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[ enemies with benefits ] - destiel highschool au

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Dean’s POV


This year would be different. Dean knew it. He hadn't even got to school yet and he was already feeling good. Great, even. Everything seemed to be perfect in his life. He had loads of friends, a solid place on the soccer team, and he was dating one of the hottest and most popular girls in Lawrence High. He couldn't even remember the last time things were running so smoothly.


For once, he was actually rather looking forward to starting school again. For one, he could see his closest friends every day. Their names were Benny Lafitte, Jo Harvelle and Charlie Bradbury. He'd met Benny his first day of freshman year, when they were pared up in biology. They'd gotten along like a house on fire. Then there was Jo. Her father Bill was a close friend of Dean's dad, and when Bill died, he'd become extremely close to Jo and her mum Ellen. She was practically his sister. As for Charlie, he'd known her damn near his whole life; they'd met in kindergarten and had been inseparable since then. Everyone in middle school had thought they'd end up getting together, but that was before Charlie had come out as a lesbian. She was, without a doubt, his best friend and favourite person on the planet, apart from his brother of course.


And then there was Lisa Braeden, his girlfriend. It's a really weird story, how they got together. Dean had barely taken any notice of Lisa throughout freshman and the majority of sophomore year; sure, she was hot, but she was extremely popular, and always had a clique of girls trailing behind her. Way outta my league, Dean always thought. But one night at the end of sophomore year, after Dean had scored the winning goal against Greywood High in their final game of the season, Lisa had bounded up to him and kissed him, right there and then, in front of everyone. Dean could remember the applauding and whistling coming from his teammates, as well as the onlookers from the bleachers. That night, Lisa had taken him back to her house and they'd fucked. They began dating after that, and had become a sort of power couple in the school. They'd spent a lot of time together during the beginning of summer vacation, but Lisa had been away for the last month, and he’d missed her.


Dean never thought he'd be thinking this, but he couldn't wait to be back. Which is why he found himself waking up nearly half an hour before he needed to.


He glanced at the clock on his bedside table, which read 6:40. Over an hour until school. Dean could afford to take his time, make himself look presentable for Lisa. He got out of bed and took a twenty minute shower, and then changed into a pair of baggy denim jeans, a plain black t-shirt, a dark blue short sleeved over-shirt and favourite light blue jacket. Not to be egotistical, but Dean thought he looked great. Finally, he combed his light brown hair so that it was relatively flat (Dean could never get it perfect).


Once Dean thought he looked adequate enough for his first day of school, he left his own room and crossed over the hall to his brother Sam's. Without knocking (which he knew would royally piss Sam off) he barged into the room, swinging the door open so hard it hit the wall on the other side. Sam was sleeping peacefully in the single bed positioned in the middle of the back wall; well, he was sleeping peacefully until Dean came.


"Wakey wakey Sammy!" Dean yelled at his little brother. Sam woke with a start, flying up into a sitting position with a dazed and confused expression on his face, but that expression quickly turned into an annoyed and disgusted one once he saw Dean's smirking face.


"Dean!" groaned Sam, rolling his eyes and flinging himself back onto his pillow. "What the hell?"


"School time Sammy," explained Dean, still smirking. "C'mon, you gotta get up, it's seven o'clock."


"Five more minutes," mumbled Sam against the pillow.


"Nah, c'mon bro, you gotta get ready." Dean approached Sam nonchalantly and ripped his duvet off him, causing Sam to hiss from the cold. 


"Dean!" exclaimed Sam.


"Sam!" Dean mocked, imitating his brother in a childish tone. Once again, Sam rolled his eyes, but this time he slowly raised himself up from the bed. Dean's smirk turned into a genuine smile as he patted his little brother's back. "Atta boy, Sammy. I'll make us some breakfast. Don't be long."


Dean ruffled his brother's hair (much to Sam's dismay) before making his way downstairs into the kitchen. He prepared a simple breakfast of marmalade toast and made each of them a coffee. Dean was already eating at the small dining table when Sam entered the room.


"Heya, Sammy," said Dean as Sam sat across from him. "Looking forward to being a freshman?"


"Kind of," replied Sam. 


"Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but high school's a pain in the ass. You think middle school's bad? You better prepare yourself for the horrors ahead of ya." Both brothers laughed.


"You seem relatively happy about school," Sam observed. "I remember last year you were practically crying about going back."


Dean smiled. "Yeah, well, some things change."


"Is it because of Lisa?"


"Lisa, Charlie, Benny, Jo, the team, loads of things. I just... I dunno Sammy, I'm just kinda looking forward to it, that's all."


"But mostly because of Lisa, right?" questioned Sam, smirking.


Dean didn't really want to talk about Lisa, so he decided to divert the conversation onto his brother. "How 'bout you, Sammy? Any girls you've got your eye on? How 'bout that blonde girl, Jess?"


"J-Jess?" Sam exclaimed, blushing slightly. "No, I don't wanna date Jess!"


"Oh, has Sammy got a crush?" Dean joked. "Sammy likes Jess! Sammy likes Jess!" he mocked in a sing-song tone.


"I do not Dean!" yelled Sam.


Dean laughed. "I know, I know, I'm just teasing ya. Now, hurry and eat your breakfast, we need to leave in ten minutes."




Castiel’s POV


Castiel hated school.


He'd always hated it. Everything about it - the popular bitches, the lessons, the toxically masculine guys who'd bully the kids who didn't have the courage to stand up for themselves - all of it. And this year was worse, because he was starting a brand new one. Castiel had tried to assure himself that this school would be different, that maybe it would be filled with people that aren't total dickheads, but for some reason, that didn't seem very likely.


Castiel had moved to Lawrence about a week ago with his dad Chuck and younger sister Claire. He would be going into junior year and Claire in freshman. One thing that made the idea of school even more unbearable was the fact that he wasn't going to know anyone. He would have to try and make friends in a place where everybody already knew everybody which is much, much harder than it sounds. So hard, in fact, that Castiel was contemplating just going through the next two years like he had at his old school - with minimal to zero friends, just sticking to himself.


He had a bit of family in Lawrence. His dad's sister, Amara Milton, had two kids called Anna and Alfie, and his half-brother, Joshua Shurley, had four kids called Lucifer, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Raphael was his only biological son; Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel were all adopted.


He knew Claire wouldn't have a hard time; in fact, he thought she'd find things pretty easy. She was outgoing, confident, kind and had a likeable personality. Castiel, on the other hand, was sarcastic, rude and the definition of antisocial. Yep, Claire was going to have a much easier time fitting in than him.


As Castiel was dressing, he studied himself in the mirror. With his scruffy black hair, abundance of piercings and tattoos and his naturally pissed off expression, he understood why people kept away from him. He'd keep away from him, too. His persona was the stereotypical 'bad boy'.


Unlike most, Castiel couldn't care less about making a good impression on the first day, so he put on a pair of black ripped jeans that were relatively tight, a tight black shirt with a white scull on it, and to compliment it he threw on his black leather jacket. He didn't even attempt to do anything with his hair; even a barber couldn't get it to sit straight, so Castiel had no chance.


Once he'd finished getting ready, he entered his new house's kitchen. Claire and Chuck were already sat at the breakfast bar. Claire looked almost as punk as he did; she wore a white shirt and light denim skinny jeans with a red and black plaid shirt tied round her waist, and she also had a black leather jacket that matched Castiel's. Her long, wavy blonde hair was all down apart from one section, which was braided tightly.


"Hey, Cas," his sister said, smiling brightly at him.


"You slept for long," Chuck added.


"I know, I was tired last night," Castiel answered bluntly.


"What would you like to eat?" asked Chuck. "We've got toast, cereal, fresh fruit, a bacon sandwich-"


"Actually, Dad, I'm not hungry."


"Oh, come on Cas, you've got to eat something!" exclaimed Chuck.


Castiel sighed. He wished his father wasn't so persistent. "Really, Dad, I'm fine."


"Okay, suit yourself."


Although he wasn't eating, Castiel thought it would be rude to just leave, so he sat down at the breakfast bar next to his sister.


"So, Castiel, are you looking forward to school?" Chuck questioned him.


"Not particularly," Castiel replied, bluntly again. He really wasn't in the mood for conversation.


"Really?" asked Claire, who obviously hadn't taken the hint. "I'm actually quite looking forward to it. New town, new school, new people. It's gonna be great being a freshman!"


"Don't get your hopes up, Claire," said Castiel. "The concept of high school might seem fun, but in reality it is a total shitshow."


"Hey! Language!" cried Chuck.


"Don't worry Dad, I've heard worse," Claire said. "And I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot more soon."


"You bet you will," agreed Castiel. Claire looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back. Yeah, his sister was annoying, and melodramatic, and a bit full-on at times, but he really did love her.


"I can give you two a ride today, but after you're going to have to take the bus," said Chuck. Castiel discretely rolled his eyes at that. Another thing he hated about school: public buses.


"That's okay, Dad," replied Claire cheerily. Of course she was cheery. Castiel just wished he could steal some of her optimism.


"Eat your food, Claire, and then we'll be getting off. Is that okay, Cas?"


"Fine," said Castiel. Holy fuck, he really didn't want to do this.




Dean’s POV


After both brothers had finished their food, they left the house and climbed into Dean's car: a black 1697 Chevy Impala. It had been a present from a family friend Bobby Singer for his sixteenth birthday. The car was Dean's pride and joy - he loved it almost as much as he loved his brother.


School was only around a fifteen minute drive from their house. As Dean pulled into the school car park, he scanned the entrance for anyone he was friends with. He saw some familiar faces, the faces of people he liked, people he didn't, but no sign of his friends. Oh well, he thought. I'll find them somewhere.


As soon as Dean had properly parked, he turned to look at his little brother. "Listen, Sam. High school can be a great place, but it can also be a pretty shitty one. If anyone gives you any crap, anyone at all, I will personally give their ass such a big kicking they won't be able to walk for a week. Understand?"


"Dean!" protested Sam. "I don't need your protection anymore. I can handle myself."


"I know ya can. It's just... I dunno, Sammy. I'm just here for ya. You know that, right?"


"Yeah, Dean, I know." Sam gave Dean a warm smile. "See you, Dean."


"School ends at 2:45, so meet me here at three?"


"Sure, that works."


The two brothers got out of the car, and Dean gave Sam a vigorous pat on the back. "Don't get into too much trouble, Sammy." And with that, Dean left his brother and burst through the doors of the school.


Everything was just as Dean remembered it. The walls and ceiling were coated in a dull beige paint, and the floor was a darker brown shade. A large staircase stood near the door, and an abundance of radiant red lockers, whose hues matched the doors, lined the right wall. Students from all years were dotted about the large hallway; some of them he knew, some of them he didn't.


Suddenly, Dean heard a very familiar voice coming from behind him. "Dean!" the voice cried. Dean turned round and saw Lisa running up to him. She looked stunning in a simple black off the shoulder jumper, blue skinny jeans and brown ankle boots. Once she reached him, she threw her arms round his neck and kissed him passionately. He kissed back, sliding one arm round her waist and curling his other hand into her curly black hair. Dean was fully aware that everyone was watching them, some people in awe and some in jealousy, but Dean didn't care. He'd missed the warm softness of Lisa's lips, and the feeling of her slender body pressed against his.


After what seemed like hours, Lisa pulled away. "Hey baby," she said in a seductive tone. "I missed you."


"I missed you too," replied Dean, pushing a stray hair out of her face. Soon enough, Dean and Lisa were joined by Lisa's posse of friends (or rather followers): Meg, Lilith and Eve. If Dean was being honest, he didn't like them very much. In fact, he didn't like them at all. But they were Lisa's friends, so Dean put up with them for her. "Did you have a nice vacation?" he asked his girlfriend.


"It was great," said Lisa, smiling. "But I'm better now I'm with you." She pressed another kiss to Dean's lips, this time more chaste. "What did you do while I was gone?"


"Not much. Helped Bobby out at work, spent a lot of time with Sammy. I thought about you a lot."


"I bet you did." Lisa gave him a seductive wink before peeling herself off him. "Well, us four are off to the cafeteria, we're gonna claim our table. Wanna join us?"


"Not yet, I'ma try and find Charlie," replied Dean. He hadn't seen her since the end of sophomore year. She'd been on vacation to England all summer, and saying he'd missed her would've been an understatement.


Lisa shot him a puzzled look. "Charlie?" she asked. "Why do you wanna find her?"


"'Cause she's my best friend, and I haven't seen her in three months," he replied irritably. Dean knew that Lisa didn't like Charlie, and he never knew why. And there's no reason to be a bitch about it, either, he thought.


"She's probably not even here yet," Lisa said, grabbing Dean's hand. "Come on, come sit with us."


"No, I wanna go find Charlie, I'll see you later." Dean withdrew his hand from Lisa's hold and made his way down the large corridor. God, why did Lisa have to be such a bitch? Dean was perfectly fine with her hanging out with her friends, so why wasn't she fine with him hanging out with his? Sure, he cared about her, but there were some things that he really didn't like about her. Like the fact that she hated Charlie, or that she expected him to spend every minute of every hour of every school day with her, or that she'd never let him stay over at her house after having sex, or picking on freshman girls just for staring at her in the corridors, or-


Dean was pulled out of his thoughts when he crashed into another person in the corridor. The impact almost knocked him off his feet.


"Watch where you're walking, asshole."


Dean didn't recognise the voice, and when he looked across from him he didn't recognise the face either. He must've been knew. He didn't look like a freshman, though; he looked older, around sixteen or seventeen. He was wearing all black, from his jacket all the way to his shoes. Piercings were scattered all over his face. Ears, nose, eyebrow, he had the lot. His black hair was stuck up in all directions, and a pair of piercing, ocean blue eyes were fixed on him a little too intensely. Dean recognised the boy's expression: a mix of annoyance and interest.


"Wh-what did you say?" asked Dean. He'd been so transfixed on the boy's face he'd completely forgotten what he said.


"What, you deaf or something?" said the ocean eyed boy, annoyance radiating out of him. "I said 'Watch where you're walking, asshole'."


Why on earth was this kid being so rude? Dean thought. He took a step closer. "Wanna say that again, tough guy?"


"What, you want me to say it a third time?" Ocean Eyes replied. "Because I am really not in the mood."


"Tell you what," said Dean, taking another step closer. Their faces were only a few inches apart. "Stay outta my way and we won't have a problem."


"Who's to say we don't already have one?" mocked Ocean Eyes. Damn, this kid had some nerve.


"Look, kid, I don't know you, and to be honest I don't give a rat's ass about you, but a little advice: ya wanna survive in this school, ya gotta learn some manners."


"Oh, I didn't realise you ran the joint!" exclaimed Ocean Eyes, throwing his arms up in the air. Dean really just wanted to walk away, but he couldn't. He couldn't take his eyes off this new kid. There was something about him that was so... Dean didn't know, exactly. He couldn't think of a word fit enough to describe him. All he knew is that he couldn't - no matter how hard he tried - peel his eyes away. "What, no comeback?" Ocean Eyes questioned. People were starting to stare now. This time, it was the boy's turn to take a step closer. Their noses were almost touching. "Look, pretty boy. I do not give a shit about you either, so just stay out of my way."


Ocean Eyes gave Dean's shoulder a shove as he stormed down the corridor. Dean was speechless. He had no idea what he was thinking. Or feeling. Or both. The boy's eyes were so... blue. So fucking blue. He guessed that if you were to look into them for too long you'd get lost. Dean almost had. And his hair. It looked a fucking mess, but at the same time it looked soft. Extremely soft. He wondered what it'd feel like to run his hands through it. He wondered what it'd feel like to-


Stop! Dean's brain scolded. He shouldn't be thinking those things. The last time he'd thought anything like that about a guy was... well, he didn't want to think about that. He'd always been predominantly attracted to women, but he couldn't deny that he found men attractive. Sometimes very attractive. He hoped Ocean Eyes wouldn't become one of those men. And, besides, he had a girlfriend anyway. A girlfriend who he liked very much. They were happy together, and he wasn't going to compromise that for some random guy he didn't even know. And he wasn't even gay. Just... attracted to men, slightly. Being attracted to a man and loving one were two entirely different things.


Anyway, Dean thought he was probably never gonna see Ocean Eyes again. Not properly, anyway. The school was quite large, and they probably had no classes together. Dean suspected he'd barely ever run into the new kid.


Oh, how he was wrong.