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“The benefits are that you get to watch Enji eat his own shit when he finds out, and I can have a boyfriend for Eijirou’s and Denki’s wedding,” Bakugou Katsuki explains, while Todoroki Shouto nods along, starting to warm up to the idea of being fake boyfriends with the explosive blond.

They’re sitting on Bakugou’s couch, at Katsuki’s place, after they’d been talking about how to make Enji “fuck off” in Todoroki’s words, and how the blond needed a date to Denki and Eijirou’s wedding.

“What will happen after the wedding?” Shouto questions, giving Katsuki a confused look.

“We’ll break up, simple as that. The reason? A marriage talk that went wrong. They’ll think we’ve been dating for ages without them knowing,” he explains, eyes gazing over to Todoroki, face in an emotionless stare.

“What about kissing? Hugging? PDA in general?” Shouto queries once more, starting to feel stressed at the prospect of their planned stunt.

“Kiss only when we’re around our friends and other people, hugging is the same. We’ll have to hold hands a lot though... Is that alright?” and that “is that alright?” startles him slightly out of his stressed-out calmness, but he nods nonetheless.

Bakugou nods along, clearly happy with his plans.

“We’ll also have to tell Midoriya what we’re doing since he’ll know right off the bat that something is up.”



After a couple of hours of hanging out as friends and working out the logistics of their fake dating, he’s getting ready to leave when Bakugou stops him.


“Yeah?” he replies, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t fall in love with me,” he looks serious, but he’s looking away as if embarrassed to say that.

“Alright, and I expect you to not fall in love with me either,” he gets a nod from Bakugou.

He finishes pulling on his coat and grabbing his things, and leaves.



It’s later that week that they go on a “date”, but really it’s them hanging out and keeping face. So far, it works, and people are believing that they’re a couple.

Bakugou had ordered them both drinks, already knowing what the half-and-half boy wanted already. Which, in a strange way, made Shouto’s stomach do flips. They were friends before this anyways, having met in high school alongside Katsuki’s childhood best friend, Midoriya.

“Uh, hey,” Shouto murmurs awkwardly, gaining a grunt from the other man and his drink nudged towards him. He nods in thanks and sits down, putting his bag near him on the floor. The small cafe is cosy, if not slightly cramped and the half-and-half feels out of place.

“I got a bunch of texts from Midoriya last night, by the way. He was laughing at me,” and the blonde before him sniggers before grabbing at the phone that laid in front of him on the table. He turned it on and unlocked it, turning the screen around and showing him the messages.

It was Midoriya laughing at him. He chuckles, in a way glad that he wasn’t the only one being made of.

“Then he called me and just fucking laughed at me. He finds this whole thing fucking hilarious,” he rants softly, before continuing, “and then the little bastard said “I can’t wait for you to fall in love like in the movies,” and I had to laugh. I won’t fall in love with you. That’s stupid,” he finishes, cheeks puffed slightly like an indignant child.

“I’m so glad we told him now instead of him finding out later on,” Bakugou nods at his words, clearly in agreement. But, deep down, it kinda stings.

They have a semi-comfortable silence after that, sipping their drinks and calming down from the bouts of laughter. Katsuki coughs and breaks the silence, before speaking up.

“When are we going to tell your dad that we’re “dating”?” at that, Todoroki shrinks slightly in his seat.

“I haven’t set up anything. Too nervous,” he mumbles, looking away. He feels like a child, but in all honesty, he’s been avoiding the subject since it was first brought up.

Bakugou stares at him. And stares. And continues staring until he huffs and crosses his arms.

“What? He’s a god damn asshole and I want to avoid psyching him up with this dating shit,” the half-and-half boy explains, while flushing red, embarrassed at his lacklustre and loud clarification.

Then the blonde man before him is bursting out laughing, hand slapping the table hard as he leans back. People look at them weirdly, the demure atmosphere being rudely interrupted by Bakugou.

“That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day!” he continues to laugh, embarrassing Shouto further, and he stands up, like the cliche he is and begins to grab his things. At the sound of him putting money onto the table, Katsuki stops his laughing and looks at him strangely. Todoroki scoffs and walks off, again being a cliche.

“Don’t be so overdramatic, half-and-half! Come back here!” he hears the blonde man yell after him but he continues walking, set on leaving this uncomfortable situation.

He leaves the cafe and makes it a block away before Bakugou catches up, looking angrier than he does usually.

“What the fuck was that dude? It’s just your dad, and if I’m there, he won’t get so angry, plus you’re an adult man, he can’t control you anymore,” Katsuki’s gruff voice takes on a softer note, obviously understanding why Shouto was so upset.

“I’m just nervous. As I said, I don’t wanna psych him up about it. I’m supposed to find a girl and have children with her. And I know this isn’t real but it’ll be real for him and I.. Ugh why am I so fucking dramatic. Jesus,” he chuckles towards the end of his rant, scrubbing a hand at his scar while Bakugou looks at him with slowly growing concern.

“Look, I’m sorry for trying to force you. But like you said, you need someone that will be able to Enji off your back. And I need someone for Eijirou’s wedding,” he says, catching up to him, voice still oddly soft.

Todoroki sighs and rubs another hand at his scar.

“This isn’t some stupid soap, alright? Stop being dramatic. If he does anything, I’ll be there okay?” and back was the not so soft Bakugou. He laughs, then nods.



He was anxious. Actually, anxious was an understatement. He was borderline terrified. He wasn’t even dating Bakugou for real but Enji didn’t know that. Enji barely took him saying he was bisexual well. Had yelled at him before his sister Fuyumi intervened and he ended up leaving for Midoriya’s. His dad had apologized the next day but his sexuality had been a hard topic for them.

He sat on the couch in his expansive living room, Bakugou sat next to him, nonchalant and calm, both of them waiting for Enji to get home.

After they’d parted ways at the coffee shop, Todoroki had planned to give an announcement to his father a couple days later. Bakugou had texted him a thumbs up emoji once he had been told that the plan to tell Enji was on.

And now here they were.

He jumps softly when the door clicks open and he hears Enji’s booming steps come through the door. Bakugou lays a comforting hand on his shoulder and he relaxes slightly. When Enji finally steps through the threshold to their living room, Katsuki takes his hand off and Shouto strangely feels slightly disappointed at the loss.

“What is it that you want to tell me? Also, you didn’t even mention that your friend would be here,” he says curtly as he sits down across from the two boys.

“About that… Katsuki and I… Are dating.”

“Excuse me? Can you repeat that?” he sounds angry and Todoroki cringes.

“We’re together, sir,” the blond next to him pipes up before Shouto can open his mouth.

“I hope that won’t be a problem since,” Katsuki puts his arm around his shoulders, “we have been dating for a while and probably aren’t breaking up anytime soon,” he finishes, and Enji looks surprised but clears his throat and nods.

The half-and-half boy stares at his father, then turns his head and gazes at Bakugou. His face is emotionless, except for a small furrow in his brow. That was it? His father was going to just nod and be fine with it? Maybe it was because Katuski was here, but he wasn’t sure.

He whips his head around back to his father when the man speaks again.

“What happened to getting a wife and having kids? You have the best genes, you’re my masterpiece,” Enji murmurs indignantly, and an ugly feeling grows in his stomach and he’s brought back to when Enji screamed at him for being bi.

“That was your idea. I’m probably not going to ever marry a woman and have kids and that’s it! I’m not some trophy for you! I’m your fucking kid and I’m human!” Todoroki’s voice raises a couple octaves and he breathes heavily and would’ve stood up to yell had the blond’s arm not be over his shoulders.

His father lets out a small growl, and crosses his arms, and opens his mouth to probably chastise him for his language but a glare from the boy next to him makes Enji close his mouth.

Shouto takes a calming breath and relaxes, and Bakugou squeezes him softly with his arm.



“That was terrible… I got so angry like you’re rubbing off on me,” he moans into his arms hours later when they’re at Katsuki’s apartment. He’s sitting at the other’s desk, head pillowed on his arms against the dark oak.

“I’m gonna ignore that insult and just say I’m oddly proud that you stood up to him,” Katsuki laughs, laying on his side facing his bent over back.

“Yeah but I’m going to be chewed out later for it,” he bemoans again, earning another laugh from the blond that totally didn’t make the half-and-half boy’s stomach flutter.



They’re at some random gay strip club for Eijirou’s bachelor party, strippers are in just about everyone’s laps, half of them are already drunk, and it’s a fun time.

He’s laughing at something Iida says when he’s pulled into pulled into a drunk Bakugou’s lap and hugged hard from behind.

He sees a stripper who had stepped back and looked surprised at the blond and him.

“Only my fuckin’ boyfriend’ can fuckin’ sit on me,” Katsuki slurs, obviously drunk, and he flushes hard when everyone here looks at them and exclaims their own, “he’s your boyfriend?!”.

As the stripper, a pretty boy in skimpy clothing walks away and finds another man to dance on, Bakugou buries his face into his back and groans, flipping off all their friend’s who sit next to them, with and without strippers and alcohol.

Once he spins the tale he and the blond had agreed upon, everyone quiets down about it and he’s eternally glad Denki had taken Midoriya to his bachelor party with the girls. He doesn’t think he could take his laughing. And inevitable eyebrow wiggling. He shudders slightly and the usually explosive blond behind him groans again, and a muffled “shhh” makes him laugh.

Of course, while sober Bakugou is a loud and brash asshole, though has mellowed out slightly as they got older, a drunk Bakugou is a slightly different story. He’s very drowsy and calm and could stare at a wall or fall asleep doing so until he sobered up. It was cute.

He stares at the blond after he takes his head from the half-and-half boy’s shoulders and flushes more. His hair was slightly mussed where he had it half pinned back, and his eyes were misty and tired, and his full lips were wet. He was properly beautiful in Shouto’s eyes.

The last couple of weeks hanging out more than usual with Bakugou have been quite fun, and him helping him tell his father about their “relationship” made Shouto’s heart flutter. Thinking about them being each other's date for the wedding was giving him butterflies and…


He might be in love with Bakugou Katsuki, even though he’d agreed not to be.

He’s screwed to the highest heavens and back.




It’s a big day. And Katsuki is nervous, but nothing can’t trump the near mental breakdown Eijirou is having over everything.

“Dude, chill. Denki loves you, like a lot, so fucking much it makes me gag.”

“But what if I screw up? What if I screw up the wedding too?” he’s about to cry, but Uraraka, who’s been switching between both men to get them ready, scolds him for being close to ruining the look she went for him.

“You’ll do fine, sweetie,” she reassures for him, patting his back while he sighs. He hopes Denki is faring much better. Buuuut, with the smirk Todoroki gave him as he went to Kaminari’s side of things, and the “good luck with his freaking out,” he hopes the stupid asshole has to deal with a freaking out Denki.


The venue is wholly fucking beautiful.

Lots of pastel reds, yellows and whites. And lots of flowers. Jesus. But it’s still beautiful, and surprisingly simple.

There are about 10 rows of long pews on each side of a white petal decorated aisle. The pews are decorated with a yellow satin cloth with another, smaller, red cloth draped over that. The archway is full of pinned red, yellow, and white flowers, and white lace material. The walls are decorated with pinned up pieces of fabric that are dyed the three colours.

The ceremony is long, but he stands there as best man for Kirishima, while Jirou stands as Kaminari’s best woman, or maid of honour, with Eijirou’s groomsmen are wearing red, and Denki’s groomswomen, and man, wearing yellow. They match it up by both wearing white and their respective colours. The meticulous planning for the matching outfits kinda scares him.

But he can’t complain about it too much because Todoroki looks gorgeous in a red tux, and makes his heterochromic eyes stand out. Wow.


The reception afterwards is one hell of a party. So much so he barely remembers much of it after the official dinner. What he does remember though, is dancing himself the fuck out with Todoroki who seemed to.. Shine.

His mood reflected in Shouto’s good one and he had a genuine time, and even forgot that they weren’t even really dating.

After getting teased and scolded for not “telling us about your relationship sooner”, they were pretty much left alone about it. Except for stupid Deku who wiggled his eyebrows all night while he danced around with Tsuyu.


“Are you having fun?” he hears Todoroki half shout over the music 3 hours later, and he smiles wild, slightly manic, high off the alcohol and the fun atmosphere. And how proud he is of his best friend getting married and having a kick-ass party.

“Fuck yeah! Are you having fun?” he shouts back in reply, slightly louder than necessary and Shouto smiles that beautiful ass smile.

“Hell yeah!”

And Bakugou has never seen anything so beautiful.

They’re at their hotel room of the hotel the venue was situated inside.

And he had internally cursed and both boys had flushed when they found out there was only one bed. But he’s too drowsy from dancing and the alcohol to care too much.

“Fuck I am going to regret living tomorrow,” he moans when he sobers up and starts getting ready for bed alongside Todoroki. At the thought of the other man, he clams up and pushes down his newfound feelings.

Shouto laughs, and stretches, “I understand, I’ll make sure to nurse you back to health,” and Katsuki sputters, before chuckling.

“My hero.”


“Shouto? Are you still awake?” he whispers in the night.

“Yeah, what’s up?” and turns so he’s facing Bakugou.

“I think I fucked up,” Katsuki’s voice cracks slightly, and he cringes when Todoroki’s face softens into a sad expression.

Bakugou raises his hand softly and brushes it across the scar on Shouto’s face, while his face crumples gently.

“I think I fucked up because I’m-” his fingers curl over the edge of the scar, “because I’m, fuck!,” he opens his palm and caresses the damaged skin with his thumb.

“I think I fucked up because I’m in lo- I’m in love with you, Shouto,” and the confession makes Todoroki flinch and Bakugou tears his hand away from his face.

Todoroki turns back away from the blond, eyes wide and heartbroken.

He huffs out a sad sounding “sorry,” before turning his back to the other boys back and going to sleep. Or at least trying to.

His heart is currently breaking in half and it takes all his strength not to cry.



That morning when he woke up, Todoroki was gone, and some aspirin, a cup of water and a note laid on the night table.

Once he finally got up and took the aspirin and drank some water.

He grabs the note, bringing it to his face and his chest stings.

I think we should end our fake relationship.



The words are still etched into his mind weeks later, and he can’t help but be genuinely angry for no reason at “fake relationship”. He knows it was fake. He knows it so fucking well.

But it doesn’t quell his sadness. God damnit. Stupid breakups. He’s Bakugou Katsuki, he doesn’t do relationships. Hasn’t his whole life. And being heartbroken? That’s stupid Deku’s thing.

He’s at a random bar on the seedier part of town, and it’s been a couple days since the wedding and the happy couple were on a honeymoon. Serves them right, they fucking deserve that honeymoon. But he can’t help but feel a little jealous.


It’s a couple shots of hard alcohol later and a mediocre band playing up front when he bumps into the man that’s been at the forefront of his mind for the past couple days.

God fucking damnit.

They both have been avoiding each other, barely texting, if at all, and that’s probably purely Bakugou’s fault.

“Hey,” he slurs when the other man just looks at him.


“Haven’t seen you around lately,” he’s fucking terrible at small talk. Another thing that was purely Deku when they were younger. Whatever he can handle the embarrassment when he’s sober.

“I’ve been busy,” Todoroki replies curtly, voice sounding strained and tense, and eyes shifting to everywhere but him now that he initiated a conversation.

He sighs, but even through his heartbreak, he knows he misses being close to Shouto and wishes for his friend back, even if he has to drown his feelings.

“We should talk,” the half-and-half boy states, and grabs his arm without much preamble.

They weave through the crowd, and Bakugou, being slightly drunk, stumbles behind, almost falling once or twice.

When they make it outside, the blond is panting softly, alcohol making him tired easier.

He opens his mouth once he catches his breath.

“First of all, m’sorry for- for...confessing… to you, and I’m sorry for ruining fuckin’ everything,” Bakugou explains with a frown etched on his face, alcohol ruining the walls he so lovingly put up within himself.

Todoroki sighs.

“Look.. I…” he sighs again and his face tenses, making Bakugou’s frown grow deeper, “I’m sorry for ending our agreement on such bad terms, and I’m sorry for only talking to you now, but I missed being your friend, and most importantly, I missed Bakugou Katsuki, even though he’s a dense idiot,” Shouto says, and Katsuki bursts out laughing.

“That’s probably the most mature thing you’ve said since the day I’ve met you!” he continues to laugh, missing the fond smile that cracked Shouto’s sombre face.

“Bakugou I’m so in love with you, that it hurts so, so much,” he declares, voice just barely above a whisper.

The aforementioned blond stops laughing, eyes wide, half bent over from his fit. He straightens back up with all the grace of a half-drunk man and stares at Todoroki.

“So I confess to you and you don’t say anything back and I avoid you all heartbroken?” he starts to yell, before continuing, “And you didn’t say anything!

“I-I’m sorry… The confession startled me, I guess. I didn’t know what to do and I’m sorry. I fell in love with you while you were falling asleep against me at the bachelor party and you just looked so… Beautiful. So fucking beautiful and I fell. Hard and-“

“Shut up! Shut up.. Please..” he’s breaking, and being intoxicated isn’t helping keep the tears at bay.

“Bakugou. Katsuki, please look at me Katsuki-“ and Bakugou whips his head up interrupting Todoroki before he spoke up again, “Can I kiss you? Please.”

The now sobered up man nods. Todoroki grabs him by the waist and breathes out.

Then the half-and-half boy leans in, connecting their lips and it was like the whole world was right.

When they pulled apart, Katsuki was full on crying, a couple of tears making tracks down his face.

“I-I,” he starts, and lets out a relieved sob, before his knees give out and both he and the other boy fall to the ground, “I love you, Todoroki Shouto.”

And they kiss again.


Bakugou regrets drinking. His head is pounding, and the light is too bright but there are gentle hands scraping through his hair making him groan in pleasure.

They spent the morning sleeping in Bakugou’s bed, Todoroki teasing about how he finally gets to nurse Bakugou to health.

“Funnily enough, if I hadn’t bumped into you, I wouldn’t have ever got the nerve to talk to you.”

“Wait really? We need to work on our communication or whatever,” Katsuki murmurs, lazy and tired from the night before.

“Yeah, we do, but we have all the time in the world,” Shouto sighs, looking at him with fond eyes.

“Hey, don’t get so fucking cheesy on me, dickhead, we’re not Tenya and Ochako, I don’t wanna deal with cheeseballs in my own relationship,” he grumbles while the other boy laughs softly.

“Alright then, Katsuki,” and the sunlight hits just right on Shouto’s face, illuminating his attractive figure and fuck man. Katsuki Bakugou lucked out with this one.

Even though they’re both new to this relationship stuff, Katsuki sees a long future with this man and he’ll fight till his last breath to stay with him. That promise in his own head is marked with resoluteness when Shouto smiles at him so softly.