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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles



1. Phone Ring Too Long

A phone started trilling.

A groggy Kaworu was the first awake. "I think that's  your ringtone."

"it's  Saturday ." Muffled, through his chest.

"Yes, but it could be NERV business."

Very begrudgingly, she picked up the phone. "Ugh, what does  Kensuke want this early in the morning." A slur of barely mustered energy.

"It's seven ."

"I consider that  early on a weekend." The phone was thrown at the wall, battery dislodging. As expected, it stopped ringing. "He'll just have to try sometime later."

"You like abusing that poor phone, don't you."

"Not that you mind. Means I'm not throwing  you  at the wall." Her finger poked into his chest. "Say. Since we're awake now."



A phone started trilling.

Shinji stirred. "That yours?"

A somewhat tired Asuka sound in the negative. Amazing what ending up in bed at 3 in the morning does. "I put my phone on silence before bed for a  reason , Shin-chan."

So Shinji haphazardly stuck his hand out from the grand bed, onto a nightstand where  both  their phones were kept. Opening up one eye to stare at the screen, he immediately declined. "It's just Kensuke."

"What's  he want this early in the morn?"

A shrug. "He'll have to wait.  You're a bit more of a priority, Asuka."

"Heh. Loverboy."



A phone started trilling.

Shocking Hiro and Zero Two out of the futon. "wuh What's that?"

She gave a quick glance to the kitchenette bench. "Oh. It's the phone."

"They could've made the tone something that  wasn't  an alarm." Hiro muffled, not even bothering to lift his head up from the pillow. It's amazing what 4 hours of sleep does to him.

So it was up to Zero Two to get up from the futon and investigate.

"Hey darling?"


"How do I use a phone?"



"The person you have called cannot pick up at this time. Any messages you leave may be monitored for quality assurance."

"Damn it! I had to  source  that number as well!"

"I told ya, Ken." Spoke Kyoko, smug in her correctness. "They aren't gonna answer their phones this early."

"Even though they're  Evangelion pilots ." 

" We wouldn't even be up this early if not for that damn book."

They managed to get through that whole book, but they  all couldn't really get that much sleep because of it.

"So just try again later today?"

Kensuke, slightly dejected, put the phone back on its hook. "That's probably the best thing to do."

The phone started trilling, Kensuke immediately picking it up. "Aida residence?"

"Why are you ringing my pilots this early, Kensuke?"

Now  that  caused the colour to drain from his face, as he stood to attention. "A-a-a Commander Katsuragi?! W-well-"

"Obviously it's important enough to warrant ringing  everyone. So what is it?"

He briefly paused. "Well... we found  something ."

A pause over the line. "Is this something seemingly from another universe?"


"Starring the pilots?"


Yet another pause. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

The phone clicked off.

Leaving the shellshocked Kensuke surrounded by the  immensely  amused Puella. "Well, now it's not gonna be our problem anymore, eh Ken?"

He gave a look to the book, on the kitchen bench. "It's probably better in her hands anyway."



The book dropped on the rickety table with a thud, Asuka and Shinji sitting around it with bemused expressions. "The hell is that?"

"Rift material." 

They gawked. "A book? What the hell, do we have books now!?"

"How are we even gonna  read this together?" Shinji's concern was a bit different.

"I think that's where  we  come in."

Rei and Kaworu made their presence known, as they made their way to the table.

"Good, you answered your phone for once." A quick glare to Rei, before going back to the book. "Kensuke found it, on the  train . He said it involves  you two , specifically."

Towards Asuka and Shinji. "Us? Great, how did we fuck up  this  time?"

"Actually..." A small frown. "It's almost like a continuation of the Laserdiscs. Only... not? At least from the couple chapters I glanced through."

"Are you not gonna stay and read with us?"

" God  no, I still have a bunch of paperwork on my plate. Not to mention the UN scheduled a meeting about Oversight,  that's  gonna be fun." A brief pause, collecting herself. "Plus. I think it's something you need to experience on your own."

"That bad huh?" Shinji, meanwhile, had his expectations rock bottom.

Misato got up, beginning to make her leave. "I'm sure, whatever the hell happens,  you two can give them comfort."

The Nephilim backed up her claim.

"Wait a minute, did  Kensuke  read through this?"

"Obviously." A small chuckle. "Whether or not that's a  good thing? Guess you'll find out. I'll see you lot later tonight, oki?"

And with that, she left.

Leaving the four Evangelion pilots looking at this strange book. 

"So. Story time?"

"One of us will have to read it, Shinji." Remarked Rei. "I doubt we can share this book around."

The book was thrust upon Kaworu. "Y ou can be narrator then, fish."

Somewhat amused, he opened up the book. "I'll put my dulcet tones to good use, don't you worry."

And began reading.


2. The Second Try


Character Key:

Shinji (S) Asuka (A)

Rei (R) Kaworu (K)


2.1: ”Chapter 1. The 12th."


Five Years

"Five years and she still manages to scare me like that..."

The story seemed to almost emulate how Asuka and Shinji  were .

At least until that last line. "Five years and we're still hiding it?"

R: "It's amazing you could keep it hidden from NERV for so long."

S: "More like  impossible . We could barely keep our relationship hidden for  months . Let alone  years ."

K: "I believe there are plenty of details we are missing. But if we presume you had a secret relationship for that long, that would put the beginning of your relationship around 2010."

A: "Which is impossible, cause I was still doing my bachelor."

S: "And  I was still wallowing in my own self pity."

R: "As Kaworu said. We will find out for sure if we continue reading."

So they did.



Kaworu gave a small chuckle. ""You know; I hate you, Ritsuko!" She muttered and went out."

A: " Some things haven't changed, at least."

S: "There probably wouldn't have been that much time for it to change." Speculation. "We don't really know when this is."

K: "Based on the chapter title, it  could be around the time of Leliel."

Shinji and Asuka were stopped in their tracks. "Oh great." Growling through teeth. "So who's getting stuck in Leliel this time?"

R: "Maybe I'll get to experience it this time."

A thought from Shinji. "I actually haven't seen you in this yet, Rei."

R: "Of course you haven't. Books aren't a visual medium."

A few chuckles later, Kaworu continued reading.



The fish visibly gawked at this paragraph of passion. "Oy. As soon as the door closed, the Third and Second Children... flung at each other, sharing a... passionate, seemingly endless kiss."

They saw as he continued reading this description, him gradually getting quieter and shrinking down a bit.

They laughed. "Come on Kaworu, that's not the worst thing you've seen involving us!"

K: "Reading it and trying to describe something as...  private as that is still difficult though."

R: "Probably not much different to seeing it. By the sounds of it, it is how you two were like. Hiding your relationship from NERV as a whole."

S: "It even kinda sounds like what we did. Keeping up that charade."

Asuka could see his perturbation. "I know you didn't like lying to everyone about it, Shinji. But you know  why , at least."

S: "Yeah. Knowing  him , he would've separated us."

K: "It's obvious the you of the book understand this as well."


As he continued reading, the eyebrows of the gathered slowly climbed up. "Forgetting meals, chilled long ago. " Looking at the two. "You two have foresight."

Asuka took some time to process. "How? I thought only you had that, Kaworu."

K: "Not this accurate. And another key phrase: "Like last time". I posit that this isn't the first time you've had to deal with this."

Silence was brought forth to the gathered.

Shinji was the first to break it this time. " How ?"

R: "I know we discussed about the possibility of time travel. Maybe this was a world where you two managed to do so."

A: "But  why  would we go back in time to there? Out of all the times."

K: "It would explain how you two have known one another for five years at this point." Thinking. "If you spent five years before."

S: "But  where  would we spend these five years?"

As Kaworu thought about this, a grimace slowly grew. "We have two possibilities. A world similar to  ours . Or a world similar to the  Laserdiscs ."

This grimace was suddenly shared by the gathered.

R: "Let us see how Leliel goes. That was one of the first diverging points between our world and the Laserdiscs."

And on her behest, Kaworu continued.



"Asuka. Rei. Withdraw..."  Kaworu glanced up from the book, giving a commiserative look towards the two pilots.

A sad smile on Asuka's face. "You idiot, Shinji. This is, what, the  second  time?"

Shinji gave a short nod. "...Just like the Laserdiscs."

R: "It seems this will follow the  Laserdisc  scenario, then."

A: "And we know how well  that  ended."

K: "Much like the Laserdiscs, Leliel would go that way. And you two  know it happened."

S: "So because we knew it happened, it will happen?"

K: "Indeed. I would suggest it would be wise to keep a timeline close to how it happened, if you were to somehow go back in time. The butterfly effect is in full swing here."


Act Out

"And I'll have a word with him as soon as he gets back..."

Shinji sighed. "Should've expected  that wouldn't work."

R: "I can see that as a problem, going back in time like you two seemed to do."

K: "You may act hasty, trying to change things. Which may make things worse."

A: "Would... your life support."

He shook his head. "I don't think I'll die  n ow . We've only just started."

R: "And he didn't die in the Laserdiscs. And you didn't die in our world."

Asuka was slightly relieved. "Maybe it'll happen like the Laserdiscs, then."

S: "My mum having to break me out of there?"

K: "It seems that is the best solution to getting trapped in Leliel. We have two examples of your mothers breaking you out of there just before you die."

R: "And Asuka, I think you've given Misato a bit of a hint to the  true extent of your relationship with Shinji."

Another sad smile. "I probably would've  had to be like that, if I didn't... get stuck in Leliel."


Crimson Rainfall

Kaworu had mixed feelings. For one, it was the death of a sibling. On the other hand, Shinji was alright. "' About time, baka!'"

Asuka, meanwhile, was rather clear cut with  her  feelings. "Thank Christ. They sure like leaving the saving to the last minute, eh Shinji?"

S: "...Even  with my reduced life support."

K: "Your mother wouldn't have left you to die. We can see Leliel's demise happened earlier, even in comparison to us."

R: " Especially in comparison to the Laserdiscs. Although we can... well,  hear that the imagery of Unit-01 is close to the Laserdiscs."

Asuka's thoughts turned melancholic. "At the very least.  Something was similar about Leliel to us."

S: "Asuka?"

A: "...your last thoughts would've been of me."

A quiet thought promptly lead to him embracing her.

Kaworu decided to wait until they finished their moment before continuing.


Slap and Kiss

"I'm actually more afraid of the next one..."

Shinji grunted. "I would be too, if it ended up like the  Laserdiscs ." His frown grew back into a smile quick enough. "You were certainly bold, Asuka."

A: "Maybe  too bold, destroying a  security camera , but I can see  how ...  I could do that. At this point I wouldn't give too many shits."

R: "Plus, you would've had to keep up  some  form of cover. Even to...  me ."

K: "Already I can see you two don't have as good a relationship with Rei."

A: "Well... I can see  how that could happen. If we already had foresight. And it was the  Laserdiscs ."

Rei gave a small wince. "Our relationship was certainly... sub-optimal."

Asuka gave the bluenette a knowing look. "At the very least. Shinji and Misato are still close."

Shinji thought. "For how long, though?"

They were reminded of what happened in the Laserdiscs. And how it hurt their  Misato, not to mention the Misato of the Laserdiscs.


"We can already see this universe is closer to the Laserdiscs, in comparison to  our world." Kaworu began his speculation, as he put the book down. "I would expect the same stations to occur."

"Especially if your looping selves wanted to keep things close to how they happened, in your minds."

Shinji and Asuka spent a few moments thinking back. "...Arael?"

A pained look grew on Rei. "I would expect...  you to..."

Eyes closed as she thought. "...As long as you two didn't have to handle Arael."

Her hand went for Shinji's, and Kaworu was prompted to continue reading.

Kaworu had different ideas. "Would you like to read the next chapter, Rei?"

A small smile. "I wouldn't mind." She was passed the book.

This small smile immediately vanished as she read the first paragraph.



2.2: ”Chapter 2. survive."



Crimson Tide

Rei's eyes were wide, as she described this post apocalyptic scenario. Kaworu made a small realisation in his mind, but relegated it until after Rei was finished reading.

As expected, everyone gawked.

R: "This was the end of the Laserdiscs."

K: "This would be the past. Future past. Before you two looped."

Shinji thought. "If... if we were close for five years."

K: "Then I would expect you to have survived in a post Instrumentality world for that long."

Asuka was confronted with a few unpleasant thoughts. "How would we? The entire world was trashed!"

R: "Life finds a way. As long as you two didn't give up."

S: "Considering me giving up is what caused this."

Asuka had a small, sad smirk on her. "At the very least. We can see what happened after that terrible ending of the Laserdiscs."

S: "Even though we might not want to."

A: "Of course we don't want to! It's gonna be trauma inducing, but we'll do it anyway. Cause it's us."

Rei continued at her prompt.



"...leaving Shinji to his thoughts."

A: "Tokyo-3 did not fare well."

S: "You could say that of the world, really. At the very least, our apartment was alright."

R: "I'd say that was amazing, considering the Geofront is gone. Alongside anything above the Geofront."

K: "The suburbs would've fared better, at the very least. Indeed it would've taken you a fair while to actually travel to your apartment."

A: "Not like the trains would be running."

S: "Not like there's any people left to run the trains. By the sounds of it, we're the only ones left in that world."

A: "It's always us, isn't it? Out of all the people to leave behind to rebuild the world, why was it us?"

Kaworu thought. "Shinji rejected Instrumentality, and was able to reform. You also rejected your demise, Asuka. Hence why you could return."

R: "Shinji's mother also stated anyone could return if they wanted to."

K: "But that's the thing. Would they want to return to a world like that? Compared to the apparent bliss of Instrumentality."

They spent a small time thinking. "I would think more than two people would return."



"Nonetheless, he would better try to find something to occupy his mind."

S: "I mean, out of all the times, it's understandable I could be thinking that."

A: "Not like there's much else to do. I'm probably doing the same thing."

R: "But your mother's words still ring true. As long as you live."

K: "And since you two are the only ones left, for now. You will have to learn to find happiness in one another."

A: "Well that's gonna be hard." Flat as a pancake.

R: "I wouldn't think so." Thoughts. "Sure, the you and Shinji of the Laserdiscs had a... vitriolic relationship. But even at the end of the Laserdiscs, we could see you start opening up."

A: "It only took ending the world before I realised." Muttering.



"With nothing more than a confused look, he returned his attention to the stove."

A: "It is kinda a smart idea. All that food would've gone bad soon enough, not like there's any power left."

K: "It's evident you're going through a lot, Asuka."

A huff. "As I would be, fish. She's still anxious about her true thoughts about Shinji. Not to mention the end of the world just happened."

R: "The way it sounds like, you're scared to lose him forever. You don't want to be alone, and yet you still cannot confront your feelings for him."

S: "So we're both still beating around the bush."

A: "As we would be. I imagine it'll be hard to find an appropriate time to talk about that kind of stuff when we're trying to survive."

K: "I wouldn't expect both of you to confront these thoughts until you're comfortable. But will you ever be comfortable with one another?"

R: "Well, we can see that eventually, they do. Since this appears to have occurred in the relative past."

A: "I can understand this timeline, but it's still a bit mind bending to comprehend." A sigh. "At the very least, we might get some decent food before having to deal with a Mad Max world."

S: "At least Mad Max had cars."



"...the sound of laughing filled those rooms for the first time in weeks..."

K: "Sometimes you have to find humour. In situations like these."

S: "Why do you think our humour is often dark? Nothing like making light of how shit things are to help relieve ourselves."

A: "I imagine we'll really need that sort of gallows humour, in this situation."

R: "The strategy for survival seems sound enough, however. The shelter food is designed to last at least two years in standard conditions. Medical supplies at the hospital, logical. I find it amazing the water's still running, though."

A: "Generators could keep the pumps working for a finite time. And some places have water tanks. Of course, the water's gonna go bad eventually."

S: "It's a start, at least. Water takes priority over food when it comes to survival. And, as you said Asuka, electricity as well."

A: "Good luck finding a diesel generator and the diesel to go with it."

K: "Renewables are a possibility, of course. I've seen a few houses with solar panels on them, they would provide some power."

A: "I doubt it would provide any serious power, but it would keep lights running at the very least."



"H-hey, wait!" Rei couldn't help but give a small giggle. "It's good to see you can still be playful in a situation like this."

A: "It's good thinking, isn't it? Keeping an entire hospital running would use a lot of power, which we might have to use in the future."

K: "As you suggested, Asuka. Electricity is a valuable resource now. And you could get by many buildings without power, as long as you take some kind of care."

R: "Medical supplies would be behind locked doors and cabinets. They wouldn't require electricity to access, even automated locks would be disengaged when the power goes out for safety."

S: "Considering how easy it was to access the generator room, I doubt the general hospital even had that great security."

A: "At the very least, we might get some medical supplies. Shame the shelter was damaged."

Rei was prompted to continue.



""We better get going now," both stammered simultaneously."

K: "I can see that making sense, you coming back fully formed."

A: "It's convenient, that's for sure. Binocular vision would be quite handy for an apocalypse."

S: "Though that raises the question why you had the bandages and patch on in the first place."

R: "They were where you were hit by the MP-Evangelion. Possibly serving as a simple reminder of that, if it wasn't covering it up."

A: "So an Instrumentality thing."

R: "Most likely. You could probably explain most things as being Instrumentality."



"They grabbed as much as they could carry and headed home."

Asuka messed Shinji's hair. "Don't need money in anarchy, Shin-chan!"

K: "Not like there's anyone to spend the money anyway."

S: "But... I can see how that could be a shift for someone like me. But it is the apocalypse."

R: "No one will complain. And even prodding Misato while you were at it."

Asuka gave a grimace, as she did when Rei described it. "Probably not the most tasteful shade to throw. Considering."

S: "You realised that immediately after you said it, at least. And hey, I didn't take it as badly as I would've expected."

K: "Then again, not like there's much you could do now. What's done is done."


Market Garden

"...It would definitely help them to safe a lot of their water stocks in case the public supply would stop eventually."

Asuka had an amused look, at the convenience of it all. "Well well well, aren't we lucky. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, a water tank for the rare spot of rain, solar panelling. Even a damn car."

K: "While it doesn't sound like much to us, to the you of the book it would be priceless in its value. Food to grow, another supply of water, even electricity and transport."

R: "And depending on the vehicle, it may use a fuel such as diesel."

A: "A pickup truck would be very useful in this situation. You could put plenty of stuff in the back, and the diesel engine could run on scraps if needed."

S: "It probably is a pickup. I can see a farmer using such a vehicle." A huff. "And now I'll have to use such a vehicle."

A: "I don't think you've ever driven a car, Shinji. Hell, I haven't."

K: "I'm pretty sure none of us have. Then again, we don't need to drive."

R: "Compared to an Evangelion, it would be easier. I would think, at least."



"She barely evaded a broken-down car..." Rei barely suppressed a snort. "Not so easy, by the sounds of it."

A: "I mean, I know the concept of manual gearing. Hell, every non electric car in Germany has a manual gearbox."

R: "But if you had no experience with a manual car, it makes sense you would struggle with one."

K: "Going slow would've been wise, too. Considering."

R: "From what it sounds like, you will be moving into this other house."

A: "Makes sense. They have everything we could need for surviving."

S: "Still... I can understand how I could be uncomfortable with such a thing. But I can also see how this place might be a bit terrible in an apocalypse."

K: "Shinji has another point, as well. Knowledge is important. You'll not only have to maintain all the various systems by yourself, but you'll have to maintain yourselves as well."


Moving Day

"...The sooner he might be able to get some rest..."

A: "I still had 9 boxes of mist to move?"

S: "Amazing, isn't it?" His intonation was flat, he knew well how she could be like.

R: "Especially in comparison to Shinji's meagre belongings."

S: "I didn't really bring anything, actually. Not like I would need too much stuff."

K: "Who knows. Maybe those boxes would have valuable survival tools."

Asuka sighed. "At the very least. We might be able to make this a home."

S: "That trip to Kofu should hopefully help with that as well."



"It was already in the late afternoon that they finally left Kofu."

Asuka gave Shinji a knowing look. "I can understand why you don't want to move again, Shinji."

A small nod. "I can too. Though by the sounds of it, we were able to get some decent things over there."

K: "Knowledge is probably the best thing you could get in a situation like this."

R: "I'm guessing clothing is a distant second."

A few chuckles. "It would be alright to have more clothes though. Never know when you'll need them."

S: "Course, it depends on what kind of clothes."

A: "I would think I would be a bit more utilitarian, at least when scavenging for stuff."



Rei had a sad look on her. "They would find their way to freedom, where they at least had a chance to survive."

K: "I thought Instrumentality would take all Lilithian life. Including animals."

R: "Not in the book world." 

A: "Quite convenient, isn't it?"

S: "Still... by the sounds of it they would've died anyway. If I hadn't set them free."

R: "As they would. Livestock rely on humans to feed and care for them. They can rummage for the occasional grass but overall, they would've relied solely on humans."

Asuka had a frown on her. "This would've been the same throughout that world too, wouldn't it?"

R: "I would think so. It was quite caring of you, Shinji, to release them from their captivity. At least now they may survive."

S: "I would do the same thing."

A: "At the very least, we have some wheat. Flour; bread, noodles and the like. Staples."

K: "He didn't really get much, but you could grow more."


Chicken Run

"...Followed by half a dozen birds that curiously explored their newfound freedom."

S: "Well that was a comedy of errors." He could find humour in it all, even though it was mostly him screwing up. "Surely I would know the difference between a rooster and a chicken."

A: "In the heat of the moment, maybe not."

R: "At the very least, not only do you have chicken, you have more wheat. Though good luck keeping them calm in the car."

K: "I'm sure once night hits, they'll become calm. Or they'll tire themselves out."

S: "Chickens would be easier to handle than other livestock, at least. Good luck trying to keep a horse or even a goat in that house we're living in."

R: "If you were expecting to get milk out of livestock like them, you wouldn't. If we take the dairy cattle as an example, constant breeding and calving are required to keep up milk production."

A: "I don't think keeping cattle around would be that great in an apocalypse anyway. They just take too much resources for what they give back. Even something like a horse, its use is somewhat diminished by the car. At least with chickens, you can feed them with wheat and seeds and other kinds of scraps and they provide a source of protein with their eggs."



"At least, the nightmares of the nights before didn't return this time."

A: "Must say, that wasn't a great joke."

K: "There would've had to be a straw eventually."

Asuka huffed. "Even after the end of the world, my Laserdisc self is still irritating me."

R: "We already know you open up to him. Even if it took five years."

S: "We managed to build a strong relationship in a few months. Doesn't exactly take much, eh Asuka?"

A: "All it took for us was a good kiss, Shin-chan!" Amusement gave way to frowning. "Course, for these two, they're gonna need more than a kiss."

K: "At the very least, you haven't tried to kill one another."

S: "That's not exactly a concession at this point. Considering we're the only people left."



""Okay then..." she almost whispered as she turned around."

Rei gave pause.

And put the book down. "End of chapter."

Asuka slammed her fist. "Gottverdammt. Good to see the author of this knows how to do cliffhangers."

S: "If the book has that pattern, we won't know what was said for another couple chapters."

K: "At the very least, that gives us ample opportunity to discuss what happened. I can understand your concern Shinji, but it was pretty unlucky to have only been 20 minutes away from home."

A: "Though I do think it was justified. Not like they knew. Plus... I think we both needed to sleep some things off."

Shinji gave a small nod. "At the very least. We have plenty of resources to survive on. We might have a chance at this."


"Well, we know we did survive. Otherwise we wouldn't have been thrust back in time."

"Of course, we don't know how you two were thrust back." Speculated Kaworu. "It could involve death, after all."

"Though we remember what happened."

"Then again, Asuka, so did Hiro and Zero Two." Rei glanced at the clock. "It only took us half an hour to get through these two chapters. We might be able to get through this whole book today."

"I wouldn't mind." Shrugged Asuka. "Beats having to wait a day or so."

And so they continued reading.



3. Thoughts


The door was knocked.

A clothed Zero Two emerged. "...Eliza?"

"Hi. Mama and ma want to know if you want to watch Evangelion."

She ran her mind back. "That's their show, isn't it?"

Nodding.  "The commander said Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Kaworu are busy with another errand. And since she's continuing to do work, mama and ma thought it best to keep you two busy."

"Do you know what she said?"

"Verbatim: 'I don't want them to bonk all day.' I don't know what bonking is."

Zero Two snorted, muttering under her breath with a slight melancholy, "Not like we've done it for a while." Steeling herself and turning back to Eliza, "Tell her we'll be there at 1300 hours." She gave a bow, but before she closed the door, she grew a mischievous smile. "Bonking refers to sex, Eliza."

She closed the door. Eliza would've found out eventually, she thought. Meanwhile, she turned to her darling. "Neh darling? We get to see the Evangelion show!"

Hiro was busy whipping up a quick lunch, taking a page from Shinji's book. "The way the pilots make it sound like, it's... dark."

"Our show could be dark at times, darling. Surely you can't top us dying."



Eliza was left processing outside the now closed door.

"Huh. What an interesting euphemism."

Immediately discarding her thoughts of the matter, she made her way back to the lab. A odd quirk of humanity, she thought, that mostly disinterested her.

Then again, she was human now too. Something she often had to remind herself about. An odd biological architecture, but one that didn't require too much upkeep. Indeed, she likened it to her previous cleanup operations, many of which still persisted in her mind.

Her computer mind in a human body. Even in the limited amount of time she had been in this body, she made logs of several known and unknown urges. Companionship was one of them, as was the same when she was NT-Unit-00. At least as an Evangelion, the time jumped between her awareness. She would've always been with her pilot.

Now, though. Now she has a continuous sense of awareness. It would be false to claim she didn't feel some kind of longing for her pilot.

"What curious thoughts."  She noted to herself. She kind of liked letting her mind wander and explore itself in ways like this, despite the sub-optimal resource usage.

Maybe with the NACSS system, she could sync with Rei again. Though she also had Kaworu, who would most likely be a major partner.

"These thoughts are going nowhere."  Of course, she couldn't let her mind wander all the time. She had things to do, after all.

At least, being a computer, she had immense control of herself. The thoughts ceased, and she continued to her mother's lab.

Eliza didn't know for how long this would work, though. Wandering thoughts tend to be a bit like that. 

Though she did make a note to tell her mothers about these recent contemplations.