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Ballad of the Starz Gang

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At a dark night in a thick jungle, lies a camp guarded by the big creatures with four arms called the "Shokan".

Patrolling the area, it was quiet. But suddenly, a dart pierced it's neck, putting him to sleep It reveals to be Carrie firing her bow of darts. She waves to the other bush where Twilight, Blossom and Sonic were hiding. They then approached another Shokan, from behind. Twilight pokes him with her hoof getting his attention. "

Who's there?!" shouted the Shokan as he turned around.

Blossom punches him in the face knocking him out cold as well. Sonic turns to another bush.

"OK, it's all clear," said Sonic. Darwin, Bubbles, the mane five, and Ryan came out of hiding.

"Okay, folks," said Darwin. "Let's get this done." The Fearless Squadron approached the tent of the camp. They find two chimps and their baby in a cage, which is surrounded by bags of gold and chests of dollars. Rarity eyes glowed as she was fascinated by the gold.

"Uh, Rarity, I hate to interrupt that's not our concerned," said Bubbles.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it," said Rarity. "This is worth billions."

"Uh, this is a rescue mission," said Buttercup. "Not a robbery you dummy."

"Guys, our mission is to rescue this desperate family and recover the Bright Horde's lost money," Darwin interrupted. "Now let's get them outta here before more of those forearm jerks show up."

Penny cuts the lock with her dagger and opens the cage, freeing the family. "It's okay," said Penny. "You're safe now." The chimps slowly walked out of the cage, scared. While Gumball and Rarity collect the money, putting it in their bags. "We better hurry, more will be here soon," said Ryan. Penny quickly escorts the chimp family exiting the camp, and Rarity and Gumball quickly got all of the money. The Squadron rushed out of the camp and into the trees, just in time.


The Fearless Squadron quickly escorted the family to safety, in the trees. So far, they weren't followed.

"Well, I guess our work is done," said Darwin. "All we gotta do is escort this family back to their home,"

"But what about the money?" asked Gumball. "We gotta return this first."

"Gumball, don't be stupid, you know this family is more important," said Fluttershy. "Hey, come on. The Horde needs money," said Gumball. "So we need money!" "Gumball's right," said Rarity. "The Horde needs their lost money back."

"Stay outta this!" shouted Buttercup. "Hey you know it's true!" Rarity shouted back.

The Fearless Squadron continued to argue, unaware that the baby chimp ran off, chasing a frog with it's parents in pursuit. Darwin breaks it up.

"Alright guys, that's enough," said Darwin. "Yes, we need the money, but we this family is desperate, and we need to keep them safe."

"Darwin's right," said Bubbles. "This family needs our help. If you want the money, you return it. But we're helping this family to safety whether you agree or not."

Both of them turned around, and see that the family is gone.

"Wait, where are they?!" said Darwin concerned.

Then suddenly, they hear a growl, and monkey screams. The Squadron rushed to the Jungle to investigate. From there, Darwin sees a Leopard chasing the baby Chimp.

He runs over to save the baby, but the Leopard was so fast that she grabs the baby with her jaws killing it. Darwin stares in horror, as the leopard stares at him with an evil grin in her eyes.

"NO!" shouted Darwin. He grabs is shotgun and fires at the leopard, mortally scarring her in the face. The leopard shrieks in pain as she drops the baby's corpse and runs off into the bushes with Darwin firing and shouting.

Just then, the Fearless Squadron arrived and started firing their weapons at the bushes. Not until Darwin ran out of ammo, while Blossom calms him down.

"It's ok Darwin," said Blossom. "We got it, I think."

Darwin walks over to the baby's corpse, in shock and horror.

"How did this happen," he said. "How did I let this happen?"

"Hey, this isn't your fault," said Fluttershy. "You did what you have to do."

Then suddenly, Ryan appeared. "Uh guys, I think we got a problem," said Ryan.

Darwin and Blossom regrouped with the others and found both of the parent chimps lying dead. The mother's throat was slit while the father was slashed in the chest.

They looked in horror.

"We better get going," said Applejack. The other moved out, leaving Darwin and Blossom in shock.

"What would Talion think," said Darwin, Knowing that, he got the money but couldn't keep a family safe.




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Back at Jump City, the Fearless Squadron met up at the war room. They told Talion and the Furious Squad about their mission. Which, Optimus considered it a colossal failure, (As Darwin suspected). But the Warlords are still deciding on what their punishment would be.

Growing worried about what their punishment is going to be.

Gumball, and Rarity were arguing with Carrie and Buttercup blaming each other for the misson's failure.

"This could have been a success!" shouted Buttercup. "We had it! But No! You just wanted that precious money!"

"Well, you know what you're problem is?!" shouted Rarity. "Your problem is that you just wanted to get over with so quick!"

"And your problem is that you're so obessed with shiny things!" shouted Carrie.

Sonic steps in. "You know she does have a point," said Sonic. "We were supposed to help those chimps. But no all you care about was the darn money!"

But suddenly, the door knocks. It was Lord Saurfang.

"The Warlords want to speak with you," said Saurfang.

Darwin is scared. They might have made their decision.

And so, the Fearless Squadron followed Saurfang throughout the base. Into a hall where Optimus Prime, Flame Princess, Hellboy and Talion stand at the other side.

Saurfang approaches the warlords, bowing down to one knee.

"Noble warlords and Bright Lord," said Saurfang. "I have brought the accused."

"You may leave Saurfang," responded Optimus.

Saurfang looked up "But, I thought.......

"And take the Squadron with you," Flame Princess interrupted.

"Except Darwin," said Hellboy. "We're gonna have a little chat with him."

Saurfang nodded. "Come," said Saurfang.

The Fearless Squadron followed Saurfang out of the room. Leaving Darwin with the Warlords.

He was concerned as Optimus spoke.

"The President and the council decided to have you stripped from your leadership for the need of proper training," said Optimus.

"But ultimately the terms of your punishment are up to me," said Talion.

"It was that bad is it?" asked Darwin.

"Indeed," responded Flame Princess. "But, do you know where we are?"

"The Hall, of the Inquisitor," answered Darwin.

"Quite so," responded Optimus. "Here rest, the Vanguard our society. Every Inquisitor from first to last."

The walls lie Pictures and Memorials of the oldest Heroes, which shows, an Assassin (From Assassin's Creed) a Sangheili Warrior (From Halo), and COG soldiers (From Gears of War)

"Each one created and consumed in times before the Bright Horde even formed," said Optimus.

"The Age of the Assassins, the Locust War," said Hellboy. "If it weren't for those guys, we would have been wiped out long ago," said Hellboy.

"Even on my knees, I don't belong in their presence," said Darwin. Who is still shamed.

"The Chimp's Asassination was your error," said Talion. "And you and your team were rightly bare to blame. But the President was overzealous. We know you did not shame us."

"What do you mean?" asked Darwin.

"Sure, you failed an important mission, for a hard choice," said Flame Princess. "But this is also an opportunity to get back on your feet."

"So, what we are trying to say is, we offer you a second chance," said Optimus. "For how much Courage you have shown since we have met."

"But what use am I?" asked Darwin. "I might no longer go out in the field, lead troops into battle....."

"Not as you are no," Talion Interrupted. "But, become the Inquisitor, and you shall be set loose to fulfill your destiny with our blessing."

Rexy walks over to the room carrying a Chest. She drops it while Toothless opens it with his teeth. The Box opens, revealing to be two Hanzo Lightsabers and Darwin's Blazing Shotgun Repeater.

Darwin looks up. "But what about my Squadron?" asked Darwin.

"Surely, half of your team are still under our concern," said Optimus. "You must find another team as temporary. It is, our President's and the Council's request."

Darwin stands up, approaches the weapons. He grabs the ligthtsaber. Lights it showing the blue blade, then lights the other saber which glows green. Then he turns to the Warlords, and asks one question.......

"What would you have me do?"

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The City of Metroville

Bubbles is on a back of a drake, as Darwin holds on. The Drake lies through the city reaching its' destination.

"I can't believe they wouldn't even invite us," said Bubbles. "I mean it's not fair."

"Well, it's the President's orders," said Darwin. "Besides, it's only temporary. It's not like, I'm gonna replace you."

"Whatever you say," responded Bubbles.

The Drake landed at the sidewalk near a parking lot.

"Good luck Darwin," said Bubbles. "I'll pick you up when you finish."

The Drake flies away as Darwin waves goodbye to Bubbles.

Darwin turns to the street.

"OK, let's get started," he thought. "What could go wrong?"

Hours later....

 Darwin walks through the streets, trying to see if he could finds some clues about what he's up against. Then suddenly, he spots something in an alley. 

He goes to the alley where he sees a young Teenage girl with Black hair, blue eyes, wearing a headband in here head. She was wearing a red unitard with black bottoms and an "I" insignia on the chest, along with an orange belt and black gloves, thigh-high boots, and a black eye mask. And is being beaten by a Shokan named "Goro" along with two Grasshoppers.

"Your parents borrowed money from my business partner," said Goro. "You owe him, you took the money. He wants it back what's not to understand?!"

The Girl spits at his face, but he wipes it off.

"WHERE'S OUR MONEY?!" shouted Goro.

"I don't have it," said the Girl.

"Then sell your Boyfriend, or your brothers or something," said Goro. "We're not your idea of charity!"

"HEY YOU!" Darwin shouted.

Goro looks to his left. "Let go of that girl you punk!" said Darwin.

"Or what fishface?!" said Goro.

"Or you're gonna be sorry, that's what," said Darwin.

Goro laughs.

Darwin shruggs. "Alright, you asked for it," he said.

Then suddenly, he draws out his shotgun and shoots him in the leg.

Goro screams in pain as the Grasshoppers hold him.

"WHO'S NEXT?!" shouted Darwin.

Goro and the Grasshoppers flee, but the Shokan is enraged. "This is not over fishface!" shouted Goro. "My Master will here of this!"

Darwin pulls his gun away. He runs to the girl who's now beaten badly.

"You OK miss?" asked Darwin.

"I'm fine," responded the girl. She was coughing out blood. She was hurt real bad.

"Well, the way I see it, you don't look too good," said Darwin.

He takes out a tissue from his bag. "Take this," he said.

"Thank you,"  said the girl. She takes it and wipes the blood off her face.

"Why were those guys beating you?" asked Darwin.

"They wanted money," said the Girl. "My parents borrowed it from his company and they wanted it back."

"Loansharking," responded Darwin. "That's illegal."

"I know," said the Girl.

"Well, aside from that, I'm Darwin," said Darwin, introducing herself. "Darwin Watterson."

"I'm Violet Parr," said the Girl. "People call me Vi"

They shook hands.

"I work the Warlords of the Bright Horde," said Darwin. "And I'm here to......"

"Wait, the Furious Squad, here?" asked Violet.

"Yes, why," said Darwin.

"Well, I heard stories about them," said Violet. "You know, fighting bad guys, running from the law."

"Yeah, the point is, I'm here to see what we're up against," said Darwin. "Any Idea who these guys work for?"

"Well.....," said Violet, awkwardly. "All I heard is that, they work for a crime company called "The Covenant Republic."

"Really?" asked Darwin.

"I heard there was talk of a private auction for monsters I don't even know," said Violet.

Darwin thinks. "And where did you say this auction is?" asked Darwin.

"Um..... I think it's running in a city called, "Saint Denis" I guess," said Violet.

"Then this could lead me to other clues," said Darwin. "Thanks Vi"

He runs off, but then stops.

"Wait," said Violet.

He turns around. "I wanna come with you," said Violet. "I know a short way."

Darwin shrugs. "Why not?" he said.

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Saint Denis

Darwin and Violet were in a trolley where they approached the big city. This city is industralized with incorporates paved streets, has a network of tram lines. Some areas of the city are dark, covered in a blanket of fog with the sky being blocked out by smoke from the factories. wagons slowly making their way down the streets, dogs playing and barking at passers-by, and people chatting and shopping in local stores. For a big city, this must be a city where no orc would go to.

"Wow, this place looks, foggy," said Darwin. "I expect it to be more plain, and unindustral like Jump city or Mertoville."

"You could say that again," said Violet.

Just then, the two exited the Trolley, entering the streets where horses make their way.

"So where is this auction?" asked Darwin.

Violet looks around.

"Right this way," said Violet.

The two make their way through the city where they spot a huge crowd, at a platform.

"That must be the auction," said Darwin.

The latter sneak their way into the crowd, as the auction is about to start.

A Evil-Looking guy named Doctor Drakkan steps over the platform.

"Welcome laides and Gentlemen," said Dr. Drakkan. "To our most prized Auction ever! Firstly, allow me to show you the Predalien!"

Men were moving a cage which contains a Hybrid Predalien trapped inside. They moved a cage to the platform as the Predalien snarls at the crowd.

"10 mllion!" said a man.

"No 20 Million!"


"30 Million. Going once, twice, three times SOLD!" said Dr. Drakken. "To Mr. Leviticus Cornwall."

The men take the cage away, carrying the creature to it's new owner.

Just then, another creature arrives.

"And next, ladies and Gentlemen, we have The Lava giant!" said Dr. Drakken.

Men were pulling another cage, which reveals to be an elemental graug.

Darwin and Violet watched from afar.

"They're selling those poor creatures for money?" whispered Darwin. "That's terrible! We gotta do something."

Violet thought of an Idea. "Stay here," said Violet.

"But what about....."

Before Darwin can finish, she disappeared. He watches in concern.

The auction presses on.

"34 million."


"35, going once, twice, three times sold!" said Dr. Drakken. "To Mrs. Catherine Braithwaite."

The men carried the cage out of the platform.

Afar the platform, lies creatures in cages ready to be sold. And it appears that one creature, a female Velociraptor with a blue scaled srtipe was next. She tried banging, even biting the bars, but their so thick. But suddenly, she noticed the lock on her cage is moving. Just then, the lock unlocks, opening the cage. But before she could break out, the men approached the cage, carrying it to the platform.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a creature you don't wanna mess with," said Dr.Krakken.Please give it up for, the Velociraptor!"

The men pulled the cage into the platform unaware that it's unlocked. The Raptor stands still, waiting for the right moment.


Darwin watches the commotion, knowing that something's not right.

"40 million!"


"50 million!"

Dr. Krakken smiles. The raptor is worth 50 million dollars. It'll make him rich bigtime.

"50 going once, twice, three times sold!" said Dr.Krakken. "To Mr. Angelo Bronte."

As the men were about to carry the cage, the Raptor bangs through the cage making her escape.

This causes a panic through the crowd.

The Raptor pounces on one man, mauling him to death. Another man was about to fire, but suddenly, Violet appears out of nowhere and grabs the man's arm firing it in the sky. Causing a panic through the city.

Darwin watches the panic, then he decides to run down there and help.

Meanwhile, Violet kicks the man in the chest, causing him to fall backwards. But suddenly, another man come from behind and grabs her from the back. She elbows him in the stomach and punches him in the face knocking him out. Another man comes charging at her, but suddenly, he gets shot. Which reveals to be Darwin's shotgun.

"Man, you're full of surprises," said Violet.

"I could say the same to you," responded Darwin. "I didn't know you can turn invisible......"

The conversation was interrupted by gunshot. In which Violet uses her Forcefield powers, to deflect the bullets.

"You were saying," said Violet.

The latter rushed to the platform, where they encounter the Velociraptor. She hisses. In needs to defend herself.

"Uh, Vi you got any ideas?" asked Darwin.

"No," responded Violet.

But before she attacks, the raptor spares them. And turns to Dr. Drakken, who is trying to sneak away.

Darwin approaches the doctor, placing his foot on his back.

"Now where do you think you're going," said Darwin.

He points his shotgun at the back of his head.

"What have you been doing here?" asked Darwin. "TALK!"

"I'm not telling you anything," said Dr.Krakken.

"LAST CHANCE Sully!" said Darwin. "Who are you working for?"

"You won't get anything from me," responded Dr Drakken.

"Well, I guess the hard way it is," said Darwin.

He grabs his swords and a metal plate, and scraps it. Making screeching sounds, annoying the Doctor.

"OK, I'll talk," said Dr.Drakken.

"SPILL THE BEAN!" shouted Darwin.

He talks.

"We were making seed money for the Covenant's recruits," said Dr. Drakken. "My boss demanded it."

"And who's your boss?" asked Violet.

The raptor approaches him hissing.

"King Bowser!" answered Dr. Drakken. "They say that he's building an army, and now there's talk of war. A War with the Bright Horde."

He turns to Darwin.

"And let me tell you, walking fish!," he said. "He won't stop until he has control over Jump City. And everything you cared about."

Darwin kicks him. Knocking him out cold.

Now he knows what he's up against.

"I have to tell Optimus about this," said Darwin. "And I need to stop them."

"You're not going alone," said Violet. "You'll need help. Besides, we got Blue on our side."

"Blue?" asked Darwin.

"Yeah, with the blue stripe," she said referring to Blue's stripe.

Darwin thinks. He could use some help.

"OK, where do we start?" asked Darwin.

"I think I know someone who can help," said Violet.








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Unknown Swamp in the Bayou,

Darwin, Violet and Blue, make their way through the swamp.

"So, you have powers?" asked Darwin.

"Well......yes, it's part of my traits," responded Violet.

"So you're like, a superhero I guess," said Darwin.

"OK, don't push it," said Violet in a stern look.

Blue Caws out.

"I guess we're here," said Violet.

The trio approach a campsite which is is inhabited with Sangheilis Elites. Different from orcs.

They walked through the camp where an Elite Zealot approaches them.

"Let me do the talking," whispered Violet.  "You don't wanna get on these guys' bad side."

She then approaches the elite.

"We've come to see Thel Vadam, the Arbiter," said Violet. "We just wanna talk."

The Elite nods.

"Right this way," said the Elite.

He escorts the trio the the tent up a tree. Where he leads them to the camp war room.

"Wait here," said the Elite. He leaves.

They waited. Just then, and Elite wearing a silver grey armor has arrived. And approaches the trio.

Darwin starts talking. "Name's Darwin Watterson, I work for the Warlords of the Bright Horde," said Darwin.

The Arbiter closes in, saying nothing. Then he speaks.

"Inquisitor, out of the shadows," said the Arbiter. "The prized warriors announce themselves now walking fish. Yet, now you seek assistance, from a new enemy."

"Yes, and what do you know about King Bowser?" asked Darwin.

"He has an army," said Arbiter. "With races you do not know. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him your City. And in return I suspect World domination."

"So, will you help us?" asked Violet.

Arbiter turns around. "I will seek your assistance. But I require something in return."

"We're listening," said Darwin.

He turns to the Trio. "I will do it. If it means to hunt down those wretched Shokan for betraying my people."

"Don't worry Arbiter, you have our word," said Darwin.

"Then we are agreed," said Arbiter. "First, we must find his secret hiding place. From there we will strike."

As the talking continued, a tail wags near Blue's head. She sniffs. Sensing that something's wrong.

They're not alone.

The Tail was coming from a leopard hiding in the ceiling. Ready to pounce.

Blue looks up growling, causing the trio to look up.

Then suddenly, the leopard attacks as the trio scatter. The leopard pursues Violet, as she reaches a window. The Leopards pounces, breaking through the window. It and Violet fell down, landing into a curtain. Violet tries crawling out, but the leopard lashes at her, ripping the curtain.

Both landed on the port. The Leopard pounces but Violet shields herself with her forcefield. But suddenly, Darwin lands onto the port, and gets the leopard's attention.

"Hey! Come and get me!" shouted Darwin.

The leopard looks to her right. And recognizes Darwin. The Person who scarred her in the face. She charged to him, as he flees, jumping onto a bridge.

Blue and the Arbiter ran to a worried Violet. "Where is he?" asked Violet.

She looks down the port and sees Darwin walks through the wooden bridge with the leopard in pursuit.

"We gotta do something!" said Violet.

They see him reach a dead end. The Leopard was closing in.

"Take my hand walking fish!" said Arbiter.

Darwin reaches for the Arbiter's hand. The leopard notices this, and charged.

"It's getting closer!" said Violet.

The Leopard jumps to Darwin, but just in time for the Arbiter to quickly pull him up.

"Thank you! Thank you!" said Darwin.

"Do not thank me yet walking fish," responded Arbiter.

Suddenly, the Leopard crashes through the port. The Trio seemed trapped.

"Any ideas?" asked Violet.

Darwin looks down, seeing the bottom of the tree. Then spots a boat attached to a rope.

"One," said Darwin.

The Leopard breaks through and pounces.

"JUMP!" shouted Darwin. The trio quickly jumps into the boat. Carrying them down the tree. The leopard roars in frustration. Unaware that the rope was tied to it's backfoot, pulling her up. As the boat dropped, it nearly hits the ground. The gang looks up and sees the leopard dangling up the tree. Buying them some time to escape.

"We must go," said Arbiter. "This cannot hold her for long."

The gang makes a run for it. Darwin looks back with stern look in his face. This may not be over.


Chapter Text

Darwin and the Trio flee to an unknown waterfalls, near the swamp.

"I think we lost it," said Violet. "What was that?"

"That my friend is the man eater," said Arbiter. "Her name is Sabor, fierce leopard in the world."

"And, that's the thing that killed who I was supposed to protect," said Darwin.

The Trio looked at Darwin. "And why I'm here."

"I'm sorry," said Violet.

Suddenly a voice said, "An Eye for an eye, don't ya think?"

The Group turns around which reveals to be a saber-toothed Tiger.

Blue growls, only to be held back by Arbiter.

"Woah, I don't want any trouble," said the Tiger. "I'm just saying."

"Well, who are you?" asked Darwin. "And what do you want from us?"

"Us?" questioned the Tiger. "You four are an odd couple."

"You could say that again," said Violet.

The trio looked at her with a stern look.

The Tiger shrugged.

"Anyway, the name's Diego friend," greeted the Tiger.

"Darwin Watterson," said Darwin. "I work for the Warlords of Jump City."

"Oh, I heard of them, "Darwin"." replied Diego, who is unamused.

"If you're looking for Bowser, you're wasting your time, they're their move."

"Wait, you know him?"asked Violet.

"I had a run-in, months ago," said Diego. "Nasty creatures. Mean as heck. They rob people and kill without mercy."

He points at his shoulder revealing to be a scar.

"This is what he gave me when I first encountered them," said Diego. "And they didn't even hesitate to do so."

The trio looked at each other.

"So, how do we find them?" asked Darwin.

"I don't know, haven't heard," said Diego. "But they usually do their crime work North from here, , so my guess is King's landing, where the Lannisters live, which I doubt. Or a stronghold in Mount Hagen."

Darwin thought of an idea.

"How about, we go to Mount Hagen," said Darwin.

"Woah, hold your horses Kid," said Diego. "Bowser is no joke. He's got a whole army there."

"The tiger is right," said Arbiter. "This could be a trap."

"But what choice do we have," said Darwin. "We can't just wait around for them to come for us, so why won't we find them, and bring this fight to them."

The group looked at each other.

"Ok, we'll do it," said Diego.

"So am I," said Violet. "But so you know, this could be a trap."

"We'll be ready," said Darwin. "Now, lead the way Diego."

The Gang moves out, on their journey to Mount Hagen.

Chapter Text

Grizzlies West

The Gang made their way up the mountains with Diego guiding them. If was a freezing. The hills were snowy. And their too tired to walk. Blue is cold-blooded, and might freeze to death. What saved her is Violets force field, shielding her from the cold.

"How much further?" asked Darwin.

"We're nearly there." said Diego.

They walked their way up the mountain. Violet kneels down, couldn't walk. The Arbiter held her up, as they carried on. As they reached the top of the mountain, Diego stops.

"What is it?" asked Arbiter.

"We're here," said Diego.

At the top, lies a fortress, inhabited with Shokans gathering supplies, Grasshoppers collecting ammo for weaponry, coyotes gathering meat, barbaric Vikings gathering weapons, and skeleton-like robots moving bags of gold. And at the edge of the mountain lies a flying pirate ship. Ready to leave the mountain.

"Ok, let's see what their up too," said Darwin.

He takes out his binoculars and gets a closer look within the fortress.

At the fort, Goro, along with Dr. Drakken were telling their friends, a Grasshopper leader, a red coyote, a viking chief, and three girls who were pronounced "The Dazzlings".

"So you let some strangers disrupt the auction?" asked the Grasshopper. "You do realize how much you cost us?!"

"It happened so fast Hopper," said Dr.Drakken. "What else could I do?"

"The master is not pleased with excuses," said the Coyote. "Especially when you let some walking fish beat you Goro."

"Quiet Dag!" shouted Goro. "She was going to talk! She knows where the money was!"

"Ok, let's drop it now," said the lead girl. "We have other business to focus on."

"I just hope the master shall pay us when we're done with this," said the Viking Chief.

From above, Darwin puts the binoculars away and turns to the gang.

"Ok, what our plan?" asked Darwin.

"No clue. We can't hit them hard for sure," said Diego.

Darwin thought for a moment. If they can't hit them head on.

"Then, I guess we'll have to use the easy way," said Darwin. "Stealth mode."

"We better hurry," said Violet. "I don't know how long the ship will take off."

"You and Arbiter with me," said Darwin. "Diego, you and Blue see if there's anyone following us," said Darwin.

The trio slowly walked down the hill. Sneak past the guards and hid behind a box. Darwin picks up his binoculars and gets a closer look at the conversation.

As the bickering continued, footsteps were heard. The Villains looked, and see that their boss has arrived. Which came a Turtle Monster wearing a White and Purple Suit and a Fancy hat. It has to be Bowser. And he's not happy, much to Goro and Dr. Drakken's concern.

"What is all the fuss about?" asked Bowser.

The Villains quivered in fear.

"Boss, I can explain," said Drakken.

"I don't want excuses!" shouted Bowser. "I want My MONEY!!!!"

"We almost had it master," said Goro. "We were interrupted."

"Yes! It happened so fast," said Dr. Drakken. "I barely escaped with my life."

Bowser groaned angrily.

"I had enough of this doctor," said Bowser. "Take him away!"

Gunnar and Hopper drag Drakken away.

 "Please! I just need more time!" Drakken Begged. But too late. He's now being dragged somewhere unknown.

Bowser turns to Goro.

"And you said the Fish works for this so-called "Warlords of the Bright Horde?" asked Bowser. "This Furious Squad."

"Yes, master," said Goro. "I heard they made him the Inquisitor, a warrior given a second chance."

Bowser turns around, looks at his ship.

"Then it has been said," said Bowser.

He turns to his Goro.

"Get everyone you have," said Bowser. "Every Bounty Hunter you can find."

Goro runs off. Bowser turns to his minions.

"The rest of you listen up," said Bowser. "The Bright Horde wants a fight, we'll give it to them. First we take down the Furious Squad, then we will take Jump City. Make an example for those who challenge My Covenant Republic!"

The Villains cheered.

From the Box, Darwin is shocked. He finally knows what they're up too.

"They're gonna attack us," said Darwin. "Oh No, now we're in trouble."

He turns to Violet and Arbiter.

"We have to warn the Warlords," said Darwin.

Violet was staring at something else, shocked.

Something is very wrong.

"Uh, Violet, what's wrong?" asked Darwin.

She points, and Darwin turns to her right, which was bits of snow falling. Which reveals to be a monster camoflaging from the hill above them.

"Uh-Oh," Darwin Mutters.

The monster roars at the trio, forcing them out of their hiding place. The villains got turns to the trio.

"Well, well," said Bowser. "What do we have here."

Darwin sees Blue and Diego being lured by the Coyote pack, having all five of them surrounded by Bowser's army.

"They knew we were coming," Darwin whispers.


Chapter Text

So, Bowser and his army has gotten Darwin and the Gang surrounded on all sides. Bowser chuckles, then steps forward confronting the Gang. Darwin pul

"Look what we have here, the Inquisitor and his new friends," said Bowser. "I look forward into meeting you."

"Well I got some business to take care of here Bow-Bow," said Darwin.

"What can I say, you made a big mess out there," said Bowser. "My auction disrupted, my debt absolved, you just costed me a lot of money."

"You can't just take whatever you want," said Violet. "My family borrowed your money, and you eagerly wanted it back while we're struggling! Can't you collect from someone else!"

"Your family owed me MONEY!" shouted Bowser. "They had a debt that needs collecting."

Arbiter steps forward.

"Your ignorance has already taken money from desperate people crime thief," said Arbiter. "You shall not take another!"

Bowser scoffs.

"Well, I don't have time for you snakes!" said Bowser. "I have other money to collect! Don't you know how stressful it its?!"

"Oh, so this is what it's all about? Money?!" said Darwin. "You would endanger innocent desperate people, just to make money is it. Disgusting?!"

Bowser growls. They tried his patience long enough.

"I tire of this!" shouted Bowser. "I shall make more money after I smash you into star-bits!"

"Oh Boy," muttered Diego. Now they'll have one choice to settle this confrontation.

Bowser takes off his hat, which reveals to mechanical punching gloves designed for combat. He puts it back on, grinning and roars in challenge.

"Now you shall feel the wrath of the KOOPA KING!!" shouted Bowser.

He jumps forward, stomping the ground, making a circle line of fire. Luckily the Gang were able to dodge these lines. Bowser lands and takes off his hat, revealing to be multiple purple hats, mixed with his own hat. He flings it, but misses and lands on Darwin's face. This has given him an advantage. Darwin charges at the Koopa King throwing punches while he blocks it. Bowser twirls around enough for him to be dizzy. Violet uses her force field to strike him in the chest sending him flying to a building and right into the ground.

"Yes," said Darwin, taking off bowser's hat. "Good work Vi."

But suddenly, the downed Koopa King manages to get back on his feet and put his hat back on.

"So, you unleashed your strength," said Bowser. "Now it's my turn."


Just then, one coyote runs and pounces at Violet. But all of a sudden, Blue pounces and catches the coyote,mauling it with her big claws and sharp teeth. Then she throws it away. Diego roars and Blue screeches, and the Arbiter pulls out her energy sword while Darwin (pulling out his lightsabers) and Violet get into battle stance. Ready for combat. Every Shokan, Grasshopper, Coyote, T800 and Viking came charging at the Gang. Blue and Diego handled the coyotes while the rest held the big guys. Despite them being completely outnumbered (which is a disadvantage) they can still hold them, but not for much longer. Arbiter seemed to be in a frenzied state. It only took him a swish of his arm and the enemy falls easily, the suddenly, a Shokan manage to grab him and slam him to the ground. The coyotes have piled on Blue, but Diego managed to grab them off her, only to be overpowered as well.

"There's too many of them," said Violet, struggling as well.

"We must keep fighting," said Darwin. "As long as we stick...."

Before he could finish, he was kicked in the head by Adiago Dazzle, knocking him unconcious.

"DARWIN!!!"shouted Violet.

She managed to shield her fallen friends from the hordes. Bowser watches in satisfaction. Knowing it's a fight she can't win. The Grasshoppers attack the forcefield with, hitting it with their bare feet putting pressure on her. She falls to her knees screaming in agony. It is a fight she cannot win.

But suddenly, a gunshot was heard. Bowser looks to his left. Which reveals to be a Girl with brown hair wearing a white and blue powersuit, holding a M41A Pulse Rifle. She points and shot at a shokan and a viking, causing a panick. Then suddenly, something from the sky landed near the fallen gang. It reveals to be a giant robot with Purple and Red armor and wings. On top was a boy wearing Purple armor. Both pointed their weapons at Bowser's minions.

"Leave Bowser," said the Girl. "And take your boys with you!"

Bowser growls in anger.

"This isn't over!" shouted Bowser. "You shall pay for this interference!"

He leaves, and so do his minions, boarding the flying Pirateship. It takes off leaving Violet and our fallen heroes. Violet turns to the trio, as she's now saved.

"It took you long enough," said Violet.


Chapter Text

It was black. It was blurry. Darwin is now waking up. He finds himself in a tent, with Violet sitting near him, watching over.

"You okay?" asked Violet.

Darwin gets up, rubbing his forehead, groaning in pain.

"What happened?" asked Darwin.

"You were knocked out cold," said Violet.

"Yeah, I guess," said Darwin. "Now where is everyone?"

"Well," said Violet uneasily. "Let's say, I might have a friend, to help."

"A friend?" questioned Darwin.

"That's absolutely right," a voice said. It reveals to be the same Girl from Mount Hagen who saved their lives.

"I'm Kim Possible," said the Girl. "Skilled Martial Artist and Violet's BFF"

"What," said Darwin.

"It's a long story," Violet Replied.

"Well it's good to meet you," said Darwin. "My name is Darwin Watterson, I work for the Warlords."

"I Know," said Kim. "Violet told me."

"Ok," said Darwin. "Now excuse me, I got a crimelord to catch..."

"Woah, my boy," said Kim. "You have to rest, you've took a hard hit."

"Well I could take care of myself thank you," said Darwin. But he did have a big headache.

"Ok, you're right," said Darwin. "I need to rest."

He lies back down.

Just then, Arbiter, Blue and Diego entered the tent. They seem to have recovered as well.

"How are you holding up, walking fish?" asked Arbiter.

"I'm fine," said Darwin. "I just need to rest."

"I told you it was a trap," said Diego.

"Well, at least we know what he's up too," said Darwin. "So all we gotta do is catch him before he catches us."

"Woah, you're not doing this alone," said a voice. Which reveals to be a green round monster with one eye. "You'll need all the help you need."

"Guys, this is Mike Wazowski," said Kim. "My Partner."

Just then, the same boy from earlier went inside the tent, with the same robot, except a more balloon shaped.

"And this here is Hiro and Baymax, also my friends," said Kim.

"Hello, I am Baymax, your personal health care companion," said Baymax.

"We've been running with Kim for a long time," said Hiro.

"So have I," said Mike. "I remember when I first met her."

"You've bumped into me few months back," said Kim. "Old times."

Darwin and Violet looked at each other. They shrugged.

"So you can help us?" asked Darwin.

"Sure," said Hiro. "If it means taking that Cold hearted Lizard down."

"But, we can't take him head on," said Diego. "He's got a whole army, and we're just a few guys."

Blue called in agreement.

"We're gonna need someone, who knows him very well," said Arbiter. "Knows his strengths and weaknesses."

Darwin thought for a bit.

"I think I know someone," said Darwin.

Outside the tent, he was waiting for a respond from Bubbles, from his communicative device.

"Hello," responded the Caller.

"Bubbles, I got a situation," said Darwin. "I know who we're up against. I need you to come to me at once."

"Ok," said Bubbles. "Meet me at the Smithfield's saloon in Valentine."

"Understood," said Darwin. "I'll meet you there."

He turns to the others.

"So you're friend's coming?" asked Mike.

"She told me to meet her at Smithfield saloon in a place called.....Valentine," said Darwin.

"That place?" asked Kim. "I heard it has a muddy road."

"Then it's settled," said Darwin. "We're going to Valentine.


"Come w


Chapter Text

At the heartlands, Blue leads the gang towards the town of Valentine. A town full of Cowboys, Ranchers, Outlaws, Working Girls and Gamblers from far and wide.

"So is this the place?" asked Darwin.

"Yep. Valentine," said Mike. "I heard this place is pretty decent."

"I just hope Bubbles is right," said Darwin.

The gang traveled up through the hill and into the main street. A street that was covered in mud and surrounded by livestock buildings. There were wagons hitching posts, much more. And at the very end of the streets is the stables where horses are being kept.

"I thought she said she'd be here," said Darwin.

"Let's give her time," said Kim. "I'm pretty sure she shouldn't take long."

"You're right," Darwin replied. "Let's go to the saloon while we wait. She said it's the perfect place."

"Yeah, good idea," said Hiro.

"Diego, you and Blue keep watch," said Darwin. "See if we're being followed."

"Sure," said Diego.

They walked into the Saloon while Blue and Diego were on guard for any of Bowser's minions. Inside, Darwin,Kim and Mike head straight to the bar.

"What can I do for you two?" asked the Bartender.

"Two glasses of water," said Kim.

The bartender put out two glasses filled them, and passed them to the trio. Darwin looks to his right, and sees a robot flirting with Violet.

"Hey, wants some company sugar," said the robot.

"No thanks, I'll pass," said Violet.

"Come on, just  for one minute," the robot pleaded.

"Just, enjoy your drink in peace," said Violet. "I just need some space."

Darwin approaches the robot.

"Excuse me, could you possibly leave this girl alone," said Darwin.

"None of your bi.."said the robot. But before he could finish, he recognizes Darwin.

"I know you," said the Robot.

"Bender?" asked Darwin. "You're that fella from the court."

"Hey, good to see ya," said Bender, shaking his hand in excitement.

"You know this guy?" asked Violet.

"I saw him at the court a few months back," said Darwin.

"It's a miracle," said Bender. "I'll be right back."

He rushes to the back of the bar.

"Well, that's quite interesting," said Kim.

"I know," said Darwin.

Bender comes back with a few friends. A cat wearing a hat and boots, ans a young boy in a black and red spider suit.

"Hey, I want you to meet my friends," said Bender. "Puss, Miles, this is Darwin, he works for the warlords."

"Please to meet you," said Darwin. Shaking both hands.

"Looks like we got ourselves a legend eh," said Puss.

"Well I heard he shot Benson the Gumball Machine in the back," said Miles.

"Yeah, that was me," Darwin sighed.

"Who am I kidding," said Puss. "It's good to see a madman's murderer face-to-face."

"Puss..." said Miles, giving him a stern look.

"Sorry," Puss apologized. He turns to Darwin.

"So what brings you here, Mi Amigo?"

"I'm just waiting for someone," said Darwin. "We're trying to stop a crime lord named Bowser."

"Bowser?" Bender Questioned. "That Creep?! Oh he's a bad man, doing bad things!"

"What do you mean?" asked Darwin.

But before Darwin can speak, Mike approaches the trio.

"Guys, I think we got a problem," said Mike. He points to the Bar entrance. A Shokan enters the bar. It was Goro, bumping into Arbiter.

 "Would you mind?" Arbiter Growled.

"Don't mind at all," said Goro.

Arbiter punches Goro in the face. Goro throws his fist, but misses and hits another guys. Then all of a sudden, everyone started fighting. Punching, shoving, and throwing chairs at each other.

"Looks like we got ourselves a fight here boys," said Bender.

The girls and Mike ran for cover. The boys participated in the fight.

Arbiter gained the upper hand on Goro, but the Shokan grabbed him with all four arms and slammed him to the ground. But suddenly, Darwin hits him with a chair, knocking the Shokan. He falls down, but Darwin hits him multiple times with a shovel. Making sure he stays down. Darwin helps Arbiter up.

"You ok?" asked Darwin.

"I am alright walking fish," said Arbiter.

But suddenly, someone familiar is walking down the stairs. It was Darwin's old nemesis, Princess Morbucks.

"What's going on down here?!" shouted Morbucks.

"Princess, stay out of this," warned the Bartender.

"Come here little Kitty," said Morbuck.

Puss pounces on Morbucks, but she grabs him and throws him to a table. She beats him, banging his head on the table. But Darwin punches her in the back of her head, getting her attention.

"You remember me," said Darwin.

"Oh, I waited a long time for this," said Morbucks.

He strikes, but she tosses him across the bar. He tries to get up, but before he can get back on his feet, Morbucks grabs him by the back and lifts him with her arms.

"You want some?" said Morbucks. "Well you'll get some right HERE!!"

The she throws him through the window. Crashing into the muddy streets, as Morbucks exits the bar carrying two laser axes in her hands.

"Come on FISH BOY!" she taunts.

"Fish boy? You serious? FISH BOY?!" shouted Darwin. He pulls out his lightsabers, getting into a fight stance.

"Yes fish boy!" said Morbucks.

"Ok, you asked for this Missy?!" Darwin taunts.

The two locked blades, starting a battle. Darwin spunned the lock, both battled blade-to-axe. Darwin managed to take the upper hand. He twisted the blades, cutting both axes in half, disarming her. But to be fair, Darwin puts his blades down. Now it's a fist fight. Morbucks strikes, but Darwin dodges her moves. He punches her in the face. She strikes again, but she kicks her in the legs forcing her to the ground.

"Come on Darwin," Bender cheers. "Kick her Arse!"

 She gets up on her feet and tackles Darwin to the ground.

"Ya feel it now fishy?!" she taunts.

But Darwin rolls her off and gains the upper hand. He punches her in the face, knocking her out.

"Now stay down," said Darwin. "Sucker...."

He won the fight, but the commotion is soon interrupted by a gunshot. The crowd looked behind, and gasped. It reveals to be a giant Rattlesnake, with wearing a big hat. He blows the smoke from a rattling gun at the end of his tail. Darwin froze. The snake moves closer to the commotion and straight to Darwin.

"Hello, Inquisitor," greeted the Snake. "Thirsty?"

He grabs a cup, bared his fangs and fills it with his venom. Darwin didn't seemed intimidated at all, and just watch. The snake tosses the cup away, near Morbucks. She quickly runs off.

"I've heard you've slain this, Benson feller with one bullet, weren't it?" said the snake.

"Yes, that's me," said Darwin. "So what business is it of yours?"

"Well I'm just curious," said Jake. "I just wanna know how much a stone killer you are."

"Well if you're thinking what I'm thinking, I would do that," Darwin warned.

"So why don't you show your friends here what you're made of," said the snake. "Show them who you REALLY?"

"Why don't you just point your gun and shoot me?"

He flips Darwin's gun.

"But of course, you don't need these," said the snake, referring to his other bullets. "Just one?Right?"

Darwin stares, not amused. The others, just watched. Violet was a bit worried. Arbiter steps in, but Kim holds him back.

"Go ahead," said the snake. "Pull the trigger."

 Darwin cocked the gun and points it at the snake.

"You got killer in your eyes son," said the snake.

Darwin, aims it at his face, then suddenly, he points it at the air and shoots a gunshot that can be heard from miles. He reloads and points it again at the snake. That was a warning. However, the snake just laughed.

"Now that's a eyes of a killer," said the Snake, impressed.

Darwin points his gun down, and the two payed their respect.

"Rattlesnake Jake, at your service," said the snake. "I'm known for blasting folks to kingdom come, which I like to do anyway."

"I couldn't argue with you there," Darwin joked. "You're just lucky it wasn't the second time, because if it was, you know what that means."

The others walked towards the two.

"So, he's not gonna hurt us?" asked Violet.

"Well of course not," said Jake. "What ya think I was gonna scare ya?"

Then suddenly, a drake approaches the town. Bubbles has finally arrived. The drake lands at the main street, with Bubbles dismounting it.

"Bubbles!," Darwin exclaimed in excitement.

"Sorry I'm late," said Bubbles. "I had some difficulties in the sky."

The two hugged.

"Boy I'm glad to see you," said Darwin.

"Who are your new friends?" asked Bubbles.

"They're some people I've met," said Darwin. "It's a long story."

"Good to meet you," said Kim.

Bubbles nods.

"So who mind, telling me who we're up against?" asked Bubbles.

"Yes about that, we got a teeny weeny, problem," said Darwin. "I'll explain later."

"Guys, we gotta move," said Hiro.

He was pointing at Goro who was talking to a crippled Tiger.

The gang made a run for it.

"We should head back to camp," said Kim. "We can do the explaining there."

"We're coming with you," said Bender. He, Jake, Puss and Miles, were right on their tail.

"You could use some help," said Jake.

"Sure why not," said Violet.

The gang quickly made their escape in Valentine.



Bowser watches his army prepare for their attack. The Dazzling approached the Koopa King, to break the news.

"My lord, our scouts have located the Inquisitor,"said Adiago.

"Very good," said Bowser. "Have the Indominus Rex ready, and send more scouts to hunt them down."

"But what if they know about the bank?" asked Aria Blaze.

"They will," said Bowser. "The Powerpuff Girl Bubbles has left, they seem to be distracted and when the time comes, we shall be ready, for the Perfect plan to dispose of those Warlords."

The Dazzlings bowed down, and leave the room as Bowser laughs evily. 


Chapter Text

Horseshoe Overlook Camp

The Gang gathers around, near Kim's tent. Discussing what they're truly up against.

"So Bowser has an army and they're gonna attack Jump City?" questioned Bubbles.

"Yes, and they're making money out of desperate people to recruit more troops," said Darwin.

"I don't understand why they'd do it on people," said Hiro. "Couldn't they just start a business or something?"

"Well maybe they just wanna rip everyone off," said Diego. "They think they can just take whatever they want."

"Well I say we pay back innocent people," Darwin suggested. "But how?"

"There is a way," said Jake.

Everyone turns to him, who is smoking a cigar with his own tail near Blue who is finds that uncomfortable.

"The Money is being kept secret in one place," he explained. "Whatever Gold, Dollar or Coin they get, they just dump it into one bank and lock it up somewhere no one will ever find."

"And where is that bank?" asked Mike.

"It's in a town called Rhodes," a voice said.

Everyone looked behind, which reveals to be Princess Morbucks, who followed them back to camp.

"I heard there's a boat load of cash in there."

"This isn't your concern Morbucks," said Darwin.

"Well I'm just saying," said Morbucks. "I also heard there was a Grand Star worth billions. An Emerald Grand Star."

Jake wraps the princess up his coils.

"You lie!" shouted Jake. "I've been searching for that for a while! You sure it ain't just a myth?"

"It's true," said Morbucks. "I saw it with my own eyes."

"Jake, let me handle this," said Darwin. "I got a have a word with this Princess."

Jake drops at the princess.

"Whatever you say," said Jake. He lets Darwin pass, who points his gun at his Nemesis.

"If you're lying, I'm coming for ya pal," said Darwin, threatening her.

"Oh, I'm right, and you know it," said Morbucks.

Darwin puts the gun down, letting Morbucks run.

"And trust me, you won't regret this fishy," said Morbucks. She flies away.

"What is she doing here?" asked Bubbles.

Darwin turns to the gang.

"I don't know, but it's settled," said Darwin. "We're going to Rhodes, and taking back what they stole."

"But Darwin, robbing a bank?" Violet questioned. "That's not heroes do?"

"And the place is heavily guarded, it could be suicide," said Arbiter.

"What choice do we have," said Darwin. "We can't just let them rip people off and recruit more troops, so why don't we take the money back, and sell them to the poor. Besides, this Emerald Grand Star can be our best bet."

Violet and Arbiter looked at each other, then nodded.

"Ok, but just for the poor," said Violet.

"Great!" Darwin exclaimed in excitement. "Now let's go to the bank."

"Perhaps, we'll need these," said Baymax. Who was leading a few horses. A Black American Standebred, a chesnut Kentucky Saddler, and a Gold Dutch Warmblood, a Mahogany Tennessee Walker, and a Blood Bay Thoroughbred.

"I have bought them while you were busy in Valentine."

"Those should do," said Kim.

"Hey Darwin, I got a ride for you," said Bubbles.

She whistles, then suddenly, a white Warg appears, in front of Darwin.

"I brought it along the way, just in case if you need a ride," said Bubbles.

"Ya kidding, she's perfect!" said Darwin. The warg licks him and Darwin mounts up on her back. Kim mounts the American Standebred, Violet mounts the Kentucky saddler, Mike mounts the Dutch Warmblood, Bender mounts the Tenessee walker, and Puss mounts the Thoroughbred. Bubbles just rides a Caragor who also was brought along.

"Ok, let's ride!" said Kim.

The Gang rode out east through the heartlands with Miles hanging on toBaymax and Hiro who were flying up above the gang. They rode through the fields of Scarlett Meadows. Now finally, they reach the town of Rhodes. A town much different than Valentine. The streets are covered with orange dirt instead of mud, which makes it more sanitary. There were small buildings and nearby is a train station. All over the towns was a parade, celebrating their 30th anniversary of the Civil War between the Grays and the Braithwaites. (Which the Grays won which is unknown). The Gang laid low, kept quiet. Until suddenly, they spot the Bank, which is guarded by two Coyotes and two Grasshoppers.

The Gang dismounted and hid behind a building at across a street not far from the bank.

"So what's our plan to get past these guys?" asked Kim.

"We'll need a diversion, to lure them away," said Darwin.

"I think I have an idea of mine," said Jake. "Why don't you two, the Do-Gooders and the beasts make some commotion, while the rest of us hit the bank."

"You mean attend the parade?" questioned Violet.

"Everyone likes to see heroes," said Bender. "Besides, that'll keep them Covies distracted."

"Ok, just be careful," said Darwin.

"We'll be fine," said Jake. "It's like the good old-fashioned collect from uncle sam."

The Gang separates into two groups. Darwin, Kim, Violet, Blue, Diego, Mike, Hiro, and Baymax head to the parade while Jake, Bubbles, Bender, Arbiter and Puss head straight to the bank.

At the bank, the trio plan their approached.

"So what do you suggest for our approach?" asked Arbiter.

"I'm very great at acting," said Bubbles. "Should I try lost little girl or dancing star."

"You know, try the lost little girl," said Jake. "I wanna see what a little girl feels when she's lost."

Bubbles started breaking down, (as an act, so not really).

"You broke my heart," she said. The boys chuckled. Her suit is on.

Meanwhile, Darwin and the other made their way into the parade. Trying to find a way to draw commotion.

"So how do you wanna do this?" asked Violet.

"I don't know, I'm running out of ideas," said Darwin.

"Hey guys," a random citizen said. "It's the Inquisitor! He saved us the traitor in the war!"

The crowd turns to the do-gooders, who seemed surprised.

"Looks like we have our idea," said Mike.

The crowd all of a sudden, piles up on Darwin, as the other watch.

"Don't touch me there," said Darwin.

He pushes the crowd back, to give him space. Which reveals that he's wearing a black hat on the top of his head. He looks at the mirror, and jumped. He looks like a Gunslinger with that hat.

The crowd cheers, carrying a chair.

"Put them on the chair of cheer!" shouted a citizen.

"What's the chair of cheer?" asked Darwin. "Guys, she didn't tell us about the chair of cheer!"

"Just go with it," said Diego.

The crowd closes in on Darwin, Violet and Blue. But the others avoided  the crowd.

"No no no, we can't honestly," said Violet. "We're not ready. It's too much! Too soon!"

But too late. The crowd pushed the trio onto the chair.

"At the time of life, rises the chair of cheer," the mayor announced.

The crowd pushes the chair of cheer all over town with Darwin demanding for it to stop.

"Put us down!" shouted Darwin. "I mean it! We got a raptor! There will be hell to pay!"

Kim, and the others just stood there and watch. Chuckling.

The first activity is the Barbeque cook off. Where they are the judge of the cook off.

"Can somebody ple....."said Darwin. Before he can finish, the citizens were shoving different types of BBQ sauces in their mouths. Some were spicy, which Blue finds that delightful. But it was too much. One was shoved in Violet mouth, in which she spits out because it's spicy hot. Minutes later, they were full but the shoving never ends. One tires to shove another BBQ sauce in Blue's mouth, and ended up being bitten.

Hours later, they were dancing with the crowd, it was enough for the guards to join in, completely distracted.

"Geeze look at the time," said Darwin. "I think we should be really......." Before he could finish, Kim kicks him.

"ALRIGHT!" shouted Darwin. He plays along.

Meanwhile, Jake, Arbiter, Bender and Puss waited outside the bank as Bubbles proceed their plan.

"Man, how much longer," said Bender.

"She said wait until the time is right," said Puss.

Inside, there was crying, as she was acting the lost little girl. Then suddenly, the crying stops and turns into shout "HANDS! THIS IS A ROBBERY!"

It's time. The boys busted the doors opened, pulling out their weapons.

"Yeah that's right! You're getting robbed!" shouted Bender. He pulls out four lightsabers in his four arms, both blue and green.

Arbiter grabs the keys and tosses it to Bubbles who unlocks the door. Rattlesnake Jake busted the doors open cornering another Grasshopper named "Molt."

"What do you think we're here for fun?!" Jake threatened. He tossed Molt near the vault. He points his gattling gun at him.

"OPEN THE DAMN VAULT!!" shouted Jake. "OPEN IT!!!"

Molt sheepishly turns the knob, cracking the code.

"How is it going in there?" asked Bubbles.

"TOO SLOWLY!" shouted Jake.

He hits the grasshopper getting him to move faster, scaring him. Molt sheepishly continued to crack the code.

Meawhile, Darwin and Violet were having a good time in the Parade. Darwin won a bag race against a few kids. The others celebrate their victory. But suddenly, Darwin spots something from the corner of his eye. It was a red-haired girl wearing simple destroyed clothes. She was being bulllied by a gang of rich folks who were known as "The Hammerhead Gang".

"Give us that music box of yours," said one Hammerhead.

"But, but it's a gift from my mother!" said the girl.

"I don't care, just give us something! You good for nothing trash" said another member.

A dog pounces stands in front of her, growling at the gang members. But their leader, an older man with a scar in his face grabs it from the collar and throws it across the building. He grabs the girl by the head.

"You should have given us the money," said the leader.

Darwin was angered by this. He must do something about this treachery. He looks at their car which had a dollar logo. Then he turns to Blue, she nods. The leader slaps the girl in the face, and pushes her to the ground.

"I guess we'll have to keep doing this until you give us our money," said the Leader.

Then suddenly, a screeching noise was heard. It reveals to be Blue's hand claw scratching the gang's car leaving a big scratch mark at its side. Darwin speaks.

"Of course they are," said Darwin. "That's what it's all about isn't it? That's was it's always been ABOUT!!"

He turns to the crowd.

"Wealth," he said. "Wealth........ WEALTH! WEALTH! WEALTH!WEALTH! WEALTH! WEALTH!"

The crowd shook. "And you wanna know what happens to that money," said Darwin. "They all come to you, in your pockets. You see what I'm saying, in your POCKETS!!! I could spend like 190 thousand dollars over poor people."

He turns to the Hammerheads.

"And the avarice," said Darwin. "THE AVARICE NEVER END!!! I want tickets, I want prizes, I a boat trip so I can drive it twice, get bored and sell it to make cookies!"

"What I'm trying to say is this whole need to be rich is POINTLESS! POINTLESS! POINTLESS!"

"You're making a fool outta yourself fish boy," said the leader, taunting him. The hammerheads laugh.

"Oh is that so," said Darwin. "Because what's your business beating a poor girl like that."

"Keep talking, and you'll be next!" said one hammerhead.

Violet steps up. "Just leave, the girl alone!" shouted Violet.

"Or what?!" said the leader, walking towards the couple.

Violet just stood there, facing the Gang leader.

"Or you're gonna be sorry," said Violet.

"Oh look at you, all shy and humble," said the leader. "Clear off you Imbred trash. CLEAR OFF! You and your weird fish friend!"

As he was gonna slap her, Violet grabs his hand and twists fingers breaking the middle one. The leader screams in pain.This causes the crowd to run and scream in terror.

"Ok, guys, scary faces," said Mike.

Kim picks up the gang leader, grabs a shaver and shaves his forehead.

 "Uh oh, somebody's fabulouuuuuuus," said Kim. She kisses him in the cheek.

Darwin takes off his hat, and Blue screeches at the crowd as Diego roars, causing a panick through the parade.

Meanwhile, Bubbles and the Boys still forcing molt to open the vault. Jake was getting impatient.

"This star better be inside," said Jake. "She better keep her word."

"I don't think it's in here," said Molt.

Bender slaps the grasshopper.

"Open it!" shouted Puss.

Suddenly, the vault is open. Arbter hits the grasshopper in the head knocking him out. The vault opens, and they have reached the stashes. Which is flooded with piles of dollars and gold. But there was no Grand Star.

"Jake, are you sure the star is here?" asked Bubbles.

"Morbucks said it was inside," said Jake. "Look again."

The trio searched all over the safe.

"There's no star here," said Puss. "Just Gold, dollars and coins."

"DAMN!" shouted Jake.

"Guys, I think we got a teeny weeny problem," said Bender.

Outside, there were guards rushing into town. Among them was the same tiger from Valentine.

"The bank is being robbed," said the Tiger. "We cannot let them get away!"

The guards marched forward to the entrance of the bank.

"That miserable rat!" said Jake. "She set us up!"

"Now what do we do?" asked Bender.

"We shall fight our way out," said Arbiter. He activates his energy sword.

"Bender, Puss grab the stashes," ordered Bubbles. "We'll take them."

They nodded.

At the parade, Darwin and Kim helped the poor girl and the dog up her feet.

"What's your name?" asked Kim.

"Félicie," said the girl. "Félicie Milliner"

"Félicie, why don't you and the dog come with us," said Darwin. "You'll be safe with us."

They both nodded.

"Guys," said Hiro. "We got company."

Coyotes and Grasshoppers charged into town.

Darwin and the gang made a ran for it, only to see to see Shokans and the Indominus Rex on the other side. The Covenant have them completely surrounded on all sides. All hope is seems to be lost. But suddenly, the a part of a building exploded. Rattlesnake Jake slithers out of the bank and fires his gattling gun at the Coyotes and Grasshoppers, forcing them to pull back. At the same time, Darwin draws his shotgun and fires at the shokan. They quickly ran for cover, with Jake distracting the Covenant. Bubbles and the boys ran out of the bank with Puss and Bender holding two Big sacks of the money. They regrouped with the others, fighting off the Covenant forces.

"You got the star?" asked Darwin.

"There's no star," said Bubbles. "Just the money."

"It's a setup," said Violet. "She played us!"

"No time to talk," said Mike. "We gotta get out of here."

The Mounts were nearby, but the Covenant forces were in the way. How do they get past them? But suddenly, the dog unexpectedly run towards the Covenant forces undetected. He barks at the horses forcing them to run past the guards. Blue and Diego cleared a path, fending off the coyotes. Shielding the mounts as the Dog leads them to the Gang.

"Wow, that dog's got talent," said Miles.

"Call me Bolt," the dog spoke.

Everyone froze. He can speak after all.

"Yeah, it's hard to explain," said Felicie.

But there's no time, the Gang mounted up (with Felicie mounting up with kim) with Blue leading the way.

"Get us out of here girl," Darwin whispers. "HEYAH!"

The Gang makes rides out of town with the Indominus in pursuit. They tried to shake her, but she's too fast enough to catch up.Hiro and Baymax flew straight to the sky.

"Let's split up," said Hiro. "Lose her to the trees."

They riders ran through the trees hopefully they could loose the indominus, but the trees weren't enough. She was still on their tail. The Gang rode through the heartlands. The Indominus was still on their tail. Darwin sees a track from a mile away, with a train about to cross.

"We'll gotta beat that train," said Darwin.

The riders rode through the tracks the Indominus was about to reach Darwin. Just one bite. But he before she can snap, BAM! Her head rammed a train car, crashing down the track. Luckily Darwin rode fast through the woods to catch up with the others. This is a lucky escape, with one decent take.

Chapter Text

And so the riders rode north of New Hanover, into the woods of Roanoke Ridge, where they regroup with Hiro and Baymax near the Kamassa River.

"What took ya so long?" asked Hiro. (Sarcasticly)

"Now that was...," said Bubbles.

"......Extremely dangerous and very stupid," replied Kim. "Thank you Darwin."

"Well at least we're still alive," said Darwin. "And we got all the money."

"Yes, we got the money," said Jake. "But there was no Grand Star. And we just got ambushed."

"Hey, at least the take is good," said Mike. "We took back what's stolen."

"Morbucks played us like a yokel," said Jake. "She thinks she is so high and mighty and I don't accept liars like her."

"Jake's right," said Bolt. "We can't just let her do whatever she wants. Besides, she could lead us right to Bowser, that way, we can hit them hard so easily."

Everyone agreed.

"So what we do next?" asked Puss.

"We find her, and put her out of her misery," said Felicie.

"And how do you suppose we're gonna do that?" questioned Violet.

"I think I know someone," said Felicie.

The Sky temple

The Gang approached the doors of the temple. Where a Shaolin monk guards the front doors.

 "We have come to see him," said Felicie.

The Monk nods. "This way," said the Monk. He escorts the Gang through the temple and into the Jinsei Chamber.

"Are you sure he's the right guy?" asked Kim.

"Trust me, he sees all of his enemies," said Felicie. "And you wanna tread lightly, he' not so forgiving as he once was."

Darwin gulped.

The Gang continued to the Jinsei chamber, where it shows a big blue light with a man wearing golden armor and a bamboo hat in front. It is the Thunder God.

Felicie bows down.

"Lord Raiden," said Felicie. "We have come in cause."

  Raiden steps forward. He points his staff at the Gang, right at Darwin.

"You there," said Raiden. "You work for Talion, the Gravewalker?"

"Yes," replied Darwin.

Raiden walked towards the group. Blue growls in defense, but Arbiter holds her back.

"He was a good friend of mine during the war," said Raiden. "So you must be the Inquisitor."

"Yes," said Darwin. "And we come here for your help."

"I see," replied Raiden. He turns around, crosses his arms behind his back.

"We're here to find someone who's working for Bowser," said Violet.

 "The Crime Lord I suppose," said Raiden.

"A girl named Princess Morbucks," said Jake. "She played us like a fiddle."

"And you seek revenge?" asked Raiden. "Or Information?"

"Information," said Miles.

Raiden walks to a small object in front of the Jinsei. He examines it, sees the whereabouts of the princess.

"Jinsei, show me the Princess," said Raiden.

The Gang looks closer, to see where Morbucks is. But all it shows was a face of the Crime Lord Bowser, laughing.

"Did somebody page me," said Bowser.

Everyone looked behind, and gasped. BOWSER IS HERE! He walks towards the Gang and the thunder god. Blue, Diego and Bolt moved in front, protecting their friends.

"And so the Crime Lord himself returns," said Raiden. "You have no business here!"

"So I am an outcast," said Bowser. "Show some respect for me Raiden."

"The ONLY respect you'll get is my fist in your face!"shouted Bender.

Bowser laughs.

"You make me smile," Bowser mocked. "You're pathetic."

He turns to Darwin.

"Inquisitor, you don't need this aggravation," said Bowser. "Join me. And I will give you everything you want."

"Oh, sorry I think I'll pass," said Darwin.

"I was hoping you'd say that," said Bowser.

Raiden steps forward.

"Your treachery shall not conquer the Horde!" said Raiden. "I'm afraid we cannot allow you to start another war."

Bowser laughs again.

"You fools, I already have," said Bowser. "Now I shall vanquish you!

Bowser charges, but suddenly, Raiden empowers himself with red lightning and fires it at the Koopa King. But Bowser is too powerful for the lightning to sting him. Raiden strikes in the head with his staff. The Koopa King elbows Raiden to a wall. From behind, Blue pounces on Bowser's spiked back. He shakes her off, then shoots fireballs at Kim, Miles and Bolt. Both managed to dodge the fireballs. Baymax strikes the Koopa King with his big fist sending him flying to a wall. Enraged, Bowser shoots a streak of fire at the gang, but Violet uses he forcefield to shield them. Diego pounces off the shield, but sees something very peculiar. He spots Bowser's tail which looks like a racoon tail. He looks to a bridge near the koopa king. And under the bridge was a river of lava.

"Guys, I got an idea," said Diego.

"Well I'm all ears," said Jake, firing his gattling gun at the Koopa King. '

"Let's try to force him to that bridge," said Diego.

"Good idea," replied Mike.

Kim and Jake fired their guns at the Koopa King, but he uses his arm to shield himself. But the bullets were so strong enough to push him into the edge of the bridge. Baymax Punches Bowser in the face sending him flying at the other side of the bridge. The Koopa King charges at the Gang. Darwin sees a lever near the bridge.

"Darwin, pull that lever," said Arbiter.

Darwin nods. He grabs the lever as Bowser closes in.

"Sorry Bow bow," said Darwin. "You're going down!"

He pulls the lever. Bowser looks around. The Bridge is collapsing! He charges to the other side. But too late. He falls into the lava river. SPLAT! He jumps up covering his tail. But suddenly, something strange happen as soon as he fell to safety. It was Princess Morbucks!

"PRINCESS MORBUCKS?!!" all shouted.

The Princess gets on her feet.

"No fair!" shouted Morbucks.

Darwin grabs her by the neck and pins her to a wall.

"You better start talking you little snake," said Darwin.

"Hah! I ain't got nothing to say," mocked Morbucks.

"Where is he?" asked Darwin.  "Or is it another one of your games."

"He's at his lair, preparing for another attack," said Morbucks. "And your Warlords are on their way too!"

He gasps.

"They knew you and your Powerpuff Girl would take so long. So they decide to go there to "Rescue" you. But their walking right into their trap! And there's nothing you can do about it! Ha!

Rattlesnake Jake slithers towards her.

"Oh you're right," said Jake. "You are so right...."

He pins her to a near puddle.

"They are good at smelling filth huh....."

Bender grabs her hair.

"So filth..... has got to be DISPOSED OF!!!!"

Bender dumps her head into the water.

"You're friend, the covies... gonna come and rescue you," said Bender. "You impulsive little maggot!"

He continues to drown her in the puddle. Everyone else stood there and watch.

"Call him now," said Jake. "You call him!"

Bender drowns her so hard, she passed out. Luckily she was still alive. But she'll be out for a while.

"What was that about?" asked Violet.

"She wouldn't shut up," said Bender. "So I thought it'd be cool to give her a drink."

Darwin moves away, and stares at the Jinsei. This is a complete mess. All he wanted was to make amends for his mistake. But now the Warlords are walking into a trap. It's hopeless.

"How could I let this happen," said Darwin. "I was just trying to prove myself. But I just doomed us."

"Hey, this isn't your fault," said Kim. "If it weren't for you, we weren't be here."

"But how can I be so stupid," said Darwin. Feeling depressed.

Raiden appears, regained consciousness.

"Do not blame yourself Inquisitor," said Raiden. "You had the courage to take on this crime lord. Use it."

"He's right. It's not too late," said Mike. "They haven't launched their attack, there's still time."

"Beside, we can hit them before the Warlords get there," said Bubbles. "Just the 16 of us."

Darwin thought for a moment. This could be one last shot, to prove himself. He turns to the gate.

"You're right," said Darwin. "There is still time. So what do ya say we take on take on a crime lord!"

Everyone nods.

"Let's do it," said Violet.

 Darwin nods. He turns to Raiden.

"Now where is Bowser's lair?" asked Darwin.

Chapter Text

Bowser's Castle

Darwin and the Gang sneak up the rocky mountain hills, near the palace entrance. They spot the Furious Squad, sneaking into the gates.

"We're too late," said Hiro.

The Gang moves into the castle, sneaking past the guards. One by one, they entered the gates. Inside, there are four paths ahead. Which one did the Furious Squad take?

"Let's split up," said Darwin.

Kim, Mike, Jake, and Puss take the path to the left. Bender, Felicie, Hiro and Bolt take path to the right. Arbiter, Diego, Bubbles, and Miles head down the other left. And Darwin, Violet and Blue take the middle path. Down the middle path, the trio walked very slowly to not draw any attention. Suddenly there's a door. Darwin listens very closely, there was chattering and shouting.

"They must be in here," said Darwin.

Blue growls.

"Are you sure you're up for this?" asked Violet.

"No," said Darwin. "But we gotta try."

He grabs his gun.

"Ok, on 3," said Darwin. "1......2.....3!"

He kicks the door open aiming his gun as Blue screeches baring her jaws. This gotten everyone's attention. It's Bowser (the real bowser) and his minions, the Dazzlings and the Indominous Rex got the Furious Squad cornered.

"Darwin!" Flame Princess exclaimed in excitement. "You're alive."

He turns to Bowser.

"It's over Bow bow," said Darwin. "Your reign ends here!"

"Gwahahaha! Crashing the party," mocked Bowser. "That's tacky even for you."

Then suddenly hordes of Vikings , Grasshoppers, Terminators, Coyotes and Shokans have them surrounded on all sides. Dag and Hopper blocked the door, trapping the trio.

"And also your friends are running late," said Bowser. "Not that it matters since you WEREN'T INVITED!!"

"Really," said Violet. "Surprised you sent them an invitation but not us. It seems like nobody's invited, the way I see it."

Hellboy whispers to Toothless.

"I like her sarcasm," said Hellboy.

Toothless shrugs.

Bowser grunts in disgust.

"Not matter," said Bowser. "It's time for you to make like a bouquet and get thrown out."

He snaps his fingers, signaling his men to attack. But suddenly the door cracks open, revealing to be Kim's group pointing their weapons at the Covenant forces.

"I don't think so," said Kim.

Bender's group busts through another door behind the Covenant Hordes. Then all of a sudden, a walls breaks revealing to be Arbiter's group, gettting into battle stance. The entire Gang circle around Bowser and his men, much to Optimus' surprise. Darwin has gotten that far to this moment.

"I'm sorry, guest I'm not the only one INVITED," said Darwin.

Bowser growls in rage.

"Kill them!" he shouted. "The Fish is mine!"

Coyotes targeted Violet, but Toothless flew in front of her, protecting her. The Coyotes piled up on Toothless, bring him down. However, Blue and Bolt rushed behind the pack forcing them off of Toothless. Biting and Clawing. The Terminators managed to protect the coyotes, but were met by Miles' webs, which shut their weapons system down.

"Sorry, no cheating," said Miles.

 Suddenly Miles was jumped by a deranged Grasshopper named Thumper. He kicks Miles, forcing him to the ground. As he was gonna step on him, Blue pounces on the grasshopper from behind, tearing it apart.  A coyote pounces on Diego's back, but he bites its leg and tosses it away. He claws at the others coyotes, unaware that there's one right behind him. It pounces at Diego, biting him at the back. But suddenly, a golden staff knocks the coyote off of Diego. It reveals to be Raiden, as he joins the fight. He strikes red lightning at Bowser's men,desintegrating them. Together, The Gang along with the Furious Squad fended off hordes of Bowser's army. Angering Bowser once more.

"You pests," said Bowser. "You ruined my party!"

He takes one step, revealing to be a door trap Darwin was standing on. He falls a hundred feet under the throneroom. He lands on his feet, and it reveals to be a battle arena inside. Bowser falls inside too, standing face-to-face.

"Get ready Inquisitor," said Bowser. He arms his hat with the same Punching gloves. He roars, then jumps to the other side of the arena.

"Here's your happily......ever....,AFTER!" said Bowser. He throws his hat at Darwin.

Meanwhile, the gang held off Bowser's minions.

Hopper manages to tackle Violet to the ground.

"You're too late, we've already won" said Hopper.

"You sick rat!" shouted Violet. "Don't you ever give up?!"

"We are.....

He punches violet.

"....Survivors Black Haired freak!" shouted Hopper.

He punches her again.

"A survivor, is all there is," said Hopper.

She blocks his attacks, but he grabs her throat choking her.

"Living, and dying," said Hopper.

Then suddenly, Hopper gets shot in the back. He drops dead. It reveals to be Rattlesnake Jake, who shot him in the back  with his gattling gun.

"Who's the survivor now, punk," said Jake.

He helps Violet up.

"You're welcome," said Jake, sarcastically.

"Don't mention it," said Violet.

Arbiter faced Goro in kombat.

"I waited a long time for this," said Goro.

"You Shokan pay for what you did to my people," said Arbiter.

Both charged at each other, limbs flying violently trying to gain the upper hand on each other. Goro swipes the Elite to the ground. He picks him up with all four arms and slam him. Before the Shokan can finish him off, Arbiter stabs him the abdomen with his energy sword, killing him.

"You are luggage," said Arbiter.

Kim, Felicie and Bubbles stood off the Dazzlings.

"Surrender now and we'll spare you," said Adagio.

Kim and Felicie looked at each other, and nodded.

"You know, we got two words for you," said Felicie.

"Dance... Fight," said Kim.

The challenge is on.

"Oh, we're gonna enjoy this," said Sonata.

The three girls begin their dance off, with Felicie leading. Sure the dazzling were experience dancer, but they manage to hold their own. Adagio seems to be running out of ideas. The girls managed to gain the upper hand, in this dance battle. Then suddenly, Felicie performs a Ballerina leap, which accidently kicks Adagio in the face. Then suddenly, Bubbles moves closer to Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusks and punch them both dancing style. The boys watched in amaze.

"I Didn't know you can dance," said Mike.

"I practiced that one," replied Felicie.

Then suddenly, the Indominus rex appears who manages to force them into a corner with Dag, Gunnar, and the T800s. All hope was lost. But Blue charges at the Indominus Rex and pounces her back and she tries to reach her. She roars viciously and Rexy appears and clamps on her jaws pushing her into a statue of Bowser. She grabs the Indominus' head and Blue leaps on her back as she's dragged away. Flame Princess and Hellboy surprised attacked the robots, killing them one by one. Dag manages to pounce on Hellboy, but was tackled by Toothless to the ground.  Rexy shoves the Indominus to another statue and bites her and throws her to the ground. Blue pounces on the Indominus' face, and Rexy bites her neck. Blue was thrown off, but shoves he off her feet near a balcony. They got her cornered. Rexy rams the Indominus near the edge. The balcony begins to crumble, the Indominus falls down roaring in terror. The Gang looks to see where she landed. It was a 30 feet fall. She may not be dead.

Meanwhile, Darwin faces the Koopa King as he throws his hat. Darwin manages to grab the hat and wear it again like last time. Bowser jumps, stomps the ground making rings of laser instead of fire. Darwin dodges the laser. He charges at Bowser throwing punches at him. But Bowser blocks all of his attacks. He spins around but Darwin jumps. Bowser curls up into his shell and rolls around the arena. Darwin avoids his shell. Bowser curls out of his shell and attempts to stomp on him once more. But Darwin dodges his attack, and instead lands on a pit of lava. Bowser runs around covering his tail. Darwin takes advantage and punches him causing to roll on his shell.

"Hey Bow bow," said Darwin. "You wanna know something. I'm a fish, WITH LEGS!:

He kicks Bowser sending him flying into a pillar. The impact completely strips Bowser from his suit, revealing his monster body. The pillar breaks sending him falling to the ground hitting the floor unconscious. Darwin panted. He has finally defeated the Koopa King.

"Hey Darwin," said a voice.

Darwin looks up. It reveals to be Kim and rest of the gang.

"Need a hand?" asked Kim.

The others held him up. Everyone rejoiced. They won.

"We did it," said Bender. "We've won."

The Furious Squad approached Darwin and the Gang.

 "You have shown much courage today," said Optimus. "You have saved our lives."

"Thanks," said Darwin. "But I guess a friend once told me that......"

Before he could finish, a Leopard charged out of the doors. SABOR IS BACK!!! She pounces on Toothless, ensuing a battle. But Diego grabs the leopard's leg and pulls her off of him. She targets Diego instead. The two cats clawed at each other. But Sabor manages to overpower Diego. Before she could finish him off, Darwin fires his gun getting her attention.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you Spotty," taunted Darwin.

Sabor recognizes him. As the person who scarred her in the face.  Both had unfinished business. She lunges at him, but he dodges. He moves to lure her to the hallways. She tackles him as both crashed through the window. He quickly climbs up the roof with Sabor pursuing him. He reaches the other end, but it was a dead end there was a 40 story drop below to a river of lava. He looks back and sees the Leopard scaling up the roof, now cornering him. At a last ditch effort she roars ready to charge. Darwin runs and moves out of the way as Sabor pounces but catches Darwin's foot, and both slipped to the edge. Darwin holds onto the pole with Sabor holding onto his leg. Sabor bites it, forcing Darwin to let go. The two fell down the roof. All hope seems to be lost. Then suddenly, Hiro and Baymax appears attempting to save him. Darwin kicks Sabor in the face. And she fell to her death. Baymax grabs Darwin, carrying him.

"I knew you'd come around," said Darwin.

"Perfect timing too," Hiro joked.

They carried Darwin back to the throne room. Everyone cheered once again.Bolt howls in joy as Blue screeches and Diego roar in triumph.

Sabor's reign is finally over.

But suddenly, the ground began to shake. From the ground, popped out a shiny object flying above them. It was a large, emerald, star with two eyes.

"The Emerald Grand star," muttered Darwin.

The star floats around, and flies down in front of the Gang.

"This is what we've searched for years," said Optimus. "And now, we have found it."

Chapter Text

Jump City

Everyone gathered around at the court, for Darwin's coronation. Optimus gives out the big speech.


"Among, this day at the dawn of a new era," said Optimus. "We have gathered to stow a special honor. One earned by Darwin Watterson."

Darwin looks to his left. The seat where the Fearless Squadron were sitting. They're now back in business with Bowser defeated. Gumball gives him a thumbs up. Darwin smiles. Then looks back at Optimus.

"He has prevented a war from happening," said Optimus. "With his bravery and devotion and his cause of piece. Long before he rid this realm from the scourge of the Covenant Republic."

To his right shows Bowser held by Warchief Durotan as Sunset Shimmer puts the Koopa King in handcuffs. Talion (at the right of Optimus) nods. Durotan escorts the Crime Lord out of the court. As Optimus continued his speech.

"In Honor of the Bright Horde, in the courage of our city," said Optimus. "And by the invested in me and my fellow comrades."

He raises his Energon sword.

"Darwin Watterson......"

He taps both of his shoulders.

"Arise, the Inquisitor. Vanguard of the Bright Horde."

Darwin rises. Everyone applauded.

"It's such an honor," said Darwin.

"You earned it buddy," said Hellboy. "As for, your friends over there."

He was referring to the Gang, who were also participating with their families and friends, the Incredibles, Sully, Fry and leela, Kitty Softpaws, the other Sangheili etc.

The gang steps forward.

"You have found an excellent team," said Optimus.

"Actually, we found each other," said Mike.

"Together, you shall face many challenges," said Flame Princess. "And how can we honor you for your courage."

"We can establish a team," said Bender. "Now let's see the Revengers, no no, uhh the 16 angry nerds! No not that.."

Bender is trying to think of the name.

"How about the Stars Gang," said Rattlesnake Jake. Pointing at the Grand Star he's holding.

"That's actually not bad," said Puss. "Except with a Z, it's sound cool."

"Fair enough," said Violet.

"And whom will one of you be it's leader?" asked Talion.

"I'm not much of a leader," said Darwin. "I may lead the Squadron but uhh...."

Before he can finish, Kim spoke.

"I'd like to throw my hat in that ring," said Kim.

Everyone agreed.

"And so as it been said," said Flame Princess. "Everyone, we'd like to welcome, the Starz Gang."

Everyone cheered and Applaud.

"Now don't cause any funny business out there," said Hellboy. "We heard that you robbed a bank in Rhodes. Just, don't forget to pay back the poor."

"Oh please, we got that covered," said Felicie. "Besides, we don't steal for nothing."

Darwin whistles, and from the court entrance come his Warg and the other mounts. Darwin was the first to mount up, then Violet, Kim, Mike, Arbiter (mounting a Hunter Shade Dracolisk) then Puss, Bender, Miles, Bubbles, Felicie (mounting a red chestnut arabian), and Hiro just mounted Baymax who floats in the air. The beasts and Jake joined in as well.

"Starz Gang," said Darwin. "Ride with me! HYAH!!"

Darwin rides leading the Gang with him out of the court.

Hours later...

Darwin watches the sunset. Violet walks in to join him.

"Looks like things look different, without the Covenant," said Violet.

"I guess," said Darwin. "You know, I've been thinking, we're gonna need more help."

"Couldn't agree more," said Violet. "So, what do we do next?"

Darwin thinks for a bit.

"Probably something stupid," said Darwin.


And from that time, the Starz Gang is born.

Chapter Text

New Austin, Months later

Darwin and Felicie approached a house by Lake Don Julio. Felicie knocks the door.

"Ok, now let's stick to the plan," said Darwin.  "We talk this out and he'll pay back."

"Sure, and if he doesn't," said Felicie.

"You know what to do," replied Darwin.

The door opens, which reveals to be a man with a red shirt with flowers and blue pants and an ugly face.

"Can I help you?" asked the man.

"Mr. Quagmire," said Darwin. "We're here to talk to you about important business."

"Sure come in," said Quagmire.

He lets the couple inside. They walked around the house, which is a fine place. But it's a bit small.

"There's coffee, if you want any," said Quagmire.

"Thanks but that's not why we're here," said Felicie.

"We've been sent by the Sheriff, uhh.. Sheriff Woody,is that it," said Darwin.

"Uh, yes," said Quagmire sheepishly.

"OK, now he told us that you borrowed money from town," said Felicie. "And it was twp weeks since  payday. And you never paid back. Right?"

"That's none of your business," said Quagmire. "Now what's your deal?"

"We're here to collect," said Darwin. "The Sheriff paid us to take back what's his. Now, where is it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about but I don't have it!" said Quagmire.

"Don't trifle with us Mr.Quagmire," said Darwin. "We know you do. Now where is it?"

"Look, I don't have it," said Quagmire. "Now beat it! Both of you! Before I blow your heads off!"

Felicie snaps her fingers. Then Suddenly, Rattlesnake Jake enters the house and hisses at the man, frightening him.

"What's the matter, you don't see a giant snake here to collect," said Jake.

Quagmire grabs a broom and tires hitting Jake. Felicie grabs the broom and punches him.

"Threaten us would you," said Felicie.

She kicks him to the ground. Every time he tries to get up, she punches him in the face.

"Guys stop! Please!" he begged.

"Still don't understand you," said Jake.

Darwin grabs Quagmire's head and bangs it against the wall.

"Not such a tough guy huh," said Darwin. "Stealing money you can't give back."

Please, you're hurting me " said Quagmire. "And I got friends."

Jake wraps him in his coils, squeezing him.

"I don't care about your friends," said Jake.

Darwin leans on Jake's coils facing Quagmire.

"You stole money from the Sheriff and local people from town," said Darwin. "They're poor people, you took their money, and they want it back, what's not to understand?!"

Quagmire spits at Darwin in the face. But Darwin wipes it with a tissue.

"Where is the money?" asked Darwin. "Golllllld Dollars. Anything."

"Ok, I got the money," said Quagmire. "It's in that drawer to the left."

Darwin looks at Felicie. He goes to the drawer, opens it as it reveals to be 600 dollars inside.

"I got it," said Felicie. She collected the money. Jake sees something in Quagmire's pocket. Darwin searches it and takes his wallet.

"That's my strip club money!" shouted Quagmire.

"Not anymore," said Jake. "You old fraud."

He lets him go. Darwin and Felicie exit the cabin, but as Jake follows, he turns back to Quagmire.

"Listen to me you thief," Jake threatened. "If we see you again robbing folk we'll send your sole straight to hell!"

He exits the house with Quagmire laying there beaten.

Sheriff's office in Armadillo

The trio entered the office greeted by Sheriff Woody who seems desperate.

"How did you get on?" asked Woody.

"We got your money, just as promised," said Darwin.

Jake tosses the money in Woody's desk.

"Oh thank you so much," said Woody. "You saved our town."

"No don't mention it," said Jake. "You got our share."

"Yes, I have it," said Woody.  "For your reward." He lends them three stashes of cash, which is 700 dollars each.

"Thank you," said Felicie. The three were about to exit the room.

"You know, you're not so bad after all," said Woody.

"Well, we're just doing our jobs," said Darwin. "Good day Sheriff."

They exit the sheriff's office closing the door.