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Let it Be, Let it Go

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Disclaimer: Voltron: Legendary Defender is owned by DreamWorks and I do not own any rights to this series. This work is pure fan fiction inspired by the series. 


Chapter One   

The marketplace was filled to the brim of people. Vendors were shouting sales over top of the already loud voices of shoppers. People roamed about the cobblestones, the light clicking echoing softly from their claws. Laughter filled the air along with music from near a fountain that featured a stoic man with a crown upon his head and an elegant woman pressed to his side. The music came from street performers awing the crowds with their talent. Past the fountain laid more shops and wooden booths, most crowded with customers. One in particular had a vast number of shoppers, clambering not only to purchase the wares but to catch the delightful scent of the fresh baked goods. The booth was painted with Yellow and white patterns with flowing similar colored fabric running along the sloped roof. A small sign hung on one of the posts supporting the roof reading, ‘Hunk’s Puffs’. The name had gained many laughs when it was first erected. The owner of the booth had no intention to put it up but his small partner of sorts had found that no name simply wouldn’t do. She had sloppily painted the sign in five seconds and hung it while still wet. Some of the lettering had dripped.  

The owner had little will to remove it and listen to the girl moan about how hard she worked on it even though they both knew it was a big fat lie. The large man kept a huge smile as he fought to keep up with the orders, packaging the goods, and taking currency in exchange. He glanced over his shoulder to shoot the small girl perched on a wooden crate a desperate look. However, she ignored him in favor of tinkering with a small robotic form in her hands, gently pushing her oversized glassed up her slim nose. Not gaining a single flicker from the big green eyes, the man whined loudly. 

“Pidge! A little help would be really amazing!” he cried out while fighting to divide his attention  

Pidge finally looked up with a bored expression. Her long feline tail flicking in irritation at being interrupted during tinkering. Her lightly brown with green tipped ears pressed to her head as she stood with a huff.  She moved behind the man and pinched his nub of a tail hard which earned a yelp. He dropped the golden coins from his hands to reach back and cover the black furred tail that was tipped with a small patch of yellow. She moved around him and didn’t even bother plastering on a fake smile as she set to work.  

“You're such a baby, Hunk. This isn’t thaaaat bad.” She drawled, even though it was a large crowd it wasn’t nearly that bad since it was the middle of the week 

Hunk grumbled something, his rounded bear ears pressed firmly to his scalp as he went back to helping his loyal customers. He never understood why pidge even bothered to come help when she very obviously hated it. She could always go to school but she always quipped that she had dropped out as it lacked any substantial education. It wasn’t like school is a necessity that is required, she would always shoot. Hunk had barely much schooling under his belt. He had finished out the required years by the law of the kingdom and decided to peruse his passion of baking. He also loved cooking but didn’t have enough to open up a brick and mortar building to open a small restaurant. He was using the funds to help support his family. His mother cared for his ailing father and his little sister had large dreams to go through all of school and even attend a university. Any money he had left after paying bills, purchasing medicine, groceries, and things for the booth went to a savings for his baby sister. He was so proud of her dreams even if she was only seven.  

Pidge had dropped out in the middle of this year at the age of fourteen. She was far to intelligent for her own good. Hunk had been curious as to why she had done that. since she could have attended university to develop her love for all technology. He never asked but he suspected it lay more with her losing her family. Her father and brother had been captured last year when they went to another planet to scout and study. It was a newer planet that had been discovered. Life was beginning to form and the two scientists went to go study the beginning stages of this new life. They were intercepted by Galra fighters and captured. The last thing that was heard of the two was they had been sent to one of the many concentrations camps the Galra erected. This had been a huge blow to the young girl alone. Then her mother had passed on, which Hunk suspected wasn’t from illness but a taking of her own life. He never asked since he didn’t want to hurt the girl more then she already was. Pidge had taken up residence in his small home and his family adored her.  

Pidge had been the one to invest her money into the booth to fix it up nicer and help purchase needed items. It was money she had inherited after her parents passed. Hunk decided she was co-owner but it all fell on him for the most part. She was more than content to just spend the day working on her many projects and let him handle the business. The morning rush soon cleared out as customers moved to go to their own jobs and Hunk quickly handled the last of the stragglers before collapsing heavily onto the wooden crate. The said object groaned in distress at his weight. Pidge took her place on her own and plucked up her toy to play with once more. It was quiet for the moment. Hunk brought up his one paw to rest on his knee to massage the sore pads of his feet as they cried from the long standing. His thick fingers working out the kinks. He groaned in pleasure at the relief, his honey brown eyes fluttering shut. Pidge looked at him and once again pressed her glasses up her nose with his slender fingers. She smiled at the man’s expression and hummed softly.  

She glanced around and took in the market place. It was a peaceful land. The city of Allana was like a little piece of sanctuary. She had taken notice to different species arriving to their planet of Namakani. The war was raging on in the stars as the Galara empire began ravaging planets to further their territory. Very few were lucky to escape to different planets in hopes of help. The king of Namakani welcomed those in need with open arms. However, the king held his stance on keeping out of the war. It tore Pidge up inside that he would do this. With her family gone, she had screamed for war in the middle of the city. Hoping to garner support from her fellow Namakanians. Her cries went ignored by all passing by. Hunk had dragged her away and held her tightly to his chest as she sobbed her heart out. She became glued to the big man after this incident. They had already been friends for a few years but she grew close to him as he helped her through the tragedy. Pidge couldn’t understand why they would sit back as so many lost their homes and loved ones. It never made much sense.  

The people of Namakani were incredibly powerful. They were one of the few races who naturally controlled magic. Many believed quintessence ran through their blood but it had never been proven. Pidge looked to her hand and watched as little green sparks danced over her fingers. Smiling softly as it tickled her finger tips. Their magic was based on the elements. Many Namakanians held the ability to control all elements. However, most were not powerful and could only do small things with their magic. Few could not control any magic at all and even fewer had the ability to only control one element. Pidge and Hunk had the ability to control all elements but they had kept what strength they held a secret. She suspected they could be stronger if they trained. Pidge always felt the magic bursting in her veins but kept it in check. If she let loose, she could risk being forced into the military. At one point, she had wanted to, this would give her the chance needed to leave; but since the king was not letting ships leave the planet unless for trade, she lost hope. Pidge decided not to let her magic show much and keep glued to Hunk and his family. She suspected Hunk was incredibly strong but he also kept his in check. He would be devastated to be torn from his family. 

The military was sent far off to train and gained little pay. Just enough to support the solider and he would be unable to support his family that way. When she was close to Hunk, she sometimes felt a buzz of magic in the air around him when his emotions got too high. The boy was just so damn emotional! She giggled at the thought and closed her eyes, leaning into the side of her friend. They both relaxed and said nothing, enjoying the peaceful break from work and basking in the warm weather. The smell of salt tinged the air from the sea close by. It was just such a relaxing moment for the tired booth owners. It was to be ruined however as her ear flicked at the sound of someone running through the marketplace. She opened her green eyes and looked to the direction in which the sound was coming and groaned. She saw the slender figure and knew the ball of energy was going to ruin the peace. She smiled anyway and poked Hunk who only grunted and opened one eye lazily.  

“Hunk! Pidge! Hey!” The figure bellowed from a distance as he waved eagerly 

“Hey Lance!” Hunk yelled back with a quick wave as the boy approached at top speed.  

The figure slowed and came to a complete stop in front of the booth, panting and grinning as he placed his hands on his slim waist. He studied his friends with slightly glowing bright blue eyes. Pidge had found Lance interesting when she first met him. He was very unique compared to other Namakanians. While all Namakanians shared traits of animals, Lance was peculiar. Pidge had taken the ears, tail, and lower legs of a feline like her entire family. Hunk held the features of a bear as did his family. On these appendages were covered in fur of similar color to their hair and tipped in unique colors. Pidge being green and Hunk having yellow. The swirling markings that covered their skin was the same color as the tips. The markings normally only covered the torsos, arms, and upper legs. Lance shared the features of a fox. Two large pointed ears peered from his curly hair. Instead of sharing the brown color of his hair, they were white and tipped in a light blue. His paws also had white fur that flowed just below his knee and turned blue at his feet. His tail was also the same in coloring except instead of having just one, he had three fluffy tails that always moved about depending on his moods. His markings that swirled on his body had went further than others. They crawled up his neck and ended in delicate flicked on his cheeks. Though everyone’s markings were unique in some way it wasn’t too strange. Pidge was fascinated by his eyes. No other Namakanian had glowing irises like lance. They were dazzling, like fireflies flew directly behind them making the blue glow.   

She had assumed he was incredibly powerful with magic but was stunned to learn he was only able to control one element; water. It had made her jaw drop and just stare at him. He had simply thrown a water ball right in her face when she found this out; causing her to choke sputter as her mouth had been open. He was pretty sensitive to this fact and rarely allowed his magic to show in public. It was rather humiliating to only have control of one element. Many believed it was better to control none then only one. Lance brushed off the judgment and acted like it didn’t hurt but his friends could see the pain flash in those shining orbs. Pidge had grown to know Lance very well in the last few years. He was Hunk’s best friend. The two boys had known one another since they were very little. Pidge had joined the group by complete accident really but she couldn’t be happier.  

“Aren’t you supposed to be training right now Lance? I think you may end up dead if your mom finds out your once again skipping.... and then she will kill me if she finds out you’re here!” Hunk suddenly looked terrified to face that woman’s wrath and Pidge control the laughter that bubbled up at the expression 

Lance waved his hand dismissively and continued grinning at his friends as if that was not even a looming threat.  

“Me skipping training? Why would I do that? That is something the amazing, beautiful, perfect Lance would ever do!” Lance’s grin grew wider at his exclamation  

They both shot him a look that spoke volumes. Lance was always skipping his lessons to screw around city. Lance was very well known for his activities that could end up being anything depending on how he felt that day. His favorite sport was to flirt with anyone he found remotely attractive. He also would drag his two friends into pranks or adventures that ended with their butts in trouble. Lance crossed his slim arms and cocked his hip. A sly smirk spread over his lips as he stared deviously at the two.  

“No! Nope! Uh Uh! I am staying right here! I got the lunch rush and I am not going to die when that woman catches us! Actually, I would rather die than face her! I almost pissed my pants last time at her scolding! She may not yell but she is just too terrifying! She could rip me to shreds and keep me alive for days!” Hunk cried,  jumping up from his crate and hiding his face in his large hands at the thought 

Pidge didn’t laugh. She had to agree with Hunk on this one. Lance’s mother was not someone to mess with. She was one of the most powerful people on this planet, maybe even on others. She was revered by their people. Lance’s mother, Elaria, was a War priestess of Akash after all. One of the many Gods and Goddesses the Namakanians worshipped. Akash was the goddess of protection and fertility. She was a loving god but fierce like the priestess that led her followers. Elaria was a sweet and kind woman to all but her son tested her patience time and time again. Pidge wondered how the teen wasn’t dead but he supposed the abundance of siblings he had helped keep all the fury from the woman off of him. Lance also was her soft spot. The young girl could see this as Lance was her first child. Priestesses were not permitted to have children of their own. They were pure and their body only belonged to their deity. However, this did not stop them from taking in children that had no family. Not all priests or priestesses adopted children, but Elaria had a big heart for children and took in seven orphans. Lance was the one who had awoken this woman’s love for having children to call her own. He had been found in the forest west of Allana by a hunter and brought to the temple of Akash. Pidge assumed the woman had fallen hard for the small bundle. The small girl giggled at the thought that the poor woman had no way to have known at the time that the baby would grow into one giant pain in the ass.  

“You are over worrying Hunk! My mom loves you! I think she may love you more than me sometimes.... always ‘Lance be good like Hunk!’ “Lance you are giving me grey hair! I bet Hunk never does this to his mother!’”, Lance pitched his voice high to imitate a woman, “Anyway, training was canceled the head priest had to go to the castle with mom to see the king along with all the other leaders of temples.”  

Lance moved to go around the booth and slide onto the crate Hunk had abandoned. The two shot him questioning looks at why the priests and priestesses were going to see the king. Lance only shrugged in response and relaxed, crossing his long legs and leaning back on a supporting pole. The tanned teen closed his eyes and hummed. He really should be back at the temple Edmundur, the God of battle and the ocean, training. While he caused his mother grief, he was a momma’s boy as his friends pointed out all the time. He was following her footsteps and training to become a War priest. There were many types of priests and priestesses. War priests were powerful people who fought in times of war with the military. They were on all lines when they fought. They always were beside those in the top of the military. They were feared and worshipped for their power. When he had asked to become a war priest, the head of his chosen temple was unsure since he controlled one element and this was seen as a great weakness to their race. What many didn’t know outside of the temple was that Lance may control one type of magic but he was incredibly powerful. The head priest had been astounded by the power and inducted him. His mother didn’t act surprised in the least when he broke the news but was extremely proud of her eldest. Well, she was when he didn’t slack off. He was powerful but the priest had told him time and time again he wasn’t even close to mastering that power. Lance was also deemed reckless and lazy. He endured many punishments but it didn’t deter him. Lance just got so bored so easily. The teachers were no fun at all!  

“So, what are you planning today then? Afterall, Hunk and I know you can’t sit still for more than a minute. You may as well tell us what stupid thing you are dragging us into anyway.” Pidge pinched his cheek firmly and tugged.  

Lance swatted her hand away and rubbed the reddened flesh. He huffed and crossed his arms. He shrugged and looked out to the marketplace. His eyes scanning the mostly deserted area. He hadn’t really planned anything. He had been curious about what was happening at the castles, but everyone was tightlipped. However, he had overheard whispers around the temple from the elder priests. He looked off to the side, his brows drawn together. The plump lower lip drawn between his teeth. He chewed in thought. Hunk let out a noise of impatience and crossed his arms across his broad chest. Lance got up gracefully and stretched his long arms over his head, then limbs and his back cracking. He edged his way out and around to the front of the booth. 

“Let’s go to the beach.”  He threw out over his shoulder as he stared off toward the street that led toward the docks. He didn’t bother waiting for his friends. Hunk may be unhappy to close his booth for a bit, but Lance knew his best buddy would follow. The man may grumble and act irritated but he knew his friend enjoyed the time they spent together. The bigger man had once admitted that it helped him forget his worries and responsibility for just a moment. The big lug just had so much on his shoulders. 

Lance continued in a slow stride, hands shoved into the deep pockets of his tight black pants. His off-white tunic blowing in the slight breeze. His ear flicked as he heard Pidge and Hunk run up behind him. Smiling softly as his friends walked on either side of them. Hunk panting heavily and cheeks flushed from the run. Lance was dying inside to tell them what he heard but was worried their reactions would catch the attention of others nearby. Even if the market place was pretty dead at this time of day, he knew prying ears were everywhere. The beach was a place that would have no one around and he of course loved the ocean. It helped calm him when everything became too much. The secret he held was jarring to say the very least. It had forced his heart to stop beating and his lungs to feel like ice had settled within them. He was unable to sleep that night he had overheard the whispers as fear gripped him. It had been a few days since he heard the news and he had been too busy training to escape and tell the two beside him.  

They all kept quiet, which was very unusual for the ever-talkative Lance, as they moved down the hill that led to the docks where boats bobbed in the calm waters. Lance veered off the road away from the docks to go to the sandy beaches and continued to walk in silence even as his paws dug into the grains. They all traveled a good distance to a little inlet about half a mile from the docks before lance plopped onto the ground. Staring at the lapping water intently. Pidge sat to his left with crossed legs and Hunk flopped heavily to his right causing sand to fly up. He closed his eyes and worried his lip again. He tasted a little blood on his tongue as he bit a little too hard and split the soft flesh. He released the abused flesh and swiped his tongue over the tiny wound. Opening his eyes after a long moment, he looked ahead to the salty waters once more.  

“I think this meeting is over...... the Galra.” He spoke softly but the looks he received from his two friends were louder than any sound. It took a few minutes for the words to sink in to their shocked minds.  

“G-Galra?! What are you talking about Lance! The king has made it clear we weren’t going to bother with them!” Pidge cried out angrily at her friend 

Lance flinched a little at the small girl’s voice. He could hear the pain and anger laced her words. Pidge had every right to be upset when the Galra was brought up as a topic; which the older two of the trio never spoke about before because of her feelings. Lance wasn’t trying to upset her and bring up painful memories. He drew his legs to his chest and hugged them tightly. He kept his eyes locked on the blue of the ocean. Leaning back a little when Hunk rubbed small circles his back with his large hand between his shoulder blades.  

“Lance, what are you talking about man?” Hunk spoke as softly as Lance had 

“There was a small Galra ship spotted by some guards. It was about a week ago when it was seen. It was hovering near the castle before it took off quickly. It was seen landing somewhere in the forest out to the south of the kingdom by other guards on the outer walls. The king sent a group of soldiers out to find it but.... they haven’t found any sign of the ship yet.” Lance scrunched his face as he recalled what he had overheard. 

Both of his friends gasped and he finally decided to look at their faces instead of the calming waters. Pidge had looked at the ground with wide eyes, shaking. Her hands fisted on her knees. Lance knew her small claws were digging into her palms. The flesh was probably torn and bleeding. Lance reached over and laid a hand on the quivering one, hoping to comfort her through the touch. She yanked her hand away and stood abruptly. Letting out a choked noise. The two men didn’t move just yet. They simply watched the trembling figure. Green sparks were traveling all over her body as her emotions grew unstable. She let out a broken sob and stamped her right paw firmly into the ground.  

“It was stupid! It was so so stupid! The King thought we would be safe! Thought it was better to not enter the war! But that was so stupid! My dad and brother were taken by those... those monsters! All I got was a damn pathetic excuse for an apology! They weren’t going to be bothered into rescuing them! Then other races keep coming to our planet as if it is a fucking safe place out of the Galra’s reach! It’s not! It never was! We all knew it! We knew they would come! They want us! What we have and the king was too blind to see that! After what happened to the Alteans, he should have woken up! They are going to attack us! Take us! They already took my family! I always knew.... I always....”  

She broke down unable to finish the thought and sobbed. Dropping to her knees and covering her face. The small frame shook hard as the sobs ravaged her body. The noises Pidge emitted were so heart breaking, he just couldn’t take it anymore. Lance moved and kneeled beside her. His long arms surrounded her body in a tight hug. She turned and shoved her face into his chest. The fabric became soaked quickly but he didn’t even care. Hunk moved to the other side and wrapped his big arms around the both of them tightly. Lance hadn’t wanted to hurt them but this wasn’t something he could hide any longer from his two closest friends. The Galra were coming and they were going to dragged into this war, regardless if the king wanted to or not. Lance closed his eyes and buried his face into her red hair. This would affect them all deeply and right now all he could do was comfort his friend.  

Pidge continued to sob for a while longer before she calmed down and pulled back a little. Not enough to escape the hold as she felt safe between the two bigger bodies. She hiccupped and looked at the wet spot on Lance’s shirt her tears had created. She whimpered when she looked up at the boy, her lips trembling as more tears formed in her puffy eyes as her mind recalled some disturbing information about Lance. 

“Oh Goddess.... Lance..... You will have to leave and go!” She cried softly, moving and burying her face back into his chest 

Lance smiled sadly and looked off to the side to view the lazy waves. Hunk let out a gasp and clung to the two even more desperately. The bigger of the three hadn’t thought about Lance was during this emotional moment, only focusing on the small girl between them. Pidge was right! Lance may still only be in training, but he would have to still fight! They would keep him on the planet as long as the kingdom could afford but with how bad this war was from what Hunk had overheard from other races, Lance wouldn’t have that long.  

“L-Lance! You can’t!” Tears flooded his eyes as he buried his face into the silky soft brown locks on his best friend's head. He knew Lance may complain about snot in his hair but right now Hunk didn’t care about the later scolding.  

Hunk had never put much thought into Lance’s chosen path. He had never imagined that his best friend would ever be torn away to go to war. He whimpered and shook hard at the thought. Curling his fingers into the loose fabric of Lance’s tunic as if that would keep the other from ever leaving. Lance would leave to fight if the Galra were really coming. He wouldn’t be around to pester Hunk! He wouldn’t be around to convince Pidge to join him on one of his stupid pranks. The booth wouldn’t be filled with his loud laughing and terrible jokes. Hunk wouldn’t get to witness the terrible flirting that led nowhere. Lance could die! His best friend who had always been there since he could remember could end up on the ground of some planet dead. Lance would be so cold, in pain, and so alone. Hunk let out a loud pained noise at the very idea that he may never get to bask in Lance’s huge smile again. Pidge seemed to agree as she clung to the thin body like a life line.  

“It’s not fair..... Lance.... you and Hunk are my family now..... If I lose you too.... I can’t! I won’t!” She sobbed, holding the teen in a grip that was on the verge of crushing Lance’s ribs 

Hunk and Pidge’s magic was going crazy around them; lighting the air around them in sparks of yellow and green. Lance enjoyed the contact but knew he didn’t have a choice in if he stayed or left. He had known what his job as a war priest entailed. There was always that annoying voice in the back of his head whispering how he could soon be fighting on some alien planet far from home. He had hoped for a few more years to enjoy his time with his friends. Lance wanted to enjoy his home just a little longer. However, he had responsibilities no matter how much he shirked them. He had always idolized his mother, looked to her as if she were a Goddess herself. She had fought in a war long before Lance ever existed and the tales he had heard as a child from others awed him. She was a hero. She had fought tooth and nail against the enemy. His mom had defeated waves of opposing forces with the magic she possesed. Lance didn’t have the power she did and the small self-damning part of himself always said he never would. He could only hope to make her proud of her eldest son.  He had so much to repay for after she had taken him in and loved him as if she had been the one to create him.  

He gently untangled himself from the firm grasps and stood. Moving to the lapping water and letting it wash over his paws. If helped sooth his body even as his mind went to a dark place. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants hoping to appear somewhat relaxed over his friends relization and sighed softly. He smiled once more; but it was a sad smile that reflected in his eyes rather than the smile that seemed to compete with the ball of fire in the sky.  

“I wish we could stay the way we are forever. That this war was just a bad dream from one of the Gods. But..... I have to go when I’m called. I don’t know when that will be but I am sure it won’t be too long from now if the Galra are coming for us. Until then, I am going to train hard... for once. I am going to spend all the free time I have with you guys. I love you. You are my family and when I do leave.... I will fight for you, my siblings, my mother, and our home. I want to keep you guys safe. I want to keep our planet safe. I probably....... May not return but just know I love you, Hunk, Pidge.... so so much. It hurts to even think about being awaqy from you guys. With every battle I go into, you will always be there with me..... In my thoughts and my heart.” He placed a hand on his chest, over the racing organ, as tears fell over trembling caramel cheeks 

The two stood quickly and moved beside him. They emitted pained whimpers at his words. Hunk pulled Lance’s hand from his pocket and held it tightly in his larger one. Pidge grabbed his other that rested on his chest and laced her fingers with his. Tears still streamed down her face but a fierce spark was moving within the green depths.  

“You are not going alone! I won’t let you! You won’t die either, you dumb lamp post! Because I will save your ass every time something happens! I am joining the military!” She shouted at him, not looking like she could be persuaded in the moment 

Lance blinked and looked at her in confusion and pain at the idea of her being on the battle field.  

“Pidge, no! You can’t! This isn’t going to be easy and so many are going to die! I won’t let you throw away your life because of me!” He cried out, squeezing her hand 

“I.... I will join too. I don’t want to leave my family but if the war is coming our way then I have to help. I won’t let you go alone either Lance.” Hunk piped in, squeezing his hand.  

“W-Wait! You two! First off, Hunk, you have to stay and help your family! And Pidge is just not going!” Lance’s head whipped back and forth to look at the two in a panic 

“I have enough money left over from the inheritance to help Hunk’s family and I am old enough to make my own choice! Hunk and I are going to join! You can’t stop us! I love you Lance! I will protect that scrawny ass of yours's with everything I have! Plus, you get to help me save my dad and brother. You know, to repay me for all the times I am going to be saving you and all.” She smirked 

“She is right. I have money set aside for my sis to go university that can help mom. Also, when I get done with training there are some great benefits offered to me and my family from the kingdom. Let’s be honest, Lance.... you need us. I can’t let my best buddy die without.... well... you won’t cause I will just grab you and run the opposite way. You are light enough. Gotta also make sure you are well fed since we all know war rations are just awful! Insult to food everywhere! And Lance, I love you too, even if you are a huge pain in the butt. ” Hunk grinned and scratched his cheek lightly.  

Lance wanted to protest but he couldn’t. What Hunk and Pidge said made him less scared and feel so warm inside. His trembling lips turned into a smile and he threw his head back and laughed loudly. He had been terrified about leaving and being all alone. Now, he wouldn’t be. Pidge and Hunk would be there to support him. He never thought he could feel so loved like he was. To have two friends willing to risk their lives, to fight in a horrible war so they could all three stick together..... The Galra were so screwed because this trio was Hell in an oddly shaped package!