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Aegon The Conqueror Come Again

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The Lady of Winterfell


What was Ned thinking? Why would he give his bastards direwolves alongside her true-born children. He said that the reason that the children had got the wolves was because they are the symbols of our house, the Starks, but those bastards aren't Starks, and if I have anything to say about it they never will be. 


Three weeks had passed since they had brought them home, and a week had passed since Ned and the bastards had spent the whole day in his solar talking to one another. I had hoped that it would have been because I have been trying to get him to get rid of them, and I went to bed that night sleeping better than I had in months, but when I woke up one of the first thing I noticed was the bastard boy walking around acting like the keep was his, and to make matters worse he had a brand new sword at his hip. I won't act like I know anything about swords, but from what I could tell from the partially covered hilt I knew that is was very nice and expensive one. 


To make matters even worse when I saw the bastard girl walking around, she also had a new sword at her hip, and it looked to be just as finely crafted as that of the boy's. Why would he give the bastards fancy swords? It was already worse enough that the boy wasn't going to the, and the girl hadn't already been married off to some farmer or lower lord, but now they were given gifts? I had try giving them less food and worse clothes than the rest of the people in the household hoping that Ned would see fit to send them elsewhere because it hurt my feelings looking into their faces each and every day, but in the end it had been for nothing. Well not nothing. 


It was not just that after the Rebellion my Lord Husband brought home his twin bastards, but it also hurt to see that they had the Stark looks when none of our trueborn children did. I was hoping that the girl that I was supposed to have between Sansa and Bran would've had the Stark looks, but in the end I had a miscarriage, and I never got to see what her features were.


This had been playing through my mind all day when I noticed the girl walking into the first keep, so I decided to follow her and ask her why in the Seven Hells she would have such a fancy gift from my Lord Husband. When I walked into the whole I noticed her against the wall just looking at the sheathed sword, so I decided this was my chance to get some answers from the evil bastard. As soon as I got close she looked up at me with the darkest scowl I had ever seen. How dare she look at me in such a way, I have been gracious enough to allow her to live in my home no matter my true feelings on the matter.


"What do you want Lady Stark?" she ask tiredly. 


"Alright listen here bastard, why in the Seven Hells did my Lord Husband give you and your bastard brother such swords."


Quicker than I thought possible she is up on her feet and staring me down like I am a child, but I am no child, I am the Lady of a great house. 


"Well we don't get many nice things you see, and both Jon and I love swordsmanship, so he saw fit that we we're old enough to have fine swords of our own. But you know all too well about us not having clothes without holes in them, don't you Lady Stark." She responds in a snarl, and before I even know what I am doing I slap her across the face. How dare she talk to me in such a way.


I notice all too late my Ned and the bastard boy are standing in the doorway. The boy has a look of fury on his face, and by look on Ned's face I can tell that he also saw what just happened.



The Lord of Winterfell


I'm on way to see Jon and Arya, or rather Jaehaerys and Visenya, to see how their packing is going when I notice Jon heading off to the First Keep. It seems we now have both noticed both Ghost and Nymeria snarling at the door, so I rush to make sure that he and Arya are okay.


"Jon, what is happening here?" I ask, and I need to make sure that I keep calling him by his fake name so that people don't overhear, and it won't be hard because he may be a Targaryen, but in the end he'll always be Jon to me.


"I don't know... I was just heading to help Arya continue packing because we haven't done much of it and we leave in two days, but then I noticed both Ghost and Nymeria staring at the door snarling. We should make sure Arya is safe." He say all this while heading to open the door. When he passes both wolves they both sit, and I go to catch up with him. We run into the hall leading to the rooms to see the bare end of what has taken place here. 


All I see is my Lady wife standing there after having slapped Arya, and to make matters worse she seems proud of herself, like she has been looking forward to the day that she could do that. Jon moves forward with his hand on the hilt of his sword, eyes almost bulging out his head in rage, but I lay a hand on his arm to stop his advancement. I don't think he would attack my wife, but then again when it came to Arya, Jon had never been a very sensible person. 


I rush forward, and I see the smirk fall off my wife's face. If I hadn't been here to see it she'd still be smirking. Is this not the first time she has done this? How long have things like this been going on? How blind have I been?


"Catelyn! What in the Seven Hells do you think you are doing?"


"Ned, you should have heard the despicable things this girl has just said to me. I..." she starts but I don't let her finish.


"So you hit her?! What could she have said that was so bad that she deserved such a punishment." 


" She told me why you gave her and the bastard boy swords, and she said that it was because you saw fit to give them something nice because I purposely give them clothes with holes in them... Which I don't... I assure you my Lord." She add the last part as if it's an afterthought. I turn to look at Arya and she is also furious like Jon was moments ago, and for the first time I notice that her clothes seem to have some holes in them like they hadn't been patched up in a while. When I turn to look at Jon his clothes seem to be in the same state.


"Catelyn... is this the first time that you have hit either my son or my daughter? Do not lie to me."


"No," she says while looking at her feet, and all I can feel is overwhelming emotion crash down on me. Oh how blind I have been.


"Catelyn, do you personally or tell somebody to give them clothes in bad shape, make sure their clothes aren't patched up like the rest of my children, or give them less food then the rest of my children? Again, do not like to me."


Still looking down all she can say is yes, and I feel my own rage coming on.


"Catelyn, you will go to our quarters, I have to make sure that Arya is okay also make sure that her and Jon are ready to leave." When I see the excitement shine on her face I feel bile come up my throat. How long had this been going on. "No Catelyn, they are not leaving for the wall and to get married, they are leaving on business for me, and it may be a few year before they return, but mark my words they will return and they will be welcomed like long lost family members. Do you hear me?"


All I see is her nod before I continue, "You will go up to our chambers until I see fit to come see you. I have some business to take care of before I will be there, but you are not allowed to leave until I come and see you. I do not want you anywhere near here, and I especially will not come near either Jon or Arya, do I make myself clear?"


She nods again and the last thing I say will hurt her, but for my sanity at the moment it has to be said. "Before you will go to our chambers, you will stop and speak with Poole and get your spare chambers ready. You will stay there until I see fit for you to come back to our chambers, and never before than. Okay?"


I see the tears start to fall down her face, but it had to be done. When she tries to fight me on it I just shake my head and tell her to leave. She quickly turns on her heals and leaves us behind. When I look on at Arya, and then turn to Jon, guilt overwhelms me and I feel my own tears falling. I slide down the wall hugging my knees and continue to ask for Lyanna's forgiveness again and again in my head.


"Uncle, are you okay?" Arya ask.


"No sweet child, I am not, and I'm so sorry about what has happened to the both of you. If I hadn't been so blind it would have been better, and for that I am sorry."


All Jon and Arya do is shake their heads, and all I can wonder is what is going on through their head.


"Don't worry about it Uncle, we're used to it, and you had other things to worry about. It is a lady's job to take care of the household, and she does love talking down to us because she is the Lady." Jon responds, and I don't know how it's possible but I fell both better and worse at the same time.


I get up and grab both of them into a hug mumbling how sorry I am. After a while we head our seperate ways, I got to talk to my wife, and they go to pack for the next adventure in their lives, and the journey that will hopefully lead to peace in realm once again.



Hidden King


It had been two days since the incident with Arya and Lady Stark and we haven't seen her since. I've heard that she is only given a little bit of time in a day to see her children and do some things around the keep (except anything to do with us) and it has been a nice break after all these years of looking over our shoulder to make sure she isn't glaring at us.


Robb had wondered what had happened, but Lord Stark had told us he will tell the family about everything after we left, about where we were going, what we were doing, and even who we are. He also had let us know that he was going to tell Robb and only Robb about the treatment that we received because he said it would be a good lesson for the heir. He said that it would be important for him to make sure that he takes a look at was happening around the keep from time to time when it came time to be the Lord of Winterfell.


Sansa spent most of her time with her mother, and Lady Stark is probably already telling her all forms of lies about how we poisoned their father's mind, and that he liked us better than their actual children.


Bran spent most of his time watching us all spar because when we weren't packing we were making sure that we used some of the time to get better. We didn't know what to expect in Essos, and even then we knew nothing we were going to do was going to be easy.


Rickon was torn between the two places because he was still too young to truly understand the situation. In the end their wasn't anything to understand, but it would take time for them all to understand that we were their cousins, not their siblings, bastard or not.


On the eve before we were set to leave, we double checked that we had everything that we were going to need. We didn't have much in the first place, but we needed to double, triple, and even quadruple check that we had our dragon eggs, swords, and the people proving what we were going to have to tell our aunt and uncle.


That night Arya and I slept in each other's arms once again which was quickly becoming a habit of ours. We no longer had anything to hide, and we would be leaving the only "home" we have ever know so we took each other's comfort whenever we could get it.


In the morning, we checked that we had everything. There was a knock on our door and our three kingsguard were there, they of course would be coming with us. 


"You ready", Arthur asks.


"As ready as we'll ever be", Arya responds. They all three just nod and they come into grab our possessions. When we reach the courtyard we see our family there waiting for us, or at least everybody but Lady Catelyn and Sansa. I don't really care, but when I look over I see that Arya is upset. She didn't care if Lady Stark came to say goodbye, and although she would say it she was hoping that Sansa would've come to see us off. She never got over that she lost the companionship of our only other sister, but we both knew deep down that we would be back and that this wouldn't be goodbye. The first person to approach is Robb.


"The next time we see each other you'll be all in black."


I scoff, "Again I'm not going to the wall. Arya and I are going to Essos to do some business for our father."


He laugh.  " Yes I know, I'm just messing with you. Later Snow."


"Later Stark." We both laugh this time. I hope when the truth comes out they won't resent us for not being the ones to tell them, but before they knew we needed to be in Essos just to make sure.


Next is Bran and little Rickon. Little Rickon doesn't know what is going on, and I can tell that he had just been crying. "I'll miss you two I say, but just so you know it's not forever. We'll see each other very soon."


Little Rickon smiles at this and he gives me a stronger hug than I than a thought possible at that age.


"I'll miss you both too," Bran responds and gives me a hug.


"Make sure you keep training brother, when I return I expect you to be able to beat me." I say. It's a long shot that he'll be able to beat me because I have always excelled in swordsmanship. I am even better than Robb, but hopefully this gives Bran something to work on while were away. I know what's coming, and I hope that he'll be able to defend himself if he ever needs to. 


Last our uncle greets us, and he wears a proud smile on our face. When he sees that Arya is also done speaking with our sibling, because that's what they'll always be to us, he comes over and gives us both a hug. 


"I am so proud of both of you, and I wish you both luck. Make sure that you both look after each other, and if it comes down to it make sure you protect you know who. We will all see each other again, and we will all be ready." he whispers into our ears. He turns to leave but then turns again, "Also, when you guys get to Pentos look for a Ser Jorah, he'll know what to do when you get there. Last I heard from him he was at a Magister Illyrio's manse, and the magister has some other guest," he says with a wink and then turns around.


At this point it is time for us to get on our horses to leave, and before we ride out of the gate we turn and wave to our family, both hoping and praying to the Old Gods that this isn't the last time we all see each other. With that Arya, our three kingsguard, and I ride out of Winterfell's gates. 




The Dragon that Hasn't Woken


I am standing in Illyrio's manse when I hear the knocking on the door, and I automatically fear the worst. When he enters my room I know that my fears were right, and I feel my body tense up.


"Hello sweet sister, how are you today?"


"Good dear brother, and yourself?" I ask acting like the good, little sister that I am because in the end he is my king.


"Better than I have been in a long time, Illyrio has just told me that Drogo's Khalasar is on their way, and they will be here in about three moons time sister."


All I do is nod because the last thing I want right now is to wake the dragon. I hide my true feelings for right now, but sometimes I wish somebody will come and save me, but nobody cares about me. In the end I am alone no matter how much my brother says he loves me. At least my new friend Ser Jorah is here to talk to me about my home. All I have to do is hope that Viserys doesn't want to much and he'll leave soon.


"So sweet sister, make sure that you get enough sleep, and make sure you are cleaning yourself thoroughly because if he wanted his bride to smell like a pigpen he might as well just fuck one of his horses."


He turns on his heels and leave me standing there. I finally feel safe enough to let my tears free. I'm miss the brother who would do anything to protect me while we were on the run, but now all I have left is a madman. I just want to go home, but I don't even know where that is anymore.



The She-Dragon in Wolf's Skin


It took three days for them to arrive in White Harbor, and when we got there Uncle Ned had already set up transport with Lord Manderly. We were going to have to sail on a trade vessel, but we were all going to have our own chambers, so in our case one for each of the kingsguard and one for Jon and I.


We left early one morning, and Jon and I spent most of the day with Arthur, Gerold, and Oswell training on deck. We found a nice little spot where we wouldn't get in anybody's way. We all lost track of time and when night grew around us, we had a quick dinner just the five of us in Arthur's chamber. When Jon and I got tired we retired for the night with Oswell on watch tonight. Ever since we left Winterfell one of them would always stand outside our room. We didn't think it was necessary but they had all told us nothing was happening to us on their watch. They had gotten rid of their Stark armor and now were wearing plain leather armor, but as soon as we were to meet our family they told us they were gonna change into their old kingsguard armor with the three headed dragon on the front. Jon and I still found it hard to go from being just bastards to the rightful king and queen of the Seven Kingdoms, or at least I would be king when we married. We had decided we'd wait for Daenerys to make up her mind before any of us got married.


When we entered our room and had both bathed, I was in bed reading a random book about Dragonstone when I noticed Jon sitting in a chair staring at me. He was in his small clothes only, and he had a certain thirst to his eyes.


"What?" I ask humorously even though I know exactly what he is thinking about and just the idea of it make my cunt sore. 


"Just was thinking of how beatiful you are," he responds, and gets up and moves over to me. Before I know what he's doing his lips are on mine. Too soon he breaks off, and he looks in my eyes and it seems like he is asking me a question. All I can do is nod and he goes to take my night shift off, and as soon as it's off I try to cover to cover myself up.


He grabs my wrists and says "Don't, you are beautiful, there is no reason to be ashamed." 


I let him move my arms out of the way and he just takes a step back and takes a look at me. I start to get self-conscious again but before i know what is happening he has lips on my again, and his tongue is moving along his bottom lip asking for entrance. All I can do is give it to him, and I work on taking his small clothes off. When I have managed this feat he is on top of me and kissing my pulse. I let out a small moan, and I instantly feel his bulge through his breeches. He continues to leave small, open mouth kisses going down my body. He starts with my jaw, then my neck, and spends some time my breasts. He first takes my left nipple into his mouth while he threads the right in between his thumb and pointer finger. After a second or two he switches and has his mouth on the right while threading the left. His rough, calloused hands feel amazing. He then continues to leave kisses going down, kissing my stomach and then he leaves a small love-bite on the inside of my thigh. There is a little bit of pain, but it quickly subsides to immense pleasure. Then, with his tongue, he make a quick swipe over my cunt, and I have the ability to do anymore is moan. His tongue feels rough, but the good kinds, and when he attacks my small bundle of nerves it draws me closer to my peak. When he feels my body tense up he lifts his head and smirks down at me.


"What the fuck Jon!!!" I scream, feeling my body relax a bit but my anger for him stopping rise.


"Don't worry Arya, that was just the first part," he responds as he spreads my legs farther. When I feel his head swipe across my cunt collecting my juices I moan, but he catches it when he puts his mouth over mine once again. He starts by going slow, and at first I feel a small bit of pains as my muscles stretch to deal with the intrusion and I feel my maiden head break, but after a little bit and I let my body relax the pain gives way immense pleasure.He starts of by going slow but when he sees my face start to relax. He starts to speed up, and this is when I feel myself hit my peak.


"Jon...Jon....FUCK!!!" I scream as I fall over the edge, and instantly start to fill myself shake after the immense pleasure I felt at the man I love's movements. That's when he decides to flip me over, and I feel the dragon go to sleep and the wolf awaken. "Yes Jon yes, fuck me like a wolf fucks his bitch." I don't even realize what I am saying, but I love this moment because I feel him lose all sense of control, and I already feel my second climax coming on. He apparently feels it to because he reaches under me and starts to massage my clit again, and that is the moment I feel myself fall over the edge once again. I feel the muscles of my cunt clench around his cock, and it starts to twitch and feel him filling me up with his seed. He falls on top of me for a second as we both catch our breath, and when it seems that he has he rolls off of me. He reaches over and pulls me into his embrace with my head on his chest and my legs tangling in between his. I know in the morning I will have to take moontea because we are not ready to have children, and even if we were, we're not bring a bastard into this world after the way that we were raised.


He pulls me in tighter and I give myself willingly. There is no place I love more than his embrace, and I will fight every last knight in the Seven Kingdoms to be able to end my days here with him. 


"I love you Arya," he says, and I tell that he is falling asleep.


"I love you too, now and always," I reply as we allow the sweet release of sleep take hold of us.