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Ballad of the Starz Gang

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At a dark night in a thick jungle, lies a camp guarded by the big creatures with four arms called the "Shokan".

Patrolling the area, it was quiet. But suddenly, a dart pierced it's neck, putting him to sleep It reveals to be Carrie firing her bow of darts. She waves to the other bush where Twilight, Blossom and Sonic were hiding. They then approached another Shokan, from behind. Twilight pokes him with her hoof getting his attention. "

Who's there?!" shouted the Shokan as he turned around.

Blossom punches him in the face knocking him out cold as well. Sonic turns to another bush.

"OK, it's all clear," said Sonic. Darwin, Bubbles, the mane five, and Ryan came out of hiding.

"Okay, folks," said Darwin. "Let's get this done." The Fearless Squadron approached the tent of the camp. They find two chimps and their baby in a cage, which is surrounded by bags of gold and chests of dollars. Rarity eyes glowed as she was fascinated by the gold.

"Uh, Rarity, I hate to interrupt that's not our concerned," said Bubbles.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it," said Rarity. "This is worth billions."

"Uh, this is a rescue mission," said Buttercup. "Not a robbery you dummy."

"Guys, our mission is to rescue this desperate family and recover the Bright Horde's lost money," Darwin interrupted. "Now let's get them outta here before more of those forearm jerks show up."

Penny cuts the lock with her dagger and opens the cage, freeing the family. "It's okay," said Penny. "You're safe now." The chimps slowly walked out of the cage, scared. While Gumball and Rarity collect the money, putting it in their bags. "We better hurry, more will be here soon," said Ryan. Penny quickly escorts the chimp family exiting the camp, and Rarity and Gumball quickly got all of the money. The Squadron rushed out of the camp and into the trees, just in time.


The Fearless Squadron quickly escorted the family to safety, in the trees. So far, they weren't followed.

"Well, I guess our work is done," said Darwin. "All we gotta do is escort this family back to their home,"

"But what about the money?" asked Gumball. "We gotta return this first."

"Gumball, don't be stupid, you know this family is more important," said Fluttershy. "Hey, come on. The Horde needs money," said Gumball. "So we need money!" "Gumball's right," said Rarity. "The Horde needs their lost money back."

"Stay outta this!" shouted Buttercup. "Hey you know it's true!" Rarity shouted back.

The Fearless Squadron continued to argue, unaware that the baby chimp ran off, chasing a frog with it's parents in pursuit. Darwin breaks it up.

"Alright guys, that's enough," said Darwin. "Yes, we need the money, but we this family is desperate, and we need to keep them safe."

"Darwin's right," said Bubbles. "This family needs our help. If you want the money, you return it. But we're helping this family to safety whether you agree or not."

Both of them turned around, and see that the family is gone.

"Wait, where are they?!" said Darwin concerned.

Then suddenly, they hear a growl, and monkey screams. The Squadron rushed to the Jungle to investigate. From there, Darwin sees a Leopard chasing the baby Chimp.

He runs over to save the baby, but the Leopard was so fast that she grabs the baby with her jaws killing it. Darwin stares in horror, as the leopard stares at him with an evil grin in her eyes.

"NO!" shouted Darwin. He grabs is shotgun and fires at the leopard, mortally scarring her in the face. The leopard shrieks in pain as she drops the baby's corpse and runs off into the bushes with Darwin firing and shouting.

Just then, the Fearless Squadron arrived and started firing their weapons at the bushes. Not until Darwin ran out of ammo, while Blossom calms him down.

"It's ok Darwin," said Blossom. "We got it, I think."

Darwin walks over to the baby's corpse, in shock and horror.

"How did this happen," he said. "How did I let this happen?"

"Hey, this isn't your fault," said Fluttershy. "You did what you have to do."

Then suddenly, Ryan appeared. "Uh guys, I think we got a problem," said Ryan.

Darwin and Blossom regrouped with the others and found both of the parent chimps lying dead. The mother's throat was slit while the father was slashed in the chest.

They looked in horror.

"We better get going," said Applejack. The other moved out, leaving Darwin and Blossom in shock.

"What would Talion think," said Darwin, Knowing that, he got the money but couldn't keep a family safe.