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Aegon The Conqueror Come Again

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The Lord of Winterfell


How have I gotten myself into this situation?


When I set out with Robert all those months ago, I had two things on my mind. One was so that I could have the ability to avenge my father and brother who were mercilessly killed by the Mad king. I’m not a person that goes out seeking revenge, but there was no way I was keeping my head with him on the throne. The other was so that I could get my sister back from the Crown Prince who up until this moment I thought had kidnapped and raped her. I no longer know believe I know what the truth is anymore.


When the Mad King had called for mine and Robert’s head it seemed like the right choice to call the banners and head out to war. Even with a new wife who recently had become pregnant, there was no way that we would be able to live with the Mad King still on the throne.


After my brother and father had been murdered it seemed like the right choice, but now I don’t know anymore, because in the end the war didn’t bring back my father and brother, and even though I hadn’t known it at the time, it had lead to the death of my sister’s beloved.


I had let my brother and Robert get it into my head that the only possible reason for Lyanna’s disappearance had to be that the Dragon Prince had kidnapped her, but didn’t I know who she truly was? I had truly believed that Robert would change his whoring ways  for my lovely sister, but in the end she had been able to see right through the man that was now King. She despised the idea of him so much so that she decided to run off and marry the Dragon Prince because he was the one that truly loved her.


In the end the war was a lie, Robert was now king, and the Dragon Prince laid dead at the Trident.


But worst of is that my sister is now dying in this tower. What a cruel joke for the gods to have named it such. The Tower of Joy, more so the Tower of Despair.


When we got to the tower I expected a fight, because why else would three of the kingsguard be guarding the tower instead of their prince on the Trident? Oh how foolish I had been.


Instead of drawing steal,I decided that there had been enough bloodshed in the rebellion, and that this was not something that somebody needed to die for. I pleaded with the kingsguard, and after Ser Arthur Dayne described the situation to us, of how my sister had been the Knight of the Laughing Tree, how she was not kidnapped but more so rescued by the Dragon Prince, and it led them to being married in front of a heartree, Ser Arthur saw fit to allow us into the tower to see my sister. So Howland, Ser Arthur, and I ascended the steps to a heartbreaking scene.


When we first walked in, the smell of blood overwhelms us all. I had gotten used to the metallic smell during the war, but now it is even worse because it is my sister’s that I smell. When we walk in all I find is my sister laying in a bed cover in blood with winter rose’s thrown across it. A woman is running around the room trying to stop the bleeding, but we can all tell it is too late.


As soon as I enter the room, i rush to Lyanna’s side and grip her hand that is covered in her own blood. In my heart I start to freak out, but I keep a calm face so that I can have the ability to care for my sister when she has need of me most.


“Ned… Ned is that you?” she ask, voice just barely above a whisper.


“Yes Lya.. it’s me…. I’m here.” I respond, my voice trying it’s best to hold back my emotions, but that is not what happens.


When she finally realizes that it is me she tries to explain her actions and all I do is hold up a hand to stop her. “Lya, it’s okay, Ser Arthur has already been gracious enough to explain anything and I hold none of it against you or Rhaegar for that matter,” I respond, making sure that my sister can calm down and try to get better. I am not completely truthful about this all, but I can see her taking a turn for the worse, and I want to make sure she has the closest thing to a peaceful mind before she goes. It is at this moment that I realize there is no maester here, and with as much blood that covers my hand it spell certain doom. When I try to get up mumbling about a maester, Lyanna just grabs my wrist and yanks me back down, she knows there is nothing left that can save her.


“Ned, you have to promise me that you’ll protect them, promise me…” she pleads.


At first I am downright confused, but it is at this moment that I hear a baby’s squeal and I whip my head around to see a wet nurse standing there with to bundles. I instantly realize what has happened here, all of the pieces falling into place, and it is at this moment that I am handed one of the bundles. It is a boy with raven black short hair just like his mother. When the lad opens his eyes I notice that they are a dark grey, but if you are able to look close enough you may be able to see streaks of violet in them. I hand him back and reach for the other, a small girl. Her hair and eyes are the same as her brother, but instead of the purple streaks in her eyes that her brother has, all that look back at me is pure darkness. Eyes as black as night.


Lyanna leans in closer with extreme difficulty, and I try to push her back against the bed but she will have none of that. She leans into me so her mouth is just beside my ear when she says, “Ned, their names are Jaehaerys and Visenya Targaryen, you have to promise me that you’ll protect them. If Robert find out about them you know what he’ll do, he’ll kill them like poor Aegon and Rhaenys. Promise me Ned, promise me.”


All I can do is nod as the tears start to fall. I feel Lyanna’s grip is weakening, and I can tell that her time is nearly upon her. I lean down to kiss her cheek, and when I look back at her eyes they are unmoving and unblinking. With my thumb and my pointer on the hand that is not holding Visenya, I close her eyes for her to give her that small amount of peace. I look up to find tears in Howland’s eyes, and even more surprising are the ones that have found their way into Arthur’s.


“Arthur, I have to protect them, and I can’t do it alone. Will you three help me?”


“Lord Stark…. Of course, the vows of the kingsguard are for life, and since the three of us are still standing it is our job to protect the little ones.”


“Thank you Arthur. Howland, you and the men help the kingsguard ready Lyanna and the nursemaids pack up anything that is needed, it’s time for us to go home.”


Howland responds with a nod, and I give Visenya back to one of the two nursemaid that are in the room. I walk out and go to let the men that are still outside know of Lyanna’s passing, why it happened, and have all of them swear a vow of silence of what happened here until the day that I see fit for people to find out the truth, and only if I see fit for it to get out there.


This is when Ser Arthur and the rest of the people that were in the tower come out.


“Lord Stark, what do you plan to tell people?”


“Arthur, it is time for me, my sister, and my bastard twins Arya and Jon to go home.”


All i see are the looks of shock on everyone’s face as I turn around and head to prepare my horse.

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Hidden King

Growing up a bastard is a difficult way to live. Even if Arya and I’s situation could’ve been worse, growing up believing that you are lower than your trueborn siblings just because of the circumstance of your birth can get hard sometimes.

When I was younger I remember wanting to join the Night’s Watch. I had just been told what it means to be a bastard, and i felt that is the only way that I could’ve done something with my life. If it hadn’t been for Arya, I would already have been at the wall taking my vows. But if I had left, who would’ve looked out for her. Our Lord Father would’ve done his best to keep her there as long as possible, but the first chance Lady Stark got Arya would’ve found herself in the nearest brothel, and as long as I live I’m never letting anybody lay a hand on my sister.

Robb has always been kind to the two of us, he is my best friend and the three of us have always been close. Even when Greyjoy showed he still made time for us. I feel like if Arya had been trueborn, maybe he and I would’ve been closer but when Robb spends time with Theon, I spend my time with Arya.

Sansa was always kind when she was younger, but when she found out what it meant to be a bastard she started following in the footsteps of Lady Stark. She would keep her distance, and she would always make sure that people knew that we were just her half-siblings. It didn’t hurt me that much when she started growing colder towards us, but it broke Arya’s heart at first. When Sansa was around three or four she would follow Arya around like a lost puppy, but every since that day she found out who we are she barely looks our way anymore. Arya and I blame it all on Lady Stark and Septa Mordane who poison her mind about how all bastards are evil, and that the first chance we get we are going to betray them.

Bran has always been close to us since he’s been born. Lady Stark had hoped that when she told him we were bastards and what that meant that he would follow in her and Sansa’s footsteps, but in the end he had just told her that it wasn’t fair that we didn’t have a mother anymore, and had asked Lady Stark if she would be our mother. I had never seen her look so frustrated, she had turned quickly to head back to the keep with Sansa hot on her heels.

Rickon is still to young understand most of anything that is going on around him, so we still have a few years until we see how he’ll respond to our position of birth.

Lord Stark has always been kind to us when he can, but in the end he has to leave it for private moments between the three of us, or when Lady Stark isn’t around. Not just because he doesn’t want people really talking about the one (or in this case two) stains on his honor, but every since I can remember whenever he showed us any affection in public we’d mysteriously have less food on our plates than the rest of our family. He had tried talking to Lady Stark about it, but she would always reply that it looked normal to her. After that he had kept personal moments between the three of us when it was just us.
For the most part we live a pretty good life. We get to be raised alongside our brothers, and if Arya had been born true she would’ve had to learn in the acts of being a lady, and if there is one thing everybody in Winterfell knew about Arya, it was that she was not a lady. For her being a bastard had its perks, and one of those had been that she was able to train with us boys under the Winterfell master-of-arms Ser Rodrick. I had never seen anybody so happy then when Lord Stark had told her that she was going to have the ability to learn how to wield a sword. When he was too busy, or Robb was off doing whatever the heir of a great keep does, we were trained by either Addam, Os, or Bats, three pretty random guards who had come from the south when they got tire of the Southern games. They were mostly assigned to the First Keep where mine and Arya’s rooms were held, and they have always been kind to us no matter what other people said.

In the end, there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for my twin sister Arya, and I have always known that feeling goes both ways. We have always been the closest of our siblings, mainly because we were the two outcasts of the pack, or at least that was what the servants always called us when they thought that we weren’t listening.

Sometimes being everybody’s stepping stools had its perks because nobody ever really cared what the Bastards of Winterfell were doing. Whenever the trueborn children were forced to go to a feast or what not, Arya and I were able to go for a ride through the Wolfswood, or to spend some time with one one of three guards who had helped us to better our skills in swordsmanship. While the trueborns were busy making peace with the lords of the north, and Lady Catelyn was too busy trying to be the perfect lady, we were given free reign.

And did that free reign come in handy. I never really understood it growing up, but Arya and I had always been exceptionally close. There was never a time where we were not together spending time, be that with Robb or going for a ride on horseback, but in the last year or so we had gotten exceptionally close. Some people may not call it proper for siblings to be as close as we were, but no one truly cared about what the two bastards were doing. Arya had been my first kiss, and where it should’ve felt awkward, in a way it just felt right, like the gods had fashioned us to be together forever.

One time Addam had caught us in the Godswood being rather close, closer than any siblings should be, and he had let it slip that it was in our blood to be attracted to each other. All it had done is left a confused look on the two of ours faces, and we spent the rest of the day in the library seeing if any Starks had every married brother to sister. We hadn’t found anything, but the records only dated back a few thousand years so maybe there was record somewhere else detailing more of the Stark family history.

No matter what it was, there was nobody that could compare to Arya. With her shoulder blade length black hair, and her dark as night eyes that could bore into anybody soul, I had always known that we were meant to be. Not that we ever acted on it because in the deepest parts of our hearts we knew that it was wrong, so it only went as far as a stolen kiss here, or a quick slip of the hand whenever one of was uncomfortable. More than once we had been there to comfort each other when we felt the weight of Lady Stark’s gaze on us.

So when we realized that no matter what were sticking together because even though we had family within the walls of Winterfell, our other siblings were going to become lords, ladies, and even in Bran’s case maybe even knight, but the two of us were going to have to make our own way in this world….


The Lord of Winterfell

Dark wings, dark words…

Ned sat in his solar late into the evening one night processing all of the new information that had been coming to light as of recent, drinking more of his favorite Northern ale trying to cure the headache that had taken form in his mind dealing with it all.

Dark wings, dark words… That had been what was playing through my head when he had received the letter with the royal stamp.

All that I had been told was that my foster father Jon Arryn had died of a fever, and that Lord Tywin was now going to be Hand of the KIng.

It was the final nail in the coffin it seemed of King Roberts and I’s relationship because the man that i knew what have rode all the way up to the North to ask me to be his hand, but the man that he is now hadn’t even written the letter to me telling me of our shared father’s death. Because even though it may be Robert’s stamp and signature, it bore Tywin Lannister’s words.

It’s not like I had even wanted to ride south and play their southern games, but it showed who was truly ruling the Kingdoms while Robert spent all his time drinking and whoring himself to an early grave. Knowing Lannister he probably had been the cause of Jon’s death because in the end it wouldn’t have been the only ruthless murder the man had ever put into motion to raise in the ranks of power.

This hadn’t been the only letter that I had received recently, and the other letter was just as worrisome. The king’s spymaster Varys had sent a rider in the dead of night with a letter that was only for my eyes, and the letter bore grave tidings. The letter stated that Viserys Targaryen believed himself to be the true heir to the iron throne, and that he had made several plans to sell his sister to get himself an army. Not only was it worrisome that this boy who he had heard was just a mad as his father, but that the spymaster saw fit to send this information to Winterfell.

How much did the man know about the secrets that only Ned and his brother Benjen knew anything about? With Benjen being in the Night’s Watch it was hard to believe that he had been the one to spill the news, and also Benjen was not the time of person to let this type of secret slip. Even then with Varys’ little birds everywhere it wouldn’t be hard for him to find out about the secret that kept Ned awake most nights.

The secret wasn’t going to stay a secret for long what with the purple in Jon’s eyes becoming scarcely more prominent if you looked close enough, or with the long strand of silver hair that always seemed to find a way out of the tight braid in Arya’s hair whenever she trained. And even then, even though they thought they were being secretive with the feelings that forming between them, but Arthur, Oswell, Gerold, and even he personally had seen their Targaryen blood becoming more prominent with how they looked at each other when they thought no one was looking.

One thing I know for sure is that this secret won’t stay a secret for much longer, and with the kingdoms seemingly falling into darkness once again, it may be time for the dragons to prepare to rule the kingdoms once again…


The She-Dragon in Wolf’s Skin

Arya sat in bed reading a book about Aegon’s Conquest when she heard the knock on the door.

“Enter,” she replied, hoping that it would be one of the only people that came to knock on her door at the hour of the wolf.

It was either going to be her Lord Father coming to say goodnight, which he hadn’t done recently or it would be her twin brother coming to see how she was doing.

Earlier in the day Theon Greyjoy had said some rather perverted things to her, and instead of letting one of her brothers handle the whoremonger, she had punched him right in nose.

When she realized who it was, she knew she had been correct because in walked Jon, her Jon.

She never realized when she started to call Jon hers, but every since she had it had only felt right. She always had a small crush on him growing up, and now that they were both sixteen, and she was a women flowered, it had only grown stronger. In her heart of hearts she knew that it was wrong, and that it wasn’t right for her to feel such a way about her brother, but in the end who the fuck gave two shits about what bastards did anyway.

“Hey Arya, just coming in to check on you, little wolf.”

Arya scoffed, “I’m not that little Jon, and you know it, even then were the same age stupid.”
All he answered with was an eye roll and a shrug. Damn him and his stupid, beautiful eyes that made it so that even when he was mocking her could make her feel a certain burning in her core.

“Whatever Jon, why are you here again?”

“Making sure that you are okay after everything that happened in the training yard today. Why, was there another reason you thought that I’d be here for?” he responded with a wink.

“No stupid, I was just wondering why you were checking in now… it’s nearly the hour of the wolf, and we all know you need your sleep…stupid…” She added the extra stupid just saw he knew that she though that he was stupid.

“Whatever. No but really… are you okay? He said some rather wretched things towards you, and if you hadn’t punched him I knew I was about to.”

“Yes, I am fine, and I am getting rather tired, so if that is all I think that I am going to turn in for the night. Any way it isn’t anything I haven’t heard come out of his mouth before.” she responds, deflating a bit thinking about how much of a pervert that Greyjoy can be sometimes.

“Fine, fine. There is one other thing though…” he says striding closer, and before she can even realize what is happening he has caught her lips with her own, and his tongue is sliding across her bottom lip asking permission to enter. She gives it willingly feeling herself sink into his embrace, loving the feel of him on her, and wishing they weren’t related so that they could take this further. If only they were Targaryens this would be okay, and nobody would question what they were doing, but alas, they were not Targaryens even if his eyes had streaks of purple and she had a lock of silver hair that Jon tried to help her cover every morning before leaving to go and train.

All too soon, he pulls back and they both work to catch their breath. He pulls out of their embrace, kisses her forehead, and turns to leave. Before he does he breathes out a small goodnight, and before she can stop him he is out of her room.

‘Well, I guess it’s just another night it’s just another night of handling business myself, and Jon is making an appearance tonight,” she thinks to herself before blowing out her candles, and not for the first time wishing her and Jon were Targaryens.

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Lord of Winterfell


What is happening to this world?


I should've known better than to expect Dorne to sit by quietly while somebody like Twyin, who killed Elia and her babes, was awarded the second most powerful position in the Seven Kingdoms. I don't know what they are planning, but with the new information of their army mobilizing and strengthening there is only so much time before war has been cast upon all of us.


I don't know what to do anymore... These are all southern games I was never trained to play in, but for the safety of my house and the twins I am going to have to act soon, and that will all start with telling Arya and Jon. 


I don't know how well they will take it. They have a right to be angry at me, but in the end I know my actions is what has allowed them to live to ten and six. If I hadn't played the way I have, or cared little about my family, they would've turned out just like Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaeneys, and Lyanna's spirit would come back to haunt me until the day I died. I don't know if something like that is possible, but if anybody has the chance of finding out a way it would be the she-wolf of Winterfell.


Before I tell them though I need the most important piece to the puzzle. If we are going to fight this war, I don't even know if we will be strong enough to win. Alliances are what wins wars, and in the end it will most likely come down to that. Jon and Arya will most likely marry between the two of them, and love is the death of duty, but i do know that they are for sure their mother's children and nothing will be stopping them from doing what they truly want to do. They have also suffered enough, their lives may been better than many other bastards throughout the realm, but I also know that it has not been easy on them. I will always remember the day when Arya was around nine and she had come running into my arms crying because Catelyn and Sansa had kept calling her a bastard. I had this conversation with Jon about two years before, but he had tried his hardest to keep the ire of Catelyn off her as long as he could even if that he had to take more of the hits. When she came running to me she had been wondering what it meant to be a bastard, and I ended up having to tell her because if it wasn't from me than somebody else would've told her. and at least I could try to break it to her in a way that wouldn't make her too sad. That was the day I had decide to allow her to learn how to wield a sword because at least than she would be able to have something that I saw bring her so much joy.


So that leaves me to do what my father did, and find a way to make alliances with my children that will benefit them all. The Tyrells have always been strong Targaryen supporters, and they have a daughter around the age as Robb. I hear that she is quite beautiful and smart, and in the end if Mace and Olenna Tyrell can't have their blood on the Iron Throne, they may as well have the closest supporters to the rightful king and queen in the chance that when the time comes their blood may have the best shot at ending up on the Iron Throne.


Dorne will be hard fought. They are already gearing for war, but when it comes down to it will they support the children of the man that annulled the marriage between their very well loved family member and princess, which may or may not have played a part in her death. Again though, everybody can be sold on an idea, and if they can eventually have a close relation with the family that raised the future king and queen then they will see it through.


The Riverlands will side with us because their kin will eventually marching off to war, and in the end the Tully house words are Family Duty Honor. Even if they don't like the idea of a Targaryen being on the throne once again, they will like it much less when the Lannisters are running the kingdoms. Even then, Robb will for sure wish to fight for his cousin who is more like a brother, and if he goes to war I don't see Hoster or the Blackfish staying out of the fight.


That leaves the Baratheons and the Lannisters with only the Westerlands, Stormlands, and maybe the Crownlands. Even then everybody will have to fight together to win this war because no matter how few lands they may hold in this war, the Lannister army is the largest of them all, and probably the best trained of them all as well. 


The Vale will most likely stay neutral, even with Jon Arryn gone. Lysa and her sickly boy now rule the Vale, and they probably won't be gearing up for a fight if what I believe to have happened to Jon to be true. Nobody knows what the Iron Islands with do, they are just too unpredictable. Balon Greyjoy only wants one thing, and that is to go back to the Old Way, and if Jon were to allow that then the Northern shores would be set to be pillaged and raped once again by the Ironborn.


That is most likely how the sides will play out, but even the Tyrells are also up in the air. Why fight for our side when they can marry their young rose off to the family that already holds the Iron Throne, even if word has gotten out that he is cruel child. I am actually quite shocked that Robert hasn't already asked me to wed Sansa to him. He had always wanted to combine our two houses, but I am not going to throw my only daughter into the Lion's Den, and even then we won't hopefully ever see a day where that cruel child is king. 


There is also always the question of what will happen to Daenerys and Viserys. From what I've heard about the boy he is a cruel boy, and if he was ever given any amount of power he would just become the Mad King come again. Maybe it'll be better for Jon and Arya to go there first to take him off the path that he is heading down, and if not to make sure that Daenerys is safe because from what I have heard she is a sweet girl who cared about the small people even when she was on the run and hungry.


If they decide to go to Essos they will be virtually alone though, only with Arthur, Gerold, and Oswell going with them, but I also know those kids and if they heard that if somebody if their blood was in trouble, even without knowing her, I know that nothing would stop them from doing what they believe to be right.


It'll be up to them in the end, now all that's left is to tell them, and see where we need to start.



Hidden King


It had been quite a while since Father had asked me to meet him in his solar, and when he saw Arya heading the same way he became much more nervous.


Had he found out about the way that we feel about each other? Will he force me to go to the Night's Watch so that nothing could truly form between us? Even if he did Arya and I would just end up leaving, going across the narrow sea or to Dorne where they didn't bash on people for being bastards or expressing how they felt about someone.


He ended up rushing to walk next to Arya, and to also see what she thought was happening. It was not everyday that they were called upon to go to their Lord Father, especially just the two of them. 


When he finally caught up to her he decided to get right to it... "Do you think he found out about us?"


"Hmm... I don't think so." she responds, although I can tell by the look on her face that she is not being completely truthful.


"You know I can tell right through this little farce that you are putting on, right?"


"I don't know Jon, and I'm going to try and not get myself worked up over it if it's not what is happening."


I grab her shoulder and make her stop. "Arya, you know even if he did find out we would just go somewhere else, right? I love our sibling, even Sansa, but for the most part it's just been the two of us, and in the end when they all leave or become what they are supposed to be, it'll most likely be just the two of us."


"Yes I know Jon, but let's find out what he actually has to say before we jump to conclusions. I may have been a while since we have been asked to go to his solar, just the two of us, but doesn't mean that we are in any kind of trouble. Maybe he just wants to check up on us and how our training is going."


I don't truly believe her, but in the end she is right and we should at least here what he has to say before we make any decisions. We start on our way to his solar again, and when we finally reach the door I hear Arya take an audible breathe. We hear the pardon to enter and we are surprised by the sight we open the door to. It isn't just our father, but Bats, Addam, and Os are in there as well. We also notice a large wooden crate on our Lord Father's desk that have a dragon and wolf engraved in them, and it is made of a wood that looks a lot like a weirwood tree. 


"Hello you two, please take a seat," our Lord Father says as we enter the room. 


We both take our seats and we can both feel our anxiety rise even more.


"You both are probably wondering why I have called you here, and I want to let you know that you are not in trouble... There is something that I need to tell you both."


He officially has our attention now, and we can both feel our anxiety seep out of our bodies only for it to rise again when we see the look on our father's face. He looks almost scared, and we both realize that we may not like what he is about to tell us.


"Before I begin, I want you both to hear out everything that I have to say, and please don't interrupt me until I have explained the whole situation... Gods where do I even start. I won't you both to know that I love you both very much, and no matter what I want to know that I live everyday being incredibly proud to be your father... but in the end I am not your father..."


Immediately I feel Arya raise to her feel screaming "What?!" I would try to stop her but I feel just as surprised to hear this little secret as well. How could we not be his kids? Is he really saying I what I think he is? Maybe he's trying to make us mad so that we feel like we need to leave, but that doesn't seem like something that he would do... Would he?


"Arya, please let me finish. This is already hard enough as it is, and I don't want to have to explain myself more than once because we have a lot to discuss. Yes, I am not your father, but I have never lied about you both being my blood. You see your real mother is Lyanna, my sister, and I had to tell this lie because the truth put the two of you into dangerous terrain, but in the end it seems we have reached it no matter what."


I feel like my jaw has hit the ground about ten different times when he said these rather simple words, but the truth is like being dropped of the Wall. Who could our father be that would put us n dang...oh.


"So our father is really Rhaegar Targaryen? We are children born of rape?"


"NO! No, you were children born of love." It's Addam who responds this time. How does he know this story, he only came to Winter fell about a year after our father... uncle brought us home. He said that he met our fath- uncle on the kingsroad and he had offered him a place on our guard after Addam had dealt with some personal issues.


It's our father... uncle that answers the questions that are burning within my mind, and by the look on Arya's face it has also confused her.


"Jon... Arya I would like to meet your kingsguard Ser Arthur Dayne, Ser Gerold Hightower, and Ser Oswell Whent."


Did I just hear him correct... kingsguard? 


It's Arya who asks this time.  "So Jon is the true king? And I'm really a princess? And you never told us!!!!" I can feel her shaking in rage, and when I look into her eyes I see the beginnings of a fire behind the dark as night irises. I reach for her hand and I bring her back down to her chair before she does something that she may regret, even though I do exactly disagree with her. I am also feeling so much rage I can barely keep a hold of her.


"Yes", our father... uncle responds. 


"You must understand that I did this to protect the two of you. Robert Baratheon and Tywin Lannister would've killed you two, and I promised your mother that I would protect the two of you. Let me finish my story before you guys decide to throw your chairs and every other piece of furniture in this room. After the rebellion I left the capital to look for your mother, and I learned from the spider exactly where she was. When I and some of my most loyal bannermen rode up to the tower that your mother was in we found three kingsguard... the same kingsguard that are here today. We could of easily fought each other to the death, but there had been enough bloodshed in the rebellion and instead of fighting I just wanted to see Lyanna and try and bring her home. There Arthur told me the story about how your mother and father fell in love at the tourney of Harrenhall, and that Rhaegar had annulled his marriage with Elia Martell to marry her. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that he did the right thing, but only the Gods know what was going through his head. We all do things that we may or may not regret in the name of love. Well have the tourney the mad king found out that your mother was a mystery knight that didn't kneel, and when he found out he told Rhaegar to bring him her head. Well they had already fallen in love so instead of leaving to bring him your mother's head, he decided that he was going to find and save her. So him and some of his most trusted men to make sure that she was safe, and it just happened that she was heading to Riverun at this time for my brother Brandon's wedding. When they found each other they left notes for my father, Lord Tully, and me. We later found out that your Uncle Benjen helped her to escape. Well even longer story short they feel in love, got married, and had you two. When I found your mother she was bleeding out from childbirth, and asked me to protect the two of you. In the end she lost her life, but I want you both to know that it is not your fault that she didn't make it. She didn't have a maester, and even with a good one giving birth to a child can be hard. She loved the both of you, and with her last breaths she asked me to protect the two of you..."


I feel the blood drain out of my face. Me? A king? A Targaryen King at that? I look over to see Arya with the same dumbstruck look on her face. Strangely enough I also see a small glimmer of hope. Is it from learning that maybe we can be together? Or is it from the possibility that we won't have to lead the lives that most bastards lead, unloved and unwanted? Maybe both.


I turn to look back at our uncle, and he seems more calm now that he has been finally given the chance to let free the truth that him and only a few other people had been keeping for over ten and six years.


"So what do we do now?" Arya ask.


"That is completely up to the two of you, but you both must know that war is coming, and it won't be quick and easily won. I also want you both to know that if you decide to go after your throne you will have the backing of I and the whole North behind you."


Me? The throne? The longer this conversation keeps going on the more I feel the blood drop in my body. There was one other thing that I needed to know before Arya and I made a decision, and with a quick look her way we both know we are thinking the same thing.


"Are we the last two Targaryens?"


"No, you have an aunt and uncle in Essos, and if you wish you can go find them, but you must know I have heard reports that your uncle holds the same madness that your grandfather had, and that you may have to make decisions that you may not want to if you wish to go for the throne. We have also heard that he is trying to sell your aunt off so that he may obtain an army, and from what I've heard she is a sweet and caring women, but she is too meek right now to stand up to your uncle."


These types of conversations go on for a little bit longer, mostly about which Kingdoms may side with us, will for sure side with us, and the ones that we will have to fight to win back our family throne. With a quick glance to Arya I notice that we both have came to the same decision.


"We are going to try to take back the throne for our family, our future, and to be able to make other people's lives better than the shit ones that they have always known, but first their are a few things that we need to do and a few things that you need to know before we decide what to do next." Arya responds with a face that shows more determination than I have ever seen cross her face.


"Yes yes of course."


"First things first is that Jon and I feel strongly about each other. Stronger than what is normal for siblings to feel for each other."


"Yes child, we know."  It's Oswell that answers, and finally some pieces click into place. It wasn't or Stark blood Arthur had talked about when he had caught us together, it was are Targaryen blood showing. 


"You knew"? I ask.


"Yes, we know, and we are okay. The four of us have already been working on some ideas for the marriages of my children that will help to procure some alliances, and when we see fit we will tell them what the two of you are doing to get your throne back, whatever that is."


I feel a weight lift off my shoulders the moment that I hear that they all knew, and they didn't hate the two of us because of the decisions that we have made these last few years.


Arya then states "Then we are going to try to figure out where are relationship take us, but from we already know Jon will one day be king... and I will be queen." she says with a look of curiousness at the revelation and thankfully none of them look surprised by the news that we will most likely wed.


"Second off," she continues, "we are going to Essos to meet the other half of our family. We will see what our uncle is like, and if we see fit we will deal with him depending on if he is as mad as our grandfather. We will keep Daenerys with us, and we will help to protect her, and we are going to also offer her a marriage pact between the three of us if that is what she wants and she turns out to be a good person."


This is the time that we actually see surprise enter the other men's faces. Or at least most of them. My uncle's eyes are as wide as saucers, and the kingsguard excluding Ser Arthur seem to be surprised as well, he just has a satisfied smirk on his face like he saw this one coming.


"Yes, before any of you ask questions, we are going to ask her to marry us if that is what she wants. As you said earlier Ser Hightower, the dragon has three head, and Aegon the Conqueror formed seven seperate kingdoms into one with his two wives, and that is what we will do if that is what Daenerys wants."


I am pleasantly surprised by how much Arya has already put many of the pieces into place, and nothing is set in stone. We are just putting it out there if we think that it is best for the kingdoms, and if that is what Daenerys wants. 


"Last but not least, we will be in Essos for some time. With the numbers that we have now the war could turn any way, and we want to better the world, not just Westeros. We will need soldiers, and we see fit to maybe put an end to some vile trades and practices that are put into place over there."


It is at this moment that we see a smile form on the face of our uncle. It looks as if he now knows that he has put his support behind the right people.


"Alright. The North will try and stay out of the fighting for as long as it takes for you two to figure out what your next move is after you find your family, and if war comes to our doorstep we will let you know and see what we should do."



The She-Dragon in Wolves Skin


After all the shocks and decisions that have been made today she starts to feel her eyelids close. She is getting tired but this conversation is not over just yet.


”I just wanted to let you both know that Jon and Arya are not your real names... You’re real names are Jaehaerys and Visenya Targaryen...” our uncles says.


”VISENYA! My name is Visenya Targaryen. Fuck that’s cool.” I say, freaking out over being named after one of my heroes, the warrior queen that helped Aegon the Conqueror conqueror the Seven Kingdoms.


All anybody in that room does is laugh at my reaction, then her uncle stand up he motions the two of us to stand up as well. Then he moves over to his desk and opens the crate that make much more sense now that the truth has been revealed. When he opens it we notice a large of assortment of things, two things that look like sheaths wrapped in cloth, two rocks that look more like stones, and a jumble of papers. Their uncle reaches for the papers first.


"These are the papers that will prove the marriage between your mother and father. I have made several other copies and have stashed them away in safe hiding places, and there are also copies in Oldtown if there is ever need for the two of you to prove your birth and their marriage."


Then he reaches for the sheaths wrapped in cloths and reveals them. They are two of the most beautiful swords that she has ever laid eyes on, and they look oddly familiar. What her uncle says next proves her suspicions.


"This first sword is Dark Sister, it had been lost for many years but it was hidden away with your Uncle Aemon, he is the maester up North at Castle Black. When I learned that he was trustworthy I told him about you to, or rather that your Uncle Benjen told him, and he saw fit to send this sword to me, a sword fit for a queen."


My eyes open as wide as saucers as he hands the sword to me. I am all too excited when I unsheath it and give a few swings, and when I look back at Jon he is looking at me with only love and adoration in his eyes. It has been the first time that we have been able to show others how we feel, and we officially feel like it is okay for us to be feeling this way towards one another.


After a few moments he reaches for the other sword, and all he says that this is Blackfyre, and that it was a gift to Jon. Jon follows the same motion that I did, and again we look into eachother's eyes and we both still feel the same emotions swirling in each other's eyes as we look upon each other. We learn that a Gerion Lannister found it across the Narrow Sea in one of the Free Cities. He returned in the dead of night to return it to the rightful owners, and their father had seen it fit to give it to the prince of fire and ice.


Then it is time for the two stones, and when our uncle hands it to the two of us we feel a certain warmth to them. It is at this moment we realize what these are, dragon eggs.


"Ser Arthur found those in the tower that you two were born in, and he told me that it was the last gift that he was going to give the two of you when you were old enough."


I feel the first bit of tears coming. Both Jon and I had read enough about dragons to understand what the warmth meant, and even though we didn't know how to hatch them we would have some time to find out the secret of these eggs together. 


This is when both Jon and I truly feel the effect of the last few hours hit us, and we ask for leave. Our uncle on laughs and nods, and Jon and I leave hand in hand towards the first keep with Ser Arthur and Gerold following us carrying the crate. When we walk out we realize how long it had taken us to hold our conversation, and the night is black without a single star shining and a light summer snow falling from the sky. When we reach my room the two sers drop the crate of and got to guard the first keep. It makes much more sense now why they were the ones always guarding Jon and I's rooms because only us and a few servants lived here. 


Jon notices that I am tired and he turns to go to his rooms, but before he can I grab his arm and bring him into a kiss. It is the first time that we have been able to kiss without feeling some small form of fear or guilt plaguing us, and all we feel now is that we are both exactly where we are supposed to be. We end up falling asleep in each others arms, and for the first time in both of their lives they felt like they had a purpose and a true reason to fight for what they had.


Chapter Text

The Lady of Winterfell


What was Ned thinking? Why would he give his bastards direwolves alongside her true-born children. He said that the reason that the children had got the wolves was because they are the symbols of our house, the Starks, but those bastards aren't Starks, and if I have anything to say about it they never will be. 


Three weeks had passed since they had brought them home, and a week had passed since Ned and the bastards had spent the whole day in his solar talking to one another. I had hoped that it would have been because I have been trying to get him to get rid of them, and I went to bed that night sleeping better than I had in months, but when I woke up one of the first thing I noticed was the bastard boy walking around acting like the keep was his, and to make matters worse he had a brand new sword at his hip. I won't act like I know anything about swords, but from what I could tell from the partially covered hilt I knew that is was very nice and expensive one. 


To make matters even worse when I saw the bastard girl walking around, she also had a new sword at her hip, and it looked to be just as finely crafted as that of the boy's. Why would he give the bastards fancy swords? It was already worse enough that the boy wasn't going to the, and the girl hadn't already been married off to some farmer or lower lord, but now they were given gifts? I had try giving them less food and worse clothes than the rest of the people in the household hoping that Ned would see fit to send them elsewhere because it hurt my feelings looking into their faces each and every day, but in the end it had been for nothing. Well not nothing. 


It was not just that after the Rebellion my Lord Husband brought home his twin bastards, but it also hurt to see that they had the Stark looks when none of our trueborn children did. I was hoping that the girl that I was supposed to have between Sansa and Bran would've had the Stark looks, but in the end I had a miscarriage, and I never got to see what her features were.


This had been playing through my mind all day when I noticed the girl walking into the first keep, so I decided to follow her and ask her why in the Seven Hells she would have such a fancy gift from my Lord Husband. When I walked into the whole I noticed her against the wall just looking at the sheathed sword, so I decided this was my chance to get some answers from the evil bastard. As soon as I got close she looked up at me with the darkest scowl I had ever seen. How dare she look at me in such a way, I have been gracious enough to allow her to live in my home no matter my true feelings on the matter.


"What do you want Lady Stark?" she ask tiredly. 


"Alright listen here bastard, why in the Seven Hells did my Lord Husband give you and your bastard brother such swords."


Quicker than I thought possible she is up on her feet and staring me down like I am a child, but I am no child, I am the Lady of a great house. 


"Well we don't get many nice things you see, and both Jon and I love swordsmanship, so he saw fit that we we're old enough to have fine swords of our own. But you know all too well about us not having clothes without holes in them, don't you Lady Stark." She responds in a snarl, and before I even know what I am doing I slap her across the face. How dare she talk to me in such a way.


I notice all too late my Ned and the bastard boy are standing in the doorway. The boy has a look of fury on his face, and by look on Ned's face I can tell that he also saw what just happened.



The Lord of Winterfell


I'm on way to see Jon and Arya, or rather Jaehaerys and Visenya, to see how their packing is going when I notice Jon heading off to the First Keep. It seems we now have both noticed both Ghost and Nymeria snarling at the door, so I rush to make sure that he and Arya are okay.


"Jon, what is happening here?" I ask, and I need to make sure that I keep calling him by his fake name so that people don't overhear, and it won't be hard because he may be a Targaryen, but in the end he'll always be Jon to me.


"I don't know... I was just heading to help Arya continue packing because we haven't done much of it and we leave in two days, but then I noticed both Ghost and Nymeria staring at the door snarling. We should make sure Arya is safe." He say all this while heading to open the door. When he passes both wolves they both sit, and I go to catch up with him. We run into the hall leading to the rooms to see the bare end of what has taken place here. 


All I see is my Lady wife standing there after having slapped Arya, and to make matters worse she seems proud of herself, like she has been looking forward to the day that she could do that. Jon moves forward with his hand on the hilt of his sword, eyes almost bulging out his head in rage, but I lay a hand on his arm to stop his advancement. I don't think he would attack my wife, but then again when it came to Arya, Jon had never been a very sensible person. 


I rush forward, and I see the smirk fall off my wife's face. If I hadn't been here to see it she'd still be smirking. Is this not the first time she has done this? How long have things like this been going on? How blind have I been?


"Catelyn! What in the Seven Hells do you think you are doing?"


"Ned, you should have heard the despicable things this girl has just said to me. I..." she starts but I don't let her finish.


"So you hit her?! What could she have said that was so bad that she deserved such a punishment." 


" She told me why you gave her and the bastard boy swords, and she said that it was because you saw fit to give them something nice because I purposely give them clothes with holes in them... Which I don't... I assure you my Lord." She add the last part as if it's an afterthought. I turn to look at Arya and she is also furious like Jon was moments ago, and for the first time I notice that her clothes seem to have some holes in them like they hadn't been patched up in a while. When I turn to look at Jon his clothes seem to be in the same state.


"Catelyn... is this the first time that you have hit either my son or my daughter? Do not lie to me."


"No," she says while looking at her feet, and all I can feel is overwhelming emotion crash down on me. Oh how blind I have been.


"Catelyn, do you personally or tell somebody to give them clothes in bad shape, make sure their clothes aren't patched up like the rest of my children, or give them less food then the rest of my children? Again, do not like to me."


Still looking down all she can say is yes, and I feel my own rage coming on.


"Catelyn, you will go to our quarters, I have to make sure that Arya is okay also make sure that her and Jon are ready to leave." When I see the excitement shine on her face I feel bile come up my throat. How long had this been going on. "No Catelyn, they are not leaving for the wall and to get married, they are leaving on business for me, and it may be a few year before they return, but mark my words they will return and they will be welcomed like long lost family members. Do you hear me?"


All I see is her nod before I continue, "You will go up to our chambers until I see fit to come see you. I have some business to take care of before I will be there, but you are not allowed to leave until I come and see you. I do not want you anywhere near here, and I especially will not come near either Jon or Arya, do I make myself clear?"


She nods again and the last thing I say will hurt her, but for my sanity at the moment it has to be said. "Before you will go to our chambers, you will stop and speak with Poole and get your spare chambers ready. You will stay there until I see fit for you to come back to our chambers, and never before than. Okay?"


I see the tears start to fall down her face, but it had to be done. When she tries to fight me on it I just shake my head and tell her to leave. She quickly turns on her heals and leaves us behind. When I look on at Arya, and then turn to Jon, guilt overwhelms me and I feel my own tears falling. I slide down the wall hugging my knees and continue to ask for Lyanna's forgiveness again and again in my head.


"Uncle, are you okay?" Arya ask.


"No sweet child, I am not, and I'm so sorry about what has happened to the both of you. If I hadn't been so blind it would have been better, and for that I am sorry."


All Jon and Arya do is shake their heads, and all I can wonder is what is going on through their head.


"Don't worry about it Uncle, we're used to it, and you had other things to worry about. It is a lady's job to take care of the household, and she does love talking down to us because she is the Lady." Jon responds, and I don't know how it's possible but I fell both better and worse at the same time.


I get up and grab both of them into a hug mumbling how sorry I am. After a while we head our seperate ways, I got to talk to my wife, and they go to pack for the next adventure in their lives, and the journey that will hopefully lead to peace in realm once again.



Hidden King


It had been two days since the incident with Arya and Lady Stark and we haven't seen her since. I've heard that she is only given a little bit of time in a day to see her children and do some things around the keep (except anything to do with us) and it has been a nice break after all these years of looking over our shoulder to make sure she isn't glaring at us.


Robb had wondered what had happened, but Lord Stark had told us he will tell the family about everything after we left, about where we were going, what we were doing, and even who we are. He also had let us know that he was going to tell Robb and only Robb about the treatment that we received because he said it would be a good lesson for the heir. He said that it would be important for him to make sure that he takes a look at was happening around the keep from time to time when it came time to be the Lord of Winterfell.


Sansa spent most of her time with her mother, and Lady Stark is probably already telling her all forms of lies about how we poisoned their father's mind, and that he liked us better than their actual children.


Bran spent most of his time watching us all spar because when we weren't packing we were making sure that we used some of the time to get better. We didn't know what to expect in Essos, and even then we knew nothing we were going to do was going to be easy.


Rickon was torn between the two places because he was still too young to truly understand the situation. In the end their wasn't anything to understand, but it would take time for them all to understand that we were their cousins, not their siblings, bastard or not.


On the eve before we were set to leave, we double checked that we had everything that we were going to need. We didn't have much in the first place, but we needed to double, triple, and even quadruple check that we had our dragon eggs, swords, and the people proving what we were going to have to tell our aunt and uncle.


That night Arya and I slept in each other's arms once again which was quickly becoming a habit of ours. We no longer had anything to hide, and we would be leaving the only "home" we have ever know so we took each other's comfort whenever we could get it.


In the morning, we checked that we had everything. There was a knock on our door and our three kingsguard were there, they of course would be coming with us. 


"You ready", Arthur asks.


"As ready as we'll ever be", Arya responds. They all three just nod and they come into grab our possessions. When we reach the courtyard we see our family there waiting for us, or at least everybody but Lady Catelyn and Sansa. I don't really care, but when I look over I see that Arya is upset. She didn't care if Lady Stark came to say goodbye, and although she would say it she was hoping that Sansa would've come to see us off. She never got over that she lost the companionship of our only other sister, but we both knew deep down that we would be back and that this wouldn't be goodbye. The first person to approach is Robb.


"The next time we see each other you'll be all in black."


I scoff, "Again I'm not going to the wall. Arya and I are going to Essos to do some business for our father."


He laugh.  " Yes I know, I'm just messing with you. Later Snow."


"Later Stark." We both laugh this time. I hope when the truth comes out they won't resent us for not being the ones to tell them, but before they knew we needed to be in Essos just to make sure.


Next is Bran and little Rickon. Little Rickon doesn't know what is going on, and I can tell that he had just been crying. "I'll miss you two I say, but just so you know it's not forever. We'll see each other very soon."


Little Rickon smiles at this and he gives me a stronger hug than I than a thought possible at that age.


"I'll miss you both too," Bran responds and gives me a hug.


"Make sure you keep training brother, when I return I expect you to be able to beat me." I say. It's a long shot that he'll be able to beat me because I have always excelled in swordsmanship. I am even better than Robb, but hopefully this gives Bran something to work on while were away. I know what's coming, and I hope that he'll be able to defend himself if he ever needs to. 


Last our uncle greets us, and he wears a proud smile on our face. When he sees that Arya is also done speaking with our sibling, because that's what they'll always be to us, he comes over and gives us both a hug. 


"I am so proud of both of you, and I wish you both luck. Make sure that you both look after each other, and if it comes down to it make sure you protect you know who. We will all see each other again, and we will all be ready." he whispers into our ears. He turns to leave but then turns again, "Also, when you guys get to Pentos look for a Ser Jorah, he'll know what to do when you get there. Last I heard from him he was at a Magister Illyrio's manse, and the magister has some other guest," he says with a wink and then turns around.


At this point it is time for us to get on our horses to leave, and before we ride out of the gate we turn and wave to our family, both hoping and praying to the Old Gods that this isn't the last time we all see each other. With that Arya, our three kingsguard, and I ride out of Winterfell's gates. 




The Dragon that Hasn't Woken


I am standing in Illyrio's manse when I hear the knocking on the door, and I automatically fear the worst. When he enters my room I know that my fears were right, and I feel my body tense up.


"Hello sweet sister, how are you today?"


"Good dear brother, and yourself?" I ask acting like the good, little sister that I am because in the end he is my king.


"Better than I have been in a long time, Illyrio has just told me that Drogo's Khalasar is on their way, and they will be here in about three moons time sister."


All I do is nod because the last thing I want right now is to wake the dragon. I hide my true feelings for right now, but sometimes I wish somebody will come and save me, but nobody cares about me. In the end I am alone no matter how much my brother says he loves me. At least my new friend Ser Jorah is here to talk to me about my home. All I have to do is hope that Viserys doesn't want to much and he'll leave soon.


"So sweet sister, make sure that you get enough sleep, and make sure you are cleaning yourself thoroughly because if he wanted his bride to smell like a pigpen he might as well just fuck one of his horses."


He turns on his heels and leave me standing there. I finally feel safe enough to let my tears free. I'm miss the brother who would do anything to protect me while we were on the run, but now all I have left is a madman. I just want to go home, but I don't even know where that is anymore.



The She-Dragon in Wolf's Skin


It took three days for them to arrive in White Harbor, and when we got there Uncle Ned had already set up transport with Lord Manderly. We were going to have to sail on a trade vessel, but we were all going to have our own chambers, so in our case one for each of the kingsguard and one for Jon and I.


We left early one morning, and Jon and I spent most of the day with Arthur, Gerold, and Oswell training on deck. We found a nice little spot where we wouldn't get in anybody's way. We all lost track of time and when night grew around us, we had a quick dinner just the five of us in Arthur's chamber. When Jon and I got tired we retired for the night with Oswell on watch tonight. Ever since we left Winterfell one of them would always stand outside our room. We didn't think it was necessary but they had all told us nothing was happening to us on their watch. They had gotten rid of their Stark armor and now were wearing plain leather armor, but as soon as we were to meet our family they told us they were gonna change into their old kingsguard armor with the three headed dragon on the front. Jon and I still found it hard to go from being just bastards to the rightful king and queen of the Seven Kingdoms, or at least I would be king when we married. We had decided we'd wait for Daenerys to make up her mind before any of us got married.


When we entered our room and had both bathed, I was in bed reading a random book about Dragonstone when I noticed Jon sitting in a chair staring at me. He was in his small clothes only, and he had a certain thirst to his eyes.


"What?" I ask humorously even though I know exactly what he is thinking about and just the idea of it make my cunt sore. 


"Just was thinking of how beatiful you are," he responds, and gets up and moves over to me. Before I know what he's doing his lips are on mine. Too soon he breaks off, and he looks in my eyes and it seems like he is asking me a question. All I can do is nod and he goes to take my night shift off, and as soon as it's off I try to cover to cover myself up.


He grabs my wrists and says "Don't, you are beautiful, there is no reason to be ashamed." 


I let him move my arms out of the way and he just takes a step back and takes a look at me. I start to get self-conscious again but before i know what is happening he has lips on my again, and his tongue is moving along his bottom lip asking for entrance. All I can do is give it to him, and I work on taking his small clothes off. When I have managed this feat he is on top of me and kissing my pulse. I let out a small moan, and I instantly feel his bulge through his breeches. He continues to leave small, open mouth kisses going down my body. He starts with my jaw, then my neck, and spends some time my breasts. He first takes my left nipple into his mouth while he threads the right in between his thumb and pointer finger. After a second or two he switches and has his mouth on the right while threading the left. His rough, calloused hands feel amazing. He then continues to leave kisses going down, kissing my stomach and then he leaves a small love-bite on the inside of my thigh. There is a little bit of pain, but it quickly subsides to immense pleasure. Then, with his tongue, he make a quick swipe over my cunt, and I have the ability to do anymore is moan. His tongue feels rough, but the good kinds, and when he attacks my small bundle of nerves it draws me closer to my peak. When he feels my body tense up he lifts his head and smirks down at me.


"What the fuck Jon!!!" I scream, feeling my body relax a bit but my anger for him stopping rise.


"Don't worry Arya, that was just the first part," he responds as he spreads my legs farther. When I feel his head swipe across my cunt collecting my juices I moan, but he catches it when he puts his mouth over mine once again. He starts by going slow, and at first I feel a small bit of pains as my muscles stretch to deal with the intrusion and I feel my maiden head break, but after a little bit and I let my body relax the pain gives way immense pleasure.He starts of by going slow but when he sees my face start to relax. He starts to speed up, and this is when I feel myself hit my peak.


"Jon...Jon....FUCK!!!" I scream as I fall over the edge, and instantly start to fill myself shake after the immense pleasure I felt at the man I love's movements. That's when he decides to flip me over, and I feel the dragon go to sleep and the wolf awaken. "Yes Jon yes, fuck me like a wolf fucks his bitch." I don't even realize what I am saying, but I love this moment because I feel him lose all sense of control, and I already feel my second climax coming on. He apparently feels it to because he reaches under me and starts to massage my clit again, and that is the moment I feel myself fall over the edge once again. I feel the muscles of my cunt clench around his cock, and it starts to twitch and feel him filling me up with his seed. He falls on top of me for a second as we both catch our breath, and when it seems that he has he rolls off of me. He reaches over and pulls me into his embrace with my head on his chest and my legs tangling in between his. I know in the morning I will have to take moontea because we are not ready to have children, and even if we were, we're not bring a bastard into this world after the way that we were raised.


He pulls me in tighter and I give myself willingly. There is no place I love more than his embrace, and I will fight every last knight in the Seven Kingdoms to be able to end my days here with him. 


"I love you Arya," he says, and I tell that he is falling asleep.


"I love you too, now and always," I reply as we allow the sweet release of sleep take hold of us.

Chapter Text

The She-Dragon in Wolf's Skin



It took them nearly two moons to reach Pentos. They hadn't exactly known where to start, but they needed to contact Illyrio Mopatis to be able to have a meeting with our aunt. It started out as a conversation with the both of them but Jon and I had met up with Jorah Mormont. We both believed that he had been sent into exile after selling poachers to slavers, but after our conversation we learned that our Uncle told him that we were going over there to do some business with the magister. 


That hadn't been the only thing that we learned in the two weeks time that we spied on our long lost relatives. We learned that we still had about about a moon until the Dothraki would show up so that the Khal could pick out his bride, but we also knew we weren't going to let our aunt go through a situation like that. We also learned from Jorah that Daenerys is a sweet, caring girl, but the same couldn't be said about Viserys. We learned that he was abusive against Daenerys, and that the best thing for us to be able to have a Targaryen restoration would be that we or somebody would have to get rid of him. We didn't want to be kinslayers, but there wasn't anything else that we could do. It was either do something about Viserys, or allow him to ruin what we planned to do and continue to abuse Daenerys.


We had ended up telling Jorah about who we really were, and he told us that he had suspicions after being sent by his warden to meet with the man who was housing the other last two Targaryens. Apparently during a trip to Winterfell to learn that he'd be going to Essos, he had seen the purple streaks within Jon's eyes, and it had all slowly clicked into place from there after leaving to go to Pentos.


Jon and I also continue to learn more about Illyrio, and we decided to have a conversation with him a while back. It started out pretty rough, and he hadn't believed that we were truly Targaryens, but once we showed him the documents and he learned about Ser Arthur Dayne and the rest of our kingsguards he decided that after all that he had saw from Viserys wasn't fit for a king. A took a spot on our small council but he ended up siding with us. He secretly gave some petrified dragon eggs to Daenerys, and he ended up making sure that somebody would watch after her all the time in case Viserys "dragon" decided to wake. After we had the meeting with him, he offered to let us all stay in his manse but he made sure that it was somewhere away from Daenerys and Viserys for the time being. We both had ended up seeing Daenerys early one morning when we decided to train, and we both lost our breathe when we saw how beautiful she was. 


Jon and I had also made plans for what we were going to do about the Dothraki, and especially the dragons eggs. We researched them both and we learned that the Dothraki follow the strong, and that you need a blood sacrifice to hatch dragon eggs. So who would be stronger than the three people who hatched the species that hadn't been seen in centuries. So we decided after we dealt with Viserys and had our conversation with Daenerys, that when they showed up Jon, I, and Daenerys if she felt safe enough to go would go and deal with the Dothraki Khal and his bloodriders.


There were too many questions, and not enough answers, but there were three things that we both knew to be true. One, we needed to save Daenerys. Two, we need to deal with Viserys, but how we dealt with him would be up to Daenerys. Lastly, we need Khal Drogo's khalasar. 


Jon and I's relationship had been kicked into high gear. We both decided that we were ready to marry each other, and that we were, but we both wanted it to be in the Winterfell Godswood. Even if we wouldn't be back in Westeros for quite some time, we both wanted it to be there. We both also wanted our other half of our family to be there, even if we were still somewhat mad with our uncle. We tried to get over it rather quickly but one question that kept playing within both of our minds was would he have told us the truth if he didn't think war was already going to happen. But none of that meant that we couldn't have a little fun a long the way. 


While we were in Essos though the only family that we would have would be Daenerys, and we both promised ourselves that no matter what, no matter against who, we would help to protect her. 



The Dragon that hadn't Woken


There had been some pretty strange things happening lately. Not only had I been gifted with some dragons eggs by the kind magister that allowed us to live her, but he had also set on of his unsullied guard to protecting me at all time. He said it would be to keep me safe from Viserys because there was somebody who didn't exactly agree with his treatment towards me. Not like agreed with it either, but he was my king and in the end what could I do.


Another not so weird thing had happened today. Illyrio had come into my room this morning, given me a beautiful dress, and he ended telling me that somebody was coming here to meet me later that day. She hadn't heard anything about Dothraki setting up camp outside Pentos, but she guessed it had to be them. It was probably also the Khal that had told Illyrio to have somebody guard her. He probably didn't want somebody harming his reward. 


She spent the rest of her morning relaxing, and when it was almost midday a servant came and filled up her bathtub. When she knew that it was scalding she walked in with only the slight "It's too hot Princess" when I entered. The burning helped to release the pressure of what was coming that day. 


After her bath her unsullied guard came and knocked on her door. When she finished getting ready she opened the door and allowed him to lead her to what she believed to be the front of the manse where the meeting had been planned to be held with the Dothraki. It surprised her instead when they took her to the patio where they all ate breakfast when she had first arrived, although she had been eating her meals in her room recently to keep her away from Viserys as much as possible. When she reached the table she automatically tensed up when she saw Viserys and he looked mad when he saw her.


"Hello sweet sister. Have you been hiding from me? Just so you know as soon as this sad excuse of a guard isn't looking I'll be there to punish you for waking the dragon."


All I do is tense up even more than I had thought possible. The one thing I now know though is that it doesn't seem to be the Dothraki, and at least that's a bright side. If it had been the Dothraki Viserys would now, and he really wouldn't look as pissed as he did now.


Then in walked Illyrio wearing his best clothes and his best perfumes. He looked truly happy to see me happy and well, or at least as well as I could act at the moment. But something had changed with him. When he looked at Viserys he almost scowled at his king, but thankfully Viserys hadn't noticed.


"Awe Princess how good to see you again..."


Why would he address me but not Viserys. He was King and he should always be addressed. That fact hadn't gone over Viserys' head either.


"What about your king Illyrio, what about the man who will make you one of the most powerful men in Westeros."


Things have changed Viserys, and you will know why soon enough" he replies, and it only seems to make Viserys that much angrier.


Things had changed? What things? Viserys and I were the last Targaryens, and us being the last Targaryens meant that Viserys as the only living male was the rightful King of Westeros, no matter what the Usurper said.


This was when she noticed five people that nearly made her jaw drop open. The three men in the back wore Targaryen armor, and by the look of such armor it could only be for the Kingsguard. Viserys had told her that the Kingsguard were the best knights in the realm, and with that it meant that they needed to wear the best armor known to man. There were also two others with them, a man and a woman. The man was tall and lean, with dark raven curl, and if the light his eyes right enough you could see some purple with in them. Purple eyes? That couldn't be right. The woman was rather short and petite like her with the same raven curls and dark eyes as the man if the lights weren't hitting his eyes. They both came over and sat down across from her and Illyrio, with Viserys sitting off a bit. The man was about to say something when she saw Viserys stand up abruptly.


"Ser Arthur? Gerold? Oswell? I thought you were all dead but it is good to see you all again my friends. Have you come to serve your rightful king?"


The only thing that the three men in the golden armor did was glare at her brother. What was happening here. It was the man with the dark hair and eyes that answered though.


"Hello Daenerys. It is time that we have introduced ourselves I think. You have met Arthur, Oswell, and Gerold due to your brother rude interruption", I can see how angry this makes Viserys. This clearly wasn't what he was expecting today. "My name is Jaehaerys Targaryen, and this is my twin sister Visenya Targaryen. We are the trueborn children of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark..."


That is all he was able to say before Viserys started hollering about a Northern whore and that these two "Northern bastards" wouldn't ever get the throne because it was his. He tried to talk to Ser Arthur and get them to arrest the two Usurpers of his throne, but he only continued to glare at her brother. Could this dark haired boy really be her brother's long lost son? In her five and ten years of life she had never truly been this hopeful. They had only spoken a few sentences to her but she could already tell they were kind people. They called her Daenerys instead of some condescending name that meant she could get hit any second. All the dark haired boy did was lean down and speak in Illyrio's ear before Illyrio waved his hand and two unsullied guards came and took Viserys away.


"Where are you taking him?" I ask. 


He just stares at me for a few second before responding. "Allow me to tell my sister and I's story before I tell you what I plan to do with your brother." He says the last part with a snarl, and she can tell this boy is part wolf, but by the fire in his eyes she can see he is also part dragon. He was already more believable as a Targaryen then her brother even without the silver hair and pure purple eyes because she could already tell he was a true dragon. All she can do is nod and allow them to tell he their story.


"You probably have never heard of us, but we have heard of you. You haven't heard of us because we were born as the bastards of Eddard Stark. We had believed that we were his natural born children our whole lives, but things are changing in Westeros. The man who killed our half-siblings and your brother's wife and children has risen to a seat of power and it is time for the Targaryens to take back our family throne. And we both mean our family throne. You are sane and kind from what we have seen and had been told to us by Ser Jorah, and we have decided that we would like you to join us on our journey. We are going to deal with the Khal coming to forcefully marry you, and it is time that you have made your own choices in your life. You will firstly decide what will happen to your brother. We know he has tortured you through the years, and although we hate to become kinslayers it won't be good for us to have a mad Targaryen out in the world. What happens in the end is up to you. We would also like you to have the ability to choose who you would end up marrying, but we would ask you to get to know us and if it feels right we would like for you to consider marrying us. Targaryens have married each other for years, and in the end it is more important that we stick together now more than ever, but it is ultimately up to you and it is your choice. Just know that it will be a kind marriage. We are already in love, and if we all three end up having feelings for each other we will all marry. We will be the king and queens of Westeros one day if you want, but if you choose not to marry us we will allow you to marry who you wish."


My long lost niece and nephew? This is too good to be true, but after the man named Ser Arthur ended up showing her the evidence there is no point fighting? She gets to choose who she marries? They were already giving her more choices than she had ever been given her whole life, and they had only just met. She had no idea what to do with Viserys, and although he had been kind earlier in their lives, he had grown mad and they didn't make many important points when it came to having a mad Targaryen in the world soiling everything they were trying to do. She saw the benefits of also having him out of the way, she could truly be happy for once since the house in Braavos with the red door and the lemon trees.


All she can do is smile and nod. They were giving her a chance at freedom, and they were going to save her from having to marry the khal. She had wished for somebody to come and save her, and they had come, and they were her long lost niece and nephew. They had even answered her question about what was happening with Viserys, which he had never done. He never asked for her opinion, and she felt more like a princess than she had ever in her life. She felt like a true Targaryen for the first time in her life. She was finally becoming a dragon.  



The Hidden King 


After their meeting with Daenerys, they had her go to her room and freshen up for dinner that evening while him and Arya went back to their chambers to also freshen up.


Dinner was a quiet but happy affair. Daenerys seemed happier than they had ever seen her so far, and Illyrio said that she was always meek when she had been around Viserys. How could he treat Daenerys in such a way. Jon couldn't even fathom ever treating Arya the way Viserys had treated Daenerys.


They talked about their lives up to this point and their plan with the Dothraki. She decided that it was smart if she went with them but stayed back with the kingsguards to not get in the way. They told her about the plan to kill the khal and his bloodriders, and that they were going to put their dragon eggs in with hers and light the tent on fire. It turned out that she was unburnt like them (a skill they learned they had shortly after learning the truth), and she found this to be unbelieveable. After they had shown her their skill, they proved themselves to be true dragons, unlike her sick brother VIserys. Even though the chance of the dragons being born was low, they all decided that it was worth the chance if they ended up getting dragons out of the ordeal. Even if they didn't get the dragons, if Jaehaerys (or Jon he had told her he liked to be called because that was the name that he had had for his whole life) killed the Khal and his bloodrider they would end up having an army of forty thousand strong horselords. It would be their start to their army that they would be amassing while they were in Essos, and in the end it would allow them to have a cavalry force that had proven themselves as some of the strongest horseback riders in history.


They continued to tell her things, and she told them some things that she was comfortable with sharing. They realized through the night most of these stories had to do with the house with red door she had lived in when she was younger. Both he and Arya had realized that they truly care about what she had to say, and they slowly realized that they were falling for her quickly. In the end it would be up to her, but they both knew what their choice was. They needed to have a true discussion eventually about her choice, but they had just met and they needed to give her time. She seemed to let her guard down a little around her, and it gave them a great sense of relief because they wanted her to choose them.


By the end of the night they were all very tired. They had all finally met, and come morning they had a great many plans to make about their futures. When Arya and he had ended up back in their room they were even too tired to make love, which hadn't happened since the first time on the boat on their way here. At least Oswell would finally have a night off from hearing the noises that they both made, and they fell asleep in each other's arms once again feeling a great sense of relief. They had helped Daenerys through one of the first obstacles they would have to face together, and their disgusting uncle was being held downstairs by some unsullied that their gracious host had given them to use in any way they needed. 


And they had decided that they both were falling very much in love with Daenerys.