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For the Love of Mercy

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    “See, I told you guys he’d fit in.” Yozora crossed his arms over his chest and walked away from the edge of the building, leaving his companions behind him.

    Lauriam and Ignis continued to watch the young man on the streets below. He was striking down magitek after magitek as though they were sticks in his path.

    “I’d say we let him join.”

    Yozora cast a glare at the hooded figure who’d spoken. Luxu wasn’t the one in charge, and it irked Yozora to no end how often he tried to imply that he was. Before he could get a word in to argue that that had already been decided without him, Ignis’ phone rang.

    He slid the device from his pocket and answered, leaning it between his shoulder and ear as he continued to watch the newcomer through his binoculars. Whoever had called him had no time to waste, as Ignis could barely say hello before they dominated the conversation. Yozora returned to his position between his teammates, and sharpened his magitek eye to focus on the young man.

    The man wielded a strange weapon, shaped like a skeleton key with a glaring yellow handle. Despite its unimpressive appearance its magic abilities were incredible. It changed its appearance, summoned powerful magic Yozora had never seen, and demolished hoards of enemies in minutes.

    Yozora needed to know who it was that could control such power. And he needed that person on his team. If the Empire got ahold of this man…Yozora did not want to imagine the consequences.

    “Right away, your highness.” Ignis’ voice drew Yozora’s attention from the streets.

    “Who was it?”

    “The Master. He says that he’s sensed the newcomer, and that we need to bring him to the base immediately.” Ignis reported.

    “Well, let the fun begin.” Luxu’s laugh grated Yozora’s patience.

    Luxu back-flipped off the edge before disappearing in a flash of black-purple, always one for the dramatics.

    “Lauriam, see that Luxu doesn’t hurt him.” Yozora ordered.

    “Yessir.” Lauriam leapt off the building and vanished in a puff of pink flowers.

    Alright, so perhaps Yozora had two dramatic team members. Nothing he couldn’t handle.