by today to leave you a note about a water shut off happening Friday. I asked him about paperwork to add me to the apartment, and he said he would drop it off tomorrow." Jackson was sitting on the island again, but this time he had a notepad in front of him and a salad balanced where his legs crossed. "I cooked chicken for a salad. I have the chicken separate, so you can add as much as you want. I also bout the makings for a salad. I saw you had a little dressing left, so I hope it's the kind you like because it's what I bought more of for you."

"Yes, I like Italian. You didn't have to do any of that."

"I wanted a salad, I got things for it. I wasn't going to get it and not get enough for you. It's just as easy to cook two chicken breasts as it is one. You have good cookware. I gave mine away to a couple moving in two floors up. I hate my cookware. It's supposed to be good, but I just don't like it."

"How much coffee have you had?" Aaron asked. He walked over to his canister and found that it was replaced as well with a better version. Aaron could drink anything, so he didn't see the sense in paying for something more expensive when the other did just as well. Aaron opened it up and smelled it. He had to admit that it smelled damned good. He looked at the coffee pot and saw that there were at least two cups left.

"I have not drunk too much coffee. I think that I have coffee in my veins instead of blood. I finally cracked a code on something, and that means that I have what I need to get my company up off the ground and really get it rolling. So really I'm just excited about life." Jackson crooked a finger, so Aaron set down the coffee and walked over to him. Jackson grabbed Aaron's shirt and pulled him in for a quick kiss. "I really wanted to do that when I cracked it, but you weren't here. I realized that when I called your name for the third time, and you didn't make a noise. I need to keep better track of you."

Aaron laughed and leaned in for another kiss before his stomach growled. The sandwich he had grabbed in the cafeteria that the school had did not last long, and he had been hungry for an hour. Aaron turned to start to grab the makings of a salad. Aaron threw his salad together with the dressing and turned back around and settled in at the island. He had bought only a single chair for it when he had moved in. He didn't want four getting underfoot, but now that Jackson was here he would need at least one more, possibly more. Jackson seemed like he liked having people around. Though that could just be in social settings. Jackson scooted back on the island enough to where Aaron wasn't crowded.

The computer was sitting on the desk right where Jackson had said he was going to set up the new desk. Aaron wasn't sure what happened to his desk, but as it was something he bought when he moved to town instead of shipping his other, he didn't care too much.

"You know I was afraid that with a bigger desk it would look too full, but it doesn't does it?" Aaron leaned back, pulling the bowl to rest on his stomach. He was worn out, but he thought that had something to do with the fact that his normal routine had been turned on end and he hadn't got his run in like he normally did. It was strange how not doing that made him feel tired. Aaron looked around his apartment a lot closer, seeing where Jackson had put things. Aaron had no pictures of his mother or his father, but he had one of Sean upon the sort of mantle that was over where a fireplace used to be. It had been removed from the building it seemed. Jackson had added a few pictures of a man and a woman. The man was in a Seal uniform while the lady was always in a dress. There was a picture that obviously their wedding day and then one of them with the woman pregnant. The next had who Aaron assumed to be Jackson just after he was born. The next didn't have the man in it, and none of the ones after that did either. Aaron knew that there were loving families out there. Aaron had seen Haley's family up close and personal. Aaron could have hated her for the perfect family that she had, but instead, he just wanted it for her all that much more. Aaron knew the darkness that lived inside of humans, and he hoped that it touched as few people as possible.

"Is that your brother?" Jackson asked pointing his fork at the picture of Sean.

"Yes. He wants to be a lawyer as well to one day. I guess you could call it a family calling," Aaron said. He stabbed at a bit of lettuce a little harder than he meant and snagged a lot more than could fit in his mouth. He bit half of it off the fork before starting to chew.

"He a good kid?"

Aaron shrugged his shoulders. Aaron didn't think he was a good kid, he was a spoiled rotten child, but that didn't mean a lot because he was just that a kid. He would grow up and actually grow up or he wouldn't. Aaron wasn't sure which way that was going to go. He didn't really care that much on how it went either. Sean had been there the day that their father had shoved Aaron down the steps. While Aaron didn't think that Sean needed to run up and try and stop his father, that would only turn that hatred onto him as well, but Sean never tried to help Aaron either. Sean saw it as a reason for him to ignore and belittle Aaron too. Though Aaron's grades were better and he had got good scholarships to schools, Sean was the more lauded when it came to education.

"Sorry," Jackson said.

"No. It's me. I've been thinking about things more and more with my family, and it's just...None of it good and one day I'll sit down and explain it all but today isn't that day."

Jackson just smiled at Aaron, and they ate the rest of the meal in silence.


"We need to talk," Aaron said as he entered their apartment. Jackson was on the couch reading a book. He closed the book at looked at Aaron with a look of apprehension on his face. Aaron had meant to talk to him the night before, but Jackson had been working at his computer and Aaron hadn't had the heart to interrupt him. Instead, Aaron had watched some TV before going to bed. Jackson had not woke him whenever he finally went to bed.

"Sure," Jackson said.

"I brought breakfast, and I'll shower after we eat and talk."

"A meal and a talk? That doesn't sound good."

"Well, I guess that depends." Aaron set the bag of food down. It was breakfast burritos from a dive of a place that Aaron had found during his morning runs when he had first moved to California. The food was greasy and kind of perfect for anything. Aaron handed over the first burrito to Jackson and set down the container of salsa to go with it. The salsa was made at the place as well as the tortillas.

"You spent more time at the school yesterday than you normally do," Jackson pointed out as he unwrapped his burrito. He eyed it before taking a bite.

Aaron didn't answer at first. Instead, he picked up a spoon that was in the dish drainer and popped the lid on the salsa to stick the spoon in it. Usually, he wouldn't mind them just dipping the burrito in it, but he had bought enough salsa to stick it in the fridge for lunch. Jackson dolloped some of the salsa on his next bite and the grin on his face told Aaron all that he needed to know.

"So what's up?" Jackson asked after he chewed and swallowed his second bite.

"I changed major's for my law degree and added a few things to minor in for the time."

"Yeah?" Jackson asked.

"Business, financial, and patent and copyright law."

"Why?" Jackson asked. His face looked a little happier though. He looked a little less like he was afraid that Aaron was going to kick him out of the apartment.

"Because hearing you over the past few days talk about what you want to do with your business has made me want to be a part of that. I have enough money to put up half of what you need to get started, Jackson. Everything fifty-fifty. You can go back to Caltech or to MIT or to wherever you want to go next, and I'll stay here and learn everything that I need to become the law half of the company. I'll even schmooze and such with other prospective backers for later. I'll learn anything that you need me to so that Grime Tech Industries can become a powerhouse in the technology age that we both know is coming."

Jackson was just staring at Aaron, his food half chewed and his mouth slack. Aaron reached over and pushed his mouth closed.

"You'll drop your food out of your mouth and then that would be a perfectly horrible waste of good food."

"You are serious?"

"I am. My family lawyer is back home in Virginia but he can practice here as well, and he's agreed to come out and help with the contracts between us when it's time."

"For now until we get a good team in place I'll need you to handle the finances as well, bank accounts, and everything else."

"Sure. I have a handle on that because of my trust fund and inheritance from family. I have a good person I trust to help us with that here in California."

"I have a few schools I want to go to, but they are on the other side of the country. Cambridge and Pittsburgh. I was just going to hold off on them. They have offered good placements before. I have one year left at Caltech for the classes I want to take, and then I can go there. I won't get to see you as much as I want though."

"We can talk on the phone. It's not like either of us would have issues with the phone bill. Maybe you can work on making it so that we could talk through a computer one day."

"I have thoughts on that," Jackson said.

Aaron heard his stomach growl, so the talk was put to the side as they both started to chow down on the burritos. Jackson ate one-handed, a notepad pulled over as he made notations. Aaron could read the words as he was writing in English and not computer code. It was a list of things that needed to be done.

"I'm going to shower then we can talk more." Aaron stood up and tossed his trash into the trash can happy that he didn't miss. Jackson made a dismissive hand gesture, and Aaron knew that he was stuck in his head.

Aaron chuckled as he walked away. He was looking forward to classes. There had been a disconnect with him and his classes, he didn't feel that anymore. Aaron had a good head on his shoulders so he was sure that he could learn anything and everything that he needed to for any degree that he would need for helping to run a company. He also made a mental note to throw in a few accountant classes, maybe even see about getting an associate or even a bachelor degree in accounting. It would help in the long run as they worked from the ground up to get Grimes Tech Industries off the ground.

The sound of the curtain on the shower sliding had Aaron turning around to look at Jackson who was naked. Aaron didn't even have a chance to say a damned thing before Jackson was pushing him into the wall and dropping to his knees.

"This deserves a thank you." Jackson ducked his head and licked up the underside of Aaron's soft cock, it was rapidly becoming not soft though. "Well it deserves a lot of thank yous, but this will do for now."

"Fuck yes," Aaron said.