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That's Not Me

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Groans filled the air as the undead roamed down the hallways, searching for their next prey, wanting that sweet taste of flesh. Not a single soul remained where life still stirred in their bodies all except for one. Avoiding the lingering zombies still roaming the dark hallways of the old Umbrella facility that was taken under Neo-Umbrella’s control, the lone BSAA agent lightly walks past a corner, entering a room that would lead him to the bottom of the old facility.

Using the keycard that he had managed to retrieve from the upper levels after defeating the remaining J’avo that still remained guarded here, the scanner beeps green and the elevator starts to rise up as he stood by alert and waiting for it. Standing before the doors, Chris wondered how he had got himself into this. He had gotten a call from Ada Wong informing him that there was something underneath this facility that only he should retrieve and no one else. She had been quite cryptic about it and was initially wary of her reasons but she managed to convince him when she mentioned that the facility was under Neo-Umbrella’s control.

Whatever Neo-Umbrella had in their hands wasn’t good and he wasn’t going to let them get away with unleashing whatever horror they had in store.

Of course Piers insisted on coming but he had convinced the young man that this was a job only he could do alone. The way the young man would address him always struck a painful memory, reminding him of himself calling a certain individual he once looked up to and fell for. Even after his death, the nightmares still haunted him. 

Entering the elevator, he readies himself for what was to come through those doors as the doors close and the elevator began to go down. It felt like forever but eventually the elevator stopped.

The doors opened as he aimed, ready to open fire. Luckily for him, there was no J’avo, no B.O.W., no infected in sight. Entering what appeared to be a lab, Chris frowned when he saw what was inside the tanks.

The tanks were filled with some sort of fluid and inside suspended in the fluid were either organs that were mutated beyond recognition or those of whom were once people but were mutated from whatever experiments were conducted on them. He gave a weary sigh as guilt ran through him for being unable to save them. It was then his eye caught a tank nearly hidden from view from all the tanks and equipment. It was in the corner of the room beside a large control frame and as he got closer, he could hear the soft beeps coming from the machine.

Vitals of this unknown subject were monitored and on display before him. It then dawned on Chris that whomever was in the tank was still alive.

Peering in closer, Chris’s eyes widened in disbelief, horror and grief. The subject inside the tank was clearly a male. His perfect, short blonde hair that was always streaked back as he remembered now long and reached down to his neck just hovering over his shoulders and instead of a spotless, chiseled face, a golden beard covered his chin and jawline. Not only that, he was emaciated, his ribs clearly protruding and his cheekbones gaunt, the muscles beneath the frail body wasted after many years of being in suspension. Chris could never believe what he saw. Never in a million years would he expect to see the man that was responsible for nearly destroying the world and the man whom haunted his dreams ever since he killed him all those years ago.


It just didn’t add up. Was this an ambush set up by Wong for Wesker? But the man was clearly unconscious, a mask over his nose and mouth giving him much needed oxygen. Electrodes covered his chest monitoring his respiration and heartbeat. And were those tubes running from his back? He couldn't tell what they were for but it gave Wesker the appearance of a lab rat more so than a predator awaiting its prey. Not to mention the fact, Wesker looked so frail when before he had appeared invulnerable. Chris shivered from the sight. 

What had happened in the past four years? Had he been captured? No, this was Wesker. He wouldn’t have been taken in so easily. Needing answers, Chris turned his attention to the large control frame, rapidly typing into the computer system.

Ada had given him an USB that would override the facility’s computer systems’ security. Figuring he could use it, he plugs it in and manages to bypass the security without triggering any alarms. What he read horrified him.

There was so much information. So much that expanded nearly a decade ago.

Project W. Wesker working for Umbrella to gather combat data using Alpha and Bravo as Umbrella's test subjects. Wesker refusing to lure the Alpha and Bravo teams after having a change of heart. What caused that change of heart nobody knew as stated in the reports but there was suspicion that it had to do with one Christopher Redfield. Chris was stunned. Wesker had initially worked for Umbrella but decided to turn his back on them… for him? No that can’t be right.

Digging in deeper, his guilt and horror only grew. Spencer, that accursed man, had ordered Wesker’s capture a week prior and had him taken to their underground facility where he was injected with the prototype virus as a guinea pig for their tests for the man's insane plan of a superior human race, and had placed a clone in the original Wesker's place before the mission. 

However this clone had been a sample that was taken from Wesker many years ago before he was infected with the prototype virus, thus why Birkin, whom had no idea that the Wesker in the mansion was a clone, had formulated the virus for him per the clone’s request. Why Spencer decided to create a clone of Wesker, Chris only found that it was a contingency plan in case the original Wesker had chosen not to cooperate. 

Chris couldn’t believe it. It would explain why Wesker had been so cold to everyone a week before the mission, why he seemed to have gone senile in the mansion when he and Jill confronted him, why he had gone over the edge reminding him of those comic book villains wanting world domination all those years after their battle at the Spencer mansion. The man he had fought and killed was nothing but a clone. 

And all this time, the S.T.A.R.S captain had been tortured and experimented on for years and years. Cloning, mind transference, oh god he was going to be sick. Bile rose up his throat as his eyes gazed upon images of the experiments that Wesker had been put through. 

The original Wesker never wanted any of that. And he had paid the price for it.

He quickly downloaded all the information into a spare USB that he had after he had quickly plugged it into the second slot. He tried to rein in his growing rage as his eyes shifted to the man in the tank. Seeing Wesker so still and so lifeless brought him over the edge as he saw red. 

With a furious howl, Chris smashed the computer screen with his fist just as the download was complete, ignoring the pain from his bleeding fist.

He should have looked harder, should have suspected something was off! For crying out loud, he was the rising star in the team as Wesker would always say and he failed! He failed not only his team all those years ago and Jill but even his Captain. How many more would he fail? He failed his friends, his family, his Captain. Guilt pierced his heart as he gazed back at the man in the tank.

Wesker had been suffering for years without his knowledge. He wasn’t going to let the man suffer any longer. He was going to get him out of here. With the butt of his rifle, he smashes the glass of the tank repeatedly, each blow stronger as he grew more frantic.

With one last blow, the glass shattered and the fluid came rushing out, splashing his legs and torso but he didn’t care. Catching the blonde man before he could fall over, Chris gently peeled away the electrodes on his chest, the breathing mask off his face and the tubes from his back. The wounds sealed shut albeit slowly once the tubes were removed thanks to the virus within Wesker but they weren't doing a good enough job as blood still sluggishly pumped out his back in trickles. 

Seeing him now under the dim lights, it only made the man in his arms appear even frailer and he could see the ugly scars that covered every inch of the man’s naked body.

“God, Wesker… I’m sorry. I should have seen it. I should have looked for you.” Chris says, choking up as tears filled his eyes.

Carrying the man in his arms, Chris wasted no time. Unplugging some grenades, he throws them all over the lab and rushes to the elevator with the man in his arms as they exploded sending the lab into a raging inferno.

Closing the elevator doors shut, he pushes the button for the ground level hoping that they could get out in time before the whole place came down as he heard another boom from below. Once the doors opened, he ran out into the snow heading straight for the jeep he had driven in.

Multiple J’avo had seen him and gave chase, nearly catching up to him and it only made him run faster. He couldn’t exactly fight back with him carrying Wesker so he could only hope he could outrun them.

Reaching the jeep, he quickly lays Wesker in the front seat buckling him in and rushes to the driver’s seat, hopping in and starting the jeep as the explosion below the facility reached the top. A resounding boom filled the air as metal and glass fell down ripping through the hordes of infected. Chris didn’t look back as he stepped on the pedal hard, driving him and Wesker out of that godforsaken place.