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Lovestruck Fool

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Even before he turned around in his chair, Klavier knew who was there. No knocking, simply a door thrust open with such rage, and slammed so hard that his precious guitars rattled. Her heels clacked on the floor of his office as she came closer. He couldn't even hear the beats he'd been working on.

Ema held up the paperwork. There was rage in her blue eyes as she glared at him. Also, the amount of crumbs on her lab coat couldn't be a good thing. She must've finished at least one bag of her "Snackoos" and still it'd done nothing to improve her temperament. So much for the calming atmosphere of his office.

"What the hell is this? Are you trying Apollo now? Because he's listed as the defendant, the attorney and the judge in this paperwork. And I'm just not even going to address the hearts."

"Now, Fräulein--"

"Don't you 'Fräulein' me! This is bullshit! For once, stop thinking with your dick! This is a court of law, not a chance to go 'flirt with Herr Forehead!' Save your hair tosses and winks for a date."

She pointed at him like she'd gotten a law degree behind his back. He wouldn't be surprised if she did, just to humiliate him in court more.

"Listen, don't get the wrong idea here. I'm not homophobic. My sis is gay. Sure, I said some stupid shit back in the past when I was a kid, but I didn't know any better! The issue isn't that you're into guys. Or in your case, into every gender. But you have got to stop making eyesex and flirting with the defense at every opportunity, stop contaminating my crime scenes with your fanbase, and get a room. Just ask him for a date after the case and actual focus. This is law, not working at McDonald’s. Messing up a case because you're lovestruck over the defense could have serious consequences, Prosecutor Gavin! Lives are at stake here!"

He chuckled. "Ja, it's just a little mistake here and there. Utterly harmless, just a symptom of love. One day, you'll understand."

Ema rolled her eyes and laughed mirthlessly. "Oh yeah, I can really see that happening. I went on a blind date and the guy looked about ready to call the cops on me. He was convinced I was a serial killer because I kept talking about how difficult rigor mortis was with the last body was… the guy didn't even know pay attention to what I listed as job in my bio! Plus, I had to leave the latest app because I got nothing but dick pics...." Ema puffed out her cheeks. "Yeah, I can just imagine. A new prosecutor sweeps in and thinks I'm hot stuff. I'm all too happy to work with him instead of you. Every single day feels like an adventure because he's just so fascinating and great to work with. He loves nothing more than me mocking him in court, adores how I'm always eating snacks and can never stop making sassy remarks, and talking about how the body decomposed and how interesting forensics science is. All he can do in court is praise me because he adores me so much, even when I completely mess up. He's like Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth, but kind of straighter and so smart and dashing, and oh! He's actually a super rich prince from a far off country, and all he wants to do is spoil and adore me and together, we'll solve cases all around the world! And then we'll get married. And I'll be incredibly happy every single day that I can't believe I was ever this miserable. Also, in this scenario, I'm a forensic detective and making tons of money."

"Anything is possible, Fräulein."

"Like you actually listening to me when I tell you to focus, and me cleaning my desk? Not gonna happen. Now, you newlywed, get your head in the game or I will make you keep it in the game. That is not an idle threat."

She opened a bag of Snackoos menacingly, a feat only she could manage.

He let out a little sigh. "One day you'll see, Fräulein. People in love do ridiculous, wonderful, stupidly reckless things."

He could just hear the new lyrics coming to him. Ever since he met that little red lawyer, he'd been bursting with all kinds of creativity.

Ema rolled her eyes and let out a groan. "Whatever. Just do your damn paperwork correctly."

It wouldn't be a lie to say he was glad to see her go, or that his mood went significantly when he heard her tell the person at the door. Loverboy is in there, and he's been waiting for you.

This time, Trucy was absent, and it was just the tiny red-suited lawyer who'd changed his life entirely. He had such spunk as he argued his cases. Klavier rested his chin against his palm, and broke into a big smile.

"Ema looks really ticked off," Apollo said.

"I asked her for some of her Snackoos," he replied.

"Do you have a death wish?"

"Ach, it was merely a joke, ja? She does not like jokes. At least, not when I tell them."

"She doesn't like much of anything right now."

"Yes, that's how it is, unfortunately. If only I could sing a song and make those clouds sail away. She doesn't like my music, though."

He let out a soft sigh and shook his head. In the end, the Fräulein would be angry whatever he did. The best he could do was give her enough space, and ensure she never ran out of snack food.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Herr Forehead?"

"Oh, right. I need to interview you about this." He flashed his golden badge, and Klavier couldn't help but laugh.

And suddenly his day got so much better, just from seeing him. How utterly reckless to be this lovestruck. As Apollo listed off his questions, Klavier could just hear the lyrics of a brand new song forming in his head.


Years later.

The lobby was cold, and far be it from any of the comforts of L.A. The walls were of stone, the benches of hardwood, like church pews, and even worse, cold stone. At least the red carpets reminded him nostalgically of premiers in Hollywood.

His purple suit was a bit too cold for the climate. He'd had to add a thick fur coat over his clothes, which had brought the Fräulein detective and his dear Apollo much laughter. However, the Fräulein was much more stubborn and stuck to her heels and capris, even though they were much too thin and fragile for the icy paths.

However, the lobby wasn't empty. And, oh, if she caught sight of him, he'd have a whole bag thrown his way. But then, it was a prosecutor's lobby right outside a court. The door just behind her was his goal, his true journey's end, where he'd have a battle of wits with his dear Herr Forehead. Leaving would cause more of a ruckus, so he stayed.

But, oh, how ironic to be on the other side.

He had to admit, the Fräulein detective had good taste in men. First Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth, and now Herr Monk. His long silvery locks outdid even Klavier's own hair. He was graceful, quite elegant, and with such enviable genetics. From his long lashes to his brilliant green eyes, and soft, gentle voice, everything about him was pleasing.

Of course, his heart belonged to Herr Forehead, but he could certainly appreciate a beautiful person, no matter what the gender. Very silently, as the Fräulein detective surely did not need another reason to hate him. (And the last thing he ever wanted his dear Herr Forehead to do was doubt his undying love. The world was full of beautiful people he would never pursue as his heart belonged to only one person.)

Then, as if they had no audience at all (to say nothing of the guards who stood steadfastly before the doors), Prosecutor Sahdmadhi brushed his long fingers across her cheek. Ema blushed at the contact and nestled her cheek against his palm. He lingered there, as seconds turned to minutes. His arm was placed protectively about her, pulling her close. He'd never seen Ema happier as she looked up at him. She even smiled, what a rare event. Or at least it used to be rare, before Herr Monk.

And they did make a striking couple, green and golden, in such a tender moment. Not quite as gorgeous as the wonderful blending of red and purple that he and Herr Forehead, but striking nonetheless.

"There was a crumb on your cheek," Prosecutor Sahdmadhi said softly.

Her cheeks turned pink. "Oh, there's always crumbs somewhere, and it's fine obviously. I just― is this even legal here?"


"I read that public PDA is considered bad in some Asian countries, but none of them listed Khura'in specifically. I've been trying to ask around but, I can't ask Ahlbi, could I? It's kind of an awkward subject to broach! 'Oh hey, can I make out in public in Khura'in? Because I intend to smooch your Regent as much as possible.'"

He smiled. "Considering I make the rules, I would say yes, it is legal. And in fact, I would even say it is encouraged..." Prosecutor Sahdmadhi said.

He leaned in, and Ema took a sharp breath. "One last kiss for good luck..."

Ema lifted her chin, but Herr Monk shifted his gaze. He placed one finger to her lips and brushed it across gently. "We have an audience... so this must wait for later. See you in court, Ema, my love."

"Yes, I'll be there and… present evidence in just a minute..." Ema said breathlessly.

The door closed as Prosecutor Sahdmadhi entered the building.

"All right, Ema. You can do this. Just g-get your head back in the case. and..." Ema turned and promptly proceeded to trip over one of the urns and go flying. Her red glasses fell to the floor, and she grabbed at them and placed them back on her head.

Klavier chuckled.

Ema glared up at him. Oh, if looks could kill, she would've murdered him a dozen times or more. "Ugh, I should've known it'd be you. And don't even start. Just because you're dating Apollo doesn't mean we're friends now."

He held out his hand, and she pushed it away and got up herself.

She wiped dust from her sleek capris, and even her blouse. Then, with a little sigh, she tied again the bow at her neck. She still had her trusty "Snackoos" ready for a rough case, but it'd been quite some time since she'd flicked it at anybody other than him.

"I once recall a fräulein who mocked me when I said she'd understand one day. And she said, what was it? A prince of a prosecutor who loved a sassy girl who eats constantly? Someone who adores her even when she berates him in public over the case? And what is this I hear about flirting on a crime scene, hmm?"

She puffed out her cheeks. "How was I supposed to know he was real? I seriously can barely believe it myself. I mean, a lost prince? I did not see that twist coming at all."

"And now, you can't even walk straight without falling over from love," he said.

"It's not my fault that the urn was right there in the way," Ema said crossly.

He made a tsk tsk noise and tossed his long blond hair over his shoulder.

"I've seen both of your paperwork, by the way. Helping out here and there where I can. Guess who you listed as the accused and the judge and the prosecutor?"

Ema's cheeks reddened at that. "Oh, shut up! I was tired when I was writing it up! So I made a typo here and there. It happens!"

"You did it over three cases. Over and over and over. Let's bring up the evidence, and we'll rock to the sound of Guilty Love."

"Yeah, and I'll provide the beat by all the Snackoos I'm firing your way," Ema said.

"Ah, some things never change," Klavier said.

"Hey, I've changed tons. I'm a forensic detective now, and Nahyuta says I'm utterly delightful. I just don't like you," Ema said.

"I'd say we should bury the hatchet, but I think you would bury it in my back," Klavier said wryly.

Ema rolled her eyes. "Of all the places where you had to work, it had to be Khura'in. I thought I was rid of you, but no, you haaad to follow Apollo across the world! Ugh, this is the worst. I was in such a good mood, and you had to come and ruin it. I didn't even get my last kiss because of you. What are you even doing here?"

"Fräulein, this is a prosecutor's lobby. I am a prosecutor, ja?"

"Ugh, don't remind me. Prosecutors should be serious and smart, imposing and reserved at the bar. No rock songs or air guitars. Just complete dedication to finding the truth," she said.

"And bringing rosaries and live hawks to set upon the defense is not?" he said.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Don't try and deflect; Samurai boy is on my shitlist too."

She opened up a bag and started to shove treats into her mouth. She chewed furiously, but only seemed to get angrier.

Time hadn't healed this particular relationship. And yet, here he was in the same workspace with her again. The same spats and phrases went over and over. Maybe there was a song in all this.

"It's almost as if we were fated to be in-laws all along, considering our feelings about each other. Just as all the old songs go. Isn't that what Herr Monk would say? For months he's walking like he has a secret on the tip of his tongue--or in a little velvet box hidden away."

She whirled around, wide-eyed and with just a hint of desperation. "Wait, did he say something? He's---he's really--you think?"

He smiled. "A man knows these things. Which one of us will propose first, I wonder? Herr Monk, or I? Maybe it will be a race to the aisle."

She crossed her arms. "Well, you'd have a head start, considering you two have been stupid about each other for years. Nahyuta and I just started. We've got so much more catching up to do."

He chuckled. "Being foolish about each other? Kissing in public lobbies and crime scenes? Apparently it doesn't harm the sanctity of the law when you do it."

She started to speak, but stopped, one accusing finger pointed his way. Finally, with a blush she turned her back on him.

"Whatever. I'm going to present my evidence now, Nahyuta is waiting for me," Ema said.

She disappeared behind the doors without even a goodbye. He expected such things, and it did not sting any longer.

Behind him, there was a groan. Klavier turned, to see his very favorite lawyer in the entire world. He broke into a big smile. It just happened every time he saw Apollo. Like a reflex, like the sun coming out from the clouds. Oh, his little lawyer. In a red suit, with his arms crossed and such determination.

No one had captivated him quite like Apollo, and Klavier had known quite a few people in his life.

Apollo shook his head and sighed. "Again? Every time I'm trying to collect evidence, they're together."

"Hmm, how would Herr Monk put it? This is karma? My, things surely have gone full circle."

"I'm glad he's finally happy, but I wish they'd get a room already. I keep having to ask them things, only to get Ema mad at me for interrupting, when they're doing things in public. Last time, I almost walked in on something more..." He broke off with a blush.

"What can I say, Herr Forehead? People in love do wonderful, reckless things. Just as my latest single Lovestruck Fool goes."

And he couldn't help but hum the chorus. Oh, you've made me a reckless, lovestruck fool, little love. Oh, you've bested me so completely, and I've never been happier. I'm such a fool for you...

It'd been his first single in years, and it had broken records for its sales. It was a modern world, after all. Recording could be done in very short amount of time. He hadn't planned on the rockstar life again, but Herr Forehead was oh so inspiring that the songs practically wrote themselves.

He could sing this song at his and Apollo's wedding. Now there was a thought. With apologies to the Fräulein, he didn't think he could wait much longer. Every time he saw Apollo, he wanted to marry him and could focus on little else, even when there were pressing cases that needed his attention. In that way, some things hadn't changed.