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Aegon The Conqueror Come Again

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The She-Dragon in Wolf's Skin



It took them nearly two moons to reach Pentos. They hadn't exactly known where to start, but they needed to contact Illyrio Mopatis to be able to have a meeting with our aunt. It started out as a conversation with the both of them but Jon and I had met up with Jorah Mormont. We both believed that he had been sent into exile after selling poachers to slavers, but after our conversation we learned that our Uncle told him that we were going over there to do some business with the magister. 


That hadn't been the only thing that we learned in the two weeks time that we spied on our long lost relatives. We learned that we still had about about a moon until the Dothraki would show up so that the Khal could pick out his bride, but we also knew we weren't going to let our aunt go through a situation like that. We also learned from Jorah that Daenerys is a sweet, caring girl, but the same couldn't be said about Viserys. We learned that he was abusive against Daenerys, and that the best thing for us to be able to have a Targaryen restoration would be that we or somebody would have to get rid of him. We didn't want to be kinslayers, but there wasn't anything else that we could do. It was either do something about Viserys, or allow him to ruin what we planned to do and continue to abuse Daenerys.


We had ended up telling Jorah about who we really were, and he told us that he had suspicions after being sent by his warden to meet with the man who was housing the other last two Targaryens. Apparently during a trip to Winterfell to learn that he'd be going to Essos, he had seen the purple streaks within Jon's eyes, and it had all slowly clicked into place from there after leaving to go to Pentos.


Jon and I also continue to learn more about Illyrio, and we decided to have a conversation with him a while back. It started out pretty rough, and he hadn't believed that we were truly Targaryens, but once we showed him the documents and he learned about Ser Arthur Dayne and the rest of our kingsguards he decided that after all that he had saw from Viserys wasn't fit for a king. A took a spot on our small council but he ended up siding with us. He secretly gave some petrified dragon eggs to Daenerys, and he ended up making sure that somebody would watch after her all the time in case Viserys "dragon" decided to wake. After we had the meeting with him, he offered to let us all stay in his manse but he made sure that it was somewhere away from Daenerys and Viserys for the time being. We both had ended up seeing Daenerys early one morning when we decided to train, and we both lost our breathe when we saw how beautiful she was. 


Jon and I had also made plans for what we were going to do about the Dothraki, and especially the dragons eggs. We researched them both and we learned that the Dothraki follow the strong, and that you need a blood sacrifice to hatch dragon eggs. So who would be stronger than the three people who hatched the species that hadn't been seen in centuries. So we decided after we dealt with Viserys and had our conversation with Daenerys, that when they showed up Jon, I, and Daenerys if she felt safe enough to go would go and deal with the Dothraki Khal and his bloodriders.


There were too many questions, and not enough answers, but there were three things that we both knew to be true. One, we needed to save Daenerys. Two, we need to deal with Viserys, but how we dealt with him would be up to Daenerys. Lastly, we need Khal Drogo's khalasar. 


Jon and I's relationship had been kicked into high gear. We both decided that we were ready to marry each other, and that we were, but we both wanted it to be in the Winterfell Godswood. Even if we wouldn't be back in Westeros for quite some time, we both wanted it to be there. We both also wanted our other half of our family to be there, even if we were still somewhat mad with our uncle. We tried to get over it rather quickly but one question that kept playing within both of our minds was would he have told us the truth if he didn't think war was already going to happen. But none of that meant that we couldn't have a little fun a long the way. 


While we were in Essos though the only family that we would have would be Daenerys, and we both promised ourselves that no matter what, no matter against who, we would help to protect her. 



The Dragon that hadn't Woken


There had been some pretty strange things happening lately. Not only had I been gifted with some dragons eggs by the kind magister that allowed us to live her, but he had also set on of his unsullied guard to protecting me at all time. He said it would be to keep me safe from Viserys because there was somebody who didn't exactly agree with his treatment towards me. Not like agreed with it either, but he was my king and in the end what could I do.


Another not so weird thing had happened today. Illyrio had come into my room this morning, given me a beautiful dress, and he ended telling me that somebody was coming here to meet me later that day. She hadn't heard anything about Dothraki setting up camp outside Pentos, but she guessed it had to be them. It was probably also the Khal that had told Illyrio to have somebody guard her. He probably didn't want somebody harming his reward. 


She spent the rest of her morning relaxing, and when it was almost midday a servant came and filled up her bathtub. When she knew that it was scalding she walked in with only the slight "It's too hot Princess" when I entered. The burning helped to release the pressure of what was coming that day. 


After her bath her unsullied guard came and knocked on her door. When she finished getting ready she opened the door and allowed him to lead her to what she believed to be the front of the manse where the meeting had been planned to be held with the Dothraki. It surprised her instead when they took her to the patio where they all ate breakfast when she had first arrived, although she had been eating her meals in her room recently to keep her away from Viserys as much as possible. When she reached the table she automatically tensed up when she saw Viserys and he looked mad when he saw her.


"Hello sweet sister. Have you been hiding from me? Just so you know as soon as this sad excuse of a guard isn't looking I'll be there to punish you for waking the dragon."


All I do is tense up even more than I had thought possible. The one thing I now know though is that it doesn't seem to be the Dothraki, and at least that's a bright side. If it had been the Dothraki Viserys would now, and he really wouldn't look as pissed as he did now.


Then in walked Illyrio wearing his best clothes and his best perfumes. He looked truly happy to see me happy and well, or at least as well as I could act at the moment. But something had changed with him. When he looked at Viserys he almost scowled at his king, but thankfully Viserys hadn't noticed.


"Awe Princess how good to see you again..."


Why would he address me but not Viserys. He was King and he should always be addressed. That fact hadn't gone over Viserys' head either.


"What about your king Illyrio, what about the man who will make you one of the most powerful men in Westeros."


Things have changed Viserys, and you will know why soon enough" he replies, and it only seems to make Viserys that much angrier.


Things had changed? What things? Viserys and I were the last Targaryens, and us being the last Targaryens meant that Viserys as the only living male was the rightful King of Westeros, no matter what the Usurper said.


This was when she noticed five people that nearly made her jaw drop open. The three men in the back wore Targaryen armor, and by the look of such armor it could only be for the Kingsguard. Viserys had told her that the Kingsguard were the best knights in the realm, and with that it meant that they needed to wear the best armor known to man. There were also two others with them, a man and a woman. The man was tall and lean, with dark raven curl, and if the light his eyes right enough you could see some purple with in them. Purple eyes? That couldn't be right. The woman was rather short and petite like her with the same raven curls and dark eyes as the man if the lights weren't hitting his eyes. They both came over and sat down across from her and Illyrio, with Viserys sitting off a bit. The man was about to say something when she saw Viserys stand up abruptly.


"Ser Arthur? Gerold? Oswell? I thought you were all dead but it is good to see you all again my friends. Have you come to serve your rightful king?"


The only thing that the three men in the golden armor did was glare at her brother. What was happening here. It was the man with the dark hair and eyes that answered though.


"Hello Daenerys. It is time that we have introduced ourselves I think. You have met Arthur, Oswell, and Gerold due to your brother rude interruption", I can see how angry this makes Viserys. This clearly wasn't what he was expecting today. "My name is Jaehaerys Targaryen, and this is my twin sister Visenya Targaryen. We are the trueborn children of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark..."


That is all he was able to say before Viserys started hollering about a Northern whore and that these two "Northern bastards" wouldn't ever get the throne because it was his. He tried to talk to Ser Arthur and get them to arrest the two Usurpers of his throne, but he only continued to glare at her brother. Could this dark haired boy really be her brother's long lost son? In her five and ten years of life she had never truly been this hopeful. They had only spoken a few sentences to her but she could already tell they were kind people. They called her Daenerys instead of some condescending name that meant she could get hit any second. All the dark haired boy did was lean down and speak in Illyrio's ear before Illyrio waved his hand and two unsullied guards came and took Viserys away.


"Where are you taking him?" I ask. 


He just stares at me for a few second before responding. "Allow me to tell my sister and I's story before I tell you what I plan to do with your brother." He says the last part with a snarl, and she can tell this boy is part wolf, but by the fire in his eyes she can see he is also part dragon. He was already more believable as a Targaryen then her brother even without the silver hair and pure purple eyes because she could already tell he was a true dragon. All she can do is nod and allow them to tell he their story.


"You probably have never heard of us, but we have heard of you. You haven't heard of us because we were born as the bastards of Eddard Stark. We had believed that we were his natural born children our whole lives, but things are changing in Westeros. The man who killed our half-siblings and your brother's wife and children has risen to a seat of power and it is time for the Targaryens to take back our family throne. And we both mean our family throne. You are sane and kind from what we have seen and had been told to us by Ser Jorah, and we have decided that we would like you to join us on our journey. We are going to deal with the Khal coming to forcefully marry you, and it is time that you have made your own choices in your life. You will firstly decide what will happen to your brother. We know he has tortured you through the years, and although we hate to become kinslayers it won't be good for us to have a mad Targaryen out in the world. What happens in the end is up to you. We would also like you to have the ability to choose who you would end up marrying, but we would ask you to get to know us and if it feels right we would like for you to consider marrying us. Targaryens have married each other for years, and in the end it is more important that we stick together now more than ever, but it is ultimately up to you and it is your choice. Just know that it will be a kind marriage. We are already in love, and if we all three end up having feelings for each other we will all marry. We will be the king and queens of Westeros one day if you want, but if you choose not to marry us we will allow you to marry who you wish."


My long lost niece and nephew? This is too good to be true, but after the man named Ser Arthur ended up showing her the evidence there is no point fighting? She gets to choose who she marries? They were already giving her more choices than she had ever been given her whole life, and they had only just met. She had no idea what to do with Viserys, and although he had been kind earlier in their lives, he had grown mad and they didn't make many important points when it came to having a mad Targaryen in the world soiling everything they were trying to do. She saw the benefits of also having him out of the way, she could truly be happy for once since the house in Braavos with the red door and the lemon trees.


All she can do is smile and nod. They were giving her a chance at freedom, and they were going to save her from having to marry the khal. She had wished for somebody to come and save her, and they had come, and they were her long lost niece and nephew. They had even answered her question about what was happening with Viserys, which he had never done. He never asked for her opinion, and she felt more like a princess than she had ever in her life. She felt like a true Targaryen for the first time in her life. She was finally becoming a dragon.  



The Hidden King 


After their meeting with Daenerys, they had her go to her room and freshen up for dinner that evening while him and Arya went back to their chambers to also freshen up.


Dinner was a quiet but happy affair. Daenerys seemed happier than they had ever seen her so far, and Illyrio said that she was always meek when she had been around Viserys. How could he treat Daenerys in such a way. Jon couldn't even fathom ever treating Arya the way Viserys had treated Daenerys.


They talked about their lives up to this point and their plan with the Dothraki. She decided that it was smart if she went with them but stayed back with the kingsguards to not get in the way. They told her about the plan to kill the khal and his bloodriders, and that they were going to put their dragon eggs in with hers and light the tent on fire. It turned out that she was unburnt like them (a skill they learned they had shortly after learning the truth), and she found this to be unbelieveable. After they had shown her their skill, they proved themselves to be true dragons, unlike her sick brother VIserys. Even though the chance of the dragons being born was low, they all decided that it was worth the chance if they ended up getting dragons out of the ordeal. Even if they didn't get the dragons, if Jaehaerys (or Jon he had told her he liked to be called because that was the name that he had had for his whole life) killed the Khal and his bloodrider they would end up having an army of forty thousand strong horselords. It would be their start to their army that they would be amassing while they were in Essos, and in the end it would allow them to have a cavalry force that had proven themselves as some of the strongest horseback riders in history.


They continued to tell her things, and she told them some things that she was comfortable with sharing. They realized through the night most of these stories had to do with the house with red door she had lived in when she was younger. Both he and Arya had realized that they truly care about what she had to say, and they slowly realized that they were falling for her quickly. In the end it would be up to her, but they both knew what their choice was. They needed to have a true discussion eventually about her choice, but they had just met and they needed to give her time. She seemed to let her guard down a little around her, and it gave them a great sense of relief because they wanted her to choose them.


By the end of the night they were all very tired. They had all finally met, and come morning they had a great many plans to make about their futures. When Arya and he had ended up back in their room they were even too tired to make love, which hadn't happened since the first time on the boat on their way here. At least Oswell would finally have a night off from hearing the noises that they both made, and they fell asleep in each other's arms once again feeling a great sense of relief. They had helped Daenerys through one of the first obstacles they would have to face together, and their disgusting uncle was being held downstairs by some unsullied that their gracious host had given them to use in any way they needed. 


And they had decided that they both were falling very much in love with Daenerys.