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Only Say Goodnight

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Mulder jumped out of the helicopter just as all the cars were all taking off,  frantically looking in each one as it passed, calling her name.

Too late, he was too late. They took her. They took the baby.

Reyes called out to him, caught his attention as he was about to lose it – to absolutely lose his mind.


He turned on his heel so fast he almost lost balance and fell. He ran toward her.

“How is she?!”

“She’s inside.”

That’s not what he asked.   That’s not what he asked! He was frantic, the noise of the helicopter rotors whirled and pulsed, the hammering of his heart keeping tempo with them.

He pushed past her without stopping when she grabbed his arm.

“She needs to get to a hospital.”

His stomach fell to his knees. He gave Reyes one last look and then pushed his way into the ramshackle building.

It was immediately quieter when he entered. That was the first thing he noticed.

The lighting was bad, he couldn’t see anything at first, and then candlelight shifted and caught on her titian hair, rising just above makeshift covers on an old iron daybed. Her eyes were closed--he moved quickly to her side.

He fell to his knees next to the bed, only then noticing the bundle on her chest. His breath left him, just as if he’d been hit, hard and true to the solar plexus.

She was safe. The baby was with her.


Her voice was weak when she said it, but she opened her eyes and her smile blossomed all the way up to them.

“Hi,” he said lamely, shortly, still not quite able to breathe. “Is it…?”

His eyes traveled to the bundle resting in Scully’s arms and she followed his gaze and then looked back to him.

“It’s a boy,” she said, “he’s okay.”

He reached out tentatively to touch him, and the warmth and solidity of the baby shocked him so much he pulled his hand back.

“You have a son, Mulder,” Scully said then, and Mulder turned back to her, ran a hand down her cheek. The sweat was cooling on her face and Mulder noticed then that she looked pale --remembered what Reyes had told him on his way into the building.

“Are you okay?” He said, tension creeping back into his voice. His heart started back up again, he could feel it.

“I’m still bleeding,” she said quietly.

“I…” Mulder looked around, searching for something that could help, anything. “I have a helicopter. Let’s get you to the hospital.”

She nodded weakly and closed her eyes.

“Can you stand, Scully?” He said. “Can you walk?”

She gave a barely perceptible shake of her head. He was losing her.

He hoisted her up, her and the baby, blankets and all.

He wouldn’t remember it later – carrying his new little family through the dusty empty streets. What he would remember, with a harsh pang of anguish and regret, was the crew telling him he couldn’t fit with Scully and the baby in the back, that if he wanted to ride with them at all it would have to be in the cockpit, in the seat he’d ridden in on.

The whole ride, he’d craned his head like a meerkat, trying to see her, see the baby, but she was strapped in behind his seat and his headset kept knocking into it, getting skewed and knocked off, the sound of the engine roaring into his ears.

And then they landed and she and the baby were unloaded; she on a stretcher, he in a waiting nurse’s arms, and then down an elevator and before he knew it, they were whisked off in different directions and he wasn’t allowed to follow either of them.

Scully was in surgery to repair a tear and address her bleeding and the baby had to be taken into the NICU for observation and he heard something about a pitocin injection and vitamin K and a heel prick but it all sounded hollow to his ears like he was underwater and he wasn’t sure who was getting what.

Reyes showed up some time later with Skinner and Doggett and she took one look at Mulder and ushered him into a waiting room chair and shoved a cup of coffee into his hands and talked to him about helping her figure out how to get Scully and the baby back to Maryland and it occurred to him then he lived in Virginia and that he and his family didn’t even live in the same state.

Reyes was kneeling in front of him with her fingers on the pulse beat in his wrist and she turned to look up at Skinner.

“I think he’s in shock,” she said.

And he didn’t remember much after that until they got back to DC.