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"He Knows..."

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“I need a shot.”

Peter squeezes past Tony in the kitchen, sticking his fingers into the hot pan of food Tony’s stirring around the pan. He earns himself a small smack to the knuckles with the spatula and Tony turns the over down. “A shot?”

Peter opens the fridge, scowling at it’s contents until he finds what he wants. He pulls out the apple juice and one of the shot glasses from the top shelf. “A shot.” He pours the apple juice into the glass and winks at Tony as he tosses the glass back. “Only the hard stuff.”

Tony watches in shoked amazement as this happens and shakes his head. He was an alcoholic, the shot glasses and tumblers are kept around because the Avengers live in the tower too, but this might actually first time he’s seen anyone use them.

“Kid…” Tony shakes his head, turning back to the pan and turning the over off all together. “You’re so damn weird.” He pushes the food aroud the pan one more time,” get a plate, the food’s done.”

Peter dips his fingers back in, jumping back when Tony pulls the spatula back like he’s going to hit Peter with it.

“That’s mushroom risotto you’re putting your grubby little fingers in,” Tony pulls it away from Peter’s fingers. “Stop that! God, go!” He smacks at Peter, pushing him towards the door of the kitchen. “Get Pepper and wash your damn hands!”

Peter stops at the kitchen door,” I’d love to stay for dinner, Tony, but I’ve got homework and I promised Ned to help him with-with something that’s not important.”

Tony nods, not hiding his slight disappointment,” okay but you’ve got to wait long enough for me to pack you some to take home.”

Peter smirks as he watches Tony hustle back to the over and pull out Tupperware that Peter didn’t even know he owned. He scoops a generous amount into the bowl and then stops for a moment, then puts more in there.

“Tony-” he shakes his head but Tony stops and turns back to Peter.

“Here you go, let me walk you out.”

Peter takes the bowl and shakes his head,” uh, Tony, I was gonna- I don’t think you want to walk me out?” Peter puts the container into his backpack and throws it over his shoulder.

Tony waves a hand, not really paying attention to where Peter is walking too. “It’s fine, kid. No sweat. I want to walk you out, it’s my job.” Then he’s standing on the patio at the top of Stark towers and watching Peter slide his mask over his face. “Kid-”

Peter shakes his head, throwing one leg over the balcony.

“Kid, don’t. You know I hate when you do this. Let me call, Happy. He’ll be-” Tony starts but Peter just laughs and falls backward with a small wave.

Tony puts a hand over his chest,” heart problems, I have heart problems and he knows it and he still does that every single time.” He shakes his head when he sees Peter come back up, web attached to the building across the street as he comes swinging up. “Kids, Christ, and I said I wanted them.”

Pepper meets him on the way back to the kitchen,” what are you mumbling about?”

Tony shakes his head, still rubbing at his chest near the Arc Reactor. “Peter! He had to leave early and the little mad man just jumped off the balcony! Right in front of me!”

Pepper smiles sympathetically,” I’m sorry but almost not really. Now you know what it’s like to watch you suit up and just fly out of here like a mad man.” She slides him a plate,” now sit down and eat before it gets cold.”