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two one four (meet me on our floor)

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Can's bed never felt this big before, this cold. He rolls over twice one way and three times the other and tries to unimagine Tin's hands on him, Tin's arms around him, Tin's-

He thumps his head against his pillow and groans. How is he supposed to ever fall asleep again? Like this? On his own? He should have never started. Why did he think it was a good idea to sleep with Tin? And for four nights in a row? It's making this fifth alone unbearable.

He pats around for his phone and brings up his LINE thread with Tin.

you broke me


i can't sleep

Then the damage is mutual.

Can sighs. That's really not helping, to think about Tin thinking about him.

we're still on to see apartments soon?

Think any places are open now?

Can smiles at that, but the next message fans his face hot.

I thought of you in the shower earlier.

Can covers his phone screen and looks up on instinct. Ley's room's still dark, still quiet. His heart rate settles a little. But when he looks down again, there are more messages from Tin, worse ones.

I wanted to kiss you under the spray.
Press you up against the wall,
get us both off, scrub clean, and go again.

Can claps a hand over his mouth, over the groan punching its way up. He may have to throw his entire phone away now so no one ever finds these.

God, the noises you make, the way you flush so pretty.

tiiiiiiiin! you can't just!!!


you can't just sAY these things
i already can't sleep
you're not helping!!!

Want me to help?
How do you want me, Can?


Do you want my hand?
Or my mouth?

omg, are you sexting me

Now he gets it.

Can flushes, getting hot. He tries to think about it. If Tin were here right now…

your mouth
on my mouth

My tongue on your tongue.

Can sighs a little. He made out with Tin just the tiniest bit in his car earlier today after Tin drove them back. Then Gucci had barked and the mood had changed. So that makes it even longer since he's last properly kissed Tin.

Are you in your 'Good boy' white tee, dark blue shorts?

Can looks at himself.

HOW do you know??

Take them off for me.

Can flushes. He can't believe he's doing this.

now what

Take a picture.

YOU take a picture!

Can's not expecting Tin to actually do it. He fumbles his phone. Really, he has to chuck it now, all the way down to the deep end of the ocean.

Just not right this second.

He flips his screen right side up and stares. Tin's snapped the photo in a clever way, with a leg kicked up strategically so he's not exposed. And yet, he's definitely naked, all skin from calf to knee to thigh, from chest to shoulders to face, where the most intense of gazes rests.

"Fuck me." Can slaps a hand over his mouth. Shit.

That's the photo he snaps and sends back - eyes rounded, hand over his mouth, collarbones and a shoulder just edged in the frame. Unlike Tin's, this isn't a high quality pic. It's dark and grainy, bad enough to hide his flush.

Tweak a nipple for me with your other hand.

Can bites his palm. Burn. Yes, he'll need to burn his phone.

Still, he walks a hand up his torso and imagines it's Tin who's caressing him, teasing, working him up. Only, it feels different and it's frustrating not seeing Tin, not knowing what he's doing or what he looks like now.

Can takes his hand off his mouth long enough to type: what're u doing?

Imagining it's you.
On my lap.
You never sit still.
Always bouncing.
Are you hard?

Can stuffs a fist in his mouth and squeezes his eyes shut for a minute, to breathe, but also to not breathe, to not breathe so hard.

fuck, tin, what do u think

Tin doesn't answer him for a few and Can gets flustered. Is he doing this wrong? Then Tin sends him a barrage of messages all at once.

I'm so close.
Wish I could hear you moan.
Are you touching yourself?
Touch yourself.
The way you like, fast and tight.

Can doesn't know what is it about Tin and his commands. Can never used to listen, no's dropping from his mouth like Tin's got a special button to dispense them. Now… now Tin's apparently found his yes button, leans on it hot and heavy every chance he gets.

fuck me

Tin disappears again, not that Can even registers it this time. He's stroking the way Tin told him to and he's so close already, thoughts hot, hands hot, toes cracking with how intensely he curls them.

He comes biting Tin's name into his palm. When he's wiped himself off and caught his breath, he grabs his phone again and sees a voice message from Tin.

Can rummages for a headphone. No way he's playing that out loud.

Then Tin's moaning in his ears, moaning his name, and Can has to pause. He can't be getting hard again. What has Tin done to him?

But the bit he heard is damage enough, replays itself, echoes, oh, echoes back. Can can't calm down, a whole rod of alert-up has shot through him. He presses play again. It can't hurt now. It can't get worse.

He's an idiot.

Now he can hear Tin's hand on himself, Tin panting, then groaning as he gets closer. Can's dick twitches in sympathy. He presses a hand over it but the touch only spurs him on. Tin's pace of breathing feels live, like Tin's here in person, breathing on him, fanning his blush redder and wider.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." He whispers into his arm as he bites down. "Shit."

you broke me


Tin rushes to the Thai Program canteen for lunch. Almost right away he spots Can, loud and hyper as he laughs with Good and ChaAim and Pond. His face is sun kissed, his lips yet unkissed (today).

"Can," Tin calls out, and Can whips his head around so fast it winds Tin's heart up like a top, spinning, spinning.

"Ai Tin!" Can's smile grows even brighter, pushing up his cheeks cuter.

Tin's honestly not expecting Can to break away from the table with his friends, but here Can comes, grabbing his wrist no less. "Let's go get you food. They have this stir fry today and I don't know what they put in it but it's so delicious, definitely not to be missed."

Tin lets himself be dragged until the last minute. But before they can get in line, he steers Can around a corner and backs him up against a pillar. It's not quite private here but it's private enough.

Can looks up at him, big eyed and breathless and Tin anchors himself with a hand on Can's shoulder as he lowers his head to kiss him, on his cheek, then over to his lips.

Unlike the rushed phone sex last night, this is slow, almost careful. Missed you. Love you.

"Aish, get a room." One of Can's seniors passes by them, jolts them out of the mood.

"P'Type!" Can whines his greeting.

"We're trying to." Tin tells Type.

"Tin!" Can drags him away, cheeks all red. Again, Can starts rattling off the best offerings from the lunch menu. This time Tin goes with it. Can is adorable all flustered. Besides, Tin's had his kiss. He's good now.


"This is… huge. We could fit five Gucci's in here and they could all run around without bumping into each other."

Tin shrugs. "It's about the same size as my rooms at home."

Can blinks. He supposes that's true. "Do you like it?"

"Mmm," Tin looks around. "Come here." He extends an arm to Can.

Can looks at the realtor and spares her an awkward smile. There's a reason he's been keeping a wide berth from Tin. Thankfully she takes the hint. "I'll let you two talk. Let me know if you have any questions," she says. "I'll be right outside."

In the next breath, Can finds himself tugged and backed up against the kitchen island. "What- what are you doing, Tin?"

Tin brushes his cheek against Can's. "Trying out the apartment."

"My cheek doesn't come with the apartment, Tin!" Can can't help snarking.

"Hmm!" Tin snorts. "What if the fridge is always stocked?"

Can pokes the Tin's side at the waist, almost petting as he thinks about the real problem.

"What do I tell my mom?" He lifts his eyes to Tin's. This close he almost goes cross-eyed, but Tin's eyes are sparkling in the afternoon light and Can can't look away, doesn't want to.

"What do you mean?"

Can purses his lips. "She knows I don't have enough money to rent an apartment, much less this apartment."

"Tell her… you're working off your debt."


"In exchange for the phone, you're doing some light housekeeping for a spoiled Ai Koon-Chai."

"But we have an agreement. I pay you back in installments. Oh, crap! I forgot the second one."

"Can," Tin squeezes his arm. "I need a housekeeper more than I need money, Can."

"So, vacuuming? Dusting? Washing dishes?"

Tin nods. "Sure."

Can thinks about it. He doesn't particularly like any of those but they're not a bad excuse to live with Tin. He won't have to work two part-time jobs either. "Mmm! Deal."

Tin smiles at him, that one that crinkles his eyes and makes Can the happiest. Then Tin leans in closer and breathes in his ear. "Should we make sure the bedroom's good, too?"

Can flushes as his body reacts, keyed up by the mere proximity of Tin. "It's perfect," he almost stutters. "Let's go to dinner."

Tin smirks at him. "Well, if it's perfect." Tin brushes his lips just over Can's, that tease.


Tin wishes the week could go faster. He's moved in to the apartment but Can hasn't. Can took a day to prepare himself to tell his mom. Then Can's mom wanted to make him a big batch of zongzi so he won't starve. Then Can's separation anxiety kicked in and he decided he needed to stay home a few more days to say goodbye to Gucci and his mom and even Ley.

"You're not moving abroad , Can." Tin was flabbergasted when he first heard. "You can see them anytime."

But Can had only frowned. "Ley cried. I thought she's just annoyed with me most of the time, but I guess she actually likes having me around. And my mom hugged me so tight, I-"

Tin's heart constricted, wondering what it was like to be loved that much, wondering if it was right to take Can away. For a while he just hugged Can tight, shushing him. "Take as much time as you need, Can. I'm not going anywhere."

And Tin meant it. But, well, Can's right. The apartment's huge, and without Can there, it's colder, much less attractive.

"Are you okay, Ai Tin?" Pete places his backpack on the table and zips it open for his books.

Tin gives him a nod. "Waiting for the weekend."

Pete smiles at him, that I know smile of his. "Just one more day, Tin."

Tin clicks his pen. One more day to go...


Can's exhausted, emotionally and physically. Who knew he had that much stuff ? Even with his mom and Ley and Gucci here, it takes them a good three hours to unpack everything. On top of that, he overheard his mom asking Tin to look out for him, like she's marrying him off or something, and that's - Can doesn't know how to feel about that.

Or about the way Tin solemnly promised her.

Then they had all made a meal and shared it together. Tin snuck so much table scraps for Gucci, even more than Can did. No wonder his baby loves Tin. And now Can's full and exhausted.

Tin comes out of the shower and Can's heart thunders. He's truly alone with Tin now, in a place of their own.

Tin gives him a small smile and turns off the light.

Can blinks in the dark, trying to place Tin, place where he's going.

"Stop that."

Can turns to the voice. "Stop what? I'm not doing anything."

"Stop thinking so hard." Tin snuggles up against him, spooning him. "Go to sleep."

Can wants to as much as he doesn't want to.

"Good night, Can." Tin kisses his cheek and pets his chest.

Can slips a hand over Tin's and turns back for a kiss, a peck, to make sure it really is okay. "Good night, Tin."


Tin wakes to the smell of coffee.


"Scrambled eggs incoming!" Can plops down two plates on their blanket. "This is about the extent of my cooking skills, so enjoy!"

Tin blinks down at the blobs of yellow and then over at the sunshine attacking his own plate and smiles. Ridiculous. His boyfriend's ridiculous.

He tries a mouthful, and it's actually decent, salted just enough.

"Good, yeah?" Can grins at him.

Tin pushes his head away. "Don't talk with your mouth full."

Can swallows his bite and says again, " Good, yeah ?"

Tin has to smile. "You're the expert, Can." He shoves down a bigger bite. "It's perfect."

Can crows and pokes him in the shoulder. "Don't talk with your mouth full, Tin."


Can felt so alert again after a perfect night's sleep with Tin. He woke to Tin's face soft in the morning light and wanted to kiss him and feed him. And then he saw Tin's forearm and the muscles and veins on display there and his thoughts slipped a little South.

His stomach grumbled though which made the choice for him. So, now they're finishing up their eggs and Tin's sipping his coffee.

Only, Tin's sipping coffee and looking at him over the rim of his cup.

And Can feels the Southerly wind blow warm over his face. He shovels down the last of his eggs, chews thoroughly, swallows thoroughly.

Slowly, Tin sets down his cup and surely, Tin crawls over the bed, slides Can's empty plate onto the side table. Can gulps at the look in Tin's eyes, like he's some top model staring into Can's soul, swallowing him whole.

The kiss comes slow as Tin edges his face closer and closer. Can closes his eyes and cups Tin's neck. For a minute, Tin keeps it light, before the kiss takes flight, knocks Can flat on his back.

Tin spreads his lips open, then spreads his legs open, and Can's a squirming mess trying to get his breath back. With Tin's thigh shoved between his own, his thoughts fizzle, sending tingly sparkles down his spine.

"I finally slept," Tin kisses down his jawline, down over his neck and Can tips his head back more, pushes his breath out faster. "Missed you so much, Cantaloupe." Tin scrapes his teeth over a sensitive spot and Can arches up.

"Tin," Can grabs at him, unsure what he wants besides just Tin.

And skin.

He peels Tin's pj bottoms down. And too impatient, he pushes at the briefs too, off, off, off. Tin follows his lead easily enough and does the same to him, until they look like silly ducks with just their tops on.

Can would have said something but then Tin presses down on him and Can loses his train of thoughts. Tin's already hard and wet against him and Can has no control over the noises coming out of his mouth. Not that he even wants to.

Tin plucks their shirts off as he plops down his praises. "Yes, just like that Can. I missed your noises so much."

It's only been a week, Can wants to say. But he knows it's unfair. He's had Tin's recording the whole time, listened to it more times than he'd admit. Once or twice or maybe ten times, he even got the urge to record himself for Tin. But then Ley would come into his room or his ma would yell for him to come down to dinner or Gucci would bark. Something always pulled him away, something on top of his nerves, that is.

But here under Tin, Can has no inhibitions. Tin kisses over his chest and Can feels it inside his chest. Tin kisses over his stomach and Can grows butterflies. Tin kisses over his thighs and Can lets them fall apart.

When Tin kisses nothing, Can lifts off the bed to look. Tin's looking him over, like he's some art piece on the wall. Or some pottery spinning on the wheel. Or-

"Holy shit."

- apparently brunch in the wok.

"But that's my…" Can can't say it.

Tin smirks at him. "I know you're squeaky clean, Can. I smelled soap on you."

It's not untrue. Can wanted to make out with Tin and Can didn't want Tin to say he smelled sweaty or otherwise unsavory. Still, that's his ass Tin just licked.

And is licking again. Can shoves both hands over his face and tries to breathe. It feels odd but not bad. Tin's tongue flickers and Can spasms. Really, Tin needs to stop finding all the yeses on him. He's already fallen so deep.

"Fuck, Tin."

Tin licks him harder, sinking an edge of his tongue in. It pushes a moan out of Can. Tin groans against him, sending a small earthquake up his body. Way too soon, he's shuddering like he'll never stop.

The tip of a wet finger registers much sharper.

"Is this okay?" Tin pets at his thigh with his other hand and looks at him with lips parted wet and red. "I have lube, but if you don't want to do this, we can do something else."

Can flops back on the bed. He doesn't know what he wants. He wants everything but also everything feels overwhelming. "Okay."

Tin doesn't move. "Okay, what, Can?"

"Okay, lube me up!" He almost shouts in frustration.

Tin just laughs softly at him, like this is cute or something. But then Tin finds the lube and cute flies out the window.

Can tries to understand it. Why did people like this? It's so… strange, all this pushing at his inner walls, all this pressure. But then Tin works his fingers further in and drags over the motherlode of yeses.

"Fuck!" Can's leg starts to shake. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Shit ."

Tin does it again and again, purposefully. Tin does it so long Can's mind just about disconnects, floating above him shouting like a madman. When Tin swallows his cock, Can's jolted back. He catches Tin's gaze locked on his face and pants. It's too much.

" Tin! " He barely has time to warn him before he blows.

But Tin stays on him this time and Can dies a little (a lot).


Tin watches as Can combusts. It's beautiful the way his face goes oh and ah and holy crap, Tin . Tin hears everything loud and clear. He feels everything loud and clear too, like he's connected to every pulse that's Can.

After the long week away from Can, Tin wants to keep everything, every last noise and every last drop. He's so close already just watching Can, listening to him.

As Can settles, Tin withdraws his fingers and his mouth and pushes himself up on an arm. With the other hand, he strokes himself off over Can's stomach, slowly making a mess of him.

Can opens his eyes to look and licks his lips and Tin loses it completely. He screws his eyes shut and lets go.

They're going to have to do laundry now. They're going to have to do so much laundry now.


Can perches on Tin's thigh and almost slips. This shower is roomy. This shower with Tin in it is less so and yet better. He holds onto the back of Tin's neck and kisses Tin as wet and smiley as Tin's kissing him.

"So, do you know how to cook? What are we doing for lunch?"

Tin nips him. "You can cook better than I can. We can heat up some of your ma's cooking-"

"Ew! Don't talk about my ma when we're-"

Tin places two fingers over his lips. "Or we can order in. Or go out."

Can thinks about it, but he has no desire to go anywhere right now. "Let's order in then. But later." He resumes kissing Tin because that's important, because they have a whole week's worth to make up for.

Tin seems to be on the same wavelength as he presses Can back against the tiles and licks fire back into his mouth.

Can burns warm with it, holds the heat like a dragon its treasure. It's only been a day, but he thinks it's not bad living with Tin, not bad at all.