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Generations After

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Mom used to tell me stories about the war with monsters, I told her that I already knew about it. The monsters were horrid beasts of nature and we humans managed to put them underneath the earth, that we won the war against them. Mom wasn’t impressed by this knowledge and that I was able to retain it, her voice was low, but her tone held kindness to it as well as sadness. I knew my father left us when he found out about me, that he would rather die by the hands on monsters than deal with me. I really didn’t pity the monsters underground too much.

Didn’t matter to me, my father was a dirt bag anyway. I didn’t bother me, he didn’t get to know me and I do not care to know him or anything about him. The story mom told me about the monsters, was different than the one they told in school and she added her story to it as well. It made the story more interesting then what they told us at school.

There was a war with monsters a long time ago, monsters unlike humans had magic. They were friendly to humans even though humans treated them poorly. The king of monsters had a meeting with the human ruler, they were to discuss territory and abide by it from them on. The human ruler didn’t want to give the monsters anymore territory than what they had, he wanted to take more from them. With that noted with the monster king, all hell broke loose. The monsters rallied against the humans, but the humans won. They captured the chief of the monster guardsmen, he was an inch away from dying. Some humans already killed some of the best guard men that the king had and he was not about to lose his top fighter to the humans.

The king dropped his weapon and in doing so, they were forced underground by the humans. The human ruler claimed that this was their territory and that they were never welcomed back onto the surface. The humans used the fallen guardsmen souls to put up a barrier, this barrier could not be passed by a monster soul. A monster soul has to be accompanied by a human soul in order to get out from their prison, the humans made sure that the monsters could not escape from the underground.

Years passed and mom was thrown into the underground by her parents, my grandparents, they didn’t want her nor did they care about her. While the monsters in the underground were nice to an extent, mom knew that their kindness was not going to last on the surface. Mom was acquainted with every monster down in the underground and they were not as bad as the stories told. Within this bunch of monsters was the head guardsmen who took her in when no one else would, even though he almost lost his life to monsters before. They had a connection to each other, even mom felt in deep within. Soon enough they fell in love and a child was produced.

I knew I had a half sibling, but I didn’t know that he was a hybrid of a monster and a human. Didn’t matter it meant that there was more family outside of my horrible grandparents. Mom talked for a while about this monster, claimed that she would have stayed longer down there with him, but she didn’t want her child to live down in the dark. So she did what she thought was good, she wrote a note to the guardsmen and left to go to the king of monsters. It was a long trek there and when she got to the king, she told him to free the monsters from their prison only for the guardsmen to stop her begging her not to do it.

Mom only smiled at him and gave him a kiss, she told him that she was doing it for their child. Mom followed the king to destroy the barrier and before she could have a chance to free the monsters, the king pushed her threw the barrier. This stunned mom and she saw the guardsmen standing there, tears streaming down his face. He was pounding on the barrier in frustration and in sadness, he wanted to bring her back. He needed her with him in the underground.

Mom tried to return to the underground, but it wouldn’t budge for her. Mom cried, it was painful to leave her love underground, though she went to find help. To find someone to help break the barrier that was underneath the mountain. No one responded to her cried, no one cared. Soon my grandparents found her, they were unhappy yes, but soon she was on the news. The one who survived monsters from the underground, people asked my mother questions, that my grandparents answered for her only adding more monstrosity to these poor defenseless beings trapped below the earth. Soon my father came into her life, she didn’t want to be with him. My grandparents forced that marriage onto her and then he left leaving me to be raised by my poor mother as well as my horrible grandparents.

I wish I knew who this guardsmen was, he seemed amazing by the description mom gave him. Although he was a monster, he seemed like an amazing person. When mom was done, there was a flash of white light coming from the mountain and my grandparents were in the room. Apparently the barrier around the mountain fell from the lack of power that the souls of the monsters provided for the barrier to be active still. Mom was extremely happy that this happened, but it was short lived.

They demanded that we wear these necklaces and to never take them off, they also forbade is leaving the house without supervision. We obeyed, but we never knew why that we were forced to wear the necklaces or why we were forced to stay within the house.